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        02    Message from the Vice-Chancellor and President

        04    The University of Adelaide

        10    Why students love Adelaide

        16    Student support

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        20    Money matters

        22    English language proficency requirements

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        92    2019 undergraduate degree summary

        98    Glossary

        ^ Times Higher and QS ranking
        * A coalition of Australia’s leading
           research intensive universities.
                   AND PRESIDENT
                                            Established in 1874, the University of Adelaide
                                            is recognised as one of Australia’s most respected
                                            research intensive universities, committed to
                                            academic excellence with staff who are national
                                            and international leaders in their fields.
                                            We offer a comprehensive array of undergraduate
                                            degrees, with special pathway options and English
                                            language courses to support your learning and an
                                            alumni host program which will give you an insight
                                            into local South Australian culture.
                                            Our undergraduate degrees are underpinned by
                                            innovation and relevance. They are designed to
                                            meet the ever increasing requirements of industry,
                                            business and government.
                                            Studying at the University of Adelaide will
                                            challenge and inspire you. We will give you a rich
                                            campus experience and the very best academic
                                            preparation to achieve in your chosen discipline
                                            and to equip you with the knowledge and skills
                                            to make a real difference. I look forward to
                                            welcoming you to the University of Adelaide.

                                            Vice-Chancellor and President
                                            Professor Peter Rathjen

2   Message from the Vice-Chancellor and President
Message from the Vice-Chancellor and President   3
4   The University of Adelaide
                                  The University of Adelaide is a world-class teaching
                                  and research institution. We pursue innovation and
                                  prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

                                                                      As Australia’s third oldest university, we have a
                                                                      well-established reputation for excellence and
                                                                      progressive thinking, and are proudly ranked
                                                                      among the top 1% of universities worldwide.
                                                                      We recognise exceptional people as one of our
                                                                      greatest assets. Adelaide has over 110 Rhodes
                                                                      Scholars and five Nobel Laureates among its
                                                                      distinguished alumni. We attract academic staff

     OUR NOBEL LAUREATES                                              who are global leaders in their fields, along with
                                                                      the best and brightest students, who embark
                                                                      on fulfilling careers.
    The Nobel Prize is an international award given
     yearly since 1901 for achievements in physics,                   We are committed to developing quality graduates
     chemistry, medicine, literature and peace. The                   who are recognised for their skills, creativity,
  University of Adelaide is associated with five Nobel                global outlook and ability to succeed. Students
  Laureates, and has a long history of groundbreaking                 will learn from academics who are global leaders
 research and scholarship of international significance.              in their field.
                                                                      Students learn with, and from, international

     1915                            1945
                                                                      counterparts from over 100 different countries,
                                                                      providing the opportunity to build strong
                                                                      global networks.
                                                                      Our research strengths span a wide range of
    Sir William Henry Bragg         Sir Howard Walter Florey:         sectors, including food and wine, defence
  and William Lawrence Bragg:        Physiology or Medicine           and security, health and medicine, mining
             Physics                   For the discovery
    For their services in the         of penicillin and its           and energy, science, entrepreneurship and
  analysis of crystal structure     curative effect in various        innovation, technology and the environment.
     by means of X-rays.              infectious diseases.

   2003 2005
        John M Coetzee:                 Dr J Robin Warren:
          Literature               Physiology or Medicine (joint)
      For his contribution           For his discovery of the
         to literature.              bacterium Helicobacter
                                  pylori, and its role in gastritis
                                    and peptic ulcer disease.

                                                                                                     The University of Adelaide   5
5 STARS   T he QS Intelligence Unit has, through rigorous
                                        independent data collection and analysis of
                                        performance metrics (as set out in the QS
                             PLUS QS    Stars methodology), rated the University of
                                        Adelaide as a Five Stars Plus institution.
                             RATING    TEACHING
                                       LIFE SCIENCES AND MEDICINE

                             7,000                          AREAS                                  HEALTH
                                                                                                   AND MEDICAL
                             INTERNATIONAL                  OF STUDY                               SCIENCES

                                                                                                   AND LAW

                                                                          EDUCATION,               ENGINEERING,
                                                                          HUMANITIES,              COMPUTER AND
                                                                          MUSIC AND                MATHEMATICAL
                                                                          SOCIAL SCIENCES          SCIENCES

                             100 COUNTRIES                                                TOP 7 REGIONS
                             REPRESENTED IN                                               01   CHINA
                             STUDENT POPULATION                                           02   MALAYSIA
                                                                                          03   HONG KONG
                                                                                          04   SINGAPORE
                                                                                          05   INDIA
                                                                                          06   VIETNAM
                                                                                          07   INDONESIA

6   The University of Adelaide
Graduate attributes
                                                                                         The Adelaide education experience is designed to
                                                                                         prepare graduates with the following attributes:
                                                                                         • career and leadership readiness
                                                                                         • deep discipline knowledge
                                                                                         • critical thinking and problem-solving
                                                                                         • teamwork and communication skills
                                                                                         • intercultural and ethical competency
                                                                                         • self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

                                                                                         Global learning
                                                                                         We are committed to providing all students with
                                                                                         opportunities to study internationally. Students have
                                                                                         the possibility of a ‘third country experience’ through a
                                                                                         range of programs, including student exchange, study
                                                                                         tours, summer and winter schools, internships and
                                                                                         placements. With planning, there is no need to extend
                                                                                         a degree to accommodate these experiences. Credit is
                                                                                         usually awarded for the study undertaken.
                                                                                         Students participating in an exchange program remain
                                                                                         enrolled as full-time students at the University of
                                                                                         Adelaide while overseas, and continue to pay their
                                                                                         usual tuition fees. They do not pay tuition fees at the
                                                                                         host university.
                                                                                         There are many exciting opportunities in the Americas,
                                                                                         Europe, Asia-Pacific region and Africa. To discover
                                                                                         more, visit: adelaide.edu.au/global-learning

Faculty of Arts                                   Faculty of Health and                             Faculty of Sciences
Elder Conservatorium of Music                     Medical Sciences                                  School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
School of Humanities*                             Adelaide Dental School                            School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
School of Social Sciences^                        Adelaide Medical School                           School of Biological Sciences
School of Education                               Adelaide Nursing School                           School of Physical Sciences
                                                  School of Public Health
Faculty of Engineering, Computer                  School of Psychology                              * 	Includes the disciplines of: Art History, Classics,
                                                                                                       Archaeology and Ancient History, English and Creative
and Mathematical Sciences                                                                              Writing, French Studies, German Studies, History,
                                                                                                       Linguistics, Media, Philosophy and Spanish Studies.
Australian School of Petroleum                    Faculty of the Professions                        ^ 	Includes the disciplines of: Anthropology, Criminology,
School of Chemical Engineering                    Adelaide Business School#                             International Development, Asian Studies, Geography,
                                                                                                        Environment and Population, Gender Studies, Politics
School of Civil, Environmental and                Adelaide Law School                                   and International Studies and Sociology.
Mining Engineering                                                                                  # 	Includes the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation
                                                  School of Architecture and Built Environment
                                                                                                      and Innovation Centre (ECIC).
School of Computer Science
                                                  School of Economics
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
School of Mathematical Sciences
School of Mechanical Engineering

                                                                                                                              The University of Adelaide      7
    The University of Adelaide has three
    campuses in South Australia: North
    Terrace, Roseworthy and Waite.

                           The University, since 2011, has invested over
                           AUD $500 million in a major capital works
                           program, delivering a suite of world-class
                           facilities and infrastructure.

                           North Terrace campus
                           The University’s main campus on North Terrace
                           is renowned for its historic architecture and
                           lively atmosphere. Located within the heart
                           of Adelaide’s central business and shopping
                           district, the campus is adjacent to the State
                           Library, Festival Theatre, South Australian
                           Museum, Art Gallery of South Australia,
                           Adelaide Zoo, and Botanic Gardens.
                           Within walking distance is the University’s
                           recently opened Adelaide Health and Medical
                           Sciences building, situated in the South
                           Australian Health and Biomedical Precinct.
                                                                                Roseworthy campus
                           Waite campus                                         Roseworthy campus is an internationally
                           The Waite campus is the largest agricultural         renowned centre for excellence in
                           research institute in the Southern Hemisphere        dryland agriculture, natural resource
                           and the third largest in the world. It is home       management and animal production. It
                           to a number of research partners and the             is set on over 1,600 hectares of land for
                           internationally renowned Waite Research              practical training and is home to South
                           Institute. Staff and students work closely           Australia's only veterinary school. It
                           with these organisations, providing a unique         features an AUD $37 million veterinary
                           opportunity for collaboration on national and        clinic, where students can gain clinical
                           international research projects. Research areas      experience while studying.
                           include wine, plant biotechnology, plant breeding,   Roseworthy is located 55 kilometres north
                           sustainable agriculture and land management.         of Adelaide and 10 kilometres from the
                           The campus is located eight kilometres south of      town of Gawler (population 24,000).
                           the city centre and is easily accessible by public   Access to the campus is available by a
                           transport and a Waite-North Terrace campus           North Terrace-Roseworthy campus shuttle
                           shuttle bus service. Campus services include a       bus. Campus services include student
                           childcare centre, gym and sporting facilities.       accommodation, a swimming pool and
                                                                                fitness centre.

8   The University of Adelaide
North Terrace campus

                                   The Braggs

                                   Adelaide Health and Medical
                                   Sciences building

                                        For more information on our campuses,
                                        visit: adelaide.edu.au/campuses

Wine Innovation Central building

                                                                                The University of Adelaide   9
       With all the advantages of a major city but few of
       the inconveniences, Adelaide offers an enviable
       lifestyle in an environment ideal for study.

                            Australia’s most
                            affordable mainland city
                            Adelaide is one of the most affordable
                            mainland cities in Australia. The cost
                            of living in Adelaide is up to 19%
                            lower than Sydney and Melbourne
                            and 4% lower than Brisbane.*
                            * Source: Study Adelaide studyadelaide.com

                            A truly liveable city
                            Adelaide is a safe and relaxed place to
                            live. In 2017, The Economist Intelligence
                            Unit’s Liveability Survey ranked
                            Adelaide the world’s fifth most liveable
                            city - for the fifth year running.

                            Culturally diverse
                            South Australians hail from over
                            120 different countries, creating
                            a wonderful mix of cultures and
                            influences. One in five South
                            Australians were born overseas!

                            Learn more
                            • Being an international student in
                              Adelaide, visit: studyadelaide.com
                            • Tourism and holidays in South
                              Australia, visit: southaustralia.com

10   Why students love Adelaide
Season    Months   Conditions   Temperature
Summer    Dec −    Mainly       25ºC - 35ºC
          Feb      hot/dry

                                                               QUICK STATS
Autumn    Mar −    Mainly       20ºC - 25ºC
          May      dry
Winter    Jun −    Cool         10ºC - 15ºC
          Aug      and wet
Spring    Sept −   Some         20ºC - 25ºC                    Area         985,335 km2
          Nov      rain                                        Capital      Adelaide

Warm, dry summers and short, mild winters.                     Coastline    4,800 km (with over 100 islands)
Over 300 days of sunshine per year.
                                                               Population   Adelaide: 1.3 million
                                                                            South Australia: 1.7 million
                                                               Currency     Australian dollar (AUD)
                                                               Economy      Major industries include
                                                                            bioscience, defence, minerals
                                                                            and energy, and wine.

                                     FLIGHT HOURS
                                     Kuala Lumpur
                                     Hong Kong

                                                    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
                                                    Flight hours to Adelaide

                                                                                                   Why students love Adelaide   11
                                                    Adelaide is a great city for
                                                    international students.
                                                                      It has a bustling, energetic city
                                                                      centre and is renowned for its

                                                                      festivals, cultural life and sporting
                                                                      events. With great shopping,
                                                                      beaches, a café culture, affordable
                                                                      student accommodation and
                                                                      friendly residents, Adelaide offers
                                                                      a relaxed lifestyle with all the
                                                                      convenience of city living.

                  LIVE CENTRALLY
                  Student accommodation
                  is more affordable in
                  Adelaide than in many
                  other Australian cities,
                  and much of it is in the
                  heart of the CBD. Many
                  students can simply
                  walk to their lectures.

                                             For more information on South
                                             Australia, visit: southaustralia.com

12   Why students love Adelaide
                     Adelaide is one of Australia’s most
                     cosmopolitan cities, with an array
                     of cafés, restaurants and shops

                     reflecting the diversity of its ethnic
                     communities. Adelaide is reputed
                     to have more cafés and restaurants
                     per head of population than any                Adelaide boasts a range of
                     other city in Australia.                       shopping experiences comparable
                                                                    to anywhere in Australia. Within
                                                                    the CBD, Rundle Mall has
                                                                    the biggest concentration of
                                                                    department and chain stores,
                                                                    while within walking distance are
                                                                    trendy boutiques, pubs and cafés.

                                             EASY TO GET
                                             Adelaide is a vibrant city that’s easy to navigate.
                                             Broad, spacious boulevards accommodate an
                                             efficient network of public buses, trains and
                                             trams, with international students receiving the
                                             same discounts as locals.

          Adelaide is a coastal city, with
          pristine white sandy beaches
          that attract thousands for

          relaxation and recreation in
          the summer. It takes just 20
          minutes on the tram to get from
          the city centre to the beach.

                                                                             Why students love Adelaide   13
ET                                                                                                                                   Y
                                                                                                        STRE                                                                                                                              LE
               ON ST                                                                            TYNTE                                                                                                                             AN
                                                                                                                                                                                                          N                     ST                                       ET
                                                                                                                                                                                                    S  TO                                                            TRE
                                                                   T                                                                                                                               G                                                              ES
                                                        TH S  TREE                                                                                                                             KIN                                                            N
                                                   SWOR                                                                     REET                                                                                                                            UR
                                               MOLE                                                                    ER ST                                                                                                                           BO
                                                                                                               ARCH                                                                                                                           L

                                                      ARD S
                                                 BARN                                                              T
                                                                                                      S                                                    GHAM

           ADELAIDE CITY

                                                                                                                                                                         H AV
     W                                                                                                    PEN
      AR                                                                                                      N    ING

                                                                                                                                                                IN S
                                                                                                                               TCE                                                                            5




                                                                                                                                       KING WILLIAM ROAD
                                                                          MONTEFIORE ROAD


                                                                                                                                                                        KINTORE AVE
                                                      AHMS                                                                       3                                                                      OF ADELAIDE
                                                      BUILDING                                                              1                                                           2 9 4
                                                                                                                                                                                        NORTH TERRACE                                                                                                   B

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              EAST TCE
                                                                                                  HINDLEY STREET                                                                        RUNDLE MALL                           RUNDLE STREET                                                            RUN
                                                                                                                                        KING WILLIAM ST

                                                                                                    CURRIE STREET                                                                       GRENFELL STREET
                                                                        LIGHT                                                                                                                           HINDMARSH
                                                                                                                                                                         GAWLER PLACE

                                                                       SQUARE                                                                                                                             SQUARE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    FROME STREET
                                                                                                   WAYMOUTH STREET                                                                       PIRIE STREET

                                                                                                    FRANKLIN STREET                                                                     FLINDERS STREET
                                                                          MORPHETT ST

                               WEST TERRACE

                                                                                                  GROTE STREET                                                                                                               WAKEFIELD STREET
                                                                                                                                                                                                               PULTENEY ST

                                                                                                 GOUGER STREET                                                      ANGAS STREET
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         HUTT STREET

                                                                                                    WRIGHT STREET                                              CARRINGTON STREET

                                                                       WHITMORE                                                                                                                          SQUARE
                                                                                                        STURT STREET                                              HALIFAX STREET

                                                                                                   GILBERT STREET                                                     GILLES STREET

                                                                                                                                                                      SOUTH TERRACE
                               GOODWOOD ROAD

                                                                                                                                       PEACOCK ROAD

                                                                                                                                                                                                               UNLEY ROAD

                                                                          SIR LEWIS COHEN AVE

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         HUTT ROAD


14    Why students love Adelaide


                                              North Haven                                                                                                                                                                  Golden
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Valley              Grove

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Tea Tree Plaza

                                            Semaphore                       Port Adelaide

                                                                                                                                                             Grand Junction Rd

                                                                                                                                                                                        s  tB
                    Y ROAD

                                                                                                          Woodville                                                          No                                  Athelstone

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Black Hill
                                                                                                                                    Prospect                                                                                            Park

                                                                         Grange Rd                                                                                                         Rostrevor
                                                                                                orrens                                                                                                                           Conservation
                                                                                  er T                                                                               St Peters                                                      Park
                                                 Henley Beach
                                                                                                         Thebarton                               North Tce
               AD                                                                                                                                 Campus                                   Magill
   A                                                    West Beach
                                                                                                                Travel time                ADELAIDE                                                                   Horsnell
                                                                              Airport                            20 mins                                                                                               Gully
NDLE ROAD                                                                                                                                                                                                          ill R
                                                                                                                     y                       Park
                                                                                                              c   Hw
                                                             Glenelg                                                                                             Waite                                      Conservation
                                                                                                                                                                                                             and Wildlife
                                                                                                                                                                Campus                                          Park


                                                                                  Brighton Rd

                                                                                                                                       St Marys
                                                                                                                                Shepards Hill
                                                                                                         Marion                                                           National
                                                                   Brighton                                                    Recreation Park                             Park                                             Main Road
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Minor Road
    WAKEFIELD ROAD                                                                                                                               Blackwood
                                                                                                                           Sturt Gorge
                                                             Seacliff                                                    Recreation Park                                                                           Loftia

                                                                                                                                                                     0           km                 4

                                                                                                                                           Coromandel Valley

                                                                                                                                 Happy Valley

                                                                                                                                                                                             Scott Creek


                                                                Morphett Vale
                             1 Adelaide Railway Station                  6 Adelaide Botanic Gardens
                             2 State Library of SA                       7 China Town
                             3 Adelaide Festival Centre                  8 Adelaide Oval
                             4 Art Gallery of South Australia            9 South Australian Museum
                             5 Adelaide Zoo

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Why students love Adelaide                15
STUDENT                                          International Student Support

                                                                        Careers Service

                                                                        Writing Centre

                                                                        Maths Learning Centre

                        The University offers a                         Childcare
                        range of support services to
                                                                        Counselling Support
                        help international students                     adelaide.edu.au/counselling

                                                                        Disability Support
                        succeed at university.                          adelaide.edu.au/disability

                                                                        Elite Athlete Support
                        Friendly staff are available to help students   adelaide.edu.au/eliteathletes
                        manage their studies, assist with any
                        student visa queries, help with health or       Health Practice
                        disability needs, support students in fitting   adelaideunicare.com.au
                        into their new life in Adelaide, and help
                        solve personal problems.                        Library
                        In addition, doctors at the North Terrace
                        campus' Health Practice can provide             Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)
                        students with year-round health support.        adelaide.edu.au/pass

16   Student support
The University of Adelaide offers a stimulating
environment where students are encouraged to take
part in a wide range of extracurricular activities.

StudyAdelaide                             Life on campus
studyadelaide.com                         Adelaide University Union
StudyAdelaide provides information
and support to students both before
they arrive in Adelaide and after they    Student services
settle into life in their new home.
                                          Student Care
It conducts a busy schedule of events     auu.org.au/student-care
and activities each year. These include
everything from a welcome ceremony        Employment
with the Lord Mayor, international
student awards, career advancement        Volunteering
workshops, wine education functions,      auu.org.au
regional trips and social events, such
as sports days.                           Special-interest and social clubs
To find out more, head to
studyadelaide.com and download the
StudyAdelaide app (free on Google         Student media
Play and the Apple App Store). Follow     On Dit
StudyAdelaide on Facebook, Twitter        auu.org.au/ondit
and Instagram for photos, news,
information and competitions.
                                          Sporting clubs and facilities
Facebook: Facebook.com/studyadelaide
Twitter: @studyadelaide                   Adelaide University Sport
Instagram: @studyadelaide                 adelaide.edu.au/sports

                                          The Fitness Hub

                                                                              Campus life   17
         Accommodation plays an important
         part in building a solid foundation
         for academic success.

Students benefit from the advantages that     program and make new friends, without           Roseworthy Residential College
come from choosing to study in a city where   having to worry about the challenges of
                                                                                              This accommodation is operated by the
accommodation of all types, including our     the private rental market.
                                                                                              University and only available to students
University-managed accommodation, is not
                                                                                              of the University's Roseworthy campus.
only accessible but more affordable than in   Long-term student accommodation                 This property offers students the opportunity
other Australian cities.
                                              adelaide.edu.au/accommodation                   to enjoy the benefits of on-campus
The University recommends students                                                            residential living.
                                              The University assists international
adopt the RECAS approach to identifying
                                              students to obtain suitable longer-term         Independent residential colleges
an accommodation option to suit their
                                              housing. Students may choose any of
individual needs and support a positive                                                       There are five independent residential
                                              the following options.
educational experience.                                                                       colleges situated in North Adelaide that
• Research all available                      The University of Adelaide Village              offer accommodation to students. These
  accommodation options                                                                       independent residential colleges are privately
                                              The University of Adelaide Village is
                                                                                              owned and operated. They are not owned or
• Establish a realistic budget                our largest of the University’s student
                                                                                              operated by the University.
• Consider the value of managed               accommodation properties. The Village is
                                              home to over 400 students, who experience       Students can contact the residential colleges
  student accommodation
                                              the safety and security of having access to     directly to better understand what is
• Avoid extended temporary accommodation      University staff on-site, 24 hours a day,       available. These residential colleges include:
• Seek assistance from the University         seven days a week.                              Aquinas, Lincoln, St Ann's, St Mark's and
  Accommodation Service                                                                       Kathleen Lumley College.
                                              Students need only bring their personal
Students unfamiliar with Adelaide are         belongings, as furniture, kitchen appliances,   Commercial student accommodation
encouraged to consider living in managed      utilities (including electricity), phone
                                              and Internet are all included in the            Commercial student accommodation
student accommodation during their
                                              accommodation fees. The only additional         refers to purpose-built off-campus student
first year of university. Managed student
                                              costs are for meals (students must cook         accommodation facilities, run by private
accommodation provides new students with
                                              and clean for themselves) and the on-site,      management companies not affiliated
the opportunity to become better acquainted
                                              coin-operated laundry facilities.               with the University of Adelaide. These
with the city, settle into their academic

18   Accommodation
                     This table matches long-term student accommodation options to individual needs.

                     Accommodation types           Accommodation options       Student profile

                     University residential        University-managed          New students to the University, without a
                     environments                  student accommodation       local support network, looking to establish
                                                                               a solid foundation for ongoing academic
                                                                               success, with direct access to University
                                                                               learning and student support services within
                                                                               their residential environment.

                     Commercial student            Urbanest                    Students looking for the convenience and
                     accommodation                                             comfort of packaged accommodation in a
                                                                               student residential environment.

                     Independent residential       Independent residential     Students looking for an environment that
                     environment                   colleges                    provides a residential lifestyle with other peers
                                                                               who are living away from home.

                     Independent living            Share/rental                Students with the skills and experience to
                                                   accommodation               enter into tenancy arrangements and pursue
                                                                               an independent lifestyle.

                                                       Level 4, Hub Central, North Terrace campus,            Eligible students can book an arrival
                                                       with a user name and password. The database            reception service and be met by a University
                                                       is only promoted among the University                  representative at Adelaide Airport, via a
                                                       community, and most accommodation                      domestic or international flight. Students will
                                                       listings are offered by people affiliated with us      then be transported to their accommodation.
                                                       who would like to share their room/property            Eligible students who choose not to secure
                                                       with a University of Adelaide student.                 long-term managed student accommodation
                                                                                                              for their arrival in Adelaide may also be
                                                       Students wishing to find share or rental
                                                                                                              eligible for seven nights of temporary
                                                       accommodation when they arrive in
facilities offer fully-furnished, self-contained                                                              accommodation booked through the University.
                                                       Adelaide are encouraged to book temporary
apartments that give students flexibility to                                                                  It is important to note that temporary
                                                       accommodation in the first instance. Once
live alone or share with others. There are                                                                    accommodation options arranged through
                                                       in Adelaide, students should visit the
also rooms for couples.                                                                                       the University are unlikely to be extended
                                                       University’s Accommodation Service for
                                                                                                              further than a period of seven nights due to
In addition to rent, students may need to              information on all available options and
                                                                                                              high demand for short-term accommodation
budget for additional expenses, including:             support in identifying and securing quality
                                                                                                              during the traditional student intake periods.
                                                       long-term living arrangements. Students
• gas
                                                       are discouraged from sending money                     For more information on eligibility
• electricity                                          from offshore to secure share or rental                criteria, arrival reception and temporary
• telephone connection (optional)                      accommodation prior to inspecting it.                  accommodation services, contact:
• Internet connection (optional).
                                                       Accommodation for families                             Accommodation Service
Places in commercial student                                                                                  The University of Adelaide
accommodation facilities are offered on a              Students accompanied by family members                 Level 4, Hub Central
6 or 12-month fixed-term lease.                        will find private rental accommodation in              SA 5005 Australia
                                                       houses or apartments the most suitable                 Opening hours: Mon to Fri, 9 am to 5 pm
It is important to note that these facilities are
                                                       accommodation option.                                  Telephone: +61 8 8313 5220
not directly affiliated with the University of
Adelaide and students are advised to inspect           It’s easier for an individual student to initially     Fax: +61 8 8313 3338
them before committing.                                travel to Adelaide on their own to arrange             Email: accommodation@adelaide.edu.au
                                                       suitable permanent family accommodation.               Web: adelaide.edu.au/accommodation
Private rental and share accommodation                 Spouses and children who arrive later can              Skype: uoaaccommodation
Affordable share accommodation can also                then move straight in.
                                                                                                                    For more information on accommodation,
be found in the private rental market,                                                                              visit: adelaide.edu.au/accommodation
so the University offers a rental database             Arrival reception and
(adelaide.edu.au/accommodation) for our                temporary accommodation
students’ exclusive use.                               Temporary accommodation and arrival
Our enrolled students can access the                   reception services are available to
database from our Accommodation Service,               commencing international students.

                                                                                                                                           Accommodation   19
As part of planning, applicants need to                                                          student will be advised of their specific fee
                                                                                                 schedule in the University’s offer of admission.

consider the financial requirements before                                                       New international students are required
                                                                                                 to pay a tuition fee deposit when accepting
                                                                                                 an offer of admission. After enrolment,
applying at the University, and are advised                                                      students are then invoiced for the balance
                                                                                                 of their fees in that enrolment period.
to set a realistic budget.                                                                       The University invoices students (or their
                                                                                                 sponsor) each enrolment period according
                                                                                                 to students’ enrolment load.

Incidental costs                                • Research all available                         Student Services and Amenities Fee
                                                  accommodation options                          International students commencing in
Prospective students should allow at least
                                                • Establish a realistic budget                   2019 will be required to pay an annual
AUD $500 per year for textbooks and basic
                                                                                                 Student Services and Amenities Fee. This
study materials. Depending on the degree,       • Consider the value of managed                  covers activities such as clubs, sporting
other costs may include: specialist equipment     student accommodation                          and recreational activities, and many other
(e.g. laboratory coats, microscopes,
                                                • Avoid extended temporary accommodation         services. The fee was AUD $298 for 2018
stethoscopes); optional supplementary
                                                                                                 and it is indexed annually.
reading and academic program materials;         • Seek assistance from the University
field trips; and expenses such as thesis          Accommodation Service                          For more information, visit:
preparation, printing and binding.                                                               adelaide.edu.au/student/finance/ssaf
                                                Application fee
Accommodation                                   An application fee of AUD $100 must
                                                                                                 Refund policy
Although living in Adelaide is more             be paid with the University of Adelaide          All applicants must read the University’s
affordable than many other Australian cities,   undergraduate online application. An             policy on refunds and adjustments before
accommodation remains students’ largest         exemption may apply for some government          accepting an offer of admission. The policy
variable expense. It can cost anywhere          or externally-sponsored students.                complies with all requirements for tuition
from around AUD $135 per week for                                                                fee refunds stipulated in the Education
share accommodation outside the city            Tuition fees                                     Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act
centre to AUD $259 per week (including                                                           2000, associated Australian Government
electricity, water, gas and unlimited Wi-Fi)    International students are required to pay       regulations, and the ESOS National
for University-managed accommodation            international student tuition fees, which        Code of Practice (2018).
within the city centre. The average rent for    cover the cost of teaching and many student
                                                support services. The indicative annual          For policy details, visit:
a private studio apartment in the CBD is                                                         adelaide.edu.au/student/finance/refunds
approximately AUD $400 per week.                tuition fee quoted in this prospectus is based
                                                on the standard full-time enrolment load of
The University recommends that students         24 units per year or 12 units per semester.      Health and medical
adopt the RECAS approach to identifying
                                                The quoted fee is reviewed annually and          Student visa holders and their dependants
an accommodation option to suit their
                                                may increase in future. Fees may also vary       are required to have health insurance for
individual needs and support a positive
                                                depending on enrolment load, and each            the duration of their student visa through
educational experience.

20 Money matters
the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
scheme. The University’s preferred provider
                                                      STUDY-RELATED COSTS
of OSHC is Allianz Global Assistance. Visit:          This should be viewed as a guide only, as costs can
https://allianzassistancehealth.com.au/en/            vary significantly from one student to another. These
student-visa-oshc/                                    are basic living costs at the time of publication and do
                                                      not include program tuition fees, costs for textbooks,
For additional information, please refer to:
                                                      other study-related needs, running a car, medical
support-services/                                     expenses, or any luxuries.

Students with families
International students who bring their families
                                                      Before arrival
to Australia will need to take into account           Expense                                              Cost (AUD)
additional costs associated with health cover,
housing, food, transport, childcare and               Tuition Fee deposit                                  $7,000−$9,000
education. For information and advice, visit          (as specified in offer of admission)
                                                      Overseas Student Health Cover**                      $609−$3,438
international-tertiary-students                       Economy air travel to Adelaide                       $1,200−$2,000
                                                      Visa application charge^                             $560
Part-time work
                                                      Medical examination for visa application#            $300
Many international students and their dependants
hope to obtain part-time work to supplement           Refundable deposit for University-managed            $500
funds for living costs. While this may be possible,   rental accommodation (if applicable)
we recommend students not rely on it for essential
expenses. Obtaining a job is not guaranteed, and
can take time. Students should also be aware the      After arrival
workload for many degrees is intense, so they may
                                                      Expense                                              Cost (AUD)
not have time to undertake employment.
International students who do find part-time          All students:
work should be aware that they have the same          Rent in advance                                      2 weeks rent
workplace rights as all other workers in Australia.
                                                      Household set-up (linen, groceries, etc.)            $500
For more information on working while
studying, visit: homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/stud/More    Remainder of tuition fee                             Refer to offer letter
and search for ‘Work conditions for student visa
holders’ and fairwork.gov.au/find-help-for/           Private accommodation options only:
visa-holders-and-migrants                             Refundable accommodation bond                        4-6 weeks’ rent
                                                      Electricity and gas connection                       $38−$72
Change to permanent resident status
                                                      Landline telephone/Internet connection               $59−$299
Different quota restrictions (imposed by the
University and the Australian Government) apply       Furniture and household goods                        $1,000+
to admissions for international students than for
Australian residents. International students whose
immigration status changes to Australian Perm-        Average weekly living expenses*
anent Resident will be required to transfer to a
domestic fee-paying place. They may subsequently      Expense                                              Cost (AUD)
apply to transfer into a Commonwealth-                Accommodation                                        $135−$400
supported place, depending on their degree.
                                                      Groceries                                            $90−$135
Scholarships                                          Gas/electricity/water                                $40−$55
A number of scholarships will be available for        Transport (student concession rates)                 $20−$35
international students who wish to study at the
                                                      Telephone/postage/Internet                           $20−$40
University of Adelaide commencing in 2019. For
information on the application process, minimum       Other costs (e.g. clothing, entertainment)           $50+
eligibility criteria and important deadlines,
                                                      Total weekly expenses                                $355−$705
visit international.adelaide.edu.au and select
'Scholarships and sponsorships' from the menu.
A selection of scholarships are also available from   * Source: Study Adelaide
the Australian Government. For information on         ** The Department of Home Affairs requires all students to have health
these, visit: australiaawards.gov.au                      insurance for the duration of their visa.Visa length varies and is
                                                          slightly longer than the length of a student’s degree. The fee quoted
All scholarship details are subject to change,            here is for 12 month’s cover.
so interested students are encouraged to check        # Approximate cost for standard examination only. Additional costs
these websites regularly.                               may be incurred if more comprehensive medical exams are required.
                                                      ^ Surcharge may apply to some subsequent student visa applications.

                                                                                                                  Money matters   21
   REQUIREMENTS                                                                 Students without the required level of English will
                                                                                need to satisfactorily complete an intensive program
                                                                                of English language before being admitted to the
                                                                                University of Adelaide. The University can arrange
                                                                                an appropriate Academic English Pre-enrolment
                                                                                English Program (PEP) in Adelaide at the English
                                                                                Language Centre (refer to page 25).
                                                                                These programs provide an alternative entry
                                                                                pathway for prospective students who have received
                                                                                offers to the University conditional upon English
                           The University accepts the                           proficiency. On successful completion of the PEP,
                                                                                students can be granted entry into the majority of
                           following tests of English language                  degrees at the University.
                           (except where otherwise specified):
                                                                                     For more information about English language
                           • IELTS (International English Language                   
                                                                                     requirements, visit: international.adelaide.edu.au
                             Testing System) Academic Test
                           • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
                           • Pearson Test of English (Academic)
                           • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE).

                           Other evidence of proficiency in English
                           may be accepted in individual cases.

22 English language proficiency requirements
                                    IELTS (Academic)                                                                     Pearson Test of English       Cambridge English:
           Degrees                                                           TOEFL Minimum scores
                                    Minimum scores                                                                     (Academic) Minimum scores        Advanced (CAE)

General requirements

Standard requirements               Overall band                 Paper-based: total of 573 with a minimum               Overall score of 58         Overall score of 176
for coursework degrees               score of 6.5               of 4.5 in the Test of Written English (TWE)                      AND                        AND
Applicable to all                        AND                                          OR                               Skills profile of no less      Individual score
undergraduate degrees               Band score of         Internet-based: total score of 79 with a minimum of 21        than 50 in all skills        of 169 in all skills
except those specified below       6.0 in all bands      in writing, 18 in speaking and 13 in reading and listening

Faculty of Arts
School of Education                 Overall band             Paper-based: total score of 600 with a minimum              Overall score of 65          Overall score 185
All undergraduate degrees,           score of 7.0               of 5.0 in the Test of Written English (TWE)                      AND                         AND
including double degrees*                AND                                          OR                                 Skills profile of 65      Individual score of 185
                                    Band score of         Internet-based: total score of 94 with a minimum of 27        in writing, speaking,       in writing, speaking,
                                   7.0 in all bands      in writing, 23 in speaking and 24 in reading and listening     reading and listening       reading and listening

Faculty of the Professions
Law School                          Overall band             Paper-based: total score of 600 with a minimum              Overall score of 65          Overall score 185
All undergraduate degrees,           score of 7.0               of 5.0 in the Test of Written English (TWE)                      AND                         AND
including double degrees                AND                                           OR                                Skills profile of 65 in    Individual score of 185
                                Band score of 7.0 in      Internet-based: total score of 94 with a minimum of 27        writing and speaking       in writing and speaking
                                writing and speaking     in writing, 23 in speaking and 20 in reading and listening              AND                         AND
                                        AND                                                                             Skills profile of 58 in    Individual score of 176
                                Band score of 6.5 in                                                                    reading and listening      in reading and listening
                                reading and listening

Faculty of Sciences
School of Animal and                Overall band             Paper-based: total score of 600 with a minimum              Overall score of 65          Overall score 185
Veterinary Science                   score of 7.0               of 5.0 in the Test of Written English (TWE)                      AND                         AND
Bachelor of Science                      AND                                          OR                                 Skills profile of 65      Individual score of 185
(Veterinary Bioscience)*            Band score of         Internet-based: total score of 94 with a minimum of 27        in writing, speaking,       in writing, speaking,
                                   7.0 in all bands      in writing, 23 in speaking and 24 in reading and listening     reading and listening       reading and listening

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Adelaide Dental School              Overall band             Paper-based: total score of 600 with a minimum              Overall score of 65          Overall score 185
Bachelor of Dental Surgery           score of 7.0               of 5.0 in the Test of Written English (TWE)                      AND                         AND
Bachelor of Oral Health                  AND                                          OR                                 Skills profile of 65      Individual score of 185
                                    Band score of         Internet-based: total score of 94 with a minimum of 27        in writing, speaking,       in writing, speaking,
                                   7.0 in all bands      in writing, 23 in speaking and 24 in reading and listening     reading and listening       reading and listening

Adelaide Medical School             Overall band             Paper-based: total score of 600 with a minimum              Overall score of 65          Overall score 185
Bachelor of Medicine and             score of 7.0               of 5.0 in the Test of Written English (TWE)                      AND                         AND
Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)               AND                                          OR                                 Skills profile of 65      Individual score of 185
                                    Band score of         Internet-based: total score of 94 with a minimum of 27        in writing, speaking,        in writing, speaking
                                   7.0 in all bands      in writing, 23 in speaking and 24 in reading and listening     reading and listening       reading and listening

Adelaide Nursing School             Overall band             Paper-based: total score of 600 with a minimum              Overall score of 65          Overall score 185
Bachelor of Nursing                  score of 7.0               of 5.0 in the Test of Written English (TWE)                      AND                         AND
                                         AND                                          OR                                 Skills profile of 65      Individual score of 185
                                    Band score of         Internet-based: total score of 94 with a minimum of 27        in writing, speaking,       in writing, speaking,
                                   7.0 in all bands      in writing, 23 in speaking and 24 in reading and listening     reading and listening       reading and listening

Applicants whose English test scores are slightly below the requirements of their preferred degree may choose to enrol in an appropriate Academic English
Pre-enrolment English Program (PEP) as an alternative means for meeting the English language proficiency requirements. Students who successfully
complete the PEP at the required standard will be eligible for direct entry to the degree nominated in their offer without any further English test
requirements. This option is available to applicants in all degrees listed in the above table, except those marked with *. An offer to the PEP is included
for eligible students. PEP entry requirements are listed at: adelaide.edu.au/elc/courses/pathways
Other evidence of proficiency in English may be accepted in individual cases.
* Applicants seeking entry to the degrees marked* must present the required IELTS/TOEFL/Pearson/CAE scores to meet the English language proficiency requirements and are
  not permitted to undertake an Academic English PEP pathway. These entry requirements are correct at the time of printing. Please see the following website for up-to-date
  information: international.adelaide.edu.au The University of Adelaide reserves the right to make the final decision regarding admission to the University.

                                                                                                                                English language proficiency requirements    23
The University’s English Language Centre (ELC)                                                 TOEFL Test
                                                                                               The Test of English as a Foreign Language
provides outstanding academic English, general English                                         internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT) is
                                                                                               available at the University of Adelaide.
programs and English teacher training services                                                 English is the language of instruction at
                                                                                               Australian universities, and proficiency in
for international students and groups.                                                         speaking, listening, reading and writing is
                                                                                               essential. The TOEFL iBT measures these
                                                                                               four language skills to ensure students can
Pre-Enrolment English Program (PEP)            Eligibility                                     communicate their ideas and interact in real
                                                                                               life, classroom and campus situations.
The University of Adelaide offers an           To find out which Pre-Enrolment English
academic English pathway for students          Program (PEP) they are eligible for, students   The TOEFL iBT is accepted at all Australian
who have not met the minimum English           should refer to the diagram opposite.           universities. Tests are held regularly
language entry requirements of their                                                           throughout the year at the ELC.
undergraduate program.                         Other programs                                  For more information and dates, visit:
This is a direct entry pathway into further                                                    adelaide.edu.au/elc/toefl
                                               General English for Academic
studies at the University of Adelaide. The     Purposes (GEAP)
length of the program depends on the                                                           Pre-Enrolment English Program
applicant’s English proficiency test score.    General English for Academic Purposes (GEAP)    (PEP) timelines and costs
Students who successfully complete the         is a general English program for students
                                               wishing to develop their language skills at     In addition to the fees below, an enrolment
Pre-enrolment English Program (PEP)
                                               one of the most prestigious universities in     fee of AUD $295 will apply to Pre-
at the required level do not need to sit
                                               Australia, with students from all around the    Enrolment English Program (PEP).
another English test before entering their
University program.                            world. Delivered in the academic environment    For information on Trimester
                                               of the University of Adelaide, GEAP is          intake programs please visit:
The PEP is offered in lengths of 10, 15,       designed to build effective and confident       www.adelaide.edu.au/elc/courses/pep/dates-fees
20, 25, 30 and 35 weeks.                       oral and written communication skills.
                                                                                               For more information about the English
For more information on the PEP please visit   GEAP is offered in five levels of language      Language Centre, visit: adelaide.edu.au/elc
the website: adelaide.edu.au/elc/courses/pep   proficiency, from elementary through to
                                               advanced. Students can choose the length of
PEP Extended Pathway                           their program—from as little as five weeks      Degrees commencing 2019 semester 1
The PEP Extended 30 and 35 week courses        to 45 weeks. All levels focus on developing
                                                                                               Weeks Start            Finish        Cost (AUD)
combine General English for Academic           the students’ speaking, listening, reading
Purposes (GEAP) classes, and Pre-              and writing skills. As a student’s English      35     30 Apr 2018     31 Jan 2019   $17,150
enrolment English Program (PEP) classes.       proficiency increases, academic tasks are       30     4 Jun 2018      31 Jan 2019   $14,700
Commencing in the GEAP allows students         added to the program content.
                                                                                               25     12 Jul 2018     31 Jan 2019   $12,250
to develop the fundamental linguistic
building blocks of grammar and vocabulary      Group Study Tour programs                       20     23 Aug 2018     31 Jan 2019   $9,800
for academic level study, before progressing   Group Study Tour programs offer the ideal       15     27 Sep 2018     31 Jan 2019   $7,350
to English classes specifically tailored for   mix of academic excellence and cultural
students entering an award program.                                                            10     8 Nov 2018      31 Jan 2019   $4,900
                                               experience for groups of international
• PEP Extended 30 week students will           students or professionals looking for a
  complete 5 weeks of GEAP before              rewarding Australian experience. These          Degrees commencing 2019 semester 2
  commencing 25 weeks of PEP classes.          programs are tailored towards each group’s
                                               specific needs and can be for any length of     Weeks Start            Finish        Cost (AUD)
• PEP Extended 35 week students will
                                               time, but are usually between two and eight     35     2 Oct 2018      4 Jul 2019    $17,150
  complete 10 weeks of GEAP before
                                               weeks. Homestay accommodation can be
  commencing 25 weeks of PEP classes.                                                          30     12 Nov 2018     4 Jul 2019    $14,700
                                               included as part of the program.
                                                                                               25     2 Jan 2019      4 Jul 2019    $12,875
                                               Academic sessions can focus on general
                                               English tuition or a specific discipline or     20     7 Feb 2019      4 Jul 2019    $10,300
                                               interest, while cultural activities include     15     14 Mar 2019     4 Jul 2019    $7,725
                                               excursions to destinations of cultural,
                                                                                               10     24 Apr 2019     4 Jul 2019    $5,150
                                               historical, geographical and social interest.

24 English Language Centre
For entry into undergraduate degrees requiring IELTS overall score of 6.5 with all band scores at 6.0 (or equivalent). The
University also accepts TOEFL, Pearson and CAE tests. This diagram shows the amount of time it takes most students to progress.

 IELTS overall 5.0                             PEP EXTENDED - 35 weeks*
 and no band less than 4.0

 IELTS overall 5.0                                     PEP EXTENDED - 30 weeks*
 and no band less than 4.5

                                                                                                                                               DIRECT ENTRY
 IELTS overall 5.5                                             PEP - 25 weeks                                                                 to undergraduate
 and no band less than 4.5
                                                                                                                                                program with
                                                                                                                      Successful                   IELTS 6.5
 IELTS overall 5.5                                                                                                    completion                 with all band
 and no band less than 5.0                                                                                            of PEP
                                                                                                                      requirements              scores at 6.0
                                                                          PEP - 20 weeks
                                                                                                                                                or equivalent.
 IELTS overall 5.5
 and writing at 5.5 or above

 IELTS overall 6.0
 and no band less than 5.0
                                                                                      PEP - 15 weeks
 IELTS overall 6.0
 and writing at 5.5 or above

 IELTS overall 6.0                                                                            PEP - 10 weeks
 and no band less than 5.5

* Students in PEP Extended 35 week and 30 week courses will first participate in General English for Academic Purposes (GEAP) classes until the 25 week PEP intake
   and then take classes with other PEP students only.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION                                                      than others, different entry requirements than those
                                                                               shown in the tables are required.
    For students applying for programs with higher English                     Please note that as well as the IELTS test, the English
    language requirements, or with an English test score                       Language Centre accepts the TOEFL iBT, TOEFL
    other than IELTS.                                                          PBT, Pearson and Cambridge Advanced test of English
                                                                               (CAE) for entry into the Pre-Enrolment English
    Some undergraduate programs require a higher level of
                                                                               Program (PEP).
    English ability. When Pre-Enrolment English Program
    (PEP) are studied in combination with undergraduate                              For more information on the scores required,
    programs that require a higher level of English ability                          visit: adelaide.edu.au/elc/courses/pep

                                                                                                                                                      English Language Centre   25
                                                                                      Qualifications recognised for
                                                                                      undergraduate entry

                                                                                      Australia: the following Australian Year 12

                                                                                      qualifications accompanied by a Selection rank:
                                                                                      South Australian Certificate of Education,
                                                                                      ACT Senior Secondary Certificate, Northern
                                                                                      Territory Certificate of Education and Training,
                                                                                      New South Wales Higher School Certificate,
                                                                                      Tasmanian Certificate of Education, Victorian
                                                                                      Certificate of Education, Western Australian
                                                                                      Certificate of Education, or Queensland
                                                                                      Certificate of Education accompanied by an OP

Applicants should be aware of their desired                                           Canada: Provincial High School Diploma (e.g.
                                                                                      Ontario Secondary School Diploma - OSSD)
degree’s admission and student visa requirements
before applying to the University.                                                    Germany: Abitur

                                                                                      Hong Kong: Hong Kong Diploma
                                                                                      of Secondary Education
                             Undergraduate entry requirements
                             For general information on specific degrees’             India: Senior School Certificate Examination
                             requirements, consult the relevant degree descriptions   (CBSE), Indian School Certificate (ISC),
                             in this prospectus, or search the Degree Finder:         Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh,
                             adelaide.edu.au/degree-finder                            Telengana and Tamil Nadu State Board Exams
                             Qualifications recognised for undergraduate entry
                             are shown adjacent, and a table listing all degrees,     Indonesia: Indonesia SMA3
                             prerequisites, and the minimum entry requirement for     (Graduate Certificate of Completion)
                             students completing these qualifications can be found
                             on pages 92 - 97.                                        Malaysia: Advanced Level Examination,
                                                                                      STPM Examination, Unified Entrance
                             Students with qualifications obtained in the South
                                                                                      Certificate (UEC), Canadian Pre-University
                             Pacific islands, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Saudi
                                                                                      (e.g. OSSD) Matrikulasi
                             Arabia or Taiwan are advised to complete a foundation
                             studies program (refer to page 30) to prepare for
                             entry into the University’s undergraduate degrees.       Norway: Vitnemal den Videregaende Skole
                             International students must also meet English
                             language requirements. Refer to page 22 for details.     People’s Republic of China: Gao Kao

                                                                                      Singapore: Advanced Level Examination

                                                                                      Sri Lanka: Advanced Level Examination

                                                                                      Thailand: Matayom 6, Thailand Certificate
                                                                                      of Secondary Education

                                                                                      United Kingdom: Advanced Level Examination

                                                                                      United States: SAT/Advanced Placement
                                                                                      (AP) in conjunction with completed US
                                                                                      High School Diploma

                                                                                      Vietnam: Bang Tot Nghiep Pho Thong Trung Hoc

                                                                                      Worldwide: International Baccalaureate

                                                                                           For more information about deadlines,
                                                                                           visit: international.adelaide.edu.au

26 Application information
Additional selection criteria
For some University of Adelaide degrees, other            2019 ACADEMIC YEAR DATES
selection criteria are considered in addition to
academic qualifications. For example, most of our         Event                                     Date
music programs require applicants to undertake            Summer semester                           January 7 – February 22
an audition. Medicine, oral health and dentistry
applicants are required to undertake a Personal           Recommended arrival date for              February 17 – 19
Qualities Assessment (PQA), and—if successful—            international students commencing
attend an interview. Information about additional         study in semester 1, 2019
selection criteria is included in the degree              International student orientation and     February 20 – 22
information section of this prospectus.                   enrolment for semester 1
                                                          University Orientation Week               February 25 – March 1
Students under 18 years of age                            (including preliminary lectures)
at commencement of studies
                                                          Semester 1 lectures commence              March 4
Special arrangements are required for students under
the age of 18 years. Any student who has not turned       Mid-semester break                        April 15 – 26
18 before their studies commence must either:
                                                          Study leave / exam preparation            June 17 – 21
• live with a parent
                                                          Mid-year exams                            June 22 – July 6
• live with an eligible relative in Adelaide, or
• have their parents agree to guardianship                Replacement exams                         July 22 – 26
  arrangements that will be arranged by the               Mid-year break / Winter School            July 8 – 19
  University (additional fees apply). Guardianship
  arrangements include prescribed housing                 Recommended arrival date for              July 19 – 21
  placements and compulsory welfare monitoring            international students commencing
                                                          study in semester 2, 2019
  services up until the student’s eighteenth birthday.
  (Available only to students who will be 17 years of     International student orientation and     July 22
  age upon commencement of studies.) For more             enrolment for students commencing
  information, visit: international.adelaide.edu.au/      study in semester 2, 2019
                                                          Semester 2 lectures commence              July 29

Deferral of admission                                     Mid-semester break                        September 23 – October 4

Applicants who have been offered a place in a             Study leave / exam preparation            November 4 – 8
degree may apply to defer their enrolment for up
                                                          End-of-year exams                         November 9 – 23
to two years from their original date of admission.
Exceptions apply to some degrees, such as music           Replacement exams                         December 9 – 20
degrees and some degrees in the Faculty of Health
and Medical Sciences.

Credit for previous study
In some cases, international students may
                                                          APPLICATION CLOSING DATES
be credited with advanced standing (status/               Degree/programs                                      Date
exemptions) on the basis of work completed at
another institution. If seeking advanced standing,        Semester 1, 2019 commencement                        30 June 2018
detailed syllabuses (curricula) of the subjects           • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
successfully completed must be submitted.                 • Bachelor of Dental Surgery
                                                          • Bachelor of Oral Health

Student personal information                              Semester 1, 2019 commencement                        30 September 2018
                                                          • Bachelor of Nursing
Australia has strict privacy laws that mean there are     • Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience)
very limited circumstances in which the University
can release personal or academic information about a      Semester 1, 2019 commencement                        19 October 2018
student. Such information will usually only be released   • Honours year in Psychology
to Australian Government departments where legis-
latively required or in a health or safety emergency.
                                                          Applicants are advised to apply at least six weeks prior to the
The University cannot release any information             commencement of their preferred intake with the exception of
about a student’s results, attendance, application        those applying for the degrees listed above. Applicants who apply
status or any other matters to their parents.             after that date will have their applications considered for the most
                                                          suitable intake given their circumstances.
     For more information on the University’s             Note: Dates given are a guide only and are subject to change. Please
     Privacy Policy and Management Plan, visit:           see the Important University Dates website for up-to-date information:
     adelaide.edu.au/policies/62                          adelaide.edu.au/student/dates/academic and international.adelaide.

                                                                                                           Application information   27
   1      APPLICATION                                                     APPLICATION
Apply through one of the University’s official international
representatives or via the online application system at:
                                                                        All applications will be assessed. Successful applicants will
                                                                        be emailed directly (if they applied directly), or emailed via
Payment and documents required
                                                                        their official representative. Successful applicants will receive
• A non-refundable AUD $100 application fee.                            the following:
• Certified copies of student academic qualifications, transcripts,    • Offer Statement
   English language test results (if required) and any other
                                                                        • Acceptance Agreement
   supporting documents.
                                                                        • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Questionnaire*
Copies can be certified by a justice of the peace,
notary public, University of Adelaide official representative/          • Payment Form
staff member, police officer or examining authority.                    • Declaration of Financial Capacity
                                                                        • Acceptance Information Leaflet.
Australian Year 12 applicants and International
Baccalaureate applicants - special group procedure                      Unsuccessful applicants will be informed by email.
International students currently completing an Australian Year 12       * Where applicable.
qualification (in Australia or in any other country) or International
Baccalaureate in Australia apply through the South Australian           Students studying an Australian Year 12 qualification
Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC) via Uniweb, at: satac.edu.au
                                                                        Examination results will be sent directly to SATAC by all
International Baccalaureate applicants who are studying overseas        relevant examining boards. When results are available, SATAC
apply to: international.adelaide.edu.au/admissions/how-to-apply         will email offer details directly to the email address nominated
                                                                        on the student’s SATAC application.
Medicine, Dental Surgery and Oral Health degree applicants
All applicants for these degrees must lodge their applications
via the online application system before 30 June 2018 and
pay the AUD $500 Personal Qualities Assessment fee.
Applicants who are completing an Australian Year 12
qualification must also complete the special group
                                                                          3      ACCEPT OFFER
procedure detailed above.                                               • Complete and sign all pages of the Offer Statement
                                                                           and Acceptance Agreement.
Further information and contact details                                 • Complete the Declaration of Financial Capacity.
• For SATAC codes and University of Adelaide cut-off scores,           • Arrange payment of tuition fee deposit as per instructions
   visit: adelaide.edu.au/degree-finder                                    in Offer letter.
• To apply directly to the University, visit:                          • Arrange for payment of Overseas Student Health Cover
 international.adelaide.edu.au/admissions/how-to-apply                     (OSHC) for duration of visa.
                                                                        • Arrange for payment of English language program
International representatives                                              fees if applicable.
For a full listing of the University’s international representatives    • Provide a copy of the personal details section of passport.
visit: international.adelaide.edu.au/admissions/find-a-university-of-
                                                                        Conditional offers
                                                                        Students who receive a conditional offer must provide
                                                                        documentary evidence that they’ve met any outstanding
                                                                        conditions, and send this directly with their acceptance
                                                                        documentation. A new offer letter will not be issued.

28 How to apply
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