2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.

2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
2 018 / 19 Po r t f o l i o

2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
2 018 / 19 Po r t f o l i o

                                                         H                E

    drinkcannonball.com   angelsandcowboyswines.com      highdivecellars.com   astrolabewines.co.nz

     @cannonballwines      @angelsandcowboyswines         @highdivecellars       @astrolabewines

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2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
We l c o m e
                                    This is the stor y, the people, and the wines
                                    that make up SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
                                    Dedicated to innovation in all that we
                                    do, with a commitment to authenticity,
                                    our mission is to spread our passion by
                                    offering wines we believe in.
                                    We love what we do, and hope it
                                    shows in ever y bottle!
                                    From our winemaking base in Healdsburg,
        “We have passion for        business operations in Silicon Valley,
                                    and our robust regional sales team,
    offering wines we believe in.   thank YOU for sharing a splash!

    Wines that are best enjoyed
     when you Share a Splash!”
                                                                                               Page 2     About Us

                                                                                               Page 4     The Team

                                                                                               Page 7     Design

                                                                                               Page 9     Distribution map

                                                                                               Page 11    Our portfolio

                                                                                               Page 13    Cannonball

                                                                                               Page 23    Cannonball ELEVEN

                                                                                               Page 31    Angels & Cowboys

                                                                                               Page 39    High Dive

                                                                                               Page 45    Astrolabe

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2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
About Us                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  2018
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              The launch of Cannonball E L E V E N
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              In our quest to reach new winemaking
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              heights, Cannonball ELEVEN was

                                                                                                                                                           SHARE A SPLASH WINE CO.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              conceived. We dialed sourcing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              into ver y specific Sonoma County
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              subregions and sought out growers

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          CANNONBALL ELEVEN
                                                                                                                    ANGELS & COWBOYS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              in traditional and unlikely corners.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              We set our sights on small vineyard

                                                                              ASTROLABE WINES

                                                                                                                                                                                     HIGH DIVE WINES
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              parcels that embody the best and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              most recognizable hallmarks of each
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              subregion. We are thrilled with the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              quality and the experience these
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              limited production wines deliver!

    2006                               2010                                    2012                                 2014                                    2016
    The beginning                      ...and then there were four             Cannonball meets Astrolabe           The launch of beloved                    SHARE A SPLASH WINE co. is born
    It all began with one varietal,    Cannonball Cabernet had                 wines from New Zealand               Angels & Cowboys                         After ten years of conceiving new
    Cabernet, and the vision to        established a solid reputation          At a fateful meeting arranged by     Angels & Cowboys is a                    projects and partnerships, it was time
    produce one of the best under      in the marketplace. Consumers           our Toronto agent and partner        collaboration with award-winning         to bring in a parent for all of our
    $20 for the U.S. market.           and the trade were asking for           Harris Davidson of Rogers &          graphic designer Michael                 brands. SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
    Coupling co-Founder Dennis         more and as a result of market          Company, Cannonball and              Schwab, who is also our label            portfolio brand name was established.
    Hills’ winemaking expertise,       demand, the line was extended.          Astrolabe wines fell in love at      designer. Michael’s artwork, the
    grower relationships, and keen     The first varietal was Chardonnay,      first sight. Fall 2012, Cannonball   name, and our vision for the style
                                                                                                                                                             Making a splash with High Dive
    sourcing knowledge, with Founder   followed by Merlot, and then            became the exclusive U.S.            of wine were components that
    Yoav Gilat’s business acumen,      Sauvignon Blanc. As our first           agent for highly acclaimed           organically came together. The           High Dive marks SHARE A SPLASH
    natural networking and vision,     born, Cannonball Cabernet               Astrolabe wines from New             initial plan was to produce a            wine co.’s first entry into the Napa
    Cannonball wines was born.         remains our flagship wine.              Zealand. Recognized as one           Zinfandel - based Sonoma County          Valley super luxury wine category.
                                       Through tireless passion and            of Marlborough’s premiere            Proprietary Red label only, but          High Dive began as an adventurous
                                       drive, distribution in all the major    producers, Astrolabe brought         our love for Rosé inspired us,           collaboration between SHARE A
                                       U.S. markets and a handful of           critical acclaim and notoriety       and we produced a handful of             SPLASH wine co. Founder Yoav Gilat
                                       International was achieved,             within the sommelier network         cases for fun.                           and winemakers Peter Heitz (Turnbull
                                       and a solid foundation of               to the portfolio.                    Immediately well-received into our       Wine Cellars) and Scott Palazzo
                                       success took hold.                                                           existing network, the first vintages     (Palazzo Wines). The winemaking
                                                                                                                    sold out ahead of forecast. Both         dream team set out to craft an elegant,
                                                                                                                    the Proprietary Red and Rosé             proprietary red that would showcase
                                                                                                                    quickly established success within       the best of Napa’s terroir, with classic
                                                                                                                    our portfolio.                           restraint, and a homage to the classic
                                                                                                                                                             Napa Valley blends of the 1970s.
                                                                                                                                                             Upon the inaugural 2014 vintage
                                                                                                                                                             release, High Dive immediately made
                                                                                                                                                             its way onto coveted wine lists like
                                                                                                                                                             The French Laundry, and received high
                                                                                                                                                             marks from the press.

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2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
The Team
    Geographically located throughout North America, armed with many years of cumulative
    wine experience, we are a team of fearless industry innovators. Our philosophy is to build
    long-term relationships and cultivate brand ambassadors worldwide.

                                                                 Lawrence Seeff
                                                                 The Batsman | Chairman
                                                                                                                   Kelley Deal           Mimi Skinner          Jennifer McKeough    Gil Watkins          Meghan Shaw
                                                                 Lawrence holds 20+ years of experience
                                                                 leading privately held, billion-dollar firms in   The One and Only      Mighty Minnie Mouse   Snow White           Yoda                 Simply Red
                                                                 the global real estate & financial sectors.       Director of           Controller            Director of Sales    Vice President of    Manager DTC
                                                                 He is a tremendous asset in advising both         Marketing                                   National Accounts    Sales Western U.S.   & Marketing
                                                                 business & financial affairs for the Company.
                                                                 Lawrence always aspires to the highest level
                                                                 of achievement; he was a former South
                                                                 African first-class cricketer & has climbed
                                                                 5 of the 7 world’s highest peaks. Naturally
                                                                 Pinotage, the signature grape of South
                                                                 Africa, is Lawrence’s favorite.

                                                                 Dennis Hill
                                                                 The Wizard
    Yoav Gilat                                                   Dennis holds 40+ years of winemaking
                                                                 expertise, he mastered his talent at wineries
    The Diver
                                                                 of all sizes; Seghesio, Alexander Valley
                                                                 Vineyards, Hayman & Hill & was the magic
    Yoav launched Cannonball with                                behind the wildly successful Blackstone           Will Fuhrman          Lynn Mahlebjian       Sara Zeigler         Chrissy Beresford    Megan Holst
    20+ years of diverse experience                              Merlot. Aside from being our Wizard of            The Wine Stud         The Queen             The Cowgirl Jessie   The Seeker           The Fixer
    in consumer goods & beverages.                               Winemaking, Dennis is a true Sonoma
    Born and raised in Israel, Yoav                                                                                Director of Sales     Director of Sales     Director of Sales    Director of Sales    Operations Assistant
                                                                 County man & enjoys hunting the deepest
    moved to the UK in 1994 & studied                                                                              Midwestern U.S.       Northeastern U.S.     Southwestern U.S     Southeastern U.S.
                                                                 corners of the area for mushrooms. When
    Law at University of Kent. Following                         he is not perfecting our wines, he enjoys
    graduation, Yoav practiced law for                           sipping a good Riesling.
    three years before moving on to
    Tymco Beer Ltd., where he managed
    business development. Yoav then                              Ondine Chattan
    pursued his MBA at Columbia                                  The Water Goddess | Winemaker
    Business School & Haas School of
                                                                 Ondine is a passionate Sonoma County
    Business/Berkeley. He furthered his
                                                                 winemaker with experience ranging
    industry experience by providing
                                                                 from cult boutique producers to notable
    strategy & marketing services to
                                                                 household name brands. Her love of the
    Constellation with their brands;
                                                                 diversity of Sonoma and California at
    Blackstone Winery & The Campari
                                                                 large fuels her enthusiasm for making a
    Group - SKYY Vodka. Today, Yoav
                                                                 range of varietals from Sauvignon Blanc to
    oversees all day-to-day operations as
                                                                 Zinfandel. Ondine takes a hands-on, multi-
    well as the company’s distributor &
                                                                 disciplinary approach to winemaking- a
    international sales networks in over 65
    markets. True to the Cannonball spirit,
                                                                 credit to her years spent earning a Master’s      Chantal Landreville   Nicole Lar tigau      Lynne Chao           Alex Anderson
                                                                 of Science in Enology from Fresno State           The Cosmo             The Hashtag           The Colonel          The Snow Angel
    Yoav is a professional scuba diver &
                                                                 and a Bachelor of Science from Cal Poly
    Cabernet is his “go-to” varietal.                                                                              Director of Sales     Sales Manager         Production Manager   Accountant
                                                                 San Luis Obispo.
                                                                                                                   Canada/Int’l          So. California

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2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
                                  Our primar y label designer Michael Schwab, is one of America’s leading artists
                                  and is regularly featured in publications worldwide.

                                        “There is a classic quality to his
                                     w o r k – c o n t e m p o r a r y, b u t n e v e r
                                     t r e n d y. . . ”
                                                                      Robert Redford

          Angels & Cowboys
      label design received the
    distinguished ‘GOLD’ Award
       by Graphis, the leading
                                  Featured work
      design trade publication.   Peet’s Coffee & Tea, U.S
                                  Robert Mondavi Winery, Napa Valley, CA
                                  Sundance Mountain Resort, Park City, Utah
                                  The Golden Gate National Parks,
                                  San Francisco, CA

                                  For more info visit:

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2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
USA - Australia - Canada
                                                                             Germany - England - Scotland
                                                                             Switzerland - India - Sweden -
                                                                             Singapore - Israel - Denmark
                                                                             Nor way - Gibraltar - Puerto
                                  SHARE A SPLASH                             Rico - Finland - Greece
                                 wine co. is present                         Italy   -   New       Zealand
                                 in 48 United States                         South Korea - Netherlands
                                and 26 International                         Hong Kong - Thailand
                                       Markets                               Japan - Czech Republic
                                                                             Belgium - Antigua

                                                                            NORTH AMERICA


                                                                                        CENTRAL AMERICA
                                            ASIA                  OCEANIA

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2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.

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2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
                        Cannonball wines are a pure expression of the varietal. Progressive winemaking
                        perfected with evocative, award-winning label design. Serious wines that don’t take
                        themselves too seriously...
                        Cannonball California wines are sourced from select regions throughout California.
                        The diverse California microclimates, topography, and soils provide the perfect palette
                        to create wines that are complex, highly consistent, and a pure expression of the varietal.
                        Diversifying sourcing allows for flexibility to achieve our signature style and maintain
                        continuity with each vintage.

                        The icon
                        The perfect symbol of freedom. Legs tucked beneath you, soaring through the air – that
                        uninhibited spirit is the soul of Cannonball wines. The Cannonball icon is a symbol of your
                        inner child, a time when life was carefree and all about having fun. Cannonball wines will
                        make you smile and remind you to not take life too seriously.
                                                                                       Dive in and Share a Splash!

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2018/19 Por tfolio shareasplash.com - SHARE A SPLASH wine co.
                                                                                San Francisco


                           Lake County     Mendocino

                        North Coast                                                                        Los Angeles

                                         Sonoma County


                                                                        SANTA ROSA




                                                               Central Coast


                                                                   Santa Lucia Highlands

                                                                        Paso Robles                San

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“Cannonball California Cabernet is               Cannonball Cabernet
     a wine that knows what it is and                 AVA: Sonoma County, Nor th Coast,
                                                      Mendocino & Lodi
     who it’s for. This is an insanely
                                                      First Vintage: 2005
     crushable Cali Cab, perfect for
                                                      Alc: 13.7%
     a backyard bbq or casual
                                                      An exciting revival of a classic style. It has
     burger night.”                                   the best characteristics of traditional California
     Vinepair 03.29.18                                and old world Bordeaux. Our Winemaker’s
                                                      deep knowledge of the best California
                                                      Cabernet Sauvignon climates, soil types
     “A perennial best buy”
                                                      and vineyards, coupled with long-term
     Food & Wine                                      relationships with premiere growers,
     Magazine                                         allow sourcing for the finest grapes to
                                                      craft the ultimate Cannonball flavor.
     Dec 2017
                                                      Flavors of red currant
                                                      fruit with fresh cherry
                                                      and berry flavors. The
                                                      mouthfeel starts with a
                                                      substantial body and
                                                      has just enough
                                                      texture and acidity
                                                      to leave a long and
                                                      flavorful finish.

                                                      VINTAGE   POINTS   AWARD

                                                                         Vivino’s Top 20 under $20:
                                                       2015       -
                                                                         Cannonball Cabernet #6!

                                                       2014      93      Ultimate Wine Challenge 2017

                                                       2013      91      Ultimate Wine Challenge 2016

                                                                         San Francisco International
                                                       2013      91
                                                                         Wine Competition 2016

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Cannonball Sauvignon Blanc
                                                AVA: California, Nor th Coast, Mendocino,
                                                Lake County

      82% of wine drinkers say wine             First Vintage: 2010
                                                Alc: 13.4%
      should be fun and enjoyable...
                                                Sauvignon Blanc is one variety that is a pure
       The KUBE (Knowledge Unearthed for        expression of varietal - the wine is what the
                                                grape provides. Preservation of the fragrant
     Business Expansion) survey results, 2017
                                                aromatics and fresh mouthfeel is paramount in
                                                our winemaking. We seek sites that contribute
                                                bright fruit flavors and lively palate structure
                                                to the blend. Aging at cool temperatures
                                                strengthens the mid-palate and adds
                                                dimension and rounds out the vibrant acidity.
                                                Cannonball Sauvignon Blanc displays aromas
                                                of grapefruit, lime, and orange blossom. On
                                                the palate, juicy flavors of the citrus spectrum,
                                                tropical notes, and a mineral quality that
                                                compliments the acidity, create a refreshing
                                                and inviting wine, that finishes with a very
                                                pleasing mouthfeel.

                                                VINTAGE   POINTS   AWARD

                                                                   Critics’ Platinum Critics’
                                                 2017      94
                                                                   Challenge 2018

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Cannonball Chardonnay                                  Cannonball Merlot
     AVA: California, Monterey, Mendocino,                  AVA: California, Central Coast, Monterey,
     Lodi, Clarksburg                                       Livermore, Santa Lucia Highlands, Paso Robles

     First Vintage: 2009                                    First Vintage: 2007
     Alc: 13.7%                                             Alc: 13.7%

     Sourced from diverse premium cool climate              We source our Merlot from regions that
     appellations throughout Northern California.           experience warm afternoon temperatures
     In pursuit of the best of both worlds the              balanced by cool nights and mornings:
     Chardonnay receives a combination of                   foggy Monterey, gravelly Livermore, sunny
     stainless steel and oak aging. Partial                 Paso Robles to mountainous Santa Lucia
     malolactic fermentation is employed to                 Highlands. Component wines were cellared
     round out the palate and balance acidity.              separately for the first year and the final
     The entire blend is aged in French oak,                blend was aged on a finely proportioned
     employing specialty toasts that enhance the            medley of French oak. A bouquet of cherry
     vanilla components of the wine. Aromas                 and plum fruit, accented by sweet vanilla.
     of honeycomb, sweet cream butter and                   Medium-full bodied with classic Bordeaux
     honeysuckle. Medium weight on the palate               proportions and wonderful concentration.
     with flavors of poached pear, lemon curd               Flavors of supple cherry fruit and rich
     and toasted almond. A lively streak of acid            boysenberry, earth notes and fresh acidity.
     prevails on the finish.                                The wine has a lingering, savory finish.

                                                            VINTAGE   POINTS   AWARD

                                                                               Critics’ Gold Critics’ Challenge
                                                             2016      90

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E   L    E   V    E    N

                        CANNONBALL ELEVEN
                        The ELEVEN range of limited production wines is focused specifically on subregional Sonoma
                        County    terroir. ELEVEN takes a deep dive into Sonoma, and captures this region’s unique
                        spirit. Our winemakers dialed sourcing into very specific subregions and sought out growers
                        in traditionalwines    are a pure
                                         and unlikely     expression
                                                      corners.       of their
                                                               They set the varietal.
                                                                              sights onProgressive winemaking
                                                                                         small vineyard  parcels perfected
                        with   EVOCATIVE,     award-winning  label design.  Serious  wines  that
                        embody the best and most recognizable hallmarks of each sub-appellation. don’t take themselves
                        too seriously...
                        The icon
                        The icon
                        ELEVEN is considered a Master Number. A Master Number represents something well
                        It is the perfect symbol of freedom. Legs tucked beneath you, soaring through the air – that
                        above and beyond the mundane. It connotes instinct, charisma, dynamic capability and an
                        uninhibited spirit is the soul of Cannonball Wines. The Cannonball icon is a symbol of your
                        overwhelming desire to produce something extraordinary. These are the truths we channel in
                        inner child. A time when life was carefree and all about having fun. Cannonball Wines will
                        crafting the Cannonball ELEVEN wines.
                        make you smile and remind you to not take life too seriously.
                                                    On a scale of one to ten, this CANNONBALL‘Dive indeserves
                                                                                                        and Sharean aELEVEN.

22   shareasplash.com                                             shareasplash.com                                              23
                        E   L   E   V   E   N

                                                                                           San Francisco


                                                 Sonoma County
                                                                                                                     Los Angeles
                                                Dr y Creek Valley           Alexander Valley


                                                                    Russian River Valley

                                                                                SANTA ROSA

                                                                                    Sonoma Coast


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Cannonball E L E V E N                                    Cannonball E L E V E N
     Sonoma Coast Chardonnay                                   Sonoma County Merlot
     AVA: Sonoma Coast                                         AVA: Sonoma County, Russian River Valley
                                                               & Dr y Creek Valley
     First Vintage: 2017
     Alc: 13.8%                                                First Vintage: 2016
                                                               Alc: 13.9%
     ELEVEN Chardonnay was grown in the
     Sonoma Coast where the cool climate                       ELEVEN Merlot was grown in both the
     fruit strikes a balance between opulence                  northern reach of the Russian River Valley and
     and elegance. The growing season is long,                 the southern end of the Dry Creek Valley. We
     natural acidity is abundant. Fermentation                 harvest by hand in the early morning hours
     took place in a combination of stainless                  and cold soak the fruit prior to fermentation to
     steel tanks and French oak barrels. Barrel                release the deep color and concentrated berry
     and tank portions both under went extended                flavors. Upon completion of fermentation the
     sur lie aging to enhance mouthfeel and                    wine is drained off its skins and put to French
     contribute nougat and hazelnut notes, as                  oak barrels for extended aging.
     well as add dimension and balance to the
                                                               Impressively structured with black cherry, red
     classic coastal acidity inherent in the fruit.
                                                               currant, and raspberry fruit, this wine also
     Apple, pear, and melon fruit notes dominate.              shows lovely notes of cracked pepper, clove
     Succulent preser ved lemon and lime zest                  spice, and classic dried Herbs de Provence.
     back notes, complimented by
     honeycomb accents.

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Cannonball E L E V E N                                    Cannonball E L E V E N
     Dr y Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc                         Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon
     AVA: Dr y Creek Valley                                    AVA: Sonoma County, Sonoma Valley &
                                                               Alexander Valley
     First Vintage: 2017
     Alc: 13.8%                                                First Vintage: 2016
                                                               Alc: 14.5%
     ELEVEN Sauvignon Blanc was grown in the
     legendary Dry Creek Valley. The warm days                 ELEVEN Cabernet Sauvignon was grown in select
     and cool evenings mature our grapes early in              areas of Sonoma County. The wine’s saturated
     the season and the long sunny days enhance                color and juicy density owe their origin to our
     the development of flavors. Primarily fermented           northern Sonoma Valley vineyard source, and
     in stainless steel, we also fill a small portion of       is framed and tamed by the refinement of our
     the blend to French oak barrels for fermentation          Alexander Valley site.
     to create a blending component that adds
                                                               Each Cabernet lot is fermented and cellared
     dimension, and a subtle richness and depth.
                                                               separately in French oak barrels for 14 months,
     Vibrant aromas of guava, pineapple, and                   then blended and aged a further 10 months as an
     passion fruit continue onto the palate and are            ensemble. The wine holds a purple core of luscious
     joined by waves of honeydew melon, tangerine              juicy ripe black fruits, blueberry, peppered meats,
     and lychee flavors. The mid-palate shows a                rich earthen notes and richly gripping tannins.
     lively acidity and soft floral notes leading to           The full-bodied mid-palate leads to a long finish
     a pleasingly persistent finish.                           with excellent balance and structure, complimented
                                                               by firm acidity and soft, integrated tannins.

28                                          shareasplash.com                                       shareasplash.com   29
                        Founded in 2014. Handcrafted, proprietar y blends, sourced from some of the best
                        vineyards in Sonoma County. Our winemaking team draws on traditional and progressive
                        methods to create wines that deliver a stand out style.

                        The icon
                        A silhouette of a young white tail deer skull. It evokes a rugged, austere, and graceful
                        beauty. Ever yone has a little bit, or a lot, of both inside: the good, the sweet, the lover
                        and the dangerous, the rule breaking, the trail blazing.

                                                          There’s a lover, a trailblazer and a rule breaker in all of us.

30   shareasplash.com                                           shareasplash.com                                             31
                                                                San Francisco



                        Sonoma County
                                                                                           Los Angeles

                                                      Alexander Valley
                            Dr y Creek Valley



                                         Russian River Valley

                                                         SANTA ROSA

                                                                      ROHNERT PARK



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Angels & Cowboys
                    “A sexy Proprietar y Red...”
                                                                         Sonoma County Proprietar y Red
                R o b e r t P a r k e r , T h e W i n e A d v o c at e
                                              D e c e m b e r 2014       AVA: Sonoma County, Alexander Valley,
                                                                         Dr y Creek Valley & Russian River Valley

       “... big, supple, dark-ruby red wine                              First Vintage: 2012
             with loads of fruit, and a nice,                            Alc: 14.8%

                    round juicy personality”                             Sourced from some of Sonoma County’s most
                R o b e r t P a r k e r , T h e W i n e A d v o c at e   prestigious growers. This Zinfandel-based
                                                                         red blend holds a bold, massive and
                                                  M a r c h 2016
                                                                         flavorful style. Our characteristic integration
                                                                         of new and neutral French oak accentuates
                                        “A Great Value”                  the layers of red fruit and racy spices that
                R o b e r t P a r k e r , T h e W i n e A d v o c at e   define our Angels & Cowboys Proprietary
                                                    A pr i l 2017        Red style.
                                                                         The aromas are of dark red fruit,
                                                                         dried plum, sweet spice, mocha and
                                                                         vanilla. In the mouth it has generous
                                                                         flavors and bold structure.

                                                                         VINTAGE   POINTS   AWARD

                                                                                            Critics’ Gold Critics’ Challenge
                                                                          2016      90

                                                                                            BEST BUY Wine Enthusiast
                                                                          2015       -
                                                                                            May 2018

                                                                          2014      94      Ultimate Wine Challenge 2016

                                                                                            The Tasting Panel Magazine
                                                                          2013      91
                                                                                            May 2016

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Angels & Cowboys
     “...one of the best pink wines
                                                       Sonoma County Rosé
     I’ve ever had in my life...”
                                                       AVA: Sonoma County, Dr y Creek Valley
     The Wine Curmudgeon                               & Russian River Valley

     Critics’ Challenge Judge 2016                     First Vintage: 2013
                                                       Alc: 12.8%

                                                       Grenache-based Angels & Cowboys Rosé is
                                                       made with winemaking techniques similar to
                                                       those in the south of France, the epicenter
                                                       for Rosé. The grapes were hand-harvested
                                                       and whole cluster pressed to minimize color
                                                       extraction and create a wine of unrelenting
                                                       delicacy. Upon completion of fermentation,
                                                       the Rosé is aged on its yeast lees for a little
                                                       over two months, creating a bit more depth
                                                       and mouthfeel.
                                                       Angels & Cowboys Rosé is classic Oeil de
                                                       Perdrix. It has delicate aromas suggesting
                                                       light mandarin, pomegranate blossoms and
                                                       wildflowers. On the palate, the wine is
                                                       lively and racy with flavors of tart
                                                       cherries and minerals, freshness in the
                                                       mid-palate, and great delicacy
                                                       in the finish.

                                                       VINTAGE   POINTS   AWARD

                                                        2017      91      Anthony Dias Blue April 2018

                                                        2016      90      Anthony Dias Blue June 2017

                                                                          Critics’ Challenge Wine
                                                        2015      98
                                                                          Competition 2016

                                                        2015      92      Ultimate Wine Challenge 2016

                                                                          Gold Medal: SF International
                                                        2015      90
                                                                          Wine Competition 2016

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H                             E

                        HIGH DIVE
                        Launched in 2017. Limited production, Cabernet-based, Napa Valley red blend. The
                        vineyard sourcing for High Dive plays a key role in the style and quality of the wine, the
                        Oakville AVA giving ripe fruit and richness, while the Carneros AVA gives a fresh acidity,
                        combined with elegance and finesse.
                        The icon
                        The Cannonball Boy grown up...maturity and sophistication with a daring confidence.
                                                                 High Dive represents the thrill, magic, and joy of life.
                                                            It is the excitement you feel when you start your journey,
                                                                      the freedom when you dive in, let go and enjoy.

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High Dive

                                                                                               AVA: Napa Valley, Oakville &

                                                            San Francisco                      Los Carneros Napa

                                                                                               First Vintage: 2014
     H   E

                                                                                               Alc: 14.5%

                                                                                               Limited production High Dive is sourced
                                                                                               from the ideal Napa Valley microclimates of
                                                                                               Oakville (volcanic red clay) and Carneros
                                                                                 Los Angeles
                                                                                               (shallow clay).
                                                                                               The wine’s ‘Left Bank’ Bordeaux style blends
                                                                                               world-class Cabernet Sauvignon with
              N a p a Va l l e y
                                                                                               additional Bordeaux varietals. Bold and
                                                                                               complex with beautifully integrated French
                                                                                               oak and a long, subtle finish. High Dive
                                                                                               captures the depth, balance and complexity
                                                                                               the Napa Valley has become known for.
                         ST. HELENA


                                       YOUNT VILLE


                                             Los Carneros

                                                                                               VINTAGE   POINTS   AWARD

                                                                                                                  The Tasting Panel Magazine
                                                                                                2015      95
                                                                                                                  September 2018

                                                                                                                  Connoisseurs’ Guide
                                                                                                2014      90
                                                                                                                  December 2017

                                                                                                                  Anthony Dias Blue
                                                                                                2014      94
                                                                                                                  December 2017

                                                                                                                  The Tasting Panel Magazine
                                                                                                2014      95
                                                                                                                  March 2018

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95 points
                        “...Pedigreed and elegant.”
                                Meredith May
                        The Tasting Panel, March 2018

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                        Astrolabe grapes are sourced entirely from unique Marlborough sites that add layers of
                        complexity to the wines. Each site is chosen for the distinctive flavor it produces. Astrolabe
                        works with dedicated growers who understand the rhythms of the land and know how to
                        grow grapes that express the terroir.
                        The icon
                        An Astrolabe is a navigational device whose name translates as “star taker” and it was
                        used by navigators to determine latitude by the stars. The Astrolabe logo is based on a
                        motif of the instrument.
                                                             Critically acclaimed wines of purity, focus and elegance.

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                         Marlborough                                 Christchurch

                              WAIRAU VALLEY           PICTON         South
                               AWATERE VALLEY
                                 Wairau Valley
                        KEKERENGU COAST
                                Southern Valleys

                              Awatere Valley

                                                   Kekerengu Coast

46   shareasplash.com                shareasplash.com                                   47
Astrolabe Province
                                                  Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
                                                  AVA: M arlborough, Awatere Valley, Wairau
                                                  Valley & Kekerengu Coast

                                                  First Vintage: 1999
                                                  Alc: 13%

                                                  Astrolabe ‘Province’ series wines are made in
                                                  a classic Marlborough vein, emphasizing the
                                                  varietal intensity created by leafy vineyards,
                                                  ripe fruit and cool-climate growing. The
                                                  Province Sauvignon was fermented in stainless
                                                  steel using neutral wine yeast strains to
                                                  allow the powerful fruit flavors to dominate.
                                                  Medium-bodied with white peach, gooseberry
                                                  and citrus flavors and a dry mineral finish.

     Astrolabe Province Sauvignon Blanc
      The only New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc        VINTAGE   POINTS   AWARD

                                                                     “Smart Buy” Wine Spectator
     with 7 consecutive years of Wine Spectator    2017      90
                                                                     March 2018

                                                                     “Smart Buy” Wine Spectator
                                                   2016      92
            90+ points and ‘Smart Buy’.                              June 2015

                                                   2015      95      Bob Campbell MW 2016

                                                                     “Smart Buy” Wine Spectator
                                                   2015      90
                                                                     May 2016

                                                                     The Tasting Panel Magazine
                                                   2015      90
                                                                     April 2016

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Astrolabe Province                                                  Astrolabe Province
     Marlborough Pinot Noir                                              Marlborough Pinot Gris
     AVA: Marlborough, Upper Brancott Valley,                            AVA: Marlborough, Wairau Valley,
     Kekerengu Coast, Lower Waihopi &                                    Awatere Valley & Kekerengu Coast
     Wairau Valley
                                                                         First Vintage: 2003
     First Vintage: 2003                                                 Alc:13%
                                                                         The Province Pinot Gris is made with only the
     The Province Pinot Noir was hand-picked, cold                       highest quality of free-run juice from whole
     soaked and then fermented in small open-                            cluster pressed, hand-picked bunches. The
     top vats. Traditional submerging of the ‘cap’                       juice was fermented at a low temperature with
     by hand-plunging was followed by a light                            grape solids retained, to impart a rounder
     pressing and then aged in French oak for 10                         texture. A bouquet of white-fleshed stonefruit
     months. Full-bodied with round, mouth-filling                       and fresh pear. On the palate there is a
     flavors of plum and dark cherr y. The oak                           delicacy of structure, finishing crisp and dry.
     integrates nicely with the fruit and combines
     well with the silky tannin structure.


      2015      92      Wine Spectator June 2018

                        The Tasting Panel Magazine
      2015      93
                        June 2017

      2015      92      Bob Campbell July 2017

      2015      91      James Suckling March 2017

      2014      92      Wine Spectator October 2016
                                                                         VINTAGE   POINTS   AWARD

                        The Tasting Panel Magazine                        2015      90      Wine Enthusiast July 2017
      2014      92
                        April 2016

                                                                                            The Tasting Panel Magazine
      2014      90      Wine Enthusiast July 2016                         2014      90
                                                                                            May 2016

50                                                    shareasplash.com                                                   shareasplash.com   51
Astrolabe Vineyards                                                   Astrolabe Vineyards
     Wrekin Vineyard Chenin Blanc                                          Taihoa Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc
     AVA: Marlborough, Southern Valleys                                    AVA: Marlborough, Kekerengu Coast

     First Vintage: 2011                                                   First Vintage: 2009
     Alc: 13.5%                                                            Alc: 14.5%

     Wines in the Astrolabe ‘Vineyards’ range                              Sourced from the Trolove Family Vineyard at
     demonstrate Simon’s innovative treatment of                           Taihoa Farm, on the Kekerengu Coast. The
     specific parcels of fruit and his willingness to                      Taihoa Sauvignon was hand-picked, whole
     challenge the ‘ever yday’ winemaking process.                         cluster pressed and only the cuveé juice
     The Chenin was sourced from Jan and Andrew                            retained for fermentation in older barrels.
     John’s Wrekin vineyard, hand-picked, whole                            Wild yeast fermentation on light grape solids
     cluster pressed and fermented in stainless steel                      and lees stirring adds texture and interesting
     and older barrels. The delicate fruit handling                        complexity on the nose. The delicate fruit
     has given the wine a racy and crisp structure.                        handling has given the wine a racy and
                                                                           crisp structure.

                                                                           VINTAGE   POINTS   AWARD

                                                                            2015      92      Wine Spectator July 2017

                                                                            2013      91      Connoisseurs’ Guide 2016
      2014      89      Wine Spectator 2016

                                                                                              Robert Parker,
      2013      90      Wine Spectator September 2015                       2012      92      The Wine Advocate
                                                                                              December 2017

52                                                      shareasplash.com                                                 shareasplash.com   53
Astrolabe Valleys                                               Astrolabe Valleys
     Kekerengu Coast Sauvignon Blanc                                 Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc
     AVA: Marlborough, Kekerengu Coast                               AVA: Marlborough, Awatere Valley

     First Vintage: 2006                                             First Vintage: 2005
     Alc: 13%                                                        Als: 13.5%

     The Astrolabe ‘Valleys’ wines are wines that                    The Awatere Valley Sauvignon is stainless
     provide focus and clarity on Marlborough’s                      steel fermented with neutral yeast strains to
     fast-emerging subregions. Regional-specific,                    allow the powerful fruit flavors to dominate.
     these wines highlight the attributes of                         Medium–bodied with white currants and
     individual sites and districts and their ensuing                preserved lemon, fresh herbs and a dry,
     characteristics in the finished wines. The                      savory, weighty finish.
     Kekerengu Sauvignon was stainless steel
     fermented with neutral yeast strains to allow
     the powerful fruit flavors to dominate. A
     small portion of hand-picked high solids
     and wild barrel ferment wine was blended
     in to add subtle texture and complexity.

                                                                     VINTAGE   POINTS   AWARD

                                                                      2017      90      Wine Spectator June 2018

                                                                                        Robert Parker,
                                                                      2016      90      The Wine Advocate
                                                                                        December 2016

                                                                      2016      92      Wine Spectator June 2017

                                                                      2015      95      Decanter 2016
                                                                                        Robert Parker,
      2013      91      Wine Spectator May 2016                       2014      90      The Wine Advocate
                                                                                        December 2014

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“Life is short...
                        Share a Splash!”

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H                E

     drinkcannonball.com   angelsandcowboyswines.com      highdivecellars.com   astrolabewines.co.nz

      @cannonballwines      @angelsandcowboyswines         @highdivecellars       @astrolabewines


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