YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final

YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final
                          The Youth
                                                    MAY 2019
   Welcome to our fifth
   newsletter for 2019!
  Please read, share and
   contact us for more
       information.                 "WHENLawrence
                                 - Elizabeth EDUCATINGTHE MINDS OF YOUTH, WE MUST NOT
                                              FORGET TO EDUCATE THEIR HEARTS"
                                                         -Dalai Lama -

MENTAL HEALTH                                        COMMEMORATING
                                                     YOUTH DAY
Monthly specialist and public                        ON JUNE 16
Talks & Workshops
        '                       June 16, Youth Day, commemorates the historic uprising of our youth
                                against the injustices of apartheid-a milestone in the journey to
Support Group Training          South Africa’s democracy. Across the African continent, it is also
Workshops                       observed as the Day of the African Child-a celebration of our children
                                while acknowledging the ongoing challenges they face.

Accredited Specialist
Workshops                       While adolescence is popularly characterized as a stage of ‘turmoil’, it
                                is more importantly and accurately a stage of critical physical and
                                emotional development rich with opportunity to shape the potential
Youth outreach projects at      of our future leaders. Together with dynamic internal
schools and universities        neurodevelopmental and hormonal changes, our youth face
                                environmental pressures, demands and stressors that make them

Engaging mental health events   vulnerable. The two greatest gifts we can give our children are roots

and platforms                   and wings. Adolescence is the time when our children are preparing
                                to unfurl their wings-let us be the consistent loving winds beneath
                                their wings so that they may achieve their full potential.
AND More...
YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final
S A D A G       K Z N     2 0 1 9



 We are excited to share that SADAG KZN met with the Department of Education on May 20 at
Hlengimpilo School, in Inanda. We were joined by school principals, learner support agents (LSAs)
   and representatives from the four high schools where we will be launching our pilot project,
                             iKhanda Mandla: Mind Power for Youth.
   The pilot project aims to promote mentally healthy lifestyles in under-resourced schools by
 engaging youth in sustainable mental health programmes, starting youth mental health clubs.
  The project will focus on raising awareness in order to reduce stigma related to youth mental
   health; supporting early detection of mental health problems while signposting referral and
support systems. Building mental resilience among young people is critical to general health and
             Adolescents are the greatest resource for a society to thrive’ - WHO.
 COMPETENCE: Provide opportunities to develop emotional, cognitive and physical skills
 CONFLUENCE: Boost self-efficacy and esteem by promoting opportunities for success as well as
 learning from ‘failures’
 CONNECTION: Promote social connectivity with a wide range of people; the brain is a social organ and
 social health is essential for mental health
 CHARACTER: Support physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth as they explore and define their
 unique identities
 CARING: Provide a nurturing physical and emotional environment that teaches a culture of caring for
 self and others
 Adapted from TTYE Guide -John Hopkins 2009
                          >> TEENAGERS NEED MORE SLEEP THAN ADULTS!
YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final
S A D A G   K Z N   2 0 1 9

                  MAY IN

                                                   6   M A Y
                                                   Talks on
                                                   with DRC
                                                 youth, DMC,
                                               Durban Central

   1 0   M A Y
Depression and

                                                 1 8   M A Y
                                               UKZN Student
                                               Services: talk
                                               at Louis Botha
                                               Mental Health
YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final
S A D A G   K Z N   2 0 1 9

                                      MAY IN

                                                                   2 2    M A Y
                                                                  SADAG KZN
                                                                  Forum Talk:

        2 3   M A Y
   Presenting at
   (South African
     Society of
  Health Nursing

                                                                           2 5   M A Y
  3 1   M ACORNER
  Talk on                                                                Presentation
Depression at                                                              on SADAG
  the Deaf                                                                Services at
Association                                                               sun pharma

        Our community initiatives are made possible through the support of
        many individuals and organizations, we would like to thank all of you!
YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final
S A D A G   K Z N   2 0 1 9

              UP IN
                                  PLANNING MEETING FOR
                                                               15.00pm to 17.00pm
      Life St Josephs Hospital, 82 Mazisi Kunene (South Ridge Road), Berea, Durban
Our KZN Mental Health Advocacy Walk and Wellness Fair will be hosted on 6 October.
                              If you are able to support this event by assisting with
                        donations, volunteering or sponsorships please contact
       and WALK THE TALK at KZN's BEST WALK!.

                  The 5th annual Durban Mental Health Symposium will be hosted on        BY
                                              3 July 2019 from 8.30am to 14.00pm
                         At the Unite Building, UKZN Howard College Campus, Gate 8
                   PLEASE RSVP to to book your seat!          18th
YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final
SOLOS (Survivors of Loved One’s of Suicide) and Depression Group               3rd
                                                                                   18.00pm - 19.00pm         Tues
                                                          Contact Lori on
                                                                           or whatsapp 083 652 0117
                                                                       Support Group Leaders' Forum          3rd
 S A D A G   K Z N   2 0 1 9
                                                                                   16.15pm - 17.00pm
    kzn                  Self care is important! Inviting all Support Group Leaders to join our monthly     Thurs
                           forum with Clinical Psychologist, Suntosh Pillay. This forum offers a space
  support forsupervisory    personal support and debriefing. It also gives leaders the opportunity for
                                        and confidential support around issues arising in their groups.
  groups                                       For more information and to confirm attendance email
                                    Lynn on or Whatsapp 078 278 7047
           IN-OFFICE SUPPORT GROUPS                                      UKZN Student Support Group
         AT SADAG KZN OFFICE, DURBAN                         13.00 - 14.00pm - Howard College Campus         3rd
              Contact Lynne Richards on                          Support group for all students across      Friday for more info                               Howard College Campus
                                                         For more info contact Anne on 081 206 3482
         Support Group          1     15 Support Group
   with Noor & Wandisa         JUN   JUN with Noor & Wandisa                     The Mum's Support Network
   14.00pm - 15.30pm                     14.00pm - 15.30pm           Thursdays & Saturdays - La Lucia Library
         Support Group                                            This group is aimed at mums-to-be and new Weekly
with Revania & Krisanya
                            3        17 Support    Group
                                                Revania & Krisanya mums    who are suffering from any form of
   09.00am - 10.30pm       JUN JUN with    09.00am - 10.30pm anger,  “perinatal distress”; depression, anxiety,
                                                                           self harm etc. For mothers needing
        Support Group        7       21 Support    Group                     advice, love and support, contact
 with Rivendri & Lynne     JUN JUN with         Rivendri & Lynne                                  Alexandra on
     09.00am - 10.30am                     09.00am - 10.30am        
         Support Group      13                                                        Westville Support Group
  with Micaela & Lorelle   JUN                                                      Most   Wednesday Evenings Weekly
   16.30pm - 18.00pm                                                     A group support with an emphasis on
                                                                      Buddhist Mindfulness techniques. Email
                                                                       Shawn on for info
      KZN currently has various groups in and around the                       Support Group for Care Givers
      Ethekwini district, Empangeni, Estcourt, Ladysmith,          17.00 - 18.00pm, Every 2nd & 4th Monday Bi-Weekly
   Newcastle, Pietermaritzburg and Verulam. We would love                          The purpose of this group is
   to spread these groups more widely across our province.              to provide support and skills for those
               To find out more information on                      caring  for family members and loved ones
         HOW TO START A SADAG SUPPORT GROUP,                                with mental illness, neurocognitive
     please contact Lynn at                disorders and substance use problems For
    who will be able to answer all your questions and send                           more information, contact
                    you more information.                           Ashley van Heerden on 072 364 4063 or
                                                                            Kerry Anderson on 083 776 0772
                         OASIS Support Group                               Queensburgh Support Group
                              14.30 - 16.00pm 20                17.30 - 19.00pm, NOW Every Wednesday
 Open acceptance supporting individual sexuality June          This group has been running bi-weekly for Weekly
        Durban Holocaust & Genocide Centre,                    many years & has now been extended to a
                       enter at 44 KE Masinga                  weekly group. They focus on Depression &
                    Contact Michelle Murray on                       Anxiety. If you live in Queensburgh /
                                         Malvern Areas please contact
                          or Cell 0845800489                                       Tina on 066 202 9252
YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final
Visit for more info

                                                     S A D A G   K Z N   2 0 1 9

                                                                                              Men’s Health Month
                                                                                          National Blood Donor Month

                                                                                   2 Child Protection Week (Ends)
                                                                                   15 Go Turquoise for Elderly campaign
                                                                                       World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
                                                                                   16 Youth Day
                                                                                   17 Public Holiday
   There is a large and growing body of scientific                                 21 International Yoga Day
   evidence attesting to the physical, mental and                                  24 SANCA Drug Awareness Week (Begins)
 spiritual benefits of yoga; it is a practice endorsed                             26 Substance Abuse Awareness Day
             by Harvard medical school.                                            28 International Day of Action for
                                                                                       Women’s Health
‘Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody
                                                                                   30 SANCA Drug Awareness Week (Ends)
  of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the
               symphony of life.’ -Lyengar-

SADAG is non partisan, respecting diversity of practices and the right to make informed choices. The views and opinions of
                     facilitators and/or representatives belong to the author and do not necessarily
                                    mirror the views and opinions of the organization.
YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final
S A D A G   K Z N   2 0 1 9

                   SADAG KZN

                                       SADAG KZN HAS A TEAM OF
                                     PROFESSIONALS THAT IS READY
                                         TO HELP YOU NAVIGATE
    YOUTH MENTAL                       MENTAL HEALTH THROUGH
 HEALTH PROGRAMMES                    CUSTOMIZED WORKSHOPS,                            TRAINING SUPPORT
                                                                                        GROUP LEADERS
      Custom designed                   TALKS OR PROGRAMMES
   programmes available ie                                                             Training Support Group Leaders
     Youth led activities,             TO BEST SUIT YOUR NEEDS.                        and Supporting Leaders through
       Support clubs,
   Mental Health Literacy,               CONTACT US FOR MORE                           process of running these groups
                                                                                       in their respective communities
      Sustain wellbeing
                                      INFORMATION AND PRICING.

                                                                                          MENTAL HEALTH
    SCHOOL MENTAL                                                                        PSYCHOEDUCATION
   HEALTH CAMPAIGNS                                                                        PROGRAMMES
 This includes a once-off campaign             MENTAL HEALTH IN                            This includes Community
    on teen suicide, depression,                                                         forums, Talks, Presentations,
    anxiety, bullying, panic and
                                                THE WORKPLACE
                                                                                           CPD-accredited Training,
           substance abuse                                                                   Awareness campaigns
                                                      Includes Corporate talks,
                                                   Presentations, Specialised Talks,
                                                        Wellness packages for
                                                       Employers & Employees

         VOLUNTEERS                                                                                 We welcome
                                                                                                   volunteers to
                                                                                                 donate their time
                                                                                                  and or skills to
                                                                                                    support us
           Volunteers monthly meetings
 First First Friday of the month, 2pm - 4pm                                                          in actively

Friday Join us for tea and coffee and learn                                                          promoting
                                                                                                 Mental Health in
           about our current projects and work in                                                KwaZulu-Natal!
           teams with other volunteers
           >> Next one on 7 June 2019
YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final
                    a view on
                                        YOUNG PEOPLE WILL CHANGE GLOBAL MENTAL HEALTH
                      global            Over the past 3 years I have been actively involved in Mental Health
                                        Advocacy and have had the privilege to be part of the
              mental health #mymindourhumanity campaign initiated by the 15 Youth Leaders
                BY CHANTELLE BOOYSEN    from different countries. The Youth Leaders for the Lancet Commission
                                        on Global Mental Health was established in July 2018. The campaign
                                        was collaboratively coordinated by the BeGOOD Team at the University
                                        of Oxford and NCD Child, and funded by the Wellcome Trust.
                                        The global campaign disseminated the key findings of The Lancet
                                        Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development, to
                                        young people worldwide and compiled 3 core goals: * Reduce stigma
                                        and promote a view of mental health as a fundamental part of being
                                        human; * Integrate young people’s voices, values and experiences
                                        into public debate; * Educate young people and inspire them to take
                                        action to promote well being in their communities.
                                        A major part of the vision for the campaign is to create tangible
                                        outcomes that young people can benefit from. We have done this by
                                        means of a social media campaign, online challenges, creating local,
                                        regional events, integrating young people in high level meetings
                                        and launching a Policy Brief that is initiated, created and disseminated
                                        by young people
                                        Young people under 25 make up to 42% of the worlds population and
                                        mental ill-health is currently the leading cause of disability in young
                                        people aged 10 to 24. Yet, young people are least likely to access
                                        mental health services due to under detection, lack of awareness and
                                        help-seeking, and insufficient priority in policy frameworks.
                                        The NCD Child Side event hosted next to the United Nations
                                        Building in Geneva on 23 May 2019 was used to launch the policy
                                        brief with 3 recommendations i.e. [1] To ensure full and direct
                                        participation of young people as well as people with lived
                                        experience; [2] To increase financial investment in early
                CLICK HERE
                                        intervention and prevention programmes and [3] To strengthen
                                        mental health education in schools and universities.
              to CONTRIBUTE
             to our impactful

           Dr Suvira Ramlall            These recommendations are designed to empower young people to
  KZN Director, Specialist Psychiatrist start conversations with your respective governments. It does not
             Suntosh Pillay             dictate the exact needs of every young person, every community or
   KZN Director, Clinical Psychologist  every country but it can be used as a guideline to develop workable,
            Dr Lynn Norton              functional and implementable policies in respective regions.
 KZN Coordinator, PHD Health Promotion To view the policy brief and read more about the #mymindourhumanity
          Chantelle Booysen
KZN Project Manager & Youth Ambassador campaign visit
           SADAG KZN OFFICE CONTACT                               SADAG NATIONAL HELPLINE
       Lynn Norton |                           0800 567 567
       Chantelle Booysen |             
                   +27 78 278 7047                             Newsletter designed by: Chantelle Booysen
YOUTH DAY COMMEMORATING - The Youth Edition - MAY 2019_Final
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