2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
2 018 W O R K S H O P S
2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

 W ELC OME TO A RROW MONT                                                                                            IMP O RTA NT DATES
                                                                                                                     AT A G L A N C E

“The joy of my work is providing others opportunities to live creative lives. The joy of
 my life is interacting with creative people. This makes for a wonderful symmetry.”
                                                                                                                     A R T I S T S - I N - R ES I D EN C E
                                                                                                                     A P P L I C AT I O N D E A D L I N E
 The past year at Arrowmont saw events which brought about change, and at the same time                              February 1, 2018
 strengthened our resolve to maintain the values and qualities that make this place extraordinary.
 In response to the wildfires of the fall of 2016 which destroyed three buildings on campus, we                      E A R LY R E G I S T R AT I O N D E A D L I N E
 began to implement both a strategic plan for our programming and a master plan for our campus.                      R E G I S T R AT I O N F EE O F $ 5 0 I S
                                                                                                                     WA I V ED F O R E A R LY R E G I S T R AT I O N
 When you come to Arrowmont in 2018 you will enter through a new entrance and enjoy a new                            February 1, 2018
 dormitory with 42 rooms with private baths and a screened porch with an outdoor fireplace
 perfect for the camaraderie and conversations that are important parts of being here. We have                       ED U C AT I O N A L A S S I S TA N T S
 continued to make upgrades to studios and have constructed a new three-kiln courtyard. All the                      P R O G R A M A P P L I C AT I O N D E A D L I N E
 buildings on campus — studios and residences — are now air conditioned. We always work to                           March 1, 2018
 improve our facilities and to offer inspiring workshops with outstanding instructors.
 Though our campus is transforming, our values remain constant and at the heart of the                               A P P L I C AT I O N D E A D L I N E
“Arrowmont Experience.” We offer workshops that provide opportunities for those just being                           March 1, 2018
 introduced to craft, as well as workshops that focus on advanced skills, conceptual exploration
 and design. Regardless of your prior experience, skill level, age or background, you will                           F I G U R AT I V E A S S O C I AT I O N
 find Arrowmont to be a welcoming place where all are treated with respect and provided                              SYMPOSIUM
 encouragement. We are all explorers.                                                                                November 7 – 10, 2018

 We live in a world where it is tempting to turn inward, to get our information from a screen and                    Please check the website
 both learn and work in isolation. At Arrowmont, you will discover what it is like to be part of a                   arrowmont.org for updated
 creative community that provides an intensely personal learning experience that is also a shared                    deadlines as some scholarships
 experience. Everyone here contributes to the creation of this shared experience — from our staff                    have a rolling deadline and
 who work in the kitchen, maintenance, grounds keeping or administration to our educational                          others may re-open mid-
 assistants and instructors. We are all engaged in learning and making, but we also celebrate                        summer for Fall applicants
 the joy of creating meaningful lives, expecting to learn something new every day and to make
 contributions to something larger than ourselves.

 Join us and not only be a part of a creative community, but help us create that community. Learn
 skills that you carry back to your work or studio; have experiences you carry back into your life.

                                                                    B I L L M AY, E X E C U T I V E D I R E C TO R
2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts


W ELC O M E                                                1   A R R O W M O N T H I S TO R Y                         66

S C H ED U L E AT A G L A N C E                            4   G A L L ER Y & E X H I B I T I O N S                   67

S P E C I A L TO P I C S                                   7   COMMUNIT Y PROGRAMS                                    67

T W O W EEK S ES S I O N S                                10   ED U C AT I O N A L A S S I S TA N T S P R O G R A M   68

W EEK EN D S ES S I O N S                                 10   SCHOLARSHIPS                                           69

C L AY                                                    13   WORKSHOP BASICS                                        70

2- D A R T S: D R AW I N G · PA I N T I N G · PA P ER &        HOUSING & MEALS                                        71
B O O K S · P R I N T M A K I N G · P H OTO G R A P H Y   23

                                                               R E G I S T R AT I O N & W O R K S H O P F EES         72
F I B ER S · T E X T I L ES · B A S K E T S               35

M E TA L S · G L A S S · EN A M EL S                      45

WOOD                                                      55
2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
2018 S C H ED U L E AT A G L A N C E            S P E C I A L TO P I C S                    C L AY                 DRAWING · PAINTING · PAPER & BOOKS · PRINTMAKING · PHOTOGRAPHY

APRIL 5 – 8                            Joel Zachry                         Austin Riddle                           Holly Fouts · Kathy Goodson · Lisa Line

JUNE 3 – 9                                                                 Robbie Lobell · Emily Shroeder Willis   Carolyn Benedict Fraser & Jenn Houle

J U N E 10 – 16                                                            Jason Burnett · Kristen Kieffer         John David Wissler

J U N E 17 – 23                                                            Rebecca Chappell · Meredith Host        Jie Qi · Nick Ruth

J U N E 24 – J U LY 7                  Julia Harrison                      Pattie Chalmers & Matt Mitros           Lauren Kussro
                                                                           Ted Neal

J U LY 8 – 14                                                              Alice Ballard                           Ian Brownlee · Beauvais Lyons
                                                                           H.P. Bloomer & Matt Repsher

J U LY 15 – 21                                                             Jana Evans                              Erin Anfinson · Jiyoung Chung · Brooke Rothshank

J U LY 2 2 – 28                                                            Darien Arikoski-Johnson                 Macy Chadwick · Gary Chapman
                                                                           Justin Rothshank

J U LY 2 9 – A U G U S T 4                                                 Sandy Blain                             Ashton Ludden · Radha Pandey · Greta Songe

A U G U S T 5 – 11                                                         Eva Kwong · Paul Wandless               Elizabeth Alexander · Jered Sprecher

A U G U S T 12 – 18                                                        Jennifer Allen · Eliza Au               Nancy Dillen · Ryan O’Malley

A U G U S T 3 0 – S EP T EM B ER 2                                         Bill Griffith                           Carrie Iverson · Emily Leonard · Don McGowan

S EP T EM B ER 9 – 15                                                      Jessica Brandl · Matthew Schiemann      Erin Keane

S EP T EM B ER 16 – 2 2                Mark Melonas                        Chandra DeBuse · Lindsay Oesterritter   Bryan Baker · Jane Lackey

O C TO B ER 14 – 2 0                                                       Nigel Rudolph & Cheyenne Rudolph        Beatrice Coron · Rachael McCampbell
                                                                           Nan Smith

O C TO B ER 21 – 27                    Molly Grant · John Phillips         Sean O’Connell                          Marge Luttrell · Delaney Smith
2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
F I B E R S · T E X T I L ES · B A S K E T S             M E TA L S · G L A S S · E N A M E L S                       WOOD          5

Emily Schubert                                          Maureen Aderman · Sarah Rachel Brown               Randy Ogle · Bill Wallace

Akemi Nakano Cohn · Shana Kohnstamm                     John Cogswell · Holly Cooper                       Trent Bosch · Barry Gross

Rena Wood · Jan Wutkowski                               Lynn Batchelder · Ashley Gilreath                  Ben Blackmar

Luke Haynes · Brooks Harris Stevens                     Jean Fernandes · Jessica Tolbert                   Janice Levi · Sarah Martin

Susan Brandeis · Christine Zoller                       Barbara Minor · Julia Harrison                     David Ellsworth (One Week)
                                                                                                           Bill Thomas

Melissa Cody · Lisa Klakulak                            Lauren Seldon                                      Jackson Martin · Harvey Meyer

Joetta Maue                                             Jessica Calderwood · Katja Toporski                Michael Cullen · Michael Gibson

Julia Gartrell · Jess Jones                             Erica Bello · Gail Stouffer                        Josh Almond & Marco Rosichelli
                                                                                                           Robert Lyon & Doug Finkel

Tommye Scanlin · Clare Verstegen                        Libby Leuchtman · C. James Meyer                   Alicia Dietz · Aaron Hammer

Jerry Bleem · Sonya Philip                              Leslie Boyd · Jennifer Wells                       Beth Ireland · Kimberly Winkle

Lauren DiCioccio · Flo Hoppe                            Hannah Marie Smith · Demitra Thomloudis            Doug Hall · Jason Swanson

Pat K. Thomas                                           Alicia Jane Boswell · Anna Johnson                 Ellie Richards · Jim Scarsella

Gasali Adeyemo · Lesli Robertson                        David Jones · Shirley Webster                      Sally Ault · Peter Dellert

Lanny Bergner · Janet Taylor                            Ricky Frank · Rachel Shimpock                      Nathaniel Chambers

Jeanne Brady                                            Mary Hettmansperger & Robert Dancik                Dennis Fuge · Brian Persico

Paula Kovarik · Peeta Tinay                             Maureen Aderman                                    Clay Foster & John Jordan
2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
“I count my blessings of 28
 years going to Arrowmont —
 full of enrichment and
 mind stretching interaction
 with interesting, giving
 instructors and students.”
— J O I D A E VA N S, S T U D EN T
2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

                                     SPECIAL TOPICS
     Each year, it becomes increasingly difficult to divide our catalog by media and materials. More
   workshops are crossing over the boundaries of those classifications, bringing together materials and
techniques in ways that transcend genres, labels, and the-way-we’ve-always-done-things. This is in no way
a bad thing — quite the opposite, it is exciting and creatively rewarding. However, we do need to list our
workshops in some order, and media is still the easiest and most efficient means. This first section, Special
  Topics, represents those classes whose media transcendence has reached a point that choosing any one
label seems grossly unsuccessful. However, here is a hint about our catalog: every section contains special
topics. Within each category you will find many classes that offer techniques and skills that would apply
  to persons working in any media. So, my recommendation to you is this: do not skip straight to your
 tried-and-true art media of choice. Spend an afternoon and browse, peruse through the entire catalog.
     Hidden throughout all the offerings, you may be surprised to find a topic that is special to you.
2018 WORKSHOPS - Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

APRIL 5 – 8 · WEEKEND                               J U N E 2 4 – J U LY 7 · T W O W E E K S

J O EL Z AC H R Y                                   JULIA HARRISON
S P R I N G: T H E A R T O F N AT U R E             C A R V E YO U R N I C H E

What better time than spring to ramble and          The goal of this workshop is to make carving
enjoy the artistic wonders of landscape, plant      a versatile staple of the participant’s creative
life and animal diversity in the Smokies?           practice. Students will develop safe metal and
Students should bring to class a camera,            wood carving skills and efficient approaches for
cell phone and sketch pad to record some of         every stage from layout to roughing to surface
nature’s finest art forms for further study that    detail. You will become familiar with hand and
include wildflowers, trees, and maybe a bear or     power tools, and carveable materials, working
two. Learn about critters and the forest while      at a small scale that’s perfect for jewelry but
making like-minded friends. Open to all skill       applicable to furniture or sculpture. Students
levels and prepare to hike a few trails to see it   examine how and why carving has been
all. C O U R S E F EE: $ 3 4 0                      pursued at different times and in different
                                                    cultures. You will leave with samples, at least
Joel Zachry is a retired Tennessee Community        one finished work, and a carving approach
College administrator and biology professor.        customized to your personal aesthetic, budget
He has been with the University of Tennessee-       and goals. Why just find your niche, when you
National Park Service Smoky Mountain                can carve one? Open to all skill levels.
Field School as an instructor since 1980 and        C O U R S E F EE: $110 0
co-director with his wife, Kathy, since 2013.
Together, they own and guide for Great Outdoors     Julia Harrison is a Seattle-based artist, educator
Adventure!, enjoy travel, and are authors           and Jewelry/Metals Manager for the Pratt Fine
of “Bears We’ve Met, Short Stories of Close         Arts Center. She began carving almost twenty
Encounters.” He has hiked the 2,175 miles of the    years ago in austere living conditions and she
Appalachian Trail. G O W I T H G O AT.C O M         still depends on the same low-tech approaches.
                                                    Harrison has presented workshops at Haystack,
                                                    Penland, and the 92nd Street Y. Her recent
                                                    carving projects range in scale from a quarter-
                                                    inch to six feet and feature coal, bamboo, wax
                                                    and obsidian. J U L I A H A R R I S O N . N E T

S E P T E M B E R 16 – 2 2 · O N E W E E K          O C T O B E R 21 – 27 · O N E W E E K                O C T O B E R 21 – 27 · O N E W E E K

                                                                                                                                                             YO U MI G HT A L S O
                                                                                                                                                             BE INTERESTED IN
                                                                                                                                                             THE F O LLOW IN G
                                                                                                                                                             WO RKSH O P S

                                                                                                                                                             PAT T I E C H A L M ER S /
                                                                                                                                                             M AT T M I T R O S                    P.16

                                                                                                                                                             EL I Z A A U                          P.19

                                                                                                                                                             JIE QI                                P. 26
M A R K M ELO N A S                                 M O L LY G R A N T                                   JOHN PHILLIPS
R EN EGA D E S E AT I N G:                          L E A R N T H E A R T O F S H O EM A K I N G         M A K E T H E C U T: H A N D - M A D E              EM I LY S C H U B ER T                P.3 6
C R E AT I N G A B EN C H I N C O N C R E T E                                                            K I TC H EN K N I V ES
                                                    During this workshop students learn the art                                                              J A N W U T KO W S K I                P.37
Through detailed study and the application          of shoemaking using the original Cordwainer          This intensive workshop is an examination
of a variety of moldmaking techniques,              Shop antique tin patterns. You will make             of the ancient art of bladesmithing, while          J U L I A G A R T R EL L              P.39
students in this workshop design, plan              a pair of shoes and discover how to place            students are learning the complexities of
and construct a bench made of Glass Fiber           patterns, construct uppers and soles, and            a basic tool most everyone uses daily: the          PAT K . T H O M A S                   P.41
Reinforced Concrete (GFRC Concrete).                learn a unique way to put shoes together by          kitchen knife. From start to finish, there are
Students will learn about specific design           hand-lacing. Participants will choose up to          discussions on steel selection, basic metallurgy,   M A R Y H E T T M A N S B ER G ER /
considerations when planning and building           three colors of leather to make a Candace            blade function and design, shop safety,             R O B ER T D A N C I K                P.5 3
molds for concrete, and be introduced to the        Style oxford, designed in the 1920s by Edward        building a gas forge, how to shape steel, heat
exciting world of high-performance concrete.        Mathews, Cordwainer Shop founder. Custom             treatment and handle making. Students will          JOSH ALMOND /
Discussions include the history and recent          leather soles are made for each shoe to exact        leave class having completed a beautiful piece      M A R C O R O S I C H EL L I          P.59
use of concrete as a surface material and in        measurement. Finishing tasks include lasting,        of functional art to last a lifetime. Open to
furniture, important examples of artists and        burnishing, buffing, insole making, and other        all skill levels. Special Note: The class is very   DOUG HALL                             P.61
craftspeople using it today, and practical          details that make a Cordwainer Shoe. Open            physically demanding, including hammering,
concerns for using it in your work and studio.      to all skill levels. Please note that the cost for   exposure to heat, sparks and the use of other       B R I A N P ER S I C O /
Students should be familiar with using hand         materials will be $300‒$350.                         potentially dangerous methods.                      K Y L E R. G A R N E T T              P.6 4
tools and power tools like the tablesaw,            C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                              C O U R S E F EE: $ 525
bandsaw and jigsaw. C O U R S E F EE: $ 595                                                                                                                  L A N N Y B ER G N ER                 P.42
                                                    Molly Grant operates Cordwainer Shop, a              John Phillips is an artist and musician who lives
Mark Melonas is a designer, craftsman and           third-generation custom made footwear shop           in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is a graduate of
teacher with over 20 years experience designing     in Deerfield, New Hampshire and teaches at           the University of Tennessee and spends his time
and building furniture in concrete, wood and        craft schools. She exhibits at the American Craft    exploring interests in making tools as functional
steel. Melonas studied Sculpture and Architecture   Council and national juried shows across the         art with influences from the natural world and
at the University of Maryland and earned his        country. She started learning the Cordwainer         bygone eras.
MFA in Artisanry from UMass Dartmouth.              Craft in 1991 from her husband, a master
M A R K M ELO N A S . N E T                         Cordwainer. C O R D WA I N ER S H O P.C O M

                                                                                                       W EEK EN D S ES S I O N S

                                                                                                       Arrowmont’s weekend sessions are perfect for those who only have a few days but want to learn
                                                                                                       and create. They are designed to offer ample opportunity to catch up with old friends, explore
                                                                                                       different media, and interact with artists and community members. These weekend workshops
                                                                                                       offer the opportunity to take advantage of the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains and learn a
                                                                                                       new craft or hone existing skills.

                                                                                                       A P R I L 5 – 8 , 2 018                                          A U G U S T 3 0 – S E P T E M B E R 2 , 2 018

                                                                                                       AUSTIN RIDDLE                                                    A L I C I A J A N E B O S W EL L
                                                                                                       T E X T U R E A N D C O LO R: E X P ER I M EN TA L C O N E 10    E TC H I T, F O L D I T, S T I TC H I T,
                                                                                                       SODA FIRING          This class starts April 4.          P.14    EN A M EL I T. R EP E AT !                                    P.51

                                                                                                       M A U R EEN A D ER M A N                                         BILL GRIFFITH
                                                                                                       P M C & F U S ED G L A S S J E W EL R Y                  P.4 6   S L A B - B U I LT P OT T ER Y: F R O M F L AT TO F O R M P.19

                                                                                                       S A R A H R A C H EL B R O W N                                   C A R R I E I V ER S O N
T WO W EEK S ES S I O N S                                                                              C A P T U R ED !                                         P.4 6   C O L L A G R A P H: C H A N C E I N V ES T I G AT I O N S    P.3 0

In addition to one-week and weekend workshops, Arrowmont offers two-week sessions for those            H O L LY F O U T S                                               EM I LY L E O N A R D
media, techniques and projects that need more than one week to complete or to achieve proficiency.     BOOKS OF THE EARTH                                       P. 24   PA I N T I N G: B OTA N I C A L S A S J O U R N A L           P.3 0
The two-week session instructors are masters in their disciplines, exceptional teachers, and are
university professors and working professional artists. These workshops offer the opportunity to       K AT H Y G O O D S O N                                           B O N N I E C O O P ER & D O N M C G O WA N
take advantage of Arrowmont’s location at the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National            S I L K PA I N T I N G:                                          M I N D F U L N ES S & P H OTO G R A P H I C S EEI N G        P.3 0
Park and to immerse yourself in a unique experience.                                                   TO R ES I S T O R N OT TO R ES I S T                     P.3 6
                                                                                                                                                                        ANNA JOHNSON
                                                                                                       LISA LINE                                                        SET & WEAR                                                    P.51
J U N E 2 4 – J U LY 7, 2 018                                                                          P O W ER & P L AY:
                                                                                                       V I B R A N T C O LO R I N O I L PA I N T I N G          P. 24   EL E A N O R R I C H A R D S
S U S A N B R A N D EI S                                L A U R EN K U S S R O                                                                                          B EN C H T I M E                                              P.62
S T I TC H I N G A S D R AW I N G               P.3 8   P R I N T/ M A K E                     P. 26   R A N DY O G L E
                                                                                                       W O O D W O R K I N G 101                                P.5 6   PAT T H O M A S
PAT T I E C H A L M ER S & M AT T M I T R O S           BARBARA MINOR                                                                                                   M A R B L I N G A LT ER N AT I V E S U R FA C ES              P.41
A C T I O N , T I M E & V I S I O N:                    F U L L T I LT EN A M EL I N G:                EM I LY S C H U B ER T
U N PA C K I N G B I F O R M I T Y              P.16    L E A R N , E X P LO R E, E X PA N D   P.4 8   M I L L EN N I A L M I L L I N ER Y                      P.3 6   J I M S C A R S EL L A
                                                                                                                                                                        T H I N K I N G (& T U R N I N G) O U T S I D E T H E B O X   P.62
JULIA HARRISON                                          T ED N E A L                                   B I L L WA L L A C E
C A R V E YO U R N I C H E                       P.8    W O O D F I R I N G I N T EN S I V E   P.16    H AV E A S E AT ! S TO O L W O R K S H O P               P.5 6

BILL THOMAS                                             C H R I S T I N E ZO L L ER                    J O EL Z A C H R Y
B U I L D YO U R O W N F O X C A N O E          P.5 8   E X P LO R I N G S H I B O R I:                S P R I N G: T H E A R T O F N AT U R E                    P.8
                                                        P R O C ES S & A P P L I C AT I O N    P.3 8
“Arrowmont is important to the history
 and to the future of Craft. The experiences,
 information, and people I have met at
 Arrowmont have been instrumental in
 crafting my career in the arts. I want to
 help ensure that its history is preserved and
 those opportunities are available to the next
 generations of artists.” — C R A I G N U T T,
 W O O D A R T I S T & A R R O W M O N T B O A R D M EM B ER

                                             CL AY
Ceramics continues to be one of Arrowmont’s most prominent disciplines, and 2018 is particularly
exciting as it will be the first full year with our three brand new atmospheric kilns. Austin Riddle,
former Arrowmont Artist-in-Residence, will kick off the season in the spring with a soda fire class,
and the year will be busy for our new soda, wood fire, and salt kiln with firing workshops by Ted
  Neal (who built the wood fire train kiln and the salt kiln), HP Bloomer, Matt Repsher, Justin
             Rothshank, Eva Kwong, Matthew Schiemann, and Lindsay Oesteritter.

A P R I L 4 – 8 , 2 018 · W E E K E N D                     JUNE 3 – 9 · ONE WEEK                               JUNE 3 – 9 · ONE WEEK                             J U N E 10 – 16 · O N E W E E K

AU S T I N R I D D L E                                      R O B B I E LO B EL L                               EM I LY S C H R O ED ER W I L L I S               JA S O N B U R N E T T
T E X T U R E & C O LO R: E X P ER I M EN TA L              C L AY C O O K I N G P OT S:                        P I N C H I N G & P L AY I N G                    H A R D C A N DY: S W EE T
C O N E 10 S O DA FI R I N G                                A N I N T R O D U C T I O N TO FL A M E WA R E                                                        C ER A M I C S U R FAC ES
                                                                                                                Pinching is one of the most basic techniques
The focus of this workshop is to encourage                  The utilitarian necessities of a cooking pot        used in creating pots. In this workshop           This intensive workshop introduces surface
students to reconsider what colors and textures             used in high-heat environments, and the             students will use this simple technique to        techniques for students to discover and take
are available within the soda kiln. Participants            aesthetic considerations for a beautiful pot        explore more complex forms. Participants can      home! With an emphasis on screen printing,
should bring bisqued pieces to be fired in the              presented from the kitchen to the dining table      use porcelain to develop new ways of making       students will create image transfers and
cross-draft soda kiln. During this workshop,                is the theme for this workshop. Casseroles,         coils and methods to pinch the clay surface.      produce personal narratives using doodles
you will learn about carefully loading a soda               stockpots, grilling platters, bakers, roasters,     Demonstrations include using bisque molds         and patterns. You will discover how to work
kiln, glaze and slip application, and proper                skillets, saucepots and pizza stones are all        and tips on how to create large forms. The        through layers of material using various
soda firing schedules. Students will leave                  possible forms that students may create.            goals are to explore ways to mark the surface,    methods including the use of slips, resists,
class with a better understanding of utilizing              Discussions include how to glaze and firing         create unique forms not constrained by the        glaze applications and decals. Using multiple
a sodium atmosphere to create subtle and                    requirements for high-fire flameware.               wheel and discover utilitarian vessels in a new   techniques, participants will work small and
intense surfaces on their work. Some wheel                  Demonstrations, hands-on practice and               way. On the final day, a few glazing techniques   fire in electric kilns. The class will use a cone
throwing experience is helpful. In order to                 in-depth discussion provide students with           will be presented. Open to all skill levels.      6 stoneware, but the materials and techniques
complete the firing, this workshop will begin               a foundation for working with flameware.            C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                           will lend themselves to various firing temps
Wednesday April 4, ONE DAY BEFORE                           Participants will take or send home their                                                             and techniques. Experience in clay preferred,
OTHER CLASSES THIS SESSION. Open                            bisqued pots. This workshop is designed for         Emily Schroeder Willis is an instructor at the    but no printing experience is necessary.
to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 375                students with a solid foundation in wheel-          School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has   C O U R S E F EE: $ 525
                                                            forming. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                    a BFA from theUniversity of Minnesota and
Austin Riddle is a studio potter currently living                                                               an MFA from the University of Colorado,           Jason Bige Burnett is a studio artist living in
in Roswell, Georgia. He received his BFA in                 Robbie Lobell is the co-founder and co-owner        Boulder. She has held residencies at the Archie   Kentucky and is a former Arrowmont Artist-
Ceramics from the University of Utah and has                of Cook on Clay. She is a full-time studio          Bray Foundation in Montana, the Zentrum für       in-Residence. He has taught at Penland School
been an Artist-in-Residence at Arrowmont.                   potter and educator. Her work is focused on         Keramik in Germany, and at the Watershed          of Crafts, Santa Fe Clay in New Mexico, the
Riddle is currently a resident at the Art Center            designing and producing flameproof cookware.        Center for the Ceramic Arts in Maine. She         Truro Center for Craft in Massachusetts, and
West in Roswell. A U S T I N R I D D L EP OT T ER Y.C O M   Her work has been exhibited extensively and         was also a visiting artist/instructor at the      at the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in
                                                            featured in ceramics books and food publications.   Alberta College of Art and Design in Canada.      Maine. Burnett is the author of Graphic Clay
                                                            C O O KO N C L AY.C O M                             EM I LY S C H R O ED ER.C O M                     and has been featured in Ceramics Monthly and
                                                                                                                                                                  American Craft magazine.
                                                                                                                                                                  M R B EN N Y S P OT S H O P.C O M

J U N E 10 – 16 · O N E W E E K                 J U N E 17 – 2 3 · O N E W E E K                   J U N E 17 – 2 3 · O N E W E E K

K R I S T EN K I EFFER                          R EB EC C A C H A P P EL L                         M ER ED I T H H O S T
A LT ER ED & O R N A M EN T ED: N O FE A R!     TA K E T I M E TO P L AY                           LOT S O ’ L AY ER S

This workshop focuses on altering wheel-        The focus of this workshop is for students         This workshop explores surface decorating
thrown or hand-built forms, and then            to utilize the element of play to discover         using screen printing techniques, stencils,
embellishing them with an array of              new forms and ideas within the context of          transfers and decals. Students will work with
decoration techniques, from stamping            utilitarian ceramics. Much like beginning          simple forms (tiles, cups, bowls, plates) to
and slip-trailing to sponging and resists.      with a set of building blocks, participants        practice building layers of information. The
Demonstrations include throwing, altering       will make numerous simple forms to cut,            goal is to gain an understanding of new ways
and building off the wheel, darting, deco       alter, reassemble and construct new and            to approach surface and decoration. You will
techniques that include stamp-making,           inventive shapes. From these shapes, you will      produce dynamic surfaces by expanding your
and studio ergonomics. Students will            imagine and assign utility to your forms to        visual vocabulary and creating custom color
leave class with a collection of new skills,    create more refined, finished pots. Students       palettes. Cone 6 porcelain will be used, but
a better understanding of timing in clay,       will use both wheel throwing and hand              these methods are applicable to all types of
and confidence! The workshop is suitable        building techniques in earthenware and             clays. Participants are encouraged to bring
for throwers and hand-builders. Basic           bisque fire only. Students should have basic       source material for surface treatment. Hand
wheel-throwing and/or hand-building skills      wheel throwing and hand building skills.           builders and wheel throwers are welcome.
necessary. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525              C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                            Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525

Kristen Kieffer is a full-time studio potter,   Rebecca Chappell is a studio artist living in      Meredith Host is a studio potter in Kansas City,
workshop presenter and ceramics instructor      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and teaches at         Missouri. She received her BFA in Ceramics
living in Massachusetts. She received her BFA   the Maryland Institute of Art as well as Tyler     from the Kansas City Art Institute and an
from the N.Y.S.C.C. at Alfred University        School of Art. She received her MFA from           MFA in Ceramics from Ohio State University.
and an MFA from Ohio University. Kieffer        the New York State College of Ceramics at          Host was named one of the 2011 Emerging
has work displayed in numerous public and       Alfred University in 2008 and a BFA from the       Artists for NCECA and Ceramics Monthly
private collections, has exhibited her work     Cleveland Institute of Art in 2003. Chappell       magazine, and was a presenter at the 2016
internationally in juried and invitational      has participated in solo and group exhibitions     Utilitarian Clay Symposium. She is a founding
exhibitions, and taught workshops around the    across the U.S.                                    member of Kansas City Urban Potters.
country at craft centers and universities.      R EB E C C A C H A P P EL LC ER A M I C S .C O M   M ER ED I T H H O S T.C O M

J U N E 2 4 – J U LY 7 · T W O W E E K S                                                                        J U N E 2 4 – J U LY 7 · T W O W E E K S           J U LY 8 – 14 · O N E W E E K

PAT T I E C H A L M ER S & M AT T M I T R O S                                                                   T ED N E A L                                       ALICE BALL ARD
AC T I O N, T I M E & V I S I O N: U N PAC K I N G B I F O R M I T Y                                            WO O D FI R I N G I N T EN S I V E:                FI N D I N G YO U R F O R M
                                                                                                                E X P LO R I N G R EG U L A R &                    T H R O U G H N AT U R E
In this workshop students are challenged to collaborate with others to enhance their individual                 R ED U C T I O N C O O L P R O C ES S ES
creativity. During class, students will produce a variety of objects inspired by daily team building                                                               This workshop focuses on hand-building.
exercises and playful prompts. Using sourced images, memories, storytelling and artifacts from                  During this workshop students learn to fire        Using the beautiful environment of
life, you will create sculptural objects inspired by your experience and imagination. With the                  Arrowmont’s newly-built train wood kiln.           Arrowmont as inspiration, students will create
addition of found objects and the multitude of techniques explored, participants discover new                   Participants should bring bisqued work (cone       work in clay that captures the essence of the
meaning in their artistic approach. Hand building, throwing, ceramic 3-D printing, and low-                     10+ clay) to load in the first firing. While       natural stuff they collect. The work created
tech image transfer techniques are covered by first-time collaborators Matt and Pattie in this                  firing, and while the kiln is cooling, you will    serves as containers for your collection.
inclusive ceramic workshop. Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $9 95                                   work together for a cone 9 reduction cool          Participants will learn pinching, slab work,
                                                                                                                firing. Students will explore slip and glaze       the dowel method, along with a simple plaster
Pattie Chalmers grew up in Winnipeg where                   Matt Mitros was born in Philadelphia,               techniques that work with both types of firing,    press mold. Earthenware will be the clay and
she received a BFA in Printmaking from the                  Pennsylvania. Upon completing his BFA in            as well as loading and firing strategies to        work created early in the week will be fired.
University of Manitoba, and earned her MFA                  Ceramics at Penn State University, he was an        maximize desirable surfaces. Open to all skill     Students will also learn how to make
in Ceramics from the University of Minnesota.               Artist-in-Residence at Arrowmont, and at the        levels of hand building or wheel throwing.         and use terra sigillata in a variety of ways to
Chalmers exhibits widely, having presented work             Archie Bray Foundation. Mitros completed            Wood fire experience is helpful but not            enhance the surface of their work in clay.
on four continents, six countries and 26 states.            his post-baccalaureate from the University of       necessary. C O U R S E F EE: $9 95                 Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525
Since 2006, Chalmers has lived and worked in                Illinois and holds an MFA from the University
Carbondale, Illinois where she is an associate              of Washington. He has taught ceramics and           Ted Neal taught at Southern Illinois University    Alice Ballard received her MA from the
professor at Southern Illinois University. She may          sculpture at the University of Washington,          Edwardsville, Utah State University, and has       University of Michigan and a Fulbright
be slightly compulsive, and she likes to laugh at           South Seattle Community College, Lakeside           been professor of Art/Ceramics at Ball State       Scholarship to study in India. She taught
her own jokes. PAT T I E C H A L M ER S .C O M              Upper School, Kennesaw State University, and        University since 2006. He earned his MFA from      ceramics at the South Carolina Governor’s School
                                                            is currently an assistant professor of Art at the   Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and      for the Arts and Humanities for 10 years. Ballard
                                                            University of Alabama. M AT T M I T R O S .C O M    his BFA from Utah State University. He builds      received a MAC grant to study for a summer
                                                                                                                kilns across the country and built the Arrowmont   in China and was invited to the International
                                                                                                                train and salt kilns in the summer of 2016.        Ceramic Colony in Macedonia. Her work is in
                                                                                                                T ED N E A LC ER A M I C S .C O M                  the collections of the Renwick, Mint Museums
                                                                                                                                                                   and Greenville County Museum of Art.
                                                                                                                                                                   A L I C EB A L L A R D.C O M

J U LY 8 – 14 · O N E W E E K                                                                               J U LY 15 – 21 · O N E W E E K                      J U LY 2 2 – 2 8 · O N E W E E K

H.P. B LO O M ER & M AT T R EP S H ER                                                                       JA N A E VA N S                                     DA R I EN A R I KO S K I - J O H N S O N
C O N S T R U C T I V E S U R FAC ES: A R C H I T EC T U R A L A P P R OAC H ES TO S U R FAC E D ES I G N   W H EEL B O OTC A M P                               A L AY ER ED S U R FAC E

This workshop explores the relationship between form and surface on wheel thrown and                        In this workshop students learn how to work         The focus of this workshop is for students to
altered utilitarian forms, and the methods needed to finish those pieces for a variety of firing            efficiently and precisely with the wheel using      utilize a variety of mark making and transfer
styles. Participants will learn techniques in altering thrown forms, slip application and glazing.          pro-tips to create taller, thinner, faster and      techniques to explore imagery and alternative
Demonstrations include various methods for finishing work, including masking and resists for                bigger forms. If you are looking to improve         approaches to surface development. You will
glaze and slips, and firing for both soda and electric. Discussions cover propagating inspiration,          your technique, work with larger amounts of         use under glazes, wet erosion and underglaze
testing glazes and surface, evaluating outcomes, and honing content in a body of work. Basic                clay, or if you are just getting started on the     pencils to create information below the
ceramic skills are necessary. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                                                       wheel then this is the class for you! It includes   glaze, followed by work with decals and
                                                                                                            techniques and strategies for centering large       china paint to layer above the glaze. Through
HP Bloomer IV is from Central Texas and                 Matt Repsher earned his BFA in Ceramics             amounts of clay and improving your throwing         this workshop students will gain a deeper
received his MFA from the University of                 from Penn State University and an MFA from          skills. Various options for surface decoration      understanding of mark making on clay.
North Texas in 2011. He has been an Artist-             Indiana University in 2003. Soon after, he          are introduced. Students will have bisque work      Participants are welcome (but not required) to
in-Residence at The Carbondale Clay Center,             moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico as studio             at the end of the session. Open to all skill        bring glazed work to apply decals and china
the Cobb Mountain Art & Ecology Project                 director at Santa Fe Clay. Repsher has taught       levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                     paint, keeping in mind gloss glaze and lighter
and at Arrowmont. He has held positions at              at Indiana University and the University of                                                             colors, or clear with porcelain, yield more
Colorado Mountain College, Santa Fe Clay and            New Mexico. He has conducted workshops at           Jana Evans lives in Kansas City, Missouri           vibrant results. Open to all skill levels.
Mendocino College. His work has been published          Pocosin Arts and Penland School of Crafts. He is    and is a founding member of the Kansas City         C O U R S E F EE: $ 525
in Ceramics Monthly and Studio Potter.                  a past Artist-in-Residence at Pocosin Arts and is   Urban Potters. She earned her MFA in 2010
H P B LO O M ER.C O M                                   currently a resident artist at Penland School       from Arizona State University and has been          Darien Arikoski-Johnson is an assistant professor
                                                        of Crafts. M AT T R EP S H ER.C O M                 awarded fellowships, grants and residencies         at Georgia State University and maintains a
                                                                                                            while continuing her arts practice. They include    studio at Atlanta Contemporary and attended
                                                                                                            the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China,          graduate school at Arizona State University. It
                                                                                                            Pottery Northwest in Seattle, Washington, and       was there, he began to explore the relationship
                                                                                                            the Archie Bray Foundation. Evans is a career       of illusion and form, thought and physicality
                                                                                                            resident at Red Star Studios in Kansas City.        in ceramics. Arikoski-Johnson’s work addresses
                                                                                                            J A N A E VA N S .C O M                             memory, technological integration, mark
                                                                                                                                                                making, and perceptual consciousness.
                                                                                                                                                                D A R I EN J O H N S O N .C O M

J U LY 2 2 – 2 8 · O N E W E E K                    J U LY 2 9 – A U G U S T 4 · O N E W E E K          A U G U S T 5 – 11 · O N E W E E K                  A U G U S T 5 – 11 · O N E W E E K

J U S T I N R OT H S H A N K                        S A N DY B L A I N                                  E VA K WO N G                                       PAU L WA N D L ES S
D EC A L S I N AT M O S P H ER E                    C ER A M I C S H A N D B U I L D I N G:             C O LO R FU L S L I P S                             FR O M PEN TO C L AY
                                                    I D E A S & T EC H N I Q U ES F O R
In this workshop students learn how to              D E V ELO P I N G F O R M S & S U R FAC ES          I n this workshop students learn ways to            Do you like to write and work in clay? This
transfer their own imagery onto ceramic                                                                 add color and pizzazz while mixing their            unique workshop explores the process of
work using a variety of decal, stamping and         This workshop explores ideas and techniques         own colored slips. You will discover mixing         writing short stories, myths or poems, and
layering techniques. The course covers image        for making ceramic pieces that are personal         slips, making color choices, and exploring          how to create clay work that brings your words
preparation, printing and transferring onto         and expressive. Students will use hand built        application techniques, while learning              to life. Clay monotypes, sculpture or thrown/
greenware and glazed ware, using commercial         (pinch, coil, slab, press-mold) and wheel           about sgraffito, slip trail, stencil, layering      hand built vessels are the vehicles to work
decals, and firing temperatures for various         components singly or in combination to              and blending colors without an airbrush.            in clay. Participants may bring completed
types of decals. You will learn how to use and      construct composite functional or sculptural        Demonstrations and studio time provide              stories or learn how to turn current ideas
fire decals in all kinds of kilns, and experiment   forms. Surface markings and textures may            opportunities for participants to practice all      into a written piece during class. You will
with electric kilns and the soda kiln. There        be developed, altered or enriched by utilizing      the possibilities. If time permits, glazing in      learn different strategies to further develop or
will also be discussion about production and        additive and/or subtractive processes. The          an electric kiln and a salt-glaze kiln will be      your writing style. Story building, character
marketing techniques for the studio potter          pieces will be bisque-fired only, with class        covered. Open to all skill levels.                  creation, writing formats, editing and self-
including daily production, social media and        discussion of slips, oxides and glazes related      C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                             publishing will be covered. All levels of
small business efficiency. Open to all skill        to firing temperatures. Open to all skill levels,                                                       experience with writing or clay are welcome.
levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                     although some clay experience will be helpful.      Eva Kwong has worked with colored slips for four    C O U R S E F EE: $ 525
                                                    C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                             decades, with low-temp and high-temp glazes,
Justin Rothshank is a full-time studio potter                                                           in raku, salt, soda and wood kilns. Kwong is        Paul Andrew Wandless is an artist, author,
in Goshen, Indiana. He co-founded the Union         S andy Blain is Professor Emerita of Ceramics       known for her colorful and compelling forms         educator and curator who lives and works in
Project, a nonprofit arts organization located in   at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and       that are functional and sculptural. She studied     Chicago. Wandless authored “Image Transfer
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His published articles    Director Emerita, at Arrowmont. She is active       at the Rhode Island School of Design and Tyler      on Clay,” “500 Prints on Clay, Image &
include Pottery Making Illustrated, Ceramics        with The Arizona State University Ceramic           School of Art and has taught workshops across the   Design Transfer Techniques,” and co-authored
Monthly, American Craft and Studio Potter           Research Center and is an adjunct faculty           country. E VA K W O N G.C O M                       “Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques.” He
and a recently-released DVD titled “Ceramic         member at the Mesa Art Center.                                                                          frequently writes for several arts magazines and is
Decals: New Ideas and Techniques.”                  Blaine serves as a consultant to various arts                                                           featured in the DVD, “Fundamentals of Screen
R OT H S H A N K .C O M                             organizations and teaches workshops.                                                                    Printing on Clay with Paul Andrew Wandless.”
                                                    S A N DY B L A I N .C O M                                                                               S T U D I O 3 A R TC O M PA N Y.C O M

A U G U S T 12 – 18 · O N E W E E K                A U G U S T 12 – 18 · O N E W E E K                 AUGUST 30 – SEPTEMBER 2 · WEEKEND                  S E P T E M B E R 9 – 15 · O N E W E E K

J EN N I FER A L L EN                              EL IZ A AU                                          B I L L G R I FFI T H                              J ES S I C A B R A N D L
FI N D I N G B A L A N C E B E T W EEN             S T R U C T U R E & F O R M:                        S L A B - B U I LT P OT T ER Y:                    V ES S EL: N A R R AT I V E C O N TA I N ER
I N N OVAT I O N & U T I L I T Y                   O R N A M EN TA L L AT T I C ES                     FR O M FL AT TO F O R M
                                                                                                                                                          In this workshop students create sculptural
This workshop focuses on inventive ways to         How does pattern, ceramics and architecture         In this workshop students work with soft           vessels with attention to storytelling,
approach the form and surface of utilitarian       intersect within contemporary craft? In this        clay slabs, hand building construction             narration, mythology, symbolic language,
pottery. Play and experimentation are primary      workshop students create ceramic lattice            techniques, templates and simple molds             history, drawing, painting and sculpture. The
goals as participants slice, dice, bend, fold,     screens which investigate repeating and             to create a variety of functional mid-range        exploration of various methods and concepts
stamp and decorate their way towards a new         tessellating patterns. You will work with press     stoneware pottery forms. You might create          allows students to compose a dynamic
vocabulary of useful forms. Demonstrations         molding clay into plaster air-release molds to      mugs, tumblers, pouring pots, platters or one-     sculptural vessel. Specific techniques explored
include throwing, darting, stamp making,           create thin, decorative structures. By making       of-a-kind presentation pots. The focus is on       include the translation of drawing via transfer,
slip trailing and more. Discussions center         these screens, participants use an industrial       creating good forms using texture and various      stencil and direct mark making in clay, and
on ergonomics, tactility, design and creative      process to express their own personal voice.        surface design techniques. Discussions will        design methods. Participants should come to
problem solving. Students can take home            Digital methods may be discussed, but the           include glazes, but because of limited time,       class with preliminary drawings and a story to
bisqued pots that they create and an arsenal of    class emphasizes hands-on work. Experience in       participants will bisque fire their pots and/or    work from. Open to all skill levels.
new texture tools. Participants are encouraged     clay is suggested, but the course is open to all    take home unfired work. Using minimal tools        C O U R S E F EE: $ 525
to bring sketches/source material of form and      skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525               and equipment, this workshop is especially
surface ideas. Basic wheel-throwing and/or                                                             suitable for art educators and students new to     Jessica Brandl lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
hand-building skills are necessary.                Eliza Au teaches in the Alfred-CAFA program         hand building. For beginning to intermediate       where she is the Artist-in-Resident for the Alberta
C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                            at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing,     clay enthusiasts.                                  Collage of Art and Design. She holds an MFA
                                                   China. She holds an MFA from the New York           C O U R S E F EE: $ 3 4 0                          in Ceramics from The Ohio State University
Jennifer Allen is a studio potter and educator     College of Ceramics at Alfred University. She                                                          and a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute.
based in Morgantown, West Virginia. She            has previously been an Artist-in-Residence at the   Bill Griffith is a studio artist, administrator    Brandl was recognized as one of six Emerging
earned her BFA from the University of Alaska,      Archie Bray Foundation, the Corning Museum          and educator at Arrowmont School of Arts and       Artists at the National Council on Education for
Anchorage in 2002 and an MFA from Indiana          of Glass and the Museum of Contemporary             Crafts. He has lectured and taught throughout      the Ceramic Arts in 2017 and is the recipient of
University in 2006. She teaches and exhibits her   Craft. Her work is featured in both juried and      the U.S. at craft schools, universities and        the Zanesville Prize for best vessel. Her work has
work nationwide.                                   invitational shows at regional, national and        craft guilds. A recipient of a Tennessee Arts      been shown nationally and internationally in
J EN N I F ER A L L EN C ER A M I C S .C O M       international venues.                               Commission Individual Artists Fellowship,          numerous solo and group exhibitions.
                                                   EL I Z A - A U. S Q U A R ES PA C E.C O M           Griffith continues to exhibit his work, jury and   J ES S I C A B R A N D L .C O M
                                                                                                       curate exhibitions nationally.
                                                                                                       B I L LG R I F F I T H C L AY.C O M

S E P T E M B E R 9 – 15 · O N E W E E K          S E P T E M B E R 16 – 2 2 · O N E W E E K          S E P T E M B E R 16 – 2 2 · O N E W E E K

M AT T H E W S C H I EM A N N                     C H A N D R A D EB U S E                            L I N D S AY O ES T ER R I T T ER
C A R B O N T R A P S O DA FI R I N G             S K E TC H & S T R E TC H:                          WO O D FI R I N G & C O O L I N G
                                                  B U I L D I N G I L LU S T R AT ED P OT T ER Y
This workshop begins with discussions on slips                                                        In this workshop students fire and reduction
and glazes for the soda kiln and the approach     During this workshop students learn new             cool using the newly-built train kiln.
for loading the kiln. During class students       ways of designing, building and illustrating        Participants should come to class with bisque
focus on wheel thrown pottery with an             pottery by working with soft clay slabs. You        pots to prepare your wares for the wood kiln.
emphasis on making handles, lids and spouts.      will translate sketches into forms through          You will slip, glaze, wad, load, fire, and unload
Demonstrations include how to make work           hand building with simple templates and             the kiln. Discussions include clay bodies, types
for an atmospheric kiln. Other discussions        molds made from paper, craft foam, wood             of wood, the challenges, cleaning pots, and
include marketing, working with galleries, and    and bisqued clay. After forming, participants       the how’s, what’s and why’s of wood firing. No
how to publish your work. Students bring to       will create layered, colorful surfaces through      prior wood firing experience necessary. Open
the workshop cone 10 porcelain or stoneware       underglaze inlay, brushwork, sgraffito and          to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525
bisque pottery. Open to all skill levels.         texture. Students will encounter numerous
C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                           examples ranging from historical ceramics           Lindsay Oesterritter is the director of Objective
                                                  to contemporary illustration to spark ideas         Clay, co-founder and organizer of National Clay
Matt Schiemann is the artist programming          toward incorporating their personal voice           Week, and a full-time studio potter. Oesterritter
manager at the Morean Center for Clay in St.      into clay. Bring your sketchbook and be ready       had the good fortune to be an Artist-in-Residence
Petersburg, Florida. He received his BA from      to embark on playful discovery of form and          at Arrowmont in 2008‒2009. She lectures and
Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio and           surface techniques. Open to all skill levels,       exhibits nationally and internationally and is
an MFA from Southern Illinois University          however some experience with clay will be           continually inspired by the craft community.
in Carbondale. Schiemann is a functional          helpful. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                    LO C ER A M I C S .C O M
atmospheric potter who primarily fires his work
in a wood or soda kiln.                           Chandra DeBuse creates illustrated pottery out of
M AT T H E W S C H I EM A N N P OT T ER Y.C O M   her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. She received
                                                  her MFA from the University of Florida in 2010,
                                                  was an Arrowmont Artist-in-Residence and a
                                                  presenter at Utilitarian Clay VII. DeBuse has
                                                  led over 50 workshops across the country.
                                                  C H A N D R A D EB U S E.C O M

O C T O B E R 14 – 2 0 · O N E W E E K                                                                       O C T O B E R 14 – 2 0 · O N E W E E K             O C T O B E R 21 – 27 · O N E W E E K

C H E Y EN N E C H A P M A N R U D O L P H & N I G EL R U D O L P H                                          NAN SMITH                                          S E A N O ’C O N N EL L
M AT ER I A L & C U LT U R E: I N T ER AC T I V E & I N FL U EN T I A L D ES I G N I N P OT T ER Y           T H E R EFL E X I V E S EL F                       T H E E XQ U I S I T E S U R FAC E

This team-taught workshop focuses on making special-use objects for historical and odd functions             In this workshop students learn about the          In this workshop, students will explore the
and how those objects identify and personify culture. Students learn methods for making and                  expressive nature of the human form and            ceramic surface. Through demonstrations and
exploring techniques for idea development, and discussing issues of presentation with functional             create a personal portrait bust that reveals who   hands-on participation, you will learn a variety
pottery. You will experience a balance of personal research exploration, demonstrations and                  they are and how they see themselves. Using        of techniques. The class covers how to develop
experimentation with building and decorating at the greenware stage. Discussions include the                 life castings, drawings and photos, participants   a composition using pattern and color through
cultural significance of personal influences, with brainstorming exercises focusing on sourcing              experience perceptual skill-building and learn     brushwork, wax and paper resist, Mishima
content for creative expression. This course is great for investigating ideas, and is helpful to             that the sculpted bust can express who one         (inlay), trailing and carving. Students should
students hoping to enhance their work with cleverly engineered details. You will leave class with            is and interpret personality through facial        bring greenware and/or bisque-ware for
a wealth of information to take to your home studios, where you can complete the work using                  expression, gesture and the position of the        decoration and glazing during the workshop.
your own glazes. Open to all skill levels, although some clay experience is helpful and encouraged.          head and shoulders. Class presentations on         Glaze firings will be cone 6/7, and a grog-free
C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                                                                                      historical and contemporary figure sculpture       cone 6 clay body is recommended. Open to all
                                                                                                             and demonstrations on life casting and             skill levels, however some experience preferred.
Nigel Rudolph combines his interest in                   Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph illustrates                mold-making are part of the class. Students        C O U R S E F EE: $ 525
archaeology and pre-Columbian design with                unique functions in clay, incorporating video,      will depart with a solid modelled sculpture,
large-scale special occasion pots and traditional        performance, and mixed media installation. She      an understanding of armatures, life casts and      Sean O’Connell is a studio potter and educator
wares. He works for the Florida Public                   received her MFA from the University of Florida     plaster and rubber molds. Open to all skill        living in Red Lodge, Montana. He has taught
Archaeology Network, and received his BA in              and has been a resident artist at The Clay Studio   levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                    at the college level in the U.S. and Canada. He
Cultural Anthropology from the University                of Missoula, 4Most Gallery, and Emmanuel                                                               has been an Artist-in-Residence at the Archie
of West Florida. He also studied Ceramics                College. She co-founded the Socially Engaged        Nan Smith is a figure sculptor/professor in the    Bray Foundation and Watershed Center for
at the University of Florida and has been an             Craft Collective in 2014, and she is currently      University of Florida Ceramics Program. She        Ceramic Arts. In 2016, he was named one of
Artist-in-Residence at Arrowmont and the St.             an adjunct lecturer at the University of Florida    has been the recipient of four State of Florida    six Emerging Artist at the annual NCECA
Petersburg Clay Company.                                 and the College of Central Florida.                 Individual Artist Fellowship Grants, an NEA-       conference in Kansas City. He earned his MFA
                                                                                                             funded Southern Arts Federation Fellowship in      from the School for American Crafts/RIT
Cheyenne and Nigel Rudolph make up Rudolph Clay Studios, located in Gainesville, Florida. Their              Sculpture, and a University of Florida Research    and his BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute.
joint workshops combine a balance between wheel throwing, hand building, and personal content                Foundation Professorship. Smith has been           S E A N O C O N N EL L P OT T ER Y.C O M
development. R U D O L P H C L AY S T U D I O S .C O M                                                       awarded funded residencies by the Watershed
                                                                                                             Center for Ceramic Arts and The Association of
                                                                                                             Israel’s Decorative Arts. N A N S M I T H .C O M
“I always stay in Teachers Cottage and love the old house on the hill with
 the porch overlooking the campus and its beautiful rustic furniture. I
 found the people to be the friendliest. Your location enables people to come
 from the most diverse directions. We all share a passion for the arts and a
 thirst to learn more. Today is the first day of retirement after teaching art
 for 34 years in a rural school. Your school allowed me to grow as an artist
 and teacher and enrich my art program beyond anyone’s expectation. It
 is a place where I experience inspiring teachers so I knew what kind of
 teacher I wanted to be for my students.” — W EN DY W E YA N T

 We call this section 2-D Arts, though, that in itself is also a misnomer. While our instructors
often blur the line between drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, paper and book arts
(both literally and figuratively), even the label of 2-D becomes a little blurry. Lauren Kussro and
  Liz Alexander’s paper arts workshops are taking the paper off the table and into installation,
      while Ji Qie adds another dimension of electronics and lights to her paper creations.
   Our printmaking offerings for this year are also expanded, with classes in monoprinting,
screenprinting, collagraphy, and etching (and be sure not to miss those print classes that snuck
  into other sections of this catalog, like Jason Burnett in clay, Hannah Marie Smith in glass,
                        or Clare Verstegen and Jeanne Brady in textiles).

APRIL 5 – 8 · WEEKEND                                 APRIL 5 – 8 · WEEKEND

H O L LY F O U T S                                    LISA LINE
B O O KS O F T H E E A R T H                          P OW ER & PL AY: V I B R A N T
                                                      C O LO R I N O I L PA I N T I N G
During this workshop students will create
a beautiful, contemporary book while                  Even a small oil painting can vibrate with
discovering the wonder of working with                great power of expression. In this workshop
natural materials. Participants with an               students push the power of their paintings by
interest in bookbinding and technique-driven          having new experiences with color and all it
content using unusual materials will expand           can do. Individually and as a group, you will
their range of skills and techniques. You will        improve practices in paint handling and learn
oxidize copper to create a beautiful patina           how to capitalize on good results. Exploration
for your book covers, then learn techniques           of transparencies and gaining understanding
using mica, rust printing, object printing            of pigments and mediums will boost each
and more to create materials for artful books.        student’s ability. Beginners or experienced
Bookbinding essentials are learned as students        painters will plan, craft and complete one
create mica books and bind their copper books         or more small paintings that demonstrate
with the historic long stitch on a leather spine.     increased mastery of oil painting’s most
Open to all skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 3 4 0   important skills. Open to all skill levels.
                                                      C O U R S E F EE: $ 3 4 0
Holly Fouts is a full-time studio artist and
teacher living in Asheville, North Carolina. She      Lisa D. Line lives and operates a studio for oil
has taught workshops in book, print and other         painting in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains.
paper arts around the country. While honoring         She earned her BA from Xavier University
traditional skills and craftsmanship, Fouts           in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work was recently
seeks an element of contemporary expression by        published in Ruminate Magazine, and included
pushing the boundaries of her media. Her work         in the three-year national travelling exhibit
has been exhibited and collected internationally,     “Work: Curse or Calling.”
published in several periodicals and is               L I S A D L I N E.C O M
represented by multiple galleries.
H O L L I S F O U T S .C O M

JUNE 3 – 9 · ONE WEEK                                                                                       J U N E 10 – 16 · O N E W E E K                                     J U N E 17 – 2 3 · O N E W E E K

C A R O LY N B EN ED I C T FR A S ER & J EN N H O U L E                                                     J O H N DAV I D W I S S L ER                                        N I C H O L A S H. R U T H
T H I N K I N G I N 2D: P H OTO G R A P H Y & PA I N T I N G, N AT U R E & A B S T R AC T I O N             PA I N T I N G I N T H E G R E AT                                   MONOPRINT MANIA
                                                                                                            S M O K Y M O U N TA I N S
In this workshop students interpret the June landscape through the camera lens and paintbrush,                                                                                  During this workshop students explore a
and explore the spectrum between representation and abstraction in nature. Lectures include                 The goal of this workshop is to enjoy the                           range of monoprint and monotype techniques
functions of the camera, historic processes, and contemporary photographic methods that                     beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains                                 to develop a highly personal approach to
push the boundaries of composition and representation in the medium. Using methods such as                  through observation and painting. Joining                           making unique prints. Monoprints encourage
alternative processes, camera obscuras, pinhole cameras, and DSLR/camera phones, participants               the great tradition of Constable and Corot,                         vibrant and luminous color, rich textures
will interact with and create images in the surrounding landscape. Demonstrations include                   students will encounter their surroundings                          and spontaneous mark making. You will
using mark-making, color relationships and glazing, and the painted multiple. Students will use             and paint daily, so be prepared for all types                       discover basic and intermediate techniques,
their photographs as reference to investigate the language of paint. Participants will form new             of weather. After working “en plein aire,”                          including layering transparent color, hand
conceptual approaches to building a body of work in both painting and photography. Open to all              participants will return to the studio for                          cutting stencils, offsetting textures, trace
skill levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525                                                                       critique, conversation and to prepare for                           monotype drawing and more. Through the
                                                                                                            the next day. Walking will be involved, so                          ongoing development of a visual vocabulary
Carolyn Benedict Fraser is a large format                Jenn Houle lives in Massachusetts and teaches at   please remember to be as portable as possible.                      and set of visual effects, participants will push
photographer from Nashville, Tennessee and               Fitchburg State University. She received a BFA     Students should look forward to sharing the                         their compositional ideas to make a powerful
currently lives in Ithaca, New York. She holds           from Massachusetts College of Art and an MFA       language of art. Previous outdoor experience                        expression. Open to all skill levels.
an MFA in Studio Art from Cornell University             from Cornell University. Houle has held artist     is preferred, and the class is open to all skill                    C O U R S E F EE: $ 525
and a BA in Psychology and Photography from              residencies in Great Smoky Mountain National       levels. C O U R S E F EE: $ 525
Mills College in Oakland, California. She was            Park, Vermont Studio Center and Plumbing                                                                               Nicholas Ruth lives in Rochester, New York
the recipient of the Charles Baskerville Award in        Museum, and exhibits her work widely. She          John David Wissler lives in Lititz, Pennsylvania                    and is a professor of Art at Hobart and William
2016 and has recently exhibited in New York,             is a grant recipient from Puffin Foundation,       and received his MFA from the Parsons School                        Smith Colleges. He received his MFA from
San Francisco, and Concord, Massachusetts.               Massachusetts Cultural Council, Cornell            of Design in New York. His studies included                         Southern Methodist University. Ruth maintains
C A R O LY N B EN ED I C T.C O M                         Council for the Arts, Einaudi Foundation,          travel to France, Italy, Russia, Switzerland and                    an active studio practice and has shown his
                                                         and John Hartell Graduate Award for Art and        Germany. He was awarded artist residencies at                       work nationally and internationally in over 100
                                                         Architecture. J EN N H O U L E.C O M               the Heliker-LaHotan Foundation on Cranberry                         exhibitions. N I C H O L A S H R U T H .C O M
                                                                                                            Island in Maine in 2009 and the Borgo
                                                                                                            Finochietto, Tuscany, Italy in 2012.
                                                                                                            L A N C A S T ER G A L L ER I ES .C O M /A R T I S T S /J O H N -
                                                                                                            D AV I D - W I S S L ER
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