2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute

2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute
Further Education Prospectus
                                Colchester - Braintree


Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships
2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute
EVE N   T   S
    OPEN    ester Inst
                                      At Colch
Our Open Events     COLCHESTER           CO          BRAINTREE                BR
are the perfect     CAMPUS                           CAMPUS
opportunity to find Saturday 17th October 2020       Wednesday 21st October 2020
out more about      10am – 1pm                       5pm – 8pm

studying at one of Monday 19th October 2020          Saturday 7th November 2020
                    5pm – 8pm                        10am – 1pm
our campuses
                       Thursday 22nd October 2020    Monday 18th January 2021
                       5pm – 8pm                     5pm – 7pm
                       Wednesday 20th January 2021
                       5pm – 8pm

Apprenticeship Information Evenings

          Tuesday 2nd February 2021                  Thursday 13th May 2021
          5pm – 7pm                                  5pm – 7pm
          Wednesday 2nd June 2021
          5pm – 7pm

2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute

                     4   Welcome
                     6   Benefits of Vocational Study
                     7   Study Programmes
                     8   Application Process
                    10   Our Campuses
                    20   College Life
                    21   Work Experience/Industry Placement
                    22   Careers and Destinations
                    24   Celebrating Success
                    25   Top Tips for Parents/Carers
                    26   Art, Design, Fashion and Photography
                    28   Business and Accounting
                    30   Catering and Hospitality
                    32   Childcare and Early Years
                    34   Computing and IT
                    36   Construction and the Trades

                                                             Study Programmes
                    42   Digital Media
                    44   Engineering and Manufacturing
                    46   Foundation and Supported Learning
                    48   Health and Social Care
                    50   Motor Vehicle
                    52   Music
                    54   Performing Arts
                    56   Public Services
                    58   Salon Studies (Hairdressing and Beauty)
                    60   Science
                    62   Sport
                    64   Apprenticeships
                    68   Meet some of our Tutors
                    70   Horizon Games
                    71   Join the Conversation/Student App
                    72   Student Support
                    73   Fees and Finance
                    74   Frequently Asked Questions
                    76   Access to Higher Education
                    77   Courses for Adults
                    78   University Centre Colchester

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2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute

                                                            At Colchester
                                                            Institute we
                                                            are passionate
                                                            about your

    Our aim is to provide you with every opportunity         This guide aims to provide you with the information
    to gain the skills, qualifications and experience        you need to help you make the right choice about
    that will give you the best possible chance              your next steps – but it cannot tell you everything!
    to succeed on your Study Programme or                    I hope that you will come and meet with staff and
    apprenticeship, to progress onto higher levels           students and explore our campuses at one of
    of study and to gain rewarding work in the job           our Open Events. Come and see for yourself how
    or career you choose.                                    continuing your education and training at one of
                                                             Colchester Institute’s exciting campuses can set
    We have high expectations of our students and in         you on the right path to success, whether your
    return we want you to have high expectations of          next destination is a university degree, a further
    us. We aim to deliver on those expectations by           course of study, an apprenticeship or into the
    ensuring that you receive the best possible practical
                                                             world of work.
    and learning support to help you to succeed. Our
    tutors have excellent experience of the world of
                                                             Alison Andreas
    work and delivery takes place in industry standard
    teaching and training facilities, which are being
    updated all the time. In Colchester, we have
    recently added a fantastic new facility for training
    in Health and Social Care to our £10m development        Principal and Chief Executive
    supporting STEM subjects, and we now have a
    great new fitness gym for use by all students.
    At Braintree we have just completed a whole
    campus transformation programme, providing
    the very best facilities for all subject areas.

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2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute
  the needs                                                                        Many of the courses we offer are aimed at
                                                                                   targeting the skills priority areas for Essex,

  of the local                                                                     and focus on providing vocational skills and
                                                                                   knowledge required in industry. Recognising this

                                                                                   need for skilled workers not only benefits local
                                                                                   employers but ensures our students are prepared
                                                                                   for employment opportunities after completing
                                                                                   their study programme or apprenticeship.

 A120 Haven Gateway Corridor                                  44,000 new recruits likely                 50,000 more nurses and
   identified as key area for                                     to be required in                     28,000 more primary care
  employment growth over                                       construction-related roles              professionals working in the
      the next 20 years                                         across Essex by 2021                  healthcare service by 2024-2025
Greater Essex Growth and Infrastructure Framework 2016-2036             essexesb.co.uk                         nationalhealthexecutive.com

         Adult social care jobs                               Retail and leisure facilities                Colchester ranked 20th in
         will increase by 40%                                     planned for Tollgate                    the UK in 2016 for its high
            (from 180,000 to                                  Village would create an                  concentration of growth in the
        250,000 jobs) by 2035                                  anticipated 1,000 jobs                   creative and digital sectors
                   skillsforcare.org.uk                            Colchesterultraready.co.uk                        investessex.co.uk

  By 2024, industry growth and
                                                                                                                There are over
  retirement will mean there are                              UK gaming industry to be                        450,000 early years
    over 30,000 more beauty                                    worth £10bn by 2023                              staff in the UK
       vacancies in the UK                                              Telegraph.co.uk
                                                                                                         Childcare and Early Years Providers Survey
                      Career Pilot

                                       FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: COLCHESTER.AC.UK                                                                      5
2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute
Benefits of Vocational Study
There are many different study options                                 As vocational qualifications are designed in partnership
available after taking GCSEs, if you have an                           with employers, universities and professional
idea of the job or career you’d like to pursue                         organisations, your training will enable you to develop
or you wish to continue your education through                         the skills that are highly valued by employers. You’ll
a particular talent, skill or passion, then one                        have the opportunity to broaden your understanding
of our technical and professional programmes                           of your chosen area through work experience and
could be the right choice for you. There’s                             placements throughout the programme.
a fantastic range of options available and
vocational learning can help you get the skills,                       In-depth skills and knowledge acquired on a Level 3
experience and qualifications you need to                              vocational programme can provide the ideal preparation
kick-start your career or to go on to higher                           for progression to higher level study, such as a degree,
education. Many of these skills are transferable                       HNC/HND or higher apprenticeship. Most colleges
making these courses a great choice even                               and universities accept vocational qualifications as
if you haven’t fully made up your mind.                                fulfilling entry requirements.

Our vocational Study Programmes are designed                           The UCAS Tariff points system is used when making
to help you learn about specific employment areas,                     offers to applicants and most post-16 qualifications are
they are hands-on and provide opportunities to                         allocated a total UCAS point score. The table below
practise skills in real situations while working towards               shows how many UCAS points the most common
recognised qualifications. Throughout the programme                    qualifications are worth.
you’ll be assessed on ability, knowledge and theory
relating directly to your chosen industry, rather than
lots of lengthy essays and exams.

                    BTEC awards                                   UAL awards              AS and A Level awards          UCAS
    Extended                                  Subsidiary   Extended
    Diploma                 Diploma                                       Diploma        AS Level        A Level         Points
                                               Diploma     Diploma
     D* D* D*                                                 D                                                           168
     D* D* D                                                                                                              160
     D* D D                                                                                                               152
     DDD                                                    M (High)                                                      144
     DDM                                                                                                                  128
                                                              M                                                           120
     DMM                             D* D*                                                                                112
                                     D* D                                                                                 104
     MMM                             DD                                                                                    96
                                                                               D                                           84
     MMP                             DM                                                                                    80
     MPP                             MM                                                                                    64
                                                                               M                                           60
                                                  D*                                                        A*            56
     PPP                             MP           D                                                         A             48
                                                                                                            B             40
                                     PP           M                                                         C             32
                                                                                                            D             24
                                                                                             A                            20
                                                  P                                          B              E             16
                                                                                             C                            12
                                                                                             D                            10
                                                                                             E                             6

D = Distinction            M = Merit         P = Pass

If you are planning to go on to university after                       See page 78 for information on degree-level
completing your Level 3 programme you can visit                        study choices at our very own University Centre
ucas.com to check the UCAS points required for                         Colchester here at Colchester Institute.
the course you are interested in.

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2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute
Study Programmes

What are Study Programmes?
Study Programmes are our name for our full-time                             Great English and Maths
courses. They combine a number of different
                                                                            Whichever Study Programme or
components to equip you with a set of well-rounded
                                                                            apprenticeship you choose, you’ll
skills for the future. Every programme incorporates
a vocational qualification (for example an Extended                         continue to hone your English and
Diploma), development of Great English and                                  maths skills.
Maths (GEM) and work experience.                        If you have high GCSE grades (that’s grades 9-4)
                                                        we’ll build Great English and Maths (GEM) around
Unsure which programme                                  your main course of study, enhancing your existing
level is for you?                                       skills and developing new ones.

Come along to an Open Event, speak to your              If you haven’t yet achieved a high GCSE grade in
Careers Adviser at school for guidance or call          English and/or maths, you’ll attend timetabled
our enquiry line:                                       English and/or maths classes and work towards
Phone-Square 01206 712777                               resitting your GCSE exams.

GCSE grading system
From the summer of 2020 all reformed GCSE
                                                                            Technical Training
subjects will have moved to the new grading system.
For ease of reference the 'old' GCSE grade C is                             Our Technical Training Study
regarded by us as equivalent to a 4, the 'old' grade                        Programmes are designed for you
D is equivalent to a 3.                                                     to develop key industry skills and
                                                                            practice within your chosen area.
Entry requirements                                      Look out for this
                                                         symbol on the      All students on these programmes
Specific entry requirements for each programme                              will begin at the same level,
                                                         course pages
are listed on the individual subject pages. In some                         regardless of grades upon
cases, we will consider other qualifications that are                       entry, and progress together,
deemed to be equivalent to GCSEs, for example                               providing each element of the
Functional Skills and qualifications achieved outside                       course is passed sufficiently.
the UK, provided valid certificates are produced.                           This training will enable you to
                                                                            learn professional techniques and
                                                                            perfect your chosen craft to get
                                                                            you ready for the working world.

      FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: COLCHESTER.AC.UK/COURSES                                                      5
2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute
Application Process
To make your application to Colchester Institute smooth and
stress-free, follow this step-by-step guide and make a note
of the important dates and deadlines

 Step 1                                        Step 2
 hoose your
C                                            Create your account
study programme                              Once you have clicked the ‘Apply Online’
Use this prospectus to have a look at        button, you will need to create an account which
all of the full-time programmes and          you will use throughout the application process.
apprenticeships that we offer. When          Please make sure you use an email address
you have decided which programme             that you will be checking regularly and which is
you would like to apply for, find it on      professional and appropriate for this purpose.
our website at colchester.ac.uk and          Please do not use a school email address.
click the ‘Apply Online’ button.             You will be asked to create a password and a
                                             password security answer, so make sure it
    Apply Online for Colchester              is something memorable - please write it down
                                             somewhere safe so that you don’t forget.
     Apply Online for Braintree

Please note: you can only apply for          Don’t forget to make a note of your
one full-time programme and one              USERNAME and PASSWORD details!
apprenticeship. If you apply for more        You will need these later.
than one we will contact you and ask
you to choose which you would like to
continue with.

If at any point you want to
change course, please don't
                                               Step 3
apply again. Just call us on:
Phone-Square 01206 712777                    Apply online
                                             After you have created your account, you
                                             will be directed to our application form.
                                             Please fill in the application form, making
                                             sure you answer each question honestly.
                                             You will be asked to enter your predicted (or
                                             actual) GCSE grades and other qualifications,
                                             so please make sure you have these nearby
                                             while you are completing the form.
                                             On the last page of the application form, please
                                             make sure you click the ‘Submit’ button.

8                           COURSE ENQUIRIES: 01206 712777
2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute
Step 4

Book your interview
Once you have submitted your application
form, a member of the Colchester Institute
                                                                                Step 5
Admissions team will check all of your details
and your predicted (or actual) grades. They
might email you to ask for more information.
                                                                Accept your offer
Once your application has been checked,                         After your interview you will be sent an email
you will receive an email asking you to log                     to confirm whether you have been offered a
                                                                place. Please remember to keep checking
into your account and book your interview.
                                                                your email account.
Make sure you check your emails regularly
or you may miss your opportunity to come                        When you receive an offer, you must log into
in for your interview.                                          your account again to accept your place.

             Step 6

           ome along to your
          C                                                    Welcome and Induction
          Welcome day                                          days for 2021
          We hold Welcome and induction days at the
          end of June to give you a chance to come             Colchester:
          into the College to meet your tutors and
          other students on your course. We strongly
                                                               Monday 28th June 2021 or
          recommend that you come along to these               Tuesday 29 th June 2021
          days as they give you a real insight
          into what college life will be like.                 Braintree:
                                                               Tuesday 29 th June 2021

          Booking holidays?
           Please try to avoid taking holidays during
           these periods as we may not be able to
           guarantee your place at Colchester Institute
           if you do not attend on these days.

                                                  Step 7
                                                 Attend enrolment
                                                 The final step in the application process is coming in
                                                 after GCSE results day to enrol on your programme.
                                                 This will take place between Thursday 19 th August
                                                 and Wednesday 1st September 2021.
                                                 You will receive your college ID and information about
                                                 your first day, then you will come in and start your
                                                 course in September.

 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: COLCHESTER.AC.UK/APPLY                                                          9
2021/2022 Full-time Courses and Apprenticeships - Colchester Institute
Our Campuses

 Colchester                                                     Braintree
Colchester Institute is a provider of high-                    Colchester Institute specialises in vocational
quality education, professional development                    qualifications offering programmes of study for school
and technical skills training across north                     leavers (16-18year olds), apprenticeships, degrees
Essex operating across two main campuses                       and also part-time courses for adult learners.
in Colchester and Braintree.
                                                               The following pages provide further information
The College offers a full range of courses across              specific to each of our two main campuses including
many subjects at a level that will suit different abilities,   the areas of study available at each location.
backgrounds and individual future needs. Our
Study Programmes provide fantastic progression
opportunities, whether it’s onto further learning at
university, into an apprenticeship or stepping directly
into a career.

The Colchester campus is home to our higher
education provision, University Centre Colchester,
which offers a wide range of full-time and
part-time foundation and honours degrees,
together with HNC/HNDs, higher apprenticeships
and postgraduate qualifications.

For more information on University Centre
Colchester, turn to page 78.

                                                                            This symbol shows where we offer a related
                                                                            Higher Education course

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Cambridgeshire                              Campus Locations



                                                             Colchester                 Clacton
              Abbey                         Chelmsford

                                  To London

      Getting Here
      There are a range of services available to help you
      plan your route to College including:
                                                                   Colchester Institute
                                                                   Sheepen Road, Colchester, Essex, CO3 3LL

                                                                   Our Colchester campus benefits from great
                                                                   links by road and public transport from
                                                                   surrounding towns and villages. We are just
                                                                   a short walk from the main line Colchester
                                                                   train station with regular services from
      travelinesoutheast.org.uk       nationalrail.co.uk           Ipswich, Clacton and Chelmsford, the
             (Route planner)          or enquiries number          town centre offers a number of different
                                      03457 484950 (Rail)          bus routes across the local area.

                                                                   Braintree Campus
                                                                   Church Lane, Braintree, Essex, CM7 5SN

                                                                   Located in the leafy suburb of Bocking, a short
         essexhighways.org          firstgroup.com/essex           walk from Braintree town centre. There are
           (Bus and Road)                    (Bus)                 regular local bus services that stop directly
                                                                   outside the campus as well as connecting
      There are also a number of discounted travel                 buses to Braintree town centre. The train and
      options available to students including a negotiated         bus stations offer regular services from Witham,
      rate for Colchester Institute students with First            Halstead, Bishop's Stortford, Great Dunmow,
      buses. If you would like to know more about travel           Chelmsford and Colchester.
      or discounted tickets please visit our website.

              FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: COLCHESTER.AC.UK/TRAVEL                                               11
Colchester Campus

Look out for this symbol on                      CO
our subject area pages

Colchester campus is the largest of the
Colchester Institute sites and is just a                     What areas are on offer?
short walk from the historic town centre.
Colchester Institute is constantly developing.               Access to Higher Education                 76
We continue to invest in new and existing
                                                             Art, Design, Fashion and Photography       26
buildings, facilities and technology to ensure
you receive the highest quality education and                Business and Accounting                    28
the best student experience.
                                                             Catering and Hospitality                   30
More exciting new facilities have been launched
                                                             Childcare and Early Years                  32
at our Colchester campus with an additional storey
recently built on the existing South Wing building.          Computing and IT                           34
This new floor is dedicated to training in the areas of
Health and Care, incorporating the latest technology         Construction and the Trades - all areas   36-41
and learning resources. Our students are training            Digital Media - all areas                  42
in a modern environment that mirrors the health
and care industry.                                           Engineering and Manufacturing              44

The new facilities include a skills laboratory, IT suites,   Foundation and Supported Learning          46
dental laboratory and interactive classrooms. The
                                                             Health and Social Care                     48
purpose-built facilities enable students to gain both
the practical and theoretical skills required along with     Motor Vehicle                              50
the knowledge needed for a successful career in
this rewarding area of work. See page 14 for further         Music                                      52
information on the new Centre for Health and                 Performing Arts                            54
Social Care Professions.
                                                             Public Services                            56
       Every day there is                                    Salon Studies (Hairdressing and Beauty)    58
       something new to learn,
                                                             Science                                    60
       from the simple things to
       really technical challenges.                          Sport                                      62
       Rhys Vince
       Accident Repair and Paint Refinishing student

12             Arrow-Circle-Right   COURSE ENQUIRIES: 01206 712777
Industry Facilities
Our Colchester campus continues to                   Exciting cutting-edge immersive technology in the
provide students with the services, support          Centre for Health and Social Care Professions can
and professional standard equipment that             create simulated learning environments, including
a modern education demands.                          an interactive hospital ward.
The College has recently completed several           At our Colchester campus, students have the
developments to further improve the quality          opportunity to benefit from a range of services
of our teaching spaces and create great places       at significantly discounted prices, with access to
for you to learn, work and enjoy:                    food prepared by students in our Chefs facilities
                                                     along with hairdressing and beauty services in our
• The new £5m Centre for Health and               salons. Students can also enjoy some fantastic
  Social Care Professions opened in 2020             concerts and shows.
• £10m STEM (Science, Technology,                   The campus has a lot on offer for students to
  Engineering and Maths) Centre                      take advantage of, from places to relax where
                                                     you can meet with friends such as our new
• Brand new gym facilities
                                                     sensory garden and multiple cafés, to dedicated
Our STEM Centre is fully loaded with advanced        study areas where you can get on with your work.
equipment, including a HAAS CNC machining            Quiet study areas, lecture rooms and versatile
centre, simulation rigs, commercial 3D printers,     workspaces all allow teaching and creativity to
air conditioning training rigs, auto-CAD, and        flourish. The well-equipped library helps ensure
specialist science equipment, providing students     you will always have access to the resources
with access to the tools and equipment they’ll be    you need to achieve your academic ambitions.
using in industry.

Alison Andreas,
Principal and Chief Executive

 The recent South Wing addition is another step towards achieving our ambitious campus
 development plans – all of which are aimed at supporting skills priority areas in Essex. In 2020 we
 opened our brand new and superbly-equipped Centre for Health and Social Care Professions – a
 wonderful facility to support the training and education of current and future health and social care
 professionals, complementing equivalent, recent facilities for Engineering, Manufacturing, Science,
 Construction and Digital skills.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: COLCHESTER.AC.UK/COLCHESTER                                                      13
Centre for Health and Social Care Professions

                                                                                Working in partnership with employers, including
                                                                                hospitals and care organisations, our fantastic new
                                                                                Centre for Health and Social Care Professions is
                                                                                providing a range of training and qualifications to
                                                                                meet the demand for new recruits within the health
                                                                                and care sectors.
                                                                                Courses are designed to address local skills shortages
                                                                                and are delivered by highly qualified tutors with a diverse
                                                                                range of professional healthcare experiences.
                                                                                Located on the fourth floor of our South Wing building
                                                                                the Centre for Health and Social Care Professions
                                                                                encompasses 2,000 square metres of innovative
                                                                                teaching facilities.

                                                                                The Centre incorporates interactive learning technology to
                                                                                provide skills laboratories in realistic working environments,
                                                                                as well as well-equipped classrooms to ensure you are
                                                                                prepared for higher education (university) or employment.
                                                                                Learning resources in the Centre include:
                                                                                • Dedicated skills rooms for role plays and
                                                                                  recorded assessments, a dental surgery
                                                                                  and decontamination room.
                                                                                • An interactive facility where bespoke environments
                                                                                  can be created to develop interpersonal and
                                                                                  problem-solving skills around a realistic backdrop.
                                                                                • Rooms for collaborative learning, as well as
                                                                                  meeting and conference rooms to support
                                                                                  apprenticeship assessments.
                                     *Photo courtesy of Immersive Interactive

           Suzanne McKay,
           Area Head for Access, Health and Social Care, and Science

     The Centre is a dynamic and inviting environment incorporating the very latest learning
     technology. All the classrooms are set up with lecture capture and interactive display
     screens, allowing for casting to individual tablets, laptops and phones. Students will learn
     with the latest high-tech training equipment used in the health and care sectors, ensuring
     they’ll be well-prepared for the workplace, further training and higher education.

                                   Up to 275,000                                                                    £87m
                                    more workers                                                             investment for
                                    needed in the                                                            local hospitals
                                     healthcare                                                            across Suffolk and
                                   sector by 2025                                                           North East Essex

14          Arrow-Circle-Right   COURSE ENQUIRIES: 01206 712777
Open to the Public
                                                        CI Salons: Hairdressing
                                                        and Beauty Therapy Services
                                                        Open to the public weekdays during term time,
                                                        our CI Salons at Colchester campus offer fantastic
                                                        services and treatments. Our students use the latest
                                                        techniques and highest quality products under the
                                                        guidance and supervision of experienced tutors.
                                                        Why not take advantage of our very competitive
                                                        prices and book your next appointment with us.
                                                        At CI Salons, everyone’s welcome!
                                                        Some of our services include:
                                                        • Cut and blow dry
                                                        • Highlights/lowlights
                                                        • Manicure and pedicure
                                                        • Facial treatments
                                                        • Full body massage
                                                        And many more! See what’s on offer at:
                                                        globe colchester.ac.uk/salons

                                                        Restaurants on Campus
                                                        For high-quality dining Colchester Campus has two
                                                        exceptional on-site restaurants, which are open to the
                                                        public Wednesday to Friday for lunch. The Balkerne
                                                        Restaurant also offers evening meals on Wednesdays.
                                                        Come and enjoy excellent service, with food and drink
                                                        prepared by our students at our acclaimed restaurants.
                                                        Colne Bistro
                                                        With an ever-changing menu, Colne Bistro is the ideal
                                                        choice for lunchtime. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while
                                                        you sit back and enjoy a professionally prepared meal.
                                                        Balkerne Restaurant
                                                        For a fine-dining experience at lunchtime and in the
                                                        evening, the Balkerne Restaurant endeavours to serve
                                                        dishes with seasonal produce, giving them a modern
                                                        twist by pairing British ingredients with European and
                                                        Asian flavours.
                                                        For more information and reservations visit:
                                                        globe colchester.ac.uk/restaurants

                                                        Our Salons and Restaurants are open during term time only.

   Venue Hire

   Colchester campus hosts a range of facilities
   suitable for events, presentations, workshops and
   meetings, including performance halls, seminar
   and board rooms, and sports hall. Specialist
   facilities include music practice rooms, recording
   studios, IT suites, dance studios and more.
   For more information visit:
   globe colchester.ac.uk/venue-and-facilities-hire

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: COLCHESTER.AC.UK/OPEN-TO-THE-PUBLIC                                                  15
Braintree Campus

Look out for this symbol on
our subject area pages

Braintree campus is the second of Colchester             What courses are on offer?
Institute’s facilities and situated a short
distance from Braintree town centre.                     Access to Higher Education                          76

Considering the planned economic growth for the          Beauty Therapy Level 2-3                            58
district, the new campus’ remit is to have a clear
                                                         Brickwork Level 1-3                                 36
focus on preparing learners for work through rapid
development of skills, knowledge and behaviours          Business Level 3                                    28
that are in high demand by employers. Learners'
                                                         Carpentry and Joinery Level 1-2                     40
planned progression to work is high on the agenda,
as are the expectations of learners' commitment          Children’s Play, Learning and Development Level 3   32
to their programmes.
                                                         Computer Science Level 3                            34
Underpinning this approach will be the continued and
                                                         Digital Media Creative Enterprise Level 4           42
growing engagement with local industry, employers
and stakeholders. This will also involve preparing and   Early Years Practitioner Level 2                    32
developing delivery programmes that are aligned with
                                                         Electrical Installations Level 1-3                  38
future skill requirements of the region and providing
immediate and tangible career paths for learners.        Engineering and Manufacturing Level 1               44

Students of all ages can study here and gain the         Engineering and Manufacturing – Craft Level 3       44
expert skills required for the jobs and careers so
                                                         Esports and Digital Marketing Level 3               42
valuable in the Braintree district, and beyond.
                                                         Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing            44
                                                         Technologies Level 2

      The Digital Media                                  Film and Television Production Level 3              42

      equipment is really                                Interactive Media and Games Design Level 3          42

      high-tech, VR-capable                              Multimedia Production Level 2                       42

      and so powerful.                                   Plumbing Level 1-2                                  38

      Josh Trew                                          Skills to Succeed Level 1-2                         46
      Film and Television Production student             STEPS 3 – Preparation for Work                      46

                                                         STEPS 4 – Career Transition                         46

                                                         Welding and Fabrication Level 2                     44

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Industry Facilities

The new facilities demonstrate a new                 Our state-of-the-art workshops, classrooms and
approach for the campus and how it best              high-tech equipment provide students with the skills
serves its learners, the local economy,              needed to succeed in the modern workplace.
community and employers.
                                                     The new Learning and Technology Centre which
The courses on offer at our Braintree campus         opened in January 2020 provides students with the
focus on skills priority areas for Essex. These      very best facilities to support them throughout their
include Technology, Engineering, Digital Media,      studies. Under expert guidance, students will learn
Childcare, Construction, and Business. By putting    new techniques and methods as they become more
the focus on practise and proficiency, the campus    adept in their new skills. The focus for the Centre is
ensures students are equipped with the hands-on      high-tech IT and digital media facilities with new flexible
experience they’ll need in the future.               learning spaces, workshops and computer suites.
The campus houses its own library as part of         Significant investment has been made in the latest
the student hub with a wide range of material        technologies – which include a 4K Ultra-HD multimedia
available to support students with their studies.    studio. virtual reality headsets, engineering cobot,
Our new on-site café allows students to purchase     CNC plasma cutter, and much, much more – with a
refreshments or enjoy some down-time with friends.   large proportion of equipment identical to that used by
                                                     industry professionals on a daily basis. With the new
CI Salons on the campus offer fantastic beauty       cutting-edge equipment, we will continue to provide
therapy services at very competitive prices and      skilled and highly employable candidates into local
all services are carried out by students under the   and national industries.
guidance and supervision of experienced lecturers.

Adam Ward, Assistant Principal:
Braintree Campus and STEM

     Such is the quality of the
     new facility and its offer
     we are expecting high levels
     of interest, so please apply
     early to secure your place.

 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: COLCHESTER.AC.UK/BRAINTREE                                                       17
The Learning and Technology Centre
With its advanced facilities and leading-edge
design the Learning and Technology Centre
is a fantastic new addition to our Braintree
Campus. Students value the vibrant and
welcoming environment, where they can work
with industry-standard equipment and learn
from knowledgeable tutors.
The Learning and Technology Centre complements
the existing high-tech STEM Innovation Centre, in           Learning resources in the Centre include:
developing skills needed for the modern workplace
and giving students the opportunity to access first-class   • A multimedia studio for live broadcasting,
training to prepare them for rewarding careers.               featuring industry-level cameras, auto-cue
                                                              system, green screen, remote lighting and
                                                              wireless mics.
                                                            • Computing and IT suites, including a
                                                              programming lab to create mobile apps and
                                                              games, and a hardware lab where students
                                                              can build and understand networks.

                                                            • A dedicated CAD suite with drawing and design
                                                              software for students training in engineering and
                                                            • Carpentry and joinery practical workshop facility
                                                              with new tools and machinery, offering a real
                                                              on-site working experience.
                                                            • Flexible learning spaces for business and
                                                              childcare students, and multi-purpose rooms

The Media Hub
                                                              for larger training activities.

                                                                             Tom Welham,
                                                                             Assistant Area Head for Digital Media

                                                                "The brand new facility at Braintree has a dedicated
                                                                media hub with a lovely breakout space and a high-
                                                                spec suite. The multimedia studio has 4K equipment,
                                                                an autocue system, green screen, remote controllable
                                                                lights and wireless mics - the whole lot! It’s a fantastic
                                                                experience for our students."

                                                                             Matt Tatham,
                                                                             Course Leader for Media at Braintree Campus

                                                                "We’ve got live broadcasting in the studio as well as
                                                                on location. This makes us one of the only colleges
                                                                in East Anglia that has a working studio, with
                                                                equipment which many universities haven’t got."

18            Arrow-Circle-Right   COURSE ENQUIRIES: 01206 712777
Rachel Rolfe,                                            Open to
                                                            the Public
   Mechanical Engineering
   and Manufacturing student

   "I chose Braintree Campus because it is the
   best college for Engineering. When I finish my
   course, I hope to do Motor Sport Engineering
   at university and then progress onto a career in
   that field."

                        Matt Pamment,
                        Plumbing apprentice

   “I worked in retail for years and fancied a more         CI Salons:
   hands-on job. I wanted to get into a trade so
   I decided to do an apprenticeship. I think the           Beauty Therapy Services
   facilities are really good and so is the teaching.       Our CI Salons at Braintree Campus offer great
   I would definitely recommend it to others.”              services and treatments, and are open to the public
                                                            week days during term time. Our students use the
                                                            latest techniques and professional products, under
   Leanne Chinnery,                                         the guidance and supervision of experienced tutors.
   Children’s Play, Learning                                Take advantage of our very competitive prices and
   and Development student                                  book your next appointment with us. Bring a friend
                                                            and you’ll both get 50% off your first treatment!*

   "Braintree Campus offered the course I wanted,           Some of our services include:
   it is easy to get to and I really like the facilities.
                                                            • Manicure and pedicure        • Waxing
   The course is fun and it’s preparing me for
                                                            • Facial treatments            • Make-up
   working in a children’s nursery.”
                                                            And many more! See what’s on offer at:
                                                            globe colchester.ac.uk/salons
                                                            *Offer for one-time use only
                        Sam Wilkins,
                        Electrical Installations student
                                                            Venue Hire
                                                            Facilities available for hire at Braintree Campus include
   “I wanted to do Electrical Installations because
                                                            a well-equipped conference centre, meeting rooms
   it looked interesting and it’s a career that’s
                                                            and IT suites, all hosted in brand new or recently
   well-paid. I would recommend the course as
                                                            refurbished buildings set in attractive countryside.
   you learn a variety of skills. I would like to
   become an electrician and work in a business             For more information visit:
   after I leave.”                                          globe colchester.ac.uk/open-to-the-public

   Heather Hamilton,
   Film and Television student

   “We get to work with a lot of equipment:
   cameras, foley, DSLRs and Blackmagic cinema
   cameras. We also have a roaming studio so we
   can film where ever we like.”

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: COLCHESTER.AC.UK/OPEN-TO-THE-PUBLIC                                                     19
College Life

                                                            Outside of your timetabled sessions you can
                                                            manage your time how you wish. You may
                                                            want to investigate your next work experience
                                                            opportunity, work on your coursework in a
                                                            study suite or library, or catch up with friends
                                                            over a smoothie. There are also many facilities
                                                            for you to use; Colchester campus offers the
                                                            new College gym and dedicated cafés to hang
                                                            out with your friends.

                                                            Please note: Some facilities are not available on
                                                            both campuses.
                                                            We regularly update our website and social media
                                                            pages with student news stories so you can stay
                                                            up-to-date with what our students have been
                                                            getting up to.

Students’ Union
As a Colchester Institute student, you will automatically
become a member of our Students’ Union. Your opinion
really does matter and the Union is there to provide a
voice for you, offering Course Representative positions
and feedback opportunities for you to tell us what                                                  Sports
you think.                                                      Gym              Coffee
                                                                                 Shops              Teams
The Union also arranges a number of trips and activities
for you to get involved in throughout the year to enhance
your College experience. You can look forward to our
annual Welcome Fair, theatre and theme park trips and
much more.
We encourage you to join in with a club while studying
with us; it’s a great way to meet new people and share
your interests. We’ve got many established clubs for         Theatre            Welcome
you to choose from, ranging from drama club to                                                      Library
                                                              Trips               Fair
LGBTQ+ society – or you could even start your own!
You can also get involved in the student community
through the Learner Voice scheme and charity
fundraising initiatives.
As a student, you will also have the opportunity to trial
and play for the College football teams. Matches are
on a Wednesday afternoon during the football season.

                                                                    Free Wifi           Computers

Twitter-Square cistudentu INSTAGRAM cistudentu facebook-square colchesterinstitutestudentunion

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GAP Work Experience
              Work experience will be an important          The College’s Careers Guidance team is available
              element of your Study Programme               to students across both campuses to provide
              and usually accounts for 30 hours.            information and careers advice to assist with
                                                            students’ future employment.
               We’ve teamed up with local employers
               to bring you a range of work experience      The Careers Guidance team can provide help and
               opportunities, to help you to gain           support with a wide range of areas including:
valuable skills for the workplace and prepare for an
exciting career. There are a variety of activities that     • Apprenticeships             • Higher Education
can count as work experience, including work-related        • Career choice               • Progression routes
activity, university applications and employer visits.      • Employability skills

Why is work experience part of my
Study Programme?                                                            The College’s
                                                                                           Careers Guida
                                                                            Service is accr               nce
                                                                                            edited by The
Work experience is an important step towards getting                        Quality in Care
                                                                                           ers Standard.
the job you want. At work, you’ll develop the real skills
you need for success, enabling you to explore different
career options and build up your CV, ready to land a
great first job.

Industry Placement
What is an Industry Placement?
             An Industry Placement gives you the            If you are on a Level 2 or Level 3 Study Programme
             opportunity to develop your practical and      you can be nominated to take part in an Industry
             technical skills with an external employer,    Placement. The experience will give you a direct
             in a role that is relevant to your studies.    understanding of what it’s like to work in your chosen
             Placements are a minimum of 315 hours          industry, it will enable you to build up your CV and
             (typically 45 days) and could be for one       it will help you finish your course with the skills,
             or two days a week.                            knowledge and expertise that employers want.
The placement is specific to your career pathway,           We work with over 100 employers who provide
focusing on developing the practical and technical          placements and some even choose to pay their
skills required, and should enable you to put into          students to undertake their Industry Placement!
practice what you are learning in the classroom.

                       FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: COLCHESTER.AC.UK                                                21
Careers and Destinations

Childcare and Early Years                                   Engineering
Courses available at: CO                       BR           Courses available at: CO            BR

Do you have a passion for nurturing young                   If you’re someone who is hands on, loves problem
children, supporting their early learning and               solving and is keen on immersing yourself in the
providing play activities?                                  latest technologies, then a course in Engineering
                                                            may be for you.
Early Years is one of the UK’s key areas for
growth and employment and there are ample                   With a wide variety of career opportunities
job opportunities that include Nursery Worker,              available, a qualification in Engineering can allow
Children’s Representative for travel companies              you to further progress into working across
and Early Years Educators in schools, nurseries             numerous specialised branches, including
and pre-schools.                                            aerospace, architecture, building services, civil
                                                            engineering, construction, manufacturing, rail,
Practical skills are crucial for a successful career        and telecommunications – amongst many others.
in the industry. Our Early Years courses are
designed with practical elements to ensure you              Our courses allow you to gain both the practical
have the skills, knowledge and understanding to             experience and the invaluable knowledge needed
succeed in employment or higher education.                  to excel in the ever-changing world of Engineering.
                                                            Whether you choose to study an Engineering
                                                            course at our Colchester or Braintree Campus,
                                                            both sites are fully equipped with the most
                                                            up-to-date equipment and technology, ensuring
In 2018, 4.2                                                that you’re taught to a high industry standard.
million families                                            Therefore once you have completed your course,
                                                            you will be able to progress straight onto an
used some form                                              apprenticeship, degree level study or straight
of childcare                                                into work.

Our students have gone on to                                Our students have gone on to
have successful careers as:                                 careers and further study as:

• Nursery Nurses                                            • Mechanical Engineer
• Primary School Teachers                                   • Welder/Fabricator
• Special Educational Needs Educators                       • MSc in Aviation Engineering
• Early Years Educators                                     • MSc in Electronic Engineering

22                 Arrow-Circle-Right   COURSE ENQUIRIES: 01206 712777
Motor Vehicle                                           Music / Performing Arts
Courses available at: CO                                Courses available at: CO

With an excess of 856,000 people employed               The creative industries are the fastest growing part
across the wider automotive industry and                of the UK economy where creative jobs have
accounting for more than £82 billion turnover,          increased by 28.6% since 2011*. It is estimated
the automotive sector is a vital part of the UK         that by 2030 there could be 900,000 new jobs in
economy*. During 2018, 2.9 million vehicles             the creative industries*, with music and performing
were registered for the first time in Great Britain     arts being the largest employer in this vibrant and
with 3.7 million vehicles currently on the UK roads*.   diverse sector.
There’s a wide range of career opportunities in         Take your first step towards an exciting career
this field, from working in garages and dealerships     in the music and performing arts industries; our
to using your honed skills in body shop businesses.     courses allow you to acquire the practical skills
Depending on your area of specialism you could          and knowledge for employment or progression
be servicing and maintaining engines, chassis and       to a degree. You will learn from industry experts
electrical systems or becoming highly skilled in        and have the opportunity to showcase your work
bodywork and paint refurbishment.                       in a range of venues.
Your developed skills will enable you to work           Our dedicated performance spaces, dance
on mainstream, light commercial and also                studios, rehearsal rooms and professional
high-performance vehicles.                              recording studio will enable you to experiment,
                                                        innovate and develop your creative talents.
Our workshops reflect an industry-standard
environment; our Motor Vehicle courses enable           *Creativeindustriesfoundation.com
you to gain the practical skills and knowledge
needed to progress straight into employment             In 2019 the
or further training with a higher apprenticeship
through the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).
                                                        Music Industry
                                                        £5.2 billion to
                                                        the UK economy
                                                        *Music by Numbers 2019, UK Music

Our students have gone on to                            Our students have gone on to
have successful careers as:                             have successful careers as:

• Service Technicians                                   • Actors
• Fast Fit Technicians                                  • Choreographers
• Paint Refinishers                                     • Sound Engineers
• Motor Racing Crew                                     • Musicians

              FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: COLCHESTER.AC.UK                                                23
Celebrating Success

At Colchester Institute we are proud
   of our students' achievements

 Josh Byamungu                                Rebecca Jeggo                         Charlie Teager-Neale

Motor Vehicle student Josh                   Former Professional Sports            Bronze award for former
takes on the challenge of                    Coaching student Rebecca              Furniture Making student
building a sports car                        goes for gold                         Charlie at WorldSkills UK

Josh Byamungu was one of a team              With a number of wins under her       Charlie Teager-Neale triumphed
of students who successfully built a         belt, former Colchester Institute     at the WorldSkills UK competition,
high performance sports kit car              Professional Sports Coaching          finishing in third place. Representing
completely from scratch. Josh                student Rebecca Jeggo took            Colchester Institute, Charlie was the
worked on the car outside his                home the gold medal in the 200m       only winner from Essex and was
timetabled lessons, developing               race at the South of England Indoor   awarded Bronze in the Furniture
skills in preparation for a career in        Senior Athletic Championships.        and Cabinet Making category; he
motor sport after finishing his              Other accolades include a Bronze      also qualified to represent the UK
course. The car was provided by              medal at the SPAR British Athletics   at EuroSkills and the international
MK Sportscars and mechanical,                Indoor Championships in February      ‘Skills Olympics’. Charlie is now
paint refinishing and engineering            2020 and fourth place in the          at Oxford Brookes University
students all contributed to the build.       national BUCS Athletics Indoor        studying for a Furniture Design
                                             Championships.                        and Make degree.

For our Higher Education
students studying at University
Centre Colchester, the annual
Graduation ceremonies mark
the fantastic achievement
of successfully completing
their degrees.

24             Arrow-Circle-Right   COURSE ENQUIRIES: 01206 712777
Top Tips for
                                                             Making their application
                                                             Young people are often more IT savvy than their
                                                             parents, but they will still need some help
                                                             completing their application online.
                                                             Pages 6 and 7 of this prospectus gives a step-
                                                             by-step guide to the application process,
                                                             but you should help them with:

                                                             • Using an appropriately named email address, not
                                                                their school email (they might need to set one up)

                                                             • Creating a password, and making sure it is
                                                                written down somewhere safe

                                                             • Creating a security answer, also written down
                                                                somewhere safe!
                                                             They will need to provide their predicted GCSE
                                                             grades so make sure they have these to hand and
                                                             that they fully answer all the questions on the
It is so important that your child makes an                  application, especially if they have any learning
informed choice about their next steps to college,           support needs. Be sure to click the submit button
and as parents/carers you have a key role in                 right at the bottom of the page!
helping them with this. There’s loads of important
information in this prospectus, and we encourage             After the application has been submitted
you to read it all, but here are some key pointers.          All further information will be sent by email, so
Choosing their subject                                       they must check their emails regularly. Once their
                                                             application has been checked by us they will need
Your child can only select one subject area to apply         to book an interview slot, so do this with them and
for, so they really need to explore their options. If they   write down the date and time.
are at school they should have careers advice and
our schools liaison team will talk to them in school         Once they receive their course offer they can relax
assemblies which should help.                                and focus on their studies to achieve the best
                                                             possible grades, especially in English and maths.
Try and attend one of our open events (the dates
are on the back page of this prospectus), book a             Finally, when you are booking your 2021 summer
place and bring your child to come and see what              holidays, try and avoid the last two weeks of August
we offer, talk to teaching staff, current students,          so that you are here for GCSE results and enrolment.
and look around. College is much bigger than                 Frequently Asked Questions
school and seeing this for themselves really helps.
                                                             You can find these on pages 74 and 75, but if you
Look through all the subjects in this prospectus, if         have any queries about your daughter or son’s
they see something they like then there is much more         application please contact our Admissions team.
information about the course, and what they will be
learning, on our website. You'll find the webpage            Good Luck!
reference at the bottom of each course page.

                                        Phone-Square 01206 712777 ENVELOPE-SQUARE info@colchester.ac.uk

           Arrow-Circle-Right   COURSE ENQUIRIES: 01206 712777                                                     25
My View...

                                                                      Colchester Institute has
                                                                      helped me develop many
                                                               of the skills I need in the art
                                                               industry such as research and
                                                               problem-solving skills, context
                                                               knowledge and technical skills.
                                                               My tutor always offers advice
                                                               on how to get a higher
                                                               level grade.
                                                               Art and Design Level 3
                                                               Progressed from:
                                                               St Helena School

                                    t i ve , d y namic
       ’ re    h i g h  ly crea
If you                t i vated...
          l f - m  o
and se
                                               P H OTO GRAPHY
                    ,  F  A S H I O N AND

38      Arrow-Circle-Right   For course details: colchester.ac.uk/art&design
         Course and Level                    Overview                 Campus   Duration       Entry Requirements
                                    Ideal preparation for                        One      • 1
                                                                                             A Level (A*-C) in an Art and     Degree-level
                                    Higher Education in Art and        CO        Year       Design subject                     study including
                                    Design; explore a range                               • 5 GCSEs (9-4) including          our own degrees
         Foundation                 of processes and create a                                English and Maths, or             at University
                                    specialist portfolio; develop                                                              Centre Colchester,
        Diploma in Art              problem-solving skills and
                                                                                             satisfactory results (Merit/
                                                                                                                               or employment
                                                                                             Distinction) in a relevant
         and Design                 expand your awareness of                                 Level 3 qualification
                                    art practices
                                                                                          • A
                                                                                             n interview with a portfolio
                                                                                            of work

                                    Develop drawing, digital,                    One      • 5 GCSEs (9-4) including           Degree-level
                                    craft and time-based skills,       CO         or        English and Maths plus             study including
                                    and explore character                        Two        an Art and Design subject,         our own degrees
               Animation            design, storytelling and                    Years       or satisfactory results (Merit/    at University
                   and              model making. Develop                                   Distinction) in a relevant         Centre Colchester,
               Illustration         your personal interests in 2D                           Level 2 qualification              or employment
                                    design, comic book art, stop
                                                                                          • A
                                                                                             n interview with a portfolio
                                    animation and more
                                                                                            of work

                                    Develop your art and design                  One      • 5 GCSEs (9-4) including           Degree-level
                                    skills with use of different       CO        Year       English and Maths plus             study including
                                    materials, processes and                                an Art and Design subject,         our own degrees
                   Art              technical skills, explore 2D                            or satisfactory results (Merit/    at University
                   and              and 3D media, research and                              Distinction) in a relevant         Centre Colchester,
                  Design            presentation skills, art and                            Level 2 qualification              a higher
                                    design projects                                                                            apprenticeship,
                                                                                          • A
                                                                                             n interview with a portfolio
                                                                                                                               or employment
                                                                                            of work

                                    Learn how to develop                         One      • 4
                                                                                             GCSEs (9-3) including            Progression to
                                    your art and design skills         CO        Year       English and Maths plus an          Level 3 or an
                                    and ideas, be introduced to                             Art and Design subject, or         apprenticeship
                   Art              pathways including Fashion,                             satisfactory results (Merit/
                   and              Illustration and Graphics                               Distinction) in a relevant
                  Design                                                                    Level 1 qualification
                                                                                          • A
                                                                                             n interview with a portfolio
                                                                                            of work

                                    Develop digital skills                       One      • 5
                                                                                             GCSEs (9-4) including            Degree-level
                                    through projects exploring         CO         or        English and Maths, or              study including
                                    typography, publishing,                      Two        satisfactory results (Merit/       our own degrees
                 Digital            branding and advertising                    Years       Distinction) in a relevant         at University Centre
                                                                                            Level 2 qualification              Colchester, a higher
                Graphics                                                                                                       apprenticeship, or
                                                                                          • A
                                                                                             n interview with a portfolio
                                                                                            of work                            employment

                                    Develop textile techniques,                  One      • 5
                                                                                             GCSEs (9-4) including            Degree-level
                                    2D and 3D structures,              CO         or        English and Maths plus an          study including
                                    design development,                          Two        Art and Design or Textiles         our own Fashion
                 Fashion,           pattern cutting, garment                    Years       subject, or satisfactory           and Textiles degree
               Textiles and         construction, commercial                                results (Merit/Distinction) in a   at University
                Costume             projects                                                relevant Level 2 qualification     Centre Colchester,
                                                                                          • A
                                                                                             n interview with a portfolio     or employment
                                                                                            of work

                                    Develop camera techniques                    One      • 5
                                                                                             GCSEs (9-4) including            Degree-level
                                    including portraiture,             CO         or        English and Maths plus an          study including our
                                    advertising, documentary                     Two        Art and Design subject, or         own Photography
                                    and fine-art photography,                   Years       satisfactory results (Merit/       degree at University
          Photography               research skills, live projects,                         Distinction) in a relevant         Centre Colchester,
                                    darkroom techniques,                                    Level 2 qualification              or employment
                                    moving images and location                            • A
                                                                                             n interview with a portfolio
                                    photography                                             of work

                                    Develop camera techniques,                   One      • 4 GCSEs (9-3) including           Progression to
                                    studio and location                CO        Year       English and Maths plus an          Level 3 or an
                                    photography, moving image,                              Art and Design subject, or         apprenticeship
                                    experimental photography,                               satisfactory results (Merit/
          Photography               darkroom techniques                                     Distinction) in a relevant
                                                                                            Level 1 qualification
                                                                                          • A
                                                                                             n interview with a portfolio
                                                                                            of work

Shopping-Bag    Fashion is the LARGEST employer of all the UK’s creative industries.
                Source: thecreativeindustries.co.uk
My View...

                                                                                                          My first year at Colchester
                                                                                                          Institute has been a very
                                                                                                   positive experience. The course
                                                                                                   is very varied, covering all aspects
                                                                                                   of business. The tutors are
                                                                                                   extremely knowledgeable and
                                                                                                   deliver lessons in an interesting
                                                                                                   and dynamic way.
                                                                                                   Business Level 3
                                                                                                   Progressed from:
                                                                                                   St Benedict’s Catholic College

                                                                   g i ca l t h inking
                                                    anised, l    o
                                   If yo u ’re o rg
                                                                         n  g  n ew  i deas...
                                                 e n e ra t i ng exciti
                                   and like

                                                      ACCO U N TING
                                      S I N E S S AND

                                    Career Options
                                     CAREER OPTIONS
                                    £25,000 – £100,000+
Source: National Careers Service

                                    Marketing Manager
                                    £25,000 – £55,000+

                                    Business Project
                                    £22,000 – £70,000+

                                   28       Arrow-Circle-Right   For course details: colchester.ac.uk/business
   Course and Level            Overview               Campus   Duration    Entry Requirements

                      Study Levels 2 and 3 in                    One      • 5 GCSEs (9-4)              Progression to
                      one year! Principles of          CO        Year       including English           professional training
                      bookkeeping, internal                                 and Maths                   programmes in
                      and external business                               • Satisfactory results       Accounting at Level 4,
                      environment, costings,                                 (Merit/Distinction) in     degree-level study
    Accounting        financial accounting,                                  a relevant Level 3         including a higher
     (Fast track)     management accounting                                  qualification or           apprenticeship,
                      and tax processes                                      equivalent AS/A Level      or employment
                                                                          • Pre-assessment
                                                                          • An interview

                      Principles of bookkeeping,                 One      • 4
                                                                             GCSEs (9-4)               Progression to
                      internal and external            CO        Year       including English           Accounting or
                      business environments,                                and Maths                   Business Level 3
                      costings and exploring                              • An interview                or an Accounting
                      business                                                                          apprenticeship

                      Developing a marketing                     Two      • 5
                                                                             GCSEs (9-4)               Degree-level
                      campaign, exploring              CO       Years       including English           study including our
                      business, finance and                                 and Maths or                own Business and
                      accounting, managing                                  satisfactory results        Management degree
                      an event, retailing,                                  (Merit/Distinction) in      at University Centre
     Business         management, decision             BR                   a relevant Level 2          Colchester, a higher
                      making, international                                 qualification               apprenticeship, or
                      business, pitching a new                            • An interview                employment
                      business, digital marketing

                      Marketing, business                        One      • 4
                                                                             GCSEs (9-3)               Progression to
                      communication, accounting,       CO        Year       including English           Level 3 or an
                      product promotion, retail,                            and Maths or                apprenticeship
                      business communications,                              satisfactory results
                      starting up a small business,                         (Merit/Distinction) in
     Business         market research                                       a relevant Level 1
                                                                          • An interview

                                                                                                     in this area include:

                                                                                      • Accounting / Assistant Accountant
                                                                                      • Business Administration
                                                                                      • Chartered Management Degree
                                                                                      • Commercial Procurement
                                                                                        and Supply
                                                                                      • Operations / Department Manager
                                                                                      • Professional Accountant /
                                                                                        Tax Technician
                                                                                      • Team Leader / Supervisor

                                                                                           See Pages 64-67

                                                                                          Earn While You Learn

CHECK-CIRCLE Our Career Ready Programme helps Business students to gain additional industry
             placements and mentoring to benefit their future careers.                                                     29
My View...

                                                                                                            Taking part in and winning
                                                                                                            the 2019 Inter-college
                                                                                                    Patisserie Competition was a
                                                                                                    great experience. It really put my
                                                                                                    cookery and time management
                                                                                                    skills to the test when the
                                                                                                    pressure was on.

                                                                                                    Professional Cookery Level 3
                                                                                                    Progressed from:
                                                                                                    Alec Hunter Academy

                                                                          m  e n t , c ommunic
                                                   re a t t im e manag                 u l events...
                                            a ve g                        ucc e s s  f
                                   If you h               o o k or plan s
                                              love  to c
                                   well and

                                                    O S PITAL                                      ITY
                                            A N D H

                                    Career Options
                                     CAREER OPTIONS

                                    £13,000 – £50,000+
Source: National Careers Service

                                    Restaurant Manager
                                    £18,000 – £45,000+

                                    Events Manager
                                    £17,000 – £80,000+

                                   30       Arrow-Circle-Right   For course details: colchester.ac.uk/catering
Course and Level             Overview                Campus    Duration     Entry Requirements

                    Fine dining for our two                      Three     • 4 GCSEs (9-3)              Degree-level study
                    restaurants open to the           CO         Years     • An interview               including a higher
                    general public, pâtisserie,                                                          apprenticeship,
                    experimental cookery,                                                                or employment
                    menu planning, sourcing
Professional        produce, regional work
    Chef            experience, food safety,
                    customer service, national
                    competition work and visits,
                    which include New York

                    Food preparation and                         Three     • 4 GCSEs (9-1)              Further study
                    cookery for restaurant            CO         Years     • An interview               including an
                    operations, pâtisserie,                                                              apprenticeship,
                    kitchen workshops,                                                                   or employment
                    customer service in our
Professional        restaurants, local work
  Cookery           experience, food safety,
                    national competition work
                    and visits, which include
                    New York

                    Team leadership, event                        One      • 5
                                                                              GCSEs (9-4)               Further study
                    planning, allocating              CO          Year       including English           including an
                    resources, sales, finance,                               and Maths, or               apprenticeship,
 Hospitality        customer service, extensive                              satisfactory results        or employment
Management          employer engagement                                      (Merit/Distinction) in
    and             programme on and off                                     a relevant Level 2
                    site, opportunities for                                  qualification
Supervision         work experience, national
 (Food Service                                                             • An interview
                    competition work and visits,
  and Events)       which include New York

                    Customer service, reception                   One      • 4
                                                                              GCSEs (9-3)               Progression to
                    skills, restaurant operations,    CO          Year       including English           Level 3 or an
                    handling payments and                                    and Maths, or               apprenticeship
                    billing, communicating with                              satisfactory results
 Hospitality        customers, maintaining a                                 (Merit/Distinction) in
  (Restaurant,      safe and secure working                                  a relevant Level 1
 Reception and      environment, national                                    qualification
   Customer         competition work and visits,                           • An interview
    Service)        which include New York

                                                                                                      in this area include:

                                                                                        • Customer Service Practitioner
                                                                                        • Commis Chef
                                                                                        • Hospitality Supervisor
                                                                                        • Hospitality Team Member

                                                                                            See Pages 64-67

                                                                                           Earn While You Learn

  “With hard work, belief and dedication you can learn to do anything.”
   Former student Jamie Houghton, 2019 Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Sugar Skill World Champion
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