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                                             FABTECH 2019
                                             NOV 11-14
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                                                                      General Information. . . . . . . . 4-5
                                                                      Exhibitor List. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-11
                                   McCormick Place                    Special Events. . . . . . . . . . . . 12-15
                                   2301 S. Martin Luther King Drive       Monday Keynote. . . . . . . . . . 12
                                   Chicago, IL 60616                      FABx Tech Talks
                                                                          Leadership Exchange
                                                                          Emerging & Advanced
                                                                          Technologies for
                                                                          Manufacturing 2020. . . . . . . 12
                                                                          Tuesday Keynote:
                                                                          Frank Abagnale Jr.. . . . . . . . 13
                                                                          State of the Industry. . . . . . 13
                                                                          Industry Night. . . . . . . . . . . . 13
                                                                          Welding Competition. . . . . 13
                                                                          Women of FABTECH. . . . . . 14
                                                                          Wednesday Keynote:
                                                                          Grant Imahara . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
                                                                          Leadership Exchange

LEARN                                                                     The Impact of Disruptive
                                                                          Technology and the
                                                                          Future of Manufacturing. . . . . 14
Gain valuable, can’t-miss
                                                                          21st Century Workforce . . . 15
insights from best-in-class education
and training programs that target technical,                              Smart Manufacturing Hub. . . 15
lean, operational, and managerial segments.                           Education Program. . . . . . . . . . 16
                                                                      Schedule-at-a-Glance . . . . 17-20
                                                                      Event Pricing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

CONNECT                                                               Education Program
                                                                      Tracks. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-53
Visionary keynotes, expert panels, and other                            3D/Additive
special events allow attendees to network                                Manufacturing. . . . . . . . .  22-23
with peers, exchange best practices, and learn                          Automation . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-25
about the latest industry advancements.                                 Cutting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  25
                                                                        Finishing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  26-27
                                                                        Forming & Fabricating. . . 28-29
                                                                        Laser. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  30-31
COMPARE                                                                 Lean. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31
                                                                        Management. . . . . . . . . . .  32-33
Discover advanced technologies that improve
                                                                        Marketing & Sales. . . . . . . . . . . 34
quality and productivity and compare
                                                                        Smart Manufacturing. . . . . 36-37
innovative solutions from more than 1,700
                                                                        Stamping . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38-39
exhibitors side-by-side.
                                                                        Welding Fabrication. . . . . . . . 39
                                                                         Development. . . . . . . . . .  40-41
Event Preview Volume 8, Issue 1, August 2019
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                                                                        Welding. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42-53
The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International®               Seminars
2135 Point Blvd | Elgin, IL 60123 USA                                     Conferences
815-399-8700 | |                               Career Path Workshops
                                                                          Professional Program
                                                                          RWMA School
                                                                          Education Sessions
                                                                          Special Programs
                                                                      Hotel & Travel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54

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                      TECHNOLOGY ON DISPLAY
                      Additive Mfg/3D		       Hydroforming             Roll Forming
                       Printing               Inspection & Testing     Safety & Environmental
                      Arc Welding             Job Shop/Contract        Saws
                      Assembly                 Mfg                     Software, Machine
                      Automation              Lasers                    Controls
                      Bending & Forming       Lubrication              Stamping
                      Brazing & Soldering     Maintenance & Repair     Thermal Spraying
                      Business Services       Material Handling        Tool & Die
                      Coil Processing         Metal Suppliers          Tooling
                      Cutting                 Plate & Structural       Tube & Pipe Fabricating
                      Fastening & Joining      Fabricating              or Welding

                      Finishing/Paint & 		    Press Brakes             Tube & Pipe Producing
                       Powder Coating         Punching                 Waterjet
                      Finishing/Plating       Resistance Welding       Welding Consumables
                      Gases & Gas             Robotics                 Welding Machines
     Lakeside Center                                                                       FABTECH
     (East Building)                                                                       Education
                                                                                                                        5            Vista Room
Tube/Pipe                                                                                                           1-50                S406
                HA                                                                                           ms
                  LL                           SK                                                         Roo        1-40
                     D             D             YB                                                              S40
                              Hall                                                                  5          s
                                                         RID                                    EL        Roo
                                                               GE                            LEV

                                             E                      VE
                                        DRIV                          L4
                             SH   ORE
                                                                                       GR                                                                                           ms
                     L   AKE                                                               AN                                                                                  Roo    6
                                                                                                                                                                          2       1-10
                                                                                             DC                                                                         &A
                                                                                      LE          ON                                                               A1        0 S10
                                                                                        VE                                                                   lls          S10
                                                                                                     CO                                                    Ha           m
                                                                                            L2                                                                       roo
  Building               LE                                             ms
                                                                                               .5       UR

                           VE                      &B
                             L3             s B1
                                        Hall                    C1
                         LE                                Hall                                                                         LEVEL
                           VE                          for                                                                                    1

                                               e le

    Finishing                                                 AD
                                                   R     AIL
                                               TRA                                                                                                  3D/Additive Manufacturing
                AWS                                                                                                         .   DR                  Forming & Fabricating
                                                                                                                       , JR
                Education                                                                                   HE
                                                                                                               RK                                   Robotics & Industrial
                Programs                                                                          TIN
                                                                                                        LU                                          Automation
                                                                                             M  AR

Monday, Nov. 11                                                          Wednesday, Nov. 13
10:00 AM*–6:00 PM                                                        9:00 AM–5:00 PM
Tuesday, Nov. 12                                                         Thursday, Nov. 14
9:00 AM–5:00 PM                                                          9:00 AM–3:00 PM

Avoid lines onsite and a $50
admission fee by registering
today at

Exhibit-only attendance is FREE through
November 8, 2019. Beginning November 9, the
cost to attend the exhibits is $50. AWS, FMA, SME,
PMA, and CCAI members may always attend the
exhibits for FREE with a valid member card.

                 LEADING COMPANIES
                 Exhibitor list by pavilion as of 07/01/19. Visit for a complete exhibitor list.

                 3D/ADDITIVE                  FINISHING                       FINISHING                      FINISHING                       FINISHING
                                              AkzoNobel Powder Coatings       Diamond H2O                    Koch Enterprises Inc            SWECO
                 3D Metal Printing Magazine   Alconox                         Diamond Vogel – Industrial     Kyzen Corporation               System Technologies
                 3DXTech                      Alliance Manufacturing Inc        Coatings                     LDPI Inc                        Tanis Inc
                 Alpha Laser - US                                             Dinamec Systems
                                              American Industrial Sales                                      Lesta USA-Self Learning         TCI Powder Coatings
                 Altair Engineering Inc         LLC                           DMP Corporation                  Painting Robots               Technotrans America Inc
                 ASM International
                                              Amiberica Inc                   DuBois Chemicals Inc           LPI Inc                         The Blast Shop
                 Baker Industries
                                              ANAEROBIA                       Duroair Technologies Inc       M L Filters                     The Electrocoat Association
                 BigRep America Inc
                 Bluestreak | Bright AM       Andreae Team                    Durr Systems Inc               Magic Rack/Production           Therma-Tron-X Inc
                                              APEL International              DURUSA LLC                       Plus Corp
                 BMF Material Technology                                                                                                     Thermion Inc
                   Inc                        Argon Masking Corp              Dynabrade Inc                  Marpol Parlatici Sanayi ve
                                                                                                               Ticaret AS                    TIGER-VAC USA INC
                 CIDEAS Inc                   Atotech USA LLC                 Echo Engineering and
                                                                                                             Marvel Industrial Coatings      Transmet Corp
                 Cincinnati Inc                                                 Productions Supplies, Inc.
                                              Axalta Coating Systems                                                                         Trimac Industrial Systems
                 Creaform                                                     Egyptian Coatings              Master Finish Company
                                              AZZ Metal Coatings                                                                             UniCure Spraybooths
                 Desktop Metal                                                Elcometer Inc                  MAXAIR Systems
                 EnvisionTEC Inc              Baril Coatings USA                                                                             Uni-Spray Systems Inc
                                                                              Emitted Energy                 Michigan Metal Coatings Inc
                 ExOne Company                Bayco by Guspro Inc                                                                            United Surface Solutions LLC
                                                                              Engineered Paint               Midco International Inc
                 Formlabs                     BCI Surface Technologies                                                                       V&S Galvanizing LLC
                                                (Bulk Chemicals Inc)            Applications                 Midwest Finishing Systems
                 Fraunhofer USA Center for
                                                                              Enhancement Technologies       Mighty Hook Inc                 Valmont Coatings
                   Laser Applications         BEKO Technologies
                                                                                Inc/Sublitex                                                 VaporTech
                 FreePoint Technologies Inc   Benko Products Inc                                             NikoTrack LLC
                 Fusion3                                                      EPSI                                                           Venjakob / Nutro Inc
                                              Bex Spray Nozzles                                              Nordic Air Filtration
                 Gentec Electro-Optics Inc                                    Ervin Industries                                               VentCor Systems
                                              Bi-State Rubber Inc                                            Nordson Corp
                 GKN Additive                                                 ESMA Incorporated                                              Vitracoat America Inc
                                              Blast Cleaning Technologies                                    Northern Coatings &
                 Globe Metal                                                  Euroimpianti Srl                 Chemical                      Vulkan Blast Shot Technology
                 Han’s Laser Smart            Blast Guru LLC
                                                                              Eurovac                        Novacel Inc                     W Abrasives
                   Equipment Group            BlastOne
                                                                              FANUC America Corp             Parker Engineering of           Wagner Systems Inc
                 HP                           Brush Research
                                                                              Fischer Technology Inc           America                       Washington Mills Ceramics
                 InnovMetric Software Inc       Manufacturing Co
                 Laserline Inc                                                Flex Trim USA                  Patriot Metal Finishing         Webb-Stiles Co
                                              Burleigh Industries
                                                                              Fostoria Process Equipment       Systems Inc
                 MakerBot 3D Printers         Caldan Conveyor A/S                                                                            Wheelabrator
                 Markforged                                                     div of TPI Corp              PEM Inc
                                              Calvary Industries Inc
                 Matterhackers                                                Frank Lowe                     PKG Equipment Inc               FORMING &
                 Met-L-Flo Inc                                                GAT Finishing Systems          Pneu-Mech Systems Mfg           FABRICATING
                 MicroCare Corporation        Carbit Paint Co
                                                                              Gema USA Inc                   Pollution Control Products Co
                                              Cardinal Paint and Powder                                                                      360 Direct
                 Microtek Finishing LLC                                       General Fabrications Corp      Polymer Molding Inc
                                              Cardinal Parts & Equipment                                                                     3Arm - Roscamat Division of
                 New Imaging Technologies                                     Global Finishing Solutions     Porcelain Enamel Institute
                                                LLC                                                                                            Eurolink Inc
                 Oak Ridge National                                                                            Inc
                   Laboratory                                                 Goff Inc                                                       3D Fab Light Inc
                                              Carlisle Fluid Technologies
                                                                              Graco Inc                      Powder Coated Tough
                 ProManage                    Castrol                                                                                        3DCap
                 Protolabs                                                    HafcoVac                       Powder Coating Institute
                                              Catalytic Industrial Systems                                                                   889 Global Solutions
                 Raise3D                                                      Hedson Technologies North      PPG                             ABIS Inc
                                              CFCM Canadian Finishing &
                 Sanken Industry Co Ltd                                         America                      PrestiVac Inc
                                                Coatings Magazine                                                                            Accuracy Machine
                 Shenzhen Industrial Man                                      Henkel Corp                    Proceco Ltd
                                              Chemco Manufacturing                                                                           Accurpress
                   Rapid Prototyping &                                        Hentzen Coatings Inc           Products Finishing Magazine
                   Manufacturing Co           Chemetall US Inc                                                                               Acrotech Inc
                                                                              Heraeus Noblelight LLC         Quality Finishing Systems
                 Shining 3D                   Chemical Coaters                                                                               ACTY SYSTEM AMERICA INC
                 Siemens Industry Inc           Association International     Herr Industrial Inc            Rapid Coating Solutions LLC     Advance Cutting Systems
                 Stacker LLC                  ChemQuest Inc                   Houghton International Inc     Richards-Wilcox Conveyor        Advanced Robotic
                 Stratasys                    Chemtec North America LLC       Hubbard-Hall Inc               Rohner                            Technology
                 SuNPe Prototype              ClearClad Coatings LLC          IFS Coatings Inc               RollSeal Inc                    Advanced Spiral Technology
                 Tethon 3D                                                    Integrity Metal Finishing      RPB Safety LLC
                                              Clemco Industries Corp                                                                         AFFRI Inc
                 The Additive Report                                            Supplies
                                              Cold Jet LLC                                                   Ruwac                           Air Products and Chemicals
                 Trak Machine Tools                                           INTEK Corporation
                                              Col-Met Engineered                                             SAMES KREMLIN                     Inc
                 TRUMPF Inc                                                   IntelliFinishing
                                                Finishing Solutions                                          Sata Spray Equipment            Ajan Elektronik Servis Sanayi
                 Ultimaker                                                                                                                     Ve Ticaret Ltd St
                                              Columbus Industries Inc         INTERTEK
                 Vention                                                                                     Scientific Control
                                              Combustion and Systems Inc      Iowa Area Development            Laboratories                  AKS Cutting Systems Inc
                 Xact Metal
                                                                                Group                                                        Akyapak Uluslararasi Dis
                 Xometry                      Coral Chemical Co                                              Selas Heat Technology
                                                                              IPCM - International Paint &                                     Ticaret Mak San Ve Tic A
                                              Cortec Corporation                Coating Magazine             Sherwin-Williams
                 FINISHING                                                                                                                   ALA Industries Limited -
                                              CPR Systems                     IST International Surface      Singer Safety Co                  Yuken & GRH Hydraulics
                 Accudraft Paint Booths       CTI Systems                       Technologies                 Southern Systems                ALCOS Machinery Inc
                 Accu-Labs Inc                Custom Fabricating &            IXS Coatings                     International LLC
                                                                                                                                             Alliance For American
                 ACT Dust Collectors            Supplies                      Jamestown Coatings             Spray Systems Inc                 Manufacturing
                 ACT Test Panels LLC          Daifuku                         KeepTheHeat                    Spray Tech/Junair               Alliance Steel LLC
                 ADF Systems Ltd              Decoral System USA Corp         Keyland Polymer Material       Sprimag Inc                     Allied Machine & Engineering
                 AFC Finishing Systems/       DeFelsko Corp                     Sciences LLC                 Surface Engineering Alloy Co    Allor Manufacturing Inc/
                  Airblast AFC                Delfin Industrial Corporation   Klinger Paint Co               SurTec Inc                        Plesh Industries

FORMING &                    FORMING &                      FORMING &                     FORMING &                      FORMING &

                                                                                                                                                         EXHIBITOR LIST
FABRICATING                  FABRICATING                    FABRICATING                   FABRICATING                    FABRICATING
Allstrap Steel & Poly        Boschert Precision             Dirinler Makina AS            Flowdrill Inc                  Industrial Magnetics Inc
  Strapping Systems            Machinery Inc                Diversified Transportation    FMT                            InfoSight Corporation
Alma CAM USA LLC             Boss Laser                       Services                    FomUSA                         Innovative Components
Alpha-Brush Aps              Boss Manufacturing Co          DoALL Sawing Products         Formdrill USA Inc              Inovatech Engineering
Alternative Parts Inc        Bossi                          Doringer Cold Saws            Formtek Inc                    International Knife & Saw Inc
Altrac USA                   Bowlin Manufacturing Inc       Doucet Machineries Inc        Foshan Beyond Laser            International Technologies
AM Machinery Sales Inc       Braner USA Inc                 Dr. Shrink Inc                   Technology Co Ltd              Inc
Amada America Inc            BTM Company LLC                Dreistern Inc                 Franklin Mfg Inc               Into-N2 LLC
Amada Marvel Inc             Burr King Manufacturing Co     Dude Solutions                Friedrich August Picard        IQMS
Ambrell Induction Heating    Butech Bliss                   Durma North America Inc/         GmbH & Co KG                ISB
  Solutions                  BUWW Coverings Inc               Durmazlar/DURMA             Fromm Packaging Systems        Italmac USA Inc
American Cutting Edge        Bystronic Inc                  Dynatect Manufacturing Inc    G.I.S Mfg Inc                  Jacquet
American Manufacturing Inc   Cagle Industrial Maintenance   Eagle Laser                   Gasparini SpA                  JD Squared Inc
American Photonics           Cambco                         Eastern Metal Supply          GE Mathis Co                   Jepson Power Inc
American Punch Co            Cameron Mfg and Design         Ebbco Inc                     Genius ERP                     Jet Edge
American Stress              Camlock Systems Inc            Eberle America                Glen Dimplex Thermal           JETCAM/NestONE Solutions/
  Technologies                                              EBM Laser/Reservoirs             Solutions                      The Aquila Group
                             Capital One Services LLC
American Sweeping                                             Depres                      Global Shop Solutions          JHP Fasteners Inc
  Solutions                  Carell Corporation
                                                            EBS Ink-Jet Systems USA Inc   GMA Garnet                     Jiangsu Tone Machine Co Ltd
AMS Controls Inc             Caster Works Inc
                                                            ECi Software Solutions        GMC Machine Tools Corp         Jinan Bodor CNC Machine
ANDRITZ Herr-Voss Stamco     CECO Environmental
                                                            Econco/CPI                    GMTA- Arnold Laser Systems        Co Ltd
  Inc                        CH Steel Solutions Inc
                                                            EHRT North America            Gorbel Inc                     Jinan Xintian Technology
ANDRITZ Soutec & RWC Inc     Chambrelan SAS                                                                                 Co Ltd
                                                            ELG Metals Inc                Graphic Products
Apex Machine Group           Chase Cooling Systems                                                                       JMR Industrial
                                                            Elmali Makina Sanayi VE       Gripnail - Fastening Systems
ARKU Inc                     Cheung Woh Technologies          Ticaret Ltd Sti                                            Jobscope ERP
                               Ltd                                                        Grotnes Inc
Armstrong Kover Kwick Inc                                   Elumatec North America Inc                                   Johnson Bros Roll Forming
                             CIDAN Machinery Inc                                          H2O JET Inc
ARNTZ Inc                                                   Emmegi USA Inc                                                  Co
                             Cincinnati Inc                                               Haas Automation Inc
Arro-Mark Co LLC                                            Enfasco Inc                                                  JPW Industries
                             Civan High Power Lasers                                      Haco-Atlantic Inc
Arrowhead Manufacturers &                                   EOS Business Surveillance                                    KAAST Machine Tools Inc
  Fabricators Association    Cle-Line by Greenfield                                       Haeger Inc
                                                              Solutions                                                  Kalamazoo Machine Tool
Arvos Ljungstrom LLC           Industries                                                 HAEUSLER AG Duggingen
                                                            Epicor Software Corp                                         Karmetal San Tic LTD STI
ASC Machine Tools            Cleveland Punch & Die Co                                     Hafendorfer Machine Inc
                                                            Epilog Laser Corp                                            Kasto Inc
Ascentium Capital            Cleveland Steel Tool Co                                      Hamilton Caster
                                                            Epner Technology Inc                                         KD Capital Equipment LLC
ASKO Inc                     CMF                                                          Hangzhou Grand Imp & Exp
                                                            Ercolina - CML USA Inc           Co Ltd                      Keller USA Inc
Atlanta Drive Systems Inc    CMS North America Inc
                                                            ErectaStep                    Hangzhou Sikan Technology      Ken Bergman & Assoc LLC
Atlas Copco                  CNC Machines
                                                            Ergo Advantage                   Co Ltd                      Kennametal Inc
Atlas Machine & Supply Inc   COB Industries Inc
                                                            Ergotronix                    Hangzhou Xiangsheng            Kern Laser Systems
Automated Layout             Coherent Inc                                                    Abrasive Machine
                                                            ERIEZ                                                        Keyence Corp of America
  Technology                 COLE-TUVE Inc                                                   Manufacturing Co Ltd
                                                            ErmakUSA/Ermaksan                                            Kinetic Cutting Systems Inc
Automated Machinery Inc      Combilift USA                                                Han’s Laser Corp
  (AMI)                                                     ERS Engineering Corp                                         King Forging Co Ltd
                             ComEd IS                                                     Han’s Laser Smart
Automec Inc                                                 Exact Metrology                  Equipment Group             Kipp Inc
                             COMEQ Inc
AWS Schäfer Technologie                                     ExhibitForce                  Hans Weber Sales and           Klingelhofer Corp
                             Controlled Automation Inc
  GmbH                                                      Fab Line Machinery Llc           Service Corp                KMT Waterjet Systems Inc
                             Convergent Photonics
Axelent Inc                                                 Fab Supply Inc                Hanson Rivet & Supply Co       KNUTH Machine Tools
                             Cosen Saws                                                                                     USA Inc
Azarbod ERP Software                                        Fabricating & Metalworking    Heck Industries
                             Costa Sanders                    Magazine                                                   Kolev Engineering Inc
b+s group                                                                                 Help Lightning Inc
                             Cowles Tool Co                 Fabrication Solutions &                                      Laguna Tools
Bad Dog Tools                                                                             HEM Inc
                             CTD Machines                     Technologies Inc                                           Lantek Systems Inc
Baileigh Industrial Inc                                                                   Hennig Inc
                             Custom Quality                 Fabricators & Manufacturers                                  LAP Laser LLC
Barton International           Manufacturing                  Association Intl (FMA)      Hexagon Manufacturing
Baykal Makine A.S.                                                                           Intelligence                Lapham-Hickey Steel
                             Cy Laser America               Fabricator’s Hot Line
Beagle I Inc                                                                              HK Laser & Systems             Laser Experts Inc
                             Daito Seiki Co Ltd             Faccin USA Inc
Beckhoff Automation                                                                       Hornet Cutting Systems         Laser Mechanisms Inc
                             Dallan America Corp            Factory Cat
Behringer Saws Inc                                                                        Hougen Manufacturing Inc       LaserStar Technologies Corp
                             Dalmec Inc                     Fagor Arrasate
BesCutter                                                                                 HUB Industrial                 laservision USA
                             Danobat Goiti S Coop           Family Business USA
Beta Tools                                                                                Husky Rack & Wire              Lazer Safe Pty Ltd
                             Darex LLC                      FARO Technologies Inc
Betenbender Manufacturing                                                                 HVR Magnetics Co Ltd           Leasing Resources Inc
                             data M Sheet Metal             FASPAR SpA
  Inc                          Solutions GmbH                                             Hyd-Mech Group Ltd             LENOX®
                                                            Fehr Warehouse Solutions
Big Ass Fans                 DAVI Inc                         Inc                         Hydren Systems LLC             LINSINGER
Big Steel Rack               DAWN Vices & Clamps            Ferrato Davide SAS            HYMSON                         LISSMAC Corp
Bissell Commerical           DCM Tech Inc                   FF Journal/Modern Metals      Hypertherm Inc                 Lockformer
Blastec Inc                  DeeTee Industries Ltd          Ficep Corporation             igus Inc                       LS Industries Inc
BLM Group                    Dener Makina San Tic Ltd Sti   Fladder-Hansen & Hundebol     II-VI Infrared                 LT Ultra Precision Optics
Blue Water Engineering       Design 2 Part                    Inc                         IMO USA Corp                   Lucrescent Bearing
 Pty Ltd                                                    FlashCut CNC                  Imperien LLC                      Corporation
                             Diamond Saw Works Inc
boeck GmbH                                                  FlexArm Inc                   IMS USA LLC                    Lumentum
                             Dimeco Coil Technologies Inc
Bonal Technologies Inc                                      Flow International Corp       Industrial Machinery Digest    LVD Strippit

FORMING &                      FORMING &                       FORMING &                    FORMING &                       FORMING &
                 FABRICATING                    FABRICATING                     FABRICATING                  FABRICATING                     FABRICATING
                 Lyon Metals LLC                NUM Corporation                 RAS Systems LLC              Spanco Inc                      Viking Blast & Wash Systems
                 MachineMetrics                 Oasis Scientific Inc            Raytech Measuring Systems    Spraying Systems Co             Virtek Vision International
                 Machinery Dealers National     O’Brien Steel                   RDI Laser Blanking Systems   SSC Controls Co                 VKS - Visual Knowledge
                   Assoc                        Ocean Machinery Inc             RealSTEEL Software           SSI Schaefer                      Share
                      Ohio Laser LLC                  Red Bud Industries           Stainless Structurals LLC       Voortman USA
                 Manufacturing News             OMAX Corp                       Reibus International         STAM SpA                        Vytek Laser Systems
                 Marando Industries Inc         OMCO Rollforming Plus           Replacement Brush Tables     Starrett Company                Walker Magnetics
                 Marketing Essentials LLC       OmegaCube Technologies          Revolution Machine Tools     Staub Manufacturing             WARDJet
                 Masteel America Corp           Oncor                           Rice Lake Weighing Systems     Solutions                     Water Jet Sweden AB
                 Master Magnetics               Ophir Optronics Solutions       Richardson Electronics Ltd   Steel King Industries Inc       Waterjet USA LLC
                 Master Roll Manufacturing        LTD/MKS Instruments           Rigaku Analytical Devices    Steel Plate Akron Atlanta       WDM Bending Rolls
                 Mate Precision Tooling         Oriental Casting Inc            Rigidized Metals Corp        Steel Storage Systems Inc       Welser Inc
                 Mazak Optonics                 Orion Machinery North           Riteway Brake Dies Inc       Stopa                           Wemo Netherland B V
                 MB Metal Technologies LLC        America Inc                                                     West Virginia Development
                                                                                Rocklin Manufacturing Co
                 MC Machinery Systems Inc       Pacific Press Technologies                                   Stor-Loc Corp                     Office
                                                                                Rocky Mountain Instrument
                 Meccanica Ronzani Srl          Packsize International LLC        Co                         Striker Systems                 Wila USA
                 MECCO                          Palmer Associates Inc           Rolled Alloys                Strong Hold                     Willbanks Metals Inc
                 Meltric Corp                   Palmgren                        Rolled Metal Products        STRUMIS LLC                     Wilson Tool International
                 Messer Cutting Systems         Pangborn LLC                    Roller Die + Forming Co      Sugar Steel Corp                Wisconsin Metal Parts Inc
                 Mestek Machinery Inc           Pannier Corporation             Rolleri USA                  SUNS International LLC          WM Caster
                 Metal Supermarkets Service     Paperboard Packaging            Rousseau Metal Inc           Super Duty Fans                 Workshops For Warriors
                   Company Inc                    Solutions                                                                                  World Economic
                                                                                RUF Briquetting Systems      Supra Machine Tool
                 MetalFinish LLC                Park Industries                                                                                Development Alliance
                                                                                Ruijie Laser                 SYSPRO USA
                 MetalForming Inc               Parker Hannifin Industrial                                                                   Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
                                                  Gas Filtration & Generation   Ryerson                      TapeCase Ltd
                 Metalix CAD/CAM Ltd                                                                                                         Wysong Parts & Service
                                                  Division                      SafanDarley BV               Tapeswitch Corporation
                 MetalMizer                                                                                                                  Xinxiang Tianfeng Machinery
                                                Pat Mooney Saws                 Sahajanand Laser             Team Texas                        Manufacture Co Ltd
                 Metalphoto of Cincinnati Inc   Patterson Fan Company             Technology LTD             Techflex Inc                    xTuple — Open Source
                 Metamation Inc                 Peak Scientific Instruments     Salvagnini America Inc       Techni Waterjet A GMM             ERP+CRM + Web Portal
                 Metform International Ltd        LTD                           Samco Machinery Ltd            Group Company                 YESTOOL / Aloris USA
                 MetlSaw Systems Inc            Peddinghaus Corporation         Sawblade.Com                 Tekfab Inc                      Zapp Precision Strip
                 Metreel Inc                    PennEngineering                 SB Whistler & Sons Inc       Tennsmith/Roper Whitney         Zund America Inc
                 Metronor Inc                   PEP Technology                  Schelling America Inc        Texas Right Corner
                 MG Srl                         Perfection Global LLC           Schmidt                      The Bradbury Group              METALFORM
                 Microsoft Dynamics 365 /       Permadur Industries Inc         Schneider Electric           The Fabricator Magazine         ABC Metals Inc
                   Turnkey Technologies         Peter Prinzing GmbH             Scotchman Industries Inc     The M.K. Morse Company          Accra-Wire Controls Inc
                 Midwest Automation             Phillips Saw & Tool Inc         SDS/2                        Thermal Care                    Accurate Die Design
                 Midwest Tool Inc               Philpott Rubber/Lankhorst       Semyx                        Three D Metals Inc                Software Inc/Logopress3
                 MIE Solutions Inc                Mouldings                     Sen Fung Rollform            TigerStop LLC                   Admiral Steel LLC
                 Ming Ping Machinery Co Ltd     Phoenix Metals Co                 Machinery Corp             Timesavers LLC                  Agathon Machine Tools Inc
                 Minnesota Department of        Pinnacle Systems Inc            Senfeng CNC Laser            Tinius Olsen                    AIDA-America
                   Employment and Economic      Piranha \ MegaFab                 Technology USA Inc
                   Development                                                                               Toolmen Corp                    AIM Computer Solutions,
                                                PM SAS                          Service Lamp Corp                                              ERP and EDI Software
                 Modula Inc                                                                                  Travelers Insurance
                                                PMF Industries Inc              SES Salico Finishing and                                     AKH Inc
                 Mohawk Machinery Inc                                             Processing LLC             Trilogy Machinery Inc
                                                Polyurethane Products Corp                                   Trimble Solutions USA Inc       Alma Machinery Co
                 Morton Machine Works                                           Shanghai Shuheng Cutlery
                                                PRC Laser Corp                    & Mould Manufacturing      Tri-Mer Corp                    Almco Inc
                 MultiCam Inc
                                                Press Brake Repair                Co Ltd                     Trim-Lok Inc                    Alro Steel Corporation
                 Murata Machinery USA Inc
                                                Press Brake Safety              ShopBot Tools Inc            Tru-Cut Saw Inc                 AMADA ORII AMERICA INC
                 MVD Makina Sanayi A.S.
                                                Presto Lifts Inc                ShopData Systems Inc         TRUMPF Inc                      AP&T North America Inc
                 Nadella Inc
                                                Prima Power North America       Shoptech                     TST Tooling Software            ART Metals Group
                 Nanjing Prima CNC                Inc
                   Machinery Co Ltd                                             SIC Marking USA                Technology LLC                Asmith Manufacturing
                                                Prodevco Robotic Solutions      Sideros Engineering Srl      Tsune America LLC                 Company
                 nano-purification solutions      Inc
                                                                                SigmaTEK Systems,            TYKMA Electrox                  AutoForm Engineering
                 naturaLED                      Production Products Inc                                                                        USA Inc
                                                                                  SigmaNEST                  Ultra Tech Industries
                 Neuman Aluminium Impact        Production Tube Cutting Inc                                                                  Automated Tapping Systems
                   Extrusion Inc                                                Sinto America                  Company Inc
                                                Profile Cutting Systems         Slatpro LLC                  Unibor                          Azimuth Machinery
                 New London Engineering           USA Inc
                                                                                SMART Sheet Metal Air Rail   UniPunch Products Inc           Balluff Inc
                 Newcastle Systems Inc          Project Tool & Die Inc            and Transportation         United Lens Co                  Beckwood Press Co
                 Nitto Kohki USA Inc            Qingdao Puhua Heavy               Workers Union
                                                                                                             Ursviken Inc                    Berg & Co GmbH
                 NKT Photonics                    Industrial Machinery Co       SME ZONE                                                       Spanntechnik
                 nLIGHT Inc                       Ltd                                                        US Industrial Machinery Co
                                                                                Smith & Wesson Precision                                     BesTech Tool LLC
                 NN Inc Power Solutions         Qnect LLC                         Components                 Valgro India Limited
                                                                                                                                             Biele S A
                 Nordfab Ducting                Quality Vision International    Smith Metal Products         Various Machining Solutions
                                                                                                               LLP                           Bihler 4 Slide-NC
                 Norlok Technology Inc          Quantum Machinery Group         Snap On Industrial
                                                                                                             Vartek Machinery                Bruderer Machinery
                 North Alabama Industrial       R&M Manufacturing Co LLC        Soitaab USA Inc
                                                                                                             Verisurf Software Inc           BTD Manufacturing Inc
                   Development Association      Radan                           South Tek Systems
                                                                                                             Versatility Professional Tool   C2AE
                 Nukon USA                      Radian Laser Systems            SP Air Corporation             Storage                       Christy Metals

METALFORM                      METALFORM                       METALFORM                      METALFORM                       METALFORM

                                                                                                                                                            EXHIBITOR LIST
CIECO Inc                      Gruber Tool & Die Inc           Midwest Industrial Metals      Shenzhen Manyes Precision       Yih Shen Machinery Co
Clayton Metals                 Guangdong TopZone Tooling         Corp                           Metal Co Ltd                    Ltd (YSM)
CM Diagnostics                   Co Ltd                        MISCO Refractometer            Shenzhen Zhuotai Precision      Yunsing Industrial Co LTD
                               Hammer Presses                  Misumi                           Tooling
COACT Associates Ltd                                                                                                          Zerust Corrosion Solutions
                               Hebei Matson Metal Tech         MJC Engineering &              ShopEdge Software Inc
COE Press Equipment
  Corporation                    Co Ltd                          Technology Inc               SIMPAC America Co Ltd           ROBOTICS &
CoilTech Machinery Inc Co      Hefei Metalforming              Moeller Precision Tool         Solar Atmospheres               INDUSTRIAL
                                 Intelligent Manufacturing     MPI Magnetic Products Inc      Solar Manufacturing             AUTOMATION
Colt Automation LTD              Co Ltd
Combined Metals of Chicago                                     Multipress Inc                 Soph Inc                        Accu Tech USA
                               Heim Group, The
Daubert Cromwell                                               National Kwikmetal Service     Southern Copper & Supply        Bilsing Automation North
                               Helm Instrument Co Inc            LLC                                                            America
DAYTON Lamina Corporation                                                                     Special Springs LLC
                               Heyco Metals Inc                Neff Press Inc                                                 Binder USA
DDI Inc                                                                                       Stamtec Inc
                               Hifly Tool                      NGK Metals Corp                                                Canon USA
Dees Hydraulic Industrial                                                                     Steel Craft Technologies
                               Hilma By Carr Lane              Nidec Press & Automation                                       Design Storage & Handling
  Co Ltd                         Roemheld                                                     STEINEL Normalien AG
                                                               Norgren Automation                                               Inc
Delta Computer Systems Inc     Hindustan Pressings Pvt Ltd                                    Superior Die Set Corp
                                                                 Solutions LLC                                                Dispatch
Delta Industrial               Hitachi Metals America                                         Sutherland Presses
                                                               NOXON Automation USA LLC                                       Ekide SL
DENN - Industrias Puigjaner,   HLC Metal Parts Ltd                                            TDS Automation - A Doerfer
  sa - Global Metal Spinning                                   Oerlikon Balzers                 Company                       Fagor Automation Corp
  Solutions                    HTM Sensors                     OGS Industries                                                 Festo Corp
                                                                                              Tecnomagnete Inc
DESCH USA Inc                  Hutchison Tool Sales Co         Orttech Inc                                                    Fremont Automation
                                                                                              The David Round Company
Die Cad Group a Tooling Tech   Hydraulico AS                   Overton Tool & Die                                             Harmonic Drive LLC
                                                                                              Thomas Industrial Rolls Inc
  Group Company                IHI Ionbond Inc                 P/A Industries Inc                                             Hiwin Corporation
                                                                                              Toledo Integrated Systems
Dongguan City Yalu Industry    Impax Tooling Solutions®        Pacesetter Systems                                             IKO International Inc
  Co Ltd                         a Division of Wilson Tool                                    Tooling Tech Group
                                 International                 Pascal Engineering Inc         Toptime Precision               ILME S.p.A.
Dongguan Gooming
  Mechanical Co Ltd            Industrial Innovations Inc      Pax Products Inc                 Electronics Co Ltd            JobPack Inc
Dongguan Sunyuu                Inno-Spin LLC                   Penn United Technologies Inc   Torque Incorporated             Kosmek USA
  Automotive Equipment         Jarvis Cutting Tools            Pepperl+Fuchs Inc              Torque Technologies Inc/        Lasermet Inc
  Co Ltd                                                       Plant Engineering Services       Goizper
                               JET-SET                                                                                        Leadec Industrial Services
Dongguan Topway Tool &                                           Inc                          Tower Metalworking Fluids
                               JIER North America                                                                             Mayser USA Inc
  Die Co Ltd                                                   Plex Systems                   TOX Pressotechnik LLC
                               Jinghong Precision Industrial                                                                  Murrplastik Systems Inc
Dongguan Wisdom Tool &                                         Pottiez America LP             Trans-Matic
  Die Co Ltd                     Co Ltd                                                                                       Nabtesco Motion Control Inc
                               JIT Automation Inc              Precious Plate Inc             TST Tooling Software            Neugart USA Corp
Dongguan Zerostart-tool                                                                         Technology LLC
  Co Ltd                       J-Tech                          Precision Metalforming                                         OnRobot US Inc
                                                                 Association                  Tsubaki - Kabelschlepp
DTC Products Inc               Kaeser Compressors Inc                                                                         Onshape Inc
                                                               Precision Punch Corp           UEI Tool and Die/Jacar in Die
Dubuque Stamping &             Kent Corporation - Dietronic                                     Transfer Systems              OPERA
  Mfg Inc                                                      Premier Tooling &
                               Kingyu Tool & Die Co Ltd          Manufacturing LLC            Uelner Precision Tools & Dies   PrimeTest Automation Inc
Durable Superior Casters       Komatsu America Industries      Prescor LLC                    Ulbrich Stainless Steels &      Promess Inc
Eagle Press & Equipment          LLC                                                            Special Metals Inc
  Co Ltd                                                       Press Room Equipment Co                                        Shop Floor Automations Inc
                               Kovinoplastika Loz D.D.                                        UltraLox
EAS Mold & Die Change                                          Pressix North America                                          Sigma DT Robotics
                               Kunshan Dersun Precision                                       Ultratech Tool & Design Inc
  Systems Inc                                                  Pressroom Electronics Inc                                      SIS Corp
                                 Mould Co Ltd
EBway LLC                                                      Pronic Inc                     Unico Inc                       SMC Corporation of America
                               Kunshan Eagle Precision
EIGEN                            Tooling Co Ltd                Punch Industry USA Inc         Unisorb Installation            THK America Inc
Elizabeth Carbide              Kyntronics                      Quality Wire EDM Inc                                           TURCK Inc
  Components                                                                                  Unist Inc
                               Latrobe Specialty Metals        Quintus Technologies LLC                                       Two Technologies Inc
Engineered Lubricants Co         Distribution                                                 United Aluminum Corp
                                                               Raffin Construction Co                                         Veo Robotics
Enprotech Industrial           Lee Industrial Contracting                                     United Machine Corporation
                                                               Ramcel Precision Stamping                                      Welker Engineered Products
  Technologies                 Leifeld Metal Spinning AG                                      United Performance Metals
                                                                 and Manufacturing LLC                                        Zeiss Carl Zeiss Industrial
Erickson Metals Corporation    Lien Chieh Hydraulic                                           United Wire Co Inc                Metrology LLC
                                                               Rapid-Air Corp
Excelsior Hardware & Plastic     Industrial Co Ltd                                            Unittool Punch & Die
                                                               Ravne Presses DOO
  Co Ltd                       Lincoln Electric                                                 Company                       TUBE & PIPE
                                                               Ready Technology Inc
F&G Tool and Die Co            Linear Transfer Automation                                     Vaccari SPA
                                                               Rock Valley Oil & Chemical                                     5 Star Engineering and
Fagor Arrasate                   Inc                                                          Vektek LLC                        Maintenance
                                                                 Co Inc
Feed Lease Corp                LINK Systems                                                   Vibro Dynamics LLC              Accurate Technology Inc
                                                               Ross Controls
Fibro Inc                      LSP Industries Inc                                             Victory Tool                    Accurex Measurement Inc
                                                               Samson Roll Formed
Flight Industrial Co Limited   Lucky Harvest Co Ltd              Products Co                  Vidir                           Addison Machine
FluidForming Americas          M.S. Willett                    Sangiacomo Presses             voestalpine eifeler Coatings      Engineering Inc
FORMTEK-ME                     Machine Concepts Inc              Americas LLC                 Voith Turbo Inc                 Addition Manufacturing
Fortech Products Inc                                           Sankyo Automation                                                Technologies
                               Macrodyne Technologies Inc                                     Wilco Inc
Fuchs Lubricants Co                                            Sasahara Kanagata Co Ltd                                       Advanced Fabricating
                               Manitowoc Tool &                                               Wintriss Controls Group LLC       Machinery
Fuzhou YIN TOU Precise           Manufacturing LLC             SB Specialty Metals LLC        Wolfgang Loch GmbH &
  Metallurgy Industry Co Ltd                                                                                                  Advanced Tubular
                               Marposs Corp                    SC Fastening Systems             Co KG                           Technologies Inc
Gibbs Metals                   Mayfran International Inc       Schuler Inc                    WorkWise Software               AFM Advanced
Goanwin USA Inc                MD Metals                       SelfLube                       Xinyongxu Metal Mould             Manufacturing
Green Valley Manufacturing     Metalloid Corporation           Serapid Inc                      (Shenzhen) Co Ltd               Technologies
  Inc                          MetPro Group                                                   Yamada Dobby America LLC        AIM Inc
                                                               SEYI America Inc
Greenerd Press & Machine       Meyer Aluminium Blanks Inc                                     Yangli Group Co Ltd             Ajax Tocco Magnethermic
                                                               Shenzhen Huayuanda
  Company Inc                                                                                                                   Corp
                                                                 Technology Co Ltd

TUBE & PIPE               TUBE & PIPE              TUBE & PIPE                WELDING                     WELDING                   WELDING

                 Alpine Bender 		          Numalliance Inc          Winton Machine             Attollo Lift                Clean Air Consultants     FSU Welding
                   Machinery               Olimpia 80 Srl             Company                  Auburn Manufacturing        CleanSpace Technology        Engineering
                 AM Industrial Group                                World Machinery &            Inc                         Pty Ltd                    Technology
                                           OMNI-X USA
                 AMPCO Metal Inc                                      Saw Inc                  Automation 		               Cloos Robotic Welding     FumeVac
                                           OP USA Inc
                 ASMAG USA Inc                                      Ying Chivan Corp             International Inc           Inc                     Fusion Inc
                                           Overton Tube Forming
                 Bend Tech                   Systems                WELDING                    AVS Industries LLC          Closed Loop Recycling     Gas Lens Galore
                 Beverlin Specialty Tube   Passline Performance                                AWS Bookstore               CM Industries Inc         GAWDA
                 BLM Group                 Pensa Labs                                          AWS Welding 		              Computers Unlimited       GE Schmidt Inc
                                                                    ABB Inc                      Competition 2019
                 Chiyoda Kogyo-Maruka      PHI                                                                             Continental Abrasives     Genesis Systems IPG
                                                                    Abicor Binzel              AXXAIR USA                                               Photonics Company
                   USA                     Proto-1 Manufacturing                                                           Coral SPA
                                                                    Above Material             Baoji Taimei New                                      Genstar Technologies
                 Clark Fixture 		          PT Peroni Karya Sentra     Technology Co Ltd                                    COR-MET INC
                   Technologies                                                                  Material Technology                                    Co Inc (GENTEC)
                                           Quaker Chemical          Ace Industrial Products      Co Ltd                    Cougartron Inc
                 Combilift USA                                                                                                                       Gentex Corporation
                                             Corporation            ACT Automotive NA          Beijing Essen Welding       Coxreels
                 Comco USA Inc                                                                                                                       Gesswein Co
                                           Rafter Equipment Corp    ADDere                       & Cutting Fair            CRC Industries
                 Continental Pipe & Tube                                                                                                             GH Induction
                                           RbSA Industrial          AGT Robotics               Beilun Futuo                CS Unitec Inc                Atmospheres LLC
                   Cut-Off Machines
                                           REA JET US               Aimtek Inc                 BESSEY Tools North          CWI WELDING 		            Golden Eagle Minmetals
                 Copier Pipe Machinery                                                           America                     Generation4
                                           Roll Machining           Air Cleaning Specialists                                                            (Beijing) Welding
                 Creative Safety Supply      Technologies &                                    Beveler USA Inc             D/F Machine Specialties      Materials Co Ltd
                 Crippa SPA                  Solutions                                         Black Stallion Industries     Inc                     Golden Spot Machinery
                                                                    Air Purification Inc
                 Current Tech              Rust Release (Safe                                    (REVCO)                   Dahching Electric            (Taicang) Co Ltd
                                             Industrial Rust        Airflow Systems Inc                                      Industrial Co Ltd
                 Design Storage &                                                              Bluco Corp                                            Goss Inc
                   Handling Inc              Remover)               Airgas Inc                                             Dataweld Inc
                                                                                               Blue Demon Welding                                    GSM America Inc
                 Eddytech Systems Inc      Saar Hartmetall USA      Aketek Industries            Products                  Dedeco International
                                             LLC                                                                                                     Gudel Inc
                 EFD Induction Inc                                  Alabama Laser              Bollhoff USA                  Inc
                                           Sanderson Machines                                                                                        Guilin Mingfu
                 EJP Maschinen GmbH                                 Allegro Industries         Boostweld                   Dengensha America
                                           Schwarze-Robitec                                                                  Corp                    Gullco International
                 Electrex Industrial                                Allied Powers LLC          Bore Repair Systems
                                             GmbH                                                                          Denray Machine Inc        H&M Pipe Beveling
                   Solutions                                        ALM Positioners Inc          Inc                                                    Machine Co Inc
                                           SST Forming Roll Inc                                                            Dentec Safety
                 FD Machinery                                       ALS Maverick Testing       Bosch                                                 Har-Bach
                                           T&H Lemont                 Laboratories Inc                                       Specialists
                 FENN                                                                          Bow Ind                                               Harbert’s Products Inc/
                                           Taloc USA                AlumaReel USA                                          Diagraph
                 Fives                                                                         Bradford Derustit Corp                                   Allied Flux Reclaiming
                                           T-Drill Industries Inc   Amada Miyachi                                          Diamond Ground               Ltd
                 Gem Tool Corporation                                                          Broco Rankin                  Products Inc
                                           Tenryu America Inc         America                                                                        HBS Stud Welding
                 George A Mitchell Co                                                          Bruker Corporation          Dino-Lite Scopes (BigC)
                                           Thai German Products     American Society For                                                                Partners
                 Grazioli Cesare Srl         PCL                      Nondestructive           BSP Tools (Kunshan)         Dinse Inc
                                                                                                 Co Ltd                                              Henan Huamao Metal
                 Guild International       Thermatool Corp            Testing                                              Direct Wire & Cable          Materials Co Ltd
                 Haas Saw & Supply                                  American Technical         Buffalo Shrink Wrap
                                           Thermo Fisher 		                                                                Diversitech               Henan Xinxing Arts and
                 Han Jie Machinery           Scientific               Publishers               BUG-O Systems                                            Crafts I/E Co Ltd
                                                                                                                           Donaldson Torit -
                   Co Ltd                  Tools for Bending        American Torch Tip         Cadi Co Inc                   Donaldson Company       Heron Intelligent
                 Haven Manufacturing                                  Co Inc                   Caiman Gloves / Primax        Inc                        Equipment Co Ltd
                   Corp                      Maschinenbau GmbH      American Welding           Callington Welding          DualDraw LLC              HGG Profiling
                 Heiko GmbH & Co                                      Society                    Chemicals                                              Equipment BV
                                           Tru-Cut Saw Inc                                                                 Dynatorch Inc
                 Heiko Machine Tools                                American Weldquip LLC      Cambridge Vacuum                                      Hobart Institute of
                                           Tube & Pipe Technology                                                          E.H. Wachs/Orbitalum
                   LLC                                              AMET Inc                     Engineering                                            Welding Technology
                                           Tube 2020 Messe                                                                 EASYKleen Pty Ltd
                 Horn Machine Tools Inc      Dusseldorf North       Anand Arc Ltd              Canaweld Inc                                          Hypertherm Inc
                                                                                                                           Ecogate Inc
                 Huth Ben Pearson            America                Andersen Industries Inc    Capital Weld Cleaners                                 Hy-Tech Engineered
                   International LLC                                                                                       Eidos Ergonomics             Solutions
                                           Tube Bending Concepts    Andritz Powerlase          Carr Lane
                 Hydro Tube Enterprises      Inc                                                 Manufacturing Co          eldec LLC                 IAP Air Products
                                                                    Angle-Rite® Clamping
                   Inc                     Tube Form Solutions        System                   CEIA USA Induction          Elderfield & Hall/        Ideal Welding Systems
                 Ikra Makina San Ve                                                              Heating Systems             Pro-Fusion                 LP
                                           Tubex Technology         Anthony Welded
                   Tic AS                    Machinery                Products Inc             CENIT North America         Electron Beam             igm Robotic Systems
                 Innerspec Technologies                                                          Inc                        Technologies Inc            Inc
                                           Ultraflex Power          Antra Technologies
                 Innovative Tube             Technologies Corp        Co Ltd                   Cerbaco Ltd                 Encompass Machines        II-VI Highyag
                   Equipment Corp                                                                                            Inc
                                           Unison LTD               Anxin Abrasives Co Ltd     CGW-Camel Grinding                                    IMC Marks
                 INNOVO Corporation                                                              Wheels USA                Ensitech Inc
                                           United Industries Inc    Applied Technical                                                                Imperial Systems Inc
                 INSPECTECH                                           Services Inc             Changzhou Asia              ESAB Welding & Cutting
                                           Universal Tool &                                                                 Products                 Industrial Solutions &
                 IP Automation Inc           Engineering            Aquasol Corp                 Science & Technology                                   Innovation LLC
                                                                                                 Co Ltd                    ESCO Tool Co
                 J&S Machine Inc           Universal Tube &         Arc Solutions Inc                                                                Industrial Specialists by
                                             Rollform Equipment                                Changzhou Huarui            Euroboor USA                 BrandSafway
                 Julia USA                                          ARC Specialties Inc          Welding & Cutting
                                             Corp                                                                          FANUC America Corp        Intercon Enterprises Inc
                 Kent Corp                                          ArcBoss                      Machinery Co Ltd
                                           Viega                                                                           Fastenal Company          International Welding
                 Kinkelder USA                                      Arch Value Solutions       Changzhou Shine
                                           ViewTech Borescopes                                   Science & Technology      FEIMEC 2020                  Technologies Inc
                 Lomar Machine &                                    ArcOne
                                           Vinston US Corp                                       Co Ltd                    Fein Power Tools Inc      InterTest
                   Tool Co                                          Arc-Zone.Com Inc
                                           WAFIOS Machinery                                    Changzhou Zhengyang         Fireball Tool Works LLC   IPG Photonics
                 Mair Research SpA                                  Arkansas Elite Welding
                                             Corp                                                Welding Material Co                                 Iron Age Footwear
                 Manchester Tool &                                    Academy                                              FIT RITE Systems LLC
                                           Wauseon Machine &                                     Ltd
                   Die Inc                                                                                                 Flame Technologies Inc    Ironworker Management
                                             Manufacturing Inc      Armor Tool                 Chart Inc                                                Progressive Action
                 Matter Srl                                         Artotic                                                Flange Wizard Inc
                                           Wecotech AG                                         Chicago Pneumatic Tool                                   Cooperative Trust
                 Metalloid Corporation                              Astro Arc Polysoude Inc      Company LLC               Flexovit USA Inc
                                           Weil Engineering North                                                                                    IVEC Systems
                 MiiC OPTON (USA) Inc        America                ATA Tools Inc              Cibo Abrasives USA          Forney Industries Inc
                                                                                                                                                     JASIC Technologies
                 Mill Masters              Wilmington Precision     ATI Industrial 		          CK Worldwide                FPT Industrie SpA            America Inc
                 New-Form Tools              Machining                Automation               Clamptek USA Inc            Fronius USA LLC           JAZ Brush USA Inc

WELDING                   WELDING                   WELDING                    WELDING                    WELDING

                                                                                                                                     EXHIBITOR LIST
Jiangsu Meixin            Miller Electric Mfg       plasmo USA LLC             SMA Abrasives USA          Uweld Technologies
  Optoelectronics           LLC, Hobart Brothers,   Plymovent Inc                LLC                        Co Ltd
  Technology Co Ltd         Bernard, Tregaskiss                                Southern Stud Weld Inc     Vanterm Isi Ve Makina
Jiaxing MTB Machinery     MITUSA Inc                  Communications Pty       SPI Lasers                   San Tic AS
  Co Ltd                  MK Products Inc             Ltd                                                 VDM Metals
                                                                               Stabila Inc
JLC Electromet Pvt LLC    Morris Precision          Powermig                                              Victory CNC Plasma
                                                                               Stanley Black &
John Tillman Co             Technology Company      Praxair Distribution Inc     Decker Inc                 Systems
Joysun Abrasives            Limited                                                                       Vitronic Machine Vision
                                                    Precitec Inc               Steel Vision Tools
  Co Ltd                  MSC Software                                                                    voestalpine Bohler
                                                    Preston Eastin             Steelmax Tools
JR Automation             MTA-USA LLC                                                                       Welding USA Inc
                                                    Pro Spot International     Steiner Industries
Kalas Wire Inc            NASA Technology                                                                 VSM Abrasives Corp
                            Transfer Program        proAutomation LLC          Strong Hand Tools
Kanca El Aletleri                                                                                         W Weldpro
  Dovme Celik Ve          Nation Wide Products      Proceq USA Inc             STUAA Automation
                                                                                 Co Ltd                   Walter Surface
  Makina Sanayi AS        National Standard         PROFAX / LENCO                                          Technologies
Kawasaki Robotics                                   Pulsa                      Suhner Industrial
                          Nederman LLC                                           Products Inc             Washington Alloy Co
  (USA) Inc                                         PushCorp Inc
                          Nelson Stud Welding                                  SumDumWelder               Watts Specialties Inc
Kayo Products Co Ltd        Inc                     Pyramex Safety               Apparel                  WD-40 Company
Kemper America Inc        New Fire Co Ltd             Products
                                                                               Sumig Usa Corp             Weiler Abrasives
Kempii                    Newland (Tianjin)         Quantum Machinery
                                                      Group                    Sumner A Southwire         Weld Engineering Co
Kennametal Stellite         Welding Material Co                                  Company
                            Ltd                     Radyne Corp                                           Weld Pride USA For
Kent Stud Welding                                                              Sunstone Welders             Weldbrush
Keystone Fastening        Ningbo Dabu Welding       Rasco
                            Technology Co Ltd                                  Superflash Compressed      Weld Systems
  Technologies                                      Resistance Welding           Gas Equipment              Integrators Inc
Kistler Cutting and       Ningbo Jamson               Controls LLC
                            Machinery 		                                       Surewerx USA Inc           Weldas Co LLC
  Welding (Kistler                                  Resistance Welding
  GmbH)                     Manufacturing Co Ltd      Machine & Accessory      Surface Flow 		            WeldComputer
                          Ningbo Jintian                                         Technologies Inc/LSN     Weldcote Metals
Kiswel USA Inc                                      Rex-Cut Abrasives            Diffusion LTD
Klimawent USA LLC         Ningbo Kimpin 		          RIDGID                                                Welder Training &
                            Industrial Pte Ltd                                 T. J. Snow Company           Testing Institute
KLINGSPOR Abrasives                                 Rite-Hite                  Taylor-Winfield
  Inc                     Ningbo Powerway Alloy                                                           Welding Alloys USA
                            Material Co Ltd         Robotmaster a 		             Technologies Inc
Kobelco Welding of                                    Hypertherm Company                                  Welding Consultants
                          Ningbo Starex                                        Team Industries Inc          LLC
  America Inc                                       Rocon LLC
                            Welding & Cutting                                  TEC Welding Products       Weldobot Technologies
Koike Aronson Inc           Technologies            RoMan Manufacturing        Techniweld USA               Inc
Konzen Company            Ningbo Yihe 		              Inc
                                                                               Technogenia Lasercarb      Weldsale LLC
KUKA Robotics               Refrigeration 		        Roy Smith Company            Technology
  Corporation               Equipment Co Ltd                                                              Wendt USA LLC
                                                    RWMA - Resistance          TECMEN Electronics
LA-CO Industries Inc      Ningbo Zehen 		             Welding 		                                          West Chester Protective
                                                                                 Co Ltd                     Gear
Laizhou Hongyuan            International Trade       Manufacturing
                            Co Ltd                    Alliance                 Termmei Torch & Tip        West Warwick Welding
  Bench Vise 		                                                                  Company
  Manufacture Co Ltd      Nodha Industrial          Saf-T-Cart Inc                                          Co
                            Technology Wuxi Co                                 THE ROUECHE CO LLC         Winnox Industries Ltd
Laser Manufacturing                                 Sakura of America
  Technologies LLC          Ltd                                                Thermacut Inc
                                                    Saldatore Distribution                                Wire Wizard Welding
LeTourneau University     Norton | Saint-Gobain                                Thermco Instrument           Products
                          Novarc Technologies                                    Corp                     Wisconsin Wire Works
Levitate Technologies                               SanRex Corporation
  Inc                       Inc                                                Threaded Fasteners Inc       Inc
                                                    SciAps Inc
Lianyungang Orientcraft   Nuova CMM Srl                                        Thred Taper                Wise Welding
                                                    Selectrode Industries                                   Technology &
 Abrasives Co Ltd         Octopuz Inc                                          Tip Tig USA LLC
                                                      Inc                                                   Engineering Co Ltd
Liburdi Automation Inc    Olympus America Inc                                  Top Cat Air Tools
                                                    Serimax North America                                 WITT Gas Controls
LinAn Da Yang Welding     Optrel Inc                  LLC                      Top Manufacturing Inc
  Material Co Ltd                                                                                         Wrefs Welding LLC
                          Osborn                    Servo-Robot Inc            Trafimet Group S.p.a.
Lincoln Electric Co                                                                                       Wuhan Welhel
                          OTC DAIHEN Inc            Shandong Aotai Electric    Trendex Information          Photoelectric Co Ltd
Luvata Ohio Inc           Otto Trading Inc            Co Ltd                     Systems Inc
                                                                                                          Wuxi Datang Welding
Magnatech LLC             Oxylance Inc              Shandong Maike             Tri Tool Inc                 & Cutting Mechanical
Manufacturing 		                                      Tungsten 		              Tru-Cutt Inc                 Equipment Co Ltd
                          Pador Marketing Group       Molybdenum
  Solutions Industries                                                         TRU-FIT Products           Wuzhou Ally Protect
  Inc                     Panasonic Systems           Technology Co Ltd
                            Solutions Company of                                 TRU-Weld                   Co Ltd
Matsumoto US                                        Shanghai Huawei
                            America                   Welding & Cutting        Trystar Inc                Xiris Automation Inc
  Technologies Inc
                          Pandjiris Inc             Shanghai Kaisen            TSI Inc                    Yaskawa America Inc
Matuschek Welding
  Products Inc            Path Robotics               Environmental            TSS Worldwide              York Portable Machine
                          PDS BarTech Inc             Technology Co Ltd        TWI North America LLC        Tools
Maxxeon Inc
                          Pearl Abrasive 		         Shanghai TAYOR Heavy       UltraTech International    Zhejiang Changzheng
McDantim Inc                                          Industry (Group) Co                                   Project Carbon
                            Company                                              Inc
MCR Safety                                            Ltd                                                   Electrodes Co Ltd
                          Pemamek LLC                                          U-Mark Inc
Mercer Industries                                   Shanghai Wtl Welding                                  Zhejiang Jingwei
                          Penny Weld LLC              Equipment 		             UNIARC                       Welding & Cutting
Metabo Corp
                          PFERD INC                   Manufacture Co Ltd       United Abrasives Inc/        Technology Co Ltd
Mianyang Zhongyan                                                                SAIT
  Abrasive Co Ltd         Phoenix International     Shaver Industries                                     Zhejiang Poney Electric
                            Inc                     sia Abrasives              United States Welding        Co Ltd
Michigan Pneumatic                                                               Corp
  Tool Inc                Piher                     Sigma Steels                                          Zhengzhou Research
                          Pinnacle Colors                                      Universal Robots             Institute of
Micro Air                                           SISMA USA Inc                USA Inc                    Mechanical Eng Co
Midalloy                  Pittarc Welding Wires     SKM Industries Inc                                      Ltd
                                                                               Uniweld Products Inc
                          Plasma Automation Inc                                                           ZJ Industries
                                                                               Urrea Professional Tools


                 MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11
                 8:30 AM – 9:45 AM
                 FABx TECH TALKS
                 In honor of Veterans Day, this year’s FABx will feature a powerful lineup of vision-
                 ary veterans. These are heroes with incredible stories who have gone on to excel in
                 leadership, business, advanced manufacturing, and workforce development. Draw-
                 ing on their unique experiences, speakers will captivate and inspire audiences with
                 their frontline stories focused on motivation, team building, innovation, and how to
                 achieve excellence in the business battlefield.

                 FEATURED SPEAKER:

                                        CHAD HENNINGS
                                        Through a nine-year NFL career and three Super Bowl
                                        Championships, 45 successful combat missions with the Air
                                        Force, and as one of the most decorated college football players
                                        in NCAA history, Chad represents the philosophy that he lives by
                                        — that excellence is not a destination, but an identity.

                 FABx SPEAKERS:

                 Hernán Luis y Prado,     Jason T. Ray, Co-      Shelly C. Rood,       Michael Walton,
                 Founder and CEO,         Founder and CEO,       Educational           Industry Solution
                 Workshops for            Paperless Parts Inc.   Consultant, Mission   Executive (Manufac-
                 Warriors                                        Ambition LLC          turing), Microsoft

                 LEADERSHIP EXCHANGE
                 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
                 MANUFACTURING 2020
                 Advanced manufacturing is transforming the economy and jobs, using cutting-
                 edge technology and new manufacturing processes to accelerate innovation.
                 Learn how companies are using advanced technologies to stay at the forefront
                 of manufacturing.
                 MODERATOR: Dave O’Neil, Vice President, SME Media
                 Chandra Brown, CEO, MxD
                 Jason T. Ray, Co-Founder and CEO, Paperless Parts Inc.
                 Michael Walton, Industry Solution Executive (Manufacturing), Microsoft


                                                                                             SPECIAL EVENTS
                     KEYNOTE PRESENTATION
                     8:30 AM – 10:00 AM
                     FRANK ABAGNALE JR., Cybersecurity Expert,
                     Best-selling Author and Subject of “Catch Me If You Can”
                     Renowned international cybersecurity and fraud-prevention
                     expert Frank Abagnale — known as one of the world’s
most famous con men — will present a two-part keynote. During the first part
of his speech, appropriately titled “Catch Me If You Can,” Abagnale will provide
entertaining insight into his life as the notorious imposter of the 1960s. He will then
instruct attendees on how to protect themselves and their businesses from fraud
during the second part titled the “Art of the Steal.”

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Innovations in robotics and automation have catalyzed the fourth industrial revolution.
This panel will explore how automation is changing the manufacturing landscape and
cover both the role of technology and people in the future of manufacturing. Experts
will share their perspective on the impact of robotics on human workers and the
facts vs. fiction of worker replacement. They will discuss identifying key challenges
to implementing automation and developing a pipeline to de-risking technology and
implementing it on the factory floor.

                                              NETWORKING EVENT
                                              5:30 PM – 7:30 PM Lakeside Center,
                                              McCormick Place

                                              INDUSTRY NIGHT
                                              Enjoy a fun-filled evening of food, drinks,
                                              and networking during our Industry
                                              Night Party! The Chicago Blues & Brews
                                              themed event will include live blues
                                              music, local craft beer tasting, and much
                                              more. We expect this to be a sold-
                                              out event so be sure to register early.
                                              Advance ticket price: $50

Participants will go head-to-head as they complete and clean a single-pass fillet
weld in just 5 minutes. Speed and accuracy count, and weldments will be evaluated
to the current AWS D1.1 standard by a panel of Certified Welding Inspectors. Those
interested in competing must be 18 years or older and weld for a living. Learn more
about how to participate in the competition at


                 7:45 AM – 10:00 AM
                 Join us for a networking breakfast celebrating the importance of women in the
                 manufacturing sector. This event aims to foster relationships and dialogue between
                 supporters and practitioners in the field. A breakfast buffet is included. Price: $25

                                                              WITHIN YOUR ORGANIZATION
                 Dan Davis, Editor-in-Chief,                  SPEAKERS:
                 The FABRICATOR ®                             Monica Silliman, Manufacturing
                                                              Engineering Manager, Combine Final
                                                              Assembly, John Deere Harvester Works
                 Susanne Lauda, Director, Global
                 Advanced Manufacturing Technology,           Erin Welken, Manager, Business Process
                 AGCO Corporation                             Improvement, Global Agriculture and
                 Gretchen Zierick, President, Zierick         Turf Supply Management Organization,
                 Manufacturing                                John Deere

                                      KEYNOTE PRESENTATION
                                      8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
                                      GRANT IMAHARA, Former Host on Discovery’s
                                      “Mythbusters” and Animatronics Engineering Expert
                                      On stage, Grant provides a behind-the-scenes look at his work
                                      on various sets and productions while also touching on the
                                      importance of advancing the engineering/manufacturing industry.
                 Grant has credits on numerous blockbusters including The Matrix sequels, A.I., Galaxy
                 Quest, Terminator 3, Van Helsing, and Star Wars: Episodes 1-3.

                 LEADERSHIP EXCHANGE
                 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
                 OF MANUFACTURING
                 The pace of innovation is incredibly fast and new things are being discovered daily.
                 As technology has advanced and becomes embedded in plants, warehouses, and
                 throughout the supply chain, businesses have needed to adapt to stay competitive.
                 Many already have, but the path toward digital transformation is different for every
                 company. Come hear our panel of experts cover disruptive technologies from 5G
                 and IoT to AI and robotics & automation, share case studies, and help manufacturers
                 understand and explore the challenges and benefits that implementing these
                 technologies entails.
                 John R. Brandt, CEO and Founder, The MPI Group
                 Mohamed (Mo) Abuali, Ph.D. Managing Partner, IoTco
                 Dave Beck, Founder and Managing Partner, Foundry 45
                 Greg Mark, CEO and Founder, Markforged
                 Tim Weber, Global Head of 3D Metals, HP 3D Printing


                                                                                        SPECIAL EVENTS
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Manufacturers in the 21st century must make it a precedence to have a workforce that
is educated, diverse, and motivated. Organizations need to produce a more globally
competitive workforce that can meet the demands of an evolving digital economy
and adapt to the trends and challenges of managing a multi-generational workforce.
Come hear our experts share their strategies and some actions to address the
challenges for the future.
Kord Kozma, Global Director of HR, Nidec Press & Automation
Hernán Luis y Prado, Founder and CEO, Workshops for Warriors
Rob Tessier, National Director of Advanced Fabrication Technologies, Airgas
Dean Steadman, CNC Education Program Manager, FANUC America

The Smart Manufacturing Hub will feature several advanced manufacturing
technologies, including automation, advanced materials, 3D printing, the Industrial
Internet of Things (IIoT), 3D scanning, and more. Technical presentations from
industry-leading smart technology providers will provide insight on recent
developments in this rapidly evolving field.

Sponsored by:


                    The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, Int’l (FMA), SME, Precision Metalforming
                    Association (PMA), and Chemical Coaters Association International (CCAI) co-sponsor
                    the sessions on 3D/additive manufacturing, automation, cutting, finishing, forming
                    and fabricating, laser, lean, management, marketing and sales, smart manufacturing,
                    stamping, welding fabrication, and workforce development. All sessions offer practical
                    knowledge you can use right away. Sessions with Tech Tours combine classroom
                    instruction and expert-led guided tours on the show floor to see technology operating
                    in designated booths.
                    The American Welding Society (AWS) presents a comprehensive lineup of welding
                    education. Led by the industry’s top professionals, programs focus on best
                    practices and new commercial developments in welding. Events include career path
                    workshops, seminars, RWMA Resistance Welding School, professional program,
                    society events, and more.

                    EXPERIENCE LEVELS
                    The Schedule-at-a-Glance on the following pages provides a quick reference to all the
                    educational programs offered at FABTECH 2019. Note that you can use the following
                    key to find the education that meets your needs.
                         Basic — Recommended for the attendee who is new to the industry or needs a
                         refresher on the topic.
                         Intermediate — Designed for the attendee who already has a basic understand-
                         ing of the subject matter.
                         Advanced — For the attendee with several years of experience who is seeking
                         more in-depth information.

                    Individuals who attend AWS Education programs are awarded 1 PDH (Professional
                    Development Hour) for each hour of education program attendance. Individuals
                    seeking FMA Recertification Credits will be awarded 2 credits for each conference
                    session attended (forming and fabricating, cutting, or finishing tracks) plus an
                    additional 2 credits for attending the show. Individuals who attend SME education
                    programs may be eligible to receive 1 credit per hour attended toward their SME-
                    managed recertification requirements.

                    MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION
                    Discounted rates for members are available on educational programs. Interested in
                    becoming a member of AWS, FMA, SME, PMA, or CCAI? Find details on each of the
                    event partner associations and membership benefits by visiting their websites today!

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11                                                                       Schedule at-a-Glance
 TECHNOLOGY           8:00 AM – 9:30 AM               10:00 AM – 11:30 AM             12:00 PM – 1:30 PM               2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

                      NEW! F10: Application                                            NEW! F30: The Ultimate
                                                       NEW! F20: 3D Printed
   3D/ADDITIVE      Discovery – Evaluating Real
                                                     Tools for Additive Manufac-
                                                                                     Guide to Metal Additive:          NEW! F40: Metal 3D
  MANUFACTURING     Use Cases for In-Office Metal                                    Mapping the Process from        Printing for Fabrication Shops
                                                     turing Environments
                    3D Printing                                                      Discovery to Production

                      NEW! F11: Move to the 21st
                                                       F21: Getting Started with       NEW! F31: Leading and            NEW! F41: Industrial
                    Century: The Pro’s and Con’s
   AUTOMATION       of Adding Automation to
                                                     Robotics: A Journey to the      Preparing an Industry 4.0       Internet of Things (IIoT) for
                                                     World of Robotics               Organization and Workforce      the Job Shop
                    Your Process

                                                                                                                       NEW! F42: Automated
                                                       NEW! F22: Cutting for
     CUTTING                                         Advanced Materials
                                                                                                                     Processes in Hybrid Induction
                                                                                                                     & Oxy-Fuel Cutting

                                                                                                                      NEW! C40: It’s Your
                                                       C20: ABCs of Infrared
                                                                                                                     Money - Control Your Costs

                                                       NEW! C21: I Want to
    FINISHING                                        Powder Coat, Now What?
                                                                                                                       C41: Powder Coating Basics

                                                       NEW! C22: Corrosion                                             NEW! C42: Understanding
                                                     Basics and Prevention                                           the Basics of Pretreatment

                      F13: Press Brake for                                             NEW! F33: Material              F43: Advanced Press Brake
                                                       F23: Machine Safeguarding
    FORMING &       Engineers                                                        Handling                        Technologies
   FABRICATING         F14: Coil Processing: Slit-     F24: Roll Forming: Basics       F34: Roll Forming: Tooling      F44: Advanced Solutions
                    ting HSS Materials               and Lubricants                  and Trouble Shooting            for Tube and Pipe

                                                       NEW! F25: Lasers for            NEW! F35: Remote                F45: Lasers and Laser
      LASER                                          Joining Development and         Laser Joining & Interface       Systems for Advanced
                                                     Control                         Applications                    Manufacturing

                                                                                       NEW! F36: Lean Principle:       F46: Lean Principle:
                      NEW! F16: Lean Principle:        NEW! F26: Lean Tools:
                                                                                     OEM Quality Excellence: 6       Strategic Planning and Hoshin
       LEAN         Getting Started with Your        Flow & Pull in High Variety
                                                                                     Practical Steps to Becoming     Kanri - How to Achieve the
                    Lean Journey                     Environment
                                                                                     an Award-Winnng Supplier        Future You See

                       NEW! F17: Choosing the
                                                       NEW! F27: Planning for the      F37: Job Shop Costing,          NEW! F47: Hands-on
                    Best Source of Growth Cap-
   MANAGEMENT       ital for Your Manufacturing
                                                     Present & Paving a Strategic    Estimating and Scheduling for   Workshop - Cultivate & Value
                                                     Roadmap                         Complex Jobs                    Your Leadership

                      NEW! F18: Supercharge            NEW! F28: Your Schematic        NEW! F38: Build a Sales         NEW! F48: Deliver Superb
    MARKETING       Your Networking & Inbound        for Assembling a Powerful       Strategy & Model for Scalable   Customer Service & Build a
     & SALES        Marketing                        Digital Marketing Machine       Growth                          Customer-Centric Culture

                      NEW! F19: Current State of       NEW! F29: SMART                 NEW! F39: Industrial IoT        NEW! F49: Smart
     SMART          Smart Manufacturing & The        Manufacturing Basics to Get     Case Study - Real World         Manufacturing and Workforce
  MANUFACTURING     Connected Viewpoint              Started in The Digital World    Implementation                  Ready!

                                                        NEW! S20: Understanding        S30: ANSI Z224.1 & OSHA
                                                                                                                       NEW! S40: Application of
                                                     Servo Metal Stamping Presses    1910.147 Applications of
                                                                                                                     Real-Time Visual Monitoring
                                                     - Proper Usage, Troubleshoot-   Alternative Methods for
     STAMPING                                        ing and Maintenance             Hazardous Energy Control
                                                                                                                     Tool in Stamping

                                                       S21: Lubricants-1                                               NEW! S41: Lubricants-2

     WELDING                                           NEW! W200: The Welding                                         NEW! W400: Robotic
   FABRICATION                                       Economy                                                         Welding for Job Shops

                                                       NEW! F211: The Future                                        NEW! F213: Pushing Your
                     NEW! F200: Practicing                                             NEW! F212: Creating Career
    WORKFORCE       Emotional Intelligence for
                                                     of Talent: Attracting and
                                                                                     Path Programs That Empower
                                                                                                                  Envelope: How Smart People
   DEVELOPMENT                                       Retaining The Top Talent for                                 Overcome Self-Doubt and
                    Workplace Success                                                & Engage
                                                     the 21st Century                                             Live with Bold Enthusiasm

   CAREER PATH       W17: Getting Started in Underwater Welding                                                         1:00 PM          3:00 PM
   WORKSHOPS         W18: Creating a WPS in 60 Seconds                                                                  1:00 PM          3:00 PM

                     W23: SESSION 1: Additive Manufacturing I                                                           1:40 PM          5:00 PM
   PROFESSIONAL            SESSION 2: Modeling                                                                          1:40 PM          5:00 PM
                           SESSION 3: Arc Welding                                                                       1:40 PM          5:00 PM

SPECIAL PROGRAMS     W30: AWS Prayer Breakfast                                                                         7:00 AM           8:30 AM

Detailed Education Program session descriptions, speakers, pricing,                     = Basic        = Intermediate           = Advanced
room locations and more can be found at
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12                                                                       Schedule at-a-Glance
 TECHNOLOGY            8:00 AM – 9:30 AM              10:00 AM – 11:30 AM              12:00 PM – 1:30 PM               2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

  3D/ADDITIVE                                                                           NEW! F70: Small & Large         NEW! F80: How Additive
                                                       F60: Fundamentals of
                                                                                      Format Printers for Additive    Mfg Can Accelerate and
 MANUFACTURING                                       Additive Manufacturing
                                                                                      Manufacturing                   Advance Your Design

                                                        NEW! F61: Estimating and
                                                                                        NEW! F71: The Full
                                                     Job Costing for Industry 4.0                                      F81: IIoT Solutions to Better
     AUTOMATION                                      - The Science of Costing and
                                                                                      Potential of Automation and
                                                                                                                      Manage Your Assets
                                                     the Art of Pricing

                                                       F62: Optimization of
       CUTTING                                                                                                          F82: Comparative Cutting
                                                     Cutting Metals with Fiber and
                                                                                                                      Innovations with Tech Tour
                                                     Plasma Machining

                                                                                                                        C80: Identifying and
                       NEW! C50: Lean and Green        NEW! C60: Mother Earth
                                                                                                                      Solving Finishing Defects -
                     Cleaning                        Still Needs Our Help
                                                                                                                      See It, Touch It, Fix It

                                                       NEW! C61: How It’s Made:
      FINISHING        NEW! C51: Powder System
                                                     Knowing Where Your Powder
                                                                                                                       C81: Lean and Mean -
                     Design for Success                                                                               Making Powder Systems Work
                                                     and Equipment Come From

                       NEW! C52: 1K, 2K, New K         NEW! C62: Oven Selection
                                                                                                                        C82: Make Safety a Priority
                     and Fluid Delivery Methods      Solved

                                                       F63: Effective Safeguarding      NEW! F73: Dust Collection       F83: Sheet Metal Design
                                                     Risk Assessment                  for Fabrication Processes       and Press Brake Automation
      FORMING &
     FABRICATING                                       F64: Coil Processing:            NEW! F74: Roll Forming:         F84: Roll Forming:
                                                     Blanking Techniques and          Design and Welding              Justification and In-Line
                                                     Handling Solutions               Techniques                      Punching, Cutoff Dies

                                                                                        NEW! F75: Accelerated           NEW! F85: Traditional &
                                                        NEW! F65: Quality & Con-
        LASER                                                                         & Combination Lasers for        Fiber Laser Cutting for High
                                                     trol for Laser Joining Systems
                                                                                      Sheet Metal                     Performance

                       NEW! F56: Lean Principle:       F66: Lean Tools: VSM Ad-         F76: Lean Tools: A3             F86: Lean Tools: Standard
        LEAN         Leadership and the Lean         dressing Differences Between     Thinking- Developing People     Work for Quality and
                     Journey                         the Office and Shop Floor        & Solving Problems              Improvement

                       F57: Building a Competitive                                      NEW! F77: Planning for
                                                       NEW! F67: The Dark Cloud                                         NEW! F87: ERP Systems:
                     Advantage: Know What Your                                        the Future: The New Dawn
     MANAGEMENT                                      Behind the Silver Lining:                                        Selection & Avoiding the ERP
                     Business is Worth and Tax                                        of Manufacturing and
                                                     Economy in 2020                                                  Technology Grim Reaper
                     Credit Advantages                                                Technology

                       NEW! F58: Customer
                                                                                        F78: Stengthen Your
      MARKETING      Experience for Manufacturers
                                                       NEW! F68: Sustainable          Marketing Through The Power
                     to Create Digitally-Powered
       & SALES                                       Social Media Strategies          of Story & Grow Your Revenue
                     Journeys That Help People
                                                                                      & Grow Your Team

                       NEW! F59: Productivity,                                                                           NEW! F89: Artificial
    SMART                                              NEW! F69: Quit Making            NEW! F79: From Rust-Belt
                     Performance & Quality                                                                            Intelligence for Machine
                                                     Excuses and Close the Loop -     to High-Tech: Transform,
 MANUFACTURING       Management for Smart                                                                             Learning & Streamlining
                                                     Now is the Time to Digitize      Ignite and Disrupt
                     Manufacturing                                                                                    Quoting Process

                       NEW! S50: Materials-1           NEW! S60: Materials-2                                            NEW! S80: Materials-3
                       NEW! S51: Connectivity-1        NEW! S61: Connectivity-2                                         NEW! S81: Connectivity-3

       WELDING                                         NEW! W600: Resistance &                                          NEW! W800: Improving
                                                     Arc Welding For Better Weld-                                     Lightweight Materials Joining
     FABRICATION                                     ability and Hazard Reduction                                     Through Friction Welding

                       NEW! F214: Engaging
     WORKFORCE                                         NEW! F215: Conflict &
                     Manufacturing’s Next                                                NEW! F216: Leadership Skills & Development Workshop
                                                     Communication For Strong
     DEVELOPMENT     Generation Through Full                                          (12:00 PM - 4:30 PM)
                     Contact Innovation

                      W11: AWS Educational Overview of Welding Codes and Standards - Day 1                              8:00 AM           5:00 PM

      SEMINARS        W12: Applied Welding Metallurgy                                                                   8:00 AM           4:00 PM
                      W13: WPS’s for Weld Inspection and Test-Taking Tips                                               8:00 AM          12:00 PM
     CONFERENCES      W16: 5th International Electron Beam Conference - Day 1                                           8:00 AM           5:00 PM
                      W24: SESSION 4: Solid-State Processes                                                             8:00 AM          12:00 PM
                            SESSION 5: Surfacing & Dissimilar Joining                                                   8:00 AM          12:00 PM

     PROFESSIONAL           SESSION 6: Welding Metallurgy I                                                             8:00 AM          12:00 PM
       PROGRAM              SESSION 7: Neural Networks & Machine Learning                                                1:40 PM          5:00 PM
                            SESSION 8: Additive Manufacturing II                                                         1:40 PM          5:00 PM
                            SESSION 9: Welding Metallurgy II                                                             1:40 PM          5:00 PM
     RWMA SCHOOL      W22: RWMA Resistance Welding School - Day 1                                                       8:00 AM           5:00 PM

   EDU. SESSIONS      W29: AWS/Weld-Ed Education Conference - Using Advanced Waveforms in Welding Education             9:00 AM           4:30 PM
 SPECIAL PROGRAMS     W31: AWS Awards/AWS Foundation Luncheon                                                           12:00 PM          2:00 PM

        Detailed Education Program session descriptions, speakers, pricing,                     = Basic          = Intermediate         = Advanced
18      room locations and more can be found at
You can also read