2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council

2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council

Adult Education
discover • learn • achieve

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2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council
2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council
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                                                                                       discover • learn • achieve
An adult education course gives you      Be creative                              4
the opportunity to discover, learn or
achieve something new. Joining a
course is an excellent way of creating
                                         Special interests                       12
new opportunities for personal
development or improving your career
prospects, making new friends, or just
                                         Health and wellbeing                    14

relaxing. It’s never too late to try
something new, even if you haven’t       Volunteering                            17
been in a classroom for some time,
you’ll be in good company.
                                         Family learning                         17
This directory covers a selection of
the wide variety of classes running
from June 2019 until February 2020.
                                         Languages                               18
Sessions run at different times
throughout the week, in addition to
one-day trial workshops. There will
                                         Digital skills                          22

be additional courses added
throughout the year and look out for     Career courses and work skills          24
the spring 2020 programme released
later this year.
                                         Give it a go courses                    29
Our tutors are experienced and
knowledgeable, dedicated and
friendly. We can promise a thoroughly
                                         English and maths and ESOL              30
enjoyable time with them, and with
your fellow learners, with content
delivered at a pace suited to each
                                         Supported learning                      32

learner in a supportive environment
where great friendships are made.        Your questions answered                 37

If you need some advice and would
like to discuss your options you can

                                         Centre information                      38
talk to us in person at our Rochester
centre, or you can phone us on
01634 338400
                                         Small print                             38

We look forward to helping you to
discover, learn or achieve.
                                         Index                                   42

Cllr Howard Doe, Deputy Leader and
Portfolio Holder for Adult Learning
                                         Term dates                       Back cover
2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council
Be creative

2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council
Our aim is to inspire everyone to be creative, and to realise the enrichment and enjoyment to lives

                                                                                                          discover • learn • achieve
that this brings. Our role is to help you discover your passion and flair. There are day and evening
courses available for all subjects along with Saturday workshops, and new courses are added
throughout the year. Follow our social media pages for updates on new courses. If you’re not sure
what you’d prefer to do why not sign up for a trial at one of our free sessions during the Festival of
Learning in September, or try something new in our Give it a Go New Year range during
January/February 2020.

Day           Time                 Date       Sessions Centre            Code              Fee A Fee B

Pottery, sculpture and ceramics
We are excited to be able to offer a full range of pottery courses led by our dedicated team of
experienced potters and ceramicists. You will learn traditional and modern techniques to a
professional standard in our well-equipped studio. Be inspired to join us. The Pottery Studio has
undergone a transformation, including all new wheels and kilns, a really inspiring, creative and
professional space.

Monday        1-3pm                 16/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000001A           £226    £186
Monday        1-3pm                 10/2/20      17     Rochester       Q000002A           £226    £186

Ceramics and sculpture - beginners/improvers
Wednesday     6.30-8.30pm           18/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000003A           £226    £186
Wednesday     6.30-8.30pm           26/2/20      17     Rochester       Q000004A           £226    £186

Pottery and ceramics - beginners/improvers
Monday        6.30-8.30pm           16/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000005A           £226    £186
Monday        6.30-8.30pm           10/2/20      17     Rochester       Q000006A           £226    £186
Tuesday       6.30-8.30pm           17/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000007A           £226    £186
Tuesday       6.30-8.30pm           25/2/20      17     Rochester       Q000008A           £226    £186
Wednesday     10am-12noon           25/9/19      15     Rochester       Q000009A           £208    £173
Wednesday     10am-12noon           26/2/20      15     Rochester       Q000010A           £208    £173

Pottery basic and creative
Friday        9.30am-12.30pm        27/9/19      15     Rochester       Q000011A           £276    £225
Friday        9.30am-12.30pm        28/2/20      15     Rochester       Q000012A           £276    £225

Pottery basic and creative - mixed ability
Thursday      9.30am-12.30pm        19/9/19      15     Rochester       Q000013A           £276    £225

Thursday      9.30am-12.30pm        6/2/20       15     Rochester       Q000014A           £276    £225

Pottery, sculpture and modelling - beginners/improvers
Monday        10am-12noon           16/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000015A           £226    £186
Monday        10am-12noon           10/2/20      17     Rochester       Q000016A           £226    £186

Sculpture for beginners
Saturday      10am-1pm              1/2/20       1      Rochester       Q000018A           £36     £31

Pottery - intensive throwing workshop
Saturday      10am-4pm              29/2/20      1      Rochester       Q000019A           £50     £42
2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council
Festival of learning,
discover • learn • achieve

                                                                                                 September 2019
                                                                                               look out for our free
                                                                                              programme of courses

                                Day          Time               Date        Sessions Centre        Code            Fee A Fee B

                                Pottery - mug making
                                Saturday     10am-4pm            11/1/20       2    Rochester      Q000020A        £82    £67

                                Introduction to Japanese pottery and language
                                Saturday     10am-3.30pm         8/2/20        3    Rochester      Q000022A        £91    £73

                                Fashion, textiles and needlecraft
                                Our fashion studio has recently been updated with new sewing machines and overlockers so that you
                                can make the most of learning with up to date equipment supported by our talented team of tutors
                                who each have a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share.
                                If you enjoy sewing but do not want to dress-make try one of the new Crafternoon workshops
                                working on short projects such as: drawstring bags; zipped make-up bag/ pencil case; hedgehog
                                pin cushion.

                                Dressmaking for beginners and improvers
                                Tuesday      9.45-11.45am        24/9/19      15    Rochester      Q000023A        £172   £136
                                Tuesday      1-3pm               24/9/19      15    Rochester      Q000025A        £172   £136
                                Thursday     9.45-11.45am        26/9/19      15    Rochester      Q000027A        £172   £136

                                Dressmaking workshop - mixed ability
                                Friday       9.30am-3.30pm       18/10/19      1    Rochester      Q000029A        £52    £42
                                Saturday     9.30am-3.30pm       16/11/19      1    Rochester      Q000030A        £52    £42

                                Make your own skirt block
                                Monday       12.30-3pm           30/9/19       2    Rochester      Q000034A        £52    £42

                                Make your own bodice block
                                Monday       12.30-3pm           28/10/19      2    Rochester      Q000035A        £52    £42

                                Textiles - stitching and mixed media
                                Monday       9.30-11.30am        23/9/19      10    Rochester      Q000036A        £119   £96
                                Monday       6.45-8.45pm         23/9/19      10    Rochester      Q000037A        £119   £96
2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council
Day            Time                Date        Sessions Centre           Code              Fee A Fee B

                                                                                                            discover • learn • achieve
Sewing for fun - essential machine skills
Wednesday     12.45-3.15pm          25/9/19      10     Rochester       Q000038A           £147    £117
Wednesday     12.45-3.15pm          26/2/20      10     Rochester       Q000039A           £147    £117
Wednesday     6.30-9pm              25/9/19      10     Rochester       Q000040A           £147    £117
Wednesday     6.30-9pm              26/2/20      10     Rochester       Q000041A           £147    £117

Crafternoon sewing series
Introduction to the overlocker
Wednesday     1-4pm                 11/9/19       1     Rochester       Q000042A           £39     £32

Make a lined fabric storage bucket
Thursday      1-4pm                 21/11/19      1     Rochester       Q000043A           £39     £32

Make a drawstring bag
Thursday      1-4pm                 28/11/19      1     Rochester       Q000044A           £39     £32

Make festive bunting
Thursday      1-4pm                 5/12/19       1     Rochester       Q000045A           £39     £32

Make a zipped cushion cover
Thursday      1-4pm                 16/1/20       1     Rochester       Q000046A           £39     £32

Make a lined zipped make-up bag/pencil case
Monday        1-4pm                 27/1/20       1     Rochester       Q000047A           £39     £32

Jewellery making
Learn to create unique jewellery with our tutor who is an accomplished practising jewellery designer.
All courses are suitable for all abilities. You will learn soldering, stone setting and creating textures
from metal.

Jewellery design and making - mixed ability
Wednesday     4.30-6.30pm           18/9/19      15     Rochester       Q000049A           £164    £133
Wednesday     4.30-6.30pm           29/1/20      15     Rochester       Q000050A           £164    £133
Wednesday     7-9pm                 18/9/19      15     Rochester       Q000051A           £164    £133                  medway.gov.uk/mae
Wednesday     7-9pm                 29/1/20      15     Rochester       Q000052A           £164    £133
Thursday      4.30-6.30pm           19/9/19      15     Rochester       Q000053A           £164    £133
Thursday      4.30-6.30pm           30/1/20      15     Rochester       Q000054A           £164    £133
Thursday      7-9pm                 19/9/19      15     Rochester       Q000055A           £164    £133
Thursday      7-9pm                 30/1/20      15     Rochester       Q000056A           £164    £133

2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council
Day           Time                 Date       Sessions Centre          Code              Fee A Fee B

discover • learn • achieve

                                Learn how to write beautifully and develop your creativity with calligraphy. You will learn fundamental
                                approaches, letterforms, layout and design. Calligraphy can be used to enhance artwork, illustrate
                                writing, create invitations or as a stand-alone art form.

                                Calligraphy workshop
                                Saturday      10am-3pm              5/10/19       1    Rochester       Q000057A          £42     £34

                                Calligraphy - beginners and progression to intermediate
                                Thursday      10am-12noon           19/9/19      12    Rochester       Q000058A          £143    £114
                                Thursday      10am-12noon           9/1/20       12    Rochester       Q000059A          £143    £114

                                Calligraphy - progression to intermediate
                                Monday        10am-12noon           16/9/19      12    Rochester       Q000060A          £143    £114

                                Calligraphy - progression to intermediate
                                Monday        10am-12noon           6/1/20       12    Rochester       Q000061A          £143    £114

                                 Tutor profile -
                                 Matt Bray
                                 Matt Bray is an artist and curator with a BA and
                                 MA in Fine Art from University of Kent. He is co-
                                 founder of the highly successful Sick! project and
                                 annual Medway Print Festival who has curated
                                 exhibitions with some of the area’s leading artists
                                 such as Billy Childish, Laurie Vincent from
                                 Slaves and Daisy Parris. He has exhibited
                                 internationally and his artistic practice involves
                                 using collaboration to explore new media and
                                 techniques as a way of remaining in a playful
                                 relation to the work.

                                 Matt is also an artists’ mentor working with
                                 individual artists and organisations to expand

                                 their creativity and find new ways of thinking
                                 about their work. His main goal is to share the
                                 sense of play and experimentation that he finds
                                 so useful in his own practice. He started teaching
                                 with Medway Adult Education in 2018 and says
                                 he “finds the opportunity to share his enthusiasm
                                 and passion for the arts a wonderful experience”.

2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council
Day           Time                Date        Sessions Centre           Code              Fee A Fee B

 Drawing and painting

                                                                                                         discover • learn • achieve
 We offer a wide range of drawing and painting courses to suit all abilities and interests. Our expert
 tutors will develop your skills and work with you to provide a programme of study to inspire and
 develop both your technical ability and individual style. As well as longer, general art courses, we
 offer specialist workshops and short courses throughout the year.

 Drawing - still life
 Saturday      10am-2pm             1/2/20        1     Rochester       Q000062A           £37    £31

 Portrait drawing workshop
 Friday        12.45-2.45pm         13/9/19       1     Rochester       Q000064A           £38    £33

 Portrait drawing
 Saturday      10am-2pm             8/2/20        1     Rochester       Q000065A           £40    £34

 Drawing and painting - beginners and progression to intermediate
 Monday        9.30am-12noon        9/9/19       14     Rochester       Q000066A           £167   £133
 Monday        9.30am-12noon        20/1/20      14     Rochester       Q000067A           £167   £133
 Monday        6.45-8.45pm          30/9/19      10     RSG             Q000068A           £102   £82
 Monday        7-9pm                30/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000069A           £163   £130
 Monday        7-9pm                24/2/20      15     Rochester       Q000070A           £146   £116
 Wednesday     7-9pm                16/10/19     10     Rochester       Q000071A           £102   £82
 Wednesday     7-9pm                22/1/20      10     Rochester       Q000072A           £102   £82
 Friday        10am-12noon          20/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000077A           £163   £130
 Friday        10am-12noon          28/2/20      17     Rochester       Q000078A           £163   £130

 Drawing and painting - progression to intermediate and advanced
 Monday        1-3pm                16/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000079A           £163   £130
 Monday        1-3pm                24/2/20      17     Rochester       Q000080A           £163   £130
 Wednesday     9.30am-12noon        11/9/19      14     Rochester       Q000081A           £167   £133
 Wednesday     9.30am-12noon        22/1/20      14     Rochester       Q000082A           £167   £133
 Wednesday     12.30-3pm            11/9/19      14     Rochester       Q000073A           £167   £133
 Wednesday     12.30-3pm            22/1/20      14     Rochester       Q000074A           £167   £133
 Thursday      1-3pm                19/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000083A           £163   £130                medway.gov.uk/mae
 Thursday      1-3pm                27/2/20      17     Rochester       Q000084A           £163   £130

 Drawing and painting - mixed ability
 Thursday      7-9pm                12/9/19      14     Rochester       Q000075A           £167   £133
 Thursday      7-9pm                23/1/20      14     Rochester       Q000076A           £167   £133

 Drawing and painting in watercolour - beginners and progression to intermediate
 Tuesday       12.30-3pm            10/9/19      14     Rochester       Q000085A           £167   £133

 Drawing and painting in watercolour - beginners and progression to intermediate
 Tuesday       12.30-3pm            21/1/20      14     Rochester       Q000086A           £167   £133
RSG = Rainham School for Girls                                                                                           9
2019 Directory - Medway Adult Education - Medway Council
Day           Time                Date        Sessions Centre          Code              Fee A Fee B
discover • learn • achieve

                                 Life drawing and painting workshop
                                 Saturday      10am-12noon          12/10/19      1    Rochester       Q000087A           £38        £33

                                 Portrait drawing and painting - beginners and progression to intermediate
                                 Friday        12.45-2.45pm         20/9/19      17    Rochester       Q000088A           £163       £130
                                 Friday        12.45-2.45pm         28/2/20      17    Rochester       Q000089A           £163       £130

                                 Acrylic painting
                                 Tuesday       9.30am-12noon        10/9/19      14    Rochester       Q000090A           £167       £133
                                 Tuesday       9.30am-12noon        21/1/20      14    Rochester       Q000091A           £167       £133

                                 Create gorgeous floral displays to impress with our range of floristry courses. Create a range of
                                 traditional and contemporary designs for weddings, funerals and the home.

                                 Floristry stage 1 - beginners
                                 Monday        6.50-8.50pm          30/9/19       8    Rochester       Q000092A           £104       £85

                                 Floristry stage 2 - improvers
                                 Monday        6.50-8.50pm          13/1/20       8    Rochester       Q000093A           £104       £85

                                 Stained glass
                                 Our stained glass courses will teach you everything from initial design development through to glass
                                 cutting and assembly processes, to create beautiful glass designs. Suitable for all levels from
                                 complete beginners to practiced artists who will work with the tutor to realise their ideas.

                                 Stained glass - mixed ability
                                 Tuesday       7-9pm                17/9/19      23    Rochester       Q000094A           £216       £173
                                 Wednesday     1-3pm                18/9/19      23    Rochester       Q000096A           £216       £173

                                 Learners may wish to study for pleasure, as a hobby or to develop professional skills. From learning
                                 to master your own camera settings to using creative approaches, our expert photography tutor will
                                 guide you to get the most from your camera.

                                 Digital photography for beginners

                                 Tuesday       6.50-8.50pm          10/9/19      10    Rochester       Q000098A           £115       £92
                                 Monday        7-9pm                28/10/19     10    RSG             Q000099A           £115       £92

                                 Photography - level 3
                                 Monday        7-9pm                16/9/19       5    RSG             Q000101A           £66        £54

                                 Creative photography - understanding your DSLR
                                 Thursday      10am-12noon          23/1/20       5    Rochester       Q000102A           £66        £54

                                 Portrait - digital photography and studio lighting
                                 Monday        7-9pm                27/1/20       6    RSG             Q000103A           £80        £65
                                RSG = Rainham School for Girls
Meet our new tutors and look out
for their new courses coming soon

                                                                                                  discover • learn • achieve
 Tutor profile - Carol Hunt
Carol is an experienced forager who first developed
her interest in our ancestral uses for wild plants
during childhood and she has been experimenting
and creating her own recipes for them ever since.
During her years as a freelance instructor she has
worked with diverse settings from schools and
universities, to county shows and food festivals.
Mainly however, she works alongside bushcraft
companies demonstrating methods of campfire
cookery and teaching course participants how to
forage safely and ways to cook the fruits of their
wild harvests. She also enjoys writing articles and
devising new ways to cook with wild plants and
presents talks and food tasting events.
On her course she will lead you on a journey to
explore wild plants as they come into season.
You will be creating your own herbarium of pressed
plants, learning the uses for the plants, with your
studies eventually culminating in developing recipes.

                                         Tutor profile - Sharon Mari
                                         Sharon has a practice in Kent and London where she
                                         specialises in training CCM (Contemporary Commercial
                                         Music) singers, rehabilitating injured voices and
                                         presenting vocal health workshops and masterclasses.
                                         Sharon has presented at various places including BIMM
                                         London and ACM Clapham. She has written articles for

                                         Communicating Voice (BVA newsletter) and isingmag.
                                         Her research on vocal rehabilitation was chosen to be
                                         presented at The Voice Clinic Forum and the Voice
                                         Geek conference 2019.
                                         She also has an interest in the psychology of voice
                                         disorders and singing for mental health.
                                         Alongside this, Sharon enjoys performing regularly and
                                         writing original music.

Special interests

      In this section you’ll find a range
      of courses designed to provide
      ongoing opportunities for personal
      development, discovery, meeting
      new friends and socialising.

Day            Time                Date       Sessions Centre            Code              Fee A Fee B

Art appreciation

                                                                                                          discover • learn • achieve
If you are a practising artist or simply enjoy the arts you will love our art appreciation classes.
You will examine both the artists and concepts behind traditional and contemporary art and learn
what influences movements and trends in the visual arts field.

Art appreciation: modern art and pop music
Wednesday     1-3pm                 7/8/19        4     Rochester       Q000105A           £56     £46

Advanced art appreciation and art history
Wednesday     10am-12noon           18/9/19      16     Rochester       Q000106A           £150    £119
Wednesday     10am-12noon           26/2/20      16     Rochester       Q000107A           £150    £119

Art history and art appreciation
Wednesday     1-3pm                 18/9/19      16     Rochester       Q000108A           £150    £119

Creative writing
Wednesday     1-3pm                 26/2/20      16     Rochester       Q000109A           £150    £119

Develop your creative writing skills and start to work on that short story or novel you have been longing
to write. Your tutor will show you how to enhance your abilities and turn your ideas into written reality.

Creative writing 1
Monday        7-9pm                 9/9/19       11     Rochester       Q000110A           £110    £88

Creative writing 2

Monday        7-9pm                 13/1/20      11     Rochester       Q000111A           £110    £88

With a range of subjects our history courses take an in-depth look at a variety of eras and people
from history. A sociable and friendly course.

Historically speaking
Monday        10am-12noon           16/9/19      34     Rochester       Q000113A           £287    £225

Thursday      10am-12noon           19/9/19      34     Rochester       Q000114A           £287    £225

Group learning provides a more affordable option to learn a musical instrument for beginners.
Our tutors engage with leaners to help them progress at a pace that suits them - we all have
different amounts of time we can put into new learning - and your tutor will help you create

manageable goals that keep the learning fun.

Guitar for beginners
Wednesday     10am-12noon           11/9/19      15     Rochester       Q000115A           £162    £127

Electric guitar - beginners and improvers
Wednesday     6.45-8.45pm           29/1/20      15     Rochester       Q000116A           £162    £127

Ukulele for beginners and improvers
Wednesday     12.30-2.30pm          11/9/19      15     Rochester       Q000117A           £162    £127
Wednesday     6.45-8.45pm           11/9/19      15     Rochester       Q000118A           £162    £127
Health and wellbeing

Day           Time                 Date      Sessions Centre            Code              Fee A Fee B

                                                                                                            discover • learn • achieve
 Our wellbeing programme uses a holistic approach to help everyone lead fuller lives - by increasing
 mental health, energy, focus, mobility and movement. This is provided in our modernised wellbeing
 studio in the Rochester Centre - a really calming and positive space - as well as out in the
 community. New this year - our wellbeing for families - which includes parent and child yoga and
 mindfulness and post-natal yoga. For full details check our social media pages. We offer parent/carer
 and child mindfulness sessions with options in 2019/20 for parents to come along with their
 teenagers, during exam season.

 Suitable for all abilities, our yoga courses will promote suppleness, mobility and mental health as well
 as helping you to relax and achieve a sense of wellbeing. You will learn postures and breathing and
 relaxation techniques at a pace suitable for you.

 Yoga for beginners
 Monday        7.30-9pm             16/9/19      12     Rochester       Q000119A           £105    £84

 Yoga - all abilities
 Monday        7.30-9pm             9/9/19       34     RSG             Q000120A           £221    £174
 Tuesday       1.30-3pm             10/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000121A           £124    £100
 Wednesday     10.15-11.45am        11/9/19      34     Rochester       Q000122A           £221    £174
 Wednesday     7-8.30pm             11/9/19      34     Rochester       Q000123A           £221    £174
 Friday        11am-12.30pm         20/9/19      33     URCG            Q000124A           £215    £169
 Tuesday       1.30-3pm             25/2/20      17     Rochester       Q000125A           £124    £100

 Gentle yoga
 Thursday      1.30-3pm             12/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000126A           £124    £100
 Thursday      1.30-3pm             27/2/20      17     Rochester       Q000127A           £124    £100

 Yoga - family learning

 Tai Chi
 Friday        12.30-1.30pm         13/9/19      34     Rochester       Q000128A           £221    £174

 Tai Chi is a gentle form of slow movements suitable for everyone. You will leave your class feeling
 physically and mentally relaxed and calm. This can help settle your mind and help you better
 manage your everyday life.

 Tai Chi - all abilities

 Tuesday       10-11.30am           10/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000129A           £125    £100
 Tuesday       6.45-7.45pm          10/9/19      17     Rochester       Q000130A           £125    £100
 Tuesday       10-11.30am           4/2/20       17     Rochester       Q000131A           £125    £100
 Tuesday       6.45-8.15pm          4/2/20       17     Rochester       Q000132A           £125    £100

 Tai Chi - dementia friendly
 Friday        10.30am-12.30pm 13/9/19           13     Rochester       Q000133A           FREE

RSG = Rainham School for Girls                          URCG = United Reform Church, Gillingham                         15
Day            Time                   Date      Sessions Centre          Code         Fee A Fee B
discover • learn • achieve

                                Active Life - Tai Chi for health
                                A flexible pay-as-you-go option for those with health concerns that may prevent them attending every
                                session of a longer course.

                                Meditation and mindfulness
                                Tuesday        12noon-1pm             10/9/19     37    Rochester       Q000134N     £5 per session

                                Designed to help you to adapt a new mind set. With a proven lasting impact on the self-management
                                of anxiety and stress. A great way to maximise relaxation and de-stress.

                                Mindfulness - stage 1
                                Monday         7-9pm                  16/9/19      8    Rochester       Q000135A      £95     £75
                                Monday         1-3pm                  16/9/19      8    Rochester       Q000136A      £95     £75
                                Monday         7-9pm                  13/1/20      8    Rochester       Q000137A      £95     £75

                                Meditation - retreat
                                Saturday       10am-3.30pm            9/11/19      1    Rochester       Q000138A      £44     £37
                                Saturday       10am-3.30pm            22/2/20      1    Rochester       Q000139A      £44     £37

                                 Why Medway Adult Education?
                                 • Rated good in the Ofsted inspection, June 2015 and May 2018
                                 • 99 per cent of learners rate the quality of our teaching as very good or better
                                 • Courses offer excellent value and priced to suit all budgets
                                 • A wide range of high-quality courses delivered locally on your doorstep
                                 • High success rates on courses that lead to a qualification
                                 • Friendly, knowledgeable and skilled
                                   teaching staff
                                 • Ongoing programme of work skills
                                   courses that are free for job seekers
                                   and others, see page xx for details
                                 • Flexible payments

                                 • Specialist facilities for pottery, stained
                                   glass, jewellery making, dressmaking
                                   and ICT
                                 • Courses paced to meet the needs of

Volunteering with Medway Adult Education

                                                                                                              discover • learn • achieve
                                                                              Be creative
Would you like to give something back to the           Volunteering is a chance to meet new people,
community? We have interesting opportunities           and gain vocational experience if you are
available to support learners in the classroom,        interested in a career as a Learning Support
including the immensely rewarding work with            Assistant, or a career in teaching adults.
learners with disabilities and learning difficulties
                                                       Anyone who has good levels of reading, writing
Volunteering can be a very fulfilling activity that    or maths can get involved.
will utilize and enhance your skills and
                                                       Personal interests in hobbies such as arts and
experience. Volunteers are a valuable resource
                                                       crafts is also really useful for supporting in those
bringing with them enthusiasm, skills and
                                                       areas. A regular time commitment is needed
experiences, flexibility, fresh ideas and new
                                                       because consistency is important to our learners
ways of working. Previous experience is not a
                                                       - who usually attend one class per week (this
necessity, but volunteers do need to have
                                                       can vary and we do have intensive courses,
patience and empathy.
                                                       especially in Work Skills). As classes often take
                                                       place in the evenings full-time workers are still
                                                       able to volunteer with us. Please contact our
                                                       Learner Services Co-ordinator for more
                                                       information on 01634 338475.
                                                       All volunteers are DBS checked and trained
                                                       before being assigned to a course or learner,
                                                       and receive continuous supervision and support.
                                                       MAE’s policies and procedures which cover
                                                       areas such as confidentiality and safeguarding,
                                                       ensure best practice is maintained.

Family learning
Our FREE courses are a great way for you and
your child to learn together. Children will gain
practical and social skills and adults can
improve their confidence and skills to support
their child’s learning and development.

We offer courses in a range of subjects
including healthy cooking and creative arts and
craft activities. Check with your local school or
children’s centre to see if they offer our family      how you can develop your own skills.
learning courses.                                      For some courses you may be asked to
Opportunities to attend maths and English              attend a pre-course assessment interview.
sessions are available to discover not only how        For more information please phone
your children are taught these subjects but also       01634 338400


What course is right for you?

                                                                                                              discover • learn • achieve
Level 1       Absolute beginners with no previous knowledge of the language except perhaps for a few
Module 1      words or phrases
Level 1       Those who have not studied the language for a while and would like a re cap before
Module 2      progressing on to level 2.
Level 2       Those who are able to communicate in a limited range of everyday situations
              e.g.shopping, in a café, asking for directions, booking a holiday.
Level 3       Those who have enough understanding of grammar and vocabulary to talk about daily
              routines, leisure activities, future and past events, as well as personal preferences and plans.
Level 4       Those who have a higher level of vocabulary and grammar, including past, future and
              perfect tense forms to extend communication and understand in a wide variety of situations.
Level 5       Those who are confident using all forms of grammar including subjunctive and conditionals
(Lower tier) and have a wide range of vocabulary to communicate with a high level of fluency.
Level 5       Those who are able to use the language to speak, read and write with a high degree of
(Higher tier) fluency and accuracy. These classes will be held in the target language only.
New learners can enrol straight onto Level 1 Module 1 courses. Learners wishing to enrol on a higher
level course, will need to have a phone assessment with the tutor prior to enrolling to ensure we place
you on the right course for you – please phone 01634 338400 to book an assessment. For more
information about our courses, please read the course information sheets: medway.gov.uk/mae

 Day            Time                 Date        Sessions Centre            Code               Fee A Fee B
 We offer a range of languages at different levels. Whether you wish to learn the basics for your
 holiday or progress to chatting with a native speaker, we have a programme suitable for you. All our
 courses cover speaking, writing and listening skills as well as an insight into the culture and traditions
 of the region. Please see the table to help you ascertain your level. Coming in 2019/20 - family
 learning language opportunities, including learning French through play at The Huguenot Museum.

 French - level 1
 Monday         10am-12noon           16/9/19       15    Rochester        Q000141A            £162    £128

 French - level 2
 Monday         6.45-8.45pm           16/9/19       15    Rochester        Q000142A            £162    £128
 Thursday       10am-12noon           19/9/19       15    Rochester        Q000143A            £162    £128

 French - level 3

 Tuesday        10am-12noon           17/9/19       15    Rochester        Q000144A            £162    £128

 French - level 4 Plus
 Friday         10am-12noon           20/9/19       15    Rochester        Q000145A            £162    £128

 French - level 5
 Tuesday        10am-12noon           17/9/19       15    Rochester        Q000146A            £162    £128

Day           Time             Date       Sessions Centre         Code           Fee A Fee B
discover • learn • achieve

                                Italian - level 1
                                Wednesday     10am-12noon       18/9/19       15   Rochester     Q000147A        £162   £128

                                Italian - level 2
                                Thursday      10am-12noon       19/9/19       15   Rochester     Q000148A        £162   £128
                                Monday        7-9pm             16/9/19       15   Rochester     Q000149A        £162   £128

                                Italian - level 3
                                Wednesday     7-9pm             18/9/19       15   Rochester     Q000150A        £162   £128

                                Spanish - level 1
                                Wednesday     10am-12noon       18/9/19       15   Rochester     Q000151A        £162   £128
                                Friday        10am-12noon       24/1/20       15   Rochester     Q000152A        £162   £128

                                Spanish - level 2
                                Tuesday       1-3pm             17/9/19       15   Rochester     Q000153A        £162   £128

                                Spanish - level 3, module 1
                                Monday        10am-12noon       16/9/19       15   Rochester     Q000154A        £162   £128

                                Clubs and societies - design your own course
                                Are you a club or society or maybe just a          Please get in touch to discuss what you’d
                                group of friends with a particular interest        like to do: enquiries@medway.gov.uk or
                                that you’d like to know more about?                phone: 01634 338400 and ask to speak to
                                We can offer a workshop, short course or           our Business Development and
                                a one-off session – in a place convenient          Partnerships Officer.
                                for you.

Medway Adult Education pop-up courses

                                                                                       discover • learn • achieve
As well as our listed courses medway.gov.uk/mae we can run pop-up courses.
To sign up for one of our pop-up courses, contact us on 01634 338400 or email us on
As soon as we have enough interest, we’ll be in touch.
Why not get a group together to learn a specific subject? Contact us on 01634 338400
and we will do our best to arrange a course for you.

Our pop-up courses:
• Pilates                                    • Psychology

• Massage                                    • Music appreciation

• Carpentry                                  • L1 Customer Service

• Macramé                                    • E3 Retail

• Gardening                                  • L3 Assessment and Quality
• Foraging
                                             • L4 Life Coaching
• Glass art


Digital skills

Day           Time                Date        Sessions Centre          Code              Fee A Fee B

                                                                                                       discover • learn • achieve
Digital skills was once a thing of the future but it is now an increasing part of our everyday lives.
Whether it be shopping, looking for work, booking a holiday or staying in touch with friends and family
we are using technology more and more.
Our courses are designed to give you the practical skills you need to and that will help improve your
confidence. It is essential for us to be able to use digital resources such as tablets, mobile phones
and computers to communicate. With our fantastic staff team it needn't be a daunting task. We have
a range of digital skills courses to support you what ever your skill levels. NEW courses added this
year include courses on coding and programming. The introduction courses are suitable for all.
Taster workshops will be added throughout the year, as well as family learning days.
Our beginners digital skills courses will take you through sending emails and more. Digital skills for
improvers explores using word processing software to create documents and develop keyboard
speed; and the Digital Skills for intermediates will cover creating spreadsheets and managing budgets.
Learners who have existing skills or have completed Digital Skills can progress onto higher level
qualification courses such as Entry 3 Award in Using ICT.

Digital skills for beginners
Wed and Fri 12.30-3pm              11/9/19       4    Gillingham      Q000252A           FREE
Monday        6-9pm                16/9/19       5    Rochester       Q000250A           FREE
Wed and Fri 12.30-3pm              8/1/20        4    Gillingham      Q000253A           FREE
Monday        6-9pm                1/6/20        5    Rochester       Q000251A           FREE

Digital skills for improvers
Wed and Fri 12.30-3pm              25/9/19       4    Gillingham      Q000255A           FREE
Monday        6-9pm                28/10/19      5    Rochester       Q000254A           FREE
Wed and Fri 12.30-3pm              22/1/20       4    Gillingham      Q000256A           FREE

Digital skills for intermediates
Wed and Fri 12.30-3pm              9/10/19       4    Gillingham      Q000257A           FREE
Wed and Fri 12.30-3pm              29/1/20       4    Gillingham      Q000258A           FREE

Introduction to programming with Python
Tuesday       7-9pm                10/9/19      10    Rochester       Q000155A           £136   £107

Introduction to web development with HTML and CSS
Tuesday       7-9pm                7/1/20       10    Rochester       Q000156A           £136   £107

Entry 3 Award in Using ICT Skills
Tue and Thu 9.45am-2pm             29/10/19     12    Gillingham      Q000259F           £272   £223
Monday        6-9pm                13/1/20      15    Rochester       Q000262F           £272   £223

Tue and Thu 9.45am-2pm             25/2/20      12    Gillingham      Q000260F           £272   £223
Tue and Thu 9.45am-2pm             9/6/20       12    Gillingham      Q000261F           £272   £223

Level 1 Award in IT User Skills
Monday        9.30am-2.30pm        23/9/19      15    Gillingham      Q000263F           £455   £385
Monday        9.30am-2.30pm        2/3/20       15    Gillingham      Q000264F           £455   £385

Level 2 Award in IT User Skills
Mon and Wed 9.30am-2.30pm          8/6/20       12    Gillingham      Q000265F           £407   £350

Career courses and work skills

Day           Time                 Date       Sessions Centre           Code               Fee A Fee B

                                                                                                           discover • learn • achieve
Would you like to change your career or perhaps open up new opportunities for personal
development and progression? Perhaps you've not been working for some time and would like to
return to work but feel out of touch. The Workskills Team have a range of courses on offer to support
you in achieving your goals. From improving your IT skills or confidence to getting a qualification we
have lots to offer. Prior to enrolling on these courses you will need an initial assessment meeting with

Introduction to working with children and young people
our Advice and Guidance Team. Meetings can be booked by phoning 01634 338400.

If you are interested in developing a rewarding career working with children and young people this
course is an excellent starting point. It introduces you to aspects of child development and caring for
their needs.
Tuesday       9.30am-12noon        11/6/19       3     Gillingham       G013000A           FREE
Friday        9.30am-12noon        28/6/19       3     Gillingham       G013001A           FREE
Wednesday     9.30am-12noon        18/9/19       3     Gillingham       Q000201A           FREE

Childcare and nursery workers
Friday        9.30am-12noon        4/10/19       3     Gillingham       Q000202A           FREE

A career working with children is both rewarding and fun. Whether you are looking to work with
children or are already working in the industry the courses below offer something for everyone from
those starting out to those looking to become managers. You will improve your understanding and
skills in providing excellent education and care. The Level 2 courses are designed to guide and
assess the development of knowledge and skills relating to the Children and Young Peoples
workforce. It provides an excellent progression route to working with children of all ages. The Level 3
Diploma is a natural progression route for people working in Early Years in a supervisory role. For
both qualifications you will need to have a voluntary or employed placement in an Early Years setting
for six hours (at level 2) and ten hours (at level 3) per week before the course starts. More guidance
will be provided at pre-course consultation.

Level 2 Certificate in Children and Young Peoples Workforce
Wednesday     9.30am-12noon        9/10/19       29    Gillingham       Q000204F           £587   £512

Level 2 Certificate in Children and Young Peoples Workforce
Friday        9.30am-12noon        1/11/19       29    Gillingham       Q000205F           £587   £512

Early Years Educator - preparing to study at level 3
Wednesday     6-9pm                18/9/19       2     Gillingham       Q000206A           FREE

Early Years Educator Level 3

Introduction to supporting children to learn
Wed and Sat 6-9pm                  2/10/19       39    Gillingham       Q000207L           £2,880 -

This course is designed to introduce you to how you can support children to learn. You may be
looking to support children in your family with their homework or are interested in working within
schools as a teaching assistant. Through this course you will begin to explore the best ways to
provide support and encourage them to learn.
Tuesday       12.30-3pm            11/6/19       4     Gillingham       G013002A           FREE
Monday        9.30am-12noon        24/6/19       4     Gillingham       G013003A           FREE
Thursday      9.30am-12noon        19/9/19       4     Gillingham       Q000209A           FREE                        25
Day           Time                 Date       Sessions Centre           Code              Fee A Fee B

                                Teaching assistants
discover • learn • achieve

                                These courses are designed to assist in developing the skills and knowledge that are required by
                                teaching assistants. The units within the qualifications are specifically designed to support the needs
                                of children learning in schools. In order to complete the courses learners will need to have a
                                placement in a school for six hours (at level 2) and ten hours (for level 3) per week. Further guidance
                                will be provided at pre-course consultation.

                                Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
                                Tuesday       12.30-3pm            17/9/19      29     Gillingham      Q000212F           £660    £585
                                Monday        9.30am-12noon        23/9/19      29     Gillingham      Q000214F           £660    £585
                                Thursday      9.30am-12noon        31/10/19     29     Gillingham      Q000211F           £660    £585

                                Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

                                Dementia awareness
                                Wednesday     12.30-3pm            18/9/19      33     Gillingham      Q000215L           £2,225 -

                                These courses are designed to suit those with an interest in dementia as well as people who are
                                seeking work within the adult care industry. Learners will explore concepts including factors that
                                affect communication, the person-centred care approach to caring, and ways of working to meet the
                                diverse needs of individuals.

                                Introduction to Dementia awareness
                                Wednesday     12noon-3pm           18/09/19      1     Gillingham      Q000216A           FREE
                                Wednesday     12noon-3pm           11/12/19      1     Gillingham      Q000217A           FREE

                                Level 2 Award in Dementia Awareness

                                Preparing to work in adult social care
                                Thursday      12.30-3pm            26/09/19     10     Gillingham      Q000223F           £241    £213

                                Adult social care courses provide a route into many different job roles in a diverse sector. A career in
                                this area can be very rewarding. These courses give you an opportunity to find out more about the
                                sector and what type of role and area of adult social care you might like to work in.

                                Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care
                                Mon & Wed     12.30-3pm            30/9/19      18     Gillingham      Q000219F           £307    £259
                                Mon & Wed     12.30-3pm            13/1/20      18     Gillingham      Q000220F           £307    £259

                                Level 2 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care

                                Tuesday       12.30-3pm            24/9/19      26     Gillingham      Q000221F           £411    £343

                                Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
                                Friday        12.30-3pm            22/11/19     26     Gillingham      Q000222F           £411    £343

                                If you are interested in working with children or vulnerable adults an awareness of safeguarding is
                                essential. This introduction course will give you an insight into some of the many issues you may
                                need to be aware of.
                                Tuesday       12noon-3pm           9/7/19        1     Gillingham      G013004A           FREE

Day           Time                Date        Sessions Centre          Code              Fee A Fee B


                                                                                                       discover • learn • achieve
If you want to become a counsellor the Level 2 forms the foundation of professional counselling
practice, as well as providing the essential listening and communication skills used by helping
professionals. The Level 2 qualification is essential for anyone wanting to take the Certificate in
Counselling or Life Coaching at Level 3. These CPCAB qualifications are highly regarded in industry.
All learners must complete pre-course assessments prior to enrolment.

Introduction to counselling
Wednesday     9.30am-12.30pm       3/7/19        3    Gillingham      G013005A           FREE
Wednesday     9.30am-12.30pm       18/9/19       3    Gillingham      Q000228A           FREE
Thursday      6-9pm                19/9/19       3    Rochester       Q000229A           FREE

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills
Wednesday     9.30am-12.30pm       9/10/19      30    Gillingham      Q000230F           £816   £723
Thursday      6-9pm                10/10/19     30    Rochester       Q000231F           £816   £723

Level 3 in Counselling Studies
Tuesday       6-9pm                17/9/19      30    Rochester       Q000233L           £811   -

Level 3 Life Coaching

Community interpreting
Wednesday     6-9pm                18/9/19      30    Rochester       Q000232L           £811   -

We live in a diverse community and some members struggle to communicate in English and may
therefore may be isolated or have difficulty accessing services. If you speak another language you
could become an interpreter. These courses will assist learners in developing the skills required to
assist others that have limited spoken English in everyday
situations including accessing housing, health care, public services etc. The courses are aimed at
learners who have an interest in the role of a community interpreter and have high levels of English
and another language.

Level 1 Community Interpreting
Friday        9.30am-12.30pm       20/9/19      10    Gillingham      Q000235F           £231   £198

Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

Deaf awareness and British Sign Language
Saturday      10am-4.30pm          5/10/19      14    Rochester       Q000237L           £780   -

Learn a new skill and make new friends in this fun and engaging set of courses. You will play games

and sing songs as well as develop an understanding of the history behind some signs. These
courses will improve your communication skills and deaf awareness.

Introduction to deaf awareness and British Sign Language
Tuesday       12noon-2pm           17/9/19      11    Gillingham      Q000425F           £133   £108

Using basic British Sign Language skills to communicate
Tuesday       12noon-2pm           14/1/20      11    Gillingham      Q000426F           £133   £108

Day           Time                Date        Sessions Centre           Code              Fee A Fee B

                                Business administration
discover • learn • achieve

                                These vocational courses will equip you with the essential skills required for a range of occupations
                                that involve business administration. This industry recognised qualification will provide you with the
                                professional tools and knowledge to help you progress.

                                L1 Award in Business Administration
                                Tue and Thu 9.30am-2.30pm          17/9/19      10     Gillingham      Q000240F           £322   £274
                                Tue and Thu 9.30am-2.30pm          14/1/20      10     Gillingham      Q000241F           £322   £274

                                Level 2 Award in Business Adminstration
                                Wed and Fri 9.30am-12noon          18/9/19      20     Gillingham      Q000243F           £369   £316

                                Bookkeeping and accounts
                                Wed and Fri 9.30am-12noon          26/2/20      20     Gillingham      Q000244F           £369   £316

                                Discover and improve your basic bookkeeping skills and boost your confidence with numbers.
                                By the end of the level 1 course you will have the skills to maintain and reconcile petty cash, process
                                ledger accounts and extract a trial balance. This course is excellent for anyone who is interested in
                                book-keeping or who is looking to broaden their skillset and improve job prospects.

                                Introduction to bookkeeping
                                Monday        9.30am-12noon        23/9/19       4     Gillingham      Q000245A           FREE
                                Tuesday       6-8.30pm             24/9/19       4     Gillingham      Q000246A           FREE
                                Tuesday       6-8.30pm             25/2/20       4     Gillingham      Q000247A           FREE

                                Level 1 Award Bookkeeping and Accounts
                                Monday        9.30am-12noon        28/10/19     10     Gillingham      Q000248F           £182   £154

                                Preparing for a business venture
                                Tuesday       6-8.30pm             29/10/19     10     Gillingham      Q000249F           £182   £154

                                Would you like some assistance with developing your business concepts? Perhaps you have some
                                ideas, but would appreciate some support with bringing them together. This fantastic course is
                                designed to provide a forum for your ideas and a networking opportunity with other like-minded
                                people. You will explore concepts such as marketing and identifying the skills and resources you will
                                need to progress your ideas.

                                Public speaking
                                Thursday      6-9pm                19/9/19      10     Rochester       Q000266F           £162   £129

                                Does giving a speech at a big event such as wedding or conference fill you with dread? Do you need
                                to speak publicly for work and would like to become more confident? This one-day course could be
                                exactly what you need. It is designed to assist you in engaging your audience, use strategies to
                                address your nerves and develop skills in verbal and non-verbal communication to captivate and
                                influence your audience.

                                Introduction to public speaking
                                Saturday      10am-4pm             6/7/19        1     Rochester       R143099A           £41    £34
                                Saturday      10am-4pm             5/10/19       1     Rochester       Q000267A           £41    £34
Jobseekers and looking for work

                                                                                                       discover • learn • achieve
We have a wide range of courses                     We work in close partnership with the
designed to provide you with the important          Jobcentre and various employment
skills and qualities required to get you            agencies to offer free training to anyone
back into work quickly.                             who is unemployed and in receipt of
We offer a comprehensive employability
programme that enables you to develop               Please email: enquiries@medway.gov.uk
confidence, interpersonal and transferable          or phone: 01634 338400 for more
skills. There is also a range of vocational         information.
qualifications available.

Give it a go courses
Not sure which course to try? Why not sign up to one of our short courses to give you a taste before
committing to a longer course
Day           Time                   Date             Centre                Code             Fee

Give it a go - Explore acrylics
Wednesday     10am-12noon            19/6/19          Rochester             R093123A         £5

Give it a go - Gelli printing
Wednesday     10am-12noon            19/6/19          Arches Local Luton    Y093004A         FREE

Give it a go - Ukulele an introduction
Wednesday     10.30am-12.30pm        19/6/19          Rochester             R093134A         £5

Lost letters Calligraphy
Wednesday     1-3pm                  19/6/19          Eastgate House        Y093000A         FREE

Give it a go - Spanish taster - for families
Wednesday     3.30-5pm               19/6/19          Rochester             R122026A         £5

Give it a go - Spanish taster for beginners
Wednesday     10am-12noon            19/6/19          Rochester             R122027A         £5

Give it a go - Pottery - press moulds Sgraffito
Friday        10.30am-12.30pm        21/6/19          Rochester             R093130A         £8.50

Give it a go - Floristry - bow-making, finishing touches - Family learning
Saturday      10.30am-12.30pm        22/6/19          Rochester             R093127A         £9

Give it a go - Sew a zipped make-up bag/pencil case
Monday        1-3pm                  24/6/19          Rochester             R093137A         £10

Give it a go - Sew a drawstring bag
Monday        10.30am-12.30pm        24/6/19          Rochester             R093139A         £10

Line and wash sketching workshop
Wednesday     1-3pm                  26/6/19          Guildhall Museum      Y093001A         FREE
English and maths

                    Do you want to improve your confidence in              • Develop written and spoken communication skills
                    reading, writing or maths? We offer a range of         • Solve practical everyday maths problems
                    free* courses – for beginners and through to
                                                                           • Gain a recognised qualification
                    GCSE level.
                                                                           • Improve your career or work prospects
                    Our small and friendly courses take place at
                    various times and are designed to provide the          Phone 01634 338400 to book an initial
                    ideal opportunity to further improve your skills for   assessment and find out how we can help you
                    work, study or personal development.                   choose a course that is right for you.
                    These courses will enable you to:                      *Other eligibility conditions apply

                     English for speakers of other languages(ESOL)
                      Want to improve your English? We offer               • Speaking and listening
                      courses for people who are settled in the UK,        • Reading and writing
                      want to improve their English language skills        • Grammar and punctuation.
                      and gain nationally recognised qualifications.       Our courses are offered at different times and
                      ESOL classes can help you to progress onto           days during the week at local venues and can
                      further studies at college or university or move     be joined at various times throughout the year.

                      onto a vocational course and also improve your       ESOL may be FREE for learners who are
                      employment opportunities.                            eligible for funding - in receipt of a benefit, on a
                                                                           low income or unemployed and actively looking
                      Our ESOL courses are designed to help you            for work. Please enquire about paying fees in
                      develop your English skills. We offer a range of     instalments if you are not eligible for funding.
                      courses from beginner to advanced, to help           Phone 01634 338400 to make an appointment
                      you improve and gain confidence for work and         for an initial assessment and interview, and
                      study in:                                            we’ll help you find the right course for you.
Day           Time                 Date       Sessions     Centre       Code              Fee A Fee B

GCSE Maths and English

                                                                                                         discover • learn • achieve
We offer GCSE English and maths for learners wanting to obtain a nationally recognised qualification
within a year. These qualifications can help to improve job prospects or provide access to higher
As these are intensive programmes, learners are limited to the study of one subject per academic
year. In addition, regular attendance of classroom sessions is essential and significant independent
study will be required.
To enrol, first book your pre-course assessment by phoning 01634 338400. After your skill level has
been assessed, we will offer you a place on the most appropriate course.
GCSE English and maths are free* to learners who do not have this qualification at grade C (4) or
* other eligibility conditions apply

GCSE Maths
Tuesday       6.30-9pm             10/9/19      33       Rochester      Q000409F          £437    £344
Tuesday       9.30am-12.30pm       10/9/19      30       Rochester      Q000410F          £437    £344

GCSE English
Tuesday       6.30-9pm             10/9/19      33       Rochester      Q000411F          £437    £344
Wednesday     9.30am-12.30pm       11/9/19      30       Gillingham     Q000412F          £437    £344

English as a foreign language (EFL)
Are you a visitor, au pair or professional needing to improve your English skills for work or to continue
to higher education and university? Would you like to work towards an internationally recognised
We have courses that can help you with your English and prepare you for Cambridge English exams.
Enrolments take place throughout the year. You may also be able to join a course after it has already
started, please phone to check in advance.
Phone 01634 338400 for more information and to book an initial assessment of your English language

EFL Cambridge English: Preliminary and First (PET & FCE)
Wednesday     12.30-2.30pm         9/10/19       9       Rochester      Q000403N          £174    £174

EFL Introduction to Cambridge English: First (FCE)
Wednesday     12.30-2.30pm         15/1/20      10       Rochester      Q000404N          £190    £190

EFL Introduction to Cambridge English: First (FCE) intensive

Wed & Fri     12.30-2.30pm         29/4/20      12       Rochester      Q000405N          £227    £227

EFL Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)
Monday        6.30-9pm             28/10/19     30       Gillingham     Q000406N          £645    £645

Supported learning

Our Supported Learning courses enable people with learning difficulties and disabilities to discover

                                                                                                         discover • learn • achieve
their own personal goals and be as independent as they can be in their everyday lives. We believe
that with the right kind of support, all learners can experience a positive and rewarding life, whilst
developing their talents and exploring new skills and hobbies.
We work with partners to support people to access their community to make positive outcomes
a reality.
We provide opportunities for people to develop their social interests and build confidence and
self-esteem through activities that make learners feel valued. All our courses are delivered in a
supportive and friendly environment and adapted to each learners needs.
The programme has been updated this year to emphasise how much we value the importance
of providing an enriching, suitably challenging, fun, enjoyable and socially fulfilling experience.
Course activities will include guest speakers and visits to galleries, shops, parks and theatres.
There will also be an enriched programme of end of term events, activities and celebrations.
After an initial assessment learners can enrol and the tutor will assist in planning the individual's
journey to make sure it meets their needs.
Every course has a Learning Support Assistant working alongside the tutor.

Day           Time                Date       Sessions Centre           Code               Fee A Fee B

Independent living skills and preparation for employment - Supported learning
Learn a range of practical and functional skills to help with confidence, self-esteem and
independence. Our highly experienced tutors help learners to develop their skills for living as
independently as possible and going into employment.
Monday        10am-12.15pm         16/9/19      11     Rochester       P000267F           £120
Friday        1-3pm                20/9/19      11     Rochester       P000273F           £120
Monday        10am-12.15pm         13/1/20      11     Rochester       P000268F           £120

Planting and growing - Supported learning
Friday        1-3pm                17/1/20      11     Rochester       P000274F           £120

This course will develop and deepen your understanding of nature and how things grow.
Therapeutic planting and growing will help the learner to understand the environment better, how to
cultivate nature, and appreciate the beauty of nature around Kent. This fascinating course is perfect
for learners who wish to improve physical and mental wellbeing while socialising and techniques with
other learners.

Yoga - Supported learning
Monday        10am-12noon          9/9/19       34     Rochester       Q000157A           £289

New this year - for complete beginners - improve movement, balance and flexibility to help alleviate

aches and pains. A fun, energising and uplifting course.

Dance - Supported learning
Monday        10am-12noon          9/9/19       34     Rochester       Q000158A           £283

Back this year- join us to explore a range of dance styles and feel the therapeutic benefits to mind
and body. A vibrant, welcoming course suitable for all abilities.
Monday        1-3pm                9/9/19       34     Rochester       Q000160A           £283

Day           Time                Date       Sessions Centre           Code             Fee A Fee B

                                Growing my maths - Supported learning
discover • learn • achieve

                                Explore maths in a fun way to develop useful everyday numeracy skills. Improve confidence and
                                skills with numbers, shapes, time and more in our small friendly groups.
                                Monday        1-3pm                16/9/19     11     Rochester       P000413F           FREE

                                Needlecraft - Supported learning
                                Monday        1-3pm                6/1/20      11     Rochester       P000414F           FREE

                                Develop your needlework skills using a variety of technique’s including embroidery, stitching,
                                weaving, crochet and knitting. The learner can design products to give to friends and family as well
                                as meet new people in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

                                Introduction to cooking skills - Supported learning
                                Monday        1-3pm                9/9/19      34     Rochester       Q000159A           £283

                                Take the first step to even greater independence by learning the art of cooking. This course is also
                                helpful in development of maths knowledge with measuring and counting. You will also be looking at
                                nutrition and how this helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

                                Arts and crafts - Supported learning
                                Monday        1.30-3.30pm          9/9/19      34     GBC             Q000161A           £390

                                Create beautiful artwork using a wide range of art and craft techniques and resources. This course
                                will allow the learner to express feelings, hopes and dreams through creation of projects including
                                collage, papier mache and fabric painting. Explore various topics as a class such as equality and
                                independence. The course will show the learner how to mix paint to create a new and exciting pallet.
                                Tuesday       10am-12noon          10/9/19     34     Rochester       Q000162A           £283

                                Discovering English - Supported learning
                                Friday        10am-12noon          13/9/19     34     Rochester       Q000167A           £283

                                Develop your reading and writing in a range of activities and create simple texts using correct
                                grammar and punctuation.
                                Tuesday       10am-12noon          17/9/19     11     Rochester       P000419F           FREE

                                Intermediate cooking skills - Supported learning
                                Tuesday       10am-12noon          7/1/20      11     Rochester       P000420F           FREE

                                Gain the freedom to live independently and learn to cook for friends and family. On this course the
                                learner will develop an understanding of food hygiene and kitchen safety. Discover different major
                                food groups such as protein, carbohydrates and good and bad fats in a fun classroom environment.
                                Tuesday       10am-12noon          10/9/19     34     GBC             Q000164A           £390

Day            Time                 Date       Sessions Centre            Code               Fee A Fee B

 Pottery - Supported learning

                                                                                                                discover • learn • achieve
 This course allows you to work with clay using a wider range of art techniques and resources.
 This course will allow the learner to express feelings, hopes and dreams through creating stunning
 objects from scratch with a helping hand from our expert tutor.
 Tuesday        1-3pm                 10/9/19      34     Rochester        Q000163A           £290

 Discovering English through history - Supported learning
 Thursday       1-3pm                 12/9/19      34     Rochester        Q000165A           £290

 Find out about key events in history whilst improving your English. Create an end of course project
 with the support of your tutor.
 Wednesday      10am-12noon           18/9/19      11     Rochester        P000422F           FREE

 Skills for work - Supported learning
 Wednesday      10am-12noon           8/1/20       11     Rochester        P000423F           FREE

 Designed to give learners knowledge and experience of the workplace whilst learning and
 developing the skills needed for any employment. This course will enable learners to identify the skills
 and qualities they possess and explore topics such as applying for work, rights and responsibilities,
 communicating with customers and how to deal with a range of work situations appropriately.
 Thursday       10am-12noon           19/9/19      11     Rochester        P000270F           £112

 Computing - Supported learning
 Thursday       10am-12noon           16/1/20      11     Rochester        P000271F           £112

 A practical introduction to using computers. Some of the things you could learn are; what the different
 parts of the computer are and what they do, plus keyboard and mouse skills, how to search and
 research online, and use all basic programmes in Windows.

 Listening and speaking through drama - Supported learning
 Thursday       1-3pm                 12/9/19      34     Rochester        Q000166A           £279

 Improve your English through acting and drama. Learn more about acting and drama while making
 friends and having fun. This course will develop confidence and communication skills in a relaxed
 and friendly environment. Learners will have the support they need to realise their potential, learning
 through improvisation in a supportive learning environment.
 Thursday       1-3pm                 19/9/19      11     Rochester        P000416F           FREE

 Cooking on a budget - Supported learning
 Thursday       1-3pm                 9/1/20       11     Rochester        P000417F           FREE

 Eating better helps you to live better. On this course you will learn practical skills to enable you to live
 independently and manage a budget at the same time. This course will support you to cook tasty
 affordable meals by providing information on both budget and nutrition.
 Friday         2-4pm                 13/9/19      34     GBC              Q000168A           £390

GBC = Gillingham Baptist Church                                                                                             35
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