Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI

Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI
PROGRAMME 2020/2021
For Newcomers
to Geneva’s International

Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI
Dear Madam,
Dear Sir,
If you are employed by an international governmental or non-governmental orga-
nisation, a diplomatic mission, a consulate-general, a multinational company, have
just arrived as a PhD student or a professor at Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève or at
the University and are interested in meeting people and joining the local community,

the Newcomer Network Service can help you and your family !

To receive our invitations, register by filling out the enclosed registration form. Don’t
hesitate to follow us on Twitter @CagiGeneva, to be fully informed on our latest
news, activities and events. Thanks to the support of public and private entities, all
CAGI’s services are free of charge.

We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you and counting you among our

Salman Bal
International Geneva Welcome Centre

Diane Zoelly
President of the Newcomer Network
Member of the Board of Fondation pour Genève
Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI
Interactive summary
                                       The CAGI : introduction and Services
                                       p. 4-5
                                       Welcome Call :
                                       a telephone call to welcome newcomers
                                       p. 6
                                       Lunchtime conferences :
International Geneva Welcome Centre    on practical, cultural and social life in Geneva
Domaine «La Pastorale»                 p. 6-7
Case postale 103
106, route de Ferney                   Discover Geneva :
                                       and the Lake Leman region
Ch-1211 Genève 20
                                       p. 8-10
Tel. 022 546 14 00 Fax 022 546 14 19
welcome.cagi@etat.ge.ch                Insiders’ Geneva :
www.cagi.ch                            discover regional events
Twitter @CagiGeneva                    p. 11
                                       The Escalade party :
                                       an infamous Geneva tradition
                                       p. 14

                                       Open to all International and local Geneva residents
                                       Conversation Exchange Programme - BEL,
                                       the opportunity to practice a foreign language
                                       p. 12-13
                                       Social Events of CAGI
                                       p. 15
Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI
International Geneva Welcome Centre
Founded in 1996 by the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Geneva, the International
Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI) is funded by national, local, public and private entities.
Its mission is to facilitate the settling-in and integration, to the Geneva and Lake Leman
region, of all international civil servants (IO), members of permanent missions, consulates,
NGOs, multinational companies, PhD students and professors at Hôpitaux Universitaires
de Genève and at the University of Geneva, along with their families. Besides practical
assistance, it organises and supports cultural and social events, enabling exchange between
International Geneva and local communities.

Founding members
Swiss Confederation, State of Geneva.

Associate members
City of Geneva, Canton of Vaud, Association des Amis de la Fondation pour Genève, Building
Fondation for International Organisations (FIPOI), Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry
and Services (CCIG), Fédération des Entreprises Romandes Genève (FER), Fondation pour
Genève, Genève Aéroport, Helvetia Assurances, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG),
Services Industriels de Genève (SIG), Université de Genève (UNIGE).
The International Geneva Welcome Centre is also supported by 25 other public and
private entities (see p. 16).
Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI
Services offered by the CAGI
• Housing Service : assistance in finding accommodation, office space, advice on real estate (reserved for holders
  of a legitimation card delivered by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs). Monthly information sessions on
  housing and related insurance.
• Information Service : practical assistance on everyday needs, including information on schools, nurseries,
  language courses, insurance, cars, administration, etc.
• A Cultural Kiosk at the United Nations Office at Geneva, located at Door C6 : ticket sales for all major events and
  information on cultural and tourism events in the Lake Leman region and Switzerland.
• Events all year round.
• Assistance to NGOs already based in Geneva, as well as those interested in setting up an office in the region,
  and we facilitate the stay of delegations (governmental or NGOs) participating in conferences organised by the
  actors of International Geneva.
• A programme of activities for international newcomers to facilitate their integration and help them
  discover Geneva’s multicultural aspects and traditions. This programme is coordinated by CAGI and
  run by the Newcomer Network of the Fondation pour Genève, a group of Geneva-based volunteers
  who help the CAGI in its mission of welcoming and promoting relations between Geneva’s international
  community and the local population.

In order to facilitate your settlement and integration we produced four short movies with practical information on
housing, education, health, and mobility, which you can watch on our website : www.cagi.ch/practical-geneva.
Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI
Welcome call
Based on the lists which are sent monthly by the DFAE,    These welcome calls are greatly appreciated and give a
a welcome letter is sent to those arriving during the     personal touch which can in many cases bring immediate
month, informing them of the services offered by the      help or a rapid response to practical questions, faced
CAGI, and specifically the programme of the Newcomer      by all new arrivals.
Network. These newcomers are then contacted by
telephone by the 3 volunteers who are responsible for     Organisers Banovsha (Bella) Afandiyeva,
the programme and who can cover 8 languages in total.     Maria Teresa Dutli et Kasia Marzewski

Lunchtime conferences
All International newcomers to Geneva are invited         Invitations will be sent to all 2020-2021 newcomers who
to lunchtime conferences held throughout the year.        have registered for the Welcome programme.
These conferences provide newcomers with the op-
portunity to learn about practical, social and cultural   Organisers Brigitte Crompton, Danièle Lejoindre et
aspects of life in the city. An informal sandwich lunch   Chantal Sulzer
will be offered in the presence of the speakers and
the Geneva Welcome Network members.
                                                          The CAGI monitors closely the evolution of the
                                                          COVID-19 pandemic and will conform to the rules
                                                          imposed by the Federal and Cantonal Administrations.
Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI
   Thursday   Practical Geneva
  17th.9.20   The key to a successful stay! Tips to facilitate your
              first steps in Geneva.

  Thursday    The Health and Healthcare Network
 24th.9.20    in Geneva
              With the participation of The Association of Geneva’s
     (TBC)    Private Clinics and Geneva University Hospital (HUG).

  Thursday    Geneva’s Public and Private
  28th.1.21   Education Systems
              With the participation of The Republic and Canton of
              Geneva (Department of Public Education - DIP) and
              the Association of Geneva’s Private Schools (AGEP).

   Thursday   Summer 2021 : What to do in Geneva ?
  17th.6.21   With the participation of the Geneva Tourism
              Foundation & Congress.
Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI
Discover Geneva
and the Lake Leman region
            Discover Geneva and the Lake Leman region is a programme of excur-
            sions and visits for International newcomers :

            1° Discover communes (Canton of Geneva and Canton of
                Vaud) and specific neighbourhoods in the Geneva region
             2° Discover local institutions and companies

            These excursions usually take place on       N.B. In order to receive the invitations, you
            a monthly basis, on Saturdays, enabling      need to fill out the enclosed registration
            you to participate with your spouse and      form which can also be requested via
            children. The Newcomer Network ’s            email at network.cagi@etat.ge.ch
            Geneva volunteers will facilitate personal
            contacts with participants.                  Other informal and «last minute» excur-
                                                         sions will be proposed during the year by
            Registration to this programme is for one    Charles Jaquemart and Claudia Carvajal,
            year (non-renewable) and free of charge;     members of the Welcome Net work
            please note that some events may require     committee.
            a moderate financial contribution.
                                                         The CAGI monitors closely the evolu-
                                                         tion of the COVID-19 pandemic and will
            Organisers Laetitia Boulard, Regina          conform to the rules imposed by the
            Cirmon, Anastasia Outkina et Karin Soller    Federal and Cantonal Administrations.
Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI
                                                                                     The Old
                                                                                     Town in the
 Teppes                      WEF                                                     time of the                   Snow-
 de Verbois                  Cologny                     Carouge                     Escalade                      shoeing
Saturday                    Saturday                    Saturday                    Saturday                      Saturday
5th.9.20                    Oct. 20*                    Nov. 20*                    12th.12.20                    30th.1.21
Boat cruise on the River    Exclusive visit of the      Discover this old city      Discover medieval             A snowshoe tour at
Rhône and a walk to         World Economic Forum        of the Kingdom of           Geneva and its secret         the Col de la Givrine
discover the site of the    followed by a reception     Sardinia, the charm of      passages before               in the Jura mountains,
Teppes de Verbois which     hosted by the authorities   its secret gardens, the     celebrating, in traditional   followed by a hearty
is a protected nature       of Cologny. Afternoon:      creativity of its artists   manner, the triumph of        cheese fondue meal in
zone. Family picnic prior   optional guided tour        and craftsmen/women,        the Genevans over the         the late afternoon.
to returning to Geneva      of the Bodmer               the originality and the     Savoyards at a private
by train.                   Foundation.                 quality of its shops and    club in the Old Town.
                            *the date will be           the conviviality of its
                            specified later             inhabitants, followed
                                                        bye a reception hosted
                                                        by the authorities of
                                                        *the date will be
                                                        specified later
Welcome hello PROGRAMME 2020/2021 - CAGI
 Publics                                                                           Château
 Genevois                    Nyon                        Aubonne                   de Mont                 The Bol d’Or
Saturday                    Saturday                    Saturday                  Saturday                Saturday
Feb. 21*                    20th.3.21                   24th.4.21                 8th.5.21                12th.6.21
Guided tour of the nerve    Welcome reception           A guided visit of the     Walk and visit of the   Invitation to a private
centre of the Public        at Nyon Castle before       Arboretum, a botanical    private Domaine du      property on the
Transportation system       exploring the town with a   collection of trees and   Château de Mont. Wine   lakeshore to witness the
of Geneva followed by       guided tour.                hedgerows from all over   tasting and raclette.   start of the world’s most
a ride on an old historic                               the world. We are then                            important inland sailing
tram through Geneva.                                    invited by a member of                            race. Around 500 sailing
*the date will be                                       the Newcomers’ Network                            boats participate each
specified later                                         to her private 18th                               year in this spectacular
                                                        century village house :                           regatta.
                                                        « a place which time
                                                        forgot ».
Insider’s Geneva                        EVENTS
           Discover the diverse local events happening in Geneva throughout the year
           with the latest Newcomers Network initiative.
           4 volunteers will take you to Geneva’s under-the-radar cultural event spots:
           authentic, chic and alternative. These are the places to be !

           Organisers Steven Damal Pathangi, Dinara Gozalova, Louise Turrettini
           et Juliette van Berchem

                 3rd Sept. 20            « La Nuit des Bains »

          18th-27th Nov. 20              « GIFF - Geneva International Film Festival »

          Beginning Nov. 20              La « Fête de la Saint-Martin » à Peissy

                         May 21          « La Nuit des Musées. »

           10th-11th Juil. 21            « La Nuit de la Science »
Conversation Exchange Programme (BEL)
           Make the most of Geneva’s exceptional cultural diversity to improve and practice
           speaking any language of your choice in exchange for your own.

           The Conversation Exchange Programme is open to
           all International and local Geneva residents.
           Based on an exchange of languages, this programme is free of charge and aims to
           be an enjoyable addition to, but not a replacement of, language courses.

           A minimum intermediate level of language proficiency is required.

           Organisers Sabine Didisheim et Corinne Hudson
How to join                                                    Aperitif
1 - REGISTRATION                                               Wednesday
Fill out the online form
                                                               19th May 2021
conversation-exchange-program.php                              from 5.30pm to 8pm
Upon reception, one of the coordinators will contact you
to suggest a language partner.                                 The Newcomer Network Service invites the Conversation
                                                               Exchange Programme participants to meet for an informal
2 - CONTACT                                                    drink. Don’t miss this opportunity to find new conversation
Contact the selected person yourself                           exchange partners, renew old acquaintances and make
to arrange a first meeting in a public place of your choice,   friends.
agree on the frequency of meetings and how you wish            The CAGI monitors closely the evolution of the COVID-19
to alternate your languages.                                   pandemic and will conform to the rules imposed by the
                                                               Federal and Cantonal Administrations.
Confirm to the secretariat
whether the exchange is a success or not and let us
know if you require an additional partner.

The success of our programme depends on your
commitment and collaboration !
Escalade celebration
             2nd December 2020
             from 6pm
             The International Geneva Welcome Centre, in collaboration with the Geneva authorities
             and the Newcomer Network of the Fondation pour Genève, invites International
             newcomers to enjoy a foretaste of the festivities surrounding the traditional Escalade
             Music and entertainment provided by Compagnie de 1602 and Fifres et Tambours du
             Conservatoire populaire de musique, danse et théâtre.

             International newcomers will receive an invitation.
Social Events of CAGI                                          EVENTS
Due to its international dimension, Geneva is a real crossroads of cultures allowing cross-cultural exchanges between
the local population and the International community. CAGI contributes to bringing together different communities
by organising events throughout the year or by actively collaborating with its partners.
Several events are proposed to newcomers wishing to discover the socio-cultural environment of Geneva :
Mix & Mash, Pechakucha, Ciné-ONU and more.

The events are open to everyone
and announced on the CAGI website
An online registration form is also available to receive invitations to events by email.

          To stay informed about CAGI activities
          and events, follow us on Twitter
Founding members

Associate members

Sympathiser members
The Newcomer Network committee

Banovsha Afandiyeva, Salman Bal (Director of CAGI), Laetitia Boulard, Claudia Carvajal, Sylvie Chassagnade, Regina
Cirmon, Charlotte Conigliano, Brigitte Crompton, Steven Damal Pathangi, Sabine Didisheim, Maria Teresa Dutli, Veronica
Eggly (Head of the Newcomer Network Service), Mouna Gautier, Dinara Gozalova, Corinne Hudson (President of the
Newcomer Network from January 2021), Charles Jacquemart, Alix Kern, Priscilla Krommenacker, Danièle Lejoindre,
Barbara Lévy, Kasia Marzewski, Jacques Moret, Mounia Ouldaïssa (Collaborator of the Newcomer Network Service),
Anastasia Outkina, Patrice Plojoux, Carole de Poix, Sophie Pollini, Karin Soller, Chantal Sulzer, Louise Turrettini,
Olivier Turrettini, Juliette van Berchem (Vice-President of the Newcomer Network from January 2021), Diane Zoelly
(President of the Newcomer Network).

                                                                                                 Some of our members
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