What's Happening This Month? - EMSB

What's Happening This Month? - EMSB
                                    This Month?
                              I SS U E    #6    –   FE BR U AR Y       2018

                 PLEASE NOTE:                             Black History Month (All)
               Elem. = Elementary
                 HS = High School                         In honor of Black History Month and in apprecia-
        All = Elementary and High School                  tion of African heritage, RVS Elementary will be
                                                          hosting a cultural week dedicated to African culture.
                                                          During the week of February 26th, students from
February has arrived!                                     kindergarten to grade 6 will take part in a variety of
                                                          activities, such as dance, theatre, music, and art, to
February delivers longer days,
                                                          celebrate African culture. Our high school students
lighter snowfalls (we hope),
                                                          will also be having a special presentation by Black
and the celebration of love.
                                                          Theatre Workshop, on February 6th. For infor-
Together, let us reflect on the
                                                          mation on Black History Month, please visit:
wonderful days that have gone
by this school year, and look
forward to the days of friend-
ship and learning that lie                                Pink Shirt Day (All)
                                                          A movement now celebrated across the globe, Pink
Royal Vale Hockey (Elem.)                                 Shirt Day was inspired by an act of kindness from
At the annual LCC 5/6 National Hockey Tournament,         students in Nova Scotia. It aims to raise awareness
our very own Dragons managed to finish second in          of bullying in schools, homes, and workplaces. Pink
their division – they made it to the quarter finals,      Shirt Day began when students David Shepherd,
where they put on a spirited effort despite a loss to     Travis Price and their friends organized an ini-
Toronto’s Crescent School team. Congratulations to        tiative to wear pink in solidarity with a Grade 9
our talented players! They plan to come back even         boy who was being bullied for wearing a pink
stronger next year! Go Dragons!                           shirt. In support of this anti-bullying initiative,
                                                          RVS will be holding its first Pink Shirt Day. On
                                                          February 22nd, all elementary and high school stu-
                                                          dents are invited to wear a pink shirt to school. For
                                                          more information on Pink Shirt Day, please vis-
                                                          it: https://www.pinkshirtday.ca/.

                                                          RVS Vernissage (All)

                                                          Royal Vale High School's vernissage is taking place
                                                          on February 22nd, from 3:30 PM until 7:00 PM, in
Bleu Blanc Bouge (Elem.)                                  the RVS library. It will feature artwork from Sec 1,
                                                          4, and 5 students, as well as pieces created by stu-
Royal Vale’s Grade 2 students enjoyed their time at       dents in our Art Club. All students and families
Confederation Park, where they got to skate on an         from our elementary and high school are invited to
outdoor rink that was established for the NDG com-        come and see some of the creative works of art that
munity with the support of the Montreal Canadians.        our talented students have worked on this year!
The students took part in a weekly skating lesson with    Here is a beautiful mixed media piece that you can
a coach. Thank you to the teachers who helped organ-      expect to see at our vernissage…
ize this activity and to the parent volunteers who
helped make it a success!

Teacher Appreciation Week (All)
Teacher appreciation week will take place during the
week of February 12th. We thank our wonderful staff
for the incredible work they do for our students and
for our school! Their passion and dedication are what
makes RVS a loving home away from home for our
students. We also thank our amazing parent volun-
teers for planning a great week to celebrate our staff!

                                                                     Myiah Catwell, Secondary 5 student
What's Happening This Month? - EMSB
I SS U E    #6    –   FE BR U AR Y         2018

EMSB Focus (All)                                             Important Dates to Remember (All):
The EMSB Focus is the monthly newsletter of the Eng-         Please consult the school calendar on our website
lish Montreal School Board. Please click on the link         regularly for any changes or updates (http://
below or cut and paste it into your internet browser to      www.emsb.qc.ca/royalvale/):
be updated about news and events with our Board.                               PLEASE NOTE:
                                                                             Elem. = Elementary
                                                                               HS = High School
Winter Trip (HS - Grade 7)                                            All = Elementary and High School

From Wednesday, February 14th to Friday, February            Monday, February 5th – Holiday (All) No school for stu-
16th, our grade 7 students will spend 3 days and 2           dents and teachers.
nights at Camp le P’tit Bonheur, in the Laurentians.         Tuesday, February 6th – Black Theatre Workshop Presen-
They will participate in a multitude of winter activities,   tation (HS)
such as snow-shoeing, activities and challenges in the
woods, scootering, tubing, etc. They can look forward        Wednesday, February 7th – Home and School Meeting
to lots of fun! All grade 7 students not going on this       Thursday, February 8th – Used Uniform Sale (Elem.)
winter trip are expected to be in school on these days.      The Used Uniform Sale will take place in the main lobby from
                                                             3:30 PM to 5:30 PM.
Carnival Day (HS)
                                                             Monday, February 12th – Pedagogical Day (All) No classes
On February 23 , RVS High School students will be            for students.
enjoying Winter Carnival activities: tubing in St-Jean-
de-Matha or skiing in Bromont. There are still some          Week of February 12th – Teacher Appreciation Week (All)
                                                             Thank you to our wonderful staff for the incredible work they
spots available for tubing. Students interested in taking    do for our school!
part should see Ms. Halaris as soon as possible! All stu-
dents not participating are expected to be in school on      Wednesday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day
this day.
                                                             February 14th to February 16th – Winter Trip: Camp le
Winter Temperatures (Elem.)                                  P’tit Bonheur (HS – Grade 7) Students will spend 3 days and
                                                             2 nights at Camp le P’tit Bonheur, in the Laurentians.
Please note that the EMSB has a directive regarding          Monday, February 19th – Governing Board Meeting
outdoor play during cold temperatures; when the tem-
perature (factoring in the wind chill) dips below -20 de-    Thursday, February 22nd – Pink Shirt Day (All) In sup-
grees Celcisus, students remain indoors for recess. At       port of this anti-bullying initiative, RVS will be holding its first
-20 degrees Celcisus, the decision for indoor recess is      Pink Shirt Day. All students are invited to wear a pink shirt
made upon consideration of a variety of factors              to school.
(sunshine, wind intensity, amount of time spent out-         Thursday, February 22nd – Shriners Anti-Bullying
doors, etc.). The conditions of the school yard (i.e. ice)   Presentation (HS – Grades 7 to 10)
are also considered.
                                                             Thursday, February 22nd – Field Trip: Tubing (Elem. –
Drop Off and Dismissal (Elem.)                               Cycle 3) Cycle 3 students will enjoy tubing at Mont A vila.

                                                             Thursday, February 22nd – Vernissage (All ar e welcome
A friendly reminder that, for reasons of safety, students    to visit) The vernissage will take place from 3:30 PM until
from kindergarten to grade 2 must enter the school           7:00 PM, in the library.
through the Draper Entrance and students from grade 3
to grade 6 must enter through the Royal Entrance. At         Friday, February 23rd – Field Trip: Winter Carnival Day
the end of the day, students who are not picked up at        (HS) High school students will enjoy tubing in St-Jean-de-
                                                             Matha or skiing in Bromont.
dismissal time will go to the after-school program
(teacher supervision is provided until 2:40 PM on Mon-       Monday, February 26th – Report Card Distribution (All)
days, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and 3:40 PM on Tues-
days and Thursdays).                                         Week of February 26th – Cultural Week (Elem.) A variety
                                                             of activities will be taking place throughout the week to cele-
After-School Cooking and Nutrition Workshops                 brate African Culture.
(Elem. - Grades 4-5)
                                                             Thursday, March 1st – Regular School Day – Parent/
The registration period for Boîte à Lunch's after-school     Teacher Interviews (All) Interviews will take place in the
                                                             afternoon and in the evening:
cooking and nutrition workshops is open until Wednes-        -Elementary (by appointment): 4:00 to 6:00 and 7:00 to 9:00
day, February 7th.This is a free program that introduces     -High School: 4:00 to 6:30 and 7:30 to 9:00
grade 4 and 5 students to cooking and healthy eating.
The workshops will begin in mid-February and will            Friday, March 2nd – Pedagogical Day (All) No school for
continue for 10 weeks, ending with a final party on Fri-     students and staff.
day, May 4th.                                                Week of March 5th – March Break (All) T ime to rest and
                                                             recharge! Have a wonderful week!

                                                              Wishing you a wonderful month!
What's Happening This Month? - EMSB
I SS U E       #6    –    FE BR U AR Y       2018


    By providing students with basic school materials, glasses following a diagnosis made by an optometrist, as well as
    clothing for their return to school, the “Maman Dion Foundation” encourages academic growth, self-esteem, and the
    desire to succeed in children from disadvantaged backgrounds in all regions of Quebec enrolled in public elementary
    and secondary schools recognized by the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports. (Source: http://

MÉMO : Disponibilité du formulaire en ligne pour déposer une demande pour obtenir
une trousse de la rentrée pour l’année scolaire 2018-2019

Jusqu’au vendredi le 30 mars 2018, vous pouvez déposer une demande pour obtenir
une trousse de la rentrée pour l’année scolaire 2018-2019. Veuillez prendre connaissance
de la procédure suivante puisque maintenant, vous devez obligatoirement remplir un for-
mulaire en ligne pour chacun de vos enfants.

Voici comment y accéder :

      Allez sur le site internet de la Fondation : www.fondationmamandion.org
      Cliquez sur l’onglet AIDE À LA RENTRÉE SCOLAIRE
      Suivez les instructions

Informations complémentaires :

      Aucune demande ne sera acceptée par la poste.

      Pour les familles qui n’ont pas un accès internet à la maison, nous les invitons à se
       diriger vers une bibliothèque, un organisme communautaire, un centre local d’emploi
       ou un bureau Service Canada près de leur domicile.

      La Fondation suggère fortement que le nom et les coordonnées d’un intervenant so-
       cial, scolaire ou communautaire soient inscrits dans le formulaire. Cette information
       pourrait favoriser l’acceptation de votre demande. Lorsque la famille aura été sélec-
       tionnée, un représentant de la Fondation communiquera avec le parent par téléphone.

      Vous devez faire parvenir à la Fondation, uniquement par la poste, à l’adresse sui-
       vante, les documents exigés. Fondation maman Dion, 130A, rue Notre-Dame, Charle-
       magne (Québec) J5Z 1H2.

      Une copie de la documentation confirmant le montant total de votre revenu familial, tel
       qu’indiqué à la ligne 150 de votre avis de cotisation de l’Agence du revenu du Cana-

      Une copie de la première page du bulletin de chacun de vos enfants admissibles.

    Nous vous rappelons que la Fondation maman Dion procure le matériel scolaire de
    base, des vêtements pour l’école ainsi que des lunettes, après un examen de la vue.
    Pour de plus amples informations, dirigez-vous sur notre site:
    www.fondationmamandion.org ou appelez-nous en composant le 1-866-430-3466.
What's Happening This Month? - EMSB
I SS U E   #6   –   FE BR U AR Y   2018
What's Happening This Month? - EMSB
I SS U E   #6   –   FE BR U AR Y   2018
What's Happening This Month? - EMSB What's Happening This Month? - EMSB What's Happening This Month? - EMSB
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