Case Study

   8x8 Hosted VoIP Seamlessly Connects
   Real Estate Agents Wherever They Work
   RE/MAX Tri County, real estate company
Case Study

                                             8x8 Hosted VoIP Seamlessly Connects
                                             Real Estate Agents Wherever They Work
                                             In 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey hard. Recurring power
    Customer Name: RE/MAX
    Tri County                               brownouts irreparably damaged RE/MAX Tri County’s NEC phone
                                             system, which had previously been damaged by a lightning strike.
    Industry: Real estate
                                             Instead of installing another premises-based PBX, the company
    Location: Hamilton, New Jersey
                                             selected 8x8 hosted VoIP service. Now, with its phone system safely
                                             secured off site, the company is ready for anything.

    8x8 Products: Virtual Office             Empowering Agents                               Hurricane Sandy Damaged the
                                             When Rosalie Daniels founded RE/MAX
                                                                                             Company’s On-Site PBX
    Favorite 8x8 Features:                                                                   When Hurricane Sandy struck in 2012,
                                             Tri County in Hamilton, New Jersey, in
     • Follow-me connectivity for            1991, she wasn’t interested in running          the company’s office was spared direct
       mobile and work-at-home agents        a traditional real estate company. Her          damage, but recurring brownouts damaged
                                             business philosophy is to empower               the hard drive of its 14-year-old NEC phone
     • 8x8 mobile app
                                             independent agents by letting them spread       system. Daniels and her office manager,
     • Internet fax                                                                          Mary Mammino, had dealt with repairing
                                             their wings while operating under the
     • Easy setup for new agents             RE/MAX umbrella.                                the phone system once before, when their
                                                                                             building was struck by lightning. This time
    Initial Setup: 63 Virtual Office lines   “Our company is like a professional             the prognosis was more dire: the hard drive
    Time to Deploy: 3 days                   association of doctors or lawyers who           was too old to be repaired and needed to be
                                             all work for the same firm,” she explains.      replaced quickly.
    Connectivity Type: Ethernet              “Agents pay their share of expenses and
                                             get to keep their entire commission less a      “Our PBX was still working, but we were
    Vendor Replaced:
    NEC Voicemail-Auto Attendant             franchise fee. It’s a very appealing economic   limping along,” says Mammino. “Because
    System using Aspire phones               model for independent agents, and it’s          parts of the hard drive were damaged,
                                             made our business successful from the           features like electronic fax and voicemail
    Primary Reason Chose 8x8:
                                             beginning.”                                     were not reliable anymore. We knew it was
    Company wanted a hosted VoIP
    solution, and 8x8 was highly                                                             just a matter of time before the whole
                                             Over the years, that success has grown          system went down.”
    recommended by a business partner
                                             to include 57 agents who handle both
                                             residential and commercial real estate, and     Daniels had started looking into new phone
                                             a large service area that encompasses           technologies even before Hurricane Sandy,
                                             Mercer, Burlington and Monmouth                 because she knew the NEC system was
                                             counties in central New Jersey (hence the       approaching its end of life. Although she
                                             name RE/MAX “Tri County”). In keeping           didn’t have a specific vendor in mind, she did
                                             with Daniel’s supportive but flexible           have one key criterion.
                                             approach, about 40% of the company’s
                                                                                             “I wanted our new phone system to be
                                             agents regularly work from home, and the
                                                                                             off site,” says Daniels. “I’d heard a lot of
                                             remaining 60% work out of the company’s
                                                                                             good things about hosted VoIP service,
                                             main office.
                                                                                             and it didn’t make sense for us to take on
                                                                                             the burden of purchasing, installing and
                                                                                             maintaining another on-site system.”
Case Study

                                  A Trusted Business Partner                    “Even though our agents didn’t do much
                                  Recommends 8x8 Hosted VoIP                    training on the new system, the 8x8
                                  Daniels and Mammino had to delay their        interface makes it very easy for them to use
                                  decision for a few weeks while waiting for    the phone features,” adds Daniels.
                                  the company’s insurance company to settle
                                                                                Follow-Me Service Seamlessly
                                  their claim for the damaged phone system.     Connects Work-at-Home Agents
                                  In the meantime, they attended the annual
                                                                                With 8x8 hosted VoIP service, every
                                  statewide RE/MAX sales rally—and got a tip
                                                                                RE/MAX Tri County agent now has a direct
                                  from a business partner that pointed them
                                                                                phone line and can take calls anywhere.
                                  toward 8x8.
                                                                                This means even the company’s many
“With 8x8, we can route calls     “A local title company we often work with     work-at-home agents are now seamlessly
                                  heard we were looking for a new phone         connected to the main office.
right away—to the agent’s
                                  system,” explains Daniels. “They told us
home, cell phone, or computer.    about their 8x8 hosted VoIP service and
                                                                                “With our old system, we couldn’t transfer
                                                                                callers to agents who worked at home,”
The caller has no idea that the   how great it was. It turned out their 8x8
                                                                                explains Mammino. “Our receptionist would
agent is not in the office.”      account manager was also at the RE/MAX
                                                                                have to take a message and have the agent
                                  sales rally, so they introduced us, and
                                                                                call back, or she would have to give out the
Rosalie Daniels                   everything fell into place.”
                                                                                agent’s home number or cell phone number.”
Founder and Broker
RE/MAX Tri County                 Daniels and Mammino worked with 8x8 to
                                                                                As a business owner, Daniels appreciates
                                  develop a proposal for a new system that
                                                                                the way 8x8’s Follow-Me service makes her
                                  would be installed as soon as RE/MAX
                                                                                organization look unified.
                                  Tri County’s insurance claim was settled.
                                  Once that happened, the entire installation   “With 8x8, we can route calls right away—to
                                  process took just three days.                 the agent’s home, cell phone or computer.
                                                                                The caller has no idea that the agent is
                                  “Our agents are busy salespeople who
                                                                                not in the office,” she says. “8x8’s service
                                  don’t have the time or patience to learn
                                                                                is absolutely seamless, and lets us handle
                                  new technology, so we created their user
                                                                                incoming calls much more efficiently.”
                                  profiles for them,” says Mammino. “That
                                  way, their VoIP phones were ready to use as
                                  soon as the system cut over.”

Case Study

“By turning the computer into a   Internet Fax Enhances Document                 8x8 Mobile Features Let Agents
                                  Security                                       Make Sales Anywhere
softphone, 8x8 lets our agents
                                  Like many real estate companies, RE/MAX        RE/MAX Tri County’s agents are constantly
do everything on the same         Tri County relies heavily on faxing to         on the move, showing properties in multiple
machine. It streamlines the       transmit signed documents. 8x8’s Internet      counties. The mobile features included in
                                  fax feature has dramatically improved          the company’s 8x8 hosted VoIP service
phone system for them and is a
                                  both the timeliness and security of faxed      ensure they never miss a sales call.
big time savings.”                materials for the company.
                                                                                 “Our agents can log into their 8x8 accounts
Rosalie Daniels                   “8x8 turns faxes into electronic documents     and choose where and how they want their
Founder and Broker                that agents receive on their computers or      calls routed,” says Daniels. “It truly lets them
RE/MAX Tri County                 their phones,” says Mammino. “They can         work from anywhere.”
                                  see them and respond immediately, which is
                                                                                 Take a Vacation — Customers Won’t
                                  essential in our business.”
                                                                                 Know You’re Gone
                                  “Old-fashioned faxing is unreliable and        Daniels experienced that freedom first-
                                  not secure,” agrees Daniels. “The financial    hand during a recent trip to Mexico. She
                                  documents we receive often include highly      used the 8x8 mobile app on her smartphone
                                  confidential information. When they come in    to answer business calls.
                                  over a fax machine, anybody can see them.
                                                                                 “Nobody even knew I was gone,” she
                                  With 8x8, faxes go directly to the correct
                                                                                 exclaims. “People would call my regular
                                  party and no one else.”
                                                                                 office number, and I would answer on my
                                  Access to All Messages from Any                cell phone as if I were there. And it was all
                                  Device Saves Time                              done through 8x8 VoIP service, so there
                                  In addition to receiving electronic faxes in   were no extra charges on my cell phone.”
                                  their inboxes, RE/MAX Tri County agents
                                  see all their email and voicemail messages,    Daniels and Mammino estimate that about

                                  too. They can read or listen to messages       80% of the company’s agents are now

                                  using their smartphones or computers           using the 8x8 mobile app on their iPhones

                                  without having to switch devices.              or Android phones. The remaining 20%
                                                                                 simply log in and forward calls to their cell
                                  Daniels notes that agents can even             phones when they’re on the go.
                                  review messages or answer calls on their
                                  computers and then log in to modify their      “We do a lot of business on our cell phones,

                                  call forwarding and other account features.    and 8x8 makes it easy for agents to take
                                                                                 the office with them,” says Daniels.
                                  “By turning the computer into a softphone,
                                                                                 Adding New Agents Takes Minutes
                                  8x8 lets our agents do everything on the
                                  same machine. It streamlines the phone         As the office manager, Mammino is
                                  system for them and is a big time savings.”    responsible for setting up new agents on
                                                                                 the company’s phone system. In the past, it
                                                                                 was a tiered process that took several days
                                                                                 and communications with several different

Case Study

“With 8x8 and its mobile app,                              “It was horrendous,” she recalls. “Our agents                 “Salespeople tend to be impatient with
                                                           didn’t have direct lines, so we had to work                   technology, and our agents are no
we can always use our cell                                 with the vendor who managed our phone                         exception,” says Daniels. “But they’re
phones to run the business if                              system and then work with the phone                           already seeing how much they can do with
the power goes out. Having a                               company to get new extensions for our                         the 8x8 system, and we’re planning to
                                                           agents.”                                                      provide more training so they can take full
hosted system gives us more                                                                                              advantage of everything that 8x8 has to
                                                           Now with 8x8 hosted VoIP service, the
peace of mind.”                                                                                                          offer.”
                                                           process takes just a few minutes.
Rosalie Daniels                                                                                                          8x8 Provides Business Continuity
Founder and Broker
                                                           “To set up new agents, I contact our 8x8                      and Peace of Mind
                                                           account manager to add the lines we need.                     In the meantime, Daniels and Mammino
RE/MAX Tri County
                                                           He typically gets back to me within a couple                  are confident that 8x8 hosted VoIP will
                                                           of hours, and then I set up the new agent                     continue to serve the company well—no
                                                           profiles online. It’s very easy and only takes                matter what natural disasters might come
                                                           about 30 minutes,” says Mammino.                              their way.

                                                           “Before we were at the mercy of our                           “With 8x8 and its mobile app, we can always
                                                           vendors and service providers,” says                          use our cell phones to run the business
                                                           Daniels. “8x8 gives us state-of-the-art                       if the power goes out,” says Mammino.
                                                           equipment and great support, plus we still                    “Having a hosted system gives us more
                                                           have full control over our phone system and                   peace of mind.”
                                                           our business.”
                                                                                                                         Even so, Daniels hopes there isn’t another
                                                           Increasing Benefits as Users
                                                                                                                         “storm of the century” in the company’s
                                                           Continue to Learn
                                                           Both Daniels and Mammino agree that
                                                           there are still many more benefits agents                     “But if there is another one, hopefully
                                                           can reap from the company’s 8x8 phone                         lightning won’t strike twice!” she says,
                                                           system. The challenge is getting agents                       laughing.
                                                           to slow down long enough to learn about
                                                           more advanced features.

To learn more, call 1.866.862.2811 or visit www.8x8.com

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