Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union

Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union
impact report
Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union
Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union
Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union
It is my delight to be introducing this year’s Impact Report which will reflect on
the great work and achievements of last year’s sabbatical Officers and our
fantastic staff team. This impact report will look to outline our key impacts,
outcomes and achievements over the last year. We are continuously working
towards our NUSU 2021 strategic plan, and this report will display how we
have made steps towards achieving each of the goals we have set.

Over the academic year NUSU has continued to offer a vast array of
opportunities, activities and campaigns that have helped ensure our students
feel welcome, represented and part of the larger community that is
Newcastle University students. Our ‘Big Wins’ Campaign has seen some
great wins for our officers including successfully lobbying the University to
introduce free sanitary items for students across campus. NUSU has also
seen great success across our global campuses and even saw NUMed in
Malaysia introduce their first Celebrating Success Awards.

Our hard work and commitment to ensure our students have the best time in
Newcastle has been shown through our great student survey feedback, the
increase in engagement with our campaigns, and the SU of the year award,
for the second year running (Educate North Awards).

Katie Smyth
President, 2019-20
Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union
It is my pleasure to be highlighting some of the key
achievements that were delivered this year by
our talented officer and staff teams. Credit should
go to every single one of them as they all played
their part in ensuring that our students got the best
possible experience they could during what was
at times a very challenging year.

As an organisation we live by our values, and this
year progressive was very much to the fore. We
embarked on an ambitious new strategic plan and
I am glad to report that excellent progress was
made against the majority of our key objectives.
Particular highlights included marked
improvement in our digital engagement with our
students, the success of our new more diversified
events programme which increased our
commercial revenues, and the introduction of our
new NUSU App and student perks programme.

Student feedback is very important to us and
their opinions are the ones that matter. Feedback
was strong across the majority of areas and very
strong in some key areas such as overall
satisfaction with NUSU (96%), and students
agreeing that we provide a range of opportunities
and activities that suits their needs (95%). 85% of
students agreed that we positively contributed to
their University experience and 86% would
recommend us to a friend.

Financially we came in above budget posting an
£80,000 surplus against a target of £60,000,
moving us to within one year of hitting the
Trustees unrestricted reserves target of £300,000.
We look forward to another successful year next
year, with the introduction of a new retail offering
through a new Coop franchise, the extension of
our licensed provision to Cochrane Park sports
ground, and the extension of our student perks

Simon Gerry
Chief Executive
Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union
06                                                                      STRATEGIC DIRECTION
                                                                        WHERE WE ARE HEADING

                                                                        2018/2019 has been an exciting year for NUSU.
                                                                        With the introduction of our new strategic themes in
                                                                        2017/2018. Whilst there is still much to do, Trustees
                                                                        are delighted with progress made this academic
                                                                        year, which has seen us begin to make strides
                                                                        towards delivering our new priorities.

                                                                        In particular, we have seen an increase in positive
                                                                        feedback not only from our students but the
   trustees report

                                                                        community and press, with the likes of the BBC
                                                                        producing positive stories surrounding our Freshers’
                                                                        week and campaigns. International student
                                                                        satisfaction remained very strong with NUSU
                                                                        receiving the highest score in the Russell Group on
                                                                        the International Student Barometer.

                     OUR VISION
                     LONG TERM GOAL                                                  NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY
                                                                                     STUDENTS UNION
                     We aim to ensure our Students have the best
                                                                                     ACHIEVED THE
                                                                                     HIGHEST SCORE IN THE
                     experience whilst living in Newcastle. Our Your                 RUSSELL GROUP
                     Voice department and Student Advice Centre teams
                     ensure students are supported and represented on
                     both academic and personal issues whilst our
                     activities and commercial departments aim to
                     ensure students feel included in the student                   HIGHEST SCORE IN THE
                     community by providing a fun and empowering
                                                                                    COUNTRY ON THE
                     environment on campus.
Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union
OUR MISSION                                                EMPOWER                                       eXCITE
WHY WE EXIST                                               students to enhance their                     students with new experiences and
                                                           academic experience.                          meaningful social opportunities.
Our mission for 2018-21 is to represent,
support, develop and enhance the lives                     ENERGISE                                      PROACTIVELY
of Newcastle University students. To
deliver our mission we have embeded                        students to embrace personal                  SUPPORT
four strategic themes moving forward.                      development and careers                       students in their everyday lives.


                We represent students’ interests                                       We support diversity,
                locally, regionally and nationally.                                    involvement and equality. We
                Our students are at the heart of                                       adjust our services to assist
                our decision making.                                                   and reflect the evolving, diverse
                                                                                       needs of our students.

               82%                       of our students agree NUSU campaigns
                                         on issues that matter to them.
                                                                                       94%                      of our students agreed that NUSU was
                                                                                                                welcoming and safe.

               PROGRESSIVE                                                             EMPOWERING
               We look to the future, seeking                                          We empower, help and facilitate
               new opportunities and                                                   students to shape their own lives,
               partnerships. We are innovative,                                        create change, develop skills and
               imaginative and creative, and                                           unlock their own potential.
               happy to work in collaboration
               with others.

              95%                                                                      76%
                                        of our students want NUSU to provide                                    of our students believe NUSU supports
                                        discounts to city centre businesses                                     them to meet their career development
                                        through student perks.                                                  aspirations.

               SUPPORTIVE                                                              FUN
               We ensure our students are                                              We want students’ time with us to
               supported in the best way                                               be as enjoyable as possible.
               possible, regardless of their

                                                                                                                of our students agree that NUSU provides

                                                                                                                a range of opportunities,activities and
                                        of students using our Student Advice                                    events to suit students’ needs
                                        Centre rated it Satisfactory or above.
Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union
08                                                       Empower students to enhance their
                                                         academic experience

                                                         NUSU understands the importance of empowering students to enhance their
                                                         academic experience, be that through academic support, representation or
                                                         Officer positions. Our work aims to help our students get the most from their
                                                         studies at Newcastle University.

                                                         As part of our strategic plan one of our key aims is to help students feel
                                                         empowered to enhance their academic experience. Our Your Voice team has
                                                         campaigned on numerous change campaigns over the academic year to ensure
                                                         students not only have the best academic experience possible, but also that they
                                                         feel their voices are heard.

            What our Officers have been up to this year
            1. Lobbied University Accommodation to                                      7. Summer Jam
            reduce the cost of rent in three key halls of residence                     Celebrating the end of exams with an outdoor festival held in the
            The 2018/2019 President and Welfare & Equality Officer negotiated a rent    centre of campus. With live music from student bands, local food
            reduction of 3.6% for all non en-suite University owned accommodation       trucks, pop-up bars and a silent disco, the Summer Jam was a
            with the exception of Marris House, which will be reduced by 2.3%. In       perfect end to what was for many students a stressful period.
            addition from 1 September 2020, Castle Leazes non en-suite
            accommodation will be reduced by a further 5.12%                            8. Fossil fuel divestment for NUSU
                                                                                        To change the way NUSU finacially invests, the NUSU Board decided
            2. Distributed 10,000 postcards across                                      to ensure none of our investments are in fossil fuels. NUSU is now
            campus and planned the Ed Farmer memorial Events                            making great steps towards becoming a more environmentally
            Following the inquest into the tragic death of Ed Farmer held in October    friendly organisation.
            2018 a memorial was held in his memory. This included the distribution
            of 10,000 memorial postcards before the event for students to leave their   9. Shout out
            messages of remembrance.                                                    A campaign aimed at promoting all the amazing work the Academic
                                                                                        Reps do in their individual schools. The campaign also asked
            3. Cutting the Costs week                                                   Newcastle University Students what changes they wanted to see
            A full week dedicated to finding out and trying to tackle the extra costs   made on their degree courses.
            faced by Newcastle University Students on campus. Examples included
            discounts such as 50% off Shijo, and an outdoor fair with big brands like   10. Organised a mash-up between
            Greggs and Student Shopping Night giving away some great freebies.          the Students’ Union and Goodgym
                                                                                        A great turnout of over 52 runners turned up to get fit and do some
            4. Organised a talk from Maisie Williams                                    good deeds on the way. Tasks included helping N.E.S.T organise and
            The Game of Throne’s star held an empowering talk about her journey         sort their storage, making bird feeders from recycled materials to
            into the creative arts and how she achieved her great success in the        either hang around campus or take home, whilst some volunteers
            acting industry                                                             helped Newcastle Food Co-Op paint a blackboard and clean and
                                                                                        organise their storage jars whilst getting a little messy in the
            5. Introduction of a mini-kitchen with                                      meantime. Then the largest group settled down to a more relaxing
            microwave in the Hub                                                        activity writing letters to sick children (Post Pals) and sewing ‘Wiggly
            Now our students can bring food from home and heat this up on the top       Bags’ to be donated to the children in the RVI.
            floor of the NUSU building. A great win to combat affordability on campus
            and help our students stay healthy.                                         11. Textbook exchange service
                                                                                        To help with student affordability a textbook exchange service was
            6. Promoting students to vote and                                           set up for students to sell or giveaway their old textbooks.
            lobbying councillors to take student issues seriously
            Working with the CityCouncil to make sure the voice of our students is
            heard in the local community.
Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union
NUSU secures Free Sanitary
                          products across campus
                                                                            As part of the 2018/2019 NUSU President’s manifesto the
                                                                            University were lobbied to provide free sanitary items to be
                                                                            provided on campus.

                                                                            With Scottish, Welsh and English Governments and the
                                                                            NHS introducing, or pledging to introduce, free provision
                                                                            of sanitary items, here at NUSU we strongly believed that
                                                                            Newcastle University should be at the forefront of bringing
                                                                            this idea to Universities in England, and the students on this
                                                                            campus. After all, they’re not a luxury, they’re a necessity.

                                                                            After successfully campaigning Newcastle University have
                                                                            agreed to provide free items across campus, for
                                                                            everyone who needs them. Our proposal was for 8
                                                                            dispensing machines in locations across campus,
                                                                            including the two main libraries, the Sports Centre and
                                                                            here at NUSU, with a variety of sanitary items provided.

                                                                            Raff Marioni was voted into being President by students on
                                                                            this promise, our student council voted unanimously for the
                                                                            University to introduce this scheme, and there has been
                                                                            amazing work undertaken by individuals and societies
                                                                            to raise the profile of this cause. Through hard work and
                                                                            dedication, it was a great win for NUSU.

‘There should be no instances where a student
is not able to reach their full potential due to
any stigma around periods or the stress of not
being able to afford proper sanitary products’

-            Professor Julie Sanders, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

    of our students agreed that “NUSU campaigns effectively on the behalf
    of students” in the annual NUSU Survey, an increase from 76% in the
    previous year.
Impact report 2018-2019 - NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS' UNION - Newcastle University Students' Union
                                                                         STUDENT COUNCIL
                                                                         Throughout 2018/19, Student Council was engaging and
                                                                         controversial whilst representing the student body
                                                                         throughout a challenging year. In addition to being the forum
                                                                         where NUSU agreed to take a neutral stance over the industrial
                                                                         action, the Student Council also decided to:
                                                                         • Implement a Commuting Students’ Liberation Officer.

                                                                         • Include more water facilities in NUSU.

                                                                         • Demand greater transparency and more regular
                                                                          information on Newcastle University’s investments,
                                                                          including fossil fuel divestment.

          How our Academic Reps improved                                 Computing 2018/19

          your student experience                                        •Secured investigation of modules requiring students to bring
                                                                         laptops, as this should not be a requirement.

              IN 2018/2019 A TOTAL
              OF 1,838 STUDENTS
                                                                         Geography, Politics and Sociology 2018/19
                                                                         •Developed a ‘hand over sheet’ for when there is a change in
              VOLUNTEERED IN                                             dissertation mentor.
                           NEW RECORD                                    History, Classics and Archaeology 2018/19
                                                                         •Created a Resilience Working Group to address mental
                                                                         health issues relating to assessed assignments.
          ‘Change is through persistent effort and that’s what we

          appreciate from the staff. Not necessarily can every demand    Natural and Environmental Sciences 2018/19
          be met with but what we sincerely appreciate is their          •Secured a commitment to improve the time taken to

          promptness and willingness to find common ground.’             provide feedback on PGR progression reports.

                                                                         NU London 2018/19
          Faisal Khan - NUMed School Rep
                                                                         •Within NU London, the Student Reprs raised concerns
                                                                         about the lack of visibility of welfare staff and the Industry
                                                                         Engagement Officer. As a result, the Student Services Staff

          ‘The Combined Honours Committee are dedicated to               became more engaged with the students through emails and
                                                                         interpersonal interaction.
          improving the degree programme, but more importantly have

          found innovative ways to engage their constituents to ensure
                                                                         NUMED Malaysia 2018/19
          they are reaching and representing all students in Combined
                                                                         •Pushed for new and improved tech resources in the NUMed
                                                                         Anatomy Lab (eg: the Complete Anatomy App now available for
          Natalie Garner - Chair of the Combined Honours SSC
                                                                         free for students, and better cadaveric picture compilations, etc).
•         Big Academic Wins
•         Shout Out
•         ReCap

Community                              TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARDS
•         Leave Newcastle Happy
•         I need your knickers         2018/2019 saw the introduction of the new name for the TEAs.
•         Fossil free                  Previously known as the Teaching Excellence Awards, it was decided
•         Go green                     that the awards should be renamed to be more representative of
•         Love living in               what we wanted students to nominate for and so The Education
•         International women’s day    Awards were born.
•         Helping our homeless
•         Student food bank            The Education Awards continue to be one of the highlights of the
                                       academic year and through awards schemes we are able to support
Welfare                                students in rewarding University staff and recognising what students
•         Housing Week                 consider as good practice. 2019 saw 443 TEAs nominations 10%
•         Sexual Health and Guidance   increase on nominations from 2017/2018. We also saw an amazing
•         Stressed Out Students        11.7% of nominations come from our global campuses, who are now
•         National Money week          really buying into the concept.
•         Cutting the Costs
•         Mission Nutrition
•         5 ways to wellbeing
•         Shout up
•         Free menstrual care
•         Housing fair
•         Its not ok

PTO Campaigns
•         Black History month
•         Trans Awareness Week
•         LGBT+ Awareness


12                                               Energising students to embrace personal
                                                 development and career preparation

                                                 NUSU aims to ensure students feel they can embrace personal development and career
                                                 preparation whilst studying. Our Go Volunteer and Employability departments work
                                                 together to ensure all our students feel prepared for their future careers when they finish
                                                 their studies.

                                                 Here at NUSU we understand just how competitive the graduate market is and we aim to
                                                 ensure our students are fully prepared for whatever career path they take. Pride of
                                                 Newcastle Award nominations increased from 595 in 2017 to 662 in 2018.Thanks to the
                                                 close relations between our Employability and Go Volunteer departments 81% of our
                                                 students say ‘they feel more employable as a result of volunteering with NUSU’.

                                                 2018/2019 saw a 50% increase in student volunteers from 2017/2018 with a total of 7,593
                                                 volunteering roles filled over the academic year. With 71% of our students ‘aware of
                                                 opportunities for personal development through the NUSU Go Volunteer programme’ and
                                                 65% feeling ‘more empowered to shape their future after engaging in activities with NUSU’.
                                                 it has been an extremely busy year for our Go Volunteer and employability team. It was
                                                 pleasing to note that students fed back that the ‘volunteering opportunities are very
                                                 positive and they have got a lot from these’ (NUSU Survey 2018/2019).

              How our students helped the local community:
              -North East Solidarity and Teaching (N.E.S.T)                      -PALS
              In the academic year 2018-19 N.E.S.T supported over 200            The PALS project was set up in partnership with the school of
              refugees and asylum seekers with 350 individual student            psychology to help try and ease the transition of pupils from school
              volunteers contributing over 10000 hours to the project.           to university consisting of several interactive presentations which
                                                                                 served to boost student’s mental resilience.
              Homesickness, suicidal feelings, bereavement, exam stress,         -A Second Life
              gender identity problems, whatever the issue Nightline is a safe   A Second Life is our up-cycling creative project which takes old
              place where students can talk about their troubles.                materials or products and gives them a new lease of life.

              -INTOgration                                                       -Grow Volunteer
              INTOgration is an English study & conversation group open to all   Grow Volunteer encompasses all the green, growing and
              students who want to improve their English speaking confidence     environmental projects that we run. We regularly run conservation
              and learn more about UK culture.                                   task days in the city parks and join up with groups like Keep Jesmond
                                                                                 Clean to do litter picks and street tidy’s.
              -Revitilising Redesdale
              Revitalising Redesdale is a £2.8m, Heritage Lottery-funded         -Micro volunteering
              Landscape Partnership Scheme, which aims to celebrate,             Micro volunteering is perfect for those who want to make a
              conserve and enhance Redesdale’s rich cultural heritage,           contribution to society but are strapped for time. Some examples
              landscape and wildlife.                                            include writing letters to sick children and knitting hats for premature
              -Widening Access
              Our Widening Access project saw 65 school visits in 2018/2019,
              engaging 3,423 pupils in the local area with the view to
              encouraging aspirations to Higher Education.
Go Volunteer works to provide worthwhile volunteering opportunities for
 students within NUSU and the wider community. Volunteering gives our students
 the chance to meet new people from all walks of life, give back to the community
 and develop wider employability skills which will help them to pursue the career
 of their choice.

 Go Volunteer has 35 of its own student led projects and this year 1,682 students
 volunteered on at least one of these projects, contributing over 25,000 volunteer
 hours. In addition, Go Volunteer promotes opportunities on behalf of 300 local
 charities and not for profit organisations making 1,476 referrals this year. We
 provided a myriad of training opportunities for students over the course of the
 past year with total attendances at our training sessions at 3,971 and a total of
 over 3,034 hours training was provided.

 Enhancing your Employability
                                   “There are so many skills that I’m taking away from this opportunity. My
                                   confidence, ability to work effectively in a team and presentation skills
                                   have increased massively, alongside my cultural awareness. Most
                                   importantly for me, I’ve been able to meet people from all over the world
                                   and learn about their cultures while simultaneously teaching them
                                   about mine, ultimately contributing to an increasingly global mind set.
                                   The advice I would give is, not having time is not an excuse! Even
                                   dedicating 10 minutes of your day that otherwise would be spent
Alex McVeigh                       scrolling through Instagram to do something worthwhile to help
INTOgration                        someone else, such as Post Pals or Wiggly bags can make a
                                   MASSIVE difference.”

                                   “The 3-week tutoring sessions were great for self-growth and
                                   confidence. It’s easy going, yet still slightly challenging but the aspect
                                   of challenge really pushes you out of your comfort zone in a good way,
                                   giving a great sense of reward afterwards. It allowed me to work both
                                   independently and collaboratively which I think are great skills for
                                   anyone to have / gain, regardless of your desired career path. I’d highly
  Laura Dobby
                                   recommend tutoring at the school for someone who wants to start
Science Volunteering               adding things to their CV but aren’t sure where to start.”

                                           ON STUDENT LED PROJECTS

Celebrating Success
                         Awards 2018/19
Student Rep Awards                    Society Awards                          START UP Enterprise                    Media Awards
Hall Rep of the Year                                                          Awards                                 The Courier Journalist of the Year
                                      Best Departmental Society
Rachel Martin                         Speech and Language Therapy Society                                            Molly Greeves
                                                                              Best Concept

Community Rep of the Year                                                     Peter Michalak
                                      Best New Society                                                               The Courier Article of the Year
Meg Keates                            Youth Stop AIDS Newcastle
                                                                                                                     Aimee Seddon
                                                                              Best New Business
Staff Facilitator of the Year         Angel of the North – Best Fundraising
                                      Event                                   Ngozi Ossai                            The Courier Sub-editor of the Year
Ruth Furlonger
                                      Speech and Language Therapy Society                                            Rebecca Johnson
Course Rep UG of the Year                                                     Best Independent Professional
                                      Best Performance Event
Holly Murphy                          Musical Medics                          Laura Linceviciute                     The Courier Section of the Year
Course Rep PG of the Year             Best Society Campaign                   Enterprising Undergraduate Award –
Sophie Ferguson                       It Happens Here                                                                Outstanding Contribution to The
                                                                              for individual undergraduates
                                      Best Society Event                      Rahima Khatun
Student Secretary of the Year                                                                                        Isabel Sykes
                                      Jewish Society
James Woods
                                      Best Inter-Society Collaboration        Enterprising Postgraduate Award –
                                                                                                                     NSR Newcomer of the Year
Student Chair of the Year             RAG & Dance Society                     for individual taught                  Tom Stone
Natalie Garner
                                      Most Improved Society
                                      Jewish Society                          Ife Olarinde                           NSR Presenter of the Year
School Rep UG of the Year
Matthew Harper                                                                                                       Liv Green and Ollie Thomas
                                      Society Contribution to the
                                                                              Enterprising Researcher Award – for
School Rep PG of the Year             Voltage                                 individual postgraduate research       NSR Broadcast of the Year
Scott Steele                                                                                                         Election Debates
                                      Individual Award for Outstanding
                                      Contribution to Societies               Tom Gilbert
Student-Staff Committee of the Year                                                                                  NSR Show of the Year
Planning Student Voice Committee      Haaris Aytishaam Mahmood Qureshi
                                                                              Enterprising Team Award – for teams
                                      Society of the Year
Campaign of the Year                                                          of two or more students
                                      Newcastle University Jazz Orchestra                                            Outstanding Contribution to NSR
‘I Need Your Knickers’
                                                                              Olivia Wallis, Sam Griffiths, George   Bruce Skelton
                                      Contribution to Inclusivity             Barker, James Woods (Combined
The Daniel Wood* PTO                  LGBT+ Society
of the Year Award                                                             Honours Challenge Winners)             NUTV Producer of the Year
Charlotte Boulton                                                                                                    Charlotte Washington & Holly Rich

                                                                                                                     NUTV Editor of the Year
                                                                                                                     Haaris Qureshi

                                                                                                                     NUTV Presenter of the Year
                                                                                                                     Julia McGee-Russell

                                                                                                                     NUTV Show of the Year
                                                                                                                     Fight Night

                                                                                                                     Outstanding Contribution to NUTV
                                                                                                                     Charlotte Washington

                                                                                                                     Monica Doughty Award for
                                                                                                                     Outstanding Contribution to Student
                                                                                                                     Harry Parsons
At NUSU we have many fantastic volunteers doing great work and we look to
                                  celebrate their success through a number of award ceremonies. All areas of
                              extra-curricular activity are covered, and we received 762 nominations this year, with
                                 the best of the best going forward to the Pride of Newcastle University Awards.

AU Sports Awards                            Community Impact                    Pride of Newcastle University Awards
Administrator of the Year                   Awards
Kate Belcher – Ice Hockey                   Youth Volunteering Award            The Alumni Achievement Award in Recognition of Lifelong Achievement
                                            Siobhan Ewens                       Maria Nazarova-Doyle

Sports Writer of the Year                                                       The Alumni Achievement Award in Recognition of International Impact
                                            Unsung Hero Award                   Bridget Stratford (N.E.S.T)
Harry Parsons                               Ellie Mahoney
                                                                                Outstanding Contribution to Arts, Media and Culture
                                            Cultural Diversity Champion         Harry Parsons
Most Improved Club of the Year
                                            Afro-Caribbean Society
Ultimate Frisbee                                                                Outstanding Contribution to the Community
                                                                                Voltage Society
                                            Students for Students Award
Team of the Year                            Nightline                           Outstanding Contribution to Diversity and Cultural Awareness
Men’s Basketball 2nd Team                                                       the Afro-Caribbean Society
                                            Sustainability Champion
                                                                                Outstanding Contribution to Entrepreneurship
                                            Stu Brew                            Ngozi Ossai
AU Club Member of the Year
Lara Books – Women’s Lacrosse
                                            Social Inclusion Award              Outstanding Contribution to Global Outlook
                                            N.E.S.T                             Volunteer in Me (VoluME)
Contribution to Inclusivity
                                                                                Outstanding Contribution to Lifelong Health and Wellbeing
Archery                                     Volunteering Innovation Award       Siobhan Ewens
                                            Volunteer In Me (VOLUME)
                                                                                Outstanding Contribution to Sport
Club of the Year                                                                Corey Chan
                                            Community Outreach Award
Ladies Hockey                               N.E.S.T
                                                                                Outstanding Contribution to Student Life
                                                                                Haaris Qureshi
Coach of the Year – STAFF                   Student Leadership Award
                                            Tara-Alexandra Burrows              Outstanding Contribution to the Student Voice
Jeremy Pidgeon – Women’s Lacrosse
                                                                                It Happens Here Society

Individual Contribution to                                                      Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability and the Environment
                                                                                Stu Brew
University Sport
Corey Chan – Tennis                                                             Outstanding Contribution to the Workplace
                                                                                Séphora Zita
Exciting students with new experiences and
               meaningful social opportunities

    NUSU knows there is more to life than just studying and we aim to ensure our students have an
     exciting environment in which to deliever an exciting experience. We do this through our clubs
         and societies, Student Perks or the amazing gigs and events that take place on campus.

                     Over the course of 2018/2019, NUSU held a range of external
      commercial events including sell out shows from the likes of Sam Fender, Lewis Capaldi and
     Circa Waves. We have also seen an increase in bookings for daytime events including sample
                                    sales from Barbour and BooHoo.
                                                    Securing exclusive discounts for students
                                                    2018/2019 saw a huge increase in
                                                    exclusive deals and discounts offered by Student
 of students that attended Freshers Week 2018       Perks. With brands and businesses such as
 were satisfied with the quality of events          Dominos, Revolution and Blackwell’s Bookshop
                                                    offering up to 50% off products NUSU’s discount

                                                    scheme made strides towards combating some of the
                                                    expense of Uni life. The Student Perks scheme has not
                                                    only benefitted the students but has also allowed us to
                                                    build longer term relationships with local and national
                                                    brands wanting to work with us year in and year out.
 of students are aware of Student Perks discounts

Providing a Social Hub
for our students
With one of NUSU’s key aims being to provide
a social hub for Newcastle University Students
2018/2019 was a very strong year for student led
& society events. Showcases from the Irish Dance
Society, RAG fashion show and Take Me Out style
events being just a selection of the great events
societies have used our Venue for over the year.

Celebrating what we do

As well as hosting range of gigs and music events
we also held a week of Celebrating Success
awards, transforming the Venue into an elegant,                                                               EXCITE
formal space with a champagne reception and
red carpeted entrance to thank Students and Staff
for everything they have achieved over the past
academic year.


                                         This year £241,000+ was given out in grants to our Clubs and Societies, including
                                         £56,721 in special grants which were used to fund activities, trips, research, and new
                                         equipment. Below are a few examples of how the money was put to good use in the
                                         students’ own words.

                                                                       Rock Society - Rockstock Festival
                                                                       Rock Society used £900 to help pay for the Rockstock
                                                                       Festival, an annual traditional charity music festival, to raise
                                                                       money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, a charity
                                                                       working to promote greater acceptance of subcultures
                                                                       which many if not all of the festival attendees would feel
                                                                       they were a part of. The festival day was enjoyed by all who
                                                                       attended. Good quality bands performed, followed by a Rise
                                                                       DJ set, and plenty of Rockstock Festival t-shirts and
                                                                       brownies were sold from a charity merchandise stands.

            TED X Conference Report
            The TED X Newcastle University Society used £2,000 to
            hold the TED X Conference. Not only did all members have
            the opportunity to experience a TED-like atmosphere,
            network with others and learn something new but the
            society was nominated for an Enterprise and
            Entrepreneurship Award. The event involved multiple
            workshops, performances and inspirational talks given by
            talented speakers.

                                                                       Links (St John Ambulance)
                                                                       Thanks to the special grant the society managed to
                                                                       purchase three QCPR upgrade kits for our three child
                                                                       manikins to be used with their members, members of other
                                                                       societies, and members of the wider community who are
                                                                       already involved in training. Their application in training
                                                                       sessions will be useful in recording the progress of society
                                                                       members, and with fun and engaging minigames available
                                                                       in the upgrade kits, perfecting CPR skills will be much more
                                                                       appealing to those training.
Our sports clubs finished a fantastic 9th place overall out   a great achievement to have 3 teams go through to the

                                                                                                                         SPORTS CLUBS
of 153 institutions in BUCS for the 2018/2019 season,         Big BUCS Wednesday national championships held
collecting a total of 2541.7 BUCS points, 1,350 league        at Nottingham University on Wednesday 27th March
points and 702.2 points were gained through the               2019. Although it was unfortunate that Mens Table
individual, knockout and cup competitions, an increase        Tennis 1sts, Mens Lacrosse 1sts and Mens Squash
of 4.5% from 2017/18. This was our highest ever BUCS          2nds all lost out in their respective finals
points total.
                                                              Newcastle did however have 20 teams win their
Newcastle entered 83 teams into the traditional               respective BUCS Leagues, the most ever titles in any
weekly BUCS Wednesday sports programme playing                season. Newcastle also excelled in the Conference
859 fixtures, winning 479, drawing 49 and losing 393          Cup competitions with 6 finalists all winning their
giving a win ratio of 52% (5% increase from 17/18). It was    respective leagues.

Boat Club                                                     Canoe Club
Newcastle University Boat Club were crowned BUCS              The Canoe team had their best ever set of results in the
Victor Ludorum Champions for the second                       BUCS Slalom and WWR competitions. In the WWR,
consecutive year. At the BUCS regatta held in May at          held on the River Washburn, Yorkshire, the Canoe Club
Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, the men came first              finished in 1st position overall.
overall and the women second which included 6 gold,
7 silver and 3 bronze medals. This was the best set of
results ever for the club. Another significant
achievement was the overall domination of the
lightweights who won the four, quad and eight beating
both the top Oxford and Cambridge lightweight crews.

Inclusive Sport
The opportunity for students to participate in sport
during their time at university plays a key part in the
overall student experience and we work hard to
ensure the correct balance between performance
and participation is maintained. With the help of the
University we ensure that opportunities exist for all
students to engage with and enjoy sport and to reap
the many benefits including promoting a healthy
lifestyle and building the skills required to fulfil their

personal and professional ambitions.

As well as over 4,200 students participating in AU
Clubs, a further 1,500 were actively engaged in our
Inclusive/Campus sports programmes.
20                         Proactively supporting students
                           in their everyday lives

                           NUSU understands that not every student experience is without its issues.

                           Whether its personal or academic support, participation bursaries or inclusivity
                           for sports clubs and societies, NUSU aims to proactively support all Newcastle
                           University students during their studies.

                           When asked our students ranked mental health and wellbeing as the number
                           one issue that matters to them. This correlates with our professional advice
                           service continuing to see an increase in activity and an increase in
                           appointments made over the academic year. With 283 widening participation
     Proactively Support

                           bursaries given out we have seen improvements in retention rates, growth in
                           our disability sports programme, and our Special Grants programme saw
                           students undertaking life-changing opportunities and activities.

                           To assist in the wellbeing of all students 2018/2019 also saw the introduction of
                           welfare officers in all of our clubs and some societies to ensure students
                           wellbeing is looked after through all NUSU associated extra-curricular activities.

                           STUDENT ADVICE SERVICE
                           The main focus for our Student Advice Centre in 2018/2019 was to increase the
                           amount of outreach undertaken and work alongside more partners, such as the
                           Student Wellbeing Service, to ensure our students get the best experience at
                           Newcastle University.

                           With 1750 appointments offered throughout the academic year, 348 of which
                           were during the vacation period, we have seen an increase in appointments
                           of 45%. In many Cases our advisers either saved students money, help them
                           receive benefits or get compensataion. In 2018/19 this totalled a staggering
 When asked 86% of students said they would use
 our welfare services in the Student Advice Centre if
 needed. Furthermore, of those that used the service
 96% felt the quality of service was satisfactory or
 above. This is an excellent reflection of the service
 given that students do not always get the answers
 they want to hear!

    of students were satisfied or better
    with quality of advice

 Our Student feedback showed that the support through our campaigns
 helped to make them feel part of the student community in Newcastle.
 Feedback included:

 ‘Very proud of our SU, from lingerie bunting to free sanitary products.

 Makes me feel empowered to be a female studying at Newcastle’

 ‘I am really pleased by all the campaigning NUSU does especially in        Proactive
 terms of welfare, I feel like the union takes issues such as sexual

 assault and antisocial behaviour seriously and I just want to say a

 huge well done on providing free menstrual care too!’

22          Proactively Supporting our students to
              enhance their student experience
                    through participation.

             Here at NUSU we understand that student experience is enhanced through
             participation in extra-curricular activities. With a range of activities aimed at
            helping students get one off experiences, volunteering, furthering their career
             prospects and becoming a part of the student community participation is a
                      key aspect in helping us proactively support our students.

              17,450 overall memberships
              across 200+ societies

We are pleased to report that we have ended the academic year with an

          operational surplus of £81,000 against a target of £60,000. Financially a
          very positive year in terms of our commercial income and this contributes
          towards our reserve target as planned.
Communication with our members is key to helping us achieve our four key strategic priorities. Communication through
social media has resulted in increased drive to the NUSU website with one post reaching over 816,000 people. Our updated
website has proven a success with an increase in total page views and decrease in bounce rate year on year. Our Email Comms
have proven to be extremely successful in driving traffic to our website with 57% increase in website traffic year on year.

                                                                                               of students rated the quality of
                                                                                               communications as satisfactory or better

We recognise that our people are what make us great, and the introduction of several staff engagement initiatives have resulted in
a significant increase in satisfaction this year. 90% of staff agreed that the work climate encourages teamwork and support, with
83% agreeing they trust and respect the leadership of the organisation. Overall satisfaction is also at a very encouraging 90%, with
97% agreeing that they would recommend NUSU as a good place to work.

                                                                                    overall staff satisfaction

                                                                                    agreed the work climate
                                                                                    encourages teamwork and support

                                                                                    would recommend NUSU as a good
                                                                                    place to work

                      Students’ Union of the Year


                                                          Shortlisted for Community
                                                          Project of the Year

UK Town and Gown Association Awards
Community Impact Winner 2018                                      Stu Brew
     (collaboration with Careers Service,
Northumbria Police and Newcastle City Council)      Silver Winner in Sustainability 2019
                                                    Winner of the Enterprise Award 2018

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Newcastle University Students’ Union
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Newcastle Upon Tyne
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 239 3900

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