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Wigan Council's response to a changing climate - Wigan Council Environment Directorate - Wigan ...
Wigan Council’s response to a changing climate

    Wigan Council Environment Directorate

Wigan Council's response to a changing climate - Wigan Council Environment Directorate - Wigan ...
      Section 1           Section 2                   Section 3
      Introduction        Legislation and             Air Quality and
                          Guidance                    Climate Change

      Section 4           Section 5                   Section 6
      Transport and       The Impact of COVID-19      Action Plan Framework
      Climate Change      on transportation and air   and Development

      Section 7           Section 8                   Section 9
      Governance of the   Layout of the               Our Air Quality and
      Action Plan         Action Plan                 Transport Action Plan 2021-

Wigan Council's response to a changing climate - Wigan Council Environment Directorate - Wigan ...
                                COUNCILLOR PAUL PRESCOTT
                                Portfolio Holder for Environment
    “The action plan            Within Wigan, we are proud of our             improve air quality, reduce the impacts of
    highlights existing         borough, its parks, woodlands, wetlands       climate change, increase the amount of
    measures as well as         and green spaces. This means that             people using greener travel and increase
    new initiatives, both       two thirds of the borough is expansive        connectivity across the borough. We have
    which demonstrate the       countryside for us all to enjoy. We are one   already achieved so much, but we have
    Council’s commitment        of the largest boroughs within Greater        a huge challenge ahead of us in order
    to tackling poor air        Manchester, with an increasing demand         to positively impact air quality creating
    quality. We will work       for housing and travel infrastructure to      healthier environments for the people of
    with external partners      support the lives of our residents and        our borough.
    and stakeholders            communities.
                                                                              The action plan highlights existing
    collaboratively to reduce
                                The challenge we face is to meet this         measures as well as new initiatives,
    pollution across the
                                growth without increasing air pollution.      both which demonstrate the Council’s
                                We know that polluted air can affect our      commitment to tackling poor air quality.
                                health, especially our children and older     We will work with external partners and
                                or vulnerable adults, but it can also have    stakeholders collaboratively to reduce
                                an adverse effect on our local economy.       pollution across the borough. We want to
                                Key to addressing these impacts is            make sure that public services, residents,
                                implementing robust actions designed to       communities, businesses and schools in
                                prevent or reduce harmful emissions to        the borough can work together to make
                                air, such as providing increased access to    the small but significant changes needed
                                sustainable transport for our residents.      to create a clean, green place that we all
                                                                              look after and enjoy.
                                As part of our conversations during the
                                Big Listening Project we know that our        I am pleased to endorse Our Air Quality
                                residents and communities care about          and Transport Action Plan, created to
                                their local environment and, as part of       achieve the ambitions of the Outline
                                The Deal 2030, we pledged to work to          Climate Change Strategy.

Wigan Council's response to a changing climate - Wigan Council Environment Directorate - Wigan ...
                               JULIE MIDDLEHURST
                               Chair of the Air Quality and Transport Working Group

    “Wigan Council is          Poor air quality is the largest                 development of our local Our Air Quality
    committed to maintaining   environmental risk to the public’s health,      and Transport Action Plan we pledge to
    good standards of          and therefore, taking action to improve         work with residents, communities, schools
    air quality across the     air quality is crucial. Whilst air quality      and businesses to deliver our ambitions,
    borough, but we cannot     has generally been improving over time,         alongside enabling and empowering them
    achieve this alone,        particular pollutants remain a serious          to take their own actions.
    everybody has a role       concern.
                                                                               We recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic
    to play in improving air
                               You can’t always see it, but air pollution is   has forced us to change many aspects of
    quality. “
                               all around us. We breathe harmful gases         our lives, however, we have also seen the
                               and tiny particles deep into our lungs, with    benefits of reduced congestion and an
                               some of the smallest particles passing          increased use of our green spaces. Whilst
                               into our bloodstream. Long-term exposure        this has led to reduced air pollution in the
                               may contribute to the development of            short term, it is unknown if there will be
                               cardiovascular or respiratory disease           any long-term air quality benefits. We want
                               and may reduce life expectancy. The             to build on the lessons we have learned
                               youngest, the oldest, those living in areas     during the pandemic to help realise lasting
                               of deprivation, and those with existing         gains in air quality.
                               respiratory or cardiovascular disease are
                                                                               This action plan is an opportunity for us all
                               most likely to develop symptoms due to
                                                                               to think about small steps that we can take
                               exposure to air pollution.
                                                                               to have a positive impact on the quality of
                               In Greater Manchester, road transport is        our air in our borough:
                               responsible for approximately 80% of NO2
                                                                                 •   Can we change the way we travel, by
                               concentrations at roadside, of which diesel
                                                                                     walking, cycling, or taking the bus or
                               vehicles are the largest source. We have
                               been working with colleagues in Greater
                                                                                 •   Can we park away from schools and
                               Manchester to improve air quality at a
                                                                                     walk the rest of the way, or can we
                               regional level through the joint Clean Air
                                                                                     leave the car at home and walk to
                               Plan aimed at bringing NO2 levels on local            school?
                               roads within legal limits and we want to
                                                                                 •   Can we plant a tree in our garden, our
                               continue this good work at a local level.
                                                                                     school or at our workplace?
                               Wigan Council is committed to maintaining         •   Can we save energy at home by
                               good standards of air quality across the              turning off lights and not leaving our
                               borough, but we cannot achieve this alone,            appliances on standby?
                               everybody has a role to play in improving       We must be ambitious in our work in this
                               air quality. We know that air quality and       area, if we are to protect the health of
                               climate changes are issues that many of         those who live, work and visit our borough.
                               us are concerned about and through the

Wigan Council's response to a changing climate - Wigan Council Environment Directorate - Wigan ...
    AQAP............................................................Air Quality Action Plan
    AQMA...........................................................Air Quality Management Area
    AQ&T............................................................Air Quality and Transport
    CAZ..............................................................Clean Air Zone
    EV................................................................ Electric Vehicle
    GM...............................................................Greater Manchester
    GMLAs.........................................................Greater Manchester Local Authorities
    LAQM...........................................................Local Air Quality Management
    LA................................................................Local Authority
    LTS...............................................................Local Transport Plan
    NO2. .............................................................Nitrogen dioxide
    NOx..............................................................Nitrogen oxides
    PM10.............................................................Particulate matter less than 10 micron in diameter
    PM2.5............................................................Particulate matter less than 2.5 micron in diameter

Wigan Council's response to a changing climate - Wigan Council Environment Directorate - Wigan ...

Wigan Council's response to a changing climate - Wigan Council Environment Directorate - Wigan ...
                              Like many areas of towns within the UK,        up actions, using resources effectively to
                              Wigan has areas of the borough that suffer     generate positive outcomes. Air quality
                              from poor air quality. This document is        benefits can be realised in the present,
                              ‘Our Air Quality and Transport’ (OAQ&T)        in the form of improved public health
                              Action Plan, designed to bring together        and environmental improvement, whilst
                              a robust plan with well-developed and          the benefits of reducing greenhouse gas
                              effective actions to reduce emissions from     emissions will be felt decades into the
                              transport and other sources with the aim       future.
                              of improving air quality and public health
                                                                             The action plan is split into two sections.
                              within the borough.
                                                                             The first provides the background for
                              There are many sources of air pollution        Wigan borough’s actions on air pollution
“There are many sources       within the UK, from the large-scale            and sustainable transport and looks at
of air pollution within the   emissions produced by power stations,          the legislative and environmental drivers
UK, from the large-scale      agriculture and industry to vehicle            behind the actions, the current picture
emissions produced            emissions and the burning of wood and          in Wigan and how the action plan was
by power stations,            fossil fuels in open fires and stoves in       developed. The second section is a table
agriculture and industry      domestic homes, many of our day-to-day         of measures detailing high level actions
to vehicle emissions and      activities have an impact on the quality of    aimed at encouraging behaviour change,
the burning of wood and       the air we breathe.                            improving infrastructure for sustainable
fossil fuels in open fires                                                   transport and reducing pollution at source.
                              Transport is a significant source of
and stoves in domestic
                              emissions in the UK and one of the             To ensure interventions are directed
homes, many of our day-
                              immediate challenges is to reduce              where they are most required, actions
to-day activities have an
                              emission of nitrogen oxides in the areas       are split into four themes; communities,
impact on the quality of
                              where concentrations of these gases            businesses, schools and council services.
the air we breathe.”
                              exceed legal limits. It is essential to look   By being clear on our priorities, we can
                              at transport in parallel with air quality if   focus on them and realise them more
                              we are to tackle the impacts of air quality    effectively. Air quality is something that
                              on climate change and therefore, we have       the Council cannot tackle alone, we need
                              chosen to develop an action plan which         everyone’s help to ensure that the air we
                              considers these two areas.                     breathe in Wigan borough is clean, safe
                                                                             and healthy.
                              OAQ&T is one of the six themes of Wigan’s
                              Outline Climate Change Strategy1 and this
                              action plan has been developed to achieve
                              the aims set out within the strategy. Air
                              quality and climate change are inextricably
                              linked and an integrated approach is key to
                              developing a strategic plan to address air
                              quality and climate change through joined


Wigan Council's response to a changing climate - Wigan Council Environment Directorate - Wigan ...

Wigan Council's response to a changing climate - Wigan Council Environment Directorate - Wigan ...
    The development of air quality legislation in the 1950’s      It is followed by the Environment Bill, which at the time
    was largely influenced by smog experienced in cities.         of writing is going through parliament. Should it become
    Due to early these legislative controls the UK no longer      enshrined in law, Schedule 11 of the Environment Bill
    experiences high levels of smoke and Sulphur dioxide          amends Part 4 of the Environment Act 1995 and sets out
    and the emphasis has changed to focus on problem areas        changes to the local air quality management framework.
    within local authorities. Part IV of the Environment Act      Relative to this body of work, it strengthens the duties
    1995 requires all local authorities in the UK to review       of local authorities to prepare action plans for those
    and assess air quality in their area, and the Air Quality     ‘designated areas’ by inserting Section 83A into the
    (England) Regulations 2000 set national objectives for        Environment Act 19952. It also includes powers to recall
    air pollutants. If any standards are being exceeded or        motor vehicles that do not meet relevant environmental
    are unlikely to be met by the required date, then that        standards. The introduction of this bill will have an impact
    area should be designated an Air Quality Management           on the action plan and it will be revised and updated
    Area (AQMA) and an Action Plan developed to tackle            accordingly.
                                                                  Alongside the clean air strategy, Public Health England
    The UK has several other legislative tools that can be used   produced a comprehensive review of interventions to
    to control specific areas of air pollution and nuisance,      improve outdoor air quality and public health aimed
    such as the Clean Air Act 1993, Environmental Protection      at Local Authorities. The general approach to the
    Act 1990, Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 and       interventions, is widely acknowledged, that it is better to
    the Road Traffic (vehicle emissions) Regulations 2002.        reduce air pollution at source rather than mitigating the
                                                                  consequences. This hierarchy of interventions is central to
    Most recently, in 2019, the UK Government published the
                                                                  the approach taken to deal with air pollution within Wigan
    Clean Air Strategy that outlined the ways in which it would
                                                                  Council’s OAQ&T action plan.
    reduce pollution and improve health.

        Figure 1: Illustrated Pollution Hierarchy3

9   Principal_interventions_for_local_authorities-air_quality_public_health.pdf
Wigan Council's response to a changing climate - Wigan Council Environment Directorate - Wigan ...
                                                       TRANSPORT LEGISLATION
        Our Five-Year Transport
                                                       AND GUIDANCE
                                                       At a local level, the key drivers towards      The Delivery Plan has been prepared to
        Delivery Plan supports                         sustainable transport are the Greater          respond to the transport opportunities and
        the implementation of                          Manchester Transport Strategy 2040 and         challenges facing Greater Manchester, in
        Our Network, a ten-                            Delivery Plan, which have recently been        parallel with spatial planning development.
        year plan to create an                         refreshed and updated to support spatial
        integrated, modern and                                                                        Our Five-Year Transport Delivery Plan
                                                       planning development.
        reliable London-style                                                                         supports the implementation of Our
        transport system for                           The Greater Manchester Transport               Network, a ten-year plan to create an
        Greater Manchester. It                         Strategy 2040 aims to establish a fully        integrated, modern and reliable London-
        brings together different                      integrated, high capacity transport system     style transport system for Greater
        modes of public transport                      for Greater Manchester, with travelling        Manchester. It brings together different
        - bus, tram, rail, tram-                       customers at its heart, taking advantage of    modes of public transport - bus, tram, rail,
        train and cycling and                          the opportunities afforded by devolution to    tram-train and cycling and walking - in
        walking - in an integrated,                    take a much bolder and longer-term view        an integrated, easy-to-use system with
        easy-to-use system with                        of our transport needs.                        seamless connections, and simplified
        seamless connections,                                                                         ticketing and fares.
                                                       The strategy has seven core principles
        and simplified ticketing
                                                       outlined to the left. One of these is to       At a National level, some of the
        and fares.
                                                       increase the quality of urban areas and        fundamental drivers are the Governments
                                                       natural environments, with transport           ambitious 2050 net zero target for carbon
                                                       emissions reduced to near zero and             emissions. As part of this they are phasing
                                                       new transport schemes delivering               out the sale of new petrol and diesel
                                                       environmental enhancements whenever            vehicles by 2030, with all new cars to be
  Maintained                          Inclusive        possible.                                      zero emission at tailpipe by 2035. £1.3
  and resilient
                      Our                                                                             billion has been allocated to accelerate
                  Customers                            It sets out our ambition to improve our
                                                                                                      the roll out of charge points for electric
                   Residents                           transport system so that by 2040, 50%
                  Businesses                                                                          vehicles in homes, streets across the UK
 Safe and
                                             Healthy   of all journeys in Greater Manchester
  Secure            Visitors                                                                          and motorways in England4.
                                                       are made by public transport or active
                                                       travel, supporting a reduction in car use      Alongside this will be investment in
             Reliable       Responsible
                                                       to no more than 50% of daily trips. This       innovative clean technology and grants
                                                       will mean one million more sustainable         for zero or low emission vehicles. Green
                                                       journeys every day in Greater Manchester       number plates were introduced in
                                                       by 2040, enabling us to deliver a healthier,   December 2020, to increase awareness of
                                                       greener and more productive city-region.       cleaner vehicles and help local authorities
                                                                                                      bring in new incentives for owners. The
                                                       The Greater Manchester Five Year
                                                                                                      Air Quality and Transport action plan
                                                       Transport Delivery Plan sits alongside the
                                                                                                      considers the implications of these
                                                       Greater Manchester Transport Strategy
                                                                                                      initiatives measures will support and
                                                       2040. The two documents form the
                                                                                                      strengthen these aims.
                                                       Greater Manchester Local Transport Plan.

10           and-diesel-cars-by-2030

                                  WHAT IS AIR QUALITY?
                                  Air quality is the term we use to describe     Air pollution is caused by a variety of
                                  how polluted the air we breathe is. The        gases, but there are five main pollutants
                                  air is polluted when harmful gases are         that the UK has made a commitment to
     Because the pollution
                                  introduced into the environment, causing       reduce emissions of these pollutants and
     exceedances identified
                                  levels of those gases to be higher than        their sources are outlined in the figure
     in Wigan borough can
                                  usual. When air quality is poor, pollutants    below.
     largely be attributed
                                  in the air may be hazardous to people,
     to vehicle emissions,
                                  particularly those with lung or heart
     the actions within this
     plan will directly target
     Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
     and particulate matter.
     However, many of the
     suggested actions and
     interventions will have
     the beneficial effect of
     indirectly lowering levels
     of other pollutants.

                                                                            Reproduced from the Clean Air Strategy 2019 5
                                  Because the pollution exceedances               Clean air is a basic requirement of a
                                  identified in Wigan borough can largely be      healthy environment for us all to live in,
                                  attributed to vehicle emissions, the actions work, and bring up families. Air Quality in
                                  within this plan will directly target NO2       Wigan borough has improved over recent
                                  and particulate matter. However, many of        years, however there are still areas that
                                  the suggested actions and interventions         require improvement to bring them within
                                  will have the beneficial effect of indirectly   acceptable limits.
                                  lowering levels of other pollutants.
                                       IMPACTS OF POOR AIR QUALITY
                                       Climate change
         Often the greatest            The Earth’s long-term global temperature        the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
         burden of air quality         equilibrium is dependent upon the balance       Change (IPCC) predicts that by 2100
         can fall on the most          between the incoming solar energy and           average global temperatures will increase
         deprived communities          the outgoing radiation, reflected or emitted    by between 1.4 and 5.8°C above 1990
         and individuals. Of the       from the atmosphere or the surface of the       temperatures6.
         200 smaller geographical      earth. Gases that absorb radiation and
                                                                                       The changing climate conversely impacts
         areas, known as Lower         therefore prevent it from being emitted
                                                                                       air quality. Warmer climates can lead to
         Super Output Areas            from the atmosphere, result in warming of
                                                                                       increased water vapour in the atmosphere
         (LSOAs) in the borough,       the Earth’s atmosphere. These are known
                                                                                       which, in turn, can lead to increases in the
         57 are in the 20% most        collectively as ‘greenhouse gases’. The
                                                                                       formation of ozone in areas with existing
         deprived LSOAs in             increased incidence of these gases in
                                                                                       high nitrogen oxide concentrations. In
         England. 28.6% (91,773) of    the atmosphere due to human activity is
                                                                                       addition, hot summers could lead to a
         the borough’s population      causing the global climate to change.
                                                                                       higher frequency of summer pollution
         live in these areas .
                                       The average global temperature has              episodes such as the photochemical smog
                                       risen by 0.7°C over the last 100 years and      seen in 2013.

                                       Air quality and climate change are              of 5.1%. The UK Air Quality Strategy
                                       fundamentally inter-related. Many common        estimates that air pollution reduces the
                                       air pollutants are greenhouse gases and         average life expectancy across the UK
                                       therefore reducing air pollution will lessen    by 7-8 months9. These impacts also have
                                       the warming effect on our climate. Poor air     an economic cost to society. The UK Air
        https://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/   quality and climate change have a direct        Quality Strategy estimates that PM2.5
     assets/documents/ozone-uv/        impact on the health and well-being of          pollution alone imposes an annual cost to
     Tackling_Climate_Change_          both humans and the natural environment.        the UK economy of between £9 and £20
     defra.pdf                                                                         billion.
        Review of interventions to     Air pollution is the biggest environmental
     improve outdoor air quality       threat to health in the UK, with between        Often the greatest burden of air quality
     and Public Health, Public         28,000 and 36,000 deaths a year                 can fall on the most deprived communities
     Health England, 2019              attributed to long-term exposure 7.             and individuals. Of the 200 smaller
        Public Health Outcomes         There is strong evidence that human             geographical areas, known as Lower Super
     framework https://fingertips.     exposure to air pollution is associated         Output Areas (LSOAs) in the borough, 57
     phe.org.uk/profile/public-        with premature death and serious                are in the 20% most deprived LSOAs in
     health-outcomes-framework         illness from cardiovascular (heart) and         England. 28.6% (91,773) of the borough’s
        www.defra.gov.uk/              cardiopulmonary (lung) disease. In              population live in these areas10. In many
     environment/quaity/air/           addition, existing health conditions such as    cases the most deprived communities
     airquaity/strategy                asthma and other respiratory illnesses, can     live closest to the busiest roads, thereby
        Wigan Borough Public           be exacerbated by air pollution.                increasing their exposure to pollution.
     Health Training Prospectus                                                        The Marmot Review11 highlighted the
                                       The fraction of mortality attributable to
     2019                                                                              role that action to tackle air pollution can
                                       anthropogenic (human-made) particulate
        www.local.gov.uk/                                                              play in addressing health inequalities. It
                                       air pollution in Wigan is 4.5% 8 which is the
     health/-/journal_                                                                 is important that we act to improve air
                                       same as the average across the Northwest
     content/56/10180/3510094/                                                         quality to protect the most vulnerable in
                                       region but below the England average
     ARTICLE                                                                           our communities.

Economy and Environment
                                       There are strong economic drivers for         Air pollution is not an issue that occurs
                                       improving air quality, it affects people      in isolation. Measures that improve air
                                       of working age, for instance if they take     quality also offer wider public health
                                       days off work through ill health. A recent    and wellbeing co-benefits, including
                                       report by CBI Economics, commissioned         overall improvement in environmental
                                       by the Clean Air Fund, estimated that         quality, increased physical activity, noise
          “Air pollution is not        by achieving the WHO guidelines for air       reduction, greater road safety and climate
          an issue that occurs         quality the UK could gain 3 million working   change mitigation. Multiple interventions,
          in isolation. Measures       days per year lost through ill health,        each producing a small benefit, can act to
          that improve air quality     prevent 17,000 deaths and boost the UK        produce significant overall benefits13.
          also offer wider public      economy by £1.6 billion per year12.
          health and wellbeing
                                       As well as affecting human health, the
          co-benefits, including
                                       quality of our air also impacts on the
          overall improvement in
                                       environment we live in. Low level ozone
          environmental quality,
                                       affects the growth of plants and can
          increased physical
                                       reduce crop yields in species such as
          activity, noise reduction,
                                       wheat. Nitrogen deposition can adversely
          greater road safety
                                       affect the biodiversity of sensitive
          and climate change
          mitigation. Multiple
          interventions, each
          producing a small benefit,
          can act to produce
          significant overall


                                  AIR QUALITY IN WIGAN
                                  Over the last two decades, air quality in     Air Quality Action Plan (2016-2021) 14.
                                  Wigan has been monitored by the council,      In 2017, local authorities within Greater
     In 2018, Wigan developed     via a network of continuous analysers         Manchester were identified in the UK
     an internal Air Quality      and passive diffusion tubes, to identify      plan for tackling NO2 concentrations, as
     Action Plan to target        areas within the borough with potentially     having exceedances of the EU limit value
     actions at a local level     high levels of pollutants. Each year, in      of 40 µg/m3 beyond 2020. The UK plan
     aimed at encouraging         conjunction with the nine other Greater       compelled local authorities to develop
     behaviour change across      Manchester local authorities, an Annual       plans to deliver compliance in the shortest
     the borough. Actions have    Status Report is produced to determine        time possible.
     been ongoing and will be     if the health-based objectives are being
                                                                                In March 2020, a further ministerial
     refreshed and updated        achieved.
                                                                                direction was received from central
     in the OAQ&T Action
                                  Under the Environmental Permitting            government setting out the expectation
     Plan to include additional
                                  Regulations, the council issue permits        to implement a Class C charging Clean
     actions in line with new
                                  to businesses that emit pollutants into       Air Zone (CAZ). Wigan, as part of Greater
     legislation and guidance
                                  the air and regularly inspect them to         Manchester have developed the Great
     and the key outcomes for
                                  ensure that the emissions are within legal    Manchester Clean Air Plan (GMCAP)
     air quality and transport
                                  limits. We also have a duty to investigate    which includes the introduction of a Class
     within Wigan’s Outline
                                  complaints about smoke from domestic          C CAZ for Greater Manchester. Introduced
     Climate Change Strategy.
                                  and commercial burning.                       from Spring 2022, it will impose a charge
                                                                                on the most polluting vehicles and is
                                  In May 2016, in response to exceedances of
                                                                                anticipated to accelerate the transition to
                                  NO2, Wigan Council with the other Greater
                                                                                Low Emission Vehicles (LEVs) or Ultra Low
                                  Manchester local authorities declared an
                                                                                Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) and allow us
                                  Air Quality Management Area (AQMA),
                                                                                to meet legal limits for NO2 in the shortest
                                  covering the 10 districts. Long term trends
                                                                                time possible.
                                  show that there have been improvements
                                  in air quality, however a small number of     In 2018, Wigan developed an internal Air
                                  areas within Wigan borough remain above       Quality Action Plan to target actions at a
                                  the annual mean air quality objective for     local level aimed at encouraging behaviour
                                  NO2.                                          change across the borough. Actions have
                                                                                been ongoing and will be refreshed and
                                  Air pollution does not respect geographic
                                                                                updated in the OAQ&T Action Plan, to
                                  boundaries, and for this reason Wigan
                                                                                include additional actions in line with
                                  Council committed to working with the
                                                                                new legislation and guidance and the key
                                  Greater Manchester local authorities
                                                                                outcomes for air quality and transport
                                  and Transport for Greater Manchester
                                                                                within Wigan’s Outline Climate Change
                                  (TfGM), to secure improvements in air
                                  quality through the Greater Manchester

                                       Greater Manchester Air Quality Action Plan (2016), TfGM & GMCA.


                                 WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE
                                 Sustainable transport allows the basic          transport includes walking, cycling, using
                                 access and development needs of society         public transport, and to a lesser extent car
                                 to be met, operates fairly and efficiently,     sharing and using vehicles that minimise
                                 offers a choice of transport mode and           greenhouse gas emissions, such as
                                 importantly, limits the use of natural          electric cars.
                                 resources and emissions. Sustainable

                                 IMPACTS OF VEHICLE
     By providing people
     with options to choose
                                 During the 20th century our culture has         efficiently and be well maintained.
     sustainable modes for
                                 become increasingly reliant on their cars.
     everyday local transport                                                    Around two out of every three trips we
                                 Transport is now the largest greenhouse
     choices we can help                                                         make are less than 5 miles in length,
                                 gas‑emitting sector in the UK, accounting
     boost economic growth                                                       many of which could easily be cycled,
                                 for 28% of emissions, and road transport
     by facilitating access to                                                   walked or undertaken by public transport.
                                 accounts for 87% of this figure. If we are to
     local jobs.                                                                 Increasing the use of sustainable transport
                                 meet our commitments to reduce carbon
                                                                                 will reduce the negative impacts of car
                                 emissions from transport, there will have
                                                                                 use. Many people do not currently see
                                 to be a switch to much greater use of
                                                                                 sustainable transport modes as realistic
                                 active travel for short journeys and more
                                                                                 alternatives, so we must continue to work
                                 sustainable travel modes such as public
                                                                                 hard to improve the quality of our walking,
                                                                                 cycling and public transport infrastructure
                                 Reducing transport emissions is a               to provide people with the facilities and
                                 particular challenge, given that economic       training to make them natural, easy
                                 and population growth will increase the         choices.
                                 demand for travel, hence more radical
                                                                                 By providing people with options to
                                 measures will be needed to enable us to
                                                                                 choose sustainable modes for everyday
                                 meet challenging standards and targets, in
                                                                                 local transport choices we can help boost
                                 terms of air quality and in response to the
                                                                                 economic growth by facilitating access
                                 challenge of climate change.
                                                                                 to local jobs. Sustainable transport can
                                 Making the best use of existing                 also influence the quality of our lives, the
                                 infrastructure will help to reduce              air we breathe, how healthy and fit we
                                 environmental impacts. Locating new             are, the money in our pockets and how
                                 developments where there is good access         long we spend in traffic queues, as well as
                                 to public transport and services will           the pleasantness of our environment and
                                 reduce car travel and therefore emissions.      public spaces.
                                 Road and rail networks must also be used

                                  SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT IN
                                  Wigan borough is growing both in               transport connections such as walking
                                  terms of population and economy and            and cycling routes along canal towpaths
                                  this growth needs to be supported by           and disused railway lines, which can
                                  increased connectivity. Good transport         increase connectivity. The Leigh-Salford-
                                  is a vital factor in building sustainable      Manchester guided busway and the
                                  local communities. It contributes to           Standish Mineral Line are excellent
                                  the achievement of stronger and safer          examples of how investment can
                                  communities, healthier children and young      unlock the historic past to provide new
                                  people, equality and social inclusion,         connections for today.
                                  environmental objectives and better local
                                                                                 Wigan Council is embarking on a refresh of
                                  economies. Where transport fails, these
                                                                                 the local transport strategy as the existing
                                  aspirations are put at risk.
                                                                                 Transport Strategy “Wigan Borough on the
                                  Many of the transport challenges               Move”, launched in 2011, is out of date and
                                  facing Wigan borough are historical in         does not reflect the most recent changes
                                  nature. One example is the location of         to national transport policy and priorities.
     The Council’s Transport      the borough on the western boundary            For example, Greater Manchester has
     Strategy is a vital tool     of Greater Manchester, with borders            recently been directed by Government to
     that will help us work       to West Lancashire, Lancashire and             introduce a Clean Air Zone and accelerate
     with stakeholders to         Cheshire, alongside the constrained            the installation of electric vehicle charging
     strengthen our place-        road infrastructure that stems from the        infrastructure.
     shaping role and             borough’s mining and industrial past.
     delivery of services to                                                     The updated Local Transport Strategy
                                  Although the borough is well served by an
     the community. It will be                                                   (LTS) will include Wigan Council’s policies
                                  axis of strategic road and rail connections,
     guided by the Council’s                                                     and delivery plans relating to transport,
                                  travel from east to west through the heart
     Corporate Plan, The                                                         explaining how these contribute to the
                                  of borough is heavily constrained, and the
     Deal 2030, which sets                                                       wider local agenda. It is imperative
                                  borough has some of the most congested
     out how the council,                                                        that the transport strategy interfaces
                                  roads in Greater Manchester.
     in conjunction with                                                         with the most recent local, regional and
     residents, community         It is imperative to review the borough’s       national documents such as the Greater
     organisations, businesses    transport infrastructure, in line with the     Manchester (GM) 2040 Transport Strategy
     and public bodies, will      Greater Manchester Congestion and              and the Transport for North (TfN) Strategic
     work together to create a    Clean Air Plans. By improving the quality,     Transport Plan.
     truly world class place to   reliability and affordability of our public
                                                                                 The Council’s Transport Strategy is a
     live in the decade ahead.    transport services and providing new
                                                                                 vital tool that will help us work with
                                  sustainable connections between people
                                                                                 stakeholders to strengthen our place-
                                  and places, we can empower people to
                                                                                 shaping role and delivery of services
                                  make informed travel choices to suit their
                                                                                 to the community. It will be guided by
                                                                                 the Council’s Corporate Plan, The Deal
                                  Looking from this new perspective,             2030, which sets out how the council, in
                                  Wigan borough’s historical infrastructure      conjunction with residents, community
                                  becomes a key asset which offers               organisations, businesses and public
                                  opportunities to support sustainable           bodies, will work together to create a truly
                                  economic development such as rail              world class place to live in the decade
                                  and water freight, and for creating new        ahead.

                                 THE IMPACT OF COVID-19
     The most pronounced         The emergence of Coronavirus (COVID-19)           oxides (NOx). During the weeks preceding
     changes in UK air quality   at the start of 2020 has caused marked            and following the first lockdown the UK
     during lockdown, were in    changes in the ways we live our lives in the      air quality was negatively influenced by
     the urban environment,      UK. Transitional shifts include a significant     a change in meteorological conditions.
     notably for nitrogen        increase in the amount of people working          However, once weather effects are
     oxides (NOx). During        from home, a large reduction in usage of          accounted for, mean reductions in urban
     the weeks preceding         public transport due to fears of further          NOx averaged over the lockdown period
     and following the first     spread of the virus, combined with                considered were typically 30-40%, with
     lockdown the UK air         notable reductions in vehicular usage             mean NO2 reductions of 20-30%. In
     quality was negatively      and increases in active travel, particularly      general, NOx and NO2 reductions have
     influenced by a change      during the first lockdown in Spring 2020. At      been greater at roadside than at urban
     in meteorological           the time of writing, the full impact of traffic   background sites. These reductions would
     conditions.                 and vehicle usage reductions on local air         typically correspond to decreases in
                                 quality is not yet known. At a national level,    concentrations of 10-20 µg m3 if expressed
                                 in June 2020, the Air Quality Expert group        relative to annual averages15. However,
                                 published a rapid review of the air quality       other evidence shows that weather
                                 impacts of COVID-19 in the UK from the            conditions have led to increased PM2.5
                                 first lockdown. This was based on limited         levels during lockdown in some areas.
                                 data but showed a marked decrease in
                                                                                   There have been some beneficial changes
                                 emissions from the transport sector.
                                                                                   to people’s mode of transport during the
                                 The most pronounced changes in UK                 pandemic, the decrease in vehicle traffic
                                 air quality during lockdown, were in the          led to an upsurge in walking and cycling,
                                 urban environment, notably for nitrogen           as streets felt safer and less polluted.

      https://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/ass15%20ets/documents/reports/cat09/2007010844_Estimation_of_Changes_in Air_

20   Pollution_During_COVID-19_outbreak_in_the_UK.pdf
However, with social distancing measures       to the pandemic, the public have had to
                                in place there is decreased capacity on        make lifestyle changes and many of these
                                public transport and as we move towards        positive lessons learned will help us to
                                recovery this disparity in capacity is         make a transition to more sustainable
                                likely to be taken up by private cars. We      modes of living and working in a post-
                                need to ensure that sustainable transport      COVID society. Actions within this plan
                                options and space for walking and cycling      aim to build on positive gains to secure
                                are sufficient to ensure we do not have        improvements in air quality and in turn,
                                a ‘car led recovery’, which could lead to      improve public health and the resilience
     Actions within this        pollution levels above those seen before       of communities to manage public health
     plan aim to build on       the pandemic.                                  threats in the future.
     positive gains to secure
                                It is widely acknowledged that long-term
     improvements in air
                                exposure to air pollution is associated with
     quality and in turn,
                                increased morbidity and mortality from
     improve public health
                                chronic diseases, some of which have also
     and the resilience of
                                been identified as increasing the risk of
     communities to manage
                                severe COVID-19 symptoms, therefore any
     public health threats in
                                reduction in pollution levels will have a
     the future.
                                positive impact on population health.

                                In summary, whilst the pandemic has
                                changed transport patterns and behaviour,
                                the short-term influence of COVID-19 is
                                not expected to lead to sufficiently long-
                                term reductions in pollution. In response


                                    ACTION PLAN FRAMEWORK
     Our Air Quality and
                                    AND DEVELOPMENT
                                    The environment and climate change are         Key outcomes of the theme for OAQ&T
     Transport Working Group
                                    key themes within our corporate strategy,      as set out by the outline climate change
     consists of officers
                                    The Deal 2030, with the vision ‘to create a    strategy are:
     representing the council’s
                                    clean, green place for us all to enjoy’. The
     internal service providers                                                     •   We will be air quality compliant by
                                    Deal 2030 was created in response to the
     and is supported through                                                           2025 or sooner
                                    ideas brought forward by our residents and
     consultation with external                                                     •   We will promote transport modal shift
                                    communities who highlighted concerns
     stakeholders. This action                                                          by developing walking and cycling
                                    over the state of the environment, including
     plan is underpinned by                                                             infrastructure
                                    the impacts of climate change, air quality,
     standards set out within                                                       •   We will significantly increase the
                                    pollution and single use plastics.
     the Local Air Quality                                                              number of electric vehicle charging
     Management Framework.          Wigan Council declared a climate                    points
                                    emergency on the 17th July 2019 and the         •   We will significantly reduce the
                                    Outline Climate Change Strategy was                 Council’s business mileage
                                    adopted in October 2020. ‘Our Air Quality       •   We will improve the air quality
                                    and Transport’ is one of the six climate            and health for residents, providing
                                    change action themes defined within the             alternative green travel and reducing
                                    Outline Climate Change Strategy. Each               congestion
                                    of the action themes have an operational       Our Air Quality and Transport Working
                                    working group.                                 Group consists of officers representing
                                                                                   the council’s internal service providers
                                                                                   and is supported through consultation
                                                                                   with external stakeholders. This action
                                                  Our                              plan is underpinned by standards set out
                     Our Natural
                                              Resilience &                         within the Local Air Quality Management
                                               Adaptation                          Framework.

                                                                                   Work on air quality is well established
                                                                                   within Wigan Borough, both locally and
                                                                                   regionally. This action plan builds upon
           Our Built                                                               current understanding of air quality issues,
          Environment                                                              as well as legislative, environmental, and
                                                         & Wellbeing
                                                                                   economic drivers to frame delivery of
                                                                                   improvements between 2021 and 2026. A
                                                                                   workshop comprising internal stakeholders
                                                                                   from various sectors throughout the
                         Our Air                  Our
                                                                                   Council was held in Autumn 2020 to share
                        Quality &             Sustainability
                                                                                   knowledge and gather opinion.
                        Transport            & Consumption

The OAQ&T workshop focussed on the             Responses were collated and utilised to
     themes of improving local air quality and      create a first draft of the action plan and
     transitioning towards sustainable, green,      which was subsequently circulated to the
     and active local travel. The principle         working group. The action plan was refined
     aim of the work was to understand the          in response to the comments received and
     fundamental basics behind the perception       developed into a comprehensive action
     of local air quality and sustainable travel,   plan that will provide the framework for
     within the Council’s daily operations and      delivery of this climate change action
     strategic planning for the Borough.            theme.

     The four areas considered were:                This action plan outlines how Wigan
                                                    Council can improve sustainable transport
     Communities – Working with residents
                                                    infrastructure and the quality of our air
     and community groups to improve
                                                    now and in over the next five years by
     knowledge and awareness of air quality.
                                                    initiating, developing and delivering
     Improving the immediate and future health
                                                    measures to prevent and reduce air
     of the people in our communities, through
                                                    pollution. In turn, we will realise the
     preventing and reducing air pollution.
                                                    benefits of these measures through
     Businesses – Embedding air quality into
                                                    increased awareness, improved health
     business culture, whilst ensuring economic
                                                    and well-being and enhanced economic
     prosperity and the health and wellbeing of
                                                    prosperity within the Borough.
     the workforce
     Schools – Protecting and educating our
     children at school. Empowering them to
     be part of the solution and give them the
     knowledge to make the best decisions
     growing up.
     Staff - Embedding air quality into our
     culture and ensuring we lead by example.


7. 1
                                   GOVERNANCE OF THE
 Overall governance of the
                                   ACTION PLAN
                                   This OAQ&T Action Plan will be monitored       These progress reports will be submitted
                                   and implemented by the OAQ&T Working           to the Climate Action Group on a quarterly
 action plan lies with the         Group, which will be chaired by the            basis so that progress can be tracked
 Council’s Cabinet.                Service Manager for Regulatory Services        alongside the five other developing climate
                                   and will consist of representatives from       change action themes.
                                   Environmental Health, Public Health,
             The Cabinet                                                          On an annual basis, the working group will
                                   Planning Policy, Transport Planning,
                                                                                  be required to create an annual progress
                                   Human Resources, Major Projects and
 Oversight Boards                                                                 report on air quality improvements for the
                                   other relevant teams. Representatives from
                                                                                  Council and the borough. The progress
                                   TfGM, the GMCA and other interested
     •    Housing Advisory Panel                                                  report will be submitted to the Climate
                                   organisations will also be asked to join.
     •    Corporate Property                                                      Action Group for approval and will then
          Management Board         The action plan is a live document, and the    go on to the relevant oversight boards for
     •    Health & Wellbeing       working group will continue to assess:         additional review and comments.
                                     •   If there are additional or existing      At this stage, progress reports will also
     •    Places Scrutiny                programmes in other Council              be provided to external stakeholders
          Committee                      services that could contribute to        to ensure continuous engagement of
     •    External Boards &              emissions reductions                     private sector, education and voluntary
          Stakeholders               •   What factors may influence local         organisations with regards to overall
                                         pollution in the future                  progress on work related to climate
                                     •   Likely future trends                     change.
     Climate Emergency Board         •   What additional technical
                                         assessments may be needed
                                   The OAQ&T Working Group will meet on a
                                   quarterly basis, to track progress on short,
         Climate Action Group      medium and long-term actions as defined
                                   by the action plan.

        Our Air Quality and
     Transport Working Group

          Our Air Quality and
             Action Plan

 Figure 2: Governance of the
 Our Air Quality and Transport
 Action Plan


                                 LAYOUT OF THE ACTION PLAN
                                 The interventions outlined in the action     Progress of actions will be evaluated on
                                 plan have been categorised into four main    a quarterly basis at the working group
     “Progress of actions        themes according to the groups within        meetings. All actions will be reviewed on
     will be evaluated on a      the borough that they target and impact.     an annual basis, and the Working Group
     quarterly basis at the      These are:                                   will generate an annual progress briefing.
     working group meetings.                                                  The action plan will undergo a holistic
                                  •   Communities
     All actions will be                                                      review and refocus targets by 2026,
                                  •   Schools                                 whereby a new updated action plan will be
     reviewed on an annual
     basis, and the Working       •   Businesses                              created to outline delivery between 2026
     Group will generate an       •   The Council                             and 2031.
     annual progress briefing.   Each of the actions states a responsible
     The action plan will        service area within the Council, a
     undergo a holistic review   timescale for review and / or completion,
     and refocus targets by      objectives and partner organisations and
     2026, whereby a new         service teams that can provide additional
     updated action plan will    support.
     be created to outline
     delivery between 2026       For future reporting purposes each action
     and 2031.“                  will be ‘RAG’ rated through a system of
                                 red, amber and green which infers:

                                  •   Green actions are where the project
                                      is on track to meet scheduled dates.
                                  •   Amber actions are projects which
                                      are in danger of over running project
                                      deadlines or budget if risks are not
                                  •   Red actions are those projects which
                                      are likely to miss scheduled dates or
                                      are over budget or out of scope.

                                   ACTION PLAN AIMS
                                   The purpose of this action plan is to             •   Ensure that air quality and
                                   provide robust and deliverable measures               sustainable transport is embedded in
     The development of            to ensure air quality and sustainable                 decision-making activities throughout
     this Action Plan, will        transport are considered throughout the               all departments within the Council.
     support wider work            decision-making procedure in all areas of         •   Engage with local businesses and
     taking place within           the council. It will also provide a strategic         organisations to promote more
     Greater Manchester            overview, guidance and planning to                    sustainable ways of working.
     and has identified local      ensure both Wigan Council and Wigan               •   Work towards providing a sustainable
     interventions that are        borough are progressing towards a                     transport network within Wigan and
     required to provide a         future where they not only comply with                Greater Manchester with the goal of
     holistic approach to                                                                achieving the ‘Right Mix’ of 50% of
                                   air quality objective set out in legislation
     tackle air quality issues                                                           journeys made by public transport or
                                   but go beyond these to create a healthy
     within our borough. It                                                              active travel by 2040.
                                   and sustainable borough for residents.
     ensures we have the tools                                                       •   Identify areas that require further
                                   Key outcomes from the action plan and
     required, so the council,                                                           interventions to improve air quality or
                                   associated working group include:
     communities, businesses                                                             sustainable transport.
     and schools can all play        •   Raise awareness and understanding         The development of this Action Plan, will
     their part in improving the         of air quality issues with residents      support wider work taking place within
                                         and communities.                          Greater Manchester and has identified
     quality of our air.
                                     •   Work with schools to improve              local interventions that are required to
                                         environmental education and provide       provide a holistic approach to tackle
                                         schools with the tools to encourage       air quality issues within our borough. It
                                         walking and cycling for the school        ensures we have the tools required, so
                                                                                   the council, communities, businesses and
                                     •   Provide local-based solutions to          schools can all play their part in improving
                                         enable everyone to make small
                                                                                   the quality of our air.
                                         beneficial behaviour changes and
                                         work towards the larger goal of
                                         reducing pollution in Wigan.

                                   CONTINUING OUR JOURNEY
                                   TOWARDS CLEAN AIR AND
                                   SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT
     As an authority we also
     have a valuable role to
     play in encouraging and
     influencing behaviours,
                                   The QAQ&T action plan builds upon the            As an authority we also have a valuable
     in providing the tools
                                   work undertaken by the council over              role to play in encouraging and influencing
     to make that change
                                   the past decades and is the vital next           behaviours, in providing the tools to
     through education and
                                   step to improving the quality of our air         make that change through education
     infrastructure, and by
                                   and sustainable transport systems over           and infrastructure, and by providing
     providing support and
                                   the next five years. Most air pollution is       support and assistance in all areas of our
     assistance in all areas of
                                   caused by human activities and the health        communities. At the heart of the actions
     our communities. At the
                                   impacts of poor air quality can affect us all.   is the importance of engaging residents,
     heart of the actions is the
                                   Wigan Council recognise that we need a           communities, schools and businesses,
     importance of engaging
                                   collective effort to achieve the ambitions       as only through working together can we
     residents, communities,
                                   set out in this plan and we want to lead         achieve the level of reduction in emissions
     schools and businesses,
                                   the change, by transforming the way in           to improve our air and reduce climate
     as only through working
                                   which we think about and deliver our             change. The QAQ&T action plan is our
     together can we achieve
                                   services. We will work alongside key local       commitment to improving air quality within
     the level of reduction in
                                   and national stakeholders and partner            our borough now and over the next five
     emissions to improve our
                                   organisations, to successfully deliver           years and it is the hope that this document
     air and reduce climate
                                   measures and drive change.                       can start us on our shared journey to a
                                                                                    cleaner, greener future for the borough.


     SECTION 9


                                        Our Natural     Resilience &
                                       Environment       Adaptation

                                Our Built                          Communities
                              Environment                           & Wellbeing

                                      Our Air Quality   Sustainability
                                       & Transport      & Consumption

Theme 1. Communities
           The Deal        Lead                                                                             Key
 Action                                                                                                                     Partner Organisations /
             2030         Service                         Action                           Timescales   Performance
 Number                                                                                                                          departments
           Priorities      Areas                                                                         Indicators

                                                                                                                         Public Health, Regulatory Services,
                                         Establish a well-connected communication                                        Civil Contingencies, Climate Change
                                                                                                        Number or people Manager
                                         strategy for air quality and sustainable
     1.1   Our People   PR/Media                                                       Ongoing          reached with
                                         transport, to focus on engagement and                                           External:
                                         education.                                                                      Clinical
                                                                                                                         Commissioning Group, NHS, private

                                         Build on and establish new relationships                                         Communities and SDF teams,
                        Regulatory                                                                      Number of
     1.2   Our Place                     with community groups to highlight air        Ongoing
                        Services                                                                        sessions attended Climate Change Manager
                                         quality issues.

                                                                                                        Number of
                                         Continue the development of an Anti-idling                     targeted.         Internal:
     1.3   Our Future                    campaign targeted at particular hotspots      1-2 years                           Regulatory Services, PR and Media,
                        Services                                                                        Number of
                                         throughout the borough.                                                          Network Management

                                         Further develop feasibility and                                                  Internal:
                                                                                                        Number of EV      Major Projects, Regulatory Services
                                         funding opportunities surrounding the
     1.4   Our Future   Major projects                                                 3 years          charge points
                                         implementation of electric vehicle charging                                      External:
                                         points across the Borough.                                                       TfGM, OLEV, Energy Saving Trust

The Deal        Lead                                                                          Key
 Action                                                                                                                   Partner Organisations /
             2030         Service                         Action                        Timescales   Performance
 Number                                                                                                                        departments
           Priorities      Areas                                                                      Indicators
                                                                                                     % increase in
                                         Improve local cycling and walking                                              Network Management, Transport
     1.5   Our Place    Major projects                                              3-5 years        walking/cycling
                                         infrastructure for Wigan Borough                                               Planning, Planning Policy, Regulatory

Theme 2. Businesses
           The Deal        Lead                                                                          Key
 Action                                                                                                                   Partner Organisations /
             2030         Service                         Action                        Timescales   Performance
 Number                                                                                                                        departments
           Priorities      Areas                                                                      Indicators

                                                                                                     Number of taxi     Network Management
                        Regulatory       Continue the development of installation
     2.1   Our Place                                                                1 year           EV charge points
                        Services         points for electric taxis.                                                     External:
                                                                                                                        Transport for Greater Manchester

                                                                                                     Number of
                                         Establish a communications plan for                         businesses
                                                                                                                        Regulatory Services, Business
     2.2   Our Future   PR/Media         air quality and sustainable transport      1-2 years        reached/ Number
                                                                                                                        engagement, Climate Change
                                         information directed at businesses.                         taking up
                                                                                                     Number of
                                         Deliver the Air Quality Supplementary                                          Internal:
                        Regulatory                                                                   consultees/
     2.3   Our Future                    Planning Document to be utilised in all new 6 months                           Planning Policy, Development
                        Services                                                                     Publication of
                                         developments across the borough.                                               Management
                                                                                                                        Internal: Business engagement
                                         Work with businesses to establish                           Number of
                        Business                                                                                        External: GM Business Growth Hub,
     2.4   Our People                    alternative ways of working to reduce      12-18 months     businesses
                        engagement                                                                                      Chamber of Commerce, Sustainable
                                         pollution.                                                  engaged
                                                                                                                        Transport TfGM

The Deal        Lead                                                                        Key
 Action                                                                                                                Partner Organisations /
             2030         Service                    Action                           Timescales   Performance
 Number                                                                                                                     departments
           Priorities      Areas                                                                    Indicators
                                                                                                   Number of
                        Regulatory   Deliver improvements in the Environmental
     2.5   Our Future                                                          2 years             activities/       Internal: Business Engagement
                        Services     Permitting Regime.
                                                                                                   changes in
                                     Implement recommendations from the                            Number of         Internal: Licensing
     2.6   Our Future   Licensing    Greater Manchester minimum licensing         2 years          electric taxis/
                                     standards.                                                    PHVs              External: TfGM

                                                                                                   Number of         Internal: Regulatory Services
                        Trading      Regulate the sale of coal and wet wood for
     2.7   Our Future                                                             2 years          businesses        External: TfGM, GM AQ working
                        Standards    domestic use.
                                                                                                   advised           group

Theme 3. Schools
           The Deal                                                                                         Key
 Action               Lead Service                                                                                           Partner Organisations /
             2030                                          Action                          Timescales   Performance
 Number                  Areas                                                                                                    departments
           Priorities                                                                                    Indicators

                                                                                                        Number of
                                                                                                                           Internal: Environmental education
                        Regulatory        Use internal and external funding to deliver                  pupils engaged.
     3.1   Our Future                                                                    2 years                           Planning Policy, Network
                        Services          modal shift around schools.                                   Increase in school
                                                                                                                           Management, Major Projects
                                                                                                        active travel

                                          Collaborate with schools to adopt Air                         Number of          Internal: Climate Change Manager,
     3.2   Our Future                     Quality Awareness policies through             2 years        schools/ pupils    Regulatory services, Road safety,
                                          education and engagement.                                     engaged.           Traffic Management
                                          Work with schools to identify potential
                                                                                                        % change in        Internal: Planning Policy, Regulatory
                        Network           candidates for school street schemes
     3.3   Our People                                                                    2 years        modal shift for    Services, Road Safety Team, Parking
                        Management        during peak hour, or where unfeasible,
                                                                                                        school journeys    Services.
                                          implement walking bubbles.
                                                                                                                          Internal: Regulatory Services,
                        Road safety/      Increase the number of schools achieving                      Number of         Communities teams
     3.4   Our People   Environmental     school travel plan accreditation through       3 years        schools achieving
                        Education Teams   the ‘Modeshift Stars’ scheme.                                 accreditation     External: TfGM Sustainable Journeys
                                                                                                                          Team, Living Streets

                                          Collaborate with the Youth Cabinet to                                            Internal: Regulatory Services.
                        Environmental                                                                   Number of young
     3.5   Our People                     share ideas on sustainable transport and       2 years                           External Manchester Environmental
                        Education                                                                       people reached
                                          air quality issues.                                                              Education network

Theme 4. Council
           The Deal                                                                                        Key
 Action               Lead Service                                                                                           Partner Organisations /
             2030                                           Action                        Timescales   Performance
 Number                  Areas                                                                                                    departments
           Priorities                                                                                   Indicators

                        Human Resources    Develop a Council travel plan and internal                  Number of staff
                                                                                                                           Internal: PR and Media, Planning and
     4.1   Our People   & Organisational   communications strategy to promote           2 years        using sustainable
                                                                                                                           transport policy
                        Development        sustainable travel.                                         transport

                                                                                                       Number of total
                                                                                                       annual business     Internal: Human resources, Finance,
                        Regulatory                                                                     miles.              Waste and Fleet.
     4.2   Our Future                      Complete a review of the grey fleet.         3-4 years
                        Services                                                                       Reduce the
                                                                                                       number of staff     External: Energy Saving Trust
                                                                                                       business miles
                                           Continue our working differently journey,
                        Human Resources                                                                Number of
                                           based on a digital first methodology and                                        Internal: Regulatory Services,
     4.3   Our People   & Organisational                                             18 -24 months     employees in the
                                           taking a blended approach to home, office                                       Major Projects
                        Development                                                                    office.
                                           and community working within the Council.
                                           Upgrade the council fleet to low emission                   Number of low       Internal: Regulatory Services,
     4.4   Our Future   Waste and Fleet                                                 5 years
                                           vehicles.                                                   emission miles      Major Projects
                                                                                                                           Internal: Network Management,
                                           Develop and implement an electric vehicle                   Increase in         Regulatory Services
     4.5   Our Future   Major projects     charging infrastructure strategy within      2 years        number of EV
                                           Wigan Council and Greater Manchester.                       charge points.      External: Transport for Great
                                                                                                       Number of ULEVs
                        Regulatory         Deliver the Greater Manchester Clean Air
     4.6   Our Future                                                                   2 years        registered in       Internal: Regulatory Services
                        Services           Plan and associated Clean Air Zone.
                                                                                                                           Internal: Climate Change Manager,
                                                                                                                           Network Management, Major
                        Planning and                                                                   Publication of      projects.
     4.7   Our Place                       Update the Wigan Transport Strategy.         12-18 months
                        transport policy                                                               report
                                                                                                                           External: Transport for Greater

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