The Venus Way for Members -

The Venus Way for Members -
The Venus Way for Members


The Venus Way for Members -
Welcome to the Venus Network
You have joined the business community designed to help you achieve profitable, sustainable
growth in your business.

Our goal is to establish a network of engaged, happy and thriving women who feel valued and
supported throughout their Venus journey.

We have created this booklet so you can launch yourself into The Venus Way, make the most of
your membership and have the right mindset to be an active member of the Venus

Wishing you every success on your journey,

Vanessa and the Venus Coordinator Team
Venus HQ

      Venus Group Limited, the company
        o Company Vision, Mission and Values                           page 3
        o Meet the founder of Venus                                    page 4
        o Meet the Venus Team                                          page 6
        o Venus Team Expectations                                      Page 8
        o Venus Communication                                          page 9
        o Venus Events                                                 page 10

      Your Venus Network Membership
         o Making the most of your membership                          page 11
         o Terms and Conditions                                        page 12
         o Member-only Online Area                                     page 13
         o How to create your business profile page                    page 14

      Your Venus Group
         o Welcome to your Venus Group                                 page 15
         o Group Meetings                                              page 16
         o Meeting Agenda                                              page 17
         o Six minutes of Fame                                         page 18
         o The power of a RAVE and how to make the most of yours       page 19
         o Communicating the basics to increase your referrals         page 20
         o How to create your one page pitch                           page 21
         o Tips on how to create your own 1 min promo                  page 22
         o The Venus Way Meeting Booklet                               page 23

      Referral Marketing
         o Building a referral network                                 page 24
         o Ways to refer your members                                  page 25

      How to Grow your Venus Group
        o Who and how to invite guests to your group                   page 26

The Venus Way for Members -
Introducing the Venus Group Limited

Venus is the business partner of choice for women entrepreneurs
committed to sustainable and profitable growth.

To provide affordable and effective marketing resources, training and a referral community to
enable women to become effective marketers for their own business.

Venus Enterprises

   1. Venus Network – A committed referral community for women serious about growing their
      business and their networks. A learning platform for women to develop their marketing

   2. Venus Training and Events – Create and deliver valuable, relevant resources and training
      for members

   3. Venus Village – online marketplace for women to sell services and products

   4. Venus Magazine – targeted and niche business magazine for inspiration and education


Contribution >> Integrity & Honesty >> Collaboration and commitment >> Caring

Within the Venus Network
you have the opportunity to develop a qualified,
consistent and dynamic circle
of networking partners who can
provide you with referrals for new business.

The Venus Way for Members -
Meet the Founder and Managing Director

                                                    Vanessa is an innovative business leader
                   Vanessa Davey                    committed to providing valuable
                                                    guidance, support and the necessary
                                                    environment to help New Zealand business
                  women succeed. Her ability to strongly
                   phone: 07 572 3844               understand and leverage the power of
                   Tauranga, Bay of Plenty          relationship marketing is a crucial
                                                    contributor to her success.

The founder and managing director Vanessa Davey launched the first Venus Group in
Tauranga early 2008.

Vanessa is a lively, passionate, and energetic facilitator and entrepreneur. She started working
as a professional organiser in London in 1998 and returned to New Zealand 2004 to settle down.

Vanessa‟s passion for organising led her to start a home based business in Tauranga „The Clutter
Coach‟. She experienced the challenges with starting and growing her own small business. With
professional organising still in its infancy as a profession in New Zealand, Vanessa decided to
broaden her horizons and look for opportunities she could apply her organising & facilitation
skills to. She discovered her passion for small business and for bringing businesswomen together
to support one another.

From here the concept of the Venus Network was born.

Being in business on her own, she missed the support, encouragement and business friendships
that came from working within a team. At the beginning of 2008 Vanessa launched the first
Venus Group in central Tauranga. Bringing like-minded women together to help one another
grow successful businesses is her passion and the essence of the Venus Network. The Venus
Network is a community where women feel supported, can grow their networks, their businesses
and ultimately themselves.

Vanessa has created this company on the foundation of her purpose – to support and inspire
entrepreneurial women who are consciously transforming themselves and their world through

In 2011 as the Venus Network expanded Vanessa brought on Regional Coordinators to support
the growth, the members and organise the events on a regional level. Now with six Regional
Coordinators Vanessa‟s role has moved to a strategic and management one.

With the growth of the Venus community throughout 2010 Vanessa knew she needed a new
name and brand to reflect the professional businesswomen that were involved with Venus. In
January 2011 a rebrand saw the name change to The Venus Network from the Venus Clubs
and the launch of a new website and marketing collateral followed shortly after.

The development of Marketing Modules as meeting topics in 2011 has shown Vanessa‟s
continued commitment to support businesswomen to achieve sustainable growth. Through
these modules members are educated on marketing strategies and have the opportunity to
develop their business marketing message.

Why the Name Venus


As Venus is the goddess of Love I brought this into the business sense. I‟m committed to
supporting women as they build businesses around what they love, around their passions. Life is
too short to spend your life working in a job or a business that you are not enjoying. Life‟s about
creating your days doing what you love. As you discover what you‟re passionate about you
uncover what your talents and top skills are.


In my experience gaining clarity around our passions gives us clarity around our top skills. We all
have natural abilities that we excel at. You have been given these talents and passions to use
in the world. Using them to contribute to the growth of your clients, your community, your world.
With coaching, support and resources it is possible for every woman to create a stunningly
successful business based around her passions.


I believe life is about celebrating our uniqueness, our talents, our gifts. As women we are
unique, creative and talented. For many years I didn‟t believe or acknowledge this. I see
women every day who do not realise how extraordinary they are. I always felt a strong inner
pull to make a difference, to contribute my uniqueness to the world. I just didn‟t know what
made me unique, what I was passionate about or what my talents were.


This inner drive to discover my purpose, to uncover why I was here has led me on my journey
into business. Through business I have discovered what my purpose is.

“To inspire and encourage women to believe in
themselves, to believe in their dreams and to support
them as they grow profitable businesses and achieve
financial freedom.”


The Venus Network is a platform for women to shine, to contribute their greatness. It is about
women following their passions, living in community and transforming themselves and their
world through feminine enterprise.

Meet the Venus Regional Coordinators
We would like to introduce you to the Venus Regional Coordinator Team. The women who
support, drive and develop the Venus Community throughout New Zealand.

               Heather Hutchings              Empowering Business Owners to develop
               Wellington Coordinator         leadership skills that will create workplace
                                              excellence, developing sustainable long-
         term profitability and building a culture
               phone: 04 8311 300             where employees are able to achieve more
               Waikanae, Kapiti Coast         than they may have ever dreamed possible.

               Jo Patterson
               Auckland Coordinator           At Grovia they focus on brand building and
                                              revenue generation, enabling their
                 clients to stick to what they are best at -
               mobile: 021 567 780            engineering, innovation and technology
               Grey Lynn, Auckland            development.

               Belinda Tuki
                                              Belinda‟s own desire to be able to eat
               Bay of Plenty Coordinator
                                              clean, easily and effortlessly saw her in 2005
                                              create Eggcel®, nature’s ultimate protein.
                                              100% pure egg whites, made here in New
               mobile: 022 027 8060
               Papamoa, Bay of Plenty

                Vicki Ravlich – Horan         Cooking classes, gourmet food tours
                Waikato Coordinator           professional event management combine
                                              to give you Feast.
                  Nourish, a free food magazine celebrating
                Hamilton                      fresh local flavour in the BOP & Waikato.

                                              Slipstream Creative is a Christchurch based
              Debs Ware
                                              graphic design company. They specialise in
              Christchurch Coordinator
                                              graphic design and print management
                                              servicing small to medium sized businesses

               Debbie Albrecht                Debbie is considered to be one of the
               North Canterbury Coordinator   leading personal image stylists in New
                                              Zealand. Certified as an Image Consultant
            with Colours in Harmony she has many years
               Rangiora, Canterbury           working within the fashion industry.

Our Venus Values
Encouraging and Supportive

We believe that women flourish when they feel supported and encouraged. We are building a
community of extraordinary women where they feel cherished and appreciated. We always
look for opportunities to offer an encouraging word, an offer of support or to celebrate an
achievement, whatever the size.

Willingness to Learn and Grow

We value personal growth and welcome regular coaching and feedback to develop our skills,
particularly in coaching and facilitation.


We manage our time effectively and take time out each week to plan our work. We enjoy a
balanced life, making sure we spend time with family and friends. We work in an organised
space and make time each week to maintain this order.

    Supportive                  Organised              Passionate                  Positive

Enthusiastic and Passionate

We are passionate about business and genuinely interested in the success of women in
business. Our sincerity shines through in the way we facilitate meetings and communicate with
our guests and members.

Positive Outlook and Attitude

We refrain from partaking in conversations of hearsay or idle talk or rumour, especially about
the personal or private affairs of others. We aim to foster a positive environment for passionate
businesswomen to develop and grow themselves and their businesses.

Members Tip
                                Always look out for opportunities to refer
                                      your members and Venus
                      Our most successful members tell us that getting into the habit
                      of always looking out for opportunities to refer other members is
                         fundamental to their success – the more referrals you give
                         Group members; the more you‟re likely to receive yourself.

Team Venus Expectations
 The success of Venus is dependent on the commitment you and each of our members makes;
 to their Group, their members and, ultimately, to growing their own business.

 For you to get the maximum value from your membership and for Venus to create a community
 that supports you in growing your business we have developed a set of terms and conditions.

 All women in the Venus Community:

              Be respectful and courteous towards one another
              Act with integrity and honesty
              Be an advocate for Venus and all the members, Facilitators and Assistant Facilitators

What you can expect from Venus HQ

         Driving the growth and brand development of Venus Group Limited
         Creating and promoting national marketing campaigns
         Leading Regional Coordinators to grow membership of Venus Groups
         Coordinating social media and website news
         Publishing monthly newsletter

What you can expect from your Regional Coordinator

             Identifying and inviting guests to meetings
             Inducting and supporting Facilitators to be successful in their roles
             Managing the Venus Online Membership System
             Organising regional networking events

What you can expect from your Group Facilitator and Assistant Facilitator

             Identifying and inviting guests to meetings
             Facilitating Group meetings
             Following up with guests to discuss their Group meeting
             Supporting and attending regional events
             Proactively supporting member satisfaction

What you can expect from your Members & what the team expects from you

             Minimum of two referrals/connections each fortnight
             Minimum of one RAVE a fortnight with one of your members
             Attend every meeting
             Invite one guest to her meetings each quarter

Venus Communication
The purpose of our website is to promote Venus and share news and resources to help women
grow successful businesses. As a member you can:
         View business and marketing articles
         Register your next guest
         Access the online members area
         Upload your business profile
         Check out the latest Marketing Module
         LAUNCHING IN 2011 – Venus Shop to sell your products online

The Venus Newsletter is sent out from Head Office to our national database of 1800+
professional women. It features national Venus news, group launches, events, and inspirational
and informative articles.


You will receive a number of emails from Venus. We have detailed them here so you know to
expect them in your inbox:

         Fortnightly meeting reminder with your meeting topic and any relevant resources
         Fortnightly meeting follow up from your facilitator
         Monthly newsletter from Venus HQ – as above

Social Media

You can join the Venus community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn:
And connect with Vanessa on LinkedIn and Facebook:

We understand the success of any business is based on the ability to listen and act upon the
feedback it receives from its team and its customers. As such, we now provide a formal
opportunity to gather feedback from our members and team twice a year. We also welcome
feedback through our website and we would love to hear from you.

Venus Events
Member Success Workshop

We run Member Success Workshops free around the country every three months. These
workshops are to help you understand how the community works, how to refer, how to deliver a
great 1 minute promo and other information included in this Venus Way for Members Booklet.

Please make the most of these workshops as they will help you launch into the Venus
community so that you can make the most of your membership.

VA 5 – Venus After 5

This is a casual networking event for members and their invited guests and is a great opportunity
for you to:

        Meet and build business alliances with women in other groups in the Venus Network
        Invite guests, interested in finding out more about the Venus Network
        Continue building on the relationships you have created in your group

These are held at group members‟ businesses or offices, giving members the opportunity to
showcase their business. In exchange, they host the event by providing some delicious wine
and nibbles for all the members to enjoy.

It is a relaxed evening to enjoy whilst developing relationships. Please remember you need to
register your attendance so catering can be organised for everyone. For the majority of time
there is no charge to attend a VA5.

Venus Lunch

In some regions around New Zealand the Regional Coordinator organises lunches as another
form of networking with your group members and the wider network. This is also another
opportunity to invite guests, interested in the Venus Network to get a taste of what Venus can
offer. There is a cost involved however it normally covers only your lunch.

Marketing Workshop

We will be delivering various marketing and networking workshops around the country. Check
out the events calendar to find out what events are coming up. These workshops will be low or
no cost to members.

10 | P a g e
Your Venus Group Membership
By joining the Venus Community you have opened yourself up to a network of business owners
who are committed to growing their business while helping you grow yours.

We suggest the following to help you make the most of your membership:

    Attend every Fortnightly meetings
    These are your regular structured meetings with your members, as well as visitors and guests.
    Schedule these into your diary so you attend every one. If for any reason you cannot attend
    send a representative of your business along so you continue to keep in front of mind.

    Vary your one minute promo spot
    This is your opportunity to educate other members of your group about your business. Your
    facilitator will suggest a fortnightly topic for the promo spot, or you can choose your own.
    We encourage you to prepare for your meetings by thinking about what different aspect of
    your business you will educate your „sales force‟ on each meeting.

    Promote your business on your Venus online profile is where you can upload and update
    information about your business, your products & services and your contact details. The
    directory is used by both members and non-members and exposes your business to more
    than 2000 other business women visiting our site every month.

    Attend every Networking event and Lunch
    Grow your network beyond your own group by attending all the events offered to you. Plus
    you have the opportunity to showcase your business by hosting your own After 5 event.

    Take the time to learn about your members
    We do emphasise that the more energy they are willing to put into this business knowledge,
    the more other members are likely to want to reciprocate the action.

    Use our Resource Page in the member’s area
    Make the most of the resources we have created for you in a members-only area, in the
    back end of the website.

    Read and learn each Marketing Module
    We have created these to help you develop your marketing message for your business and
    your marketing knowledge. These will be delivered at each meeting as Meeting Topics.
    You‟ll have resources that you can complete in preparation for each meeting and then
    discuss in your meetings.

    In your meeting reminders that come out three day before your meeting you will find out
    what the coming meetings Marketing Module will be. Take the time to print out the
    resources, fill in any of the forms and go prepared to your next meeting.

11 | P a g e
Membership Terms and Conditions

The success of Venus is dependent on the commitment you and each of our members makes;
to their Group, their members and, ultimately, to growing their own business.

For you to get the maximum value from your membership and for Venus to create a community
that supports you in growing your business we have developed a set of terms and conditions.

This provides a clear platform where everyone knows what is expected of them and what is
needed to make the community successful.

Terms and Conditions of Network Membership

Membership is subject to approval by Venus Management Team

Venus Network does not take any responsibility for disputes between members and does not
accept any liability to any party for any dispute a member may have with another member.

Membership may be terminated (without reimbursement of any funds invested) at any time
for the following infractions:

    1. Any and all illegal conduct and/or felony conviction(s).
    2. Any and all conduct that might tarnish the reputation of the network and its members
    3. Any and all wilful refusal or failure to abide by Network Terms and Conditions

It is expected that you attend every meeting. If you are absent for more than 2 consecutive
meetings without organising a representative from your business, your membership may be
put up for review.

Venus Network expects that you will actively participate in each meeting as per the Venus
Network expectations. See The Venus Way Member Booklet.

Membership is non-refundable unless extenuating situations. In this situation the membership
can be transferred or deferred for up to 3 months only.

12 | P a g e
Exclusive Online Venus Members Area
You now have access to the Venus Members-only Area on the website. When you have paid
your subscription you will receive a welcome email with your user name and password and a
link that allows you to log in to this area.

What you can do in the Online Venus Members-only Area:

        Upload and update your one page business directory profile

        View your membership invoice

        Download all our free business articles and Venus resources including;
          o RAVE Form
          o Six minutes of fame tip sheet
          o 10 essential criteria for choosing your target market
          o 1 Minute Promo - Hints and Tips
          o How to upload your profile
          o Terms and Conditions

        View and download all the Marketing Module resources

To Log into the Online Membership System

To Log into the membership system click on the link below or open a web browser and
copy and paste this link - This page will show in the web

    1. Enter your Email address under Email

    2. Enter your Password under Password

    3. Click LOGIN and you will be taken to the Online Members Area

    4. If you have forgotten your password click the link forgot your password and you will
       receive a new password via email that you can use to access the system

13 | P a g e
Showcasing Your Business Online
Your business will now be listed on the Venus Directory on the website. This gives you another
marketing avenue to attract clients, raise your online profile and help you teach your „sales
force‟ – your group members, about your business.

Log into the members-only area and click on the tab PROFILE.

Here you can upload images, logos, a head shot and business information. An example of an
online profile:

We have created a document to show you how to upload your business profile. This can be
found on the RESOURCES page on the Membership System online.

This is a mini website for you and your business. Take the time to create a great profile as this
adds to the credibility and referability of your business.

Sections of the profile page include:

        Business overview


        Products and services I offer


        Why you‟re a Venus Network member

        Point of difference

        Your social media profiles

        My latest business news

        My offer to members

14 | P a g e
Welcome to your Venus Group
Now that you are a Venus Network member you have the opportunity to build strong referral
alliances with a group of business women who all have an agreed commitment to create as
many win-win opportunities as possible for one another.

It is your responsibility to teach your members about your business, about the types of clients
you would like to work with, what your point of difference is and how to refer you. To get you
started with this information we have created a form for you to complete on page 18.

Over time your group members will get to know, like, trust and then refer you to their extended
network of contacts, friends and business colleagues.


Your Business Sales Force

Your Venus Group are your walking ambassadors, your sales force talking to people about you
and your business. In return you are the lookout for business opportunities for every other
member of your group.

Contributing to the Success of your Group Members

If you want to build a prosperous word of mouth business, you must work at it. Find ways to
support and contribute to your group.

By contributing to your group and the Venus community you will in turn receive back; whether in
the way of support, referrals, ideas, or connections.

All relationships take time to grow and referral alliances are no different, as they are built on trust
and confidence. Give it time.

Here are some important things you must do to make sure your alliances become productive
sources of referrals:

     Give them referrals – always be on the lookout for opportunities
      to refer business

     Engage in RAVE‟s with all your group

     Take time out each week to think of ways to support the growth
      of your members and your group

     Help members solve problems through your network of contacts

     Be a good listener when they need one

15 | P a g e
Group Meetings
Every fortnight your group will meet together for a one-hour structured meeting. Your meetings
are facilitated by a fellow member, your Group Facilitator.

Group members, over time, get to understand the businesses represented in the group and
develop trust and confidence in the goods and services provided by the members.

To create the most value for the time spent in a meeting we follow a meeting agenda. An
outline of this is detailed on the next page.

Purpose of the Group Meetings

The purpose of the meetings is for members to meet and build strong business friendships with
other members of their Venus Network. It is an opportunity for members to educate one
another about their businesses so they can help expand their client base through quality

Meeting Reminders

A meeting reminder is sent out automatically to every guest and member three days before the
scheduled meeting. This is an example of a reminder:

        Venus Network

        Meeting Reminder
        Hi Jeanette,

        Your next Tauranga Central meeting is on:
        Date: Monday, 05th Apr 2010
        Time: 9 - 10am
        Location: Urban Cafe Cameron Road
        This week‟s discussion topic:

                   07 572 3844

Marketing Modules

Each fortnight we will share information, worksheets and provide opportunities for you to
brainstorm and discuss different aspects around marketing for your small business. Click through
on your meeting reminder to view these in on the website and in the Members-only area.

16 | P a g e
Meeting Agenda
This is the meeting Agenda that your facilitator will follow.

 Welcome and Introduction

 Your Facilitator will start the meetings on time. Please make a conscious effort to arrive 10 minutes before
 so that you can order any drinks and be seated by the start time.

 Your Facilitator will welcome all guests and new members.

 One-Minute Promo: Educate your sales force

 Share with the group what you offer to help your „sales force‟ understand who to connect you with.
 Each week we „spotlight‟ a different aspect of our business to keep our promos fresh.


 Marketing Module:
 Discuss this meetings marketing topic, answer questions, brainstorm ideas
 Member Spotlight:
 6 minute time slot for one member to provide more information about their business.

 Special Topic:
  Guest speaker, training topic, problem solving session, how to RAVE, how to refer, closing deals.

 Go around the group one at a time – allow 30 seconds per speaker. Anything members need help with
 or someone in particular they want to meet.

 Referrals and Raves

 Share your two referrals/connections for the fortnight

 Each week we check in on what referrals have happened and get a quick overview of who has had a
 rave with whom. Please come prepared to share who you have referred.


 Each person will share who they had a rave with. And if time, what one thing did they learn about them.


 Time to celebrate. Your opportunity to communicate how your business is growing.

 Network News and Events

 Your Facilitator will share news from HQ and any calls to action, or events running.

17 | P a g e
Communicating the Basics to increase your referrals
One of the keys to generating more referrals for your business is to clearly communicate the
following information within the Group meetings.

What is your point of difference/unique selling point? How is your product/service different from
your competitor‟s?

What solutions do you offer clients? How do you serve them?

What is your one-liner?

Who is your target market? Who are good prospects for your business? How would I know good
prospects for your business if I ran into them?

Where will you find them?

What are the key benefits of using your product/service?

Bring your business to life with stories, anecdotes, and case studies. It‟s one thing to list your
products and services – it‟s quite another to humanise them with real-life situations. Tell each
other how you‟ve solved specific client problems.

18 | P a g e
Six Minutes of Fame
We give you an opportunity to promote your business to your Group in the Six Minutes of Fame.
This is a great way for all members to gain a greater understanding of your business.

It is important that you maximise your six minutes to optimise the key messages about your
service and product so members get a real sense of potential clients or referrals for you. We
have a tip sheet found in the Members-only area for you to use.

Here is the highlighted version of the six tips on how to create a Six-Minute Presentation.

Firstly - explain who you are, what your business is called and who you work with
Identify your target market – this way even if your audience is not your target market they will
start thinking of potential contacts for you.

Describe the problem you solve for your target market
Don‟t sell the solution; the most effective form of marketing your business is identifying the
problems you fix for your customers. This quickly promotes the value you provide in the

Clearly communicate your Point of Difference
Explain to people why your service or product is different, what your competitive difference is,
and the marketplace. This is an important point to include in any promo about your business
and helps outline why you are a problem solver for your customers.

               Six minutes of fame gives members a real understanding of one another‟s
                           businesses and makes it easier to proactively refer

Show your knowledge and passion for your service or product
People want to deal with experts or specialists, so demonstrate your knowledge of what you do
and show your enthusiasm for what you do; this greatly impacts on how people connect with
you and your business.

Remove jargon from your Six-Minute Promo
Check to see that you are using simple conversational words. Simplicity of your promo is the
key. You are the expert in your industry – your audience isn‟t. So ensure you are promoting
your business in a way people understand.

Create visual images for your audience.
Bring brochures, circulate products, show pictures – this provides your audience a clear
understanding of what you do and helps give them greater information on who you are and
what you do.

Be memorable! Think outside the box! Get creative with
ways you can showcase your business!

19 | P a g e
The Importance of RAVEs
Referral Alliance Value Encounter

A RAVE is a business meeting, normally 45-60 minutes; for you to develop the relationships you
have started in your group meetings. It is an opportunity to learn more about another members
business and for her to learn more about yours. Make time to attend at least one RAVE with
another member each fortnight. If you would like more referrals, organise more RAVE‟s.

Take the time to learn about the other women in the Group and their businesses. We do
emphasise that the more energy you are willing to put into this business knowledge, the more
other members are likely to want to reciprocate the action and refer you.

We recommend you RAVE with every member in your group. You never know who your
members know.

A guide to Effective RAVE’s:

        Allow a fair trade of time so both of you get to talk.

        Be interested and engaged when the other is speaking to show you are listening.

        Showing integrity and respect for each other when booking a time by keeping to the
        appointment as scheduled as best you can. Remember their time is valuable too.

        To avoid no shows text, email or ring the day before to confirm your appointment.

        It may seem like a perfect opportunity to use this time to sell your products or services to
        each other however this is NOT the objective of a rave.

        You will find you connect instantly to some and not to others. I encourage you to look
        past those obvious connections and make the effort to get to know all of your members.
        The woman you avoid to get to know may turn out to be your biggest fan.


We have created a form found on the RESOURCES tab in Members-only area of the website.
We suggest you print out a form before each RAVE and fill the form in while you‟re asking the
questions. You can then take the RAVE Form along to your next meeting.

20 | P a g e

 Venus RAVE Form

 What do you love most about working with your clients?

 What would you like to achieve in your business?

 What services / products do you provide?

 Who would be your ideal client? (Personality / character / problems / location etc)

 What makes you unique / what is your point of difference?

 How can I help you?

 How would you like me to refer you?

 What one NEW thing did I learn?

21 | P a g e
Your One Page Pitch

One Page Pitch

To help boost referrals we suggest you create a one page pitch. This is a one page business
profile introducing yourself and your business. More referrals and introductions are happening
via email and online.

You can help your members refer more business to you by creating a business profile. They can
use this to email introduce or email refer you to their networks.

What you can include in your One Page Pitch:

        Introduce yourself and your personal point of difference
        Build your credibility by mentioning any associations you belong to, awards you have
        won, groups you are in related to your business or profession.
        List what your business specialises in
        Talk about who you work with
        Share the services and products you offer
        Include your contact details, website, social media information
        And if you have a free offer/trial include this

Tips to Create a Great One Page Pitch

        A One Page Pitch is exactly that, one page
        Save it as a PDF and make sure it‟s under 250KB
        Include a professional photo of yourself
        Add your business logo

Ask your members to share their One Page Pitch so you can get some ideas on how to create

The Venus Way Meeting Booklet
Your facilitator will give you a Venus Way Meeting Booklet along with a business card wallet
when you pay your membership.

We encourage you to bring this booklet to every meeting and use it each fortnight to keep
track of the referrals you receive and give.

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1 Minute Introduction Hints & Tips
Educate the members
When it is your turn to introduce yourself it is important to understand that this is your opportunity
to “TEACH” the other members how to sell you to their networks!!! Give them the words they
can use to refer you! What you say at this time is the only information the other members will
have to refer you on.

What makes you unique?
Include the details of your product and/or service that set you apart from your opposition. What
is your unique selling proposition?

Rave about yourself
Do not be afraid to “blow your horn” a little. What may sound a little egotistical coming out of
your mouth, will sound great coming out of someone else‟s!

Speak strongly and confidently
Somewhere deep down we are all a little nervous about speaking in front of others. If you feel
nervous, take advantage of this opportunity to practice in front of a friendly and supportive
group so you may be fluent when you need to “perform” in front of prospective clients. Trust
that, if you do “stuff-up” no-one will be judging you in this group of your peers who, after all, are
all in the same position as you.

Partners not prospects
Be mindful of the fact that the members of the group are NOT your prospects. If you have a
network marketing business please be aware that the other members of the group are there to
grow their own businesses and it is not acceptable to try to recruit them into yours.

I encourage you to keep your focus on the solutions you provide for people and what makes
you unique. I have come up with a 5 point guide line to assist you.

1. Give your name and Company details and where you operate from:


2. Who is your target market, what clients do you work with?


3. List one or two top benefits you provide for your clients:


4. List a few solutions you provide for your clients or problems you solve:


5. Then finish off on a call to action or maybe a special offer or something that will encourage
people to „trial‟ your product or service.


               Networking is happening all the time, even when you don't think it is.

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Referral Marketing
What is Referral or Word of Mouth Marketing?

Structured word of mouth marketing or referral marketing is one of the most powerful and cost-
effective ways to develop new business. Personal referrals often result in quality repeat

People wanting to buy goods and services want to deal with someone who has been
recommended by someone they know, like and trust. Venus Network simply puts structure and
formality around a proven concept.

               Powerful and cost effective marketing
                         for your business
We understand that building successful, sustainable and mutually rewarding relationships in
business takes time. The Venus Network‟s main purpose is to support you in building lasting
relationships with othergGroup members, so that you will truly understand their business and
they will truly understand yours. This is the only way to secure genuine, quality referral alliances.

Why is it the Smartest Way to Grow a Business?

A referral from a satisfied customer is the most cost-effective marketing you can get. A good
marketing campaign combined with great customer service will create positive word of mouth.

What's the first thing we do when we want to find a good doctor, accountant, hotel, restaurant,
or a movie? We ask others for a recommendation – friends, relatives, business associates.

If we trust the person making the recommendation, we often act upon the referral. And the
business we were referred to gets one more customer without having to spend a cent on
advertising or promotion.

 Build strong business relationships and you‟ll create
     a sustainable way to generate new business

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Building a Referral Network for Your Business

Educate your Referral Network don’t Sell to Them

Often the temptation is to „sell‟ to those we network with. It's as if by showing people all the finer
points of what's available, convincing them to try our product and closing the sale with them,
will somehow result in an influx of referrals.

In order for members of a networking group to refer effectively they must be familiar with what
each has to offer without feeling pressurised to purchase. They then must build a relationship
where they like and trust you. It‟s very important to resist the urge to sell to Venus Network

                Develop a sustainable relationship built on
            mutual trust and respect. This is where referrals begin.

Get Specific

Educating your members about the type of referrals you want, specifically – where applicable –
even the names of the individuals with whom you want to meet and develop relationships with,
is more important to the success of your networking in a closed contact group than selling to
your members.

Your Sales Force

This demands a shift in how you see your networking partners. They're not your clients; they are,
in effect, your sales force. And for your sales force to sell you effectively, they have to know
how to sell you and who to sell you to.

Receive the referrals you get in the best way

              Make contact with new prospects as soon as you can.

              Keep referral sources advised of your progress.

              Thank referral sources with small gifts.

              If prospects become clients, get the clients to thank the referral sources (this makes
               the sources heroes, and it makes you more referable).

25 | P a g e
Four Ways You Can Refer Your Members

    1. A Direct Referral

        Refer a member when someone asks for a specific service or product – for example:

Jane asks you directly if you know a great accountant, hairdresser or printer. There are different
ways of giving a referral.

As a courtesy to your group member it‟s great if you email or phone her to give a heads-up
about the referral coming their way. Or you can email both Jane and the group member in the
same email, introducing one another.

    2. A Suggested Referral

Ask questions in conversation to see if there is a referral you can suggest

Someone may not ask a direct question for a product or service but talk about an issue they
have or solution they are looking for. Keep an ear open for when you hear people talking
about things they need or are looking for. Here are some examples:

   Tabitha is looking to employ her first staff member and mentions that she has just put an
    advert in the paper. I ask “Do you have a great employment lawyer?” She said no so I
    suggest I get my lawyer to give her a call. Another way is to ask “Are you happy with the
    employment lawyer you are currently working with and are you getting the results you

   Megan is my client and in a meeting she mentions she is looking to change careers. I ask her
    “Have you thought about working with a career coach to help you choose the best career
    for you?” She is keen to find out more so I email her my contact‟s website with a blurb about
    what successes she has had with past clients.

   Katrina is talking about being new to town having arrived a month ago, so I asked “Have
    you found a good hairdresser or beauty therapist yet?” She had a beauty therapist but had
    not found a hairdresser so I suggested two of my referral contacts and gave her both
    business cards to choose from.

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3. Referral by Recommendation

You recommend a business, product or service to your contacts

There are a number of ways you can refer someone by publicly recommending them to your
contacts. Here are a few ideas:

Spread the word on your social media pages – for example:

   Belinda from, our Tauranga Seaside Facilitator, wrote on her Facebook
    page how great the Venus Network is and recommended all her friends check out the
    website and register to attend their local Venus Network.

   Venus rewards a top profile of the week, promoting one of our members each week who
    has created a smart looking and well-written Venus Profile online. We then link the post to
    the member‟s website and profile page for extra promotion.

When you hear about/receive information or a great opportunity, email it to your friends .

    4. Referral by Introduction

You introduce someone in your network to a member.

Sometimes it isn‟t about referring when there is a product or service needed. It‟s about
connecting two people who could benefit from getting to know one another.

They could create potential strategic alliances, simply have things in common, or be working
towards a similar goal.

Here are two examples:

    1. A woman I spoke with on the phone was new to business as a copywriter. I suggested I
       introduce her to my graphic and web designer with the idea of potentially referring
       business to one another.

        My designer specialises in gorgeous design, the copywriter specialises in great copy that
        sells – a possible match working together with clients to build gorgeous sites that sell.

    2. Mary wants to support Kate, one of her members who is a brand specialist, who has
       shared in her meeting that she would like to build relationships with HR managers in
       larger companies.

        Mary went through her database and sent a personal email to 10 of her HR contacts in
        medium-sized businesses and suggested they contact Kate to talk about potential
        training opportunities.

     Connecting women who can support each other is a wonderful experience.
          Who do you know who could benefit from being connected?

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How to Grow your Venus Group
Our key growth strategy in attracting new members and growing our membership is to give women the
opportunity to experience a group meeting as a guest. There is no charge for their first visit and it is a
great way for them to meet all the current members, experience an actual meeting and find out more
about how the Venus network can support them in growing their business.

We believe strongly in word of mouth marketing and we‟ve dedicated the majority of our marketing
resources to support and foster this within the network.

Who could you invite to visit your Venus Group?

Women who are:

       serious about growing their own business

       wanting a cost-effective, smart way to market their business

       interested in the support and friendship that comes from a community of professionals

Top 23 Professions in Venus

Accountant                            Recruitment consultant                 Photographer
Beauty therapist                      Hairdresser                            Property manager
Book-keeping                          Insurance advisor                      Real estate agent
Banking advisor                       Image consultant                       Business coach
Caterer                               Lawyer                                 Travel agent
Life coach                            Mortgage advisor                       Web designer
Event planner                         Marketing consultant
Graphic designer                      Nutritionist

How to invite a Guest to your next meeting

You can register your guest by visiting and complete her
details in here. In the comments box please write your name and if she can attend your next
meeting. Your facilitator will see this and will call your guest before she visits the meeting.

Questions to open a conversation about the Venus Network

 “Do you have your own business?”
“Are you keen to grow your business?”
“Would you like to increase your networking?”

Venus Referral Programme

Refer a friend and if she joins Venus Network you and your friend receive an extra month
added to your membership. A maximum of three months can be added to any one
membership in a twelve month period.

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