THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583

THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583
Medicine &
Veterinary Medicine
                                   2015 ENTRY

Influencing the world since 1583
THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583                                                                                                              The University of Edinburgh
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Medicine & Veterinary Medicine Postgraduate Opportunities 2015 entry   01

                                                                                   Our proud history and                           Teaching and research excellence                We are a member of both the League of              An inspiring destination
                                                                                   alumni ambassadors                              We are consistently ranked as one of the        European Research Universities and the             Your first-class education will take place in
                                                                                   For more than 400 years our staff and           world’s top 50 universities. We are 17th in     Coimbra Group, giving us strong links              one of Europe’s most striking capital cities, a

                                                                                   students have been making their mark            the 2013/14 QS World University Rankings.       with leading European institutions from            UNESCO World Heritage Site that is regularly
                                                                                   on the world. They’ve explored space,           As host to more than 30,000 students            Barcelona to Berlin.                               voted one of the best places in the world to
                                                                                   revolutionised surgery, won Nobel Prizes,       from some 137 countries, studying across                                                           live. Edinburgh enjoys a solid reputation as

                                                                                   published era-defining books, run the           100 academic disciplines, the University        Linking research and commerce                      a centre for innovation, whether as home
                                                                                   country, paved the way for life-saving          of Edinburgh continues to attract the           Edinburgh was one of the first UK                  to the 18th-century Scottish Enlightenment,
                                                                                   breakthroughs and laid the foundations          world’s greatest minds. World-leading           universities to actively develop commercial        as a modern source of pioneering science,

                                                                                   for solving the mysteries of the universe.      research is produced by 96 per cent*            links with industry, government and the            medicine and technology, or as the host of
                                                                                   By choosing further study or research at        of our academic departments, placing            professions. Edinburgh Research and                the world’s largest and longest-established
                                                                                   Edinburgh you will be joining a community       Edinburgh in the top five in the UK for         Innovation (ERI) has continued, for the past       arts festival. You couldn’t ask for a more
                                                                                   of scholars who have been at the forefront      research. Our excellent teaching was also       four decades, to develop the promotion             inspiring setting in which to further your
                                                                                   of knowledge since 1583.                        confirmed in the latest report from the         and commercialisation of the University’s          knowledge and broaden your horizons.
                                                                                                                                   Quality Assurance Agency, which awarded         research excellence. ERI assists our
02	Welcome to the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine                       We are associated with 16 Nobel Prize           us the highest rating possible for the          postgraduates in taking a first step to            Join us
03 Facilities                                                                      winners, including physicists Peter Higgs,      quality of the student learning experience.     market, whether it is through collaborative        Edinburgh offers unparalleled academic
04 Research and teaching environment                                               Charles Barkla and Max Born, medical                                                            research, licensing technology or providing        breadth and diversity, making it a vibrant,
05 Community                                                                       researcher Peter Doherty, economist Sir         Collaborations and                              consultancy services.                              challenging and stimulating environment
06 Employability and graduate attributes                                           James Mirrlees and biologist Sir Paul Nurse.    international partnerships                                                                         for postgraduate study. Whether you plan
07	Online distance learning masters programmes                                   Our distinguished alumni include NASA           As an internationally renowned centre           Enhancing your career                              to change direction, enhance your existing
23	Postgraduate professional development                                          astronaut Piers Sellers, former MI5 Director-   of academic excellence, Edinburgh is            We’re ranked 15th in the world for                 career or develop in-depth knowledge of
24	On-campus masters and masters by research programmes                                                                                                                           the employability of our graduates.**
                                                                                   General Dame Stella Rimington, Olympians        the site of many world-class research                                                              your area of study, the University of
34	A world-class research experience
                                                                                   Sir Chris Hoy and Katherine Grainger and        collaborations. Our postgraduate students       With one of the best track records for             Edinburgh provides a world-class
35 Research opportunities
46 Funding                                                                         historical greats such as philosopher David     are crucial to our continued success and        graduate employment in the Russell                 learning experience.
48 How to apply                                                                    Hume, physicist and mathematician James         development and, along with our staff,          Group, we are committed to embedding
50 Get in touch                                                                    Clerk Maxwell, inventor Alexander Graham        they forge research links through regular       employability into your teaching and               * Latest Research Assessment Exercise
51 Campus maps                                                                     Bell and Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur     travel and overseas exchanges. We take          learning experience. From offering access          **	L atest Emerging Global Employability
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          University Rankings
                                                                                   Conan Doyle.                                    pride in our partnerships with other            to volunteering schemes to providing
                                                                                                                                   institutions such as the California Institute   support from our sector-leading Careers
                                                                                                                                   of Technology, Stanford University, the         Service, the University provides myriad
                                                                                                                                   University of Melbourne, Peking University,     opportunities to develop your skills,
                                                                                                                                   the University of Delhi and the University      knowledge and experience giving you
                                                                                                                                   of KwaZulu-Natal – to name but a few.           the edge in a competitive job market.
“You are now in a place
 where the best courses
 upon Earth are within your
 reach … such an opportunity
 you will never again have.”                     The University
Thomas Jefferson, American Founding
Father and President (speaking to his
son-in-law, Thomas Mann Randolph, as he
began his studies at Edinburgh in 1786)

THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583                                                  The University of Edinburgh
                                                                                                                                             Medicine & Veterinary Medicine Postgraduate Opportunities 2015 entry   03


WELCOME TO THE                                                                                                                                                        We cater for our wide range
                                                                                                                                                                      of disciplines with extensive
                                                                                                                                                                      facilities and critical investment
COLLEGE OF MEDICINE                                                                                                                                                   in order to create the perfect
                                                                                                                                                                      environment for discovery.

& VETERINARY MEDICINE                                                                                                                                                 Our facilities include:

                                                                                                                                                                      • a Medical School, next to the Royal
The College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine is an internationally                                                                                                     Infirmary of Edinburgh at Little France;
                                                                                                                                                                      • The Roslin Institute, housed in a
leading force in basic-to-clinical translational research and teaching.                                                                                                 state-of-the-art building on a new,
                                                                                                                                                                        shared campus with the Royal (Dick)
                                                                                                                                                                        School of Veterinary Studies;
The most recent UK Research Assessment      Illustrious history                             • Sir John Crofton, who achieved one of                                   • a new teaching facility for the
Exercise confirms the College as the UK’s   Medicine at Edinburgh can trace its origins       the great medical breakthroughs of the                                    Vet School, completed in 2012;
top research centre for both medicine       back nearly 500 years. The Royal (Dick)           20th century when he led the team                                       • the Queen’s Medical Research
and veterinary medicine.                    School of Veterinary Studies was founded          that developed a cure for tuberculosis,                                   Institute, which houses three world-
                                            in 1823. For centuries, Medicine and              which, in the 1940s, was the biggest                                      class medical research centres and
More information:                           Veterinary Medicine at Edinburgh have             killer of adults in the western world;                                    more than 800 researchers;           held an international reputation for            • Sir Paul Nurse, who discovered several                                  • the Institute of Genetics & Molecular
medicine-vet-medicine/research              research and teaching leadership and              key regulators of the cell cycle, a                                       Medicine, home to around 500
                                            for improving the health and wellbeing            breakthrough for which he was                                             world-leading medical researchers;
Dynamic experience                          of communities across the globe.                  awarded the Nobel Prize;                                                • Edinburgh Neuroscience, one of the
We offer our postgraduate students                                                          • Sir Robert Edwards, awarded the Nobel                                     largest neuroscience groupings in
a dynamic experience. Here you will         Pioneers and trailblazers                         Prize in recognition of his role in                                       the world;
find a broad range of world-leading         Pioneering staff and students of our              pioneering in vitro fertilisation or IVF;                               • Clinical Research Imaging Centre;
research centres, including MRC-funded      College have included the following             • Sir Kenneth Murray, one of the                                          • the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research
centres, working side by side; state-of-    distinguished individuals:                        pioneers in the early development                                         Facility with trials and clinical research
the-art facilities; co-location and close                                                     of methods for DNA sequencing                                             governance support units;
collaboration with NHS Lothian hospitals;   • Joseph Lister, discoverer of life-saving        and inventor of the first genetically                                   • recently refurbished, pre-clinical
all major imaging technologies; clinical      antiseptic;                                     engineered vaccine for hepatitis B;                                       research centres on the central campus;
trials support; and commercialisation       • Charles Darwin, world-renowned                • Matthew Kaufman, the first scientist,                                   • the latest imaging technologies;
training and opportunities. The College’s     naturalist and author of On the Origin          with Martin Evans of Cambridge, to                                      • the Scottish Centre for Regenerative
groundbreaking collaboration with             of Species;                                     culture the embryonic stem cells of                                       Medicine building opened in 2012,
Edinburgh BioQuarter, a landmark life       • Sir James Young Simpson, the pioneer            mice and cultivate them in a laboratory,                                  based at our Little France campus;
science development on the Little France      of chloroform use;                              paving the way for stem cell research;                                  • Edinburgh BioQuarter, a major medical
campus, has established Edinburgh and       • James Syme, pioneering surgeon;               • Ian Frazer, who discovered that human                                     research commercialisation initiative,
Scotland as one of the world’s major        • Margaret Barry, who in 1812 became              papilloma virus (HPV) could develop                                       also at our Little France campus.
centres for biomedical commercialisation.     the first woman to graduate from a              into cervical and other types of cancer.
                                              British medical school;
Breadth and diversity                       • William Gregory, who in the 1830s             Global influence
The College offers enormous breadth           devised a procedure for crystallising         Edinburgh veterinary practitioners took
and depth of research and learning            morphine, opening up morphine’s               the Edinburgh model around the world
opportunities. Research themes include:       potential as a pain-relieving drug;           with unprecedented success. William
                                            • Julius Jeffreys, inventor of the respirator   Dick was an outstanding practitioner
•   cancer;                                   in the early 1800s;                           who made great strides in establishing
•   cardiovascular science;                 • Alexander Woods, who introduced the           veterinary education in Scotland. Besides
•   health and welfare of animals;            hypodermic syringe to administer drugs        establishing the Vet School in 1823, he
•   application of basic animal sciences      in 1853;                                      was appointed Veterinary Surgeon in
    in human and veterinary medicine;       • Wong Fun, who in 1856 became the              Scotland to Queen Victoria in 1844. Our
•   genetics and molecular medicine;          first Chinese person to obtain a degree       more recent history includes the creation
•   global health;                            from a European university;                   of the world’s first animal to be cloned
•   infectious diseases;                    • James Horton, who graduated from              from an adult somatic cell, by the team
•   inflammation;                             Edinburgh in 1859 and was one of the          of scientists led by Professor Sir Ian Wilmut.
•   neuroscience;                             first Africans to study medicine in Europe;
•   regenerative medicine; and              • Sir George Beatson, the father of
•   reproductive health.                      oophorectomy, the removal of the ovaries
                                              in order to prevent breast cancer;
THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583                                                                   The University of Edinburgh
                                                                                                                                                                  Medicine & Veterinary Medicine Postgraduate Opportunities 2015 entry   05

Research and teaching environment                                                                                                         Community
The College supports the training and supervision of more than                                                                            Within the College of Medicine & Veterinary
1,900 postgraduate students. Research is organised across four                                                                            Medicine, we aim to foster a close community
Schools and delivered within five institutes, which collectively                                                                          of postgraduate staff and students.
host 13 centres. We offer a wealth of interdisciplinary
opportunities for our postgraduate community.
                                                                                                                                          On campus, masters students work closely         Networking spaces are vital in the
                                                                                                                                          with their classmates through tutorials,         fostering of a strong community and
                                                                                                                                          lectures and seminars, becoming part             we are fortunate within the College
The School of Biomedical Sciences               Population Health Sciences brings together     Research Centres                           of a close-knit group over the duration          to have excellent communal spaces
Here, we teach and research life sciences       researchers with expertise in epidemiology,    Our Schools are home to 13 dynamic         of their programme.                              for this purpose on all of our campuses.
and how they relate to medicine. This           statistics and modelling, sociology, social    and interdisciplinary research centres,
includes how and why the body functions,        policy, psychology, economics, geography,      all undertaking world-leading research     Distance isn’t a barrier for our online          Joining professional societies can also be
causes of diseases and innovative cures and     health promotion, nursing and medicine.        in priority biomedical research areas.     distance-learning postgraduates; a diverse       beneficial to postgraduate training and
treatments. Research topics include genes                                                      Please visit our websites, listed below,   group of students from all over the world        allows membership of a wider academic
and development, membrane biology,              The Royal (Dick) School                        for detailed information.                  united through their academic interests.         community. In many cases societies offer
neuroscience, basic and clinical virology       of Veterinary Studies                                                                     Using our award-winning interactive              travel grants for students and membership
and bacteriology. The School hosts the          The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary          BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Research:    learning environments, our online students       usually entitles reduced or waived
Centre for Integrative Physiology, the          Studies (R(D)SVS) has been a world leader                           and tutors maintain a supportive virtual         registration fees to society meetings.
Centre for Neuroregeneration, the Centre        in veterinary education and research since
                                                                                               MRC Centre for Inflammation Research:      community that ensures successful
for Cognitive and Neural Systems, the           1823. Since 2008 the world famous Roslin
                                                                                                                online study.                                    As a postgraduate student within the
Centre for Infectious Diseases and the          Institute has been incorporated with
                                                                                                                                                                                           College, you will have access to all the
Division of Pathway Medicine.                   R(D)SVS and together they have the             MRC Centre for Reproductive Health:
                                                                                                                                          Each research student joins an individual        support services available across the
                                                largest concentration of animal scientists
                                                                                                                                          research centre within the College, and          University, ranging from the Careers
The School of Clinical Sciences                 in Europe. Our researchers focus on the        MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine:      within each centre there are both social         Service, International Office and the
Staff conduct world-leading clinical and        health and welfare of animals, and                              and academic opportunities to integrate          Edinburgh University Students’ Association
biomedical research within interdisciplinary    applications of basic animal sciences
                                                                                               MRC Human Genetics Unit:                   with the wider postgraduate community,           through to the independent Advice Place
centres, including the British Heart            in human and veterinary medicine, the
                                                                                                               such as through seminar series, team-            and the Student Counselling Service.
Foundation Centre for Cardiovascular            livestock industry and food security. The
                                                                                                                                          building and development exercises at
Science, and three centres with Medical         R(D)SVS with The Roslin Institute also         Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences:
                                                                                                                                          College and University level or through          More information:
Research Council (MRC) status –                 has strong research and teaching links
                                                                                                                                          the University’s Postgraduate Society. 
Inflammation Research, Reproductive             with partners in the Easter Bush Research      Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems:                                                    students/student-services
Health and Regenerative Medicine. The           Consortium, the Moredun Research     
Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences is a         Institute and Scotland’s Rural College.
multidisciplinary translational “centre                                                        Centre for Neuroregeneration:
without walls” for investigations into the      Global Health Academy                
causes, consequences and treatment of           The University’s Global Health Academy         Centre for Integrative Physiology:
major brain disorders. The School also          draws on a wide range of expertise,  
hosts the Edinburgh Dental Institute,           crossing all boundaries in global health.
                                                                                               Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre:
which focuses on the education and              Because global health is not one single
training of future dental specialists and       discipline, but multiple disciplines cutting
dental care professionals in an atmosphere      across traditional institutional functions     Centre for Genomic and
of excellence and high-quality clinical care.   and boundaries, the University has brought     Experimental Medicine:
                                                together world-class research drawn from
The School of Molecular, Genetic                numerous academic areas from around            Centre for Population Health Sciences:
& Population Health Sciences                    the University in order to deliver a greater
This School is a major hub for research         impact on global health. For example,
with MRC and Wellcome Trust backing             public health and clinical physicians work     The Roslin Institute:
based within the Institute of Genetics and      closely with our leading anthropologists,
Molecular Medicine (IGMM). The IGMM             biomedical scientists, epidemiologists,        Edinburgh Infectious Diseases:
includes the MRC Human Genetics Unit,           geographers, health economists,      
the Centre for Genomic and Experimental         management specialists, mathematicians,
Medicine and the Edinburgh Cancer               political scientists and sociologists. The
Research Centre. This unique grouping           umbrella of the Global Health Academy also
constitutes one of the largest aggregates of    extends outwards to specialists across the
human molecular genetics research capacity      globe who wish to lend their expertise to
in the UK, and brings together more than        our training and teaching or research for
500 research and support scientists in a        shorter or longer periods.
single, scientific endeavour. The Centre for
THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583                                                                                                                 The University of Edinburgh
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Medicine & Veterinary Medicine Postgraduate Opportunities 2015 entry     07

Employability and                                                                                                                       Online distance learning
graduate attributes                                                                                                                     masters programmes
The University is here to support you in the successful completion                                                                      Our flexible, online distance learning masters               
of your postgraduate training and to prepare you for your career.                                                                       programmes are making a difference to a
We provide information and advice on how to plan your career                                                                            new generation of postgraduate students                                Biodiversity, Wildlife
and develop the skills you will need now and in the future.                                                                             around the world.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               & Ecosystem Health
                                                                                                                                        The University of Edinburgh is the largest provider of postgraduate
                                                                                                                                        online distance learning programmes in the Russell Group. The          MSc/PgDip/PgCert 3 yrs, 2 yrs or 1 yr PT
Throughout your postgraduate studies           public engagement, networking and            Connect.ed                                  College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine has been offering
we support you with advice and training        teamworking; leadership; and career          Edinburgh encourages its alumni to          innovative postgraduate programmes online since 2005 and               Programme description
on effective study, exams and assignments,     management. You can gain expertise in        stay in touch with current students who     now has more than 25 programmes for you to choose from. With           This online learning programme provides an interdisciplinary approach
numeracy and data analysis, specific           information technology and presentation      are interested in a similar career path.    more than 1,000 online students in our College, we can assure          to conservation management. It draws together expertise from within
postgraduate writing skills and finding        skills; confidence in undertaking            Connect.ed is a networking system run                                                                              the University’s Global Health Academy and partner global associates to
                                                                                                                                        you that we take the delivery of teaching online as seriously as
and using academic sources.                    independent and creative research;           by the Careers Service that provides a                                                                             deliver first-class teaching and research in the field of biodiversity, wildlife
                                                                                                                                        we do on campus. You can choose to study at a time and in a
                                               the ability to critically evaluate source    confidential opportunity for alumni to                                                                             and ecosystem health. This programme is affiliated with the University’s
                                                                                                                                        place that suits you, saving relocation costs and allowing you         Global Academies:
We offer learning opportunities to develop     materials; and the capacity to construct     share their occupational knowledge and      to maintain professional and personal commitments.
your information and IT skills, for personal   intellectually rigorous arguments.           experience with current students, who                                                                              Programme structure
development and to help you work, study                                                     can contact them for advice and guidance                                                                           The programme is delivered using innovative online learning. It involves
                                                                                                                                        Our award-winning online learning technology is fully interactive
and research more effectively.                 By developing these broader professional     on their future career.                                                                                            a mixed teaching approach which includes independent study and
                                                                                                                                        and enables you to communicate with our highly qualified teaching      reflection as well as online discussion and group project work. More
                                               skills and qualities, our postgraduate                                                   staff from the comfort of your own home or workplace. We give          information:
We run a series of workshops for taught        students are always in high demand.          More information:                           you as much access to our staff as if you were here in Edinburgh.
masters students specifically: Masters                                                          Our online students not only have access to Edinburgh’s excellent      YEAR 1: CERTIFICATE
Study Skills: Critical Reading, Essay          More information:                                                                        resources, but also become part of a supportive online community,      You will study the following areas: evolution and biodiversity;
Planning and Writing.                               Backing bright ideas                        bringing together students and tutors from around the world.           ecosystem health and sustainability; ecosystems and governance;
                                                                                            LAUNCH.ed is the University’s award-        When you consider the benefits of flexible online study, it’s not      and conservation ethics.
Our research students can develop their        Careers Service                              winning programme for student               surprising that even locally based professionals choose this option.
planning skills, professional development,     The University’s award-winning Careers       entrepreneurs. Each year, LAUNCH.ed                                                                                YEAR 2: DIPLOMA
communication and IT skills through            Service aims to expand the horizons of all   works with students to help them start      Some programmes in this section can be taken as intermittent           You will choose six option courses from the following*: Climate
a wide range of courses developed              our students, empowering and inspiring       new businesses. Since 2005 we have          study. If you choose to study intermittently then your tuition         Change: Policy and Practice; Communication and Public Engagement
specifically with the medical and              you to make successful career decisions.     helped Edinburgh students and alumni        fees will be charged on a course-by-course basis. Full details         of Conservation; Conservation Genetics; Environmental Law; Ex-Situ
veterinary medicine sectors in mind.           We work closely with the University’s        launch more than 120 businesses, of which   can be found online.                                                   Wildlife Management; Extreme and Fragile Ecosystems; An Introduction
                                               Employability Consultancy to support         more than 85 per cent are still trading.                                                                           to Transboundary Diseases; Introduction to GIS and Spatial Data Analysis;
Institute for Academic Development             students to take advantage of every                                                      More information:                                                      Invasive Non-Native Species; Land Use and Food Security; Managing
All of our postgraduate students can           opportunity to enhance your                  More information:                                                                                                  Ecosystems for Human Health and Wellbeing; The Marine Environment; The
benefit from the University’s Institute        employability while studying.                                                                                                      Modern Zoo; The Use of Artificial Reproductive Technologies in Threatened
for Academic Development (IAD), which                                                                                                                                                                          Species; Water and Sanitation; Wildlife Crime and Forensic Investigation;
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Wildlife, Animal Health and Environment; Wildlife Tourism; Zoonotic Disease.
provides information, events and courses       The Service has a friendly team of experts
to develop the skills you will need now        ready to help you at our offices on the                                                                                                                         *Subject to minimum student numbers and timetabling.
and in the future.                             central campus and at King’s Buildings. We
                                                                                                                                                                                                               YEAR 3: MASTERS
                                               offer advice and guidance whatever your
For taught postgraduates, the IAD provides     plans for the future, including careers in               High ranking                                                                                           You complete your own choice of dissertation of 10,000–15,000 words.
a growing range of tailored study-related      research. We offer workshops throughout             The University of Edinburgh
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Our award-winning online learning technology is fully interactive and
and transferable skills workshops, plus        the year that are open to all postgraduate          is ranked 13th in the world                                                                                 enables you to communicate with our highly qualified teaching staff
online advice and learning resources.          students, plus sessions specifically for              for the employability of                                                                                  from the comfort of your own home or workplace.
These are all designed to help you settle      international students.                                    our graduates.*
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Career opportunities
into postgraduate life, succeed during                                                                 *Latest Emerging Global
                                                                                                                                                                                                               This programme has been designed to help you find work in environmental,
your studies, and move confidently to          The Service has a team dedicated to                     Employability University
                                                                                                                                                                                                               intergovernmental, national and international agencies, as well as lobby
the next stage of your career.                 developing our already strong links                                                                                                                             groups, NGOs and other research groups.
                                               with employers from all industries and
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Minimum entry requirements
The IAD also offers one of the longest-        employment sectors; from the world’s top                                                                                                                        A UK 2:1 honours degree or above, or its international equivalent
established university research and            recruiters to small enterprises based here                                                                                                                      (, in a zoological, biological,
career skills training packages in the UK.     in Edinburgh. We provide a programme                                                                                                                            environmental, veterinary or a relevant bioscience topic. Applicants with
Our experts will help you gain the skills,     of opportunities for students to meet                                                                                                                           relevant work experience may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
knowledge and confidence needed to move        employers on campus and virtually and                                                     See also…                                                             English language requirements
on to the next stage in your career, be that   advertise a wide range of part-time and                                                   You may also be interested in online distance learning                See page 48.
in a professional sector or within academia.   graduate jobs.                                                                            programmes offered by other Schools within the University,            Fees and funding
                                                                                                                                         particularly Next Generation Drug Discovery, which is offered by
The Institute provides research students       More information:                                                                         the School of Biological Sciences, and Research Informed Science      For funding information see also page 46.
with dedicated training in topics such                                                             Education, which is offered by the School of Physics & Astronomy.
as research management; personal
effectiveness; communication skills;                                                                                                                                                                           Programme Director Sharron Ogle
THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583                                                                                                                                       The University of Edinburgh
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Medicine & Veterinary Medicine Postgraduate Opportunities 2015 entry   09                                                                                                                                                      

Clinical Education                                                              Clinical Management                                                              Clinical Management                                                         Clinical
                                                                                of Headache                                                                      of Pain                                                                     Ophthalmology
                                                                                Disorders                                                                        MSc 3–6 yrs. PgDip 2–4yrs. PgCert 1–2 yrs.                                  ChM 2–4 yrs PT
                                                                                                                                                                 PgProfDev up to 2 yrs PT
MSc/PgDip/PgCert 3 yrs, 2 yrs or 1 yr PT                                        MSc 3–6 yrs. PgDip 2–4yrs. PgCert 1–2 yrs.                                                                                                                   Programme description
                                                                                PgProfDev up to 2 yrs PT                                                         Programme description                                                       This programme is jointly offered by the University of Edinburgh and
Programme description                                                                                                                                            Through a solid, theoretical understanding of the biological,               the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and leads to the degree
Our Clinical Education programme takes advantage of our world-                  Programme description                                                            psychological and social concepts that drive, develop and maintain          of Master of Surgery (ChM). It has been developed with the support of
renowned expertise to enhance your abilities to teach and assess                Headache disorders are the most prevalent of the neurological                    pain, you will explore the multifaceted nature of pain and its effects.     NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and is designed to support advanced
students in a clinical environment. This is an ideal programme for              conditions and among the most frequent of medical complaints seen                You will gain an advanced understanding of the specialist area of pain      ophthalmology trainees in the UK and internationally. It provides
those responsible for tutoring health care professionals and veterinary         in general practice. As primary headache disorders represent such a              management including the biological and physiological concepts needed       advanced training for medical and surgical ophthalmologists preparing
practitioners, including doctors, nurses, dental practitioners and those        large part of the primary care practice, and secondary headaches are             for the effective assessment and management of patients in pain. You        for the fellowship examinations of the Royal College of Surgeons of
involved with veterinary education.                                             both commonly presented and frequently over-diagnosed, the average               will gain the knowledge, understanding and evaluative skills to provide     Edinburgh (RCSEd) and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth)
                                                                                healthcare professional requires more education than currently seen in           advanced clinical care so as to improve outcomes for patients.              and those approaching consultancy.
Our aim is to help you reflect upon, and share thoughts about, your
practice, while increasing your understanding of how to apply educational       undergraduate studies. The objective of this programme is to reduce              Programme structure                                                         Programme structure
theories and evidence from the literature. As a result you will learn the       the burden of headache disorders and improve the management of                   You will progress from PgCert to PgDip to MSc as you successfully           The programme runs on a semester basis and involves approximately
knowledge and skills you need to deliver, develop and research high-            headache in primary care.                                                        complete each year of course work. The six courses in the PgCert are        10 hours of study each week in a flexible, modular manner. Compulsory
quality clinical education in your own discipline. This programme is            A holistic approach to care is central to this programme and will provide        compulsory and provide the theoretical foundation for PgDip and MSc.        courses in each area of clinical ophthalmology are aligned to the
affiliated with the University’s Global Health Academy.                         best practice for the diagnosis, management and delivery of a headache           Beyond the PgCert you will have the opportunity to broaden your             curricula of the FRCSEd and FRCOphth. Knowledge and understanding
                                                                                service, and would be particularly suited to healthcare professionals who        understanding of specialist areas of pain management and to develop         will be assessed with a formal MCQ exam designed to replicate the
Programme structure                                                                                                                                                                                                                          trainees’ upcoming exit exams.
                                                                                want to improve their skills in this area.                                       the knowledge required to meet specific professional and academic
There are three courses at the certificate stage and three at the diploma
                                                                                                                                                                 needs. The PgDip allows you to select from a number of options that are
stage. This is followed by your thesis in the third year. We deliver lectures   Programme structure                                                              relevant to your employment prospects, personal interests and career
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             YEAR 1
and tutorials online and you will be expected to use self-directed              The PgCert level provides foundational material, covering the                    goals, and the MSc allows you to explore a specialist area of interest in   Ophthalmology 1; Core Ophthalmology; Applied Basic Sciences,
learning, peer-discussion boards, tutorials, peer presentations and             fundamental knowledge and skills required for healthcare professionals           the form of a dissertation or structured project.                           Examination and Surgical Strategies; Clinical Decision Making,
other similar e-learning activities to help engage with and get the             presented with patients suffering from headache disorders. Students
                                                                                                                                                                 Career opportunities                                                        Therapeutics, Avoiding and Managing Complications; Diagnostics
most from the course materials.                                                 studying beyond PgCert level are provided with the opportunity to
                                                                                                                                                                 Graduates will have gained skills suitable for employment in areas          and Technologies in Clinical Practice; Acute Ophthalmology, Trauma
                                                                                broaden their understanding of headache disorders and to develop
YEAR 1: CERTIFICATE                                                                                                                                              including research establishments; educational facilities; government       and Advanced Surgical Techniques.
                                                                                the skills required to meet specific professional and academic needs.
Principles of Teaching and Learning; Assessment, Examinations and                                                                                                or political organisations; charity and welfare organisations, and within
                                                                                Career opportunities                                                             industry. A postgraduate qualification will also provide additional
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             YEAR 2
Standard Setting; The Curriculum.                                               This programme will enable you to deliver specialist expertise and fulfil        knowledge to supplement and support an ongoing clinical career.             Ophthalmology 2; Core Academic Activity (Reflective ePortfolio);
                                                                                your own continuing professional development. It supports career and
YEAR 2: DIPLOMA                                                                                                                                                  Postgraduate Professional Development                                       Examination (MCQ and EMI); Specialist Academic Activity
                                                                                personal development areas with emphasis on research skills and patient
                                                                                                                                                                 If you are looking for a shorter course option, or are unsure if online     (Research Project).
Appraising and Developing the Individual; Research in Clinical                  management. The syllabus follows the curriculum proposed by the
Education; Policy, Leadership, Management and Evaluation.                       International Headache Society and is therefore of global relevance to           postgraduate study is for you, we offer online credit-bearing courses       Career opportunities
                                                                                prospective students and may be used by GPs to obtain the qualifications         which run for five weeks at a time. These lead to a University of           The ChM programme is designed to follow the FRCSEd and FRCOphth
YEAR 3: MASTERS                                                                 necessary to become a GP with special interest.                                  Edinburgh postgraduate academic credit. You may take a maximum              curricula and prepare the advanced trainee for their exit professional
                                                                                                                                                                 of 50 credits worth of courses through our Postgraduate Professional        examinations. The award of ChM will highlight your commitment to
A research report of approximately 15,000 words.                                Postgraduate Professional Development                                            Development scheme. These credits will be recognised in their own right
                                                                                If you are looking for a shorter course option, we offer online credit-bearing                                                                               continuing professional development and will ensure a competitive
Career opportunities                                                                                                                                             at postgraduate level, or may be put towards gaining a higher award,        edge when applying for consultant positions.
                                                                                courses which run for 11 weeks at a time. These lead to a University of          such as a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or MSc.
This programme has been designed to enhance your prospects as a                 Edinburgh postgraduate award of academic credit. You may take a                                                                                              Minimum entry requirements
teacher and instructor in human or animal health. It promotes high quality      maximum of 50 credits worth of courses through our Postgraduate                  Minimum entry requirements                                                  A basic medical qualification recognised by the General Medical Council.
clinical education by helping participants reflect upon and share insights      Professional Development scheme. These credits will be recognised in their       A UK 2:1 honours degree or above, or its international equivalent           You must be based within a supervised training programme at the time of
about their practice, to understand and apply educational theories and          own right at postgraduate level, or may be put towards gaining a higher          (, in medicine, nursing, dentistry,      commencing the course. UK trainee applicants will be expected to have
evidence from the literature, and to help participants develop a good           award, such as a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or MSc.          psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, pharmacology or any        completed initial (ST[specialist training years]1–2) or (CT[core training
solid foundation in clinical education and educational research upon                                                                                             other allied health care profession involved in the management of pain.     years]1–2) and early intermediate (ST3) phases of their training programme
which they can continue to build their own academic career.                     Minimum entry requirements                                                       Applications from those with non-university professional qualifications
                                                                                A UK 2:1 honours degree or above, or its international equivalent                                                                                            and will normally be commencing intermediate phase (ST4) of their
Minimum entry requirements                                                                                                                                       such as RGN with appropriate clinical experience will be considered on      training. Candidates from outside the UK or those not within a recognised
                                                                                ( in medicine, nursing, dentistry,           an individual basis.
A primary clinical qualification, such as an MBChB, BVS, BDS, Bachelor of       psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, chiropody or other                                                                                          training programme will be required to demonstrate that the course is
Nursing, or equivalent is required. Applications from those with biomedical     allied disciplines involved in the management of headache disorders,             English language requirements                                               directly relevant to their ophthalmic surgery training. You should have
science qualifications or non-university professional qualifications such       plus the relevant clinical experience.                                           See page 48.                                                                completed a minimum of 24 months of core training in the surgical
as RGN with appropriate clinical experience will be considered on an                                                                                                                                                                         specialties and 18 months of specialty training in ophthalmology before
                                                                                English language requirements                                                    Fees and funding                                                            enrolling for the ChM. Applications from established, independently
individual basis. You must be currently involved in clinical, medical,
                                                                                See page 48.                                                                                              practising ophthalmologists will also be considered.
allied healthcare or veterinary education – for example teaching
                                                                                                                                                                 For funding information see also page 46.
undergraduate or postgraduate students.                                         Fees and funding                                                                                                                                             English language requirements
English language requirements                                                                                                                                                             See page 48.
                                                                                For funding information see also page 46.                                        Programme Director Sarah Henderson
See page 48.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Fees and funding
Fees and funding                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Programme Director Christopher Mckenzie                                                                                                                      For funding information see also page 46.
For funding information see also page 46.                                       Email

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ChM Programme Administration
Programme Director Michael Ross                                                                                                                                                                                                              Tel +44 (0)131 527 3496
Email                                                                                                                                                                                                             Email
THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583                                                          The University of Edinburgh
                                                                                                                                                               Medicine & Veterinary Medicine Postgraduate Opportunities 2015 entry   11                                                   

Clinical Trials                                                                 Conservation
MSc/PgDip/PgCert 3 yrs, 2 yrs or 1 yr PT                                        MVetSci 3–6 yrs. PgDip 2–4yrs. PgCert 1–2 yrs.
                                                                                PgProfDev up to 2 yrs PT
Programme description
This programme will provide a knowledge and understanding of the key            Programme description
elements and principles of clinical trial design, delivery and analysis, in     Conservation Medicine is an emerging discipline that studies the complex
addition to the principles of GCP and their practical implementation in         relationships and interactions between animal health, human health and
clinical trials. It is suitable for graduates of medicine, nursing, pharmacy,   ecosystem health. This programme provides veterinarians with the skills and
life sciences and other allied disciplines involved in Clinical Trials.         knowledge required to be effective practitioners of conservation medicine.
This programme will support the demand for appropriately qualified              This programme is ideal for veterinarians who wish to achieve a
investigators to lead clinical trials of all phases. It covers commercial       world-class award while maintaining busy professional and personal
aspects of drug discovery and development, trial and project                    commitments. You will gain the capacity and necessary expertise to
management, statistics and data management, regulations and                     contribute effectively to this rapidly growing multidisciplinary field
ethics, imaging, medical devices and complex interventions.                     and to enhance career opportunities.
Programme structure                                                             This programme is affiliated with the University’s Global Health Academy.
This programme is made up of compulsory and option courses.
                                                                                Programme structure
COMPULSORY COURSES                                                              The flexible nature of this programme will allow you a maximum of
                                                                                six years to complete it. Each year will consist of three, 11-week terms,
Introduction to Clinical Trials; Principles of Clinical Trial Management;       structured into two blocks of five weeks of study, with a week in
Good Clinical Practice, Ethics and Regulatory Issues.                           between for independent study and reflection. It is also possible to
                                                                                complete the masters within two years and there are options for
                                                                                studying for a certificate or a diploma.
Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology; Statistical Aspects of Clinical
                                                                                YEAR 1: CERTIFICATE
Trials (Quantitative); Translational Pharmacology; Health Economics;
Medical Devices; Bioinformatics and Data Management; Commercial                 Introduction to Conservation Medicine; Eco-System Health and Species
Aspects of Drug Development; Clinical Trials in Special Populations;            Conservation; Applied Epidemiology and Surveillance.
Quantitative Research and Clinical Trials; Complex Interventions
(Non-Drug); Pharmacovigilance; Pharmacogenetics; Monitoring and                 YEAR 2: DIPLOMA
Audit; Patient and Public Involvement; Translational Imaging and
                                                                                You will study Veterinary Techniques and Interventions for Conservation
Clinical Trials; MSc Dissertation; Clinical Trials e-Portfolio.
                                                                                Medicine and Wildlife Disease Management plus four option courses.
You will be supported as an active member of a vibrant online
community where clearly defined learning outcomes are facilitated by            YEAR 3: MASTERS
tasks and materials that foster active, relevant and collaborative learning,
                                                                                The written reflective element of the programme gives you the
supported by the purposeful use of digital media and online technology.
                                                                                opportunity to further develop your scientific skills and utilise scientific
Career opportunities                                                            theory in a written dissertation, a casebook relating to relevant
The programme aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge               professional experience, a personal portfolio of reflective and
and skills to be a leader of clinical trials, supplementing and extending       practical activity or a short research project.
any undergraduate training and work experience. The programme will
                                                                                Career opportunities
also provide an important step towards gaining employment in either the
                                                                                You can use your conservation medicine qualification to enhance
commercial or non-commercial/industrial sectors. The MSc programme
                                                                                your career prospects in academia, research, governmental and
is designed to highlight the candidate’s commitment to continual
                                                                                non-governmental organisations and consultancies.
professional development and will ensure a competitive edge when
applying for future employment positions.                                       Postgraduate Professional Development
                                                                                If you are looking for a shorter course option, we offer online credit-
Minimum entry requirements
                                                                                bearing courses which run for 11 weeks at a time. These lead to a
A relevant UK 2:1 honours degree or above, or its international
                                                                                University of Edinburgh postgraduate award of academic credit. You may
equivalent (, or a medical degree.
                                                                                take a maximum of 50 credits worth of courses through our Postgraduate
Applicants who fall below these entry requirements, but have relevant
                                                                                Professional Development scheme. These credits will be recognised in their
work experience (3–5 years) may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
                                                                                own right at postgraduate level, or may be put towards gaining a higher
You may be admitted to the Certificate level only in the first instance.
                                                                                award, such as a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or MSc.
English language requirements
                                                                                Minimum entry requirements
See page 48.
                                                                                A UK 2:1 honours degree or its international equivalent (
Fees and funding                                                                international/country) in veterinary science.
                                                                                English language requirements
For funding information see also page 46.
                                                                                See page 48.
                                                                                Fees and funding
Programme Director Stuart Ralston
                                                                                For funding information see also page 46.

                                                                                Programme Director Anna Meredith
THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583                                                                                                                                          The University of Edinburgh
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Medicine & Veterinary Medicine Postgraduate Opportunities 2015 entry   13                                                                                                                                                      

Equine Science                                                                 Family Medicine                                                             General Surgery                                                                   Global eHealth

MSc 3–6 yrs. PgDip 2– 4 yrs. PgCert 1–2 yrs.                                   MFM 2 yrs PT                                                                ChM 2 yrs PT                                                                      MSc 3 yrs. PgDip 2 yrs. PgProfDev up to 2 yrs.
PgProfDev up to 2 yrs PT                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PgCert 1 yr PT
                                                                               Programme description                                                       Programme description
Programme description                                                          This programme provides high quality, medical education in Family           This two-year, part-time masters programme is offered jointly by the Royal        Programme description
This programme involves an in-depth scientific approach to managing            Medicine by distance learning, to an international audience in India and    College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the University of Edinburgh, and is          This interdisciplinary programme introduces eHealth in the context of
health and welfare, reproduction, behaviour, nutrition and exercise for        other partner countries where health systems are beginning to identify      taught entirely online. Both institutions have combined well previously to        international health systems and global health challenges, supported
horses. You will also learn how to practically apply a scientific approach     Family Medicine as a clinical speciality.                                   deliver an award-winning masters programme to support early surgical              by specialist courses covering areas such as public health informatics,
to benefit horse health, welfare and performance.                                                                                                          training, and continue to serve as a powerful brand in surgery.                   telehealthcare and mHealth.
                                                                               The programme will give doctors a comprehensive understanding of the
Our online programme is the first and only Equine Science programme within     principles, processes and practices of Family Medicine, and the essential   You will be taught by experienced tutors – all leading clinicians in their        The term eHealth describes a diverse field concerned with the application
an international centre of veterinary excellence. It provides students with    medical knowledge and management skills for the most common                 fields – and you will have access to well-defined and managed learning            of ICT to support the organisation and delivery of healthcare services and
detailed knowledge and understanding of equine science and its applications    presenting health issues.                                                   resources and educational material, including an unparalleled online              to enable citizens to manage their own health and wellness. It has become
and is excellent preparation for future independent research or a PhD.                                                                                     library facility. Illustrative cases will cover technical skills and procedures   a priority area for the international healthcare sector and is attracting
                                                                               It is based on the competencies identified by the World Association
                                                                                                                                                           as well as core knowledge and clinical skills.                                    considerable global investment.
Programme structure                                                            of Family Medicine:
The taught part of the programme consists of the following courses,            •	an understanding of health promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment
                                                                                                                                                           Programme structure                                                               This programme is aimed at a wide audience, including health professionals,
while the final year is devoted to a dissertation.                                                                                                         Based on the UK Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum, this programme               policymakers, NGOs, researchers, eHealth vendors and ICT practitioners.
                                                                                  and care within a district hospital/health centre/community setting;
                                                                                                                                                           allows you to select advanced modules that match your declared                    It is unique in addressing the topic from a truly international perspective,
CERTIFICATE AND DIPLOMA                                                        • skills in leadership and management of primary health care teams; and     subspecialty, and supports your study towards the Fellowship of the               including a consideration of low and medium income economies.
Research Methods in Equine Science; Equine Digestion and Nutrition;            •	an understanding of continuity and contextualisation of care of the      Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) examinations.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Programme structure
Equine Behaviour and Welfare; Equine Orthopaedics; Equine                         individual, the family and the community.                                YEAR 1                                                                            This programme is delivered entirely online using a combination of online
Reproduction; Equitation Science; Equine Exercise Physiology.                                                                                                                                                                                tuition, multimedia interactive learning materials, peer-to-peer discussion
                                                                               Programme structure
                                                                                                                                                           Compulsory courses will cover the basic elements of subspecialties, for           and independent study. A professional team of experts and e-learning
                                                                               This distance learning programme is delivered with the support of
FINAL YEAR                                                                                                                                                 instance, emergency surgery and critical care including the assessment            technologists will support your progress.
                                                                               our partner institution CMC Vellore, India. In addition to the courses
                                                                                                                                                           and the pre-/peri-/post-operative care of the surgical patient. These
Your dissertation of 10,000–15,000 words will allow you to analyse             delivered online and a dissertation, the programme requires a total
                                                                                                                                                           modules will be taught and assessed using a clinical problem-based                YEARS 1 AND 2: CERTIFICATE AND DIPLOMA
and present relevant research data that you have collected yourself.           of 30 days each year in residency at a rural hospital.
                                                                                                                                                           approach, supported by systems-based review of the course material.
Alternatively, you can undertake desk study to explore and develop                                                                                                                                                                           Courses include: Introduction to Global eHealth; Introduction to Health
your own area of interest.                                                     COURSES                                                                                                                                                       Informatics; The Ethics and Governance of eHealth; Telemedicine and
                                                                                                                                                           YEAR 2
                                                                               There are seven compulsory courses, which cover family medicine,                                                                                              Telehealth; The Business of eHealth; mHealth in High and Low Resource
Programme duration                                                                                                                                         You will undertake a tailored academic course that reflects your                  Settings; Global Health Challenges; User-centred Design; Public Health
                                                                               reflective practice and principles of general practice, and evidence-
The full MSc programme can be completed within two years if                                                                                                subspecialty. You will explore research and teaching methodology,
                                                                               based medicine for rural family medicine in rural settings.                                                                                                   Informatics; Project Management.
students study all taught courses in one year and devote the second                                                                                        develop your skills in analysing published evidence and explore
year to a dissertation project. Alternatively you can take up to six years     Career opportunities                                                        interactive and written clinical communication skills. You will also              YEAR 3: MASTERS
to complete the MSc. There is also the option to graduate with an Equine       This programme will shape practitioners to become quality family            complete an academic critique in a subspecialty area of work.
Science postgraduate certificate or diploma.                                   doctors in rural and peri-urban areas in low income countries.                                                                                                In the final phase of the programme, students are assessed on the
                                                                                                                                                           Our award-winning online learning technology is fully interactive and             basis of a structured research dissertation, based on a piece of original
Career opportunities                                                           Minimum entry requirements                                                                                                                                    empirical research using a range of methods suited to the technology
                                                                                                                                                           enables you to communicate with our highly qualified teaching staff
Graduates from this research-rich, taught MSc will be prepared for             A UK 2:1 honours degree or its international equivalent (      from the comfort of your own home or workplace. You will not only have            context and questions under investigation.
employment in research establishments, such as universities and research       international/country) in medicine. Applications are particularly welcome   access to Edinburgh’s excellent resources, but will also become part of
institutions; industry, such as feed companies, stud farms, pharmaceuticals    from medical graduates working in India or other low income countries                                                                                         Career opportunities
                                                                                                                                                           a supportive online community, bringing together students and tutors
and consultancy firms; government organisations, such as ADAS and              with a commitment to continue working in poorly resourced areas.                                                                                              Opportunities may exist within academic and commercial research in
                                                                                                                                                           from around the world.
DEFRA; and welfare organisations such as the RSPCA, WSPA and LPH.                                                                                                                                                                            eHealth; eHealth industry – design, development; Aid agencies/NGOs –
                                                                               English language requirements                                               Career opportunities                                                              eHealth deployments and evaluation; Governments and health providers
Postgraduate Professional Development                                          See page 48.                                                                The ChM provides advanced training for surgeons preparing for the                 – eHealth policy and management; and International Agencies – eHealth
If you are looking for a shorter course option, we offer online credit-
bearing courses which run for 11 weeks at a time. These lead to a
                                                                               Fees and funding                                                            intercollegiate fellowship examination and those approaching consultancy.         policy, analysis, delivery.
                                                                                                        Minimum entry requirements
University of Edinburgh postgraduate award of academic credit. You may                                                                                                                                                                       Minimum entry requirements
                                                                               For funding information see also page 46.                                   A basic medical qualification recognised by the General Medical
take a maximum of 50 credits worth of courses through our Postgraduate                                                                                                                                                                       A UK 2:1 honours degree or above, or its international equivalent
Professional Development scheme. These credits will be recognised in their                                                                                 Council is required. You should also have acquired MRCS (or equivalent            (, in the field of clinical and allied
own right at postgraduate level, or may be put towards gaining a higher        Programme Contact Jo Ntawuyamara-Marshall                                   assessment milestone) and be an Advanced Trainee in General Surgery               health sciences, informatics, health policy, psychology, allied health
award, such as a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or MSc.        Email                                           (ST [specialist training years] 5/6 in UK or equivalent if outside UK).           sciences or a relevant related subject.
Minimum entry requirements                                                                                                                                 English language requirements                                                     English language requirements
A UK 2:1 honours degree or above, or its international equivalent                                                                                          See page 48.                                                                      See page 48.
(, in veterinary science or a                                                                                           Fees and funding                                                                  Fees and funding
biological science, with subject areas including zoology, animal/equine                                                                                                         
science or pharmacology/pharmacy.                                                                                                                          For funding information see also page 46.                                         For funding information see also page 46.
English language requirements
See page 48.                                                                                                                                               Programme Director Ewen Harrison                                                  Programme Director Claudia Pagliari
Fees and funding                                                                                                                                           Email                                                     Email
For funding information see also page 46.                                     “The ChM programme is a great practical
                                                                                and academic exercise for surgeons at the end
Programme Contact
Tel +44 (0)131 650 8783
                                                                                of their general surgical training, looking to
Email                                                   consolidate their knowledge as they prepare
                                                                                for independent practice.”
                                                                               Ijeoma A Azodo, ChM in General Surgery
THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583 THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH - Medicine & Veterinary Medicine - Influencing the world since 1583
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