SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School

SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School
                                      Prospectus 2019

Monkton Senior School
Monkton Combe
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SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School
       04 Welcome from the Principal
        06 Succeed beyond Monkton
           07 Support networks
        08 Meet some Monkton Sixth
         Formers, past and present
         10 Developing wider skills
       16 The Sixth Form Curriculum
        46 Important dates, contacts
            and making choices

2 Prospectus                           Monkton Sixth Form 3
SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School
Welcome from the Principal
    Welcome to this introduction to the Sixth Form at Monkton Senior School.

    Entering the Sixth Form is an important and exciting
    stepping stone to university life. The Monkton Sixth
    Form will offer you greater freedoms and, in doing
    so, encourage you to develop independent thinking,
    balance and judgement. In A Level study you will have
    an opportunity to specialise in areas of particular interest
    and further your depth of understanding, meaning that
    we expect hard work in all areas as they are all of your
    own choosing.
        I hope that you will find this booklet helpful in guiding
    you on the choices that you will make. These are difficult
    choices and I hope you will also take advantage of
    the advice available here, speak to your teachers and
    experience directly through taster sessions what some of
    these subjects feel like at A Level to make sure that the
    choices suit you and your ambitions.
        As you work out how to prioritise for yourself, you
    will find that you spend much more time working with
    your Tutor, monitoring your progress, setting targets,
    and applying to Higher Education. In addition, the Sixth
    Form student works even more collaboratively with their
    teachers, sharing and comparing opinions, engaging in
    debate and leading the discussion. Some pupils also take
    the lead at ‘Voluntaries’, helping younger students with
    their work in chosen subjects, and sharing both their
    enthusiasm and their knowledge.                                 “I hope you will also take advantage
        Over a quarter of Monkton’s Sixth Form are new to the
    School, and there is a particular focus on helping these        of the advice available here, speak
    students to make the most of the opportunities which
    the Sixth Form affords because the time passes quickly.         to your teachers and experience
    Judging from the number of senior prefects who have
    joined the School at this stage, our new students find it
                                                                    directly through taster experiences
    easy to make an impact.                                         what some of these subjects feel
        I would encourage all potential Sixth Formers to give
    some thought to all they want to achieve - intellectually,      like at A Level to make sure that
    athletically, aesthetically - to take advantage of this
    exciting period of your education; at this stage you
                                                                    the choices suit you and your
    decide what you do and you will shape, make or break            ambitions.”
    your own Sixth Form experience! Be ambitious, dare to
    fail and discover success.

      Chris Wheeler

4 Prospectus
SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School
Support networks
                                                                                                                             Developing independence, resourcefulness and resilience
                                                                                                                             to enable our pupils to thrive in the real world.

                                                                                                                             We don’t want our Sixth Formers to leave Monkton like         answers. The amount of freedom each student has
                                                                                                                             cheese plants. In their natural habit, these plants look      around their study periods will be carefully expanded as
                                                                                                                             healthy and vigorous, but they are climbers whose trunk       they progress through the Sixth Form. Subject drop-in
                                                                                                                             has no inherent strength. Take away the tree when they        sessions encourage an attitude of seeking help rather
                                                                                                                             grow up, and they fall flat on their faces.                   than passively waiting for help to arrive.
                                                                                                                                All too often Sixth Formers look like they are confident      In addition, we run a comprehensive Year 12 Induction
                                                                                                                             and flourishing at school, but the support structures at      Programme which covers all the aspects of what will
                                                                                                                             schools hide a worrying truth - that they have very little    make their Sixth Form years successful at Monkton.
                                                                                                                             strength in their own ‘trunk’.                                When they start to think about life after Monkton, we
                                                                                                                                We want to balance the support we give with a              offer advice and support about the options available,
                                                                                                                             developing independent resourcefulness in our students.       including sessions on CV writing and interview technique.
                                                                                                                             Rather than avoid failure at all costs, we seek to help          The care we take of our students is well known, and it
                                                                                                                             them to learn from their mistakes within the context of a     always features strongly in the feedback we receive from
                                                                                                                             supportive environment, and so help them develop their        our leavers. But what sets Monkton Sixth Formers apart
                                                                                                                             own resilience.                                               at university and beyond is their resourcefulness and
                                                                                                                                Their Tutor, with whom they will meet regularly one        deep understanding of interdependence rather than just
                                                                                                                             to one, will ask more questions than they will offer          independence.

    Succeed Beyond Monkton
    Academic rigour at the heart
    of a broad Sixth Form experience                                The Headlines
                                                                    n 21% A* at A Level, Summer 2018
                                                                    n 51% A* & A at A Level, Summer 2018
    Monkton is well known for its diverse co-curriculum,            n 81% A*- B at A Level Summer 2018
    its sector-leading pastoral care and its distinctive
    Christian ethos. At the heart of this for the Sixth Former      n Top university destinations in 2018: Birmingham,
    at Monkton is a commitment to a rigorous and wide-                Cardiff, Durham, Exeter, Lancaster and Oxford
    ranging academic programme which aims to equip our                Brookes
    young adults not only with the qualifications needed for        n 8% of pupils secured places at Central St Martins,
    a successful transition to life beyond Monkton, but, vitally,     Bournemouth and Loughborough Art Colleges, in
    the skills needed to succeed well beyond that.                    2018
        So we celebrate ambition and achievement alongside          n 8% of students secured places to study Music
    an attitude which embraces the lessons which can be               based courses at universities including Bristol,
    learnt from making mistakes. Expecting much from all              Cardiff, Royal Holloway, Solent and Surrey
    our Sixth Formers within the context of supportive and          n An average of 8% of pupils each year go to
    specific feedback is, time and again, a major reason for          Oxbridge or Veterinary/Medicine courses with
    the success and progress of so many of our students.
        Our students achieved 51% A*’s and A’s in the
                                                                      about 50% going to Russell Group universities, but         “The care we take of our
                                                                      we’re just as excited about April running her own
    A Level exams in 2018. Across the board our students              business, Ben building jet engines with Rolls Royce        students is well known, and
    demonstrate the sort of qualities that universities are
    looking for: a very large proportion were accepted to
                                                                      or Louie’s tennis scholarship to the USA
                                                                    n Leadership Award to celebrate the development
                                                                                                                                 it always features strongly
    their first choice university following the publication of
    A Level results last summer.                                      of soft skills                                             in the feedback we receive
                                                                    n Extensive Year 12 induction programme
                                                                                                                                 from our leavers.”
                                                                    n One-to-one tutoring
    “We celebrate ambition and                                      n Outstanding pastoral care
    achievement alongside an attitude                               n Growth Mindset embedded across the school

    which embraces the lessons which                                n Diverse range of musical ensembles
                                                                    n Strong links with Team Bath Sports Development
    can be learnt from making mistakes.”

6 Prospectus                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Monkton Sixth Form 7
SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School
Meet some Monkton Sixth
    Formers, past and present
                                                                                                                                Jess                                                           Joe
                                                                                                                                Current Year 13                                                Current Year 13
                                                                                                                                                I have been at Monkton for many years                             Monkton is a remarkable school that I
                                                                                                                                                now, but I have still found that sixth form                    am proud to say I have been a part of. It
                                                                                                                                                life has more to offer. What I love most                       has, and will continue to, provide students
                                                                                                                                                about Monkton is the community aspect                          from all walks of life with the strong

    Lissy                                                         Fadi
                                                                                                                                of our school lives. No matter what year group, boarding       foundations of family, care and friendship, allowing them
                                                                                                                                house or lessons you are in, everyone integrates together      to choose their own individual path on which to progress
                                                                                                                                which creates a really nice atmosphere.                        and flourish.
    Class of 2014                                                 Class of 2016                                                     Obviously a major difference of these two years are           I decided to apply for sixth form as I recognised
                                                                                                                                the subjects you choose to study. I am taking English          that I wanted a change from my previous school but
                    After 6 years of boarding at Monkton,                         My time at Monkton was one that I will        Literature, Spanish, History and have just completed an        also believed that smaller classes would equip me with
                    school felt like home by the time I started                   cherish for the rest of my life, especially   EPQ. While the workload was a step up from year 11, I          correct environment to tackle the daunting task of
                    Sixth Form. Although I knew early on                          the two Sixth Form years. I arrived at        have loved the more intimate nature of these classes           A Levels. I had attended a taster weekend, something
                    that my aim was to secure a place at the                      Monkton from Egypt as a 14 year old who,      where I’ve really developed a love for my subjects and         which I highly recommend, and was impressed with the
    University of Exeter to study English, my Sixth Form          unsurprisingly, was overwhelmed and frankly scared            am now hoping to study both English Literature and             level of attention teachers gave to each individual, even
    years were so much more than working towards my               by the idea of being in a boarding school away from           Spanish at university.                                         sacrificing breaks to help a confused student. In addition
    A Levels. Thanks to the extra-curricular activities at        home. However, the amount of support and care I was               Sixth form is the time where friendships are formed        to this, the academic help sessions and immensity of
    Monkton, some of the most fun I have ever had was             shown at Monkton from my teachers and houseparents            for life, and being a boarding school everyone, whether        both academic and extracurricular activities led me to
    during my final two years at school. I was fortunate to be    squashed those feelings almost instantly. I had always        day or boarding, naturally spends a lot of time together       decide that Monkton was the perfect school for my
    in the productions of ‘Pirates of Penzance’ and ‘As You       been interested in science and the body so choosing           and therefore I have been able to make some great              schooling needs and so I arrived, apprehensive of what
    Like It’,                                                     my subjects (which were Chemistry, Biology, Maths and         friends. Due to the range of activities going on you           may lay ahead, in September.
       I sang in two choirs, and had the chance to serve on       Arabic) was fairly straightforward with the aid of my         can get to know a large range of people from different             From my first week, I realised that I had not only
    the charity committee. These experiences gave me so           incredibly helpful teachers and their advice. Two years       groups, whether it’s people from your classes, boarding        chosen a school adapted to my academic needs, but
    many skills that I wouldn’t have gained solely through        on, I’m using every single one of those subjects as I am      house or sports team which adds to the community feel          also my social and co-curricular ones too. I found myself
    academic work, and the fun we had at various rehearsals       studying Pharmacy at Monash University in Australia           of the school.                                                 a member of Rhetoric, a society for students preparing
    and meetings cemented friendships for life. I also            and doing translation work on the side for newly arriving         Monkton is a school that looks beyond the academics        for Oxbridge interviews, Clark Society, an exciting
    genuinely loved the lessons in Sixth Form. Not only did I     refugees from the middle east.                                and since being in Sixth Form I have found myself              debating club, and Chemistry Society. Furthermore, I
    receive high quality teaching in subjects I loved (English       In my opinion, Sixth From encompasses so much              taking part in many extra curricular activities such as        was spending time with friends after prep in the evening
    Literature, Geography and French), but I couldn’t have        more than just the academic side (although that is very       Clark Society, which is an opportunity to debate a wide        and recently playing football and croquet until 9:30pm,
    asked for teachers who were more sincerely invested in        important): for me it was a time to grow and mature as        variety of topics from eugenics to the gender pay gap.         an experience I had never had before being an only child
    my welfare and success. The most important aspect of          a musician, sportsman, actor and a Christian. I was able      I have also enjoyed the pupil-run MUN and Gold DofE            brought up in a farming environment.
    Sixth Form for me was the deepening of my Christian           to participate in many extra-curricular activities such as    throughout the year, and more recently I took part in the          Boarding was a large concern of mine prior to
    faith. CU, Bible studies, and support in my boarding          singing in the chapel choir, playing rugby, developing my     first ever book club where we discussed “Americanah”.          Monkton as I believed that it would take away my
    house and from friends were crucial to me leaving School      musical abilities, holding a position of leadership in the    All of these things have pushed me out of my comfort           freedom, but in fact the opposite has been true. It has
    with a secure faith in Christ.                                school and much more. This has definitely shaped my           zone and developed my confidence, giving me a wide             given a structured format to my daily life which allows
       My Sixth Form years at Monkton were a well-rounded         personality and contributed to who I am today. I would        range of skills I will carry into the future.                  me to complete my studies and work during prep
    experience of work, play, friendships and faith, and I am     strongly encourage students who are going into the sixth          I am very grateful for all the opportunities Monkton       and provide vital time to socialise afterwards. The ‘in-
    incredibly grateful for the opportunities I experienced       form to explore what Monkton has to offer and to be           has to offer but what makes it stand out from other            houses’ [evening socials in Houseparents’ homes] that
    and enjoyed over the two years. I am now starting the         part of it.                                                   schools is that these activities are not only there, but you   happen every Tuesday have given me the opportunity
    Teach First Leadership Development Programme as a                I am still pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor          are actively encouraged to push yourself and take part in      to integrate into the house and now are a fantastic way
    secondary school English teacher.                             and studying medicine is my plan after pharmacy, and          things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Personally, I took     of catching up with other year groups while creating
                                                                  I hope to serve God even more through that. Finally, I        part in our senior production “Anything Goes” where I          stronger friendships.
                                                                  consider myself very lucky to have attended a school          had to dance, sing and act… all of which are things that          Monkton has been an experience I wouldn’t give up
                                                                  such as Monkton and my Sixth Form years were                  are way out of my comfort zone!                                for the world and I am excited to continue my time here
                                                                  definitely the highlight of my time there.                                                                                   and see what lies around the corner.

    “Sixth From encompasses so much more than just the academic side:                                                           “All of these things have pushed me out of my comfort zone and
    for me it was a time to grow and mature as a musician, sportsman, actor                                                     developed my confidence, giving me a wide range of skills I will
    and a Christian.”                                                                                                           carry into the future. ”

8 Prospectus                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Monkton Sixth Form 9
SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School
      Monktonians play sport and the opportunities to get
      involved are regular and widespread in the Sixth Form.
      During the three games sessions a week you may choose to
      be part of the competitive programme, participating in the
      School’s traditional sports such as cricket, hockey, netball,
      rugby, tennis or rowing. Previous experience is great, but
      our qualified coaches are there to aid in your development
      and enjoyment as you compete against our local, regional
      and national competitors in one of our 50+ sports teams.
         Games also offers the provision to be coached and
      develop your skills in numerous other activities such as
      swimming, badminton, golf and squash as well as personal
      challenge activities such as running and fitness training.
      No matter what your interest, Monkton will provide the
      opportunity to develop your physical confidence and
         Elite performers also fill our ranks and gain representative
      honours across the full range of our sports, taking
      advantage of our partnership with Bath University and their
      Sports Training Village, with its world renowned facilities
      and coaches as well as our tailored scholars’ training plan.

                                                                        Gold Duke of
                                                                        Edinburgh Award
                                                                        Monkton Sixth Form students can choose to participate in
                                                                        the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. This involves developing
                                                                        a personal programme of challenging and rewarding
                                                                        activities, providing unique opportunities to celebrate
                                                                        achievements and develop key life skills and attitudes. The
                                                                        personal attributes developed through the Gold Award are
                                                                        extremely well recognised by employers and universities and
                                                                        provide a point of interest for UCAS applications, CVs and
                                                                        personal statements. The expeditions are a real highlight
                                                                        of the Gold Award, with teamwork, navigation, campcraft
                                                                        and decision making being put to the test in Dartmoor and
                                                                        Snowdonia each year. All Gold participants will receive expert
                                                                        training in expedition skills, so they are ready to complete an
                                                                        independent journey through the mountains of Snowdonia at
                                                                        the end of Year 12.
                                                                           The Gold Award is a demanding and challenging
                                                                        undertaking, but it is achievable by all who are prepared
                                                                        to stretch themselves in a variety of ways. You might get
                                                                        blisters, you might get lost, your tent poles might break,
                                                                        you might even get emotional when you complete your
                                                                        final volunteering session or when receiving your certificate
                                                                        from the Duke of Edinburgh himself, but you will certainly
                                                                        discover huge amounts of reward, satisfaction and self-belief.
                                                                        Ultimately, it is designed to celebrate your achievements, of
                                                                        which you will have many, as a Sixth Former at Monkton.

10 Prospectus                                                                                                     Monkton Sixth Form 11
SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School
Music and Drama
                Music at Monkton is for everyone and even the student
                who says that they’re “not a musician” has numerous
                opportunities to get involved! We say we are ‘enabling every
                pupil to find their own voice.’ Ensembles available to Sixth
                Formers include Chapel Choir, Girls’ Choir, Chamber Choir,
                Choir Who Can’t Sing (boys), Concert Band, Orchestra, Flute
                Group, Sax Quartet, Ukulele Club, Jazz, Brass Group and
                Chamber Music. We have amazing studio facilities; pupils can
                get involved with Recording Club, or can just come down to
                the Music Centre for a “jam session” with their band. Every
                pupil performs in the House Music Festival at the beginning
                of each Michaelmas Term and we have informal concerts
                throughout the year which pupils of all levels of experience
                are welcome to play in. The Chapel Choir sings in Bath Abbey
                for the Carol Service each December and, every other year,
                the Senior School production is a musical. Each term we
                take groups to hear live concerts in Bath and Bristol, and we
                regularly welcome musicians from outside to come and give
                masterclasses and recitals.
                   Theatre, in all its forms, is a way to explore: explore
                character and narrative, explore issues and events, explore
                technology and design. All are welcome to become part of
                our Drama department in whatever capacity suits you. We
                have teacher-directed performances, student-led events,
                visiting specialists, technical excellence, links with music,
                LAMDA lessons… Whether you are looking for an opportunity
                to just perform a monologue, be part of a production with a
                cast of over 30, or run the lights on a glitzy musical, we will
                have something to offer you. With each production, we hope
                to introduce you to new skills, guiding your learning as part
                of a team that runs with professionalism.

12 Prospectus                                            Monkton Sixth Form 13
SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School

                                                                                                                                  Societies and Lectures
                                                                                                                                  There are a wide variety of societies available for pupils   to Ann Widdecombe’s masterful lecture on the nature
                                                                                                                                  to join and lead in the Sixth Form at Monkton. These         of perseverance, speakers have talked about a variety
                                                                                                                                  include the Marshall Society for budding geographers,        of fascinating issues. The School has had visits from
                                                                                                                                  Model United Nations for those who love debating,            various Olympians such as Anna Watkins, Lizzy Yarnold
                                                                                                                                  Semmelweis for future medics and the Clark Society           and Sharron Davies, and the brilliant journalist George
                                                                                                                                  for academics. If you have a particular interest and the     Alagiah lectured on the subject of multi-culturalism,
                                                                                                                                  society doesn’t exist then, with the support of a teacher,   while Jonathan Porrit (Founder of the Green Party) gave
                                                                                                                                  you can set one up!                                          a very thought-provoking, urgent talk on climate change.
                                                                                                                                     The Monkton Lecture Series is devised to enlighten,       Although the talks are open to the entire School, each
                                                                                                                                  inspire and challenge the minds of the Sixth Form,           speaker aims the lecture at this specific age group, and
                                                                                                                                  and over recent years the School has been blessed by         many pupils have described these lectures as being
                                                                                                                                  exciting visits from a variety of some truly outstanding     ‘genuinely life-changing’. The lectures are a highlight of a
                                                                                                                                  speakers. From Simon Weston’s (Falkland Hero) moving         Monktonian’s Sixth Form experience.
                                                                                                                                  and powerful talk about the nature of facing hardship,

                                                                                                                                    Christianity at Monkton
                                                                                                                                     Monkton has a strong Christian ethos that plays through many areas of school
                                                                                                                                     life. The School meets centrally for a short chapel service and ‘Thought for
                                                                                                                                     the Day’ on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Fridays each House has their own
                                                                                                                                     ‘House Prayers.’ The School comes together for a longer chapel service on
                                                                                                                                     Saturdays after lessons, and before lunch and afternoon sports begin. Visiting
                                                                                                                                     speakers, a range of topics and multimedia are all used.
                                                                                                                                         In addition to this, there are optional Bible Study groups on Monday
                                                                                                                                     evenings that are run by various members of staff in their houses which are well
                                                                                                                                     attended. The mid-week focus is the Christian Union that meets on Wednesdays
                                                                                                                                     and is attended by 80 or so pupils. The Christian Union is organised and run
                                                                                                                                     by a committee made up of Year 13s with the support of the chaplaincy, and a

    A wealth of opportunities                                                                                                        number of Sixth Formers also lead various year group or house prayer groups.
                                                                                                                                         During their time here pupils have the opportunity to engage with the
                                                                                                                                     Christian faith, ask questions and see how the Christian framework for life can
    On Wednesday afternoons, Year 12 have a broad menu of           into our local community and help. We help in all sorts          play out practically and help them prepare for life beyond Monkton.
    options available to them, including a Sports Leadership        of ways - some more fun than others, but all useful
    Award, Work Experience, Horseriding, Catering - Skills          nonetheless! Some of us go into Bath to volunteer at
    for Life, Dance, Model United Nations, Football, Drama          charity shops and in the head office of Julian House,
    and Fencing. In addition, they can be involved in the           others of us talk to elderly residents of a local care home
    Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Community Service or the            and help organise fun bingo for them, and others lend
    Environment Group.                                              a hand at the younger end of the age spectrum in local
        The CCF at Monkton is one of the largest in the             schools. The placement you’re given is yours for the
    South West, made up of Army, Navy, RAF, Signals and             whole year, and we really enjoy the time we spend in our
    REME sections. Participants in the Sixth Form, with             local community helping out. Recent highlights have
    prior experience, form the body of NCOs core to the             included making a Skype call to a lady who we visit every
    CCF. These individuals practise leadership skills on a          Wednesday on the occasion of her 92nd birthday - she
    weekly basis, leading sections and delivering activities        had Skype calls from friends and family from all over the
    to the younger cadets. The aim is to develop teamwork           UK and abroad, and said it was her best birthday ever!
    and leadership skills within the discipline of a military       Moments like this make us proud to be offering ourselves
    framework, culminating in a week long summer camp.              in service to others.”
    Cadets in the CCF have participated in the following               The Environment Group undertakes practical
    activities in recent years: skiing, flying, gliding, a voyage   conservation tasks, about half of which take place in
    on HMS Bulwark, hovercraft trip with the Marines, sailing,      the School grounds. These have included a 6-week
    powerboating, climbing, kayaking, overnight exercises,          beekeeping course, planting hedges and bulbs, drawing
    a cross-channel sail, “mess” dinner, helicopter flights,        up a nature trail for trees and looking after the bee and
    exercises on Salisbury Plain, live firing and obstacle          butterfly garden. Outside School we have worked on the
    courses. Several cadets have also won Sixth Form Army           Bath Skyline clearing scrub and maintaining pathways
    scholarships whilst at Monkton to help fund themselves          with the National Trust; chopped down birch trees;
    through university.                                             cleared areas for moths in the Somerset Levels, and
        A member of Year 12 writes: “Community Service              mended dry stone walls in the Monkton churchyard.
    is special because it allows us to actually go out there

14 Prospectus                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Monkton Sixth Form 15
SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School
                                                                                                                               “If I could say it in words there would be no
                                                                                                                                                                                   Exam Board: AQA
                                                                                                                               reason to paint.” Edward Hopper
                                                                                                                               		                                                  What do I need before starting this
                                                                                                                               The art department is a lively, popular and         course?
                                                                                                                                                                                   Art is offered to candidates who
                                                                                                                               creative hub within Monkton. The study of art       demonstrate ability and interest in the
                                                                                                                               is a journey of exploration and our aim is to       subject, a grade 5 or above at GCSE, or a
                                                                                                                               undertake projects that stretch the appreciation    competent portfolio of work.

   The Sixth Form
                                                                                                                               and understanding of the aesthetic, technical and   What will I learn?
                                                                                                                               conceptual aspects of art. Students undertake a     Students all work on individual projects,
                                                                                                                               program that covers many diagnostic processes       ‘creating visual meaning through Art by
                                                                                                                                                                                   an expressive response to a personal
                                                                                                                               as they write and develop their own projects and

                                                                                                                                                                                   context or social issue’. They will explore
                                                                                                                               interests in the subject. The department is based   techniques as diverse as drawing, painting,
                                                                                                                                                                                   printmaking, textiles, sculpture, and mixed
                                                                                                                               around a studio system rather than classrooms,
                                                                                                                                                                                   media and photography. Sketchbooks
                                                                                                                               where each student can use any area of the          form an integral part of the development
                                                                                                                               building to suit their needs.                       of the work and life-drawing classes are
                                                                                                                                                                                   also part of the course.

    The standard curriculum is three A Levels, an Extended         lesson the specification of which will depend on the        Our recently extended and refurbished faculty       How is the course assessed?
    Project Qualification (EPQ) and a course of wider              subjects they are following. At Monkton we are keen to      is a spacious, purpose-built art facility which     Work is assessed internally throughout
    academic enrichment. A few students will choose 4 A            develop a balanced view of technology and so look to                                                            the year, with weekly or twice weekly
    Levels, but we recommend that an EPQ often offers              continue to discuss with students about how to use all      includes gallery space, textiles, 3D room,          assignments. Final work is marked
    greater breadth than a fourth A Level. Almost all A Levels     our digital resources appropriately.                        photography dark room, IT facilities for digital    internally, then moderated by an external
    (apart from Geography) are fully linear – that is, all the        In order to progress to Year 13, satisfactory progress   photography with the full Adobe Creative Suite,     examiner in June of Year 13. There will be a
    exam-based assessments are done at the end of Year             must be made in each of the three subjects. In                                                                  termly charge for extra materials with this
    13. This means that, for these linear subject, there is no     practice, this means that, over the course of the year’s    animation, a printmaking workshop, library and      course.
    external assessment (the so-called ‘AS’) at the end of         assessments, a student will be performing at D grade or     dedicated studios for Junior, GCSE and Sixth
    Year 12, and students will be on a two-year trajectory to      better.                                                                                                         What degree courses and careers will this
                                                                                                                               Form teaching. In the Sixth Form each student
    the exams at the end of Year 13. There will, however, be          For current Monkton pupils, entry to Year 12 is not                                                          course be useful for?
    internal assessments throughout Year 12 including at the       automatic and is normally dependent upon having             gets their own space in which to work, adding       Students go on to the top courses in the
    end of the year, to check on appropriate progress and          achieved an average grade of 6.0 in all the GCSE            to a sense of ownership and helping their work      country – Central St Martins, Kingston,
    give feedback.                                                 subjects that have been taken. If the average grade is                                                          Goldsmiths, CCW, AA, LCF, Falmouth,
       The course of wider academic enrichment that every          just below this, it may be possible to agree a reduced
                                                                                                                               develop in exciting ways.                           Bournemouth and Plymouth. Local art
    student in Year 12 follows includes effective study habits,    programme.                                                                                                      colleges are also well attended. Most
    ‘after Monkton’ advice (university and careers), soft skills      For those applying to join Monkton for the Sixth                                                             students will attend Foundation courses,
    development, interview techniques, building constructive       Form, we use a similar baseline, and base our decisions                                                         although some prefer to apply straight to
    relationships, sexual health, time management, coping          on a reference from the current school, school reports                                                          degree level, in fine art, graphics, interior
    with workload and stress, healthy eating and exercise,         and GCSE (or equivalent) mock results. Some subjects                                                            design and fashion.
    current affairs, gambling addiction, alcohol and drug          require at least a specific GCSE grade in that subject
    awareness. Its aim is to complement the subject-based          (see the information that follows), and applicants may
    curriculum by helping students set their expertise in          be asked to sit a subject-specific paper as part of the
    subject disciplines within the wider context of important      application.
    interdisciplinary skills.                                         We also award a number of Sixth Form scholarships to
       In the Sixth Form we want to make the best use of           those who show potential to be leaders in their chosen
    technology to enhance learning wherever possible. As           disciplines; details of these can be found on the Monkton
    such all students are required to bring a laptop to every      Website.

16 Prospectus                                                                                                                                                                                                Monkton Sixth Form 17
SIXTH FORM Prospectus 2019 - Monkton Combe School

   Biology                                                                                               Business
    Students who study Biology A Level often                                                             Business looks at what companies are and
    choose a biologically related degree course,         Exam Board: AQA                                 what they do. It focuses on the core functions          Exam Board: AQA

    including the medical sciences or areas such as      What do I need before starting this             of Marketing, Human Resources, Operations               What do I need before starting this
    genetics, zoology, botany and ecology. Others        course?                                         Management and Finance but also broadens out            course?
                                                         The minimum entry requirements are                                                                      A Minimum of Level 5 in GCSE Maths. No
    go on to careers in law, computing or teaching.      a 7 grade (or high 6) in Biology GCSE
                                                                                                         to other factors affecting their success or failure.    prior knowledge of this subject is required
    Whatever your aspirations, you will find Biology     or grades 7-7 in Dual Award Science.            It looks at ‘tools’ to assist with strategic decision   before studying it at this level. A GCSE in
    a very stimulating and challenging subject which     It’s important that you are confident in        making and it analyses how firms can be best            this subject is helpful but not essential. We
                                                         Chemistry and Maths; 6 grades in both                                                                   do, however, hope that students have an
    will develop many of the skills necessary for your   these subjects at GCSE are required.
                                                                                                         managed to meet these goals.                            interest in current affairs.
                                                         What will I learn?                                                                                      What will I learn?
                                                         Biology has four core themes that are                                                                   At A Level you will look at what businesses
                                                         all interlinked: How Structure relates to                                                               are and what they do. It focuses on
                                                         Function, Evolution, Cell Theory and How                                                                the core functions of firms which are:
                                                         Organisms obtain Energy. As a subject                                                                   Marketing, Human Resources, Operations
                                                         you will, therefore, study it from molecular                                                            Management and Finance. It also considers
                                                         level and how cells function, right up                                                                  how strategic objectives are set and how
                                                         to the level of the Biosphere (the zone                                                                 decisions are made, and how to pursue
                                                         on earth where life can exist). You’ll be                                                               these objectives. During Year 12 we visit
                                                         challenged intellectually and learn about                                                               the Mini car factory in Oxford. The cost of
                                                         the internal regulation of the human body,                                                              this visit is around £17.
                                                         the importance of photosynthesis to all life
                                                         and how our species is manipulating the                                                                 How is the course assessed?
                                                         rest of Life on Earth both beneficially and                                                             At A Level, there are three 2-hour papers
                                                         detrimentally.                                                                                          which are varied and accessible. Business
                                                                                                                                                                 Paper 1 includes a short multiple choice
                                                         How is the course assessed?                                                                             section along with shorter answer
                                                         Practical competency is assessed through                                                                questions and a choice of two essay style
                                                         the whole course and there are three two                                                                questions. Business Paper 2 is a series
                                                         hour exam papers at the end of Year 13. In                                                              of data-response questions, whereas
                                                         Year 13 you will undertake a Field Trip to                                                              Business Paper 3 consists of around 6
                                                         Pembrokeshire over the first weekend of                                                                 questions based around a case study.
                                                         the Michaelmas Term half term. While this                                                               Examination technique will be vital for
                                                         is not absolutely compulsory, it is strongly                                                            pupils to perform well.
                                                         recommended students attend. They gain
                                                         a flavour of university style education                                                                 What degree courses and careers will this
                                                         and cover most of the ecosystems and                                                                    course be useful for?
                                                         statistics as outlined on the syllabus. There                                                           Business related subjects: Management,
                                                         is a cost to this trip but it is generously                                                             Finance, Law, Marketing, Human
                                                         subsidised by the School. We also take our                                                              Resources, Operations Management etc.
                                                         Sixth Form Biologists to Studland Nature
                                                         Reserve in Dorset, The Edward Jenner
                                                         Museum in Gloucestershire, and to ‘We The
                                                         Curious’ in Bristol so they can analyse (in
                                                         part!) their own genome.

                                                         What degree courses and careers will this
                                                         course be useful for?
                                                         Courses that usually require A Level
                                                         Biology include Agriculture, Biochemistry,
                                                         Dentistry, Life Sciences, Medicine,
                                                         Physiotherapy, Veterinary Science, and
                                                         those which strongly recommend
                                                         A Level Biology (or at least 2 Sciences)
                                                         include Environmental Science, Geology,
                                                         Pharmacology and Physiology.

18 Prospectus                                                                                                                                                                              Monkton Sixth Form 19

   Chemistry                                                                                           Classical Civilisation
   Chemistry touches almost every aspect of                                                            Classical Civilisation focuses on the civilisations of
   human life, from such basics as food, fuel and      Exam Board: OCR                                 Greece and Rome, and is a wide ranging subject           Exam Board: OCR

   clothing, through building materials, metallurgy    What do I need before starting this             involving the study of literature, material culture,     What do I need before starting this
   and colour, to medicines, forensic science and      course?                                         ancient thought and ideas, and the ancient               course?There are no qualifications
                                                       It is expected that you will have achieved                                                               required, merely an interest in the Classical
   the sequencing of the human genome. In the          a minimum of grade 7 in GCSE/IGCSE
                                                                                                       historical context. You don’t need to know any           world.
   broadest sense it is the study of the composition   Chemistry or grades 7-7 in Science              languages; all the texts are in translation; all you
   of substances and the changes that they             Double Award Science with an acceptable         need is an interest in the ancient world and its         How is the course structured?
                                                       performance in the Chemistry paper,                                                                      There will be two topics for each of Year
   undergo, and is rooted in our inquisitiveness       although 6 grades do not necessarily
                                                                                                       cultures. From women in the ancient world, to            12 and Year 13, with an exam in each topic
   about the environment in which we live.             preclude entry.                                 the study of religious beliefs and ancient acts          at the end of Year 13. These will consist of
                                                                                                       of intolerance, Classical Civilisation involves          passages, taken from the literature you
                                                       What will I learn?                                                                                       have read, for you to comment on and
                                                       The qualification integrates theory             interesting discussions that are directly relevant       use as the basis for further writing. There
                                                       and relevant practical work, which are          to today’s world.                                        will also be essays on thought-provoking
                                                       developed at different levels throughout                                                                 subjects.
                                                       the course. In Physical Chemistry you will
                                                       study Equilibria, Kinetics and Energetics                                                                What will I learn?
                                                       of chemical reactions with a more                                                                        The course has been recently redeveloped.
                                                       quantitative approach in the second                                                                      It will include a study of both Homer and
                                                       year. Inorganic chemistry focuses on                                                                     Virgil, who are the two greatest epic poets
                                                       the properties and reactions of Group                                                                    of Greek and Roman literature. You will
                                                       2, and Group 7 elements. Theory and                                                                      also have a chance to study how people
                                                       understanding of Atomic Structure and                                                                    in past times thought about the way they
                                                       Bonding is used to explain the trends                                                                    should be governed, and also about love
                                                       of these properties; transition metal                                                                    and relationships; both of these have direct
                                                       chemistry is encountered in the second                                                                   relevance to modern life.
                                                       year. Organic chemistry focuses on key
                                                       functional groups and their reactions. In                                                                What degree courses and careers will this
                                                       the second year these are linked together                                                                course be useful for?
                                                       to study synthetic chemistry.                                                                            If you are looking to apply to university,
                                                       In the first year we attend a synthesis                                                                  Classical Civilisation can be extremely
                                                       and analysis workshop at Bath University                                                                 useful. You not only acquire specific
                                                       and lectures hosted by the RSC. Both                                                                     Classical knowledge, but also important
                                                       activities are free. During the second year                                                              transferable skills such as analysing
                                                       we will attend a workshop and lecture at                                                                 sources and developing independent,
                                                       Bristol University. The cost of this visit is                                                            critical and evaluative approaches.
                                                       approximately £40.                                                                                       You learn to formulate and support
                                                                                                                                                                an argument and develop a valuable
                                                       How is the course assessed?                                                                              understanding of cultures very different
                                                       The A Level is assessed at the end of the                                                                to your own. Information from UCAS
                                                       second year on the whole course with                                                                     shows that students who studied Classical
                                                       two papers of 135 minutes and one paper                                                                  Civilisation went on to study in such
                                                       of 90 minutes. Practical competency is                                                                   diverse disciplines as Medicine, Veterinary
                                                       demonstrated throughout the course.                                                                      Science and Chemistry, as well as a range
                                                                                                                                                                of Arts subjects.
                                                       What degree courses and careers will this
                                                       course be useful for?
                                                       Whether sights are set on degree level
                                                       study in Chemistry, a career in Medicine,
                                                       or entry to one of many other courses,
                                                       for example Biological Sciences, which
                                                       require or prefer A Level Chemistry, the
                                                       qualification is widely appreciated by
                                                       university admissions tutors and employers

20 Prospectus                                                                                                                                                                             Monkton Sixth Form 21

   Design Technology -                                                                                Design Technology -
   Product Design                                                                                     Three Dimensional Design
    The design technology department offers                                                           The design technology department offers
    students the ability to develop their         Exam Board: Edexcel – 9DT0                          students the ability to develop their          Exam Board: AQA - 7245
    innovative and creative proficiency through                                                       innovative and creative proficiency through
    designing and making high quality products    What do I need before starting this course?         designing and making high quality products     What do I need before starting this course?
                                                  This qualification builds on the knowledge,                                                        This qualification builds on the knowledge,
    in our newly refurbished workshops and        understanding and manufacturing skills              in our newly refurbished workshops and         understanding and manufacturing skills
    creative studio. It will give students an     inherent in GCSE. It is expected, but not           creative studio. This course will introduce    inherent in GCSE. It is expected but not
                                                  essential, that you will have achieved a                                                           essential that you will have studied design
    appreciation of the complex relations         minimum of grade 5 in GCSE.
                                                                                                      students to a variety of experiences that      technology or art at GCSE.
    between design, materials, manufacture and                                                        explore a range of three-dimensional
    marketing. Allowing them to learn about and   What will I learn?                                  media, processes and techniques. You will      What will I learn?
                                                  You will be required to apply knowledge and                                                        You will explore relevant images, artefacts
    engage with a wide range of manufacturing     understanding of a wide range of materials
                                                                                                      be exposed to both traditional and new         and resources relating to a range of design,
    techniques while developing their ability     used in product design and manufacture.             media, and encouraged to explore the use       from the past and from recent times, including
    to communicate ideas effectively through      You will develop an understanding of                of drawing for different purposes, using a     European and non-European examples.
                                                  contemporary industrial and commercial                                                             You will develop your ability to respond to
    written, graphical, ICT and 3D media.         practices applied to designing and                  variety of methods and media on a variety      these examples through practical and critical
                                                  manufacturing products, and to appreciate           of scales. Students will use sketchbooks and   activities that demonstrate their understanding
                                                  the risks involved. As well as a working            journals to underpin their work over the two   of different styles, genres and traditions. In
                                                  knowledge of the use of ICT and modern                                                             the workshop you will gain an understanding
                                                  manufacturing systems, students should be           years.                                         of working methods, such as model-making,
                                                  aware of the important contribution that key                                                       constructing and assembling, alongside an
                                                  historical movements and figures have on                                                           appreciation for the safe use of a variety of
                                                  design thinking. An awareness that design and                                                      appropriate tools and equipment.
                                                  technological activities can have a profound
                                                  impact on the environment and on society and                                                       How is the course assessed?
                                                  that these, together with sustainability, are key                                                  Work is assessed internally throughout the
                                                  features of design and manufacturing practice.                                                     year, with weekly or twice weekly assignments.
                                                  Mathematical and scientific principles are an                                                      Final work is marked internally, then
                                                  important part of designing and developing                                                         moderated by an external examiner in June
                                                  products and students will be expected to                                                          each year. There will be a termly charge for
                                                  apply these principles when considering the                                                        extra materials with this course.
                                                  designs of others.
                                                                                                                                                     Course costs
                                                  How is the course assessed?                                                                        Pupils will need to pay for materials purchased
                                                  The course is assessed by a coursework                                                             specifically for the completion of their major
                                                  portfolio (50% of the qualification) and written                                                   projects.
                                                  exams (50%)
                                                                                                                                                     What degree courses and careers will this
                                                  Course costs                                                                                       course be useful for?
                                                  Pupils will need to pay for materials purchased                                                    The experience gained in this A Level will be
                                                  specifically for the completion of their major                                                     useful for most Higher Education courses,
                                                  projects.                                                                                          however it is directly relevant to: Architecture,
                                                                                                                                                     Product Design, Sustainable Design and other
                                                  What degree courses and careers will this                                                          creative industries including Jewellery Design,
                                                  course be useful for?                                                                              Set Design, Interior Design and Landscape
                                                  The experience gained in this A Level will be                                                      Design.
                                                  useful for most Higher Education courses,
                                                  however it is directly relevant to: Mechanical,
                                                  Civil, Electrical, Chemical and Manufacturing
                                                  Engineering, Architecture and all design based
                                                  degrees such as Product Design, Industrial
                                                  Design, Sustainable Design and Textiles.

22 Prospectus                                                                                                                                                                      Monkton Sixth Form 23

   Drama and Theatre                                                                                     Economics
    Plays and performance will take you                                                                  An increasingly popular subject which looks at
    into other worlds, help you empathise       Exam Board: OCR                                          current affairs and assesses decisions on scarce   Exam Board: AQA

    with other lives and inspire you to         What do I need before starting this course?              resources with unlimited wants. Microeconomics     What do I need before starting this
    communicate in other ways. Drama and        A genuine interest in the subject and a real             is about economic behaviour in the individual      course?
                                                enthusiasm for, and dedication to, plays,                                                                   No prior knowledge of this subject is
    Theatre Studies is skill and theory based   productions and those you will be working with,
                                                                                                         markets (consumers, firms, markets and             required before studying it. We do,
    learning, where each element supports       is essential. We will look for a B grade or above in     industries). Macroeconomics tries to explain how   however, expect that students will have an
    and enriches the other.                     Drama GCSE (or, if you have not taken it, a grade 5      the whole economy works: the aggregate (total)     interest in current affairs. A good grade in
                                                in English GCSE).                                                                                           GCSE Maths is an advantage.
                                                                                                         levels of output, income, prices, employment and
                                                What will I learn?                                       unemployment, and the trade flows that make up     What will I learn?
                                                Through the study of texts and the production            the balance of payments.                           You will finish the course with an
                                                of plays, you will gain many life skills along with                                                         understanding of many of the current
                                                theatre-specific techniques. The course uses and                                                            issues and problems in the UK and
                                                hones many transferable skills which are attractive                                                         throughout the world. You will be able to
                                                to university degrees that might look for students                                                          analyse issues such as the NHS, the future
                                                with an ability to work in teams, to time manage,                                                           of the financial sector in the UK, the impact
                                                be approachable and personable, read and react to                                                           of BREXIT and the role of government in a
                                                an audience, and have the confidence to perform in                                                          knowledgeable and informed way. Do we
                                                front of others. We will analyse theory, subtext and                                                        want an economy where the government
                                                character to lead us to creative form and design                                                            has high spending and high taxes or one
                                                of performance - using our knowledge to reach                                                               where the priority is to reduce government
                                                into the lives of others and experiment with ways                                                           spending? What about inequality both in
                                                to affect our audience. Throughout the course                                                               this country and on a global scale?
                                                you will experience varying professional theatre
                                                companies, analyse their techniques, and use this                                                           How is the course assessed?
                                                to influence the work in class. The work covers                                                             The A Level consists of three papers:
                                                all facets of a production, both performance and                                                            Markets and market failure, National and
                                                technical, which you will learn to perform and write                                                        International Economy, and Economic
                                                about analytically. You will work closely with others,                                                      principles and issues.
                                                trusting them and knowing they rely on you, but
                                                will have the freedom to follow your individual,                                                            What degree courses and careers will this
                                                creative ideas.                                                                                             course be useful for?
                                                                                                                                                            Economics (and related courses),
                                                How is the course structured?                                                                               Management, Finance, Politics and careers
                                                Exploration of texts and their themes as well as                                                            such as Journalism.
                                                class analysis of professional productions will
                                                culminate in written exams. The group productions,
                                                both devised and scripted, are assessed as full
                                                performances with each individual being marked
                                                on a skill (Acting or Technical) alongside research
                                                reports and portfolios that justify the theory behind
                                                practical decisions. Theatre Practitioners are also
                                                studied in depth and the skill of Directing. Students
                                                will be charged for theatre trips and one residential
                                                trip per year.

                                                What degree courses and careers will this course
                                                be useful for?
                                                It is ideal for all those intending to study Drama,
                                                English, the arts, Media, Journalism and the
                                                humanities. Musicians may wish to use their
                                                expertise through sound design, artists may wish
                                                to study costume, lighting or set design. Those
                                                wishing to go forward to theatre school will hone
                                                skills of both theory and practice that they would
                                                use in audition.

24 Prospectus                                                                                                                                                                        Monkton Sixth Form 25

   English Literature                                                                                         Extended Project
    Monkton Senior School is blessed to have a
    well provisioned English department, staffed          Exam Board: OCR
                                                                                                              Qualification (EPQ)
    by teachers who are passionate about English          What do I need before starting this
    Literature. The qualification continues to be         course?                                             The Extended Project Qualification
    hugely popular, and is undertaken by an array         The requirements for this highly popular            provides an opportunity for students     Exam Board: AQA
                                                          course are a minimum of a grade 6 at
    of students considering a diverse range of            English Literature and English Language at
                                                                                                              to develop the rigorous independent      What do I need before starting this course?
    undergraduate degrees and careers.                    GCSE...and a love of reading.                       learning skills that are so vital for    All Year 12 students will undertake an EPQ. As you will be
                                                                                                              university and beyond, while at          given every guidance permitted by the board throughout
                                                          What will I learn?                                                                           the course, the main requirement is an interest in a
    One of the few ‘facilitating’ A Level courses,        Through the texts you study there will be
                                                                                                              the same time encouraging the            particular topic area which you would like to pursue
    English Literature provides access to almost all      questions like:                                     intellectual freedom to select and       further. Examples of topics which Monktonians have used
                                                                                                              research a topic about which they        in the past cover a wide range including English Literature,
    undergraduate degrees, and continues to be            What is literature?                                                                          Religion, Biology, Sport, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics,
    well regarded by Oxbridge and Russell Group                                                               have an existing or developing           History, Geography, Gender and many more. Specific
    universities. Skills learnt and honed during this     Is there such a thing as good and bad               passion. It affords the chance to work   topics include: Hunting and Sustainable Consumptive use
                                                          writing?                                            outside the constraints of subject       of Wildlife; Explanations for Warfare; Dr. Faustus; Arab/
    course will greatly aid students’ EPQ study.                                                                                                       Israeli conflict, War on Cancer; Animal Rights; Criminality,
                                                          Why do some writers last whilst others              specifications and to individually       Economic and Political aspects of the Olympic Games.
    This course is challenging, rewarding and well        fade?                                               plan and execute their work within
                                                                                                                                                       What will I learn?
    suited to those who enjoy exploring their             Where did the novel come from?
                                                                                                              set timeframes. The course attracts      Each student, supported by a Tutor, chooses their own
    imagination. We not only study a number of                                                                UCAS points, is worth half an A Level    topic and title (which can be related to chosen A Levels
    texts considered the greatest published in the
                                                          Who wrote the first plays?                          and will be completed by all students    or completely separate), designs a detailed plan of how
                                                                                                                                                       they will develop and realise their objectives and keep a
    English language, but we also explore the time        Does laying out the notes this way make             during Year 12.                          reflective log on their own progress. You will then typically
    in which they were written, published and read.       them poetry?                                                                                 research, develop and write a dissertation, usually between
                                                                                                                                                       2000 and 8000 words, and finally give a presentation.
    The coursework element in Year 13 allows our          How is the course assessed?                                                                  During this course you will be given guidance and
    students to discover their own voice and area         Drama and Poetry pre-1900 (closed                                                           practical experience of independent research, selecting
    of interest, and they will be skilfully equipped to    text) External Exam 40%: Section 1:                                                         and assessing resources for a purpose, citing references,
                                                           Shakespeare, Section 2: One pre-1900                                                        planning and monitoring your own progress, adapting the
    express themselves in original and creative ways       drama text and one pre-1900 poetry text.                                                    course of the project as necessary and how to write up
    through dialogue, argument, prose and poetry.                                                                                                      and present an academic ‘article’.
                                                          Comparative and contextual study (closed
                                                          text) External Exam 40%: Section 1: Close                                                    How is this course structured and assessed?
                                                          reading in chosen topic area, Section 2:                                                     The course is entirely coursework based (there is
                                                          Comparative and contextual study from                                                        no exam). It is assessed using four criteria: project
                                                          chosen topic area.                                                                           management; using resources effectively; project
                                                                                                                                                       development/realisation; and an evaluation of the success
                                                          Literature post-1900 (non-examined                                                           of the project. EPQ is timetabled along with other
                                                          assessment) 20%.                                                                             subjects. Introductory sessions for each element of the
                                                                                                                                                       course will take place with Tutors organising individual
                                                          What degree courses and careers will this                                                    sessions with students to monitor progress and advise
                                                          course be useful for?                                                                        on plans. There is also a final short presentation to be
                                                          The skills that you will refine - oral and                                                   given on the process of the project, this forms part of the
                                                          written communication, presentation                                                          assessment. To ensure that progress is maintained there
                                                          and justification of an argument, critical                                                   will be published deadlines throughout the course. Work
                                                          analysis and synthesis of data – are highly                                                  is internally assessed and moderated by EPQ tutors and
                                                          regarded for entry into a wide range of top                                                  externally moderated by the examination board.
                                                          universities. It is ideal for all those intending
                                                          to go forward to degrees in English, the                                                     What degree courses and careers will this course be
                                                          Arts, Media, Journalism, Drama, Law,                                                         useful for?
                                                          Business, Management and Finance,                                                            Universities have been hugely positive about the EPQ
                                                          Medicine and the Human Sciences. English                                                     course, with some students receiving lowered offers; and
                                                          graduates go on to a wide variety of jobs                                                    given the open nature of the project, it will enhance any
                                                          and are highly regarded.                                                                     UCAS application or CV.

26 Prospectus                                                                                                                                                                                   Monkton Sixth Form 27

   French                                                                                                     Geography
    The study of French requires students                                                                     Geography explores the complex relationships
    to take an interest in all aspects of     Exam Board: AQA                                                 between physical and human environments and    Exam Board: Cambridge International
                                                                                                                                                             A Level (9696)
    Francophone culture, from art and         What do I need before starting this course?                     how these change over time.
    architecture, through to politics         Before starting the course it is essential that you have                                                       What do I need before starting this
                                              at least a grade 6 in French at GCSE. We hope that you                                                         course?
    and social issues, film and literature.   will have visited France, and have some ideas about the                                                        Grade 6 or above at GCSE in Geography,
    Through debate and discussion             culture. If you have been on an exchange you will be at                                                        English Language and Mathematics as well
    you will develop oral fluency and         an advantage. We recommend that you spend at least                                                             as fulfilling the requirements for entering
                                              part of one holiday with a French family. You also need to                                                     Year 12.
    conversation skills and you will be       have an opinion about everything!
    encouraged to read from, watch and                                                                                                                       What will I learn?
    listen to as many authentic sources as    What will I learn?                                                                                             A full study of issues affecting people and
                                              In the first year you will study contemporary society,                                                         their environment including Hydrology,
    you can.                                  looking at diversity and the benefits it brings. You will                                                      atmosphere and weather, rocks and
                                              study the rich cultural heritage of French-speaking                                                            weathering, population, migration and
                                              countries, including francophone music and cinema. You                                                         settlement dynamics. Alongside this, you
                                              will also explore the influence of the past on present-day                                                     will have the opportunity to carry out a
                                              French-speaking communities. You will study texts and                                                          range of fieldwork activities.
                                              film and have the opportunity to carry out independent
                                              research on an area of your choice. Grammar is an                                                              How is this course structured and
                                              important part of the course, but we try and make it as                                                        assessed?
                                              pain free as possible. You will learn to express yourselves                                                    There are 2 exams at AS and 2 exams at
                                              fluently and accurately in French. You will be encouraged                                                      A2 each is 90 minutes long. The Course
                                              to speak French at all times in class. Every other year                                                        has a modular structure which means that
                                              there is a cultural and educational four day visit to Paris.                                                   the AS exam results can be carried forward
                                                                                                                                                             and form 50% of the A2.
                                              How is the course structured and assessed?
                                              Classes are conducted in the target language, but the                                                          What degree courses and careers will this
                                              more complex structures will generally be explained in                                                         course be useful for?
                                              English. There are seven lessons a week, and usually a                                                         Geography gives support to a full range
                                              class will have two teachers, each teaching three or four                                                      of degree subjects including international
                                              lessons. There is a great emphasis on class participation,                                                     relations, development studies,
                                              research and presentations. There are also conversation                                                        oceanography as well as Geography itself.
                                              classes which you will need to attend. The course is linear                                                    Geography graduates are well placed
                                              and all examinations take place at the end of the second                                                       in the current job market due to the
                                              year. You are assessed in all four skills. In your second                                                      transferable skills they learn through their
                                              year, you will conduct an independent research project                                                         degree. Geography graduates retain one
                                              and prepare to discuss your findings as part of the                                                            of the highest employability rates post
                                              speaking assessment. There are translations into French                                                        graduation.
                                              and English and you must be prepared to deal with
                                              literary texts as well as factual articles. The written paper
                                              will require you to answer an essay question on the film
                                              and the novel you have studied.

                                              What degree courses and careers will this course be
                                              useful for?
                                              There are language courses on offer at all universities.
                                              We have had many pupils who have gone on to study
                                              French and other languages as diverse as Thai, Mandarin,
                                              Russian and Italian at university. Languages can be
                                              studied in combination with a whole range of degree
                                              subjects from International Business and Economics, to
                                              Engineering and Law. The study of a language provides
                                              students with many practical and transferable skills
                                              and language graduates are sought after and highly

28 Prospectus                                                                                                                                                                         Monkton Sixth Form 29
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