13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

13 - 14 September 2018
Marriott Hotel
13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

    WORKSHOP 1: Polish-UK collaboration in European Research and Innovation
    Programmes. [Location: Marriott Hotel, 2nd floor, Baltic 1]
    14:30     Registration and lunch                                                    60 mins

    15:30     Polish and UK participation in Framework Programmes                       30 mins
              Poland’s participation in European Research and Innovation Pro-
              grammes. Barriers and opportunities – Katarzyna Walczyk-Matuszyk,
              Deputy Director, National Contact Point, Poland
              UK participation in European Research and Innovation Programmes –
              Ewa Bloch, Innovate UK, National Contact Point.
    16:00     Sharing Best Practice                                                     90 mins
                   Research management and support
              Kirsty Allen - Head of Research Evaluation & Impact and REF Pro-
              gramme Manager at Oxford University’s Research Support Office +
              discussion (total 30 min.)
              Diana Pustuła – Head of the Office for International Research and
              Liaison, University of Warsaw + discussion (total 20 min.)
                   Case study of PL- UK collaboration
              Prof. Rod Hose – University of Sheffield, Department of Infection, Im-
              munity & Cardiovascular Disease + discussion (total 20 min.)
              Dr Marian Bubak – Cyfronet, AGH University of Science and Technol-
              ogy + discussion (total 20 min)
    18:00     Final Q&A session and wrap up                                             30 mins

    WORKSHOP 2: Innovation Management. Research-Industry Interactions: What have we
    learned? – hosted by Oxentia and Association of Top 500 Innovators [Location: Marriott
    Hotel, 2nd floor, Baltic 2]
    14:30     Registration and lunch                                                   30 mins
    15:00     Introduction to the workshop and unconference sessions.                  15 mins
    15:15     10 global insights into research-industry interactions – Dr. Tim Hart,   75 mins
    16:30     Coffee (Dr Hart and colleagues group top 5 topics)                       30 mins
    16:45     Unconference sessions: assignment of 5 topics and moderators             10 mins
    16:55     Unconference sessions run.                                               40 mins
    17:35     Group Reporting                                                          30 mins
    18:05     Oxentia Wrap-Up                                                          10 mins

    WORKSHOP 3: “Venture camps” organised by Cambridge Worldwide Associates and
    Łódź University of Technology [Location: Marriott Hotel, 2nd floor, Baltic 3]

    14:30     Registration and lunch                                                    1 hr
    15:30     Introducing the Cambridge Venture Camp Concept + questions                30 mins
    16:00     Fundamentals of new business finance - the investment climate - main      1 hr
              sources of finance – Professor Alan Barrell
13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

  17:00       Preparing and Presenting the company or project and finding advisors            30 mins
              and investors

  17:30       Some “pitch practice” - delegates participate                                   30 mins
  18:00       Wrap up and final conclusions + questions                                       30 mins

  Marriott Hotel, 1st floor, Restaurant Lila Weneda].
  Please arrive by 19:00. Speeches from 19:30.
        Welcome speech: Ambassador Jonathan Knott
         Inspirational Talk: Wendy Sadler, Founding Director, Science Made Simple
         Inspirational Talk: Monika Koperska, Second in FameLab World Finals and winner
           of the Audience Prize in 2014

                Hosted by Wendy Sadler, Founder/Director of Science Made Simple
                      AL. JEROZOLIMSKIE 65/79, WARSAW
  In the foyer outside the conference, there will be table-top exhibitions of projects involving
  cooperation in research, science and innovation between Poland and UK. Please visit them
  to find out more, and to network with like-minded researchers.

                                       BLOCK 1: OPENING
  08:20                  Arrival, registration and morning coffee
  09:00     Opening         Polish Government representative (15 mins)                  Total 30 mins
            speeches        UK Government representative (15 mins)
  09:30     Special talk    Prof Andy Hopper, professor of Computer Tech-               15 mins
                            nology at Cambridge University, V-P of the Royal
                                      BLOCK 2: SCIENCE
09:45     Panel Discus-    Trends, challenges and opportunities in science coop-            40 mins
          sion moder-      eration between Poland and the UK.
          ated by              Dr Julie Maxton, Executive Director, The Royal Society
          Wendy Sadler         Alun Evans, Chief Executive, The British Academy.
                               Prof Zbigniew Błocki, Director of the National Science
                               Prof Jerzy Duszynski, President of the Polish Academy of
                                Sciences (PAN)
10:20     Q&A                                                                               10 mins
10:30     Case Study       PL-UK research collaboration – DeLab and NESTA –                 10 mins
          presentation     joint project on Next Generation Internet.
                               Katja Bego (NESTA), Kristóf Gyódi & Michał Paliński
                                (Warsaw University).
10:40     Presentation     Polish-UK collaboration under Horizon2020: statistics,           10 mins
                           themes, success stories and potential future areas of co
                               Dr Zygmunt Krasiński, Director of National Contact Point,
10:50                                    Coffee break                                       20 mins
13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

                                        BLOCK 3: INNOVATION
    11:10   Presentation    UK approach to innovation, and UK chairmanship of                     15 mins
                                   Manimaaran Sivasegaram, Head of Brussels Office,
                                    Innovate UK

    11:25   Case Study      The UK Future Cities Catapult, and project with Warsaw                15 mins
            presentation    City Council.
                                   Francesco Marchet, Future Cities Catapult

    11:40   Panel Discus-   Building an innovation-friendly ecosystem in UK and                   30 mins
            sion moder-     Poland, opportunities for cooperation.
            ated by Wendy        Prof Leszek Rafalski, Director, Main Council of the Re-
            Sadler                search Institutes.
                                 Prof Maciej Chorowski, Director, National Centre for Re-
                                  search and Development.
                                 Prof Andy Hopper, Cambridge University.
                                 Manimaaran Sivasegaram, Head of Brussels Office, Inno-
                                  vate UK.

    12:10   Q&A                                                                                   5 mins
    12:15                                   Coffee break                                          20 mins

                                    BLOCK 4: HIGHER EDUCATION
    12:35   Presentation    Poland’s Law 2.0 in the context of international coopera-             15 mins
                                   Piotr Müller, Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Science
                                    and Higher Education
    12:50   Presentation    Working with UK universities.                                         10 mins
                                   Jamie Arrowsmith, Asst Director Universities UK

    13:00   Presentation    The Polish scientific diaspora in the UK                              15 mins
                                   Bartosz Paszcza, CEO of Polonium Foundation
    13:15   Panel Discus-   Current and future cooperation in Higher Education:                   30 mins
            sion moder-     challenges and opportunities.
            ated by Wendy          Prof Marek Tukiendorf, CRASP, Chair of CRASP Interna-
            Sadler                  tional Cooperation Committee.
                                   Lukasz Wojdyga, Director, National Agency for Academic
                                    Exchange (NAWA).
                                   John Dishman, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Coventry University.
                                   Jamie Arrowsmith, Universities UK International.
    13:45   Q & A and wrap-up                                                                     15 mins
    14:00                                              LUNCH

    Continue the conversation at #YESI
13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Science and
Higher Education
He is responsible for the state's science policy, including the
budget for strategic research and investments. It supports the
development of Polish universities, research institutes and
institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It promotes high
quality of scientific research and focuses on their innovation.

Professor, Cambridge University, and Vice-President, The
Royal Society
Andy Hopper is Treasurer and Vice-President of the Royal
Society and Professor of Computer Technology at the Univer-
sity of Cambridge.

Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Science and Higher
Piotr Muller is the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of
Science and Higher Education. He graduated with the diploma
of law from Warsaw University.

Director, International Science & Innovation, BEIS
She leads on European Policy related to science and innovation
programmes and International relations with other countries.

Host and moderator of the plenary session

Director, Science Made Simple
Wendy Sadler, MBE, is the founding Director of Science Made
Simple – an award-winning social enterprise that aims to in-
spire the next generation of scientists and engineers and con-
nect more people to STEM.
13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

                  Francesco Marchet – Project Management Office Team Lead,
                  Future Cities Catapult
                  He is Project Management Office Team Lead at Future Cities Catapult and he
                  is leading the work package related to Citizen and People engagement of
                  Sharing Cities, an H2020 Lighthouse project.

    Alan Barrell – Professor, Cambridge Worldwide Associates
    Alan has worked in Health Care and Medical Research, as Chairman and Chief
    Executive of large multi-national companies and smaller technology start-ups.
    His current work is focused heavily on the development of UK-China Trade.

                  Dr Julie Maxton – Executive Director, The Royal Society
                  Julie Maxton is the Executive Director of the Royal Society, the first woman in
                  350 years to hold the post. Julie was also a Registrar at the University of Ox-
                  ford, the first woman in 550 years in the role.

    Kirsty Allen – Head of Research Evaluation, University of Oxford
    Her current role includes tactical and operational management of Oxford’s par-
    ticipation in the UK’s Research Excellence Framework.

               John Dishman – Pro-Vice Chancellor, Coventry University
               John Dishman is Pro-Vice Chancellor at Coventry University where he is the CEO
               of the CU Group of campuses, part of the Coventry University Group.

    Ewa Bloch – Senior Programme Manager, Innovate UK
    Supporting business innovation&solutions for smart infrastructure&resilient cities
    at Innovate UK. Responsible for international work. West Midlands based.

                  Prof Rod Hose – Professor, University of Sheffield
                  He is currently Professor of Computational Biomechanics in the Mathematics
                  and Modelling in Medicine Group in the Department of Infection, Immunity
                  and Cardiovascular Disease at the University of Sheffield.

    Dr Tim Hart – Development Director, Oxentia
    He has a BSc and PhD in microbiology and has worked as an academic re-
    searcher, technology transfer professional, and entrepreneur. Currently a Man-
                aging Consultant in Oxentia.

               Alun Evans – Chief Executive, British Academy
               Alun is an Associate at the Institute for Government. Alun Evans has been Chief
               Executive of the British Academy since July 2015.

    Katja Bego – Data Scientist, Nesta
    Katja is a data scientist in the technology futures and explorations teams at
    Nesta. She currently leads research on EU Engineroom, part of the European
    Commission's Next Generation Internet initiative
13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

                Jamie Arrowsmith – Assistant Director, Universities UK
                Jamie Arrowsmith is Assistant Director, Policy, at Universities UK International.
                Prior to joining UUKI, Jamie was a Programme Manager in the Policy Group at
                UUK and lead work on research policy and efficiency and effectiveness.

Manimaaran Sivasegaram – Head of European and Global
Portfolio, Innovate UK
Mani joined Innovate UK in December 2013. His role involves liaising with the
European Commission and working with potential partners and stakeholders
across all of Innovate UK’s programmes.

              Prof Zbigniew Błocki – Director, National Science Centre
              He is a member of the Scientific Council of the Banach Center, the Scientific
              Council of the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the
              Committee of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and the Ethics
              Committee of the European Mathematical Society.

Prof Jerzy Duszyński – President, Polish Academy of Sci-
ences (PAN)
Polish biochemist, professor of biological sciences, in 2008-2009, deputy
minister of science, dean of the Division II of Biological and Agricultural
Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and since 2015 president of the
Polish Academy of Sciences.

             Kristóf Gyódi – Analyst, DELab UW
             DELab analyst at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Warsaw.
             He is particularly interested in Airbnb's influence on tourism and urban devel-

Michał Paliński – Analyst, DELab UW
Currently, his research focuses on the analysis of dynamic changes in the labor
market related to the progressing automation and development of the so-
called gig economy and on issues related to privacy on the internet.

              Dr Zygmunt Krasiński – Director, National Contact Point
              Director of the National Contact Point for the Horizon 2020 Framework Pro-
              gram at IPPT PAN. A graduate of the Faculty of Electronics at Warsaw Univer-
              sity of Technology and a scholarship holder of the Japanese Government. For
              many years associated with the banking sector. Expert of the Ministry of Sci-
              ence and Higher Education in the EC.

Prof Leszek Rafalski – Director, Main Council of the Research
Construction engineer, professor of technical sciences, director of the Research
Institute of Roads and Bridges in Warsaw. He is the Chairman of the Main Council
of Research Institutes and the President of the Academy of Engineering in Poland.
13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

                           Prof Maciej Chorowski – Director, National Centre for Re-
                           search and Development

                           A graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics and Energy of the Wrocław
                           University of Technology in 1982, majoring in mechanics, refrigera-
                           tion and cryogenics. From April 2016, he is the Director of the Na-
                           tional Center for Research and Development.

    Prof Marek Tukiendorf - Chair of CRASP International Cooperation
    Committee, Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland

    He currently holds the position of Vice-president of Conference of Rectors of
    Polish Universities of Technology (CRPUT) and President of the Committee
    for International Cooperation at Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools
    in Poland (CRASP).

                   Łukasz Wojdyga – Director, National Agency for Academic Exchange

                   A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of
                   Warsaw. The plenipotentiary of the Minister of Science and Higher Education
                   for the creation of the National Agency for Academic Exchange.

    Katarzyna Walczyk-Matuszyk – President, TOP500 Innovators

    President of the TOP 500 Innovators Association. Deputy Director at the Na-
    tional Contact Point of EU Research Programs.

                Diana Pustuła - Head of the Office for International Research and Liai-
                son, University of Warsaw

                Head of the Office for International Research and Liaison at the University of

    Dr Marian Bubak – Assistant Professor, AGH University of Science
    and Technology

    He is an adjunct at the Institute of Computer Science and ACC Cyfronet
    AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków, Poland, and a Profes-
    sor of Distributed System Engineering at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

                  Monika Koperska        –   Assistant   Professor,   Warsaw

                  Currently, she works on preserving tapestries from the Wawel Royal Castle at
                  the Center of Biological and Chemical Sciences at the Faculty of Chemistry at
                  the University of Warsaw.

    Bartosz Paszcza – CEO, Polonium Foundation

    CEO of the Polonium Foundation.
13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

     Website: https://andiamo.io/ | People: PL Julia Gramacka, UK: Lee Provost | Institutions:
     Andiamo Project London, Andiamo Poland
      Andiamo is a British-Polish healthcare technology company creating new user-centred children’s
      orthotics services. Our aim is to drastically reduce the waiting time from 13 weeks to 48 hours and
      create beautiful high quality orthoses, by using 3D scanning and printing technology.

Amber Editing
    Website: https://www.amberwrite.com/ | People: PL Grzegorz Liśkiewicz, UK: Tomasz Liśkie-
    wicz | Institutions: University of Leeds, Lodz University of Technology
      Amber Editing’s academic writing specialists help researchers to improve the quality, scientific
      content and publishing prospects of their research papers. We also develop and deliver academic
      writing workshops for universities in Poland.

ReStaR (Instytut Ceramiki)
     Website: https://www.restar.eu/ | People: PL Jacek Podwórny, PL Jerzy Czechowski, UK
     Richard White | Institutions: Lucideon Limited, Instytut Ceramiki i Materiałów Budowlanych
      ReStaR is `Review and improvement of testing Standards for Refractory products’. The central
      objective of this project is to increase the competitiveness of European SME refractory producers,
      by generating up-to-date EN testing standards for producers.

European Joint Doctorate in Food Science - International PhD school in malting and brewing,
      Website: https://ejdfoodsci.eu/ | People: PL Aleksander Poręda, UK David Cook, UK FlavorAc-
      tiv | Institutions: University of Agriculture in Krakow, University of Nottingham, FlavorActiv
      The scientific objective of the research is to reduce the environmental impact of malt and beer
      production by introducing innovative technologies that reduce energy consumption, whilst mainta-
      ining or improving their flavour quality and stability.

Innovation & Impact
     Website: https://iai.pubpub.org/ | People: UK Karolina Zapadka, PL Grzegorz Liśkiewicz, PL
     Barbara Jachimska | Institutions: Lodz University of Technology, University of Cambridge,
     Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry
      An interdisciplinary scientific technology and business journal presenting high profile invited papers
      and case studies concerning the process of innovation and its impact on society and market.

Studies on Biodegradable Polymers Conducted Jointly by Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials
      People: PL Grażyna Adamus, PL Barbara Mendrek, UK Marek Kowalczuk, UK Iza Radecka |
      Institutions: University of Wolverhampton, Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials, Polish
      Academy of Sciences
      Joint studies focused on preparation of biodegradable polymers from plastic wastes, systems of
      controlled release of bioactive substances and 3D printing of biodegradable polymers for medical
13 14 September 2018 Warsaw Marriott Hotel - National Contact ...

     Excilight ITN- Donor-Acceptor light emitting exciplexes as materials for easily to tailor ultra-
     efficient OLED lighting
            Website: http://www.excilight.com/ | People: PL Przemysław Data, PL Jacek Ulanski, UK
            Andrew Monkman, UK Peter Skabara, UK James Kingsley | Institutions: Silesian University
            of Technology, Technical University of Lodz, University of Durham, University of Glasgow,
            Ossila Ltd
           The project's objective is to train 15 Early Stage Researchers (PhD students) in the development
           and application of exciplex and TADF (Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent) emitters, who will
           be able to apply their expertise directly in future positions.

     OCTA „Organic Charge Transfer Applications“
         Website: http://octa.organicelectronics.co.uk/ | People: PL Przemysław Data, UK Andrew
         Monkman, UK Peter Skabara | Institutions: Silesian University of Technology, University of
         Durham, University of Glasgow
           OCTA studies charge transfer phenomena to gain a deep understanding of the complex system of
           multiple electronic states of organic compounds. As the final result, they hope to obtain much more
           efficient and stable organic systems which could be applied to many tools used by people like
           smartphones, sensors or medical treatments.

     ORZEL - Boosting the scientific excellence and innovation capacity in organic electronics of the
     Silesian University of Technology
           Website: http://orzel-project.com/ | People: PL Przemysław Data, UK Andrew Monkman |
           Institutions: Silesian University of Technology, University of Durham
           Creating a research network to develop our understanding of the effects occurring in organic electronic
           devices such as organic light emitting diodes (OLED), organic solar cells (OSC) and organic field effect
           transistors (OFETs). The results could be used in widely popularized flexible and wearable electronics.

     Fertinnowa - Transfer of Innovative techniques for sustainable Water use in Fertigated crops
           Website: https://www.fertinnowa.com/ | People: UK Eleftheria Stavridou, UK Georgina Key,
           PL Mateusz Sękowski, PL Jadwiga Treder | Institutions: NIAB EMR East Malling Research
           Station, The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), Agricultural Advisory
           Center in Brwinow, Research Institute of Horticulture
           The main objective of the FERTINNOWA thematic network is to create a meta-knowledge database on
           innovative technologies and practices for fertigation of horticultural crops. It will also build a knowledge
           exchange platform to evaluate existing and novel technologies for fertigated crops and ensure wide
           dissemination to all stakeholders involved in the most promising technologies and best practices.

     Nefertiti - Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake
     through Demonstration
           Website: http://www.cema-agri.org/publication/h2020-nefertiti-project-innovation-demo-farms |
           People: PL Mateusz Sękowski, UK Annie McKee, UK Carrie Robbins | Institutions: James Hutton
           Institute, Innovation for Agriculture (IFA), Agrilultural Advisory Center in Brwinow
          Under the project NEFERTITI, 10 interactive thematic networks will be established bringing together
          45 regional clusters (hubs) of demo-farmers and actors involved in 17 countries. It focuses on
          creating added value from the exchange of knowledge, actors, farmers and technical content be-
          tween networks in order to boost innovation uptake and to improve peer to peer learning and ne-
          twork connectivity between farming actors across Europe.
     Gemini Initiative
          Website: http://www.gemini-initiative.com/ | People: PL Grzegorz Wrochna, UK John Lilling-
          ton, UK Jean Lavarenne | Institutions: National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), Wood,
          Nuclear Advance Manufacturing Research Centre, University of Sheffield

      The main objective of this transatlantic initiative is to carry out the design and regulatory require-
      ments for the development of the first commercial High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTGR),
      by joint efforts of research and industry. It also aims to reduce the costs for each partner
      involved and make the construction projects more attractive for investors.

    Website: http://nomaten.ncbj.gov.pl/ | People: PL Grzegorz Wrochna, PL Jacek Gajewski |
    Institutions: National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), National Nuclear Laboratory
    (NNL), National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR)
      The overall objective of the NOMATEN project is to establish a Centre of Excellence in Multifunctio-
      nal Materials for Industrial and Medical Applications that will exploit unique nuclear research infra-
      structure and expertise from Poland and Europe. The long term vision is to provide world-class
      R&D of innovative multifunctional materials for industrial and medical applications.

Top Gan Lasers
     Website: http://topganlasers.com/ | People: UK Steve Najda, PL Andrzej Kasprowiak, PL
     Piotr Perlin, PL Krzysztof Węgrzyn | Institutions: St. Andrews University, Institute of High
     Pressure Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN)
      TopGaN was the second company in Europe to demonstrate violet laser diodes and since then it
      has introduced many innovative technologies in the field of nitride emitters, including: laser diodes
      structures on “plasmonic” substrates, Molecular Beam Epitaxy growth of gallium nitride laser diode
      structures, Multi-Watts laser diode arrays and mini-arrays, demonstration of high power blue-violet
      superluminescent diodes, and multiple wavelengths laser diode arrays.

Cyfronet - A Centre for New Methods in Computational Diagnostics and Personalised Therapy
     Website: http://www.cyfronet.krakow.pl/ | People: UK Rod Hose, PL Marian Bubak | Institu-
     tions: University of Sheffield, AGH University of Science and Technology
      The project will develop a Business Case to establish in Poland Europe's first centre for simulation-
      driven healthcare Decision Support. The Centre's mission comprises development of new computa-
      tion-based solutions for diagnostics and therapy in daily healthcare to improve personalised patient
      treatment, enhanced growth of SMEs which deal with technologies and services for novel persona-
      lised diagnostics and treatment strategies, as well as strong advancement of algorithms, models
      and technologies involved in personalised medicine.

Sharing Cities project
      Website: http://www.sharingcities.eu/ Institutions: Future Cities Catapult, the City of Warsaw
      Sharing Cities is a H2020 five-year programme involving the key ‘Lighthouse’ cities of London,
      Lisbon and Milan and the follower cities of Bordeaux, Burgas and Warsaw. The vision is to create
      more agile and collaborative cities, increasing the speed and scale at which we implement smart
      solutions across European cities while incorporating the needs of their citizens.

VetBioNet - Veterinary Biocontained facility Network for excellence in animal infectious disease
research and experimentation
      Website: http://www.vetbionet.eu/. People: PL Mirosław Polak, UK Ryan Waters, UK Hugh
      Simmons, UK Gary Entrican, UK Una McCarthy, UK Kate Millar, UK Uwe Mueller-Doblies |
      Institutions: University of Nottingham, National Veterinary Institute
      The principal aim of the VetBioNet infrastructure project is to establish and maintain a comprehen-
      sive network of pre-eminent high-containment (BSL3) research facilities, academic institutes, inter-
      national organisations and industry partners that is dedicated to advance research on epizootic and
      zoonotic diseases, and to promote technological developments.


     The UK-Poland Science Forum is a joint initiative of the British Embassy
     Warsaw and the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, organised
     in cooperation with Top 500 Innovators. It is the centrepiece of the 2018
     PL-UK Year of Entrepreneurship, Science and Innovation, and one of the
     actions agreed by Prime Ministers Theresa May and Mateusz Morawiecki
     during the latest UK-Poland Intergovernmental Consultations.

     The Forum will provide a new platform for researchers, scientists and uni-
     versities from the UK and Poland to connect with each other, learn about
     new opportunities, discuss the issues of the day with government represen-
     tatives and share experience of doing research in Poland and the UK.

     The forum will consist of two days of activities and include thematic work-
     shops and blocks dedicated, among others, to collaboration under Euro-
     pean research and innovations programmes (focusing on Framework Pro-
     grammes and on Horizon 2020 in particular), research management and ven-
     ture camps.

     Continue the conversation at #YESI
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