03     Language Focus (CS-L)

05     Academic Focus (CS-R)

06     Course Options

12     Adelaide City

12     Orientation

13     Accommodation

14     Support, Facilities & Contacts

The University of Adelaide offers Waseda University students the opportunity to
improve their English language proficiency and study an intensive academic
program with local and international students whilst immersing themselves in
Australian culture.
THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE                            Studies, Business, Economics, Law*, and Health
With over 140 years of excellence in education,       Sciences.
the University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s      *Please note that language requirements for law differ from
                                                      other study abroad options.
oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions.
Since its establishment in 1874, the University has   LEARNING OUTCOMES
developed a reputation for excellence in teaching,    Students will gain…
learning and research. It is consistently ranked in   An understanding of the interaction between
the top 1% in the world and has produced five         environment and society from cultural, scientific,
Nobel Prize winners. With more than 27,000            political and managerial perspectives that will
students from more than 90 countries and over         help prepare them for a range of exciting
3,000 staff, the University is small enough to        international career opportunities.
provide personal interaction with teaching staff,      Knowledge of the choices we face in seeking to
yet large enough to offer a broad range of            promote international social justice while
programs and student support services.                protecting and managing the environment.
For more information on the University of              A broader understanding of the range of
Adelaide visit                   political environments with which societies
                                                      around the world are shaped.
                                                       A learning experience alongside local and
This program offers Waseda University students        international students of the University.
the opportunity to immerse themselves in the           An official academic transcript confirming their
academic and social life of an outstanding            achievement once they have returned home.
university in a city renowned for its culture and
lifestyle.                                            ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
Students will have the option of studying             Students must…
cultural, political, environmental and economic
                                                         Have completed at least one year of study at
issues, as well as law and health science subjects,
that are of current significance in Australia and         Waseda University.
worldwide. Courses are drawn from various                Provide evidence of a GPA of at least 2.5 out
University of Adelaide disciplines including              of 4.0.
Aboriginal Studies, History, Geographical and            Meet the English language requirements
Environmental Studies, Politics and International         outlined on the relevant program page.
The Language Focus program includes one semester developing English language and
communication skills to prepare for academic study at the University of Adelaide, and one semester
studying academic courses in your chosen field.
The Pre-Enrolment English Program (PEP) is an interactive task-based course. Through active participation,
you will learn by:

      Undertaking individual and group project work,
      Investigating the academic culture of the University,
      Making oral presentations and responding to questions on your ideas,
      Developing research and academic writing skills and reporting your findings in written form,
      Reading, listening and note taking,
      Reflecting on, and developing action plans for personal language progress, and
      Leading and participating in seminars and tutorials.
As part of your course you will use blogs and discussion boards to share ideas and learning experiences with
teachers and peers. The use of these technologies will enable you to develop your ICT and critical thinking
skills, and engage in a different way of communicating in English.
At the end of the course, you will be asked to submit a research paper and deliver an oral presentation on
your work, and complete an exam essay.

After successful completion of PEP, students will be able to enrol into a semester of coursework classes at the
University of Adelaide. Study Abroad is an academic fee-paying program for international students.
Through participating in the Study Abroad program you can:

     Gain credit from your home institution,
     Satisfy your degree requirements by taking courses not available at Waseda University,
     Improve your language skills and cultural understanding,
     Develop your self-confidence and social skills,
     Build strong global networks and make new friends,
     Discover new knowledge and grow your international perspective, and
     Increase your employability.

Students may choose from one of the following options:

     Program 1: PEP20+                                Program 2: PEP15+                                 Program 3: PEP10+
     20 Week Pre-Enrolment English                    15 Week Pre-Enrolment English                     10 Week Pre-Enrolment English
     Program (PEP) at the English                     Program (PEP) at the English                      Program (PEP) at the English
     Language Centre                                  Language Centre                                   Language Centre
     +                                                +                                                 +
     Semester 2, 2021 Academic Study                  Semester 2, 2021 Academic Study                   Semester 2, 2021 Academic Study
     Abroad                                           Abroad                                            Abroad
     (see course areas page 6-11)                     (see course areas pages 6-11)                     (see course areas pages 6-11)

     English Language                                 English Language                                  English Language
     Requirements                                     Requirements                                      Requirements
     Most Courses                                     Most Courses                                      Most Courses
     TOEFL Internet Based:                            TOEFL Internet Based:                             TOEFL Internet Based:
     50 overall, Writing at 15, Speaking at           60 overall, Writing at 15, Speaking at            60 overall, Writing at 18, Speaking at
     14, Reading and Listening at 6                   14, Reading and Listening at 6                    16, Reading and Listening at 8
     OR                                               OR
     TOEFL Internet Based:                                                                              Law Courses
                                                      TOEFL Internet Based:
     50 overall, Writing at 18                        60 overall, Writing at 18                         TOEFL Internet Based:
                                                                                                        79 overall, Writing at 27, Speaking at
     Law Courses                                      Law Courses                                       23, Reading and Listening at 13
     TOEFL Internet Based:                            TOEFL Internet Based:                             OR
     60 overall, Writing at 21, Speaking at           79 overall, Writing at 24, Speaking at            TOEFL Internet Based:
     18, Reading and Listening at 8                   20, Reading and Listening at 8                    94 overall, Writing at 24, Speaking at
                                                      OR                                                20, Reading and Listening at 13
                                                      TOEFL Internet Based:
                                                      94 overall, Writing at 21, Speaking at
                                                      18, Reading and Listening at 8

     PEP Start Date:                                  PEP Start Date:                                   PEP Start Date:
     11 February 2021                                 18 March 2021                                     29 April 2021

     Academic Program Start Date:                     Academic Program Start Date:                      Academic Program Start Date:
     26 July 2021                                     26 July 2021                                      26 July 2021

     Teaching Period:                                 Teaching Period:                                  Teaching Period:
     26 July — 29 October 2021                        26 July — 29 October 2021                         26 July — 29 October 2021

     Examinations:                                    Examinations:                                     Examinations:
     6 November—20 November 2021                      6 November—20 November 2021                       6 November—20 November 2021

     Replacement Examinations:                        Replacement Examinations:                         Replacement Examinations:
     8 December—14 December 2021                      8 December—14 December 2021                       8 December—14 December 2021
     Students must be in Adelaide if they             Students must be in Adelaide if they              Students must be in Adelaide if they
     require a replacement examination.               require a replacement examination.                require a replacement examination.

     Course Fee:                                      Course Fee:                                       Course Fee:
     PEP 20: AUD $11,600                              PEP 15: AUD $8,800                                PEP 10: AUD $6,000
     (includes enrolment fee)                         (includes enrolment fee)                          (includes enrolment fee)
     3 courses per Semester: AUD $9,800               3 courses per Semester: AUD $9,800                3 courses per Semester: AUD $9,800
     4 courses per Semester: AUD $13,100              4 courses per Semester: AUD $13,100               4 courses per Semester: AUD $13,100

     Longer PEP course dates are available where required. For additional English Language requirements, see link:

Study Abroad is an academic fee-paying program for international students. The University of Adelaide
offers studies in a wide range of disciplines, allowing you to find courses you need to complement your
academic studies and enjoy a great lifestyle experience.

SEMESTER 1, 2021                                                      SEMESTER 2, 2021
Course Fee:                                                           Course Fee:
3 courses per Semester: AUD $9,800                                    3 courses per Semester: AUD $9,800
4 courses per Semester: AUD $13,100                                   4 courses per Semester: AUD $13,100

Orientation:                                                          Orientation:
17 February - 26 February 2021                                        19 July - 23 July 2021

Teaching Period:                                                      Teaching Period:
1 March - 11 June 2021                                                26 July - 29 October 2021

Examinations:                                                         Examinations:
19 June - 3 July 2021                                                 6 November - 20 November 2021

Replacement Examinations:                                             Replacement Examinations:
19 July - 24 July 2021                                                8 December—14 December 2021
Students must be in Adelaide in this period if they require a         Students must be in Adelaide in this period if they require a
replacement examination.                                              replacement examination.


 Most Courses:                                                     Law Courses:
 TOEFL (internet based)                                            TOEFL (internet based)
 Total score of 79                                                 Total score of 94
 Writing 21, Speaking 18, Reading and Listening 13                 Writing 27, Speaking 23, Reading and Listening 20

For information about other acceptable language tests, please refer to the University of Adelaide website at

     Courses available to Waseda University students are listed below. More information on these courses can
     be found in the Course Outlines section of the University’s website or from Waseda Program Coordinators.
     Although students should select courses that are of interest to them, it is also important they consult with
     the Center for International Education to ensure that selected courses at the University of Adelaide will be
     recognised towards their studies at Waseda University.
     Please note that these courses are currently offered in 2020 and are only indicative of the options available
     in 2021. Course information for 2021 will be available in December 2020.

      Course                                                    CLAS
                                                                          Life in the Golden Age of Rome         3
      Code   Course Name                    Units               2008
      ABORIG Indigenous People, Country &                       CLAS      Art & Archaeology of Rome (8th
      1001   Protocols                           3              2033      c. BC- 1st c. AD)
      ABORIG Indigenous Scholarship & the                       CLAS      Afterlife and Underworld in
      1002   Interplay of Knowledges             3              3026      Antiquity
      ABORIG Aboriginal Culture through                         CLAS      Pagans, Saints and Magic in Late
      2003   Immersive Storytelling              3              3027      Antiquity
      ABORIG Indigenous Societies: Rights &                     CRWR
                                                                          Creative Writing: The Essentials       3
      3001   Responsibilities                    3              1001
      ANTH   Introduction to Anthropology:                      CRWR
                                                                          Making Contemporary Poetry             3
      1104   Society and Culture                 3              2005
      ANTH                                                      CRWR      The Writer's Voice: Intersections
             Identity and Discrimination                                                                         3
      2008                                       3              2013      in Writing
      ANTH   Anthropology of Violence and                       CRWR      Boundary Riders: Creative Critical
      2036   Crime                               3              3001      Writing
      ANTH   Pop Anthropology: Music, Media                     ENGL
                                                                          Introduction to English Literature     3
      2041   & Material Culture                  3              1101
      ANTH                                                      ENGL
             Life, Death and Culture                                      Beginning Shakespeare                  3
      2053                                       3              1109
      ANTH   Anthropology of Emotion, Mind                      ENGL
                                                                          Hollywood or Bust!                     3
      3002   and Person                          3              2057
      ANTH   Contemporary Anthropology:                         ENGL
                                                                          Life-Writing                           3
      3036   Perspectives & Practice             6              2070
      ARTS                                                      ENGL      Anthropocene Arts: Nature-
             The Enquiring Mind                                                                                  3
      1007                                       3              2071      Cultures in Crisis
      ARTS                                                      ENGL
             Complex Problem Solving                                      Body Culture Text                      3
      2002                                       3              3044
      ARTS                                                      ENGL      Old Texts Made New: Literary
             Science as a Social Enterprise                                                                      3
      2003                                       3              3046      Imitation & Allusion
      ARTS   Arts Masterclass: Visiting                         ENGL      Australian Classics: Literature and
      2004   International Academics             3              3048      Film                                   3
      ARTS   Advanced Humanities: Theory                        ENGL
      3003   and Method                          3              3051                                             3
      CLAS   Introduction to Ancient Greek                      HIST
                                                                          Empires in World History
      1003   and Roman History                   3              1108                                             3
      CLAS   Introduction to Ancient Greek                      HIST      Revolutions that Changed the
      1106   and Roman Literature                               1109      World                                  3

HIST                                             HIST   Protecting the Peace: Histories of
         Australia and the World
 2051                                         3   3055   Peacekeeping                         3
 HIST                                             HIST
         Food and Drink in World History                 History of Warfare
 2055                                         3   3071                                        3
 HIST    Heresy and Witchcraft in                 PHIL
                                                         Argument and Critical Thinking
 2069    Medieval Europe                      3   1101                                        3
 HIST    Russia in War and Revolution             PHIL
                                                         Mind and World
 2084    1917-1953                            3   1102                                        3
 HIST    New York City in Revolution:             PHIL   Morality, Society and the
 2086    Reacting to the Past                 3   1103   Individual                           3
 HIST                                             PHIL
         The Family, Memory and Identity                 Introduction to Logic
 2093                                         3   1110                                        3
 HIST                                             PHIL   Cognitive Science: Minds, Brains
         Reel History: World War II in Film
 3035                                         3   2030   & Computers                          3
 HIST    Aftermath: Aborigines in 20th            PHIL
                                                         Philosophy of Science
 3038    Century Australia                    3   2050                                        3
 HIST    Aboriginal Peoples and the               PHIL   God, Faith and Infinity:
 3052    Colonial World                       3   3032   Philosophy of Religion               3

 Course                                           GEOG   Introductory Geographic
 Code   Course Name                     Units     2129   Information Systems (GIS)            3
 DEVT   Introduction to International             GEOG
                                                         Social Science Techniques II
 1001   Development                           3   2132                                        3
 DEVT                                             GEOG
        Poverty and Social Development                   Urban Futures
 2100                                         3   2135                                        3
 DEVT   Empowerment & Development:                GEOG
                                                         Environmental Management
 2101   Community & Gender                    3   2139                                        3
 DEVT                                             GEOG
        Rights and Development                           Climate Change
 3003                                         3   2142                                        3
 DEVT   Climate Change and Sustainable            GEOG   Indigenous Peoples and the
 3007   Development                           3   2150   Environment
 GEND                                             GEOG
        Introduction to Gender Studies                   Cities and Sustainability            3
 1106                                         3   2201
 GEND                                             GEOG
        Gender, Work and Society                         Tourism and Environment              3
 1107                                         3   3010
 GEND                                             GEOG
        Gender, Bodies and Health II                     Food Security                        3
 2017                                         3   3022
 GEND   Contemporary Theories in                  GEOG
                                                         Migration and Development            3
 3018   Gender Studies                        6   3026
 GEOG                                             GEOG   Advanced Geographic
        Geographies of Globalisation                                                          3
 1101                                         3   3027   Information Systems (GIS)
 GEOG   Physical Geography and human              SOCI
                                                         Introduction to Sociology            3
 1102   environmental impacts                 3   1003
 GEOG                                             SOCI
        Economy, Environment and Place                   Social Problems                      3
 1103                                         3   1004
 GEOG   Intro to Geography, Environment           SOCI
                                                         Sociological Theory in Action        3
 1104   & Population                          3   2009

SOCI                                                 SOCI    Qualitative Research Methods in
                Politics, Policy & Citizenship        3                                              3
      2010                                                 3014    Social Sciences
      SOCI      Consumption, Work and the Self             SOCI    Quantitative Research Methods
                                                      3                                              3
      3009      III                                        3015    in Social Sciences
      SOCI                                                 SOCI    Quantitative Research Methods
                Introduction to Social Research       3                                              3
      2012                                                 3016    in Sociology
      SOCI      Life on Screen: Social Issues              SOCI
                                                      3            Sociology of Ethnic Conflict
      2014      Through Film                               3018                                      3
                Sociological Contentions              3

      Course                                               POLIS
                                                                   International Security
      Code   Course Name                         Units     3002                                      3
      ASIA                                                 POLIS   Cyber-Politics: Politics & the
             Asia and the World
      1103                                             3   3003    Internet Revolution               3
             Introduction to Asian Cultures
      1104                                             3
             Asia: Cultures and Identities
      2007                                             3
      ASIA   Ten Things You Should Know
      2028   About China                               3
             Beyond Asian Ecological Crises
      3007                                             3
      PEACE  Introduction to Peace and
      1001   Conflict Studies                          3
      PEACE  Applied Peace Building and
      2001   Conflict Resolution                       3
      POLIS  Introduction to International
      1102   Relations                                 3
      POLIS  Introduction to Comparative
      1104   Politics                                  3
             Introduction to Australian Politics
      1106                                             3
             Terrorism and Global Politics
      2013                                             3
      POLIS  Passions and Interests: The
      2107   History of Greed                          3
             The Ethics of War and Peace
      2109                                             3
      POLIS  Approaches in International
      2114   Relations                                 3
             The Politics of Leadership
      2118                                             3
             Global Environmental Politics
      2122                                             3
             International Political Economy
      2130                                             3
             Citizenship and Globalisation
      3001                                             3

 Course                                        CORPFIN
 Code       Course Name                Units               Business Data Analytics         3
 COMMGMT    Managing Organisations and         CORPFIN     Tax Superannuation and
 1001       People                           3                                             3
                                               3003        Estate Planning
            Organisational Behaviour             CORPFIN
 2500                                        3             Global Wealth Management        3
 COMMGMT    Information Risks, Threats &
 2507       Controls                         3   CORPFIN
                                                           Corporate Finance Theory        3
 COMMGMT    Business Data & Cyber                3500
 2508       Security                         3   CORPFIN   Portfolio Theory and
 COMMGMT    Policies & Procedures in             3501      Management
 2509       Organisational Cyber Security    3   CORPFIN   Options, Futures & Risk
 COMMGMT    Client Relationships and the                                                   3
                                                 3502      Management
 2510       Role of Technology               3
                                                 CORPFIN   Corporate Investment &
 COMMGMT    Business Operations                                                            3
                                                 3503      Strategy
 2511       Management                       3
 COMMGMT    Business Information Systems         CORPFIN   Treasury and Financial Risk
 2512       and Management                   3   3504      Management
 COMMGMT    Small and Family Business            ENTREP
                                                           Opportunity Assessment          3
 3005       Perspectives                     3   1006
 COMMGMT                                         ENTREP    Entrepreneurship
            Managing Across Cultures                                                       3
 3500                                        3   1011      Foundations and Mindset
 COMMGMT                                         ENTREP    Design Thinking: Problems to
            Strategic Management                                                           3
 3501                                        3   1020      Practice
 COMMGMT    Human Resource                       ENTREP    Driving Decisions: Accounting
 3502       Management                       3   2003      and Finance
 COMMGMT    Managing Conflict and                ENTREP    Driving Decisions: New
 3506       Change                           3   2012      Venture Marketing               3
 COMMGMT    Systems Thinking for a               ENTREP
                                                           Exploring Innovation
 3508       Complex World                    3   2014                                      3
 COMMGMT    Professionalising Small &            ENTREP    Prototyping: Possibilities to
 3509       Family Business                  3   2051      Product                         3
 COMMLAW                                         ENTREP
            Commercial Law I                               Innovation and Creativity
 1004                                        3   3000                                      3
 COMMLAW                                         ENTREP    Energy Management,
            Commercial Law II                    3006      Economics & Policy              3
 2500                                        3
 COMMLAW    Legal Aspects of International       ENTREP
                                                           Startup Methodologies
 2502       Business                         3   3011                                      3
 COMMLAW                                         ENTREP
            Income Tax Law III               3             Entrepreneurial Leadership
 3500                                            3015                                      3
COMMLAW                                                    Driving Decisions: Legal
            Business Tax & GST               3   3017                                      3
COPRFIN                                                    Social Enterprise
            Business Finance                 3   3019                                      3
1002                                             ENTREP    Corporate Entrepreneurship
CORPFIN     Financial Institutions               3020      in Organisations                3
2501        Management                           ENTREP
CORPFIN                                          3900                                      3
            Business Valuation               3   ENTREP
2502                                                       Tech eChallenge
                                                 3901                                      3

INTBUS      International Business                     MARKETNG
                                                                          Marketing to the World
      1000        Environment                            3   3501                                         3
      INTBUS      International Business                     MARKETNG     Services Design and
      2001        Operations                             3   3504         Marketing                       3
      INTBUS                                                 MARKETNG     Contemporary Issues in
                  International Business
      2500                                               3   3510         Marketing                       3
      MARKETNG                                               PROJMGNT     Foundations of Project
                  Introduction to Marketing
      1001                                               3   1001         Management                      3
      MARKETNG                                               PROJMGNT
                  Marketing Strategy                                      Project Risk Management
      2010                                               3   1002                                         3
      MARKETNG                                               PROJMGMT     Scheduling & Cost
                  Consumer Behaviour
      2501                                               3   1003         Management                      3
      MARKETNG                                               PROJMGNT     Project Management
                  Building & Managing Brands
      2506                                               3   2001         Methodologies and Concepts      3
      MARKETNG                                               PROJMGNT
                  Marketing Planning Project                              Systems Thinking and Projects
      3004                                               3   2002                                         3
      MARKETING   Marketing Communications in                PROJMGNT     Leadership in Stakeholder
      3005        a Digital World                        3   2003         Management                      3
      MARKETNG                                               PROJMGNT
                  Delivering Customer Insights                            Industry Based Applications
      3006                                               3   2004                                         3

      Course                                                 ECON
                                                                        Advanced Economic Analysis II
      Code   Course Name                         Units       2512                                         3
      ECON   Australia in the Global                         ECON
                                                                        Global Economic History II
      1002   Economy I                                   3   2513                                         3
      ECON   Introduction to Mathematical                    ECON       Resource and Environmental
      1005   Economics I                                 3   3500       Economics III                     3
      ECON                                                   ECON
             Data Analytics I                                           Development Economics III
      1008                                               3   3501                                         3
      ECON   International Financial                         ECON
                                                                        Econometrics III
      1009   Institutions and Markets I                  3   3502                                         3
      ECON                                                   ECON
             Mathematical Economics I                                   Game Theory III
      1010                                               3   3503                                         3
      ECON                                                   ECON
             Principles of Economics I                                  Labour Economics III
      1012                                               3   3504                                         3
      ECON   Using Big Data for Economic                     ECON
                                                                        International Trade III
      1013   and Social Problems I                       3   3506                                         3
      ECON   International Trade &                           ECON
                                                                        Public Economics III
      2500   Investment Policy II                        3   3508                                         3
      ECON                                                   ECON
             Intermediate Econometrics II                               International Finance III
      2504                                               3   3510                                         3
      ECON   Intermediate Microeconomics                     ECON       Money, Banking and Financial
      2506   II                                          3   3511       Markets III                       3
      ECON   Intermediate Macroeconomics                     ECON       Strategy of Australian and
      2507   II                                          3   3527       European Integration III          3
      ECON                                                   ECON       Human Resources Economics
             Financial Economics II
      2508                                               3   3528       III                               3
      ECON                                                   ECON
             Behavioural Economics II                                   Rethinking Capitalism III
      2511                                               3   3529                                         3

 Course                                                                        LAW
                                                                                             Family Law
 Code          Course Name                                 Units               2512                                                             3
 LAW                                                                           LAW           Human Rights: International &
               Foundations of Law
 1501                                                              3           2513          National Perspectives                              3
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               Principles of Public Law                                                      Intellectual Property Law
 1504                                                              3           2514                                                             3
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               Tort Law                                                                      Minerals and Energy Laws
 1507                                                              3           2517                                                             3
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               International Law                                                             Property Theory
 1508                                                              3           2521                                                             3
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               Commercial Transactions                                                       Statutory Interpretation
 1509                                                              3           2566                                                             3
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               Contract Law                                                                  Climate Change Law
 1510                                                              3           2568                                                             3
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               Property Law                                                                  Corporate Law
 1511                                                              3           2598                                                             3
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               Australian Constitutional Law                                                 Criminal Law
 2501                                                              3           2599                                                             3
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               Equity                                                                        Dispute Resolution and Ethics
 2502                                                              3           3501                                                             6
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               Administrative Law                                                            Evidence and Advocacy
 2504                                                              3           3502                                                             6
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               Comparative Law                                                               Law of Work
 2508                                                              3           3517                                                             3
 LAW                                                                           LAW
               Environmental Law                                                             Contract Law: Selected Issues
 2511                                                              3           3531                                                             3

^Please note that language requirements for law subjects differ from other study abroad options. Please refer to pages 3 to 5 for more

 Course                                                                        HLTH SC
                                                                                              Exercise, Nutrition & Metabolism
 Code           Course Name                                  Units             3100                                                                  3
 HLTH SC        Create, Communicate. Connect                                   HLTH SC        Infant, Child and Adolescent
 1002           with Health & Medical Sciences                         3       3103           Health                                                 3
 HLTH SC        Fundamentals in Human                                          HLTH SC
                                                                                              Life Span Nutrition
 2100           Nutrition                                              3       3200                                                                  3
 HLTH SC        Contemporary Understanding of                                  HLTH SC        Human Motor Behaviour and
 2103           Disease & Treatment                                    3       3201           Learning                                               3
 HLTH SC        Essential Understanding of                                     PSYCHOL
                                                                                              Psychology 1A
 2104           Disease and Treatment                                  3       1000                                                                  3
 HLTH SC        Reflect. Research. Resolve                                     PSYCHOL
                                                                                              Psychology 1B
 2105           Questions in Health                                    3       1001                                                                  3
 HLTH SC        Fundamentals of Biomechanics &                                 PSYCHOL
                                                                                              Research Methods in Psychology
 2106           Human Movement                                         3       1004                                                                  3
 HLTH SC        Precision Medicine: Disease,
 2108           Treatment & Prevention                                 3
*It is important to note that confirmation of successful enrolment into Law and Health Sciences courses requires faculty approval and that not
all applications will be successful. Students interested in taking Law or Health Sciences courses should select alternative course choices in case
they are not able to enter their chosen courses.

     Students can truly immerse themselves in Australian culture by studying and socialising with local and other
     international students, while still earning valuable academic credit from a prestigious Australian university and
     exploring some of South Australia’s best cultural landmarks. Students will be surprised how quickly they can ‘feel at
     home’ in the beautiful compact city of Adelaide.
     Students will be amazed by the beauty and variety of nature found in South Australia, all within short reach of
     Adelaide. Lush hills to the east, white sandy beaches to the west, dusty outback to the north and rugged coastline to
     the south mean that they will never tire of exploring their Australian home, even in the cooler winter months.

     The University of Adelaide is located in the cultural heart of Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. The
     University’s attractive main campus is situated in the centre of Adelaide’s vibrant retail, dining and cultural district,
     bordered by the Art Gallery, Museum, State Library, Festival Centre, Botanical Gardens, Central Business District and
     the River Torrens—an ideal location for local and international students alike.
     Known for its pleasant Mediterranean climate, thriving economy, dynamic cultural scene and relatively low cost of
     living, Adelaide offers an enviable lifestyle in an environment that is ideal for study and recreation. Adelaide is one of
     the most affordable mainland cities, with a cost of living up to 14% lower than Sydney and Melbourne.* It is an
     attractive, friendly, safe and well‐planned city of wide streets and boulevards, squares, parklands and a mixture of
     historic and modern buildings. With a population of 1.3 million, Adelaide is Australia’s fifth largest city.
     *Source: Study Adelaide

                                                           Students will be provided with a comprehensive Orientation
                                                           Program including a tour of the University of Adelaide campus.
                                                           Student ID cards will be issued to students after arrival. This will
                                                           allow access to all University facilities including computer labs,
                                                           the University library and the many clubs and cafes on campus.
                                                           Student cards also provide discounts for students on public
                                                           transport, at some restaurants, the cinema and other popular
                                                           student activities.

During their time at the English Language Centre, students may choose to stay in homestay accommodation in an
Australian family home, allowing them to experience Australian family life and culture. As in most modern societies,
Australian households vary. A homestay family does not necessarily mean a two-parent family with children. Hosts
may be single individuals, married couples, single parents with children, couples or partners with or without
children. Backgrounds vary greatly. Typically host families have an interest in sharing their own culture with others
and are eager to learn about other cultures.
The University will endeavour to match students with like-minded families (i.e. pets/no pets, like music, like sport,
smoking/non-smoking, etc.). Homestay accommodation will be located near public transport which students can
catch to and from the University. Students will have their own bedroom and will be provided with breakfast, lunch
and dinner each day.

Living with urbanest at The University of Adelaide offers Waseda
University students the opportunity to base themselves in the heart
of Adelaide’s shopping precinct and across the road from the
University’s main campus.
Purpose-built with students in mind, the property offers studios
and shared apartment options, shared exclusively with University
of Adelaide students from all over the world, in a building
managed by the University’s preferred student accommodation
provider. With all-inclusive rent that includes electricity, water,
unlimited internet and contents insurance, urbanest offers
convenient, safe and great value option for a perfect study
experience in Adelaide.
The building features a fully equipped gym, cinema room, games
room, iMac zone, social lounge, BBQ area, rooftop terrace, secure
bike storage, laundry, study rooms, pool table, vending machines and more. Urbanest rooms are designed specifically
with the student lifestyle in mind and to suit a range of budgets. Rooms include wireless internet, a kitchen and linen
pack and reverse-cycle air conditioning.

Students can enjoy the benefits of access to quality accommodation options across the city, at various price points.

For detailed information on your options please visit the Accommodation Service website:

     SUPPORT SERVICES                               LIBRARY                                         LIVING COSTS
     From the moment students arrive, the           With over 2.2 million print and electronic      Please Note: Living costs will vary
     University of Adelaide has a range of high     resources, the Library is well placed to        significantly depending on a student’s
     quality support services designed to help      support learning, teaching and research at      type of housing and lifestyle. The
     international students settle in quickly and   the University of Adelaide. Students can        following is a guide only. Further
     succeed in their studies.                      take advantage of a number of services          information can be found on the
     Students who have chosen homestay will         including wireless internet access,             university website.
     be met at the airport by their host families   individual or group study areas, 24 hour        Students living in urbanest will be
     when they arrive. All other students can       computer suite, photocopiers and an             responsible for rent, food and personal
     take a taxi or public transport from the       interlibrary loan service.                      expenses.
     airport.                                                                                       Students living in homestay will be
                                                                                                    responsible for their rent (AUD$ 260 per
                                                                                                    week), transport and personal expenses.
                                                                                                Item      Approx. cost (AUD$) p/week
                                                    The University of Adelaide has a state‐of‐
     SUPPORT                                                                                    Rent:              $135-385
                                                    the‐art 24‐hour student facility known as
     The International Student Support service                                                  Food:              $90-135 (not to be
                                                    Hub Central. The Hub offers food and
     is responsible for the ongoing support of      retail outlets, student services, study and                    included for students in
     international students. Their services         relaxation areas and bookable group study                      homestay)
     include general counselling, assistance        rooms. This flexible space is well utilised Utilities:         $40-55 (not to be
     with student issues, and welfare support.      by both local and international students.
                                                                                                                   included for students
                                                                                                                     choosing homestay)
                                                                                                    Telephone:       $20-40
     ADDITIONAL SUPPORT                             STUDENT CLUBS
                                                                                                    Transport:       $20-35
                                                    In addition to those facilities offered by
     SERVICES                                       Hub Central, the Adelaide University            Other:           $50+
     In addition to the International Student       Union provides a variety of on‐campus           Total            $355-700
     Advisors, the University also operates a       eating places, a bar, and theatre facilities.
     Counselling Centre on campus, which is         The University also has its own gym on          CONTACT
     staffed by professional psychologists.                                                         Study Overseas
                                                    campus, the Fitness Hub.
     Located next to the Counselling Centre is                                                      Level 5, Old Classics Wing
                                                    AUU Clubs offers over 150 clubs that
     the University Health Service which                                                            The University of Adelaide
                                                    represent all kinds of activities, and
     provides standard medical treatment and                                                        Adelaide SA 5005
                                                    joining one is the best way to make friends
     advice. These services are available to all    and connections on campus.                      T: +61 8 8313 8220
     students.                                                                                      E:

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