Las Vegas Ypres Historic Rally 2019 - SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS - RACB

Las Vegas Ypres Historic Rally 2019 - SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS - RACB
Las Vegas Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Las Vegas Ypres Historic Rally 2019 - SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS - RACB
Supplementary Regulations – LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Updated on: 12.05.2019


    1.    Programme                                          3
    2.    1 – Organisation                                   3
    3.    2 – Eligibility                                    4
    4.    3 – Eligible vehicles                              4
    5.    4 – Eligible competitors – Entry forms - Entries   4
    6.    5 – Entry fees – Insurance                         5
    7.    6 – Advertising                                    6
    8.    7 – General obligations                            6
    9.    8 – Running of the competition                     9
    10.   9 – Administration and checking                    11
    11.   10 – Protests and Appeals                          12
    12.   11 – Final results                                 11
    13.   12 – Prizes – Cups                                 13
    14.   13 – Prize giving                                  13
    15.   Appendix 1 – FIA Standard Rally control signs      14
    16.   Appendix 2 – Itinerary                             16
    17.   Appendix 3 – Reconnaissance schedule               19
    18.   Appendix 4 – Supplementary identification          19
    19.   Appendix 5 – Extracts from FIA ISC Appendix L      19
    20.   Appendix 6 – Fuel and Refuel                       20
    21.   Appendix 7 – Safety Tracking System                20
    22.   Appendix 8 – Speed limits                          21
    23.   Appendix 9 – List of Classes and Categories        21

Las Vegas Ypres Historic Rally 2019 - SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS - RACB
Supplementary Regulations – LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Updated on: 12.05.2019

                                        Supplementary Regulations for the
                                FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship
                                  LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally – 26-29/06/2019

PROGRAMME                                                          1 - ORGANISATION
 Fri, 12 April          Opening date for entries.                  This Rally will be run in accordance with the FIA International
 Wed, 12 June           Closing date for entries.                  Sporting Code («the Code») (and its appendices), the
 Sat, 1 June            Road Book issued to Competitors.           National Sporting Regulations (and its appendices) and the
 Wed, 26 June           Start of reconnaissance.                   present Standard Supplementary Regulations for FIA
                                                                   Historic Sporting Rallies.
Tue, 25 June and Wed 26 June
Competition numbers and documents issued to Competitors            1.1 - Definition
at Rally Office. Signing on, administrative checking.
                                                                   Name of the Rally: LAS Vegas Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Tue, 25 June at 14:00 – 19:00 and Wed 26 June at 09:00
– 12:00                                                            Name of the organising club: vzw Superstage
Het Vleeshuis, Neermarkt 9, 9800 Ypres
                                                                   Name of the National Sporting Authority:                Royal
Administrative checking according to the following                 Automobile Club of Belgium (RACB)
 Time to be chosen     All cars                                    ASN visa No. 2019/FEHR-LVYR
 on the online entry                                               issued on 04-04-2019
The detailed schedule will be published by Bulletin.               FIA visa No. 4EHSRC190515
                                                                   issued on 15-05-2019
Thu, 27 June 16:30, Stewards Room, Rally HQ (Vleeshuis
9, Ypres):                                                         1.2 - Organising Committee:
First stewards’ meeting.                                           Chairman:                  Alain PENASSE
                                                                   Financial Director:        André BOSTYN
                                                                   Secretary:                 Jan HUYGHE
Fri, 28 June - Garage Lagrou, Pilkemseweg 117, Ieper
Scrutineering (incl. tyre marking) according to the                Ypres Historic Rally division:
following                                   schedule:              Honorary President:          Serge MESSINE
                                                                   President:                   Philip STEYAERT
 Time to be chosen     All cars                                    Vice-President:              Johan TAFFIN
 on the online entry                                               Secretary                    Annick COOPMAN
 form                                                              Members:
The detailed schedule will be published by Bulletin.               Serge COGGE, Jimmy HAECK, Bernard OLLEVIER, Karl
                                                                   THYBERGIN, Adrien VERHILLE, Geert VERHACK, Hubert
14:00:              List of crews admitted to start and exact      VIERSTRAETE
                    start times.
16:20:              Cars enter start park.                         Rally Secretariat / Permanent Secretariat:
16:40:              Start of 1st leg, Market Place, Ypres.         Johan TAFFIN
21:05:              End of 1st leg Ieper Business Park -           Tempermanstraat 8, 8900 Ypres +32 57 207 353
                    Parc Fermé.                                    The Organiser stays at the Competitors' disposal to assist
22:30:              Publication      of     partial   unofficial   with accommodation. Please send email to
                    classification of 1st leg.           
22:45:              Publication of starting order for 2nd leg.

                                                                   Official Notice Board
Sat, 29 June                                                       From 24 June
                                                                   HQ Rally, Vleeshuis , Neermarkt 9, Ypres
09:25:              Start of last leg, Ieper Business Park,
                    Ypres.                                         Press room:
18:46:              Finish of last leg Market Place, Ypres.        Novotel, Sint-Jacobsstraat 15, 8900 Ieper
19:00:              Final checks.                                  Date and time:
20:15:              Publication of provisional final               Wednesday, 26 June            17:00 - 18:00
                    classification.                                Thursday, 27 June             14:00 - 22:00
                                                                   Friday, 28 June               08:00 - 01:00
Tue, 25 June at 17:00, Yperley, Sint-Jacobsstraat 1, Ieper         Saturday, 29 June             08:00 - 02:00
Pre event Press Conference (Yperley)

Sat, 29 June at 21:07, Market Place, Ypres:

Supplementary Regulations – LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Updated on: 12.05.2019

1.3 - Officials of the Rally                                         2 - ELIGIBILITY
 Clerk of the course:              Alain PENASSE                     2.1 - FIA Title
 Assistant clerk of          the   Johan TAFFIN                      The LAS VEGAS YPRES HISTORIC RALLY counts for the
 course:                           Jan VERVISCH                      FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship.
                                   Patrick DUMORTIER
                                                                     2.2 - National Title
 Stewards:                         Alessandro DEGAN –                The LAS VEGAS YPRES HISTORIC RALLY counts for the
                                   Chairman / FIA                    Belgium Historic Rally Championship.
                                   Veronika      BARTSOVA
                                   (CZE) / FIA
                                   Jean     Claude  MENUT            3 - DESCRIPTION
                                   (BEL) / RACB
 FIA observer:                     Paavo VIRTANEN (FIN)              3.1 - Total distance of the course including the special
 FIA eligibility delegate:         Domenico CIFALDI (ITA)            stages (in km)
 Assistant FIA eligibility         Lutz SPEER (DEU)                  387,97 km
                                                                     3.2 - Number of special stages
                                                                     14 (9 different)
 Safety officer:                   Jan VERVISCH
 Secretary of the                  Nicole NELISSEN
 Competition:                                                        3.3 - Total distance of the special stages (in km)
 Scrutineers:                      Philippe HILLEN                   170,16 km
 Competitors' relations            TBC
 officers:                                                           3.4 - Number of legs
 Press officer:                    Dirk TITECA                       2
 Medical officer:                  Tom DECLERCQ
 Chief road marshal:               Jean Pierre                       3.5 - Interval between cars
                                   DELEERSNIJDER                     1 minute
 Public relations officer:         Hugo VAN OPSTAL
 Chief timekeeper:                 Chris DESCHILDRE                  Throughout the Rally, the official time will be DCF Clock
                                                                     (Frankfurt tower).
1.4 - Amendments to the Regulations - Bulletins                      The itinerary, time controls, passage controls, neutralisation
The provisions of the present Regulations may only be                periods, etc. are described on the time card and in the Road
amended according to Articles 3.6 and 11.9 of the Code.              Book.
Any amendment or additional provision will be announced by           In case of discrepancy, the time specified on the time card is
a dated and numbered bulletin which will be an integral part         binding.
of the present regulations. These bulletins will be posted at
the Secretariat and on the official notice board and will be         4 - ELIGIBLE VEHICLES
directly communicated to the participants, who must
acknowledge receipt by signature, unless this is materially
                                                                     4.1 - Eligible vehicles are those listed in Article 2 of the «FIA
impossible during the running of the Competition.
                                                                     European Historic Sporting Rally Championship» Sporting
Any bulletin issued by the organisers before the start of the
Rally (first stewards’ meeting or beginning of scrutineering)
must have received written FIA approval. Any bulletin issued
                                                                     4.2 - The cars are divided into the classes stated in Article 2
after the start of the Rally must have received the prior
                                                                     of the «FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship»
approval of the stewards.
                                                                      Sporting Regulations.
1.5 - Interpretation of the Regulations
                                                                     4.3 - At scrutineering, the Competitor must present the FlA
1.5.1 -    The clerk of the course is responsible for the
                                                                     Historic Technical Passport («HTP») to the FIA eligibility
application of the present Regulations and their provisions
                                                                     delegate who may keep it until the end of the Competition.
during the running of the Rally.
1.5.2 -    Any protest concerning this application must be
                                                                     4.4 - Any disputes shall be decided by the stewards,
sent to the stewards for deliberation and decision (Article 13
                                                                     following a report from the scrutineers and FIA eligibility
of the Code).
1.5.3 -    Similarly, any case not provided for in the
aforementioned Regulations will be deliberated by the
                                                                     4.5 - All cars must be in conformity with the National
stewards, who alone have the authority of decision (Article
                                                                     Highway Code in their countries of registration.
11.9 of the Code).
1.5.4 -    In case of dispute on the interpretation of the
                                                                     4.6 - The use of studded tyres is forbidden.
present Regulations only the English language text will be
deemed authentic.
                                                                     4.7 - All cars must be fitted with a safety tracking system.
1.5.5 -    For the exact interpretation of this text the following
                                                                     The installation will be checked at scrutineering. Instructions
definitions apply:
                                                                     regarding collection, return and fitment will be issued by each
     a) «Competitor» : either physical or legal entities.
                                                                     Organiser. Any interference with the system(s) during the
     b) «crew» : Driver and Co-driver.
                                                                     rally will result in the Competitor being reported to the
1.5.6 -    The Driver assumes the responsibility of the
                                                                     stewards. Each competitor accepts the responsibility to
Competitor, when the latter is not on board the vehicle.
                                                                     make an appointment for his time slot for the administrative
1.5.7 -    Stages run on gravel: sections of the Rally
declared as being run on gravel are decided by the clerk of
the course.
1.5.8 -    Crews (Driver and Co-driver) must report to the
start (or ceremonial start) control, with their car and within       5 - ELIGIBLE COMPETITORS - ENTRY
their due time to be considered as starter.                          FORMS - ENTRIES
                                                                     5.1 - Any person or legal entity holding an FIA International
                                                                     Competitor's Licence valid for the current year is eligible.

Supplementary Regulations – LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Updated on: 12.05.2019

5.2 - Where the Competitor is a legal entity, or is not part of       there shall be a maximum of 14 tyres permitted. Tyres must
the crew, the first Driver named on the entry form will be held       be “E” marked and uniquely identified with a barcode (or such
entirely responsible for all the liabilities and obligations of the   other method as may be prescribed) and registered with the
Competitor throughout the Competition. When the first Driver          FIA eligibility delegate before the start of the Competition.
is not available, responsibility will be assumed by the Co-           Checks for compliance with this regulation may be
driver named on the entry list.                                       undertaken at any time during the Competition and any
                                                                      discrepancies will be reported to the stewards. A detailed
5.3 - Any incorrect, fraudulent or unsportsmanlike behaviour          information sheet will be available before each competition.
by the Competitor or members of the crew will be judged by            b) Cars of Category 2, 3 and 4: During Competitions classed
the stewards, who will impose penalties which may go as far           as tarmac (i.e. excluding gravel or snow Competitions) there
as disqualification.                                                  shall be a maximum of 10 tyres said .dry. permitted. Tyres
                                                                      must be “E” marked and uniquely identified with a barcode
5.4 - Anybody wishing to take part in the Rally must register         (or such other method as may be prescribed) and registered
and duly complete the entry form on website                           with the FIA eligibility delegate before the start of the before Wednesday, 12 June                   Competition.
2019 at midnight. A hard copy of the entry form, duly                 Due to the lack of availability of .wet. tyres in their appropriate
completed and signed, must be sent to the Rally Secretariat           sizes, the cars listed as exceptions in the appendix to the FIA
                                                                      authorized wet tyre list may register a maximum of 14 tyres
Tempermenstraat 8, 8900 Ypres,                                        before the start of the Competition. There is no allowance for
before Thursday, 18 June at the latest.                               additional “wet” tyres.
                                                                      Checks for compliance with this regulation may be
The entry form must be accompanied by at least one photo              undertaken at any time during the Competition and any
of the entered car and a copy of the ASN authorization for            discrepancies will be reported to the stewards. The number
the foreign competitors.                                              of .wet. tyres are not limited. Only the “wet” tyres as per the
Details concerning the Co-driver can be completed up to the           FIA authorised tyre list can be used. A detailed information
start of scrutineering.                                               sheet will be available before each competition.
The entry form must be accompanied by a photocopy of the
1st page of the car's FIA HTP clearly showing its class and
category, as attributed to the car by the issuing ASN.                6 - ENTRY FEES - INSURANCE
No change of Competitor may be made after entries have
closed 12 June 2019.                                                  6.1 - The entry fees for the Competition are fixed at
One member of the crew may be replaced with the                       EUR 1.290* with Organiser’s proposed advertising
agreement of:                                                         EUR 2.500* without Organiser’s proposed advertising
-      the organisers, before the start of the administrative         per car.
       checking;                                                      The entry fee includes: roadbook and official program.
-      the stewards, after the commencement of these                  * Reduction of 300 euro if the entry fee is received on our
       checks and before the publication of the list of crews
                                                                      bank account latest on 28 May 2019. After this date the full
       eligible to take the start.
Only the FIA can authorise the replacement of both crew               amount should be paid.
                                                                      Entry fee shall be paid by bank transfer (cash and cheques
5.5 - For foreign Competitors, Drivers and Co-drivers,                are not accepted) to the account indicated below.
authorisation must be given in accordance with Article 3.9 of
                                                                      Organiser’s bank details:
the Code.
                                                                      ING Belgie                       Superstage vzw
5.6 - No amendment may be made to the entry form except
in cases provided for by the present Regulations. However,            Bank                             Account holder
the Competitor may replace the car declared on the entry
form by another from the same period and class up to the              BE77 3200 0624 4042              BBRUBEBB
start of scrutineering.
                                                                      IBAN                             BIC
5.7 - At scrutineering, if a vehicle does not correspond in its
                                                                      Note! Please ensure that the competitors last name and
presentation to the category and/or class in which it was
entered, this vehicle may, on proposal of the FIA eligibility         “LVYHR19 entry fee” is included as a reference on any
delegate, be transferred to the appropriate class after               bank transfer document.
decision of the panel of stewards.
                                                                      Competitors who wish to receive an invoice for the entry fee
5.8 - By signing the entry form, the Competitor and all crew          should tick the relevant box on the entry form.
members undertake to comply with all sporting prescriptions
specified in the Code and to those of the present                     6.2 - The entry will only be accepted if accompanied by the
Regulations.                                                          total entry fees.

5.9 - The number of entries is limited to 60 vehicles.                6.3 - Entry fees will be refunded in full:
                                                                      a) to candidates whose entry has not been accepted:
5.10 Tyres                                                            b)
Article 8.4.1 of Appendix K fully applies: The tyres used for         - The Organisers may refund 50% of the entry fee to those
rally stages on tarmac and road sections must be marked               competitors who, for reasons of "force majeure", duly
«E» or «DOT» in accordance with the appropriate standard              certified by their ASN, before the Administrative Check, are
of the country in which the Competition is taking place. They         unable to start in the Rally.
must have a minimum external diameter corresponding to                - The Organiser refund 50% if the withdraw is during the
the period in question (see Article 8.4.2 of Appendix K) and          Shakedown. This must be applied for in writing
they must not be marked «Not for highway use» nor «For                (, giving the reason of
Racing Only» nor imply any indication limiting, specifying or         withdrawal, before Friday 28 June 2019 at 07:00 (beginning
recommending a use in competition. Any alteration,                    of Technical scrutineering), including bank and account
modification or adaptation (which for the avoidance of doubt          details.
includes cutting of additional grooves) of tyres other than
wear through normal use is forbidden.                                 6.4 -     The organiser provides the following insurance:
a) Cars of Category 1: During Competitions classed as                 Contract nr 730.261.439 AXA Belgium.
tarmac event (i.e. excluding gravel or snow Competitions)

Supplementary Regulations – LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Updated on: 12.05.2019

Eligible for the LAS VEGAS YPRES HISTORIC RALLY                      have incurred or committed them. The Organising
including Shakedown.                                                 Committee also declines all liability in case of riots,
The Organiser has a contract with the insurance in the field         demonstrations, vandalism, natural disasters etc. from which
'civil liability'. In accordance with chapter 2 - article 5 of the   Competitors or crew-members could suffer, or from the
general national regulations and with the Belgian Legislation        consequences thereof. Any damages, fines or penalties will
of 21 November 1989 – Art 8 concerning the compulsory                be borne by them.
Insurance. This insurance covers the Civil Responsibility of
the RACB, the organiser of the competition (rally), the
National Sport commission, the concerned governments and             7 - ADVERTISING
agents, services, volunteers or paid persons, as well as het
civil liability of the owners, holders or drivers of the cars who    Must comply with the Article 2.1.9 of Appendix K.
are entered. Insurance cover will come into effect from the
start and will cease at het end of the rally or at het moment
of the withdrawal, disqualification or exclusion of the
                                                                     8 - GENERAL OBLIGATIONS
6.4.1 Motor vehicle liability
                                                                     8.1 - Crews
Insured amount:
                                                                     8.1.1 -    Only crews made up of two persons shall be
         • Physical injury: unlimited per claim
                                                                     admitted to the start. The two members of the crew will be
         • Property damage: € 100,000,000 per claim (index)
                                                                     nominated as first Driver and Co-driver. All members of the
All cars participating in the rally must compulsory have a
                                                                     crew may drive during the Competition, and each must
minimum of Motor Vehicle Insurance as proof that the car
                                                                     possess an FIA International Driver's Licence valid for the
has valid third party liability insurance for Belgium, the
                                                                     current year.
appropriate Green Card (International Motor Insurance Card)
                                                                     8.1.2 -    The full crew must be on board the car throughout
has to be presented at the administrative check.
                                                                     the entire duration of the Competition, with the exception of
The Service, Auxiliary and Recce vehicles and cars used for
                                                                     the cases provided for in the present Regulations. If one
reconnaissance, even those bearing special plates issued by
                                                                     member leaves the car, or if a third person is admitted on
the organizers, are not covered by the insurance policy of the
                                                                     board (unless this is to transport an injured person) the car
                                                                     shall be excluded from the Competition.
6.4.2 Public liability “Organizer”
                                                                     8.1.3 -    An identity card bearing recent photos (4cm x 4cm)
The Organizer has contracted a Civil Public Liability
                                                                     and the signatures of the two crew members and all the
Organizer Insurance, which covers for damage to third
                                                                     particulars of the car, must be displayed inside the car
parties caused by an accident during the preparation,
                                                                     throughout the entire duration of the Competition and must
conduct and the physical settlement of the event and is due
                                                                     be presented upon official request. Failure to do so may
to an organizational fault.
                                                                     result in disqualification from the Competition.
Insured limits:
                                                                     8.1.4 - Safety Tracking System
• Bodily injury, property damage and consequential financial
                                                                     All cars must be fitted with a 4RALLY Pointer STS equipment
loss combined: € 5.000.000 per claim
                                                                     ver. 31x (STS) device. The STS devices will be distributed
• Excess: € 125 per claim for property damage
                                                                     administration check Art. 3. Program against the deposit of a
6.4.3 Public liability “Volunteers”
                                                                     € 200 guarantee refundable upon timely, undamaged return.
The Organizer has contracted Civil Public Liability
                                                                     Foreign competitors from outside the Euro zone, will be
Organizers Insurance for damages caused to a third party by
                                                                     allowed to deposit a cash guarantee in their national currency
volunteers, which he appeals, during their volunteer
                                                                     for the equivalent value of € 200, in an envelope which will
activities. Commuting of these volunteers is also covered.
                                                                     be sealed at the moment of the deposit. The Safety Tracking
Insured limits:
                                                                     System has to be installed in the rally car. This installation
• Bodily injury:         € 12.394.676,24 per claim (index)
                                                                     has to be installed before Scrutineering and will be checked
• Property Damage: € 619.733,81 per claim (index)
                                                                     during Scrutineering. For Instruction details regarding
6.4.4 - In case of accident, the competitor or his
                                                                     collection, installation and return see Appendix 7.
representative must notify the clerk of the course within 24
                                                                     The Safety Tracking System is provided by 4Rally and can
                                                                     be consulted in case regulatory disputes.
6.4.5 - On arrival at each leg the competitor must sign a
                                                                     8.1.5 - Red Flag
declaration concerning any accident he may have had en-
                                                                     The use of on-board red flag system – through the safety
                                                                     tracking device, the clerk of the course can transmit a
6.4.6 - The Organising Committee declines all liability due to
                                                                     warning to the crews, which could encounter an obstruction
consequences for breach of laws, regulations or
                                                                     in the special stage, by means of a red flag device mounted
prescriptions by Competitors in the countries they will cross,
                                                                     on the dashboard of the car. All competitors running this
those consequences will be solely the liability of those who
                                                                     particular special stage in the area before that particular
have incurred or committed them. The Organising
                                                                     obstruction will receive a red flag warning through the on-
Committee also declines all liability in case of riots,
                                                                     board red flag device which will light up. The light will
demonstrations, vandalism, natural disasters etc. from which
                                                                     extinguish after the next security post following the
Competitors or crewmembers could suffer, or from the
                                                                     obstruction or danger zone. Cars having received red flag
consequences thereof. Any damages, fines or penalties will
                                                                     warning are automatically registered and reported by the
be borne by them.
                                                                     system. The driver must immediately reduce speed and
                                                                     follow the instructions of any marshals or safety car drivers
Insurance cover will come into effect from the start and will
                                                                     he/she encounters. Upon receiving a red flag sign, the driver
cease at the end of the Rally or at the moment of withdrawal
                                                                     must immediately reduce speed, maintain this reduced
or disqualification of the Competitor.
                                                                     speed until the end of the special stage, and follow the
                                                                     instructions of any marshals or intervention car drivers.
6.5 - In case of accident, the competitor or his
                                                                     Failure to comply with this rule (red flag warning) will be
representative must notify the clerk of the course within 24
                                                                     reported to the stewards by the Clerk of the Course together
                                                                     with the registered data from the tracking system and will
                                                                     entail a penalty at the discretion of the Stewards.
6.6 - On arrival at each leg the competitor must sign a
                                                                     A crew, which has been shown the on board red flag will be
declaration concerning any accident he may have had en
                                                                     given a notional time, which is judged the fairest, for the
                                                                     concerned stage.
                                                                     Crew contact number
6.7 - The Organising Committee declines all liability due to
                                                                     At the Administrative checks, all crews will have to declare
consequences for breach of laws, regulations or
                                                                     the number of the mobile phone, which they will carry with
prescriptions by Competitors in the countries they will cross,
                                                                     them on board and keep connected during the whole event
those consequences will be solely the liability of those who

Supplementary Regulations – LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Updated on: 12.05.2019

or connect within 30 seconds when they stop their car during         8.3.3 -    Any correction or amendment to the time card
a special stage. This is part of the crew safety procedures of       which has not been approved by an official will result in
the events safety plan. The Clerk of the Course will report          disqualification from the Competition.
any crew who fails to comply with this rule, to the stewards.        8.3.4 -    The absence of a stamp from any control, or failure
8.1.6 - Windscreen                                                   to hand in the time card at the specified control (time or
In accordance with the ruling of the French Traffic Laws             passage control, regrouping halt control or at the finish) will
concerning identification of rally cars and upon request of the      result in disqualification from the event, except where the
French Motor Sport Federation: All the competing cars will           provisions of Article 9.3.6 - Catching Up, are applied.
have a supplementary identification number applied on the            8.3.5 -    The crew alone is responsible for presenting the
car, this for the whole duration of the Event. This number will      time card at the different controls and for the accuracy of the
correspond with the competition number and will have the             entries on the card.
following dimensions: 13 cm wide and 10 cm high. It will be          8.3.6 -    It is therefore up to the crew to submit the time card
placed before at the Scrutineering, in the right upper right         to the officials at the correct time and to check that the time
corner of the windscreen (under the windscreen strip). The           is correctly entered. The time-keeper is the only person
letter format will be Helvetica 9 cm high with a minimum             permitted to enter the time on the card.
thickness of 14mm, black on white support.
                                                                     8.4 - Traffic - Repairs
8.2 - Starting order - Plates - Numbers                              8.4.1 -     Throughout the Rally, competitors must strictly
8.2.1 -    The start of the first leg will be given in competition   observe the traffic laws. The penalties for infringement of
number order with the lowest number starting first. For safety       traffic laws will be as follows:
reasons, this order may be modified at the request of the                - 1st infringement:        cash penalty of EUR 25 per
clerk of the course.                                                                                exceeded km/h
8.2.2 -    The starting order for each of the following legs             - 2nd infringement:        5 min. time penalty.
shall be determined according to the partial unofficial                  - 3rd infringement:        disqualification from the Rally.
classification established at the end of the previous leg. For
safety reasons, this order may be modified at the request of
the clerk of the course.                                             Should the police decide against stopping the offending
8.2.3 -    Any car reporting late for the start of the event, leg    Driver, they may ask the organisers to apply the penalties set
or section, shall be penalised by 10 seconds for every               out in the present Regulations, subject to the following:
minute's delay. Any car arriving over 15 minutes late shall not      - notification of the infringement reaches the organisers
be allowed to start.                                                 through official channels and in writing, before posting the
8.2.4 -    The Organising Committee will supply each crew            current results,
with two Rally plates and three panels bearing the                   - the statements are sufficiently detailed for the identity of the
Competition numbers.                                                 offending Driver to be established beyond all doubt, as well
8.2.5 -    The Rally plates must be fixed to the front and rear      as the place and time of the offence,
of the car in a visible position for the duration of the Rally .     - the facts are not open to different interpretations.
The Rally plates must not cover, even partially, the car             8.4.2 -    Repairs are only permitted in the servicepark,
licence plate. Any covering of the licence plate at any time         throughout the Competition, except in those cases expressly
during the event will incur a penalty.                               authorised by the present Regulations and/or by the official
8.2.6 -    The number panels supplied by the organisers              Road Book. Change of engine, gearbox or final drive during
must be displayed on both sides and in front of the car for the      the Competition is forbidden. Failure to observe these rules
duration of the Rally.                                               may lead up to disqualification from the Rally, at the
8.2.7 -    If it is ascertained at any time during the event that:   discretion of the stewards.
- any Competition number or Rally plate is missing, a penalty - From the first TC onwards, service of a competing
will be imposed;                                                     car may be carried out only in the service park with the
- One missing Rally plate or Competition number: cash                exception of repairs to retired cars intending to re-start.
penalty of EUR 100.                                         - Prohibited service
- Rally Plates failing to be visible or partially covering license   The use or receipt by the crew of any manufactured materials
plate: cash penalty of EUR 100.                                      (solid or
- Missing Organizers Optional Advertising at any moment:             liquid, unless if supplied by the organisers), spare parts, tools
payment of Entry Fee without advertising.                            or
- any three Competition numbers or two Rally plates are              equipment other than those carried in the competing car or
missing at the same time, disqualification will be pronounced.       the
8.2.8 -    The Rally plates and the Competition numbers will         presence of team personnel as defined in these regulations.
be available to all participants at the Rally Secretariat as from    The presence of team personnel or any team conveyance
Tuesday 25 June 2019. The Competitors must go to                     (including
scrutineering only after having fixed the Rally plates and the       helicopters) is prohibited within 1 kilometre of its competing
Competition numbers. Cars not in conformity will not be              car except:
verified.                                                            - In service park
8.2.9 -    The names of the crew plus their national flags           - In special stages (from the yellow sign at the beginning of
must appear on both sides of the wings at the front of the car       the
(max size 10cm x 40cm). Any car failing to comply with this          time control to the stop sign at the end of the special stage)
rule shall be subject to a penalty.                                  - Whilst the cars are in a media zone
8.2.10 - If present, the winner of the previous year                 - Where the competing cars following the route as prescribed
championship will be supplied with the Competition number            in
1, at organiser discretion.                                          the road book is required to use the same road(s) at the same
                                                                     time as team personnel, provided that they do not stop at the
8.3 - Time card                                                      same location at the same time. The passing of food, drink,
8.3.1 -     At the start of the Rally, each crew will be given a     clothing and information (data card, road book, etc.) to or
time card, on which the times to cover the distance between          from the crew is only permitted in service parks, remote
time controls will be shown. The time card will be handed in         service zones, regroups or whilst the cars are in a media
at the finish time control of a section and will be replaced by      zone.
a new one at the start of the next section. Each crew is solely      Should a car be unable to be restarted and driven under its
responsible for their time card.                                     own
8.3.2 -     The time card must be available at all times for         power from the Parc Fermé. to the service area before
inspection on demand, especially at the control posts where          service, the marshals and/or team personnel shall be
it must be presented personally by a member of the crew for          permitted to push or tow the car to its dedicated service bay.

Supplementary Regulations – LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Updated on: 12.05.2019

Failure to observe these rules may lead up to disqualification         20.2.3 Other traffic infringements during reconnaissance
from the Rally, at the discretion of the stewards. Infringement        will incur a fine applied by the Stewards according to Art.
to assistance rules are penalised by the stewards in                   20.4.4.
accordance with Article 12.3. of the International Sporting            20.2.4 The amount of this fine will be unaltered by any
Code. The crew, using solely the equipment on board and                fine
with no external physical assistance, may perform service on           imposed by the police.
the car at any time, other than where this is specifically             20.2.5 The fine will be doubled in case of a second
prohibited.                                                            offence
If a team needs more service space, contact                            committed during reconnaissance in the same rally." (formulary available on the               e) The stages will be open to the traffic; therefore, the
web).                                                                  safety and rights of other road users must be respected.
8.4.3 -    Not applicable                                              f) In no circumstances may crews drive in the opposite
8.4.4 -    Service cars are forbidden to enter a special stage         direction in the special stages, unless given particular
or any area that the organisers specify as prohibited, on a            instructions to do so by the organisers, road marshals or
pain of penalty up to the disqualification of the Competitor.          the police. Competitors may enter a special stage only
8.4.5 -    It is forbidden, under pain of penalty up to                from the start. Abuses will be reported to the Stewards.
disqualification, to tow or transport the cars or to have them         g) No more than two persons are permitted in the car
pushed, except in order to bring them back onto the road, or           during each passage through a special stage. One of
to clear the road.                                                     these persons must be either the Driver or the Co-driver
8.4.6 -    Crews are also forbidden, under pain of                     of the competing crew.
disqualification:                                                      From the end of reconnaissance, any person connected
a) to deliberately block the passage of competing cars or to           with an entered crew, in any way whatsoever, is
prevent them from overtaking,                                          forbidden to travel (except on foot) on or over the route
b) to behave in an unsportsmanlike manner.                             of a special stage of the Rally without express
                                                                       authorisation from the clerk of the course.
8.5 - Route reconnaissance                                             h) The organisers will monitor the behaviour of the
8.5.1 -    Duration and conditions:                                    Competitors on the reconnaissance route, by using any
    a) route reconnaissance may be performed by the                    kind of means.
    entered crews after publication of the Road Book and on            i) Should a Competitor’s reconnaissance car have to be
    the designated days;                                               replaced for any reason whatsoever, he/she must inform
    b) reconnaissance must always be made in accordance                the Rally Secretariat and give the details of the new car.
    with the Highway Code.                                             j) From the end of reconnaissance, any person
    c) the period of reconnaissance is fixed as follows: see           connected with an entered crew, in any way whatsoever,
    appendix 3                                                         is forbidden to travel (except on foot) on or over the route
    d) Competitors should have the opportunity to pass                 of a special stage of
    maximum 2 times through each special stage according           8.5.4 -    Reconnaissance cars:
    to Belgian Laws.                                                   All reconnaissance operations, for all crews, may only be
8.5.2 -    Registration                                                carried out using standard road cars, including Jeeps or
    a) Competitors or their representative must sign an ID             SUV cars or cars used for the Competition if they are
    form including details of the reconnaissance car and of            identified as Standard Touring or Grand Touring cars. In
    the Driver. This form may be e-mailed or handed to the             general, no Competition modifications are allowed, and
    Secretariat, at last on the administrative control on 25th         reconnaissance cars must comply with the specifications
    June 2019                                                          defined in the following Regulations:
    b) Reconnaissance material will be issued upon                     a) Series production car:
    collection of the Road Book. Foreign Competitors may               b) The car must be painted in a single colour, with no
    collect all relevant material upon appointment with                advertising, stickers, etc.) The engine shall be a                                     production engine (complying with the Group N
8.5.3 -    Specific restrictions                                       Regulations).
    a) All Drivers are authorised to cover each special stage          d) The gearbox shall be a production gearbox (complying
    a maximum of 2 passes.                                             with the
    b) An identification sticker, bearing the Competition              Group N Regulations).
    number of the crew, will be issued for each car. This              e) The exhaust shall be a production exhaust with a
    sticker must be displayed at the top (middle) of the front         maximum noise
    windscreen and remain visible during                               level within the permitted legal tolerance (max. 93 dBA).
    reconnaissance.                                                    f) Suspensions shall comply with the Group N
    c) Each crew will be issued with a reconnaissance card             Regulations.
    valid for the passages through each special stage. This            g) Underbody protection is authorised (complying with
    card must be carried in the reconnaissance vehicle and             the Group N Regulations).
    must be shown and endorsed by an official at the start             h) The fitting of a safety rollbar is authorised.
    and finish of each special stage during reconnaissance.            i) Safety harnesses in colours similar to those of the
    Failure to hand in this card will result in refusal to             interior of the car are authorised.
    participate in the reconnaissance. Reconnaissance                  j) Bucket seats in colours similar to those of the interior
    cards must be returned either to the Rally Secretariat or          of the car are authorised.
    to a Competitors’ relations officer by technical                   k) Two additional road-homologated headlamps are
    scrutineering at latest.                                           authorised.
    d) Maximum speed allowed during reconnaissance is 70               l) The rims are free and shall be fitted with:
    km/h on special stages, unless another speed limit is              m) Road-homologated series production tyres for
    indicated by traffic signs or by written instructions in the       asphalt (no competition tyres).
    Road Book (or in bulletins). All crews are reminded of Art.        n) Free tyres for gravel.
    20.2 in the 2019 FIA RRSR:                                         o) The crew may use a .light. intercommunication system
    "20.2 DURING RECONNAISSANCE                                        (without helmets).
    20.2.1 It is emphasised that reconnaissance is not                 8.5.5 - Sanctions:
    practice. All the road traffic laws of the country in which        Drivers who fail to respect these instructions may be
    the rally runs must be strictly adhered to and the safety          sanctioned up to refused start or disqualification.
    and rights of other road users must be respected.                  The entry fees will not be reimbursed by the Organising
    20.2.2 Speeding during reconnaissance will incur a fine            Committee.
    applied by the clerk of the course as follows: Per km per
    hour over the speed limit: EUR 25.

Supplementary Regulations – LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Updated on: 12.05.2019

9 - RUNNING OF THE COMPETITION                                     Media:                                     green with text
                                                                   Doctor and Paramedic:                      white with text
9.1 - Start
9.1.1 - The crews must present the car at the TC Servicepark       9.3 - Passage Control - Time Control - Disqualification
Out Menin Gate on the 28 June, exactly 20 minutes before           9.3.1 - Passage Control
their                                                              At these controls, the post marshals must simply stamp the
individual start time as mentioned on the Official Start List to   time card as soon as this is handed in by the crew, without
be                                                                 mentioning the time of passage. The absence of a stamp
published at 14:00. The start area will be made available at       from a passage control may result in disqualification, except
the time scheduled in the programme.                               where the provisions of Article apply.
Any delay will be penalised with a fine of EUR 100.
9.1.2 - The cars will be started at one minute intervals as        9.3.2 - Time controls
stated in the Rally programme. Any crew reporting late at the      At these controls, the post marshals shall mark on the time
start of the event, Ieg or section shall be penalised by 10        card the time at which the card was handed in. The absence
seconds for every minute late. Cars arriving more than 15          of a stamp from a time control may result in disqualification,
minutes late will not be allowed to start. Since the crews have    except where the provisions of Article apply.
15 minutes within which to report to the start of the event, Ieg   To be classified for the Rally, the Driver has to pass the last
or section, if they report within these 15 minutes, the exact      time control of the event 113C Menin Gate Holding IN - final
starting time shall be stamped on the time card.                   arrival.
9.1.3 - Crews are obliged to have their passage checked at
all points mentioned on their time card, and in the correct        9.3.3 - Check-in/out procedure
order. The target time for covering the distance between two Check-in procedure begins the moment the
time controls will be shown on the time card.                      vehicle passes the zone entry sign. Between the zone entry
9.1.4 - Hours and minutes will always be shown from 00.01          sign and the control post, the crew is forbidden to stop for
to 24.00.                                                          any reason or to drive at an abnormally slow speed.
Throughout the Competition the official time will be that Clocking the card can only be carried out if the two
indicated in Article 3.5.                                          crew members and the car are in the control zone and in the
9.1.5 -Each crew will be provided with a Road Book, which          immediate vicinity of the control table.
will detail the compulsory route to be followed throughout the The check-in time corresponds to the exact
Rally.                                                             moment at which one of the crew members hands the time
                                                                   card to the time keeper. Then, either by hand or by means of
9.2 - Controls - General provisions                                a stamp, the time-keeper marks on this card the actual time
9.2.1 - All controls, i.e. passage and time controls, start and    at which the card was handed in.
finish of special stages, regrouping and neutralisation zone The target check-in time is the time obtained by
controls, will be indicated by means of FIA-approved               adding the time allowed to complete the road section to the
standardised signs (see Appendix 1).                               start time for this section, these times being expressed to the
9.2.2 - The beginning of the control area is marked by a           minute.
corresponding yellow FIA warning sign. At a distance of   The crew does not incur any penalty for checking
about 25m the position of the post is indicated by a final         in before time if the vehicle enters the control zone during the
corresponding FIA red sign. The warning finish sign at the         target check-in minute or the minute preceding it.
end of special stages will be placed at about 100 m before The crew does not incur any penalty for being late
the finish line.                                                   if the act of handing the card to the time-keeper takes place
9.2.3 -All control areas (i.e. the area between the first          during the target check-in minute; e.g. a crew who is
warning sign and the final sign are considered to be Parc          supposed to check in at a control at 18h 58' shall be
Fermé. (see Article 9.6).                                          considered on time if the check-in takes place between 18h
9.2.4 -The stopping time within a control area must not            58' 00" and 18h 58' 59".
exceed the time necessary for carrying out control        Any difference between the actual check-in time
operations.                                                        and the target check-in time shall be penalised as follows:
9.2.5 -It is strictly forbidden, under pain of penalty up to       a) for late arrival: 10 seconds per minute or fraction of a
disqualification:                                                  minute,
a) to enter a control area in any direction other than that of     b) for early arrival: 1 minute per minute or fraction of a minute.
the Rally,                                                Finally, if it is found that a crew has not observed
b) to cross over or re-enter a control area once checking-in       the rules for the check-in procedure as defined above (and
has taken place at this control.                                   especially by entering the control zone more than a minute
9.2.6 -The target check-in time is the responsibility of the       before the actual check-in time) the chief marshal at the
crews alone, who may consult the official clock on the control     control post must make this the subject of a written report to
table. The post marshals may not give them any information         be sent immediately to the clerk of the course.
on this target check-in time.
9.2.7 -Control posts shall be ready to function 15 minutes         9.3.4 - Time of leaving control
before the target time for the passage of the 1st crew. Unless If the next road section does not start with a special
the clerk of the 2019 Las Vegas Ypres Historic Rally 7             stage, the check-in time entered on the time card shall
course decides otherwise, they will cease to operate 15            constitute both the arrival time at the end of the road section
minutes after                                                      and the starting time of the following one.
the target time for the last crew, plus disqualification time. Conversely, when a time control is followed by a
9.2.8 - Crews are obliged to follow the instructions of the road   start control
marshal                                                            for a special stage, the following procedure shall be applied:
in charge of any control post. Failure to observe this may lead    a) These two posts shall be included in a single control area
to                                                                 (see Article
disqualification at the discretion of the stewards.                9.2) whose signs shall be as follows:
9.2.9 -     Road marshals and post chiefs shall be                 - FIA Pre Sign TC Yellow: beginning of zone,
distinguished as follows:                                          - FIA Time Control Red time control post at a distance of
Competitors Relation Officer (CRO):         red with text          approx.
Scrutineer:                                 black with text        25m,
Post Chiefs:                                blue with text         - FIA Special Stage Start Red start of special stage at a
Special Stage Commanders:                   red with text          distance
Marshals:                                   orange with text       of 50 to 200m,
Timekeepers:                                orange with text       - FIA End of Control Zone Beige end of control sign 50m
Radio:                                      yellow                 further

Supplementary Regulations – LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Updated on: 12.05.2019

b) At the time control at the finish of a road section, the post    passed the last time control of the Competition within the time
marshal will enter on the time card the check-in time of the        allowed.
crew together with its provisional start time for the following The starting order for the newly admitted cars will
road section. There must be a 3 minutes gap to allow the            be at the discretion of the clerk of the course.
crew to prepare for the start.
c) Immediately after checking in at the time control the crew       9.4 - Regrouping controls
will go to the start of the special stage. The marshal in charge    9.4.1 -     Regrouping controls will be set up along the route.
of this post will enter the provisional time for the start of the   Their entry and exit controls shall be subject to the general
stage on the stage sheet, which usually corresponds to the          rules governing the control posts (Article 9.2).
provisional starting time for the road section. He will then        9.4.2 -     The purpose of these regroupings will be to reduce
start the crew according to the procedure laid down in the          the intervals which may occur between crews as a result of
Regulations (see Article 9.5.4).                                    late arrivals and/or withdrawals. Thus, the starting time from If a difference exists between the two entries, the         the regrouping control and not its duration must be take into
starting time of the special stage will be binding, unless the      account.
stewards decide otherwise.                                          For example: 120 cars at the start of the Rally - first In the case of a flat tyre, an additional 5 minutes        regrouping of 4 hours - starting time from the regrouping
will be allowed for repairs.                                        control: 12h01:
                                                                    a) target time for the arrival of car No. 1 at the regrouping
9.3.5 - Disqualification                                                 control: 8h01, Any delay exceeding 15 minutes at the target time                target time for the arrival of car No. 120 at the regrouping
between two time controls, or a total delay exceeding 30                 control: 10h.
minutes at the end of each section and/or leg of the Rally,         b) actual arrival time of car No. 1 at the regrouping control:
will result in the disqualification of the crew except where the         8h45,
provisions of Article 9.3.6 apply.                                       actual arrival time of car No. 120 at the regrouping Under no circumstances may crews having                          control: 11h50 (60 cars have withdrawn during this part
exceeded their maximum delay attempt to reduce this delay                of the Rally).
by arriving early at controls, neither shall penalties for early    c) starting time of car no. 1: 12h01,
arrival be taken into account when calculating any delay                 starting time of car no. 120: 13h00.
exceeding the maximum permitted delay which results in              The respective duration of stopping times should therefore
disqualification.                                                   have been:
For example:                                                        - 3h16' for car No. 1
Road section A                                                      - 1h10' for car No. 120.
Start 12h00 - target time 1h00 - check-in time 13h10'               9.4.3 -     On their arrival at these regrouping controls, the
Penalty for late arrival: 100"                                      crews will hand to the post marshal their time card. The crews
Delay counting towards disqualification: 10 minutes                 will receive instructions on their starting time. They must then
Road section B                                                      drive their cars immediately and directly to the Parc Fermé.
Target time 1h30' - check-in time 14h20'                            Engines must be stopped.
Penalty for early arrival: 1200"
Delay counting towards disqualification: 10 minutes (not            9.5 - Special Stages
combined)                                                           9.5.1 -      Special Stages are tests on roads closed specially
Road section C                                                      for the event.
Target time 2h00' - check-in time 16h30'                            9.5.2 -      During these events, all those in the car must wear,
Penalty for late arrival: 100 additional seconds                    under pain of disqualification, approved crash helmets and
Delay counting toward disqualification: 10 minutes                  flame-resistant overalls, according to Appendix L, Chapter
Total road section controls A + B + C                               III, Article 2 specifications.
Total penalties (for late and early arrivals): 100" + 1200" +       9.5.3 -      Crews are forbidden to drive in the opposite
100" = 1400 seconds                                                 direction to that of the Rally, under pain of disqualification.
Total delay counting toward disqualification: 10' + 10' = 20        9.5.4 -      Starts of special stages will be given as follows:
minutes                                                             when the car with its crew on board has stopped in front of The disqualification time may be increased at any           the starting control, the marshal will enter the time scheduled
point by the stewards, upon the proposal of the clerk of the        for the start of the car in question on the stage sheet, and he
course. The crews concerned shall be informed of this               will hand this document back to the crew. The start will be
decision as soon as possible.                                       given by the marshals. Disqualification for exceeding the maximum                  A penalty of 2 minutes shall be imposed on any crew which
permitted delay may only be announced at the end of a               fails to start within 20 seconds of the starting signal.
section or at the end of a leg.                                     9.5.5 -      During the Rally, one «Slalom» stage may be run.
                                                                    The time stated in the present Regulations will be allocated
9.3.6 - Catching up (not applicable to the last leg)                to the crews, plus a penalty of 2 seconds for each displaced Provision shall be made for a Driver who has                bollard.
missed, during a leg, a special stage or a circuit event and/or     9.5.6 -      The start of the special stage may only be delayed
who did not check-in at the last time control of the leg, or        in relation to the scheduled starting time by the post marshal
place the car in Parc Fermé, to catch up and be re-admitted         in a case of «force majeure». In the event of a crew being
to the following leg. He will be given the worst overall time       late, the chief post marshal will enter a new time and the
achieved in his category in that particular leg. If there are no    delay will then be considered as the delay recorded on a road
finishers in his category, then the next worst time in any          section. It will therefore be taken into consideration for the
appropriate category may be used. In all cases the penalty          calculation of the disqualification time.
will be increased by a penalty of 60 seconds for each special       9.5.7 -      A false start, particularly one made before the
stage missed.                                                       signal has been given, is penalised as follows:
He may be re-admitted to the following leg unless, prior to         1st offence:                  10 seconds,
the posting of the classification for that leg, he informs the      2nd offence:                  1 minute,
clerk of the course in writing of his intention to withdraw from    3rd offence:                  3 minutes.
the event. Those Competitors wishing to be re-admitted must         further offences:             at the stewards’ discretion.
report to the Parc Fermé 30 minutes before the start of the         These penalties do not prevent the stewards from imposing
next leg.                                                           heavier penalties if they judge it necessary.
The clerk of the course or stewards may order that the car be       9.5.8 -      Special stages will end in a flying finish, stopping
re-scrutineered.                                                    between the warning sign and the stop sign being forbidden
This catching up is not applicable for the last leg of the          on pain of disqualification. Timing will be done on the finish
Competition and in order to be classified, the car must have        line, which must have print-out equipment backed up by stop
                                                                    watches. At a distance of 200 to 300m after the finish, the

Supplementary Regulations – LAS VEGAS Ypres Historic Rally 2019
Updated on: 12.05.2019

crew must report to a control (Point Stop) indicated by a red            of the course thereof who may request that the car be
'STOP" sign to have its finishing time entered on the time               repaired,
sheet. If the timekeepers cannot give the exact finishing time           c) in this case, the minutes used to carry out the repairs
to the marshals immediately, the latter will only stamp the              will be considered as the same number of minutes' delay
crew's sheet and the time will be entered at the next                    recorded in a road section. After repairs, the crew will
neutralisation zone or regrouping control.                               possibly be given a new starting time.
9.5.9 -     If, due to a fault of the crew, the time entry cannot   9.6.3 -     As an exception, and under the supervision of the
be made, the following penalties shall be imposed:                  competent marshal, the crew may, while in the Parc Fermé
    a) at the start: disqualification;                              at the start, regrouping zone or end of leg:
b) at the «STOP» (Stop Point): 300" time penalty.                   - change a punctured or damaged tyre using the equipment
9.5.10 - The times recorded by the crews in each special            on board,
stage, expressed in hours, minutes and seconds (example             - change the windscreen with the possibility of outside help., shall be added to their other penalties                These repairs must be completed before the starting time.
expressed in time.                                                  otherwise a penalty shall be imposed in accordance with the
9.5.11 - During a special stage, assistance is forbidden.           provisions stated in Article 9.6.2.c.
Any breach of this rule will result in the offending Competitor     9.6.4 -     As soon as they have parked their cars in the Parc
being automatically excluded from the event by the panel of         Fermé, the Drivers will leave the Parc Fermé and no crew
stewards.                                                           member will be allowed to re-enter.
9.5.12 - The start intervals for special stages must comply         9.6.5 -     To leave a Parc Fermé for the start, regrouping halt
with the same dispositions as those laid down for the start of      or end of leg, the crew shall be allowed to enter the Parc
the leg in question.                                                Fermé 10 minutes before their start time.
9.5.13 - Termination of a special stage                             9.6.6 -     If a vehicle is unable to move under its own power:
When a special stage has to be definitively stopped for any         At a Parc Fermé at a start, regrouping halt or end of leg, only
reason whatsoever before the last crew has covered it, the          the officials on duty or the members of the crew are
results for the stage may be established by allocating to each      authorised to push a competing vehicle inside or at the
crew who has been unable to complete the stage, the                 entrance to or exit from a Parc Fermé at a start, regrouping
slowest time set before the termination. These results may          halt or end of leg. An additional battery may be used to help
be drawn up even if only one crew has been able to cover            to start the car but cannot be carried on board the car.
the stage in normal racing conditions. Only the stewards may        9.6.7 -     Any infringement of the Parc Fermé Regulations
apply this disposition after the clerk of the course has given      shall (or, in the case of catching up, may) result in
the reasons for the termination. Should the stewards                disqualification from the Rally.
consider the slowest time set as abnormal, they may take as         9.6.8 -     After the Rally, all cars which have crossed the last
the scratch time one of the four slowest times which seems          time control shall be driven, under the supervision of the
the most suitable. However, no crew who is totally or partially     officials of the Competition, to a Parc Fermé where they shall
responsible for stopping a stage may benefit from this              remain for at least 30 minutes after the posting of the
measure. This crew will be given the time which it might have       provisional results and until the stewards order their release.
made if this is greater than the scratch time awarded to other      Any classified car which is unable to cross the line and/or
crews.                                                              reach the Parc Fermé under its own power will immediately
9.5.14 - Any crew refusing to start in a special stage at the       upon such disability occurring be placed under the exclusive
time and in the position allocated to it shall be given a penalty   control of the marshals and scrutineers who, as soon as this
of 300".                                                            is possible, will conduct the car to the Parc Fermé. Cars
9.5.15 - On special stages, the following rules apply:              which have not been placed in the Parc Fermé will not be
    a) If, during a special stage, a competitor is caught up by     classified.
    a faster competitor who gives headlight or horn signals,
    the slower competitor is obliged to let the faster one
    pass, even if he has to stop on the right or left side of the   10 - ADMINISTRATION AND CHECKING -
    road, showing with the appropriate indicator that he is
    ready to be overtaken. Infringement may result in a fine
    or disqualification, depending on the decision of the
                                                                    10.1 - Checking before the start and during the Rally
                                                                    10.1.1 Any team taking part in the Rally, must arrive at
    b) Stopping on or directly before or after a bend or
                                                                    administrative checking with both the driver and co-driver.
    moving the car across the course or in a direction other
                                                                    - The following documents will be checked:
    than that of the Rally, is strictly forbidden. Drivers who
                                                                    a) International Competitor's Licence,
    have to stop for an emergency must stop their car at the
                                                                    b) International Licences of both Drivers,
    side of the road and warn the Drivers following by
                                                                    c) driving licences of both Drivers,
    appropriate means (e.g. red triangle),
                                                                    d) car registration papers
    c) If the road is blocked because of an accident, it must
                                                                    e) car insurance papers,
    be cleared as soon as possible to allow safety vehicles
                                                                    f) identity card with recent photos of both Drivers,
    or ambulances through. Damaged cars must be kept
                                                                    g)authorisation to compete abroad for Competitors with
    clear of the road until Rally officials have re-opened the
                                                                    Licences issued by another ASN than the organising ASN,
    stage to traffic.
                                                                    h)each member must have with him one recent identity photo
Each infringement will result in a penalty which may go as far
                                                                    10.1.2 - Any team taking part in the Rally, must arrive at
as disqualification.
                                                                    scrutineering with its full crew and car in accordance with the
                                                                    published timetable. Any car reporting to the scrutineering
9.6 - Parc Fermé
                                                                    area outside the prescribed time limits will not be allowed to
9.6.1 -    Cars shall be subject to Parc Fermé rules:
                                                                    start, except in the case of «force majeure» duly recognised
a) from the moment they enter the starting area, a regrouping
                                                                    as such by the stewards. The crew must present the FlA HTP
area or an end of leg, until they leave,
                                                                    to the FIA eligibility delegate who may keep it until the end of
b) from the moment they enter a control area until they leave
                                                                    the event. If this is not submitted, the car may not start.
                                                                    10.1.3 - The scrutineering carried out before the start will be
c) from as soon as they reach the end of the Rally until the
                                                                    of a completely general nature (checking Licences, driving
time for lodging protests has expired.
                                                                    licences, make and model of the car, apparent conformity of
9.6.2 -    While the vehicles are subject to Parc Fermé rules:
                                                                    the car with its HTP, essential safety items, conformity of the
     a) any repairs or refuelling are strictly forbidden, under
                                                                    car with the National Highway Code, etc.). This shall be
     pain of disqualification,
                                                                    followed by: - identification of crew. identification of the
     b) however, if the scrutineers note that a vehicle seems
                                                                    vehicle, the chassis and cylinder block of which may be
     to be in a condition which is not compatible with the
                                                                    «marked», at the organiser's discretion.
     normal road use, they must immediately inform the clerk
                                                                    The following documents will be checked:

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