Contents                    About Our Spa
                                         Pembrokeshire is famous for many things including
    About the Well Spa Retreat      3
                                         the Bluestones of the Preseli Hills. The Bluestones
    Elements at the Well Spa       4-5   are said to mark the site of clean water springs and
                                         they are long associated with health and wellbeing.
    How to Spa well                6-7   Our retreat here at Bluestone takes its name from
                                         our very own Holy Well and fresh water spring.
    Thermal Rooms                 8-15   It is situated in the village next to the ruined Newton
                                         North Church of St John the Baptist, which would
    Beauty Treatments            16-23   have originally been an ancient pagan site.
                                         At the Well Spa Retreat we believe in the naturally
    Men’s Treatments             24-25   therapeutic quality of water, minerals and herbs
                                         to cleanse, heal and relax the mind, body and soul
    Teen Treatments              26-27
                                         using only the best products.
    Additional Information       28-29
                                         Welcome to our retreat...

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at the Well Spa Retreat
        During your visit to the Well Spa be sure to visit
        Elements, our Spa gift shop. Here you will find a
        wide range of CND nail products, as well as Mii
      cosmetics, luxurious Celtic seaweed products, Neal’s
        Yard and Bomb cosmetics. We also sell a range
       of local treats and jewellery. If you are looking for
       the perfect present why not purchase a Well Spa
      voucher, which can be redeemed against treatments
                       and in our gift shop.

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How to Spa Well
    If going to the spa for the first time makes you nervous
    then you’re not alone. Let us take you through our spa
    etiquette so that you can be confident on arrival and
    ready to relax.
    Our facilities open at 9am and we ask that you arrive
    15 minutes before your treatment time with your
    swimwear. You will then check in for your treatment
    with our receptionists and be accompanied to the
    Cwtch Lounge where you will complete a quick lifestyle
    questionnaire. You’ll be shown to the changing area
    and receive your fluffy robe and towels. Here you can
    change into your swimwear. You can then explore the
    Thermal Suites upstairs at your leisure.
    Our Spa is a retreat from the outside world and a place
    to relax and rebalance. We ask that our visitors show
    consideration to other Spa users during their visit by
    keeping noise levels down.

6                                                              7
Thermal Rooms                                                          “Take care of your body, it’s the only
                                                                                                 place you have to live in.”
                                                                                                                  Jim Rohn

    EXPERIENCE SHOWERS                 ICE POD                             SEA SALT CAVE                       SANCTUARY

    A good starting point for your     To get the full benefit of our      The natural salts are full of       This candlelit area is the ideal
    thermal spa experience is the      thermal suite you should            vitamins and minerals to aid with   place to wind down and clear
    experience showers. These are a    incorporate the ice pod             healing; they cleanse deeply and    your mind to induce a deep state
    series of 3 showers, which allow   in-between the heat rooms.                                              of relaxation before your return
                                                                           help prepare your body for our
    you to control the temperature                                                                             to the resort.
                                                                           thermal experience.
    and pressure of the water.         • The ice tones, refreshes and
                                         stimulates the body.
                                                                           • It is brilliant for those         • Our quiet room is the perfect
    • Natural rainfall shower for      • Reduces cellulite and muscle
                                                                             with asthma, dry skin and           ending to your Well Spa
      relaxation.                        fatigue.
                                       • Rub the ice onto your body in       respiratory problems.               journey, or for those that want
    • Multi jet shower to target the
      whole body.                        a circular motion to increase     • Helps to improve your blood         to escape the world for a short
    • Try a cooling shower               circulation, firm the skin,         circulation and lower blood         time and enjoy pure relaxation.
      in-between the heated rooms        tighten pores and exfoliate the     pressure.
      to tighten pores and wash          skin to encourage cell renewal.
      away any toxins.

8                                                                                                                                                  9
Hydrotherapy Pool
                Our Hydrotherapy pool is different from a regular
                   pool as it is heated to body temperature, this
                 provides a relaxing environment and invaluable
                 help for joint and muscular tensions. The water
                 allows your muscles to relax, whilst supporting
                 your body weight, helping you to move at ease.
                   The overhead and underwater jets can assist
                with tension in your upper back, shoulders, neck
                  and lower back; helping with headaches, sleep
                              disorders and nerve pain.

10                                                                  11
Steam...                                                                 Sauna...
     Steam rooms are the first step towards a natural detoxifying journey.       The intense heat of a sauna increases blood flow and induces
      They open up pores to release trapped toxins and let the botanical        perspiration to flush toxins from the body. Saunas help create a
      elements be absorbed into the skin, comforting the mind, hydrating     stronger immune system by increasing the production of white blood
       the skin and promoting a natural healthy glow. The steam room is                          cells which help fight infection.
           especially beneficial for helping arthritis, acne, asthma and
                                   muscle aches.                                                         Celtic Sauna
                                                                              This is the highest heat intensity room within the spa, which is self
                           Marine Steam Room                                   regulated with Pembrokeshire bracken scent and a moist heat.
     The marine extracts in the steam will invigorate your senses, helping    The essence within the room is rich in Vitamin A and contains anti
              to cleanse and detoxify the mind, body and soul.                               inflammatory properties and Omega 3.

                           Herbal Steam Room                                                             Brick Sauna
      The Herbal Steam room is a calming room perfect for those with         The Brick Sauna provides a dry heat which self regulates for warming
      sinusitis and respiratory issues. The herbal medley will help clear    relaxation. It is beneficial for those wanting to relieve muscular aches,
      airways and relieve congestion, helping you to breathe with ease.                                    pains and tension.

                                                                                          “Retire to the center of your being,
                                                                                                           which is calmness”
                                                                                                      Paramhansa Yogananda

12                                                                                                                                                       13
Spa Trails                                                   ‘What’s good for the body,
                                                                                    is good for the soul.’
     Suggested journeys to guide you through your thermal experience.

       RELIEVE TENSION                         RELAXATION               DE-STRESS/ DETOX           FOR FIRST TIMERS

          Sea Salt Cave                         Sanctuary                  Sea Salt Cave             Sea Salt Cave
                                                                                                        
           Brick Sauna                        Sea Salt Cave             Herbal Steam Room         Marine Steam Room
                                                                                                        
             Ice Pod                           Brick Sauna                    Ice Pod             Herbal Steam Room
                                                                                                        
          Celtic Sauna                     Marine Steam Room               Celtic Sauna                 Ice Pod
                                                                                                        
       Marine Steam Room                   Herbal Steam Room            Experience Showers            Brick Sauna
                                                                                                        
       Experience Showers                  Hydrotherapy Pool             Hydrotherapy Pool              Ice Pod
                                                                                                        
        Hydrotherapy Pool                       Sanctuary                     Ice Pod                Celtic Sauna
                                                                                                         
            Sanctuary                                                       Brick Sauna           Experience Showers
                                                                                                          
                                                                        Marine Steam Room          Hydrotherapy Pool
                                                                                                          
14                                                                           Sanctuary                 Sanctuary       15
25 minute Treatments
                                                                            HYDRATED HANDS                                              25 MINUTES
                                                                            Hand exfoliation, massage to the hands and file to nails

                                                                            SOLE SISTERS                                                25 MINUTES
     Or choose two of the following 25 minute treatments to make your own   Foot soak exfoliation and massage to the feet
        50 minute treatment or add them on to any 50 minute treatment.
      25 minute treatment do not include use of the Celtic Thermal rooms.
                                                                            THE TENSION RELIEVER                                        25 MINUTES
          Bookable at the Well Spa Resort only, subject to availability.    Back, neck and shoulder massage

                                                                            BODY POLISH                                                 25 MINUTES
                                                                            Full body exfoliation

                                                                            TASTER FACIAL                                               25 MINUTES
                                                                            Facial cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask and scalp massage

                                                                            DRIFT AWAY                                                  25 MINUTES
                                                                            Face and head massage

                                                                            LEG REVIVER                                                 25 MINUTES
                                                                            Leg and foot massage

                                                                            MINI MANICURE OR MINI PEDICURE                              25 MINUTES
                                                                            Cuticle care, file and nail polish

                                                                            PRESELI PIXIE (AGES 2-15)                                   25 MINUTES
                                                                            Shape and polish for toenails and hair braid
16                                                                                                                                                   17
Seaweed Bath
                       Includes one hour use of thermal rooms

     Enjoy a unique experience where you can relax in fresh, hand harvested
     seaweed. Unwind in a hot bath infused with mineral sea salts containing
         over 85 natural trace minerals and pure Scottish seaweed plant.
       Seaweed is well known for its healing, moisturising and detoxifying
           properties. Packed full of antioxidants and rich in vitamins,
                      minerals and anti-cellulite properties.
             An experience we guarantee you will remember forever.

                        BENEFITS OF A SEAWEED BATH
          Infused with mineral sea salts            Detoxifying.
           containing 85 natural trace
                    minerals.                  Re-hydrates the skin.

               Naturally healing,              Relieves conditions like
          moisturising and anti-ageing.       psoriasis, acne, back and
                                                    muscular pain.
         Rich in vitamins, minerals and
            anti-cellulite properties.          Improves skin tone.

18                                                                             19
50 minute Treatments
        Includes two hour complimentary use of our Thermal Rooms
                                                                                       LEGS, BUMS AND TUMS
                                                                                       Feelings of sluggishness and weariness can signal the need for a body detox. This
                                                                                       stimulating treatment is a great detox that gives results immediately, perfect for
                                                                                       busy mums or gym goers. It targets cellulite, fluid retention, bloating and uneven
                                                                                       skin texture. The treatment combines potent marine extracts with iced mitts and
                                                                                       a detoxifying massage. (This is a double bonus, stretch marks and cellulite in the
 WELLNESS MASSAGE                                                                      one treatment).
 Massage to two areas of tension identified in consultation.
                                                                                       CND SHELLAC GEL MANICURE OR PEDICURE
 HOLISTIC STONES                                                                       Created with the nurture of your natural nail in mind, the shellac treatment
 Massage to two areas of tension identified in consultation. Using holistic stones.    protects your nail from daily ware and tear, while offering weak, bitten or problem
                                                                                       nails the opportunity to grow underneath the nail. Treatment includes hand
 BAMBOO MASSAGE                                                                        exfoliation, massage, cuticle care, nail shape and finished with the shellac shade
 Massage to two areas of tension identified in consultation. Using bamboo.             of your choice. Shallac is the only brand that offer 14+ days of high performance
                                                                                       wear, stunning crystal shine that doesn’t dull, zero drying time, amazing 5 minute
                                                                                       removal and no nail damage!
 Pre/Post pregnancy massage.
                                                                                       DELUXE MANICURE OR PEDICURE
                                                                                       A luxury and effective treatment for the hands including clense, exfoliation, mask
 By applying pressure to points on your feet and hands, you can treat and heal
                                                                                       and nourishing serum.. Includes polish application.
 problems elsewhere in the body.
                                                                                       SEASIDE FACIAL
                                                                                       Cleanse – Skin Analysis – Exfoliation – Massage – Mask – Moisturise.
 Back massage using holistic stone therapy finished with ice rose quartz
 crystal facial.                                                                       DETOXIFYING SEAWEED BODY WRAP
                                                                                       A powerful natural sea salt and oil scrub body wrap. This combines the
                                                                                       detoxifying and nourishing effect of the purest seaweed gel with the stimulating
 Our advanced facials contain highly efficacious products that will give instant
                                                                                       and hydrating properties of the scrub. The treatment is designed to eliminate
 results to your skin. Our Award winning therapists will guide you through your
                                                                                       toxins, reduce cellulite, boost energy and improve skin tone.
 specific requirements by carrying out your personalised sensory test, using 100%
 pure essential oil blends rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids.   LIGHT TOUCH (ONCOLOGY MASSAGE)
 Using the revolutionary skin analysis lamp your therapist will guide you through      Bluestone’s Well Spa Retreat are delighted to offer ‘Light Touch’ oncology
 your skin concerns helping you to achieve your desired skin.                          massage for clients who have or have had a cancer diagnosis and who are also
                                                                                       having treatment. The benefits of massage help to reduce anxiety, reduce pain,
                                                                                       calm the mind, improve sleep quality and hydrate the skin. Oncology Massage
 Brought back by popular demand! Our amazing celtic combo, a perfect mix of
                                                                                       is the adaptation of massage techniques to safely nurture the body of someone
 treatment to ease away aches and pains from your back neck and shoulders and
                                                                                       during a cancer diagnosis, during medical treatment, when in remission, through
 to finish with radiance facial to give you a well deserve glow.
                                                                                       palliative care with a terminal diagnosis and through survivorship. A treatment
20                                                                                     that will be completely personalised to you.                                          21
80 minute Treatments                                                   110 minute Treatments
          Includes two hour complimentary use of our Thermal Rooms                Includes two hour complimentary use of our Thermal Rooms

     MINDFULNESS MASSAGE                                       80 MINUTES    MERMAID MOMENT                                           110 MINUTES
     Intensely calming and clarifying to mind and body, you’ll               Salt and oil full body scrub, seaweed bath, back, neck
     be guided through breathing and colour visualisation                    and shoulder massage and express facial.
     techniques. Helps to reduce stress and unwind a busy mind.
     Ideal for anyone with sleep issues.
                                                                             THE BODY RITUAL                                          110 MINUTES
                                                                             Full body exfoliation, body wrap, scalp massage
     SANDY SWS                                                  80 MINUTES   and body massage.
     Back exfoliation using salt and oil, back, neck shoulder
     massage and express seaside facial.
                                                                             BLUESTONE BLISS                                          110 MINUTES
     Did you know Sws is Welsh for kiss?
                                                                             Full body exfoliation and full body massage including
                                                                             a face and head massage.
     MUSCLE MELT                                                80 MINUTES
     Full body, deep tissue massage.

22                                                                                                                                                  23
For Men
            Includes two hour complimentary use of our Thermal Rooms
                           on all 50 minute treatments

     FUEL FOR THE FACE                                           25 MINUTES
     Face cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and scalp massage.

     GENTLEMAN’S TONIC                                           50 MINUTES
     Leg, foot and back exfoliation and massage.

     SUPERMAN’S MASSAGE                                          50 MINUTES
     Hand, arm, leg and foot massage.

     IRON MAN MASSAGE                                            50 MINUTES
     Massage to two chosen areas.

     TOUGH AS MUD                                                50 MINUTES
     Back cleanse, tone, exfoliation, marine mask and massage.

     MEN’S RECHARGER                                             50 MINUTES
     Face cleanse, tone, exfoliation, followed by a face,
     head and scalp massage.

24                                                                            25
Teen Treatments - 25 minutes
         25 minutes or choose two of the following 25 minute treatments to
                        make your own 50 minute treatment.

     MINI ME FACIAL                                              25 MINUTES
     Face cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and scalp massage.

     LITTLE SWEET BACK MASSAGE                                   25 MINUTES
     Back, neck and shoulder massage.

     PRESELI PIXIE                                               25 MINUTES
     File and Polish for toenails and hair braid application.

     Teen Treatments - 50 minutes
     FRESH SKIN FACIAL                                          50 MINUTES
     Cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, massage, mask and moisturise.

     TOTALLY SWEET                                              50 MINUTES
     Relaxing full body massage with light drainage
     and stretching.

     PRECIOUS MOMENTS                                           50 MINUTES
     Mother and daughter treatment, mini facial
     followed by a file and polish.

     T&C – From ages 12-16. Does not include thermal entry for under 14’s,
     all teen treatments must be counter signed by a consenting adult.

26                                                                            27
                                                                               ARRIVAL TIME / ATTIRE
                                                                               We recommend you arrive 15 minutes in advance of your treatment,
                                                                               to allow sufficient time to complete a Spa Consultation Form. Please be
                                                                               advised that late arrivals will result in a reduction of treatment time. All
     Did you know that every year in Wales we throw away 4 million tonnes of   you need to bring with you is your swimwear, we will provide a towel and
     rubbish? That’s enough to fill the Principality Stadium every 20 days!    robe during your visit.

     At Bluestone we are environmentally friendly. To help us to meet our      CANCELLATION POLICY
     environmental goals - and to cut down on the amount of slippers that      A 100% charge will be incurred for any treatment not cancelled at least
     were ending up in the bin - we have decided to become a barefoot spa!     48 hours prior to your scheduled time.

     However, if you would like to wear your own footwear around the spa,      GROUPS
     then you are more than welcome to. Flip flops will also be available to   If you are booking the spa as part of a larger party please advise
     purchase from reception for just £2 and you can take them home with       reservations. They will be able to offer more co-ordinated timings of
     you too!                                                                  treatments to enhance your experience.

                                                                               GIFT VOUCHERS
                                                                               An ideal gift for someone special. Please contact the Spa team for details.
28                                                                                                                                                            29
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