Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

2018 Collection

Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

Welcome! Early Learners | 4 Bath Toys | 17 Games | 18 Brainteasers | 26 Squigz | 30 The OffBits | 32 Bamboo Builder Marble Runs | 34 Building Toys | 36 Active Play | 40 We believe in innovation and the power of play. We believe that toys and games that challenge the mind and foster exploration are essential. But mostly, we believe in fun! We are excited to bring over 35 new items to you for 2018. From open ended stacking toys to easy-to-learn but so-hard-to-master brainteasers, we’ve got newness across all our categories.

  • We’ve made a few changes to our catalog to make it easier to shop. We’ve changed the size and organized our line into categories. We’ve also added quick reference pages in the back for easily finding everything new and our top sellers. We hope you love it! As always, supporting you is our top priority. Should you need anything for a store event, marketing campaign, or simply have a product question, give us a call. We love hearing from you! Here’s to an amazing 2018! The Fat Brain Toy Co. Team
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FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 3 2 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

Spoolz Simple design stacks up into endless possibilities! Stack them from big to small. Balance them, roll them, arrange them any way you want. Tactile exploration becomes a creative adventure with this unique set of 7 colorful Spoolz! Ages 10 months+ Case Pack: 6 FA181-1 Early Learners Crabby & Inky Kids can’t get enough of these cleverly crawling sea critters! Push them along or pull them by the string. The wheels roll to make the limbs look like they’re really crawling while the eyes move back and forth to bring these awesome creatures to life! Choose either Crabby the Crab or Inky the Octopus.

Ages 12 months+ Case Pack: 6 FA175-1 FA175-2 Early Learners FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 5 4 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

Sensory Rollers Each of these three silicone spheres features a unique design that mesmerizes the eyes, fascinates the fingers, and inspires the imagination. Meanwhile, chimes hidden inside sing beautifully with every movement, captivating the ears as they roll! Dishwasher safe. BPA-Free. Ages 6 months+ dimpl Put this toy into the hands of a little one and their eyes will immediately light up. The brightly-colored pillows of silicone can be pushed in and out, over and over again, strengthening fine motor skills. This tactile, sensorydeveloping toy will entertain for hours on end. Another awesome Keep-Their-Attention toy! Ages 6 months+ Twissbits Wagon Pull, roll, and discover! Grab the three TwissBits from their slots and drop them into the holes in the base.

As children pull the pull-bar, they all twist and turn up and down! Then, lay the pull-bar flat and set one of the TwissBits at the top of the slope. Little ones will watch in wonder as it rolls down the slanted lines and into the slot at the bottom! Active fascination awaits. Ages 12 months+ Listen to the gentle chimes as they roll! FA161-1 New!

Pull Take the wagon wherever you go. Watch as Twissbits move up and down and twist around! Encourages skills such as sitting up, pulling up to stand, and walking. Take Twissbits out and send them rolling down the handle. Builds motor skills and more! Push Discover New! Case Pack: 3 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 12 New! FA184-1 FA192-1 Early Learners FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 7 6 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

pipSquigz Be prepared for giggles and sensory stimulation! pipSquigz come in three bright colors, are embossed with wavy ridges, raised dots, and a smiley face, and they rattle when you shake them.

Great for teething, on-the-go, bath time, or anytime! Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, made of food-grade silicone. BPA free. Ages 6 months+ Whirly Squigz Stick ‘em, spin ‘em, watch ‘em whirl! WhirlySquigz are big, bright, and full of tactile fun! The suction cups stick to any smooth surface, making them perfect for home, travel, and bath time. Little ones will love taking this toy out for a spin over and over again! Set of three. Made from Food-Grade silicone. BPA-Free. Ages 6 months+ pipSquigz Loops Introducing two new members to the pipSquigz family! Building on the popularity of our best selling pip Squigz, we’ve added new textures, colors, and yes, loops! Made of high quality silicone, pipSquigz are naturally BPA free.

Sold separately. Ages 6 months+ FA165-1 ORANGE New!

Send your little one’s senses spinning! MiniSpinny is designed with seven vivid colors, exciting textures, soothingly smooth surfaces, and three vibrant propellers that twirl and spin playfully down the corkscrew pole. Great for reaching, grasping, counting, motion, and cause-and-effect play! Ages 10 months+ Suction Kupz Stack, roll, stick, and sip! Each of these vibrant, squishy silicone cups features a suction cup bottom plus a suctioning rim at the top. Stack them up tall. Stick them together and then pull them apart to hear them POP!Stick them to the walls of the bathtub or the windows of the playroom.

Flip them on their sides and send them rolling. They’re 100% food safe AND dishwasher safe! Discover a whole new way to suction and cup with this colorful set of six Suction Kupz. Ages 12 months+ Case Pack: 12 New!

Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 6 FA089-1 New! FA173-1 Case Pack: 6 FA183-1 Case Pack: 6 FA172-1 ASSORTED FA165-2 TEAL Early Learners FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 9 8 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

Rolligo Push it, pull it, roll it, GO! There are no rules with Rolligo. It’s a vehicle, a ball rack, a stacker, and a curious piece of art! Ages 12 months+ Pop & Slide Shelly Meet Shelly the turtle! Small fingers can’t wait to push, slide, and pop the three buttons into the slots of her brightly-colored shell. Fine motor and concentration skills get a big boost.

Shelly is a perfect takeanywhere toy for “Keep-Their-Attention” fun! Ages 10 months+ Pop & Slide Shelly Wimzle Clustered together, these contrasting orbs spin and slide freely in constant motion. Babies and toddlers discover embossed geometric patterns, explore twisting silicone rings, play with balance and rotation, and learn through cause-and-effect exploration! Ages 6 months+ New!

Klickity Curiosity goes exploring through pushing, spinning, zipping, and clicking! Push one colorful ball down and watch as it pops up with a click! Send each colorful shape zipping as you push them back and forth through the center while the top ball spins. Tons of sensory exploration! Ages 12 months+ New! Twist 360˚ Twistimals Twist them. Turn them. Love them. Twistimals are enchanting new grasping toys that not only encourage motor skills, but are also perfect for building concentration skills as young ones turn the paws around and around! Designed as an adorable bear and bunny, they’re great friends for quiet time, too! Ages 12 months+ Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 4 Case Pack: 12 FA136-1 FA123-1 FA106-1 FA164-1 BUNNY FA163-1 BEAR FA171-1 ASSORTED FA149-1 Early Learners FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 11 10 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

Pail Pals Two star-shaped buddies are sandwiched between three wavy rings. Stack them big to small, small to big, or play with them any way you want. The stars can be spun like tops and everything floats for fun in the tub! The coolest part? Pail Pals comes with its very own take-along bucket! Fill the bucket up and watch the water sprinkle from the bottom. Ages 10 months+ OombeeCube This shape sorter is perfect for on-the-go play and sensory learning! The food-grade silicone shapes are soft, squishy, and safely tethered to the corners of the sturdy plastic cube. No more hunting for lost pieces! Ages 10 months+ Rollobie Rollobie is a gliding, rolling, rattling, sensorybuilding friend.

Turn Rollobie’s silicone horns to change the eyes from opened to closed! With a soft, tactile fringe, colorful polka-dots, and enclosed rattle, Rollobie is an adorable addition to baby’s imaginative play toys. Available in blue or green. Ages 12 months+ Animal Crackers These bright, friendly animals will have little ones “roaring” with delight. The built-in hinges crack, click, and snap as children fold and link the Animal Crackers into an animal chain! With fun textures and cute animals, this toy set combines pretend-play with sensory exploration. Perfect for travel! Includes three animals.

Ages 6 months+ Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA145-1 Case Pack: 12 FA142-1 BLUE Case Pack: 4 FA176-1 New!

FA120-1 So many ways to stack! FA142-2 GREEN Early Learners FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 13 12 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

Spin Again This toy will keep your little ones enthralled as they practice their hand-eye coordination and baby engineering skills! Each starburst disc is dual-colored, forming a dynamic rainbow as they spin fast and smooth to settle onto the reversible base! Ages 12 months+ Flexicule What do you do with Flexicule? Whatever you want! Take the colorful plastic and silicone pieces apart, then flex and push them back together into the cool cube! Flexicule is baby’s first brainteaser, but its modern design also looks super cool on your desk.

Go ahead, flex your imagination and make Flexicule your new favorite toy! Ages 2+ RollAgain Tower It’s endless ball run fun! Grab the ball from the bottom and instantly, all the other balls roll down one level. Drop the ball into the funnel at the top and then grab the next ball to do it all over again... And again, and again, and again! Easy to build. Includes 5 balls. Ages 12 months+ Smarty Cube 1-2-3 Count your way from early learner to kid genius! Each block features a silicone number on one side and matching silicone dots on the other. Compare them, count them, and then see if you can flip and slide them together correctly to complete the cube.

It’s an ideal first brainteaser! Ages 12 months+ Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 2 FA168-1 FA110-1 FA179-1 New!

A ball run with an ENTIRELY new and different play pattern! Lift one ball and watch the others zoom down the tracks at once! New! New! FA178-1 Best Seller! Early Learners FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 15 14 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

Quack Stack Buildable, stackable, puzzling fun for the bathtub! The colorful pieces fit together to build a stackable duck. Pour water over the spinner and the wings spin. Suction cup feet keep everything in place! Ages 12 months+ DripDrip Large silicone shapes stick to the bathtub walls. Then, when little ones pour water into them, each one releases the water at a different rate.

Learn about flow and movement as water drips, streams, or pours from one reservoir to the next. It’s a tub experiment as kids rearrange the order of the shapes to change the flow of water! Ages 18 months+ Tobbles Tobbles™ are spherical stacking wonders! They look good—and play even better! Send these six uniquely weighted pieces spinning. Stack, topple, whirl, and tilt! Then, balance, nest, and build into a seemingly impossible tower! Ages 2+ Tobbles Neo The modern colors and fanciful pattern of Tobbles Neo™ make this stacking toy a design-friendly play element! The unique texture makes it extra grippable.

The weighted base of each sphere makes it fun to wobble and easy to experiment with building, balance, and size recognition! Ages 6 months+ Check out our selection of early learner games starting on page 20 Go from Block to VROOM!

Vroom Blox Travel-friendly, Vroom Blocks fold compactly into playable (and storable!) blocks, then pop back up with a simple snap for more driving fun! Transform the red, white, and blue blocks into fun rescue vehicles. Vroom Blocks are always ready to go when you are! Ages 12 months+ Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA141-1 FA117-1 FA060-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Waddle Bobbers Brrr...it’s cold on that iceberg. Warm things up with a Waddle Bobbers penguin party! Fill up the tub, set the iceberg adrift, and send the penguins racing down the slide. Whoosh! Includes iceberg slide and six penguins.

Ages 12 months+ FA070-1 FA146-1 FA143-1 Bath Toys FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 17 16 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Fat Brain ToyCo 2018 Collection

I Got This! Can you match confidence with competence? Take a challenge card. Think you can complete the challenge to bounce, toss, balance, roll, or hop better than your opponents? Just say, “I got this!” and then lay it all on the line! 2 to 12 players. Ages 8+ Case Pack: 6 Yeti or Not! Become a true scholar of crypto-count-ology! Scattered throughout the game board are all your favorite legendary creatures. Gnomes, mermaids, Nessie, and more – Flip over one of the cards to decide witch one to count. Do you have what it takes to count them up the quickest and grab the matching number token first? Only the keenest eye will win the game! Ages 6+ FA185-1 Games Can you find the unfindables? Case Pack: 6 New!

FA135-1 Games FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 19 18 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

FA186-1 Baby Monkey Astronaut It’s a seemingly simple monkey memory game that’s sure to drive you bananas! Strengthen sequencing skills and memory as you turn over the cards. You must count down from 10 to 1 without skipping a number. Keeping track of 10 mischievous baby monkeys is such a blast, kids will be orbiting this game for years! Ages 5+ Zoo’s On Top? Looking to sharpen deductive reasoning and logic skills? Then take a trip to the zoo! Players each choose their tiles and then secretly place their animals into their tower.

On each turn, players ask a yes/no question to determine the order of the animals from top to bottom in their opponent’s tower. Crack the code and win! With three levels of play, Zoo’s on Top grows with players as they age. For 2 players. Ages 5+ Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 New!

FA133-1 Sturdy Birdy Help Reggie the pigeon master twelve funny poses. With Sturdy Birdy™, players advance in physical agility, balance, coordination, counting skills, and self-esteem, with giggles guaranteed! Great for inter-generational play. 2 to 4 players. Ages 5+ Case Pack: 6 FA048-1 Games 20 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Neck of the Woods The giraffes are hungry and need to eat! The leaves highest in the tree are the tastiest and worth the most points, but also carry the highest risk of toppling over. Roll the die to add lengths and shapes to help the giraffes stretch their necks! 2 to 4 players.

Ages 3+ Peek-A-Doodle Doo! Can You Rule the Roost? A memory game kids and adults love! These chickens and eggs are in constant motion, so choose carefully, little farmer. While one wrong move could ruffle your feathers, a series of wrong moves and—crack! You’re out of CLUCK! An egg-ceptional game of fast-moving fun designed to improve concentration and memory skills. 2 to 4 players. Ages 3+ Farm Alarm It’s a silly sequencing memory game! Kids learn animal sounds as they repeat them in the order of the cards: Cow says Moo, Chicken says Bawk. Remembering who said what last and repeating the sequence of sounds is just half the fun.

Three wild cards (parrot, fish, and seal) add to the auditory fun as kids are asked to repeat certain sounds, make silly faces, or clap! Builds brain power and auditory memory. Ages 5+ Race to the Top!

Stack, Balance, & Inchimals Watch numbers come to life with these fun measuring blocks! Addition, subtraction, measurement, and number concepts are integrated into play! Includes twelve colorful wooden animal blocks measuring 1” to 12”, 100 laminated learning puzzles, and a dry-erase marker. Ages 3+ FA038-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA144-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA093-1 FA105-1 Games FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 23 22 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Stick Six Pick and stick to get six in a row! A combination of simple suction strategy and fascinating design, this game will have the whole family POP-ping up for family game night.

You must block your opponents while cleverly sticking six in a row - horizontally, diagonally, or in a circle. The first player to “stick six” wins! 2-4 players. Ages 6+ Get Six in a Row & Win! Box & Balls Can you train a bouncy ball to bounce, bank, and dunk itself into a wooden box? Follow the suggested games printed on each of the eight boxes, or create your own. Enhance your motor skills, creative thinking, and problem-solving through infinite play possibilities! Ages 5+ OffBeat Can you keep the beat? Grab a group of friends, spin the spinner to determine the types of rhythmic sounds you’ll be making, and then try to stay on beat! Your mind needs to keep up with your hands while maintaining the sound sequence! Great for home or classroom.

Multiple games. Ages 5+ FA122-1 FA147-1 Case Pack: 6 Acuity It’s a race to find a match on the grid of brilliantly patterned tiles before anyone else! Every tile is unique, so you can only find a match using the sides, or the corners. No two games will ever be the same! Includes 70 durable tiles. 2 or more players. Ages 6+ FA055-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 4 Case Pack: 6 FA113-1 The game that challenges you to stay ON beat! Straight Diagonal or in a Circle Games FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 25 24 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Crankity Crankity is a curious mixture of building and brainteasing. Build the challenge on the card, then fill in the gaps to engineer the solution. Each of the 40 mind-bending puzzles require a specific combination of gears to send your contraption spinning with a twist of the wheel! Builds problem-solving, critical thinking, and concentration skills. Four levels of difficulty. Ages 6+ Fold These 10 smart origami challenges will send your hands racing, folding, unfolding, twisting, turning, and flexing to find the solutions! Ages 8+ Splitting Image Stretch your brain beyond the surface of the mirror! Your goal is simple: recreate the images printed on each of the challenge cards.

Sounds easy – but here’s the catch: you only have two pattern-covered shapes and a mirror to work with. Arrange the shapes and combine them with their reflections to complete each puzzle and become a true mirror master! Ages 6+ Use the mirror and tiles to create a reflection and match the pattern on the card! FA180-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 FA074-1 Brain Teasers New!

FA140-1 Brain Teasers FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 27 26 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Ivan’s Hinge This tricky brainteaser is an addictive visual fidget toy. Wrap your mind and hands around this perpetual hinge, then start folding, turning, and looping. Manipulate the hinge to recreate the 56 patterns. Includes one Hinge and 28 double-sided challenge cards. Ages 8+ Yottsugo Crosswords and downwards, it’s an intersecting word challenge! With four levels of wordplay, these puzzles are for wordsmiths, logicians...and family puzzle night! Snap the letter tiles together into an intersecting 4x4 grid of everyday words.

Can you connect the words without the clues? 1 or more players. Ages 12+ Coggy Bend, rotate, and shape Coggy to match the patterns on the challenge cards! Shift each gear to puzzle through four levels of difficulty. Double-sided with colored gear puzzles on one side and challenging black and white puzzles on the other. Feeling antsy? Coggy is an excellent fidget toy! Ages 6+ AnimaLogic Guide the four colors of camels, lions, giraffes, and hippos over the river one by one in just the right order! These 60 sequencing puzzles range from beginner to advanced levels. Strengthens sequencing, planning, matching, and logic! 1 or more players.

Ages 5+ FA086-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA035-1 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 FA116-1 FA056-1 Brain Teasers FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 29 28 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Squigz This toy really sucks! Push ‘em together and then POP ‘em apart. Build amazing shapes, creatures, and wobbly, bobbling towers! Stick them to bathtubs, school lockers, walls, tables, windows; they leave no residue. Let Suction Construction™ build up your imagination. Dishwasher safe! Ages 3+ Pip Set of 5 FA088-3 Doodle Set of 4 FA088-4 Grippity Set of 4 FA088-5 Yoink Set of 4 FA088-6 Skooch Set of 3 FA088-7 Gobnob Set of 3 FA088-8 Wonkity Set of 3 FA088-9 Zorbit Set of 2 FA088-10 All-time Best Seller! Mini Squigz They may be tiny, but their building fun is MIGHTY! These fun little suckers™ offer more intricate creative possibilities with 40% smaller components than original Squigz.

Residue-free silicone. 75 pieces. Ages 5+ 40% Smaller than original Squigz™ 75Pieces!

Squigz Toobz Introducing the latest revolution in suction construction fun! These new Squigz bend, twist, and loop every which way into hours of creative play. Build them tall. Bend them cleverly. Make your structures more wobbly than ever. The possibilities are endless! Includes 12 Toobz, 6 classic Squigz. Ages 3+ Squigz Deluxe Set 50 pieces FA088-2 Squigz Starter Set 24 pieces FA088-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 4 Squigz New! FA194-1 Case Pack: 6 FA107-1 Squigz FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 31 30 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

BabaBit Combining familiar parts, cutting edge design, and a 21stcentury approach to collaboration, The OFFBITS® system brings a unique new twist to classic construction toys.

Our character kits and vehicle kits come in four iconic OFFBITS® color schemes and include detailed instructions, a SuperTool™, and a unique registration code so you can share your creation with our online community of creators. Each kit enables you to create at least 3 different “out of the box” models and many more according to your imagination and creativity! Ages 6+ ArtBit CareBit InfoBit PuppyBit GiraffeBit ZebraBit DinoBit GatorBit PenguinBit MooseBit MonkeyBit HelicopterBit AeroBit ElephantBit Point of Purchase Display Available Vehicle Blue Vehicle Green Vehicle Yellow Vehicle Red New! FA187-1 FA187-2 FA187-3 FA188-1 FA188-2 FA188-3 FA189-1 FA189-2 FA189-3 FA190-1 FA191-1 FA155-4 FA155-1 FA155-3 FA155-2 FA156-4 FA156-3 FA156-1 FA156-2 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 The OffBits FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 33 32 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Interchangeable - Non-Toxic - Eco-Friendly 78 Pieces 119 Pieces 168 Pieces 127 Pieces 127 piece set includes chimes to make music! Encourage early engineering and three-dimensional thinking skills while promoting creativity and problemsolving. Each set is made from hand-crafted, colorful bamboo and other sustainable materials that deliver multi-functional fun with an infinite number of designs. Build your own custom structure and watch the marbles roll, drop, and race down the tracks and spirals. Or, open up the instruction book to find basic building concepts as well as tips and tricks to really get your marbles rolling!

Each set includes 30 marbles and endless possibilities. A brilliant way to inspire creativity while developing a STEM foundation. Ages 4+ Bamboo Builder Marble Runs Case Pack: 4 Case Pack: 4 Case Pack: 4 Case Pack: 2 Includes all natural rope. FA153-4 FA153-3 FA153-2 FA153-1 Bamboo Builder Marble Runs FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 35 34 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Flexibility Makes Construction Easy! Joinks Bend the rules of construction with Joinks! The flexible connectors and wooden dowels add bounce, wiggle, and movement to your creative structures.

The colorful, chunky, and super-flexible connectors are made from 100% silicone. Easy enough for a toddler but complex enough for a chemist! Includes 76 pieces. Ages 3+ Personalized Name Puzzles From Amarisa to Zebediah – no matter the name or how it’s spelled (with the exception of numbers and special characters), the fresh, modern colors and wooden display board make it more special than ever. Every puzzle is made in our own in-house workshop. Puzzles ship directly to your store or customer within 24 hours.

ORDER TODAY. SHIPS TOMORROW! Personalized Name Puzzles Made at Our In-House Workshop! HexActly Geometry is congruently cool when you build with HexActly™! Stack, balance, and free build with the 24 colorful wooden hexagons. Recreate the amazing patterns found in nature. Challenge your problem solving skills with the 18 puzzles in the learning guide and grow yourself from a beginner to a “Hex”-pert! Ages 3+ Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 4 FA058-1 FA150-1 FA101-1 Building Toys FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 37 36 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Don’t forget to stock up on another great building toy: Squigz! See page 31 for details! Reptangles Can you build a Rhombicuboctahedron out of 24 turtles? Of course you can! And you don’t have to be a geometry genius because building with these turtles is a SNAP! Two turtles can snap together in over 100 ways.

Build creatively or use the Exploration Guide. Ages 6+ Made in the USA Dado Cubes Modern design integrated with art and science! Stack or nest as you explore proportion, balance, and structure. The 10 cubes range from 1” to 5”. Their limitless creative capacity captivates imaginations while enhancing visualspatial intelligence. Ages 3+ Made in the USA Dado Squares Interlocking squares go from 2D to 3D with simple engineering. They quickly become parking garages for toy cars, spaceships, and more! Open your imagination, reasoning, and fine motor manipulation with Dado Squares™! 3” squares. 35 pieces.

Ages 3+ Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 6 FB024-0 FA030-1 FA042-1 Building Toys FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 39 38 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Clip Cloppers Hey there, cowpoke! It’s time to giddyup for some awesome active fun with Clip Cloppers! A clever and fresh new take on the classic stepper toy, Clip Cloppers sound like you’re really riding a horse. Use them indoors or outdoors. Choose green, orange, or brown and saddle up for a ton of active play! Ages 5+ Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Teeter Popper Rock, roll, sit, stand, tilt, wobble, wiggle, spin, and teeter! Teeter Popper improves core strength, stability, balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Measures approximately 30” x 18” and features 14 suction cups. Weight limit: 110 lbs.

Ages 3+ POP display available. Case Pack: Blue, Green, & Pink: 6 Assorted w/ POP & Assorted: 3 Chalktrail Replacement Chalk Chalktrail Hook Chalktrail to your bicycle and create giant works of art, meandering lines, perfect circles, figure eights, and more! If you can dream up the design, you can plan a path to create it. Each chalk can go over a mile and a half. Ages 3+ Chalktrail Bike Red Chalktrail Bike Blue Case Pack: 6 Active Play New!

FA167-1 ORANGE FA167-2 GREEN FA167-3 BROWN Case Pack: 6 FA095-5 ASSORTED FA076-1 FA076-2 FA077-1 FA095-1 FA095-2 FA095-3 Active Play FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 41 40 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Ribbon Ninja Think like a fox, move like a cheetah, and strike like a cobra. Do you have what it takes to become a true Ribbon Ninja? Each player has 3 colorful ribbons attached to wristbands. The rules are simple: grab your opponents’ ribbons before they get yours. The last ninja standing wins the game! 2-6 players. Ages 6+ Swipe Shot SwipeShot is the new active game where players must be fast on their feet as they move their bodies strategically and work against one another to swing, swipe, bash, and knock their opponent’s cups over to win! To begin, just place the six blue and green cups evenly on the floor, then suit up and strap on the elastic wristbands! Players pull and swing as the work to be the first to knock down all of their opponents’ cups.

Do you have what it takes to take control of the chaos and win? Ages 6+ Will you be the last Ribbon Ninja standing?! FA193-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 New!

New! FA177-1 Active Play FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 43 42 Phone: 800.335.5621 - Fax: 402.779.3253

Best Sellers FA088-2 Case Pack: 4 Squigz Deluxe Squigz Starter Mini Squigz Tobbles Neo I Got This! pipSquigz Crankity OombeeCube Wimzle Whirly Squigz MiniSpinny Peek-A-Doodle Doo! Coggy SpinAgain Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 6 FA110-1 Case Pack: 4 Marble Run - 78 Pieces Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA136-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA089-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA155-1 FA155-2 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 FA165-1 ORANGE Case Pack: 12 FA173-1 Case Pack: 6 ArtBit BabaBit Case Pack: 6 pipSquigz Loops FA134-1 FA116-1 FA153-1 FA088-1 FA093-1 FA120-1 FA070-1 FA140-1 FA135-1 FA165-2 TEAL FA107-1 FatBrainToyCo.com - sales@fatbraintoyco.com 45

Shipping Summer 2018 Shipping Summer 2018 Now Shipping Now Shipping Pail Pals Case Pack: 4 FA176-1 New for 2018 Whirly Squigz dimpl Flexicule pipSquigz Loopz Clip Cloppers Sensory Rollers Spoolz Twitimals - Bunny Twistimals - Bear RollAgain Tower Suction Kupz Crabby Twissbits SwipeShot Yeti or Not Squigz Toobz Ribbon Ninja Inky Splitting Image Smarty Cube 1-2-3 Zoo’s On Top? FA173-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA168-1 FA166-1 TEAL FA165-1 ORANGE Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 12 FA192-1 FA161-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA164-1 BUNNY FA163-1 BEAR Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 2 Case Pack: 6 FA181-1 FA183-1 Case Pack: 6 FA175-1 FA175-2 FA180-1 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 12 Case Pack: 3 FA184-1 FA186-1 Case Pack: 6 FA193-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 FA185-1 Case Pack: 6 Case Pack: 6 Shipping Mid-March See all 11 new OffBits on page 32.

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