2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...

2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021


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2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     Welcome to the Magee Course Planning Guide!
     Course descriptions in this booklet are intended as a guide to assist students and parents in
     selecting courses for programs. Some courses must be taken to meet the requirements of the
     Ministry of Education while others are chosen to meet individual interests and goals. Counsellors
     will assist students in the selection of their courses, and their valued advice and expertise will be
     the principles that guide Magee students to success.
     While every effort is made to give students their first choice of course selection, due to
     circumstances beyond the school’s control, is not always possible. Students should be prepared
     with alternative choices.
     Please Note: Students and their guardians are responsible to ensure successful completion of all
     courses required for graduation and post-secondary admissions.

                                Grade Counsellors and Administrators
                                          for 2020-2021
                 Counsellor                         Grade                      Administator
               Counselling Team                        8                         Mr. Egilsson
               Ms. P. Miladinovic                      9                          Ms. Wood
                   Ms. J. Liu                         10                          Ms. Wood
                 Ms. L. Lercher                       11                         Mr. Egilsson
                Mr. G. Kanavos                        12                         Dr. Schofield

                            2020-2021 Magee Office and Support Staff
             Vice Principal                      Principal                      Vice Principal
                Ms. Wood                         Dr. Schofield                    Mr. Egilsson
          Gr.9/Gr.10/Leaders/Int           Gr. 12/Special Education            Gr. 8/Gr.9/SPARTS
              Receptionist             Administrative Assistant                 Records Clerk
                Ms. Horne                        Ms. Kwong                       Ms. Carpenter
          School Accountant                            Building Engineering Team
                   Mr. Li                     Mr. Daniel Chu, Mr. Subhash Chander, Mr. Harold Lal

                                    Magee Secondary School
                                      6360 Maple St. Vancouver, BC
                                              V6M 4M2
                                            Visit us online

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2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021


         Advanced Placement                                 6
         Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies           6
                   •   Business Education                   7
                   •   Information & Communications
                   •   Home Economics                       13

                   •   Technology Education                 14
                   •   Work Experience                      16
                   •   Youth Work in Trades                 52
         Career Education                                   18
         Community Service                                  50
         Counselling Services                               19
         English                                            19
         English Language Learning                          22
         Fine Arts                                          24
         Leaders Program                                    51
         Library Sciences                                   51
         Mathematics                                        32
         Modern Languages                                   39
         Music                                              25
         Physical and Health Education                      42
         Science                                            44
         Skills Development                                 50
         Social Studies                                     47
         SPARTS                                             51
         Theatre                                            24
         Visual Arts                                        29
         VSB Adult Education                                52

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2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                       Course Requirements
     Grade 8

     Students in Grade 8 take eight required courses.
     •   English 8
     •   Social Studies 8
     •   Mathematics 8
     •   Science 8
     •   Physical and Health Education 8
     •   French 8
     •   ADST 8 (a rotation of: Entrepreneurship & Marketing 8,
         Textiles & Foods 8 and Wood & Metal Tech 8)
     •   Fine Arts 8 - One of: Band 8, Strings 8, Visual Arts 8 or Drama 8.
     •   Career Education 8
     •   Concert Choir 8 - an optional 9th course (2 lunch periods per week)

     Grade 9
     Students in Grade 9 take eight courses. Required courses are:
     • English 9
     • Social Studies 9
                                                           Grade 9s also need to take 3 elec-
     • Mathematics 9
                                                           tive courses which may include a
     • Science 9                                                   language course
     • Physical and Health Education 9
     • Career Education 9

                                                    Electives are chosen by students in
                                                    consultation with parents and counsellors
                                                    based on interest or need as pre-requisites
                                                    for senior courses.

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2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                      The Graduation Program
                           Grades 10-12

         The B.C. Certificate of Graduation or "Dogwood Diploma" is
         awarded to students who successfully complete the provincial
         graduation requirements.
         Students require a minimum of 80 credits to graduate, and of
         these 80 credits:
         •   At least 16 credits must be at the Grade 12 level, including a
             required Language Arts 12
         •   At least 28 credits must be elective course credits

         52 credits are required from the following:
         •   Career-Life Education (4 credits), and Career-Life Connections       (4 credits)
         •   Physical and Health Education 10                                     (4 credits)
         •   Science 10 (4 credits), and a Science 11 or 12                       (4 credits)
         •   Social Studies 10 (4 credits), and a Social Studies 11 or 12         (4 credits)
         •   A Math 10 (4 credits), and a Math 11 or 12                           (4 credits)
         •   A Language Arts 10, 11 and a Language Arts 12                        (12 credits total)
         •   An Arts Education 10, 11, or 12 and/or an Applied Design,
             Skills, and Technologies 10, 11, or 12                               (4 credits total)

         There are three new graduation requirements to take note of:
         •   The new Grade 10 Graduation Numeracy Assessment (was introduced in 2018)
         •   The new Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment (will be introduced in 2019/20)
         •   The New Grade 12 Graduation Literacy Assessment (will be introduced in 2020/21)

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2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

         Advanced Placement                             Applied Design, Skills and
     The Advanced Placement Program is a                      Technologies
     cooperative educational endeavor between
     secondary schools, colleges and universities      The Applied Design, Skills and Technologies
     administered by the College Board. For            Department encompasses Business Education,
     students willing and able to apply themselves     Home       Economics,    Information     and
     to college-level studies, the AP Program is       Communications     Technology,    Technology
     designed to enrich their secondary                Education, Career Education and Work
     experience in a variety of subject areas. It      Experience.
     provides the means for colleges to grant
     credit, advanced placement, or both, to           In Grade 8, students will be introduced to three
     students who have applied themselves              different areas of ADST through a three-way
     successfully in AP subject areas. Information     rotation of: Entrepreneurship and Marketing,
     on credit and/or placement of students at the     Textiles and Food and Wood and Metal
     college and university level after successful     Technology. All Grade 8s will also be enrolled in
     completion of AP examinations is available        Career Education 8 as an off-timetable course.
     through Magee’s AP Coordinator, the
     information offices of individual universities,   ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND MARKETING
     or through the College Board.                     (MADEM08)
                                                       This course introduces students to a wide variety
     Currently, AP courses and/or support are
                                                       of components in the business world, including
     offered in:
                                                       communication, finance, entrepreneurship,
     •   Art                                           marketing and economics.
     •   Calculus
     •   Computer Science                              TEXTILES AND FOOD (MADT-08)
     •   English                                       This course introduces some of the skills
                                                       required to master the practical aspects of
     •   European History
                                                       everyday life. Nutrition and food preparation
                                                       concepts, as well as an introduction to clothing
     Further information about these offerings
                                                       and textile skills, are part of this exploratory
     and the AP examinations can be obtained
     from the AP coordinator, or through the
     teachers of the individual courses.        AP
                                                       WOOD AND METAL TECHNOLOGY (MADW-08)
     examinations are offered in May of each
                                                       Using an integrated approach,
     school year. There is a fee for the writing of
                                                       students problem solve and
     the AP examination. This payment is due in
                                                       learn skills designed to equip
     September 2020 paid through school fees.
                                                       them for an increasingly
     Generally speaking, students write the AP
                                                       technological     world.   The
     exams associated with AP courses. Students
                                                       course provides an opportunity for students to
     have nothing to lose and everything to gain
                                                       design and make projects in Technical Drawing,
     by writing to potentially gain a first-year
                                                       Woodwork, and Art Metal. Students also learn
     university credit– a could save an entire
                                                       some computer applications.
     semester’s course tuition.

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2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                                                         •   Improve        time-management     and
                                                             organizational skills
           Business Education
                                                         •   Develop work habits that will enhance
                                                             future educational/work experience
     (MADEM09, MADEM10)                                  (MMAP-11)
                                                         Recommended: Grade 11 student                or
     Note: this course may only be taken once,           Entrepreneurship and Marketing 9/10
     either in Grade 9 or Grade 10.
                                                         What makes a successful product? How do we
     This course will give students the opportunity      decide what products to buy? How do we use
     to understand the basics of business. Students      marketing to increase Sales and Profits?
     will develop and apply appropriate business         Explore Marketing as we learn about Market
     skills, including interpersonal, teamwork,          Research, Product Development, Promotions
     communication, and research skills to solve         and Advertising and Entrepreneurship so that
     business problems.                                  businesses can determine and meet the
     Topics: include, but are not limited to the         customers’ needs, how businesses use
     following:      Business       Communication,       marketing to present their products and
     Entrepreneurship, Economics, Finance and            services, and how marketing helps individuals
     Marketing.                                          and firms become and remain successful. This
                                                         course will involve building presentation skills
     DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS AND BUSINESS                 and teamwork. Case studies of businesses will
     COMPUTER APPLICATIONS 9-12                          be used to help develop students’ knowledge
     (Gr. 9s: MADIT09, Gr.10-12: MBCA-12)                and skills.

     This is an introductory course for Grades 9-12
     students, and may only be taken once, either in
     Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12.

     This is a no-homework, hands-on course where
     students complete all work in class. Good solid
     computer skills are essential in today’s
     technology-oriented society. Completion of this
     course will provide you with a solid foundation
     for future use. In this course you will learn to:

     •   Type without looking at the keyboard, using
         proper keyboarding techniques, and do so
         more quickly than ever with a minimum
         number of mistakes
     •   Create well organized personal letters,
         reports and other business documents
     •   Effectively   use     presentation     and
         spreadsheet software

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2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                                                        If you answer “Yes” to these questions –
                                                        Accounting 11 is a course for you! Students
                                                        need financial skills to survive in today’s
                                                        competitive and complex world. This course
                                                        provides a basic understanding of the
                                                        accounting steps taken by most service
                                                        businesses in keeping track of their money:
                                                        How much is being earned? How much is being
                                                        spent? Students learn to prepare Balance
     E-COMMERCE 12                                      Sheets, Income Statements and other Financial
     (MECOM12)                                          Statements needed to solve financial problems
     Recommended: Marketing and Promotion 11            and run the financial affairs of a business.
                                                        Students also explore career opportunities in
     This course is about learning by doing (and        the field of Accounting.
     having fun) rather than learning from a            This is an essential course for those students
     textbook. 3 main topics include:                   who wish to pursue a Commerce degree or an
                                                        entrepreneurial career. Students can also gain
     •   Culture & International Marketing -            practical work experience in a real
         students will participate in games /           “Accounting” setting via the Work Experience
         activities to analyze how culture influences   Program.
         our decisions and behavior before adapting
         an advertising campaign to a new country.      ACCOUNTING 12
     •   Entrepreneurship & Sales - students will       (MACC-12)
         manage and run the school store for the        Recommended: Accounting 11
         year,     choosing     products,    creating
         promotions,       supervising    day-to-day    You enjoyed Accounting 11 and you want to
         operations and completing financial            continue your studies in Accounting? Take this
         reporting.                                     course and move into Automated Accounting
     •   Modern Marketing - marketing today             and much more. Students will learn Accounting
         requires better ways to get consumers'         procedures for Merchandising Businesses and
         attention and we will analyze social,          the use of Specialized Journals. Each student
         experiential and viral marketing. Each         will learn how to use automated software
         project focuses on creating your own           accounting
         advertisements through Photoshop and
         video editing.

     Open to students in grades 10 – 12

     Are you interested in MONEY? Do you want to
     learn how businesses manage their finances?
     Do you want to find out how much you are

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2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     and complete accounting work for 3 to 4           effective communication strategies. Students
     different companies. Team projects and            will gain an understanding of global tourism
     presentations will be a component of each         issues, principles of tourism management and
     term with a special “House Hunters” unit          operations, and economic importance of
     focusing on housing, mortgages, and the real      tourism and trades.
     costs associated with living in the Lower
     Mainland.                                         ENTREPRENEURSHIP 12
     Students will also have the opportunity           Recommended: Marketing 11 or Marketing 12
     to experience a real “Accounting” setting via     Pre-interview with teacher required.
     the Work Experience Program. Students will
     proceed to post-secondary studies with a good     You must be responsible, mature and able to
     foundation in accounting theory.                  take an assignment from start to finish with
                                                       little or no supervision. Independence, problem
     ECONOMICS 12                                      -solving, and decision-making skills are
     (MEC--12)                                         encouraged       and      promoted    as     are
     Open to Grade 12                                  communication and interpersonal skills. You
                                                       will manage the operation of the Lion’s Den,
     Economics 12 introduces you to many dynamic       with direction and guidance from the
     issues that affect the way that all of us live.   marketing teacher. You will experience the key
     Who says money makes the world go round?          functional aspects of managing a small retail
     Come find out for yourself! Analyze the effects   business including developing, refining, and
     of individual and government decisions on our     implementing store policy and operational
     local society, the Canadian nation, and the       procedures, scheduling, procuring, controlling
     global community. Understand how economic         and managing inventory. Controlling, managing
     theory can help us deal with the environmental    and supervising staff including developing staff
     concerns of this generation. Economics is for     incentive programs, working with Marketing
     everyone!                                         and Promotion 11 and E-Commerce 12
                                                       students to develop and implement marketing
     TOURISM 11 (MTRM-11),                             initiatives, and accounting and producing
     TOURISM 12 (MTRM-12)                              financial statements. Through these key
     Open to students in grades 10 – 12                functions, you will also develop skills in
                                                       business software. This course will be offered
     The tourism sector is one of the fastest          through any block on the timetable, as you will
     growing and ever-changing industry in the         be working independently, guided by the
     world. British Columbia’s tourism industry is     marketing teacher.
     projected to create 101,000 new job openings
     by 2020 in a wide range of areas. Do you enjoy
     working with other people and are you
     considering a future career in a client-based
     profession? If so, these are the courses for
     you! Concepts covered in these courses will be
     of exceptional value to students who strive to
     work in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.
     Students learn to strengthen and develop

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2020-21 Magee Course Planning Guide - Vancouver ...
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                               Business Education Electives by Grade
            GRADE 8              GRADE 9                  GRADE 10                       GRADE 11 OR 12

          Entrepreneurship &   Entrepreneurship &       Entrepreneurship &        Work Experience
                                                                                                      Work Experience 12
              Marketing 8          Marketing 9             Marketing 10                 11

                               Digital Communications   Digital Communications
                                                                                    Accounting            Accounting
                                     & Computer               & Computer
                                    Applications 9           Applications 12            11                    12

                                                                                   Marketing &           E-Commerce
                                                          Accounting 11
                                                                                   Promotion 11              12

                                                              Tourism            Graphic Production       Economics
                                                                11                       11                  12

                                                                                  Communications &
                                                                                     Computer         Entrepreneurship 12

                                                                                      Tourism              Tourism
                                                                                        11                   12

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Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

          Information Technology                         This course aims to teach students the basics of
                                                         computer information and communication as
      INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 9/                          well give them an introduction to advanced
      COMPUTER STUDIES 10                                topics.
      (MADGE09, MCSTU10)
      Open to Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 students. This     COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 11
      course may only be taken once.                     (MCMPR11)
                                                         Recommended: Computer Studies 10 or a
      What happens when you type in a website’s          strong foundation in Math 10.
      address into your browser? How does it know
      what to show you? How do computers                 Do you like problem solving? Enjoy finding and
      communicate all that information across the        creating unique solutions? If you are
      globe? How can we get computers to do things       interested in learning how to tell computers to
      for us? Answers to all                                                   do stuff for you, this is the
      these and more in                                                        class!
      Computer Studies!                                                        In this class you will learn
                                                                               the      foundations       of
      The first part of the                                                    programming in Java,
      course is dedicated to                                                   from variables, through
      learning    how      digital                                             loops, to classes and
      information is stored,                                                   objects. Armed with the
      transmitted, and read – in                                               basics you will go on to
      essence, how the internet                                                create          interactive,
      functions. Students will                                                 graphical         programs
      then get an introduction                                                 starting with replicating
      to programming using                                                     classics like Asteroids and
      Scratch – a visual                                                       Pacman and working your
      programming language                                                     way up. At each step, you
      great for building small,                                                will have plenty of
      interactive programs. Students will start with     opportunities      to      individualize      your
      building classics like Pong and working up to      projects. This class is ultimately about taking
      designing     their     own    full   featured     your ideas and making them reality… on the
      game. (Students with prior Scratch experience      computer.
      will be given the opportunity to expand their
      programing                              skillset   This class serves as an excellent start point for
      with Applnventor, GameMaker or           other     anyone interested in Computer Science as part
      platforms)                                         of their future education or career. BUT, it is
                                                         intended for any student with any level of
      The final section of the course allows for         experience. People with no plans to pursue
      students to explore other areas of                 Computer Science will still benefit greatly from
      interest. Possible topics include hardware,        improved problem solving and computational
      advanced application use (e.g. Excel), and         thinking skills and the programming experience
      media applications (e.g. Flash and Photoshop).     will still be an asset in any other field.

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Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     AP COMPUTER SCIENCE A 12                          learn useful and desirable skills, this is the class
     (ACSC-2A)                                         for you! Whether you have the idea for the
     Recommended: Computer Programming 11              next best advertising campaign or you simply
     and Pre-Calculus 11.                              want to be the greatest meme lord, this class
                                                       will teach you all the skills necessary to express
     This course is for those who enjoyed              yourself through digital mediums. Basic
     Programming 11 and anyone planning to             computer        skills, creativity and a      sense
     pursue a Computer Science degree or any           of humor are an asset.
     degree requiring first year computer
     science.    Foundation programming skills         This class will cover the following:
     are similar to Computer Programming 11 but
     there is a strong focus on design and further     •   Photo editing using Adobe Photoshop –
     expansion       on       several      advanced        Learn how to combine, edit, manipulate,
     topics. Students will have the opportunity to         and compose digital images.
     write the College Board AP exam which             •   Animation using Adobe Animate – Learn
     requires a significant amount of time and             how to use digital tools to your advantage
     work. In class lectures and labs will provide a       in creating complex, yet low work-load
     good foundation in preparation for the                animations.
     exam. Successful completion of the exam may       •   Video Editing using Premiere Pro & After
     provide students with an advanced credit at a         Effects – Learn how to stitch together
     North American college or university.                 videos and edit them with transitions,
                                                           effects, text, overlays, etc...

                                                       GRAPHIC PRODUCTION 11
                                                       Recommended or Co-Requisite: Digital Media
                                                       11, Computer Studies 10 and Open to Grades
                                                       11 & 12.

                                                       If you like commercial design (making art for
                                                       advertising and packaging), drawing, 3D
                                                       printing, graphical layout, lettering, photo
                                                       enhancing, sticker making, button making, mug
                                                       design, t-shirt printing and beyond, this course
                                                       is for you. Students will study the elements and
                                                       principles of design and incorporate these into
                                                       a series of products using a variety of
     DIGITAL MEDIA DESIGN 12                           techniques. Projects are designed to give
     (MMEDD12)                                         students hands-on experience to develop
     Open to students in Grades 10, 11, or 12          specific, worthwhile skills.

     This course used Adobe Creative Cloud. If you
     love to create, enjoy computers, and want to

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Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                                                         creation, food and the environment and food
               Home Economics                            marketing are also covered. Students will learn
                                                         how to prepare full meals that are not only
     CULINARY ARTS 9/10                                  nutritious but also visually appealing. Recipes
     (MADFS09, MCUL-10)                                  in our ethic unit include things like Citrus
     Open to Grade 9-10 students and this course         Almond Biscotti, Pad Thai, Chicken Kiev, Stuffed
     may only be taken once, either in Grade 9 or        Ravioli, Apple Streudel and Vegetable Pakoras.
     Grade 10.                                           Students will also have the chance to receive
                                                         their Food Safe Level 1 certification.
     Students will learn about basic meal
     preparation and key nutrition concepts for          TEXTILES 9/10: FASHION AND DESIGN
     healthy living. They will learn about               (MADT-09, MTXT-10)
     measurement and safety while making things          Open to Grade 9-10 students.
     like pizza, chili, pasta, soups, baked goods and
     whole meals. Our world foods unit focuses on        Students learn the basic elements and
     the culinary and cultural practices of many         principles of design and how they can be
     countries with dishes like enchiladas, sushi,       applied     to     clothing     design      and
     chicken souvlaki, crepes and lasagna. Students      construction.    They will have design
     are encouraged to take their cooking skills from    opportunities to develop hand and machine
     the classroom into the home.                        construction techniques to produce and repair
                                                         textile items. The origins, characteristics and
     CULINARY ARTS 11                                    care of natural and manufactured textiles will
     (MCUL-11)                                           be explored through a fabric study. Strategies
     Open to Grade 10-12 students.                       will be introduced to alter patterns and
                                                         upcycling. A minimum of four projects will be
     This course teaches students more advanced          completed. Students will have a choice in
     culinary skills and meal preparation. Current       project work and a minimum of three projects
     nutrition concepts, consumer awareness and          will be completed.
     recipe analysis are integrated into course
     work. Students will learn a variety of new          TEXTILES 11: FASHION AND DESIGN
     cooking techniques while making dishes such         (MTXT-11)
     as Lava cakes, Calzones, Autumn Soup, Cheese        Recommended: Textiles 9/10. Open to Grade
     Bread, Thai Chicken Curry and Orange Chiffon        11-12 students.
     Cake. An international unit covers knowledge        The study of the elements and principles of
     of other cultures and their culinary practices.     design will be continued in greater depth. This
     Students will also have the opportunity             enables students to develop strategies to
     to receive their Food Safe Level 1 certification.   choose projects wisely with economical and
                                                         ethical considerations. A study of specialty
     CULINARY ARTS 12                                    fabrics and properties and the exploration and
     (MCUL-12)                                           use of related sewing techniques will help
     Open to Grade 10-12 students.                       students to develop confidence in their use.
                                                         Students will have a choice in project work and
     During this course students will acquire more       a minimum of three projects will be
     advanced food preparation skills while making       completed.
     gourmet recipes such as Concepts on recipe

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Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     TEXTILES 12: FASHION AND DESIGN                   take an active part in discussions, games, pair
     (MTXT-12)                                         and group activities, experiments and study
     Recommended: Textiles 11. Open to Grade 11-       sessions. In AP Psychology there are a
     12 students.                                      considerable amount of terms and concepts
                                                       you must master so there will be a focus on not
     Students will examine complex textiles designs    just memorizing information but applying it to
     and determine the methods for designing           real life situations to help you retain the
     patterns. The influence of historical uses of     information.
     textile items will be studied and forecasting
     practices will be examined. Students will have    Course topics will include history of psych,
     a choice in project work. A minimum of three      research methods, biological basis of behavior,
     projects will be completed.                       the brain, sensation and perception, states of
                                                       consciousness, learning and          cognition,
     PSYCHOLOGY 11                                     memory, personality, abnormal behavior and
     (YPSYC1A)                                         treatment, developmental psych and social
     Grades 11 and 12                                  psych. Previous psych courses are an asset but
                                                       not required.
     The focus of this course is on human
     behaviour, personality theories, mental health      Technology Education
     issues, brain development, adolescence,
     human sexuality, interpersonal relationships
     and developmental psychology. This course will    DRAFTING 9/10
     be of interest to students planning future        (MADD-09, MTDRF10)
     studies in the areas of psychology, law,          Open to Grade 9 and 10 students and this
     education, medicine and business. Students        course may only be taken once, either in Grade
     will gain a better understanding of how they      9 or Grade 10.
     can apply the study of psychology to help them
     with their personal and social and interactions   This course introduces students to mechanical
     and well-being.                                   and architectural drafting. Students learn the
                                                       fundamental principles and techniques of
     AP PSYCHOLOGY 12 (APSY-12)                        Drafting: Orthographic projection, Isometric
                                                       projection, Oblique projection, and One Point
     Advanced placement (AP) Psychology is a fast      and Two Point perspective. There will be a
     paced, content rich-course. It is intended for    focus on different types of design drawings and
     students who are interested in taking the AP      students will learn how the skills from this class
     Psych exam for 1st yr University credit or who    will apply to different professions. This is a
     have a strong interest in psychology and want     great introductory course for students
     an AP Psych course credit. Students should        interested              in
     expect to spend additional time outside of the    architecture, engineering
     classroom on reading, course work and exam        or     design.     Course
     prep.                                             includes computer use
                                                       and technical drawing.
     The AP course is not one in which you play a
     passive role, simply absorbing information
     presented by the teacher. You will be asked to

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Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     DRAFTING 12                                        design and fabricate objects using a variety of
     (MTDRFT-12)                                        materials, methods, technologies and tools.
     Recommended: Drafting 9/10; this course can        Using creative and critical thinking, students
     be taken only once by students in Grades 11        will work individually and collaboratively to
     and/or 12                                          problem solve by exploring materials, using
                                                        tools and equipment, designing and building,
     This course challenges students to utilize their   developing processes and communicating the
     knowledge to solve more complex problems in        merits of their work.
     Orthographic projection, Isometric projection,
     Oblique projection, and One Point and Two          DESIGN AND FABRICATION 11/12
     Point perspective. Students will have the          (PKG--11A: MWWK-11, MTMET11)
     opportunity to work on creating a portfolio        (PKG--12A: MWWK-12, MTMET12, MTAMJ12)
     that surveys architecture, engineering and         No prerequisite
     design, which will provide students with a
     better understanding and appreciation of the       Topics Covered: Design, Woodwork,
     design      process.      Course       includes    Metalwork, Silversmithing
     both computer use and technical drawing.
                                                        The Magee Design and Fabrication (MDF)
     DESIGN AND FABRICATION 9                           program offers students the opportunity to
     (MADW-09)                                          design and fabricate objects using a variety of
     No prerequisite                                    materials, methods, technologies and tools.
                                                        Using creative and critical thinking, students
     Topics Covered: Design, Woodwork,                  will work individually and collaboratively to
     Metalwork, Silversmithing                          problem solve by exploring materials, using
                                                        tools and equipment, designing and building,
     The Magee Design and Fabrication (MDF)             developing processes and communicating the
     program offers students the opportunity to         merits of their work.
     design and fabricate objects using a variety of
     materials, methods, technologies and tools.
     Using creative and critical thinking, students
     will work individually and collaboratively to
     problem solve by exploring materials, using
     tools and equipment, designing and building,
     developing processes and communicating the
     merits of their work.

     (PKG--10E: MWWK-10, MTMET10)
     No prerequisite

     Topics Covered: Design, Woodwork,
     Metalwork, Silversmithing

     The Magee Design and Fabrication (MDF)
     program offers students the opportunity to

Page 15
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                                                                Work Experience

     Topics Covered: Design for the Life Cycle,         WORK EXPERIENCE 11 (XAT--11WEX)
     Product Development and Manufacturing              WORK EXPERIENCE 12 (MWEX-2A)
     Process, Innovative Engineering Projects
                                                        NOTE: Each student who completes the 90
     Engineering 11 is a collaborative, project based   hour work experience program will receive
     course incorporating technical skill and           credit for their 30 hours of career life
     knowledge of design and fabrication with the       exploration required for graduation as outlines
     application one’s scientific theory and practice   in the Career Life Connections 12 course.
     to design and construct novel solutions to
     challenges that exist in our everyday world.       OVERVIEW
     Learning in this hands-on environment fosters      Work Experience gives students the
     students creativity and ingenuity while building   opportunity to participate in, observe, and
     a firm foundation for lifelong learning, an        learn about the tasks and responsibilities
     opportunity for specialized study and a chance     related to an occupation or career.
     to explore a diverse range of careers stemming
     from Engineering. It develops well-rounded         In conjunction with Career Life Education 10
     citizens who are informed creators and             and Career Life Connections 12, work
     consumers, while facilitating the development      experience helps prepare students for the
     of future fabricators, innovators, and skilled     transition from secondary school to the world
     workers who can contribute to solving              of work, for further education and training, or
     problems not yet anticipated with processes        for other post-graduation opportunities.
     and technologies not yet imagined in order to
     improve their lives, the lives of others and the   Work Experience 11 and 12 are courses of work
     environment.                                       -based learning in a cooperative partnership
                                                        between the student, the school, and the

                                                        In grade 11, students are prepared for Work
                                                        Experience through class work, and the
                                                        students have many opportunities to complete
                                                        some of their 90 required hours.

                                                        In grade 12, students complete all of the
                                                        remaining portion of their 90 required hours of
                                                        Work Experience--many students complete
                                                        well over 100 hours.

                                                        Work experience courses generally occur in
                                                        Grades 11 and 12—usually scheduled in an off-
                                                        timetable period.

Page 16
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     Students will meet with their Work Experience         Hospitality placement they must have some
     teacher on a regular basis—sometimes at               exposure to tourism and/or foods (Tourism
     lunch, afterschool or during certain flex time        11, Foods 11)
                                                        NOTE: Grade Counsellors and the Work
     COURSE REQUIREMENTS                                Experience Teacher can help students in
                                                        choosing the appropriate courses of study.
     Work experience students must complete 2
     components to successfully earn 4 credits:         TO BE CONSIDERED FOR WORK EXPERIENCE
                                                        Students registering for Work Experience will
     1. IN SCHOOL COMPONENT: classroom topics           have:
     to be covered: workplace safety, appropriate       1) Excellent attendance
     workplace behavior, resume and cover letter        2) Consistently good work habits
     writing, personal work placement plan,             3) Good communication skills
     employability skills, collaboration, leadership,   4) A positive attitude and willingness to learn
     interview preparation, dress code, etc.
                                                        BENEFITS OF WORK EXPERIENCE
     *this component is usually completed in grade      Work experience provides students with
     11 along with some of the 90 hours of work         the opportunity to:
     experience                                          apply in-school learning to the world of
     2. OUT OF SCHOOL COMPONENT: 90 hours of             gain new learning experiences that go
     work experience (volunteering and job                  beyond those they receive in a school
     shadowing) in the community and completion             setting
     of all the necessary paperwork                      earn course credits for exploring the
                                                            workplace at a practical level
     *the remaining portion of this component is         explore career choices to make informed
     usually completed in grade 12                          decisions
                                                         develop qualities and skills that are
     RECOMMENDED COURSES OF STUDY AND                       transferable to, and contribute to success
     EXPOSURE                                               in, employment and career development
     If students wish to pursue specific areas of        obtain references and contacts that will
     work experience it is recommended that they            assist with future job searches
     have some exposure to one or two courses in         gain valuable experience in diverse settings
     that particular area:
                                                        UPON COMPLETION OF WORK EXPERIENCE
     1. If a student wishes to go to an                 • a student will receive 4 credits towards
        Accounting placement they must have
        some      Accounting    knowledge      (i.e.
                                                        • A student will receive credit for the Career
        Accounting 11, Accounting 12)
                                                          Life Exploration requirement of 30 hours
     2. If a student wishes to go to a Technology/
                                                        • a student will receive a WORK EXPERIENCE
        Computer based placement they must have
                                                          CERTIFICATE at Graduation from the school
        some Technology knowledge (Media 11,/12
        Programming 11/12)
     3. If a student wishes to go to a Tourism/

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Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                                                          demands of the working world. Students begin
               Career Education                           developing their Graduation Transition Plan/
                                                          Capstone Project in this course. Career Life
     CAREER EDUCATION 8 and 9                             Education 10 can be further enriched by
     (MCE--08, MCE--09)                                   parental support. It is hoped that each student
                                                          will discuss course content with his/her
     In Career Education 8, students develop the          parents/guardians.
     skills they need to be self-directed individuals
     who set goals, make thoughtful decisions, and        CAREER LIFE CONNECTIONS 12 AND
     take responsibility for pursuing their goals. In     CAPSTONE PROJECT (MCLC-12)
     Career Education 9, we continue with the             This course is required for graduation.
     personal development, connections to
     community, goal setting and career exploration       CLC is intended to support and guide students
     begun in Career Education 8.                         continuously in purposeful and ongoing career-
                                                          life development. In this course students learn
     CAREER LIFE EDUCATION 10                             how to set personally meaningful goals,
     (MCLE--10 or MCLE--10OFF)                            recognize and cultivate relevant opportunities
     This is a required course for graduation.            and supportive relationships, and continually re
                                                          -evaluate and revise their plans that they
     The aim of the course is to enable students to       began in CLE 10.
     develop the skills they need to set better goals,
     make     informed        decisions    and     take   Emphasis in CLC is put on becoming self-aware,
     responsibility for their actions throughout life.    life-long learners, who understand that one’s
     In Career Life Education 10, students learn          interests may develop and change over time.
     how:                                                 Being aware of one’s own self-identity will
                                                          support their career-life choices. What will
     •    To find a balance between school life and       each student’s personal journey look like?
          personal life which is essential to good        Through CLC we will continue to support and
          physical and mental health                      guide students towards a better understanding
     •    To develop a network of family, friends,        of who they want to be in the world.
          and community members who can support
          and broaden career awareness and options        CAPSTONE PROJECT
     •    To prepare for lifelong learning in order to    The completion of this project is required for
          adapt to changing career opportunities          graduation.
     •    To consider internal and external factors
          when career planning                            The Capstone Project is a learning opportunity
     •    The global economy affects our personal,        for students to reflect and share in personally
          social, and economic lives and prospects        meaningful        ways,        their   knowledge,
     •    To continually plan, evaluate, and adapt for    competencies, and passion(s). It will integrate
          successful career and education paths           personal interests and strengths with preferred
                                                          future possibilities. It is a representation of the
     Career Life Education 10 provides relevant and       student’s learning journey and provides an
     experiential learning opportunities which help       opportunity to reflect and synthesize as well as
     students relate learning in school to the            showcase and celebrate.

Page 18
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                                                       foundation in their study of English language
          Counselling Services
                                                       and literature. Not only does the program
                                                       encourage enjoyment and appreciation of
     Magee’s Counselling Department offers a           language and literature, but it affords students
     variety of support systems to meet the            the opportunities to acquire the tools,
     academic, vocational, personal, emotional and     techniques, and strategies which will enable
     physical needs of our students. Counsellors       them to convey their understanding of what
     often collaborate with staff, families and        they hear, read, and see and to express their
     community resources to foster wellness and        ideas, thoughts, and feelings clearly and
     balance as our students navigate the              coherently.
     challenges and opportunities presented to
     them. We pride ourselves on connecting
     personally with each and every member of our
     grade through: classroom visits, individual
     meetings, large group sessions and by
     “following” our students to graduation.
     Students are encouraged to speak to their
     grade counsellor directly to set up an

     Peer Counselling 12 is offered to Grade 12        ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS 8
     students who want to enhance a positive           (MEN--08)
     school climate. The intent of the course is to
     equip student –leaders with the skills and        In our intermediate language arts program,
     knowledge needed to provide support and           students will develop their literacy and their
     leadership for other students. Training           awareness of themselves as readers, with
     includes; active listening, group facilitation,   primacy given to the printed word and
                                                       consideration given to visual and digital texts,
     problem solving, decision making and conflict
                                                       including such things as graphic novels, video
     resolution,    values     clarification,   and
                                                       (conventional film, Youtube, other digital
     understanding of critical and relevant youth
                                                       media), video games, and informational and
     issues. This course includes guest speakers,      social media. Students will engage in critical
     community involvement, journaling, and            and creative thought in response to various
     regular classes. Note: There is an application    texts, and will develop communication skills,
     and interview process.                            with primacy given to the written word,
                                                       including sentence fluency, usage, and style, as
          English Language and Literature              well as rhetorical considerations such as
                                                       audience and purpose. Attention will also be
                                                       given to oral language and visual
     Magee's English program provides students         representation of meaning.
     with the opportunities to develop a solid

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Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS 9                             •   expand their development as educated
     (MEN--09)                                               global citizens
     Recommended: English 8                              •   develop balance and broaden their
                                                             understanding of themselves and the world
     In our intermediate language arts program,          •   develop higher-level thinking and learning
     students will develop their literacy and their          skills
     awareness of themselves as readers, with
     primacy given to the printed word and               Plus one of:
     consideration given to visual and digital texts,
     including such things as graphic novels, video      Creative Writing 10
     (conventional film, Youtube, other digital          (PKG--10B: MCTWR10, MLTST10)
     media), video games, and informational and          which is designed to support students’ interest
     social media. Students will engage in critical      in creative expression through language. The
     and creative thought in response to various         course provides students opportunities to build
     texts, and will develop communication skills,       their writing skills through the exploration of
     with primacy given to the written word,             identity, memory, and story in a range of
     including sentence fluency, usage, and style, as    genres. Students will collaborate and develop
     well as rhetorical considerations such as           their skills through writing and design
     audience and purpose. Attention will also be        processes. This course invites students to
     given to oral language and visual                   express themselves creatively as they
     representation of meaning. The skills and           experiment with, reflect on and practice their
     understandings established in ELA 8 will be         writing, or:
     further developed in ELA 9.
                                                         Composition 10
                                                         (PKG--10A: MCMPS10, MLTST10,
     ENGLISH LITERARY STUDIES 10                         PKG--10C: MCMPS10OFF, MLTST10OFF or
     Recommended: English 9                              PKG--10D: MCMPS10TRN, MLTST10TRN)
                                                         which is designed to support students in their
     For English 10, students will take two 2-credit     development of written communication
     courses. All students will take the Literary        through a critical process of questioning,
     Studies course (2 credits) which will be            exploring, and sampling. The course builds
     bundled with one of Composition or Creative         students’ writing competencies by introducing
     Writing (each 2 credits):                           them to varied structures, forms, and styles of
                                                         compositions. Students have opportunities to
     Literary Studies 10, is designed to allow           individually and collaboratively study, create,
     students to delve more deeply into literature       and write original pieces, exploring audience
     as they explore specific themes, periods,           and purpose. They also develop their craft
     authors, or areas of the world through literary     through processes of drafting, reflecting, and
     works in a variety of media. Students will:         revising.

     •    increase their literacy skills through close
          reading of appropriately challenging texts
     •    enhance their development of the English
          Language Arts curricular competencies,
          both expressive and receptive

Page 20
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     COMPOSITION 11                                        ENGLISH STUDIES 12
     (MCMPS11)                                             (MENST 12)
     Recommended: An English 10 4 credit combo             Recommended: English 11

     In this 4 credit course, students develop strong      English Studies 12 is the required English 12
     communication skills in both speaking and             course, which emphasizes the critical approach
     writing. They are given many opportunities to         to communication through reading, writing and
     express their ideas, thoughts, and opinions,          thinking. Students read and study short
     both orally and in writing. Students review           stories, novels, Shakespearean drama, poetry
     punctuation, grammar, syntax, diction, and            and essays. They develop their composition
     mechanics to enable them to communicate               skills with particular emphasis placed on the
     clearly; they write in narrative, descriptive, and    organization and structure of expository
     expository modes. Students also experience            writing, although they also write in narrative
     the complexity and versatility of the English         and descriptive modes. Additionally, students
     language by reading and studying the short            work on developing their writing style and their
     story, the novel, poetry, Shakespearean drama         oral communication skills in class and small
     and the essay. They participate in class and          group discussions.
     small group discussions so that they can share
     ideas and develop their oral communication            AP ENGLISH 12 LITERATURE & COMPOSITION
     and listening skills.                                 (AELC-12)
                                                           Recommended: LITERARY STUDIES 11
     (MEFLS11)                                             Students may take this class to fulfill their
     Recommended: An English 10 4 credit combo             English Studies 12 requirement, or in addition
                                                           to that course. The Advanced Placement
     This 4 credit course is recommended for               Literature and Composition course prepares
     students considering taking AP Literature and         students to write the AP exam which is set by
     Composition in grade 12, and may be taken in          the American College Board, the same
     addition to, or instead of Composition 11. Lit        organization that sets the SAT exams and other
     Studies 11 resembles the old Literature 12            qualifying exams.        The AP exam is
     course, and surveys, in chronological sequence,       challenging. Students must be prepared to
                                                           read widely and thoughtfully from authors of
     the major writers of English Literature from
                                                           generally acknowledged literary merit, and to
     Anglo-Saxon times to the 20th century.
                                                           work hard to refine their own academic writing
     Students learn not only about the literature,
                                                           about literature. The focus of the course is
     but also about the cultural, social, political, and
                                                           close reading of literary texts, and clear
     economic changes which influenced and                 expression of the understandings that develop.
     shaped the lives of everyone, including the           Successful completion of the exam may provide
     writers, in the English-speaking world. Students      students with an advanced credit at a North
     also learn literary terminology and critical          American college or university.
     analysis. Students participate in a variety of
     reading, writing, speaking, and listening
     experiences; the course seeks to assist
     students in developing their critical and
     creative thinking skills.

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Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                                                       classes provide English instruction for students
                                                       new to Canada who have limited ability to
                                                       understand or communicate in English.

                                                        English Language Learning

                                                       The ELL program is divided into four levels.
                                                       Students are assessed upon entry to the school
                                                       and placed in appropriate levels of classes
                                                       according to English proficiency. ELL students
                                                       are promoted to the next level of the program
     YEARBOOK 10, ANNUAL PRODUCTION 11/12              based on progress in class. Movement within
     (YCCT-0C, YCCT-1C, YCCT-2F)                       the ELL program may occur throughout the
     Recommended: English 10 or in English 10 4        school year, but is dependent upon the
     credit combination courses. Open to students      assessment and recommendation of the ELL
     in Grades 10, 11 and 12                           department as well as the availability of space.
                                                       Through various activities such as discussions,
     Annual Production is a practical, hands-on        oral presentations, language games, reading
     course in which the Magee yearbook is created     assignments, research projects, guided and
     and produced. Students gain experience in         free writing, students improve their skills in
     almost all aspects of book production, from       listening, speaking, reading and writing. (As
     planning and design to distribution of the        well, students develop a greater understanding
     finished product.                                 and appreciation of Canadian culture.)

     The photography component is now entirely         ELL Students are usually scheduled into four
     digital. Students take formal posed shots as      blocks of junior or senior ELL classes and four
     well as a wide variety of candid and action       grade level courses. The ELL classes are:
     shots.     Yearbook staff members gather          English, Writing, Science and Social Studies.
     information and produce write-ups about           Students also take PE and Mathematics, as well
     school sports teams, fine arts groups, clubs,     as other non-language electives offered by the
     and events. Layouts are done digitally, using     Fine Arts and Applied Skills Department such as
     Adobe InDesign. Adobe Photoshop is also used      Music, Art, Home Economics, Technology and
     for manipulating images.                          Keyboarding.

     The course mission is to produce a technically    LEAVING ELL AND MOVING INTO THE
     proficient and visually appealing yearbook that   TRANSITIONAL AND REGULAR GRADE LEVEL
     is inclusive, positive and up-beat, and           PROGRAM WITH LANGUAGE SUPPORT:
     respectful of everyone in the Magee
     community. This can be a very rewarding           Opportunities for placement into transitional
     course for students who are motivated,            or grade level programs are dependent upon
     responsible, and prepared to work on the          the assessment and recommendation of the
     project outside of class time. Success in this
     course requires commitment and initiative. ELL

Page 22
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     ELL department and the availability of space.              language is not English and who are currently
     Students at level four receive the following               enrolled in grade level English, Social Studies or
     timetable:                                                 Science.

     •     Transitional English 10 (senior students)            This course is more skills than content based
     •     English 8, 9 or 10 (grade appropriate                and complements Transition English 10, or
           placement)                                           other academic courses.           In this course,
                                                                students review and further develop the
     •     Science 8, 9, or 10 (grade placement)
                                                                language skills introduced at the ELL level. The
     •     Social Studies 8, 9 or 10 (grade appropriate
                                                                curriculum places a greater emphasis on higher
           placement)                                           level thinking skills and on activities that enable
     •     Five other appropriate elective or academic          the students to communicate with greater
           courses                                              confidence. Topics and skills covered in the
                                                                course include: narrative, descriptive and
     Students are usually recommended for grade                 expository writing, paragraph and essay
     level English only when teachers are confident             organization, prewriting, rewriting and editing
     that the students will succeed with the                    strategies, library research skills, vocabulary
     demands of the grade level English course.                 development, and selected items of grammar
                                                                that are particularly troublesome for
     ACADEMIC STRATEGIES FOR ELL LEARNERS 10                    transitional students. The class also provides
     (YESFL0A)                                                  one to one tutorial time for students.
     The Academic Strategies class provides
     language support for students whose native

          ELL Program             Transitional Program                     Regular English Program

           Level 1, 2, or 3
           Junior & Senior                  Level 4                   Junior Grades                Senior Grades

     4 ELL Classes - English,
                                   English 8, 9 or English 10
    Writing, Social Studies and                                    English 8 or English 9         English 10, 11, 12

                                     Academic Strategies
                                                                6-7 other courses each year   7 other courses each year

         Grade level Math and
                                    Social Studies 8, 9 or 10     ACADEMIC STRATEGIES          ACADEMIC STRATEGIES
          Physical and Health
                                      Science 8, 9, or 10             (on teacher’s                (on teacher’s
                                       Grade level Math             recommendation)              recommendation)

                                    Three other grade level

              2 Electives

Page 23
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

                                                           DRAMA 10: COACHING
                                                           Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor.
     DRAMA 08
     (MDR--08)                                             This course is for Grade 10, 11 and 12 students
                                                           with a strong background in drama and acting
     This course introduces students to the whole          who wish to develop and share their leadership
     range of Drama activities: improvisation,             and theatre skills with younger students. The
     theatre sports, basic acting and speaking skills      Coach works along with the teacher in a Grade
     and scene composition. Each Drama 8 class is          8 or 9 Drama class as a director, demonstrator
     assisted by experienced senior students who act       and group leader. As a teaching assistant, the
     as coaches and demonstrators. There is plenty         Coach assumes considerable responsibility and
                                                           challenge. Coaching is a valuable and rewarding
     of intellectual and creative challenge for
                                                           experience for the student who has a particular
     students who have some acting experience and
                                                           interest in teaching and/or directing.
     for those who have none, as well as for those
     who wish to overcome shyness and improve
                                                           DRAMA 11 and DRAMA 12
     their self-confidence and verbal skills.              (Acting 11 and Acting 12)
                                                           (MDRM-11, MDRM-12)
     DRAMA 09                                              Recommended: DRAMA 11 for DRAMA 12
     Recommended: DRAMA 8                                  The goal of all senior courses is to build
                                                           theatrical skills, self-confidence and speaking
     Drama 9 is a full year course that builds on the      skills, and to provide students who wish to
     skills learned in Drama 8: improvisation,             pursue further study in this area with a solid,
     creative thinking, problem solving, and verbal        comprehensive acting background.
     skills. Some projects are of longer duration than
     those in Drama 8 and concentrate on building          TPA 11 and 12 are performance classes that
     new skills in scene composition and stage             stress scene work and criticism as well as
     technique. Drama 9 uses a wide selection of           improvisation. Students have opportunities to
     enjoyable activities as starting points for acting.   play a variety of characters and styles. Scenes
                                                           are mainly chosen from modern comedies and
     DRAMA 10                                              tragedies but may also come from older, classic
     (MDRM-10)                                             plays.   Directing and a variety of special
                                                           workshops may also be included.
     Recommended: DRAMA 9

     Drama 10 is a fast moving course which focuses
     on acting technique through script work and
     improvisation. Students will learn both acting
     and technical production skills in this course.
     Drama 10 also includes units in play building,
     script writing and musical theatre. A production
     for elementary schools is frequently a feature of
     this course.

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Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     FILM AND THEATRE CRITICISM 11/12                    A strong background in Drama is required.
     (Gr 11: MVAMT11, Gr 12: YLE--2E)                    Enrollment is limited and depends on an
     Open to senior students.                            audition and the student’s specialization.

     Theatre      and     Film     Criticism’s   goal    Magee Mainstage is an intensive production
     is promote understanding of how effective           program for serious acting students and those
     presentation is achieved through studying the       who seek a challenge beyond that usually
     roles of actor, playwright, director, technician,   offered at the secondary level. The highest
     and audience, in addition to the structure,         standards of work and dedication are required.
     style, and content of the message. The course
     gives students an opportunity to attend             Students become members of a production
     college, university, and professional theatrical    company with students playing a variety of
     productions in well-known and popular venues        roles as actor, director, and technician. A wide
     like Pacific Theatre, the Cultch, and Studio 58     range of productions usually includes
     as wells as films from film festivals and           comedies, dramas, musicals, and children’s
     Hollywood. The class attends performances in        touring programs. In addition, students have
     the evening and meets at lunch-time every           extensive exposure to field professionals,
     Monday for reflection and discussion. Students      workshops, festivals, and conferences.
     will learn to critically assess performances
     based on casting, technical elements, scripts,      Magee Mainstage puts special emphasis on
     and directorial choices, to explore creative        orienting students to post-secondary programs
     risks, and to express these criticisms in an        and the profession through career counselling
     eloquent fashion, both orally and in                and audition coaching.
     writing. This course is designed for mature
     students with a keen interest in theatre and              Music– Instrumental

     MAGEE MAINSTAGE PROGRAM                             BEGINNING BAND 8, 9, 10
     Mainstage is a two-year program, which gives        (MMU--08BA1, MMU--09BA1, MMUCB10--1)
     credit for two courses in each year.
                                                         In Beginning Band, students with no previous
     Mainstage: Theatre Company 11 &                     band instrument experience will learn the
     Musical Theatre 11                                  fundamentals of playing an instrument from
     (PGK--11B: MDRTC11, MMUTH11)                        one of the following family - brass, woodwind,
                                                         percussion or bass. Students will learn proper
     Mainstage: Theatre Company 12 &                     posture, hand position,
     Musical Theatre 12                                  how to create the
     (PGK--12B: MDRTC12, MMUTH12)                        sounds, how to read
                                                         notes, rhythms, musical
     Mainstage: Theatre Production 11 &                  terms and symbols, and
     Musical Theatre 11                                  how to play together in a
     (PKG--11C: MDRTP11, MMUTH11)                        group. This course is
                                                         open to students in
     Mainstage: Theatre Production 12 &                  grades 8-10. Students
     Musical Theatre 12                                  will perform in concerts at school.
     (PKG--12C: MDRTP12, MMUTH12)

Page 25
Magee Course Planning Guide 2020-2021

     JUNIOR BAND 8, 9, 10                                Prerequisite: 3 years of band experience, or 3
     (MMU--08BA2, MMU--09BA2, MMUCB10--2)                years of private lessons or permission of the
     Prerequisite: 1 year of band experience, or 1       teacher.
     year of private lessons or permission
     of the teacher.                                                  Symphonic Band is for students
                                                                      with at least three years of band
     Junior Band is for students with at                              experience playing a woodwind,
     least one year of band experience                                brass or percussion instrument
     playing a woodwind, brass or                                     either in high school or through
     percussion instrument either at the                              private lessons. This course is
     elementary or high school level.                                 open to students in grades 9 -12
     This course is open to students in                               depending on their skill and
     grades 8-10. Students will continue                              experience. Students will continue
     their development of musicianship,                               to develop their playing skills, sight
     sight reading, theory, and ear                                   reading, theory, and ear training
     training through a variety of band                               through a variety of band
     repertoire. Students will perform at                             repertoire. Students will perform
     school, district band festivals and, if                          at school concerts, district band
     numbers are sufficient, on a retreat                             festivals and, if numbers are
     to Whistler.                                                     sufficient, on a performance or
                                                         festival tour.
     (MMU--08BA3, MMU--09BA3, MMUCB10--3,                WIND ENSEMBLE 10, 11, 12
     MIMCB11--3)                                         (MMUCB10--5, MIMCB11--5, MIMCB12--5)
     Prerequisite: 2 years of band experience, or 2      Prerequisite: 3-4 years of band experience, or 3
     years of private lessons or permission of the       -4 years of private lessons, or permission of the
     teacher.                                            teacher.

     Intermediate Band is for students with at least     Wind Ensemble is the top instrumental
     two years of band experience playing a              ensemble in the school. Entrance into Wind
     woodwind, brass or percussion instrument            Ensemble is based on advanced playing skills
     either in high school or through private lessons.   and the amount of instruments needed in the
     This course is open to students in grades 8-11      band. Students should have at least 3-4 years
     depending on their skill and experience.            of high school playing experience or 3-4 years
     Students will continue to develop their playing     of private lessons. Auditions may be required if
     skills, sight reading, theory, and ear training     there are too many instruments in one section.
     through a variety of band repertoire. Students      Wind Ensemble students are expected to
     will perform at school concerts, district band      perform at school concerts, district events,
     festivals and, if numbers are sufficient, on a      community concerts, national and international
     performance or festival tour.                       tours and festivals.      Previous tours have
                                                         included Canada, United States, Russia, Japan,
     SYMPHONIC BAND 9, 10, 11, 12                        Central Europe, Spain, UK, and Cuba.
     (MMU--09BA4, MMUCB10--4, MIMCB11--4,                Scholarships are awarded to top students upon
     MIMCB12--4)                                         graduation.

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