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   Our 100% online, career-focused degrees give you full
   control and ultimate flexibility over your study. Access
   online student support seven days a week, plan your
   study to fit around your life, view learning resources
   24/7, and log in to the interactive online environment
   anywhere, any time and on any device.
   Our degrees are designed for people who lead busy lives, so
   we make it easy for you to engage with learning activities
   when it’s convenient for you – even if that means studying
   in your lunch break.
   When you study with UniSA Online, you won’t just leave
   with a degree – you’ll open up a world of exciting opportunities
   to advance your career or reinvent yourself in the workplace.
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            Australia’s University of

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                   TOP 10                                       OF EXPERIENCE
             IN AUSTRALIA FOR                                 DELIVERING ONLINE
                EMPLOYER SATISFACTION                           AND DISTANCE
                     2019 QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey
                        – Overall Satisfaction Indicator

                             IN THE WORLD’S
                            TOP 50 UNDER 50
                              2020 THE Young University

Enterprise                      No.1
                            IN AUSTRALIA FOR
                                 2020 THE University
                                   Impact Rankings

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     2018 Department of
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   Education and Training   STAR RATING
                             FOR EXCELLENCE
                                2019 QS Stars Ratings

Image: The award-winning Jeffrey Smart Building at UniSA’s City West campus.

Every aspect of your UniSA Online degree is designed and delivered by
UniSA’s very own experienced academics and online learning experts.
This differs from many other online university providers.
As a student, you’ll benefit from our academic    We exist to create exciting futures through
and curriculum expertise, extensive industry      online learning. We’re 100% focused on
connections and leading-edge research into        providing the best experience and outcomes
online learning.                                  for our students.

We collaborate, we innovate, and we’re            No matter where you live or how busy your
constantly implementing new ideas, solutions      life might be, you’ll engage with a team of
and strategies to improve our courses and         passionate and experienced people who
support services so that you get the very best    are committed to ensuring you have an
out of your time with us.                         outstanding, high-quality education.

We have a long tradition of off-campus learning, establishing the UniSA Distance Education Centre
more than 25 years ago. Our centre was designated as one of eight national Distance Education
Centres in Australia and was one of the largest providers of distance education in the country.

UniSA Online builds on the University’s history and experience, opening up more opportunities
for people to earn a degree and take charge of their career.

With more than 35,000 students across six campuses, and 6,000 students studying online,
you’ll join a diverse community of learners and award-winning teachers.


                                                                    “At UniSA Online, our purpose is to create
                                                                     exciting futures through online learning.

                                                           For a majority of our students, studying online is a necessity,
                                                               simply due to the demands of working full-time and
                                                             having a family. We’ve redesigned the whole experience
                                                            around the needs of online students. We’re committed to
                                                             exceeding your expectations through the quality of our
                                                            learning resources, the effectiveness of our teaching and
    UniSA is ranked in the top                                our proactive academic and student support services.
    10 in Australia for graduate                               Our team truly value the connections we make with
    employability*.                                           our students. To see people who are actively making
                                                              their dreams a reality, is both inspiring and rewarding.
                                                               We look forward to welcoming you to UniSA Online.”
    Always innovating, we’re putting our expertise into
    providing a new suite of high-quality, 100% online                             Tom Steer
    undergraduate courses for you to study anytime,                      Executive Director: UniSA Online

    We’ve developed each and every one of these
    degrees from scratch – at every point, considering
    how we can teach to the highest standards in an
    online environment, while maintaining a focus on
    developing the skills employers are looking for

    UniSA has a long and proud history of reaching out
    and bridging barriers to educational access, dating
    back to the 1990s when we were one of the largest
    providers of distance education in Australia.

    A few generations on and UniSA Online is the next
    step in that evolution. As Australia’s University of
    Enterprise and a university that prizes our close
    relationships with business, industry and the
    professions, we are reflecting that relevance in the
    design of all of the UniSA Online degrees so that
    learning activities reflect real work environments.       “Our degrees are designed by academic experts who
                                                            have strong links to employers. This relationship ensures
    This is your opportunity to upgrade your career, or       you’ll be equipped with the most current information
    change your future with one of Australia’s largest       needed to be successful in your career. We engage our
    online education providers**. I wish you all the
                                                               students in innovative, quality learning experiences
    success in the world as you take these next steps
                                                                 within a supportive environment that develops
    with us and enter the world of education On Demand
    through UniSA Online.                                     leadership skills and fosters confidence in discipline
                                                                knowledge, problem solving and critical thinking.

    Professor David G. Lloyd                                Embarking on a university degree is an exciting milestone
    Vice Chancellor and President                              in life – and UniSA Online will play an important
                                                                part in helping you achieve your career goals.”

    * Ranked #6, 2019 QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey                Associate Professor Barbara Parker
     – Graduate Employability Skills Indicator
    ** 2018 Department of Education and Training                         Academic Director: UniSA Online

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                                     Your online study experience
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                                     Take your career to new heights
     Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)......................................................................16

            Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning).......................................................... 17

            Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning......................................................... 18

            Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning..............................................................19

            Bachelor of Business (Management).....................................................................20

            Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management).........................21

            Bachelor of Marketing and Communication....................................................23

            Bachelor of Business (Marketing)..............................................................................24

            Bachelor of Communication...........................................................................................25

            Bachelor of Digital Media .................................................................................................26

            Diploma in Aged Care........................................................................................................... 27

            Bachelor of Public Health................................................................................................ 28

            Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise)................................29

            Bachelor of Community Health....................................................................................31

            Associate Degree in Engineering...............................................................................32

            Bachelor of Information Technology and Data Analytics.....................33

            Bachelor of Construction Management...............................................................34

           Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)....................................36

           Bachelor of Psychological Science and Sociology.................................... 37

           Bachelor of Psychology..................................................................................................... 38

           Bachelor of Criminal Justice...........................................................................................39

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Take control of your
    study with UniSA Online

                                     All assessments are 100% online.
                                     No need to come onto campus

                                     Four start dates in January,
                                     April, June and September

                                     Learn in 10-week blocks

                                     24/7 access to learning resources

                                     Online student support services
                                     seven days a week

                                     All content available before
                                     your term starts

                                     Fit life around study

                                     Plan your study
                                     schedule ahead of time

                                     Scholarships and grants
                                     available for eligible students

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Designed specifically for online learning
Learn through media-rich course material, short engaging
videos, and interactive activities such as quizzes, forum posts
and online face-to-face discussions. Your degree has been
designed specifically for online learning to ensure you graduate
with the skills and knowledge needed for your future career.

100% online – no need to come onto campus
Everything from your course content to weekly activities and
assessments is 100% online. You’ll communicate with academic
staff and students via live messages, online discussion forums
and email. You’ll never need to set foot on campus, which is
perfect if you wish to continue working while you study.

Plan your study schedule ahead of time
All of your course content is available before your term starts.
This means you can log in and have a look at your learning
materials, weekly activities and assessments ahead of time.
You’ll have the ability to organise your study schedule and
factor in family, work or life commitments in advance.
If you know you’ve got a busy week coming up, you can
complete your course readings or assessments beforehand
so you don’t fall behind.

Fit life around study
Full-time students study two courses each term. It makes earning
a degree completely achievable, especially if you’re working.
Your degree is delivered over four terms each year. Each term
runs for 10 weeks with 2-week breaks in between each term.
You’ll also have the option to go part-time, or switch between
the two. If you need to take a break in your study, that’s an
option too. We recommend speaking to your Student Adviser
who can help you update your study plan and check when
your courses are offered.

                                                            A DEGREE IS
                                                         2 COURSES EACH TERM
                                                              X 4 TERMS
                                                          = FULL-TIME STUDY

Get support
     seven days
     a week                                                    Glenn Meiners
                                                          UniSA Online HR graduate
                                                     HR Systems Administrator & Process
                                                    Improvement Officer, Anglicare Victoria
                                                      “Studying 100% online was really
     OUR SERVICE                                     appealing, especially as I work full-
     COMMITMENT TO YOU                              time. With a busy timetable, it’s been
                                                      great being able to email and live
                                                      message my online academics and
     Whether you need help with assignments            support staff whenever I needed.
     and referencing, or require administrative          They’ve always been extremely
     or technical support, you’ll have On Demand      supportive and check in regularly.
     access to a team that’ll be there to support     Most importantly, they understand
                                                    that for a lot of students, life can get
     you every step of the way. As a UniSA             in the way and sometimes things
     Online student, you’ll engage with people        don’t always go according to plan.
     who genuinely care about helping you                It’s fantastic knowing there are
     achieve your very best.                           people on the other end who can
                                                        relate and will do all they can to
                                                    make sure you’ve got everything you
                                                        need to achieve your very best.”
Lucy Andrew
                                                                                                    Online Course Facilitator
                                                                                                     Critical Approaches to
                                                                                                         Online Learning
                                                                                                     “Your success means
                                                                                                   everything to us. I love
                                                                                                  interacting with students
                                                                                                   face-to-face online and
                                                                                                    encourage students to
                                                                                               connect with us. We’re here to
                                                                                                get you off to the right start,
                                                                                                 provide the help you need,
                                                                                               and we’ll be there to applaud
                                                                                                loudly when you graduate.”

Contact online academics                      Get tech support around the clock                Download study resources and
seven days a week                             Our IT Help Desk is available 24/7 to            access other University services
You’ll be supported by our highly             provide assistance with your computer set        Learn useful study strategies and download
experienced academic team of Online           up, student email, software requirements         materials designed to improve your study
Course Facilitators and Online Tutors.        and other UniSA apps and student                 skills. Get personalised career advice and
Our academics will guide you through          applications. You’ll be able to get              access counselling and wellbeing services,
your learning and ensure you have an          support no matter what time it is.               disability support, Wirringka Student Services,
outstanding, high-quality education.                                                           learning advisers, and library staff over
                                              Access free software and resources               extended hours.
They can help you with your course
materials and assessments, provide            Download the full Office 365 ProPlus suite,      Visit unisaonline.edu.au/support to find
feedback on your work, assist you with        which includes full versions of programs         out more.
referencing as well as answer any other       like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook
course-specific queries.                      and OneNote. Along with 1Tb of personal
You’ll be able to contact your academics      storage that syncs with your PC or mobile
via email, online discussion forums and       device, you’ll also have free access to more
live messages in the online learning          than 5,000 video courses on Lynda.com.
environment. You can also communicate in
real-time and chat face-to-face with your     Check your device
academics online.
                                              See if your device has the minimum IT
                                              requirements to study online. You’ll be able
Receive dedicated Student                     to check the speed of your internet connection
Adviser support                               and see if you have the system requirements
Your Student Adviser will be an important     to sit online exams. The computer system
part of your university experience. They      test takes just a few seconds.
can help you enrol, plan your courses, or     Visit unisaonline.edu.au/systemtest to
discuss personal circumstances that may       learn more.
impact on your studies. They’ll link you to
other support services in the University                                                       Our Student Adviser team can help you with study
and can help you schedule appointments                                                         admin and non-academic related questions.
if required.

Professor Shane Dawson
          Executive Dean, UniSA
            Education Futures
        “UniSA is one of the leading
          universities in the world
            known for its learning
           analytics research. As a
        founding institution for the
      Society for Learning Analytics
      Research, we’ve been involved
         in numerous national and
     international projects that look
       at how students engage and
      learn in online settings. We’re
     continuously investigating and
       developing new innovations
      that will benefit our students’
          learning experience and
       future employment options.”

                                              - with -

Your On Demand
study experience                                                                                                    92%
                                                                                                       UniSA ONLINE
Learn from expert academics                     24/7 interactive online
                                                                                                     FOR LEARNING RESOURCES
Passionate about online learning, our           environment                                           AND STUDENT SUPPORT*
academic staff are subject-matter experts       Our interactive online environment is a
who are committed to delivering high            one-stop shop for all your study needs.
quality and personalised support to help        Track your progress through the student
you thrive in your studies. They understand     dashboard, plan your study schedule,
the unique needs of online students and         and stay on top of due dates for tasks
will help you navigate the online course        and assessments. It’s like your very own
materials, resources and technology             personal study coach.

so you can get the most of out of your
study experience.
                                                Learning resources
Expand your professional                        at your fingertips
network from wherever you are                   Access a library of more than 700,000                 UniSA ONLINE
UniSA Online is designed to help you
                                                digital resources including e-books, videos             STUDENT
connect with a community of other
                                                and journal articles, right at your fingertips.
                                                If you can’t find what you’re after, our Ask          SATISFACTION
like-minded students. Share, debate             the Library virtual service will assist you to
and collaborate ideas through online                                                                 FOR TEACHING QUALITY*
                                                locate, access, evaluate, use and reference
chat, video conferencing, and other             a range of information resources.
online communication tools.

Industry approved, quality assured
                                                                                                  *2019 ComparED (QILT) Student Experience Survey
Our industry connections will enrich your                                                              (Undergraduate, External Study Mode)
online study experience. Each degree                                                                 National average for teaching quality: 86%.
                                                                                                    National average for learning resources: 86%.
has been designed in conjunction with                                                                National average for student support: 83%.
industry experts and is overseen by an
experienced industry advisory board with
a wealth of experience. Learn cutting-
edge developments in your field and solve
real-world problems that organisations
face today.

Take your career
     to new heights
                                                                                                        TOP 10
                                                                                                         IN AUSTRALIA FOR
     EMPLOYABILITY.                                                                                       GRADUATE
     As a UniSA Online student, you’ll have all the
     information and resources you need to make
     informed choices for your career. From updating
     your resume to writing a winning cover letter,
     or preparing for an upcoming interview, we’ll
     help you put your best foot forward.

     ^Ranked #6, 2019 QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey – Graduate Employability Skills Indicator
     *Based on a total of 1,027 responses from enrolled students in UniSA Online’s New Student Survey

                                                                                                                 of UniSA Online students
                                                                                                              WANT TO ADVANCE
                                                                                                                THEIR CAREER
                                                                                                                   in their current field*

Get personalised career advice
Our Career Advisers are available for online appointments
if you need guidance on your career development, are
looking for advice on choosing the right electives or want to
develop a job search plan. We genuinely care about seeing
you succeed. Our commitment to your career doesn’t end
once you graduate – you’ll have access to career advice                        David Maerschel
and support for up to 12 months after you graduate.                           UniSA Career Adviser

Engage with industry representatives                                      “As a UniSA Online student,
                                                                         you’ll have access to a range
Interact with people working in your profession while you’re             of self-help career resources
studying and build a network with students and professionals            including our resume template
in your chosen field.                                                   builder, an interview simulator,
                                                                        career assessments, interactive
Search for employment opportunities                                     videos and useful articles from
UniSA Career Services promotes a range of employment                    employers, plus so much more.
opportunities via our online job board, UniSA CareerHub.                  You can also schedule one-
                                                                          on-one appointments with
You’ll find casual, part-time or full-time employment, graduate           our team of Career Advisers
and vacation opportunities, internships as well as a range of            as well as email your resume
Australian and international volunteering opportunities.                  and cover letter for review.”

                                            of UniSA Online students
                                                                               of UniSA Online students
                                       WANT TO ADVANCE                      WANT A CAREER
                                         THEIR CAREER
                                              in their current field*          CHANGE*

Bachelor of
                                                                                     STUDENT SPOTLIGHT

         100% online
         3 years full-time
         January, April, June, September
         Part-time study available
         10-15 hours per week per course

     Graduate with a degree accredited by Chartered
     Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPA Australia,
     and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.                                  Gareth Wilson
     This degree is also professionally recognised by the                                  Accounting student
     Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the
     Association of International Accountants.                                         “The flexibility of a 100%
                                                                                         online degree enables
     . uild a strong foundation of accounting knowledge
     and develop skills in business, taxation, auditing, law,
                                                                                       our family to travel while
     finance and sustainability.                                                      managing a small Australian
                                                                                      distribution business, which
     Focus on the economic, legal and political influences                               I do from a co-working
     that affect global business.                                                          space in Ubud, Bali.
     Explore the latest developments and current issues in                           My first year of study has filled
     the accounting profession.
                                                                                     in a lot of gaps in my business
     . nderstand how business intelligence and analytics
     U                                                                                knowledge, which has given
     can be used to solve organisational problems.                                    me a lot more confidence in
                                                                                      running my business. While I
                                                                                      can produce and understand
                                                                                          financial reports more
     CAREERS                               DEGREE STRUCTURE
     Accountant / tax adviser /
                                                                                      efficiently, the major benefit
                                           FIRST YEAR
     forensic accountant / business        Critical Approaches to Online Learning        has been improving my
     adviser / risk consultant /           Business and Society                      knowledge and understanding
     insolvency and restructuring          Accounting for Business
     adviser / management                  Business Law                               across all areas of business.”
     accountant / corporate tax            Quantitative Methods for Business
                                           Financial Accounting 1
     consultant / auditor
                                           Marketing Principles: Trading and
     ALTERNATIVE PATHWAYS                  Principles of Economics
     Completion of online literacy and     SECOND YEAR                                        ACCREDITED BY:
     numeracy test with relevant work      Financial Accounting 2
     experience; or Foundation Studies     Management Accounting
     program or Diploma in Business        Business Finance
     through UniSA College.                Business Intelligence
                                           Financial Accounting 3
                                           Companies and Partnership Law
                                           Management and Organisation
                                           Career Development for Professionals
                                           THIRD YEAR
                                           Sustainability Accounting and Reporting
                                           Auditing Theory and Practice
                                           Contemporary Issues in Accounting
                                           Taxation Law 1
                                           Strategic Financial Analysis
                                           3x Electives

Bachelor of



                                   DEGREE INFO
                                       100% online
                                       3 years full-time
                                       January, April, June, September
                                       Part-time study available
                                       10-15 hours per week per course
                                   KEY FEATURES
                                   Graduate as a qualified financial planner with a degree
                                   approved by the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics
                                   Authority (FASEA).

                                   . se your degree as a pathway into the Financial
                                   Planning Association of Australia’s (FPA) CFP®
                                   Certification Program and the Association of Financial
                                   Advisers’ (AFA) Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner
                                   (FChFP) program.

                                   Build the technical and professional skills needed to
                                   prepare detailed financial plans.

                                   Learn to develop financial and legal documentation
         Rachel Simpson            that meet regulatory requirements.
   Financial Planning student
  Relief Area Manager, Subway      Explore personal budgeting, superannuation and
                                   retirement planning, financial risk management, and
                                   estate planning.
“I have worked in the fast-food    Learn to use XPLAN, the most widely used financial
   industry for over a decade.     planning software in Australia.
    I became the manager at
    Subway as a teenager and
   quickly worked my way up
 the ranks to become an area       CAREERS                               DEGREE STRUCTURE
                                   Financial planner /
manager who is responsible for     financial adviser /
                                                                         FIRST YEAR

eight stores. I have a wealth of   investment adviser /
                                                                         Critical Approaches to Online Learning
                                                                         Quantitative Methods for Business
 work experience and a strong      insurance broker /                    Accounting for Business
                                   estate planner /
management background, but         superannuation adviser /
                                                                         Personal Finance
                                                                         Career Development for Professionals
  no formal education to back      wealth manager /                      Business and Society
   it up. This hit home when I     client relationship manager           Business Law
                                                                         Principles of Economics
missed out on a job opportunity                                          SECOND YEAR
                                   ALTERNATIVE PATHWAYS
 because I lacked the relevant                                           Financial Markets and Institutions
                                   Completion of online literacy and
     university qualifications.    numeracy test with relevant work
                                                                         Introduction to Financial Planning
                                                                         Marketing Principles: Trading and
                                   experience; or Foundation Studies        Exchange
  Studying online means I can      program or Diploma in Business        Management and Organisation
   prioritise my time with my      through UniSA College.                Macroeconomics
                                                                         Business Intelligence
   young children. I can study                                           Companies and Partnership Law
  full-time and not worry that                                            International Business Environments
                                                                         THIRD YEAR
 my degree will interfere with
                                                                         Entrepreneurship for Social and
my duties as a full-time mother                                            Market Impact
  who runs a household while                                             Portfolio and Fund Management
                                                                         Taxation Law 1
also working on a casual basis.”                                         Superannuation
                                                                         Risk Management and Insurance
                                                                         Strategic Management OR
                                                                           Strategic Financial Analysis
                                                                         Applied Financial Planning
                                                                         Estate Planning                          17
Graduate Certificate in
                                                                                               INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT
         100% online
         6 months full-time
         January, April, June, September
         Part-time study available
         10-15 hours per week per course

     Tailor your qualification and select bridging courses
     specifically outlined in the Financial Adviser Standards and
     Ethics Authority’s (FASEA) education requirements including
     education requirements including ethics and professionalism,
     financial advice regulatory and legal obligations, and
     behavioural finance: client and consumer behaviour.                                             Louise Trevaskis
     Choose a qualification that best suits existing financial                                 Academy and Education Manager
     advisers seeking a bridging program; or those who are                                         AMP Financial Services
     seeking a pathway into the Graduate Diploma and UniSA’s
     Masters of Finance (Financial Planning) degree (offered                                     ”Having a FASEA-approved
     through UniSA Business School).                                                           qualification is now imperative
                                                                                                  to a successful career as
     Study up to four advanced financial planning courses in
                                                                                                      a financial adviser.
     areas such as investment management, regulatory and
     legal obligations, estate planning, risk management and                                 The new FASEA requirements will
     insurance, superannuation, and tax.                                                      effectively reshape Australia’s
     Benefit from a flexible qualification that allows you to                                 network of financial advisers.
     continue to work while you study.
                                                                                              Financial planners who are able
                                                                                              to adapt to change, continually
                                                                                                 learn new things, possess
     CAREERS                                  *Normally applicants who                          good communication skills,
                                              have completed a degree with
     Financial planner / financial
                                              an equivalent UniSA grade                         and demonstrate flexibility
     adviser / investment adviser /
     insurance broker / estate planner /
                                              point average of 4 or better                    and resilience will be the most
     superannuation adviser / wealth          will be eligible for entry.                        successful in their career.”
     manager / client relationship
     manager                                  PROGRAM STRUCTURE
                                              COURSE NAME
                                              Ethics and Professionalism
     Applicants are required to               Introduction to Financial Planning OR
     have one of the following:                 Elective

     • a completed bachelor
                                              2x Electives
                                              Electives list
                                                                                         CPA and FPA
       degree* from a recognised
       higher education institution
                                              Behavioural Finance: Client and Consumer
                                                Behaviour                                members receive
       or equivalent; or
     • a completed graduate certificate
                                              Financial Advice Regulatory and Legal
                                                Obligations                              15% off course fees
                                              Investment Management
       or higher postgraduate                 Superannuation
       qualification* from a recognised       Risk Management and Insurance              Members of CPA Australia or the Financial
       higher education institution; or       Estate Planning                            Planning Association of Australia (FPA)
     • a completed diploma or                 Taxation                                   are eligible to receive a 15% discount off
       advanced diploma in a relevant         Applied Financial Planning
                                                                                         postgraduate course fees. To access the
       field and two years relevant
                                                                                         discount, you’ll need to provide your
       professional experience; or
                                                                                         relevant association membership number
     • a minimum of five years relevant                                                  as part of your application.
       professional experience.

Graduate Diploma in
                                     FINANCIAL PLANNING XGFP
           APPROVED BY:              .unisaonline.edu.au/financial-planning

                                     DEGREE INFO
                                         100% online
                                         1 year full-time
                                         January, April, June, September
                                         Part-time study available
                                         10-15 hours per week per course


     SPOTLIGHT                       Meet the education requirements to practice as a
                                     qualified financial planner with a program approved by
                                     the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority

                                     Choose a qualification that best suits existing
                                     financial advisers who need to complete a FASEA-
                                     approved program to meet industry requirements or
                                     professionals with a relevant degree looking to make a
                                     career change.

                                     Upskill in areas such as investment management,
                                     regulatory and legal obligations, estate planning, risk
                                     management and insurance, superannuation, and tax.

                                     Learn contemporary career planning strategies to boost
                                     your employability.

        Geoffrey Pacecca             Fast-track your studies by gaining credit for previously
     Founder, GAP Financial          completed courses and qualifications.
 UniSA Financial Planning lecturer
       “I have over 25 years of      CAREERS                               *Normally applicants who
    experience in the financial      Financial planner / financial
                                                                           have completed a degree with
services industry, including ten     adviser / investment adviser /
                                                                           an equivalent UniSA grade
                                                                           point average of 4 or better
   years working in Sydney as a      insurance broker / estate
                                                                           will be eligible for entry.
                                     planner / superannuation
   Financial Services Executive.     adviser / wealth manager /
 I was honoured to be awarded        client relationship manager           PROGRAM STRUCTURE
      the Financial Standard’s                                             COURSE NAME
     Power50 most influential        ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                    Financial Advice Regulatory and Legal
  financial advisers in Australia    Applicants are required to              Obligations
                                     have one of the following:            Ethics and Professionalism
       for 2018 and 2019. I am                                             Investment Management
   currently a Principal Adviser     • a completed bachelor degree*        Superannuation
                                       in an accounting, finance,          Risk Management and Insurance
 and founder of GAP Financial.         economics or financial              Estate Planning
                                       planning discipline from a          Taxation
My role at UniSA Online allows         recognised higher education         Applied Financial Planning
                                       institution or equivalent; or
   me to bring my industry
experience to develop course         • a completed graduate
                                       certificate or higher
 content that is relevant and          postgraduate qualification
   practical for current and           in an accounting, finance,
 aspiring financial planners.          economics or financial planning
                                       discipline from a recognised
                                       higher education institution; or
Students will learn best-practice
 processes and client strategies     • a completed diploma or
                                       advanced diploma in financial
  using real-world case studies        planning and two years relevant
    taken from the industry.”          professional experience.

     Bachelor of

         100% online
         3 years full-time
         January, April, June, September
         Part-time study available
         10-15 hours per week per course

     KEY FEATURES                                                                                Simone Panetta
     Discover the fundamentals of modern management,                                            Management student
     which involve the coordination of people, money                                            Operations manager
     and technology.                                                                                    VIC
     . evelop the skills to effectively lead and manage
     D                                                                              “I’ve had a long career spanning more
     people, teams and organisations.                                                  than 15 years in hospitality spent
     . ain problem-solving and leadership skills to achieve
     G                                                                                mainly in Italy and South East Asia.
     key business objectives.                                                       After moving to Australia, I continued
                                                                                     my career holding managerial roles
     Apply your knowledge in the workplace while you study                           and head of operations for a number
     and improve your business management skills before                               of restaurants and retail chains. As
     you graduate.
                                                                                       a I progressed through my career,
     Explore entrepreneurship and innovation and learn the                             I was faced with unexpected and
     process of launching a new venture.                                             complex scenarios every day, which
                                                                                       made me realise that I needed to
     Graduate with a solid grasp of business fundamentals
                                                                                      learn new skills and tools to fill the
     such as international business, economics and accounting
     as well as business operations and intelligence.
                                                                                     gaps. Despite my experience, I felt I
                                                                                    was missing fundamentals in finance,
                                                                                       marketing and human resources.

     CAREERS                               DEGREE STRUCTURE                              My management degree is
     Project manager / general             FIRST YEAR                                 broadening my capabilities as a
     manager / management                  Critical Approaches to Online Learning   manager and entrepreneur. Courses
     consultant / risk manager /
     business development
                                           Business and Society                      are engaging and strongly related
                                           Accounting for Business
     manager / entrepreneur /              Business Law                             to real-world cases, which helps me
     innovation manager / account          Quantitative Methods for Business        to transfer and apply my knowledge
     director / sales manager /            Career Development for Professionals
     business analyst / project lead       Marketing Principles: Trading and            to daily business operations.”
                                           Principles of Economics
     Completion of online literacy and     Foundations of Human Resource
     numeracy test with relevant work        Management
     experience; or Foundation Studies     Business Intelligence
     program or Diploma in Business        Management and Organisation                                   UNISA BUSINESS

                                                                                                   TOP 1%
     through UniSA College.                Communication and Organisational
                                           Organisational Behaviour
                                           Project Management: Principles and                       WORLDWIDE* & AWARDED
                                           Entrepreneurship for Social and Market
                                           THIRD YEAR
                                                                                                *UniSA Business School is one of just
                                           Strategic Management                                nine institutions in the country and 169
                                           International Management Ethics and                   globally to be accredited by EQUIS.
                                             Values                                           There are a total pool of 16,585 business
                                           Organisational Entrepreneurship                      schools worldwide, AACSB, May 2017.
                                           Organisational Leadership
                                           Managing Decision Making
                                           International Business Environments          UniSA Business is one of just ten institutions in
                                           2x Electives                                 Australia and 189 globally to be accredited by
                                                                                            EQUIS (from over 16,500 worldwide).
                                                                                                    EFMD, February 2020.
20                                                                                                 ^2019 QS Stars Ratings.
Bachelor of
                                   BUSINESS (HUMAN RESOURCE
                                   MANAGEMENT) XBBH

                                   DEGREE INFO
                                       100% online
                                       3 years full-time
                                       January, April, June, September
                                       Part-time study available
                                       10-15 hours per week per course

                                   KEY FEATURES
                                   . raduate with a qualification accredited by the
                                   Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) and be
                                   eligible for professional membership.

                                   Discover how to strategically align human capital with
                                   business objectives.

                                   . ocus on core HR areas including recruitment, learning
                                   and development, workforce planning, work health and
                                   safety, employee performance management and motivation.

                                   . evelop analytical data skills using a variety of business
                                   tools and technologies that assist decision making in
                                   all facets of HR.
         Ryan Nicholls
                                   Explore current and emerging workplace challenges
           HR student              through curriculum informed by the Centre for
          Police officer           Workplace Excellence (CWeX).
 “I’ve been a police officer for
  14 years. Now that my kids       CAREERS                               DEGREE STRUCTURE
  are growing up I wanted to       Human resources adviser /             FIRST YEAR
                                   human resources manager /
   do something for myself.        recruitment consultant / learning
                                                                         Critical Approaches to Online Learning
                                                                         Business and Society
                                   and development adviser /             Accounting for Business
   I chose HR because of the       change management adviser /           Business Law
diversity that the degree offers   change management                     Quantitative Methods for Business
                                   consultant / industrial relations     Career Development for Professionals
 and the career opportunities      consultant / workforce planning       Marketing Principles: Trading and
       that are available.         adviser / health and safety             Exchange
                                   consultant                            Principles of Economics

   The ability to study 100%                                             SECOND YEAR
                                                                         Foundations of Human Resource
  online was a game changer        ALTERNATIVE PATHWAYS                    Management
    for me. I have a rotating      Completion of online literacy and     Entrepreneurship for Social and Market
                                   numeracy test with relevant work
 roster and am often required      experience; or Foundation Studies     Training and Development
   to work night shifts. I also    program or Diploma in Business
                                                                         Performance and Compensation
 have three young kids so it’s     through UniSA College.                Business Intelligence
 really important I’m still able                                         Management and Organisation
                                                                         2x Electives
    to devote time to them.”                                             THIRD YEAR
                                                                         Recruitment and Selection of
                                                                           Organisational Talent
                                                                         Strategic Management
                                                                         Managing the Employment Relationship
                                                                         International Business Environment
                                                                         Strategic Human Resource Management
                                                                         Organisational Behaviour
                                                                         HR Analytics

Apply for our                            We offer a range of scholarships and grants to
                                              support students from all walks of life.

     scholarships                             Our scholarships and grants provide financial
                                              assistance to full-time and part-time students

     and grants
                                              enrolled in UniSA Online undergraduate degrees.
                                              For more information or to check our eligibility
                                              criteria, visit unisaonline.edu.au/scholarships


                 Kelly Kildea
              Public Health student

         “I live in the largest Aboriginal
       community in Victoria and know
     first-hand the importance of having
     more qualified Aboriginal people in
        the health sector and other key
        I’m inspired to be a part of this
      change. My degree will give me the
       skills to implement life-changing
     programs and policies that positively
      impact the health and wellbeing of
                Aboriginal people.
     As a mother of four, studying online
      is the only option for me. From the
     first phone call I had with the online
      support staff, I felt like everything
                 was possible.”
Bachelor of
                                     MARKETING AND
                                     COMMUNICATION XBMN
          ACCREDITED BY:
                                     DEGREE INFO
                                         100% online
                                         3 years full-time
                                         January, April, June, September
                                         Part-time study available
                                         10-15 hours per week per course

                                     KEY FEATURES
                                     Become a well-rounded marketing and
                                     communications professional with a broad skill set
 INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT                  in social media, advertising, public relations, content
                                     creation, marketing analytics, retailing, and brand
                                     Learn emerging trends in digital marketing including
                                     online advertising, mobile marketing, and customer
                                     relationship management (CRM) strategies.
                                     L. earn to write media plans, develop communication
                                      strategies, and explore areas such as corporate social
                                      responsibility, sponsorship, and crisis communication.
                                     Gain essential skills for contemporary marketing and
                                     communication roles, no matter what industry you
                                     choose to work in.
                                     Be guided by experts who conduct world-class research
                                     at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science
                                     and advise global brands like Procter & Gamble, CBS
       Christopher Villani           and Nestlé.
         UniSA graduate
  General Manager of Marketing,      Study with a global leader in brand management
        Brand and Insights
                                     (AFR BOSS Magazine, April 2018 – League of Scholars)
     Foodland Supermarkets
“I lead a team that’s responsible
    for Foodland’s advertising,      CAREERS                                  DEGREE STRUCTURE
     communications, media,          Marketing and communications              FIRST YEAR
                                     officer / corporate
 sponsorships, public relations,     communications adviser /
                                                                               Critical Approaches to Online Learning
                                                                               Introduction to Social Media
      and consumer insights.         marketing assistant / brand               Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange
                                     manager / campaign manager /              Accounting for Business
                                     market researcher / copywriter /          Introduction to Digital Media
  No two days are ever alike.                                                  Consumer Behaviour
                                     media buyer / social media
 One day, I might be planning        manager / sponsorship officer /
                                                                               Business Law
                                                                               Communication and Media
the next advertising campaign        media planner / advertising
                                                                               SECOND YEAR
                                     executive / digital marketer
   and media schedule, the                                                     Marketing Analytics
    next I could be talking                                                    Public Relations: Theory and Practice
                                     ALTERNATIVE PATHWAYS                      Writing and Editing for Publication
  about opportunities with a                                                   Advertising
                                     Completion of online literacy and         Media Law and Ethics
  new sponsor and planning           numeracy test with relevant work          Communication Research Methods
    point of sale material.          experience; or Foundation Studies         Essentials of Marketing Planning
                                     program or Diploma in Business/
                                                                               THIRD YEAR
   Having such a diverse skill       Arts through UniSA College.
                                                                               Digital Marketing
   set in both marketing and                                                   Promotional Communication: Advertising,
                                                                                  Publicity and Marketing
communications, while staying                                                  Retailing
    abreast of all the digital                                                 Design for Digital Technologies
                                                                               Communication Management in Practice
platforms, is pivotal to my role.”                                             Integrated Marketing
                                                                               Integrated Communication Planning
Bachelor of
                                                                                              STUDENT SPOTLIGHT
         100% online
         3 years full-time
         January, April, June, September
         Part-time study available
         10-15 hours per week per course

     . evelop a broad skill set in brand management,
     advertising, retailing, strategic marketing, market
     research, as well as business intelligence and analytics.

     . xplore consumer psychology and the scientific laws
     of brand growth.                                                                                 Michael Burbidge
     Learn from marketing scientists who advise global                                                Marketing student
     brands such as Procter & Gamble, CBS and Nestlé.                                                        SA
     . ombine creative thinking with data analysis to create
     C                                                                                        “I fell into sales by chance –
     marketing strategies that achieve organisational goals.                                  marketing is something I’ve
     Study with a global leader in brand management
                                                                                           always been interested in without
     research.                                                                              realising. I’ve already been able
     (AFR BOSS Magazine, April 2018 – League of Scholars)                                   to apply my course content and
                                                                                             suggest alternative strategies
     Graduate with a degree evaluated and accredited by                                       in our sales team meetings.
     the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).
                                                                                               Initially, I wanted to study
                                                                                           marketing to see how I could help
     CAREERS                                  DEGREE STRUCTURE
                                                                                           the company out, but as I progress
     Marketing coordinator /
                                                                                            through my degree, I can see all
                                               FIRST YEAR
     marketing manager / campaign              Critical Approaches to Online Learning
                                                                                              the different opportunities.”
     manager / fundraising and                 Business and Society
     development officer / marketing           Marketing Principles: Trading and
     insight analyst / media planner /           Exchange
     brand manager / market                    Business Law
     researcher / account manager /            Quantitative Methods for Business
     sales and marketing manager /             Professional Development in Marketing
                                                 OR Elective
                                                                                        LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS
     digital marketer
                                               Accounting for Business
                                               Principles of Economics
     ALTERNATIVE PATHWAYS                      SECOND YEAR
                                                                                        Did you know that the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for
     Completion of online literacy and         Consumer Behaviour                       Marketing Science is the world’s largest centre for
     numeracy test with relevant work          Marketing Analytics
                                               Market Research                          research into marketing?
     experience; or Foundation Studies
     program or Diploma in Business            Retailing
     through UniSA College.                    Advertising                              Based at UniSA, the Institute’s team has more than
                                               Business Intelligence                    50 marketing scientists who make fundamental
                                               Entrepreneurship for Social and
                                                 Market Impact                          discoveries about how brands grow and buyers behave.
                                               Management and Organisation              Study marketing and get the opportunity to learn from
                                               THIRD YEAR                               researchers who have advised global brands such as
                                               Strategic Management                     Procter & Gamble, CBS and Nestlé.
                                               Essentials of Marketing Planning
                                               Integrated Marketing
                                               International Business Environments
                                               3x Electives                                               ACCREDITED BY:

Bachelor of
                                   COMMUNICATION XBCD

                                   DEGREE INFO
                                       100% online
                                       3 years full-time
                                       January, April, June, September
                                       Part-time study available
                                       10-15 hours per week per course

                                   KEY FEATURES
                                   Learn how to deliver effective communication
                                   strategies across a range of traditional and emerging
 STUDENT SPOTLIGHT                 media platforms.

                                   Focus your studies on social media, content creation
                                   and journalism.

                                   Develop the critical and analytical thinking skills
                                   required for strategic planning and communication

                                   Develop technical skills in writing and editing.

                                   Choose a degree developed in consultation with
                                   industry experts and learn from academics who are
                                   leaders in their field.

                                   Improve your communication skills and apply your
                                   knowledge in the workplace while you study.

         Katie Harris
    Communication student          CAREERS                               DEGREE STRUCTURE
     Australian Institute of       Social media manager /                FIRST YEAR
                                   communication officer / content
      Company Directors            writer / media liaison officer /
                                                                         Critical Approaches to Online Learning
                                                                         Introduction to Social Media
              NSW                  PR coordinator / online               Communication and Media
                                   community manager                     Intercultural Communication
       “I chose to study                                                 News Reporting
                                                                         Public Relations: Theory and Practice
    Communication because          ALTERNATIVE PATHWAYS                  Marketing Principles: Trading and
                                   Completion of online literacy and       Exchange
  I have a passion for writing     numeracy test with relevant work      Professional and Technical Communication
   and social sciences - and I     experience; or Foundation Studies     SECOND YEAR
 wanted to learn the tools and     program or Diploma in Arts            Content Creation for Media
                                   through UniSA College.
  strategies to communicate                                              Language and the Media
                                                                         Writing and Editing for Publication
 professionally and creatively.                                          Media Law and Ethics
                                                                         Communication Research Methods
     Everything in this degree                                           Broadcast Journalism
                                                                         2x Electives
   is geared to the real-world.                                          THIRD YEAR
    The knowledge and skills                                             Promotional Communication: Advertising,
  I’ve gained have helped me                                               Publicity and Marketing
                                                                         Industry and Practice
 immensely in my current role                                            Social Media Engagement
  at the Australian Institute of                                         Communication Management in Practice
                                                                         Advanced News Writing
 Company Directors. Recently,                                            Integrated Communication Planning
   I was required to develop a                                           2x Electives

marketing and communications
brief for Qantas, and I was able
 to use the templates we were
  studying to help guide me.”
Bachelor of                                                                          STUDENT SPOTLIGHT

         100% online
         3 years full-time
         January, April, June, September
         Part-time study available
         10-15 hours per week per course

     Develop essential digital skills including graphic
     and web design, social media management, content                                                 James Grajdan
     creation, video and audio production, animation and
                                                                                                   Digital Media student
     digital storytelling.
     Upskill in a range of digital areas required by businesses,
     government departments and not-for-profits who are                                 “I’ve always loved design and
     increasingly bringing digital functions in-house.                                have worked on a few projects on
                                                                                      the side. I’d never thought I’d do
     Get hands-on using the latest digital software and                               this as a career; I always thought
     graduate with an industry-standard portfolio of work.                             it would be a hobby. Now that
     Bring creative ideas to life in visually engaging ways to                           I’m in the degree, I know for
     help businesses and their brands communicate with                                   certain that this is definitely
     people more effectively.                                                               the path I want to take.
     . xplore how digital media has transformed the GLAM
     E                                                                                 All the assessments encourage
     (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museum) sector and                            you to act like you’re a business
     removed boundaries between cultural institutions and                                working for a client. It’s great
     audiences around the world.                                                         because it gets you thinking
     . omplement your digital media expertise with
     C                                                                                about how to run a business, how
     electives from a range of disciplines including business,                          to break down tasks, and how
     marketing, IT and data analytics, and communication.                               to work with different people.”

     CAREERS                               DEGREE STRUCTURE
     Digital content creator /
     social media manager /
                                           FIRST YEAR                                      DID YOU KNOW?
                                           Critical Approaches to Online Learning
     online journalist / visual            Introduction to Digital Media
     communication designer /              Introduction to Video Production
     digital content strategist /          Intercultural Communication
     videographer / digital                Introduction to Social Media
     storyteller / freelancer              Digital Graphics and Imaging
                                           Introduction to the GLAM sector -

                                             Galleries, Libraries, Archives and
     ALTERNATIVE PATHWAYS                    Museums
                                           Digital Media Project 1
     Completion of online literacy and
     numeracy test with relevant work      SECOND YEAR
     experience; or Foundation Studies     Animation Design
     program or Diploma in Arts            Archives and the Digital World
     through UniSA College.                Writing for Digital Media                         Cultural and creative activity
                                           Design for Digital Technologies                    contributed $111.7 billion to
                                           Innovative Curatorial Studies
                                           Digital Media Project 2                            Australia’s economy in just
                                           2x Electives
                                                                                                  two years alone.*
                                           THIRD YEAR
                                           Web Design
                                           Digital Documentary
                                           Narrating Objects, Art and Archives
                                           Digital Mediascapes
                                           Industry and Practice
                                           Digital Media Project 3                     *Bureau of Communications and Arts Research: Cultural and
                                           2x Electives                             creative activity in Australia 2008–09 to 2016–17 (2016–17 period).

Diploma in
                                     AGED CARE XDAC

                                         100% online
                                         1 year full-time
                                         January, April, June, September
                                         Part-time study available
                                         10-15 hours per week per course
                                     Note: Applications open from October 2020.

                                     KEY FEATURES
                                     . omplete your qualification in 12 months and start your
                                     career in one of Australia’s fastest-growing sectors.

                                     Study relevant course content that has been developed
                                     in collaboration with leading aged care providers.

        Rebecca Cooke                Take a holistic approach to aged care and build a
                                     combination of high-level care and lifestyle support
       Aged Care student
                                     skills that employers are calling out for.
      Small business owner
               SA                    Study course content that has been mapped to
                                     relevant standards which include the Aged Care Quality
“I’d been considering the aged       Standards and the National Safety and Quality Health
care sector as a career change       Service (NSQHS) Standards.
 when my father passed away
last year. He’d been living with     Choose to pursue further study and use your qualification
                                     as a pathway into bachelor degrees in health, nursing,
 Parkinsons Disease for some
                                     social sciences or a range of allied health fields.
 time and then was diagnosed
   with cancer. It opened my
  eyes to the kinds of support       Note: To secure employment as an aged care worker, you must obtain
 that older people can access        a National Police Certificate and provide a First Aid Certificate. In
    and gave me insight into         addition to this, if you are providing community and home support
   living with chronic illness.      care, you will need to hold a valid driver’s licence. For those wishing
                                     to work in South Australia, an additional employment screening will
 I am motivated by my personal       be conducted. Requirements for other states may vary.
   experiences and enjoy being
      around older people and        CAREERS                               DEGREE STRUCTURE
making a difference. I know that     Aged care worker / residential         FIRST YEAR
                                     support worker / community
starting in a new industry means     support worker / recreational
                                                                            Essential Skills for Working in Aged Care
                                                                            Communication and Ethics in Aged Care
  beginning with an entry-level      and lifestyle support coordinator      Living Skills and Life routines in Aged Care
   role but I know I have a lot of                                          Quality and Safety in Aged Care
                                                                            Enablement and Dignity in Aged Care
life and professional experience     ALTERNATIVE PATHWAYS                   Mental Health, Dementia and Challenging
    to offer. I’m excited to build   Completion of online literacy and         Behaviours
                                     numeracy test with relevant work       Multidisciplinary Teams in Aged Care
    new skills and can’t wait to     experience; or Foundation Studies      Transition to Employment
     see what the future holds.”     program or Diploma in Health
                                     through UniSA College.

                                       UNDERGRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN AGED CARE
                                       Study the first four courses in the Diploma in Aged Care and
                                       graduate with an Undergraduate Certificate in Aged Care.
                                       Applications are open for one intake in Jan 2021.
                                       Learn more at unisaonline.edu.au/ug-cert-aged-care

Bachelor of
                                                                                              Graduate with national
     PUBLIC HEALTH XBPH                                                                  foundation competencies set by
     .unisaonline.edu.au/public-health                                                    the Council of Academic Public
                                                                                          Health Institutions Australasia
     DEGREE INFO                                                                                    (CAPHIA).
         100% online
         3 years full-time
         January, April, June, September
         Part-time study available
         10-15 hours per week per course

     Explore diverse areas such as health promotion, health
     law and ethics, human biology, epidemiology, as well as                             ACADEMIC SPOTLIGHT
     global, national and Aboriginal health issues.

     Develop skills in planning, managing and evaluating
     health care policy, projects, programs and services.

     Create an industry-standard portfolio of work that you
     can present to future employers

     Learn from academics who come with many years of
     experience in public health and the health sector.

     . tudy course content that has been specifically mapped
     to align with the foundation competencies for Public
     Health Graduates in Australia.

     CAREERS                               DEGREE STRUCTURE                                      Talia Blythman
     Public health manager /
     epidemiologist /
                                           FIRST YEAR                                        Online Course Facilitator
     indigenous health officer /
                                           Critical Approaches to Online learning
                                            Introduction to Public Health Practice and
                                                                                                  Public Health
     women’s health officer /                 Research
     healthcare policy planner /           Foundations of Human Biology 1                “I’ve worked in a range of public
     health promotion officer              Health Systems and Services
                                           Foundations of Human Biology 2
                                                                                           health and health promotion
                                           Contemporary Aboriginal Issues                    roles for the past 10 years.
     ALTERNATIVE PATHWAYS                  First Peoples’ Health
                                           Research Methods for Public Health
                                                                                            Throughout my career, I’ve
     Completion of online literacy and
     numeracy test with relevant work      SECOND YEAR                                   worked in both government and
     experience; or Foundation Studies     Marketing for Health and Wellbeing            non-government organisations
     program or Diploma in Health
     through UniSA College.
                                           Evaluation of Public Health Practice
                                           Health Promotion
                                                                                          in Victoria, Northern Territory,
                                           Sociological Perspectives in Public Health        South Australia, and India.
                                           Health Law, Ethics and Policy
                                           Building Healthy Public Policy                I’ve undertaken roles promoting
                                           Aboriginal Public Health Practice and
                                             Research                                        Eat Well Be Active for kids,
                                           Fundamentals of Disease Control
                                                                                          youth smoking prevention and
                                           THIRD YEAR
                                           Epidemiological Principles and Methods
                                                                                            cessation, Aboriginal health,
                                           Project Management for Health and                emergency relief and social
                                           Science and Politics of Preventive Health
                                                                                         support, and parenting support.
                                           Public Health Practice Project 1
                                           Public Health and Wellbeing Practice           I’m passionate about public
                                           Public Health Practice Project 2
                                           2x Electives
                                                                                          health and health promotion
                                                                                            and the difference we can
                                                                                          make to support people and
                                                                                           communities live healthier
                                                                                               and happier lives.”

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