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     Welcome to IUBH
     03   Take your first steps towards a successful future
     04   Things to know about IUBH

     Why it’s worth studying at IUBH
     07   Best choice for your career
     11   Small classes, personal contact
     12   International focus
     14   Teaching with real business value

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               Welcome to IUBH!
               You just took the first step towards a           our ­students ­with the skills they need to
               successful future. Successful ­managers          ­take on a successful role in business ­life
               are ­characterised by a combination               and ­realize their ideas for a sustainable
               of specialist and practical knowledge.            career.
               Multilingualism, social skills and
               ­international experience complete the           We attach particular importance to the
                profile. It is this combination of ­qualities   quality of our teaching, the practical
                that allows young people to mature              relevance of our study programmes
                ­into    entrepreneurial      personalities.    and an atmosphere in which people
                 Personalities who are in a position not        enjoy studying. We know that the
                 only to create something new in their          decision to study is one of the most
                 own ­company and social ­environment,          important decisions in your life and
               but also to record and actively influence        that you are laying the foundation
               developments in their industry and in            for your professional career. We
               the overall economic environment.                support you! The declared goal of our
                                                                professors, lecturers and employees is
               IUBH has set itself the task of training         to create the best possible conditions
               the very decision-makers of tomorrow.            for your studies, your development
               Our mission and educational goals are            and your career. We wish you the right
               consistently aligned with the needs              decision for your personal future –
               of a global job market and those of              and good luck with your studies!
               young people who wish to work in an
               international environment. We provide            Your IUBH team

                                                                                   Welcome to IUBH         3

Facts & Figures


                                                           campus locations & more than
                                                             40 examination centres
                   founded                                          in Europe

                                                                             study models

  more than            from more than

                         countries                                      more than

                                     more than
                                                                 bachelor’s, master’s and
                                                                    MBA programmes

                                professors and

      IUBH: In service to the future international managers

      The profile requirements of international managers have changed. We recognised this as the first private, state-recognised
      ­university operating exclusively in the service sector. With our attractive Bachelor and Master’s degrees we want to set new
       ­standards for the new generation of management. Our programmes are characterised by the effective transfer of subject-­
        specific knowledge and soft skills in order to prepare our graduates for challenging management task. And we facilitate this
        transfer by having English as the teaching language in our programmes on campus.

      Studying at IUBH makes careers in a global environment possible.

                                                                      Bremen (dual) Hamburg (dual)

                      Dortmund (dual)
                                                                                               Hanover (dual)       Berlin
         Essen (dual)*
                                                 Dusseldorf (dual)

    Cologne (dual)*

                                              Bad Honnef                                          Erfurt (dual)

                                         Frankfurt (dual)
                                                                                                 Nuremberg (dual)
                                                      Mannheim (dual)

                                                                          Stuttgart (dual)*         Munich (dual)
                                                                                                                             Vienna (dual)

                                                                                          Bad Reichenhall (dual)

      * Currently in the official accreditation and approval process. Starting in 2019.

01   Best career opportunities
     Your right to work and live in Europe
     Career Development Service
     Free German lessons
     Career Preparation Programme

02   Personal contact
     Small classes and personal contact
     Ideal infrastructure for an optimal learning experience

03   International focus
     International diversity
     The IUBH International Office: Your personal point of contact
     Incoming international students

04   Teaching with real
     business value
     Many years of professional and management experience
     Network of over 3,500 companies

05   Highest quality
     Top scores in international orientation
     Fully accredited
     Top business school
01                                Best career
Your right to work and live in Europe                                                  Did you know?
The large corporate demand for globally-oriented executives and IUBH’s ­excellent
reputation in academia and industry gives IUBH graduates huge leverage for a
successful career. Make the most of your opportunities with studies at IUBH:
•• Earn more: University graduates earn around 380,000 euros more than people
   without an academic degree throughout their professional career                                         80    %

•• Profit from Germany’s heavy demand for highly qualified professionals
•• Improve your credentials
•• Expand your network with international contacts                                     Over 80% of our graduates have experience
                                                                                       in management ­after just two years.
Post-study work in Germany
International students who have successfully completed their studies in Germany
can have their residence permit extended by up to 18 months in Germany (if                     Promotion
­graduated in Germany) for the purpose of looking for a job that corresponds to
 their qualification.                                                                            90        %

If they find a suitable job within this period, they can choose whether they want
to apply for a German residence permit or an EU Blue Card (only if graduated in
                                                                                       90% are promoted in the first three years
For graduates in Germany: EU Blue Card                                                 after graduation.
Skilled professionals are in very high demand, which creates enormous career
­opportunities for you: Eager to attract immigrants to the country to offset a
 ­shortage of skilled labour due to demographic changes, the German government                                 Finding a job
  has introduced the EU Blue Card. It is targeted at well-educated immigrants: It
  grants the right to work and live in Germany*.                                                                 94      %

Thanks to the introduction of the EU Blue Card in Germany, the permanent
­immigration of highly educated skilled employees is made very easy. EU Blue Card
 holders are entitled to work in 25 Schengen countries and are eligible to apply for
 permanent resident status in Germany. As early as two years after receiving your      94% find a job within the first six months of
 German or EU Blue Card residence permit, you can apply for a permanent residence      graduation.
 permit – that is, a residence permit without a time limit.

                                                                                              Pay raise

                                                                                               10      %

                                                                                       Our graduates’ salaries increase on average
* subject to certain regulations of the EU. For more information:
                                                                                       by 10% per year after graduation (German
                                                                                       average: 2.4%*).
Get ready for your career:
Career Development Services at IUBH
Our clear mission is to develop leaders who are ready to meet the challenges of the 21st
century and shape our society’s future. An important element in achieving this mission
is – next to our highly regarded degree programmes – our unique career development
­service. It assists students from all over the world to reach their career goals in Germany.
 It will help you increase your odds of finding work in Germany or the EU. We know that
 employability after graduation is very important for you – which makes it equally important
 for us.

                       1                                             2                                              3
    Our key driver:                              Stand out in the job market: take              Meet your potential employer at
    your career success                          our free German language courses               our Career Days Events
    The goal of our career services is to        From our completely free of ­charge            A special event takes place every ­year in
    ­provide you with the best possible          ­semester track courses to very affordable     autumn at the campus in Bad ­Honnef:
     prerequisites for a successful start into    intensive and fast track courses, taught      our Career Days. Many IUBH students
     an international career. How do we do        during the weekends or during spring          and ­graduates use this exclusive on
     that? Have a look:                           and winter breaks, IUBH gives you all the     campus opportunity to meet top poten-
                                                  options to master the German language         tial ­employers from highly recognised
    •• We help students choose the right          while you complete your bachelor’s or         companies in their industry, and to talk
         path based on their academic and         master’s degree.                              about internships or job opportunities.
         professional background.                                                               There are also interview sessions and
    •• We offer advice to mobilise profes-       Your benefits:                                 ­assessment centres during the event.
        sional and personal development for      •• highly qualified language lecturers          The positive ­attitude of our students
        students.                                   with extensive teaching experience           and alumni, smooth organisation by the
    •• We offer free German lessons.             •• direct practice: Learning German in          Career Office and the support provided
    •• We support students with their               Germany                                      by our catering team have always left a
        ­search for internships and with job     •• small study groups                           positive ­impression on visitors in recent
         placement issues, and we keep in        •• continuous assessment of students’           years. Some of our students and grad-
         touch with companies that work             progress                                     uates ­have received on-the-spot offers
         in areas related to our degree          •• faster progression by combining              for an internship or a permanent posi-
         programmes.                                tracks                                       tion. ­Many others have made valuable
    •• We offer job application training and     •• business focus from level B1 onwards         contacts for their future careers. See the
       job interview coaching.                   •• C1/C2 courses for higher level               video of our latest event on our YouTube
    •• We examine application documents             ­students                                    Channel (!
       and offer personal advice.                •• semester track courses free of ­charge
    •• We organise informational and                 (with mandatory attendance)                Stay in touch with us after graduation:
       ­networking events as well as             •• very affordable intensive and fast          The Career Office not only looks after our
        company presentations on campus.             track courses.                             current students but also our graduates.
                                                                                                We can answer any questions about the
                                                                                                IUBH alumni network and organise events
                                                                                                (including our Career Days and alumni
                                                                                                events). We also stay in touch with our
                                                                                                alumni through JOBTEASER. Graduates
                                                                                                can announce and view job advertise-
                                                                                                ments, track campus events and find out
                                                                                                about news on campus and at IUBH.

8       Reasons to choose IUBH
Sarah benefitted from the Career Office network: After graduating
                                   from IUBH in Bad Honnef she found a challenging job at a manufacturer
                                   of electric scooters, only 10 km away from her old university

Homeland China, at home in                   ­ ccording to a study from the
                                             A                                            annual Career Days fair at the campus
Germany                                      McKinsey consultancy firm and the            in Bad Honnef – opportunities to
“There are lots of reasons to love           Stifterverband, approximately 80%            attend additional career fairs and meet
Germany,” says Sarah Chen. “For              of ­foreign graduates have this goal.        potential employers through course
­example, its financial strength,            ­Sarah benefited from the services           excursions and field trips. IUBH has had
 innovative       power,    first    class    offered at her university. “It was really   contact with Sarah’s employer Kumpan
 infrastructure, language, high standard      fantastic how much support IUBH             since the company was founded in
 of living and friendly people.” The          Career Office gave me. Without IUBH’s       2010. “As a middle sized company we
 thirty-year-old ­Chinese woman came          good network it would have been much        increasingly need to position ourselves
 to Germany to ­study – and then              more difficult to get job interviews”,      on the international market. Employees
 stayed. She started at Kumpan Electric,      she says. The Director of Career Office     with international backgrounds and
 a manufacturer of ­electric scooters         at the campus in Bad ­Honnef gave           international ­degrees are therefore a
 near Bonn, as project manager and            her contacts, advised her and, most         ­great asset for us”, says Patrik Tykesson,
 coordinator between the subsidiary           importantly, motivated her.                  Managing Director of Kumpan. “It is a
 in Shanghai and the head office in                                                        stroke of luck that right on our front
 Remagen. After finishing her master’s       Career Office helps with all matters          doorstep we have suitable candidates
 in international management at IUBH,        ­related to starting a career                 from IUBH Bad Honnef.”
 she could have found a good job in           To give students the best possible
 China but realised that her ­friends are     support at the beginning of their career,   Sarah reached her goal and is now
 now scattered throughout the country. “It    right from the start new IUBH students      working professionally in Germany.
 didn’t feel like home anymore. I thought:    can take seminars and workshops             What would she recommend to other
 homeland China, at home in the world.”       that deal with topics related to the        foreign alumni who want to pursue a
                                              German job market. Career Office helps      career in Germany? “I am convinced that
Benefitting from the university’s             students and alumni to deal with all        a good network is essential for survival
network to find a job                         matters related to starting a career.       in the professional world. Ask your
Like Sarah, many foreign master’s             The university is well networked with       professors and contact career office at
degree graduates want to gain                 over 2,000 business partners and offers     your university. And above all: Never
professional experience in Germany.           students – in addition to their own         lose faith in yourself!”

                                                                                                      Reasons to choose IUBH        9
Unique and free of charge:
 The IUBH Career Preparation Programme
 Kick-start your career before your degree

     In addition to our academic programmes, we offer a unique
     and completely free of charge Career Preparation Programme
     (CPP) to students who want to focus on preparing their
     career and are ready to make an extra effort to enhance
     their opportunities on the German job market. This practice
     oriented and interactive programme is organised by the
     career offices located on the campuses in both Bad Honnef        Brunilda
     and Berlin. Given the expertise and extensive experience of      Hoxha
     the Career Office, the programme prepares students for the       Master IT Management
     transition into the German labour market and their desired
     job. Students attending this exclusive programme increase        IUBH student and CPP participant Brunilda completed
     their job opportunities in Germany considerably.                 her internship at Fresenius Kabi GmbH in the Global IT
                                                                      ­Management. Read here about her experiences:
     Facts & Figures
     •• Language of instruction: English
     •• Start & Duration: Spring and Autumn · One semester            Brunilda, how did you find your internship?
     •• Modes of Instruction:                                         I found the offer from Fresenius on the internet. I
        •• Mainly on campus                                           realized the description of the position fits my profile, so
        •• Workshops, networking, consultations                       I decided to apply.
        •• In addition to the regular degree programme
                                                                      The process went very quickly. Fresenius invited me for
     Our services for our students                                    an interview after one week. Before going there, I read
                                                                      about the company, about what they are doing with
             Career events                                            their product, their company culture, strategy etc. After
       1     Individual consultations and workshops on career         completing the interview, I waited two weeks and then
             planning, job interviews, business culture and more      received a positive answer.

              Networking                                              How did the Career Preparation Programme help you?
       2      A strong network is a crucial part of successful job    I was confident enough at this interview thanks to
              entry. IUBH offers various opportunities for building   my participation in the CPP Programme. After doing
              a professional network                                  all the training at this program, I was more focused,
                                                                      more motivated and had a better view of the German
              Job vacancies                                           market and how to approach it. I will recommend all
      3        Students have access to the exclusive IUBH network     IUBH students especially the ones who are at their last
              by using JobTeaser, our Career Office Tool              semester to take this programme and to take it seriously.

10         Reasons to choose IUBH
02                                 Small classes,
                                     personal contact

Small classes and personal contact
You are not just a number with us. The quality of our teaching and
excellent educational outcomes are a top priority for us. That’s why
our professors and lecturers teach you in small groups and are there
for you personally to answer your questions. The advantages of studying
in small groups:
•• The impact of education within small groups is much larger than in
   anonymous groups in large lecture halls.
•• The professors and lecturers know you personally and can respond specifically to
   your questions and suggestions.
•• You don’t just listen passively in seminars, you participate actively in discussions and learn different points of view while
   also improving your discussion and rhetoric skills.

Personal challenge? Personal advice!
Whether it’s before, during or at the end of your studies: Our staff provides individual, professional advice on all your
questions about your studies and career. So, whether you are looking for advice on which degree programme is right for
you, where and how you can spend some time studying abroad, or what opportunities our Career Office offer: Just contact
our student advisory service.

Ideal infrastructure for an optimal learning experience
Students who want to focus diligently on their studies but also enjoy themselves shouldn’t have to spend their time in
crowded lecture halls or dusty libraries. Our locations offer you everything you need for your studies and your well-being:
modern seminar rooms, libraries, IT support, WIFI and, depending on the campus, various dining options. We also offer a
wide selection of associations and sports clubs so you can enjoy your free time as well as your studies together with your
fellow students.

                                                                                                   Reasons to choose IUBH          11
03                                International

  International diversity
  All courses at IUBH are taught in English; the contents are tailored to international   At IUBH students
  work environments, and students and professors from over 110 nations meet and           from more than 110
  interact on campus.                                                                     countries meet with
                                                                                          their German copunterparts,
  The IUBH International Office: Your personal point of contact                           who themselves are often off on
  The International Office is the first point of contact for all matters related to our   travels, collecting experiences in
  international partner university network. We assist IUBH students with their options    foreign countries.
  and requirements for studies abroad and are also closely involved in supporting
  and welcoming international and exchange students.                                      Digby Burges from Australia shows a
                                                                                          few things dear to him while ­s tudying
  We maintain and manage the existing partnerships with our colleagues at                 abroad.
  our international partner universities and are the first contact for educational
  institutions abroad wishing to cooperate with IUBH.                                     1. I have been learning German
                                                                                          intensively for one and a half years.
  Incoming international students                                                         It’s all quite international here, but in
  Every semester IUBH welcomes in Bad Honnef and Berlin groups of international           a bakery or pharmacy, it is better to
  students from our partner universities around the world – both for the duration of      be able to express yourself not only
  a full study programme and for exchange semesters. Their presence on campus and         in English. Also, I would like to stay
  their contribution to the academic and social life here are an invaluable part of the   in Germany after I finish my degree:
  international atmosphere and learning environment at IUBH.                              I could well imagine spending a few
                                                                                          years working in Berlin.
  The International Office staff, together with a team of student volunteers, strives
  to make their arrival and stay in Germany as easy and comfortable as possible.          2. Everyone asks me how I ended up
  We organise welcome and information sessions to facilitate our new students’            being a Bayer Leverkusen supporter.
  transition to another culture and system of studying.                                   It’s quite simple: that is the Bundesliga
                                                                                          club closest to Bad Honnef – and I’m
                                                                                          not a fan of only ever supporting the

                                                                                          3.   The Germans make coffee
                                                                                          completely differently to us: They
                                                                                          don’t like it so hot. I learned this
                                                                                          when I started working at the cafe on
                                                                                          campus. And there’s something else I
                                                                                          got to know about that I had no idea
                                                                                          existed: raw minced pork sandwiches.

                                                                                          4. This is connected to something I like
                                                                                          very much about my degree studies:

12    Reasons to choose IUBH




         1                                                                                                5

We often go and visit companies from     It’s a typical Australian sandwich         The crack in the display is from our
the industry. Since a study outing to    spread, very salty. I simply can’t live    trip to the Oktoberfest, I wasn’t paying
CargoLux, this model aeroplane has       without it.                                attention for a moment.
been on my desk, reminding me of
what I learned there.                    6.  The boarding pass from one of my       7. I bought these lederhose for my
                                         recent trips is still on my mobile. I’m    Oktoberfest visit. You simply have to go
5. When friends come to visit me from    always travelling around Germany with      wearing traditional attire, it’s all part of
Australia, they always have to bring a   friends – all over Europe, in fact. It’s   the fun. And they were definitely worth
jar of Vegemite with them.               all so close! In Australia it takes me     buying: Next year there’ll be another
                                         three hours just to get to the airport.    Oktoberfest!

                                                                                                Reasons to choose IUBH         13
04                                     Teaching with
                                                  real business value
Our corporate network                                                                   Our professors and lecturers place great
                                                                                        importance on the close integration of
We work together with a network of over 3,500 companies, who support us                 theory and practice. After all, most of
in a variety of ways through grants, sponsorship, guest speakers, events, direct        them have many years of professional
recruitment and more. The exchange between the two deepens and all sides profit         and management experience on an
from the individual cooperation contract. The goal of these partnerships is to          international level – and pass this
support interested students and graduates and to give them the best possible            knowledge on, for example through:
chances and impressions.
                                                                                        1.   Case studies, projects and internships

              Enterprise is constantly expanding and is constantly looking for new      2.   Field trips to renowned companies
              team members in various countries. Everyone who joins our team
              starts with our Management Trainee Programme. The purpose of the          3. Dialogue with recognised experts
              programme is to get to know all facets of our business in order to take   from the business community during
over a branch office after completing the programme, first as an assistant branch       regular IUBH Business Talks. Here,
manager and then as branch manager. Accordingly, it is not only helpful if you          top managers and experienced
are familiar with business administration from your study programme, but also a         practitioners will speak on a topic
definite plus if you are familiar with customer service and sales. For us, the most     of their choice. So far, IUBH has
important quality is that our employees have a passion for working with people          welcomed big names such as Erich
and enjoy working with customers. In the application process we quickly see and         Sixt (Sixt GmbH & Co Autovermietung
sense if a candidate has the necessary fire, and if they will be one, happy, and two,   KG), Henry Hasselbarth (Emirates
successful.                                                                             Airlines) and Jürgen Stackmann
                                                                                        (Skoda). Business Talks are a unique
We have been collaborating with IUBH for several years and have had positive            opportunity for students of all
experience with graduates from the tourism and hotel management programme.              disciplines to experience well-known
It is also worth taking a closer look at possible options with IUBH Dual Studies,       managers up close.
because here we also want to find ways to expand our work together. Whenever
someone has a deeply rooted service mentality and enjoys working in a team and
with people, the basic qualification is already in place for us. We see
IUBH as a very valuable source of talent for our next generation
due to the practical relevance of their degree programmes
and how this characterises their students in terms of
their sense of commitment, sense of responsibility and
entrepreneurial spirit.”

Aline Mühe is Group HR Manager at Enterprise Rent-
A-Car. She is responsible for Talent Acquisition, Talent
Development and HR in North Rhine-Westphalia.

  14     Reasons to choose IUBH
Get to know our professors
The professors and faculty of IUBH stand behind the excellent education of our students. Get to know some of them:

 Prof. Dr. Susanne Böhlich           Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Desel        Prof. Dr. Willy Legrand              Prof. Dr. Cansu Oral
     Study Programme                    Department Head                        Professor                          Professor
 Manager Intern. Marketing            Aviation Management             Hospitality-, ­Tourism- and           Marketing Management
   Management, Business                                                   Event Management
Administration and Economics

Susanne Böhlich teaches           Ulrich Desel is teaching courses    Willy Legrand combines              Following her studies with a
courses in HR Strategy,           on Ground Handling, Network         undergraduate studies in            focus on marketing at Leibniz
Leadership,       International   Planning, Introduction into         Geography and Hospitality           Universität Hannover, Cansu
Organisational         Behavior   Aviation Management, several        Management followed by an           Oral received her doctorate
and Corporate Governance.         Aviation Projects and Airlines      MBA with a specialisation           from the University of St.
Prior to teaching at the IUBH,    Business Models. Beside his         in Corporate Environmental          Gallen. Before joining IUBH, she
Susanne Böhlich worked for        lectureship Dr. Desel is engaged    Management. Prof. Legrand           gained teaching experience
many years in international       in several consultancy projects     obtained his PhD from               at bachelor’s and master’s
management. She has been          in Germany and Europe mainly        Manchester         Metropolitan     level. In addition to her highly
Director HR Marketing at          dealing with traffic forecast,      University, UK. He worked in        sound business management
Deutsche Post DHL. Before,        market       analyses,      route   the hospitality industry in         education, she has extensive
she was a Partner at Inhouse      planning, airline business          Canada and Germany before           practical     experience      in
Consulting, the worldwide         planning       and       ground-    accepting a position at the         international marketing. During
internal top management           handling      in    cooperation     IUBH. He currently holds            her practical work as a project
consultancy of Deutsche Post      with different customers like       lectures on sustainable             manager at Bayer CropScience,
DHL. She was responsible for      Dornier Consulting, Flughafen       hospitality       development       she gained valuable experience
projects in Europe, USA and       Graz,      Airport      Partners,   and management, hospitality         in the implementation of
Asia. Formerly, she broadened     Nigerian Aircraft Handling          facilities management and           international         marketing
her international exposure at     Ltd. and others. From his           marketing at undergraduate          strategies. During her work as
Clearstream International in      days with GlobeGround and           and graduate levels in              a Business Developer at Giggo
Luxembourg and at McKinsey        consultancy services he still       Germany but also as a               Ltd. and Too Good To Go in
& Company. Susanne Böhlich        has good relationships with         visiting professor at reputable     London she developed the
obtained      her     doctorate   the Deutsche Lufthansa AG,          universities in Singapore, India,   marketing strategy for both
degree in economics from the      several        ground-handling      Dubai, France, Peru and the         companies and tested the use
University of Cologne. She has    companies like GlobeGround          United States. Willy regularly      of social media channels.
received intensive training       Berlin and Menzies Aviation         participates in the Cornell
from University of Bonn           Ltd., aviation business in the      Center for Hospitality                       Do you want to learn more
and The Wharton School,           gulf area as well as airports in    Research Sustainability                   about your future professors?
­Philadelphia.                    Europe.                             Roundtables.                          Visit us at

                                                                                                           Reasons to choose IUBH            15
         At IUBH we emphasise quality
         The quality of our programmes is important to us. That is why we have not only
         introduced a number of internal quality assurance procedures, but also subject
         ourselves to regular external accreditations and certifications.

                                     CHE                     The CHE University Ranking is one of the best known rankings in
                                                             Germany. In regular intervals, the “Centre for Higher Education

                              UNIVERSITY                     and Development” (CHE) rates universities according to their
                                                             different specialisations. In the current CHE Ranking IUBH

                                RANKING                      achieved outstanding results:
                                                             •• Top score in the category “Overall Study Conditions”
                                                             •• Top score in the category “International Orientation”
                                                             •• Top score in the category “Practical Orientation”
                                                             •• In direct comparison to the CHE Ranking 2014: Better ratings
                                                                for “academic feasibility” and “support from professors”

                           GERMAN                            All current study programmes of IUBH are accredited and
                                                             ­bear the seal of the German Accreditation Council. Among

                     ACCREDITATION                            other things, accreditation certifies that the curricula meet
                                                              academic standards, that the programmes are structured in

                           COUNCIL                            such a way as to meet all formal requirements and that the
                                                              necessary ­resources are available in the form of qualified staff
                                                              and sufficient equipment. They facilitate the international
                                                              recognition of educational qualifications in all 48 states of the
                                                              Bologna region. Five of our degree programmes were awarded
                                                              the FIBAA premium seal. This award certifies the extraordinary
                                                              quality of these programmes. It also makes the IUBH one of the
                                                              leading universities in Germany with five or more premium seals.

                                                             The German Council of Science and Humanities
                GERMAN COUNCIL                               (Wissenschaftsrat) provides advice to the German Government

                      OF SCIENCE                             on the structure and development of higher education and
                                                             research. The council has granted us institutional accreditation

                 AND HUMANITIES                              for 10 ­years, the longest possible period. This is the best
                                                             evaluation the council can award, and signifies that we provide
                                                             services in teaching and research that meet established
                                                             academic and scientific standards.

16   Reasons to choose IUBH
TOP BUSINESS    IUBH has been awarded the title “Top Business School” in the
                    Focus Money DEUTSCHLAND TEST of educational ­providers.

     SCHOOL 2018    The award confirms the high level of student satisfaction
                    with our university’s services. A total of 116 providers from
                    eight categories were put to the test.

INNOVATION & EX-    The annual Innovation & Excellence Award, presented by
                    ­Corporate LiveWire, recognises businesses and firms who are

  CELLENCE AWARD     setting industry trends with creative products and innovative
                     ideas. In 2017 to 2019, IUBH won this award. Former winners of
                     the award include Uber, Riot Games, Microsoft and Airbnb.

   HOTEL SCHOOLS    The “Hotel Schools of Distinction” is a global alliance of renowned
                    universities with specialisations in the field of hospitality

   OF DISTINCTION   management. It currently has ten membership institutions.
                    This includes the IUBH as a founding member. The IUBH is
                    the only Hotel School of Distinction in Germany.

                    IUBH is the only university in the world to offer online

             SME    examinations that can be taken anywhere, at any time, without
                    prior registration and with live supervision. For this innovation,
       INITIATIVE   the university was included in the top-best list of the IT-
                    Innovation Award for medium-sized German enterprises (SME).

                                                        Reasons to choose IUBH        17
Your campus

 Your new home on the Rhine river              art and culture metropoles Cologne and        and modern architecture, IUBH ­offers
 A picturesque town with a vibrant             Bonn for their renowned museums,              safe, comfortable and amenity-rich on-
 ­student community, Bad Honnef is             festivals and great nightlife – or just       campus living options with cutting edge
  located in one of the most beautiful         shop ‚til you drop. As an IUBH student        teaching and residential facilities:
  regions of North Rhine-Westphalia.           you ­enjoy free public transportation
  It offers ­amazing scenic and cultural       (included in your Campus Card Ticket at       ••   modern, well-equipped seminar rooms
  diversity, including Grafenwerth Island,     a cost of approx. €120).                      ••   demonstration kitchen
  the romantic Siebengebirge and                                                             ••   wine lab
  the legendary Drachenfels hill and           Study on a campus with flair                  ••   internet across the entire campus
  Drachenburg Castle. At the foot of the       Built on the historical site of St. ­Anno     ••   modern library
  Drachenfels, historic vineyards offer the    Park, Bad Honnef offers a traditional style   ••   on-campus food facilities
  perfect spot to relax after a day‘s hiking   university campus. Against a backdrop of      ••   modern furnished apartments, single
  and mountain biking or visit the nearby      lovingly renovated historical buildings            and shared

     Study programmes in Bad Honnef
     Bachelor                                  Master                                        Preparatory Programmes
     •• (Int.) Aviation Management (B.A.)      Master’s and MBA programmes in                •• Bachelor Pathway Programme
     •• Int. Event Management (B.A.)           •• Aviation                                   •• Bachelor Pre-Studies
     •• (Int.) Hospitality Management (B.A.)   •• Big Data Management                        •• Pre-Master
     •• Int. Management (B.A.)                 •• Engineering                                •• Path2Master
     •• Int. Marketing Management (B.A.)       •• Finance & Accounting
                                               •• Health Care
                                               •• Hospitality
                                               •• Human Resources
                                               •• International Management
                                               •• International Business
                                               •• IT Management
                                               •• Marketing
                                               •• Transport & Logistics

18       Your new home in....
I think it’s great to study in Bad Honnef, because
               I can be at the university in a few minutes and
               meet my buddies any time of the day without
               travelling long distances. The city may be small,
but there is always something to see: From the Martini market
to the city festival and the Holi Festival – there is something
for everyone. The island Grafenwerth is a great
possibility to enjoy the Rhine as well as the
sun and to drink a beer with the boys in the
beer garden. Bad Honnef has everything
you need, and if there’s something you
don’t have, you can quickly get to Bonn
or Cologne.”

Max Schneider
Student campus Bad Honnef

                                               IUBH University of Applied Sciences • Muelheimer Straße 38 • 53604 Bad Honnef,
                                               Germany • Tel +49 2224.8279.661 •
Cuisine on campus
     Enjoy the options on campus in Bad Honnef – whether it‘s a latte macchiato or
     croissant between seminars, or a nice culinary break. As an international university we
     ­always offer vegetarian and Halal dishes, so everyone can enjoy our culinary delights.

     Our modern canteen offers you daily choices from a wide range of healthy and
     delicious dishes. The lunch menu includes 15 different dishes – from vegetables
     or pasta to crisp salads and delicious desserts.

     Dallmayr Café & Bar
     Our Dallmayr Café is all about lifestyle and relaxation. Study and work in a relaxed
     atmosphere and enjoy a variety of coffees, tramezzini, stuffed focaccia and more.

     Charly‘s Lounge
     Our student bar Charly‘s Lounge is also a special attraction. Students do more than
     just relax with a cup of coffee here: They also celebrate Oktoberfest and Halloween
     as well as the „End of Semester Bash“ and privately organised parties. And if our
     campus manager thinks the weather is good, we sometimes spontaneously grill
     on the roof terrace...

     Restaurant anno
     Whether it‘s for a business lunch or fine dining, a company or family celebration –
     anno combines international culinary experiences with friendly and professional
     service. On summer days, you can fully enjoy outdoor gastronomy in the middle of
     the St. Anno Park with its old trees – and leave everyday life behind.

     Student residences in Bad Honnef
     Our students live in six modern blocks of flats – directly on the Bad Honnef
     campus or just two minutes away:
     •• campus study – friends and fellow students in your immediate vicinity
     •• the library is just round the corner
     •• privacy within your own four walls, but with friends next door
     •• right in the centre of all campus events
     •• Bad Honnef‘s town centre is within two minutes walking distance
     •• internet access within your own room or apartment, as well as cable or satellite TV

     Societies, sports and more
     IUBH in Bad Honnef offers a huge variety of clubs, sports teams and societies for
     you to join – a great way to relax, learn something new and make new friends. The
     following is just a small selection of what‘s available:
     •• IUBH Rugby Team                           •• IUBH Running Club
     •• IUBH Basketball Team                      •• IUBH Soccer Team
     •• IUBH Dancing Club                         •• IUBH Tennis Team
     •• IUBH Volleyball Team                      •• Grape(S)ociety
     •• IUBH Handball Team                        •• IUBH LEO Club
     •• IUBH Kickboxing Club                      •• Chef Society
                                                  •• SOAP Students On Air Project

Student Services at IUBH
Incoming international students
IUBH’s International Office is the first on-campus contact for all non-German students
and provides a range of services to help international students adjust to living in
Germany and studying at IUBH. It forwards important information about the start of
the semester and key steps that need to be taken on arrival in Germany. It also co-
ordinates directly with other relevant IUBH departments providing student assistance,
such as the Student Office and the Accommodation Services. Staff at the International
Office are keenly aware of the challenges surrounding international student mobility,
potential visa-related hurdles and culture shock issues. Their aim is ensuring that all
international students feel welcome at IUBH from the very word go.

Language & intercultural communication                                                                   Studying at IUBH has
English is our predominant medium of instruction with additional courses like                            been one of the best
“Academic Writing” and “Business English” designed to enrich your learning and                           experiences of both my
enhance language skills. To further underpin our international focus, students can                       academic     and     social
choose to incorporate further languages, depending on their study programme.              life. The curriculum enables close
Our international students may also take German. So for three semesters, IUBH             collaboration with faculty staff, most of
students can choose to learn a new language or improve existing language skills           whom are also practitioners in renowned
within the framework of their study programme.                                            international companies, thus offering
                                                                                          excellent insights into current business
Your career in focus                                                                      practices, as well as access to recent
What makes people successful? What contributes to extraordinary careers?                  case studies. This close interaction and
­Research has impressively shown, that a good and practically oriented education          personal support combined with excellent
 is the ­prerequisite for success. However, other factors also come into play before                    learning materials creates
 a successful career can begin: after graduation it is not solely about having                               an intensive and
 excellent knowledge, but also about presenting yourself as indispensable                                       productive learning
 for your future employer. IUBH career services help you to develop this                                          environment.”
 skill: we offer special workshops that give you an optimal preparation
 for the current job market situation. In order to offset a shortage of                                            Mahtab
 skilled labour, German companies increasingly recruit highly ­qualified                                           Yasdansharif
 international employees – ideal circumstances for your career start.                                              from Iran
 Our workshops increase your chances by, for ­example, improving your                                             Alumni at IUBH
 interview and negotiation skills so that you can present yourself as the                                        Bad Honnef
 sought-after expert you already are.

                                                                                                          Your new home in....         21
Your campus

 Study in Europe’s most exciting city            hop from some of the most important          the campus. And if you decide to learn
 Study at the very heart of Europe and           landmarks of Berlin. Why not use             outside the campus building, Berlin
 experience Berlin’s rich and vibrant            your study breaks for a quick walk to        has an abundant offering of canteens,
 lifestyle. This dynamic and future-oriented     the architecturally unique museum            cafeterias, student coffee bars and
 city is set to become Europe’s leading start-   island “Museumsinsel”, the historical        libraries open to IUBH students. IUBH
 up hub and is already a top location for        “Nikolaiviertel”, or to “Alexanderplatz”     campus provides the perfect environment
 entrepreneurs. Host to people from more         with its Shopping Malls and numerous         for your learning experience:
 than 186 countries, Berlin is a powerhouse      bars and restaurants. You can also take
 of networking and collaboration with a          it easy and relax directly by the “Spree”,   •• modern, well-equipped seminar
 wealth of opportunities and resources just      peacefully flowing right in front of the        rooms & facilities
 waiting to be tapped into.                      IUBH campus, or on “Fisher Island”.          •• Wi-Fi available across the entire campus
                                                 Historic from the outside, utterly state-    •• access to many libraries around the city
 IUBH capital campus                             of-the-art from the inside: our Campus       •• access to all dining facilities
 Located directly in the centre of Berlin,       on Rolandufer offers modern lecture             provided by the Berlin Student
 the IUBH Berlin Campus is just a short          facilities and free Wi-Fi throughout            Association (“Studentenwerk”)

 Study programmes in Berlin
 Bachelor                                        Master                                       Preparatory Programmes
 •• International Management                     Master’s and MBA programmes in               •• Bachelor Pathway Programme
                                                 •• Aviation                                  •• Pre-Master
                                                 •• Big Data Management                       •• Path2Master
                                                 •• Finance & Accounting
                                                 •• Health Care
                                                 •• Hospitality
                                                 •• Human Resources
                                                 •• International Management
                                                 •• International Business
                                                 •• IT Management
                                                 •• Leadership & Management
                                                 •• Marketing

22   Your new home in....
Living and studying in Berlin has completely
               ­lacked any dullness. Although life is organized
                and structured here, the culture of this cosmo-
                politan capital shines through the daily grind
with non-stop fascinating and diverse happenings all around
the city. Moreover, IUBH graces its students with a welcom-
ing and international atmosphere, making it a tru-
ly exciting challenge to learn from experienced
professors. Berlin’s vibrancy reigns, and
­together with IUBH satisfies any students’

Amy Anchipolovsky
Student campus Berlin

                                             IUBH University of Applied Sciences • Rolandufer 13 • 10179 Berlin, Germany •
                                             Tel +49 030.9653.5025 •
Bachelor’s, Master’s & MBA


26   International Management         38   Aviation
28   Aviation Management              42   Big Data Management
30   Hospitality Management           45   Engineering
32   International Event Management   48   Finance & Accounting
34   Marketing Management             52   Human Resources
36   Bachelor Preparatory Courses     55   Health Care
                                      58   Hospitality
                                      62   IT Management
                                      66   Marketing
                                      70   Transport & Logistics
                                      74   Leadership & Management
                                      76   Master of Business Administration
                                      78   Master Preparatory Courses
Bachelor (B.A.)
                                 Start your international career with our Bachelor in International Management.
                                 Marketing, sales and public relations, accounting, finance and controlling or HR –
                                 you can specialise and later work in these areas. We impart you with broad-based
                                 knowledge for a career in a wide variety of sectors and roles:

                                 •• You examine the principles and challenges of international marketing, human
                                    resources and accounting.
                                 •• You gain in-depth economic knowledge, including micro and macroeconomics,
                                    statistics and accounting.
                                 •• You work on additional qualifications, such as international project management
                                    and change management.

                                 Degree                                    Campus
                                 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)                   Bad Honnef, Berlin

                                 •• Data Analytics                         •• Digital Marketing
                                 •• Human Ressource Management             •• Accounting & Finance

                                 Intake and duration
                                 •• Intake Bad Honnef: March & September
                                 •• Intake Berlin: April & October
                                 •• Duration: 6 semester

                                 Study abroad
                                 •• 1 semester (optional, performance-related)
                                 •• 1 semester internship (in Germany or abroad)

                                 Questions? Please contact us:
                                 Bad Honnef: +49 2224.8279.661             Berlin: +49 30.9653.5025

26    Study programmes at IUBH
Majors                                                                 Curriculum (180 ECTS)
Accounting & Finance
This major is designed for students who want to work in the                                             Semester
treasury or control position at an internationally operating
firm or who strive for a career as a Chief Financial Officer
(CFO). It provides knowledge and skills in the areas of
                                                                                  Business Statistics
                                                                      Principles of Organisation and
                                                                                                          1        5 ECTS
                                                                                                                   5 ECTS
­management accounting, financial accounting and financial                           HR Management
 management.                                                     Principles of Service Marketing and               5 ECTS
Digital Marketing                                                               Financial Accounting               5 ECTS
To account for recent advancements in the area of ­marketing,               Digital Future Commerce                5 ECTS
students will become acquainted with selected contemporary              Compulsory Elective Module                 5 ECTS
issues of marketing management in this course.                                    Foreign Language I

Human Resource Management                                                                                 2
This course is designed for students who want to work in                    Business Mathematics                   5 ECTS
the HR department of an internationally operating firm.           Management and Cost Accounting                   5 ECTS
The ­module provides knowledge and skills in the areas of                  Digital Business Models                 5 ECTS
­compensation as well as training and development at an                Organizational Behaviour &                  5 ECTS
 intermediate level.                                                  Intercultural Communication
                                                                                   Microeconomics                  5 ECTS
Data Analytics                                                        Compulsory Elective Module                   5 ECTS
This major is designed for students who wants to know                           Foreign Language II
everything about Internet of things as a driver for need of
Big Data technologies or relevant Business Intelligence data.                                             3
Upon successful completion of the module, students are                            Macroeconomics                   5 ECTS
able to distinguish between data and information, and to                Principles of Research and                 5 ECTS
explain their meaning in terms of decision-making.                               Academic Writing
                                                                       Compulsory Elective Module                  5 ECTS
                                                                               Foreign Language III
                                                                            Financial Management                   5 ECTS
Career prospects                                                Management Accounting and Control                  5 ECTS
                                                                  Business and Marketing Research                  5 ECTS
             As an International Manager, you are the
             navigator of the company in an increasingly                                                  4
             global world, and an important link for the                                   Elective                15 ECTS
             functional communication between business                      Advanced Research and                  5 ECTS
and society. At the IUBH, we offer a tailor-made concept                          Academic Writing
which prepares you in the best possible way for the global                             SAP Training                5 ECTS
challenges which modern management brings with it. At this                     Career Development                  5 ECTS
moment in time, where we have a chronic lack of managerial
staff, your career prospects are very                                                                     5
bright indeed.”                                                             Applied Industry Project               5 ECTS
                                                                              Entrepreneurship and                 5 ECTS
Prof. Dr. Michaela Seybold                                                New Venture Management
Department Head of                                                                   Design Thinking               5 ECTS
Business Administration                                                        Change Management                   5 ECTS
and Economics                                                           Internship (optional abroad)               10 ECTS

                                                                       Internship (optional abroad)                20 ECTS
                                                                      Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium                 10 ECTS

                                                                                          Study programmes at IUBH           27
Bachelor (B.A.)
                                Bringing customers and goods to their destination in the shortest, safest and most
                                convenient way. As a graduate of the Aviation Management programme, you work for
                                traditional airlines such as Lufthansa and Air France-KLM, for low-budget airlines
                                such as Eurowings, as well as for handling companies, aircraft manufacturers and
                                maintenance companies. Our innovative programme gives you everything you
                                need in the dynamic world of airport and airline business and qualifies you for
                                an international career. Our professors and lecturers attach ­great importance to
                                the close integration of theory and practice. Most of them have themselves gained
                                many years of specialist and management experience on an international level –
                                and would like to share it. They do this for example through case studies, projects
                                and field trips to renowned companies.

                                Degree                                     Campus
                                Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)                    Bad Honnef

                                •• Airline Marketing                       •• Current Issues in Aviation
                                •• Airport Marketing                       •• Financial Management Airlines
                                •• Airport Sales & E-Commerce              •• Financial Management Airports
                                •• Safety Management

                                Intake and duration
                                •• Intake: March & September
                                •• Aviation Management (180 ECTS): 6 semesters
                                •• International Aviation ­Management (210 ECTS): 7 semesters

                                Study abroad
                                •• Intern. Aviation Management (B.A.): 1 semester at one of our partner universities

28   Study programmes at IUBH
Electives                                                     Curriculum (180 & 210 ECTS)
Airline Marketing                                              Aviation Management                      Intern. Aviation Management
This elective allows students to apply                                     (180 ECTS)               1   (210 ECTS)
marketing concepts to the airline industry.             Quantitative Methods, part 1                    Quantitative Methods, part 1

                                                                   Accounting, part 1                   Accounting, part 1
Airport Marketing                                              Aviation Policy, part 1                  Aviation Policy, part 1
The course gives a special focus to                  Integrated Service Management                      Integrated Service Management
­competitive analysis as well as market                              Aviation System                    Aviation System
Airline Sales and e-Commerce                            Quantitative Methods, part 2                    Quantitative Methods, part 2
The elective focuses on airline sales                              Accounting, part 2                   Accounting, part 2
& distribution and the impact of the                          Aviation Policy, part 2                   Aviation Policy, part 2
changing means of IT-support on the                     Applied Academic Research I                     Applied Academic Research I
relevant players (Airlines, IT Service                          Airport Management                      Airport Management
providers, ­Intermediaries, Customers).                          Aviation Intellignce                   Aviation Intellignce
                                                          Cargo Management, part 1                      Cargo Management, part 1
Safety Management & Human
Factors in Aviation Business                                                                      3
During this course we will take a closer look              Cargo Management, part 2                     Cargo Management, part 2
into regulatory requirements, industry best                 Business Communication                      Business Communication
practice and aircraft accident analysis.                      Financial Management                      Financial Management
                                                                           Economics                    Economics
Current Issues in Aviation                                       Airline Management                     Airline Management
Students will prepare research papers
to individual topics (issues) of their                                                           4
choice and present their papers during                                        Internship                Internship
seminar sessions.
Financial Management Airlines or                              Legal Aspects of Business                 Legal Aspects of Business
Financial Management Airports                            Applied Academic Research II                   Applied Academic Research II
This courses aim at understanding                    Advanced Aviation Management                       Advanced Aviation Management
the financial manager’s role within an                 Aviation Capacity Management                     Aviation Capacity Management
airline/airport management team.                          Electives (choose 3 out of 5):                Electives (choose 3 out of 5) (sem 5+6):
                                                  Airline Marketing • Airport Marketing •               Airline Marketing • Airport Marketing •
                                                         Airline Sales and e-Commerce •                 Airline Sales and e-Commerce •
Career prospects                                        Safety Management and Human                     Safety Management and Human
                                                             Factors in Aviation Busines •              Factors in Aviation Busines •
              Without aviation, our econ-                       Current Issues in Aviation              Current Issues in Aviation
              omy, international trade and
              globalisation would all be                                                          6
              unable to function. What’s                      Special Aviation Topics                   Special Aviation Topics
more, all forecasts for the aviation indus-           Aviation Accounting & Finance                     Aviation Accounting & Finance
try indicate that this will ­remain the case                      (choose 1 out of 2):                  (choose 1 out of 2):
in the decades to come. We prepare our               Financial Management Airlines •                    Financial Management Airlines •
students for a career in this exciting in-            Financial Management Airports                     Financial Management Airports
dustry by covering all areas of aviation:           Controlling Airlines and Airports                   Controlling Airlines and Airports
from airlines to airports, air traffic control,                    Aviation Project III                 Aviation Project III
ground handling, marketing and                           Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium                   Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium
financing, to cargo, and so on.”
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Desel                                                                             Semester Abroad
Department Head of
Aviation Management

                                                                                                        Study programmes at IUBH        29
Bachelor (B.A.)
                                 The focus of “hospitality” is always on the guest and the associated services. The
                                 “hospitality industry” as an economic sector includes the classic hotels but also
                                 adjacent industries such as cruise lines, real estate developers or online intermediaries
                                 and service providers such as hospitality consulting or IT service providers. That means
                                 hospitality management covers a very wide field with countless, often cross-industry
                                 opportunities. We prepare you for this challenging environment in the Hospitality
                                 Management programme with extensive knowledge – both from the hospitality industry as
                                 well as from the general management. After graduation you will be in demand worldwide,
                                 for example in the hotel industry, in holiday resorts and clubs, but also at congress and
                                 trade fair organisers, management consultancies and specialised hotel service providers.
                                 In our 210-ECTS-variant you spend your 5th and 6th semester at an international partner
                                 university of the IUBH abroad. You have the opportunity to do an additional Bachelor
                                 degree there so that you have a double Bachelor degree after graduation, which will give
                                 you even more opportunities to start a successful international career.

                                 Degree(s)                                     Campus
                                 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)                       Bad Honnef

                                 •• Destination ­Management                    •• Sustainable Tourism, Hospitality &
                                 •• Human Resource Management                     Events
                                 •• Integrated Hospitality Management          •• Spa and Wellness Management
                                 •• Marketing                                  •• Sales & Distribution

                                 Intake and duration
                                 •• Intake: March & September
                                 •• Hospitality Management (180 ECTS): 6 semesters
                                 •• International Hospitality ­Management (210 ECTS): 7 semesters incl. dual degree

                                 Study abroad
                                 •• Hospitality Management (B.A.): 1 semester (optional, performance-related)
                                 •• Intern. Hospitality Management (B.A.): 1 year at one of our partner universities

30    Study programmes at IUBH
Majors                                                          Curriculum (180 & 210 ECTS)
Destination Management                                         Hospitality Management                    International Hospitality
Students will learn to analyse the tourism                                     (180 ECTS)            1   Management (210 ECTS)
status-quo of destinations and be able to                  Quantitative Methods, part 1                  Quantitative Methods, part 1

formulate tailor-made strategies that can               Integrated Service Management                    Integrated Service Management
improve the measured situation.                                       Accounting, part 1                 Accounting, part 1
                                                           Applied Academic Research I                   Applied Academic Research I
Human Resource Management                                            Foreign Language I                  Foreign Language I
The major provides skills in the areas of recruit-              Practical Training, part 1               Practical Training, part 1
ment, hiring, training and development as well
as compensation at an intermediate level.
                                                           Quantitative Methods, part 2                  Quantitative Methods, part 2
Integrated Hospitality Management                                    Accounting, part 2                  Accounting, part 2
This major ensures that students have the                      Practical Training, part 2                Practical Training, part 2
opportunity to explore and discuss cutting                  Room Division Management                     Room Division Management
edge topics shaping the hospitality industry                        Foreign Language II                  Foreign Language II
from food trends to general management.                       Business Communication                     Business Communication

Marketing                                                                                          3
To account for recent advancements in the            Kitchen & Restaurant Management                     Kitchen & Restaurant Management
area of marketing, students will become                                      Economics                   Economics
acquainted with selected contemporary issues                     Financial Management                    Financial Management
of marketing management in this major.                                     Organisation                  Organisation
                                                                    Foreign Language III                 Foreign Language III
Sales & Distribution
Students will be enabled to analyse the                                                           4
different distribution systems in travel and                                   Internship                Internship
tourism and to recognize and interpret
­changes of distribution over the past years.                                                      5
                                                       Business & Marketing Research                     You spend your 5th & 6th
Spa & Wellness Management                                Applied Academic Research II                    semester abroad at an
This major places emphasis on an                      Hospitality Sales and eCommerce                    international partner
understanding of the development,                             Major (choose 1 out of 6):                 university of IUBH:
management and marketing of health                   Integrated Hospitality Management •                 International Management +
and wellness hospitality and tourism.                    Sustainable Tourism, Hospitality                Marketing
                                                             & Events • Spa and Wellness                 International Hospitality
Sustainable Tourism,                                               Management • Sales &                  3 Free Electives (offered by partner
Hospitality & Events                                             Distribution • Marketing •              university)
The major provides knowledge about the                     Human Resource Management
necessity to adopt a management approach                                                                                             including
balancing the needs of economic profit with                                                        6                              dual degree!
social equity, and environmental stewardship.                      Operations Analysis
                                                           Legal Aspects of Hospitality
                                                               Hotel Development and
Career prospects                                                Facilities Management
                                                                  Consumer Behaviour
Contrary to what you may assume, the                     Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium
hospitality industry comprises not only the
hotel industry, but also areas of consultancy,
hotel development and specialised                                                                        Applied Academic Research II
hospitality services. Accordingly, our                                                                   Operations Analysis
graduates have a very diverse array of career                                                            Legal Aspects in Hospitality
opportunities – from the hospitality sector                                                              Consumer Behaviour
as well as overarching management skills                                                                 Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium
that will allow them to become leaders in
the sector and drive the necessary changes
                                                                                                         Study programmes at IUBH        31
to face the future challenges in hospitality.
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