WE'RE BACKING - Forty Shillings

WE'RE BACKING - Forty Shillings
WE'RE BACKING - Forty Shillings
                                                                  Today, London Stansted Airport is

    WEL C
                                                                  proud to be the fastest growing
                                                                  major airport in the UK and is
                                                                  almost unrecognisable from the
                                                                  one which MAG acquired in 2013.

                                               We have invested £150m in upgrading the terminal,
                                               added nearly 10 million passengers per year, virtually
                                               tripled the number of airlines and added over 40 new
                                               routes - and in doing so have brought a new ambition
                                               to the airport.

                                               But this is only the beginning for us – Stansted has real
                                               momentum and we are predicting continued strong
                                               and sustainable growth and expect to reach our current
                                               permitted limit on passenger numbers in the early
                                               2020s. We have evolved in a phased and managed
                                               way over the last 25 years, and we believe that it is the
                                               right time to set out the framework for the next phase of
                                               the airport’s growth.

                                               We are seeking permission from Uttlesford District
                                               Council to allow the airport to make best use of our
                                               single runway, within our pre-existing flight limits
                                               and agreed noise footprint. A new Arrivals Terminal
                                               will be the centrepiece project of our £600 million
                                               transformation and this further investment will improve
                                               the airport experience for passengers and crucially
                                               ensure that the wider economic benefits that flow from
                                               our operation continue to be felt in our local region.

                                               We have been overwhelmed by the hundreds of local
                                               residents, businesses, staff and other stakeholders who
                                               have already demonstrated their support for our future
                                               vision and recognise the positive impact that the airport
                                               has on their lives and communities.

                                               With the Planning Committee date approaching, we
                                               are urging you to support your local airport if you have
                                               not done so already. For more information, please visit

                                               Ken O’Toole
                                               Chief Executive, London Stansted Airport

2           WE’RE BACKING STANSTED   WELCOME                                                             3
WE'RE BACKING - Forty Shillings
London Stansted is
                                                                                   WE’RE BACKING
               very much an asset
               for the growth of the
               economy of Essex,                                                   STANSTED
    the surrounding areas of the
    East of England and the UK as
    a whole and its ever increasing
    connectivity is a major attraction
    to companies looking to establish
    a presence or further develop
    their business. Invest Essex
    supports an engine of growth
    within the Essex economy.
                                          David Rooke,
                Location Services Director, Invest Essex

                                                                                      TO STIMULATE
      £10 m                                                                            OUR LOCAL
      2017 ‘MEET THE BUYERS’

4                                                 WE’RE BACKING STANSTED   TO STIMULATE OUR LOCAL ECONIOMY   5
WE'RE BACKING - Forty Shillings
WE’RE BACKING                                                     Harlow College is

    STANSTED                                                          proud to be working
                                                                      with London Stansted
                                                                      Airport to run the
                                                           unique new college at the
                                                           airport. We firmly believe
                                                           in providing students with
                                                           a clear line of sight to the
                                                           workplace and excellent career
                                                           opportunities and the growth
                                                           of London Stansted Airport
                                                           will benefit young people
                                                           and adults drawn from across
                                                           Essex to enter the workforce in
                                                           sustainable local environment.
                                                                                                 Karen Spencer,
                                                                             Principal, Stansted Airport College

    OUR REGION’S                                              12,000                    WE ARE THE EAST OF ENGLAND’S
                                                                                        LARGEST SINGLE-SITE EMPLOYER


                                                                200+        COMPANIES

6               WE’RE BACKING STANSTED   TO INVEST IN OUR REGION’S FUTURE                                              7
WE'RE BACKING - Forty Shillings
Access to a global
                                                                               WE’RE BACKING
                footprint that is close
                to our office location
                and the homes of                                              STANSTED
    our staff is a key enabler of our
    continued engagement with
    the region’s growth, ability to
    deliver our company’s global
    strategy and capacity to attract
    and retain talent as well as build
    relationships with wide-ranging
    business partners.
                               Dr Andy Williams,
           VP Cambridge Strategy and Operations,

           WE CONTRIBUTE
                                                                             TO BRING
           £1bn                 £
                                                                           BUSINESS INTO
                                                                            THE REGION
           TO THE

8                                         WE’RE BACKING STANSTED   TO BRING BUSINESS INTO THE REGION   9
WE'RE BACKING - Forty Shillings

     STANSTED                                                  Enrolling in an apprenticeship
                                                               scheme has given me the room
                                                               to work in an industry I’ve always
                                                               been interested in, as well as
                                                               the opportunity to be guided by
                                                               professionals. I have truly loved
                                                               every minute of the past four
                                                               months and I couldn’t recommend
                                                               it enough. And the discount in
                                                               World Duty Free is a real perk!
                                                                                                        Ellie Miller,
                                                                         Local resident, Creative and Digital Media
                                                                            Apprentice at London Stansted Airport

                                                                                         OF THE AIRPORT’S
                                                                                         LIVE LOCALLY

10                   WE’RE BACKING STANSTED   TO CREATE OPPORTUNITIES FOR LOCAL PEOPLE                                  11
WE'RE BACKING - Forty Shillings
     My son has been to the
     Aerozone Education Centre                                              STANSTED
     and was overwhelmed with
     excitement about the history
     of the airport and the career
     opportunities available in the
     future – all local schools should
     take advantage of this free
     facility provided by the airport.
                                Local resident,
                             Bishop’s Stortford

                                                                                 TO BE A
     10,000                                                                    COMMUNITY
      AEROZONE SINCE 2015                                                       CHAMPION
12                                       WE’RE BACKING STANSTED   TO BE A COMMUNITY CHAMPION   13
Adnams Southwold                              Monsoon / Accessorize
                                                                          Air Corsica                              National Express
                                                                  Airport Bus Express                                    NATS
                                                                           Anchor                               New Anglia Enterprise
                                                                         AstraZeneca                                 Omniserv Ltd
                                                                    Aviation GSA UK                                Pegasus Airlines
                                                            BNP Paribas Estate on behalf of                       Phar Partnerships

     WE’RE BACKING                                                   Royal Mail
                                                            Cambridge Biomedical Campus
                                                                                                                    Pret A Manger

                                                                                                                    Primesight Ltd

                                                                  Cambridge Network
                                                                                                             Rees Bradley Hepburn (RBH)
                                                       Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce
                                                            Caviar House Airport Premium
                                                                                                                    Robert Walters
                                                                  CBI East of England
                                                                                                            Robson Handling Technology
                                                                  Daniel Zeichner MP
                                                                                                                       Sixt Rent
                                                                                                       South East Local Enterprise Partnership
          To stimulate our                                   Freight Transport Association
                                                                                                                       SPIE UK

          local economy                                                 Greater Anglia
                                                                                                            Suffolk Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                                 The Broderick Group
          To invest in our                                              Harlow College
                                                                                                                   The Dune Group
                                                                   Harlow Enterprise
          region’s future                                     Haven Gateway Partnership
                                                                                                                  The Port of Tilbury

                                                                HMS Host international                          The Restaurant Group
          To bring business                                         J.D. Wetherspoon                            Thomas Cook Airlines

          into the region                                                  Jet2.com                                UK Cargo Airline
                                                                                                                   Unite the Union
                                                                                                                  University of Essex
          To create opportunities                                        London First
                                                           London South Cambs Consortium                           Visit East Anglia
          for local people                                              Lovewell Blake                         Wallis Shipping Services
                                                                    LPL Construction                           West Cornwall Pasty Co
          To be a community                                         Mayor of London                                    WHSmith

          champion                                           Middlesex University London
                                                                                                              Wild and Form Digital Ltd
                                                                                                            Zobson Handling Technology

                                                                            ...as well as hundreds of staff and local residents

                                                            ARE BACKING STANSTED
14                            WE’RE BACKING STANSTED   FOR THE FUTURE                                                                        15


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