2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC

2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC
Indigenous Community Sport
and Recreation Program

2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC
     Our vision is that all Aboriginal
     and/or Torres Strait Islander
     people have the opportunity to
     enjoy sport and active recreation
     activities to improve their health
     and wellbeing and positive social
     connections with their community.

     To walk with community,
     understanding their needs and
     differing environments that better
     supports their approach to designing
     and delivering their own active sport,
     recreation and cultural experience
     that empowers community.

    Front cover: Declan Kowangka, 2019 PCYC Aurukun Colour Run.

2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC
CEO Message                                                             4
GM Executive Summary                                                    5
Indigenous Program Managers                                             6
Management team                                                         7
Our communities                                                         9
Objectives                                                             10
Annual performance snapshot                                            11
Working in partnership with Queensland Government                      12
Welcome to PCYC Aurukun                                                18
DJ’s story                                                             19
Coleridge’s story: Changing lives and creating community champions     20
Teneille’s story: Bringing hope to Hopevale through sport              21
Bunburra Sport and Culture Corroboree Series                           22
Deadly 3s basketball                                                   23
Financials                                                             24
Acknowledgements                                                       25
Thank you                                                              26

  We acknowledge and pay our respects to the traditional
  custodians of the lands on which our services are placed and their
  continuing connection to the land, sea and community. We also
  acknowledge and pay our respects to Elders, past and present.

  The stories featured in this publication about our people, places
  and experiences across all ICSRP communities are written by
  community members telling their stories in their own words.

2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC
CEO Message                              appropriate sporting and recreation         (QPS) officers, sporting organisations,
                                             opportunities and positively impacting      local providers and our community-
                                             families in some of Queensland’s            based Sport and Recreation Officers.
                                             most regional and remote settings.          Together, we are building safer, healthier
                                                                                         communities through youth development.
                                             Highlights of the year include the
                                             opening of PCYC Napranum our fifth          Whilst there has been some uncertainty
                                             specifically Indigenous focussed club,      around future delivery, PCYC Queensland
                                             the delivery of inspirational events like   remains committed to being agile
                                             Bunburra and Deadly 3s, continuation        in our approach to the delivery of
                                             of sports mentoring program Catch Me        innovative and high-quality services,
                                             If You Can and the historical 3x3 Hustle    as we have done for almost a decade.
                                             Tour across the Cape York Peninsula.        We look forward to continuing to work
    This year marks the ninth consecutive                                                in consultation with local Indigenous
                                             The results being achieved in Indigenous
    year PCYC Queensland has                                                             communities to co-design and deliver
                                             communities in helping to build capacity,
    proudly delivered the government’s                                                   responsive, sustainable sport and
                                             improve health and wellbeing and
    Indigenous Community Sport and           increase participation across all age       recreation opportunities that meet local
    Recreation Program (ICSRP),              groups continues to improve. These          community needs now and into the future.
    supporting thousands of Aboriginal       wonderful and tangible outcomes are
    and Torres Strait Islander peoples       due to the strong partnerships built        Phil Schultz
    to access quality and culturally         between our Queensland Police Service       Chief Executive Officer

                                                                                         Wulgurukaba people – the Traditional
                                                                                         Custodians of what is now known
                                                                                         as Townsville. He dedicates his
                                                                                         time and energy to sharing that
                                                                                         knowledge with the next generation
                                                                                         and has worked with local schools
                                                                                         and education authorities in and
                                                                                         around Townsville for years to keep
                                                                                         the connection to country intact.

                                                                                         “There is no better way for kids
                                                                                         to learn about nature and about
                                                                                         country, than to be immersed in it.
                                                                                         The same goes with golf. Playing
                                                                                         the game of golf you will learn a lot
                                                                                         about yourself,” says Uncle Russell.

                                                                                         “Sean Brennan, Indigenous Programs
                                                                                         Regional Development Coordinator
    Uncle Russell Butler                     opportunity to enjoy ourselves and          provides that connection to country
                                             have some fun through a great
    shares his experience                    sporting and recreation opportunity.”
                                                                                         through his programs. He always
                                                                                         makes sure that the kids are out
    as 2019 Wariganda                        This year whilst he was unable to
                                                                                         and about and stay active.”
    Ambassador:                              play, Uncle Russell Butler volunteered      “Sean is an important contact for the
                                             to oversee the putting competition          Indigenous community, we act as
    Seen as a wonderful role model for the
                                             and took time out on the day to             each other’s guides at different times,
    Indigenous community, Uncle Russell
                                             teach the PCYC Queensland staff             he takes us on our bush tucker walks
    Butler was honoured when asked to
                                             how to throw a boomerang.                   and I provide Sean with mentoring
    be the 2019 Wariganda Ambassador.
                                                                                         through our men’s business group.
    “The Wariganda Golf Tournament is        Uncle Russell Butler, an Indigenous         Without Sean’s support we would
    a chance for men to come together        Elder; a Bandjin man and very               not see the level of community
    from surrounding communities             passionate about golf, has a vast           participation that we see, nor the
    to have a chat and swap ideas            knowledge of the country, landscape,        positive outcomes and engagement
    and thoughts, providing us the           and wildlife of the Bindal and              in Indigenous communities.”

2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC
GM Executive
PCYC Queensland’s Indigenous Programs            The capacity-building process is
team proudly delivers its seventh Annual         mutual as we are constantly learning
Report highlighting the achievements of          new information from each of the 35
the Queensland Government’s Indigenous           communities that helps us to develop and
Community Sport and Recreation                   deliver a customised program participation    PCYC Queensland actively links the 35
Program (ICSRP). The diversity of                platform that will be responsive to each      ICSRP funded communities to multiple
PCYC Queensland services has now                 unique community environment for              opportunities to work with State and
been realised for 71 years with some             all ages and stages of community.             National Sporting Organisations through
72 Queensland communities working in                                                           training and participation initiatives that
                                                 PCYC Queensland prides itself on
partnership with our organisation to deliver                                                   will build capacity for their community
                                                 achieving results through a grass-roots
a range of sporting, recreation, cultural,                                                     members to develop/deliver a community-
                                                 service model that is directed by our local
youth development, crime prevention and                                                        driven activity and afford opportunities
                                                 community sporting reference groups and
community engagement activities that                                                           for our regional and remote communities
                                                 importantly, the program being delivered
support young people and their community                                                       to connect with key sporting entities.
                                                 by local staff and valued volunteers
to be healthier and safer communities.
                                                 in partnership with their respective          PCYC Queensland is grateful for the
This agile program supports a valued             community. The connection that each           many community, government and
and dynamic workforce of some 49 staff           community sport and recreation officer        corporate partners and supporters of the
members who work both at the frontline           has to their local community provides an      ICSRP, as these contributors enable the
of the day to day delivery of our program        understanding of their local community        delivery of this dynamic program across
and behind the scenes to support our             members needs and resources that              Queensland to be possible...thank you!!
community-based Officer’s. The ICSRP             builds the suite of activities/programs and
is delivered across many different               events that are conducted through their       Andrea Cassidy
and changing environments from the               local day to day delivery of their ICSRP.     General Manager, Indigenous Programs
metropolitan, regional and remotely based
program models that could be delivered
from a community building, a municipal
park, a school oval or on a beach. The
diversity of participation experiences offered
across the ICSRP sites managed by PCYC
Queensland is evidenced by the 84 various
activities/programs or event initiatives
delivered across 35 communities with
some 9,144 sessions delivered attracting
approximately 201,982 participation
episodes. Partnerships are key to the
success of the ICSRP and are heavily
relied upon to make the at times impossible
be achievable for many of our regional
and remotely situated ICSRP locations.

Working across communities to build the
capacity of our First Nations People to
be active in planning, development and
delivery of a consistent local sport and
active recreation participation activities is
a key outcome for the ICSRP; one which
we strive closer to with the substantial
support that this program provides
state-wide with local, regional and state-
based people infrastructure in-place.

2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC
Indigenous Programs Managers
                                               Egan, whose commitment and hard work           Unfortunately, adverse and unfavourable
                                               resulted in a successful first half of 2019.   weather forced us to cancel the event
                                                                                              early into the day, however I would
                                               The year saw new ICSRO’s come on
                                                                                              like to thank Garry Sheppard for his
                                               in different locations, bringing a new
                                               sense of passion and commitment to             passion and drive over the past six years
                                               the communities they work hand in              supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait
                                               hand with. An additional success story         Islander youth in this fantastic initiative.
                                               was a new cluster event evolving in            Deadly 3’s was another great success
                                               South West Queensland which saw                with over 21 communities converging
                                               teams from Goondiwindi, Toowoomba,             on PCYC Edmonton to battle it out
                                               Dalby and St George converge on
                                                                                              for the top title. Congratulations
                                               Goondiwindi for the first ever South West
                                                                                              to Townsville again taking out the
                                               Touch Tournament. A big thank you to
                                                                                              title for the third straight year.
    Dean Woods
                                               everyone’s hard work to get this initiative
                                               off the ground. This year also saw a new       PCYC Queensland would also like to
    Indigenous Programs Manager                way in which we engaged and consulted          recognise the ongoing support provided
    South Queensland                           with community through the Co-Design           by our partner sporting bodies for their
                                               workshops that were held in each               amazing support during the year. Finally, I
    This year has been another exciting year   community. These workshops offered a           would like to acknowledge the hard work,
    of exceptional community engagement        genuine voice for community to direct          dedication, persistence, and resilience
    and major milestones in our South          and drive the Indigenous Community             demonstrated by our ICSRO’s in each
    Queensland locations, with 2019 seeing     Sport and Recreation Program.                  community, as without them none of
    many new initiatives and programs come     Big things were planned for the annual         this would be possible. I am excited to
    alive with local Indigenous Community      showcase beach touch football event            see what 2020 will bring and the new
    Sport and Recreation Officer’s (ICSRO’s)   Bunburra, which has grown from year            way that PCYC Queensland through
    now performing better than ever. I would   to year with over 16 communities               the ICSRP can engage and support
    also like to thank my predecessor Daniel   participating in this year’s event.            all the communities that we work in.

                                               stress was laid to rest in November            talent and skills and a local Yarrabah
                                               with a new contract offered to PCYC            team took first place after a gruelling
                                               Queensland, enabling us to continue to         game against a team from Mareeba.
                                               deliver a quality sustainable program
                                                                                              The Napranum AFL 9’s, a modified
                                               for our Indigenous communities.
                                                                                              non-contact AFL game played with nine
                                               We were able to solidify our co-design         per side, brought male and female high
                                               workshop process with communities,             school students to Napranum from all
                                               offering a genuine voice at the table          over the Western Cape for a day of
                                               to guide the direction of our service          action, and was run with the support
                                               delivery. These workshops provided an
                                                                                              of AFL Cape York and the Napranum
                                               opportunity for community members
                                                                                              Aboriginal Shire Council. Both these
                                               to have their say on targeted services
                                                                                              local events were greatly supported,
                                               and create community-designed
                                                                                              assisting communities to come together
                                               programs, and the engagement in
    Paul Phillips                              this process was outstanding.
                                                                                              around sport and active recreation.

                                                                                              As always, the quality and sustainability
    Indigenous Programs Manager                Two new local cluster events were
                                               added to our calendars with the Dalari         of the ICSRP rests on the shoulders of
    Far North Queensland
                                               Fast 5’s Netball Tournament and                the local staff in community, and I am
    This last twelve months has seen           the Napranum AFL 9’s. The netball              enormously proud of each Officer and the
    another year of outstanding community      tournament welcoming girls aged 11-14,         work they do. As we head into a new year
    engagement and service delivery in our     was held at PCYC Yarrabah on the               facing uncertainty around the continuation
    locations in Far North Queensland and      new netball courts in partnership with         of the program, it is the passion and
    the Cape. Whilst uncertainty around        Netball Queensland and the Yarrabah            dedication of staff at the coal face who
    future funding caused stress amongst       Aboriginal Shire Council. This fast-paced      must be acknowledged for making
    staff and community partners, this         version of netball saw some amazing            the difference in their communities.

2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC
Management Team

 Yifeng Ni                                   Zoya Blackstein                              Kathryn Bishop
 Indigenous Programs                         Indigenous Programs                          Indigenous Programs
 Finance Officer                             Development Assistant                        Development Assistant
 State Office – Brisbane                     State Office – Brisbane                      State Office – Brisbane

                                           The Deadly 3’s competition was a great
                                           motivator for our Palm Island ICSRO’s
                                           who used it to inspire their community,
                                           with the men’s team narrowly missing
                                           out on a berth in the Grand Final. With
                                           Townsville men’s and women’s teams
                                           taking out the honours. But the best
                                           part of this competition is the vibe that it
                                           creates within the communities, its easy
                                           to get caught up in the atmosphere.

                                           This was also the first year that a North
                                           Queensland team had been invited to

Sean Brennan                               the Bunburra Beach Touch Football
                                           Tournament. The North Queensland
                                                                                          Dominic Stower
Regional Development Coordinator           United boys and girls teams were               Regional Development Coordinator
Regional Office - Townsville               made up from players from Palm                 State Office - Toowoomba
                                           Island, Townsville, Bowen and Mackay.
Firstly I have to thank all our awesome                                                   Moving into the role of regional
                                           Unfortunately they only got to play
ICSRO’S for the work they’ve put into                                                     coordinator for South West Queensland
                                           two games each before the event was
their term programs and with all the                                                      during the Spring of last year, this came
                                           cancelled due to inclement weather.
school holiday programs booked to the                                                     at a time when the State Government
                                           Looking forward to getting another
maximum all year, this is a testament                                                     was considering alternatives to
                                           invite for the team to show their skills.
to the engaging programs designed by                                                      its existing funding program with
them. It’s great seeing the wide variety   The NQ Brolgas football team (soccer)          PCYC Qld. In this environment, our
of age groups attending our diverse        were in for a big 2019 with our sponsor        focus remained on the delivery of
programs, it shows that we are invested    QNI back on deck to provide these              existing programs while ensuring our
in aspects of our communities.             16 young women with another great              Indigenous Community, Sport and
                                           opportunity to attend the 2019 Australian      Recreation officers felt supported.
June 1st 2019 saw our 2nd Annual
                                           Indigenous Football Championships
Wariganda Indigenous Golf Tournament                                                      Thanks in large part to strong support
                                           at Caboolture. There are always
held on a spectacular day at the                                                          from communities where PCYC’s
                                           challenges when you take a team away
marvellous Rowes Bay Golf Club                                                            Indigenous programs are being delivered,
                                           and this was no different, from team
in Townsville, celebrating National                                                       the said contract was extended for
                                           members becoming unavailable at the
Reconciliation week. We had 108                                                           another 12 months. Putting the minds
                                           last minute to the extreme heat of 38
players from all over North Queensland                                                    of many at ease, this also allowed
                                           degrees the matches were played in.
playing the 18 hole course in a 4                                                         our organisation to build upon the
person team Ambrose format. All teams      Another massive highlight was                  existing offer, as well as the design
had a wonderful day are eager to           the Inaugural 2019 Australian                  and development of new programs
return in 2020. The “24th TEAM” from       Indigenous Basketball Championships            aligning with PCYC’s commitment
Bowen took out the win for the day.        held in Cairns in December.                    toward continuous improvement.

2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC
Managed by the FNQ Indigenous                         Managed by the NQ Regional
    Programs Manager                                      Development Coordinator
    Based from FNQ Regional Office (14 ICSRP locations)
                                                          Based from NQ Regional Office (4 ICSRP Locations)

    Centrally managed through the FNQ Regional Office
                                                          Centrally managed through the
    - Cooktown                     - Cairns               NQ Regional Office
    - Coen                         - Mapoon
    - Hopevale                     - Mossman Gorge        - Doomadgee
    - Wujal Wujal                  - Pormpuraaw

                                                          Managed through an external auspice agent
    Managed through an external auspice agent             - Normanton
    - Kuranda                       - Lockhart River

                                                          Managed through a PCYC Queensland Club
    Managed through a PCYC Queensland Club
                                                          - Mornington Island           - Mount Isa
    - Aurukun                       - Yarrabah
    - Mareeba                       - Napranum

    Managed by the SQ Indigenous
    Programs Manager                                      Managed by SWQ Regional
    Based from State Office (12 ICSRP locations)
                                                          Development Coordinator
                                                          Based from State Office (5 ICSRP Locations)

    Centrally managed through the State Office
    - Woorabinda                                          Managed through an external auspice agent
                                                          - St George

    Managed through an external auspice agent
    - Bowen
                                                          Managed through a PCYC Queensland Club
                                                          - Dalby                       - Ipswich
                                                          - Goondiwindi                 - Toowoomba
    Managed through a PCYC Queensland Club
    - Bundaberg                      - Redlands
    - Cherbourg                      - Palm Island
    - Hervey Bay                     - Townsville East
    - Logan                          - Townsville West
    - Mackay                         - Zillmere

2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC
Our communities
                 Napranum                     Lockhart

                    Aurukun            Coen

Mornington Island                                                                                          Zillmere
                                               Wujal Wujal
                                                    Mossman                                                    Redlands
                                                  Cairns West                                                 Logan
                                Normanton                          Yarrabah
                                                                     Palm Island

                                                East and West Townsville


                       Mt Isa


                                                                                                            Hervey Bay

   The Cape region
   Gulf region                                                                                           Dalby
   Far North region 1                                                                                  Toowoomba
   Far North region 2                                                                                          Ipswich
   Northern region
   Central region                                                  St George
   South West region
   South East region

2019 Indigenous Community Sport - PCYC

        What the ICSRP
        aims to achieve
      • Increased participation (playing
        and volunteering) of Aboriginal
        and/or Torres Strait Islander people
        in sport and active recreation
        activities in each community.
      • A quality, sustainable sport
        and recreation program is
        delivered in each community
        (with opportunities for youth
        and whole-of-community).
      • Increased capacity of
        communities to plan, deliver
        and manage quality sport and
        recreation programs
        appropriate to local needs.

Annual performance

                9,144                                                              84                              201,982
         Number of sessions                                                 Number of total                            Participation
             delivered                                                        activities                                   total

          Gender breakdown                                             Ethnicity breakdown                        Participants enjoyment
                                                                                                                   of delivered activities
        100k                               86,683


         0                                                             0
                                   Total                                               Total                             Very Satisfied (50.58%)
                      Male                Female                               ATSI         NON-ATSI                     Satisfied (44.04%)
                                                                                                                         Neutral (5.38%)

        Age group breakdown                                                 Top 5 activities                      Have you been to this
                                                                                                                    activity before?


                21,774                                                         505

         5,523                                                                406

    0          25k          50k       75k      100k               0          500       1000            1500

                                                                          Basketball   Touch Football                     Yes (83.53%)
         0-5         6-12         13-18      19-40     40+                                                                No (16.47%)
                                                                        TIGS      Boxing    Swimming

Working in Partnership with
 Queensland Government                                                                                   “
     PCYC Queensland has
     made a commitment                The quality of our relationships
     to ensure that the                with community matters.
     Indigenous Community
     Sport and Recreation
                             In 2019 our program staff                          provided the opportunity for
     Program (ICSRP) is      have enjoyed collaborating                         communities to determine
     designed each year      with community all year.                           what is needed, enabling
     in consultation with                                                       them to participate in
     the local communities   Co-Design workshops in                             physical activities of
     we work in.             the first half of the year                         their own choosing.

Highlights of the year:

South West QLD Indigenous Programs
Touch Football Competition
                             Community members from across the South             Cheryl Moggs (Cre8tive Mix), Care
                             West QLD region came together in Goondiwindi        Goondiwindi, Kieran Gibbs (South West
                             to participate in the South West QLD Indigenous     Indigenous Network), Local Police Liaison

84 players       6 teams     Programs Touch Football Competition.                Officers, Goondiwindi Ladies Touch
                                                                                 Football Association and also thank local
                             Uniforms included the artwork titled “In Spirit”    referees and volunteers on the day.
                             created by local artist, Cheryl Moggs. The
                             artwork story details the importance of peers,
                             Elders and community coming together
                             and being connected, building strong
                             partnerships, respecting each other and
                             embracing reconciliation and cultural diversity.

                             We would like to acknowledge our partners
                             Terry McSweeney (South West QLD
                             Touch Football), Drug Arm Goondiwindi,

Wariganda Golf
                        PCYC Queensland’s annual Wariganda
                        Golf Tournament is a great celebration
                        of Reconciliation Week and Mabo Day
                        within the North Queensland community.
                        Bringing together Elders and young people,
                        the objective of the event is to celebrate
                        Reconciliation Week and MABO Day whilst
                        raising awareness and benefits of the sport of
                        golf within the local and surrounding Indigenous

108 players 27 teams
                        communities and renewing and creating
                        community connections around the game.

 Dalari Fast 5 Netball Tournament
                        The inaugural Dalari Fast 5 carnival was
                        held at PCYC Yarrabah in October as
                        part of the celebrations for the opening

 42 players   5 teams   of the new court. Teams from Yarrabah,
                        Mareeba, Kuranda and Cairns competed in
                        the event, with team Yarrabah winning by
                        one goal against Mareeba in extra time.

                        Netball Queensland Diamond Spirit and
                        Inclusion Lead, Lee Wilson, is delighted
                        to have forged a strong partnership with
                        PCYC Queensland over the past three
                        years to support the growth of netball.

                        “Having a brand-new court at PCYC
                        Yarrabah is an amazing opportunity for
                        women and girls in Yarrabah. We thank
                        the Council for supporting the future of
                        netball and we look forward to providing
                        ongoing support for netball in Yarrabah
                        over the coming years,” said Ms Wilson.

PCYC AFL 9’s competition
                        In conjunction with PCYC Queensland                The day concluded with a fun community
                        and the community of Napranum, AFL                 game featuring staff, parents and
                        Cape York (AFLCY) hosted an AFL 9’s                community, and one which Indigenous

60 players 4 teams
                        Carnival at the local oval in Napranum, with       Programs Manager Paul Phillips starred in
                        backing from Western Cape Communities              kicking the winning goal for the team!
                        Trust and the State Government.                    Despite the heat, a fun day was had by
                                                                           all, and we look forward to continuing our
                        AFLCY were very excited to introduce
                                                                           partnership with AFL Cape York and to
                        a new sporting opportunity to engage
                                                                           holding more events together in the future.
                        the youth of the community.

                        Students from Aurukun, Western Cape
                        College Residential Campus and
                        Napranum were all involved with more
                        than 60 students participating on the
                        day and five staff from AFLCY, including
                        Brisbane Regional Manager David
                        Harding. Thanks also to On the Move
                        with Deadly Foods, who served lunch.

3x3 Pro Hustle Tour

                                                                                          “The Pro Hustle Series culminates a
                                                                                          significant 3x3 basketball pathway
                                                                                          delivered by PCYC Indigenous
                                                                                          programs. At the grass-roots
 As part of our partnership with the NBL,                                                 level PCYC delivers 3x3 Street
 PCYC Queensland entered both a male         Pro Tour. Earning selection through our      Hustles, communities then
 and female Indigenous open team into        Deadly 3s tournament, our Indigenous         compete in our annual Deadly 3’s
 all three 3x3 Pro Hustle Tournaments        Pro Hustle teams literally went toe-to-toe   tournament, and finally the elite
 taking place in Melbourne, Geelong          with professional NBL and WNBL players       are selected to compete in the big
 and Darwin. The 3x3 Pro Hustle Tour is      from around the country. This tour also      dance…..the 3x3 Pro Hustle”
 the number one 3x3 tour in the country      marked the first female indigenous team      Daniel Egan – Former South Queensland
 and gateway to the FIBA 3x3 World           entered to represent PCYC Queensland.        Indigenous Programs Manager

 Gulf Hustle Tour
                                                                                          Australian 3x3 Pathway from the streets
                                                                                          to the world stage. We would also like to
                                                                                          thank AIB who brought a professionalism
                                                                                          and swagger to the product that engaged
                                                                                          every participant to bring their best hustle.

                                                                                          “Australian Indigenous Basketball are
                                                                                          proud to work with PCYC Queensland
                                                                                          to grow the great game of basketball
                                                                                          in Indigenous Communities most in
                                                                                          need. The 3x3 Hustle Gulf tour was
                                                                                          pure excitement from start to finish”

                                                                                          Joel Khalu – CEO Indigenous
                                                                                          Basketball Association

 PCYC Queensland partnered with the          This tour was historical given that it is
 National Basketball League (NBL) and        the first time ever a brand-new sporting
 Australian Indigenous Basketball (AIB) to   product in any sport had been made
 deliver the 3x3 Street Hustle tournaments   available to Indigenous communities first
 to the communities of Yallambie             in the state of Queensland before being
 (Mount Isa), Doomadgee, Mornington          made accessible to the general public.
 Island and Normanton. Together we
 engaged 1,186 (47% females and              PCYC Queensland would like to
 53% males) participants on the tour         acknowledge the NBL for trusting
 ranging from 6 years old to over 40.        our organisation to roll out the official

Catch Me If You Can
This year saw Indigenous students
from Mareeba State High School take
part in the mentoring program ‘Catch
Me If You Can’ at PCYC Mareeba,
aimed at fostering strong connections
between young people and the
Queensland Police Service (QPS).
Designed to use sport to develop
and improve relationships between
Indigenous school students and local
police, Catch Me If You Can is an
innovative youth mentoring program
unique to PCYC Queensland.

As part of the 8-week program,
students were matched with a
police officer of their choice and
participated in team building activities

and weekly games of ‘Edor’, an
Indigenous chasing and tagging
game. This allowed students and
police officers to get to know each
other in a healthy environment.
                                                       I really enjoyed the program
                                                   because it gave us something to look
                                                forward to. I like that they involved all of us
                                                    mob and treated us equally with the
                                                          same amount of respect.
                                                                    Jennifer Iles, program participant.
“The program is a great foundation
for building positive relationships
as students learn from mentors
including staff, Youth Justice

                                           Catch Me If You Can Yarrabah
and local police, and I have
seen so much improvement in
communication and manners from
the students.” – Sergeant Mary-Anne
                                                                                         The day started with the Grand Final
West, PCYC Mareeba club manager.
                                                                                         Basketball match between the mentors
                                                                                         and students, which saw the mentors
                                                                                         come away with the win after an
                                                                                         extremely close game. After lunch, the
                                                                                         fun continued with the group heading off
                                                                                         to play a few rounds of Laser Tag, and
                                                                                         despite officers having firearm training,
                                                                                         the youth were able to clench the win!

                                           The final round of Catch Me If You Can        Catch Me If You Can was delivered
                                           was held on the 29th March at PCYC            at PCYC Mareeba and Yarrabah
                                           Edmonton. This was a tri series program       through PCYC Queensland’s
                                           played between Indigenous students            Indigenous Community Sport and
                                           of Yarrabah High School, local police         Recreation Program, and proudly
                                           officers and community role models.           supported by Smart Salary.

       The role that the ICSRP plays in my
community is very important, as it helps all us kids
 have fun and not fight as much. It has also given
 me an amazing job opportunity, which I wouldn’t
               have had otherwise.

           DJ aka Delwyn, youth member, PCYC Aurukun

PCYC Aurukun provides
meaningful opportunities
for local community
                                                                                            Josh Morris, who has fulfilled the
                                                                                            Indigenous Community Sport and
                                                                                            Recreation Officer (ICSRO) role on several
                                                                                            occasions throughout the past five years,
                                                                                            was welcomed into the community after
                                                                                            moving to Aurukun with his partner who is
                                                                                            from one of the 5 Wik clans. As a result of
                                                                                            his friendly nature and outgoing personality
                                                                                            Josh has been embraced by the community.

                                                                                            As a personal trainer by trade, Josh’s
                                                                                            passion is to introduce and further develop
                                                                                            sport, recreation, and healthy programs
                                                                                            through the club. His much-needed skills,
                                                                                            experience, and passion for helping young
                                                                                            people in Aurukun to foster healthy decision
                                                                                            making, develop life skills and promote
PCYC Aurukun is a prime example                Gym facilities open each evening on          positive relationships has made a significant
of a sport and recreation facility that        weekdays also proved to be a successful      impact within the Aurukun community.
provides meaningful and accessible             and popular outlet for many of the service   All year round PCYC Aurukun facilities
alternatives to young aboriginal               providers and community members.             including the oval and basketball courts
people in a remote community, where                                                         are open for general use each day.
                                               An interagency 3x3 basketball competition
many other facilities are limited.                                                          Through the Indigenous Community
                                               was also held each Wednesday with
In many remote and discrete communities        over six teams from various local            Sport and Recreation Program, PCYC
in Queensland, PCYC Queensland clubs           service providers and three mixed            Aurukun continues to offer meaningful
provide the only suitable venues for youth     adult teams. Each participating team         and capacity building programs
drop-ins, healthy social interaction and       took home a prize and this event             and activities that promote health,
general sport and recreation, and this         became a very successful fixture in the      wellbeing and safer communities.
is especially true for PCYC Aurukun.           PCYC Aurukun ICSRP schedule.

In 2019, PCYC Aurukun through the
ICSRP had much to offer young people
including the afterschool and school holiday
programs, that saw daily engagement
exceed an average of 60 participants each
day ranging in ages from 5 to 21 years.

AFL QLD and Netball QLD ran activities
facilitated by PCYC Aurukun, and a general
sports program that included cricket and
dodge ball was also popular. Alongside
this, PCYC Aurukun also held art and
craft sessions and showed movies daily
in the designated upstairs chill-out zone.

PCYC Aurukun through the ICSRP held
group fitness sessions bringing up to 20
participants twice per week including local
and non-local members of the community.

DJ’s Story                                                                               Little

                                                                                          Ricco was just six years old when
                                                                                          he rolled up to PCYC Aurukun.
                                                                                          Now four years later, Ricco is an
                                                                                          active and bright young member
                                                                                          of the PCYC Aurukun club.

                                                                                          “My favourite program is
                                                                                          sports with Josh – I get to play
                                                                                          footy and other sports.”

                                                                                          Ricco says that being involved in the
                                                                                          program has shown him how to work
                                                                                          as part of a team and taught him
Delwyn, aka DJ, now 16 has been a              also showed him a lot of respect and
                                                                                          how to share with other children.
member of PCYC Aurukun since he                listened when he spoke. In the new
was 12 years old getting involved in           year he asked me how he would go           “It has also helped me to get better
activities to keep himself out of trouble.     about getting a job at the PCYC and I      at the sports I play. The best thing
                                               thought he would be a great asset to the   is that I get to play fun sports
“The community was boring, and I wanted
                                               ICSRO team,” Said Sergeant Gilbert.        with my friends and family.”
to do something fun. I have done heaps
of fun activities at PCYC Aurukun like         “The best thing about working and coming   “PCYC Aurukun helps bring the
Dodgeball, touch football, basketball,         to ICSRP is having fun with my friends     community together and have fun.”
hanging out with my friends watching           and family, which takes my mind off the
movies and my favourite – rollerblading.”      problems in community,” Delwyn said.

“I have learnt new cool skills like
rollerblading, teamwork, meeting new
friends and learning how to play new
sports that I don’t normally play.”

In January 2019, club manager Sergeant
Melissa Gilbert wanted to give Delwyn a
                  go at giving him his first
                  positive job experience.

                   “Delwyn had been
                   coming into the club
                   every day and spending
                   the entire day at the
                   club over the Christmas
                   school holiday period.
                   He was always very
                   polite and keen to help
                   to get things organised
                   and the younger kids

Coleridge’s Story
Changing lives and creating community champions

                                           “As I got older, I became a member of the     “Being involved with the ICSRP has helped
                                           gym and started going to fitness classes.     my communication towards participants and
                                           I was also part of the Three Rivers Team      how to engage community members with a
                                           who made it into the Grand Final of the       planned activity they could be interested in.”
                                           inaugural rugby Mareeba Cup in 2012
                                                                                         “I think the most rewarding part about
                                           which was a real highlight for me.”
                                                                                         delivering the ICSRP is seeing the
                                           In 2017 Coleridge became PCYC                 interaction between the young people
                                           Hopevale’s Indigenous Community Sport         in my community. The Indigenous
                                           and Recreation Officer, achieving a goal he   Community Sport and Recreation
                                           had been working towards for many years.      Program is a local gateway for fellow
                                                                                         community members to keep active
                                           “I wanted to start working for the
                                                                                         and get involved in local events.”
                                           Indigenous Community Sport and
                                           Recreation Program (ICSRP) because
                                           I felt I needed to be more involved in
                                           community activities and functions.”

                                           Since working with PCYC Hopevale
                                           and supporting the ICSRP, Coleridge
                                           has become an active member in
From just ten years of age, Coleridge      his community developing his own
now aged 24, has spent most of his         communication and interpersonal skills
youth growing up in PCYC Hopevale.         as part of delivering the program.
“When I was in primary school, I started   “I have achieved a lot in my role as
getting involved with PCYC Hopevale        Indigenous Community Sport and
activities, including afternoon sports     Recreation Officer. I have not only
programs, activities like the Northern     completed my Lifeguard and Learn to
Outlook Program and even going             Swim training, I am now currently studying
to the discos,” said Coleridge.            towards a Certificate III in Fitness.”

Teneille’s Story
Bringing hope to Hopevale through sport

                                               especially through the Indigenous
                                               Community Sport and Recreation
                                               Program (ICSRP)” said Teneille.

                                               “My goal was also to promote health and
                                               wellbeing, and I have achieved this by
                                               creating strong community relationships
                                               to improve the quality of our service,
                                               and by building pathways with regional
                                               sporting bodies to give young people
                                                                                          encouraging me to be confident. Despite
                                               more opportunities to represent their
                                                                                          not enjoying public speaking, my mentors
                                               communities by competing regionally.”
                                                                                          encourage me to keep improving so
                                               Over the years Teneille has made           one day I won’t be so nervous!”
                                               a huge difference in the Hopevale
                                                                                          “The best thing about working with PCYC
                                               community, and continues to be a
                                                                                          Hopevale and delivering the ICSRP is
                                               mentor for young people as she takes
                                                                                          engaging with community members and
                                               on new challenges and experiences.
                                                                                          seeing the difference and impact you have
With a passion for sports and working with     “I have been given so many opportunities   on your community, affecting young people
children, Teneille Nuggins became PCYC         over the years through PCYC Queensland,    today and for future generations. Not to
Hopevale’s Senior Community Sports             including being able to complete           mention the lifelong friends I have made!”
and Recreation Coordinator 12 years ago        numerous qualifications including my       “I believe the role that the Indigenous
with the desire to improve services in the     Diploma in Community Services and          Community Sport and Recreation Program
community, and to provide additional sports    my Certificate III and IV in Fitness.”     plays in my community is bringing the
and recreation opportunities for young         “What I value the most though, is the      community together by providing a positive
people to compete at a regional level.                                                    environment for people to connect and
                                               support I have received from my peers
“I advocated to improve facilities within my   and managers who have allowed me           share a common focus. It also promotes
community to help support the delivery         to grow as a professional in the sports    physical health, wellbeing and social
of sports and increase participation,          industry, providing me with advice and     inclusion regardless of your ability.”

Bunburra Sport and
Culture Corroboree Series

                 182 players            16 communities

Bunburra, the Yugambeh word for         To earn selection for Bunburra, players must      PCYC Queensland is proud to hold
‘beach’ is PCYC Queensland’s            have a good school attendance record, be          a tournament that fosters sporting
Indigenous beach touch football         active in the community, be responsible and       skills and leadership qualities and
tournament that provides young boys     stay out of trouble throughout the year.          provides an opportunity for young
and girls aged 14-17 in Indigenous                                                        players to chase their dreams.
                                        With players travelling as far away as Yarrabah
communities the chance to participate
                                        to compete in the all-day tournament, this year   Unfortunately, due to extreme and
in an annual competition held on the
                                        saw seven new communities take part in the        escalating weather conditions on the day
Gold Coast.
                                        event for the first time.                         and in the interests of players, staff, and
                                                                                          supporters, the 2019 Bunburra competition
                                                                                          was cancelled and postponed till early 2020.

                                                                                          Sincere thanks to our Major Partner
                                                                                          SmartSalary for supporting the event,
                                                                                          we look forward to the future partnership
                                                                                          and promising years ahead.

                                                                                          Special thanks must also go to Garry
                                                                                          Shepherd and his team, The Preston
                                                                                          Campbell Foundation, and Luther Cora and
                                                                                          the Yugambeh Dancers for their continued
                                                                                          support with the delivery of Bunburra.

Deadly 3s Basketball

       119 players        21 communities

  Held at PCYC Edmonton and celebrating its fifth
year, PCYC Queensland’s Deadly 3s continues to be
 the only major basketball tournament of its kind in
              Far North Queensland.

                                                       Teams travelled from as far away as
                                                       Mackay, Townsville, Mount Isa, Aurukun
                                                       and the Torres Strait to take part in the
                                                       annual 3x3 mixed male and female
                                                       tournament, held as part of PCYC
                                                       Queensland’s Indigenous Community
                                                       Sport and Recreation Program.

                                                       Danny Morseu
                                                       This year, PCYC Queensland
                                                       proudly welcomed Indigenous
                                                       Olympic basketballer Danny Morseu
                                                       as the Deadly 3s Ambassador.

                                                        “Deadly 3s is a celebration of
                                                       Indigenous communities, sport and
                                                       culture and I am honoured to play
                                                       a part in this event and mentor the
                                                       participants,” said Mr Morseu.

                                                       PCYC Queensland would like to
                                                       thank Mr Morseu for his support at
                                                       this year’s tournament, as well as our
                                                       many local community organisations
                                                       that help to make Deadly 3s a truly
                                                       special community empowered event.


     INCOME                          ACTUAL

     Grant payments                 $3,318,818

     Interest                          $2,864

     Total                          $3,321,682

     EXPENDITURE                     ACTUAL

     Admin                           $565,813

     Auspice payments                $367,675

     Branch-managed officer costs   $1,631,715

     Remote officer costs            $839,025

     Special projects                $258,716

     Total                          $3,662,946


     Opening balance 1/1/19          $275,403

     Total income                   $3,321,682

     Total expenditure              $3,662,946

     Balance 31/12/19                 -$65,859

  Special thanks to the local community councils and the external Indigenous
 community agencies who auspice the ICSRP across Queensland for ongoing
                      commitments to local communities.

           Farewell Dan and Josie
             Dan Egan joined PCYC Indigenous               Josephine Szilagyi joined the FNQ
             Programs as Indigenous Programs Manager       Indigenous Programs team as
             – South East Queensland in 2017. Daniel       Program Support Coordinator in
             was instrumental in fostering a partnership   2018. Josie was an exceptional staff
             with the National Basketball League that      member dedicated to supporting
             saw PCYC Queensland become an official        and encouraging FNQ ICSRP staff.
             3x3 Street Hustle franchise in Queensland.
                                                           Thankyou you for your time and
             Dan’s passion to increase participation and   dedication while you worked
             drive new players to the game of Basketball   for the ICSRP. Best wishes to
             was unrivalled providing opportunities at     Dan and Josie and they embark
             the grassroots through to the elite level.    on their new challenges.

PCYC Queensland acknowledges
and gives thanks to the Queensland
Government for their commitment
to serving the Aboriginal and/or
Torres Strait Islander people of Queensland through
their ongoing support to the delivery of the Indigenous
Community Sport and Recreation Program (ICSRP).

Indigenous Community Sport
and Recreation Program
Police-Citizens Youth Clubs (PCYC) Queensland
30 Graystone Street, Tingalpa QLD 4173
P 07 3909 9555
F 07 3909 9533
W pcyc.org.au

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