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New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council Incorporated

New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council Inc. is the sports
 service organisation that co-ordinates, promotes and protects
secondary school sport for all students. It has been established,
 by schools, to act as guardian of the heritage and the values of
secondary school sport and to deliver leadership and support for
 all involved in the provision of sport to secondary schools and
 their students. It represents and is accountable to every New
         Zealand secondary school and to all students.

       “Fostering healthy participation and achievement
            through quality secondary school sport.”
New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council Incorporated

   SPORTS DIRECTORY                                                                                             2017
CONTENTS                                                                   Page      Constitution of New Zealand Secondary Schools
New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports                                                 Sports Council Inc.............................................................. 17
Council Incorporated............................................................ 2   Strategic Plan For NZSSSC................................................ 28
Secondary Schools Sports Directors................................... 4              List of Secondary Schools 2017......................................... 33
Entry Details / Results / Newsletters /                                              Directory of Regional Sports Trusts.................................... 47
School Sport Statistics & Data 2017..................................... 8
                                                                                     Directory of National Sports Organisations........................ 48
Sports Management Systems.............................................. 9
                                                                                     High Energy Youth Tournament.......................................... 50
New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports
Events Calendar - 2017....................................................... 10     Accommodation Directory.................................................. 51

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SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                                                                 1
                                         PO Box 68, OAKURA 4345
     Executive Director: Garry Carnachan, Ph: (06) 752 7686, Mobile: 027 563 8000, e-mail: ceo@nzsssc.org.nz
                 Administrator: Leece Gadsby, Mobile: 027 484 4849, e-mail: office@nzsssc.org.nz
                                        Website: www.nzsssc.org.nz

     Established 1992, the board is elected by Regional principals associations with up to 2 co-opted members:

                                         2017 NZSSSC Board:
            Northland                                 Alec Solomon (Tikipunga High School)
            Auckland                                  Mark Shanahan (Waitakere College)
            Waikato/Thames Valley                     Kelvin Whiting (Hillcrest High School)
            Bay of Plenty/Poverty Bay                 Peter Moyle (Taupo-nui-a-Tia College)
            East Coast North Island                   Robert Sturch (Hastings Boys’ High School)
            West Coast North Island                   Mark Bowden (Spotswood College)
            Wellington                                Peter Leggat (Onslow College)
            Tasman                                    Gary O’Shea (Nelson College)
            Canterbury/West Coast                     Gillian Simpson (St Margaret’s College)
            Otago/Southland                           David Hunter (Taieri College)
            RSD representative                        Nicki Paterson (OSSSA)
            Seconded Member                           Graeme Yule (Scot’s College)

2                                                              New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
New Zealand
                                                         Secondary School
                                                          Sports Council
                                                   Providing co-ordination, leadership,
                                             advocacy and support to the school sport sector….
99   Co-ordinates a calendar of over 200 events at National or Island level, using a sanctioning process to ensure these meet the needs of both schools and
     National Sporting Organisations in regard to timing, safety, eligibility criteria and other conditions.
99   Surveys participants and receives reports on all events to monitor the quality and provide feedback to enhance school sports events.
99   Maintains a website with Secondary School sport news, entry information, results and regular newsletters to all school principals and sport staff.
99   Produces and distributes the annual NZSSSC Sports Directory to all schools.
99   Provides leadership, in partnership with SportNZ, to Sport in Education approaches to curriculum that contribute to improved academic, social and
     sporting outcomes for schools and their students’ by using sport as a context for learning and student engagement.
99   Leads the delivery of professional development for those who work in secondary school sport, including organising the NI & SI SS Sport Conferences
     for school sport staff, the annual Regional Sports Directors Conference.
99   Provides professional learning opportunities through School Sport Study Awards for school sport personnel.
99   Produces & distributes to all schools a DVD on the Value of School Sport where principals, teachers & students talk about the contribution sport
     makes to their schools their classrooms and their lives.
99   Recognises volunteers, innovations and leaders in schools sport by presenting national Service to School Sport, Innovation in School Sport and
     Champion of School Sport awards.
99   Through membership of the International School Sport Federation, facilitates the involvement of NZ schools at World schools championships.
99   Uses a Pennants system for selected National and Island Championships to promote, profile and develop a culture of history for school sport.
99   Conducts the annual NZSSSC School Sport Representation Census & the National Survey of the employment conditions of Secondary School Sport
     Co-ordinators & uses the data to advocate & provide advice on behalf of secondary schools, their students and sports coordinators to SportNZ, and
99   Works with School Management Systems providers (MUSAC, KAMAR, PC Schools) to develop IT solutions for sport management in schools.
99   Responds to media as the authority on secondary school sport, and sport for young people.
99   Delivers presentations on current issues in school sport to over 50 forums annually, including Principals Associations, SportNZ, National Conferences,
     National Sporting Organisation’s, Regional Sports Trusts, Regional Sports Directors, School Sports Coordinators, teachers groups and others.

     SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                                                    3
Regional Sports Directors
Aoraki                    Aoraki Secondary School Sport   Phone: 03 929 2508 Fax: 03 686 1353
                          PO Box 4053                     Web: www.schoolsportaoraki.co.nz
                          TIMARU 7942
Shaun Campbell            Regional Sports Director    027 858 1080		                      shaun.campbell@sportcanterbury.org.nz
Janine Roux               Regional Sports Coordinator			                                     Janine.roux@sportcanterbury.org.nz

Auckland - Aktive Aucklan PO Box 302145                   Phone: 027 548 4614
                          North Harbour
                          North Shore
Debbie Curgenven          Manager Young People			                                                   debbie.curgenven@aktive.org.nz

Auckland - CMS            Counties Manukau Sport          Phone: 09 282 3410 Fax: 09 266 2309
                          PO Box 88130                    Web: www.cmsport.co.nz
Eddie Jones               Regional Sports Director        09 269 0066 ext 721 022 045 5284                   eddiej@cmsport.co.nz

Auckland - CSA            College Sport Auckland          Phone: 09 845 8496
                          PO Box 67088                    E-mail: school.sport@collegesport.co.nz
                          Mount Eden                      Web: www.collegesport.co.nz
                          AUCKLAND 1349
Jim Lonergan              CEO                             021 117 2292		                                     jim@collegesport.co.nz
Collette Amai             Sport Manager                   027 493 5073		                                collette@collegesport.co.nz
Temepara Bailey           Sport Manager                   021 116 3097		                              temepara@collegesport.co.nz

Auckland - SA             Sport Auckland                  Phone: 09 623 7916 Fax: 09 623 7920
                          PO Box 26599                    Web: www.sportauckland.co.nz
                          AUCKLAND 1134
Leanne Knox               Regional Sport Director         027 290 8589		                              leannek@sportauckland.co.nz

4                                                                   New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
Auckland - SNH           Harbour Sport                    Phone: 09 415 4655 Fax: 09 415 4594
                         PO Box 300 633                   Web: www.harboursport.co.nz
Kylie McGrigor           Regional Sports Director         021 422 076		                           youthsport@harboursport.co.nz

Auckland - SW            Sport Waitakere                  Phone: 09 966 3120 Fax: 09 912 2991
                         PO Box 21 241                    Web: www.sportwaitakere.co.nz
                         WAITAKERE CITY 0650
David George             Community Sport Manager 021 688 354		                                david.george@sportwaitakere.co.nz
Deepika Unka             RSD Support			                                                       deepika.unka@sportwaitakere.co.nz

Bay of Plenty            Sport Bay of Plenty              Phone: 07 578 0016 Fax: 07 571 8463
                         PO Box 13 355                    Web: www.sportbop.co.nz
Gareth Yates             School Sport Team Leader         07 578 0016 ext 833 027 836 4006                 garethy@sportbop.co.nz
Julie Adamson            Sec Schools Events Coordinator   07 578 0016 ext 807 027 579 9589                   juliea@sportbop.co.nz
Megan Cleverley          Sport Manager                    027 461 7219		                                   meganc@sportbop.co.nz

Canterbury - School SC   School Sport Canterbury          Phone: 03 373 5059 Fax: 03 387 0284
                         PO Box 2606                      E-mail: rsd@canterbury.schoolsport.org.nz
                         CHRISTCHURCH 8140                Web: www.canterbury.schoolsport.org.nz

Bill Grogan              Regional Sports Director         027 435 4693		             Bill.Grogan@canterbury.schoolsport.org.nz
Angelina King            Asst Regional Sports Director    03 375 4861 021 266 0222 Angelina.King@canterbury.schoolsport.org.nz
Deb Bowry                Assistant to RSD                 03 375 4862 027 573 5318   Deb.Bowry@canterbury.schoolsport.org.nz

Eastland                 Eastland Secondary School Sport Phone: 06 868 9943 Fax: 06 868 9954
                         PO Box 1391                     Web: www.sportgisborne.org.nz
Stephanie Broughton      Regional Sports Director         06 214 3565          021 190 3250           rsd@campioncollege.school.nz

SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                            5
Hawkes Bay         Sport Hawkes Bay                Phone: 06 845 9336 Fax: 06 845 3983
                   PO Box 7537                     Web: www.sporthb.net.nz
Junior Armstrong   Education Team Leader         06 845 9336 ext 714    027 845 1895                juniora@sporthb.net.nz
Chris McIvor       Secondary Schools - Workforce 06 845 9336 ext 710    027 457 4850
                   Development Officer                                                             Chrism@sporthb.net.nz

Manawatu           Sport Manawatu                  Phone: 06 357 5349 Fax: 06 358 1178
                   PO Box 797                      Web: www.sportmanawatu.org.nz
                   PALMERSTON NORTH

Strahan McIntosh   Secondary School Sport Advisor 06 357 5349 ext 709   027 960 6558      strahanm@sportmanawatu.org.nz

Northland          Sport Northland                 Phone: 09 437 9617 Fax: 09 437 9639
                   PO Box 1492                     Web: www.sportnorthland.co.nz

Robyn Richards     Regional Sports Director		                           027 437 9007              robynr@sportnorth.co.nz
Tamara Heremaia    Regional Sports Director Assistant                   027 484 5401            tamarah@sportnorth.co.nz

Otago              OSSSA                           Phone: 03 474 8445
                   PO Box 6303                     Web: www.osssa.org.nz
                   DUNEDIN 9016
Nicki Paterson     Regional Sports Director		                           027 333 1234                   nicki@osssa.org.nz
Nicole Ross        Competitions & Event Manager 03 474 8446             027 208 5916                  nicole@osssa.org.nz

Southland          Southland Secondary Schools     Phone: 03 217 7244 Fax: 03 217 4324
                   Sport                           Web: www.southlandschoolsport.org.nz
                   PO Box 6154
Fiona Ward         Regional Sports Director		                           027 430 7509      info@southlandschoolsport.org.nz
Sheena Smith       Asst Regional Sports Director		                      027 244 0919      info@southlandschoolsport.org.nz

6                                                             New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
Taranaki             Sport Taranaki               Phone: 06 759 0930 Fax: 06 759 1779
                     PO Box 5049                  Web: www.tsssa.org.nz
                     NEW PLYMOUTH
Mike Summerell       Regional Sports Director     06 759 0930 ext 705   021 268 9931                      mike@tsssa.org.nz

Tasman               Sport Tasman                 Phone: 03 546 3307 Fax: 03 546 3300
                     PO Box 3197                  Web: www.sporttasman.org.nz/secondary
Jeni Thornborough    Regional Sports Director		                         029 776 3307              Jeni.T@sporttasman.org.nz

Waikato              Waikato Sport Waikato        Phone: 07 858 5388 Fax: 07 858 5389
                     PO Box 46                    Web: www.sportwaikato.org.nz
Ashley Livingstone   Regional Sports Director		                         021 862 745           ashleyl@sportwaikato.org.nz

Wairarapa            Sport Wellington Wairarapa   Phone: 06 370 0157 Fax: 06 370 9158
                     PO Box 699                   E-mail: wairarapa@sportwellington.org.nz
                     MASTERTON                    Web: www.sportwellington.org.nz/wairarapa
Dayle Clarkson       Regional Development Manager		                     027 465 4018           daylec@sportwellington.org.nz

Wanganui             Sport Whanganui              Phone: 06 349 2300 Fax: 06 349 2322
                     PO Box 516                   Web: www.sportwhanganui.co.nz
Clare Lynch          Regional Sports Director     06 349 2881           027 370 7226            clare@sportwhanganui.co.nz

Wellington           College Sport Wellington     Phone: 04 939 1102 Fax:
                     PO Box 26-042                E-mail: csw@collegesport.org.nz
                     WELLINGTON 6442              Web: www.collegesport.org.nz
John Hornal          Executive Director		                               027 441 4115                john@collegesport.org.nz
Tracey Devereux      Sport Manager		                                    027 247 7578              tracey@collegesport.org.nz
Ngaire Drake         Sport Manager		                                    027 489 6113              ngaire@collegesport.org.nz
David Fa’atafa       Sport Manager		                                    021 448 279                david@collegesport.org.nz

SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                       7
Check our web site at www.nzsssc.org.nz regularly. We will provide details on entry to this year’s events and post
                      or link to the results as they are made available by event organisers.

                             STATISTICS & DATA on
      Summary statistics from the latest NZSSSC School Sport Participation Census are posted on our website at
     www.nzsssc.org.nz. For schools that wish to access their individual historical data for planning and evaluation
             purposes, contact us as NZSSSC holds individual schools data going back several years.

                           AND NEWSLETTERS
    The Annual Report and Financial Report will be posted on the NZSSSC website. The NZSSSC Annual General
    Meeting in held in Term 2 and schools will be notified of the date, time and process for submitting agenda items.

              Electronic Newsletters are sent regularly to all school principals and sport contacts.
The database for distribution is supplied by RSDs and is regularly updated. If you are not receiving the newsletter,
      please contact us directly so we can ensure your school gets all the sporting information you need.

                          You can find all you need to know about secondary school sport at


8                                                                 New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
There are several electronic Sports Management Systems available for you to use to efficiently manage the
sporting functions in your school. All of these will allow you to record player, coach and team information including
names, contact details, fees, uniforms and much more as well as print lists that you require from time to time.

As an added bonus, all the systems will also accurately produce the School Representation Census required by
NZSSSC and your RSD each November at the push of a button.

STUDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: NZSSSC has worked with the developers of the most common Student
Management Systems, KAMAR, MUSAC & PC Schools to include a sports management facility as a part of
their system. If your school uses these School Management Systems we strongly advise you to use the facility to
manage your sporting data and information.

See your schools system administrator for advice. KAMAR, MUSAC and PC Schools run Helpdesks for any
assistance you may require.

SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                   9
2017 New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council Event Calendar
This event calendar has been prepared by the New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council Inc in partnership with the event organisers and National Sporting Organisations Every effort has been
made in preparing this schedule to confirm dates and venues. Any changes due to extraordinary circumstances will be posted on our website www.nzsssc.org.nz so you should check regularly for updates.
Endorsed: Two events, NISS Skiing & NISS Snowboarding, have made a case that they cannot run their events to the standard that is expected by schools and their athletes within the timeframes set
by NZSSSC policies. The Board has accepted these positions and, without precedent, has approved the endorsement of these events. Only the events in the Calendar on the following pages have been
sanctioned or endorsed. NZSSSC is not able to support any events that may be planned but are not sanctioned or endorsed and expects schools not to send teams to national or island events that do not
appear on the calendar. It is not helpful to a planned programme that NZSSSC works towards if schools attend un-notified events. NZSSSC has made every effort to schedule national and island secondary
school sports events in weekends, holidays and Tournament Weeks times that meet the needs of the sports while ensuring minimum interruption to the learning needs of students and schools.
For any information regarding the calendar of events, contact Garry Carnachan, NZSSSC Executive Director at ceo@nzsssc.org.nz or 027 563 8000
                EVENT                                                              START DAY      MONTH         END DATE      VENUE
JANUARY         NZ Schools Open Water Swim Championships                           Saturday       14-Jan        15-Jan        9 Ferry Road, Lake Taupo
FEBRUARY        NZSS Beach Volleyball Championships                                Saturday       4-Feb         5-Feb         Mt Maunganui Main Beach, Tauranga
                NZSS Coast to Coast                                                Friday         10-Feb        11-Feb        Kumara to Christchurch
MARCH           Get2Go Challenge - Senior                                          Wednesday      1-Mar         1-Mar         Lower North Island
                NZSS ELEY/TSNZ Shooting Challenge                                  Wednesday      1-Mar         1-Mar         All cards to be shot and scores returned to TSNZ by 31/8
                SISS Tennis                                                        Friday         3-Mar         5-Mar         South Canterbury Tennis Centre, Timaru
                SISS Mainland Volleyball Championships                             Friday         3-Mar         5-Mar         Pioneer and Cowles Stadiums, Christchurch
                SISS Triathlon & Duathlon Championships                            Sunday         5-Mar         5-Mar         Friendly Bay, Oamaru
                Get2Go Challenge - Senior                                          Wednesday      8-Mar         8-Mar         Auckland
                NISS Rowing Championships                                          Friday         10-Mar        12-Mar        Lake Karapiro, Cambridge
                SISS Rowing Championships                                          Saturday       11-Mar        12-Mar        Lake Ruataniwha, Twizel
                Get2Go Challenge - Senior                                          Wednesday      15-Mar        15-Mar        Waikato/Bay of Plenty
                NZSS Touch - Zone 4                                                Saturday       18-Mar        18-Mar        Colquhoun Park, Palmerston North
                NZSS Touch - Zone 3                                                Sunday         19-Mar        19-Mar        Neil Hunt Park, Rotorua
                Get2Go Challenge - Senior                                          Wednesday      22-Mar        22-Mar        Taranaki
                NZSS Touch - Zone 1 & 2                                            Saturday       25-Mar        25-Mar        Moire Park, Waitakere, Auckland
                SISS Dragon Boat Championships                                     Saturday       25-Mar        26-Mar        Lake Hood, Ashburton
                SISS Touch Championships                                           Saturday       25-Mar        26-Mar        Sheldon Park, Christchurch
                SISS Water Polo                                                    Saturday       25-Mar        29-Mar        Jellie Park & Rangi Ruru School, Christchurch
                NZSS Volleyball Championships                                      Sunday         26-Mar        31-Mar        Arena Manawatu and Massey University, Palmerston North
     NEW        SISS Ultimate Championships                                        Monday         27-Mar        28-Mar        Hagley Park, Christchurch
                NZSS Ultimate Championships                                        Monday         27-Mar        28-Mar        Owen Delaney Park, Taupo
                NZSS Futsal Girls Championships                                    Monday         27-Mar        28-Mar        ASB Sports Centre, Wellington
                NZ Schools Mountain Bike Championships                             Monday         27-Mar        29-Mar        Rotorua
                NZSS Tennis Teams Final - Mixed, Boys & Girls                      Monday         27-Mar        30-Mar        Scarbro Tennis Centre, Glen Innes, Auckland
                NZCT Junior Boys Cricket                                           Monday         27-Mar        31-Mar        Fitzherbert Park and Manawaroa Park, Palmerston North
                NZSS Softball - Division 1                                         Monday         27-Mar        31-Mar        Rosedale Park, North Harbour
                NZSS Senior Baseball Championships                                 Monday         27-Mar        31-Mar        Lloyd Elsmore Park, Cascades Rd, Pakuranga, Auckland
                SISS Sunburst Championships                                        Monday         27-Mar        31-Mar        Otago Yacht Club Inc, Magnet Street, Boat Harbour, Dunedin
10                                                                                                            New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
NZSS Rowing (MAADI)                                    Monday      27-Mar   1-Apr    Lake Karapiro, Cambridge
         SI Schools 7s Rugby                                    Tuesday     28-Mar   29-Mar   Alpine Energy Stadium, Timaru
         SISS Bowls Championships                               Tuesday     28-Mar   29-Mar   Burnside Bowling Club, Christchurch
         SISS Satellite Volleyball Championships                Tuesday     28-Mar   30-Mar   Cowles Stadium, Christchurch
         NZSS Waka Ama Championships                            Tuesday     28-Mar   31-Mar   Blue Lake (Tikitapu), Rotorua
         NISS Softball - Division 2                             Tuesday     28-Mar   31-Mar   Fraser park, Lower Hutt
         SISS Softball - Division 2                             Tuesday     28-Mar   31-Mar   Saxton Field, Nelson
         NZSS Futsal Boys Championships                         Wednesday   29-Mar   31-Mar   ASB Sports Centre, Wellington
         NISS Senior Water Polo Championships                   Wednesday   29-Mar   2-Apr    Auckland
         NZ Schools Triathlon Championships                     Thursday    30-Mar   31-Mar   Central Whanganui & Whanganui River, Whanganui
   NEW   SISS Golf Teams Nett Championships                     Thursday    30-Mar   31-Mar   Lower Waitaki Golf Club, Oamaru
         NZSS Floorball Championships                           Thursday    30-Mar   31-Mar   Walter Nash Sports Centre, Taita, Lower Hutt
         NZSS Basketball 3x3 Tournament                         Thursday    30-Mar   1-Apr    Tauranga
         NISS Dressage Championships                            Friday      31-Mar   31-Mar   St Peters School, Cambridge
         NISS U15 Boys & Girls 7s Rugby                         Friday      31-Mar   1-Apr    Rotorua International Stadium
         NISS U19 Boys, Girls & Co-Ed 7s Rugby                  Friday      31-Mar   1-Apr    Rotorua International Stadium
         NZSS Canoe Polo Championships                          Friday      31-Mar   2-Apr    Makino Aquatic Centre, Feilding
         SISS Athletics Championships                           Friday      31-Mar   2-Apr    Caledonian Ground, Dunedin
APRIL    SISS Adventure Racing Championships                    Saturday    1-Apr    1-Apr    Cromwell Sports Club, Cromwell
         NZSS Rogaine Championships                             Saturday    1-Apr    1-Apr    Hawkes Bay
         NZSS Senior Handball Championships                     Saturday    1-Apr    2-Apr    ASB Sports Centre, Wellington
         NZSS Dragon Boat Championships                         Friday      7-Apr    8-Apr    Lake Karapiro, Cambridge
         NZSS Wrestling Championships                           Friday      7-Apr    8-Apr    HBHS, Hamilton
         NZSS Adventure Racing Championships                    Friday      7-Apr    9-Apr    Tutira
   NEW   NISS MotoCross Championships                           Saturday    8-Apr    8-Apr    Patetonga Motorcycle Club, Morrinsville
         SISS MotoCross Championships                           Saturday    8-Apr    8-Apr    South Canterbury Motorcycle Club, Timaru       
         NISS Athletics Championships                           Saturday    8-Apr    9-Apr    TET Stadium, Inglewood
         NISS Senior AFL Championships                          Saturday    8-Apr    9-Apr    Harbour Stadium, Albany, Auckland
         SISS Senior AFL Championships                          Saturday    8-Apr    9-Apr    Westminster Park, Christchurch
         NZSS White Water Kayaking Championships                Saturday    8-Apr    13-Apr   Tarawera River, Kawerau
         NZSS Water Polo Championships - Premier Boys & Girls   Tuesday     18-Apr   21-Apr   WRAC/Huia, Auckland
         NZSS Water Polo Championships - Div 2 Boys & Girls     Tuesday     18-Apr   25-Apr   Water World, Te Rapa, Hamilton
         NZSS Ki O Rahi Championships                           Wednesday   19-Apr   20-Apr   Auckland
         NZSS Teams Sailing National Championships              Saturday    22-Apr   28-Apr   Algies Bay, Warkworth
MAY      NISS Swimming                                          Saturday    13-May   13-May   Freyberg Community Pool, Palmerston North
         NZSS 8 Ball Championships                              Tuesday     16-May   16-May   Various Clubs, NZ Wide
         NISS Orienteering Championships                        Friday      19-May   21-May   Owen Delaney Park, Rangatira E, Whakaipo Bay, Taupo
         NISS Horse Trials Event                                Saturday    20-May   21-May   NEC, 114 Rapids Road, Aratiatia, Taupo
         NZSS Inline Hockey Championships                       Saturday    20-May   21-May   Nelson Skating Rink, Nelson

SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                                               11
SISS Orienteering Championships                       Saturday   20-May    21-May   Maitai & NCFG, Nelson
           NZSS Hillary Challenge '6 Hour Race' - South Island   Sunday     28-May    28-May   Christchurch
JUNE       NZSS Multisports Championships                        Sunday     4-Jun     4-Jun    Blue Lake Reserve/Redwoods, Rotorua
           NISS Synchronised Swimming Championships              Saturday   10-Jun    11-Jun   Baywave TECT Aquatic Centre, Mt Maunganui
           NISS Underwater Hockey - Northern Zone Juniors        Saturday   10-Jul    11-Jun   Westwave Aquatic Centre, Henderson, Auckland
           NZSS Shooting Championships (Triple S Champs)         Sunday     11-Jun    11-Jun   (Round 1) Home Range, Nationwide
           NISS Underwater Hockey - Central Zone                 Friday     16-Jun    18-Jun   Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, Kilbirnie, Wellington
           SISS Synchronised Swimming Championships              Saturday   17-Jun    18-Jun   Moana Pool 60 Littlebourne Road, Dunedin
           NZSS Cross Country & Relay Championships              Saturday   17-Jun    18-Jun   Ascot Golf Course, QE2 Park, Christchurch
           NZSS Hillary Challenge '6 Hour Race' - North Island   Sunday     18-Jun    18-Jun   TBC
           NISS Underwater Hockey - Northern Zone Seniors        Saturday   24-Jun    25-Jun   Bay Wave Aquatic Centre, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga
JULY       SISS Squash Championships                             Saturday   1-Jul     2-Jul    Squash HQ, Sockburn, Christchurch
           SISS Swimming Championships                           Friday     7-Jul     8-Jul    Stadium 2000, Blenheim
           SISS Clay Target Championships                        Saturday   8-Jul     8-Jul    Dunedin Clay Target Club, Dunedin
           SI Schools Road Cycling Championships                 Saturday   8-Jul     9-Jul    Mike Pero Motorsport Park, Ruapuna, Christchurch
           NI Schools Road Cycling Championships                 Saturday   8-Jul     9-Jul    Lake Karapiro, Cambridge
           NZSS Shooting Championships (Triple S Champs)         Sunday     9-Jul     9-Jul    (Round 2) Home Range, Nationwide
           NISS Track Cycling Championships                      Monday     10-Jul    10-Jul   Cambridge Avantidrome, Cambridge
           SISS Junior Netball Tournament                        Monday     10-Jul    12-Jul   Christchurch Netball Centre, Hagley Park, Christchurch
           SISS Girls Rugby Festival                             Monday     10-Jul    12-Jul   Oamaru
           NZSS Area Schools                                     Monday     10-Jul    14-Jul   Kensington Stadium, Whangarei
           NZSS Kartsport Championships                          Friday     14-Jul    15-Jul   Cresswell Electrical Kart Raceway, Blenheim
     NEW   NZSS MotoCross Championships                          Saturday   15-Jul    16-Jul   South Waikato Motorcycle Club, Tokoroa
           NZSS Orienteering Championships                       Thursday   20-Jul    22-Jul   Wairarapa Area
           NISS Indoor Bowls                                     Saturday   22-Jul    23-Jul   Mount Maunganui Sports Centre, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga
           NZSS GymSports Championships                          Saturday   29-Jul    30-Jul   GymSports & Recreation Centre, Bruce Pulman Park, Auckland
AUGUST     Get2Go Challenge - Junior                             Tuesday    1-Aug     1-Aug    Waitakere/North Harbour
           Get2Go Challenge - Junior                             Thursday   3-Aug     3-Aug    Bay of Plenty
           NZSS Squash Championships                             Friday     4-Aug     6-Aug    Palmerston North
           NZSS Shooting Championships (Triple S Champs)         Sunday     6-Aug     6-Aug    (Round 3) Home Range, Nationwide
           NZSS Duathlon Championships                           Sunday     6-Aug     6-Aug    Pukekohe Raceway, Pukekohe, Auckland
           Get2Go Challenge - Junior                             Tuesday    8-Aug     8-Aug    Northland
           Get2Go Challenge - Junior                             Thursday   10-Aug    10-Aug   Auckland/Counties Manukau
           Get2Go Challenge - Junior                             Tuesday    15-Aug    15-Aug   Waikato
           Get2Go Challenge - Junior                             Thursday   17-Aug    17-Aug   Hawkes Bay
           NZSS Cheerleading Championships                       Saturday   19-Aug    19-Aug   North Shore Events Centre, North Shore, Auckland
           Get2Go Challenge - Junior                             Tuesday    22-Aug    22-Aug   Wellington/Wairapapa/Manawatu
           Get2Go Challenge - Junior                             Thursday   24-Aug    24-Aug   Taranaki/Wanganui

12                                                                                   New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
NZSS Girls Lacrosse Championships                 Saturday   26-Aug   27-Aug   TBC - Waikato/Auckland/North Shore
          NZSS Indoor Bowls Championships                   Sunday     27-Aug   28-Aug   North Wellington Indoor Bowls Hall, Onepoto Domain, Porirua, Wn
SEPTEMBER SISS Curling Championships                        Friday     1-Sep    4-Sep    Dunedin Ice Stadium, Dunedin
          Schools Cycling Southern Tour                     Saturday   2-Sep    3-Sep    Various Venues, Marlborough
          NZSS Basketball Junior Premiership Zone 1 & 2     Saturday   2-Sep    5-Sep    Papakura, Auckland
          NZSS Basketball Junior Premiership Zone 3         Saturday   2-Sep    5-Sep    New Plymouth
          NZSS Basketball Junior Premiership Zone 4         Saturday   2-Sep    5-Sep    Ashburton
          NZSS Shooting Championships (Triple S Champs)     Sunday     3-Sep    3-Sep    (Round 4) Home Range, Nationwide
          SISS Netball Tournament                           Sunday     3-Sep    7-Sep    Hagley Netball Courts, Christchurch
          NZSS Golf                                         Monday     4-Sep    4-Sep    Hawkes Bay Golf Club, Hastings
   NEW    Hurricanes U15 Girls Rugby Tournament             Monday     4-Sep    5-Sep    Wakefield Park, Berhampore
   NEW    Crusaders U15 Girls Rugby Tournament              Monday     4-Sep    5-Sep    TBC - Burnside Park
          NZSS Table Tennis Championships                   Monday     4-Sep    6-Sep    Arena 5, Barber Hall, Waldegrave Street, Palmerston North
          SISS Rural Livestock Junior Rugby                 Monday     4-Sep    6-Sep    Greymouth
          NZSS Badminton Championships                      Monday     4-Sep    7-Sep    Pettigrew Arena, Napier
          NISS Curling Championships                        Monday     4-Sep    7-Sep    Paradice Skating Rink, Avondale, Auckland
          NZSS Football Boys Jim Wishart Tournament         Monday     4-Sep    7-Sep    Avonhead Park, Christchurch
          NZSS Football Boys Linwood Tournament             Monday     4-Sep    7-Sep    Logan Park, Dunedin
          NZSS Football Boys Hillsdene Junior Tournament    Monday     4-Sep    7-Sep    Tauranga Boys College
          NZSS Football Boys 2nd XI Tournament              Monday     4-Sep    7-Sep    New Plymouth Boys High School
          NZSS Football Girls Gary Sowden Tournament        Monday     4-Sep    7-Sep    A & P Park, Blenheim
          NZSS Football Girls Lotto Sportswear Tournament   Monday     4-Sep    7-Sep    Turnbull Thomson Park, Invercargill
          SISS Ice Hockey                                   Monday     4-Sep    7-Sep    Dunedin Ice Stadium, Dunedin
          NISS Netball - Upper                              Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Auckland Netball Centre, Auckland
          NZSS Rugby League Tournament                      Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Bruce Pulman Park, Papakura, Auckland
          NISS Netball - Lower                              Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Waiwhakaiho Park, New Plymouth
          NZSS Football Boys Lotto Premier Tournament       Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Park Island, Napier
          NZSS Football Boys Malcolm Cowie Tournament       Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    McLennan Park, Auckland
          NZSS Football Boys Rex Dawkins Tournament         Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Skoglund and Colquhoun Parks, Palmerston North
          NZSS Football Boys Trident Tournament             Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Gower Park, Hamilton
          NZSS Football Girls Lotto Premier Tournament      Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Crown Park, Taupo
          NZSS Football Girls Kathy Seaward Tournament      Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Tikipunga Sports Ground, Whangarei
          NZSS Football Girls Maurice Hulme Tournament      Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Rotorua International Stadium
          NZSS Football Girls Grant Jarvis Tournament       Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Memorial Park, Petone, Wellington
          NISS Hockey Mixed                                 Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Great Lake Taupo Hockey Turf, Taupo
          SISS Hockey Mixed                                 Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Ashburton Domain, Ashburton
          NZSS Hockey Girls Audrey Timlin Memorial          Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    McMillan Hockey Centre, Dunedin
          NZSS Hockey Girls Eveline Hankers Memorial        Monday     4-Sep    8-Sep    Blake Park Hockey Stadium, Mt Maunganui

SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                                               13
NZSS Hockey Girls Jenny Hair Cup                        Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Endeavour Trust Twin Turfs Hockey Stadium, Palmerston North
           NZSS Hockey Girls Mary Clinton Cup                      Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Harry Barker Reserve, Gisborne
           NZSS Hockey Girls Chica Gilmer Trophy                   Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Whangarei ITM Hockey Stadium, Whangarei
           NZSS Hockey Girls Jenny McDonald Cup                    Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Christchurch
           NZSS Hockey Girls Chris Arthur Cup 2ndXI                Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Development West Coast Hockey Turf, Buller, Westport
           NZSS Hockey Girls Kate Trolove Cup                      Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    ASB Hockey Turf, Hugh Hayward Domain, Ngatea
           NZSS Hockey Girls Rosemary O'Brien Cup                  Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    College Park, Stephenson Street, Blenheim
           NZSS Hockey Boys Mayhill Cup                            Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    North Harbour Hockey Stadium, North Harbour, Auckland
           NZSS Hockey Boys Founders Cup                           Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Gonville Hockey Turf and Wanganui Collegiate, Wanganui
           NZSS Hockey Boys Johnson Cup                            Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Cromwell Sports Turf, Cromwell
           NZSS Hockey Boys Coaches Cup                            Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Centennial Park, Oamaru
           NZSS Hockey Boys Galletly Cup 2ndXI                     Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Halliwell Sports Turf, Donnelly Park, Levin
           NZSS Hockey Boys Olympic Stick                          Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Rosa Birch Park, Pukekohe
           NZSS Hockey Boys Woolaston Trophy                       Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    TET Multisports Centre, Stratford
           SISS 4 Tier Girls Hockey Tournament                     Monday      4-Sep     8-Sep    Gore Multi Sports Complex, Gore
           NZSS Hockey Girls Federation Cup/Marie Fry Trophy       Monday      4-Sep     9-Sep    Park Island Hockey Turf, Napier
           NZSS Hockey Boys Rankin Cup/India Shield                Monday      4-Sep     9-Sep    Gallagher Hockey Turf, Hamilton
           NZSS Basketball 'AA' Premierships Zone 2                Tuesday     5-Sep     8-Sep    Tauranga
           NZSS Basketball 'A' North Island Premierships           Wednesday   6-Sep     8-Sep    Tauranga
           NZSS 8 Ball Championships - FINALS                      Wednesday   6-Sep     8-Sep    Masse Club, Rostrevor Street, Hamilton
           NZSS Basketball Northern Cup                            Wednesday   6-Sep     8-Sep    Papakura, Auckland
           NZSS Basketball 'AA' Premierships Zone 1                Wednesday   6-Sep     9-Sep    Harbour
           NZSS Basketball 'AA' Premierships Zone 3                Wednesday   6-Sep     9-Sep    Palmerston North
           NZSS Basketball 'AA' Premierships Zone 4                Wednesday   6-Sep     9-Sep    Dunedin
           Hurricanes U15 Rugby Tournament                         Wednesday   6-Sep     9-Sep    St Patrick’s College, Silverstream, Upper Hutt City, Wellington
           NZSS Basketball 'A' South Island Premierships - BOYS    Wednesday   6-Sep     9-Sep    Blenheim
           NZSS Basketball 'A' South Island Premierships - GIRLS   Wednesday   6-Sep     9-Sep    Westport
           NZSS Girls Top 4 1st XV Rugby Finals                    Thursday    7-Sep     10-Sep   Palmerston North
           NZSS Underwater Hockey Championships                    Thursday    7-Sep     10-Sep   Bay Wave Aquatic Centre, Mt Maunganui, Tauranga
     NEW   Highlanders U15 Girls Rugby Tournament                  Friday      8-Sep     8-Sep    Hancock Park, Dunedin
           NZSS Rugby - 1st XV Finals Series                       Friday      8-Sep     10-Sep   Sport & Rugby Institute, Massey University, Palmerston North
           NZSS Rugby - Co-Ed 1st XV Championships                 Friday      8-Sep     10-Sep   Sport & Rugby Institute, Massey University, Palmerston North
           NZSS Postal Weightlifting Championships                 Saturday    9-Sep     10-Sep   TBC
           Schools Cycling Northern Tour                           Saturday    9-Sep     10-Sep   Various Venues, Mt Wellington, Auckland
           Get2Go Challenge - Junior                               Monday      11-Sep    11-Sep   Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough
           Get2Go Challenge - Junior                               Wednesday   13-Sep    13-Sep   Central Otago/Southland
           Get2Go Challenge - Junior                               Friday      15-Sep    15-Sep   Otago/Southland
           NZSS Swimming Championships                             Friday      15-Sep    17-Sep   Waterworld Te Rapa, Hamilton

14                                                                                      New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
NZSS Cross Country Skiing Championships                      Saturday    16-Sep   16-Sep   Snow Farm, Cardrona, Wanaka
         SISS Ski & Snowboarding Championships                        Saturday    16-Sep   17-Sep   Cardrona Alpine Resort, Wanaka
         Get2Go Challenge - Junior                                    Monday      18-Sep   18-Sep   Canterbury/West Coast/Northern Aoraki
         NISS Skiing                                                  Monday      18-Sep   20-Sep   Turoa Skifield, Ohakune
         NZSS Croquet                                                 Saturday    23-Sep   24-Sep   Hamilton
         NISS Snowboarding Championships                              Monday      25-Sep   27-Sep   Turoa Ski Field, Ohakune, Mt Ruapehu
         TSNZ SS Inter-Island Target Shooting Match                   Saturday    30-Sep   1-Oct    MSRA Range, 61 Totara Road, Palmerston North
         NI & NZ Clay Target Championships                            Saturday    30-Sep   2-Oct    Waikato Clay Target Club, Hamilton
         NZSS Curling Championships                                   Saturday    30-Sep   2-Oct    Paradice Skating Rink, Avondale, Auckland
         NZ Schools National Road Cycling Championships               Saturday    30-Sep   2-Oct    Various Venues, Palmerston North
         NZSS Synchronised Swimming Championships                     Saturday    30-Sep   3-Oct    Splash Palace Aquatic Centre, Invercargill
OCTOBER  NZSS Basketball 'A' National Championships                   Monday      2-Oct    5-Oct    Palmerston North
         NZ National Scholastic Surfing Championships                 Monday      2-Oct    6-Oct    Gisborne Beaches, Gisborne
         NZSS Basketball 'AA' National Championships                  Monday      2-Oct    7-Oct    Palmerston North
         NI Schools Mountain Bike Championships                       Friday      6-Oct    8-Oct    TBC
         SI Schools Mountain Bike Championships                       Friday      6-Oct    8-Oct    TBC
         NZ Ski & Snowboard Sch Champs (within NZ Junior Nationals)   Monday      9-Oct    14-Oct   Cardrona Alpine Resort, Wanaka
         NZSS Netball                                                 Tuesday     10-Oct   13-Oct   Energy Event’s Centre, Rotorua
         SI Schools Track Cycling Championships                       Wednesday   11-Oct   12-Oct   SIT Velodrome, Invercargill
NOVEMBER NISS Junior AFL Championships                                Saturday    18-Nov   19-Nov   Harbour Stadium, Albany, Auckland
         SISS Junior AFL Championships                                Saturday    18-Nov   19-Nov   Westminster Park, Christchurch
         NZSS Junior Baseball Championships                           Monday      20-Nov   24-Nov   Howick Pakuranga Baseball Club, Auckland
         NISS Junior Water Polo Championships                         Thursday    23-Nov   26-Nov   Auckland
         SISS Junior Water Polo Tournament                            Friday      24-Nov   26-Nov   Jellie Park, Christchurch
         SISS Junior Volleyball Championships                         Monday      27-Nov   30-Nov   Pioneer and Cowles Stadiums, Christchurch
         NZSS Softball Junior Championships                           Monday      27-Nov   30-Nov   Akina Park, Hastings
         NISS Junior Volleyball Championships                         Monday      27-Nov   1-Dec    Bruce Pulman Centre, Auckland
   NEW   NZSS Junior Badminton Championships                          Tuesday     28-Nov   30-Nov   TBC - Auckland
DECEMBER SISS Junior Beach Volleyball Championships                   Friday      1-Dec    1-Dec    Pioneer Stadium, Christchurch
         NZSS Athletics & Road Race Championships                     Friday      1-Dec    3-Dec    William Nelson Precinct, Regional Sports Park, Hastings
         NZSS Cricket NZCT Tournament (Girls)                         Friday      1-Dec    3-Dec    TBC
         NISS Junior Beach Volleyball Championships                   Saturday    2-Dec    2-Dec    Mairangi Bay, Auckland
         Get2Go Challenge - Final                                     Sunday      3-Dec    8-Dec    Great Barrier Island
         NZSS Cricket Boys 1st XI Cup                                 Monday      4-Dec    8-Dec    TBC
         NZSS U15 Condor 7s Rugby                                     Thursday    7-Dec    8-Dec    Sacred Heart College, Auckland
         NZSS Touch Championships                                     Friday      8-Dec    10-Dec   TBC
         NZSS Condor 7s Open Rugby                                    Saturday    9-Dec    10-Dec   Sacred Heart College, Auckland
NZSSSC Inc. is pleased to acknowledge the on-going support to secondary school sport of port NZ, the Ministry of Education and New Zealand Community Trust.

SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                                                         15
Play sport in China!
                                            Girls’ Hockey
                               Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer and Basketball
                             Table Tennis with competition and coaching
                        Swimming and /or Diving with competition and coaching
          Sensational experience and an opportunity to play against Chinese school teams.

                         PLUS cultural encounters and sight seeing
                       to round out the complete tour for your team.
        Experience an outstanding bespoke tour in an incredible city in an amazing country. Excellent
     competition and facilities plus the cultural encounter of a lifetime! With over 20 years of experience
      holding events and tours, our fully inclusive land package of competition, sight seeing and cultural
          encounters means we do all the hard work of planning and organising your complete tour.

          China Stars Events, has a full time Beijing Office, and has been running events and tours
                                             in China since 2005.
         www.chinastars.org   ABN63128828124   chinastars.peter@hotmail.com   or   +61416246422

16                                                         New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
Constitution of New Zealand Secondary School Sports Council Incorporated
New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council Inc. is the sports                 so as to ensure that the students taking part do so under
service organisation that co-ordinates, promotes and protects                   approved conditions.
secondary school sport for all students. It has been established,               A “secondary school or composite school” means a New
by schools, to act as guardian of the heritage and the values of                Zealand state school, integrated school or registered
secondary school sport and to deliver leadership and support for                independent school that has some or all students in Year 9
all involved in the provision of sport to secondary schools and their           or above.
students. It represents and is accountable to every New Zealand                 “Sport” means a physical activity that is governed by rules, &
secondary school and to all students.                                           engaged by participants in varying degrees of competition.

1.     Name
       The society shall be called NEW ZEALAND SECONDARY                 3.     Mission Statement
       SCHOOLS SPORTS COUNCIL INCORPORATED known as                             Fostering healthy participation and achievement through quality
       NZSSSC [thereafter NZSSSC]                                               secondary school sport.

2.     Interpretations                                                   4.     Objectives
       The “Board” means the Board of Directors as elected and as               The objectives of NZSSSC are:
       defined below.                                                      1.   Participation & Coordination
       The “Chairperson” means the Chairperson of the Council.                  To co-ordinate quality sport provision, ensuring opportunities
       The “Committee” means the Management Committee as                        and positive experiences that will increase the participation
       defined below.                                                           level of all secondary school students in sport
       The “Council” means the New Zealand Secondary School                2.   Leadership & Support
       Sports Council.                                                          To provide leadership for and deliver support to all those
       “Member Schools” means those Secondary Schools or                        involved in quality sport for secondary school students
       Composite Schools that become members as defined in                 3.   Partnerships & Promotion
       5 below.                                                                 To promote, profile and advocate for secondary school sport
       “NSOs” means the National Sports Organisations.                          through positive, effective partnerships with all stakeholders
       “RSDs” means the Regional Secondary Schools Sports
       “RSDOs” means the Regional Secondary Schools Sports               5.     Membership
       Development Officers or similar based in Sport Canterbury and            Membership will allow and encourage schools to participate
       the Sports Trusts in Auckland.                                           in the whole range of sports activities under the control of
       “RSOs” means Regional Sports Organisations.                              NZSSSC by increasing their knowledge of what is available
       “Sanctioning” is intended to provide an assurance that an event          and providing clear guidelines for competition.
       has been approved against specific criteria. It is necessary
                                                                         (a)    All Secondary and Composite Schools are eligible and will be

     SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                                17
invited by NZSSSC to become members.                                b)      All member schools will, in Term 1 of the year, be advised of the
(b)       Honorary membership is open to sanctioned National Sporting                 meeting in writing. Principals or their nominees may attend.
          Organisations or their delegated secondary school organising        c)      Notices of motion and matters of business must be in the hands
          committee.                                                                  of the Executive Director at least twenty-eight days before the
(c)       Members will be bound by the constitution.                                  Annual General Meeting.
(d)       Members retain the right to withdraw their membership by            d)      Written notice of the agenda of the Annual General Meeting
          giving such notice in writing to NZSSSC.                                    will be sent to all schools at least fourteen days before
(e)       Member schools will pay an annual membership fee, approved                  the meeting.
          by the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the          e)      Member schools will have one vote at the Annual General
          Board of Directors. A roll based range of rates will be provided            Meeting. Postal votes from members will be accepted as long
          for schools each year, and following confirmation of roll figures           as they are received at least seven days before the Annual
          on March 1st, will be payable by September each year and will               General Meeting. Proxy votes will not be allowed.
          not apply to honorary membership.                                   f)      Member schools must notify the name of their voting delegate
(f)       A school may not be expelled from membership of NZSSSC                      to the Executive Director, in writing, seven days before the
          but contravention of the constitution could lead to the school’s            Annual General Meeting.
          suspension from events under the jurisdiction of NZSSSC.            g)      A quorum for the Board Meeting will be achieved if there is a
          This action can be taken only by a resolution of the Board                  simple majority of Board members present.
          of NZSSSC.                                                          h)      The elected Chairperson of the Board of NZSSSC, who shall
                                                                                      have a deliberative vote and, in the event of equality of votes
                                                                                      shall also have a casting vote, will chair the meeting.
6.        Rule Changes                                                        i)      The Annual Audited Accounts of NZSSSC for the
          Any addition or amendment or revocation to the constitution
                                                                                      preceding year will be presented for approval to the Annual
          will be made only after
                                                                                      General Meeting.
(a)       the addition or amendment or revocation has been described
                                                                              j)      The Board will prepare an annual budget to be approved at the
          in writing and distributed to all schools and other interested
                                                                                      Annual General Meeting.
          parties for comment
                                                                              k)      The annual school levy will be determined at the Annual
(b)       there is ample time for a response
                                                                                      General Meeting.
(c)       the Board is completely satisfied that the addition or
          amendment or revocation has the support of a significant
          majority of schools                                                 8.      Meetings – Special General Meeting
                                                                              a)      A Special General Meeting of NZSSSC shall be called if more
          No addition to or alteration or recession of the rules shall be             than 75% of the member schools request, in writing, that such
          approved if it affects the non-profit aims, the personal benefit            a meeting be called.
          clause or the winding up clause.                                    b)      All member schools will be advised of the meeting, in writing,
                                                                                      twenty-eight days before the meeting. Principals or their
7.        Meetings – Annual General Meeting                                           nominees may attend.
a)        The Annual General Meeting of NZSSSC will be held in Term 2         c)      Written notice of the agenda of the Special General Meeting
          of each year at a venue to be advised.                                      will be sent to all schools at least fourteen days before

     18                                                                            New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
the meeting.                                                               Management Committee.
d)     Member schools will have one vote at the Special General              b)   Management Committee meetings will be held annually at the
       Meeting. Postal votes from members will be accepted as long                NZSSSC Conference.
       as they are received at least seven days before the Special           c)   The elected representative of the RSDs [see below], who shall
       General Meeting. Proxy votes will not be allowed.                          have a deliberative vote and, in the event of equality of votes
e)     Member schools must notify the name of their voting delegate               shall also have a casting vote, will chair the meetings.
       to the Executive Director, in writing, seven days before the          d)   If a vote is required, RSDs attending shall have one vote per
       Special General Meeting.                                                   regional office [except Auckland = 2]
f)     A quorum for the Board Meeting will be achieved if there is a         e)   Additionally, sub-committees of the Management Committee,
       simple majority of Board members present.                                  and invited guests, may meet as required but preferably, at least
g)     The elected Chairperson of the Board of NZSSSC, who shall                  once a year in zones, [Northern, Central and Southern].
       have a deliberative vote and, in the event of equality of votes       f)   Management Committee meetings, including sub-committee
       shall also have a casting vote, will chair the meeting.                    meetings, are essentially discussion groups for debate and the
                                                                                  preparation of recommendations to the NZSSSC Conference
                                                                                  and/or the Board.
9.     Meetings – Board
a)     Board meetings will be held as required.
b)     The elected Board Chairperson [or nominee], who shall have a          11. Board of Directors
       deliberative vote and, in the event of equality of votes shall also   a)   The Board has the responsibility for establishing policy and
       have a casting vote, will chair the meetings.                              is responsible to students, schools, teachers, and individual
c)     Board members in attendance shall have one vote.                           sporting codes for delivery of that policy.
d)     If such a position is appointed, the Executive Director will be       b)   The Board is responsible for the effective implementation of any
       entitled to attend and speak at all Board meetings but will have           Investment Agreement that may be agreed with SportNZ.
       no vote.                                                              c)   The Board will comprise eleven principals, one from each of
e)     SportNZ will be invited to be represented by a relationship                the regions described below (2 from Auckland) the elected
       manager or similar at all Board meetings; such representative(s)           representative of the management committee of RSDs and up
       will have no voting entitlement.                                           to two co-opted members.
                                                                                              Otago / Southland
                                                                                              Canterbury / West Coast / Aoraki
10. Meetings – Management Committee                                                           Tasman (Nelson / Marlborough)
a)     The composition of the management committee will be:
                                                                                              Greater Wellington
         (1) Regional Secondary Schools Sports Directors [RSDs]
                                                                                              East Coast NI (Hawkes Bay / Poverty Bay)
         (2) An administrator from SportNZ
                                                                                              West Coast NI (Taranaki / Wanganui / Manawatu)
       The Chairperson of the Board of Directors or a nominee will
                                                                                              Bay of Plenty / Poverty Bay
       attend meetings of the Management Committee.
                                                                                              Waikato / King Country / Thames Valley
       SportNZ will be invited to send a representative to meetings of
                                                                                              Auckland (2)
       the Management Committee.
       Regional     Secondary      Schools    Sports     Development
       Officers [RSDOs] will be invited to attend meetings of the

     SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                                    19
market value). The provisions and effect of this clause shall
d)        Two or three elected members will retire annually in rotation as            not be removed from this document and shall be included and
          specified in the Retirement and Rotation schedule but will be               implied into any documents replacing this document.
          eligible for re-election. Co-opted members will be appointed for
          an initial term of 2 years with the option of reappointment every
          2 years.
                                                                              13. Financial Transactions
                                                                              a)      The financial year of NZSSSC will be 1 February to 31 January.
e)        When required, elections to the Board will be carried out on a
                                                                              b)      All financial transactions will be the responsibility of the Executive
          regional basis before November 30.
                                                                                      Director who will operate under the policies of NZSSSC.
f)        The elected representative of the RSDs will be elected for a two-
                                                                              c)      All income shall be banked in a bank account in the name of
          year term at a meeting of the Management Committee to be
                                                                                      New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council Incorporated
          held at each alternate NZSSSC Conference. All RSDs’ offices
                                                                                      known as NZSSSC.
          shall be entitled to one vote except Auckland that shall have
                                                                              d)      All payments shall be made by cheque signed by two signatories
          two votes. Postal votes from RSDs will be accepted as long as
                                                                                      [Chairperson or nominee and Executive Director] approved by
          the Executive Director receives them at least seven days before
                                                                                      the Board.
          the NZSSSC Conference. Proxy votes will not be allowed.
                                                                              e)      Copies of all documents for reimbursement must be retained.
g)        The Board will elect the Chairperson on an annual basis.
                                                                              f)      All payments must be tabled for approval at the next Board
h)        A quorum for the Board Meeting will be achieved if there is a
          simple majority of Board members present.
                                                                              g)      NZSSSC will appoint an auditor who will:
i)        In the event of a casual vacancy occurring from the resignation
                                                                                      • not, in any other way, be involved in NZSSSC
          of a representative of one of the regions above the Board will
                                                                                      • be qualified to fulfil the audit function
          seek a replacement through the region’s Principals’ Association.
                                                                                      • be authorised to call for the production of all books, papers
          If the vacancy is through resignation of a co-opted member the
                                                                                         and documents
          Board shall have the discretion to make an appointment or not.
                                                                                      • audit the annual accounts within one month of the end of the
          If the vacancy occurs from the resignation of the representative
                                                                                         Association’s financial year.
          of the RSDs the Board will seek a replacement through the
                                                                              h)      NZSSSC shall not have the power to borrow money for any
          network of RSDs.
j)        The Board may, from time to time, at its discretion, appoint part
          time or full time staff charged to achieve agreed policies.
                                                                              14. Common Seal
                                                                              NZSSSC shall have a Common Seal with the words “The Common
12. Personal Benefit                                                          Seal of New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council Incorporated”
a)        No member or officer of NZSSSC or any person associated with
                                                                              that shall be kept in the custody of the Executive Director and that shall
          a member or officer shall participate in or materially influence
                                                                              be affixed to any document only in pursuance of a resolution of the
          a decision made by NZSSSC in respect of payment or receipt
                                                                              Board of NZSSSC and in the presence of the Chairperson, Executive
          of any income or advantage to or on behalf of that member or
                                                                              Director and any one other member of the Board of NZSSSC.
          officer or associated person.
b)        Any income paid shall be reasonable and relative to that which
          would be paid in any arms length transaction (being the open

     20                                                                            New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
15. Winding Up                                                               (c)         To ensure that all schools have the opportunity to participate
If any General Meeting shall resolve by simple majority that NZSSSC                      in all events whether regional or national.
shall be wound up, a further Special General Meeting shall be called         (d)         To ensure that the event is held under the rules of the sport
and be held not earlier than thirty days after the date of the meeting at                and is organised to a high standard.
which the resolution was passed to confirm or reject such resolution. If
the resolution shall be confirmed at such further meeting, NZSSSC shall      Guidelines:
be wound up and all surplus assets after the payment of all costs, debts     For all events, a NZSSSC sanctioning form detailing, inter alia, the
and liabilities shall be vested in the Secondary Principals’ Association     following information will be provided to NZSSSC on a date as specified
of New Zealand [SPANZ] or, failing them, the Principals’ Council [PC]        in Term 3 of the year before the event.
to be held in trust for similar charitable purposes.                         (a)        Competition/tournament rules.
                                                                             (b)        Details of proposed dates and venues of national and island
If, upon the winding up or dissolution of NZSSSC, there remains after                   events so that they may be incorporated into a national
the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever,              schedule of events.
the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of            (c)        The availability of appropriate safe venues and facilities.
NZSSSC.                                                                      (d)        The availability of officials of an acceptable standard.
                                                                             (e)        Details of levies, fees and other costs to be borne by
                                                                                        competitors or schools in entering to the event.
POLICIES AND GUIDELINES                                                      (f)        An agreement to supply a post tournament/competition
                                                                                        report and financial report.
New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council accepts the
importance of school sports competition. It is an essential part of
the school year. Nevertheless, every attempt should be made to               Notes
schedule school sports events so that academic programmes are                (i)        Entry for all schools. The organisers of a sanctioned event
not compromised.                                                                        will provide entry for all secondary schools.
                                                                             (ii)       Composite Teams. Composite teams will be permitted only
1.        Sanctioning of Events                                                         if:
                                                                                    (a) all other eligibility rules regarding age and attendance are
Rationale:                                                                              met
Sanctioning of an event will ensure that it meets all the requirements set          (b) the principals of the schools that the students attend agree
down by the NZSSSC.                                                                 (c) one principal accepts responsibility for the composite team
Purposes:                                                                           (d) the team will be called by a name that indicates that more
(a)       To undertake due diligence to facilitate safe environments for                than one school has contributed players
          NZSSSC sanctioned competition.                                            (e) the team will be permitted only through the preliminary round
(b)       To ensure that secondary school sporting event administrators                 and will not be eligible for placing or competition trophies
          provide a fair and equitable opportunity for schools teams                    (but may be eligible for awards such as Fair Play and
          to be selected to compete at a competitive level that is                      individual trophies.)
          appropriate to their performance in that year.                            (f) Composite teams should not be able to enter tournaments

      SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                                       21
when single school teams are on a waiting list.                       Guidelines:
        (g) When a qualifying tournament exists a composite team                  Student Eligibility
            cannot qualify above a single school team.                            a)        A student eligible to compete in National and Island secondary
Note: Host School/Attached School regulations - See ‘Eligibility of                         school events must:
Competitors – Guidelines, Note (v)                                                          1. be enrolled as a bona fide (Year 9 or above) student at
                                                                                                the school of representation and studying at least 80%
(iii)       Breach of Regulations. There will be expectations that                              of a programme that is part of the timetable provided by
            national and regional bodies or organising committees have                          the school for at least four weeks immediately prior to the
            appropriate procedures in place to deal with breaches of                            event.
            regulations, including codes of conduct, and that these will                    2. have a satisfactory attendance record at the school. The
            be applied.                                                                         final decision will be at the Principal’s discretion.
(iv)        Co-educational schools          The current Ministry of                         3. be under 19 years of age at the first of January in the
            Education status of a school will be used to determine it’s                         year of the competition. (unless specified otherwise for a
            co-educational status.                                                              particular competition).
(v)         Non-sanctioned Events. Events that fail to meet these                 1.        The school must authenticate a student’s birth date.
            criteria will not be sanctioned and will not be placed on the                   Organising committees may require validation by a birth
            New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council’s calendar                         certificate or passport.
            of events. (Schools are requested not to enter students in any        2.        All teams and individuals participating in National or Island
            event which is not sanctioned by NZSSSC).                                       events must be declared at the date prescribed by the
                                                                                            accredited sporting body.
2.          Eligibility of Competitors
                                                                                  (i)	In addition to the 4 week requirement, any Non Domestic student
Rationale:                                                                              must have been enrolled in and have commenced their attendance
Member schools of NZSSSC require clearly defined eligibility criteria                   at the school of representation on or before the first day of the term
that recognise the importance of consistency, equity and fair play for                  in which the event or qualifier is held.
participation in National and Island secondary school sporting events.            (ii)	If an allegation challenging the enrolment history of a student(s)
                                                                                        as attested by the principal on the signed team entry material
Purposes:                                                                               is provided in writing to the NZSSSC Executive Director by a
(a)         To establish equitable eligibility criteria that can be applied for         principal or an NZSSSC event organiser, the principal of the team
            all National and Island secondary school sports events.                     in question is responsible for providing to the NZSSSC Executive
(b)         To define Bona Fide student status.                                         Director the relevant ENROL record(s) for the student(s). The
(c)         To establish consistency in age groupings that are recognised               principal is responsible for attaining the consent of the student(s)
            by all sporting bodies and member schools.                                  or their caregiver to supply the ENROL record to NZSSSC. If an
                                                                                        ENROL record is not provided by the principal the student(s) will
                                                                                        be deemed to be ineligible.

   22                                                                                  New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council
(iii)	Other age divisions below the age of 19 are possible and should                 bound to accept the recommendation of NZSSSC.
       be based on the first of January as the qualifying date.                  -     the principal of the host school accepts responsibility for
(iv)	Subject to the limits described in School Team Eligibility (1-6)                 the team.
       below, students who otherwise meet the criteria in a) above and           -     The team[s] will compete under the name of the ‘host
       who transfer from one school to another are eligible to compete                 school’.
       provided they are on the roll of the participating school and             -     Students will be named as representatives of the ‘host
       have attended classes for at least four weeks immediately prior                 school’.
       to the time of the event. (Dispensation for those who transfer            -     An attached school will have only one host school [or one
       within four weeks of the competition is at the discretion of the                girls’ school and one boys’ school] for any/all of its students
       organising committee).                                                          who participate in national and island secondary school
(v)	Organising committees that want to allow Year 7 and 8 students                    events; this does not prevent the attached school entering
       to compete in their events as secondary school students or to                   students under its own name in sports where numbers may
       compete in separate grade[s] associated with the secondary                      be viable [e.g. individual sporting codes]
       school event are encouraged to do so as long as this is made              (vii) NZSSSC will consider applications from principals for
       clear to all schools and to NZSSSC when entries are taken. For                  exemptions of Year 13 students with Flexible Partnership
       events that have not been previously notified, in special cases                 Learning Agreements          (3/2 dual enrolments) that are
       [e.g. to complete a school team], the organising committee may                  completing less than 80% of a course as offered by the
       grant dispensation to allow Year 7 and 8 students to represent a                school on a case by case basis. The school MUST produce
       school in secondary school competitions.                                        supply a fully completed MoE template Flexible Partnership
(vi)	A secondary school [host school] may offer sporting opportunities                Learning Agreement and to be eligible for exemption
       to students who attend community secondary schools [attached                    consideration, the student must not be classified as New to
       schools] not, by themselves, capable of entering normal                         School under NZSSSC eligibility criteria.
       secondary school events [e.g. special character schools with
       a secondary roll lower than 50]. The school may enter teams
       of students from both host and attached schools in national and
                                                                              School Team Eligibility
       island events and will not be considered as ‘composite schools’           1.   A school team eligible to compete in National and Island
       provided that                                                                  secondary school events must not exceed the quota of
       -	all other eligibility rules regarding age and attendance of the             students new to the school in the 2 years preceding the
            students are met                                                          first day of the event as specified in the table below. For
       -     the principals of the schools complete a written agreement               clarity, the student’s most recent enrolment date at the
             on the terms that allow students from the ‘attached’ school[s]           school must be used. Teams are limited to a maximum
             to play for a team[s] of the host school, the terms to include           two (2) non domestic students (or one for sports with a
             agreement that the student[s] from the ‘attached’ school                 quota of one) and any non domestic student must always
             will be part of the team[s] for the season and not selected              be included in the quota allowed. Domestic students are
             only for certain fixtures. At least eight weeks prior to the             defined in Note 6 below.
             proposed shared participation, the agreement[s] will be
             provided to NZSSSC for its approval and to allow notification
             to the organising committee which will consider but is not

      SPORTS DIRECTORY 2017                                                                                                                              23
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