In the higher education systems of the world, Australia is a standout performer.

                                                                                        Last year, our universities educated more than 1.4 million students and produced more than 300,000
                                                                                        skilled graduates to meet the workforce needs of a rapidly changing economy.

                                                                                        International education – now worth a record $33 billion – is Australia’s third biggest export.
                                                                                        Crucially, it also builds invaluable diplomatic, economic, personal and cultural ties between Australia
                                                                                        and other nations.

                                                                                        Australia is also a powerhouse for research and innovation. Ground-breaking research in our
                                                                                        universities plays a pivotal role to generate new jobs and new industries for our country.

                                                                                        Universities are also opening their doors to industry partners, seeking opportunities to collaborate
                                                                                        and broaden the impact of their research to benefit Australia and the world.

                                                                                        Our annual ‘University Profiles’ publication showcases the breadth, depth and quality of Australia’s

                                                                                        It highlights their enormous contribution to almost every aspect of our economy and society.

                                                                                        It’s a reminder of the many ways in which our universities drive Australia’s economic growth, extend
                                                                                        the frontiers of human knowledge, make life-saving breakthroughs and help the nation to transition
                                                                                        in an era of digital disruption.

                                                                                        It’s a great success story. We encourage you to share it widely.

                                                                                        Professor Margaret Gardner AO and Ms Catriona Jackson
                                                                                        Chair and Chief Executive
                                                                                        Universities Australia

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The University of Adelaide is a world-class research and higher education                                    At ACU we pride ourselves on offering a welcoming environment for
                                    institution situated in the heart of one of Australia’s—and the world’s—                                     everyone. At the same time, we are a university committed to standing for
                                    most liveable cities. Founded in 1874, we’re the country’s third oldest                                      something clear. We stand up for people in need and causes that matter.
                                    university and consistently rank among the world’s top 1%.                                                   Our students want to make an impact, and we’re giving them the skills to
                                    Our reputation for excellence and breaking new ground has been forged
                                    by a continuous stream of exceptional people. We proudly count among                                         ACU is a young university, but it’s making its mark. We are ranked in the
Vice-Chancellor and President       our alumni: five Nobel Laureates; more than 120 Fulbright Scholars; and     Vice-Chancellor and President    top 50 of Generation Y universities worldwide1 and in the top 10 Catholic
Professor Peter Rathjen             over 100 Rhodes Scholars, including two female Indigenous Australian        Professor Greg Craven AO, GCSG   universities2 – alongside Georgetown University and Boston College in
P 08 8313 5120 I F 08 8313 4343     recipients. Australia’s first female Prime Minister and Supreme Court       P 02 9739 2930                   the US. We now have seven campuses around Australia, and a campus in     judge were also University of Adelaide graduates.                                     Rome, Italy.

                                    Today, our vibrant, high-achieving culture continues to attract academic                                     The University has grown rapidly over the last few years, but you will find
                                    leaders from all corners of the globe and students from more than 90                                         us more supportive than ever. Our campuses and classes are the perfect
Chancellor                          countries.                                                                  Chancellor                       size, and you won’t get lost in the crowd. Your lecturers will know your
Rear Admirable the Hon                                                                                          The Hon John Fahey AC            name, and you’ll make great friends and strong networks.
Kevin Scarce AC CSC RAN (Rtd)       Research impact
                                    The University of Adelaide is committed to conducting outstanding           Director – Marketing and         We know that the best way to get ahead is hands-on, practical experience.
Director – Marketing and            research with global, real-world impact. A member of Australia’s            External Relations               That’s why our campuses have world-class facilities like nursing
                                    prestigious Group of Eight research-intensive universities, we enhance                                       simulation labs, fully functioning ambulances, art galleries and moot
Communications                                                                                                  Ms Kathy Vozella
                                    and sustain life for people and planet by addressing the world’s most                                        courts. All our courses offer work placements, internships with leading
Dr Benjamin Grindlay                                                                                            P 02 9739 2799                   companies, or volunteering opportunities. And the results speak for
                                    significant challenges. Our areas of particular strength include: food
P 08 8313 4699                      and wine; defence and security; health and medicine; engineering and         themselves – we’re top three in Australia for undergraduate employment.3   technology; life sciences; mining and energy; and the environment.
                                                                                                                Contact Details                  ACU offers programs in allied health, business, creative arts, early
Contact Details                     In all fields, collaboration drives us. Our 1700-plus researchers work      40 Edward Street                 childhood education, global studies, humanities and social sciences,
The University of Adelaide          closely across multiple disciplines and in productive partnership with      North Sydney NSW 2060
                                                                                                                                                 inclusive education and disability studies, information technology, law,
                                    industry, government and other leading research institutions in Australia                                    nursing, midwifery and paramedicine, nutrition and biomedical science,
SA 5005                                                                                                         P 02 9739 2368
                                    and abroad.                                                                                                  philosophy, psychology, public health and administration, sport and
P 08 8313 4455                                                                                                                                   exercise science, teaching and education, and theology.
                                    Approach to teaching                                                        Website
Website                             The University’s students learn with the guidance and support                        We’re closely integrated into our communities and industries, working                 of exceptional academic staff, many of whom are nationally and                                               with them to answer the big questions, and to create tangible results.
                                    internationally recognised leaders in their fields. Operating at their      Campus Locations                 Along with significant student growth in recent years, we’ve begun to
Campus Locations                    disciplines’ cutting edge, our academics enthusiastically share their       Adelaide
                                                                                                                                                 compete more intensely through our research output. Our research
                                    passion for new knowledge and encourage students’ own pursuits of                                            programs tackle enduring and pressing issues in society, in Australia,
North Terrace                                                                                                   Ballarat
                                    world-changing discoveries; a process facilitated by low student-to-staff                                    and around the world.
Roseworthy                                                                                                      Brisbane
Waite                                                                                                           Canberra                         Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2018

                                                                                                                Melbourne                        Based on International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU) members ranked on Times

                                    Working here                                                                                                 Higher Education World University Rankings 2017/2018
                                    At the University of Adelaide we’re highly aware that our continued         North Sydney                     3
                                                                                                                                                     Graduate Outcomes Survey, overall employment rate, domestic undergraduate cohort, 2017
                                    excellence depends entirely on our people. So we go to great lengths        Strathfield
                                    to support them. Throughout their careers here, we help staff grow          Rome
                                    professionally… develop and diversify skills… keep pace with societal and
                                    workforce change… and meaningfully impact our community.
The Australian National University (ANU) is a world-leading university                                           Bond University is ranked as the #1 university in Australia for student
                                     situated in the centre of Canberra.                                                                              experience.

                                     ANU was founded by the Australian Government in 1946 with a mission to                                           According to the latest issue of the fully-independent Good Universities
                                     stand among the great universities of the world.                                                                 Guide, the Gold Coast-based university has achieved more five star ratings
                                                                                                                                                      in the student experience category than any other university in Australia
                                     The University is a key contributor to public policy formation and debate,                                       for the past 13 consecutive years, as well as topping the nation in skills
Vice-Chancellor                      a celebrated place of intensive research and is renowned for excellence in     Vice-Chancellor and President     development, student support, teaching quality, learning resources and
Professor Brian Schmidt              undergraduate and post graduate education. ANU has strong ties to the          Professor Tim Brailsford          learner engagement.
AC FAA FRS                           nation’s policy makers and sets the standard on issues of national and         P 07 5595 1473
P 02 6125 2510 I F 02 6257 3292      international importance. ANU is led by Nobel Laureate Professor Brian                    On a global scale, Bond sits at #17 on the Times Higher Education ranking
                                     P. Schmidt AC.                                                                                                   of the world’s best small universities – and was the only university in the
                                                                                                                                                      southern hemisphere to make the list.
                                     The University is consistently ranked among the best universities in the
                                     world.                                                                         Chancellor                        Bond’s stand-out performance in the national and international rankings
Chancellor                                                                                                          The Hon Dr Annabelle Bennett      is a reflection of its founding principle to disrupt the status quo and do
Professor The Hon Gareth Evans       In 2015, 95 per cent of broad-fields research at ANU were rated above or       AO SC                             things differently.
AC QC                                well above world standard by the Australian Government’s Excellence in
                                     Research for Australia initiative. ANU is ranked 24th in the world and top     Corporate Communications          Instead of stretching a six-semester Bachelor degree over three years,
                                     in Australia in the 2019 QS World University Rankings.                                                           Bond pioneered the trimester system so its graduates complete their
Strategic Communications and                                                                                        Manager
                                                                                                                                                      qualification in just two years. They are out in the workforce earning
Public Affairs                       ANU scholars shape debate and extend knowledge in new and profound             Ms Terri Fellowes                 a salary much earlier than their competitors and are ready for early
P 02 6125 4144                       directions, nationally and globally. ANU works closely with other              P 07 5595 1116                    promotions while their colleagues are just starting out.                     Australian national institutions, research organisations, foreign ministries
                                     and the Australian Parliament.                                                                                   Rather than teaching in crowded lecture halls or to isolated online
Contact Details                                                                                                     Media Team                        students, Bond has one of the lowest student:teacher ratios in Australia,
Canberra ACT 2601                    The University is home to more than 25,000 students, with almost half          P 07 5595 1116 I M 0420 927 941
                                                                                                                                                      with small, personalised classes set up to foster discussion, debate,
                                     studying at the postgraduate level. ANU attracts people from around the                                          career networks and lifelong friendships.
P 02 6125 5111 I F 02 6125 5571                                                                           
                                     world, with roughly one quarter of its students coming from overseas.                                                                                                                                  Bond also believes that university should offer much more than a degree
                                     ANU graduates go on to take up leadership positions in government,
                                     industry, research and academia, at home and abroad.                           Contact Details                   – so they have developed only-at-Bond experiences like core subjects to
Website                                                                                                             University Drive                  develop communication and leadership skills, the Transformer program                       ANU is Australia’s only member of the International Alliance of Research       Robina QLD 4226                   to encourage entrepreneurship, and Beyond Bond which provides
                                     Universities (IARU). The alliance of leading research and teaching             P 07 5595 1111                    opportunities to engage with the wider global community through
Campus Locations                     institutions shares a global vision, with a focus on research-led teaching,
                                                                                                                                                      internships, clinical placements, volunteering, social welfare projects,
                                     educating future leaders and tackling some of this century’s biggest                                             competitions, conferences and more.
Main Campus (Acton)
Canberra Hospital, Clinical School                                                                                  Website                           Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019, Bond stands out from the crowd
Kioloa Coastal Campus                The main ANU campus is situated on 145 hectares of parklands in the                     by ensuring its students and graduates stand out from the crowd, in the
Mt Stromlo Observatory               centre of Canberra. Facilities include on-campus accommodation in a                                              classroom, on campus and to prospective employers who are looking for
North Australia Research Unit        range of residential styles, modern laboratories and lecture theatres, and     Campus Location                   job applicants that offer something more.
Siding Spring Observatory            five main libraries.                                                           Gold Coast
                                                                                                                                                      KEY STUDY AREAS: Actuarial Science; Architecture and Built
                                                                                                                                                      Environment; Business and Commerce; Communication and Creative
                                                                                                                                                      Media; Health Sciences; Hotel/Tourism; International Relations and
                                                                                                                                                      Humanities; Law, Medicine; Social Sciences; Psychology and Counselling;
                                                                                                                                                      and Sport.
The University of Canberra is a world-ranked institution located in the                                            CQUniversity Australia has been on a phenomenal trajectory in recent
                                  nation’s capital. We have made great strides for a young university, and                                           years and its remarkable growth in student numbers, new courses, new
                                  our Strategic Plan, Distinctive by Design, outlines our vision to become                                           campuses, infrastructure and reputation has seen it emerge as one of
                                  a distinctive community for lifelong learning, serving as a beacon of                                              Australia’s truly great universities.
                                  sustainable, smart and connected living.
                                                                                                                                                     Originally founded in Rockhampton in 1967 as the Queensland Institute
                                  We are ranked among the world’s top 300 universities, according to the                                             of Technology (QIT) Capricornia, it was granted full university status in
Vice-Chancellor and President     2019 Times Higher Education World Rankings.                                    Vice-Chancellor and President       1992 and was named the University of Central Queensland. The University
Professor Deep Saini                                                                                             Professor Nick Klomp                rebranded to CQUniversity in 2009 and now has more than 30 000
P 02 6201 5000 I F 02 6201 5036   Our continued rise in global rankings and our dual focus on providing          P 07 4930 9752                      students. It has firmly established itself as one of the largest universities               professional education and undertaking mission-oriented, problem-              based in regional Australia, with campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane,
                                  solving research makes the University of Canberra an attractive place for                                          Bundaberg, Cairns, Emerald, Gladstone, Mackay, Melbourne, Noosa,
                                  people to study and work.                                                                                          Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney and Townsville and a network of study hubs
                                                                                                                                                     and university centre partnerships throughout mainland Australia.
Chancellor                        We are a university with a true global footprint, with campuses in             Chancellor
Professor Tom Calma AO            Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Hong Kong, China and                  Mr John Abbott                      Delivering more than 300 courses from Certificate to PhD level,
                                  Bhutan.                                                                                                            CQUniversity’s unique vision for diversity, outreach, engagement,
Associate Director Media and                                                                                     Manager, Corporate                  research, learning and teaching, and inclusiveness have led to it being
Communications                    Our graduates enjoy a 90 per cent employment rate and higher starting          Communications                      recognised among the world’s top universities by both the prestigious
                                  salaries than the Australian university average, and many of our 82,000                                            Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the QS World
Ms Megan Reeder Hope                                                                                             Ms Jocelyn Sticklen
                                  alumni hold influential positions in public and private sectors in 120                                             University Rankings. A strong history of engagement and social innovation
P 0408 826 362                    countries.                                                                     P 07 4150 7142                      has also led to CQUniversity being recognised as Australia’s only
megan.reederhope@canberra.                                                                                       M 0418 212 763                      Changemaker Campus by global social innovation group Ashoka U.                            We are a leading sports institution and have strong ties with elite sporting
                                  teams. We proudly own WNBL team the University of Canberra Capitals                                                A renowned research institution and a benchmark leader for how
Contact Details                   and our women’s rugby sevens squad competes in the Uni 7s Series. We           Contact Details                     universities should engage with their communities, CQUniversity’s
University of Canberra
                                  support W-League team Canberra United and the ACT Brumbies Super               CQUniversity Australia
                                                                                                                                                     record of achievement is matched only by the ambitious aspirations
                                  Rugby team call our campus home.                                                                                   it has set itself over the coming years, with a continued expansion of
Bruce ACT 2601                                                                                                   554-700 Yaamba Road
                                                                                                                                                     student success, research excellence, social innovation and community
P 02 6201 5111 I F 02 6201 5999   As a university anchored in Australia’s capital, we work with government,      Norman Gardens QLD 4701             engagement firmly in its sights.
                                  business and industry to serve our communities and nation, and ground-         P 07 4930 9777 I F 07 4930 9399
Website                           breaking discoveries by our researchers have spun commercial, advisory               and social enterprises.
Campus Location                   Through a transformative campus development plan, the University will
                                  continue to evolve into an interactive, connected hub of scholars, learners
                                  and innovators.
Sydney                                                                                                           Campus Locations
Melbourne                                                                                                        Adelaide                Brisbane
                                  The University of Canberra Hospital (UCH) opened on campus in mid-             Bundaberg               Cairns
Queensland                        2018 and is our cornerstone facility in the University’s rapidly developing    Gladstone               Emerald
Hong Kong                         Health Precinct. The subacute care facility specialises in the provision of    Mackay                  Melbourne
                                  rehabilitation, mental health, and aged care health services.                  Noosa                   Perth
                                                                                                                 Rockhampton             Sydney
Bhutan                                                                                                           Townsville
                                  Other developments underway include a cancer care centre, aged care
                                  facility and residential development.
Charles Darwin University (CDU) brings people together to acquire and                                         Charles Sturt University has a proud history in regional Australia and in
                                use knowledge to shape a better future. With our main campus located                                          reaching out online throughout the world, providing undergraduate and
                                in Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, CDU is located closer to                                    postgraduate courses and higher degrees by research in ways that help
                                seven major Asian cities than it is to any Australian capital.                                                students reach their potential.

                                Our geographical location informs much of our research and teaching                                           CSU is a community that embraces diversity and nurtures individual
                                interests in South-East Asia, Northern Australia and in Indigenous                                            growth. At CSU we value economic, social and environmental
Vice-Chancellor and President   Australia. CDU is a recognised leader in environmental studies (tropical        Vice-Chancellor & President   sustainability. CSU connects with the communities in which it operates,
Professor Simon Maddocks        and desert knowledges), Indigenous education and studies, remote                Professor Andrew Vann         delivering an excellence in our courses that opens up opportunities for all.
                                nursing and education, South-East Asian studies and online learning.            P 02 6338 4209                The Wiradjuri phrase ‘Yindyamarra Winhanganha’ meaning the wisdom
                                                                                                                       of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in, is at the
                                CDU was the first institution in Australia to achieve the status of a fully                                   heart of CSU’s approach to education, reflecting the University’s motto;
                                fledged dual-sector university, which means that students can undertake                                       ‘for the public good’ and our spirit.
Chancellor                      Vocational Education and Training as well as higher education, with
Mr Richard Ryan AO              qualifications ranging from Certificates through to Doctorates.                 Chancellor                    Strong links to industry connect our students with relevant real life
                                                                                                                Dr Michele Allan              experience and experts to support learning throughout our courses. This
Director, Media and             More than 22,000 students study at 10 campuses and learning centres                                           focus on combining practical knowledge with quality learning and teaching
Communications                  located throughout the Northern Territory and in Sydney. We are a world         Contact Details               makes our graduates some of the most employable in the country. Charles
Ms Robyn McDougall              leader in delivering education to remote communities – including 150            Panorama Avenue
                                                                                                                                              Sturt University is consistently ranked as the institution with the highest
                                remote Indigenous communities – and offer online courses to enable                                            graduate employment rate in Australia with 84 per cent of graduates fully
P +61 8 8946 6551                                                                                               Bathurst NSW 2795
                                people to fit studying into their busy lives. About 70 per cent of our higher                                 employed within four months of graduation compared to national average      education students study online.                                                P 02 6338 4000                of 69.5 per cent.

Contact Details                 The university’s six higher education Colleges offer a range of disciplines     Website                       CSU has over 350 courses across Science, Business Justice & Behavioural
Ellengowan Drive                including engineering and information technology, the environment,                    Sciences and Education & Arts. We are proudly achieving world standard
Casuarina NT 0909               health and human sciences, nursing and midwifery, psychological and                                           or above in research in Environmental Sciences, Agricultural and
P +61 8 8946 6666
                                clinical sciences, Indigenous knowledges, business, creative arts and           Campus Locations              Veterinary Sciences, Engineering, Education, Philosophy and Religious
                                humanities, education and law.                                                                                Studies.                                                                                              Albury-Wodonga

                                Although a relatively young university, Times Higher Education ranks CDU        Bathurst                      Studying or living on one of our regional campuses in Albury-Wodonga,
Website                         43rd among the world’s top 250 universities under 50 years of age. We           Canberra                      Bathurst, Canberra, Dubbo, Goulburn, Orange, Port Macquarie and Wagga                  have achieved national and international recognition for research impact.       Dubbo                         Wagga as well as CSU Study Centres in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne,
                                CDU also is a leader in Graduate Employment and Salary Outcomes.                Goulburn                      and the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security at Manly, give
Campus and Centre Locations                                                                                     Manly                         our students the advantage of the support from a close-knit community.
Casuarina (Darwin)
                                CDU is attracting an increasing number of international students, who           Orange
                                come from more than 60 countries. Our vibrant international student                                           Our off-shore partnerships in countries including China and Hong Kong
Alice Springs                                                                                                   Parramatta
                                community is attracted particularly to the multicultural character of                                         open up opportunities to create a global network of students and support
Palmerston                      tropical Darwin.                                                                Port Macquarie                the University’s commitment to the great benefits of internationalisation
Katherine                                                                                                       Wagga Wagga                   of higher education. Students from all over the world study online through
CDU Sydney                      We enjoy strong partnerships with other institutions including the              Wangaratta                    CSU, enjoying the flexibility and excellent online resources and support
CDU Darwin Waterfront           Australian National University, Flinders University and the Batchelor                                         CSU offers.
Jabiru                          Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education.
Tennant Creek
                                We are committed to social justice, sustainability and collective effort.
Curtin University was established in Perth in 1986 and named after former                                         Deakin has five campuses, one in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, two in
                                 Prime Minister John Curtin, who once said the great university should                                             the port city of Geelong and one in Warrnambool on Victoria’s south-west
                                 “look ever forward”.                                                                                              coast. Deakin’s head office is at the Geelong Waterfront Campus. The
                                                                                                                                                   fastest growing campus is in the Cloud where over 15,000 students study
                                 Since then, Curtin’s footprint has expanded to include campuses in                                                predominantly online. With 61,000 students, Deakin is one of Australia’s
                                 Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Mauritius. Its 56,000 students come from                                           largest universities and all students, regardless of their campus or mode
                                 around the world and enjoy access to outstanding facilities, high-quality                                         of study, benefit from Deakin’s award-winning digital environment.
Vice-Chancellor                  teaching and courses shaped by industry.                                        Vice-Chancellor
Professor Deborah Terry AO                                                                                       Professor Jane den Hollander AO   Deakin’s four faculties offer a comprehensive range of courses across                 Ranked among the best                                                           P 03 5227 8501 I F 03 5227 8500   the arts, science, sport, nutrition, architecture, business, law, medicine,
                                 In 2017, Curtin climbed into the top one per cent of tertiary institutions in                  optometry, engineering, nursing, psychology and teaching. Deakin has
                                 the Academic Ranking of World Universities – a position it has held since.                                        an inclusive and student-focussed culture and a reputation for using
                                                                                                                                                   innovative digital solutions to provide an engaging and personalised
                                 Curtin is Western Australia’s most preferred university for                                                       learning experience for all its students. Deakin is committed to lifelong
Chancellor                       undergraduates, holding a market share of 51 per cent of the state’s            Chancellor                        learning and to providing students with choices about how, when and
Dr Andy Crane                    undergraduate applicants in 2018.                                               Mr John Stanhope AO               where learning occurs. Deakin prides itself on developing career-ready
                                                                                                                                                   graduates who are innovative, resilient, and well prepared for rapidly
Contact Details                  In the 2018 QS World University Rankings by Subject, Curtin ranked              Director – Media and              changing workforce needs. Deakin has a strong focus on teaching, with
Kent Street                      second in the world for mineral and mining engineering. It also ranked          Corporate Communications          student satisfaction and the employability of its students as key indicators
                                 in the top 100 universities in seven other subjects: architecture/built                                           of success.
Bentley WA 6102                                                                                                  Mr Glen Atwell
                                 environment; earth and marine sciences; chemical engineering; civil and
P 08 9266 9266                                                                                                   P 03 9246 221                     Deakin has a strong international focus and reputation, with 14,000
                                 construction engineering; development studies; education; and sports-
                                 related subjects.                                                              international students choosing to study at Deakin. The University has
Website                                                                                                                                            international offices in South Asia, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Latin                A global education                                                              Contact Details                   America. Our 230,000 alumni live and work across the globe and their
                                 Curtin students receive a globally relevant education that encourages           Head Office, Geelong Waterfront   success is the best measure of Deakin’s success.
Campus Locations                 them to develop an intercultural awareness, question traditional ideas and      Campus, Locked Bag 20001,
                                 take advantage of a variety of exchange opportunities.                                                            Deakin is on a strong research trajectory ranking 211 in the Academic
Perth (Bentley and Perth City)                                                                                   Geelong, VIC 3220
                                                                                                                                                   Ranking of World Universities (10th of Australia’s 39 universities).
Kalgoorlie                                                                                                       P 03 5227 1100 I F 03 5227 2001   Research at Deakin focusses on innovation and robust partnerships
                                 Curtin maintains strong partnerships with some of the world’s most
Malaysia                                                                                                                                           with industry and business and it is building a formidable international
                                 reputable institutions to advance its teaching and research. In 2016, it
Singapore                        formed an alliance with the historic University of Aberdeen in Scotland         Website                           reputation in areas of emerging national social, economic and political
Dubai                            to leverage the strengths and industry networks of both universities,                  priority. Deakin’s manufacturing innovation precinct provides an important
Mauritius                        particularly in energy research.                                                                                  link between technological innovation and successful industry outcomes,
                                                                                                                 Campus Locations                  strengthening and streamlining pathways for commercial research.
                                 Research and development                                                        Geelong Waterfront Campus
                                 Curtin’s rapid rise up the international rankings can largely be attributed     Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
                                 to its research performance across a range of endeavours. It leads a            Melbourne Burwood Campus
                                 number of major international research projects and is involved with more
                                                                                                                 Warrnambool Campus
                                 than 70 research centres and collaborations, including the Curtin Institute
                                 of Radio Astronomy, the Centre for Crop and Disease Management and              Cloud Campus (online)
                                 Innovation Central Perth.

                                 Learning reinvented
                                 Curtin students can access a range of industry placements and
                                 technology-rich learning environments that recreate real workplaces –
                                 such as a simulated hospital ward, stock market trading room and digital
                                 marketing agency – to gain a competitive edge in the job market.
Edith Cowan University (ECU) provides the ideal learning environment for                                         Federation University Australia (FedUni) has a strong tradition of
                                  people who want to reach their potential.                                                                        education and training delivery spanning nearly 150 years. We are the
                                                                                                                                                   nation’s first regional, multi-sector university and the third oldest site of
                                  Located in Western Australia, our industry-relevant teaching and research,                                       higher learning in Australia.
                                  supportive study environment and award-winning facilities enable ECU
                                  students to do more than just survive in this world – they thrive in it.                                         FedUni offers an increasing number of higher education, TAFE, secondary
                                                                                                                                                   schooling and research opportunities. With campuses in Ballarat,
Vice-Chancellor and President     Established in 1991, ECU took the opportunity to reshape the way higher        Vice-Chancellor and President     Berwick, Brisbane, Gippsland and the Wimmera, our programs are also
Professor Steve Chapman           education is delivered in a distinctive and inspiring campus environment.      Professor Helen Bartlett          delivered online and via a range of partner institutes across Australia and
P 08 6304 2205 I F 08 6304 2666                                                                                                                    around the globe. A student support centre is also based in Malaysia.                     ECU courses are developed in consultation with industry, and teaching
                                  staff have extensive industry experience and networks. It’s why ECU                                              The University has around 20,000 international and domestic students.
                                  students can expect placement opportunities, fieldwork, practicums and                                           We are committed to serving regional Victorian communities, yet have a
                                  networking events as part of their studies.                                    Chancellor                        broad national and international outlook. We offer the best of both worlds;
Chancellor                                                                                                       Mr Terry Moran AC                 combining a strong tradition of tertiary education with the freedom and
The Hon Kerry Sanderson AC        This approach has been rewarded with five-star ratings for teaching                                              dynamism that comes with being a multi-sector university with close links
                                  quality over the past twelve years, along with consistently high ratings for   Director of Communications        to local industry and technology.
Corporate Communications          overall education experience and skills development, as reported in the        Ms Kara Douglas
Manager                           Good Universities Guide.                                                       P 03 5327 6124                    FedUni is recognised as a welcoming and friendly university for
                                                                                                                                                   international students. We place great emphasis on the quality of our
Mr Rhys Stacker                                                                                        
                                  ECU’s world-class research strives to make a difference to the community                                         teaching and learning, delivering a range of innovative programs through
P 08 6304 2131 I F 08 6304 2092   in Western Australia and beyond. ECU focuses on working with our                                                 both our higher education and vocational education and training.              communities, business and government organisations to solve real-world         Contact Details
                                  problems.                                                                      University Drive                  According to the Federal Government’s Quality Indicators for Learning and
Contact Details                                                                                                  Mt Helen VIC 3350                 Teaching rankings (QILT), FedUni ranks number one in Victoria for overall
270 Joondalup Drive               The University was named after Edith Dirksey Cowan, the first woman to         P 03 5327 9000 I F 03 5327 9704   employment and median salary.
Joondalup WA 6027
                                  be elected to an Australian Parliament. Her life was dedicated to the belief
                                  that education was the key to growth, change and improvement in society.                                         The University also has a growing research presence. Our sports science
P 08 6304 0000 I F 08 6304 1257
                                                                                                                                                   programs have been placed highly in prestigious international rankings.
                                  Her example informs ECU’s values as we pride ourselves in developing           Website
Website                           capable graduates who lead engaged and productive lives in the                    We host Australia’s largest regional technology park accommodating more                    communities in which they live and work.                                                                         than 30 companies, including its signature tenant, IBM. The University’s
                                                                                                                 Campus Locations                  Tech Park Central in the heart of Ballarat enables businesses to have a
Campus Locations                  At a glance                                                                    Ballarat                          presence at our SMB Campus.
Joondalup                         ECU has more than 30,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. We            - Mt Helen
                                  also annually welcome over 6,000 international students, originating from       - SMB                            The University also runs the Nanya Environmental Research Station in
Mount Lawley                                                                                                      - Arts Academy
                                  more than 100 countries.                                                                                         Western New South Wales.
South West                                                                                                       Berwick
                                  Our eight Schools collectively deliver more than 300 diverse courses           Brisbane                          Proud of its past while firmly focused on the future, student-centred and
                                  across Medical & Health Sciences, Engineering, Education, Arts &               Gippsland                         commercially capable, Federation University Australia continues to excel.
                                  Humanities, Business & Law, Nursing & Midwifery, Science and the               Wimmera
                                  Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

                                  Courses are offered on our three campuses – Joondalup and Mount
                                  Lawley in metropolitan Perth and the South West Campus at Bunbury,
                                  200km south of the capital city. ECU also offers a comprehensive suite of
                                  online study options.
Globally focused and locally engaged, Flinders University is committed to                                         Griffith University is one of Australia’s most innovative tertiary institutions
                                      making a difference through its innovative research, excellence in teaching                                       and an influential contributor to education and research in the Asia–
                                      and learning, and exceptional student experience.                                                                 Pacific region. Since opening in 1975, Griffith has grown from a small,
                                                                                                                                                        single campus of 451 students to a comprehensive university with more
                                      Our research strengths include biomedical and clinical sciences, culture,                                         than 50,000 students across six campuses in South East Queensland
                                      policy and society, health and human behaviour, molecular science and                                             including its Digital campus, with a network of more than 200,000
                                      technology, defence, engineering, and water and environment. 90% of                                               graduates.
President and Vice-Chancellor         Flinders University’s research has been ranked at or above world standard       Vice-Chancellor and President
Professor Colin Stirling              in the latest Excellence in Research Australia assessment.                      Professor Carolyn Evans           Ranking in the top 2% of universities worldwide, Griffith consistently
P 08 8201 2101 I F 08 8201 5949                                                                                       P 07 5552 8178 I F 07 5552 8777   performs in the top 300 of the leading global indices. Griffith also ranks        An award winning, state-of-the-art student hub at our main Bedford Park                highly as a young university, regularly featuring in the QS University
                                      campus is designed to foster interactive learning in a digitally enabled                                          Rankings: Top 50 Under 50 and Times Higher Education Top 100 under
                                      environment. Our high tech innovation campus at Tonsley engages our                                               50. In the most recent 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)
                                      students with leading business enterprises within the Tonsley Innovation                                          results, Griffith was rated at world standard or above across more than 50
Chancellor                            District. It’s home to our Flinders New Venture Institute, a leader in start-   Chancellor                        different disciplines.
Mr Stephen Gerlach AM                 ups and entrepreneurship programs.                                              Mr Henry Smerdon AM DUniv
                                                                                                                                                        Griffith has a long history of offering new and innovative degrees that meet
Executive Director -                  Flinders excels in remote area education, in particular its Northern            Director – Office of Marketing    the ever-changing needs of students, industry and the community and has
Communication and                     Territory Medical Program which allows students to complete a Flinders          and Communications                introduced Australia’s first degrees in fields such as Asian studies and
                                      Doctor of Medicine in Darwin, supported by facilities in Alice Springs,                                           environmental science.
Engagement                                                                                                            Mr Phillip Stork
                                      Katherine and Nhulunbuy. Rural medical, nursing, and allied health
Ms Callista Thillou                   courses delivered at Renmark and other regional centres are identical in        P 07 5552 7844                    Today, Griffith offers more than 200 undergraduate, postgraduate and
P 08 8201 5262                        structure to those in Adelaide.                                                  research degrees in: architecture, construction and planning; business                                                                                                                        and government; criminology and law; education; engineering, IT and
                                      Internationally, Flinders jointly provides courses with leading universities    Contact Details                   aviation; humanities, languages and social science; medicine, dentistry
Contact Details                       in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia - where our             Parklands Drive                   and health; music and performing arts; science and environment; and
GPO Box 2100
                                      Jembatan program is fostering cultural engagement.                              Southport QLD 422
                                                                                                                                                        visual and creative arts. These degrees are informed by cutting-edge
                                                                                                                                                        research and delivered by some of Australia’s most highly awarded
Adelaide SA 5001                                                                                                      P 07 5552 8800 I F 07 5552 8854
                                      Undergraduate and postgraduate courses are offered across six Colleges                                            teachers. Featuring prominently in annual national teaching awards
P 08 8201 3911 I F 08 8201 3000       and online for some 25,000 students. Our 4,000 international students                                             and citations, Griffith is one of a select number of universities to have            come from more than 100 countries. Our main campus has on-site                  Website                           three recipients of the prestigious Australian University Teacher of the
                                      accommodation for 500 students, and an international pathways centre.                Year award. Griffith also received a five-star rating in the 2019 Good
Website                                                                                                                                                 Universities Guide for Teaching Quality and Overall Student Experience.                   Flinders’ commitment to making a positive difference to our world is            Campus Locations
                                      captured in our strategic plan Making a Difference – The 2025 Agenda.           Digital
                                      With a vision to be internationally recognised as a world leader in
Campus Locations                                                                                                      Gold Coast
                                      research, an innovator in contemporary education, and the source of
Bedford Park (main campus)            Australia’s most enterprising graduates, Flinders University aspires to         Logan
Victoria Square - Adelaide CBD        create a culture that supports students and staff to succeed, to foster         Mt Gravatt
Tonsley                               research excellence that builds better communities, to inspire education        Nathan
Northern Territory                    that produces original thinkers, and to promote meaningful engagement           South Bank
  Darwin              Alice Springs   that enhances our environment, economy and society.
  Katherine           Nhulunbuy
Regional South Australia
  Lincoln Marine Science Centre
  Greater Green Triangle
James Cook University is unique among Australian universities, woven
                                  into the intellectual, economic and social fabric of our tropical locations.                                     For more than 50 years, La Trobe University has been transforming people
                                                                                                                                                   and societies. With a dual emphasis on excellence and inclusivity, we put
                                  JCU is Queensland’s second oldest university. It started its journey as                                          our students at the centre of everything we do.
                                  the University College of Townsville in 1961, under the stewardship of
                                  the University of Queensland, and in 1970, James Cook University was                                             La Trobe is firmly entrenched in the top 400 of all three major world
                                  established with its founding legislation providing the mandate for the                                          university rankings. In 2018, the respected Academic Ranking of World
Vice-Chancellor and President     strategic direction the University has pursued; to seek knowledge-based        Vice-Chancellor and President     Universities placed us at 317 in the world, making La Trobe one of the
Professor Sandra Harding AO       ways to help the world’s tropical regions prosper.                             Professor John Dewar              fastest-rising universities over the last four years on this measure. The
P 07 4781 4165 I F 07 4781 4050                                                                                  P 03 9479 2000 I F 03 9471 0093   2018 Times Higher Education ranking puts La Trobe at 341 in the world,                     JCU is defined by the tropics. Its main campuses are in the heart of                  while the 2018 QS ranking places us at 397 in the world.
                                  the tropics – Cairns, Singapore and Townsville. The campuses are
                                  complemented and extended by regional and remote study centres and                                               La Trobe has been rated among the top ten universities in Australia, and
                                  research stations. JCU’s Australian campuses and field stations are                                              the top three in Victoria, for the numbers of specific fields of research
Chancellor                        located near the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park          Chancellor (until March 2019)     rated at ‘well above world standard’ in the 2015 Excellence in Research
Mr Bill Tweddell                  and the rainforests of the Wet Tropics region. This unique environment         Professor Richard G. Larkins AO   for Australia (ERA) survey. We achieved top rating in three broad discipline
                                  attracts students from around the world.                                                                         groups: Agricultural, Biological, and Physical Sciences. La Trobe was
Head of Media &                                                                                                  Chancellor (as of March 2019)     rated the equal best university in Australia for Biological Sciences, best in
Communications                    JCU plays a key role in preparing the professional workforce for northern      The Hon John Brumby AO            Australia for Agricultural and Veterinary Studies, and was the only
                                  Australia, and the University offers a comprehensive suite of professionally                                     top-rated university in the country for Physiology.
Mr Richard Davis
                                  accredited programs including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy,
P 07 4781 4822                    physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, veterinary sciences,      Director - Media and              The quality of our arts and humanities subjects is widely respected, with          psychology, nursing, sport and exercise science, engineering, law,             Communications                    the Times Higher Education 2018 Rankings placing arts and humanities in
                                  education, and a range of programs in business, science, social science        Mr Tim Mitchell                   the top 200. We also ranked in the 176-200 category for Life Sciences.
Contact Details                   and humanities.                                                                P 03 9479 5246
1 James Cook Drive                                                                                              La Trobe is also one of the largest providers of university education in
Douglas 4814
                                  JCU is ranked among the top 2 per cent of the world’s universities                                               regional Victoria, with about 7,000 student enrolments at our campuses
                                  (Academic Ranking of World Universities). The University has an                                                  in Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga, Mildura and Shepparton. Most students stay
P 07 4781 4111 I F 07 4779 6371                                                                                  Contact Details
                                  international reputation for the quality of its teaching and research,                                           and work in their communities following graduation.                  with recognised strengths in environmental science and management;             Plenty Road
                                  coral reef science, ecology, and fisheries sciences; geology; evolutionary     Bundoora VIC 3086
Website                           biology; organic and inorganic chemistry; oceanography; physical               P 03 9479 1111 I F 03 9478 5814                        geography and environmental geoscience; medical microbiology, tropical
                                  health and medicine, vector-borne diseases; immunology; archaeology;           Website
Campus Locations                  and linguistics.                                                     
                                  JCU is home to more than 20 major research centres and institutes,
Singapore                         including the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, The Cairns      Campus Locations
Townsville                        Institute and the Australian Institute of Tropical Health and Medicine         Albury-Wodonga
                                  (AITHM).                                                                       Bendigo
                                                                                                                 Melbourne (Bundoora)
                                  For the past eight years, The Good Universities Guide has awarded JCU          Melbourne (Collins Street)
                                  five stars for graduate employment. Employers value JCU graduates for          Mildura
                                  their combination of theoretical and practical experience, as well as their
                                  communication and technology skills.
A university powered by human collaboration                                                                      Australia’s number one university
                                  Macquarie – ranked among the top one per cent of universities in the                                             The University of Melbourne is the leading centre of higher education and
                                  world – is a university engaged with the real and often complex problems                                         research in Australia. Founded in 1853, it’s situated in the heart of one of
                                  and opportunities that define our lives.                                                                         the world’s most liveable cities.

                                  Since our foundation 54 years ago, we have aspired to be a different type                                        With a strong research performance, excellence in learning and teaching,
                                  of university: one unbound by ivory towers and sandstone walls. Rather,                                          and intellectual and social capital, the University is consistently positioned
Vice-Chancellor                   we are focused on fostering collaboration between students, academics,        Vice-Chancellor                    with the world’s leading universities and currently ranked number one in
Professor S Bruce Dowton MD       industry and society. Together we are advancing world-class theoretical       Professor Duncan Maskell           Australia and number 32 in the world.
P 02 9850 7440 I F 02 9850 9950   thinking and translating it into real-world solutions.                        P 03 8344 6134                                                                                                            Innovative curriculum
                                  Where collaboration meets innovation                                                                             The University’s globally competitive curriculum, the Melbourne Model,
                                  Macquarie is uniquely located in the heart of Australia’s largest high-tech                                      equips students with a breadth and depth of knowledge that sees 97 per
                                  precinct, and our 40,000 students and 3000 staff thrive on a campus that is                                      cent of undergraduates and 98 per cent of postgraduates employed three
Chancellor                                                                                                      Chancellor
                                  dynamic, sustainable and built for collaboration.                                                                to five years after graduating.
To be appointed                                                                                                 Mr Allan J. Myers AC QC
                                  With more than 300 leading companies located on or around the                                                    With fewer graduates staying in the same industry throughout their
Interim Director,                 Macquarie campus, our students are able to tap into industry connections      Executive Director –               working lives, the Melbourne Model provides a distinctive curriculum to
Communications                    that give them an edge in their future careers, while our staff have access   Marketing and                      give students a wider understanding of the world beyond their degree.
Ms Amanda Crews                   to outstanding research and innovation opportunities with some of the         Communications                     With a breadth and depth of knowledge, Melbourne students are prepared
P 02 9850 7456                    world’s leading organisations.                                                Ms Siobhan Forbes
                                                                                                                                                   to build the skills to enable them to adapt and change as the professional
                                                                                                                                                   landscape changes.                                                                                          P 03 9035 6306
                                  Expanding the frontiers of knowledge
                                                                                                            Ground-breaking research
                                  Macquarie enjoys an enviable reputation for research excellence – 100 per
Contact Details                   cent of our research is ranked at world standard or above and more than                                          Our researchers are making new advances, discoveries and
North Ryde NSW 2109               30 of our researchers are ranked in the top one per cent of researchers in    Contact Details                    breakthroughs that are changing the world.
P 02 9850 7111 I F 02 9850 7433   the world.                                                                    Grattan Street
                                                                                                                University of Melbourne VIC 3010   The University of Melbourne is one of Australia’s biggest and most
Website                           We rank among the top five universities in Australia in atmospheric           P 03 8344 4000 I F 03 8344 5104    progressive research universities. Consistently ranked among the world’s
                                  sciences, applied ethics, and agricultural and veterinary sciences;                                              top 40, we bring together the best and brightest from around the globe
                                  the top six in pure mathematics; the top seven in computation theory                                             to tackle today’s most complex social, economic and environmental
                                  and mathematics; and the top eight in genetics, and oncology and                                                 challenges. After more than 160 years of excellence, the University is at
Campus Location                   carcinogenesis.                                                                      the forefront of international research in fields as diverse as human rights
North Ryde, Sydney                                                                                                                                 law, Indigenous linguistics, quantum sensing and medical genomics.
                                  A proud tradition of innovating                                               Campus Locations
                                  Macquarie has a robust record of innovation – we pioneered the                Parkville                          Industry collaborations
                                  technology that underpins modern wifi systems, the first synthetic funnel-    Burnley                            The University of Melbourne partners with industry, other institutions and
                                  web spider antivenom, and a sterile insect technique that is used to          Creswick                           research organisations, the community, government and not-for-profit
                                  combat crop-destroying fruit flies.                                           Dookie
                                                                                                                                                   organisations to advance the commercialisation of ground-breaking
                                                                                                                                                   innovations including
                                  Building successful graduates                                                                                    • Cochlear implant		            • Relenza® anti-viral flu drug
                                                                                                                Southbank                          • Recaldent® for dental care • Rotavirus vaccine
                                  Our pioneering approach to teaching and learning is built around a
                                  connected learning community: our students are considered partners and        Werribee                           • Colony Stimulating Factor - a white blood cell booster
                                  co-creators in their learning experience. Their face-to-face experience
                                  is paired with sophisticated and interactive digital resources, and their                                        Inspiring arts and culture
                                  courses are linked to the latest research discoveries.                                                           The University of Melbourne boasts an impressive host of museums
                                                                                                                                                   and galleries, exploring everything from contemporary art, classics and
                                                                                                                                                   archaeology, medical and dental history, to music and the sciences.
For 60 years, our work has changed the world, and we’re not about to                                             Murdoch University strives to be a creative force for current and future
                                  stop. Monash is a university with a difference, and we’re proud of it. Our                                       generations, tackling the world’s biggest challenges through outstanding
                                  approach to education allows our students a study experience like no                                             translational research and educating free thinkers who thrive in society
                                  other, helping them positively impact their own lives and the lives of                                           and industry.
                                  others. As a global top-100 university, we’re determined to play our part in
                                  finding solutions to global problems. Every student, researcher, member                                          Murdoch is ranked in the Times Higher Education Top 100 universities in
                                  of staff, alumni and supporter of Monash contributes towards real change.                                        the world under the age of 50. It was awarded five stars for overall Student
President and Vice-Chancellor     You, too, have the opportunity. Are you ready?                                 Vice-Chancellor                   Support and for Student Teacher Ratio in the 2019 Good Universities
Professor Margaret Gardner AO                                                                                    Professor Eeva Leinonen           Guide, and was rated the top institution in the nation across eight areas of
P 03 9902 9851                    A global education                                                             P 08 9360 6300 I F 08 9360 2931   graduate outcomes and educational experience.       With international campuses, partner universities and study-abroad   
                                  options at more than 100 universities around the world, you’ll have plenty                                       With research expertise in multidisciplinary areas, Murdoch provides
                                  of opportunities to gain a global education.                                                                     students with a holistic learning experience that engages with the social
                                                                                                                                                   and scientific challenges of our time. Through work-integrated learning
Chancellor                        Change it                                                                      Chancellor                        and embedded career learning units, students are equipped with the
Mr Simon McKeon AO                We’re active in more than 150 fields of research, and work closely with        Mr David Flanagan AM CitWA        skills and confidence to make an immediate, valuable contribution to the
                                  government and industry. Many of our commercialised ideas are having a                                           workforce.
Director - Marketing and          positive impact on the world every day.                                        Director - Marketing and
Communications                                                                                                   Communications                    The University is internationally renowned for research in One Health,
                                  Innovative partnerships                                                                                          sustainable development and environment, food and agriculture, and has
Mr Fabian Marrone                                                                                                Mr Neil Cullingford
                                  We bring together diverse minds from interdisciplinary fields of research,                                       a particular focus on Asia.         business and technology to create knowledge hubs of the future.                P 08 9360 6835
                                  This inludes the forthcoming Victorian Heart Hospital, a collaborative      Murdoch University’s flagship campus in Perth is one of the largest urban
Contact Details                   partnership with the Victorian Government, which will bring world-leading                                        university campuses in Australia and boasts a vast expanse of natural
Monash University                 cardiovascular care.                                                           Contact Details                   bushland teeming with unique wildlife.
Clayton VIC 3800                                                                                                 South Street
P 03 9902 6000 I F 03 9905 4007
                                  Our courses                                                                    Murdoch WA 6150
                                                                                                                                                   The Perth campus is adjacent to a new urban centre known as the
                                  At Monash University we offer 219 courses across 24 fields of study.                                             Murdoch Activity Centre, which includes the Fiona Stanley Hospital. This
                                                                                                                 P 08 9360 6000 I F 08 9310 4233
                                                                                                                                                   unique location has created the opportunity to develop an integrated
Website                           Our rankings                                                                                                     Knowledge and Health Precinct where partnerships with government                    • We’re in the world’s top 100 universities (84th, Times Higher Education      Website                           and industry will support innovative medical, environmental and scientific
                                    World University Rankings 2018-2019).                                              research.
Locations                         • The Good Universities Guide 2018 awarded Monash 5 stars for staff
Australian campuses                 qualification, student demand and retention.                                 Campus Locations                  Murdoch University’s campus in Mandurah, located in Perth’s fast growing
                                  • Top 50 in the world for many disciplines: pharmacy and pharmacology,         Murdoch
                                                                                                                                                   southern corridor, is home to popular nursing degrees taught in state-of-
                                    chemical engineering, law, business, medicine, and accounting and                                              the-art simulation suites. A third campus in Rockingham hosts Murdoch’s
  Clayton                                                                                                        Rockingham
                                    finance (QS World University Rankings by subject 2018).                                                        pro bono law clinic SCALES and the University’s successful pathways and
  Parkville                       • Reuters 28th for Asia’s Most Innovative Universities.                        Mandurah                          enabling programs which give students from a variety of backgrounds
  Peninsula                                                                                                      Dubai                             the opportunity to access a tertiary education through alternative entry
International locations           Our research                                                                   Singapore                         streams.
  China                           Our research is being rigorously applied to crate lasting and positive
  India                           change in the world, including:                                                                                  Murdoch is recognised as one of the most international universities
                                  • Aspree research study         • The bionic eye                                                                 in Australia, and ranks in the top 1 per cent of the most globalised
                                  • Oxytocin inhaler		            • Additive manufacturing of jet engines                                          universities, with strong student numbers across campuses in Singapore
                                  • World Mosquito Program • Water-sensitive cities                                                                and Dubai, and a new campus opened in Myanmar in 2018.
                                  • Urban slum revitalisation • 3D-printed body parts

                                  We believe each individual brings a unique quality to Monash, and we pride
                                  ourselves on recognising and celebrating our rich diversity.
Since its inception as Australia’s first regional university, UNE has been                                    UNSW Sydney is a powerhouse of cutting-edge research, teaching and
                                  willing to break with tradition in order to achieve the mission to help                                       innovation.
                                  people from all walks of life adapt to an ever-changing world. We are
                                  driven by a culture of innovation.                                                                            We are one of the top 100 universities in the world, with more than 59,000
                                                                                                                                                students and a 7,000-strong research community.
                                  Expert online education
                                  UNE pioneered distance education in the 1950s to provide university                                           Located in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, the University was established
Vice-Chancellor and CEO           education to people regardless of their location or personal                  Vice-Chancellor and President   in 1949 with a unique focus on the scientific, technological and
Professor Annabelle Duncan        circumstances. We deliver Australia’s most flexible educational experience    Professor Ian Jacobs            professional disciplines.
P 02 6773 2004 I F 02 6773 3710   to almost 20,000 online students, who receive 24/7 online tutor support       P 02 9385 2788                     and back-up from ten Study Centres in regional NSW, as well as UNE             UNSW is committed to making a difference by focusing on areas critical to
                                  Sydney in Parramatta.                                                                                         the future. Pioneering research and sustained innovation are addressing
                                                                                                                                                some of the most important issues of today – from climate change and
                                  Enriching on-campus life                                                                                      renewable energies to lifesaving medical treatments and breakthrough
Chancellor                                                                                                      Chancellor                      technologies. In the social sciences, UNSW research informs policy and
                                  UNE offers a rich on-campus experience for students from throughout
Mr James Harris
                                  Australia and over 75 nations. Our seven residential Colleges are             Mr David Gonski AC              expert commentary in issues facing society, ranging from human rights
                                  centrepieces of this experience and provide a variety of options - from                                       and constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians to public health
UNE Media                         traditional, catered Colleges to self-catered apartment-style living.         Chief Communications Officer    and population ageing.
P 02 6773 2551                                                                                                  Darren Goodsir
                                  Unmatched student experience                                                                                  UNSW offers an extensive range of undergraduate, postgraduate and                                                                                                P 02 9385 5610
                                                                                                                                                research programs. We are expanding our education and reaching more
                                  Whether it’s online or on campus, UNE is committed to the highest              students from all backgrounds and communities around the world.
Director, Office                  academic standards. We have been awarded the maximum 5 stars for
                                  overall experience for the past 13 years; a feat unmatched by any other
of Advancement,                                                                                                 Contact Details                 UNSW is a founding member of both the Group of Eight, a coalition of
                                  Australian public university. UNE is also the number one rated university
Communications and Events                                                                                       Kensington NSW 2052             Australia’s leading research intensive universities, and the prestigious
                                  in NSW for teaching quality and student support.
Mr Robert Heather                                                                                               P 02 9385 1000                  Universitas 21 international network. We have partnerships with major
                                                                                                                                                universities across the world to amplify our expertise and help solve the         Our diverse portfolio of professional courses covers traditional arts and     Follow @unsw
                                                                                                                                                world’s biggest issues.
P 02 6773 2725                    humanities disciplines, education and health, economics, business, law,
                                  medicine, social and behavioural sciences and the natural, rural and          Website                         The main UNSW campus is located on a 38-hectare site at Kensington,
Contact Details                   environmental sciences. UNE has also introduced revolutionary Bespoke                 seven kilometres from the centre of Sydney. Other major campuses are
                                  Courses, designed to allow working adults to mix and match units from
Elm Avenue                                                                                                                                      the Art & Design campus in the Sydney suburb of Paddington and UNSW
                                  across different degrees to suit their needs.
Armidale NSW 2351                                                                                               Campus Locations                Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy.
P 02 6773 3333                    World-class research                                                          Kensington
                                  UNE enjoys an international reputation for research excellence. Our strong    Paddington
Website                           industry links are reflected in collaborations with 15 research centres and   Canberra at ADFA                    institutes. UNE works across animal genetics and breeding, agriculture
                                  and law, social science, local government, poultry, sheep, and spatial
Campus Locations                  information to solve tomorrow’s problems today.
                                  Advances like our PhD (Innovation) embed practical research projects in
Parramatta                        industries and communities. Our research is bringing social, economic
                                  and environmental improvements to lives and landscapes around
                                  Australia and throughout South-East Asia and the Pacific.
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