2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka

2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka
2021 canine
Information Guide   1
2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka
General information
Two Shows                                                         Drop Off / Pick Up
Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, the 2021 Canine          Similar to 2019, the drop-off and pick-up point will be
Competition presented by BlackHawk is unable to host              located on Alexandria Street and accessible via the vehicle
international judges.                                             and trailer parking area located off St Pauls Terrace. The
                                                                  location of the pick-up / drop-off point will ensure an easy
To that end, the Royal Queensland Show will this year offer
                                                                  process to get your canines to the correct location.
exhibitors two shows.
                                                                  More information and a detailed parking map showing
Exhibitors will only need to enter once to gain entry in both
                                                                  traffic flow and the drop off / pick up points will be sent
shows which will run simultaneously in different rings with a
                                                                  to exhibitors when entries open in April.
different judge.
Show One – ‘2020 Show’ – will have a panel of Queensland          Parking
judges and will be judged in accordance with the one to four
                                                                  Exhibitors with a vehicle and dog trailer can park in the
                                                                  designated canine exhibitor parking area located on
Show Two – ‘2021 Show’ – will have a panel of interstate          Alexandria Street, open from 6am. You will be required to
judges and all classes will be eligible for a prize.              pre-book parking once entries open and permits will be
                                                                  issued on a first in first served basis.
Nine Day Show                                                     Exhibitors entering with a vehicle without a trailer will be able
As you are aware, the 2021 Ekka will open on Saturday             to park in the King Street Car Park (max height 2.2m). Please
(August 7) and close on the following Sunday (August 15)          note, parking in the King Street Car Park cannot be pre-booked
running for nine days instead of 10. It will maintain two full    - there are 275 parking spaces available each day of show.
weekends and the Ekka public holiday.
                                                                  For vehicles higher than 2.2m, exhibitors will need to
                                                                  book trailer parking.
Hound Feature Show
The Hound Feature Show has been postponed until 2022.             Competition Overview
This is due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, with international
                                                                  Main features of the Canine Competition include:
judges unable to confirm attendance at the show.
                                                                  ¢   Non-Sporting – Saturday 7 August
Breed Numbers and Benching                                        ¢   Utility – Sunday 8 August
Information                                                       ¢   Greyhound Sweepstakes – Sunday 8 August
                                                                  ¢   Terriers – Monday 9 August
Breed numbers and benching area information will be               ¢   Obedience (UD & UDX) – Monday 9 August
displayed on the day of judging for each group.
                                                                  ¢   Gundogs – Tuesday 10 August
Live streaming / Social Media                                     ¢   Hounds – Wednesday 11 August
                                                                  ¢   Toys – Thursday 12 August
The Ekka will once again livestream the Best in Show              ¢   Working Dogs – Friday 13 August
competitions via its Facebook page. Be sure to follow the
                                                                  ¢   Obedience (CD & CDX) – Friday 13 August
page @TheEkka.
                                                                  ¢   Junior Handlers – Saturday 14 August
Junior Handlers                                                   ¢   Plush Puppy Sweepstakes – Saturday 14 August
                                                                  ¢   General Specials – Saturday 14 August
The exhibitor and their guardian will receive an entry ticket
                                                                  ¢   Rally – Sunday 15 August
into Ekka.
                                                                  ¢   Dances with Dogs – Sunday 15 August
                                                                  ¢   Agility and Jumping – Sunday 15 August
                                                                  The Best Exhibit for both Shows will be announced on
                                                                  Saturday 15 August.

1							                                                              2021 Canine Information Guide
2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka
General information
Judges                                                         Contact and Relevant Dates
William ‘Bill’ Smith (General Specials – Show One)             Competition entries will open 23 April 2021 and close on 2
(Queensland)                                                   July 2021.
Aramis ‘Joy’ Joy-Lim (General Specials – Show Two) (South      Early bird discounts and late fees apply.
Australia)                                                     If you have any questions, please contact Competition
                                                               Coordinator Frances Maguire:
Pauline Brennan-Lim (South Australia)
                                                               P: 07 3253 5145
Andrew Burt (Victoria)
                                                               E: fmaguire@royalqueenslandshow.com.au
Douglas Duncan (New South Wales)
                                                               New Supporters
Eva Fekete (Western Australia)
                                                               If you are interested in becoming a supporter of the Canine
Nick Gouzos (South Australia)                                  Competition, please contact Dimity Vowles:
Karen Mangan (Queensland)                                      P: 07 3253 3993
Nathan McGreevy (Queensland)                                   E: dvowles@royalqueenslandshow.com.au

Sharyn Phillips (Queensland)                                   Entry Fees
Sandra Smid (Queensland)                                       Conformation
Timothy Thomas (Queensland)                                    (one entry fee for entry into both shows)
                                                               Early Bird		        $30 per entry
Belinda West (Queensland)
                                                               Regular Entries     $35 per entry
Vicki Yates (Queensland)
                                                               Late Entries        $75 per entry
Val Bonney (Queensland)                                        Sweepstakes, Obedience, Agility and Dances with Dogs
Patricia Cameron (Queensland)                                  $20 per entry
Maree Field (Queensland)                                       Junior Handlers
                                                               Free Entry
Lawrie Knauth (Queensland)
Vyvyan Mannion (Queensland)                                    Alterations to Judging Schedule
                                                               The RNA reserves the right at all times at its absolute
Robert ‘Bob’ Mills (Queensland)
                                                               discretion without assigning any reason to:
Barbara Murfet (Queensland)                                    (a) substitute a judge when necessary;
Gaille Newton (Queensland)                                     (b) re-allocate judging days for a particular breed;
Michael Yates (Queensland)                                     (c) appoint an additional judge if entries numbers warrant it.
                                                               You will be notified of any changes via email.
Breed and Dog Sporting Clubs Display                           Entry to the grounds is strictly from 6am. All dogs must be
Breed clubs are invited to hold a Breed Display at the Royal   benched by 8.45am. Dogs entered on their respective days
Queensland Show on the day their group is judged, in order     must remain on exhibition in their allocated bench or area
to promote their breed.                                        from 8.45am to 5pm. Any exhibitor who is unable to conform
                                                               to these times and conditions should not submit an entry.
For more information or to express interest, please contact
the Canine Competition Coordinator Frances Maguire             Exhibitors are advised to only enter one of the breed
(contact details above).                                       conformation classes with each exhibit.

2							                                                            2021 Canine Information Guide
2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka
The Canine Competition will have a new location in the undercover Expo Place, near the popular RACQ Animal Nursery.
The new location is just across the pathway from Alexandria Park, where the competition was held in 2019.

                                                   EXHIBITION STREET

                                                                            RACQ ANIMAL

                     BENCHING              RING                               NURSERY
  Y TE


                        L S




                              BUILDING 8                                            E
                                                                                A N
                                                                 D   RI
                                                   E   XA
                                              AL                            KING STREET

3							                                                                    2021 Canine Information Guide
2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka
                                 JUDGING GROUP 7 – NON SPORTING
                                             Show One – Sharyn Phillips
                                            Show Two – Douglas Duncan
                                     Both judges will judge all breeds listed below
                        Breed order and judging times to be advised soon after close of entries
                   Boston Terrier                                                          Lhasa Apso
                  British Bulldog                                                Peruvian Hairless Dog (Large)
                   Canaan Dog                                                  Peruvian Hairless Dog (Medium)
                   Chow Chow                                                     Peruvian Hairless Dog (Small)
                     Dalmatian                                                         Poodle (Miniature)
                      Eurasier                                                         Poodle (Standard)
                  French Bulldog                                                           Poodle (Toy)
               German Spitz (Klein)                                                        Schipperke
               German Spitz (Mittel)                                                        Shar Pei
                    Great Dane                                                              Shih Tzu
                  Japanese Spitz                                                         Tibetan Terrier
                Karelian Bear Dog                                          Xoloitzcuintle Hairless Dog (Intermediate)
                     Keeshond                                                Xoloitzcuintle Hairless Dog (Miniature)
(Judging order of breeds continues to next column)                           Xoloitzcuintle Hairless Dog (Standard)
                                                  Group 7 Specials
                            Please note alternations of judging schedule clause on page 2.

4							                                                            2021 Canine Information Guide
2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka
                                     JUDGING GROUP 6 – UTILITY
                                            Show One – Vicki Yates
                                           Show Two – Andrew Burt
                             Greyhound Sweepstakes - 12pm – Patricia Cameron
                                 Both judges will judge all breeds listed below
                     Breed order and judging times to be advised soon after close of entries
                      Akita                                                          Mastiff
                 Akita Japanese                                                Neapolitan Mastiff
                Alaskan Malamute                                                 Newfoundland
             Anatolian Shepherd Dog                                          Portuguese Water Dog
             Bernese Mountain Dog                                               Pyrenean Mastiff
                      Boxer                                                 Pyrenean Mountain Dog
                   Bullmastiff                                                     Rottweiler
              Canadian Eskimo Dog                                             Russian Black Terrier
                   Cane Corso                                                      Samoyed
            Caucasian Shepherd Dog                                                 Schnauzer
           Central Asian Shepherd Dog                                          Schnauzer (Giant)
                   Dobermann                                                 Schnauzer (Miniature)
               Dogue De Bordeaux                                                    Shiba Inu
              Estrela Mountain Dog                                               Siberian Husky
                German Pinscher                                                  Spanish Mastiff
              Kangal Shepherd Dog                                                  St Bernard
      Landseer (European continental type)                                       Tibetan Mastiff
                   Leonberger                                                        Tornjak
(Judging order of breeds continues to next column)                               Yakutian Laika
                                               Group 6 Specials
                         Please note alternations of judging schedule clause on page 2.

5							                                                        2021 Canine Information Guide
2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka
                                     JUDGING GROUP 2 – TERRIERS
                                            Show One – Sandra Smid
                                             Show Two – Eva Fekete
                                  Both judges will judge all breeds listed below
                      Breed order and judging times to be advised soon after close of entries
                 Airedale Terrier                                                   Irish Terrier
            American Hairless Terrier                                          Jack Russell Terrier
          American Staffordshire Terrier                                        Kerry Blue Terrier
                Australian Terrier                                               Lakeland Terrier
                Bedlington Terrier                                              Manchester Terrier
                  Border Terrier                                                  Norfolk Terrier
                    Bull Terrier                                                  Norwich Terrier
              Bull Terrier (Miniature)                                        Parson Russell Terrier
                   Cairn Terrier                                                  Scottish Terrier
                  Cesky Terrier                                                  Sealyham Terrier
             Dandie Dinmont Terrier                                                Skye Terrier
               Fox Terrier (Smooth)                                        Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
                Fox Terrier (Wire)                                           Staffordshire Bull Terrier
             German Hunting Terrier                                              Tenterfield Terrier
                  Glen of Imaal                                                    Welsh Terrier
(Judging order of breeds continues to next column)                         West Highland White Terrier
                                                  Group 2 Specials
                                         OBEDIENCE JUDGING – Lawrie Knauth
                                           Obedience Companion Dog (CD)
                                     Obedience Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)
                          Please note alternations of judging schedule clause on page 2.

6							                                                         2021 Canine Information Guide
2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka
                                   JUDGING GROUP 3 – GUNDOGS
                                          Show One – Karen Mangan
                                           Show Two – Eva Fekete
                                 Both judges will judge all breeds listed below
                     Breed order and judging times to be advised soon after close of entries
                 Bracco Italiano                                          Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla
                     Brittany                                              Irish Red and White Setter
            Chesapeake Bay Retriever                                               Irish Setter
                Clumber Spaniel                                                Irish Water Spaniel
                 Cocker Spaniel                                                  Italian Spinone
            Cocker Spaniel American                                            Labrador Retriever
             Curly Coated Retriever                                           Lagotto Romagnolo
                  English Setter                                              Large Munsterlander
             English Springer Spaniel                                  Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
                  Field Spaniel                                                      Pointer
              Flat Coated Retriever                                           Spanish Water Dog
           German Shorthaired Pointer                                           Sussex Spaniel
           German Wirehaired Pointer                                              Weimaraner
                Golden Retriever                                             Weimaraner (Longhair)
                  Gordon Setter                                             Welsh Springer Spaniel
                Hungarian Vizsla                                          Wirehaired Slovakian Pointer
(Judging order of breeds continues to next column)
                                               Group 3 Specials
                         Please note alternations of judging schedule clause on page 2.

7							                                                        2021 Canine Information Guide
2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka
                                         JUDGING GROUP 4 – HOUNDS
                                               Show One – Timothy Thomas
                                                  Show Two – Nick Gouzos
                                        Both judges will judge all breeds listed below
                            Breed order and judging times to be advised soon after close of entries
                    Afghan Hound                                                          Deerhound
                       Azawakh                                                           Finnish Spitz
                        Basenji                                                           Foxhound
              Basset Fauve de Bretagne                                        Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen
                    Basset Hound                                                          Greyhound
                        Beagle                                                        Hamiltonstovare
              Black and Tan Coonhound                                                       Harrier
                     Bloodhound                                                         Ibizan Hound
                 Bluetick Coonhound                                                   Irish Wolfhound
                        Borzoi                                                     Norwegian Elkhound
                  Cirneco Dell`Etna                                                      Otterhound
                  Dachshund (Long)                                             Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
             Dachshund (Miniature Long)                                               Pharaoh Hound
            Dachshund (Miniature Smooth)                                Portuguese Podengo (Large Smooth Haired)
              Dachshund (Miniature Wire)                                 Portuguese Podengo (Large Wire Haired)
                 Dachshund (Smooth)                                    Portuguese Podengo (Medium Smooth Haired)
                  Dachshund (Wire)                                      Portuguese Podengo (Medium Wire Haired)
             Dachshund Kaninchen (Long)                                 Portuguese Podengo (Small Smooth Haired)
           Dachshund Kaninchen (Min. Long)                               Portuguese Podengo (Small Wire Haired)
          Dachshund Kaninchen (Min. Smooth)                                       Rhodesian Ridgeback
           Dachshund Kaninchen (Min. Wire)                                                  Saluki
            Dachshund Kaninchen (Smooth)                                                    Sloughi
             Dachshund Kaninchen (Wire)                                                    Whippet
                                                       Group 4 Specials
*Competitors   are encouraged to participate in the Grand Parade on the Main Oval starting at 4:30pm. Please listen to the an-
                              nouncements made in the ring on the day for further information.
                                Please note alternations of judging schedule clause on page 2.

8							                                                               2021 Canine Information Guide
2021 canine Information Guide - Ekka
                                         JUDGING GROUP 1 – TOYS
                                         Show One – Nathan McGreevy
                                        Show Two – Pauline Brennan-Lim
                                  Both judges will judge all breeds listed below
                      Breed order and judging times to be advised soon after close of entries
                  Affenpinscher                                                   Japanese Chin
              Australian Silky Terrier                                         King Charles Spaniel
                   Bichon Frise                                                     Lowchen
                    Bolognese                                                        Maltese
          Cavalier King Charles Spaniel                                         Miniature Pinscher
             Chihuahua (Long Coat)                                                   Papillon
            Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)                                                 Pekingese
              Chinese Crested Dog                                                  Pomeranian
                 Coton De Tulear                                                       Pug
         English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)                                  Russian Toy (Long Haired)
                Griffon Bruxellois                                         Russian Toy (Smooth Haired)
                    Havanese                                                     Tibetan Spaniel
                Italian Greyhound                                                Yorkshire Terrier
(Judging order of breeds continues to next column)
                                                Group 1 Specials
                          Please note alternations of judging schedule clause on page 2.

9							                                                         2021 Canine Information Guide
                               JUDGING GROUP 5 – WORKING DOGS
                                             Show One – Belinda West
                                         Show Two – Pauline Brennan-Lim
                                    Both judges will judge all breeds listed below
                         Breed order and judging times to be advised soon after close of entries
              Australian Cattle Dog                                                German Shepherd Dog
                Australian Kelpie                                              German Shepherd Dog (LSC)
               Australian Shepherd                                                   Icelandic Sheepdog
        Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog                                                 Komondor
                 Bearded Collie                                                             Kuvasz
         Beauceron (Berger de Beauce)                                               Maremma Sheepdog
      Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)                                             Norwegian Buhund
        Belgian Shepherd Dog (Laekenois)                                           Old English Sheepdog
         Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)                                         Polish Lowland Sheepdog
        Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)                                                      Puli
           Bergamasco Shepherd Dog                                                           Pumi
                  Border Collie                                               Pyrenean Sheepdog Longhaired
              Bouvier des Flandres                                                   Shetland Sheepdog
                      Briard                                                         Swedish Lapphund
                  Collie (Rough)                                                      Swedish Vallhund
                 Collie (Smooth)                                                     Tatra Shepherd Dog
              Dutch Shepherd Dog                                                   Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)
                Finnish Lapphund                                                  Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)
(Judging order of breeds continues to next column)                               White Swiss Shepherd Dog
                                                  Group 5 Specials
                                      OBEDIENCE JUDGING – Lawrie Knauth
                                                   Utility Dog (UD)
                                             Utility Dog Excellent (UDX)

                         Please note alternations of judging schedule clause on page 2.

10							                                                            2021 Canine Information Guide
      ONE RING                    ONE RING                         ONE RING                   ONE RING
     Michael Yates                Judge TBA                   William ‘Bill’ Smith        Aramis “Joy” Joy-Lim
     Plush Puppy -
Baby Puppy Sweepstakes
    Plush Puppy -
  Puppy Sweepstakes                                            General Specials             General Specials
                                Junior Handlers
     Plush Puppy -                                               (Show One)                   (Show Two)
  Junior Sweepstakes
    Plush Puppy -
  Neuter Sweepstakes

                                    Order and time of judging to be advised

                         Please note alternations of judging schedule clause on page 2.

11							                                                      2021 Canine Information Guide
                     DANCES WITH DOGS
     RALLY               Val Bonney                          AGILITY                   JUMPING
 Barbara Murfet        Vyviann Mannion                      Robert Mills              Gaille Newton
    RING 1               Maree Field                  After Dances With Dogs           After Agility
                             After Rally
 Advanced Rally A
 Advanced Rally B
 Excellent Rally A
 Excellent Rally B
                     Heelwork to Music Starter
                     Heelwork to Music Novice
                         Heelwork to Music
                         Heelwork to Music
                          Freestyle Starter
                          Freestyle Novice
                       Freestyle Intermediate
                        Freestyle Advanced
                          Rookie Classes
                                                            Novice (AD)
                                                          Excellent (ADX)
                                                            Open (ADO)
                                                           Master (ADM)
                                                                                       Novice (JD)
                                                                                      Excellent (JDX)
                                                                                       Open (JDO)
                                                                                      Master (JDM)
                     Please note alternations of judging schedule clause on page 2.

12							                                                2021 Canine Information Guide
                       Best in Show

   Bill Smith (Queensland)
   Judging: General Specials (Show One)

   Born and bred in Glasgow Scotland, I emigrated to Brisbane Australia in 1978.
   After arriving and settling into my new home, I started my search to find a companion dog that would suit
   me and my outgoing lifestyle in my new country.
   During my search when visiting a conformation dog show I was so lucky to meet a lovely man and his
   wife (Mr David and Mrs Jeanette Woolcock), who I later found out was a CCCQ and RNA Councillor.
   Following an interesting discussion and introduction to many breeds I found a breed I never knew
   existed, I found my heart dog the Dobermann. The Dobermann is and will always be my number one
   dog although, along with my wife Denise we have bred many champion Dobermanns (Ebondobe) we
   have also bred Champion Rottweilers (Cobilde) and in the last seven years Champion French Bulldogs
   With many years of successfully owning, handling and breeding Dobermanns, I was approached to join
   the Conformation Judges Training System in the early 90s and in 2009 when I had completed all groups,
   I received my All-Breed Judges Certificate. Over the many years of judging, I have had the privilege and
   pleasure to judge at Conformation Shows awarding Best of Breed, Best in Group, Best in Specialty Show
   and Best in Show, Australia wide, New Zealand and around the world including Brazil, China, Canada,
   Finland, India, Indonesia, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia to mention a few.
   I love travelling, experiencing new foods, new cultures and customs, sharing my knowledge and
   experiences with my dog world family whether at a dog show judging or just visiting. The world of dogs
   is my passion, and the lucky meeting and friendship I had with Mr and Mrs Woolcock started me on my
   journey of enjoying every moment the dog world has to offer. I am privileged and honoured to Judge Best
   in Show at this year’s Royal Queensland Show. I sincerely thank the Committee for this honour and wish
   the exhibitors and the Show a big success.

   Aramis Joy-Lim (South Australia)
   Judging: General Specials (Show Two)

   I was born into the world of dogs, as my parents were both all breed judges and breeders of German
   Shepherds, Boxers, Great Danes, Poodles, Min Pins and Dachshunds. From a very young age I was
   involved in show handling these breeds.
   I have been judging for over 30 years and I have been very fortunate to have been invited to judge
   Prestigious all breeds shows and Specialty shows including World Dog shows, FCI Section Shows and
   the Eukanuba World Challenge. I have judged in over 40 different countries around the world, most of
   them several times. I have judged in most countries in Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, South and Central
   America, Canada, United States of America, Israel and the Caribbean.
   Since moving to Australia in 1984, I have been involved in the breeding and very successful exhibiting of
   Shetland Sheepdogs together with my wife, Pauline. We own and bred Australia’s current number one
   Sheltie. Our Sheltie is also the current number one Working Dog and one of the top show dogs in South
   Australia. Many of our Shelties are Best in Show winners, in both All Breeds and Specialist shows.
   I am a committee and life member of the All Breeds Dog Club of South Australia. I am also the Judges
   Liaison officer of the Dogs South Australia Winter International Show and an elected member of the Dogs
   SA executive council.

13							                                       2021 Canine Information Guide
                            Show One

   Nathan McGreevy (Queensland)
   Judging: Group 1

   Forty years ago this year at the age of 10, I entered and won my first child handlers class at the Ekka,
   nine years after my parents first started exhibiting Afghan Hounds.
   Not long later I started exhibiting my own Dachshunds and a short time later Italian Greyhounds were
   added to the family’s kennel, the first of which won Puppy in Show at the Ekka.
   A couple of years later Greyhounds were also added. I started judging hounds in 1991 but later took a
   break to study and travel.
   Returning to the world of dog shows I continue to exhibit Afghan Hounds and Greyhounds and have
   continued my judges education adding two more groups. In 2017 I had the great honour of judging
   Greyhound Sweepstakes here at the Ekka and now look forward to returning to that ring to judge the Toy

   Sandra Smid (Queensland)
   Judging: Group 2

   I bought my first dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, in 1978. This dog started my 40+ year dedication to the
   breed. Multiple Specialist Best In Show winners have slept on my couch in this time and virtually every
   Stafford I have bred since traces back to that first dog.
   Over the years I have also owned Japanese Chin, Greyhound and Portuguese Water Dog (the first
   registered in NZ), plus shown Bullmastiffs, Scottish Terriers and Chinese Cresteds.
   In 2014 ‘just one’ Border Terrier joined the family - he became a Supreme Champion, a BIS winner, a
   Senior Earthdog title-holder and has opened an additional chapter in my dog life.
   I am hugely honoured to have been invited to judge at the 2021 Brisbane Royal, especially Terrier Group
   which has been such a huge part of my life, for most of my life.

   Karen Mangan (Queensland)
   Judging: Group 3

   As a child I was introduced into the dog showing world as my mum showed cocker spaniels. The first
   dog of my own was an English Pointer I was gifted for my 14th birthday ‘Oliver’ Ch Haywyn Star Trek. He
   was an amazing dog to me and we achieved 25 Best In Show awards by the time he retired.
   I started judging when I was 18 years old and currently have Groups 3,4,7. In this time I have judged all
   over Australia and been fortunate enough to travel overseas to New Zealand and India with this.
   In my time in the show ring I have owned and exhibited English Pointers, English Springer, Harrier,
   Beagles and Smooth Fox Terriers. I have been fortunate enough to have owned and handled some lovely
   dogs over these years.
   From these dogs I have been lucky enough to have been awarded over 55 Best in Show awards with
   Multiple Royal Group wins and places and a Qld Puppy of the Year winner.
   In Beagles, I have breed five Specialty Best in Show winners, multiple All Breeds Best in Show winners
   and many champions.

14							                                        2021 Canine Information Guide
                            Show One

   Timothy Thomas (Queensland)
   Judging: Group 4

   I have been involved in the ‘Dog World’ for over 30 years, initially exhibiting and breeding Collie Roughs.
   I now own and breed Australian Shepherds – continuing on under my family’s prefix of ‘Ochaye’.
   I have held positions in numerous Queensland specialty clubs including President of the Collie R&S Club;
   Secretary of the Chinese Crested Dog Club; and am currently President of the Australian Shepherd Club.
   In 2013, I was appointed to the position of ‘Chairperson’ of Queensland’s Dog of the Year. In February
   2015, I was elected (for a 4-year term) to the Dogs Queensland Board of Directors. In 2019, I was
   appointed as a member of the Conformation Judge’s Committee.
   In August 2015, I attained ANKC All Breeds status and have subsequently been recognised as an FCI
   International All Breeds Judge.
   I have judged in over 30 countries. My most notable judging assignments include the World Dog Show in
   Russia (2016); the World Dog Show in Amsterdam (2018) and judging BIS at the Grand Rivers/Ashtabula
   Kennel Club (2018) in the USA.
   I am currently employed full time by the University of Queensland as a Lecturer teaching Business,
   Corporate and Private Law. I am also admitted as a Legal Practitioner.

   Belinda West (Queensland)
   Judging: Group 5

   I have been involved in the dog world for as long as I can remember, having shown Tibetan Spaniels as a
   child in Far North Queensland. At the age of 15 I then acquired my first Australian Shepherd and quickly
   fell in love with the breed.
   Together with my partner, Tim Thomas, we have bred five Australian Champions, two Supreme
   Champions and three Best In Show winning dogs under his family prefix of ‘Ochaye’. Our greatest
   achievement to date was breeding Australia’s youngest Supreme Champion Australian Shepherd which
   later that year represented Queensland in Australia’s ‘Top Dog’ Competition. In addition to our home-
   bred dogs, I have also had the privilege of owning and showing a number of other wonderful Australian
   Shepherds - including an import which was awarded BIS at the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show,
   followed by Best of Breed and Group 2nd at the 2019 ‘World Dog Show’ in Shanghai.
   After years of exhibiting, I have now started my judging journey and was delighted to achieve Working
   Dog Championship status in 2020. I am currently an Open Show Judge for Toys. Administratively,
   I have served as the Qld ANKC Junior Handler Representative; a member of the ‘Dog of the Year’
   Committee; Secretary of the ‘Collie R&S Club of Qld’ and Committee Member of the ‘Australian
   Shepherd Dog Club of Qld’.
   I am honoured to be judging the Working Dog group at the 2021 Royal Queensland Show.

   Vicki Yates (Queensland)
   Judging: Group 6

   I was raised in Grafton Northern New South Wales. My association with pedigree dogs started after I got
   married and moved to Brisbane in 1982. My husband’s Uncle and Aunt owned and exhibited Dalmatians
   and English Springer Spaniels. Michael travelled a lot for work, so we decided to get a companion for me
   while he was away - so we entered the dog fraternity with the purchase of our first Doberman.
   With our daughter Denise, we currently own, breed and exhibit MBIS Dobermanns and RBIS Bullmastiffs
   under the Salieri prefix and BISS Shetland Sheepdogs under the Inneslake prefix. I co-breed under the
   Gentry prefix and I have exhibited Foxhounds, Siberian Huskys and Giant Schnauzers.
   I am extremely honoured to have the opportunity to judge Utility group at the 2021 Ekka.

15							                                        2021 Canine Information Guide
                           Show One

   Sharyn Phillips (Queensland)
   Judging: Group 7

   I commenced showing dogs in the 80’s when my first breeds were German Wirehaired Pointers and
   West Highland White Terriers.
   I was living in Townsville, North Queensland, and my friends and I used to travel to shows - it was a great
   social time. My friends all had different breeds including Standard Poodles and I showed and co-owned
   this breed. My very first Best In Show was with a white Standard Poodle under the late Robert Curtis and
   I felt very honoured to win this award.
   I obtained my first English Springer Spaniel in 1992 and he was a multi Best In Show winner.
   My kennel prefix is ‘Larona’ and has been successful over the years breeding several BIS All Breed and
   Specialty winners. I still currently breed and show English Springer Spaniels.
   I am delighted to have the opportunity to judge Non Sporting dogs at the 2021 Ekka and this will be my
   first championship appointment in this group.

                           Show Two

   Pauline Brennan-Lim (South Australia)
   Judging: Groups 1 and 5

   Since the age of six, when my mother bred the first litter of Shetland Sheepdogs in South Australia, I
   have never been without a Sheltie. As a child I was involved in breeding and exhibiting the family’s dogs
   and commenced my own kennel in 1976. My husband and I currently breed Shetland Sheepdogs under
   the Aliste prefix.
   Besides exhibiting Shelties I have also handled many other breeds including Collies, Chihuahuas and
   Clumber Spaniels.
    In 1980, I began judging with the Working group breeds and have since become licensed to judge Toys
   and Hounds. I have judged these groups within Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, U.S.A.,
   Ireland, Estonia, Sweden, Mexico, Switzerland and many parts of Asia.
   I am a founding member of the Shetland Sheepdog Club of South Australia and am currently serving as
   President, having previously served terms as President, Secretary and Treasurer totalling well over 20
   I am currently involved in the Judge’s training scheme as an Examiner of the groups for which I am
   licensed and lecturer on the Shetland Sheepdog. I am also the Secretary of the prestigious Dogs SA
   Winter International Show.

16							                                       2021 Canine Information Guide
                           Show Two

   Eva Fekete (Western Australia)
   Judging: Groups 2 and 3

   I acquired my first Lakeland Terrier in 1987. Ten months after purchasing my first Lakeland, I bought
   another who then became my first show dog. So began my love affair with Terriers and the dog fancy.
   My first litter, born in 1991, produced BIS Am. Can. Ch. Kineta Cool for Cats. And so, the Kineta prefix
   was established and has since continued to consistently produce champions, supreme champions, and
   multiple Best in Show and Specialty winning dogs.
   I have been fortunate to work with some wonderful breeders over the years who have entrusted me to
   condition and show other terrier breeds – namely Smooth Fox Terriers, Airedales, Kerry Blues, Wire Fox
   Terriers, Cairn, Welsh, and West Highland White Terriers.
   I attained my judging license (ANKC) for the terrier group in 2013. I have since become eligible to also
   judge the Toy, Gundog, and Non-Sporting Groups. I have judged across Australia, in New Zealand, and
   South Africa.
   Born in Toronto, Canada, I moved to Australia in 2002 and now call Perth, Western Australia home. A
   fitness professional for over 30 years, I manage all aspects of Health and Fitness services for a leisure
   centre in Perth. I am passionate about teaching Pilates.

   Nick Gouzos (South Australia)
   Judging: Group 4

   Nick has been involved with the Dog World since 1982, when he first exhibited his Great Dane at age
   of 16. Soon after he became enamoured with Miniature Smooth Dachshunds, a breed he has bred and
   exhibited with great success. Many Champions, Grand Champions and Supreme Champions have been
   bred, with some going on to be BIS winners at Specialty and All breeds shows.
   There has always been a Whippet in residence at Boarbadger and a Champion Great Dane and
   Longhaired Chihuahua have also been bred. Along with his own dogs, he has piloted several Standard
   Longhaired Dachshunds to multiple BIS wins.
   Nick is an All-breeds judge and has officiated at shows in all States of Australia, New Zealand and China.
   He is currently the group leader for the Toy Group in South Australia.

   Andrew Burt (Victoria)
   Judging: Group 6

   I have been involved in dogs for over 45 years. My main involvement being with Bullmastiffs and Shiba
   Inu. I have successfully bred and exhibited Shiba Inu under the Kazumi prefix, breeding and owning
   Shibas that have reached BIS level. Other breeds with which I have some involvement include Whippets,
   Setters and French Bulldogs, Shih Tzu and Labradors.
   I have been judging at Championship Show level for over 30 years, and I am licensed to Judge All
   Breeds. Judging dogs is an absolute passion for me, and I learn more every day through judging,
   discussions, considerations and contemplations.
   I have judged extensively throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, together with The Americas,
   UK, Scandinavia and Europe. Highlights include awarding CCs to Bullmastiffs in the UK, judging the
   Bullmastiff World Cup in Budapest, Hungary in 2014 and again in France in 2019. I had the pleasure of
   judging several breeds at the Helsinki World Dog Show. I was honoured to judge the FCI Asia Section
   Show in Seoul 2019, the Caribbean and Americas Section in 2020, and will judge the European Dog
   Show in France in 2022.
   I am also Chairman of the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Dog Section – which conducts Melbourne
   Royal Show each year, one of the largest Dog Shows both in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.
   It is indeed an honour to be invited to be part of the 2021 Royal Queensland Show judging panel.

17							                                        2021 Canine Information Guide
                           Show Two

   Douglas Duncan (New South Wales)
   Judging: Group 7

   As a young fellow my parents had Kelpies, then Dachshund smooth. Initially I owned a Dachshund, then
   in 1975 purchased my first Dalmatian. I bred and owned Dalmatians that went to win BIS at all breeds
   and specialties.
   I had Shih Tzu’s through the 1980s and in 2007 our first Boston Terrier – I still have a Boston but have
   not shown for some four years. I acquired Dalmatians / Great Danes as single breeds in 1989, then
   completed my license to judge Non Sporting in 2012.
   I’ve judged in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria including three Dalmatian Specialties in
   Victoria; one Dalmatian Speciality in New South Wales; Boston Terrier Specialities in Victoria and
   Queensland; and a British Bulldog Specialty in New South Wales.


   Michael Yates (Queensland)
   Judging: Plush Puppy Sweepstakes

   I was born and raised in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. My association with exhibiting dogs started
   as a teenager visiting my Uncle and Aunt who owned and exhibited Dalmatians and English Springer
   Spaniels. They encouraged my wife Vicki and I to enter the dog fraternity in 1982 after purchasing our
   first Dobermann.
   With our daughter Denise, we currently own, breed and exhibit MBIS Dobermanns and RBIS Bullmastiffs
   under the Salieri prefix and BISS Shetland Sheepdogs under the Inneslake Prefix and have owned and
   exhibited Foxhounds.
   I have also served as President, current Vice President, Secretary and Editor for the Dobermann Club of
   Queensland. For the Bullmastiff Club of Queensland, I am the current Vice President and have served as
   a working committee member.
   I achieved my All Breeds status in 2019 and I am currently a member of the Dogs Queensland Canine
   Judges Committee and a Coordinator for the Utility Group.
   I am extremely honoured to be able to add judging at the 2021 Ekka to my resume in addition to being
   Honorary Councillor Steward.

   Patricia Cameron (Queensland)
   Judging: Greyhound Sweepstakes

   I first became interested in greyhounds in the early seventies and started training greyhounds around
   I had reasonable success racing the dogs and also bred and showed them at the Royal Queensland
   Show in Brisbane.
   I have always loved the breed and am thrilled to be judging them at this year’s Royal show.

18							                                        2021 Canine Information Guide
                 Dances with Dogs

   Val Bonney (Queensland)
   Judging: Dances with Dogs

   Val Bonney is considered one of the leading Dog Trainers in Australia and is highly regarded in the
   People come long distances to attend her training classes in Brisbane and her reputation as a Canine
   Behaviourist continues to grow as she solves more and more dog problems weekly.
   She is well respected by Veterinarians throughout Queensland for her caring informative attitude and for
   the assistance she gives without reservation to all who require it. She has quickly become recognized as
   a Behavioural Specialist.
   Val is a senior Obedience Judge and continues to trial her own dogs in competition. She is a foundation
   member of the Dog Obedience Trainers Association (D.O.T.A) Queensland and was appointed in 1999 as
   Master Trainer for Communication Art Colleges in Japan.

   Maree Field (Queensland)
   Judging: Dances with Dogs

   Maree Field has been training dogs for over 28 years and is currently the Head Trainer and Owner of VIP
   Dog Training with Maree Field – which operates from Ormeau Hills.
   She worked for Village Roadshow for nine years – training the dogs at the Australian Outback
   Spectacular – where three of her Border Collies ‘starred’ in three different shows including The Spirit of
   the Horse and High Country Legends.
   She has competed with five dogs in Dances with Dogs – including Mutley, Raastas, Mozart, Trooper and
   MacDougal. Mutley (2002 to 2016) holds Championship Titles in both Freestyle and Heelwork to Music.
   He was the first dog in Queensland to receive a Dances with Dogs Championship Title.
   Her dogs have appeared in several plays, movies, commercials and Australia’s Got Talent.
   Maree is an experienced trainer in many different disciplines and presents seminars on Motivation and
   Drive, Freestyle and Heelwork to Music, Clicker and Platform training. She is a qualified trainer for
   Preschool, Obedience, Agility, Tricks for TV and Film and Behavioural Issues. She has performed with
   her dogs at many locations over the past 25 years.
   Her passion for dog training is infectious and she takes great pride and enthusiasm in sharing her

   Vyviann Mannion (Queensland)
   Judging: Dances with Dogs

   Mrs Vyvyan Mannion has been involved in the dog world for over 35 years. During this time she has held
   numerous Committee positions in a number of Obedience Clubs and in return received Life Membership
   with two.
   She has trained several breeds of dogs gaining titles in Performance Sports and Conformation.
   Vyvyan holds licences to judge Novice to UDX Obedience, Endurance Tests, Dances with Dogs (DWD)
   and in the last couple of years Rally and Trick Dog have been added.
   Mrs Mannion has judged in south-east Queensland, along Queensland’s coastline, in country New South
   Wales, Brisbane Royal (Obedience and DWD), Sydney Royal and in the Northern Territory.
   Retiring as Club Secretary after 15 years will allow time for Vyvyan to concentrate on family, dogs and

19							                                        2021 Canine Information Guide
  Agility, Rally, Jumping, Obedience

     Robert (Bob) Mills (Queensland)
     Judging: Agility

     I am very honoured to accept the appointment to judge at the Royal Queensland Show. I have
     been involved with dog agility for nearly 30 years. My initial involvement with dogs was showing and
     obedience/agility with bull terriers.
     I have been judging for 20 years and find it very rewarding. Also I compete regularly with my tent field
     terrier Boots. He can be very challenging at times compared with the several kelpies previously trained.
     I would like to wish all competitors the best of luck and hope you enjoy the courses.

     Barbara Murfet (Queensland)
     Judging: Rally

     Barbara Murfet is a respected Obedience, Rally, Agility, Dances With Dogs (DWD) and Trick Dog Judge
     with international experience. She has been a member of Dogs Queensland since 1976. In this time,
     she has shown and trialled her dogs over many years. Barbara was appointed Councillor of Dogs
     Queensland in 2007 and has been continually elected as a Director of Dogs Queensland since 2013.
     With some 40 years of stewarding experience at the Ekka, the RNA presented Barbara with a Long
     Service Badge for her continual dedication to the event.
     Earning the title of Chief Steward, her stewarding has included being the coordinator for dog sports
     activities and occasionally conformation. She has also judged at the Ekka many times over the years.
     Barbara is looking forward to judging at the Ekka this year and wishes the competitors the best of luck.

     Gaille Newton (Queensland)
     Judging: Jumping

     I have been invited to judge the Jumping events in the Agility ring at this year’s Royal Queensland Show.
     This is a great honour and I am very proud to accept.
     I have been an Agility judge for 10 years and have judged in Queensland and interstate. I have judged at
     the RNA on previous occasions and am looking forward to this appointment.
     I started showing in Conformation in 2002 with my first Great Dane, Aust Ch Thunderfire Brilliant Csaba
     ADX.ADO.JDX.GD.SD.SPD who successfully competed in both showing and agility, often on the same
     weekend. Csaba was the first Great Dane in Australia to get an Agility title and was the most titled Dane in
     Australia. My second Great Dane, (Mia) Thunderfire Sparks Will Fly ADX.ADO.JDX.JDO.GDX.SD.SPD also
     excelled in agility and now holds the record. Both were competing in Masters before cancer claimed them.
     I have competed at the Australian Agility Nationals in SA, Vic (2), NSW (3), QLD.

     Lawrie Knauth (Queensland)
     Judging: Obedience

     Lawrie Knauth has been training and competing with German Shepherd Dogs in obedience and tracking
     trials since 1975.
     After starting obedience and tracking judges training in 1980, he was elevated to senior judge status in 1988.
     As a qualified obedience, tracking, endurance and agility, rally and trick dog judge, he has judged in most
     areas of Queensland, the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore.
     Lawrie has participated in the training of obedience and tracking judges in Brisbane, Townsville and Singapore.
     He was a founding member of the Logan All Breeds Dog Obedience Club Inc and has held the position
     of President and chief instructor for a number of years. He is a current Director of Dogs Queensland and
     is Chair of the Obedience judges training scheme.

20							                                           2021 Canine Information Guide
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