Advancing the U.S. Air Force Mission - IT Solutions, Professional & Technical Services

Advancing the U.S. Air Force Mission - IT Solutions, Professional & Technical Services
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            Advancing the U.S. Air Force Mission

                                                        IT Solutions, Professional & Technical Services
Advancing the U.S. Air Force Mission - IT Solutions, Professional & Technical Services
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Advancing the U.S. Air Force Mission - IT Solutions, Professional & Technical Services
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         Agile Support for Today’s Operations,
         Reliable Innovation for Tomorrow’s Missions

         An F-22 in Nevada returns to the air            its future. We deliver full life-cycle IT
         wing on schedule after routine systems          solutions, services and support to the Air
         maintenance. Secure combat systems at           Force enterprise, major commands and
         U.S. Air Force bases in Asia transport data     bases worldwide.
         at unprecedented rates. An advanced help
                                                         Our IT capabilities include: Turnkey
         desk provides the answer that keeps a
                                                         System Integration • Network & Enterprise
         network operations center in Europe at
                                                         Infrastructure • Cybersecurity • Data
         peak performance. Senior Air Force leaders
                                                         Network Systems • Voice Switching Systems •
         conduct realistic wargames in a high tech
                                                         Wireless Solutions • Operations &
         seminar setting.
                                                         Maintenance (O&M) • Software Engineering •
         These scenarios share a common thread:          Convergence & Network Optimization •
         expert solutions and services from General      Asset Management • IT & Mission Support •
         Dynamics Information Technology. Drawing        Network Engineering, Fielding, Integration,
         on decades of experience with the U.S. Air      Testing & Management • Premise &
         Force at bases and facilities around the        Campus Wiring.
         world, we provide a total resource for
         information technology (IT) solutions,          Professional & Technical Services for
         systems integration, and professional and       Unique Mission Requirements
         technical (P&T) services.                       Our diverse P&T services deliver the agility,
         As a prime contractor or a key contract         subject matter experts (SMEs) and in-the-
         team member, our company supports the           field experience to support the Air Force’s
         Air Force’s current mission and enterprise      changing requirements – anytime, anywhere,
         operations – and provides solutions and         any mission. These life-cycle services meet
         support for modernization initiatives and       warfighting and modernization needs, as
         future missions. This includes thought          well as unprecedented demands on resources,
                                                                                                         Experienced engineering teams deliver
         leadership to drive new technologies and        readiness and staffing.                         network modernizations and integrated
         systems, as well as policy analysis, research   These P&T services include: Advisory
         and development support, cybersecurity          & Management Services • Planning &
         and advanced modeling and simulation            Analysis • Modeling & Simulation •
         for innovative training and wargaming.          Training • Wargaming • Engineering,
         Life-Cycle IT Solutions for the                 Research & Testing • Logistics Systems &
         Modern Air Force                                Support • Information Assurance • IT &
                                                         Mission Support • Deployment Management •
         General Dynamics Information Technology         Tier 1, 2 & 3 Help Desk Services •
         is a trusted partner in supporting the Air      Conference Management.
         Force’s journey to the net-centric enterprise
         and mission IT capabilities that characterize

                  For decades, the U.S. Air Force has relied on General Dynamics
                  Information Technology for expert solutions and services.
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                                                               Performance, Innovation and Security
                                                               on Forward-Looking Air Force Programs

                                                               Combat Information Transport System (CITS).      Integrated Network Operations & Security
                                                               As a leading CITS contractor, General            Centers (I-NOSC). Our network engineers
                                                               Dynamics Information Technology has              designed and implemented the I-NOSCs
                                                               spearheaded the modernization of networks        for Peterson and Langley Air Force Bases.
                                                               and cybersecurity at more than 75 Air Force      Among their functions, the I-NOSCs
                                                               sites worldwide. Our specialists provide         centralize management of base cyber-
                                                               turnkey life-cycle support including design,     security boundaries for both the NIPRNet
                                                               engineering, integration, training, accredita-   and SIPRNet.
                                                               tion/test and sustainment. The program
                                                                                                                Air Defense Communications Service
                                                               includes the redesign and cybersecurity of
                                                                                                                (ADCS). For more than 25 years, the
                                                               the Air Force’s unclassified and classified
                                                                                                                communications system that supports
                                                               network operations and information assurance
                                                                                                                America’s air defense forces has relied on
                                                               system, part of the Air Force Network
                                                                                                                General Dynamics Information Technology
                                                               Operations (AFNetOps) construct.
                                                                                                                for expert O&M support, engineering
                                                               Voice Switch Systems. Since 1997, our            services and logistics support. Delivering
                                                               company has provided logistics and technical     outstanding system availability, we serve as
                                                               support services needed to ensure the            the single system manager for the ADCS’
                                                               operational effectiveness, security and          dedicated network, command and control
                                                               global sustainment of Air Force voice            (C2) centers and remote sites in the conti-
                                                               switching systems. We have performed             nental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Guam.
                                                               more than 1,000 switch installations,
                                                                                                                IT Support Services. As the service
                                                               upgrades and relocations – which extend
                                                                                                                provider for the AFNOC Network
                                                               the life of and protect the government’s
                                                                                                                Operations Division, the Field Assistance
                                                               investment in voice switching systems.
                                                                                                                Service Help Desk and many other IT
                                                               Our trusted capabilities include expert
    O&M and rapid response support optimum                                                                      support contracts, we deliver 24/7 Tier 1,
    network availability and performance worldwide.            program management, fielding and full
                                                                                                                2 and 3 operations and technical support,
                                                               life-cycle support.
                                                                                                                encompassing network infrastructure,
                                                               Secure Wireless Systems. As the prime            cybersecurity, Internet gateways and 115
                                                               contractor for the 2nd Generation Wireless       Air Force combat support information
                                                               LAN (2GWLAN) initiative, General                 systems and communication-computer
                                                               Dynamics Information Technology has              systems. We are the primary assistance
                                                               designed and implemented secure wireless         interface with Air Force users worldwide,
                                                               transport capability for Air Force bases         troubleshooting thousands of calls monthly
                                                               worldwide. Tailored from the standard            and supporting contingency operations
                                                               solution and integrated architecture we          worldwide.
                                                               developed for the Air Force, each 2GWLAN
                                                               implementation provides a base solution that
                                                               is secure, scalable, easy to maintain and
                                                               meets all government security requirements.
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         Enterprise Design Guidance & Evaluation           Air Force Research Lab – Wright-Patterson
         (Scope EDGE). From Alaska to Afghanistan,         Air Force Base. General Dynamics
         Scope EDGE teams comprised of govern-             Information Technology plays a central
         ment and General Dynamics Information             role in the success of the Air Force
         Technology SMEs travel worldwide to con-          Research Lab. We provide laboratory
         duct network optimizations and compliance         management and full life-cycle research
         assessments of Air Force network operations.      and development. Our work supports
         The teams help ensure that networks achieve       laser materials testing and the development
         optimum performance and requirements              of laser-hardened materials to protect
         compliance. We also provide Scope EDGE            sensors, systems and people. We also
         Strike Teams that can mobilize within 24          supply research support for technology
         hours for the recovery and reconstitution         manufacturing initiatives and program
         of failing or failed networks.                    support for sensor operations.
         Air Force Chief of Staff (CSAF) Biennial          F-22A Integrated Maintenance Information
         Wargame. The leader in seminar wargaming,         System (IMIS). We design, develop and
         we design, develop and execute strategic          deploy encrypted wireless, specialized
         and operational level wargames that prepare       hardware and software, deployable networks
         the Air Force and other military services as      and multilevel network security for the
         they examine future challenges and emerging       F-22A IMIS, which enhances fighter
         operational concepts. For the CSAF Biennial       readiness. Our system administrators
         Wargame, our team delivered a wargame             support F-22A operations at Air Force
         information environment that increased the        bases where the F-22A flies.
         value to participants with powerful and
                                                           Conference and Meeting Management.
         intuitive information retrieval, visualization
                                                           From concept to execution, customers
         tools and accredited analysis-based models
                                                           rely on us for full-spectrum management       Expert research and development services
         and simulations.                                                                                includes laser materials testing.
                                                           support of professional conferences and
         Air & Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) &           meetings. Our Certified Meeting
         Personnel Operations. Since 2001, General         Professionals are experts in executing
         Dynamics Information Technology has               unclassified, ITAR and classified events in
         provided expert support for all aspects of        compliance with Department of Defense
         AEF management operations. Our team               and Service instructions. We can sponsor
         develops and implements AEF methodology           and produce events at no cost to our
         and manages the planning and execution            customers (100% funded through registration
         of AEF training, exercises, operational           fees and sponsorships), which include the
         deployments and warfighter support. We have       Air Force, Army, Navy, NASA, DARPA
         provided critical support to combat operations,   and private industry.
         including Operations Enduring Freedom and
         Iraqi Freedom, managing the successful
         deployment of 600,000 Air Force personnel.

                           Our teams support vital initiatives delivering IT
                           and professional and technical services.
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                                                        A Trusted Partnership – Everywhere
                                                        the Air Force Operates

                                                        Trust is the hallmark of our partnership with      meeting changing design goals. Through
                                                        the Air Force, trust founded on the unique         initiatives such as Lean Six Sigma and
                                                        strengths that General Dynamics Information        continuous process improvement and
                                                        Technology brings to each project.                 compliance with IT Infrastructure Library
                                                                                                           (ITIL), CMMI Level 3 and ISO standards,
                                                        In-Depth Mission Understanding. Decades
                                                                                                           we ensure quality processes while saving
                                                        of on-site experience give us an in-depth
                                                                                                           the Air Force millions in O&M costs.
                                                        knowledge of Air Force missions and
                                                        operating environments. Our professionals          Rapid Response, Global Reach. Turn-on-
                                                        have worked side-by-side with Air Force            a-dime support is part of our legacy. From
                                                        personnel worldwide. Before joining the            fielding IT systems, supporting network
                                                        company, many held leadership positions in         operations and maintaining aircraft to
                                                        Air Force operations, acquisitions and IT          planning and executing force deployments
                                                        organizations. This combined experience            for combat operations, General Dynamics
                                                        ensures solutions and services that are tailored   Information Technology provides a global
                                                        to real-world requirements and challenges –        support infrastructure that rapidly meets
                                                        today’s and those ahead.                           Air Force needs anywhere in the world.
                                                        Integrated Cybersecurity. Our company is           Portfolio of Key Programs and Contracts.
                                                        an industry leader in cybersecurity. It’s part     We support our Air Force customers through
                                                        of who we are. Every General Dynamics              key programs and contracts, including:
                                                        organization integrates cybersecurity into         ADCS • Alliant • CAAS III • CIO-SP2 •
                                                        projects from start to finish – just what          CITS • Connections • DESP II • EAGLE •
                                                        you would expect after more than 40 years          GSA Schedule 70 • ITES-2S • Millennia Lite
                                                        of delivering and supporting many of the           (1-4) • MOBIS • NETCENTS • PES •
                                                        world’s most secure systems.                       SeaPort-e • STOC II • USAMS II • TOPS.
    Force deployment planning and management
    have supported recent combat operations.
                                                        Robust Agility, Assured Quality. Employing
                                                        advanced methodologies and processes,
                                                        we deliver agile solutions and services that       Strong solutions backed by
                                                        ensure quality, increase efficiency and reduce     one of the world’s strongest
                                                        risk. For more than 12 years, we have been
                                                        a leading integrator of IBM® Maximo® –             companies. Learn how our
                                                        the state-of-the-art in enterprise asset           trusted solutions help advance
                                                        management software. Spiral engineering            the U.S. Air Force mission.
                                                        techniques enable us to cost-effectively
                                                        develop new technology solutions while
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                                              Your total resource for mission-critical
                                              solutions and support.
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