Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017

Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017

Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017
Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017

INTRODUCTION Welcome to our 2017 chefs cuisine brochure. Our range is constantly growing and evolving with the latest food trends and requests from chefs to satisfy their customers’ adventurous palettes. This year we have brought together a list from some of the UK’s most proficient suppliers to help you construct and deliver your ideas with convenience and flair. In addition to this comprehensive compendium of ingredients, our Chefs Cuisine team have access to a huge range of high quality ambient, chilled and frozen products, far bigger than we could include in these pages, so if you are looking for a specific product, feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to fulfil your request.

This year we will be collaborating with some of the country’s best known and respected equipment brands to develop products and coupled with our new development kitchen all this will be available at your request to save you time and money. We hope you find the products you’re looking for between these pages, but don’t forget to call 01766 812 853 if you don’t. Maybe we can find them for you. Twitter @stickyjammy15 Direct line 01766 812 853

Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017 3 DEVELOPED WITH YOU IN MIND New for 2017 is our Development Kitchen.

Located in the Harlech HQ, this facility has been developed with you in mind. Fitted with the latest technology and equipment the development kitchen can be used to show you demos with our products, menu development, training with your own chefs or tastings and consultations. Our in house development chef Steve Williams is available to help you with menu development and training, where you can come and sample products for your establishment, try new ideas or discuss options from our extensive network of suppliers. Steve is also an ambassador in the UK for Sosa Ingredients (Spain) and can give your staff training on using Sosa in your menus, creating time saving, modern presentation and showing you the latest techniques and products used in some of the country’s most innovative kitchens.

We would like to take this opportunity to let us work with you and help develop dishes or menus using Harlech, Chefs Cuisine and Bwydlyn Butchery bespoke products, tailored to your requirements and budgets. If you would like to book a Sosa demo for your staff or would like further information on our development services contact steve Williams on 07794 767612

Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017

4 CONTENTS 05 32 62 10 66 64 14 50 68 7 4 18 54 26 60 Delicatessan GROCERY BAKERY SPECIALITY MEATS & GAME SWEET CONVENIENT SOLUTIONS FLAVOURINGS & COLOURINGS CHARCUTERIE SAVOURY CONVENIENT SOLUTIONS TECHNICAL & OTHER INGREDIENTS Chefs Requisites DAIRY CHOCOLATE & PRALINES FRUIT & VEGETABLES FRUIT PUREE & NUTS Listing references: A - Ambient, C - Chilled, F - Frozen Some images show serving suggestions for general purpose only. Please ask us for clarification if required. E&OE. Terms and conditions - All products are subject to availability whilst stocks last and pictures used may differ to actual products.

Some pictures may be serving suggestions. Harlech food service kindly acknowledges the support of the producers who have supplied images, recipes for use in our brochure.

Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017 5 Foie Gras 4874 Foie Gras per kg F Average 900g 8453 Foie Gras Slices Rougie 20x50g F Liver of a specially fattened goose or duck. 25390 Foie Gras Grand per kg C Average 500g Preserved Seafood 28068 Anchovies in Oil Tub 1x1kg C Shoaling fish in oil tub. 8654 Arenkha Faux Caviar 1x55g C Arenkha is a unique product made from herring roe with an exquisite flavour and texture not unlike caviar. It is very versatile. It can be used in canapes, pasta, salads even stirred into hot sauces. 5974 Crayfish Tails 1x900g C Cooked and peeled crayfish tails in brine, 900g net drained weight in a tub.


Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017

6 35132 Gravadlax John Ross per kg C Gravadlax made the traditional way. Salt and sugar cured with dill. 17128 Haddock Smoked John Ross per kg C Average 3.18kg C 78348 Kipper Fillets Smoked John Ross 2 Pack C Average 110-220g per fillet 16919 Kipper Whole Smoked John Ross per kg C Average 175g C 41719 Mackerel Pairs Smoked John Ross per kg C 57479 Salmon Sides Kiln Roasted John Ross per kg C Hot roasted, unsliced side Scottish smoked salmon. 23586 Salmon Sides Smoked Dcut John Ross per kg C Finest smoked salmon with a royal warrant for quality.

Traditionally smoked over oak and beech chippings. 34340 Salmon Sides Smoked Long Cut Scottish John Ross per kg C Finest smoked salmon with a royal warrant for quality. Traditionally smoked over oak and beech chipping 59494 Salmon Trimmings Smoked John Ross per kg C 14425 Scallop Meat per kg C 78786 Trout Smoked John Ross per kg C Average 500g 88546 Lumpfish Caviar 1x100g C Lumpfish Caviar is a less expensive alternative to genuine caviar. It is delicious served as a gourmet style canape on blinis with crème fraiche. It is also great used as a garnish.

43052 Eel Smoked 1x200g C 9400 Salmon Pearls 1x100g C A delicious ingredient which can provide a mouth watering colour flavour to your fish recipes. It is ideal for canapes- a few pearls on a quails egg is very effective.

Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017 7 Truffles 34005 Black Truffle Minced 1x50g A Can be used as a dressing for pastas and salads, generally used in cooking to create sauces for fish, meat or egg based dishes. 61577 Honey Black Truffle 1x110g A 8465 Honey White Truffle 1x100g A Italian white truffle honey. Perfect with cheese. 70219 Truffle Oil Black 1x250ml A 7878 Truffle Oil Black 1x250ml A Truffle Oil is used to impart the flavour and aroma of truffles to a dish.

5942 Truffle Oil White 1x250ml A Other 1555 Frogs Legs per kg F Average 1kg 19087 Snail Shells Very Large 1x48 A 38234 Snails Large 72 Ready to Use. Tinned 1x72 A

Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017

danny SHARED OLIVE Current Role: Chef director and co-owner of Olive tree catering, an award winning wedding and events caterer which covers the North Wales and Cheshire. Welsh culinary association member and current Welsh culinary team captain, with over 20 years experience in Restaurants, hotels and product development via food manufacturing. Hobbies are football, music, culinary competitions and cooking for friends and family. CHEF’S CUISINE Fillet of Welsh Beef, Beetroot “popcorn” gnocchi, confit vegetables, Onion & Parsley puree.

• Welsh Black Beef Fillet 700g • Thyme  2 Sprigs • Garlic  1 Clove • Halen Mon Sea Salt To Taste • Cracked Black Pepper To Taste • Butter  50g Method Season the fillet all over and heat a frying pan, add the butter to the pan along with the garlic and thyme, once the butter starts to foam add the fillet and sear each side 2 minutes.

Then place in a hot oven for 3 minutes before removing. Allow to rest for 10 minutes. Flash under a hot grill for a minute then carve as desired.

Beef Cheek & Jus • Ox Cheek 300g • Beef Stock 600ml • Halen Mon Sea Salt To Taste • Cracked Black Pepper • Vegetable Oil for Frying Method Season and seal the cheek in the pressure cooker with the oil. Add The stock. Securely fit the lid and bring up to full pressure. Then turn down to low/medium heat and cook for 35 minutes. Separate the Sauce from the cheek. And cut into daubes. Add the Daubes to a small roasting tray, small enough so the cheek fits snuggly, pour over some of the stock, cover with foil and return to the oven on 180C for 1hr or until completely tender. Remove the foil, baste in stock and return the cheeks to the oven to allow to glaze.

With the remaining stock pass through a fine chinois and reduce to the desired taste, colour, and consistency. Skimming off any impurities that rise to the top Onion Puree & Parsley Puree • Spanish Onions 300g • Parsley 25g • Unsalted Butter 30g • White Chicken Stock 30ml • Double Cream 10ml Method Finely slice the Spanish onions and sweat off for 10 minutes with the butter until very soft. Add the chicken stock and cook on a low heat for 15 minutes with the lid on. Remove lid and allow

Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017

any excess liquid to evaporate. Add the double cream then transfer to a food proceessor and blend on full speed for 10 minutes.

Pick and blanch the parsley in boiling salted water for 30 seconds then refresh in iced water. Remove and squeeze out excess water. Then add to the blender, blending on high speed for a further 5 minutes Remove from the blender and pass through a fine sieve, transfer carefully into a squirty bottle and hold until needed. Beetroot “Popcorn” Gnocchi • Mash Potato 100g • Egg Yolk 1/2  • 0’0 Flour 60g • Beetroot Juice 750ml • Halen Mon Salt • Cracked White Pepper • Sosa Fine Pork Airbag For Coating • 1 beaten egg For Coating • Sosa Beetroot Powder For Dusting Method Reduce the beetroot juice by half removing any scum from the top.

Pass through a fine sieve then allow to cool.

Boil the potatoes in their skins in salted water for 30 minutes or until cooked. Remove the skins carefully and pass through a potato rice and then a sieve. Place in a mixing bowl, fold in the egg, flour, salt, pepper and 40g of the beetroot reduction. Tip the dough on to a floured work surface and knead until it comes together. Leave to rest for 20 minutes. Roll and cut the gnocchi to desired shape 2.5 cm balls. Poach for 4 -5 minutes in the remaining beetroot juice. Remove and drizzle with Olive oil then chill.

For service - Pane each Gnocchi in seasoned egg and the airbag. Then deep fry on 170C for approximately 2 minutes.

Remove from fryer and drain on dish paper. Dust with a little beetroot powder and season before plating. Fondant Vegetables • Baby Golden Beetroot 1 Per Person • Baby Candied Beetroot 1 per person • Baby Turnip 1 per person • Baby Carrot 1 Per Person (add 1/4 tsp Fennel seeds plus 1 cardomon pod) • Butternut Squash Pearls 3 Per Person (cut using a Parisienne scoop) • Butter 45g • Garlic Clove 1 1/2 • Thyme 3 sprigs • Goose Fat 90gms • Halen Mon Sea Salt To taste • Cracked White Pepper To Taste Method Peel, trim and wash the vegetables. In one pouch add the turnip, and the beetroots, in another pouch add the squash and in the third pouch add the carrots.

Into each pouch add 15g butter, 1/2 clove garlic, sprig of thyme, 30gms Goose fat salt and pepper. Then seal tightly in a vacuum chamber.Set water bath to 86C and cook for the following times. • Beetroot and turnips 2hrs • Carrots 1hr • Squash 25 mins Once all are cooked turn the water bath down to 60C and hold for service. Then remove from pouches, check for seasoning and serve. Baby Onions • Baby Pickling Onions Peeled 8 • Butter 25g • Cassis 200ml • Brown Chicken Stock 500ml Method Heat the butter in a pan until foaming and add the whole peeled onions. Cook until golden brown all over. Remove excess butter and add the cassis, reduce to a syrup a add the chicken stock and simmer until the onions are tender.

Set aside until required.

Chef's Cuisine Brochure 2017

10 CHEF’S CUISINE SPECIALITY MEATS & GAME 11 Speciality Meats & Game 53675 Bone Marrow Canoes per kg F Average 4.5-5”. Average weight 5kg 84600 Calf Feet per kg F 86458 Caul Fat per kg F 61793 Marrow Melts 1x200g F Just the marrow from the centre of the bone. Ready to defrost and use. Full of flavour 49166 Toulouse Sausages per kg C Average 2kg 6582 Venison Diced 1x2.5kg F 8393 Venison Haunch per kg F 3-10kg 6288 Venison Saddle per kg F 6-10kg 6759 Venison Sausages 1x2.27kg C 3267 Wild Boar Diced per kg F Average 500g 16956 Wild Boar Tenderloin per kg F 7238 Wild Boar Trim per kg F Sold in 25kg blocks.

6875 Chicken Supreme Corn Fed 1x5 F Average 180-230g each 9366 Poussin 20x450g F 4065 Duck Breast Smoked per kg F

12 20204 Duck Goosnargh Corn Fed per kg F 32648 Mallard 10x600g F 38417 Game Minced per kg F 5343 Game Pie Mix per kg F Venison, pheasant, rabbit 1385 Guinea Fowl Supremes Pack 2 F 180-200g per supreme 2871 Partridge 10x300g F 7300 Pigeon Wood Breast 1x10 F 30-40g each 13958 Quails Jumbo 1x10 C 3725 Rabbit Whole 1x1kg F 56483 Squab Pigeon 1x750g C Typically under 4 weeks old. The meat is largely described as like dark chicken Jason Hughes Y Carreg Bran Y Carreg Bran is a contemporary family run hotel, and a beautiful wedding venue on the banks of the Menai straights under the famous britannia bridge.

The food is modern, fresh and local. Jason has been appointed to align Carreg bran’s already great reputation with a new level of culinary experience and build on the wonderful team of chefs there He has honed his skills in Paris, Antigua and at the famous Gordon Ramsay at the savoy grill in London. His passion is welsh cuisine he is a medal winning team chef for the welsh culinary team and a finalist in the national chef of wales for 2017, so look out for stunning welsh dishes on your next visit to anglesey. CHEF’S CUISINE Laverbread gnocchi, Nant Mor mushroom fricassee 2 main course 4 starter portions • 2 large floury potatoes • 50g ricotta cheese • 70g plain flour • 1 free range egg, beaten • 1 tbsp of parsons laverbread • 1 thyme sprig, leaves only • anglesey sea salt and freshly ground pepper • small amount of grated parmesan to serve • 300g of Nant Mor mushrooms form Snowdonia, but exotic mushrooms will work.

oyster and shiitake mix is best • 1/2 diced shallot or an onion • 2 garlic cloves minced • 3 spring onion washed and roughly cut • 50ml of white wine • 50ml double cream • season to taste Gnocchi Bake the unpeeled potatoes in their skins for 90 mins until tender the whole way through (or alternatively you can use leftover jacket potatoes heated up) remove the flesh from the skins (ideally while still warm) and mash until smooth – a potato ricer works best here.

Mix in the ricotta, laverbread, a pinch of salt and pepper and the flour. Make a well in the middle, add the beaten egg and begin to combine the mixture with floured hands. Work in the thyme leaves and continue until a smooth dough has formed. Form into 4 long cigar shape about 2cm thick with the back of a floured knife cut into 2cm “pillows” press a floured finger into each gnocchi this will help with cooking and holding on to sauce.. Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil, place into water in two batches keep water moving to stop sticking together.

Cook for 2 mins or until floats drain well and leave to one side.

Pick all the mushrooms down to equal thin strips, In a medium-hot pan with a knob of butter sauté shallots and garlic with no color. Once this is cooking heat up another pan add butter and place gnocchi inside let the butter foam and keep turning the gnocchi then once the shallots are nearly translucent Add mushrooms in and cook until tender add wine and mascarpone once gnocchi is golden brown add mushroom fricassee... then plate finish with spring onion and parmesan.

CHEF’S CUISINE CHARCUTERIE 15 Italian 6716 Antipasto: Prosciutto, Spianata & Milano 1x265g C Mixed cured meats 22245 Bresaola Sliced 1x500g C Air dried 2-3 months similar to South African biltong, seasoned with juniper, cinnamon and nutmeg. Use as an antipasto, served with a good quality olive oil, parmesan shavings and fresh rocket. 73357 Chorizo N’djuja per kg C A Calabrian spreadable cured meat or soft salami similar to Sobrasdada spreadable chorizo. Ideal also to spice up a pasta tomato sauce dish. Average 500g 71261 Fennel Salami Finocchiona Fiorucci per kg C Average 1kg 52342 Lonzu Cosican Lomo per kg C Average 500g.

A must have among Corsican cold cuts. Can be enjoyed as a starter or a side dish 61145 Pancetta Morelli per kg C Average 1.2-1.5kg 3587 Pancetta Sliced 1x250g C Italian bacon from pork belly, salt cured and spiced with black pepper. 62199 Pancetta Smoked per kg C 20251 Pancetta Smoked Flat per kg C Average 1.2-1.8kg 8433 Pancetta Smoked Lardons 1x1kg C Italian bacon strips, semi cured and smoked over beechwood, these lardons add a depth of flavour to soups and casseroles. Can be fried and added to sprouts and chestnuts at Christmas.

6654 Parma Ham Sliced 1x120g C A genuine DOP product that has been reared, slaughtered, sliced and packed in the area around Parma by a licensed operator. Use on premium anti pasti platters and starters. 1140 Prosciutto Ham Sliced 1x500g C Sliced Prosciutto ham. Similar to Parma ham, dry cured. Interleaved for convenience. 3074 Salami Coppa Whole per kg C Italian cold cut, dry cured pork shoulder or neck. It is a typical Italian sausage, mild in flavour, fragranced, enhanced by a clever spiciness. Rolled piece of meat, not minced.

Average 2kg 8935 Salami Napoli Whole per kg C Average 4.2-5kg Spanish 22885 Chorizo Baby 1x500g C 46320 Chorizo Sausage Mini 1x250g C A spanish sausage made from pork shoulder and paprika.

Hoops of hot Chorizo, ideal for adding to stews, pasta and slicing.

16 23287 Iberico Bellota Sliced Ham per kg C Cured Salami made from the leanest acorn-fed pork with just the right amount of black pepper. Stuffed in natural intestine casings. 53841 Iberico Bellota Sobrasada per kg C A high quality and delicious sausage made from cut Iberian pork meat and bacon, with salt, paprika and spices. Can be used in cooking or as spread for canapes 81586 Merguez Sausage per kg C A raw North African sausage flavoured with cumin and sumac and harissa. Use in tagines or grilled. Average 1.65kg, 30 sausages on average 81980 Morcilla Black Pudding 1x250g C Spanish black pudding.

Made with onions not rice.

20789 Serrano Ham Sliced 1x500g C Very finely sliced Serrano Ham. The Hams are salted for 2 weeks, washed and then hung in a dry place for about 6 months. Ham is cured for between 6 to 18 months dependant on climate. French 37375 Rosette de Lyon Ogier 1x450g C A french dry cured saucisson. It is made from the leg of pork. The most famous of Lyons sausages. Traditionally served thickly sliced Welsh 75288 Carmarthen Ham Piece per kg C Piece of Camarthen ham unsliced. Wales very own pre runner to Parma Ham. Made with love and attention by Ann and Chris Rees. A premium product.

46650 Pastrami per kg C 62190 Salami Flavoured with Blood, Wine & Chocolate per kg C 81740 Salami Lamb Merguez per kg C 19928 Salami Peppered per kg C 13108 Salami Wild Boar per kg C Salami made from wild boar with cracked black pepper.

British 63117 Black Pudding with Chilli 1x1kg C Manufactured by Brown’s of Chorley. A superb quality black pudding made using the finest ingredients by the renowned Brown’s of Chorley. 28650 Black & White Pudding Roulade Whole per kg C 55421 Chorizo Log Bath Pig per kg C 13333 White Pudding Clonakilty 1xx280g C Chilled white pudding from Clonakilty in Southern Ireland. Excellent creamy quality. Beautiful pan fried or grilled. 36141 White Pudding Stick 1x1.36kg C 75678 Vegetarian Pudding 1x200g C The worlds first vegetarian black pudding. Vegetarians have been missing out. This product has the same distinctive taste as our standard black pudding.

This product is also vegan. Patchwork Paté 59707 Brandy & Herb Paté Piping 1x500g F Chicken liver paté with brandy & herb in a piping bag. Piping bag gives good portion control. Clean Fill. Versatility. Can be used by skilled and unskilled chefs. Recommended average serving 50g 38542 Chicken Liver Parfait 1x1kg C The first ever dairy free chicken liver parfait. Silky smooth. Great as a light lunch or starter 83051 Cointreau & Orange Paté Piping 1x500g F Chicken liver paté with Cointreau orange in a piping bag. Piping bag gives good portion control. Clean Fill. Versatility. Can be used by skilled and unskilled chefs.

Recommended average serving 50g 26916 Stilton & Pear Paté Piping 1x500g F Noble fruit and finest mature cheese marry in this elegantly smooth, eminently satisfying vegetarian paté, giving intriguing sweet savoury flavours that linger long into the night. Average serving 50g 51839 Welsh Dragon Paté Piping 1x500g F Fiery venison paté that jumps with a spice packed pungency that marries with the rich game liver to give a full warming aromatic experience. In a piping bag. Average serving 50g 4536 Brandy & Herb Paté 1x500 F Chicken liver paté with brandy herb. Made in Wales.

3698 Cointreau & Orange Paté 1x450g F Chicken liver paté with Cointreau orange. Made in Wales. 4172 Mushroom & Garlic Paté 1x450g F Chicken liver paté with mushrooms garlic. Made in Wales. 3454 Port & Hazelnut Paté 1x450g F Chicken liver paté with Port and hazelnut. Made in Wales. 3342 Welsh Dragon Paté 1x450g F This fiery venison paté jumps with a spice packed pungency that marries with the rich game liver to give a full warming aromatic experience. Made in Wales.

Terrines 8802 Duck & Chestnuts Terrine Rougie 1x1kg C A rustic style coarse terrine with authentic ingredients to thoroughly satisfy those who appreciate simple good taste.

25877 Ham Hock & Pea Terrine 3x500g F An excellent flavourful duck terrine. Serve with a chiffonade for a light, original presentation. 9238 Pheasant & Chanterelle Terrine Rougie 1x1kg C A great combination of pheasant meat and chanterelle mushrooms 20%

CHEF’S CUISINE DAIRY 19 Welsh Cheese 3110 Brie White Pont Gar per kg C A creamy, white Brie, made in Wales. Average 1.4kg 75690 Caerphilly Oak Smoked Wheel per kg C 3102 Caerphilly Cheese per kg C Crumbly cheese with avarage fat content of 48% and a pleasant sour tang. Light in colour, mild in taste. Average 2.5kg 66754 Caerphilly Gorwydd per kg C The cheese is matured for a minimum of 2 months to give a wonderfully deep flavour, that is yet still fresh and clean tasting, with slight citrus notes. Average 2kg 35855 Caerphilly Round per kg C Average 1.5kg 56999 Caerphilly Smoked 1/2 wheel per kg C Average 1.7kg 6652 Golden Cenarth Cheese 1x250g C Welsh soft creamy cheese, washed rind.

British cheese award Supreme Champion winner.

48823 Golden Cenarth Wheel per kg C 35366 Hafod Cheese per kg C Similar to a Cheddar, Hafod has a distinctive rich, buttery, nutty flavour. The cheese is made in 10kg rounds and matured for 10 to 18 months. Average 2.5kg 51125 Montgomery Cheddar per kg C Montgomery Mature Cheddar is the epitome of traditional, handmade, unpasteurised Somerset Cheddar. Matured for 12 months wrapped in a muslin cloth and has a rich nutty flavour. Average 2.5kg 8294 Perl Las Cheese 1x200g C An organic, blue veined, Welsh Stilton style cheese.

6563 Perl Wen Cheese per kg C An organic, soft white cheese in a Caerphilly and Brie style.

Average 1.2kg 4478 Perl Wen Cheese 1x250g C An organic, soft white cheese in a Caerphilly and Brie style. 1758 Snowdonia Amber Mist 1x200g C Mature Welsh Cheddar cheese with a hint of whisky, encased in a wax truckle.

20 2275 Snowdonia Black Bomber Mature 1x200g C An extra mature Cheddar encased in black wax. 7746 Snowdonia Black Bomber Mature 1x3kg C An extra mature Cheddar encased in black wax. 6882 Snowdonia Bouncing Berry 1x200g C Mature Welsh Cheddar cheese with cranberries, encased in a wax truckle. 1713 Snowdonia Green Thunder 1x200g C Mature Welsh Cheddar cheese with garlic garden herbs, encased in a wax truckle. 4144 Snowdonia Red Devil 1x200g C Red Devil truckle. Red Leicester with chilli pepper. 5586 Snowdonia Smoked Cheddar 1x200g C 70007 Snowdonia Smoked Cheddar 1x2kg C 3708 Tintern 1x1.5kg C A blend of Cheddar cheese, chives, onion and shallots, encased in green wax.

9230 Y Fenni 1x1.5kg C A blend of Cheddar cheese, wholegrain mustard, mustard flours & ale, encased in a clear wax. British Cheese 23421 Cahill Porter per kg C This is a brown waxed gourmet cheese truckle. Each truckle is individually handcrafted with plain Irish porter, brewed by Guinness. Ideal for centre piece on a cheese board. Average 2.3kg 21 62203 Cornish Yarg per kg C Nettle wrapped Cornish Yarg is made from pasteurised cows milk, it is a young fresh lemony cheese, creamy under its natural rind and slightly crumbly in the core.

Average 1kg 60736 Curd Cheese Firm per kg C Average 1kg 2251 Double Gloucester Rinded Belton per kg C Average 1.5kg 1087 Goats Cheese Hard Inglewhite per kg C A hard-pressed, goats milk cheese, bright white in colour and encased in a yellow wax. Average 1kg 48286 Goats Cheese Rosary Wiltshire 1x100g C 19804 Goats Log Rosary 1x1kg C 4402 Lancashire Blue per kg C A cylindrical mould of full fat, pasteurised, soft, blue veined cheese wrapped in aluminium foil. Cave matured.

Average 1.2kg 35368 Lord London per kg C A cross between a Brie & Camembert. A semi-soft white cows milk moulded cheese in the shape of a dome. Clean tasting with a hint of citrus and a natural Creaminess 49796 Paneer Indian Style per kg C A cheese made in an Asian style. No salt is added and it has a short shelf life 7 days. Excellent for cooking as it does not melt. Average 1kg 1388 Red Leicester Fox Belton per kg C A modern British classic with a cunningly unexpected crunch. A russet colour and a wonderful rugged mouth- feel with a hint of crunch. Aged for around 14 to 18 months.

Average 2.4kg 43072 St Duthac per kg C A soft creamy unpasteurised, subtle tasting blue, ere’s milk cheese with a picante flavour.

Scottish. Average 600g 88136 Stilton Cut Wheel per kg C 21cm cut wheel. Average 2kg 3927 Stilton Portion 1x160g C 16133 Tain Truckle This Scottish cheddar has a deep character with a little bit of acidity & citrus flavour per kg C 55969 Tor Ashed Goat Cheese An ash pyramid with a Geotrichum rind, it has a lemony flavour and very smooth close texture. Made with thermised goats milk and vegeterian rennet 1x250g C 50009 Vintage Reserve Cheddar Barber’s 1833 per kg C Average 1.25kg 8128 Wensleydale & Cranberry Cardinal 1x1.2kg C Premium Wensleydale cheese with cranberry pieces.

2289 White Cheshire Appleby’s per kg C A clean and zesty flavoured cheese with a long finish. Applebys goes well with fruit and has excellent cooking properties. Average 2.5kg 2271 White Cheshire Belton per kg C Crumbly cheese with refreshingly lemony flavour, perfect eaten with fruit and salads. Average 3kg French Cheese 32688 Beaufort Cheese per kg C Firm, raw cows milk cheese associated with the Guuyere family. Average 2kg 4984 Bresse Bleu 1x500g C Bresse Bleu is made from pasteurised cows milk in Bresse. This is a soft French cheese with a bloomy edible rind has an aroma of mushrooms. The flavour is rich buttery.

4509 Brie 1x1kg C Fixed weight full wheel brie

22 6033 Brie Smoked 1x1kg C A French brie that is smoked over whisky barrel chippings leaving with a lovely smokey aroma. 26072 Camembert Mini 8x125g C 3117 Camembert President 1x145g C Chilled and boxed, rich, soft, creamy cheese with a whitish rind, originally made near Camembert in Normandy. 8227 Chaource French 1x250g C The center is soft, creamy in colour, and slightly crumbly, and is surrounded by a white Penicillium candidum rind. 46178 Crottin Pasdeloup 12x60g C Individual goats cheese portions fresh from France.

41380 Epoisses 1x250g C A soft cows milk cheese. It has a creamy, chewy and firm texture. Despite its pungent smell, it has a spicy, sweet and salty flavour. 6486 Goats Log 1x1kg C 39366 Goats Log Smoked 1x1kg C 25862 Cados with Calvados 1x250g C Le Cados is unpasteurised. A precious little cheese washed in Calvados and then wrapped in toasted breadcrumbs. A mild appley, earth delight of a cheese with a touch of sweetness 3269 Morbier 1x2kg C Morbier is a creamy, semi-soft, supple cheese with a black decorative layer through the centre.

38482 Morbier Badoz Quartier per kg C The Morbier Badoz is an authentic traditional cheese.

It’s prolonged refining result in a pure flavour and a soft chewy dough that melts in the mouth. Traditionally made in copper vats. Average 1.5kg 57599 Munster 1x125g C Munster is a soft, moist cheese made from pasteurised cows milk. It has a slightly sticky, fine-textured paste and is quite pungent. 3793 Pont L’eveque 1x220g C A soft washed rind French cheese. It has a buttery, savoury flavours with a tangy finish.

22150 Port Salut per kg C Port salut is a semi-pasteurised cows milk cheese it has a distinctive orange crust and a mild flavour. Average 2.2kg 29948 Pouligny St Pierre 1x250g C Often known as the Pyramid due to its cone shape. It is a French goats cheese made in the Indre department of central France 83316 Raclette per kg C 80213 Reblochon AOC Traditional per kg C It has a very distinctive pleasant, aromatic smell with a creamy texture. The flavour can vary from nutty, slightly acidic to milky. Average 500g 32547 Roquefort Cheese Societe per kg C This Ewes milk cheese is white, tangy, crumbly and slightly moist with distinctive veins of green mold.

Average 1.4kg 3028 Tomme De Savoie per kg C A mild, semi-firm cows milk cheese with a beige interior and a thick brownish-grey rind.

Average 1.7kg 23 67996 Vignotte Cheese per kg C It has an intensley creamy, light, rich and buttery texture. A slightly lemony taste making it perfect for grilling. Average 2.5kg Italian Cheese 8477 Asiago Cheese per kg C The aged cheese is often grated in salads, soups, pastas and sauces while the fresh Asiago is sliced to prepare paninis or sandwiches. Can be melted. Average 2.5kg 75123 Burrata Cheese 8x100g C A mozzeralla like ball with a soft centre 7073 Dolcelatte Cheese per kg C An Italian full fat soft cheese, blue veined with a mild taste typical of blue veined cheese.

Made with whole pasteurised milk.

Average 1.5kg 2124 Gorgonzola 1/4 per kg C Soft and creamy. Average 1.5kg. Foil Wrapped 4627 Grana Padano Block 1x1kg C Like Parmesan. 3642 Mascarpone 1x500g C An Italian smooth and creamy textured cheese. 1798 Mozzarella Balls 12x125g C 76982 Mozzarella Bocconcino 1x144g C These small bite size Mozzarella cheese are packaged in a bag of water to preserve the freshness 9137 Mozzarella Buffalo Single 1x125g C Chilled Mozzarella made from milk of the domestic Italian water Buffalo. 57695 Mozzarella Pearls 1x500g C Average of 66 in a tub. 28862 Mozzarella Smoked Block per kg C Chilled, firm white Italian cheese made from buffalo or cows milk.

Average 2.3kg 86031 Parmesan Style Vegetarian 1x200g C An Italian, vegetarian organic Parmesan style cheese

24 5304 Pecarino Romano per kg C When young, the cheese has a soft and rubbery texture with sweet and aromatic flavour. The flavour becomes sharper and smokier when aged for eight months or longer. Average 2kg 3595 Pecarino Sardo Authentic 1x2kg C Is a firm cheese from the Italian island of Sardinia. Made from sheep milk. 6499 Ricotta Cheese 1x1.5kg C A delicate, slightly sweet and creamy flavour with a smooth texture. 5273 Taleggio per kg C A semi-soft, washed rind, smear- ripened Italian cheese.

Has a thin crust and a strong aroma, but its flavour comparatively mild with an unusual fruity tang.

Average 2-2.5kg European Cheese 35492 Cambozola Mini 1x150g C Cambozola is a cows milk cheese that is a combination of a French soft- ripened triple cream cheese and Italian Gorgonzola. 4804 Danish Blue 10x100g C A pure, sharp yet salty tasting blue cheese which is both spreadable and sliceable. Perfect for cheeseboards. 58059 Edam per kg C Semi-hard cheese which has a coat of red paraffin wax. Average 2kg 9079 Feta Block 1x900g C A traditional Greek white soft cheese ripened in salt brine and produced from fresh, pasteurised sheep milk 70% and goats milk 30%.

1719 Feta Diced 1x400g C 2342 Haloumi 1x250g C A salty semi hard Greek cheese that is perfect for cooking at high tempertures as it keeps its shape and distinctive flavour.

74009 Gouda per kg C This popular semi hard cheese has a rich and unique flavour. Great paired with beer or Riesling. Average 4kg. 44719 Maasdam per kg C Semi hard Dutch cheese. The most characteristic features are its eye holes. It has a creamy texture and a sweet, buttery, nutty taste with a fruity background. Melt on casseroles. Average 2.4kg 14849 Macebo Alvino Murcia per kg C A creamy Goats milk product, pressed, its white body is rinsed with red wine. Ripened for at least 45 days. Subtly sharp and only slightly salty flavour. Average 2.7kg 25 36184 Mahon per kg C A soft to hard cheese made from cows milk. It is named after the port of Mahon on the island of Minorca. Average 3kg 71090 Manchego per kg C Manchego is a sheep milk cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain. The sheep are the Manchega breed. Average 1kg 25878 Manchego per kg C Manchego is a sheeps milk cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain. Aged over 6 months The sheep are the Manchega breed. PDO Certified. Average 3kg. 16435 Old Amsterdam Cheese per kg C An 18 month aged Gouda cheese, with its caramel colour and rich flavour with small crystals which appear during ripening.

Aveage 2.7kg 55065 Picos Blue Cabrales per kg C A blue cheese from the region of Liebana in the North of Spain. A mixture of cows, sheep and goats milk. It is yellowish and covered with a bluish green lines of Penicillin mould. Average 3kg Liquid Eggs 1553 Liquid Egg White 1x1kg C The hassle has been taken out of preparing egg whites with this super convenient liquid egg white, perfect for meringues, mousse or as a healthy alternative to whole egg. C 6748 Liquid Egg Whole 1x1kg Whole liquid egg is simple convenient to use, comes in a sealable, easy to store container. Tastes great in omelettes, Spanish tortilla or quiches.

C 5692 Liquid Egg Yolk 1x1kg Pasteurised. Create delicious mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, rich desserts in minutes with zero-hassle liquid egg yolk. Simply use straight from the bottle for a quick tasty ingredient.

Butter & Spreads 4093 Welsh Butter Portions 1x100 C Perfectly balanced with sweet notes and saltiness background flavours of malt and caramel on the palette. 54511 Salted Butter Rolls 20x250g C With Cristal of Guerande Salt Milk 38418 Buttermilk 1x500ml C A slightly sour milk. Buttermilk is slightly thicker than milk but not as thick as cream. Usually lower far than regular milk and cream

26 CHEF’S CUISINE FRUIT & VEGETABLES 27 Fruit, Flowers & Vegetables - Fresh 50467 Apple Blossom Koppert Cress 4x100s C A decorative heart or angel shaped salmon rose flower with the fresh sour taste of apples.

Creatively used in desserts & cocktails 60833 Artichokes Jerusalem per kg C 80475 Aubergines Baby 1x1kg C Whole fresh aubergine. Technically a fruit but used as a vegetable. Also known as eggplant. Can be used in veg curry, ratatouille, delicious on a bbq. 25094 Beetroot Candy Stripe per kg C A beautiful deep pink skinned, stripey pink and white fleshed beetroot with a sweet flavour. It looks spectacular on salads 42191 Beetroot Heritage Mixed 1x5kg C Golden, chioggia, and crapaudine. 78215 Borage Flowers 1x20g C Fresh borage flower heads only approx 20g weight. Star shaped with normally blue petals.

Use for decorating desserts and salad. Slight honey taste. 53386 Carrots Baby Mixed 12x150g C Mixed colour heritage carrots small. 55752 Carrots Heritage Mixed 1x5kg C Purple, yellow, orange.

21606 Cauliflower Mixed 6 pack C Mixed colours 18618 Cauliflower Purple each C 14674 Chicory Baby Punnets 1x4x8 C 50987 Chicory Red per kg C 78836 Chicory White 1x4.5kg C 87005 Crosnes 1x2kg C Stachys affnis, commonly called crosnes, chinese artichokes. Its rhizome can be grown and eaten as a root vegetable. 37868 Cucamelon Punnet 1x15 C 51779 Fennel Baby 1 punnet C 35898 Figs per kg C Average 2kg tray 79212 Figs Sollies per tray C Superb quality fresh fig from Sollies in France. Purple to ribbed black colour. Fruit is dense and elegant, taste of watermelon and strawberry jam. Serve with air dried ham or cheese, game, pork.

Average 3kg Tray 80316 Garlic Black per kg C Black Garlic is a type of caramelised garlic first used in Asian cuisine. It is made by heating whole bulbs of garlic over the course of several weeks, a process that results in black cloves 44136 Garlic Three Cornered 1x100g C 20370 Kholrabi 1x1kg C 51829 Lemons Menton 1x5kg C 10922 Monks Beard 1x200g C A relative unknown green. Thought to have originated from the Cappuccino Monks in Tuscany. Its texture is succulent and moist and its flavour is similar to chard with a slightly bitter aftertaste. 18244 Hibiscus Petals Medlys 1x140g C

28 62577 Nasturtium Flowers 1x20g C Fresh Nasturtium flowers and leaves only approx 20g weight. Ideal as a decorative and edible garnish to enhance your starters or desserts. 22068 Onions Grelot White 1 bunch C 14283 Pansies Edible 1 punnet C 71068 Pea Shoots 1x100g C Curly tips of the parsley flower stems. Use as a decorative addition to dishes. 83248 Peaches 1x32 C 77827 Peaches Blood - Squashed 1x26 C 32177 Pineberries 12x100g C Strawberries but oppisite colours! 85372 Plantain 1x4kg C 78441 Potatoes Pink Fir 1x5kg A 29846 Rocket Micro each C 35575 Salsify 1x1kg C 22580 Tomatoes Heirloom 1x3.5kg C Mixed variety heirloom tomatoes 66468 Tomatoes San Marzano 1x4kg C Considered by some chefs to be the finest in the world 84649 Turnips Baby 1x400g C 48396 Watermelon each C Herbs 6279 Amaranth Red Micro 1x30g C Red amaranth cress has a mild beetroot flavour is great with stir fries, egg dishes and as an attractive garnish to salads and meats.

3781 Basil Red Micro 1x30g C Deep green leaves with purple tinge & light green stems. Aniseed liquorice flavour, sweet basil aroma, fragrant. Crisp to bite, stem leaves form a light texture. 3663 Chard Red Micro 1x30g C Micro Red Chard Cress has an earthy flavour similar to spinach. Can be used with mushrooms, cheeses and salads. 70911 Chervil 1 bunch C A delicate herb related to the parsley family. Commonly used to season mild flavoured dishes 5971 Coriander Micro 1x30g C Mid dark green stemmed micro leaf with medium to light green leaves with seed casings present. Fresh flavoured with a distinct spicy aroma.

Crisp to bite, stems leaves for a light texture.

56431 Parsley Micro each C 81636 Sarriette Savoury 1 bunch C Sarriette is a French herb used for sea- soning food in Provence 29 Fruit & Vegetables - Dried 42233 Chickpeas 1x500g A 5154 Cranberries Dried 1x1kg A 67857 Golden/Blonde Raisins Supermodel of the dried fruit family. A normal raisin is simply dried red grape, a golden one is more high maintenance. Treated with Sulphure Dioxide and oven dried it gives it a glowing amber colour 1x1kg A 16422 Orange Peel Candied Strips 1x1kg A Candied orange peel strips. The strips are not uniform in size.

Fruit & Vegetables - Frozen 15359 Lingonberry 1x1kg Also called Mountain Cranberries. Smaller than cranberries, sour-sweet and a slighty bitter taste. They contain more sugar than cranberries.

30 Fruit & Vegetables - Preserved 60512 Figs In Syrup 12x820g A A soft pear shaped fruit, with sweet dark flesh and many small seeds, eaten fresh or dried. 73122 Ginger Pickled 1x450g A 30868 Griottines Kirsch Pitted 1x2ltr A A special morrello cherry. Oblachinska cherry found in the Balkans. Macerated in alcohol pitted cherries, no stalk. 37815 Laver Bread Parsons 1x120g A Traditional Welsh seaweed, ready for use in a tin and pre cooked. Great added to scrambled egg or making its own pesto. Mix with hollandaise over eggs benedict. 19727 Maraschino Cocktail Cheries 1x500ml A 48117 Pears in Syrup Mini Brover each A 34072 Quince Paste 1x200g A A firm paste which can be cut into slices, like a fruit style paté.

Funghi - Frozen 42795 Girolle Mushrooms 1x1kg F Funghi - Fresh 52493 Girolle Mushrooms Medium per kg C From Belorussia 39749 Girolle Mushrooms Small per kg C Bulgarian.

Average 1kg 87283 Pied Mouton Bulgarian per kg C Pale brown cap with white underside. Hedgehog mushroom. Spiky underside rather than gills. Sweet nutty taste, spicy after taste. Average 1kg Funghi - Dried 83931 Mushrooms Mixed Dried 1x400g A High quality mix of 50 Oyster, 40 Shitake and 10 Porcini mushrooms which all re-hydrate to a nice soft texture and also gives you a rich mushroom stock. 49089 Porcini Choice 1x500g A Dried mushrooms Boletus Edulis Cep. Considered better dried than fresh. Nutty taste. Soak before use. Ideal for pasta and steak sauces.

ROBBIE Head Chef Galeri Restaurant Robbie has experience in kitchens up to 2 star Michelin from Rhodes 24 London at the age of 15 to Hibiscus in London and so on, to working in high end restaurants and hotels all his career.

Robbie was on Master Chef the Professionals in 2011 reaching just short of the 1/4 finals. Robbie has gone from head chef of the 2 rosette Seiont Manor and is now head chef of the new revitalised Galeri Restaurant where he will be cooking stylish dishes at the standard of the high end establishments, he has worked but a relaxed and affordable experience. CHEF’S CUISINE Last of the Season Ingredients • 2 duck legs • Head of smoked garlic • Sprig of Thyme • 500g goose fat • 4 baby beetroot • 2 Bone marrow • 1 egg • 200ml cream • Sosa Viking salt for seasoning • 1 tsp Sosa beetroot powder • 2 tbsp Sosa airbag (pork rind) • 2 drops Cherry essence • 100 ml Olive oil half for beetroot half for airbag Method Confit the duck legs in goose fat thyme and the head of smoked garlic At 120 oc for 3 1/2 hours.

While that is cooking prepare the bone marrow by taking out the bone and poach in the great until cream has reduced by half and bone marrow is incorporated season with a touch of Viking salt and blitz to a purée. Once to a purée set aside till needed. Prepare the beetroot by vac packing with olive oil cherry essence, beetroot powder and a pinch of Viking salt cook in a pan of boiling water till soft to touch then take out of pan and leave to cool in vac pack bag.

So now you need to make the (soil) get a small pan and put in enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan take and heat till hot then add airbag and cook till all puffed up stir throughout when done strain out oil and leave to cool and set aside. Now heat up purée and beetroot slowly. Now the duck legs have cooked take out of oil and shred then chop roughly and put in pan heat adding the airbag and a touch of Viking salt then taste to check your happy with taste and texture. Now ready to plate. Put the (soil) in a line across the plate the take beetroot out of bag and aline on the soul to look like its in the ground then take purée and put on bottom of the plate then use oil from the beetroot and drizzle on the plate garnish with a few mustard frills and the plate is ready

32 Herbs, Spices & Seasonings 31295 All Spice Ground 1x225g A 52657 Anise Ground 1x500g A 83919 Cardamom Pods Whole 1x400g A 6538 Cardamoms Whole 1x400g A An aromatic spice indigenous to South India and Sri Lanka. The seed is from a member of the ginger family. It has a wonderful aroma an enticing warm spicy-sweet flavour. 5923 Cinnamon Ground 1x450g A 53083 Cinnamon Sticks 1x120g A 8224 Coriander Ground 1x450g A 8037 Coriander Seeds 1x300g A 40600 Creole Seasoning Dry 1x265g A 5948 Cumin Ground 1x450g A Traditionally spice used in North African recipes. Also used in South Asian cookery known as Jeera.

Distinctive taste and warm aroma. Use in tagine stews.

6109 Cumin Seeds 1x300g A 62410 Curry Leaves 1x50g A Dried curry leaves are unrelated to the ground spice mix curry powder. They are an essential part of South Indian cooking adding a subtle aroma to simple dishes complexity to highly spiced ones. CHEF’S CUISINE GROCERY 6187 Fennel Seeds Whole 1x400g A Primary ingredient of Absinthe. Slight aniseed taste. From the fennel plant. 25848 Fenugreek Ground 1x700g A Fenugreek is a spice used in curry powder. 42229 Fenugreek Seeds 1x370g A 61290 Four Pepper Mix 1.475g A 5323 Ginger Ground 1x500g A 11966 Harissa Spice Blend 1x600g A A blend of herbs and spices.

67155 Harissa Tube 1x70g A 23099 Jerk Seasoning 1x650g A 12397 Lavender Buds Dried 1x454g A Dried petal tips of the lavander plant. Purple, highly fragrant. Can be used to infuse custards and jellys. Makes a superb twist when used to flavour home made ice cream.

60686 Marjoram Rubbed 1x600g A 9455 Mustard Flour 1x370g A 87943 Mustard Seeds Black 1x320g A 3120 Nutmeg Ground 1x500g A 53273 Onion Seeds Black 1x265g A 46644 Oregano Ground 1x2.5kg A 57357 Paprika Hot Smoked 1x600g A 28407 Paprika Sweet Smoked 1x540g A Traditionally used in Spanish cookery. Top quality La Vera. Deep flavour ideal for paella. Smokey and sweet aroma. 47917 Pepper Black Fine Cracked 1x2.5kg A 2966 Peppercorns Green In Brine 1x800ml A Use in soups, sauces, patés and stews. 4941 Peppercorns Pink 1x270g A Seasoning spice. Baie Rose Dried berry from the Peruvian peppertree. Complementary to game and meat dishes.

Use in marinades and dressings. Similar to juniper 27651 Peppercorns Sarawak 1x50g A A somewhat rare peppercorn found in Malaysia that has recently gained notoriety. The pepper conveys a soft berry or chocolate flavour to most foods 76511 Peppercorns Szechuan Whole 1x250g A Also known as Chinese coriander. Lemony taste with tingly sensation. Used widely in Himilayan and Indonesian cuisine.

48152 Peppercorns Tasmanian 1x125g A 48416 Piri Piri 1x550g A Spice. Blend of African cayenne, Pequin and Ancho chillies, dried tomato and lemon. Use as a rub or dusting on chicken or prawns. 4689 Poppy Seeds Blue 1x400g A 9296 Pumpkin Seeds 1x1kg A Pumpkin seeds have a subtly sweet and nutty taste with chewy texture. Goes great with sauteed vegetables, salads and cereals. 39915 Raz el Hanout 1x250g A A spice mix from North Africa. The name is arabic for head of the shop implies a mixture of the best spices the seller has to offer. Used in many savoury dishes, sometimes rubbed on meat.

67597 Saffron Powder 1x0.125g A Finely ground Saffron, in paper wraps.

Ideal for delicate saffron flavour which can be mixed smoothly into dishes without leaving strands visible 7910 Star Anise 1x250g A Contains seeds of aniseed flavour. 64800 Sumac Ground 1x260g A Sumac is a lemony, tangy spice which is often used in Middle Eastern cooking as a seasoning, like salt & pepper 47341 Togarashi Spice Blend 1x600g A For savoury dishes. A blend of spices, seeds, seaweed and orange peel. 3571 Tumeric Ground 1x550g A

34 Pasta 37559 Lasagne Sheets 1x3kg F 26x21cm 48969 Lasagne Sheets for Ravioli 1x1kg C 26x21cm 57493 Lasagne Sheets Gluten Free 12x250g A 88635 Orzo Rosa Marina 1x500g A Pasta that looks like flat rice. Can be used in pilafs, soups, stews as a base for meat and veg dishes. Also good with salads. 46829 Pappardelle Pasta Dried 12x500g A Pappardelle pasta are very large, broad, flat pasta noodles. 41129 Penne Pasta Gluten Free 8x500g A Natural gluten free pasta made in Italy from a blend of maize and rice. 41785 Penne Pasta Wholewheat 12x500g A 28132 Tagliatelle Pasta 1x1kg C 7395 Linguine Black 1x500g A Linguine pasta coloured with squid ink Rice 5598 Arborio Risotto 1x1kg A 34680 Carnaroli Rice 1x2.5kg A Aged from 1 to 3 years.

Ageing renders starch, protein and vitamins less water-soluble, improving the consistency of the grains, enabling them to absorb more cooking liquid. Great for risotto.

62945 Carnaroli Rice Riso Gallo 5x1kg A King of risotto rice. A high quality rice with large, full bodied grains. 3349 Ground Rice 1x3kg A 6224 Japanese Sushi Rice 1x10kg A Sushi rice is a preparation of rice, typically a short grained, white Japanese rice which goes sticky once cooked. 36245 Paella Rice La Asturiana 1x1kg A Super absorbent for the best results. Top quality. 17255 Wild Rice 100% 6x125g A The roasted seed grain of a wetland grass. Wild rice has a mild, nutty fla- vour. Great mixed with other grains 35 Pulses & Cereals 2968 Butter Beans White Large 1x3kg A 31444 Cannellini Beans Alubia 1x3kg A A type of white kidney bean especially popular in Italy.

Used in minestrone other Mediterranean dishes. 4241 Cous Cous 1x500g A Traditional Berber style semolina durum wheat used for North African dishes. 48058 Cous Cous Large Isreali 1x1kg A 7415 Haricot Beans 4x3kg A Probably best known when covered in tomato sauce called baked beans. They are small oval creamy coloured beans. Also known as navy beans. 9618 Lentils Puy 1x3kg A Higher quality lentils. Small and generally dark green in colour. 3351 Lentils Red Split 1x3kg A 5676 Pearl Barley 1x3kg A Pearly barley tastes great when added to stews and casseroles, and is a filling addition to soups and broths.

2521 Polenta Corn Meal 1x1kg A Coarse ground dried maize corn. 7252 Popcorn Kernels 1x850g A Traditional corn for making popcorn in a covered pan.

64977 Quinoa Organic 1x1kg A Used extensively in Andean cuisine. A versatile grain. Cooks in about 20 minutes. Rinse well before use. Great for salads and stews. 87187 Quinoa Seeds Black 1x1kg A Can be used in savoury dishes risotto, garnishes and in sweet dishes and biscuit dough.

36 1591 Sago 1x3kg A A powdery starch obtained from the trunks of certain sago palms and used in Asia as a food thickener and textile stiffener. 2986 Semolina 1x3kg A Made from durum wheat where pasta is derived from. Produces a thick, creamy dessert. A small proportion of semolina can be added to the usual bread making mix to produce a tasty crust.

4221 Tapioca 1x3kg A Used to make milky puddings similar to rice pudding and semolina. A starchy substance in the form of hard white grains, obtained from cassava. 62731 Wheat Bran 1x2.5kg A Used to enrich breads and used in fermenting.

Flour 31257 Brown Bread Flour Gluten Free 5x1kg A 86184 Buckwheat Flour 5x1kg A A pale grey brown flour with brown specks. 42730 Gram Flour 1x1kg A Finely milled chickpeas. Use for making Socca or Bhajis. It can also be used as an egg replacement in vegan cookery. 19471 Granary Flour 1x16kg A Granary Flour comes from malting wheat. 76934 Italian Tipo OO Flour 1x1.5kg A For making pasta and pizza. 36452 Malthouse Bread Flour 5x1kg A 6854 Moul Bie Panif T55 Flour 1x25kg A For making bread baguettes. 20072 Potato Flour Gluten Free 6x500g A Use potato flour to bake muffins cookies or add it to sauces, gravies and soups for a thicker consistency.

Alternately it can be combined with rice flour etc.

3123 Rice Flour 1x1.5kg A Ideal for people with wheat gluten allergies. 84683 Rye Flour Light 1x1kg A 33599 Rye Flour Wholegrain 5x1kg A Organic, stoneground. Naturally lower in gluten produces a close textured bread with a pleasing continental flavour. 100% rye flour. 39535 White Plain Flour Gluten Free 5x1kg A Unbleached gluten free alternative to wheat flour will need a little extra liquid in most standard recipes. 47088 White Self Raising Flour Gluten Free 5x1kg A This is a blend milled from naturally gluten free rice, potato, tapioca, maize and buckwheat. Will require a little extra liquid in most recipes. 37 Sugars 81796 Atomised Glucose Powder 1x5kg A Atomised glucose to be used in baking. 2457 Blossom Honey 1x680g A Squeezable pure natural blossom honey in a convenient non drip bottle. 2573 Blossom Honey Clear 1x1.36kg A Squeezable pure natural blossom honey is 100% honey in a convenient pourable bottle. 11819 Fondant Icing White 1x1kg A White Fondant Patissier. Heat the fondant at 33-36 degrees, add an amount of water to gain the required texture. Add flavourings and colourings as required. 84975 Glucose Liquid 1x1kg A Glucose syrup in handy 1kg tub. 12664 Isomalt 1x1kg A For the preperation of shapes and artistic decorations for confectionary.

81366 Palm Sugar 1x500g A Nutrient rich low glycaemic crystalline sweetener that looks, tastes, dissolves and melts exactly like sugar but it is completely natural and unrefined Salt 17092 Coarse Salt Guerande 1x10g A Used as a food preservative and helps to keep your patés and terrines looking fresh. Pink salt.

2624 Sea Salt Pure Halen Mon 1x500g A Produced in Anglesey. An excellent finishing sea salt as used by Aled Williams Great British Menu, Chris Chown Plas Bodegroes and Heston Blumenthal . 17175 Sea Salt Celery Halen Mon 10x103g A 40133 Sea Salt Charcoal Halen Mon 10x103g A 76896 Sea Salt Fine Halen Mon 10x103g A 65445 Sea Salt Oak Smoked Halen Mon 10x103g A 29381 Sea Salt Spiced Halen Mon 10x103g A 55197 Sea Salt Vanilla Halen Mon 10x103g A 1213 Sea Salt Flaky Crystal Maldon 12x250g A Maldon Crystal Salt company is a family run business growing from strength to strength.

38 Relish & Chutney 8605 Ale Chutney Welsh 6x285g A With Tomos Watkins Cwrw Idris.

4450 Apple Chutney Welsh 6x311g A 65107 Jager Onion Jam Welsh 1x1kg C 37910 Jager Tomato & Pepper Jam Welsh 1x1kg C 71488 Mushroom Marmalade Smokey 6x100g A 65536 Old Tomato Chutney Welsh 1x1kg C 4305 Red Onion Caramel Chutney 1x1.35kg A Made with traditional ingredients. No additives. 1131 Red Onion Marmalade V.Benoist’s’ 1x1.25ltr A This Red Onion Marmalade Chutney has a very high solids content, that doesn’t bleed on the plate making it ideal for pre-plating. Made using only the finest natural ingredients. 23596 Tomato Chutney Flame Roasted 1x1.35kg A Made with traditional ingredients. No additives.

Olives 47507 Antipasti Olives 1x2kg C Green Kalamata Garlic cloves Red pepper strips Cornichons mixed together. Needs to be turned frequently once opened to keep coated and to prevent oxidation. 45090 Green Greek Garlic & Basil Olives 1x2kg C Green olives marinated with garlic and basil. Needs to be turned frequently once opened to keep coated and to prevent oxidation. 4906 Green Olives Stuffed with Sundried Tomato 1x2kg C Pitted green olives stuffed with sundried tomatoes giving a fresh mediterranean flavour.

56868 Kalamata Baby Olived in Herbs de Provence 1x2kg C Purple skinned Baby Kalamata Olives marinated in Herbes de Provence.

Needs to be turned frequently once opened to keep coated and to prevent oxidation. 5973 Mixed Olives Black & Green 1x1kg C Mistoliva marinated mixed black green olives picked and put in brine, then marinated in sunflower oil. 61424 Mixed Olives Pitted 1x2kg C Mixed colour olives. Needs to be turned frequently once opened to keep coated to prevent oxidation. 71754 Mixed Olives Pitted Flavoured in Garlic, Chilli & Herbs de Provence 1x2kg C Mixed colour olives marinated with garlic, chilli, and Herbes de Provence. Needs to be turned frequently once opened to keep coated and to prevent oxidation.

15976 Mixed Olives Siciliana 1x1.5kg C Kalamata, Halkidiki olives with garlic, peppers mustard seeds. Pickles 61154 Caperberries 1x1.5kg A Caperberries with Spirit Vinegar. In a re-sealable plastic jar. Drained weight 730g. 7397 Capers Lilliput 1x1.18ltr A Extra small and delicious, these capers are packed with taste. They are indispensable as garnishes, tossed into salads, basic ingredient for Pasta Puttanesque, and great mixed in with olives. 39 75997 Cipoline Borettane Onions 1x1.5kg A Small onions marinated in balsamic vinegar. Antipasti 17615 Artichokes Chargrilled 1x2kg C Traditional favourite marinated in oil.

19398 Dolmades Stuffed Vine Leaves 1x2kg A Vine leaves stuffed with rice.

40 78535 Peppers Bell Stuffed with Cheese 1x2kg C Kabanaki peppers stuffed with cream cheese marinated in oil. 39716 Peppers Stuffed with Cheese 1x2kg C Small round red peppers stuffed with cream cheese. Red African Peppers stuffed with cream cheese. 14003 Sunpomo Semi-Dried Tomatoes 1x2kg C Semi dried tomotoes in quaters. Vinegars 47435 Balsamic Glaze of Modena 1x500ml A Perfect for enhancing the presentation of the service of plates great with fruit desserts mixed salads. Contains 39% vinegar of Modena. Authentic aged PGI vinegar used.

9190 Balsamic Glaze Syrup 1x500ml A Balsamic Glaze Previously called syrup .

Delicious vinegar glaze made from Balsamic vinegar from Modena. Naturally sweet this rich tasty glaze is special enough to finesse sweet savoury dishes. 1523 Balsamic Vinegar 1x500ml A Can be used as a salad dressing. 1076 Balsamic Vineger Ortalli 1x5ltr A 76919 Balsamic Vinegar San Carlos 5 Years Old 1x250ml A 15044 Balsamic Vinegar Manicardi 12 Years Old 1x250ml A 82467 Chardonnay Vinegar 1x500ml A 80209 Cider Vinegar Clovis 1x1ltr A Clovis cider vinegar is made exclusively from cider from Normandy, probably the most famous in Europe and brings a flavour so characteristic of the apple. 33960 Cider Vinegar English 1x5ltr A 37078 Cider Vinegar Raw 6x500ml A Made from apples grown in Normandy 23264 Jerez Sherry Vinegar 1x250ml A Arvum sherry vinegar.

A sherry vinegar toned down by the addition of a small amount of muscat sweet wine. This vinegar is perfect for seasoning, marinading, pickling and brine sauce reduction.

11848 Raspberry Vinegar Clovis 1x1ltr A A fantastic all round vinegar from Clovis. Good for marinades, deglazing finishing sauces. 1757 Red Wine Vinegar 1x5ltr A Can be used as a salad dressing or a marinade. 27518 Rice Wine Vinegar 1x500ml A Used as a seasoning for Sushi rice. Yellowish liquid with added sugar to add sweetness 1866 Sherry Vinegar 1x500ml A 2627 White Vinegar Distilled 1x5ltr A Distilled vinegar is produced by distilling malt vinegar to give a clear, colourless liquid. 41 Oils 3900 Basil Infused Olive Oil 1x500ml A Produced by infusing olive oil with fresh basil to produce a distinctive and characteristic fresh basil flavour.

38830 Cep Oil 1x500ml A 29441 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1x1ltr A Plastic Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 24534 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequino 1x500ml A Used by many chefs, it is a full flavoured yet economical, high quality olive oil. It is very versatile and packs a fruity punch. Made by Castelanotti from Cordoba, Spain. 12122 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fruttato 1x750m A A special extra virgin olive oil aimed at satisfying the most demanding palates. Perfect for dressings of vegetables, seafood salads, red and roasted meats 47560 Flax Seed Oil Biona 6x250ml A Biona organic flax seed oil contains the triple unsaturated linolenic fatty acid is a uniquely high concentration.

A rich and natural source of Omega 3 7796 Garlic Infused Olive Oil 1x500ml A Produced by infusing olive oil with fresh garlic to produce a distinctive and characteristic fresh garlic flavour. 83745 Rapeseed Oil 1x5ltr A 75871 Rapeseed Oil 1x15ltr A Bag in box 46847 Sesame Oil 1x2ltr A 27254 Trennspray Spray Release 1x600ml A Grease spray, odourless & tasteless, economical consumption. Very good adhesion properties. No residues, pure vegetable oil & waxes. For all baking sheets & high baking tins 3176 Walnut Oil 1x250ml A Cooking Fats & Lard 8946 Duck Fat 1x3.5kg A 18048 Duck Fat 1x1.2ltr A 1746 Goose Fat 1x350g A 69411 Iberico Lard per kg C Average 2.5kg.

Iberico pork fat with its intensely creamy texture and nutty flavour is the extra virgin olive oil of meat Cooking Alcohol 3261 Madeira Cooking 1x3ltr A A robust fortified wine, with a characteristic flavour created by heating during the maturing process. It’s a useful, more premium substitute for sherry in a dish.

72753 Marsala Cooking Wine Gourmet 1x3ltr A 7631 Port/Ruby Cooking 1x3ltr A Made from Portuguese grapes, perfect for rich indulgent dishes like foie gras, and blue cheeses. 2688 Red Cooking Wine 1x10ltr A Perfect for dishes requiring red wine as a key ingredient. Specifically for professional culinary use, it delivers a great flavour time after time. 2172 Red Cooking Wine 1x3ltr A Perfect for dishes requiring red wine as a key ingredient. Specifically for professional culinary use, it delivers a great flavour time after time. 3184 Red Cooking Wine Premium 1x5ltr A Perfect for dishes requiring red wine as a key ingredient.

Specifically for professional culinary use, it delivers a great flavour time after time. Premium grade.

42 38856 Verjus du Perigord White 1x750ml A Made from pressing unripe grapes. Not as acidic as vinegar but sharper than wine. 5972 White Cooking Wine 1x10ltr A Perfect for dishes requiring white wine as a key ingredient. Specifically for professional culinary use, it delivers a great flavour time after time. 2179 White Cooking Wine 1x3ltr A 4187 White Cooking Wine Premium 1x5ltr A Bouillon, Stocks & Bases 2227 Bisque Lobster 1x1.5kg A Smooth, creamy, highly seasoned soup, made from lobster. 11768 Glace Beef 1x600g A 2594 Glace Lobster 1x600g A Spoon directly into sauces or reductions. Use as a glaze or thicken to make a jus.

Use as a warm drizzle. Mix with oilve oil to create an interesting dressing. Suitable for Coeliacs. 2529 Jus Beef Signature 1x1ltr A 59863 Jus Chicken Premier 1x1kg A 4539 Jus Veal Premier 1x1kg A Makes up to 8ltr. To make 1 litre of stock whisk 125g of the product into 1 litre of warm water in a saucepan. Bring to the boil stirring constantly, allow to simmer 2-3 minutes before use.

72156 Oak Smoked Water Halen Mon 15x150ml A 46552 Pro Bouillon Jelly Beef 1x800g A Concentrated beef bouillon. For 1 Litre stir approximately 1 tablespoon 25g into 1 litre of hot water bring to boil. Simmer for 1 minute. Store in ambient dry place after open up to 1 month. 43 54975 Pro Bouillon Jelly Chicken 1x800g A Concentrated chicken bouillon. For 1 litre of bouillon stir approximately 1 tablespoon 25g into 1 litre of hot water bring to boil. Simmer for 1 minute. Store ambient dry place 1 month after open. 29542 Pro Bouillon Jelly Vegetable 1x800g A Concentrated vegetable bouillon.

For 1 litre of bouillon stir approximately 1 tablespoon 25g into 1 litre of hot water bring to the boil. Simmer for 1 minute. Store ambient, dry place. Use within 1 month after opening.

15653 Stock Base Aromatic 1x1kg A A versatile and fragrant base with delicate tones of lemongrass, coriander, ginger and star anise. Perfect for introducing Asian flavours into your cooking. 29712 Stock Base Master 1x1kg A A classic stock base for Asian broths, this gloriously rich meaty base has layers of flavour and hints of garlic, ginger and star anise. 82419 Stock Base Miso Broth 1x1kg A A well-rounded broth base made with Miso, a traditional fermented soy, blended with a light savoury background for a perfectly balanced taste 22059 Stock Liquid Veal 1x2.5kg A 15373 Stock Liquid Beef 1x2.5kg A 40136 Stock Liquid Chicken 1x2.5kg A Using only one specification of bone to ensure an optimum fat to meat ratio and with only premium quality ingredients reaching the stock pot 21278 Stock Mix Beef 1x800g A 55274 Stock Mix Chicken 1x800g A 51129 Stock Mix Fish 1x700g A 73928 Stock Mix Lamb 1x700g A 13074 Stock Mix Veg 1x800g A Juices 44523 Carrot Juice 6x750ml A 80844 Pomegranate Juice 6x1lt A 17216 Sea Buckthorn Juice 1x250ml A Made from hand-picked organically grown Sea Buckthorn berries Pacific Rim Products 8125 Chinese Pancakes 1x10 F Authentic hand made pancakes for use with oriental dishes.

1203 Coconut Cream Block 12x200g A 31088 Coconut Milk Suree 12x400ml A Selected from ripe coconuts. The kernels are pressed to extract the creamy liquid. Premium coconut milk 17% fat. 3701 Fish Sauce Blue Dragon 1x1ltr A A clear amber odour thin sauce extracted from the anchovies and salt. The flavour and odour are salty and fishy typical of fermented product. 16776 Green Tea Powder Matcha 1x100g A Powdered form of the highest grade tea leaves. It is so healthy because it completely dissolves in water. 5680 Hoi Sin Sauce 1x2ltr A A sweet, salty, tangy sauce. 5737 Kombu Seaweed 1x1kg C Kombu is edible kelp from the family Laminariaceae widely eaten in East Asia.

30837 Konbu Dashi Powder 1x100g A A good source of glutamic acid, an amino acid responsible for umami. Konbu is used in Japanese cuisines as one of the three main ingrediants needed to make dashi, a soup stock. 54151 Konbu Dashi Powder 1x1kg A A good source of glutamic acid, an amino acid responsible for umami. Konbu is used in Japanese cuisine s as one of the three main ingredients needed to make dashi, a soup stock. 2907 Miso Soya Bean Paste 1x1kg C Miso paste or soy bean paste is essential in Japanese cooking. Miso is made by fermenting soy beans with salt and koji, which are cultured grains such as rice, barley and soy beans.

44 10144 Noodles Ramen Brown Rice 6x280g A 100% brown rice Japanese style noodle cakes. 58854 Noodles Udon Brown Rice 6x200g A Quick to cook, delicious to taste easy to digest Artisan family producers slowly air dry mature these noodles to concentrate their umami flavours. 36588 Noodles Vermicelli Clear 1x500g A 20943 Oyster Sauce Wing Yip 1x150ml A 2148 Panko Breadcrumbs 1x1kg A Japanese breadcrumbs for Oriental cooking. Flakes of white breadcrumbs. Popular in Japanese cuisine, used to coat prawns, fish or meat before deep frying for delicious crunchy texture. 3541 Soy Sauce Kikkoman 1x1ltr A From lighter, sweeter sauces to dark, rich soy sauces, there is one to compliment any type of dish.

Kikkoman are THE soy sauce makers of Japan, sitting on tables in homes and restaurants.

48724 Soy Sauce Light 1x2ltr A Type of sauce used in Chinese or Japanese cooking. 67185 Sweet Chilli Dip 1x750g A 6540 Sweet Chilli Dip 1x2.2ltr A A sweet Thai dipping sauce with a perfect blend of red chillies, red bell peppers and garlic. 6596 Sweet Chilli Sauce 1x2ltr A Thick sweet chilli sauce made from a special blend of Asian spices. 76966 Tamarind Paste 1x454g A Sauce Paste used in Indian dishes. 62506 Tempura Battermix 1x1.5kg A Tempura is a classic Japanese dish of deep fried fish veg pieces. 83078 Teriyaki Sauce 1x2kg A Teriyaki Sauce is a Japanese sauce usually used to marinate meat, poultry and seafood, it can also be used then to make a sauce served with the cooked food.

50710 Tofu Firm Silken Morinaga 10x349g A Perfect for stir fries, soups, sauces salads. This premium quality soya bean curd is firm enough to cut. No preservatives, dairy or gluten. 28271 Vietnam Spring Roll Wrappers 12x134g A 22cm diam approx. Wrappers for making your own spring rolls. Can be used fresh or deep fried. 1532 Wasabi Paste Tube 1x40g A Its root is used as a condiment and has an extremely strong flavour. Its hotness is more akin to that of a hot mustard, producing vapours that stimulate the nasal passages more than the tongue. 41949 Wasabi Powder 1x30g A Perfect for sushi or adding bite to Japanese cuisine.

63806 Wonton Pastry Packet 1x200g A 40308 Yuzu Juice 1x1.8ltr A A relative of the sour mandarin. s World Ingredients 26165 Malt Extract 1x370g A Treacly substance used for brewing. This can also be added to bread dough to enrich the flavour. 6303 Pesto Green 1x1.2kg A Made with fresh basil, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, Italian cheese and Pine nuts. 1459 Pesto Red Nut Free 1x1.2kg A A pesto made with sundried tomatoes, sunflower oil, olive oil and tomato puree. 49923 Piquillo Peppers Whole 1x390g A Sweet small Spanish peppers.

Can be filled with soft cheese as a starter or chopped and added to pasta or risottos, pizzas or soups. 49186 Pizza Sauce Promto Fresco 1x5kg A 71423 Pomegranate Molasses 1x300ml A Thick fragrant tangy reduction of pomegranate juice used in middle eastern cooking. Slightly sweet and sour taste. Can be used to flavour sorbet.

86249 Tahini Paste Jar 1x300g A Tahini Paste is made out of sesame seeds, and is usually used to make hummus. 7553 Roquitto Peppers Pearls 1x793g A Small teardrop shaped peppers, a mild flavour and a bright red colour. Pops in your mouth when chewed and holds its shape after cooking. Use on pizzas, salads or mixed with olives.

46 Table Sauces 4336 Mint Jelly Sweet Welsh 6x227g A Mint Sauce in a sweet jelly format. 5037 Mustard Coarse Grain 1x2ltr A Comes in a Kilner Jar 7502 Mustard Dijon 1x2kg A 74054 Mustard Powder English 6x454g A 55534 Mustard Violet Grape Brive 1x200g A This Limousin mustard contains the purple grape a must to give its distinctive flavour and colour.

Use to complement cooked duck & baked ham or stir into rich sauces or serve with aged cheddar. 79125 Mustard with Leeks Welsh 6x170g A Lovingly prepared with leeks, Welsh honey and white wine vinegar. Great added to mashed potato for a Welsh themed bangers and mash. 70374 Relish Henderson’s 1x1ltr A Henderson’s Relish is unique in its aroma and flavour. It can be used both as a sauce on meat dishes, soups and marinades. Unlike other sauces this is suitable for vegetarians & vegans. 83837 Sriracha Chilli Sauce Squeezy 12x430ml A Hot Thai chilli sauce 9111 Tartare Sauce Colmans 6x250ml A Tartare sauce made with gherkins and capers.

Perfect with fish dishes.

Si Toft Chef & Owner at The Dining Room, Abersoch My wife and I opened The Dining Room in Abersoch in 2010, our aim was to create a contemporary British bistro which combined a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere with a high standard of food. We have an ever changing menu which features quirky takes on British classics and places an emphasis on fish due to the restaurant’s location in the seaside village of Abersoch on the beautiful Llŷn Peninsula. From the start we knew we wanted to make use of the area’s brilliant local produce, particularly the excellent seafood, which means we speak to our local suppliers and change the menus daily, depending on what they recommend that day.

The restaurant is small, I run the kitchen by myself and look after 24 guests a night with the help of one or two floor staff. Having a smaller restaurant means I can literally do everything in the kitchen from prepping to plating up to washing up! We are delighted to hold an AA rosette. CHEF’S CUISINE Ruby ale & laverbread pig’s cheeks, pickled carrot and beer mustard mayo Pig’s Cheeks • 12 pig’s cheeks • 500ml bottle ruby ale • 120g laverbread • clear honey Toss the pig’s cheeks in a little flour, lightly seal all over in a hot oiled pan and place in a slow cooker. Deglaze the pan with a bottle of good ruby beer, add the laverbread, stir and pour over the cheeks.

Cook for 4 hours until soft and tender. I love my slow cooker but obviously this would work just as well braised in a low oven for 3 or 4 hours. Remove to a warm tray. In a pan reduce the beer and laverbread juices aggressively until thick, add a little honey to balance any bitterness from the beer. You will end up with a rich, glossy sauce. Pickled Carrots • 2 carrots, peeled • 120ml cider vinegar • 250ml water • Small piece ginger, peeled and sliced • 2 sprigs thyme • 1 tsp sea salt • 1 tsp sugar Using a peeler, slice the carrots into long ribbons and set aside in metal bowl. Boil the rest of the ingredients together until the sea salt and sugar have dissolved to make the brine, strain over the carrot ribbons, cover and leave to cool to room temperature.

Beer Mustard Mayonnaise • mayonnaise • 100ml ruby ale • 2 tbsp dark soft brown sugar • 1 tbsp mustard powder • pinch of cayenne • dash of Worcestershire sauce Whisk the beer, sugar, mustard powder, cayenne and Worcestershire sauce together until smooth. Stir in mayonnaise until you have a thick and creamy, but still fiery, sauce. To plate, carefully warm a couple of pig’s cheeks through in the beer and laverbread sauce and arrange on a plate. Arrange a salad with a small handful of the pickled carrot ribbons, a few shoots and capers and finish with a spoonful of the beer mustard mayonnaise.

48 FIONA LEWIS Pastry chef at the Nags head Originally from Llandinam.

Studied Catering and Hospitality up to NVQ Level 3 at Coleg Powys, Newtown campus. Following completing my NVQ level 3 in professional cookery, I worked at the Aleppo Merchant Inn Carno. Then relocated to work at Celtic Manor resort Newport for 2 years, which included working over the period of NATO summit in 2014 where we catered for 60 world leaders included Barak Obama and David Cameron. I returned to Newtown in early 2015 to start dessert business “Ffi’s Patisserie” which I now run alongside being the pastry chef at the Nags Head Inn, Garthmyl. I also Appeared on Great British bake off professional spin off (Creme de la Creme) in April, as part of a team of chefs I worked with at Celtic manor as well as Competing internationally as the Pastry Chef on the Junior Welsh culinary team at the Culinary World Cup in 2014 and the Culinary Olympics in Autumn 2016 Textures of apple: Frangipane, granny smith and compote, spiced vanilla sauce, poached golden delicious spheres, sorbet, mousse, ‘pip’ tuille and apple and blackberry coulis Frangipane • 100g Ground almonds • 100g soft butter • 100g caster sugar • 1.5 eggs • 50g self raising flour • 1 grated granny smith apples • apple essence to taste Line 10 round rings with baking parchment, put all ingredients into large bowl and mix on medium speed until incorporated, 3/4 fill lined rings and bake for 20 mins at 180 Apple crisps • 1 granny smith apples • 200ml water • 100g sugar • juice of 1/2 lemon Bring water, sugar and lemon juice to the boil to make stock syrup.

Thinly slice apple with mandolin and place straight into syrup. Simmer until transparent then dry out in a low oven for approximately 3 hours Apple balls • 22 golden delicious apples • 250ml white wine • 250ml water • 250g caster sugar • 1 vanilla pods • 1-star anise • 1 cinnamon stick Peel apples and make into as many perfectly round balls as possible using parissiene scoop. Bring the rest of the ingredients to the boil, add apples and reduce to a simmer until apples are tender. Retain stock for sauce.


49 Apple compote and puree • 1 cooking apple • zest and juice of 1 lemon • 1 granny smith apple • 50g Blackberries • 25g caster sugar Peel, core and roughly chop the Bramley apple, gently cook for 3-4 minutes with sugar then blend, split the cooked apple in half, add the blackberries to half the apple puree, then blend again, pass and thicken with a little ultratex if necessary. Finely dice the granny smith apple and add to the other half of puree to make the compote. Apple mousse • 200g apple puree • 2 leaves gelatine • 100g double cream • 60g egg whites • 75g caster sugar • 60ml water • 30ml calvados Semi whip egg whites while boiling sugar and water to 116 degrees Celsius, then pour sugar over egg whites once hot enough.

Dissolve gelatine in calvados over a gentle heat. Remove and add apple puree. Semi whip cream and fold into the meringue mixture and puree. Cinnamon “pip” tuille • 70g egg white • 90g plain flour • 5g cinnamon • 100g caster sugar Combine all ingredients together. Spread into an apple pip shaped mould, then bake at 180 degrees celsius for 5-6 minutes sorbet • 1kg apple offcuts • 100g spinach • 200g water • 100g caster sugar • 100g glucose • citric acid Put Apple trim and spinach through juicer, and add half a teaspoon of citric acid to retain colour. Make base syrup from sugar, glucose and water and add juice.

Put into ice cream machine and blend until frozen. Store in freezer until service sauce • 50g arrow root • citric acid Place the stock syrup from Apple balls into a saucepan and bring to boil, thicken with arrowroot until it coats the back of a spoon. You can add a little citric acid if the sauce is a little sweet.

50 CHEF’S CUISINE SAVOURY CONVENIENT SOLUTIONS Pastry & Cocktail Savoury 3368 Blinis Cocktail Patchwork 20x90g F Made with Sharpham Park organic spelt flour giving a gentle nutty flavour. Delicious with any of the Patchwork patés. 75220 Canape Assortment 1x226 A An assortment that is ideal for functions for around 40 to 60 people, where the chef wants 3 to 4 different canapes per person Iris, Mini Coquille, Flower Cuppy, Mini Cocktail. 51 6189 Canape Cuppy Savoury 5cm 1x140 A Ready to fill product in neutral dough for the aperatif. Flower shaped, golden yellow colour and crispy and crunchy structure.

89657 Kadaifi Pastry 1x5000g C Angel hair pastry. Shredded filo pastry, looks like very fine noodles or white shredded wheat 89572 Mini Crisp Canape Duobelle 3cm 1x168 A This product is ready to fill for the aperatif. Rectangular in shape. 3cm x 6cm 47395 Mini Savoury Cup 3.9cm Jean Ducourtieux 1x245 A 20186 Mini Savoury Tarts 4.5cm 1x180 A Short crust product ready to garnish. Round shape, golden brown colour with a crispy and crunchy structure. 9182 Mini Tartlettes Neurtal Shortcrust 4.5cm 1x180 A 28726 Quiche Tart 8.5cm 1x144 A Round shape, golden yellow colour, crispy and crunchy structure.

27649 Quiche Tart 18cm 1x10 A Quiche feuillettee puff pastry ready to fill. Round shape, golden yellow colour and crunchy texture. Savoury or dessert 67020 Quiche Tart Deep 11.5cm 1x42 A Round shape, golden yellow colour, crispy and crunchy structure. Approx 4, 3.5cm deep.

19978 Quiche Tart Wholemeal 22cm 1x6 A Blind baked tart cases, made of pressed rough puff pastry with a subtle nutty flavour. Especially suitable for apple tarts or quiches. In an aluminium foil tray 61139 Tart Cases Savoury 10cm 70x60g F 10cm savoury shortcrust pastry cases in bakeable paper moulds ready to fill and bake. 55959 Tartlettes Neutral Gluten Free 5cm 1x70 A Round shape. Neutral Gluten Free tartlet ready to fill. 5cm. 34685 Tartlettes Neutral Gluten Free 8.5cm 1x27 A Round shape. Neutral Gluten Free tartlet ready to fill. 8.5cm. Biscuits Savoury Cnwc crackers hand made in Wales, light and airy Welsh buttery savoury crackers 86213 Halen Mon Crackers cnwc 12 x 100g 20513 Sweet Onion Crackers cnwc 12 x 100g 38594 Sweet Red Chilli Crackers cnwc 12 x 100g 74717 Toast seed and Garlic Crackers 12 x 100g 46545 Fat Mouse Cracker cnwc 12 x 100g 3880 Cracked Pepper Oatcakes 1x250g A A delicious wholegrain alternative to crackers and bread.

Can be enjoyed with both sweet savoury toppings. Made with sunflower oil. 9961 Rough Oatcakes 1x250g A A delicious wholegrain alternative to crackers and bread. Can be enjoyed with both sweet savoury toppings. Made with sunflower oil.

52 Stephen Griffiths Development Chef & Fine Food Specialist I joined Harlech in November 2015. Having been in the hospitality industry since I was 16, I had my first head chef’s role at the age of 20. In 2000 I won ‘Mid WalesTrainee Chef of the Year’ and was only one of two people in Wales to complete the level 4 NVQ in kitchen & Larder. In 2008 I purchased a leasehold in a established and successful local pub & restaurant in my home town of Welshpool for 4 years. Then is was given the opportunity to join a work based learning company as an assessor, internal verifier and trainer of chefs all over Wales, where I developed a wide range of contacts and knowledge of different genres of the hospitality industry.

This also gave me the opportunity to join the Welsh Culinary Association and was part of the 2014 winning team at the prestigious ‘Battle of the Dragon’ championships. Corn fed chicken supreme with a roscoff onion and mushroom risotto, crispy egg, pea puree, mushroom Espuma and a bacon crisp. risotto To begin the risotto, use 50g of the butter to fry the mushrooms in a saucepan until light brown in colour. Add the shallot and garlic and cook until soft for a further 30 seconds • 50g of unsalted butter • 500g of assorted fresh mushrooms • 1 shallot • 1 garlic clove Stir in the rice and cook until transparent.

Pour in the wine and stir in well • 250g of Arborio risotto rice • 100ml of white wine Add stock a little at a time, stirring constantly until all is absorbed and creamy and the rice is cooked. Add more stock the rice is still slightly undercooked • 750ml of vegetable stock Season with sea salt and freshly milled pepper and a little olive oil and the remaining 50g butter. Stir in the Parmesan cheese and truffle oil and serve • 50g of unsalted butter • 50g of spinach • truffle oil • salt • black pepper • 50g of Parmesan • olive oil mushroom ESPUMA • 200ml essential mushroom grace • 20g proespuma hot mix with a hand blender, place in charge gun with 2 nitrous oxide charges, shake well and hold at 65 degrees for service.

chicken supreme • 4 corn fed chicken supreme Mix the salt, white pepper, butter, garlic and thyme together with the chicken supreme for 4 hours. Preheat your sous vide to 64°C. CHEF’S CUISINE

Place into individual sous vide pouches and seal on a hard vacuum, taking care to smooth out the skin over the breast, place into the chamber for 90 minutes and chill down as usual once ready Take the chicken supremes out of their pouches and pat dry with kitchen paper, then lightly dust the skin side with smoked paprika and sea salt. Heat in a frying pan a large knob of butter and glug of groundnut/vegetable oil and when it foams, add the chicken breast side down.

Cook for 4 to 5 minutes until the skin is golden and crispy. Season the other side with black pepper and salt and turn over in the pan, cooking for another 2 minutes. Take out of the pan and place skin side up on the heated baking sheet and place into the oven to cook through for 5 minutes.

pea puree To make the pea purée, sweat the shallots in the oil until soft but not coloured. Add the garden peas salt and milk and simmer for 8 minutes • 20g of shallots • 1 tbsp of oil • 400g of frozen garden peas • 4g of salt • 200ml of milk Drain off the milk into a jug and pour the peas into a blender. Blitz for 2 minutes until ultra smooth adding enough of the milk to make a thickish purée. After blending, cool as quickly as possible as the colour will begin to fade fairly quickly For the crispy egg Set the rear pump flow switch on the Sous Vide Professional to fully closed. Set the front pump flow switch to the minimum flow to ensure the delicate proteins in the whites do not separate from agitation.

Set the Sous Vide Professional to the target temperature based on the desired doneness of the eggs: 143.5°F (62°C) for soft whites, 145.5°F (63°C) for medium-set whites or 147°F (64°C) for firm-set whites. Once the target temperature is reached, gently place the whole eggs in the circulating water bath. You may want to use a ladle or slotted spoon to gently lower the eggs so they do not crack. Cook the eggs to the desired doneness. Most chicken and duck eggs will set to the desired doneness in 60 minutes (about 1 minute per gram of egg). Quail eggs will generally cook to the desired doneness in 20 to 30 minutes.

The proteins will start to denature after 120 minutes, resulting in unpleasant textures.

If serving immediately, gently crack an egg onto a paper towel to capture any excess liquid. Gently roll the egg off of the towel onto a plate. If serving at a later time, plunge the cooked egg into an ice bath. Refrigerate for up to 48 hours. Reheat the egg by placing in a 140°F (60°C) circulating water bath or placing the cracked egg in a pot of simmering water on the stovetop for 60 seconds. Once cooked, transfer the eggs onto a tray lined with kitchen towel and place in the fridge to cool while you prepare the crumbing mix. Add the flour to a bowl, the 2 beaten eggs to another and the breadcrumbs to a third.

Roll each egg in the flour, the beaten egg and finally the breadcrumbs. Set aside until ready to fry • 50g of plain flour • 2 eggs • 100g of white breadcrumbs roscoff onion Wrap the roscoff onions in foil, season with salt and olive oil and bake at 190 ºC/gas mark 5 for 15 minutes. Remove from the oven and leave to cool, then peel the skin and slice off the top of the baked onions. Scoop out the soft flesh from the inside leaving the two outer layers and set to one side • 4 Roscoff onions, medium • salt • olive oil BACON CRISP Place 4 pieces of streaky bacon in between 2 sheets of baking parchment.

place on a tray with another on top and place in the oven for 10 minutes until crispy.


CHEF’S CUISINE CHOCOLATE & PRALINES Chocolatier 44123 Cocoa Butter Cacao Barry 1x850g A Pure Cocoa Butter, Cacao Barry brand. 87718 Cocoa Butter Powder Mycryo Callebaut 1x600g A It is a noble fat-100% vegetable. Ideal for frying meat, fish, vegetables and even delicate products like scallops and foi d’oie 24771 Cocoa Butter Red 1x200ml A In a bottle 85686 Cocoa Butter Yellow 1x200ml A 70209 Cocoa Nibs Mixed West African 1x1.5kg A Bean to bar production 55 54235 Cocoa Powder Plein Arome Cacao Barry 1x1kg A Ideal for mousses, cream, biscuits, sorbets, confectionery coverings, decoration and hot chocolate.

49679 Cocoa Powder Red Brown Extra Brute Cacao Barry 6x1kg A Ideal for mousse, creams, biscuits, sorbets, confectionery coverings and decorations. 58794 Hazelnut Praline Paste Callebaut 1x1kg A A slight addition will already give cremes, bavoirs, glazes and confectionary fillings an intense hazelnut taste. 7050 Paté A Glacer Brune Cacao Barry 1x5kg A Chocolate coating. Ideal for desserts and small cakes. Also perfect on ice cream cones, ice-pops, meringues and spread liberally on fresh fruit. 7000 Paté A Glacer Cacao Barry 1x5kg A White chocolate coating. Ideal for desserts and small cakes.

Also perfect on ice cream cones, ice-pops, meringues and spread liberally on fresh fruit.

12216 Truffle Shells Dark Chocolate 1x504 A 25mm Diamater. Hollow shells ready for filling. Spherical shape. 40951 Truffle Shells White Chocolate 1x504 A Chocolate Mousse 88402 Mousse Powder Dark Callebaut 1x800g A Made with at least 70% callebaut plain chocolate darker, intense brown colour. Typical chocolate taste. Mix with milk or cream for best results. 84846 Mousse Powder Milk Callebaut 1x800g A Suitable to serve as a dessert. 36x50g portions. Mix with milk or cream for best results. 65406 Mousse Powder White Callebaut 1x800g A Ideal as a base to use to carry other flavour compounds and purees.

Mix with milk or cream for best results. Chocolate Beverages 59718 Hot Chocolate Dark Powder Callebaut 1x1kg A Add 38g of powder to 200ml of hot milk for a mild chocolatey taste or 50g to 200ml of hot milk for an intense taste.

65394 Hot Chocolate White Powder Callebaut 1x1kg A Add 38g of powder to 200ml of hot milk for a mild white chocolatey taste or 50g to 200ml for an intense flavour. Chocolate Décor 17100 Blossom Curls Dark Chocolate Callebaut 1x1kg A 17741 Blossom Curls Milk Chocolate Callebaut 1x1kg A 75797 Blossom Curls White Chocolate Callebaut 1x1kg A 55474 Chocolate Chips Dark Bakestable Callebaut 1x2.5kg A For inclusion in bakery, patisserie, ice cream & desserts. 56302 Chocolate Pebble Stones 1x750g A Take a bite and inside you will find a delicious milk chocolate centre, covered in a white chocolate coating and finished with a hard crispy pebble shell.


56 34905 Coffee Beans Covered in Dark Chocolate 1x1kg A Dark chocolate covered espresso beans, designed for use as a decoration. 70020 Coffee Cups Dark Chocolate Callebaut 4x72 A Ready to fill dark chocolate cups shaped as a coffee cup. 56mm Diamets, 21mm height 72466 Crispearls Strawberry Chocolate 1x800g A Strawberry chocolate crispearls used for decoration. 25817 Cups Marie Charlotte Dark 1x135 A Low carved cups with a handcrafted look, made with 100% Callebaut chocolate couvertures. 50921 Cups Tulip Dark Marbled Callebaut 1x16 A 82472 Half Sphere Chocolate 55% 1x45 pc A 55% dark chocolate.

Valrhona dark chocolate Solstic half shell 11gm perfect for dessert creations 6cm diameter 37198 Pencils Picasso Chocolate 20cm 1x900g A Chocolate decoration. White dark. 120x20cm.

11243 Pencils Rubens Chocolate Marbled 1x900g A Chocolate decoration. Each chocolate pencil is 20cm long marbled. Blend of chocolate white chocolate. 63978 Pencils Rubens Chocolate White 1x900g A Chocolate decoration. Each chocolate pencil is 20cm long white. 57 50456 Popping Candy Coated in Milk Chocolate 1x850g A 35593 Shavings Dark Chocolate Belcolade 1x3kg A 14128 Shavings Dark Chocolate Callebaut 1x2.5kg A 86371 Shavings Milk Chocolate Belcolade 1x3kg A 21705 Shavings White Chocolate Belcolade 1x3kg A 39615 Snobinettes Dark 27mm 1x270 A Small snobinette dark chocolate cups with a handcrafted look.

27mm Diameter, 26mm Height. 51169 Special Decor Dark Chocolate 1x575 A Fans made in 100 fine dark Callebaut chocolate. 575 pieces. 3842 Spirals Chocolate 1x260 A 80327 Transfer Sheets Chocolate 1x15 A Bubble design Chocolate Couverture Belcolade 5778 Dark Chocolate Pistoles 55% 1x5kg A Belcolade dark chocolate pistoles buttons . High quality chocolate with 55% cocoa content.

6991 Dark Chocolate Pistoles 70% 1x5kg A Belcolade dark chocolate pistoles buttons . High quality chocolate with 70% cocoa content. 6658 Milk Chocolate Pistoles 1x5kg A Belcolade milk chocolate pistoles buttons. 6122 White Chocolate Pistoles 30% 1x5kg A Belcolade White chocolate pistoles buttons . High quality chocolate. Callebaut 60184 Dark Chocolate Block 58% 1x5kg A 82587 Dark Chocolate Callets 8x2.5kg A Dark chocolate buttons, min Cocoa Solids 53.8%. Product of Belgium. Excellent quality dark chocolate buttons.

17499 Dark Extra Bitter Easimelt 70.5% 1x2.5kg A

89287 Milk Chocolate Callets 8x2.5kg A Milk chocolate buttons, min Cocoa Solids 33.6%.

Product of Belgium. Excellent quality milk chocolate buttons. 54208 White Chocolate Callets 8x2.5kg A White chocolate buttons, min Cocoa Solids 28% Milk solids 23%. Produce of Belgium. Excellent quality white chocolate buttons. 72934 Orange Flavoured Easimelt 1x2.5kg A Callebaut sweet white chocolate mixed with refreshing orange flavour and has a striking orange colour. Chocolate Madagascar 80588 Dark Chocolate Madagascan 70% 1x1kg A Mellow, brown to red mahogany colour, rich in fruity notes, made from 100% high quality Madagascan cocoa beans.

Valrhona 42139 Caramel Chocolate 1x3kg A Caramel Chocolate. Excellent quality chocolate from this renowned manufacturer. Delicately enhanced with caramel notes. A classy alternative for enrobing moulding. 74273 Caramelia Beans 1x3kg A 3521 Guanaja 70% 1x3kg A Guanaja developes extraordinary bitterness, revealing a whole aromatic range of warm notes. 48888 Manjari 1x3kg A Fresh and tangy aromas, with notes of dried fruit. Pure Madagascan quality. Excellent for enrobing and moulding. Superb results when tempered correctly.

38360 Opalys Beans 1x3kg A Weiss 73494 Tribago Chocolate Couverture 64% 1x5kg A Also known as Manatee.

Still a great blend from Trinidad and Tobago. Very versatile chocolate for mousses, pastry and confection.

SAM RAIN Sosa development chef at HB ingredients I am now currently working with HB Ingredients as there Sosa Development Chef so now I do a mixture of Pastisserie and Chocolate but incorporating the vast range of Sosa Products. I go out and give demos and training classes for all different level chefs and also all different sectors of the food service industry which is great meeting people from all aspects of the industry. I was also recently involved in the TV show Bake Off Crème de la crème where I was part of a team of 3 alongside Mark Tilling and Helen Vass which we then went on to win the show.  UK Junior Chocolate Master 2014  Part of the winning team on Bake Off Crème De La Creme CHEF’S CUISINE Dark Chocolate Mousse INGREDIENTS • 250g milk • 75g cream • 100g Sosa Promousse • 17g Sosa Instangel • 275g Melted Dark Chocolate • 425g Whipped Cream Blend together milk, cream, promousse and Instangel with a hand blender for a couple minutes to ensure products are completely blended.

Add the melted chocolate and ensure its thoroughly mixed through. Fold through the whipped cream. Pipe a small amount into the mould and with the back of a teaspoon pull the mixture up the sides to ensure you don’t get any air bubbles. Add inserts and freeze solid.

Raspberry Jelly • 250g Raspberry puree • 50g sugar • 25g Freeze Veggie Gel Add all ingredients to a pan and bring up to the boil. Set on a flat tray and use cutter to create the shape for insert into the mousse. Raspberry Wet Proof Crispies- After placing the Jelly in the mousse add a layer of wet proof crispies. Raspberry Mirror Glaze Irca Raspberry Mirror Glaze. Put an amount in a jug and using the microwave heat the glaze up to 45c, pour over the frozen mousses, whilst glaze is still setting pick up and garnish round the bottom. Garnish • Sosa Whole Freeze dried Raspberries • Sosa Cantonese Cocoa Nibs

60 CHEF’S CUISINE FRUIT PUREE & NUTS Fruit Puree & Nuts 39064 Apple Green Boiron 1x1kg F 65479 Apricot Leonce Blanc 1x1kg F 35040 Banana Boiron 1x1kg F 5924 Blood Orange Boiron 1x1kg F 48817 Blueberry Boiron 1x1kg F 29640 Cassis Boiron 1x1kg F 26562 Cherry Morello Boiron 1x1kg F 2049 Coconut Boiron 1x1kg F 88185 Fig Boiron 1x1kg F 15474 Mango Boiron 1x1kg F 7384 Passionfruit Bioron 1x1kg F 25151 Pumpkin Boiron 1x1kg F 1324 Raspberry Boiron 1x1kg F 80387 Rhubarb Boiron 1x1kg F 43613 Strawberry Boiron 1x1kg F 19306 Watermelon Boiron 1x1kg F 38125 White Peach Boiron 1x1kg F 5449 Wild Strawberry Boiron 1x1kg F 67232 Banana Funkin 1x1kg A 17874 White Peach Funkin 1x1kg A 85711 Apple Granny Smith 1x1kg A 10435 Blackberry 1x1kg A 48229 Blood Orange 1x1kg A 49985 Blueberry/Bilberry 1x1kg A 40438 Lemon 1x1kg A 36993 Lychee 1x1kg A 35362 Mandarin 1x1kg A 62985 Mango 1x1kg A 70568 Passion 1x1kg A 87610 Peach 1x1kg A 48562 Pear William 1x1kg A 16908 Pineapple 1x1kg A 62611 Strawberry 1x1kg A 15880 Raspberry 1x1kg A 61 Fruit Products Dessert 6463 KU-LI Mango Coulis 1x475g A New squeezy bottle-easier to decorate dishes. 4429 KU-LI Raspberry Coulis 1x475g A New squeezy bottle-easier to decorate dishes. 6525 KU-LI Sour Cherry Coulis 1x475g A New squeezy bottle-easier to decorate dishes. 42513 KU-LI Strawberry & Rhubarb 1x475g A New squeezy bottle-easier to decorate dishes. Fruit Fillings 32601 Black Cherry Decorfruit 1x2.7kg A 70% fruit Dried Nuts 34275 Almonds Blanched Whole 1x1kg A 57952 Almond Butter Smooth 1x1kg A 17143 Almonds Fresh 1x2.5kg A 20736 Almonds Smoked 1x1kg A 4417 Cashew Whole Unsalted 1x1kg A 84353 Flaxseeds/Linseeds 1x1kg A 4285 Hazelnuts 1x1kg A 23326 Hazelnuts Blanched 1x1kg A 49897 Hazelnuts Ground 1x1kg A 30310 Hazelnuts Whole Roasted 1x1kg A 44483 Macadamia Nut Halves 1x1kg A 31367 Melange Mexicana 1x1kg A 18307 Mix Nuts Casino 1x2.5kg A Smoked almonds, chilli nuts and Thai nuts.

41712 Mix Nuts Hotel 1x2.5kg A A fine mix of Wasabi peanuts, smoked almonds and cashews. 79786 Mix Nuts Party 1x2.5kg A Cashews, smoked almonds, Thai nuts and honey roasted peanuts. 20597 Peanut Butter Crunchy 1x1kg A 37300 Peanuts Chilli 1x2.5kg A 37013 Pistachio Nuts Peeled 1x1kg A

CHEF’S CUISINE BAKERY Savoury 80644 Bread Sticks Mini 90x45g F Part Baked. Stone-baked mini levain bread sticks made using white flour, rye flour and semolina. Length 18cm 39077 Burger Bun Seeded Gluten Free 8x4x100g F 71143 Pain D’epices 1x300g A Ginger type loaf 1328 Sesame Buns Mini Sliders 150x24g F Baked.

A fully baked unsliced two inch mini bun with a sesame seed topping. Sweet 8984 Croissant Au Beurre Large 36x90g F Part Baked. An extra large butter croissant, ideal as a generous breakfast offer or filled for added value. 63 PAUL WAYNE GREGORY 61146 Moulded Chocolates Christmas 1x96 A High quality moulded chocolate assortment four flavours, Christmas pudding, rum, hazelnut and spiced praline. 66192 Moulded Chocolates Assortment 1x96 A High quality moulded chocolate assortment four flavours vanilla, passion fruit, salted caramel, ecuador. 54846 Truffles Assortment Chocolate 1x2kg A Four different flavours milk, dark, salted caramel passion fruit. 12778 Truffles Traditional Assortment 1x77 A Assortment of plain, milk white hand finished traditional truffles. 15748 Fine Chocolate & Petit Fours 1x99 A Handmade chocolate truffles and petit four.

43561 Macaroons 4 Varieties Pidy 1x220pcs A Makes 110 macarons. Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio & strawberry. Ready to fill. 3.5cm Diameter 67923 Macaroons Lemon Cream 1x35 F Buttercream lightened with custard and puree lemon juice from Sicily. 14g Av weight each 14218 Macaroons Salted Caramel 1x35 F Half salt AOC butter caramel from Isigny. Av weight 14g each

64 CHEF’S CUISINE FLAVOURINGS & COLOURINGS 65 Flavourings 6258 Almond Essence 1x500ml A Almond flavouring used to flavour cakes, cookies and sauces.

A large bottle. 54868 Banana Compound 1x1kg A 51815 Cherry Compound 1x1kg A 74096 Chocolate Cocoa Extract Little Pods 1x100ml A Little pods unique chocolate extract is made using the finest Ivory Coast cocoa beans. Perfect for most types of baking. Use it to enhance the chocolate flavour of a whole host of dishes. 23710 Earl Grey Flavouring Natural 1x100ml A 88804 Hickory Smoked Liquid 1x148ml A Hickory smoked liquid is a great way to add delicate flavour to food without actually smoking. It can also be used as a marinade to enhance the flavour of food before the smoking process.

43599 Lemon Essence 1x500ml A 82714 Mango Concentrated Compound 1x1.2kg A Mango flavouring for fruit Ice Cream. Must be diluted. 20184 Orange Blossom Water 1x250ml A Made by macerating bitter orange blossom in water then distilling the broth. Its characteristic in the cooking of North Africa other Mediterranean countries. 48504 Orange Compound 1x1kg A Orange preparation for the flavouring of fine pastries, desserts and ice cream. Dosed at 3:1000. 38647 Orange Red Concentrated Compound 1x1.2kg A Red Orange flavouring for fruit Ice Cream. Must be diluted.

10558 Pistachio Paste Severome 1x1kg A This smooth pistachio paste has no filler oils in it.

Just the pure pistachio oil from the nut are used to make this deep green speciality. Use in fillings, bonbons, mousses ice cream. 82464 Raspberry Concentrate Compound 1x1.2kg A Raspberry compound paste flavouring for Ice Cream. Must be diluted. 46040 Rose Water Samra 1x500ml A Eau De Rose. 45864 Strawberry Concentrate Compound 1x1.2kg A Strawberry compound paste flavouring for Ice Cream. Must be diluted. 27456 Vanilla Bean Paste Organic 1x50g A Natural organic vanilla extract paste. Opaque dark brown paste with odour of natural vanilla with the inclusion of vanilla seeds. Flavour of unique vanilla bean profile from premium blended beans.

7524 Vanilla Extract 1x100ml A Can be used in all applications. Organic vanilla screwtop bottle.

34306 Vanilla Pods Madagascan 1x10 A High quality Madagascan vanilla pods 16- 18cm long. From Papua New Guinea. Colourings 68267 Colour Powder Pistachio Green 1x100g A 89557 Colour Powder Orange Gold 1x100g A 41264 Colour Powder Red Raspberry 1x100 A 51971 Colour Powder Yellow Egg 1x100g A 34837 Cuttlefish Ink 1x500g A Can be used to colour and flavour pasta and polenta or stir into sauces and risottos. 3522 Glitter Powder Gold 1x30cc A Edible. 12997 Reflection Gold Spray 1x100ml A 79796 Squid Ink 1x500g A

66 CHEF’S CUISINE SWEET CONVENIENT SOLUTIONS 67 Convenient Solutions 55433 Amusettes Edible Spoons 1x84 A Spoon shaped product in focage dough, golden brown in colour with a crispy texture.

3x6x7.5cm 8359 Cream Horn Cornet Sucre 1x80 A Conical shape, golden brown, decorated with sugar crispy and crunchy structure, ready to fill. 51374 Cream Horn Cornet Sucre All Butter 1x80 A 7713 Feuille De Brick 10 Sheets F Like filo pastry. Inspired by authentic French recipes and baked with the freshest ingredients, these non-buttery doughs are crispy. Just fill them with meat, seafood, poultry or vegetable bake.

78076 Mini Tart Sweet Butter 1x180 A Short crust product ready to garnish for desserts. Round shape, golden brown colour with a crispy and crunchy structure. 30145 Profiteroles Ready To Fill 4cm 1x250 A 3756 Puff Pastry All Butter 1x3kg C Fresh puff pastry from top quality French manufacturer. Use to make high quality items where butter taste is required. Excellent for pastry cases and amuse bouches. 57451 Puff Pastry Ready Rolled 1x4.2kg C Ready Rolled Fresh Puff Pastry. 350x40cm 66785 Shortcrust Pastry 1x4.25kg A 86713 Sponge Sheets Chocolate 1x14 A 60x40x8mm 28739 Sponge Sheets Plain 1x14 A 60x40x8mm 83964 Tart Cases Sweet 8.5cm 1x135 A Round shape, golden brown colour, crispy and crunchy structure.

55014 Tart Cases Sweet 11cm 1x72 A Round shape, golden brown colour, crispy and crunchy structure. 85135 Tart Cases Sweet 22cm 1x10 A 28654 Tart Cases Sweet 26cm 8x320g F 26cm sweet shortcrust pastry cases in bakeable foil, ready to fill bake. 70268 Tart Cases Sweet 28cm 1x10 A 20551 Tart Cases Sweet Butter 28cm 1x10 A 37603 Tart Cases Sweet Fluted 28cm 1x10 A 52685 Tart Cases Sweet Gluten Free 5cm 1x70 A Neutral Gluten Free Sweet Tartlet ready to fill.

Sorbets 17776 Apple Sorbet 1x2.5lt F 8681 Blackcurrant Sorbet Welsh Maid 1x2.5lt F Italian style sorbet. Smoother than traditional sorbets. 4765 Champagne Sorbet 1x2.5ltr F 8826 Lemon Sorbet Welsh Maid 1x2.5lt F Italian style sorbet. Smoother than traditional sorbets. 7473 Mango Sorbet Welsh Maid 1x2.5lt F Italian style sorbet. Smoother than traditional sorbets. 72475 Orange Sorbet 1x2.5lt F

68 Sosa Airbag 66888 Air Bag Farina 1x600g A Granules of pork crackling can be used as a topping to give a pork crackling crunch to your dish. Pops like popcorn with an intense pork flavour.

Activate by heat and a little oil. 16097 Air Bag Granet 1x750g A A coarser cut of pork crackling can be used as a topping to give a pork crackling crunch to your dish. Pops like popcorn with an intense pork flavour. Activate by heat and a little oil. 1556 Air Bag Patata 1x750g A Granules of wheat potato airbag can be used as topping coating to give a potato crunch to your dish. It pops like popcorn with an intense potato flavour. CHEF’S CUISINE TECHNICAL & OTHER INGREDIENTS 69 Sosa Airing Agents 38714 Albumin Powder 1x500g A Powdered egg protein. Fantastic for applications that require strengthened whipped egg white. Can be used to make big bubble air from liquids by using a fish oxygen pump Sosa Charging Agents 29999 Maltodextrin 1x600g A It has a low sweetening power and does not add calories. It is employed as a bulking agent, but can also absorb oils. 27287 Maltosec 1x500g A Oil absorber Sosa Creams 13023 Custard Powder Cold 1x2.5kg A 64386 Custard Powder Traditional 1x2.5kg A Sosa Crispy 77797 Cappuccino 1x250g A Granulated coffee topping 74575 Caramel 1x750g A Coated caramel gives texture, flavour and dimension to your dishes.

Can be used in mousse, biscuits, virtually anything where you require that intense caramel with a little bite. 70866 Cherry 1x300g A Delicate and light cubes of cherry. Perfect for adding texture to desserts. 24404 Mango 1x250g A 42649 Mango Wet Proof 1x400g A 11033 Passionfruit Wet Proof 1x400g A 14390 Raspberry 1x300g A Delicate and light pieces of raspberry. Perfect for adding texture to desserts. 16449 Raspberry Peta 1x900g A 21368 Strawberry 0.5-2.5mm 1x350g A 80691 Strawberry 2-10mm 1x200g A Delicate and light pieces of strawberry. Perfect for adding texture to desserts. 43964 Strawberry Wet Proof 1x400g A

70 Sosa Colouring 68305 Black Coal Liquid 1x100g A 51244 Blue Powder 1x50g A 33398 Gold Powder 1x30g A 64659 Kiwi Green Powder 1x50g A 41651 Lemon Yellow Powder 41559 Orange Mat 1x50g A 42930 Red Powder 1x50g A Sosa Flavouring All Aroma flavouring are very concentrated and all come with an Atomiser & Pipette 39059 Aroma Banana 1x50g A 73495 Aroma Bergamot Natural 1x50g A 26482 Aroma Chewing Gum 1x50g A 78411 Aroma Fatty Smoke 1x50g A 58314 Aroma Lavender 1x50g A 63145 Aroma Lemon Natural 1x50g A 81788 Aroma Lemongrass Natural 1x50g A 35567 Aroma Lemon Skin Natural 1x50g A 58933 Aroma Liquorice 1x50g A Comes with dosage pipette and atomiser 52592 Aroma Mediterranean Pine Forest 1x50g A 63857 Aroma Orange Sweet 1x50g A 36399 Aroma Passionfruit 1x50g A 81374 Aroma Raspberry 1x50g A 80443 Aroma Rhubarb 1x50g A 72347 Aroma Rose 1x50g A 67756 Aroma Rum 1x50g A 23376 Aroma Saffron 1x7g A 37688 Aroma Smoked Bacon 1x50g A 65177 Aroma Smoked Oak Droplets 1x50g A 75672 Aroma Sweet Mint 1x50g A 25060 Aroma Violet 1x50g A 63659 Aroma Watermelon 1x50g A 40250 Aroma Whisky 1x50g A 47701 Aroma White Truffle 1x50g A 36687 Paste Apple Green 1x1.5kg A 87930 Paste Arabica Coffee 1x1.5kg A 74877 Paste Liquorice 1x1.5kg A 16214 Paste Mint Green 1x1.5kg A 31966 Paste Pistachio Pure 1x1kg A High quality 64715 Paste Raspberry 1x2.5kg A 30209 Paste Rhubarb 1x1.5kg A 85830 Paste Vanilla Clear 1x5.8kg A 23046 Powder Balsamic Vinegar 1x250g A 46113 Powder Grilled 1x400g A 64558 Powder Orange 1x600g A 36253 Powder Sea Water 1x250g A 37969 Powder Smoke 1x500g A 59808 Powder Smoke Beech 1x500g A 68931 Powder Tomato 1x750g A 57408 Powder Umami of Sea 1x250g A 21907 Salt Smoked 1x300g A 37969 Powder Smoke 1x500g A 15139 Truffle Salt 1x300g A 50516 Xylitol 1x750g A 100%.

It is a sweetener with a refreshing effect. In contact with liquids, it forms a texture similar to snow and upon dying forms clumps 71 Sosa Freeze-dried 34804 Apple 1x50g A 40985 Berry Mix Powder 1x700g A 12117 Corn 1x150g A 48310 Flowers Mixed Dried 1x50g A 33301 Lemon Slices 1x60g A 18808 Mussel Powder 1x250g A 14120 Orange Slices 1x80g A 84367 Parsley 1x50g A 38265 Passionfruit Halves 1x70g A 16072 Pear Slices 1x40g A 81786 Peas 1x150g A 27207 Raspberries 1x75g A 46672 Raspberry Powder 1x300g A 53280 Red Beetroot Slices 1x30g A 13772 Strawberries Wild 1x60g A 52566 Strawberry Powder 1x500g A 73126 Strawberry Slices 1x300g A 84406 Oyster Powder 1x250g A 67592 Violets Cornuta 1x10g A Sosa Nuts 33615 Caramelised Almonds Grainy 1x750g A 38366 Caramelised Pisatchio Pieces 1x800g A 34123 Caramelised Walnut Halves 1x1kg A 69110 Coconut Slices Dried 1x200g A Sosa Sugars 61521 Anti Humidity Sugar 1x750g A 86087 Invert Sugar 1x1.4 kg A Invert sugar is a mixture of glucose fructose.

Compared to sucrose, invert sugar is sweeter. It is used to inhibit crystalisation.

60251 Isomalt 'F' Refined 1x1kg A 100% isomalt. Derived from sucrose. It may be substituted for sucrose in a 1:1 without changing the physical characteristics of the final product. Stable at high temps without browning 47934 Cinnamon Sugar 1x500g A 44975 Lemon Sugar 1x500g A 61555 Lime Sugar 1x500g A 41293 Mint Sugar 1x500g A 33489 Orange Sugar 1x500g A 40146 Passionfruit Sugar 1x500g A 72347 Rose Sugar 1x500g A Sosa Texturisers 44715 Agar Agar 1x500g A 14995 Elastic 1x500g A A gelling agent extracted from a type of red algae 16820 Gelburgeur 1x500g A Non reversible and heat resistant protein binding agent for used with meat, chicken and fish.

Can be fried, baked or grilled. 100% natural product. 61433 Gelcrem Cold/Fred 1x500g A 12020 Gelcrem Hot 1x500g A 73411 Gelespessa Xanthum Gum 1x500g A 71953 Gluconolactat 1x500g A 41537 Guar Gum 1x750g A 39873 Instagel 1x500g A Animal based gelatine. Setting agents in desserts, ice cream, confectionary and bakery products 37710 Konjac Gum 1x600g A 36641 Natur Emul 1x500g A Emulsifier 66110 Pro Crema Cold 100 1x3kg A A great product with many applications. Makes perfect bases for ice creams, stabilized soups and airs. Use with instant gel to make mousse in a creamer gun without the need for egg whites cream 22445 Pro Espuma Cold 1x700g A It is used for the production of espumas, ice cream or cocktails.

Gives volume and holds to make a light foam from liquid state. Suited for cold creations and for use with a creamer gun and N20.

63436 Pro Espuma Hot 1x500g A Use to create stable hot foams using a siphon or cream whipper. Use for sweet or savoury dishes. 75290 Pro Pannacotta 1x800g A Gelling agent, thickener, stabiliser, suspending agent 88727 Profruit 100 1x3kg A Stabilizer for fruit sorbets. 62314 Promochi Kuzu 1x600g A Thickening agent, geling agent, substitute for flours and startches. Disolve in water before using. Suggested dosage 45-180g/kg 31815 Promousse 1x3kg A

72 69718 Soy Lecithin Powdered 1x500g A A natural soy lecithin based emulsifier. Can convert fruit juices and other watery liquids into airs and can also be used to emulsify sauces.

12933 Stabilizer Ice Cream Hot 1x500g A Stabilizes, emulsifies and regulates the texture of ice cream. Use with Instant Gel in a creamer gun to make mousse without the need for egg whites or cream. 66172 Vegetable Gelling Gum 1x500g A Powdered vegetable gelatine made from a mix of carrageen carob bean gum. Dosage 50g per kg. Mugaritz 8844 Agalita 1x750g A Same properties as kaolin. Natural extract that allow you to create delicate textures enhance the qualities of preperations thickness, gloss, flavour etc .

66487 Kuzu 1x500g A Kuzu’s neutral flavour and transparency when cooked makes it ideal for preparations with delicate aromas. Kuzu gives textures from creamy mayonnaise to firm cooked egg white. Gluten free. 46262 Kuzu Japanese Starch 1x750g A Kuzu’s neutral flavour and transparency when cooked makes it ideal for preparations with delicate aromas. Kuzu gives textures from creamy mayonnaise to firm cooked egg white. Gluten free. 68432 Lactose 1x750g A Lactose is ideal for preparations with a range of textures, similar to sugar but hardly sweetens at all. If combined with kaolin it makes crunchy toppings with a calcareous texture.

Modernist Cuisine Section 33064 Chillipop 1 unit A Chillipop creates amazing smoke effects using dry ice safely in ice buckets 36926 Chillisticks 1 unit A Chillisticks allow dry ice to be safely used in drinks and cocktails thanks to our patented safety valve and our food grade dry ice. 18936 Dry Ice 3mm Pellets 1x5kg F 23566 Dry Ice 9mm Pellets 1x5kg F 22103 Edible Paper Obulato 1x20 A 32cmx45cm. Produced from potato starch. They are ultrafine and semi transparent without any taste or smell. Doesn't contain salt, sugar or gluten. Melt when in contact with moisture. 64196 Transglutaminase 1x100g A Transglutiminase is an enzyme with the ability to cross-link proteins.

Easy to handle with no effect to flavour. It is used in kitchens as a meat glue fish glue. 73 Gelling Agents 10395 Gelatine Leaf Bronze 1x1kg A Typically 140 bloom. Darker in colour. Weaker setting than gold or silver. 57162 Gelatine Leaf Gold 1x1kg A Typically 200 bloom. Paler in colour. Strongest setting ability compared to silver and bronze gelatine. 42452 Gelatine Powder 1x700g A For superb results making marshmallow and variations of savoury aspic jelly. Mixes in easily into hot or cold preparations. 83290 Pectin Medium Rapid Set 1x1kg A Ideal for jams and jellies. 86086 Pectin N H For Glaces 1x1kg A 32437 Pectin Yellow 1x1kg A 80108 Pectin X58 1x1kg A Ideal for low sugar toppings, cakes and biscuits.

Chef’s Pantry 43667 Ascorbic Acid 1x1kg A Vitamin C Powder. 54856 Crystalised Angelica 1x1kg A Crystalised stem. Angelica is a aromatic and graceful herb. A member of the parsley family and known for its candied stem. Use to decorate cakes, trifles and desserts. 67022 Fennel Pollen Wild 1x28g A Hand picked in California. This great product adds a herbaceous aromatic taste to the dishes. 47190 Lecithin Louis Francois 1x1kg A Emulsifier Baking Sundries 39193 Baking Powder Gluten Free 6x200g A To transform plain flour into self-raising flour, simply add one level teaspoon to 100g 4oz of plain flour, and mix thoroughly.

This product is gluten free and is vegan.

19157 Biscuit Crumb Paillete Feuilletine Callebaut 1x2.5kg A M7 pail of the original French biscuits. This crumb is used by chocolatiers or bakers 34290 Biscuits Langue de Chat 1x15 A 17634 Bread Improver 1x600g A Sometimes referred to as dough conditioner. It is used by professional bakers to enhance dough stability and loaf volume. 44741 Biscuits Pieces Tartuffino 1x800g A 46896 Mallows Mini Pink & White 4x1kg A 55699 Mallows Mini White 4x1kg A 27403 Nappage Blond Glaze 1x1kg A Glaze to coat your fruit pies, bavarin creams or pasties - apply with a brush 28628 Sherbert Granules Fizzy 1x300g A Fizzy neutral flavoured sherbert granules.

Effects when in contact with moisture 59528 Tonka Beans 1x100g A Tonka beans, known for its fragrance, which is reminiscent of vanilla, almonds, cinnamon cloves . Classed as a legume grated can be used with savoury and sweet dishes. 23025 Vanilla Fudge Pieces 1x2kg A

74 66357 Acetate Roll 5cmx100m 1x1 A 67572 Acetate Sheets 40x60cm 1x1 A Can be used with melted chocolate to make decor with high gloss finish. Easily washable and re-usable. 61616 Acetate Sheets A4 1x5 A Essential Pastry Kitchen tool. Perfect for lining moulds containers for a smooth finish for piping your chocolate designs onto. 36254 Bamboo Boats Kidei 1x50 A 135x80mm 64320 Bamboo Boats Kidei 1x50 A 90x58mm 36730 Bamboo Boats Kidei 1x1000 A Japanese style bamboo boats for decorative presentation 21652 Bamboo Skewers 90mm 1x250 A Gun shaped skewers.

26538 Bamboo Skewers 120mm 1x250 A Gun shaped skewer.

32707 Bamboo Skewers 210mm 1x250 A Gun shaped skewer. 32719 Caramelisation Kit Crème Brulee 1 Unit A This kit contains enough caramel sugar and caramel alcohol for 50 perfect creme brulees. 7343 CO2 Charger Bulbs ISI 1x10 A Charger bulbs for Whipper Guns 46519 Crystal Picks Cocktail Stick 1x1000 A Triangular cocktail sticks. 5mmx90mm. Clear plastic. 13302 Dehydrator 4 Tray 1 Unit A Horizontal airflow provides even drying. Easy to clean with spills falling on seamless tray bottoms . Adjustable thermostat 85-145 degrees F. 4 trays of 12x12, giving 4 square feet of drying area.

42203 Mini Glass Corked Bottles 1 Unit A Traditional look mini milk glass bottle perfect for presentation. Complete with cork tops this lovely jar can hold upto 120ml. 21694 Mini Glass Crystal Teapot 1 Unit A Miniature crystal glass teapot 4 x3 . A fantastic piece of table theatre. Can hold 150ml comfortably but a maximum of 175ml 71947 Muslin Cloth 100x45cm 1x1 unit A 1mx45cm of hand cut fine muslin cloth. Perfect for passing soup, sauce, stocks or jams. CHEF’S CUISINE CHEFS REQUISITES 75 73171 Petit Four Cases 1x1000 A 87310 Pipettes 20x1ml A 9747 Piping Bags Disposable 18” 1x100 A 18” long disposable blue polythene piping bags.

Non slip disposable piping bags. 4685 Piping Bags Disposable 21” 1x100 A 21” long disposable blue polythene piping bags. Non slip disposable piping bags 230-460mm 42374 Smoking Dust Apple 1x175g A Great for adding a unique smoking flavour to meat, fish or vegetables. 80979 Smoking Dust Bourbon 1x175g A Great for adding a unique smoking flavour to meat, fish or vegetables. 52336 Smoking Dust Maple 1x175g A Great for adding a unique smoking flavour to meat, fish or vegetables. 25827 Smoking Gun 1x1 Unit A Food smoker.

3647 Superbag 1.3ltr 1 Unit A A revolutionary bag. A porous filter manufactured inert, flexible heat resistant material which is suitable for cooking, adapts to different containers. No need to strain or clarify consommes. 55523 Sushi Tongs 150mm 1x1 Unit A Tongs used for sushi. 9421 Vacuum Pouches 155x255 1x1000 A Vacuum Pouches 155x225 per 1000 bags small. 11167 Vacuum Pouches 200x300 1x1000 A Vacuum pack bags pouches medium. 81036 Whipper Profi Plus 0.5lt 1x1 Unit A The best selling Espuma Gun in the UK, great value money. Mousses, microwave sponge, foams, fizzy berries. Endless uses or even just whipped cream.

Combine with Proespuma hot cold for foams. 87684 Yoghurt Pot 140ml Glass 1x1 Unit A Glass yoghurt pots can be used for a host of other food products ie sauces, custard etc. Height 65mm . Diamater 50mm. Yoghurt pot lids is code 24817. 24817 Yoghurt Pot Lids 50’s 1x50 A Heat sealable lids for the 140ml yoghurt pots 65mmx65mm. Yoghurt Pot code 87864 SUPERBAG MAKING THE COMPLICATED EASY Superbag is a revolutionary bag ideal for preparing consommés, making stocks and in general cooking large quantities of ingredients. It is a porous filter manufactured from an inert, flexible and heat-resistant material suitable for cooking.

Ideal as it reduce the amount of water the cooks needs and saves a great deal of time, since there is no need to strain or clarify consommés.

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