2019 Troop Cookie Manager Guide - Girl Scouts Western PA

2019 Troop Cookie Manager Guide - Girl Scouts Western PA


2019 Troop Cookie Manager Guide - Girl Scouts Western PA


2019 Troop Cookie Manager Guide - Girl Scouts Western PA

Intro 4 How the Cookie Program 4 Benefits Girls Cookie Program Materials 5 Communications 5 Cookie Rookies 5 Troop and Girl Goals 6 Family Cookie Meeting 6 Cookie Rallies 7 Cookie Card Lineup 8 Troop Proceeds 8 Rewards and Recognitions 9 Cookie Cupboards 12 National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend 13 Cookie Booths 13 GSWPA-Arranged Booths 13 Service Unit and Troop-Arranged Booths 13 Booth Scheduler 14 How to Run a Successful 15 Cookie Booth Accepting Credit Cards 15 Operation: Sweet Appreciation 16 Troop Gift of Caring 17 5 for Five! 18 GSWPA Bling Your Booth 18 GSUSA Cookie Pro 2019 18 getting started 4 proceeds, rewards, and recognitions 8 booth sale phase 12 promotions & contests 16 eBudde Tab Descriptions 20 Setting up eBudde 21 EnteringtheTroop'sInitialOrder 22 Delivery 23 Placing a Pending Order 24 Monitoring Inventory 24 Tracking Girl Cookie Activity 25 Entering Booth Sales 27 Recognitions 28 Before the Final ACH Sweep 28 eBudde 19 ACH Procedures 29 ACH FAQs 30 Situations Requiring 30 Delinquincy Paperwork cookie finances 29 glossary 32 timeline & checklist 36 web resources 31 TABLE OF CONTENTS Digital Cookie 10 Girl Delivery Option 10 Safety Guidelines 11 digital cookie/safety guidelines 10 position description & agreement 33

2019 Troop Cookie Manager Guide - Girl Scouts Western PA

GETTING STARTED 4 Thank you for going BOLD! With every Girl Scout Cookie sold, today’s girls are becoming tomorrow’s leaders, and this couldn’t happen without you. Your hard work and dedication helps girls have new adventures and life-changing opportunities. Thanks so much for all you do to make the Girl Scout Cookie Program happen.  Get Ready to Go for Bold this Girl Scout Cookie Season! Girl Scouts are known for their infectious, go-getter attitudes. This season, we’re celebrating their spirit and all the ways they are daring, creative, and innovative. Whether it’s embarking on a brave new adventure or simply mustering up the courage to talk to someone new, every girl finds her own type of BOLD in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

How the Girl Scout Cookie Program Benefits Girls Our Girl Scouts aren’t just selling Girl Scout Cookies, they’re doing their part to make their communities better places as they prepare for successful futures. They'll also be building lifelong skills, friendships, and confidence along the way. Over the course of more than 100 years, generations of girls have built the Girl Scout Cookie Program into a beloved tradition and the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world. Each girl learns 5 Key Skills while selling cookies: 1. Goal Setting—as she sets cookie sales goals and makes a plan to reach them 2. Decision Making—as she and her troop decide how the troop will spend the cookie proceeds 3. Money Management—as she makes a budget, takes orders, and handles customers’ money 4. People Skills—as she learns to talk and to listen to all kinds of people while selling cookies 5. Business Ethics—as she is honest and responsible every step of the way The Girl Scout Cookie Program is also essential to Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania (GSWPA) Girl Scouts by:
  • keeping camps affordable by subsiding registration costs,
  • offering programs and events for girls, and
  • providing scholarships to girls with financial barriers, so Girl Scouting is accessible to every girl. The cookie program begins Jan. 4, 2019. Girls are on their honor not to sell before this date.
2019 Troop Cookie Manager Guide - Girl Scouts Western PA
GETTING STARTED 5 Cookie Program Materials Here's what you need as a troop to make the cookie program happen, including resources for troop use and for distribution to families. For additional materials, visit gswpa.org/cookies, vipetraining.littlebrownie.com, or contact your service unit cookie manager (SUCM). Troop resources: 9 9 this handbook 9 9 one package of Trefoils for troop sampling (unless the service unit kept this package for the service unit cookie rally) 9 9 receipt books (for recording cookie pick-ups and money transactions with families) 9 9 Operation: Sweet Appreciation (OSA) box wrap Resources for Families: 9 9 Family Guide—Inside you’ll find the Parent/Guardian Financial Responsibility and Permission Form, which must be signed and collected for each girl before she starts selling. Troops must keep these forms on file until Dec. 31, 2019. GSWPA will request your copies in the event of a girl/parent delinquency. 9 9 girl order card (1 per girl) 9 9 money envelope (1 per girl) 9 9 Goal Getter Order Card—This printable form easily helps girls continue to take orders. Distribute to girls after their initial orders are turned in or if a girl requests an additional order card. The Goal Getter Order Card can be downloaded at vipetraining.littlebrownie.com. Print as many as you need! Communications Cookie Bytes It’s important to stay connected with GSWPA for cookie program updates and reminders throughout the entire cookie season. Look for eBudde emails and Cookie Bytes, a GSWPA enewsletter with helpful hints and reminders emailed to eBudde users. Please note: You’re responsible for information contained in these communications. Please don't unsubscribe from any GSWPA or eBudde emails or you’ll miss essential information. If you accidently unsubscribe from Cookie Bytes or emails generated through eBudde:
  • Go to the Contacts tab in eBudde
  • Click on the purple ‘Edit’ box next to your information
  • Check the box that says ‘Receives Email’
  • Click ‘Update My Preferences’ Cookie Rookies If your girls are new to the cookie program, there’s a fun, 10-minute video to help them understand the basics. Show the video and discuss it afterward—or stop after each section for discussion and activities. It’s up to you and the girls! See a summary of the show and activity ideas that reinforce the learning in the Run of Show (available on the Little Brownie Baker Volunteer Blog). Find the video on the Little Brownie YouTube channel or at gswpa.org/cookie-rookie.
  • Girls learn:
  • how the sale works
  • cookie names
  • easy ways to ask a customer to buy
  • cookie booth essentials
  • safety rules
  • how to set goals Patch available for purchase in GSWPA shops.
2019 Troop Cookie Manager Guide - Girl Scouts Western PA

GETTING STARTED 6 Troop and Girl Goals How to Set Goals with Girls One of the most important lessons girls learn from selling cookies is how to set and reach their goals. Help girls keep goals realistic, but optimistic. It’s never too early to start the conversation. It’s important to work with girls as a group and individually.

(This is a great way to involve a parent or new volunteer.) Camp S'more is published in the winter for GSWPA families and leaders. Setting cookie program goals is a great way to make Girl Scout programs (including camp) even more affordable. Remember, Girl Scout Bucks are worth double when used toward a GSWPA-sponsored camp!

Family Cookie Meeting When families are involved, girls succeed. Holding a family cookie meeting is part of being a troop cookie manager (TCM). It's critical to the cookie program's success for families to gain key information, including deadlines, and for them to understand their responsibilities and the troop's expectations. Too often, we hear of families who don't know or don't adhere to policies and procedures. As a result, troops are often faced with frustration, increased financial risk, and disappointed girls.

Family Review Checklist: Use this list to guide you at your family cookie meeting.

Ɇ Ɇ Remind parents the Girl Scout Cookie Program is much more than a fundraiser. The program helps girls learn 5 Skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Ɇ Ɇ Stress to parents that all proceeds stay within our council, helping their Girl Scout, troop, service unit, and GSWPA. Ɇ Ɇ Hand out the Family Guide (Parent/Guardian Financial Responsibility and Permission Form). Make sure families understand their responsibilities. Parents/guardians must sign the permission form before girl materials are distributed. Collect and keep the form until Dec.

31, 2019. Ɇ Ɇ For Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops: Discuss if your troop chose the additional proceeds option or are receiving the recognitions.

Ɇ Ɇ Let parents know that order taking starts Jan. 4, 2019, and girls are not permitted to sell before that date. Ɇ Ɇ Remind families of the need for timely communication, and let them know how you’ll communicate with them—email, phone call, take-home flyers, etc. Ɇ Ɇ Make sure families understand they are held financially responsible for all cookies they order. Ɇ Ɇ Review the money collection procedures, making note of due dates for orders and money due. Explain that money is collected throughout the sale so your troop can meet payment deadlines. Ɇ Ɇ Review safety guidelines. Ɇ Ɇ Discuss parent/guardian volunteer opportunities, like helping to pick-up your initial order, sorting cookies and recognitions, and transporting girls to and from cookie booths (must be an approved volunteer driver with clearances to transport girls).

Ɇ Ɇ Digital Cookie—Let families know to watch for their Digital Cookie invitation which will be sent to the email address provided to GSWPA and review the Girl Delivery Option. Being a Girl Scout parent/guardian during the Cookie Program comes with its own set of responsibilities. Before your Girl Scout can participate, you must sign this Parent/Guardian Permission Form and submit it to your troop leader. Make it official. Girls must be registered members of GSUSA to participate and should wear their membership pins or Girl Scout attire while selling. Be safety conscious.

  • Adults must accompany Girl Scouts in grades K-5 while taking orders and delivering cookies. Girls in grades 6-12 must be supervised by an adult and should never sell alone. Girls should not enter homes or vehicles while selling/delivering cookies. Follow safe pedestrian procedures. Understand your financial role. As a parent/guardian, you’re financially responsible for all cookies ordered on your Girl Scout’s order card and any additional cookies you receive to fulfill her additional orders.
  • Cookies cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Have a plan for safeguarding money. (Avoid walking around with large amounts of cash or keeping it at home or school.)
  • Payment is made to the troop throughout the program, as directed by your troop leader.
  • You should obtain a receipt for all cookies received and payments made. You may be asked to produce these receipts in the event of a dispute.
  • Customers pay for their cookies when they’re delivered (not ordered) except for Operation: Sweet Appreciation and Troop Gift of Caring donation cookies.
  • Girls should never take credit card numbers.
  • For online payments, customers must purchase cookies through your Girl Scout’s Digital Cookie link.
  • Any fees incurred due to non-negotiable checks will be assessed back to the parent/guardian.

If your financial obligation is not fulfilled, you’ll be ineligible to be appointed as a volunteer or participate in any volunteer/program/ camp position until the debt is paid.

In addition, your Girl Scout cannot participate in future product sales, nor will financial assistance be approved, until the debt is paid. Protect your Girl Scout’s privacy. Girls’ names, addresses and email addresses should never be given to customers. Use a group contact number or address overseen by an adult for customers to request information, reorder, or give comments. Protect customer privacy by not sharing their information.

  • Be Internet wise. Staying safe is our priority. Girls are permitted to email friends and family to promote their sales and where they can get cookies. Before girls start any online activities, whether sending emails to friends and families, using Digital Cookie or using social media, girls should read and discuss the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge. Print the pledge, review, and sign the pledge together. Download the pledge at gswpa.org/cookie-resources.
  • Parent/guardian responsibilities 2019 Cookie Program Permission Form Please complete this form (front and back) and return it to your troop leader or cookie manager. I give permission for my daughter, , to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, and I agree not to sell cookies before Jan. 4 2019. My daughter is: † a registered member of Girl Scout Troop # † an Indie Girl Scout (not in a troop) † I’ve read the Cookie Program responsibilities and agree to abide by them. My daughter and I will meet all deadlines.

I accept financial responsibility for all cookies ordered through and/or received by my daughter, and I will submit all money due from the sale to the troop leader (or GSWPA for my Indie Girl Scout). † In the event that I fail to pay on time, I understand I am liable for the amount not paid, plus all costs, interest, and legal collection fees incurred by GSWPA in the collection of this debt. In addition, I will be ineligible to be appointed as a volunteer or participate in any volunteer/program/camp position, and my Girl Scout cannot participate in future product sales, nor will she be approved for any financial assistance, until the debt is paid.

Parent/Guardian Signature Date Address City State Zip Driver’s License # State Email Daytime Phone # Evening Phone # Learn more about the Cookie Program and find resources for your Girl Scout at: gswpa.org/cookies Operation: Sweet Appreciation (OSA) Last year, Girl Scouts in GSWPA sent over 50,000 boxes of cookies to our U.S. military active duty and veteran service members through our virtual gift of caring program, Operation: Sweet Appreciation. Customers can place OSA orders on the girl’s order card, the girl’s Digital Cookie web page, or by donating online at gswpa.org/military.

Digital Cookie With Digital Cookie, there are more ways to sell, more ways to buy—and more ways to learn and have fun! Your Girl Scout can use Digital Cookie to:
  • market her cookie business
  • build her customer list
  • take an online order with her personalized web page
  • accept credit card payments Watch for your invitation email to get started. Emails are specific to each girl and cannot be shared. If you do not receive an email by Jan. 1, go to digitalcookie.girlscouts.org and click the “Forgot password/Need a registration” email link. Digital Cookie Girl Delivery Option Customers can pay for their cookies with a credit card through Digital Cookie and have your Girl Scout deliver the cookies to their door. Don’t worry—as a parent, you’ll need to approve these orders for safety and practicality reasons. Ask your troop leader for more information. Please note: Girl Delivery cookies purchased through Digital Cookie do NOT count toward Digital Cookie recognitions. However, they will count toward the final recognitions.
  • Encourage goal-setting. Ask your Girl Scout about her troop’s goals and help her set personal goals.
  • Support her! Ask her questions and help her practice her sales message. Help her take orders, arrange a booth sale site, and network with family and friends, but let her do the “ask” so she can learn important business skills.
  • Use the Goal Getter Order Card after you turn in your initial order card. Continue taking orders to meet your Girl Scout’s goal.
  • Canvas your community with cookies! Load up the sled, wagon, or turn the family vehicle into a cookiemobile. (Be sure to keep safety rules in mind.)
  • Visit neighborhoods one more time before the cookie season ends. Give your customers a second chance to stock up before cookies are gone for another year. Tip: Leave a door hanger including an adult’s contact info. (gswpa.org/cookie-resources)
  • Become a registered volunteer. Her troop needs help chaperoning booth sales, picking up cookies, and more.
  • Say thank you! Add a thank you note with an adult’s contact information when delivering cookies so customers can order more! (gswpa.org/cookie-resources) Cost of cookies 24% Council-sponsored programs, events, properties, training, and scholarships — 50% Troop proceeds, girl recognitions , and service unit bonuses— 23% Cost of Cookie Program support — 3% How the cookie crumbles Girls enter a fun-filled world featuring the go-for-bold clouded leopard theme. There, they’ll find games, videos, and activities that inspire and engage. They’ll even be able to vote on next season’s mascot! Check out littlebrowniebakers.com for this and other fun resources.
  • OSA Troop Recognition Girls can earn a Go-Getter Cookie Booth Kit for their troop! (Includes a money pouch, button pins, yard sign, tablecloth, cookie cart, and Samoas cookie costume.
  • Troops must have a minimum of five girls selling.
  • Troops must have an OSA per girl average (for all girls selling cookies) of 20 boxes or more. All Aboard, Super Sellers! If your Girl Scout sells 600 or more boxes of cookies, she’ll receive the Super Seller patch AND an exclusive invite to the 2019 Super Seller Celebration. Girls can choose to hop aboard the Gateway Clipper in Pittsburgh OR the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad in Titusville. Please note: The Super Seller event is a girl recognition. While attending the event is free for your Super Seller Girl Scout, there is a fee for one accompanying adult, if adult attendance is desired. Adult attendance is NOT required. Transportation to/ from the event is not provided by GSWPA.
  • Calling all Cookie Rookies! New to the Cookie Program? This fun, 10-minute video can help your Girl Scout understand the basics. Find it on our Cookie Rookie page at gswpa.org/cookie-rookie. Helpful selling tips for girls & families Mascot Portal for Girls! NEW! Personalized Crossover Patch Get a fun crossover patch for participating in both the MagNut and Cookie Programs:
  • Created your avatar during the MagNut Program
  • Sent 15 emails during the MagNut Program
  • Sell 250 packages in the 2019 Cookie Program SuperTroop Cookie Line-up All your favorite s are back! Eight varietie s are offered on this year’s order card and are sold to custom ers for $5/box .
  • Get ready to Go for Bold this Girl Scout Cookie Season! How does the Cookie Program benefit girls? The Cookie Program is essent ial to our missio n of buildin g girls of courag e, confidence and charac ter, who make the world a better place. Funds raised throug h the Cookie Program support many aspects of Girl Scouting by:
  • providing troops with procee ds to fund their troop activities and service projects;
  • keepin g camp affordable by subsid izing registr ation costs;
  • suppo rting the Girl Scout experience by providing girl progra mming, curricu lum, and events ; and
  • providing schola rships to girls with financial barriers so Girl Scouti ng is availab le to all girls. Girls may not sell or take orders for cookies before January 4, 2019 Important info: Troop Cookie Manager: Phone #: Email: Initial Order due to the Troop by: IMPOR TANT: Money is due each week. Final payment due to the Troop by: IMPORTANT: 5 Skills for girls The Girl Scout Cookie Progra m is a part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. By participating , girls learn 5 Key Skills they’ll use for a lifetim e. With your help, girls learn to: 9 set goals by develo ping a plan to meet goals and deadlines; 9 hone their decisi on-ma king skills by deciding where and when to sell cookie s, how to marke t their sale, and what to do with their earnin gs; 9 grow money management skills by makin g a budge t, taking cookie orders , and handling custom ers’ money; 9 improve their people skills by learnin g how to talk (and listen) to their custom ers while workin g as a team with other girls; and 9 practic e busine ss ethics by acting honestly and respon sibly during every step of the Cookie Program.

Visit gswpa .org/co okies for ideas to help your Girl Scout gain these 5 Skills. $5/box 2019 Cookie Program Family Guide Paws-of f Journal Girl Scouts are known for their infecti ous, go-get ter attitud es. This season, we’re celebr ating their spirit and all the ways they are daring , creativ e, and innova tive in their Girl Scout Cookie Progra m. Your Girl Scout will have the opportunity to take the lead in runnin g her own cookie busine ss and realizing her own dream s. She’ll gain skills and confid ence— and do all kinds of extrao rdinary things—and you’ll be able to suppo rt her every step of the way.

Wheth er it’s embarking on a brave new adventure or simply muste ring up the courag e to talk to someo ne new, every girl finds her own type of bold in the Girl Scout Cookie Progra m.

2019 Key Dates Jan. 4 Girl order taking begins Feb. 13-21 Cookie deliver y Feb. 22-24 Nation al Girl Scout Cookie Weeke nd Feb. 22-Ma rch 17 Cookie booth sales March 17 Cookie Progra m ends May 28 OSA online donati ons end 1,000* Tip: The Family Guide is a great tool to use when leading your family cookie meeting.

GETTING STARTED 7 Cookie Rallies Start the cookie fun for girls with a Cookie Rally! What’s a Cookie Rally? It's an event that combines learning and cookie fun to inspire and prepare girls to have a great cookie season. Research shows that girls who attend a cookie rally have much higher cookie sales than those who don’t get the chance.

Certainly, they have more confidence in their sales and lots of fun! How It Works Rallies usually start with the girls in a large group and then break into smaller groups to visit activity stations. Girls gather again at the end for a high-energy send off.

Connect with your SUCM to see if a service unit cookie rally is planned in your area. If there isn't one, host one for your troop! Find these and other rally activity ideas on littlebrownie.com:

PROCEEDS, REWARDS & RECOGNITIONS 8 Troop Proceeds Troop proceeds help fund a troop’s community projects and the BOLD troop activities girls participate in throughout the year. This year, troops can earn up to $.98 per package! Troop Proceed Tiers Troops earn the following proceeds for participating in the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program: $.80 per package Base rate for troop proceeds $.85 per package Super Troop—Troops that reach a PGA* selling of 175 packages or more $.90 per package Super Troop—Troops that reach a PGA* selling of 225 packages or more Additional $.05 per package Additional Proceeds Option (see below) $.02 per package MagNut bonus Troops with a minimum of 5 girls selling in the MagNut and Girl Scout Cookie Programs AND reach a PGA* selling of $175 in the MagNut program and a PGA* selling of 160 packages in the cookie program will receive a $.02 bonus per package of cookies.

03 per package MagNut bonus Troops with a minimum of 5 girls selling in the MagNut and Girl Scout Cookie Programs AND reach a PGA* selling of $250 in the MagNut program and a PGA* selling of 160 packages in the cookie program will receive a $.03 bonus per package of cookies. *PGA = Per Girl Average Additional Proceeds Option Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador troops can opt out of receiving individual recognitions and earn an additional $.05 per package sold. The entire troop must participate in this option, because opting out can’t be done on a girl-by-girl basis.

To decline recognitions and receive additional proceeds: 1.

Submit the Opt-Out Form to your SUCM by the deadline. 2. Check the Opt out for additional proceeds box on the Settings tab in eBudde. 3. Allocate cookies to girls through the Girl Orders tab in eBudde. For troops opting out of recognitions, girls will still receive all patches, the initial order recognitions, the Super Troop T-shirt, and any of the 1,000-package level and above recognitions, if earned. $ 5/box Cookie Card Lineup All your favorites are back! Eight varieties are offered on this year’s order card and are sold to customers for $5 per box.

PROCEEDS, REWARDS & RECOGNITIONS 9 Rewards and Recognitions Along with the 5 Skills girls learn through the cookie program and proceeds earned by troops, girls earn individual recognitions for their efforts. They can choose between specific items or Girl Scout Bucks at select levels. Check out the Family Guide and order card for recognitions and levels. Girl Scout Bucks Have your girls thought about Girl Scout Bucks as a recognition choice? Use them as payment toward any GSWPA-sponsored camp or service unit day camp, at camp Trading Posts, at GSWPA Shops, and for annual membership fees processed through GSWPA.

Remember: Girl Scout Bucks are doubled when used toward a GSWPA-sponsored camp. See your Camp S'more for camp details. Please note: Girl Scout Bucks expire Sept. 30, 2019. Super Troop Get Super Troop rewards by reaching a PGA selling of 160, 175, and 225 packages! Girls who don’t participate aren’t included in the PGA selling calculation even though they're listed in eBudde on the Girls tab. Check your troop’s PGA selling on the Sales Report tab in eBudde throughout the program to monitor your progress.

Tiered Levels for Super Troop When troops reach a PGA selling of 160 packages or more, each girl selling receives a Super Troop T-shirt, and two T-shirts are allotted for troop volunteers.* Additional volunteer T-shirts are available for purchase, if your troop earns them. Log on to gswpa.org/cookie-resources or vipetraining.littlebrownie.com to download the order form. Order forms MUST be received by the deadline date to ensure order fulfillment. *The two T-shirts alloted to troop volunteers must be manually entered into eBudde as part of the troop's final recognition order. If the volunteer T-shirts are not ordered through eBudde, GSWPA may not be able to fulfill the recognition.

When troops reach a PGA selling of 175 and 225 packages or more, the troop also earns an additional $.05 in proceeds on every package of cookies the troop sold. Tip: Additional cookies are available at cookie cupboards to help reach Super Troop status. You can also get additional cookies from another troop; ask your SUCM to do a troop-to-troop transfer. In recognition of the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program This certificate is awarded to Troop # Service Area # Girl Scout Bucks may be used as payment for council-sponsored programs and camps, annual registration, service unit day camps, and purchases at GSWPA Shops and Camp Trading Posts.

No change will be given when redeemed. Awards that are not redeemed by the expiration date are void. OFFICE USE ONLY REDEEMED AT: DATE: Expires: September 30, 2019 Acct. # 8136-320-1300 �Used at 2X value Corporate Office 30 Isabella Street Pittsburgh, PA 15212 800-248-3355 gswpa.org $5 Girl Scout Bucks Service Unit Bonus Help your service unit earn a $.01 per package bonus on all sales for the service unit treasury. Last year, 18 service units earned almost $3,000 for their treasuries!

Service unit requirements to earn the bonus: 9 9 have a combined troop sales increase of 5% or more 9 9 host a cookie rally 9 9 all troops must be paid in-full by April 12 or have submitted the required girl delinquency paperwork by April 1 Check with your SUCM throughout the sale to see how close your service unit is to reaching the bonus goal!

DIGITAL COOKIE/SAFETY GUIDELINES 10 Cookie Program Opportunities Digital Cookie The iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love has gone beyond the booth and allows girls to sell in their native digital space, offering them new ways to learn 21st century business skills. It’s easy, safe, and full of FUN! Last year, more than 2,800 girls in GSWPA sold cookies through their personalized web page. Through Digital Cookie, a girl can:
  • share her cookie story
  • earn recognitions
  • access Cookie Business badges online
  • track customer info, orders, and data
  • send cool, ready-to-use marketing emails
  • play games, watch videos, enjoy printable activities, and take fun quizzes
  • use the smart goal-setting calculator
  • make it easy for friends and family near and far to get their favorite Girl Scout Cookies Digital Cookie will email parents and troop leaders a registration link in late December to the email address identified in the parent’s/leader’s ‘MyGS’ membership profile. Registration emails are specific to each girl and cannot be shared with others. The email will come from “Girl Scout Cookie Program” (email@email.girlscouts.org). Be sure to have parents check their junk/spam/promotions inboxes. If a parent doesn't receive an invitation email by Jan. 1, direct them to digitalcookie. girlscouts.org and click the “Forgot password/Need a registration” email link. Girl Delivery Option Please note: Girl Delivery cookies purchased through Digital Cookie DO NOT count toward Digital Cookie recognitions. However, they will count toward the final recognitions.

Customers can pay for their cookies with a credit card through Digital Cookie and have your Girl Scouts deliver the cookies to their door. Don’t worry—parents must approve these orders for safety and practicality reasons. Parents receive an email from email@email.girlscouts.org with the subject “You have a Digital Cookie in-person delivery approval request!” letting the parent know their Girl Scout has received an order for delivery. The parent must approve this order within 10 days or risk losing the sale. The parent should approve the order before delivering it to make sure the customer’s payment is accepted.

If the parent has not approved the sale within 10 days, the customer’s second choice for the order is selected. The customer’s second choice could be Cancel, Ship, or Donate. A tip sheet of steps for parents to approve a girl delivery order can be downloaded from gswpa.org/cookie-resources and vipetraining.littlebrownie.com. Because these cookies are physically handled by the girls in your troop, you must order these cookies on the troop’s initial order (if order is placed before the initial order deadline), fill them from the troop’s ‘extra’ inventory, or place a pending order to a cupboard for additional cookies.

The girl order card has a designated line for parents to include Digital Cookie Girl Delivery orders, so they can be included with the troop's/girl's initial order and delivered to the troop with the initial order. Be sure to communicate with your parents on the status of the troop’s cookie inventory. Your troop may need to pick-up cookies from a cookie cupboard. Only registered eBudde users can place a pending order to a cupboard; however, anyone can be designated to pick-up the cookies (even the parent that needs them!). To allow the parent to pick-up the cookies from a cookie cupboard, edit the information in the ‘Contact Info’ box to the parent's name and phone number.

More information on Digital Cookie will be communicated through Cookie Bytes.

DIGITAL COOKIE/SAFETY GUIDELINES 11 Safety Guidelines All girls selling cookies must follow Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) safety guidelines:
  • Show you’re a Girl Scout. Wear a Girl Scout membership pin and/or Girl Scout clothing over your coat to identify yourself as a Girl Scout.
  • Buddy up. Always use the buddy system. It’s not just safe; it’s more fun!
  • Be street wise. Become familiar with the areas and neighborhoods where you’ll sell cookies.
  • Partner with adults. Adults must accompany Girl Scouts in grades K-5 when taking orders, selling, and delivering product. Girls in grades 6–12 must be supervised by an adult when selling door-todoor and must never sell alone. Approved volunteers must be present at cookie booths in any public place at all times.
  • Plan ahead. Always have a plan for safeguarding money. Girls should avoid walking around with large amounts or keeping it at home or school. Girls should give cookie money to supervising adults who will deposit it in the troop’s bank account as soon as possible. Girls should never take credit card numbers.
  • Do not enter. Girls should never enter the home or vehicle of a person when selling or making deliveries and should avoid selling to people in vehicles or going into alleys.
  • Sell in the daytime. Sell only during daylight hours, unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Protect privacy. Girls’ full names, addresses, and email addresses should never be given out to customers. Use a group contact number or address overseen by an adult for customers to request information, reorder, or give comments. Protect customer privacy by not sharing their information.
  • Be safe on the road. Always follow safe pedestrian practices, especially when crossing at intersections or walking along roadways. Be aware of traffic when unloading product and passengers from vehicles.
  • Be net wise. Take the GSUSA Internet Safety Pledge (find it at gswpa.org/cookie-resources) before going online and follow the specific guidelines related to marketing online. Girls can’t collect money online (except through Digital Cookie). Online Marketing
  • Girls can market cookies by sending emails to friends, family members, and former customers.
  • Girls age 13 and older can use social networking sites that are closed communities, such as Facebook, to market cookies.
  • Sales may not occur online (for example, through a site that has an electronic shopping cart, online auction sites, or public sale sites such as eBay and Craigslist) outside of Digital Cookie. Guidelines for Online Selling
  • Girls can use the Internet to market the cookie program to friends and family.
  • The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a girl-led program and online marketing and sales efforts should always be led by a girl while also being supervised by her parents or caretakers.
  • For safety purposes, online marketing activities should always be done through accounts set to “private."
  • Parents, girls, and volunteers should contact and collaborate with GSWPA in advance on any news media opportunities.

GSWPA reserves the right to intervene and request removal or remove any post.

BOOTH SALE PHASE 12 Cookie Cupboards Troops can use cookie cupboards to get additional cookies or to exchange damaged product. They're located throughout the council at select GSWPA offices and volunteers’ homes, so you have access to additional cookies. Find a complete list of cookie cupboards on eBudde (Reports tab, Cupboards). We consolidate the number of cupboards throughout the sale by moving cookies to well-used locations. The Cupboard report automatically updates when cupboards open/close.

  • Troops can take full cases and/or single packages from a cookie cupboard.
  • Have damaged packages? Take them to your local cupboard to exchange for the same variety.
  • Troop-owned cases/packages can’t be exchanged for a different variety or returned.
  • Troops must place a pending order through eBudde on the Transactions tab to the cupboard for additional cookies. Please place your order by Monday at 9 a.m., so we can facilitate the movement of cookies to the desired locations. While you can still place orders after Monday at 9 a.m., these orders may not be included in the cookie distribution planning for the upcoming weekend.
  • Cupboards will "gray out" cookie varieties when they are no longer available.
  • Only select GSWPA offices and select volunteer cupboards will be restocked.
  • When you pick up the cookies, you’ll sign and receive a copy of the receipt.
  • Troops are financially responsible for all cookies they pick up. Verify all cupboard receipts against the Transactions tab in eBudde.

Keep all receipts until Dec. 31, 2019. Please note: There’s a limited availability of Savannah Smiles, Girl Scout S'mores, and Toffee-tastic at cookie cupboards. Service units are encouraged (but not required) to place a small service unit cookie order so troops in that service unit can easily access additional cookies instead of going to a cupboard. Contact your SUCM to see if an order has been placed in your area. Who Can Pick Up Cookies? When a troop places an order, the eBudde user placing the order can designate anyone to pick up those cookies. Enter the name and contact information of the person picking up the cookies in the contact section when you place your pending order.

Volunteer Cookie Cupboards These cupboards are typically located in volunteers’ homes with their own hours of operation. After you place your pending order through eBudde, check the Cupboard Report (on the Reports tab) to see if your selected cupboard has any requests to verify pending order, i.e., call before coming, use back door, text communicate only, etc. (Look for a tip sheet in Cookie Bytes for details on how to place a pending order.) GSWPA Cookie Cupboards—800-248-3355 These council cookie cupboards are open Monday-Thursday 8:45 a.m.-4:45 p.m. and 9:15 a.m.-2:45 p.m. on Fridays, Feb.

22-Mar. 17.

Edinboro—Cupboard #001 Beaver—Cupboard #002 Greensburg—Cupboard #005 Johnstown—Cupboard #006 Kittanning—Cupboard #007 Pittsburgh—Cupboard #009

BOOTH SALE PHASE 13 Cookie Booths Booth sales are a great way to increase your troop’s and service unit’s success. Cookie booths are girloperated direct sale opportunities where customers purchase cookies from the troop. Booth sales can be scheduled Feb. 22-Mar. 17. All Girl Scout grade levels (Daisies-Ambassadors) can participate in booth sales. Adequate volunteer-to-girl ratio is required at all cookie booths.

GSWPA-Arranged Cookie Booths GSWPA-arranged cookie booths are set up by the product sales team or submitted to GSWPA by SUCMs and are entered in eBudde. All GSWPA-arranged cookie booths are available to all GSWPA Girl Scout troops. Service Unit and Troop-Arranged Booths All booth sales at large businesses and outside of GSWPA-sponsored booths are considered to be service unit booths sales. Select booth sale sites are set up by your SUCM or service unit booth coordinator who will tell you how and when to sign up.

SUCMs enter all service unit booth sales on the Booth Scheduler in eBudde. This allows the booth sale to be posted on the online Cookie Locator, as well as the Cookie Finder and Cookie Locator smartphone apps! (It’s extra marketing just for you!) Troops may NOT approach large businesses/big box stores (i.e., Walmart, Giant Eagle, etc.) for cookie booths. When a service unit sets up cookie booths, they’re able to request multiple days and times to accommodate the most troops and girls. This avoids multiple troops approaching the busy retail manager and double scheduling. National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend is Feb.

22-24! This special weekend is also the start of GSWPA’s booth sales. It’s a great opportunity to share the news about the Girl Scout Cookie Program. On National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, Girl Scouts across the nation will celebrate and promote the 5 Skills girls learn while participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Special marketing campaigns will run to help promote this weekend. Get a jump start to the booth sale time by holding your own booth sale during National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend.

BOOTH SALE PHASE 14 Troops may only approach small businesses (i.e. local hair salons, small gift shops, family-owned businesses, etc.). Ask your SUCM or service unit cookie booth coordinator if there’s a site you want to schedule that’s outside your service unit area. Follow the steps below to set up your troop’s booth sale. 1. Verify with your SUCM that the site is not part of the service unit's schedule or too close to a service unit location. 2. Ask permission from the location. 3. Enter the details on the Booth Sites tab in eBudde thereby allowing your booth sale to be posted on the online Cookie Locator, as well as the Cookie Finder and Cookie Locator smartphone apps! 4.

Submit your request in eBudde to the SUCM for approval.

  • 5. Your SUCM must confirm or deny the request. Possible reasons for denial: the site location is inappropriate for girls or prohibited by GSWPA or the booth site location is out of your service unit area. Cookie Booth Locations Guidelines We encourage volunteers to use their best judgement in setting up cookie booths in locations that will be open, accessible, and safe for all girls and potential customers.
  • Certain locations may be inappropriate for young girls based on the standards of the local community, may negatively impact the cookie program experience for girls, and/or may negatively impact the Girl Scout Cookie brand in the community.

For additional clarity, girls should not sell in front of establishments that they themselves cannot legally patronize. Think Beyond the “Booth” A cookie booth doesn’t have to be a table set up in front of the grocery store. Maybe girls want to sell with wagons through the neighborhood or have a drive-up cookie booth. Girls will have lots of ideas. Just ask them! Remember, be sure to involve your SUCM in your booth sale plans. Booth Scheduler The eBudde Booth Scheduler will open on Jan. 10, 2019, at 7 p.m. This time-slot scheduler lists GSWPAarranged sites and sites submitted to GSWPA by SUCMs.

It operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Available booth time slots will be shown in green. You may sign up for one time slot the first week the scheduler opens, one additional slot the second week, and an unlimited number of slots beginning the third week. Check back! More sites may have been added, or a troop may have cancelled. Booth-Specific Information Most Booth Scheduler time slots will show specific information in the Notes section regarding the location of the booth within the store, if it's indoors or outdoors, and what you may need to bring with you. Do not contact businesses with questions about booth time slots or booth-specific information.

Please contact the individual identified on the Booth Scheduler with any questions (most likely your SUCM).

Cancelling a Time Slot in the Booth Scheduler If you need to cancel a cookie booth assigned to you in the Booth Scheduler, please do so as soon as you know by going to the Council Sales section of the Booth Sites tab. This gives other troops an opportunity to sign up for the time slot.

BOOTH SALE PHASE 15 Cookie Locator All approved booth sales are automatically uploaded to Little Brownie Baker’s online Cookie Locator (cookielocator.littlebrownie.com). The Cookie Locator allows customers to search for nearby cookie booths by zip code. Be sure to follow the procedures regarding cancelling either Booth Scheduler or service unit/troop-arranged cookie booths as soon as you’re sure your troop cannot make it.

This ensures the Cookie Locator remains accurate for hungry customers. How to Run a Successful Cookie Booth Sale Supplies to Bring to Your Cookie Booth Include: Ɇ Ɇ at least one cash box/bag with an appropriate amount of change (Remember, cash cannot be withdrawn at an ATM from a troop account.) Ɇ Ɇ calculator Ɇ Ɇ poster with troop number and troop goal(s) Ɇ Ɇ Operation: Sweet Appreciation display or Troop Gift of Caring box Ɇ Ɇ 5 for Five! promotional materials Ɇ Ɇ anything extra to Bling your Booth (Details on page 18.) While at your Cookie Booth: Ɇ Ɇ Check in with the store management when you arrive.

They’ll let you know where you'll be located. Be careful not to block doorways and entrances.

Ɇ Ɇ Only plan to stay for the time you’re scheduled. There may be other troops scheduled before or after you. Please be patient and allow for transition time between troops. Ɇ Ɇ If there’s a conflict or if there was an error made in scheduling troops, it was surely unintentional. The troop with the printout from the ‘Current Signups’ page from the Booth Scheduler corresponding with the time and location in dispute has priority. Remember, conflicts among volunteers and parents are evident to the girls, the public, and the business management. Do not bring the business management into the conflict.

It could risk future booth sales at this location. Ɇ Ɇ Girls should not yell at or disrupt customers. Always be kind. Ɇ Ɇ Leave the area cleaner than you found it. Do not leave anything behind (empty boxes, bags, paper, pens, etc.).

Ɇ Ɇ Girls may not sell products other than Girl Scout Cookies. Ɇ Ɇ Girls must stay at their designated booth location. No wandering through the store. Booth sale patches are available for purchase at GSWPA shops and online. Accepting Credit Cards Many customers don’t carry cash these days and rely on their debit/credit cards. Troops have reported an increase in sales when they accepted debit/credit cards at booth sales. It’s a great way to increase your sales while at the booth sale! GSWPA encourages troops to explore using a swipe device to accept credit cards at booth sales. Please note: GSWPA will NOT reimburse swipe fees.

Accepting credit cards and paying all fees associated is a troop decision.

PROMOTIONS & CONTESTS 16 Operation: Sweet Appreciation and Troop Gift of Caring Girl Scouts have a tradition of giving back to their communities. One way girls can give back is through GSWPA's two cookie donation programs—Operation: Sweet Appreciation (OSA) and Troop Gift of Caring (TGOC). Troops can choose to participate in one or both donation programs. Cookie Donation Programs Summary Cookie Donation Program Inventory Source for Donation Recipient eBudde Cost Operation: Sweet Appreciation Cookies are ordered and shipped directly from the bakery and GSWPA. (Troops won’t handle cookies.) Active military and veteran support organizations OSA $5 Troop Gift of Caring Troops deliver donated cookie packages to the organization of their choice using troop inventory.

Organization selected by the troop TGOC $5 Cookie donations are tax deductible. Look for cookie donation receipts at gswpa.org/cookie-resources and vipetraining.littlebrownie.com.

Operation: Sweet Appreciation In this program, GSWPA cookie customers purchase cookie packages to donate to our U.S. military active duty and veteran service member organizations. Last year, GSWPA customers donated more than 50,000 packages of cookies! Promote Operation: Sweet Appreciation to your customers door-to-door and at booth sales! How does Operation: Sweet Appreciation work? 1. Customers make donations to girls at any time during the cookie season and at booth sales. 2. Girls collect $5 per package and turn it in to the troop leader. 3. Operation: Sweet Appreciation donations are recorded in eBudde on the Girl Orders tab in the OSA column.

Operation: Sweet Appreciation orders are included in the sales totals for recognitions. 4. Girl Scout troops never take physical possession of these cookies. These cookies are delivered to support organizations directly from the bakery and GSWPA.

Troop OSA Cookie Challenge Earn a Go-Getter Cookie Booth Kit for your troop! The kit includes:
  • Samoas cookie costume
  • cookie cart
  • button pins
  • yard sign
  • tablecloth
  • money pouch Requirements to earn the Troop OSA Cookie Challenge: 9 9 Troops must have a minimum of five girls participating in the cookie program. 9 9 Troops must have an OSA PGA selling (for all girls selling cookies) of 20 boxes or more. Operation: Sweet Appreciation
PROMOTIONS & CONTESTS 17 OSA and Star patches are available for purchase at GSWPA shops! OSA Star Patches Do your girls already have the OSA patch? Girls can add a star patch (placed next to the OSA patch) to signify each year they participate in OSA. There are no requirements to purchase this patch. Operation: Sweet Appreciation Online Promotion From Jan. 4 through Memorial Day (May 27), troops can earn credit for cookies purchased online. Here's how it works:
  • Customers make donations of any amount through gswpa.org/military—no minimum or maximum.
  • Customers can select a specific girl or troop to benefit from their donation.
  • For donations made after Mar. 17, troops and Indie Girls receive proceeds or program rewards, respectively, for 10 or more donated packages. Donations less than 10 packages will go toward GSWPA programming.

Cookies sold through this online promotion don’t count toward recognitions if the donation was made after Mar. 17. Troop Gift of Caring In this program, customers make a donation of Girl Scout Cookies from the troop's inventory to a worthy organization, such as a local food pantry, shelter, care center, or hospital. Encourage your troop to learn about the organization to truly provide the girls with a full community experience. How does Troop Gift of Caring work? 1. Customers purchase cookies from girls at any time during the cookie season. 2. Girls collect $5 per package and turn it in to the troop leader.

3. Troop Gift of Caring donations are recorded in eBudde on the Girl Orders tab in the TGOC column. Troop Gift of Caring orders are included in the sales totals for recognitions.

4. These orders are filled from the troop's extra cookies at the end of the cookie program. The troop delivers these cookies directly to their Troop Gift of Caring project organization. Please verify in advance that the organization can take cookies. If your troop needs additional cookies to fulfill the Troop Gift of Caring donation program, please place a pending order with a cookie cupboard. The Gift of Caring patch is available for purchase at GSWPA shops.

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