of Otago

Welcome / Kia Ora
                                                                            Studying abroad, even for a short time,
                                                                            provides an insight into another way of
                                                                            life, and contributes to greater cultural
                                                                            understanding. The opportunity to expand
                                                                            your horizons, as well as gain an excellent
                                                                            academic experience at the University
                                                                            of Otago, is one I encourage you to take.
                                                                            I was fortunate enough to spend the last year of
                                                                            my high school education on exchange in Japan,
                                                                            and it was an experience that has had a lifelong
                                                                            impact, both personally and professionally.
                                                                            As well as providing a high quality education,
                                                                            the University of Otago is located in one of the
                                                                            most scenic parts of the world and Dunedin
                                                                            offers a student lifestyle unlike any other city in
                                                                            Australasia. Founded in 1869, the University of
                                                                            Otago is an integral part of the local community,
                                                                            and we value the contribution students from
                                                                            other countries make to the cultural diversity of
                                                                            both the campus and the city.
                                                                            I challenge you to take up the opportunity to learn
                                                                            more about the internationally renowned “Otago
                                                                            Experience”, and look forward to welcoming you
                                                                            to Dunedin and the University of Otago.

                                                                            Professor Sarah Todd
                                                                            Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International)

The information provided in this guide is, as far as possible, up to date and accurate at the time of publication. The University reserves the right to add, amend or withdraw courses and facilities, to restrict
student numbers and to make any other alterations as it may deem necessary.

Published August 2012 by the International Office, University of Otago.
The University of Otago
An Introduction

Studying abroad provides an opportunity to learn about other cultures and to develop the international
perspective essential for graduates today. If you decide to study at the University of Otago you will enjoy
a unique educational environment. The University of Otago is New Zealand’s most research-intensive
university and is this country’s top-ranked university for research quality. Otago also enjoys an international
reputation for the quality of its teaching and is a world leader in many academic fields. Students from around
the world rate Otago’s reputation and the quality of its study environment as its strongest attractions.

International Outlook                              A University in the                                  of students live in rented flats, which are

The University of Otago is strongly
                                                   Heart of the City                                    apartments or houses, usually shared by four or
                                                                                                        five students.
committed to international education and has       Education is Dunedin’s largest industry with         Flatting is an important part of Otago’s
collaborative teaching, research and exchange      the University of Otago playing a vital role. Of     unique student lifestyle. It offers students both
agreements with major institutions in Asia,        Dunedin’s population of 122,000 twenty per           independence and responsibility. Living so
South America, the United States, Canada and       cent are students. The campus is in the centre       close to campus, students feel a real sense of
Europe (see page 20).                              of the city and, as a result, much of Dunedin’s      community and a sense of belonging in a very
Otago offers a rich cultural life, reflecting a    commerce, music, entertainment and sport has         pleasant and supportive environment. (For more
diverse international student community and        evolved around its student culture. Dunedin          information on accommodation see page 13.)
New Zealand’s own multicultural population.        offers students the best of both worlds. It has
From its original Scottish foundations, the        the variety of facilities and entertainment of
University now embraces its Pacific heritage.      larger cities, but is small enough to be friendly,   Matariki Network
It is engaged in a mutually-beneficial             uncrowded and safe. International students find      of Universities
partnership with Mäori, particularly with          this city as welcoming as the University itself
the local iwi (tribe), Ngäi Tahu. Just as it is    and appreciate the short time it takes to feel       The University of Otago is a founding member
proactive in meeting the needs of the New          comfortable and at home.                             of the Matariki Network of Universities
Zealand people, the University of Otago                                                                 (MNU), a select international group of
welcomes the world. In 2012 the University                                                              outstanding universities, with each member
hosted 2800 international students from
                                                   A Unique Study                                       amongst the oldest and foremost places of
more than 90 countries enrolled in a wide          Environment                                          learning in its respective country. The MNU
range of courses at all levels of study. We have                                                        has been established to enable the universities
                                                   Located on the edge of the Dunedin Botanic           to enhance diversity, to share ideas, expertise
included some of their experiences throughout
                                                   Garden, the Otago campus is very beautiful. The      and international best practice, recognising a
this guide.
                                                   Water of Leith winds its way past the majestic       shared commitment to an ethos of excellence in
                                                   stone Clocktower, a visible reminder of the          research, scholarship and rounded education.
                                                   University’s history and tradition of learning,      Other members of MNU include Dartmouth
                                                   the state-of-the-art Centre for Innovation and       College (USA), Durham University (England),
                                                   the many character villas which house much of        Queen’s University (Canada), Ebergard
                                                   Otago’s student population.                          Karls Universität Tübingen (Germany), The
                                                   Almost all Otago students live within walking        University of Western Australia and Uppsala
                                                   distance of the University campus and key            Universitet (Sweden).
                                                   facilities such as lecture theatres, libraries
                                                   and computer resource rooms. The majority
STUDENT PROFILE                                                                                                                                            3

Ashley Davidson

Ask Ashley Davidson to describe her                What she hadn’t expected was how quickly             “All of my professors are highly enthusiastic, and
experience as a Study Abroad student at            she would feel right at home in her new              the lab work is very hands-on and a lot of fun,”
Otago and she will sum it up in two words: “Life   environment. “There’s always the possibility         she says.
changing”.                                         of culture shock when you travel to a new
                                                                                                        Ashley has only one complaint about her
Ashley leapt at the opportunity to take part in    place,” she says, “and my culture shock didn’t
                                                                                                        Otago experience – six months was not long
a Study Abroad programme to the University         last longer than a day. That was because of
                                                                                                        enough. Fortunately she has found a solution to
of Otago for a number of reasons. As a Sports      how warm and welcoming the people are.
                                                                                                        this problem; she is planning to return for her
Medicine student, she was confident about          I made a lot of friends very quickly and the staff
                                                                                                        master’s study once her undergraduate degree
the strong international reputation of the         at the University really make time to meet with
                                                                                                        is complete.
University’s Divisions of Sciences and Health      students.”
Sciences. As an outdoor enthusiast, she was        Ashley’s main area of academic interest is
keen on exploring New Zealand’s famous             exercise and sports medicine, a field in which
natural environment. And finally, as someone       much exciting work is being done at Otago. She
with a strong attachment to her Scottish           describes one of the University’s strengths as its
heritage, she was attracted to the city of         teaching staff, who deliver course material in a
Dunedin, also known as “the Edinburgh of the       way that is “engaging and exciting”.

Ferran Cáceres

You could be forgiven for thinking that life in      time at an internationally recognised, EQUIS-       “there could never be enough time to see
New Zealand might seem rather quiet for              accredited Business School, this convinced          it all”. He is trying his hardest to do just that,
someone hailing from the bustling metropolis of      him that Dunedin was the ideal location for a       however. As a member of the University of
Barcelona. Think again, says Ferran Cáceres.         student exchange.                                   Otago Tramping Club he has seen more of
“The excitement here never stops!” says the                                                              New Zealand’s diverse natural environment and
                                                     He hasn’t regretted his decision. “The Business
                                                                                                         unique wildlife in six months than many New
Spanish Business Administration student, who         programme here is very strong,” he says. “There
                                                                                                         Zealanders will see in their lifetime.
is spending six months on exchange at the            is a lot of emphasis on doing the kinds of hands-
University of Otago. “The great thing about          on work that you will be doing in real-world        He believes that making the most of life at
Otago is that the whole culture revolves around      employment situations, and the relationship         Otago is as simple as getting as involved as
student life. Everybody lives close to the campus,   between staff and students is great, with           possible in the many social and recreational
and there are so many activities on offer.”          professors always putting in the extra effort to    activities on offer. “Otago is not just a cluster of
                                                     be there whenever you need them.”                   buildings where people attend their classes,” he
Ferran had heard about Otago’s unique campus
atmosphere, and along with the opportunity           And once classes are over for the day, Ferran       says. “It’s so much more than that.”
to perfect his English language skills and spend     says there is so much to do and explore that

Study Abroad
and Exchange
Study Abroad provides the opportunity for students to enrol for the Summer School and/or one or two
semesters on an independent basis or as part of a Study Abroad programme organised by the home
institution or a sending organisation.

Student Exchange provides the opportunity for students to enrol for the Summer School and/or one or
two semesters as part of a bilateral Student Exchange agreement existing between the University of Otago
and overseas universities (see the list of exchange partners on page 20).
Study Abroad or Exchange students are able to choose from a broad range of subjects across the areas of Business, Health Sciences,
Humanities and Sciences.

Subjects Available

Business                                Humanities                         Pacific Islands Studies              Energy Studies
                                                                           Performing Arts Studies              Environment and Society
Accounting                              Anthropology
                                                                           Philosophy                           Food Science
Business Law                            Art History and Theory
                                                                           Politics                             Geography
Business Studies                        Asian Studies
                                                                           Portuguese                           Geology
Economics                               Biblical Studies
                                                                           Psychology                           Human Nutrition
Finance                                 Biological Anthropology
                                                                           Religious Studies                    Information Science
Information Science                     Chinese
                                                                           Sanskrit                             Marine Science
Management                              Christian Thought and History
                                                                           Social Work                          Mathematics
Marketing                               Classical Studies
                                                                           Sociology                            Nautical Studies
Tourism                                 Education
                                                                           Spanish                              Neuroscience
                                                                           Theatre Studies                      Physical Education (including
Health Sciences                         European Studies
                                                                           Theology                             Exercise and Sport Science)
Anatomy                                                                    Visual Culture                       Physics
                                        Gender Studies
Biochemistry                                                                                                    Physiology
Bioethics                                                                                                       Plant Biotechnology
Forensic Analytical Science / Biology
                                        German                             Sciences
                                        Greek                              Biology
Genetics                                                                                                        Statistics
                                        Hebrew                             Botany
Health Studies                                                                                                  Surveying
                                        History                            Chemistry
Human Body Systems                                                                                              Telecommunications
                                        Japanese                           Clothing and Textile Sciences
Microbiology                                                                                                    Zoology
                                        Latin                              Computer Science
                                        Law                                Dance Studies
                                        Linguistics                        Design
                                        Mäori Studies                      Earth and Ocean Science
                                        Media, Film and Communication      Ecology
                                        Music                              Electronics
                                        New Zealand Studies                Energy Management

The subject listings above demonstrate the range of course offerings at Otago. As well as continuing study in your major subject, Otago offers the
opportunity to undertake focused New Zealand and Pacific studies, specific study to complement pre-professional studies, Summer School, fieldwork
and research possibilities.
New Zealand                                                        Fieldwork and
and Pacific Studies                                                Research Opportunities
New Zealand-focused study opportunities are available in many      Otago’s southern New Zealand location, in close proximity to
subject areas. Otago offers many courses which provide the         wildlife, marine and geological areas of research interest, enables
opportunity to learn about the society and culture, language and   University departments to make the most of the natural laboratory
history of the indigenous peoples of New Zealand and Polynesia.    on their doorstep. New Zealand-specific content and exploratory
Enrolment in one or more papers with a New Zealand focus will be   field trips are common components to many science courses in,
an excellent complement to the Study Abroad experience.            for example, Botany, Ecology, Geography, Geology and Marine
                                                                   Science. In addition, a number of papers offered at Otago provide
EXAMPLES                                                           the opportunity to undertake a small, independent research project.

ANTH 204 Pacific and New Zealand Archaeology
ARTH 217 New Zealand Art in the Twentieth Century
                                                                   BTNY 325 Terrestrial and Marine Ecophysiology
BTNY 223 New Zealand Plant Ecology
                                                                   CLTE 306    Project in Clothing and Textile Sciences
ECON 301 Labour Economics
                                                                   EAOS 111 Earth and Ocean Sciences
EDUC 251 Education in New Zealand: Policy and Treaty Issues
                                                                   ECOL 111 Ecology and Conservation of Diversity
ENVI 211   Environmental History of New Zealand
                                                                   ECOL 313 Ecology Field Course
GEND 101 Gender
                                                                   GEOL 112 Dynamic Earth: A New Zealand Perspective
HIST 107   New Zealand in the World 1350 - 2000
                                                                   GEOL 252 Field Studies and New Zealand Geology
HIST 208   Pacific Islands to c.1900
                                                                   MARI 201 Physical Oceanography
HIST 337   Environmental History of the Pacific
                                                                   MARI 302 Biology and Behaviour of Marine Vertebrates
MAOR 102 Mäori Society
                                                                   NAUT 101 Nautical Studies 1
MAOR 110 Introduction to Conversational Mäori
                                                                   PERF 301    Performance Project
MFCO 216 New Zealand Cinema
                                                                   PHSE 327    Adventure Education
MUSI 267   Music in New Zealand
                                                                   PHSE 380    Independent Study (Physical Education)
PACI 101   Pacific Societies
                                                                   ZOOL 318 Freshwater Ecology
POLS 102 New Zealand Politics – Introduction
POLS 213 New Zealand Foreign Policy
SOCI 101   Sociology of New Zealand Society
SOWK 111 Working with People: The New Zealand Context
TOUR 306 Ecotourism and Sustainable Development

Summer School                                                         Opportunities for
Summer School (January to mid-February) provides an
                                                                      Pre-Professional Students
opportunity for students to study one or two papers for credit        The University of Otago recognises the particular needs of students
over a shorter teaching period and outside the standard semester      pursuing pre-professional studies for Medicine, Business or Law at
timetable. Although the availability of papers is more limited than   their home universities. Study Abroad at Otago offers a selection of
for the standard semesters, Summer School can be easily combined      courses relevant to intended professional programmes’ study.
with study for the first semester (mid-February – June).
                                                                      ACCT 211 Financial Accounting and Reporting
ARTH 218 Special Topic: Art, Stars and Celebrity Culture
                                                                      ANAT 242 Neurobiology
BIOA 201 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
                                                                      ANAT 250 Functional Anatomy
BTNY 111 What Plant is That?
                                                                      BIOC 221 Molecular Biology
BSNS105     Management and Organisations
                                                                      BITC 201    Bioethics and the Life Sciences
CHIN 131 Introductory Chinese 1
                                                                      CHEM 191 The Chemical Basis of Biology and Human Health
CLAS 240 The Classical World in the Movies
                                                                      FINC 202    Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
COMP 113 Social Media and Online Communities
                                                                      FORS 201 Analytical and Forensic Science
COSC 360 Computer Game Design
                                                                      GENE 221 Molecular and Microbial Genetics
FORB 201 Special Topic in Forensic Biology
                                                                      HEAL 192 Foundations of Epidemiology
HUNT 233 Nutrition and Health: Concepts and Controversies
                                                                      HEAL 203 Health Policy and Politics
MAOR 110 Introduction to Conversational Mäori
                                                                      LAWS 101 The Legal System
MFCO 211 The Vampire on Screen: Myth, Magic and Ideology
                                                                      MICR 221 Microbes to Medicine
MUSI 259    Special Topic: Practical Conducting
                                                                      PHAL 211 Introductory Pharmacology
NAUT 101 Nautical Studies 1
                                                                      PHSL 231 Neurophysiology
PHSI 170    Sun, Earth and Universe
                                                                      PSYC 318 Developmental Psychology
POLS 331 Special Topic: US Intelligence and National Security
TOUR 214 Introduction to Wine Business
TOUR 306 Ecotourism and Sustainable Development

Lysa Morishita

Lysa Morishita is determined to make every day      beautiful parts of the South Island,” Lysa says.   something that Lysa says had a positive effect on
count while she is studying in New Zealand.         “At the same time, there are so many things to     everything from the ease with which she was
                                                    experience in Otago itself. I’ve been kayaking,    able to make new friends to the short distance
The Canadian Geological Engineering student
says that New Zealand’s reputation for natural      tramping, rock-climbing at Long Beach and even     she had to travel to and from the University
beauty and outdoor recreation were the most         spent a night dancing at a rave in a cave.”        each day.
important drawcards for her when she was            In addition to her outdoor exploits, Lysa will     She cites the beauty of the campus itself
deciding where to study abroad. Now she is          return home with an intimate knowledge of          and the “refreshing” relationship between
experiencing the best of both worlds – studying     local culture, having spent a semester studying    staff and students as particular strengths of
in a city famous for its student-oriented culture   New Zealand’s indigenous Mäori society and         the University. “But the real highlight of the
and travelling on weekends and holidays around      culture alongside her Geology papers. “This is a   trip has been the people I’ve met,” she says.
a country famous for its natural environment.       great opportunity to study something you can’t     “New Zealanders are extraordinarily nice and
                                                    learn anywhere else in the world,” she says.       welcoming. I’d recommend the experience to
“I joined the University’s kayaking club when I
arrived, which opened a lot of doors in terms       The University of Otago is the physical,           anyone.”
of being able to get out and see the most           economic and cultural centre of Dunedin,


Academic Year

The University’s academic year is divided into two semesters. In addition, the University runs a six-week
Summer School.







  SUMMER SCHOOL                                 FIRST SEMESTER                                           SECOND SEMESTER

The Otago Degree                                     Prerequisites and Corequisites                      Teaching
New Zealand universities generally follow the        Most papers beyond 100-level have particular        The basic method of presenting subject
British model of three-year undergraduate            prerequisites. If you have not completed the        information in undergraduate papers is the
degrees. The Otago bachelor’s degree builds          equivalent of a prerequisite for a certain paper    lecture, although many departments use
towards a “major” in the third year with an          at your home institution you are not permitted      a variety of flexible approaches. Lectures
increasing level of specialisation and difficulty.   to enrol in that paper. Some papers also have       normally last 50 minutes. Lectures are only a
Study Abroad and Exchange students can               what are called corequisites. If you have not       basic means of introducing new knowledge.
choose from a wide range of undergraduate            already passed the equivalent of the corequisite,   You must back them up with your own
subjects.                                            you must take it alongside the other paper.         reading. You will also take part in laboratories
                                                                                                         or tutorials, which are teaching and discussion
Papers                                               Workload                                            classes of 12-20 students where more
                                                                                                         individual attention is available. You will also
The building blocks of the degree are called         A full-time course is generally 54-72 points
                                                                                                         find you are in regular contact with tutors,
papers. A paper is a fixed course of work in         in any one semester or 108-144 points in any
                                                                                                         other academic staff and other students by
certain aspects of a subject. Introductory           one year. As an approximate guide, you can
                                                                                                         email and online discussion groups.
papers are called 100-level papers, then you         expect to spend about 12 hours per week
move on in subsequent years or semesters to          per one single-semester paper (18 points).
200-level and 300-level papers. Most 400-level       These hours are made up of a combination of
papers are at the postgraduate level.                lectures, tutorials, laboratories, assignments      Courses are assessed in a variety of ways.
                                                     and reading.                                        Examination “finals” are usually the most
Points                                                                                                   important. Each paper normally has a two- or
                                                     A maximum of two 18-point papers can be
                                                     enrolled in for Summer School.                      three-hour final examination. Finals are held
Most papers are single-semester papers and are
                                                                                                         at the end of each semester. Most subjects
worth 18 points.                                     18 Otago points are worth approximately 9           also have shorter tests during the semesters.
                                                     ECTS and 3-5 US credits.                            Written assignments and laboratory work also
                                                                                                         usually count towards the final grade. Ongoing
                                                                                                         internal assessment is a feature of most Otago
Application Deadlines                               English Language                                     Selecting Papers
You may commence study at the beginning
                                                    Requirements                                         Please note the following when you are
of either the first semester (February-June),       All courses at the University of Otago are           choosing suitable papers:
the second semester (July-November), or the         taught and examined in English. If your first        • 54-72 points per semester can be regarded as
Summer School (January-February). The               language is not English you must provide               an average or normal course load. 54 points is
deadlines for application are:                      evidence of a satisfactory level of English            the minimum course load to maintain full-
                                                    language proficiency. Evidence of English              time status for one semester. 18 points is the
First semester       1 December                     language proficiency may be satisfied by one of        minimum course load to maintain full-time
                                                    the following:                                         status for the Summer School
Second semester      30 April
                                                    • IELTS (International English Language Testing      • papers at 100-level are generally introductory
Summer School        31 October
                                                      System) score of 6.0 in the academic module (no      papers; papers at 200-300-levels usually require
                                                      individual band below 6.0)                           the fulfilment of academic prerequisites at your
Early applications are encouraged.
                                                    • internet-based TOEFL score of 80 (minimum            home institution
                                                      writing score of 20)                               • papers numbered above 300-level are normally
Academic eligibility                                • Germany – “Good” or higher in Abitur                 postgraduate papers; you will need to have an
To be eligible to apply for Study Abroad or           English plus “B” or higher in each of the four       advanced background in relevant subjects to be
Exchange, you usually must have:                      components of the DAAD language test                 accepted for these papers

• completed at least one year of study at an        • Norway – grade 4 or higher in English (any year)   • normally, you will not be permitted to take
  accredited tertiary institution (USA students       for the Upper Secondary Leaving Certificate.         papers from the following degree schedules
  are expected to be in their junior year)                                                                 – Dentistry, Medicine, Medical Laboratory
                                                    If your English proficiency does not meet the
                                                                                                           Science, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy
• current enrolment at an accredited tertiary       required standard you may take pre-sessional
  institution                                       courses in English at the University of Otago        • select more papers than you need to take in
                                                    Language Centre (UOLC). The UOLC offers                case you do not meet the prerequisites for some
• a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0                                                            papers, or in case there are timetable clashes; if
                                                    courses in General English and English for
  minimum (USA/ Canada), or have “credit”,                                                                 you are applying for two semesters of study, you
                                                    Academic Purposes.
  “good”, or above average results.                                                                        will need to select papers for both semesters
                                                    For further information please email the
Study Abroad students who do not meet all of                                                             • a number of papers are listed as full year; you
                                                    University of Otago Language Centre,
the above criteria, but wish to study for one                                                              may enrol for these papers only if you intend
                                           or browse the website,
or two semesters, are welcome to make an                                                                   to study for two semesters beginning in the first
application. We will confirm your eligibility for                                                          semester (February)
Study Abroad.
If you are participating as part of the Exchange    How to Apply                                         • normally, there is no restriction on class size
                                                                                                           for any paper offered for the first or second
programme, you will require nomination by                                                                  semesters. However, restricted enrolment may
                                                    To be considered for placement, you must apply
the Study Abroad/ International Office at your                                                             apply for Summer School papers
                                                    online. Guidelines and links to application are
institution which has a formal agreement with
                                                    available from the University’s website:             • you can alter your paper selections once you
the University of Otago.
                                                                    arrive at Otago and after consulting with a
In addition to the requirements above,                                                                     course adviser.
if you wish to gain entry to higher level           As part of the online application you will be
undergraduate classes at Otago, you will            required to upload the following:
need to have completed relevant academic            • original or certified copies of all previous       Offer of Place
prerequisites at your home institution.               tertiary level studies undertaken (a full
                                                                                                         All applications will be acknowledged and
                                                      academic transcript showing all subjects
                                                                                                         assessed for eligibility. You can expect to hear
                                                      attempted, including failures, marks, or grades)
                                                                                                         the result of your application within four
                                                    • evidence of English language proficiency           weeks of the receipt of application.
                                                      (if required).
                                                                                                         Successful applicants will be sent an offer of
                                                    All documents should be certified/notarised          admission.
                                                    by an authorised authority such as principal,
                                                    registrar, notary public, justice of the peace
                                                    or attorney. The University will also accept
                                                    documents that have been certified/notarised by
                                                    staff of Study Abroad/Student Exchange offices.

The University of Otago
Support for Students

Caring For Our                                  Enrolment                                      Accommodation
Students                                        When you arrive in Dunedin, University         Accommodation advisers will assist with
The International Office is a focal point for   staff will guide you through the enrolment     placement in an appropriate accommodation
international students at Otago. The Office     process. Course approval sessions are held     option and ensure that you are fully informed
provides information, support and advice        before the beginning of each semester.         of all costs and contractual obligations. Further
to future and current international students    Academic advisers will be available at these   information about accommodation and
and to students wishing to study overseas on    sessions to help you confirm your course       application is available on page 13.
exchange programmes. It runs on-campus          of study.
orientation programmes for new international
students, operates the student mentor
programme and Language Match, and offers
a visa renewal service and assistance with
All enquiries from prospective students about
application and admission should be directed
to the International Office.
Student Services
and Facilities
As well as the specialised, individual support provided by the International Office, the University offers
a comprehensive range of student services.

Student Learning                                     of ITS. Wireless internet access is available        club, squash courts and an Aquatic Centre for

Centre                                               at selected campus locations, including all
                                                     libraries on campus.
                                                                                                          University rowers, windsurfers and kayakers.
                                                                                                          Most of the facilities and clubs are free to hire or
The Student Learning Centre provides a free                                  join so get in touch to see what you would like to
and confidential academic support service to                                                              do while you are having a study break.
all students at all levels of study. Study skills    Libraries                                  
workshops are held regularly throughout the                                                     
year and individual assistance on any matter         There are several branches of the University
relating to study is available.                      Library, all fully computerised with online
                                                     search facilities. Five are specialised: the
                                                     Law, Education, Medical and Dental,
                                                                                                          Student Health Services
                                                     Science and Hocken libraries. The Hocken
Disability Information                               Library houses many of New Zealand’s rare
                                                                                                          Student Health Services is situated on campus
                                                                                                          and provides medical, nursing, counselling
and Support                                          historical publications, records, pictures and       and psychiatric advice and treatment for all
                                                     photographs. The Central Library, which              international students enrolled at the University
DI&S provides learning support, advice,              primarily houses Humanities and Commerce
advocacy and information to students                                                                      of Otago.
                                                     material, is in the University’s multi-award-
with permanent, recurring or temporary               winning Information Services Building. Its 
impairments. DI&S offers support to                  world-class architecture attracts praise from
international students. However, as with any         within New Zealand and internationally. Most         Students’ Association
other student enrolling at the University, it        importantly, students enjoy spending time
is important that you check in advance to                                                                 The Otago University Students’ Association
                                                     there – studying, reading or meeting other
ensure that the University is able to meet your                                                           (OUSA) runs an orientation programme at
                                                     students and staff.
specific requirements. You need to be sure that                                                           the start of the academic year. It also organises
                                                                         many social and sporting events, produces
the University can provide you with the type
and level of support you are used to. As there                                                            a weekly student newspaper (Critic) and
                                                                                                          operates a radio station (Radio One 91fm).
may be costs associated with some support
services, it is important that you are aware of
                                                     Recreation Services                                  The association also offers services to students
these before you commit to studying at Otago.        Sport, recreation and having fun are a big part      needing friendly advice, assistance and/or
Please contact us as early as possible if you are    of the Otago lifestyle. Recreation Services offers   representation concerning academic issues or,
planning to study at the University.                 a comprehensive range of recreational facilities,    in fact, any problems you may be experiencing
                                                     activities and services on- and off-campus. At       while you’re studying at Otago. Currently, every
                                                     Unipol Recreation Centre you can find out            student automatically becomes a member of the
Information Technology                               about the many activities, courses and tours
Services (ITS)                                       available – from crafts and leisure activities
                                                     to social sports and outdoor pursuits. Sport

Computers and web-based service systems are          and recreation equipment is available for hire.      International Students’
used in most teaching programmes throughout          Now in a brand new facility, Unipol Recreation       Representative
the University, with ITS staff providing the first   Centre also offers weight training and cardio
line of support. All students are automatically      rooms, fitness classes and gym space for             Students elect an International Students’
given a username and email address on                basketball, table tennis and more.                   Representative each year. Their role is to act
enrolment which gives them access to these           In addition, the Otago University Students’          as a link between international students, the
services. Computer areas are located around          Association (OUSA) runs the Clubs and                University and OUSA.
the Dunedin campus and several are open              Societies Centre, which includes over 100
24 hours a day, seven days a week. Help and          different cultural, sporting, political and
training in the use of IT services for students      religious interests. OUSA also owns a yacht
is provided by the Student IT Services section


Flatting                                              Booking                                          Accommodation
The majority of Study Abroad and Exchange
                                                      Accommodation                                    Office Services
students stay in rented accommodation, which          Places in all of the University-managed          • list of flats and houses, vacant rooms in flats
they share with other students. In New Zealand        accommodation options require a completed        • list of temporary accommodation
we call this “flatting”. Flats in Dunedin are         application form. We recommend that this
plentiful and most are within walking distance        is completed online through the University       • sample budgets for flat living
of both the University campus and the city            website Admission to             • free maps of campus and Dunedin areas
centre. Flatting is an important part of the          University-managed accommodation is usually
                                                                                                       • checklists for flat finders
University lifestyle; it offers responsibility,       restricted to applicants undertaking full-time
freedom and also the chance to live and mix           study at the University of Otago.                • flatting agreements
with “Kiwi” students.                                                                                  • assistance in finding family accommodation

                                                      Temporary                                        • advice on your rights and responsibilities as
University of Otago                                   Accommodation                                      a tenant
Flats                                                                                                  • advice on standards and prices.
                                                      If you plan to arrive before your permanent
University of Otago flats are ideal for students                                                       For further information please refer to the
                                                      accommodation is available, it is important
staying for one semester. These flats normally                                                         Accommodation Office website.
                                                      that you organise temporary accommodation
have a New Zealand host student. The flats            in advance for when you first arrive in
are fully-furnished and close to the campus.          Dunedin.
Electricity, telephone and food costs are shared
                                                      The Accommodation Office provides a list         Residential Colleges
by the residents. There are also some flats
                                                      of options including backpackers, “bed and
that have been modified for students with                                                              In special circumstances some of our
                                                      breakfasts” and motels that are close to the
disabilities. Residential contracts are usually for                                                    Residential Colleges do consider single-
24 weeks for each semester of study. While the                                                         semester student applications if they have
University endeavours to place you in a flat with                                                      places available. If you have any questions
at least one New Zealand “kiwi host”, most of                                                          about this, please contact the Accommodation
your flatmates will be international students.                                                         Office.                                                                     
New Zealand is a land of great
                                                                                         natural beauty, and it is also one
                                                                                             of the world’s most exciting
                                                                                                  adventure playgrounds.

New Zealand /
Comparable in physical size to Japan or Great        as rugby, soccer, tennis, netball, basketball,
Britain, New Zealand has a population of over        golf, squash and hockey. Those who are more
four million people, making it one of the least      adventurous enjoy surfing, white-water rafting,
crowded countries in the world. It is a land of      jet boating and bungy jumping, while in the
great natural beauty, and it is also one of the      winter months the country’s many ski fields
world’s most exciting adventure playgrounds.         attract skiers and snowboarders from across
New Zealand / Aotearoa was originally settled        New Zealand and from afar.
by the Mäori about 1,000 years ago, followed         The New Zealand economy is broadly-based.
by waves of European immigration during              It is a major exporter of primary products
the past two centuries. Today the country            with manufacturing, information technology,
maintains a diverse and dynamic multicultural        biological and medical research, education
emphasis, enhanced by the growing number of          and tourism also playing vital economic
people from the Pacific Islands and Asia who         roles. There is a growing focus on ecotourism
have also made New Zealand their home in             ventures, the wine industry, fashion design and
recent years.                                        a flourishing film industry that is gaining wide
New Zealanders are friendly people who, in           international recognition. The New Zealand
spite of (or perhaps because of) the country’s       dollar is a stable currency offering visitors
geographical location and relatively small           a favourable exchange rate. All goods and
population, have earned a reputation for             services are subject to a 15 per cent goods and
being both enterprising and innovative. They         services tax (included in the display price) and
welcome international visitors and have a wide       all major credit cards can be used.
range of interests, from the arts to outdoor and
sporting pursuits. New Zealanders love their
sport and are good at it. Swimming, walking,
biking, hiking, boating and fishing are all easily
accessible as are many sporting codes such

Find out more about New Zealand at

A commitment to
education continues to
be one of Dunedin’s most
impressive qualities.

and Otago
The southernmost of New Zealand’s main            Dunedin is New Zealand’s only true student          environs, four championship golf courses and
centres and the largest city in the province of   city and the relatively large student population    many other sporting facilities which are all
Otago, Dunedin holds a special place in the       contributes greatly to the city’s colourful and     easily accessible. The long natural harbour is
hearts of many, and not just those who live       dynamic atmosphere.                                 favoured for watersports and St Clair beach
here.                                                                                                 is considered one of New Zealand’s best for
                                                  The central city streets are lined with
Although relatively small, it boasts many         restaurants, bars and cafes. Modern shopping        surfing.
natural attractions as well as the facilities     malls trade alongside boutiques, galleries, and     Dunedin is encircled by a “Town Belt” of native
usually offered only by cities many times its     weekly craft and farmers’ markets. The fashion      bush and trees and its coastline is home to
size.                                             industry is particularly vibrant with several       colonies of yellow-eyed penguins, New Zealand
Settled by the Scottish in 1848, Dunedin          of New Zealand’s leading designers based            fur seals and the world’s only mainland
grew rapidly with the discovery of gold in the    in the city. The Dunedin Public Art Gallery,        breeding colony of the Royal albatross. Just a
Otago hinterland and became, for a while, the     museums and libraries are among the finest in       few hours’ drive out of the city are some of New
commercial centre of New Zealand. During          the country and professional theatre and the        Zealand’s most spectacular natural attractions
this time, many of New Zealand’s most             Dunedin Sinfonia enjoy a high profile.              – rugged mountains, deep fiords, clear blue
beautiful buildings were constructed here and,    Dunedin is also home to New Zealand’s               lakes – including the internationally-known
with the establishment of the University of       newest, largest and most versatile arena – the      resort towns of Queenstown and Wanaka,
Otago in 1869, the foundations were laid for a    Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza. This      famed for their ski fields and burgeoning wine
strong tradition in education.                    is the place to go for all major sporting events,   industry.

This commitment to education continues to         concerts and more.
                                                                                                      Find out more about Dunedin at
be one of the city’s most impressive qualities.   Temperatures range from an average 14 – 24
The many early childhood education centres,       degrees Celsius in the summer (December   
primary and secondary schools enjoy an            – February) and from 5 – 13 degrees Celsius
established reputation for excellence, and        in the winter (June – August), so outdoor
tertiary institutions attract students from       activities can be enjoyed year-round. There are
throughout New Zealand and the world.             more than 150 walking tracks in the Dunedin

                                                                          Taiaroa Head 1hour
                                                                          The only Mainland Breeding Colony of Albatross in the World

Mt CARGILL 10mins
Great Mountain Biking and Walking Tracks
                                                                              Otago Harbour 5mins
                                                                              Kayaking / Sailing / Kite Surfing / Wind Surfing
      UNIVERSITY of Otago                  FORSYTH BARR STADIUM
      New Zealand’s First University       New Zealand’s newest Arena

      THE OCTAGON 3mins
      Town Centre / Cafes / Bars / Restaurants
                                                                                                                                 GOLF COURSE 10mins
                                                                                                                                 One of 12 Golf Courses in Dunedin

     SKI FIELDS 3hours
     Best Skiing in the Southern Hemisphere!

                                                                                                                           St CLAIR 10mins
                                                                                                                           Great Surf Spot / Cafes / Restaurants

                                                          All distances are from the University area where most students reside. All distances are approximate and based on driving.

                                                          Dunedin Events                                                   Things To Do
                                                          Dunedin offers a full calendar of annual events                  • Surf at St Clair Beach
                                                          and festivals including:                                         • Fish for salmon in the Otago Harbour
                                                          • Scottish Week                                                  • Visit New Zealand’s only castle,
                                                          • Fringe and Heritage Festivals                                    Larnach Castle

                                                          • ID Dunedin Fashion Week                                        • Go on a Speight’s Brewery Heritage Tour

                                                          • Regent 24-hour Book Sale                                       • Watch rugby at Forsyth Barr Stadium

                                                          • University Capping Show                                        • Enjoy gourmet foods from the Otago
                                                                                                                             Farmers’ Market
                                                          • Dunedin Midwinter Carnival
                                                                                                                           • Mountain-bike around the Dunedin hills
                                                          • International Science Festival
                                                                                                                           • Go skiing in Central Otago
                                                          • Cadbury Chocolate Carnival
                                                                                                                           • See yellow-eyed penguins and royal albatross
                                                          • International Film Festival.                                     on the Otago Peninsula
                                                                                                                           • Buy cutting-edge locally-designed clothes
                                                                                                                           • Walk up the steepest street in the world ...

Code of Practice                                     Accident insurance                                Medical and Travel
The University of Otago has agreed to observe        The Accident Compensation Corporation
and be bound by the Code of Practice for             provides accident insurance for all New           International students must have comprehensive
the Pastoral Care of International Students          Zealand citizens, residents and temporary         medical and travel insurance while studying in
published by the Ministry of Education. Copies       visitors to New Zealand, but you may still be     New Zealand. Enrolment at Otago is conditional
of the code are available on request from this       liable for all other medical and related costs.   on showing evidence of comprehensive insurance.
institution or from the Ministry of Education        Further information can be viewed on the ACC      Current instructions and advice on how to obtain
website:                                             website:                                          adequate cover is located on the Otago website:                                                    

Student Visa                                         Eligibility for                                   Representative Offices
All Study Abroad and Exchange students need
                                                     Health Services
                                                                                                       The University has representatives in
to obtain a student visa prior to arrival in New     International students are not normally           many countries around the world. These
Zealand as a condition of enrolment at Otago. Full   entitled to publicly-funded health services       representatives can help you with your
details of visa requirements, advice on rights to    while in New Zealand. If you receive medical      application to Otago and provide advice
employment in New Zealand while studying and         treatment during your visit you will be           on the general requirements for studying
reporting requirements are available through         liable for the full costs of that treatment.      abroad. A full listing of representatives can
the New Zealand Immigration Service, and can         Full details on entitlements to publicly-funded   be obtained from the University’s website:
be viewed on their website:                          health services are available through the                              Ministry of Health, and can be viewed on its
STUDENT PROFILE                                                                                                                                              19

Michaela Müller

Michaela Müller wasn’t quite sure what to            nurses and defend their college from former         of interesting sources from the English-speaking
expect when she arrived in Dunedin for her            students, and a half-day scenic train trip for      world that I hadn’t come across in Germany,”
University of Otago student exchange, although        international students through the Taieri Gorge.    she says. “It really enriched my understanding of
it had always been her dream to travel to the                                                             Theology.”
                                                      Once classes began, she was equally impressed
opposite corner of the globe.
                                                      by Otago’s academic programme. Michaela is          Next year, Michaela is travelling to Vienna to
“From day one, it was all go!” she says. “I arrived   studying Theology and says, “the department         study for a year, and she insists that Dunedin
right at the beginning of Orientation week, and       is fantastic. It offers a wide range of amazing,    holds its own against the major European cities.
the atmosphere was amazing.”                          interesting courses. People are very open-          “The city is amazing. It is surrounded by
                                                      minded and the professors are very friendly, so
Otago’s famous action-packed week of festivities                                                          beautiful beaches and mountains. The campus
                                                      we could start a lot of interesting discussions.”
and events gave Michaela an opportunity to                                                                is close to the cafes, nightclubs and cinemas,
make a lot of new friends and to take part in a       Studying in a foreign country also gave her a       and the city itself is close to the national parks
number of Otago traditions, such as the famous        unique perspective on her subject that she          and ski-fields. It’s definitely an experience I’d
Selwyn Lindski battle, in which current Selwyn        couldn’t have got anywhere else, Michaela says.     recommend.”
College residents dress up as gladiators and          “New Zealand’s research focus draws on a lot
Otago Global
Student Exchange
The University of Otago has formal exchange agreements with many institutions worldwide.
These agreements provide the opportunity for reciprocal exchange of students. If you are currently studying at one of the institutions listed below, you
may be able to apply as an exchange student. Please contact your home institution’s international office for further details. If your university does not
have an exchange agreement with the University of Otago, you are welcome to apply as a Study Abroad student.

Argentina        Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina                        Hungary          Corvinus University of Budapest

Australia        University of Western Australia                                  Iceland          University of Iceland

Austria          Vienna University of Economics and Business                      Ireland          University College Dublin

Belgium          Catholic University of Louvain (Business School)                 Italy            Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Brazil           Fudaçao Getulio Vargas, (EAESP)                                  Japan            Hirosaki University
                 Pontificia Universidade Católica de Rio de Janiero                                Kansai University

Canada           Brock University                                                                  Keio University
                 Dalhousie University                                                              Ochanomizu University
                 Mt Allison University                                                             Otaru University of Commerce
                 Queen’s University                                                                Rissho University
                 University of Alberta                                                             University of Tokyo
                 University of British Columbia                                                    Yokohama National University
                 University of Toronto
                                                                                  Korea            Yonsei University - School of Business
                 University of Western Ontario
                 York University - Schulich School of Business                    Mexico           Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
                                                                                                   Universidad Veracruzana
Chile            Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
                 Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez                                        The Netherlands Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
                                                                                                  University of Amsterdam
China            Chinese University of Hong Kong
                 Dalian University of Foreign Languages                           Norway           Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
                 Fudan University
                 Tsinghua University                                              Poland           Warsaw School of Economics
                 University of Hong Kong                                          Portugal         Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Czech Republic   Charles University                                               Scotland         University of Edinburgh
                 University of Economics, Prague                                                   University of Glasgow
Denmark          Aarhus University                                                                 University of Strathclyde
                 Copenhagen School of Business                                    Singapore        National University of Singapore
                 University of Copenhagen
                                                                                  Spain            ESADE
England          University College Falmouth                                                       Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
                 University of Bristol                                                             Universidad Complutense de Madrid
                 University of Durham                                                              Universidad de Granada
                 University of East Anglia
                 University of Essex                                              Sweden           Lund University
                 University of Exeter                                                              Stockholm School of Economics
                 University of Manchester, Manchester Business School                              Umeå University
                                                                                                   Uppsala University
Finland          Aalto University School of Economics
                 University of Helsinki                                           Switzerland      Universität St Gallen

France           Grenoble Ecole de Management                                     USA              Boston College
                 Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3                                                     University of California
                 Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense                                        University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
                 Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3                                      University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management
                                                                                                   University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Germany          Heidelberg University                                                             University of Oregon
                 University of Cologne (Faculty of Management, Economics and 		                    University of Richmond
                 Social Sciences)                                                                  University of Texas, Austin
                 University of Tübingen                                                            University of Virginia


Dunedin Map                                                                                                               entering Dunedin via
                                                                                                                          Waitati Road Motorway
                                                                                                                          into Pine Hill Road

Residential Colleges                                                                                                                                                                                                  1

5      Abbey College (postgraduate)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                2              3
       – 900 Cumberland St



1      Aquinas College – 74 Gladstone Rd





14     Arana College – 110 Clyde St

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           OPOHO RD

6      Carrington College – 57 Heriot Row
4      City College – 911 Cumberland St                                                                                                                                                             4
25     Cumberland College – 250 Castle St

8      Cumberland Court

                                                                                                                                                                           HOWE ST


24     Hayward College – 110 Frederick St


                                                                                                                                             7                                                     ER                                                          14

3      Knox College – Knox St                                                                                                                                      DUNDAS ST                                  9                                                                                                                     CALEDONIAN

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              DUNDAS ST

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              DUNDAS ST
16     St Margaret's College – 333 Leith St                                                                                                                                                                                    10        11




                                                                                                                    6                                                          8

2      Salmond College – 19 Knox St                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     SOUTHERN

                                                                                                                                                            ST DAVID ST


9      Selwyn College – 560 Castle St                                                                                                                                                                                                                               16                                                  MCMILLAN

                                                                                                                                                                                                                13                                                                                                       SPORTS


15     Studholme College – 127 Clyde St                                                                                                                                                                                                                             17                                                             18

                                                                                                                                                       UNION ST


                                                                                                                                   A                                                   23

7      Toroa College – 8 Regent Rd                                                                                                                                                                                                  21
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       UNION ST


17     University College – 315 Leith Walk

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         WATER OF LEITH                       E





                                                                                                                                                                ALBANY ST
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       20                                         19                 ZA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ALBANY ST                                                                           AN
Campus Facilities
                                                                                                                                       FREDERICK ST                                             22
11   Accommodation Services                                                                                                                                 D                                                          FREDERICK ST

13   Clocktower – Registry Building

22   Clubs and Societies Centre (OUSA)                                                                              E                            HANOVER ST


23   Disability Information and Support


19   Hocken Collections


                                                                                                                                         ST ANDREW ST

23   Information Services Building / Central Library




21   International Office – Archway West Building


                                                                                                    MORAY PLACE

10   Mäori Centre – Te Huka Mätauraka                                                                    H                                                                         F
20   Pacific Islands Centre
12   Schools’ Liaison Office – Scott/Shand House
                                                                                              THE OCTAGON

                                                                                                                                                      STUART ST

18   Unipol Recreation Centre / Language Centre
     and Foundation Year                                                            MORAY PLACE

Places of Interest

A      Knox Church
B      Otago Museum
C      Forsyth Barr Stadium

D      Hospital


E      Shopping Malls


F      Railway Station


G      First Church

H      Octagon
I      Visitor Information Centre
J      St Paul’s Cathedral / Municipal Chambers
K      Speight’s Brewery

  Map Legend

   9   University of Otago Buildings
                                                          entering Dunedin via
                                                          Southern Motorway into
   C   Places of Interest                                 Caversham Bypass

       One-way Traffic

   U   Entrance to the University of Otago
       (corner of St David and Cumberland Street North)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Entrance to the University of Otago
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (corner of St David and Cumberland Street North)
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