TOKYO 2016 Candidature File - 13 February 2009 - Summary Booklet

TOKYO●2016 Candidature File
      〈 Summary Booklet 〉

      13 February 2009
Supporting Letter from the Governor                                                                                                                                  Introduction

   Governor of Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara
In compiling the Candidature File to present Tokyo as a creditable candidate to host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games,
I reflect back on the Tokyo Olympic Games of 1964, going back nearly 45 years in time, and I have found myself consumed with
deep emotion. During the 1964 Games, I participated mainly in the 5.5-metre class yachting competition as an official assistant;
but at the same time, in my capacity as a writer and newspaper/television commentator, I was overwhelmed with the Olympic
Games. For I felt liberated from the lingering shadows of the war I had experienced as a child, and I became acutely aware that
we share one world though there are many states and we are the same human beings though we have different ethnic backgrounds.
There is no other human drama that surpasses the beauty of the Olympic Games. The inspiration it brings is the most sublime
and incomparable human drama we know. The competitive, fighting spirit of humans is a source of great power, but in excess
it can create unneeded friction that sometimes leads to great calamity. Sport is the only competitive activity we take part in
that serves to genuinely uplift us in both mind and body.
My native country of Japan, rooted in soul-searching from the tragedy of World War II that the Japanese brought upon themselves,
adopted our present war-renouncing constitution. Over the more than six decades that have passed since that time, Japan has the distinction of being the only country
in the world that has avoided becoming entangled in any major conflict. The Olympic Games plays a crucial role in urging serious reflection on the current state of
global upheaval while fostering ethnic harmony and partnership between states, and it is because of the unique past of Japan that I firmly believe Tokyo could make a
strong and lasting contribution to world peace through the hosting of the Games.
As Governor of a Candidate City, I am proud to present our city’s outstanding infrastructure including the finest transportation networks and accommodation facilities, as
well as the world’s highest level of sports participation, sustainable environmental, culinary culture, welfare, security and other strengths that would make Tokyo a
wonderful venue for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The 23 special wards that form the city centre
where the Games would be held feature the world’s highest density in terms of the number of stations for subways, railways, and elevated rail systems.
Over the 40-plus years since hosting the first Olympic Games in Asia, Tokyo has led the development of Japan and has also become a premier global city and leader of
Asia’s rapid progress. As a result of the fiscal rebuilding efforts following the collapse of Japan’s asset-fuelled “bubble economy” in the early 1990s, Tokyo’s finances
have been fully revived. Compared to the economy of Japan at large, which is currently dependent on huge amounts of government bonds, Tokyo is ranked higher that
the Japanese nation itself in the assessments of many evaluation companies. If Tokyo is granted the honour of hosting the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, I
guarantee that the legacy of the 1964 Games will be fully utilised and cutting-edge technology would be adopted to present the world with the most eco-friendly Games
in the history of the Olympics.
Athletes would be the top priority of the 2016 Games in Tokyo, with unrivalled support provided to enable athletes to achieve their peak condition for their events. The
children who are our future will have the opportunity to witness top-level athletes performing on the greatest stage of sport, gaining an unparalleled emotional
May I also note that the year 2016 will mark the completion of Tokyo’s ten-year urban renewal project that will focus on the environment, reuniting our city with the water
and creating a green corridor. The idea of hosting the Olympic Games in such a milestone year is my dearest wish and an utmost pleasure.
In closing, I would like to emphasise again that we would make every possible effort to ensure the resounding success of this ultimate festival of sport. Accordingly, I
request the kind consideration of yourself and of all the other distinguished members of the International Olympic Committee toward the desire and capability of Tokyo
to host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                                          1
Uniting Our Worlds                                                                                                                                          Introduction

Prime Minister of Japan Taro Aso                                                    President, Japanese Olympic Committee
                                                                                    Tsunekazu Takeda
 Sir, we have profound respect for you and                                           On behalf of the Olympic Movement in Japan,
 all IOC members for your great devotion to                                          it is a great privilege and honour for me to submit
 world peace and human harmony through                                               Tokyo’s Candidature File for the Games of the
 the Olympic Movement under the noble                                                XXXI Olympiad in 2016.
 ideals of the Olympic Charter.                                                      Ever since Tokyo was selected as the candidate
 The Olympic and Paralympic Games                                                    city of Japan in 2006, the members of the Japanese
 eliminate racial and national boundaries,                                           Olympic Committee, the Japan Paralympic
 uniting our worlds as one, for the greatest                                         Committee and I have devoted ourselves
 event on Earth.                                                                     wholeheartedly to this purpose. Our commitment
 The citizens of Japan are peace-loving people who cherish the noble ideals
                                                                                     to the bid for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games has already been
 of Olympism, and we wish to promote world peace and friendship through
                                                                                     a great honour for us.
 hosting the Tokyo 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
                                                                                     When I look back, the 1972 Munich and the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games in
 Thirty-three years ago, I competed in the Montreal Olympic Games as a
                                                                                     which I participated have left me with an irreplaceable experience that I have
 member of the Japanese clay target shooting team. Although I had won first
                                                                                     cherished to this day. I believe that every Japanese athlete who has
 place in a 1974 international shooting competition held in Mexico, I felt
                                                                                     participated in an Olympic Games will agree with me in this respect.
 tremendous pressure at the Olympic Games. I think this is because the
 Olympic Games is regarded as something special, much more than a sports             It would be a tremendous privilege for Tokyo to be selected as the host city for
 event. It is a celebration held beyond the borders of countries and                 the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and to be able to express our
 continents, races and languages, with a focus on individual dignity and in          sincerest gratitude to everyone connected with the Olympic Movement around
 pursuit of peace. Olympians use sports as their common language, sharing            the world. The Tokyo 2016 Games would be a celebration of peace,
 the Olympic motto of “Citius, Altius, Fortius.” Now as Prime Minister, it is        friendship and sustainability. It is our earnest wish that athletes from around
 my strong desire to invite young Olympians from around the world to Tokyo           the world will come together in the Olympic spirit and achieve their dreams on
 to experience what I felt and learned as a young athlete.                           their respective fields of play in Tokyo.
 If our country is accorded the honour of becoming the host country, the             We pledge our allegiance to the Olympic Charter with a view to realising a
 National Government of Japan will implement full measures including                 peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity, respecting
 security and financial support to ensure the successful delivery of the             the universality of sport and sparing no effort in promoting the Olympic values.
 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Japan will uphold and respect the Olympic
 Charter and the Host City Agreement.
 I wish for the eternal success of the IOC and hope that I will be able to
 welcome you personally, sir, and other members of the IOC to Tokyo in

 TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                                      2
Vision / Concept of the Tokyo 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games                   Introduction

    Vision of the Games
                                 Uniting Our Worlds

    Concept of the Games

                            Setting the Stage for Heroes

                    Tokyo 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games:
       Empowering people, protecting the environment, and reinvigorating the city.
TOKYO 2016   Introduction                   3
Framework of the Candidature File                                                                   Introduction

                        Vol.1                      Vol.2                                 Vol.3

Theme1: Vision, legacy and              Theme9: Sport and Venues            Theme12: Medical services and
    communication                                                               doping control
Theme2: Overall concept of the          Theme10: Paralympic Games
    Olympic Games                                                           Theme13: Security
                                        Theme11: Olympic village
Theme3: Political and economic                                              Theme14: Accommodation
    climate and structure

Theme4: Legal aspects                                                       Theme15: Transport

Theme5: Customs and immigration                                             Theme16: Technology

Theme6: Environment and                                                     Theme17: Media operations

Theme7: Finance

Theme8: Marketing

   This booklet is a summary of the Candidature File submitted by Tokyo 2016 to the IOC on 12 February 2009.
                       The contents are classified according to themes specified by the IOC.

  TOKYO 2016   Introduction                          4
Contents – Volume1                                          Introduction

      1:Vision, legacy and communication                   07

      2:Overall concept of the Olympic Games               08

      3:Political and economic climate and structure       09

      4:Legal aspects                                      10

      5:Customs and immigration formalities                11

      6:Environment and meteorology                        12

      7:Finance                                            13

      8:Marketing                                          14

TOKYO 2016   Introduction                              5
Theme 1: Vision, legacy and communication

     IOC Interests                                     Overview
○   Principal motivation for hosting Games         ① Inspire and reinvigorate a city and its people
○   Games vision                                     ・Address global issues through the transformational power of the
○   Games legacy                                   Olympic Movement (dreams and inspiration – international peace, harmony,
○   Communication strategy                         and sustainability)
                                                   ② Uniting Our Worlds
                                                     ・Uniting Japan and the world, young and old, tradition and modernity,
                                                   nature and the urban environment, technology and quality of life, economy
     Tokyo 2016 Strong Points                      and society, and diverse values all in the heart of the city
                                                     ・An environmental, bio-diverse city wrapped in water and greenery.
① Inspire and reinvigorate a city and its people
                                                     ・Provide an optimal environment – a stage for heroes – where athletes
② Uniting Our Worlds
                                                   can achieve peak performance
 Great Games in an ecologically sustainable city
                                                    ・Integration of the Games into city life through human interaction
  that pursues peace.
③ Achieve “Tokyo’s Big Change” 10-year plan        ③ A 100-year legacy for the Olympic Movement
④ Promote the Olympic Movement                      ・ A 100-year legacy of passion for sport: 50 years from the 1964
⑤ Major economic ripple effect                     Games and another 50 beyond 2016
                                                    ・Send a message of Olympism from Japan to the world
                                                   ④ Promoting sports and pursuing peace: Tokyo after the
                                                    ・ Uniting people across the generations for a mutually supportive
                                                    ・One School, One NOC programme
                                                   ⑤ National economic ripple effect
                                                    ・Nationwide: 2.94 trillion yen
                                                    ・Tokyo: 1.55 trillion yen

                                                             Tokyo 2016 – The experience of a lifetime;
                                                            a 100-year legacy for the Olympic Movement
    TOKYO 2016   Introduction                           6
Theme 2: Overall concept of the Olympic Games                                                                                       Introduction

     IOC Interests                                       Overview
                                                    ① Ideal dates for the Games, comfortable Games schedule
 ○ Overall venue plan concept                        ・Olympics: 16 days from Opening Ceremony on Fri., 29 July through Sun., 14 Aug.
 ○ Cultural programme and live sites                 ・Paralympics: 13 days from Tue., 30 Aug. through Sun., 11 Sep. (1 extra day)
 ○ Sports promotion and Olympic education
                                                    ② Exceptionally compact Olympics in the heart of the city
                                                       ・ Three key facilities (Olympic Stadium, Olympic Village and IBM/MPC) located at
      Tokyo 2016 Strong Points                      the intersection of the Heritage Zone (1964 Games legacy) and the Tokyo Bay Zone
○ Most compact venue plan                           (a model for the urban environment of the future)
                                                      ・ Olympic Stadium just 2km from Olympic Village, athletes can reach almost all
 ・ Nearly all venues in a compact 8km-radius area   venues within 20 minutes
centred on the Olympic Stadium
○ Cultural diversity                                ③ Cultural diversity through widespread participation
 ・ Co-existence of traditional culture and youth       ・ Colourful Cultural Olympiad including programmes like Tokyo Thousand
culture in Tokyo’s diverse fusion of the arts and   Knots, highlighting citizens and young creators from Japan and overseas
cutting-edge technology                               ・ 8 live sites (1 in each of the 5 clusters, 2 in central Tokyo, 1 in the Tama Area
 ・ 8 live sites for rich cultural exchange
○ Sports development and Olympic education          ④ Sports development and Olympic education
  ・ Next generation athlete development, local         ・ Coherent athlete development from junior level, efforts to improve
sports development                                  competitiveness
 ・ Teach Olympism with “Olympic Reader” texts          ・ Support development of and exchange between next generation athletes, sports
 ・ Contribute to peace through Youth Camps          instructors and coaches worldwide using the Fund for Promotion and Exchange in
                                                    Sports and Culture
                                                       ・ Create an environment for local sports in accordance with the Master Plan for
                                                    the Advancement of Sports
                                                       ・ Peace education at Youth Camps held beginning three years before the Games
                                                    (to be held also in Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

                                                                 Tokyo 2016 – Uniting sport, sustainability,
                                                                          efficiency and hearts
    TOKYO 2016   Introduction                             7
Theme 3: Political and economic climate and structure                                                             Introduction

    IOC Interests                                         Overview

○       Political and economic climate of             ① Strong support from government and society
country/city                                          ○ Cabinet approval by national government
○ Breadth of support for hosting the Games            ○ Resolutions of support from the Japan Association of Governors, the
(including public opinion polls)                      Metropolitan Tokyo Mayors’ Council, the Tokyo Association of Mayors, and
                                                      the Tokyo Town and Village Association.
    Tokyo 2016 Strong Points                          ○ Support from the cities hosting football preliminaries (Osaka, Sapporo,
                                                      Saitama, and Yokohama) and international airport location Narita City.
① Japan’s social and economic stability               ○ Expressions of support from approximately 570 organisations through
② Bid support from related organisations at all       the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Tokyo Federation of
levels                                                Shopping Centre Promotion Associations, the Tokyo Medical Association, the
③ Financial support from the National Government      Tokyo Federation of Neighbourhood Associations, and various sports and
and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for             cultural organisations.
competition venue and other infrastructure            ② Stable national and host city economic conditions
improvements                                          ○ Robust Tokyo host city finances
④ Growing public enthusiasm                           ○ ¥400 billion Olympic Hosting Reserve Fund
                                                        (¥300 billion has already been set aside)
                                                      ③ Low inflation and a stable exchange rate

                                                      ④ Public enthusiasm (January 2009 survey)
                                                        “Wish Tokyo to host the 2016 Games”:
                                                         • Nationwide:              70% (Sample: 3,000)
                                                         • Tokyo:                   69% (Sample: 1,000)

                                                   Tokyo 2016 - A commitment to Olympism by a society uniquely
                                                                      founded on peace

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                               8
Theme 4: Legal aspects                                                                                            Introduction

    IOC Interests                                      Overview
○ Olympic mark protection
○ Need for new legislation                         ① Suitable protection for Olympic marks
○ Respect of the Olympic Charter                     ○ Established system for protecting intellectual property rights
                                                      •IOC intellectual property covered by the Trademark Law and
                                                        the Unfair Competition Prevention Act
                                                      •Tokyo 2016 marks also legally protected
    Tokyo 2016 Strong Points                       ② No new legislation required
                                                    ○ Existing legislation already complies with hosting Olympic Games
① Strict protection of IOC intellectual property       •No need for new legislation
② Games covered by existing legislation                •Hosted 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano
③ Observance of the Olympic Charter
                                                   ③ Observance of Olympic Charter
                                                    ○ The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, national government, and
                                                      the four cities hosting football preliminaries (Sapporo, Saitama,
                                                      Yokohama and Osaka) have all entered into covenants respecting
                                                      the provisions of the Olympic Charter
                                                        •Guarantees have been submitted

                                                   Tokyo 2016 – Strong professional management with legal
                                                                    framework in place
   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                            9
Theme 5: Customs and immigration formalities                                                                  Introduction

    IOC Interests                                    Overview
 ○ Visa exemption for Games personnel
 ○Customs duty exemption for equipment            1 Visa exemption for all Games personnel for entry during
  required for the Games                          the Games period
 ○ Issuance of work permits without charge
 ○     Expedited    immigration  and    customs   2 Customs duty exemption for required equipment
                                                  3 No need for work permit to perform functions in Japan
                                                  ○ There is no work permit system in Japan
                                                  ○ Issuance upon entry of a status of residence permitting work in
     Tokyo 2016 Strong Points                       Japan: able to work in Japan from time of entry

Strong government support for the activities of
                                                  4 Smooth, speedy immigration and customs procedures
                                                  ○ Strong support for NOCs through cooperation and coordination
Games personnel in Japan
                                                   between government agencies and Games organisers (quarantine,
                                                   immigration control, customs, advance application for import
                                                   permission, etc. )

                                                  Tokyo 2016 – Ensuring a warm, stress-free welcome for
                                                                  athletes and visitors

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                          10
Theme 6: Environment and meteorology                                                                         Introduction

    IOC Interests                                Overview
○ Renewable energy and other environmental
 technology to be implemented for the Games   1 Positive impact Games World’s first carbon-minus
○ Protection and enhancement of the natural   Olympics)
 environment and cultural heritage             Cutting-edge environmental technology will be used to reduce more
○ Environmental measures for the Games         carbon than is emitted by the Games
                                                •Facilities employing solar, wind and other natural energy sources
                                                •Use of high-efficiency, energy conservation technologies
                                                 and renewable energy sources
                                                •Use of public transport and environmentally-friendly transport
                                                 systems such as low and zero-emission vehicles
     Tokyo 2016 Strong Points
Environment-first Games                       2 Green urbanism
                                               •Creating 1,000ha of green space including “Sea Forest”
1- Positive impact Games                       •Rebirth of Tokyo embraced by water and green corridors
 (World’s first Carbon-minus Olympics)         •Further improvements to Tokyo Bay water and bio-diverse
2- Green urbanism                                sustainable development
3- Sustainability through sport
                                              3 Sustainability through sport
                                               •Environmental education and awareness programmes with the
                                                 cooperation of the athletes and Olympians.
                                               • Priority given to use of environmentally-friendly products and
                                               •Make the Games a showcase for environmental technologies with
                                                 back-of-house tours and environmental presentations

                                                 Tokyo 2016 – Games as the global beacon of urban
   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                      11
Theme 7: Finance                                                                                                Introduction

    IOC Interests                                        OCOG Budget
① Financial guarantees from National Government and   ◇ Revenues (USD 2,864 million)
  Tokyo Metropolitan Government                        ○ IOC contribution and TOP sponsorship: USD 1,010 million (35%)
② Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG)         Funds distributed by the IOC
③ Non-OCOG budget                                           Contributions from television broadcast rights fees
                                                             and TOP sponsorship revenues
                                                       ○ Local sponsorship and official suppliers: USD 676 million (24%)
    Tokyo 2016 Strong Points                               Domestic sponsor fees
                                                       ○ Ticket sales: USD 719 million (25%)
① Financial backing of National Government and             Revenue from ticket sales
   Tokyo Metropolitan Government                       ○ Licensing: USD 114 million (4%)
② Solid, highly-realistic financial plan                   Fees from sale of Olympic merchandise
③ Maximum utilisation of private-sector funds          ○ Other: USD 345 million (12%)
   and existing competition venues and                      Donations, commission revenue, etc.
                                                      ◇ Expenditure (USD 2,864 million)
                                                       ○ Cost of temporary facility improvements: USD 763 million (27%)
                                                            Temporary facility improvements to competition venues, Olympic
                                                             Village, and IBC/MPC
                                                       ○ Operations: USD 1,663 million (58%)
                                                            Costs related to Games operations such as Opening and Closing
                                                             Ceremonies, transport and security for Games personnel, OCOG
                                                             workforce, etc.
                                                       ○ Other: USD 438 million (15%)
                                                             Fees paid to the IOC for the use of Olympic marks, etc.

                                                      Tokyo 2016 – Minimised risk through fiscal prudence and
                                                                  strong government support
   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                               12
Theme 8: Marketing                                                                                                Introduction

    IOC Interests                                    Overview
○ Domestic sponsorship revenue projection
○ Ticketing programme strategy
                                                  ○ Huge market against the backdrop of the world’s
○ Protection of Games sponsors                      second-largest economy

                                                  ○ Maximise sponsorship revenues through marketing
                                                    efforts targeting a wide range of companies
    Tokyo 2016 Strong Points
1- Enormous potential for domestic                ○ Ticket sales strategy to ensure full stadia
sponsorships                                       (Accessible pricing, lower charge for children)
2- Maximisation of ticketing revenue through an
   effective sales strategy                       ○ Utilisation of information technology-based real-time
   • Olympics: USD 719 million                      information about seat availability to sell tickets up to
   • Paralympics: USD 26 million
3- Elimination of ambush marketing
                                                    the start of competition and improve sell-out rate

                                                  ○ Thorough control of outdoor advertising
                                                    ・Control of advertising in the peripheral areas of Games facilities
                                                     and along Games personnel access routes
                                                    ・Maximum application of Outdoor Advertising Materials
                                                     Ordinance and other existing legislation

                                                  Tokyo 2016 - Creative commercial programmes combined
                                                             with strong partner protection
   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                          13
Contents – Volume2                           Introduction

     9 :Sport and Venues                17

    10:Paralympic Games                 19

       ○     Competition venues
       ①     Musubi Cluster             20
       ②     Yoyogi Cluster             25
       ③     Palace Cluster             28
       ④     Dream Island Cluster       31
       ⑤     Sea Forest Cluster         35
       ⑥     Other competition venues   38

       ○ Training venues                45
       ○ Competition schedule           46

    11:Olympic Village                  48

TOKYO 2016   Introduction                    14
Theme9:Sport and Venues

       IOC Interest
                                                                                                                 Palace Cluster
 ○ Location of the competition venues
 ○ Facility preparation plan                                                                   Yoyogi Clustger                    Dream Island Cluster
 ○ Games experience, etc.

     Tokyo 2016 Strong Points
1-Most compact Games ever
 *5 clusters in 2 zones within 8km radius where all the venues
  (except Shooting and Football) and Olympic Village, etc. are
 *Venue sites have already been secured so that there is no
  need for site acquisition
2-Environmentally-friendly venue plan
 *Approximately 70% of the venues are existing, utilising the
  legacies of the 1964 Games
 *Creating the venues with abundant green by utilising parks
 *Utilising cutting-edge environmental technology
3-Rich sports experience
*With the cooperation of many volunteers and specialists who
  have extensive experience of competition operations, a lot of
  international sports competitions were held every year
                                                                                               Musubi Cluster                      Sea Forest Cluster
       Costs for preparation of competition venues, etc.
 1-Competition venues                                           Unit: 2008 USD millions
     Permanent works             2,100         Temporary                    603
     Permanent works               139         Temporary                       45
 ・ Reduce facility preparation cost by making maximum use of existing facilities
 ・ Newly built facilities will be utilised as national legacy after the Games             Sport Tokyo - Memorable Games in venues that celebrate
 ・ Maximum use of government subsidy for building competition facilities
                                                                                                          Games past and future
    TOKYO 2016    Introduction                                                            15
Theme9:Sport and Venues

                                                                              1 Olympic Stadium …………Athletics/Football
                                                                              2 Tokyo Big Sight Hall A……Wrestling
                                                                              3 Tokyo Big Sight Hall B……Fencing/Taekwondo
                                                                              4 Ariake Tennis Park ………Tennis
                                                                              5 Odaiba Marine Park ………Triathlon
                                                                                                    Aquatics (marathon swimming)
                                                                              6 Shiokaze Park …………………………Beach Volleyball
                                                                              7 Yoyogi Park Arena ……………………Volleyball
                                                                              8 Yoyogi National Stadium ……………Handball
                                                                              9 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium……Table Tennis
                                                                             10 Kasumigaoka National Stadium……Football
                                                                             11 Nippon Budokan ………………………Judo
                                                                             12 Imperial Palace Garden ………………Cycling (road)
                                                                             13 Tokyo International Forum …………Weightlifting
                                                                             14 Tatsumi International Swimming Centre
                                                                                                      synchronised swimming)
                                                                                                      Modern Pentathlon (swimming)
                                                                             15 Dream Island Stadium …………Equestrian(dressage,jumping)
                                                                             16 Dream Island Archery Field …Archery
                                                                             17 Youth Plaza Arena A……………Badminton
                                                                                                        Modern Pentathlon (fencing)
                                                                             18 Youth Plaza Arena B……………Basketball
                                                                             19 Youth Plaza Arena C……………Gymnastics
                                                                             20 Sea Forest Cross-country Course
                                                                             21 Sea Forest Waterway ……………Rowing
                                                                                                             Canoe/Kayak (flatwater)
                                                                             22 Sea Forest Cycle Sports Course
                                                                                                    ……………Cycling (mountain bike, BMX)
                                                                             23 Kokugikan Arena…………………Boxing
                                                                             24 Kasai Slalom Course ……………Canoe/Kayak (slalom)
                                                                             25 Wakasu Olympic Marina ………Sailing
                                                                             26 Seaside Park Velodrome……Cycling(track)
                                                                             27 Seaside Park Hockey Stadium …Hockey
                                                                             28 Ohi Racecourse ……………………Modern Pentathlon
                                                                                                         (riding, running, shooting)
                               For the overview of each competition venue,
                                                                             29 Asaka Shooting Range……………Shooting
                               see page 20 to 44
                                                                             30~34 5 Football Stadium…………Football
TOKYO 2016   Introduction                      16
Theme10: Paralympic Games

     Topics of IOC Interest:
                                                                                           1 Olympic Stadium
 ○ Location of venues                                                                      2 Tokyo Big Sight Hall A
 ○ People with disability                                                                    …Powerlifting
                                                                                           3 Tokyo Big Sight Hall B
 ○ Games experience                                                                          …Boccia, Wheelchair Fencing
                                                                                           4 Ariake Tennis Park
                                                                                             …Whellchair Tennis
                                                                                           5 Odaiba Marine Park
     Tokyo 2016 Strong Points:                                                               …Cycling (road)
                                                                                           7 Yoyogi Park Arena
                                                                                             …Volleyball - sitting
○ The world’s most compact                                                                 8 Yoyogi National Stadium
                                                                                             …Wheelchair Rugby
  arrangement where all competition                                                        9 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
  venues excluding shooting are                                                              …Table Tennis
                                                                                          11 Nippon Budokan
  located within 8km radius                                                                  …Judo
                                                                                          14 Tatsumi International Swimming Centre
○ Use the same competition venues,                                                        15 Dream Island Stadium
  Village, IBC/MPC, and transportation                                                       …Equestrian
                                                                                          16 Dream Island Archery Field
  as the Olympic Games                                                                       …Archery
                                                                                          17 Youth Plaza Arena A
                                                                                             …Wheelchair Basketball
○ For venues. accommodation,                                                              18 Youth Plaza Arena B
transportation, provide all people with                                                      …Wheelchair Basketball (Finals)
                                                                                          19 Youth Plaza Arena C
excellent accessibility                                                                      …Goalball
                                                                                          21 Sea Forest Waterway
○ Since 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games,                                                         25 Wakasu Olympic Marina
   there has been more national                                                              …Sailing
   awareness of sports for the                                                            26 Seaside Park Velodrome
                                                                                             …Cycling (track)
disabled                                                                                  27 Ohi Hockey Field
                                                                                             …Football 5-a-side
                                                                                                Football 7-a-side
○ Extensive experience of and                                                             29 Asaka Shooting Range
                                          For an overview of each competition venue,         …Shooting
success                                   see page 20 to 44
   in sports competition for disabled

                 Sport Tokyo - Games in the universally-designed city that embraces Paralympic values

    TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                                 17
Sport and Venues

                                The Musubi Cluster incorporates the past of the Heritage Zone and the newly-developed Tokyo Bay
                                Zone. This central cluster for the Games embodies the Tokyo 2016 concept of “Uniting Our Worlds”.
Musubi Cluster                  The focal point of the cluster is the new Olympic Stadium which will host the Games’ Opening and
                                Closing Ceremonies. Green corridors will link the Olympic Stadium to other main facilities including
                                the Olympic Village, the IBC/MPC, five other competition venues and the Sponsor Hospitality
An expression of unity          Centre.




                                                                                                       1   Olympic Stadium
                                                                                                       2   Tokyo Big Sight Hall A
                                                                                                       3   Tokyo Big Sight Hall B
                                                                                                       4   Ariake Tennis Park
                                                                                                       5   Odaiba Marine Park
                                                                                                       6   Shiokaze Park
TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                      18
Sport and Venues

1 Olympic Stadium 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 38.1ha , Total floor area : Approximately 143,000㎡〕
                                                                                      Tokyo’s new Olympic Stadium, Japan’s largest, will welcome
                                                                                      crowds of 100,000 to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies,
                                                                                      Athletics, and the men Football final.The Stadium surrounded
                                                                                      by rich water and greenery will be the symbol of the
                                                                                      environmentally-harmonious city.
                                                                                      The solar panels are to be set up on the roof above the
                                                                                      spectators, from which renewable energy will be produced.
                                                                                      After the Games, with capacity reduced to 80,000, the venue
                                                                                      will serve as an IAAF Class 1 Athletics stadium, adaptable for
                                                                                      international sporting events like Athletics and Football. The
                                                                                      International Institute for Olympism, situated at the stadium,
                                                                                      will become a valuable Games legacy for promoting the
                                                                                      Olympic Movement in Japan and Asia.

                                                                                                 Olympic Games                        Capacity

                                                                                        Opening/Closing Ceremony                           100,000
                                                                                        Athletics                                          100,000
                                                                                        Football                                           100,000
                                                                                                Paralympic Games                      Capacity
                                                                                        Opening/Closing Ceremony                           100,000
                                                                                        Athletics                                          100,000

                                                                                         Capacity indicates the number of sheets at the 2016
                                                                                         Games Time.
                                                                                         The same shall apply hereinafter.

     TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                       19
Sport and Venues

                                   Race Walks will start and finish at the Olympic Stadium.
Race walk                          Throughout a bustling business district, the race will be
                                   conducted on a level course in nearby tree-lined avenues.

                                   Marathon will start at the Tokyo 1964’s main stadium and will
Marathon                           loop three times on a 10km circuit passing the Imperial Palace.
                                   The course will go through the Ginza and Akihabara districts
                                   and the iconic Tokyo 2016 Olympic Stadium will be the
                                   finishing point. This will represent uniting the past with the
                                   future, which will become a great symbol of Games history.

  TOKYO 2016   Introduction   20
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                          [Existing venues, no permanent works required]
2 Tokyo Big Sight Hall A         〔Venue footprint : Approximately 28.2ha (Shared2,3,IBC/MPC)
3 Tokyo Big Sight Hall B           Total floor area : Approximately 296,000㎡〕                             Hall A
                                                   Tokyo Big Sight is the city’s leading exhibition
                                                                                                                    Olympic Games          Capacity
                                                   venue, welcoming up to 100,000 visitors daily for       Wrestling                            10,000
                                                   a range of national and international events.
                                                                                                                   Paralympic Games        Capacity
                                                   The Hall A will be the Wrestling and Powerlifting
                                                                                                           Powerlifting                          4,000
                                                   venue and The Hall B will hold the Fencing,
                                                   Taekwondo, Boccia, and Wheelchair Fencing.             Hall B
                                                   Both of the halls have a 90 x 90 meters, column-                 Olympic Games          Capacity
                                                   free configuration, with 31 metres dormed
                                                                                                           Fencing                               8,000
                                                   ceiling; ideal for hosting indoor sporting events.
                                                                                                           Taekwondo                             6,000
                                                                                                                   Paralympic Games        Capacity
                                                                                                           Boccia                                4,000
                                                                                                           Wheelchair Fencing                    4,000

                                                                                                             [Existing venues, permanent works required]
4 Ariake Tennis Park           〔Venue footprint : Approximately 16.1ha , Total floor area : Approximately 50,000㎡〕

                                                  The leafy Ariake Tennis Park is Japan’s tennis
                                                                                                                    Olympic Games          Capacity
                                                  centre. The existing Ariake Coliseum, a
                                                  multipurpose 10,000 seat stadium with all-weather                                             10,000
                                                  court and a sliding retractable roof, regularly hosts    Tennis                                5,000
                                                  international and major domestic events. For the                                               3,000
                                                  Tokyo 2016 Games, there will be a new number
                                                                                                                   Paralympic Games        Capacity
                                                  one court built with seating for 5,000. Its legacy
                                                  role will be as a venue for various sporting events,
                                                                                                           Wheelchair Tennis
                                                  including tennis.

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                                    21
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                                  [Venues to be built – temporary only]
5 Odaiba Marine Park 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 58.9ha (Shared 5,6) , Total floor area : Approximately 6,000㎡〕
                                                                                                              Olympic Games                         Capacity
                                                                                                     Triathlon                                            10,000

                                                                                                     Aquatics (marathon                                   10,000
                                                                                                            Paralympic Games                        Capacity
                                                                                                     Cycling (road)                                       10,000
                                                                                                   Odaiba Marine Park will be the venue for Triathlon, Marathon
                                                                                                   Swimming in Olympic Games time and for Cycing (road) in
                                                                                                   Paralympic Games time. As one of Japan’s most popular tourist
                                                                                                   sites, it combines a dramatic cityscape, historic landmarks and a
                                                                                                   natural waterfront setting famed as a place from which to watch
                                                                                                   the sunset. The inlet-shaped park is ideal for the design of the
                                                                                                   Triathlon course, which will be viewable from grandstands.

                                                                                                                  [Venues to be built – temporary only]
6 Shiokaze Park 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 58.9ha (Shared 5,6) , Total floor area : Approximately 7,000㎡〕
                                                Shiokaze Park, the largest park in the Tokyo Bay
                                                                                                              Olympic Games                         Capacity
                                                Zone, will be the Beach Volleyball venue. It is
                                                adjacent to the Odaiba Marine Park and has as a      Beach Volleyball                                      12,000
                                                backdrop the iconic Rainbow Bridge as well as
                                                views of Tokyo Bay.

    TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                             22
Sport and Venues

                            The Heritage Zone’s Yoyogi Cluster is home to the superbly-maintained legacy of Tokyo
Yoyogi Cluster              1964, including the Yoyogi National Stadium and what was the main Olympic stadium.
                            Both will play important roles for the 2016 Games and beyond. For the Tokyo 2016 Games,
                            this leafy cluster, site of the 1964 Olympic Village, will contain four competition venues, a
 A living legacy of         Live Site and an international Youth Camp for 600 participants.
     Tokyo 1964

                                                                         9            10

   7                             8

                                                                                   7    Yoyogi Park Arena
                                                                                   8    Yoyogi National Stadium
                                                                                   9    Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
                                                                                   10    Kasumigaoka National Stadium
TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                23
Sport and Venues

7 Yoyogi Park Arena 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 13.6ha (Shared 7,8) , Total floor area : Approximately 57,000㎡〕

                                              The Yoyogi Park Arena will be the Volleyball
                                                                                                           Olympic Games            Capacity
                                              and Volleyball - sitting venue. This exciting new
                                              project will feature a green roof, green walls       Volleyball                           15,000
                                              and a building height that ensures the structure           Paralympic Games           Capacity
                                              blends discreetly with the surrounding trees of
                                                                                                   Volleyball - sitting                 15,000
                                              the forest. In legacy mode, the Arena will
                                              become a multi-purpose venue capable of
                                              hosting winter sports such as Figure Skating
                                              and Ice Hockey.

                                                                                                   [Existing venues, no permanent works required]
8 Yoyogi National Stadium 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 13.6ha (Shared 7,8) , Total floor area : Approximately 41, 000㎡〕
                                              The Yoyogi National Stadium will be the
                                                                                                           Olympic Games            Capacity
                                              Handball and Wheelchair Rugby venue. This
                                              world famous building, with its high-tension         Handball                             12,000
                                              suspended roof and rich sculptural reliefs, was            Paralympic Games           Capacity
                                              designed by Kenzo Tange for Swimming and
                                                                                                   Wheelchair Rugby                     12,000
                                              Basketball during the Tokyo 1964 Olympic
                                              Games. It remains a highly-regarded and
                                              highly-adaptable Olympic legacy. This venue is
                                              situated next to the beautiful forest of the Meiji
                                              Jingu Shrine and Yoyogi Park, another 1964

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                               24
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                   [Existing venues, no permanent works required]
9 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 4.3ha , Total floor area : Approximately 45, 000㎡〕
                                            The Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium will be the                                            Capacity
                                                                                                          Olympic Games
                                            Table Tennis venue. Modern and well-maintained,
                                            it attracts 1.6 million people annually who practice
                                                                                                    Table Tennis                          8,000
                                            sport and exercise. Facilities include a 10,000-             Paralympic Games           Capacity
                                            capacity main arena, a sub-arena and a well-            Table Tennis                          8,000
                                            equipped fitness training room.

                                                                                                   [Existing venues, no permanent works required]
10 Kasumigaoka National Stadium 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 7.3ha , Total floor area : Approximately 53, 000㎡〕

                                              The Kasumigaoka National Stadium, one of the                Olympic Games             Capacity
                                              Football preliminary venues, is central to this
                                              sport in Japan. It hosts domestic and                 Football                            50,000
                                              international events such as Japan
                                              Professional Football League matches and the
                                              Emperor’s Cup final as well as major rugby
                                              matches. This legacy venue was the site of
                                              Tokyo 1964’s Opening and Closing
                                              Ceremonies and the venue for Athletics,
                                              Football, and Equestrian events.

    TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                             25
Sport and Venues

                             The Palace Cluster, located within the Heritage Zone, centres on the Imperial Palace. It
Palace Cluster               also includes historical parklands and the world-renowned Nippon Budokan. Within
                             this cluster is the famed Akasaka district, with its restaurants, shopping areas, cultural
                             venues and the IOC hotels. For the Tokyo 2016 Games, this cluster will provide a
Historical and lively        memorable and picturesque backdrop for three Olympic events and a Live Site.



                                                                                           11 Nippon Budokan
                                                                                           12 Imperial Palace Garden
                                                                                           13 Tokyo International Forum
TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                 26
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                   [Existing venues, permanent works required]
11 Nippon Budokan 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 9.3ha , Total floor area : Approximately 24,000㎡〕
                                             The Nippon Budokan is to Judo what Wimbledon
                                                                                                          Olympic Games                         Capacity
                                             is to Tennis. Site of the first Olympic Judo
                                             competition, this venue is a major legacy of the   Judo                                                   11,000
                                             Tokyo 1964 Games and regularly stages budo                 Paralympic Games                        Capacity
                                             (Japanese martial arts) as well as concerts and
                                                                                                Judo                                                   11,000
                                             other events. It is the ideal place to host Judo
                                             for the Tokyo 2016 Games. Uniquely Japanese
                                             in character the Nippon Budokan will provide an
                                             outstanding experience for both competitors and

                                                                                                              [Venues to be built – temporary only]
12 Imperial Palace Garden 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 10.2ha , Total floor area : Approximately 7,000㎡〕

                                                                                                          Olympic Games                         Capacity

                                                                                                Cycling (road)                                           1,000

                                                                                                The Imperial Palace Garden will be the start/finish point for
                                                                                                Road Cycling. Athletes race through the historic moats,
                                                                                                gracious parklands and tree-line streets, leading to Tama
                                                                                                Hills. As well as being a popular tourist destination, the
                                                                                                easily-accessible Imperial Palace Garden is regularly
                                                                                                enjoyed by Tokyo residents for active and passive recreation.

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                             27
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                  [Existing venues, no permanent works required]
13 Tokyo International Forum 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 3.1ha , Total floor area : Approximately 145,000㎡〕
                                            The Tokyo International Forum will be the                                             Capacity
                                                                                                         Olympic Games
                                            Weightlifting venue. It is located in the heart of
                                            Tokyo, surrounded by Japan’s most important
                                                                                                  Weightlifting                         5,000
                                            business districts, Marunouchi and Otemachi. The
                                            Forum, an outstanding piece of contemporary
                                            architecture, includes a multipurpose hall and art
                                            centre and attracts four million visitors annually.

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                              28
Sport and Venues

                             The Dream Island Cluster in the Tokyo Bay Zone consists of a series of islands
                             reclaimed in the mid-20th century. It already includes indoor and outdoor sports venues
Dream Island Cluster         surrounded by mature forests. Seamlessly connected to the rest of Tokyo by road and
                             rail, the islands are considered an integral part of the city. This cluster will be home to
                             six competition venues and a Live Site. In accordance with the “Tokyo 2016
Sustainability realised      Sustainability Strategy”, an existing incineration plant adjacent to the cluster will
                             provide energy to the venues.


                                         17・18・19                        14   Tatsumi International Swimming Centre
                                                                         15   Dream Island Stadium
                                                                         16   Dream Island Archery Field
                                                                         17   Youth Plaza Arena A
                                                                         18   Youth Plaza Arena B
                                                                         19   Youth Plaza Arena C
 TOKYO 2016   Introduction                            29
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                  [Existing venues, permanent works required]
14 Tatsumi International Swimming Centre
〔Venue footprint : Approximately 22.7ha , Total floor area : Approximately 120,000㎡〕
                                                                                       Tatsumi International Swimming Centre will be the venue for
                                                                                       Swimming, Diving, Waterpolo, Synchronised Swimming, and the
                                                                                       swimming component of Modern Pentathlon. The fully air
                                                                                       conditioned existing venue will be supplemented with a new 20,000-
                                                                                       seat Aquatic Centre located in the popular Tatsumi Seaside Park.
                                                                                       After the Games, this facility will become a 5,000-seat venue
                                                                                       capable of hosting international events.

                                                                                                        Olympic Games                       Capacity

                                                                                               Aquatics (swimming)                                 20,000
                                                                                               Aquatics (diving)                                       5,000
                                                                                               Aquatics (waterpolo)                                    5,000
                                                                                               Aquatics (synchronized                              20,000
                                                                                               Modern Pentathlon                                   20,000
                                                                                                      Paralympic Games                      Capacity
                                                                                               Swimming                                            20,000

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                         30
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                    [Existing venues, no permanent works required]
15 Dream Island Stadium 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 20.7ha , Total floor area : Approximately 23,000㎡〕
                                             The Dream Island Stadium will host Equestrian
                                             Dressage and Jumping events. This existing                     Olympic Games            Capacity
                                             venue, located within Dream Island Park, is
                                                                                                     Equestrian (dressage,
                                             currently used for Athletics, Baseball and                                                   14,000
                                             Football. The Stadium’s large site provides
                                             ideal scope for the extensive support facilities
                                                                                                          Paralympic Games           Capacity
                                             adjacent to the competition arena that are              Equestrian                           14,000
                                             required for these events. For the post-Games,
                                             the venue will revert to use as a local sports

                                                                                                       [Existing venues, permanent works required]
16 Dream Island Archery Field 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 28.7ha (Shared 16~19) , Total floor area : Approximately 15,000㎡〕
                                             A flourishing park in Dream Island will be the site           Olympic Games             Capacity
                                             of the Archery field. Plans call for 18 lanes and 36
                                                                                                     Archery                               7,000
                                             targets in the preliminaries venue so that athletes
                                             will be able to compete in a comfortable                     Paralympic Games           Capacity
                                             environment. After the Tokyo 2016 Games, the 18         Archery                               7,000
                                             lane permanent venue, designed to blend into
                                             surrounding parkland, will become Japan’s centre
                                             for promotion of Archery.

    TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                              31
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                 [Existing venues, permanent works required]
17 Youth Plaza Arena A

18 Youth Plaza Arena B
                                                                                               Arena A
19 Youth Plaza Arena C
                                                                                                         Olympic Games          Capacity

〔Venue footprint : Approximately 28.7ha (Shared16~19)〕                                         Badminton                             7,000
〔Total floor area : Approximately 119,000㎡〕                                                    Modern Pentathlon (fencing)           7,000

                                           Youth Plaza Arena will be built in Dream Island
                                                                                                     Paralympic Games           Capacity
                                           Park, replacing the existing facility. This venue   Wheelchair Basketball                 7,000
                                           will incorporate strong environmentally
                                           responsible features and be seamlessly              Arena B
                                           integrated into surrounding parkland with easy
                                                                                                       Olympic Games           Capacity
                                           access to the nearby green. After the Tokyo 2016
                                           Games, this multi-purpose facility will host both   Basketball                           18,000
                                           winter and summer sports.                                 Paralympic Games          Capacity
                                                                                               Wheelchair Basketball (final)        18,000
                                           Youth Plaza Arena A will be the venue for
                                           Badminton, Modern Pentathlon (fencing) and
                                           Wheelchair Basketball. Arena B will host            Arena C
                                           Basketball and Wheelchair Basketball, with Arena            Olympic Games            Capacity
                                           C being the site for Gymnastics and Goalball.
                                                                                               Gymnastics                           12,000
                                                                                                     Paralympic Games           Capacity
                                                                                               Goalball                              5,000

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                            32
Sport and Venues

                             The reclaimed islands of the Sea Forest Cluster, located in the Tokyo Bay Zone, will be
                             reborn as the city’s new Sea Forest. These islands, created out of urban waste and
Sea Forest Cluster           surplus earth from construction projects, are well connected to the city centre by
                             bridges and tunnels. The Sea Forest Cluster is emblematic of Tokyo 2016’s
 Sylvan settings for three   commitment to and advances in truly sustainable urban living.
     competition venues


                                                                              20 Sea Forest Cross-country Course
                                                                              21 Sea Forest Water way
                                                                              22 Sea Forest Cycling Course

 TOKYO 2016   Introduction                             33
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                              [Venues to be built – temporary only]
20 Sea Forest Cross-country Course 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 60.4ha , Total floor area : Approximately 11,000㎡〕

                                                 The Sea Forest will be the venue for the
                                                                                                           Olympic Games             Capacity
                                                 Equestrian Cross-country events. This verdant
                                                 setting, created on reclaimed land, enjoys                                                    0
                                                 stunning views of Tokyo Bay with the dramatic      Equestrian (cross-country)
                                                 cityscape as a backdrop. After the Games, this
                                                                                                                                       1 standing
                                                 site will become an important recreational asset
                                                 for the citizens of Tokyo.

21 Sea Forest Waterway 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 84.6ha , Total floor area : Approximately 17,000㎡〕

                                                  The Sea Forest Waterway will be the venue for
                                                                                                           Olympic Games              Capacity
                                                  both Rowing and Canoe/Kayak Flatwater
                                                  events. It utilises the existing waterway with                                          14,000
                                                  some modifications. This venue, flanked by                                           (+10,000)1
                                                  reclaimed islands, will provide a legacy of new   Canoe/Kayak (flatwater)                 14,000
                                                  water-based recreational opportunities for the
                                                                                                         Paralympic Games             Capacity
                                                  people of Tokyo.
                                                                                                                                        1 standing

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                             34
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                               [Venues to be built – temporary only]
22 Sea Forest Cycle Sports Course 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 56.8ha , Total floor area : Approximately 7,000㎡〕

                                                  The Sea Forest Cycle Sports Course will be the
                                                                                                            Olympic Games             Capacity
                                                  venue for the BMX and Mountain Bike events.
                                                  Easily accessible, the reclaimed site provides a   Cycling (mountain bike)                2,000
                                                  dramatic forest setting with the city across the                                      (+23,000)1
                                                  bay as a backdrop. Following the Games, the        Cycling (BMX)                          5,000
                                                  course will become a popular recreational

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                           35
Sport and Venues

  Other competition venues
                                                                                                      [Existing venues, no permanent works required]
23 Kokugikan Arena 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 3.2ha, Total floor area : Approximately 38,000㎡〕
                                                  The home of Sumo wrestling, the Japanese
                                                                                                                Olympic Games          Capacity
                                                  national sport, has a bowl shaped structure that
                                                  will be ideal for Boxing. Unrestricted sightlines    Boxing                              10,000
                                                  from all four sides will ensure optimal viewing
                                                  for spectators. The Kokugikan Arena has
                                                  considerable experience in hosting Boxing title

24 Kasai Slalom Course 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 18.2ha, Total floor area : Approximately 8,000㎡〕
                                                  The Canoe/Kayak Slalom events will happen at
                                                                                                                Olympic Games          Capacity
                                                  the new Kasai Slalom Course, designed to
                                                  enable people to interact with nature and water.                                         12,000
                                                                                                       Canoe/Kayak (slalom)
                                                  The site has a wide frontage on Tokyo Bay.                                             (+3,000)1
                                                  The design concept will preserve the nature of                                             1 standing

                                                  the existing parkland by transplanting any trees
                                                  that obstruct the course’s construction.

    TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                            36
Sport and Venues

25 Wakasu Olympic Marina 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 25.2ha, Total floor area : Approximately 9,000㎡〕

                                                 In the previous Games, most sailing
                                                                                                               Olympic Games             Capacity
                                                 competitions were held in satellite cities. In
                                                 contrast, Tokyo 2016 will present Sailing as        Sailing                                  2,000
                                                 part of the mainstream Games at the new                   Paralympic Games              Capacity
                                                 Wakasu Olympic Marina. This will contribute to
                                                                                                     Sailing                                  2,000
                                                 the overall inclusivity of the Olympic community.
                                                 After the Games, the venue will be used for
                                                 international regattas as well as for other
                                                 recreational marine activities.

                                                                                                                 [Venues to be built – temporary only]
26 Seaside Park Velodrome 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 3.9ha, Total floor area : Approximately 25,000㎡〕

                                                 Seaside Park Velodrome will have a temporary
                                                                                                               Olympic Games             Capacity
                                                 timber cycling track with carefully integrated
                                                 seating to accommodate 5,000 spectators in a        Cycling (track)                           5,000
                                                 venue that blends well with its natural forested          Paralympic Games              Capacity
                                                                                                     Cycling (track)                           5,000

    TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                            37
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                       [Existing venues, permanent works required]
27 Seaside Park Hockey Stadium 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 7.9ha, Total floor area : Approximately 11,000㎡〕
                                                 The venue for Hockey, Football 5-a-side and
                                                 Football 7-a-side will be a new installation in            Olympic Games              Capacity
                                                 Seaside    Park    Hockey     Stadium,    located
                                                 alongside existing sporting venues for Baseball,    Hockey
                                                 Athletics, and Rugby. Sensitive design will
                                                 ensure a structure in harmony with its setting.
                                                                                                           Paralympic Games            Capacity
                                                 In legacy mode, it will be possible to host         Football 5-a-side                       4,000
                                                 international Hockey tournaments and other          Football 7-a-side                       5,000
                                                 team sports events by retaining part of the

                                                                                                                [Venues to be built – temporary only]
28 Ohi Race course 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 21.2ha , Total floor area : Approximately 25,000㎡〕

                                                 The Ohi Racecourse will host the Riding,
                                                                                                            Olympic Games              Capacity
                                                 Running and Shooting components of Modern
                                                 Pentathlon. The extensive site and existing         Modern Pentathlon                      12,000
                                                 high-quality grandstands and facilities will        (riding, running, shooting)
                                                 provide an outstanding setting for the
                                                 culmination of this event. The venue has the
                                                 added benefit of having ample experience in
                                                 horse care.

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                             38
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                      [Existing venues, permanent works required]
29 Asaka Shooting Range 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 18.4ha, Total floor area : Approximately 16,000㎡〕
                                                The venue for Shooting in Tokyo 1964 is still in
                                                                                                           Olympic Games           Capacity
                                                frequent use as a training centre for the sport.
                                                There will be new construction at the site to      Shooting (rifle, pistol)              3,000
                                                bring this venue up to modern standards.           Shooting (shotgun)                    3,000
                                                                                                         Paralympic Games          Capacity
                                                                                                   Shooting                              3,000

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                            39
Sport and Venues

Football Preliminaries
                                                                                                    [Existing venues, permanent works required]
30 Tokyo Stadium (Chofu) 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 14.1ha, Total floor area : Approximately 86,000㎡〕
                                             This venue hosts various domestic and
                                                                                                         Olympic Games            Capacity
                                             international events such as J.League Football
                                             matches and was the site of FIFA training in 2002.   Football                            50,000

                                                                                                    [Existing venues, permanent works required]
31 Sapporo Dome 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 16.2ha , Total floor area 100,000㎡〕
                                             With a field that rolls a natural grass football
                                                                                                         Olympic Games            Capacity
                                             pitch in and out of its dome, the Sapporo Dome
                                             enables football matches to be played on             Football                             41,000
                                             natural grass indoors.

  TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                              40
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                  [Existing venues, permanent works required]
32 Saitama Stadium 2002 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 10.4ha, Total floor area : Approximately 65,000㎡〕
                                               This venue is one of the largest capacity
                                                                                                        Olympic Games           Capacity
                                               Football-specific stadiums in Asia.
                                                                                                 Football                            64,000

                                                                                            [Existing venues, permanent works required]
33 International Stadium Yokohama 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 11.9ha, Total floor area : Approximately 176,000㎡〕
                                               This outdoor multipurpose venue has one of                                       Capacity
                                                                                                        Olympic Games
                                               the largest capacities in Japan and was host to
                                               the Final of the 2002 FIFA World Cup
                                                                                                 Football                            72,000

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                          41
Sport and Venues

                                                                                                  [Existing venues, permanent works required]
34 Osaka Nagai Stadium 〔Venue footprint : Approximately 11.8ha, Total floor area : Approximately 53,000㎡〕

                                               In 2007, this stadium was the site of the 11th          Olympic Games            Capacity
                                               IAAF World Championships in Athletics.
                                                                                                Football                            50,000

   TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                            42
Training venues                                                                                                                                                                       Introduction

                                                     Olympic Training Venues
Most training venues can be accessible within 30 minutes from the Olympic Village.
№                 Sport          num.             Training Venues                              №                Sport              num.               Training Venues
                                        Olympic Stadium Throwing Field                                                                     Minato City Sports Centre
                                        The University of Tokyo, Komaba Athletic Field         10        Wrestling                 (3)     Tokyo Budokan
 1        Athletics              (5) Yoyogi Park Athletics Field                                                                           Kameido Sports Centre
                                     Edogawa Track and Field Stadium                                                                       Shinagawa City Togoshi Gymnasium
                                        Tokyo Metropolitan Tsubasa Sogo Highschool             11        Taekwondo                 (3)     Meguro Citizens Centre Gymnasium
                                        Chiyoda Sports Centre                                                                              Meguro Komaba Gymnasium
 2        Badminton              (2)
                                        Chuo City Comprehensive Sports Centre                                                              Arakawa River Terrace
                                                                                               12        Cycling                   (3)
                                     Shinagawa City Sogo Gymnasium                                                                         Competition venues will be used
 3        Basketball             (3) Omori Sports Centre                                                                                   Yoyogi National Stadium Indoor Pool
                                     Ota City General Gymnasium                                                                            Sugamo Sports Centre
                                                                                               13        Aquatics                  (4)
 4        Boxing                 (1) Sumida City Gymnasium                                                                                 Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium Pool
                                     Kodokan Arena                                                                                         Attached to competition venues
 5        Judo                   (2)
                                     Fukagawa Sports Centre                                                                                Tokyo Big Sight
                                                                                               14        Modern Pentathlon         (3)
                                        Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground                                                        Competition venues will be used / Attached to competition venues

                                        Chichibunomiya Rugby Field                                                                         Tatsumi International Swimming Centre
 6        Football               (10)                                                          15        Triathlon                 (2)
                                        Tatsumi Seaside Park Rugby Field                                                                   Competition venues will be used
                                        7 venues for preliminary matches                                                                   Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground Gymnasium
                                                                                               16        Volleyball                (2)
                                        Aoyama Gakuin Memorial Hall                                                                        Attached to competition venues(Beach Volleyball)
                                        Shinjuku Cosmic Sports Centre                          17        Rowing                    (1)
                                        Shinjuku Sports Centre                                 18        Canoe/Kayak               (2)
 7        Gymnastics             (7)    Waseda University Memorial Hall                        19        Equestrian                (2)
                                        Sophia University Gymnasium                            20        Fencing                   (1)
                                        Taito Riverside Sports Centre                          21        Weightlifting             (1)     Competition venues will be used / Attached to competition venues
                                        Meguro Chuo Gymnasium                                  22        Hockey                    (1)
                                        Bunkyo Sports Centre                                   23        Tennis                    (1)
                                        Arakawa Sogo Sports Centre                             24        Shooting                  (1)
 8        Handball               (4)
                                        Koto City Sports Hall                                  25        Archery                   (1)
                                        Edogawa Sports Centre                                  26        Sailing                   (1)
 9        Table Tennis           (1)    Ariake Sports Centre

                                                                                              Total number of Training Venues:63
                                                                                              Note: Some training venues may be shared among different sports, so that the sum of the
                                                                                              number of the training venues for each sport does not match the total number.

     TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                                           43
Competition Schedule of the Olympic Games   Introduction

TOKYO 2016   Introduction              44
Competition Schedule of the Paralympic Games   Introduction

TOKYO 2016   Introduction               45
Theme11:Olympic Village                                                                                                                                         Introduction

     IOC Interests                                       Overview
 •Olympic Village concept                          The Bay Side Village is the heart of the Games for the 17,000 athletes and team officials who will make
 •Village surroundings and location relative       it their home as they prepare for competition, enjoy new experiences and make new friends – a safe,
 to competition venues
                                                   secure, convenient and comfortable environment surrounded by water and greenery where residents
 •Location and characteristics of major
 facilities within the Village                     can enjoy a varied menu of healthy, delicious Japanese and international foods.
 •Layouts         and       characteristics of
 accomodation                         etc.                 住戸プラン
                                                    ① Athlete bedroom
                                                    Spacious and well-appointed                      ①
     Tokyo 2016 Strong Points                       ② Living room
                                                    Equipped with wireless internet
•Excellent location at centre of Games
area means convenient transportation                ③ Bath
                                                    Latest in energy and water-saving
•Healthy and comfortable surroundings               equipment
                                                                                                      ②     ①
on the bay with lush greenery and a
                                                    ④ Elevator
beautiful view of Tokyo                             Ample load capacity                        ①
•Compact and accessible layout that
makes it easy to get to all Village facilities
on foot                                             Olympic Village Plaza               Main Dining Hall                         Athletes’ Entry          Operational Zone
•Utilisation of cutting-edge technology for         Centre of enjoyment and             Dining hall on the water,          70% of athletes can reach       Consolidated
safe and comfortable living                         communication with guest            near entrance for                  their competition venue in      functions for
                                                                                        convenience                             under 10 minutes              efficient
•Offering a varied menu of safe and                                                                                                                          operation

Cost of Olympic Village Improvements
                                Unit:USD million
      Permanent improvement            899
      Temporary (Overlay)              126
                                                            Casual Dinings                            Pedestrian Deck                Polyclinic & Sports Complex
  Cost of permanent improvements                       Green, relaxed dining hall                   Safe, accessible and        Place for health care and refreshment
  coordinated by private-sector entity                                                               comfortable walk

                                                                            Sport Tokyo - “Bay Side Village” in the heart of the city

    TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                                           46
Contents – Volume3                               Introduction

   12:Medical services and doping control   51

   13:Security                              52

   14:Accommodation                         53

   15:Transport                             54

   16:Technology                            55

   17:Media operations                      56

TOKYO 2016   Introduction                        47
Theme12:Medical services and doping control                                                                             Introduction

    IOC interest                                         Overview
                                                   1 One of the world’s highest standards of medical care network
○ Health system
○ Games-specific health services                     and system
○ Doping control                                    ○ Freely select to receive the appropriate medical services
                                                    ○ Approximately 660 hospitals and 23,000 clinics
                                                      11 Tokyo Metropolitan Hospitals
    Tokyo2016 Strong point                          ○ Qualified medical professionals
                                                       - 36,000 doctors, 15,000 dentists, 39,000 pharmacists
1-One of the world’s highest standards of           ○ Medical services in foreign languages
  medical care network and system
2-Providing athletes and the Olympic Family with   2 Providing athletes and the Olympic Family with appropriate
  appropriate medical services                       medical services
3-Abiding commitment to doping control              ○   Six designated hospitals for athletes and the Olympic Family
                                                    ○   Polyclinic in the Olympic Village with round-the-clock service
                                                    ○   Medical stations for athletes and that for spectators at competition venues
                                                    ※   Health care personnel will be recruited and selected with the cooperation of
                                                        medical organisations, Tokyo Metropolitan Hospitals and teaching hospitals

                                                   3 Abiding commitment to doping control
                                                    ○ Active contribution to WADA(World Anti‐Doping Agency)
                                                    ○ Promoting the anti‐doping activities with JADA (Japan Anti‐Doping
                                                    ○ Anti-doping laboratory with cutting-edge facilities and equipments

                                                   Tokyo 2016 – Ready access to world-class medical services and
                                                     taking a lead role for the global fight against doping in sport
  TOKYO 2016   Introduction                                   48
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