International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT

International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT
Te Waharoa



                ISO 9001
International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT
    As an international student at Nelson Marlborough Institute of
    Technology (NMIT) you’ll enjoy a world class education in one
    of the most beautiful and dynamic regions of New Zealand.
    For over 100 years NMIT has been providing high quality education
    for students just like you. NMIT is enormously proud of its strong
    international relationships and we have worked particularly hard
    to attract learners from a wide range of countries across Asia,
    Europe, Africa and the Americas.
    Our international learners help make NMIT a culturally diverse
    and exciting place to study. Our campuses are vibrant and
    engaging and offer a great place to learn, study and
    develop the skills that will help you become both world
    and work ready.
    As part of NMIT you will be strongly supported to
    ensure that your time in New Zealand is enjoyable,
    rewarding and sets you up for a great career.
    I know you’ll find your future right here at NMIT.

    Liam Sloan, Chief Executive

International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT
     Welcome				                                                     2
     Contents				                                                    3

     About NMIT
     New Zealand				                                                 4
     NMIT - A world class choice		                                   5
     Nelson					                                                     6
     Nelson study options		                                          7
     Marlborough				                                                10
     Marlborough study options                                       11

     Master's Degree					                                           12
     Postgraduate Diplomas		                                        13
     Graduate Diplomas			                                           14
     Bachelor's Degrees and Diplomas                                15
     Foundation Programmes		                                         18
     English Language			                                            19
     Specialist Qualifications		                                    20

     Information for students
     International Student Exchange                                 22
     Student life				                                               23
     Student services			                                            24
     Costs and budgeting advice		                                   25
     Helpful information			                                         26
     Accommodation				                                              27
     English entry requirements		                                   28
     Entry requirements guide		                                     29

     Programme guide			                                            30
     How to apply				                                               31

                                       Visit to apply online
International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT
New Zealand

    Our campuses
    We have three main campuses in the
    Top of the South Island of New Zealand.

    Nelson                                       Marlborough and Woodbourne
    Located in Nelson’s                          The friendly Marlborough campus is located
    vibrant city centre,                         on the edge of the town of Blenheim, in the
    taking up an entire                          heart of New Zealand’s wine country.
    city block, our Nelson
                                                 Our Aviation programmes are based just a
    campus is our first,
                                                 short drive from Blenheim, on the Royal New
    and largest campus.
                                                 Zealand Air Force Base

    New Zealand quick facts
    >   Population of 4.7 million
    >   Official languages: English (96%), Māori (4%) and New Zealand Sign Language (0.5%)
    >   Currency is the New Zealand Dollar
    >   New Zealand is the second safest country in the world (Global Peace Index, 2017)
    >   New Zealand is ranked number one in the world for Personal Freedom, and in the top
        five countries in the world for Economic Quality, Business Environment, Governance
        and Social Capital (Legatum Prosperity Index, 2017)
    >   New Zealand is ranked first in the world for preparing students for the future (The
        Economist Intelligence Unit, 2017).

International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT
NMIT – A world
class choice
1                           3                               5
Government                  Reputable                       Study to work
owned                       qualifications                  pathways
> Government funded         > Internationally               > Work part-time whilst
  institute                   recognised                      studying*
> All qualifications                                        > Internship with study
  approved by the New       > Developed and                   opportunities available
  Zealand Qualification       delivered in
                                                            > Qualifications
  Authority (NZQA)            partnership with
                                                              are developed
                              local industries.
> One of New Zealand's                                        and delivered in
  oldest institutes,                                          partnership with local
  established in 1905.                                        industries.
                                                            *Where visa conditions allow

2                           4                               6
The highest                 Student                         Award-winning
NZQA                        approval                        facilities and
approved                    rates                           technologies
qualifications              > 93%* of students              > Award winning
                              voted positively                Creative Industries
> NMIT has Category           about their                     building
  1 status, the highest       programme,
  possible, from                                            > State of the art
                              teaching, learning
  the New Zealand                                             facilities, including a
                              and overall first
  Qualification Authority                                     brand new $1 million
                              impression of NMIT.
                                                              Kongsberg maritime
> ISO 9001 registered.      *First Impression Survey 2016     bridge simulation
                                                            > Ongoing investment
                                                              in modern teaching
ISO 9001
International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT
                                                                          > Located at the geographical ‘Centre of
                                                                            New Zealand’
                                                                          > Regional economy includes food
                                                                            production (seafood, horticulture and
                                                                            viticulture), science, transport and
                                                                            construction, aviation, engineering,
                                                                            maritime, tourism, arts and design,
                                                                            information technology, retail and services
                                                                          > The region with the fastest growing
                                                                            economy in New Zealand, September 2016
                                                                            - June 2017 (ASB Bank Regional Economic
                                                                          > Three national parks nearby; Abel Tasman,
                                                                            Kahurangi and Nelson Lakes
                                                                          > Cultural events throughout the year.
                                                                            Including arts, music and film festivals
                                                                            (October, June and July), craft beer festival
                                                                            (March) and local sports throughout the
                                                                          > Highest sunshine hours in New Zealand
                                                                            (NIWA Annual Climate Summary, 2017).

    Nelson campus

    Purpose built and award winning, Creative Industries building.                     The International Maritime Institute of New Zealand, part of
                                                                                       NMIT, has world class facilities. Including Kongsberg Marine
                                                                                       Engineering and Navigation simulators.

    State of the art salmon-rearing facility on campus, and close links                Our Library Learning Centre and Student Centre provide
    with the world-renowned Cawthron Institute.                                        great spaces for students to study and come together.

International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT

                                              Qualifications from Diploma

                                              through to Master's
                                              Degree. Internship with
                                              study opportunity. Industry
                                              recognised qualifications.
                                              > Master of Applied Management
                                              > Postgraduate Diploma in Applied
English Language                              > Postgraduate Diploma in Logistics and
                                                Supply Chain Management
Use our English Language programmes           > Postgraduate Diploma in International
to pathway into our undergraduate and           Business
postgraduate programmes. Scholarships and     > Postgraduate Certificate in Applied
discounts available (See page 19 and our        Management
website for further details).                 > Graduate Diploma in Marketing
                                              > Graduate Diploma in Management
Qualifications                                > Graduate Diploma in Accounting
> New Zealand Certificate in English          > Graduate Diploma in Professional
  Language (NZCEL Levels 1 to 5)                Accounting
                                              > Bachelor of Commerce
                                              > New Zealand Diploma in Business

The teachers were very good,
they had a clear teaching style
and were very patient with me. If I           I know the United Kingdom study
didn’t understand, the teacher went over      system and I know the Sri Lankan
it many times so I knew the answer. My        university study system. The best
English has improved a lot, this makes me     decision I ever made was to select NMIT
feel like a stronger person.”                 for my graduate diploma.”
Motomichi Nakamura, Japan,                    Lasantha Premakumara Witharanage, Sri Lanka, Graduate
New Zealand Certificate of English Language   Diploma in Professional Accounting.

Foundation Programmes

Gain study skills to pathway into our
Diplomas or Bachelor’s Degrees.
> New Zealand Certificate in Study and
  Career Preparation

                                                                                   More options over >
International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT
Information Techology                                        Civil Engineering

         Accredited by the Institute of                               On the New Zealand long term skills shortage
         IT Professionals New Zealand.                                list. This applied programme with close links to
         Diploma through to Postgraduate                              industry, allows you to hit the ground running
         qualifications. Supportive and                               when you graduate. It is taught by industry
         industry experienced tutors. A                               experienced tutors.
         range of specialism options. Comprehensive
         orientation programme. Internship with                       Qualifications
         study opportunity. (Please note: Internships                 > New Zealand Diploma in Engineering
         not available on IT Security Management                        (Civil Engineering)
         programmes for security reasons.)
         > Postgraduate Diploma in IT Security
         > Graduate Diploma in Information Technology
         > Bachelor of Information Technology
         > New Zealand Diploma in Web Development
                                                                      Culinary Arts
           and Design
         > New Zealand Diploma in Information                         Take advantage of NMIT’s high quality
           Technology Technical Support                               facilities. The Top of the South region is
                                                                      known for its fresh local produce. The Level
                                                                      4 programme can also include the world
                                                                      renowned City and Guilds qualification.
           I had such great lecturers at NMIT,
           they were teachers as well as
           friends which inspired me to study                         > Culinary Arts Level 5
           hard and helped me to build a good work                      New Zealand Diploma in
           ethic.”                                                      Cookery (Advanced) (Level 5)
                                                                      > Culinary Arts Level 4 New
           Jorgen Sovre, Norway, Bachelor of Information Technology
           (Study Abroad)
                                                                        Zealand Certificate in Cookery
                                                                        (Level 4)

                                                                      I really like the facilities here, it is
         Computer                                                     a great kitchen to work in.”
         Generated Imagery                                            Karl Newton-Rennie, New Zealand,
                                                                      Culinary Arts Level 4 and Level 5.

         The Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) suite
         of programmes is closely aligned with new
         and evolving trends in the industry. You will
         explore cutting edge techniques and software
         throughout your study.
         Qualifications                                               Tourism
         > Bachelor of Computer Generated Imagery**
         > New Zealand Diploma in Animation**                         The Nelson region is the perfect place to study
                                                                      tourism with one of New Zealand’s top tourist
                                                                      spots, the Abel Tasman, just down the road and
                                                                      tourism booming in the region. Make the Top of
                                                                      the South Island of New Zealand your classroom.
                                                                      > Diploma in Adventure Tourism and Guiding**
                                                                        New Zealand Diploma in Outdoor and
                                                                        Adventure Education**
                                                                      > New Zealand Certificate in Tourism

    **Subject to NZQA and TEC approval.

International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT
Maritime                                             Arts, Media and Design

New Zealand is on the IMO White List for             All Creative Industries students study together
Standards of Training, Certification and             in our purpose built, award winning building.
Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW 1978,
as amended). State of the art facilities,
including; three bridge simulators, integrated       > Bachelor of Arts and Media
engine and bridge simulation systems,                > New Zealand Diploma in Arts and Design
firefighting facilities, GMDSS and ECDIS             > Diploma in Interior Design
simulation systems, ship's lifeboat and              > New Zealand Diploma in Music
launching davit. Industry experienced tutors.          (Contemporary)**
                                                     > New Zealand Diploma in Writing for
Qualifications                                         Creative Industries
> New Zealand Diploma in Nautical Science
> New Zealand Diploma in Marine Engineering
                                                     I would recommend the Bachelor
> New Zealand Certificate in Maritime
                                                     of Arts and Media programme to
  Crewing (Level4) (STCW AB Deck)
                                                     anyone who wants to learn art
> Certificate in Superyacht Crewing
                                                     and take advantage of a natural and
> STCW short courses, advanced and refresher
  training available
                                                     cultural environment. I met wonderful
                                                     people and it was a great environment to
                                                     be able to concentrate on my study.”
                                                     Chika Matsuda, Japan, Bachelor of Arts and Media (Visual
                                                     Arts and Design), now a self-employed artist in Japan.
We didn't just complete the course
but we gained the necessary
confidence to work without any
fear of doing things wrong.”
Varagunan Sambandam, India, New Zealand Diploma in
Marine Engineering (EOOW).


                                                     Aquaculture in New Zealand has a goal
                                                     of reaching NZ$1 billion in sales by 2025.
                                                     70% of the industry is based in the Nelson
Health and Wellbeing                                 Marlborough region. New Zealand’s
                                                     aquaculture industry sustainably produces
                                                     some of the world’s best seafood.
Choose from a wide range of programmes
in; Nursing, Counselling, Social Work,               Qualifications
Career Development, Sport, Recreation                > Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable
and Exercise, and Beauty Therapy.                      Aquaculture
Qualifications                                       > Bachelor of Aquaculture and Marine
> Bachelor of Nursing                                > Diploma in Aquaculture (Fish Farming and
> Certificate in Nursing (Competency                   Fishery Management)
  Assessment Programme)
> Paetahi Tumu Kōrero Bachelor of
> Bachelor of Social Work
                                                     Nelson's location really supports
> Bachelor of Career Development
                                                     my study as it is located close to
> AUT Bachelor of Sport and Recreation
                                                     many aquaculture facilities such
> New Zealand Diploma in Sport,
                                                     as fish farms, hatcheries, and aquatic
  Recreation and Exercise (Multi-Sector)
                                                     research labs. The people in Nelson are
> New Zealand Diploma in Beauty
  Therapy**                                          so nice and welcoming. This is a perfect
                                                     opportunity for me to learn more about my
                                                     education and my life.”
                                                     Giovanno Adnyana, Indonesia, Diploma in Aquaculture
International Prospectus - Te Waharoa - NMIT

     > The heart of New Zealand’s wine
       country and a world famous wine
       growing region for Sauvignon blanc
     > Easy access to the picturesque
       waterways of the Marlborough
       Sounds, and ferry access to Wellington
     > Population of 45,000, mostly in the
       township of Blenheim.

     Marlborough campus

     On-site vineyard from which our students can make their own wine.                   The Sensory Room is a first class facility for wine tasting and
                                                                                         chemical analyses, used by local industry and students alike.

     Woodbourne campus

     Aviation students study in our purpose built facilities, on the Royal New Zealand
     Air Force Base in Woodbourne.

study options

Business                                           Aeronautical Engineering

Qualifications from Diploma                        NMIT is the only general aircraft engineering
through to Master's Degree.                        trainer in New Zealand. Our programmes
Internship with study                              can provide you with a gateway into this
opportunity. Industry recognised                   exciting and rewarding industry, as well as
qualifications.                                    options to help you work towards your Civil
                                                   Aviation Authority (CAA) Licence. NMIT is New
Qualifications                                     Zealand's first approved NZCAA Part 147
>   Graduate Diploma in Marketing                  Certified Maintenance Training Organisation.
>   Graduate Diploma in Accounting
>   Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
>   Bachelor of Commerce                           > New Zealand Certificate in
>   New Zealand Diploma in Business                  Aeronautical Engineering

                                                   The tutors were really
                                                   approachable, friendly and
                                                   helpful." Padam is excited about
                                                   his new role and says he would definitely
Viticulture and Winemaking                         recommend the NMIT course to “cousins
                                                   and friends” back home. “This is the job
There’s no better place to study viticulture and   I always wanted and I am happy with it.
winemaking. Marlborough is at the forefront        I also love the working environment here
of New Zealand’s wine industry, producing          and my workmates.”
77% of the country’s wine grape harvest with       Padam Prashad Adhikari, Nepal, Certificate in
over 168 wine producers and more than 568          Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering. Aircraft Fitter -
                                                   Adhikari Pacific
independent growers. NMIT has close links
with industry so you’ll have the opportunity to
gain on-the-job experience while you study.
> Bachelor of Viticulture and Winemaking

 The NMIT campus is located
 in New Zealand’s main wine
 growing region. The second
 year internship during vintage allowed
 me to make my own wine, while getting
 course credit, great experience for future
 work and paid quite well. I also got to
 see the different jobs in viticulture and
 winemaking so I could choose the area of
 the industry I would like to work in future.”
 Nichkan Sayasith, Thailand,
 Bachelor of Viticulture and Winemaking
Master's Degree


     > Admission with any Bachelor’s Degree                                                                        Master of Applied
     > 15 months
                                                                                                                  Level 9, 180 credits, 15 months
     > NZ$28,450
     > Research project targeted to your
       area of interest.
       For example:
            - Health management                                                                             Postgraduate Diploma
            - Engineering management                                                                              in Applied
            - Human resource management                                                                         Management
                                                                                                            Level 8, 120 credits, 9-10 months
            - Tourism and events management

     Master of Applied Management
                                                                                                                      Start here          or        Start here
       Level                                                       9   Full time                15 months
       Campus                                                          Fees*                   NZ$28,450
       Starts                    Feb, May, Jul, Sep, Dec               IELTS                          6.5

     Course content guide                                              > Māori Management and
     You will gain 60 credits in the                                     Leadership
     following four courses:                                           > Educational Change
     > Critical Issues in Management
                                                                       > Aquaculture
     > Design Thinking and
         Innovative Entrepreneurship                                   > Work Based Project (Work
     > Managing in a Digital World                                       placement)
     > Leadership and Managing                                         Finally, in your last six months
         Talent                                                        you will complete the Master's
                                                                       Degree qualification with either
     Then select 60 credits from a
     range of approved industry                                        > Research Methods, Proposal
     management topics, such as:                                           and Project (total 60 credits,
     > Finance                                                             class taught option)
     > International Business                                          OR
     > Logistics and Supply Chain                                      > Research Thesis (60 credits)

     *Please refer to page 32 for our fees disclosure statement.

Postgraduate Diplomas

Business                                                                        Postgraduate Diploma Logisitics and
                                                                                Supply Chain Management
Postgraduate Diploma in
Applied Management                                                               Level
                                                                                                                   8    Full time
                                                                                                                        Fees per year*
                                                                                                                                                  9-10 months
                                                                                 Starts            Feb, Jul, Sep, Dec   IELTS                             6.5
 Level                              8    Full time              9-10 months
 Campus                                  Fees*                  NZ$20,900
                                                                                Academic entry: Business Degree            Management
 Starts        Feb, May, Jul, Sep, Dec   IELTS                            6.5                                            > Storage and Warehouse
                                                                                Course content guide
                                                                                > Applied Research Methods                 Techniques
ACADEMIC ENTRY: Any Degree               management topics, such as:                                                     > Transportation, Distribution
                                                                                > International Strategic
Course content guide                     > Finance                                Management                               and Network Management
                                         > International Business               > Global Logistics and Supply            > Strategic Procurement and
You will gain 60 credits in the
                                         > Logistics and Supply Chain             Chain Management                         Inventory Management
following four courses:
                                           Management                           > International Financial                > Performance Measurement
> Critical Issues in Management
                                         > Māori Management and                                                            and Process Outsourcing
> Design Thinking and
    Innovative Entrepreneurship
                                         > Educational Change
> Managing in a Digital World
> Leadership and Managing
                                           Management                           Information Technology
                                         > Aquaculture
                                         > Work Based Project
Then select 60 credits from a
range of approved industry
                                           (Work placement)                     Postgraduate Diploma in IT
                                                                                Security Management
              Pathway from this six month programme into                         Level                             8    Full time                 9-10 months
             the third term of the Postgraduate Diploma or                       Campus                                 Fees*                     NZ$20,900
                    Master of Applied Management.                                Starts                      Feb, Jul   IELTS                             6.5

   Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Business
                                                                                ACADEMIC ENTRY:                            Programme and Policies
                                                                                Related Degree                           > Legal Aspects of IT Security,
    Level                           8    Full time           5-6 months
                                                                                Course content guide                       Privacy and Investigations
    Campus                               Fees per year*       NZ$10,450
                                                                                > Research Methods in                    > Auditing of IT Assets
    Starts     Feb, May, Jul, Sep, Dec   IELTS                      6.5
                                                                                  Information Technology and IT          > Vulnerability Assessment and
                                                                                  Management                               Risk Analysis
                                                                                > Ethical Hacking and Incident           > IT Project Management
                                                                                  Handling                               > Information Systems
Postgraduate Diploma in                                                         > Governance and                           Development, Implementation
International Business                                                            Development of IT Security               and Support

 Level                              8    Full time              9-10 months
 Campus                                  Fees per year*         NZ$20,900
 Starts             Feb, Jul, Sep, Dec   IELTS                            6.5

                                                                                Postgraduate Diploma in
ACADEMIC ENTRY:                               Trade
Business Degree                          >    International Strategic           Sustainable Aquaculture
Course content guide                          Management
> Research and Information               >    Financing International Trade      Level                             8    Full time                      1 year
  Management                             >    Applied Project Management         Campus                                 Fees per year*             NZ$18,900
> Perspectives of International          >    Business and Sustainability        Starts                          Feb    IELTS                             6.5

                                                                                ACADEMIC ENTRY:                          Course content guide
                                                                                Science Degree                           > Research Methods
                                                                                This programme will give you the         > Sustainable Aquaculture
                                                                                practical skills to build on your          Practices
                                                                                science degree knowledge. You            > Sustainable Aquaculture
                                                                                will meet many people in industry          Management
                                                                                and be able to take the skills you       This programme consists of six
                                                                                learn to work in aquaculture, here       months in class and a six-month
                                                                                in our region and around the             industry research project.

                                                                                                                        Nelson      Marlborough     RNZAF Base
                                                                                                                        Campus      Campus          Woodbourne
Graduate Diplomas

     Business                                                                                                                                           Graduate Diploma in
                                                                                                                                                        Professional Accounting
     Graduate Diploma in Management
                                                                                                                                                          Level                                                      7   Full time                   1 year+
       Level                                                        7      Full time                                          1 year+                     Campus                                                         Fees* per year          NZ$18,900
       Campus                                                              Fees per year*                               NZ$18,900                         Starts                                     Feb, Jul, Dec       IELTS                           6.0
       Starts                                    Feb, Jul, Dec             IELTS                                                     6.0
                                                                                                                                                        Course content guide                                             >    Financial Accounting
     Course content guide                                                   > Advanced Applied                                                          > Advanced Financial Reporting                                   >    Taxation
     > Organisational Behaviour                                               Management                                                                > Advanced Management                                            >    Company Law
     > Research Methods                                                                                                                                   Accounting                                                     >    Commercial Law
                                                                            Use the Advanced Applied
     > Project Management                                                   Management course to specialise                                             > Advanced Accounting Project
     > Strategic Management                                                 in your area of interest.
                                                                                                                                                        Please note: If you wish to become a            In association with:
     > 30 credits of electives e.g.                                                                                                                     Chartered Accountant or a Certified
       International Business or
                                                                                                                                                        Practising Accountant you must submit
       Operations Management
                                                                                                                                                        your Bachelor’s Degree to Chartered
                                                                                                                                                        Accountants Australia and New Zealand
     Graduate Diploma in Marketing                                                                                                                      (CA ANZ) or Certified Practising Accountants Australia (CPA) who
                                                                                                                                                        will inform you which courses you will need to study on the Graduate
                                                                                                                                                        Diploma in Professional Accounting Programme. This process can take
       Level                                                        7      Full time                                          1 year+
                                                                                                                                                        up to 12 weeks and you will need to pay a fee to these organisations.
       Campus                                                              Fees per year*                               NZ$18,900
                                                                                                                                                        The completion requirements will vary for each student and be
       Starts                                    Feb, Jul, Dec             IELTS                                                     6.0                dependent on this information.

     Course content guide                                                   > Buyer Behaviour and
                                                                              Marketing Research
     > Marketing Management                                                                                                                             Information Technology
     > Marketing Applications                                               > Advanced Applied Marketing
     > Research Methods                                                     > 15 credits of electives e.g.
     > Project Management                                                     Global Business Management,
                                                                              Advanced Operations
                                                                                                                                                        Graduate Diploma in Information
     > Strategic Marketing
                                                                              Management                                                                Technology
     Graduate Diploma in Accounting                                                                                                                       Level                                                      7   Full time                   1 year+
                                                                                                                                                          Campus                                                         Fees per year*          NZ$18,900

       Level                                                        7      Full time                                          1 year+                     Starts                                     Feb, Jul, Dec       IELTS                           6.0

       Campus                                                              Fees per year*                               NZ$18,900
                                                                                                                                                        Course content guide                                             Administration or Information
       Starts                                    Feb, Jul, Dec             IELTS                                                     6.0
                                                                                                                                                        Specialisms:                                                     Systems.

     Course content guide                                                   > Advanced Management                                                       Information Security, Networking,                                All students must complete:
     > Introduction to Accounting                                             Accounting                                                                Software Development, Database                                   > Project Management
       and Taxation                                                         > Advanced Accounting Project                                                                                                                > Graduate Diploma Project
     > Financial Accounting                                                 > 15 credits of elective e.g.
     > Advanced Financial                                                     Financial Management,
       Reporting,                                                             Advanced Taxation, Advanced
     > Management Accounting                                                  Auditing

     *Please refer to page 32 for our fees disclosure statement. **Subject to NZQA and TEC approval.
      Depending on start date, may include Summer School semester. If your undergraduate degree is not in a relevant field, you may need to completed additional courses, which may require 18 months total study.

Bachelor's Degrees and Diplomas

Business                                                                                Information Technology

Bachelor of Commerce                                                                    Bachelor of Information Technology
(Major in Marketing, Accounting or Management)                                          (Major in Information Systems, Systems Development or
                                                                                        ICT Infrastructure)
                                                               3 years (single major)
 Level                             7    Full time           3.5 years (double major)
 Campus                                 Fees per year*               NZ$18,900           Level                            7    Full time                       3 years
 Starts                 Feb, Jul, Dec   IELTS                                    6.0     Campus                                Fees per year*              NZ$18,900
                                                                                         Starts                     Feb, Jul   IELTS                                  6.0
Course content guide                                Our accounting major
The first year of the degree                        is accredited by:                   Course content guide                    > Internet Design
provides a solid foundation in:                                                         The programme focuses on the              Principles
> Accounting                                                                            following core courses:                 > Computer Systems
> Economics                                                                                                                       Architecture
                                                                                        > Database Concepts
> Communications                        You can then specialise in your                 > Professional Communications           Choose other courses
> Law                                   chosen area of accounting,                      > Networking Fundamentals               based on what you major in:
> Management                            management, marketing or a                      > Software Development                  > Information Systems
                                        combination of these.                                                                   > Systems Development or
> Human Resource                                                                        > Systems Development
   Management                                                                           > Systems Analysis and Design           > ICT Infrastructure
> Marketing
> Quantitative Analysis

                                                                                                     Study either of these one year programmes and
                                                                                                     pathway into the second year of the Bachelor of
                                                                                                                 Information Technology
              Pathway from this one year programme into
             the second year of the Bachelor of Commerce                                   New Zealand Diploma in Information
   New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5)                                               Technology Technical Support or Web
   (Leadership and Management) or (Accounting)                                             Development and Design

    Level                          5    Full time                      1 year               Level                         5    Full time                     1 year
    Campus                              Fees per year*          NZ$16,900                   Campus                             Fees per year*            NZ$18,900
    Starts                   Feb, Jul   IELTS                              6.0              Starts                      Feb    IELTS                           6.0

                                                                                                                               Nelson      Marlborough      RNZAF Base
                                                                                                                               Campus      Campus           Woodbourne
Bachelor's Degrees and Diplomas continued

     Arts, Media and Design                                                                                                 Computer Generated Imagery

     Bachelor of Arts and Media                                                                                             Bachelor of Computer
     (Visual Arts and Design)                                                                                               Generated Imagery**
       Level                                                        7      Full time                           3 years
                                                                                                                             Level                           7    Full time                    3 years
       Campus                                                              Fees per year*                   NZ$18,900
                                                                                                                             Campus                               Fees per year*           NZ$18,900
       Starts                                             Feb, Jul         IELTS                                      6.0
                                                                                                                             Starts                        Feb    IELTS                               6.0

     Course content guide                                                   >      Drawing
                                                                                                                            Course content guide                  >    Lighting and Post-production
     Gain a good foundation in arts                                         >      Illustration
                                                                                                                            > Professional Practice               >    Technical Development
     and design, digital literacy,                                          >      Promotional Artwork
                                                                                                                            > 3D Modelling                        >    CGI Project
     professional practice and                                              >      Branding and Identity
                                                                                                                            > Rigging and Animation               >    Real Time Lighting and
     communication in your first year,                                      >      Video Practice and Process
                                                                                                                            > Dynamic Effects                          Shading
     then specialise in your areas of                                       >      Animation
     interest in your second and third                                      >      Design for Mobile Devices
     years. Subjects include:
                                                                            The Bachelor of Arts and Media
     > Image Making                                                                                                                    Pathway from this two year programme into the final
                                                                            culminates in the end of year
     > Design Fabrication                                                                                                             year of the Bachelor of Computer Generated Imagery
                                                                            exhibition where students present
     > Graphic Design                                                       their final major project.
     > Digital Photography                                                                                                     New Zealand Diploma in Animation**
                                                                                                                                Level                   5 and 6   Full time                2 years
                                                                                                                                Campus                            Fees per year*   Refer to website
                            Pathway from this two year programme into                                                           Starts                     Feb    IELTS                        6.0
                          the final year of the Bachelor of Arts and Media

          New Zealand Diploma in Arts and Design
             Level                                        5 and 6           Full time                       2 years
             Campus                                                         Fees per year*              NZ$18,900
             Starts                                       Feb, Jul          IELTS                               6.0
                                                                                                                            Bachelor of Aquaculture and
                                                                                                                            Marine Conservation
     Fitness                                                                                                                 Level                           7    Full time                    3 years
                                                                                                                             Campus                               Fees per year*           NZ$18,900

     AUT Bachelor of Sport and Recreation                                                                                    Starts                        Feb    IELTS                               6.0

                                                                                                                            Course content guide                  > Research and Communication
       Level                                                         7      Full time                          3 years      > Aquatic Life Support Systems          Skills
       Campus                                                               Fees per year*             Refer to website       and Animal Husbandry                > Industry Practice
       Starts                                                   Feb         IELTS                                     6.0   > Aquatic Biology                     > Health and Biosecurity
                                                                                                                            > Aquaculture Principles                Management
     Course content guide                                                    with this degree, designed to                  > Te Tini a Tangaroa and              > Aquaculture and Marine
                                                                             address the increasing demand                    Aquatic Ecology and Fishery           Conservation Science
     Build on skills obtained in the                                                                                          Management                          > Marine and Tropical
     New Zealand Diploma in Sport,                                           for skilled sport, recreation and
                                                                             health and fitness professionals.              > Environmental Management              Aquaculture
     Recreation and Exercise (Level 6)
                                                                                                                            > Business Environment                > Statistics and Experimental

                             On completion of this two year
                      programme (Level 5 and 6), you can pathway
                  into the AUT Bachelor of Sport and Recreation, run on                                                                  Pathway from this two year programme into the
                 the NMIT Nelson campus, and complete the degree with                                                                    second year of the Bachelor of Aquaculture and
                                 one more year of study                                                                                              Marine Conservation

           New Zealand Diploma in Sport,                                                                                       Diploma in Aquaculture
           Recreation and Exercise (Multi-Sector)                                                                              (Fish Farming and Fishery Management)
             Level                                        5 and 6           Full time                       2 years             Level                        5    Full time                2 years
             Campus                                                         Fees per year*              NZ$16,900               Campus                            Fees per year*        NZ$18,900
             Starts                                             Feb         IELTS                               6.0             Starts                     Feb    IELTS                        5.5

     *Please refer to page 32 for our fees disclosure statement. **Subject to NZQA and TEC approval.

Health and Wellbeing                                                               Viticulture and Winemaking

Bachelor of Nursing                                                                Bachelor of Viticulture and Winemaking
 Level                             7   Full time                        3 years     Level                            7    Full time                    3 years
 Campus                                Fees per year*               NZ$19,900       Campus                                Fees per year*            NZ$18,900
 Starts                          Feb   IELTS 6.5 (with 7.0 in listening subtest)    Starts                     Feb, Jul   IELTS                           6.0

Course content guide                   > Pharmacology for Nursing                  Course content guide                    > Research and Communication
> Health and Wellness                    Practice                                  > Business Environment                    Skills
> Interpersonal Relationships          > Transition to Registered Nurse            > Āronga Māori and Viticultural         > Winery and Vineyard
> Management of Nursing Care             Practice                                    Practices                               Engineering
> Nursing the Person with Long         > Evidence for Nursing Practice             > Wine Production                       > Vineyard Bio-protection
  Term Health Needs                    > Health Research                           > Wine Chemistry and Analysis           > International Wine Industry
> Nursing Science                      On completion of this programme             > Plant Science                         > Operations Management
> Professional Responsibilities        you can apply to the Nursing                > Papatūānuku and Soil Science          > Winery Technology and
> Mental Health and Addictions         Council of New Zealand for                  > Industry Practice - Vineyard            Design
                                       registration as a nurse. This gives
> Physical Heath
                                       you direct entry into the nursing
> Nursing the Person with              profession following successful
  Altered Mental Health or             completion of the Nursing State             Contemporary Music
  Addiction                            Final Exam. Overseas nurses
> Contemporary Issues in               may be able to join the second
  Nursing and Health Care
> Family and Community
                                       year of this programme. Please
                                                                                   New Zealand Diploma in
  Nursing                              for more information.                       Contemporary Music**
Paetahi Tumu Kōrero Bachelor                                                        Level                            5    Full time                    2 years
of Counselling                                                                      Campus                                Fees per year*            NZ$18,900
                                                                                    Starts                         Feb    IELTS                           5.5

 Level                             7   Full time                        3 years
                                                                                   Course content guide                    production, contemporary music
 Campus                                Fees per year*               NZ$18,900
                                                                                   Through this programme you will         performance, contemporary
 Starts                          Feb   IELTS                                6.5                                            music studies, instrument practice
                                                                                   complete compulsory courses
                                                                                   across levels 4 and 5 in sound          and performance.
Course content guide                   > Mental Health and Addictions
> Professional Counselling             > Working with Family, Children
  Practice                               and Young People
> Human Development and                > Counselling Change and
                                                                                   Interior Design
  Psychology                             Wellbeing in Practice
> Introduction to Society              > Law, Ethics and Policy
> Counselling Theory and               > Development of Counselling                Diploma in Interior Design
  Practice                               Practice
> Treaty of Waitangi Based             > Research and Professional                  Level                            5    Full time                     1 year
  Practice                               Practice                                   Campus                                Fees per year*            NZ$18,900
                                                                                    Starts                         Feb    IELTS                           6.0
Bachelor of Social Work
                                                                                   Course content guide                    a specific focus on skills and
 Level                             7   Full time                        4 years    The Diploma in Interior Design will     industry knowledge required
                                                                                   provide you with a comprehensive        in the development and
 Campus                                Fees per year*               NZ$18,900
                                                                                   foundation in interior design with      communication of interior design.
 Starts                          Feb   IELTS                                6.5

Course content guide                   > Applied Social Research
> Social Work Practice                 > Applied Social Work Practice              Civil Engineering
> Human Development and                  with Groups and Communities
  Psychology                           > Social Work Practice with
> Introduction to Professional           Individuals and Family                    New Zealand Diploma in Engineering
  Practice                             > Acute and Complex Care in                 (Civil Engineering)
> Introduction to Social                 Mental Health and Addictions
  Research                             > Social Work Practice in
                                                                                    Level                            6    Full time                    2 years
                                         Specialist Fields
                                                                                    Campus                                Fees per year*            NZ$18,900

Bachelor of Career Development                                                      Starts                     Feb, Jul   IELTS                           6.0

                                                                                   Course content guide                    >   Geotechnical Engineering
 Level                             7   Full time                        3 years    > Engineering Fundamentals              >   Highway Engineering
 Campus                                Fees per year*               NZ$18,900      > Technical Literacy                    >   Engineering Mathematics
 Starts                          Feb   IELTS                                6.5    > Materials (Civil)                     >   Hydraulics (Civil)
                                                                                   > Land Surveying                        >   Engineering Project
Course content guide                     Practice                                  > Structures                            >   Engineering Management
> Aotearoa Society                     > Skills and Models of Practice             > Civil and Structural Drawing          >   Water and Wastewater
> Careers Communication                > Assessment Tools and Career                                                           Systems
> Knowing Self                           Practice
> Human Development                    > Te Tiriti o Waitangi:
> The Changing Nature of                 Application and Practice
  Careers                              > Working with Vulnerable
> Wānanga                                People
> Employment Relations and             > Organisations and Human
  Policy                                 Capability
> Careers in Context                   > Cultural Communication
> Integrated and Reflective            > Research Project
                                                                                                                          Nelson      Marlborough   RNZAF Base
                                                                                                                          Campus      Campus        Woodbourne
Foundation Programmes

     NMIT’s Foundation Studies programmes enable you
     to improve and perfect your study, presentation and
     communication skills.
     As a student you will be guided from an introductory level of
     skills required for tertiary study to a level that will enable you
     to study independently in an area of your interest.

     New Zealand Certificate in Study
     and Career Preparation
       Level                                                          4      Full time                                          19 weeks
       Campus                                                                Fees*                                            NZ$8,450
       Starts                                              Feb, Jul          IELTS                                                      5.5#

     Course content guide                                                      Health pathway
     Individually tailored courses let                                         > Nursing
     you focus on the skills you need                                          Counselling and Social Work
     to learn for your future, whether                                         pathway
     you want to study nursing, social                                         > Counselling
     sciences, business, art or IT.                                            > Social Work
                                                                               Open pathway
                                                                               > All other programme areas

     *Please refer to page 32 for our fees disclosure statement. #Please note IELTS 6.0 (or equivalent, see page 28) is required for entry into most Bachelor's Degrees and Diplomas.

English Language

>      Study in the beautiful sunny Nelson region
>      Immerse yourself in the friendly local culture
>      Five minutes’ walk to the central city                                                                                                                          English language
>      Multiple start dates

You can take our English classes on their own OR pathway on
                                                                                                                                                                       discount offer#
to further study at NMIT.
Our highly qualified and very experienced tutors will help                                                                                                             > Enrol for 8 weeks   > Enrol for 32
you to improve your English for daily life, work or study. We
encourage you to be an active learner inside and outside the                                                                                                             and pay just $2,700   weeks and
classroom.                                                                                                                                                               - saving $300         pay just
Each Certificate level takes 16 weeks and can increase your                                                                                                                                    $9,900 -
                                                                                                                                                                       > Enrol for 16 weeks
IELTS score by 0.5.                                                                                                                                                                            saving $2,100
                                                                                                                                                                         and pay just
                                                                                                                                                                         $5,000              > Enrol for 40
New Zealand Certificates in                                                                                                                                              - saving $1,000       weeks and
English Language                                                                                                                                                                               pay just
                                                                                                                                                                       > Enrol for 24 weeks
                                                                                                                                                                                               $12,000 -
                                                                                                                                                                         and pay just $7,500
                                                                                          8 week terms, two terms (16 weeks
                                                                                                                                                                                               saving $3,000
                                                             1-5       Full time
                                                                                             plus holidays) per NZCEL Level
                                                                                                NZ$6,000 per NZCEL Level
                                                                                                                                                                         - saving $1,500
                                                                                                            ($375 per week)
  Starts                   Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Dec

Course content guide                                                  Each Certificate level can improve
On your first day as a student                                        your English by the equivalent IELTS
at NMIT you complete an                                               score of 0.5 - preparing you for
English language assessment                                           further study at NMIT. (See diagram
which helps us to identify your                                       below.)
strengths and learning goals.                                         The different strands we offer
This helps plan the best study                                        within the New Zealand Certificate
path for you.                                                         in English Language (workplace,
                                                                      general and academic) will help
                                                                      you to achieve your specific goals.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Level 5-6               Degrees
                                                                                                                                                                                           Certificates and           requiring
                                                                                                                                                               Level 3 and 4
                                                                                                                                                                                           Diplomas, most           higher entry,
                                                                                                                                                                                           Undergraduate            Postgraduate
                                                                                                                                                                                               Degrees              qualifications
 English Language pathway

                                                                   1                                             2                                                3                            4 5
        NZCEL Level 1                                      NZCEL Level                                      NZCEL Level                                      NZCEL Level                     NZCEL Level             NZCEL Level


                                                                                                                                                        General/Academic                   General/Academic       General/Academic

English Language Pathway Scholarships#
> 16 weeks free English for students who pathway onto our Bachelors or Civil Engineering
> 50% off 16 weeks of English for students who pathway onto a full year of academic study

*Please refer to page 32 for our fees disclosure statement.#These offers cannot be combined or used with any other scholarships at NMIT. Conditions apply. See NMIT website for details.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Nelson     Marlborough   RNZAF Base
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Campus     Campus        Woodbourne
Specialist Qualifications

     Marine                                                                         New Zealand Certificate in Maritime
                                                                                    Crewing (Level 4) STCW AB Deck
     New Zealand Diploma
     in Marine Engineering                                                           Level
                                                                                                                           4   Full time
                                                                                                                               Fees per year*
                                                                                                                                                        17 weeks
                                                                                                                                                 Refer to website
     STCW Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW) III/1
                                                                                     Starts                          Jan       IELTS                          5.5

      Level                              6   Full time            30-36 weeks
                                                                                    Entry requirements                         Compulsory STCW courses
      Campus                                 Fees*             Refer to website                                                > STCW Basic Safety Training
                                                                                    Completion of an approved
      Starts                   Feb, Aug      IELTS                         6.0                                                 > STCW Proficiency in Survival
                                                                                    Training Record Book and
                                                                                    evidence of sea-time (see                    Craft
     Entry requirements                        Operational                 for details)          Elective courses
     Completion of an approved               > Engine Room Watchkeeping             Course content guide                       > Able Seafarer Engine
     Training Record Book and                > Marine Engineering                                                                 Watchkeeping
                                               Workplace Practicum                  Compulsory Able Seafarer Deck
     evidence of sea-time (see                                                                                                 > Able Seafarer - Engine
                                                                                    courses for details)       > Leadership and Teamwork                                                            Operations
                                                                                    > Navigation
     Course content guide                    Also includes                                                                     > Able Seafarer - Electrical
                                                                                    > Seamanship
     Marine Engineering courses              > STCW Basic Safety Training                                                      > Electro-technical Rating –
                                                                                    > Cargo Operations
                                             > STCW Proficiency in Survival                                                       Monitoring Electrical Systems
     > Mathematics                                                                  > Maintenance and Repair
                                                 Craft                                                                         > Electro-technical Rating –
     > Applied Mechanics                                                            > Health Safety and Pollution
                                             > STCW Medical First Aid                                                             Maintenance and Repair
     > Thermodynamics                                                                  Prevention
                                             > STCW Advanced Firefighting
     > Hand Tools and Workshop
                                             > Ship Construction
     > Electrical, Electronics               > Ship Stability
                                                                                    Certificate in Superyacht Crewing
       and Control Engineering               > Maritime Legislation
       - Operational and                     Students from OERC in India can         Level                                 3   Full time                12 weeks
       Maintenance/Repair                    benefit from Recognition of Prior       Campus                                    Fees*             Refer to website
     > Main Machinery Systems                Learning for this programme.            Starts                 Feb, May, Sep      IELTS                          5.0
     > Auxiliary Machinery Systems           See
     > High Voltage Vessel Systems -                                                Course content guide                       powerboat training and
                                                                                    Nelson, with its busy port                 hospitality.
     New Zealand Diploma in Nautical                                                and thriving boat culture, is a            Exclusive to our superyacht
     Science STCW Officer of the Watch (OOW) II/1                                   great place to gain the skills
                                                                                    in seamanship and hospitality
                                                                                                                               programme is a three-day
                                                                                                                               motor boat and five-day sailing
                                                                                    you need to work in the global             yacht trip as well as a three-day
      Level                              6   Full time            36-43 weeks       superyacht industry. You will              powerboat training course, where
      Campus                                 Fees*             Refer to website     learn a wide range of skills               you can put into practice what
      Starts                        Feb      IELTS                         6.0
                                                                                    including navigation, seamanship,          you learn.

     Entry requirements                        Information Systems                  Maritime Short Courses
     Completion of an approved               > Electrical Navigation Aids
                                             > Global Maritime Distress and         NMIT offer STCW and Refresher                Fighting
     Training Record Book and
                                               Safety                               training through the International         > Basic Fire Fighting Refresher
     evidence of sea-time (see
                                                                                    Maritime Institute of New                  > Elementary First Aid for details)       > HELM
                                                                                    Zealand.                                   > Proficiency in Medical First
     Course content guide                    > Ocean Meteorology
                                             > Celestial Navigation and             You can do your STCW Basic                   Aid
     Nautical Science courses                                                       Training with us, or take individual       > Fast Rescue Boat and
     > Navigational Mathematics                                                     short courses.                               Refresher
                                             > Radar and ARPA
     > Navigational Physics                                                         Course content guide                       > High Voltage – Management
                                             Also includes
     > Introduction to Meteorology                                                  > Electronic Chart Display and             > High Voltage – Operational
                                             > STCW Basic Safety Training
     > Navigation Offshore                                                            Information Systems (ECDIS)              > Personal Safety and Social
                                             > STCW Proficiency in Survival                                                      Responsibilities (PSSR)
     > Passage Planning                                                             > General Radio Telephone
     > Cargo Handling and Stowage                                                     Operators Certificate                    > Personal Survival Techniques
                                             > STCW Medical First Aid                                                            (PST) Survival Course and
     > Compass Navigation                                                             (GRTOC)
                                             > STCW Advanced Firefighting                                                        Refresher
     > Bridget Watchkeeping -                                                       > Global Maritime Distress and
                                             > Ship Construction                      Safety Systems (GMDSS)                   > Proficiency in Survival Craft
                                             > Ship Stability                       > International Safety                       (PISC) and Refresher
     > Vessel Operations OOW
                                             > Maritime Legislation                   Management                               > Seafarer Security Awareness
     > Officer of the Watch Tasks
                                             Students from OERC in India can        > Maritime Restricted Radio                > Tanker Basic Operations - Oil
     > Officer of the Watch
                                             benefit from Recognition of Prior        Operators (RRTOC) (MROC)                   & Chemical
                                             Learning for this programme. See       > Advanced Fire Fighting and               > Stability Upgrade
     > Electronic Chart Display
                                                                 Refresher                                Find out more at
                                                                                    > Fire Prevention and Fire

                                             Upon completion of an IMINZ qualification, you will need to submit an application to Maritime New Zealand
                                             (MNZ) to receive your Certificate of Competency. Please visit for more information.

Culinary Arts                                                                                                          Aviation

Culinary Arts                                                                                                          New Zealand Certificate in
(New Zealand Diploma in Cookery (Advanced)) (Level 5)
                                                                                                                       Aeronautical Engineering
  Level                                                        5       Full time                             1 year
                                                                                                                        Level                            4    Full time                    2 years
                                                                                           NZ$19,900 direct entry,
  Campus                                                               Fees per year* NZ$10,900 if completed Level 4    Campus                                Fees per year*            NZ$19,900
  Starts                                                   Feb         IELTS                                   5.5
                                                                                                                        Starts                     Feb, Jul   IELTS                           6.0

Course content guide                                                    develop your understanding
                                                                                                                       Course content guide                    > Aircraft Systems – Avionics
A year of challenging projects                                          of global cuisine, sustainability,
                                                                                                                       > Introduction to General               > Aircraft Systems – Population
both in and out of the kitchen.                                         artisan foods, advanced meat,
                                                                                                                         Aviation                              > Aircraft Maintenance and
You will master the techniques                                          poultry and fish, menu design and
                                                                        restaurant production. You will                > Introduction to Aircraft                Servicing
and presentations required to                                                                                            Systems
work at the highest level in New                                        also be involved in event catering                                                     Please note that it is a RNZAF
                                                                        as well as undertake an industry               > Aircraft Structures Preparation       security requirement that you
Zealand or overseas. You will
                                                                        placement.                                     > Aircraft Fluid and Mechanical         must be in New Zealand for six
                                                                                                                         Systems                               months before the start of the
                                                                                                                       > Aircraft Structures-
Culinary Arts                                                                                                            Maintenance Practices

(New Zealand Certificate in Cookery) (Level 4)                                                                         > Aircraft Systems –
                                                                                                                         Maintenance Practices
  Level                                                        4       Full time                             1 year
  Campus                                                               Fees per year*                  NZ$19,900
  Starts                                                   Feb         IELTS                                    5.5    Beauty Therapy

Course content guide                                                    rice, meat and
Guided by our highly experienced                                        poultry, seafood,                              New Zealand Diploma in
tutors you will develop the skills                                      bakery and desserts.
                                                                        On completion of
                                                                                                                       Beauty Therapy**
and techniques to be able to
produce exciting cuisine. You will                                      this programme,
                                                                        you can undertake                               Level                            5    Full time                    2 years
learn all aspects of preparation
and production using a range of                                         further study in                                Campus                                Fees per year*            NZ$18,900
ingredients such as grains and                                          Culinary Arts Level 5.                          Starts                         Feb    IELTS                           5.5

                                                                                                                       Course content guide                    > Anatomy and Physiology
Tourism                                                                                                                > Facial Treatments                     > Professional Practice
                                                                                                                       > Nail Services                         Gain practical work experience
                                                                                                                       > Waxing Services                       through providing services and
Diploma in Adventure Tourism                                                                                           > Eye Works and Tanning                 treatments to clients in the
                                                                                                                       > Make Up Services                      on-campus beauty salons in
and Guiding** (New Zealand Diploma in                                                                                                                          Nelson and Marlborough.
Outdoor and Adventure Education**)

  Level                                                        5       Full time                           2 years     Nursing
  Campus                                                               Fees per year*                  NZ$18,900
  Starts                                                   Feb         IELTS                                    5.5
                                                                                                                       Certificate in Nursing
Course content guide                                                    >     Advanced adventure guiding               (Competence Assessment Programme)
Call the top of the South Island                                        >     Rafting
                                                                                                                       This programme is for you if you are an Internationally Qualified Nurse
your classroom. Take advantage                                          >     Sea kayaking
                                                                                                                       (IQN) or you were registered in New Zealand but you have been out
of our unique location, with                                            >     River kayaking                           of practice for 5 years or more.
three national parks nearby you                                         >     Snowboarding
will spend more time out of the                                         >     Rock climbing
classroom than in it. Gain the skills                                   >     Hiking
                                                                                                                        Level                            7    Full time                  12 weeks
you need to become an guide in                                                                                          Campus                                Fees*                        $9,750
                                                                        >     Risk management
the Adventure Tourism industry.                                                                                         Starts               Feb, May, Aug    IELTS                           7.0
                                                                        >     Customer communications

New Zealand Certificate in Tourism                                                                                     Course content guide
                                                                                                                       > Concepts Related to Nursing
                                                                                                                                                               > Competence Assessment in
                                                                                                                                                                 Clinical Practice
(Operations)                                                                                                             in the NZ Context

  Level                                                        4       Full time                         19 weeks
  Campus                                                               Fees*                            NZ$8,450
  Starts                                                     Jul       IELTS                                    5.5

Course content guide                                                    have real world experiences
Nelson is the perfect place to                                          in this unique region of New
gain a tourism qualification. As                                        Zealand with three national parks
part of the programme, you will                                         and a growing tourism and travel

*Please refer to page 32 for our fees disclosure statement. **Subject to NZQA and TEC approval.
                                                                                                                                                              Nelson      Marlborough   RNZAF Base
                                                                                                                                                              Campus      Campus        Woodbourne
     Student Exchange
     Complete part of your degree                     Our partner institutes
     study overseas at one of our                     Denmark
     partner universities.                            > Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA)
                                                      > ECE-BBA INSEEC Business School
                         Choose to study a
                         Bachelor programme at        Germany
                         NMIT and you can now         > Cologne Business School
                         study overseas on our        > Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg
                         newly established Student
                                                      > European University of Applied Sciences
                         Exchange programme in
                         your second or third year.   > Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
                                                      > Hochschule Worms University of Applied Sciences
     Whilst you are completing part of your degree
     at an NMIT partner university you will only      Netherlands
     need to pay your normal NMIT tuition fees.       > Fontys University of Applied Sciences
                                                      > University of Adger
                                                      > Nord University
                                                      > Aoyama University
                                                      > J. F. Oberlin University
                                                      > Kanagawa University
                                                      > Humboldt State University
                                                      > University of Albany
                                                      > ISEP International Student Exchange Program

Student life
SANITI is your fun, friendly and independent student
association; providing events and services to NMIT students.
The team is located on the Nelson Campus and visits the
Marlborough and Woodbourne Campuses regularly.

SANITI is run by students. Their services include   For further information about SANITI like them on
events, support, advocacy, and assistance with      Facebook at or visit their
employment and an effective voice for students.     website at
     International student orientation                            Learning support
     When you arrive at NMIT you will meet student services       Learning Facilitators are here to advise and assist you with
     staff who will help you settle into your new city and your   any aspect of your learning.
     studies at NMIT.                                             They are located in the Te Puna Matauranga Library
     The student advisor will accompany you on a campus           Learning Centres on the Nelson and Marlborough
     tour and introduce you to the student association and        campuses. You can make an appointment to see them by
     key members of staff.                                        emailing
     You will also be given an orientation of your new local      The team offers one-to-one training as well as a range of
     area. We can help you to set up a bank account. You’ll       seminars or small group training sessions.
     be shown where the doctor and police station are             Their aim is to help students to become independent
     located as well as shops and other important services.       effective learners.
     Orientation sessions also cover:                             Our Learning Facilitators can help you with:
     >   Job search advice                                        >   Computer skills
     >   'Kiwi' culture                                           >   Interview training
     >   New Zealand Police and the law                           >   CV writing
     >   Driving regulations and owning a car.                    >   Maths
                                                                  >   Learning styles
     International student support                                >   Writing skills
     NMIT's International Student Advisors are on hand to         >   Planning essays or assignments
     assist you with the following:                               >   Time management
                                                                  >   Research skills.
     >   Adjustment to student life
     >   Connections to people of your culture
     >   Balancing your study with work and family
                                                                  IT support
         commitments                                              NMIT provides your own email address, campus wide WiFi,
     >   Pacific Island support                                   a personal login for computers around campus and IT
     >   Relationship issues                                      help service for all students. You can access advice and
     >   Access to free off-campus counselling (translation       assistance regarding all the usual IT requirements such as
         services available) through                    logins, passwords and printing.
     >   Referrals to community and government agencies           If you need IT support, you can call free from your mobile
     >   Health concerns and medical referrals.                   phone, or use one of the on-campus Help Point phones.
                                                                  This is in addition to our IT Helpdesk service station, located
     The International Student Advisors team have an              at the main desk of the Library Learning Centre (LLC).
     emergency phone number so you can contact someone
     for support at any time, day or night.
                                                                  Graduations are the most important days in NMIT’s
                                                                  The ceremonies are recognition of your achievement
                                                                  and hard work, combining academic formality with the
                                                                  celebration of you as a graduate, your families and friends.
                                                                  NMIT has graduation ceremonies in Nelson, Marlborough
                                                                  and on our local Marae for our Te Toki Pakohe students.

                                                                  The Information and Enrolment Centre
                                                                  The Information and Enrolment Centre provides
                                                                  centralised processing of applications, enrolments, re-
                                                                  enrolments, withdrawals, transfers and refunds for students.
                                                                  The team can also assist with visa applications and
                                                                  medical or travel insurance. They can be contacted at

                                                                  U.S. Department of veteran affairs
                                                                  NMIT welcome students funded through the Post-9/11 GI
                                                                  Bill. Find out more at
                                                                  or contact us by emailing

Costs and
budgeting advice
Before you begin your studies at NMIT,                             Working and study
there are some important things you                                As an international student in New Zealand you may be
need to know about life as a student in                            able to work up to 20 hours a week and full time during
New Zealand.                                                       the holidays.
                                                                   The main purpose of a student visa is to allow
                                                                   international students to study full time in New Zealand.
                                                                   However, depending on your study programme you may
Budgeting advice                                                   have an opportunity to work while you study.
                                                                   Many students find part time employment in the
Ask for advice                                                     hospitality and service industries including restaurants,
Your friendly International Student Support team are on            bars and supermarkets.
hand to offer advice on budgeting and saving in New                In New Zealand there are laws to protect our workers,
Zealand or you can contact the student association,                and this includes international students. Find out more
SANITI for free independent advice.                                about your rights and responsibilities working in New
                                                                   Zealand at
Get a discount
                                                                   For those eligible to work, the following websites can be
As a Student Identity Card holder, you are entitled to             very helpful:
a range of discounts in local businesses from cinema
tickets to food and clothes.                                       >
Further support
                                                                   > (Student Job Search).
New Zealand wants to welcome you and make sure you
have the resources you need to enjoy your time here.               The current adult minimum wage rates (before tax) that
Find out more about New Zealand wide support services              apply for employees aged 16 or over are: NZ$16.50 an
at               hour, which is NZ$330 for a 20 hour week, or NZ$660 for
assist-students                                                    a 40 hour week.

      Cost comparisons                   We have picked a few items to give you an understanding of
                                         some day to day costs in New Zealand (approximate costs):

             NZ   $2                                                                             NZ   $10
      Bottle of Coke (1.5 litre)                                                      Shuttle fare - airport to Nelson

         NZ   $2.20                                                                         NZ   $10-20
           Petrol per litre                                                                   Takeaway meal

            NZ   $16                                                                             NZ   $3
           Movie tickets                                                                          Rice 1kg

           NZ   $120                                 NZ    $8                               NZ   $14-40
         Pair of Levi jeans                              Big Mac                            Going out for dinner
     Immigration                                                  Eligibility for health services
     Visitor visa                                                 Most international students are not entitled to publicly
     If you are going to study in New Zealand for three           funded health services while in New Zealand. If you
     calendar months or less you do not need a student visa.      receive medical treatment during your visit, you may
     You can apply for a visitor visa instead.                    be liable for the full costs of that treatment. Full details
                                                                  on entitlements to publicly funded health services are
     Student visa                                                 available through the Ministry of Health, and can be
     If you are going to study in New Zealand for more than       viewed on their website at
     three calendar months you will need to apply for a
     student visa.                                                Accident insurance
     Full details of immigration requirements, advice on rights   The Accident Compensation Corporation provides
     to employment in New Zealand while studying, and             accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens,
     reporting requirements are available from Immigration        residents, and temporary visitors to New Zealand but you
     New Zealand, and can be viewed on their website at           may be liable for all other medical and related costs.                                         Further information can be viewed on the ACC website
     Medical and travel insurance
     International students, including groups of students,
     must have appropriate and current medical and travel
     insurance while in New Zealand.
     NMIT will automatically arrange insurance cover for all
                                                                       2019 Academic year
     students.                                                         NOTE: Some programmes start on unique
     Students may choose their own insurance company,                  dates, for more information visit
     however it must comply with the minimum standards
     required by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral
     Care of International Students. If you arrange your               Some programmes have 5 x 8 week terms, per
     own insurance cover, you must supply your Certificate             year. Term start dates:
     of Insurance and Schedule of Cover, in English, to the            >   Term 1      25 February 2019
     Information and Enrolment Centre. Once the insurance
                                                                       >   Term 2      13 May 2019
     policy is evaluated and confirmed as meeting the
     minimum standards required by the Code of Practice for            >   Term 3      22 July 2019
     Pastoral Care, the policy taken out by NMIT on behalf of          >   Term 4      16 September 2019
     the student will be cancelled with the fees refunded to           >   Term 5      2 December 2019
     the student.
     Insurance cover must be to the length of your visa.
                                                                       Some programmes have 3 x 16 week semesters,
                                                                       per year. Semester start dates:
                                                                       > Semester 1 25 February 2019
                                                                       > Semester 2 22 July 2019
                                                                       > Semester 3 2 December 2019 (Summer School)

NMIT International Student Support team can provide
support in finding accommodation while you study.
                                                           Backpacker hostel and private rooms
We also provide an airport pick-up service for all         >   NZ$30 - 150+ per night
international students.
                                                           To book these you will need to access their websites
If you require on-campus accommodation or commercial       directly. The providers require a credit card deposit.
accommodation, i.e. backpacker hostel or private rooms,    NMIT cultural advisors can advise on suitable providers
we can advise on suitable providers. You will need to      and the different options available.
book with them directly.
                                                           Hostel prices vary with location and facilities provided.
                                                           A shared room with shared facilities will cost minimum of
Homestay                                                   NZ$30 per night.
>   Full homestay - NZ$280
>   Independent homestay - NZ$215
                                                           Apartment living
                                                           Apartment accommodation options are independently
In a homestay organised by NMIT you can expect to:         owned and operated.
>   Live with a New Zealand family in your own             Nikau Apartments in Nelson
    furnished room and become part of the family.          >   From NZ$155 - 210 per week
>   Improve and practise your English
>   Learn new cultural experiences                         At Nikau Apartments in Nelson you will
>   Full Homestay includes breakfast, dinner and lunch     >   Live with other students in one, two, three or four
    on weekends                                                bedroom apartments
>   Independent Homestay, buy and cook your own food       >   Convenient access to your classes and the Library
>   Internet included                                          Learning Centre
>   Homestay families are selected in accordance with      >   Just a two minute walk to the city
    the New Zealand Code of Practice for the Pastoral      >   Modern, comfortable and student-friendly
    Care of International Students                         >   Your own furnished apartment with a bathroom and
>   Under-18 homestays include breakfast, lunch and            a fully equipped kitchen to cook your own food
    dinner. International students under 18 years of age   >   Shared power, laundry and internet (costs are
    are required to stay in approved under-18 homestay         additional)
    accommodation. Contact us for more details about
                                                           >   14 apartments in three blocks (42 apartments
    under-18 homestay accommodation.
Please note: Homestay accommodation is subject
                                                           Find out more and book directly online at
to availability. NMIT charge a non-refundable $200
administration fee to all homestay students. Contact
our International Student Support team to find about
homestay availability by emailing internationalsupport@

Rent a room/house
Many students decide to rent a house or room with
friends and fellow students. On arrival, the student
support team is able to provide you with a list of
websites and rental agencies for you to arrange your
own accommodation.
The cost of renting a room varies between Nelson
and Marlborough. The cost can range from NZ$150
to NZ$300 per room plus bills (electricity, telephone,
internet and food).

                   FREE AIRPORT PICKUP
                   Let us know when you are arriving
                   at least five days beforehand, and we can organise a airport pickup for you.
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