2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso

2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso
2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso
Relais Thalasso innovation             02
Wellness Access                        04
Facials treatments                     06
Body treatments                        10
Health treatments                      16
Thalassotherapy treatments             18
Specific treatments                    20
Bubble days                            22
Weekends                               24   Outdoor pool
Wellness Club                          26   heated to 28°C

                                                                                  RE AL

                                                                    CHÂTEAU LIFE
                                                             The first stone was laid at the Château
                                                             des Tourelles in 1860. 150 years later, this
                                                             exceptional place has retained its excellent
                                                             reputation all the while reinventing itself.
                                                             Contemporary and open to the ocean, the Château
                                                             des Tourelles is dedicated to pleasure, relaxation
                                                             and well-being. Today the jewel in modern
                                                             thalassotherapy’s crown, this historic property
           Video tour of the Château
                                                             is focused on the future to write the next chapter
           des Tourelles                                     of a very wonderful story.

2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso
                                                                    UNIQUE SPACE, UNIQUE THERAPIST:
                                                                    PURE HAPPINESS!
                                                                                                      1. THE MARINE JET
                                                                                                      energises blood
                                                                                                      circulation and
        A SPACE JUST FOR YOU                                                                          massages your body.

        THE RELAIS
           REL AIS THAL A SSO ®                         4                                             2. THE BED
                                                                                                      where you will

                                                                                                      be massaged,
Relais Thalasso® suites have                                                                          with or without a
revolutionised thalassotherapy design.                                                                seawater shower.
Alone or as a couple, enjoy this unique
innovation privately.
                                                                          2                           3. THE
For the perfect stay, we have developed                                                               BATHS
how we provide treatments by adding a                                                                 with essential oils -
certain fluidity to your experience. To ensure                                                        relaxing or energising
maximum comfort and preserve your well-                                                               - are enjoyed in soft
being bubble, our treatments take place in                                                            lighting, perfect
a unique room reserved just for you. You                                                              for relaxing.
will have your own thalassotherapist. No
need to go to your treatments, they come to
you... You can then fully relax and enjoy them                                                        4. THE PRIVATE
without interruption.                                                                                 STEAM ROOM
                                                                                                      where you can also

                                                                                                      have a seaweed wrap.

                                  Discover the Relais
                                  Thalasso suite ®

                              4                                                        5
2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso
                                                                                                                                                         WITH WELL-BEING

The marine spa                                                            Swan-neck fountains                                        Solarium et jardin privé

                                                                                                                                     THE MARINE SPA                        WATER ACTIVITIES
                                FOR AN UNFORGE T TABLE STAY                                                                          • 1 heated seawater                   Different water activities are

                          WELLNESS ACCESS
                                                                                                                                        pool (32°C) with 30                available for gently working
                                                                                                                                        underwater jets, 7 air             your energy, flexibility and
                                                                                                                                        jet seats, 2 swimming              cardio. Aqua training, aqua
                                           MOVE BE T TER
                                                                                                                                        lanes (23 metres)                  biking, gentle aqua gym, aqua
                                                                                                    SOPHIE CHANTEAU                  • 1 seawater pool with                fitness, aqua body training.
                                                                                                  Sports coach and dietician            adjustable water level
                           As a WELLNESS guest, during your stay                                                                        and temperature,                   COACHING
                           you can enjoy free access to our activities                                                                  2 waterfalls and 9                 • Bike rides
                           in your Marine Spa and cardio-fitness gym.                           GYM                                     underwater massage jets.           • Nordic walking
                           Every week, an activity diary* is available:                         1 cardio-fitness gym: cross-         • 1 sauna for men                     • Power walking
                           Nordic walking, sports training with our                             trainer, treadmill, cardio-             and 1 for women                    • Running
                           coach, qi-gong lesson, sophrology.                                   training bike, weights.              • 1 mixed steam room                  • Muscle strength
                                                                                                                                                                           • Water activities

             * booking required at the thalassotherapy reception and subject to availability.   Access to the Marine Spa and cardio-fitness gym included during the half-day of your à la carte treatments.

                                                    6                                                                                                7
2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso
                           signature facial treatments

                           NEW FOR 2019                                            THE ESSENTIALS
                           KOBIDO                                                  50 min | € 85
                           60 min | € 119
                           An ancestral Japanese massage technique,                HYDRA FUSION: An intense hydration bath
                           this facial awakens dull skin tone and smooths          with this treatment that provides comfort,
                           fragile skin for visible and lasting radiance.          radiance and softness. Features are relaxed
                                                                                   and the skin’s natural beauty enhanced.

                           LABIOMER facials treatments                             HIGH TOLERANCE: A soothing treatment that
                                                                                   softens sensitive skin and strengthens
                           YOUTH REVELATION                                        its natural defences. The use of cool
                           75 min | € 126                                          ceramics optimises the face mask’s
                           Smooth, plump, relax. This anti-ageing                  effectiveness for immediate softness.
                           global treatment meets the requirements
                           of the most demanding skin. It combines                 A MAN’S WORLD Is your objective hydration,
                           a massage of the back, face and eyes                    nutrition, softness, anti-ageing? This
   TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF   inspired by Japanese anti-ageing techniques             treatment is a customised solution for

FACIALS TREATMENTS         with innovative active ingredients.                     men. Results: Signs of tiredness and
                                                                                   tension are reduced and the skin’s
                           THE EXPERTS                                             natural radiance is enhanced..
                           50 min | € 96
                                                                                   YOUNG LADY / YOUNG MAN: A treatment
                           NUTRI-YOUTH: Nourishing and restorative                 package for teenagers to learn the essentials
                           anti-age facial for mature skin. Lines                  for taking care of your skin or pampering
                           and wrinkles are reduced, skin is                       yourself! Skin is toned, fresh and radiant!
                           revitalised, soft and radiant.

                           MARINE LIFT: A tightening treatment, it                 ESSENTIAL EXPERIENCE
                           restructures and redefines shape. This                  100 min | € 159
                           specific massage combined with the                      For the face and body. Perfect relaxation
                           technical aspect of our tightening caviar               and radiant treatment with the combination
                           mask brings a youthfulness to the skin.                 of a facial from the Labiomer «Essentials»
                                                                                   range and a relaxing Marine Sensation
                           OXYMARIN : An anti-pollution treatment                  massage - the ideal time-out.
                           targeting dull and tired skin. It revitalises and
                           eliminates toxins thanks to the combination
                           of an oxygenating massage and the
                           detoxifying properties of Oxymarin. Tone
                           returns with freshness and radiance.

             8                                                                 9
2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso
FILORGA facials treatments

PRESTIGE                                              PERFECT BALANCE – ANTI-BLEMISH
75 min | € 169                                        Facial for cleansed, fresh, even and
PREMIUM GLOBAL ANTI-AGEING                            radiant skin. Intense perfecting effect.
A global anti-ageing treatment which
combines the best of each technique.                  EXPRESS FACIALS TREATMENTS
Intense rejuvenating effects.                         25 min | € 79

                                                      EYE 360° – EYE AREA
INTENSIVE                                             Special treatment for the eye area
50 min | € 135 €                                      to decongest the eyes, reduce bags
                                                      and dark circles. Intense revitalising
TIME ERASER – ANTI-WRINKLES                           and rejuvenating effect.
Anti-wrinkle treatment for smooth and
radiant skin and filled wrinkles.                     NECKLINE EXCLUSIVE
Intense regenerating effect.                          Expert treatment for the neck, neckline
                                                      and hands for a return to skin elasticity and
SKIN LIFT – FIRMNESS                                  tone. Instantaneous facial tightening.
An immediate tensing effect: features
are redefined. Immediate lifting                      SMILE FOCUS
and deep densifying effect.                           An expert lip treatment to fade
                                                      creases and lines around the mouth
HYDRA PERFUSION – HYDRATION                           and intensively plump the lips.
Facial for plumper, smoother and fresher skin.        An immediate rejuvenating effect.
Deep hydrating and plumping effect.                                                                   LPG facials treatments
                                                      LUNCH PEEL – NEW SKIN
HIGH LIGHT – RADIANCE                                 Treatment for more even skin tone               LPG research has developed Cellu                   ENDERMOLIFT CURE FACE PROGRAMME
A perfusion of radiance to illuminate                 and wonderfully radiant skin.                   M6 integral face «latest generation»,              1 session | € 50
the skin and fight dull skin tone.                    Express treatment for a new skin effect.        a unique method claiming visible                   5 sessions | € 235
Anti-fatigue and anti-stress effect.                                                                  results from your very first session.              12 sessions | € 549
                                                      EXTRA PLUMP – HYDRATING AND PLUMPING            A new patented Ergolift treatment for high         Endermolift kit | € 12
BRIGHT RESET – ANTI-BLEMISH                           Facial for instantly hydrated skin.             performance care: cellular stimulation x 3.
Treatment to diminish blemishes                       Express plumping and smoothing treatment.
for uniform and smooth skin.
Immediate radiant effect.
                                                                                                                                                                      Find gifts to treat yourself
                                                                                                                                                                      or others here

                                                 10                                                                                                 11
2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso
TOURELLES signature body massages

                  NEW FOR 2019                                             LOMI LOMI
                  TOURELLES SUPREME HARMONY                                50 min | € 110
                  60 min | € 130                                           This Hawaiian massage is a genuine
                  This deep massage helps you really                       dance for the hands, using long
                  let go for absolute relaxation.                          movements and deep tissue penetration.
                  Your mind wanders in time with the movements             The body and the mind progressively
                  and massage, your tensions are released                  let go for the ultimate in relaxation.
                  thanks to the joint and muscle work.
                                                                           INFINITE TOURELLES
                  CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE                                      50 min | € 96
                  25 min | € 65                                            This massage is deeply relaxing.
                  50 min | € 96                                            Attention is paid in particular to the
                  80 min | € 129 – face & body                             legs for a draining action, ideal after
                  Light massage combining enveloping                       hiking or running. Any tension is eased
                  movements and sliding pressure for                       away (neck, back, trapezium).
                  deep relaxation. Gentle, soothing
                  and calming massage.                                     EXTREME TOURELLES
                                                                           50 min | € 96

                  50 min | € 110
                                                                           This massage is deeply relaxing.
                                                                           Attention is paid in particular to the
                  A rebalancing massage with hot stones                    legs for a draining action, ideal after
                  that boost blood circulation and soothe                  hiking or running. Any tension is eased
                  muscular tightness, eliminating toxins                   away (neck, back, trapezium).
                  and negative energies. A re-energising
                  treatment that creates a sense of                        MOTHER-TO-BE MASSAGE
                  physical and spiritual release.                          50 min | € 96
                                                                           From your 4th month of pregnancy, let go
                  BALINESE                                                 with this massage that releases physical
                  50 min | € 110                                           and mental tensions and improves your
                  From Bali, this massage combines                         blood and lymphatic circulation.
                  movements from Chinese and Ayurvedic
                  techniques. This intense massage releases                POLYNESIAN EXPERIENCE
                  tension and soothes the body and mind. It                75 min | € 129
                  is a unique moment of deep relaxation.                   Lomi Lomi massage with Monoï sugar scrub.
                                                                           Absolute relaxation with a holiday flavour.

                    Access to the Marine Spa and the cardio-fitness gym included during your half-day of treatments.
                                                    Possibility of this treatment for two..

       12                                                             13
2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso
LABIOMER body treatments

MARINE SENSATION                                       MARINE EXFOLIATION
50 min | € 96                                          20 min | € 65
Relaxing massage built around the                      A bespoke body scrub adapted to your
ocean, drawing inspiration from its                    requirements, followed by intense hydration.
movements... From head to toe, alternating             This treatment softens the skin, magnifies
gentle and deep massage to liberate the                its radiance, making it soft and supple.
body’s tensions and deeply relax.
                                                       LIGHT LEGS
OCEANIA MASSAGE                                        30 min | € 65
50 min | € 110                                         A treatment for heavy legs, this specific
Complete body massage inspired by age-old              massage activates micro-circulation for an
massage techniques developed by Australian             intense sense of lightness. The cryogenic
Aborigines. Alternating between traditional            wrap ensures maximum freshness.
massage techniques and hot ceramic tools,
this massage relieves everyday stress and              OCEAN SILHOUETTE
tension. Dive into a relaxation bubble                 50 min | € 96
                                                       Targeted on the stomach, bottom and
                                                       thighs to reshape the body and reduce
                                                       orange-peel skin. It begins with a marine
                                                       sponge scrub followed by a hot slimming
                                                       wrap. A toning massage concludes this
                                                       treatment for a real sense of lightness.       LPG targeted body treatments

                                                       BACK RITUAL                                    COMPLETE BODY CELLU M6
                                                       50 min | € 96                                  “LATEST GENERATION”
                                                       Cleansing and relaxing ritual combining        The patented slimming technique that              1 session | € 59
                                                       enveloping techniques with an application      helps reactivate fat stores (lipolysis) to        5 sessions | € 285
                                                       of hot mud to relax the muscles                remove localised excess and imperfections.        12 sessions | € 625
                                                       deeply and relieve joint tightness.            LPG research has developed a brand                Endermowear body stocking | € 15
                                                                                                      new method claiming visible results
                                                                                                      from your very first session.We decide
                                                                                                      your objectives together and choose the
                                                                                                                                                                   Find gifts to treat yourself
                                                                                                      most adapted treatment protocol.                             or others here:
  Access to the Marine Spa and the cardio-fitness gym included during your half-day of treatments.
                                 Possibility of this treatment for two.

                                                  14                                                                                               15
2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso
TOURELLES signature body treatments                                                                             LABIOMER body escapes

NEW FOR 2019                                              INDONESIAN RITUAL                                     DETOX ESCAPE                                          GENTLE ESCAPE
LEARN TOGETHER                                            90 min | € 219                                        80 min | € 139                                        80 min | € 139
50 min | € 189                                            Discover a totally Zen world.                         This treatment begins with a body scrub with          The soothing treatment for sensitive skin...
Offer your friend or partner this gift to share           A ritual foot bath, exfoliation with rice powder,     essential lemon oil and green tea extract to          Lose yourself in the delicate comfort of
- ideal for relaxation guaranteed! Take it in             soothing green tea wrap in your private steam         oxygenate your skin and deeply cleanse. It            our 3 tea scrub followed by our calming
turns to learn how to massage and enjoy this              room followed by a Balinese massage.                  continues with the application of hot wax             and soothing marine magnesium wrap.
incredible and unique experience together.                Try the “Bengkulu” cocktail invented by our barman.   with goji and wakame extract which envelops           A complete body massage releases
                                                                                                                the entire body in a detoxifying and purifying        tension for relaxation and well-being. Your
OCEAN RITUAL                                              POLYNESIAN RITUAL                                     cocoon. A complete body massage ends this             skin is soft and perfectly hydrated.
90 min | € 219                                            90 min | € 219                                        treatment for an intensely relaxing sensation.
Enjoy a make-over with the ocean scrub and                Escape to the lagoons of Tahiti and
re-energise yourself with an energising wrap in           Hawaii. Monoï sugar body scrub, nutritive             TROPICAL ESCAPE
your private steam room. Finish with a radiant            monoï wrap in your private steam room                 80 min | € 139
facial and a body massage for deep relaxation.            and Lomi Lomi massage. The body                       This ritual with delicious fragrances invites
Try the “Lagoon” cocktail invented by our                 is massaged, stretched, kneaded,                      you to a sensual escape; a grapefruit scrub
barman.                                                   wrapped, soothed and re-energised...                  prepares and softens your skin. Hot honey and
                                                          Try the “Cocobiscus” cocktail                         shea butter wax envelops you in a hydrating
                                                          invented by our barman.                               cocoon. A complete body message ends this
                                                                                                                treatment for the ultimate in deep relaxation.
                                                                                                                Your skin is radiant and intensely nourished.

  Access to the Marine Spa and the cardio-fitness gym included during your half-day of treatments.
                                    Possibility of this treatment for two.

                                                     16                                                                                                          17
2019 TREATMENTS - Relais Thalasso

                                          PHYSIOTHERAPY MASSAGES                               FOOT REFLEXOLOGY
                                          25 min | € 65                                        50 min | € 96
                                          50 min | € 120                                       Foot reflexology uses finger pressure
                                                                                               techniques. Its helps relax the body
                                          OSTEOPATHY SESSION                                   and mind, activate circulation and
                                          50 min | € 120 | on request                          act on all manifestations of stress by
                                                                                               stimulating the corresponding reflex
                                          REIKI *                                              points. Appointments available on
                                          50 min | € 110                                       Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
                                          This Japanese relaxation method is based on
                                          so-called energy treatments with positioning         SHIATSU
                                          of the hands. It strengthens the body and the        50 min | € 110
TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY AND ITS BAL ANCE   mind, restoring harmony and well-being.              80 min | € 129

                                                                                               Shiatsu is a technique that uses touch
                                                                                               to bring balance to the body. Inspired
                                          TISSUE ENERGY BOOST *                                by traditional Chinese medicine, it helps
                                          50 min | € 96                                        re-establish circulation of the body’s vital
                                          Manual therapy with no structural                    energy. It involves pressure from the thumbs
                                          manipulation. It helps the body release              and fingers on precise points along the
                                          tension and rediscover flexibility through           meridian system. Appointments available
                                          vibration and neuro-cutaneous stimulation            on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
                                          of reflex points. These manual therapies
                                          are well-being treatments. Under no
                                          circumstances can they replace medical
                                          opinion or medical treatment.

                                                Subject to availability, these appointments should be made at least 48 hours in advance.

                  18                                                                      19

                               POLYSENSORY MARINE BATH                              SEAWEED APPLICATION IN A PRIVATE
                               20 min | € 49                                        STEAM ROOM
                               Relaxing, tension-releasing and toning thanks        25 min | € 59 – Au choix parmi :
                               to the many hydro-massage jets.Dive into a
                               seawater bath fragranced with essential oils.        LABIOrelax: Anti-stress
                                                                                    CHRONDUS CRISPUS red seaweed
                               SEAWATER SHOWER MASSAGE                              with hydrating and soothing properties is
                               20 min | € 59                                        combined with the anti-inflammatory and
                               Relax under a fine rain of warm seawater             nourishing properties of ALOE VERA.
                               and enjoy a tension-releasing massage.               And COTTON extract with its moisturising
                                                                                    and relaxing qualities is a delicate
                               MARINE MUD APPLICATION                               addition for absolute relaxation.

THALASSOTHERAPY                Hot mud with tension-releasing properties.           LABIOboost: Revitalising
                                                                                    To help your body rediscover its vitality,

  TREATMENTS                                                                        we combine LAMINARIA SEAWEED,
                                                                                    the most concentrated in minerals
                                                                                    and trace elements, with a complex of
                                                                                    ORANGE, CARROT and LEMON extracts
                                                                                    that protects and regenerates cells.

                                                                                    LABIOdetox: Purifying
                                                                                    FUCUS and SPIRULINA seaweeds combine
                                                                                    with natural GUARANA and GINGER
                                                                                    extracts to release the toxins in your
                                                                                    body and reactivate your metabolism.

             20                                                                21

                              COMPLETE MANICURE                              SEMI-PERMANENT NAIL VARNISH
                              55 min | € 60                                  € 55
                              Complete manicure with scrub,massage,          Long-lasting: 2 to 3 weeks of exceptional hold!
                              mask and nail base.                            With removal : + € 15.
                                                                             please mention when making an appointment.
                              COMPLETE PEDICURE
                              55 min | € 60                                  Regular nail varnish as an extra : € 15
                              Complete pedicure: scrub, massage, mask        Nails cannot be varnished without
   FEEL PRET T Y E VERY DAY   and nail base.                                 a manicure or pedicure.

SPECIFIC TREATMENTS                                                          EXPRESS MANICURE WITH NAIL BASE
                                                                             35 min l € 45
                                                                             Nails are cut and filed with a nutritive
                                                                             treatment for soft hands (with nail base).
                                                                             Regular nail varnish as an extra : 15 €
                                                                             Nails cannot be varnished without an express

                                                                             Waxing: prices and treatments on request.

              22                                                        23

                             A day for daydreaming, escaping and recharging your batteries - for one or for two.
                               Imagine... Leave your keys with the valet, recharge your batteries in the seawater
                                 pool overlooking the ocean. Enjoy the water activity circuit and the pool. Get
                             pumping in the cardio-fitness room, admire the sea views over lunch, escape to the
                                  patio by the pool and, above all, embrace the pleasure of the experience...

                       MUM-TO-BE BUBBLE                                    PASSION BUBBLE
                       • 1 Oxymarin Labiomer facial                        • 1 marine scrub
                       • 1 complete manicure                               • 1 polysensory marine bath
                       • 1 mother-to-be massage                            • 1 massage with or without

THALASSOTHERAPY DAYS   • access to the Marine SPA
                       FOR ONE : € 219
                                                                             a seawater shower
                                                                           • 1 “L’Express des Tourelles” lunch*
                                                                           • 1 Labiomer seaweed wrap
                       ESCAPE BUBBLE                                       • Access to the Marine SPA
                       • 1 polysensory marine bath                         FOR ONE : € 229 – DUO : € 169 per pers.
                       • 1 Labiomer seaweed wrap
                                                                           * For Sunday bookings, there will be a €30
                       • 1 “L’Express des Tourelles” lunch *               supplement for brunch.
                       • Access to the Marine SPA
                       FOR ONE : € 119 – FOR TWO : € 98 per pers.

                                                                                          Discover gifts to treat yourself
                       EMOTION BUBBLE                                                     or others here
                       • 1 polysensory marine bath                                        www.relaisthalasso-tourelles.com
                       • 1 marine scrub or massage (20 minutes)
                       • 1 Labiomer seaweed wrap
                       • 1 “L’Express des Tourelles” lunch*
                       • Access to the Marine SPA
                       FOR ONE : € 179 – DUO : € 139 per pers.

         24                                                           25
WEEKEND IN LOVE                                         WELLNESS ESCAPE
       ESCAPE                       1 DAY | 1 NIGHT                                             1 DAY | 1 NIGHT

                     Enjoy a weekend for two where time stands still,        Escape, let yourself go and relax in a magical
                     by the ocean where every moment is filled with          place for a unique Wellness experience.
                     pleasure and well-being.
                                                                             From € 399 for 2 people half-board, double
                     From €595 for 2 people half-board, double               room (Prestige Ocean room rate).
                     room (Prestige Ocean room rate).                        • 1 night
                     • 1 wonderful night in a Prestige Ocean room            • 1 breakfast
                     • 1 romantic gift in your room                          • 1 Wellness Attitude dinner *
                     • 3 couple thalassotherapy treatments
                       per person                                                Wellness access (p. 04)
                     • 1 romantic dinner at Pointe du Bec
                       (not including drinks) *
                     • 1 romantic breakfast

                         Wellness access (p. 04)

                                                      * or seafood buffet for Friday arrival.

         26                                                             27
As a member of Les Tourelles Wellness Club,
                    you can use our health and fitness facilities

                    • The Marine SPA open 7 days a week
                      with 2 seawater pools
                    • Water activities: aqua-training, aqua-biking,
                      gentle aqua-gym, aqua-fitness, aqua-body,
                      cardio-fitness machines in the gym…to work on
                      your energy, flexibility and cardio exercises.

                    Ask for the Château des Tourelles Wellness Club
                    brochure at reception.


THE WELLNESS CLUB   1 month | € 199
                    6 months | € 1 190
                    12 months | € 1 990
                    10 entry passes with Marine Spa access | € 350
                    Valid 1 year

                    With any subscription, receive advice from our
                    team of passionate professionals, personalised
                     coaching and 10% off all of the treatments at
                                   Château des Tourelles.

         28                                   29
OUR COSME TIC                                                                                               A WORLD

BRANDS                                                                                     OF PRIVILEGES

                                                                                 Your desires are the very foundations of our
                                                                                 wellness approach. We have tailored every
                                                                                 detail to make you happy. Come and enjoy these
                                                                                 wellness privileges reserved for our customers.

          The result of 25 years of thalassotherapy
          treatments in Relais Thalasso hotels, the
          LABIOMER range has its own unique vision
          of beauty. This complete range of products
          uses the properties of the SEA and NATURE
          to create marine cosmetics for the face &
          body with EXCLUSIVE FORMULAS.

          COSMETIC ANTI-AGE                                                                                • Valet parking
          EXPERTISE                                                       • Direct access to the beach through the château entrance
          The leading French laboratory in cosmetic                            • Access to the changing room (with a personal and
          medicine, FILORGA has dedicated over                                private area for changing), a private locker, Labiomer
          30 years to skin ageing products, offering                                   welcome products in your private shower
          complete anti-age solutions to the greatest                                                 • Kimono and towels
          specialists all over the world. We have chosen                          • Welcome and presentation of your treatments
          the professional SKIN PERFUSION range                                                in your RelaisThalasso® Suite
          for our anti-age programme, to provide you                           • All your thalassotherapy treatments with seawater
          the very best and guarantee visible results.                                   from your dedicated thalassotherapist

                                                                 Relais Thalasso Baie de la Baule - Compliant with the AFNOR EXPERIMENTAL STANDARD XP 50-844
                                                           “Thalassotherapy - Standards concerning services.” Non-contractual document and photos - Prices valid until 31.12.2019

CHÂTEAU DES TOURELLES   44380 PORNICHET              +33 (0)2 28 55 05 54     +33 (0)2 40 60 80 80

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