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    About the FSR                                 3
    Become Active                                 4
    Committees                                    5

    Private Equity Conference                      6
    Big 4 Cycle                                    7
    International Banking Cycle                    8
    Asset Management Tour                          9
    Financial Business Cycle                      10
    Master Class                                  11
    International Research Project                12
    Sustainable Finance Conference                13
    iCansultancy                                  14
    Corporate Finance Competition                 15
    Finance Day                                   16
    The Valuation                                 17
    European Finance Tour                         18
    Investment Week                               19
    Open Banking Day                              20

    Social Media                                  21
    Financial Career Platform                     22
    Become a Member                               23

About the FSR

The Financial Study association Rotterdam (FSR) is the study association for stu-
dents interested in (Quantitative) Finance, Accounting, Controlling or Consulting
at Erasmus University Rotterdam, both at Erasmus School of Economics and Rot-
terdam School of Management.

The FSR organizes informative activities for her 2800 members interested in finan-
ce and/or accounting, controlling and consultancy. To make these events possible,
the FSR has partnerships with over 100 companies from several sectors. Further-
more, the FSR has a strong connection with the aforementioned schools of the
Erasmus University.

For more information about the FSR, do not hesitate to contact us! You can send an
e-mail to or call 010-408 1830 and you can always come by our office at
NT-01. Also make sure you follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.

President 			                               Noah van Roekel
Vice President 			                          Anne van Oosterhout
Treasurer 			                               Joost Crul
Commissioner External Relations             Jasper Bonsma
Commissioner Activities 			                 Emma Schuller
Commissioner Finance Activities             Larissa Davidsz

Become a Committee Member

     Get involved in the organization of our prestigious events
    The Financial Study association Rotterdam is widely known for her prestigious
    events. Our active (committee) members work closely together with a member of
    the board to guarantee a successful event.

    Being an active member of the FSR means that you are directly involved in the
    organization of our projects and that you carry a lot of responsibilities. Each year
    the board shows its confidence and trust in its committee members by organizing
    an active members day in November and an active members weekend in March.

    As a member of a committee at the FSR you get the opportunity to become
    acquainted with our partners and it will offer you the possibility to familiarize
    yourself with the area in which you want to start your professional career. This
    way you immediately are one step ahead of your fellow students. At the FSR, the
    students you will work with strive for a professional career in the financial sector as
    well. This will give you the chance to create a valuable network.

    If you have any questions or if you wish to apply as an active member, you can send
    an email to or call to 010-4081830. You are always welcome to visite our
    office in room NT-01!

    Note: you can only become an active member if you are Dutch speaking.


                          Join our committees!
At the FSR, we have several committees for which you can apply, you can only ap-
ply for a committee if Dutch is your first language. The committees will be formed
in July, September and January. For more information you can check our website You can find out which committee is responsible for
which event and the amount of time each committee takes. The International Ban-
king Cycle Committee, the Accountancy Committee, the Financial Business Cycle
Committee, the ICansultancy Committee and the Asset Management Committee
are already formed in July. For the following committees the deadline will be on
Sunday 15th of September. These committees are:
»» Career Perspective Committee
»» Corporate Finance Committee
»» Conference Committee
»» International Research Project Committee
»» Masterclass Committee

We also recruite committee members in November for
»» Investment week Committee

Furthermore, we have committees that are formed in January 2020, the deadline
for these committees is 12th of January 2020. These committees are:
»» European Finance Tour Committee
»» Open Banking Day Committee
»» Career Perspective Committee (additional member)

If you have any questions or if you wish to apply for one of the above mentioned
committees, you can send an email to or come by our office in room

Private Equity Conference

                                     Dry Powder

    On the 11 th of September, the Financial Study association Rotterdam organises the
    inaugural Private Equity Conference. The goal of this event is to give students an
    insight in the diverse world of Private Equity. The main focus lies on the upcoming
    challenges associated with ‘Dry Powder’.

    In the last couple of years, financial companies have increasingly made use of Dry
    Powder, a term that refers to cash reserves kept on hand. As for the Private Equity
    sector, it has become very challenging to find appropriate investment opportunities
    for this capital. We have invited three renowned speakers to share their views on
    investment opportunities and the dilemma of this large pile of money. If you want
    to know more about Private Equity and innovative investment strategies the Private
    Equity Conference is the perfect fit.

      Kimon Baloumis                 Nikki de Witt               Karel van der Voorden
    Investment Manager           Associate - Bridgepoint          Senior Associate - 3i
      - Parcom Capital

Big 4 Cycle

  Do you aspire a career as an accountant at one of the
biggest accountancy firms in the world? Take the first step
          in your career and join the Big 4 Cycle

The Big 4 Cycle is the perfect opportunity to get to know the four biggest
accountancy firms. During this event you get the possibility to meet accountants,
get to know their tasks and find out what distinguishes the firm and the employees
from the other firms. The event consists of four seperate inhousedays, so you can
really experience what it is like to work as an accountant at each of the firms.

During these inhousedays in cooperation with Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC, you
will experience the world of accounting by trying to solve cases composed by
employees of the firms. The recruiters and accountants can give you a clear view of
what the day-to-day tasks of an accountant are within their organization. Each of
the four days will end with a dinner and drinks.

International Banking Cycle

           The International Banking Cycle, the largest Investment
                     Banking event in the Netherlands

     After the success of the past twenty-two years, we proudly announce that the
     International Banking Cycle (IBC) will be organized once more. The IBC is the largest
     Investment Banking recruitment event in the Netherlands. Just like previous years
     the IBC will be organized by the Financial Study association Rotterdam (FSR) and
     the Financial Study association Amsterdam (FSA). The IBC gives students a clear
     view of the operational practices and possible carreer opportunities at a major
     international Investment Bank.

     Eleven prominent Investment Banks will participate in the IBC. These Investment
     Banks are Nomura, Lazard, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Morgan Stanley,
     ING, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Citi. All banks will
     contribute to the IBC 2019 by giving workshops, presentations or taking
     interviews. For more information, check the website:
    BANK/EVENT                       DATE               APP. DEADLINE     LOCATION

    Opening Amsterdam                September 13th     -                 Amsterdam
    Opening Rotterdam                September 13th     -                 Rotterdam
    ING                              September 16th     September 8th     Amsterdam
    Nomura                           September 17th     September 8th     Rotterdam
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch    September 18th     September 8th     Amsterdam
    Morgan Stanley                   September 19th     September 8th     Rotterdam
    Morgan Stanley (interviews)      September 20th     September 8th     Rotterdam
    Lazard                           September 23rd     September 15th    Rotterdam
    Deutsche Bank                    September 24th     September 15th    Amsterdam
    Barclays                         September 25th     September 15th    Rotterdam

    J.P. Morgan                      September 26th     September 15th    Rotterdam

    J.P. Morgan (interviews)         September 27th     September 15th    Rotterdam

    Goldman Sachs                    September 30th     September 22th    Rotterdam

    HSBC                             October 1st        September 22th    Rotterdam

    CITI                             October 2nd        September 22th    Rotterdam

Asset Management Tour
October - November

            An event especially for those interested in
                the world of Asset Management

The Asset Management Tour is a collaboration between the Financial Study
associations of Amsterdam (FSA) and Rotterdam (FSR). The Asset Management Tour
is a perfect event for third-year Bachelor and Master students to get an in-depth
view in the world of Asset Management.

One of the most important parts of the financial sector, and probably the least
known, is the Asset Management industry. Asset managers worldwide manage
over $100 trillion, which makes them a vital part of the global financial sector.
Although we might not realize it, the decisions of these financial institutions
influence everybody.

In this three-day tour you will visit various asset managers in and around
Amsterdam. Moreover, you will spend nights in a hotel in Amsterdam. During the
program you will work on strategic and interactive investment cases. Furthermore,
you will lunch and dine with employees of all firms to figure out what working as an
asset manager really looks like.

Do you enjoy following financial markets, reading the Financial Times, wat-
ching your own portfolio or checking stock prices on the internet? Do you want
to know who is behind “the market”? Do you want to invest billions with your
team? Do you want to invest in companies that make the everyday headlines?
If so, you may find a career in Asset Management appealing and join the Asset
Management Tour!

Financial Business Cycle

            Get to know everything about the diverse career
              possibilities as a young professional with a
                          financial background

     The Financial Business Cycle consists of several workshops, inhouse days and dinners
     with multiple different companies. The Financial Business Cycle is the perfect op-
     portunity for upcoming financial professionals to explore their career possibilities.

     At an inhouse day, each company will introduce themselves in their own way. In
     addition to presentations and company tours, a significant part of the day will be
     reserved for business cases, allowing you to show your financial talent. During
     an inhouse day you will have the opportunity to get to know the participating
     companies and experience the differences in activities and corporate culture.

     During the Financial Business Cycle multiple dinners are hosted in collaboration
     with prestigious partners. At every dinner, different partners will be present which
     offers you the possibility to view multiple companies in an informal setting at the same
     time. Furthermore, we organize informal activities such as a high tea and sports clinic.

     Additionally, companies from multiple financial sectors will offer on-campus
     workshops. They will provide information about the company and offer a chal-
     lenging case which gives you the opportunity to excel and impress them with
     your knowledge, at the same time you will get familiar with the company.

     The application for the Financial Business Cycle consists of individual subscriptions
     per company.

Master Class
November - January - March

   Let us help you with your thesis with, amongst others,
                the Bloomberg Master Class

Throughout the year we organize a range of Master Classes. One of them is
the Bloomberg Master Class and is organized for students that want to become
familiar with the use of Bloomberg, which can be useful in writing a thesis.
This master class is organized by the FSR in cooperation with Bloomberg and
Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC).

The Bloomberg Master Class focuses on students that have limited experience with
the use of Bloomberg and are interested in the analysis of market data. During
a one hour class the students will participate in a “Master the Terminal” session
given by a Bloomberg professional. This class teaches students how to navigate the
Bloomberg terminal and explore a tour of its services. The participants will work
with Bloomberg on a computer while they will follow the instructions on the big
screen. The skills taught in this class are very valuable for data analysis in order to
conduct a research.

Are you excited to improve your skills and learn more about the Bloomberg
Terminal? Or do you want to become more familiar with the use of Bloomberg
to perform research or write your thesis? Then we would like to see you at the
Bloomberg Master Class.

International Research Project

      Curious about the corporate world of another continent?
           This is your chance! Apply for the International
                        Research Project 2020

     The International Research Project is FSR’s biggest project. The aim of
     the project is to give students the opportunity to investigate a financi-
     al topic in a consultancy assignment at an international company. On this
     international location the participants will get in contact with different stakehol-
     ders by means of company visits and meetings with locals. The students will get a
     good insight into the differences between the business environment of the
     international location and the Netherlands.

     The IRP will start in December 2019 with inhouse days and guest lectures
     at Dutch companies. These companies will share their international experiences and
     will assist the students with their consultancy assignment.

     In July 2020 the participants will travel to the foreign destination to continue their
     investigation on location. The participants will be divided in teams and each team
     will investigate a different company. The IRP will be concluded with a presentation
     of the results which will give a clear perspective of the outcomes and lessons

     Do you want to be a consultant
     and finalize your research in
     another country? Do not hesi-
     tate any longer and apply for the
     International Research Project

Sustainable Finance Conference

   Get to know the emerging Sustainable Finance Sector
    during workshops and by attending the subsequent

In 2020 the second edition of the Sustainable Finance Conference will be organised.
The Sustainable Finance Conference is a one-day event during which companies
can show their affiliation with Sustainable Finance to students. Students can learn
about the sector by participating in the workshops and attending the conference.
During the workshops students get acquainted with the working activities within
the Sustainable Finance Sector. After the workshops, companies can speak to the
the students in a more informal manner during the lunch.

For the conference we invite several speakers from relevant companies and institu-
tions to contribute to the discussion by sharing their insights. The conference will
end with a networking drink for all participating firms and students.


                 Discover the world of Strategy Consulting

     iCansultancy is a collaboration between FSR, FAECTOR and In Duplo. This event is
     all about Strategy Consulting. The aim of this project is to make 20 highly motivated
     female students acquainted with the world of strategy consulting.

     The event will take place at a high end location in Amsterdam where students will
     get to know the world of Strategy Consulting in one day. The program will consist
     of company presentations followed by cases of these companies. Every case will be
     followed by a lunch or a drink in order to get to know the participating companies
     better. This event is suited for a broad range of students, thanks to the contribution
     of the different associations. Students in the fields of business administration, eco-
     nomics, econometrics and finance are all encouraged to apply!

Corporate Finance Competition

           Join this five star event on a five star location

The Corporate Finance Competition is known as one of the most prestigious
Corporate Finance events in the Netherlands. Each year the Corporate Finance
Competition is organized in cooperation with leading companies.

During two days of business courses, students will meet several companies.
Guided by the professionals of these entities, students will work on interactive and
challenging cases in a team setting. After each case the respective company will
choose a winning team. At the end of the competition one team will be the overall
victor of the Corporate Finance Competition!

Besides the formal interaction with the participating companies during the cases,
sufficient leisure time and informal contact is offered during the lunches, dinners
and social drinks.

Each year this event takes place at an exclusive and luxurious venue.
Previous years the hosting venues for this challenging business courses have been,
amongst others, Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg and Grand Hotel Karel V. The fact
that the Financial Study association Rotterdam organises the Corporate Finance
Competition does not imply that it is only allowed for students from the
Erasmus University Rotterdam to apply. On the contrary, a nationwide promotion
campaign guarantees an annually increasing amount of participants from different
universities throughout the country.

Finance Days

             A perfect day to see the career possibilities in the
                               field of finance

     FSR organises together with EFR and STAR two separate days especially for second
     and third year Bachelor students interested in Finance. These days are perfect to
     help you choose for a minor, major or master and to learn about the career pos-
     sibilities in the field of Finance.

     The Finance Days will give you the opportunity to see what it is like to be wor-
     king in the world of Finance. Professors of the Finance departments of both the
     Erasmus School of Economics and the Rotterdam School of Management will kick
     off these days with a short introduction about the master programs. Next, se-
     veral companies will tell you more about different tracks of Finance. Specialists in
     the field will give presentations that are open to all interested students, allowing
     them to see finance from a practical perspective. The only thing you have to do, is
     subscribe for this event.

     We will also invite companies that operate in the field of Finance to present their
     workshops to a selected group of students. This will provide students with a more
     in-depth view of what it is like to work at one of these companies.

The Valuation
March - April

                Learn how to value a company from a
                        London professional

This event consists of two days in which you will be taught how to bring valuation
theory into practice. Two companies will be testing your valuation skills during
their workshops. This gives you the opportunity to excel and impress them with
your knowledge and at the same time you will get familiar with their advisory
departments. This day will be organized in Rotterdam and includes a dinner with
both companies in the evening.

Prior to the workshops, Training the Street will organize a valuation training. You
will learn the fundamentals of popular corporate valuation techniques used by
investment banking practitioners. This training is used within investment banks,
business schools and high ranked universities around the world, for example at
Harvard and INSEAD. The main goal is to train candidates, who are seeking
employment at investment banks and in the field of finance.

European Finance Tour

      Want to visit a financial hotspot in Europe and figure out
       the differences in corporate culture across countries?
                   Join the European Finance tour

     The European Finance Tour (EFT) is a yearly study trip for Dutch students with a
     financial background. It offers a group of 20 students the opportunity to
     learn about developments in and differences among the financial systems in a
     European city. By visiting a broad range of interesting companies, financial
     organizations and institutions, the participants of the EFT get a brief, but great
     insight in a financial system outside the Netherlands. Some of the past destinations
     are London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Milan, Madrid and Vienna.

     The EFT is an event during which the FSR offers students the opportunity to get
     introduced to a broad range of companies and institutions. By visiting companies
     the students will get an insight in how business is done in the country of destina-
     tion by presentations and cases on interesting topics. Next to the main program,
     participants will have the chance to explore whatever the city has to offer. This way,
     the EFT provides a perfect mixture of professional and social activities.

Investment Week

  The Investment Week is the biggest investment event for
               students in the Netherlands

Jointly organized by the investment society B&R Beurs and Financial Study associa-
tion Rotterdam (FSR), the event gives students the opportunity to get in touch with
diverse world of investments. The program of the Investment Week is designed in
such a way that students can choose the area they have a specific interest in. Partici-
pating companies are hedge funds, private equity firms and investment banks.

Subscription for the Investment Week is free for students from both B&R Beurs and
FSR. Once subscribed, you can apply for all activities during the week. In this week,
full of workshops, seminars and case competitions, students work towards the cli-
max of the week: the Investment Symposium. The Investment Symposium forms the
final and most prestigious chapter of the Investment Week. Students and professi-
onals from all across The Netherlands are welcome to attend this event. You do not
want to miss this opportunity to learn from first-hand experience!

                                        6 juni 2019


                             the current

Open Banking Day

                Are you interested in fintech? Come to the
                            Open Banking Day

     The Open Banking Day is a collaboration between the Financial Study association
     Rotterdam and Turing Students Rotterdam. Last year, the first edition of this event
     was organised. During this day, experts and representatives from banks, technology
     companies and management consultancy institutions tell their stories, debate, and
     tackle questions about a topic that changes every year.

     Last year’s topic was Open Banking, which is an increasingly used term. In 2015,
     the EU administered the Payment Services Directive II, requiring banks to share the
     data they have collected about consumers - your data - to third-party developers.
     The idea is to open up the elusive banking world to fairer competition, consolidate
     a more integrated European electronic market, give consumers more freedom to
     decide what to do with their money, and incentivise innovations.

     Do you want to learn more about the connection between fintech en the financial
     world? Join us at the Open Banking Day!

Social Media

   Visit our Facebook & LinkedIn pages for updates on
upcoming deadlines, events, activities and reports. Also
     check out our Instagram to follow our board &
                    social activities!

Financial Career Platform

                          The next step for your career!

     Are you looking for your dream job or internship? Or are you still looking for a
     means to get acquainted in certain industries? Then you can visit our NEW website, for more information.

     The FSR Career Platform has been developed to meet the needs of students who
     are orienting themselves for their future careers. All our partners regularly up-
     date their profile, so you can view all the latest internships, inhousedays, business
     courses and vacancies. The website offers you a complete overview of all career
     opportunities in the leading finance and accountancy companies.

                            Where to start your career?

Become a Member

        Enjoy all benefits of a FSR membership for only
                        5 euros per year!

All the events described are highlights of what we organize throughout the year. But
there is even more: guest lectures and lecture slides booklets are also provided by
the FSR in cooperation with the professors.

Every student interested in Finance, Accounting, Controlling or Consulting should
become a member of the FSR. The costs of a membership are only 5 euros per year.
Participation in any event requires membership of the FSR. As a member, you will be
informed about all our events, upcoming deadlines, news of our partners. We also
offer the possibility to become an active member and join one of our committees.

To subscribe, visit our website, click the ‘Sign up for membership’ button
and subscribe as an FSR member. Do not forget to like our Facebook page to stay

The Financial Study association Rotterdam highly values international students.
However, not all of our partners are hiring international students and therefore, va-
cancies and events may not always be open for everybody. Nevertheless, we want
to encourage all students to apply to, and participate in, our events.

If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

                                Phone: 010-4081830
                         Address: Burg. Oudlaan 50, NT-01
                              Instagram: fsrrotterdam
               LinkedIn: Financial Study association Rotterdam (FSR)

             Financial Study association Rotterdam
               p/a Erasmus University Rotterdam
                        Burg. Oudlaan 50
                          Room NT-01
                       3062 PA Rotterdam

                     Phone: 010-4081830

                  Instagram: fsrrotterdam

     Visiting hours: Monday till Friday from 09.00 till 17.00

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