Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018

Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018
Airmic 2018
                     11-13 June | ACC Liverpool

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Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018
11 th
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Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018
 We look forward to welcoming you to the 2018 Conference
  at a time when we need to embrace change like never
  before – the future is now!
  We must stop talking about tomorrow’s risks: our world has already changed.
  Technology is developing so fast that businesses can simultaneously be
  disruptors and disrupted. Our profession is in transformation and we must
  empower our members to embrace strategic opportunities, adapt their skillset
  and achieve operational excellence.

  In short, our members must become leaders in risk – not in the future, but
  starting now.

  Airmic is urging Boards to give more time to business risks and management
  systems and to view insurance programmes in a strategic light. We are
  fostering closer collaboration between our member businesses, insurance
  partners and service suppliers, to stimulate fresh thinking and innovative
  solutions. At the same time, we have developed a learning and development
  programme to equip our members for the new world.

  Discover more at the Airmic Conference in Liverpool, 11-13 June 2018, and
  you’ll never walk alone! Networking, learning, collaboration and strategic
  partnerships are all on offer.

          John Ludlow                                   Paul Goulding
         Airmic CEO                                   Airmic Chairman

Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018
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Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018

               PRO GR AMME
Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018

       MONDAY                         11 JUNE

              REGISTRATION                                        WORKSHOPS A1 – A9
    10.15am                                              2.15pm

                                                        
    11.00am   PARTNER NETWORKING                                  NETWORKING &
       -                                                 3.30pm
    12.15pm   BRUNCHES B1 - B7                                    REFRESHMENT BREAK
                (pre-register only)                                Exhibition Hall opens

                                                        
              WELCOME                                             WORKSHOPS B1 – B9
    12.30pm                                              4.15pm
              By John Ludlow, Airmic CEO
                Auditorium
                                                        
    12.45pm   THE REVOLUTION IS HERE!                             EXHIBITOR WELCOME
        -                                                5.30pm
     2.00pm   Panel chaired by Spencer Kelly,                     DRINKS
              Presenter of BBC’s technology programme,
              Click.                                                Exhibition Hall

                Auditorium

Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018

   TUESDAY                         12 JUNE

          5K FUN RUN                                   WORKSHOPS D1 – D10
07.45am                                   12.00pm
           (pre-register only)

                                             
8.30am                                        1.15pm
                                                        Exhibition Hall

                                             
 9.00am   DELEGATE REGISTRATION               2.00pm   AGM
    -                                            -
 9.45am    Exhibition Hall Opens             2.45pm    (Airmic members only)

                                             
          WORKSHOPS C1 – C10                  3.00pm   LEADERSHIP DEBATE
10.00am                                          -
                                              4.15pm   Chaired by Huw Edwards, BBC News Reporter
                                                        Auditorium

                                             
          NETWORKING &                                 AIRMIC DRINKS RECEPTION
11.15am                                       4.30pm
          REFRESHMENT BREAK                             Exhibition Hall

           Exhibition Hall

Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018

       WEDNESDAY                               13 JUNE
               Exhibition Hall opens

     9.30     IMPROWISE MUSIC &
               Presented by Alex Steele
                Organisational Development Consultant and
               professional pianist


              PAUL GOULDING                                                                 |A

    12.00pm                                                                        C2

               Airmic Chairman, Auditorium                                  AIR

              CLOSING PLENARY
    12.30pm                                                              JU

               Presented by Frank Gardner
                                                             thh   11

                BBC Political Correspondent

              Auditorium

              CONFERENCE ENDS

Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018

               P LE N AR I ES & D E B AT E S
Airmic 2018 - Airmic Conference 2018

        MONDAY 11 JUNE                                                                              12.45pm - 2.00pm

     THE REVOLUTION                                                                  Spencer Kelly
     IS NOW!                                                                        BBC Presenter

      Today’s organisations are becoming increasingly                               Yvette Connor
         interconnected and embedded in the same
                                                                                     Chief Risk Officer
         network. Failure in an organisation from a single
         connected risk can have a disproportionate effect                          Focal Point Data Risk, LLC

         on both an organisation and its ecosystem by
         involving other risks and its stakeholders.
                                                                                     Shamus Rae
         The speed of change is rapid as the advancement of data and
         analytics, and cognitive and machine learning drives forward change
                                                                                    Partner, Innovation Lead in the UK,
         more quickly than humans alone could ever achieve.

         The digital revolution enables organisations to transform the
         development and execution of strategy. It enables business leaders
         to rethink processes, practices, information systems and everything         Lord Clement-Jones
         about how they deliver customer needs.                                     Partner, DLA Piper
         This context will significantly change business, risk and resilience
         models. Airmic research has identified the value of having a
         dedicated executive risk leadership role focused exclusively on
         the risk agenda as part of the business model, both in terms of
                                                                                     Richard Hartley
         challenges and desired changes that will drive business performance        CEO and Co-Founder, Cytora
         over the short and long term. This role is not intended to remove the
         responsibility for risk from members of the Board or the Executive,
         but to help support them in managing the risk agenda.
                                                                                     Professor Gianvito
         As business leaders look towards risk leaders for support, risk
         leaders must understand the issues and step up. The panel will              Lanzolla
         consider the challenges businesses face and how they might build           Head of Faculty of Management,
         resilience and manage risks to avoid becoming the next digitally            Professor of Strategy,
         induced corporate failure.                                                  Cass Business School



INSURANCE                                                   3.00pm - 4.15pm

LEADERSHIP                                         Basic Innovation, including process automation, cloud
                                                      computing and AI triaging claims, represent incremental
                                                      improvements that can deliver benefits in the short term.
DEBATE                                                Today, this is where the insurance industry seems to be
                                                      concentrating much of its time.
                                                      In contrast, Transformative Innovation is a shift from a product-centric to a
                                                      customer-centric approach and one where AI, big data and analytics can be
                                                      used to understand customers and provide data to allow industry suppliers,
                                                      advisers and buyers to act quickly. This approach helps insurers understand
                                                      how to design and market better products based on customer needs. But
                                                      is this approach a reality? The most meaningful and challenging change to
                                                      achieve is Disruptive Innovation. Instead of looking at specific technologies,
                                                      Disruptive Innovation is about creating a vision for a new insurance business
                                                      model, supported by technology.

                                                      The challenge is The Future is Now and will industry business models survive
                                                      in tomorrow's digital landscape? From under the spotlight, our panel will
     Huw Edwards                                      present their opinions on the issues of today and their forecasts on the issues
    BBC News Reporter                                of tomorrow, debate these with their peers on stage and face questions from
                                                      our audience.

    Vivek Banga              Tony Buckle               Vinicio Cellerini            Chris Johnson                 Patrick Tiernan
   Chief Digital 		        Managing Director,       Head of 		                  Executive Vice               Managing Director
    Officer, 		              Global Risk 		            Commercial 		                President,                    Aviva GCS – UK
    Gallagher                Solutions, RSA            Insurance UK,                FM Global                     and Europe, Aviva
                                                       Zurich Insurance


        WEDNESDAY 13 JUNE

     KEYNOTE 1                                                          KEYNOTE 2

     IMPROWISE MUSIC                                                    CLOSING
     AND INNOVATION                                                     PLENARY

                      Alex Steele                                                          Frank Gardner OBE
                           9.30am - 10.30pm                                                     12.30pm - 1.30pm

      This session will be entertaining, motivating,                    BBC's full-time Security Correspondent
       transformational, inspirational, unforgettable                      and author, Frank spent nine years as an
       and great fun!                                                      investment banker in New York, London, and
       Alex Steele is an organisational development consultant,            Bahrain before switching to journalism and
       academic and coach by day, and a professional pianist               joining the BBC in 1995.
       by night. He works with leading business schools and
       organisations throughout the world, and is well known for           Frank has reported extensively on the global ‘War on Terror’ in
       his work which blends leading-edge thinking and practices           Guantanamo Bay, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere in
       in leadership, organisational change and innovation, with           the Middle East.
       the art of improvisation. Alex will be working with a group of
                                                                           In 2004 Frank survived being shot six times at close range by
       musicians (who have never met before) and live music will be
                                                                           Al-Qaeda terrorists in a Riyadh suburb in Saudia Arabia.
       interspersed throughout this session to demonstrate a range
                                                                           He went on to write the bestselling book Blood and Sand, the
       of different skills and techniques which can be applied and
                                                                           poignant story of what can happen to your belief system when
       used by the audience in relation to their own areas of work.
                                                                           the culture you have embraced ends up trying to kill you.
       The techniques can be applied to personal development,
                                                                           He was awarded an OBE in 2005 for services to journalism.
       teamwork, looking at new ways of working, innovation, change
       management and organisational culture, values and change.           His personal story of survival combined with his extensive
                                                                           knowledge of Middle Eastern history and politics make for a
       Alex has worked as a business leader, consultant and coach
                                                                           compelling event. As a career broadcaster and a witty and
       for the last 25 years, leading organisational development,
                                                                           gifted communicator, Frank shares his passion for the Middle
       innovation, research and change programmes within industry
                                                                           East, travel and adventure. He draws on a unique perspective
       and government, and with leading Business Schools, research
                                                                           and understanding of both domestic and international security.
       centres and universities in Europe, Asia and Africa.
       This will be a unique and fun session, perfect for the
       Wednesday morning of the Conference. This session will he
       held in the auditorium and you do not need to pre-register.


               WO R K S HO P S

                   >          WORKSHOPS

                                     Airmic 2018
                                     11-13 June | ACC Liverpool


A - MONDAY 11 JUNE                                                                                                        2.15pm - 3.30pm

                  Property losses                                       This workshop will look at case studies to highlight the
                                                                        risk and insurance implications that arise from spread of
                  – spread of fire in high-rise                         fire in commercial properties, and the issues that arise
                  and other buildings,                                  as a consequence.
                  and the consequences
Case studies                                                            Target Audience
•   The address: downtown Dubai                                         This workshop would be suitable to anyone interested in the property
•   Liverpool car park fire                                             losses that can occur from spread of fire, and therefore would be
                                                                        suitable for Risk Managers, underwriters and brokers.
Learning objectives                                                     Content
•   By attending this workshop you will understand the many             Covers both risk and insurance. This will be a panel workshop –
    potential issues that arise from a property loss as a result of a   providing different expertise and insights from their specialist areas:
•   These will include: BI, H&S, building regulations, corporate              Andy King
    manslaughter, liability, gaps in cover, etc.                             Head of FAS Global, Cunningham Lindsey

                  A2:                                                   The workshop discussions with other Risk Managers will revolve
                                                                        around the concerns of this new digital environment but also the
                  Roads to Revolution                                   opportunities that it presents, using the key themes from the Roads to
                                                                        Revolution report.
                  This session will be an
                  overview of some of the key                           You should leave the session having shared ideas on how you,
                  findings from the Roads to                            as a Risk Manager, could manage some of the risks and deliver on the
                                                                        opportunities, with some practical tips as to how to implement some
                  Revolution report launching at                        of these both into your teams and in the wider business.
                  the Conference. The session                           The workshop discussions can take any turn but the content of this
                  will look at how companies                            session is intended to be risk based.
                  are changing in the digital
                  age, and the risks and                                      David Roberts
                  opportunities that this brings.                            Head of Proposition RE, Business Analytics and Global
                                                                              Relationship Leader, Zurich Commercial Insurance UK


                         A3:                                                                              A4:
                         Cyber-attack – the anatomy                                                       Technological developments
                         of a live incident                                                               and the insurance

     This session will provide an interactive incident response
                                                                                      In this interactive workshop, AXA Corporate Solutions UK invite
     demonstration. How would you respond? We have assembled a
                                                                                      Risk Managers to consider how technological advances are
     team of specialists to run a mock cyber-attack on a large corporate
                                                                                      changing risk management and the way insurance is being
     UK business.
                                                                                      transacted currently and in the future.
     You will be taken through a timeline of potential events, presenting a variety
                                                                                      We will encourage critical thinking and discussion around how the
     of responses and their wider implications to the impacted business. The
                                                                                      insurance industry is responding to the exposures of technology,
     session will be run from the perspective of senior management, interplayed
                                                                                      as well as looking at how the industry and the professionals within it may
     with the role of the risk/insurance manager who has recently bought a
                                                                                      change as a result of these developments, and what the impact on risk
     cyber insurance policy.
                                                                                      management could be.
     Learning objectives
     What should you do if your business had a cyber incident which triggered
     a network outage, data loss, hardware failure, an ensuing ransomware             •    An introduction to the changing technological environment
     demand, a notification to the ICO and a series of press interviews/                   impacting the insurance industry
     statements? Come to this session and obtain some useful advice and               •    A series of interactive exercises, led by experts, designed to
     guidance from experts on the front line of cyber-triggered incident                   generate discussion and knowledge transfer
     response. We will share practical advice and guidance for the best and           •    An emphasis to pool together thoughts, ideas and key learning
     worst case scenarios, highlighting the importance of incident-readiness               points
     and of course the important role that cyber insurance can play to transfer       •    A summation paper produced by AXA on the key topics raised and
     your risks to legal, IT forensics and public relations specialists, and the           discussed on the day
     insurance market – returning your business to normal and safeguarding            Topics considered
     your balance sheet and your reputation.
                                                                                      •    Is the current insurance industry approach fit for purpose for the
     Target audience                                                                       existing technological landscape?
     •    All stakeholders in cyber incident response                                 •    What is being developed and deployed in the industry, and how will
     •    Board members                                                                    it impact how we operate?
     •    IT and Risk and Insurance Managers                                          •    How will technology impact the risk management tactics used in the
     •    General Counsels                                                                 future?
                                                                                      Through the discussion of the 3 areas of interest, we will also be
            William Wright                                                            exploring how the roles of future insurance professionals will develop,
           Partner & Joint Head of Privacy, Cyber and Technology,                    what will they include and how will they interact.
            Paragon Brokers
                                                                                      Target audience
            James                                                                     •    Risk Managers, advisors and brokers, and loss prevention
           Broker, Bullock-Webster
                                                                                             Matt Reeves
                                                                                            Business Development Manager, AXA Corporate Solutions UK


                     A5:                                                      A6:
                     Why supporting                                           Understanding
                     the physical and                                         and managing
                     mental well-being                                        construction risk
                     of employees
                     makes business                       In this workshop, we will cover:
                     sense                                •    Understanding of different areas of hazard and
                                                               risk in relation to construction.
QBE, the specialist in business insurance,                •    How a project brief is developed, contractual
will run an interactive session to help Airmic                 arrangements, focusing on examples of
delegates understand employers’ obligations                    geotechnical risk and water damage, with
with respect to the physical and mental health of              details on codes of practice and guidance
their workforce, and the operational and financial             notes.
benefits of providing access to early intervention        and provide project examples to illustrate topics
and ongoing support.                                      being discussed
The session will also focus on the importance of          Learning objectives
company culture in ensuring an environment where
employees and their managers can seek support             •    Understand concept of successful projects, and
without the fear of negative repercussions. QBE                how this can be defined.
specialists will also review liability claims trends to   •    Understand importance of the appropriate
illustrate the trajectory of physical and non-physical         organisational arrangements such as risk
injury claims, and the impact that rehabilitation              allocation, contract form, material/system
intervention can have on return to work rates and              selection, etc.
costs.                                                    •    Understand two examples of key risks relating
Target audience                                                to construction and how these can be managed.
                                                          •    Understand that published best practice guides
Airmic members with an employee well-being remit,              are available in public domain.
buyers and influencers of liability cover
                                                          Target audience

       Representatives from 			                           Occasional clients of construction projects who
                                                          would not normally be regular major construction
       QBE’s award-winning
       Rehabilitation team.

                                                          Risk and other

                                                                Mark Allan
                                                               MEng CEng MICE, Senior Risk Engineer,
                                                                HDI Global UK Branch


                        A7:                                                                            A8:
                        The challenges of insurance                                                    Parametric solutions –
                        in Latin America                                                               providing certainty when you
                                                                                                       need it
                                                                                   We live in an uncertain world where numerous forces,
     This workshop will bring out some of the local challenges
                                                                                   beyond your control, can impact your business.
     and specifics of doing business in some of the Latin
     American territories, be that insurance, economic, political,                 Concerns about larger, more complex risks directly related to business
     legislation, etc., and major differences between countries.                   operations are on the rise. So too are the interest and demand for
                                                                                   parametric solutions which can help close gaps in tradition insurance
     Learning objectives                                                           cover. The main advantage of parametric solutions is a quick, pre-agreed
                                                                                   pay-out, which eliminates the need for a claims investigation, issues
     To give Risk Managers and insurance managers an insight into some             with sub-limits or investigations into extent of loss. They can also provide
     of the key drivers when they are considering or doing business in these       protection for loss events which have previously been deemed uninsurable.
     territories and how to overcome the identified challenges. Key types of       From mild winters to earthquakes to pandemics, regardless of your
     risks, maturity of the markets, compulsory requirements, claims handling,     business, many types of phenomena can hurt your cash flow and your
     etc.                                                                          bottom line.

     Target audience                                                               Our interactive workshop will discuss:

     •    Insurance and Risk Managers wanting an introduction to the               •    How parametric solutions work
          challenges and opportunities presented by Latin America                  •    What perils and risks can be covered
     •    Insurance and Risk Managers with experience of operating in Latin        •    The differences between a parametric cover, hybrid insurance and
          America who are looking for risk transfer opportunities and insights          traditional insurance
     •    The aim is that this will be predominately insurance focused, but will   •    Real examples of parametric solutions in action
          bring out some of the political and economic risk challenges in this
                                                                                   Learning objectives
                                                                                   •    Understand how parametric solutions work and how they can
                                                                                        complement a traditional insurance programme
           Carlos Vasquez
                                                                                   •    Understand what types of risks can be covered with parametric
          Manager, International Underwriting, MAPFRE Global Risks
                                                                                        products and what it takes to implement a solution.
                                                                                   Target audience

                                                                                   Risk Managers and their brokers – The workshop is aimed at those with
                                                                                   responsibility for advising their corporations on risk management. solutions
                                                                                   available in the marketplace, as well as those who have a role in delivering
                                                                                   these for a client’s benefit (i.e. brokers).

                                                                                         Christian Wertli
                                                                                        Head Innovative Risk Solutions, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions


                   Managing a business through
                   a catastrophic event

Join the team from Travelers as they transport you from the ACC in Liverpool
to a live hurricane catastrophe event.
You’ll help prepare the business before the hurricane occurs and have a front row seat in the
Catastrophe Management Centre to coordinate response activities and deploy resources directly
to affected areas to respond to customer needs. You’ll hear from loss prevention specialists,
specially trained catastrophe response experts and businesses on the ground.



     B - MONDAY 11 JUNE                                                                                              4.15pm - 5.30pm


             How to navigate an increasingly digital
             Insurance Premium Tax landscape
             Governments are rapidly turning to technology to fill tax revenue gaps and speed up tax collection
             processes. In addition to using technology to close tax loopholes, they are fast establishing new
             revenue streams by introducing new taxes. Although this is not yet a major trend in the insurance tax
             arena, many insurers are increasingly seeing challenges from the demand for detailed transactional
             data reporting as well as an increase in the use of digital software by tax authorities and regimes,
             detailed transactional data reporting as well as an increase in the use of digital software by tax
             authorities and regimes.

             Across Europe alone, an insurance company needs to comply           Target audience
             with more than 70 different indirect taxes and, depending on
             where they write business, meet more than 500 filings and           All buyers of cross-border insurance programmes and
             tax deadlines, and the reporting requirements across the tax        insurers or brokers servicing or underwriting global insurance
             regimes are only increasing.                                        programmes.

             Using examples and case studies of recent challenges faced,         Content
             Karen Jenner and Joseph Finbow discuss why insurers and
                                                                                 Insurance related
             insureds need to be prepared to report faster and in more
             detail as the digital tax landscape gathers pace, and the
             impact that this will have on IPT and parafiscal compliance.
                                                                                       Karen Jenner
             Learning objectives
             An anticipated increase in digital reporting, in addition to more
                                                                                      Solutions Principal, FiscalReps by Sovos
             onerous reporting requirements for insurers by tax authorities
             across the globe, is leading to the need for more granular                Joseph Finbow
             data on a per policy basis. To ensure a compliant global
             programme, this workshop will provide an understanding of                Client Director, FiscalReps by Sovos
             what renewal information data is required by insurers, and
             why, to ensure compliance with all relevant tax authorities.              Hosted by Colin Campbell
             We will look at the implications for insurance buyers and
             insurance companies of non-compliance and provide real-life              Head of Risk Management, Arcadia Group
             case studies as examples for discussion.


                   B2:                                                                        B3:

                   Cyber risk aggregation and                                                 Practical tips and
                   market developments -                                                      cautionary tales to support
                   what does the future hold?                                                 your purchase of D&O
The cyber insurance market has grown rapidly in the
                                                                                              insurance and manage
last five years, and most stakeholders are predicting                                         claims better
this growth to continue, driven by evolving legislation
and increasing losses.                                                     Unlike many other insurance seminars, this one
                                                                           is aimed at giving Risk Managers and GCs/legal
However, as the mystique of cyber insurance disappears, will more
traditional lines increasingly include the cover, thereby stifling the     departments practical tips for both purchasing D&O
growth of standalone products? And where does the subject of cyber         insurance and navigating through a D&O claim.
risk aggregation sit in this debate – is this the ‘elephant in the room’
                                                                           Topics will include practical tips to help you define your risk strategy
and being overlooked by underwriters and clients alike? This workshop
                                                                           and understand the role and value of D&O insurance, including an
will bring together Lloyd’s market practitioners and Airmic members to
                                                                           indemnification and insurance checklist, ensuring adequate cover
examine what insurers and Risk Managers should expect of each other
                                                                           for key risks such as cyber events and regulatory investigations
in developing and pricing insurance solutions against the backdrop
                                                                           and the top questions to ask your carrier if you are buying Side A
of an ever-changing cyber insurance market. The session will aim to
                                                                           D&O insurance. Lessons learned from claims scenarios will provide
reveal some of the key innovations relating to cyber insurance and
                                                                           cautionary tales about the need to really understand the coverage
to promote open dialogue on identifying the most appropriate cyber
                                                                           you are buying and how it might respond (or not respond) when faced
insurance solutions for businesses today and and in the future.
                                                                           with a claim. A dos and don’ts checklist will help all parties better
Learning objectives                                                        understand how to get the best from an insurer during the claims
The workshop will focus on all aspects of cyber insurance product
development and, at the end of the session, Risk Managers should be        Target audience
better informed about cyber insurance policies and the insurance cover
                                                                           Risk Managers, in-house legal departments or teams who deal with
they should consider for their businesses in an ever-challenging and
                                                                           D&O claims, brokers. The topics will be broad enough to be of interest
changing environment.
                                                                           to a wide audience.

    Leon Walker                           Gareth Tungatt                         Stephanie Pestorich Manson
   Lloyd’s Development Manager,         Ascent Underwriting
    Managing Agents & Groups                                                    Head of Commercial Institutions – UK, AIG

    Patrick Hill                          Will Wright                            Noona Barlow
   IHG                                  Paragon Brokers                       Head of Liabilities & Financial Lines Claims, AIG

    Delvin Tillett
   Axis Capital

                        B4:                                             B5:                                                 B6:

                        The impact                                      Geopolitical                                        BEPS – how
                        of the digital                                  risks –                                             will it impact
                        revolution                                      managing the                                        your captive?
                        on business                                     (un)expected                    Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)
                        models and                    This session will help organisations
                                                                                                        refers to tax avoidance strategies that
                                                                                                        exploit gaps and mismatches in tax
                        risk exposure                 navigate the evolving geopolitical
                                                                                                        rules to artificially shift profits to low or
                                                      environment, using tangible examples
                                                                                                        no-tax locations.
     As technology continues to develop               such as ongoing tensions on the
     at an increasing pace, businesses are            Korean Peninsula; the rise and fall and           The 2017 leak of the Paradise Papers, which
     adopting new digital approaches to               rise again of right-wing political views;         detailed the offshore accounts and tax
                                                      the evolving nature of the terrorism              practices of organisations and individuals
     make their operations more efficient,                                                              across the world, has further shone the
     widen distribution, create new revenue           threat and changing political faultlines.         spotlight on tax avoidance and aggressive
     streams and stay ahead of the                                                                      tax planning. In light of this, our session will
                                                      Learning objectives
     competition.                                                                                       provide insight into BEPS and its recent
                                                      •   Understanding what risks you are              developments, as well as the relevance for
     Whether it’s improving efficiency within
                                                          exposed to as an organisation, both           captives and how they could specifically
     your supply chain, developing platforms to
                                                          elements you can and cannot predict           be impacted. Through practical examples,
     reach new audiences or adopting systems
                                                                                                        we will share ways to assess your captive’s
     to change how you engage with your               •   Developing policies, procedures and           vulnerability, approaches to improve your
     customers, introducing new technology                processes that are robust and effective,      captive’s framework and real experiences
     creates new risks. The real challenge is             yet appropriate to those prevailing risks     of how organisations have managed key
     identifying these risks, engaging with new
                                                      •   Getting through the information ‘noise’,      challenges.
     internal audiences and finding solutions to
     meet your changing needs. Last year, we              including social media, to the relevant
                                                          points that help with decision-making         Target audience
     looked at how Risk Managers can create a
     strong risk culture to help drive and foster     •   Communicating with your employees             Risk and Insurance Managers
     innovation. During the session, we’ll consider       and being able to locate them
     the technologies having the biggest impact
     on our clients, how business models are
                                                                                                              Tracey Skinner
     changing as a result and the sometimes                James Wood                                        Director of Insurance & Risk Financing,
     unexpected impact on risk exposure.                  Security Director, Security Solutions              BT
                                                           – EMEA, International SOS and Control
                                                           Risks 		                                           Charles Winter
           Presented by XL Catlin
                                                                                                             Head of Finance & Chief Operating Officer,
                                                           Ricus Groenewald                                   Aon
                                                          Regional Director of Assistance, EMEA,
                                                           Global Risk Analysis Expert, Control Risks


                   B7:                                     B8:                                                      B9:

                   The talent                              Using standards                                          Managing
                   mix – a                                 makes good                                               Risk and
                   challenge                               business sense                                           Opportunities
                   for all                                 and can add                                              in a
                                                           business value                                           Connected
In our workshop, we will discuss         This workshop will explain the value of standards to                       World
how the insurance industry needs to      the economy generally, and the impact that using
ensure that we get the right mix of      standards sych as the risk management standard           The world of ‘Connected Opportunities
talent joining the industry.             ISO 31000 can have on industry specifically. The         and Risks’ – a completely new initiative
                                         new version of ISO 31000 will be referenced.             to support strategic business strategy in
We will then look at how the insurance                                                            today’s interconnected landscape.
sector can learn from other sectors      Learning objectives
and hear from across the sector as                                                                In January 2018, Russell Group hosted a
                                         •   Understand how standards can be used as              workgroup which brought together leading
to why it is important that brokers/
                                             enablers of business strategy                        risk managers from a variety of global
insurers recognise and reflect on our
                                         •   Appreciate how Risk Managers are using               industries. The workgroup was tasked with
clients' needs.
                                             standards to support achievement of business         a single goal, to help turn the concept of
Our workshop will cover 4 key areas:         objectives                                           connected risk into a solution that would
                                         •   Examine how standards can be used to improve         provide tangible value to risk management
1.   Current situation and the risks         collaboration and teamworking across the             officers, senior management, the board
2.   Key facts and stats relating            different business functions                         and CEOs. After attending the session,
     specifically to the insurance       •   Gain an understanding of the revised version of      participants will:
     industry                                ISO 31000 and with practical examples of how
                                                                                                  •   Be equipped to engage with their
3.   The importance of diversity             this can be used to support the risk management
                                                                                                      boards as to how and why connected
     and inclusion from a client’s           system of the business
                                                                                                      risks and opportunities needs to be an
     perspective                                                                                      essential consideration when setting
                                         Target audience
4.   Key takeaways and top tips                                                                       business strategy.
                                         Risk Managers. Other professionals involved in
                                                                                                  •   Have the opportunity to become more
Target audience                          managing governance, risk or compliance (GRC), e.g.
                                                                                                      actively involved in a powerful new
                                         company secretaries, compliance officers, internal
Our workshop is open to all                                                                           initiative.
                                         auditors. Those who offer risk management or
                                         governance consultancy services
                                                                                                        Suki Basi
      Presented by JLT
                                              Sara Walton                                              Managing Director, Russell Group
                                             Market Development Manager
                                              (Resilience, Risk, Governance), BSI                       Julian Kirkman-PageI
                                              David Stark                                              Consultant/Principle, Russell Group

                                             Practice Leader (Enterprise Risk and Resilience),
                                              Marsh Risk Consulting


     C - TUESDAY 12 JUNE                                                                                                      10.00am - 11.15am

                        C1:                                                        C2:
                        Cyber security                                             Expecting
                        risks during                                               unexpected –
                        a merger or                                                accident and health,
                        acquisition –                                              and the provision
                        assessing an                                               of assistance                         C3:

                        underestimated                          This workshop will challenge Risk Managers and other     Enemies at the
                        risk                                    insurance professionals to consider their expectations
                                                                of travel medical and security assistance, and discuss
                                                                                                                         gate – inside the
     Organisations are particularly vulnerable to outside       ways in which an assistance model can be developed       attacker's mindset
     threats during a merger or acquisition. From               to meet the requirements of a specific organisation.
                                                                                                                         Join us for a seminar that will
     sensitive negotiations, to assessing the technical         Themes to be explored include:                           explore some of the underlying
     and operational risks posed by integrating one
                                                                                                                         principles of human decision-
     organisation into another, it is vital to implement        •    Expectations of different parties in an emergency
                                                                                                                         making and how our decision-
     measures to assess and mitigate risks that can                  situation
                                                                                                                         making processes can be
     be posed, including those relating to cyber and            •    Practicalities of providing assistance under
                                                                                                                         undermined through social
     information security.                                           challenging conditions/in difficult locations
                                                                •    Does an Employee also have a ‘Duty of Care’ to
     Learning objectives
                                                                     their Employer?                                     We will also examine how publicly
     •    The vulnerabilities that businesses face during       •    Communication – What is reasonable? How do          available information can be used
          a merger or acquisition from the perspective of            we meet expectations?                               to reveal vulnerabilities in your
          cyber security
                                                                                                                         organisation and your employees,
     •    How businesses can assess their cyber and             An attendee will be expected to discuss how an
                                                                                                                         and how they can be exploited
          information security vulnerabilities during an M&A    organisation’s internal procedures can work both with
                                                                                                                         to penetrate your company’s
          transaction                                           and against the application of assistance in order to
                                                                explore where good intentions can best be directed.
     •    Typical attack vectors and cyber threat actors that
                                                                                                                         We will then consider practical
          businesses are most vulnerable to during an M&A       Case studies will be provided from RSA that are
                                                                                                                         approaches to mitigating the risk
          transaction and the intent behind it                  chosen to challenge all participants to consider
                                                                                                                         posed by employees’ access
     •    How to carry out a cyber due-diligence                'what is a good response/reaction' from all parties
                                                                                                                         to information, systems and
          assessment                                            (individual, organisation, assistance provider and
                                                                insurer) involved in the assistance journey.
     •    The value of adopting a risk-based approach to
          your M&A transaction
                                                                      Leon Burton                                              Presented by
                                                                                                                               Duff & Phelps
                                                                     A&H Leader, RSA
           Nicolas Reys
          Global Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence,                  Juan Pena Nunez
           Control Risks
                                                                     Client Services Director, Healix

                  C4:                                                   C5:

                  Engaging the                                          Human capital – your most important
                  Executive with risk                                   asset or your biggest risk?
                  and insurance
The workshop will examine how Airmic members
can engage with their Executive Management to         It is quite rare today to find a company strategic manifesto that doesn’t emphasise
address the value and importance of effective risk    the quality and engagement of its people as an essential condition for delivering
and insurance governance. The goals are to:           sustainable business growth. Well aware that people are one of their most important
•    Appraise the audience of external factors        asset, employers rightly focus on shaping an experience that makes it easy and
     which require UK Boards to demonstrate they      worthwhile for employees to innovate, to delight clients and to deliver excellence. In
     have effective risk management controls and      this session, we will begin by reviewing the research that has identified the risks that
     strategies in place                              have a significant people and culture component. We will then use case studies to
•    Examine the value of does insurance have in      focus on strategies and approaches companies use to mitigate some of the potential
     the risk management mix?                         people threats and improve their human capital risk profile and will answer the following
•    Consider how compliance with the Insurance       questions:
     Act can be used to enhance the engagement        •    What are the sources of information that can help detect potential liabilities
     of the Executive.                                     associated with an organisation’s human capital?
•    Practical tactics which Airmic members can       •    What are the questions risk and compliance officers, insurers, executive teams or
     use to engage with and demonstrate the value          non-executive directors should ask to evaluate the extent to which people risks
     of risk / insurance to their Boards                   are understood and continuously assessed?
Learning objectives                                   •    What are the technologies available and the most effective practices to mitigate
                                                           some of the biggest people risks, such as cyber risk or health & safety?
Explore tactics which Airmic buyers can employ to
                                                      •    And finally, what can organisations do to engage employees in fostering a positive
better align a Board’s objectives with the value of
                                                           risk culture in the workplace and to transform the management of people risk into
risk management and insurance
                                                           a real competitive advantage?
Target audience
                                                      Learning objectives
Airmic buyers who are in charge of risk / insurance
management and want to consider how better to         •    Understand what are the most significant people risks that organisations face
engage Boards.                                             today
                                                      •    Know what evidence to call upon in order to make a reliable assessment of an
      Presented by Mactavish                               organisation’s people risk profile
                                                      •    Learn about approaches that high-performance organisations are using to manage
                                                           the people aspects of risk
                                                      Target audience
                                                      •    Risk leaders
                                                      •    Insurance professionals
                                                      •    This is a risk and insurance workshop.

                                                            Yves Duhaldeborde
                                                           Director, Willis Towers Watson


                        C6:                                              C7:                                                 C8:
                        Employee                                         Diversity and                                       Terrorism,
                        benefits                                         inclusion                                           cyberterrorism
                        risk – how                                                                                           and how the
                        to procure,                                                                                          future of threat
                        understand                                                                                           will affect
                        and utilise                   Don’t risk your personal and corporate                                 insurance
                                                      reputation by failing to embrace and embed
                        EB data to                    diversity & inclusion within your organisation.     These evolving security crises demand an equally
                        manage risk                   A strategy to develop a diverse and inclusive       dynamic response from those specialising in, and
                                                      workforce enriches your organisational              responsible for, risk management and risk transfer.
     This workshop will focus on employee             culture, brings shareholder value and               In this practical session, aimed at Risk Managers,
     benefits data and give insight on what data      increases brand reputation.                         insurance managers and those who have a
     is available, data sources and importantly                                                           concern for security and BCI, we’ll cover:
     how to understand and utilise the data to        This panel debate hosted by Jan Gooding,
     enhance risk management and control.             Global Inclusion Director, at Aviva, will explore   •    What the global threat landscape will look
                                                      ways in which companies can excel by                     like in 2020 – the end of terrorism?
     With more and more companies having              making the most of their people and avoiding        •    An introduction to cyberterrorism and
     their employee benefits risks ceded to their     common pitfalls.                                         cyberactivism
     captives, risk and insurance managers
     have become much more involved in EB                                                                 •    How the future of threat will affect insurance
     risk, and the demand for risk, claims and              Aviva                                              coverage across a range of lines
     utilisation data has increased, with insurance                                                       •    How to shift the focus from property damage
     companies and consultants alike striving to                                                               to business interruption, including for cyber-
     meet these data requirements.                                                                             enabled threats
     An attendee of this session should leave with                                                        •    What your organisation should be doing
     an understanding of the type and availability                                                             about the ever-changing threat landscape.
     of data that is available from providers and
     consultants in the field of employee benefits                                                              Paul Bassett MC
     with an insight into how to navigate and
     understand this data.
                                                                                                               Managing Director, Crisis Management,
           Bill Fitzpatrick
          Vice President, Corporate Risk Benefits,                                                             Justin Priestley
           DHL                                                                                                 GM, Executive Director, Crisis Management,


                     C9:                                                            C10:
                     Getting on top of cyber                                        Putting a price
                     risk management                                                on reputation
                     – how to work more
                     effectively with the CISO
                                                                A highly interactive session to highlight the
Working closely with the IT department is ever-more             perils and pitfalls of intangible risks, including
important for Risk Managers. Yet IT departments can             reputational harm, and to determine how
sometimes seem like their very own fiefdom. As a result,        insurance can be fit-for-purpose in this
some Risk Managers can feel they lack influence over cyber      important field.
risk management and the purchase of cyber insurance.
                                                                Through a mix of table discussions, lively
For Risk Managers keen to gain more traction with IT – and      debate and an interactive, game hosted by
in particular the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) –   TMK’s Head of Innovation Tom Hoad,
success often comes down to the nature of their dialogue.       Risk Managers across all sectors will benefit
Drawing on his many years as a CISO himself at large            from a more in-depth understanding of
FTSE100 companies, Lockton’s Peter Erceg will explain           intangible risks and an insurer’s perspective
how Risk Managers can forge closer relationships with IT        on them as we work together to create a new
and improve their company’s cyber risk management. In           approach for insuring the ‘uninsurable’. During
particular, he will explain:                                    the workshop, attendees will be invited to
•    A CISO’s role, priorities, stakeholder challenges and      challenge the insurance industry’s approach
     responsibilities.                                          to these new areas of risk and to determine
                                                                ultimately how they would invest their resources
•    How creating an ‘us’ (internal employees) and ‘them’
                                                                and budgets to address these growing threats.
     (cyber criminals) paradigm is more likely to induce
     collegial thinking and grant risk management more of a
     role.                                                            Tokio Marine Kiln
•    How to review the attending Risk Manager's real-time
     survey results, measuring the level and degree of
     engagement with their CISO or equivalent.
•    Tips and support on how best to communicate across
     the different stakeholders involved in the cyber risk
     assessment process, and the items to consider when
     reviewing specialist cyber insurance in the current

       Peter Erceg
      Senior Vice President, Global Cyber and
       Technology, Lockton Companies LLP

Airmic 2018 | The Future is Now!                                                                                     27

     D - TUESDAY 12 JUNE                                                                                                          12.00pm - 1.15pm

                         D1:                                                    D2:                                                  D3:
                         Keeping the                                            How ERM can                                          The changing
                         lights on –                                            help to create                                       role of the Risk
                         limiting business                                      growth and add                                       Manager in the
                         interruption                                           corporate value                                      evolving legal
                         when your IT                       We want to analyse the strategic edge                                    landscape
                         infrastructure fails               that risk management can provide for                Experts from BLM will be taking
                                                            large corporates and growth companies.              a look at the changing face of
                        Every business
                        interruption incident is            Companies can benefit from using ERM to             risk management, in relation to
     different and will impact each business in             combat an unjustified risk aversion that seems      the numerous changes that have
     a unique way. However, what is common
                                                            to have increased in various companies over         happened in the legal landscape over
                                                            the last years. Recent findings suggest that        the last year and preparing you for the
     to many incidents is the potential for                 companies that are excellent in taking controlled   future.
     significant disruption to occur unless the             higher risk to grow generate a total shareholder
     right decisions are made in the aftermath              return premium of several per cent over their       In the session we will:
     of the event.                                          industry peers. We will discuss how to:             •    Look at the impact of the GDPR on Risk
     Whilst many businesses will be familiar with           •    Define risk appetite in the context of              Managers and their directors and officers
     the threat posed by the unauthorised access                 general corporate and growth strategy               and how to minimise their future risks.
     to personal data held by the business, fewer           •    Assess risks in a more precise way             •    Explore how Risk Managers can help
     companies are well placed to deal with the             •    Take risk return decisions at a strategic           minimise risks against directors and
     inevitable disruption caused to the wider business          level, with the back-up of investments and          officers in light of recent cases, increased
     by an IT systems failure.                                   hedging external events                             regulatory scrutiny and record penalties.
     In this seminar, we bring together key professionals   Case studies                                        •    Take a look into the risk and claims
     from the world of forensic accounting, risk                                                                     impacts arising through technological
                                                            •    Balancing an unbalanced business model              advances, and suggest steps to
     management, forensic investigations and law to
                                                            •    Aligning strategy and ERM to seize                  mitigate risks associated with emerging
     discuss the framework necessary to manage the
                                                                 potential                                           technologies.
     crisis, to respond in an effective manner and, most
                                                            •    Large corporate example
     importantly, to keep the lights on in the business.                                                        •    Look at how far you can press your
                                                            •    Start-up examples: Reterro (performance
                                                                                                                     advantage. We will take a look at the
           RGL Forensics                                         guarantee) / Equidate (pre-IPO share
                                                                                                                     changes to the legal test for dishonesty
                                                                 trading platform) / HTT (high speed
                                                                                                                     following the Supreme Court decision in
                                                                                                                     Ivey v Genting Casinos.
                                                                  Munich Re Corporate 		                                   BLM


                     D4:                                                 D5:                                                   D6:
                     Unlock the                                          The emerging                                          Reality of
                     unknown – the                                       role of the the                                       multinational
                     future of risk                                      Chief Risk                                            insurance
                     management                                          Officer                                               programmes
                     analytics                      The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) has been                                      - challenges and
Analytics technology is developing at a             an executive-level position in financial                                   solutions with
                                                    institutions (FI) for many years. It is a far
rapid pace.
                                                    less prevalent role in other less regulated
With the emergence of big data, predictive          industries.                                                                claims and
modelling and supercomputing, Risk
Managers can now expect to challenge and            This workshop will explore the lessons that other                          servicing
interrogate their own data in ways previously       industries can learn from the experience of the        What good really looks like on an international
only available to large insurance carriers.         regulated sectors, and whether there is a trend        programme:
It’s time for Risk Managers to move beyond          towards a centralisation of risk control in a single
                                                    officer in other sectors. The extent to which this     •    Is everything really covered?
reactive business intelligence – they must
                                                    is regulation-driven (i.e. more regulated entities     •    Managing messages and expectations
now unlock the unknown.
                                                    are more likely to have a centralised risk officer)    •    Insurer, broker, Risk Manager and Board
In 2018, Risk Managers should expect their          and how that regulation changes the relationship       Practical steps to increased effectiveness of
technology platforms to be much more than           between the risk officer and the business/board.       international programmes:
just a claims repository, risk register or data
collection tool. In today’s environment, Risk       Learning objectives                                    •    Tax efficiency
Managers need to demonstrate exceptional            Practical examples of where centralisation of          •    Legal and compliance
value to their organisations. They can achieve      risk control has had a tangible impact – for           •    DIC DIL
this by leveraging advanced analytics tools to      better or for worse. Steps that non-FIs can take       •    How to achieve claims excellence within
drive better risk decision-making.                  towards coordination of risk ownership. The role            the context and complexity of international
                                                    that tomorrow’s leaders may play in reshaping               programmes
Using automated predictive analytics, Risk                                                                 •    Common pitfalls
                                                    how risk management integrates with business
Managers have the insights to know what will                                                               •    Policy limits – avoiding the gaps and traps
                                                    strategy and management at the C-suite.
happen before it occurs, incorporating business                                                            •    What really happens when a claim is
and external big data to gain greater insights in   Target audience                                             made?
their risk and insurance data.                      Risk Managers, Treasurers, CFOs plus anybody
Join Ventiv as we discuss what the future holds
                                                    embarking on or already working in risk                      Barry Beard
                                                    management.                                                 Head of Global Services and Complex
for risk management technology and showcase
the latest innovations in analytics and data                                                                     Multinational UK&I, Chubb
                                                           Charlie Netherton
discovery, including a live demonstration of                                                                     Ana Thomas
IBM’s Watson supercomputer capabilities.                  Managing Director, Marsh Risk Consulting
                                                                                                                Global Services Manager,
       Ventiv                                              Richard Smith-Bingham                                 Continental Europe, Chubb

                                                          Director, Global Risk Center, Marsh & 		              Kevin Smith
                                                           McLennan Companies
                                                                                                                European Claims Service Manager, Chubb

Airmic 2018 | The Future is Now!                                                                                                                              29

                         D7:                                                  D8:                                                   D9:
                         Predictive                                           Using data-                                           Major loss
                         analytics                                            driven insight                                        – engage
                         – would you                                          and predictive                                        your insurers
                         gamble on it?                                        modelling to keep                                     effectively,
     Is it worth the risk? Would you bet every                                ahead of new                                          maximise your
     penny you have on a single turn of a                                     risks – a focus on                                    recoveries
     roulette wheel?
                                                                              emerging liability                Thinking about how to handle a major
     Most players realise that the casino operator has
                                                                              exposures                         insurance claim is not top of mind for
     a greater chance of winning at a roulette table                                                            most policyholders.
     and that the best outcome they can achieve           Today, the toxic properties of asbestos
     is to manage the odds during a thrilling game.       are well known. But the conditions it                 Learning objectives
     Now let’s consider the perils and risks faced by     triggers can take decades to manifest                 •    Understand the different stages in the
     a business.                                          and new victims are still emerging.                        claims process for property and liability
     Learning objectives                                  Learning objectives
                                                                                                                •    Understand the privilege consequences of
     •    Understand what predictive analytics is,        This session will look at how risks can potentially        any investigation
          and how it can help manage risk                 be identified by mining scientific data and           •    Best practice in relation to documentation
     •    Understand how to use clean and                 isolating likely culprits into risk sets and               and presenting your claims
          consistent datasets to identify, within a       quantifying the results, based on probability,
                                                                                                                •    Effective interaction with insurers on all
          portfolio of locations/assets, where and        severity and other forward-looking behaviours.
          how a loss is most likely to occur at any       It’ll look at how forward-looking predictive
                                                          modelling combined with evolving underwriting         •    How to engage relevant stakeholders
          given time                                                                                                 internally
                                                          processes and extensive liability risk portfolio
     •    Learn how to leverage analytics to prioritise
                                                          analysis can be used to identify the next
          strategic business decisions                    generation of catastrophe liability risks for         Target audience
                                                          businesses through improved risk identification,
           Philip Innocent                                                                                      Risk Managers, In-house Legal,
                                                          potentially far in advance of current screening
                                                          approaches. By 'seeing around the corner' to          Finance Managers
          Client Learning Specialist, FM Global
                                                          identify new liability risks, businesses have the
           Allan Macpherson                               potential to be healthier and more sustainable              Paul Lewis
          Operations Chief Engineer, FM Global
                                                          in future.                                                 Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills
                                                          Target audience
           Andy Bryson
                                                          Risk professionals from across a wide range of              Sarah McNally
          Operations Engineering Manager, FM Global
                                                          industries including chemicals, food, energy,              Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills
           Vandira Padua                                  manufacturing, pharmaceutical and products.

          Engineering Specialist, FM Global                    Tim Galloway                                          Greig Anderson
           Owen Lewis                                          Regional Head of Liability, AGCS                     Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

          Group Manager Account Engineering,
           FM Global


               A I R M I C H UB

     THE AIRMIC HUB IS                                                      MONDAY 11 JUNE
     FOR LEARNING AND                                                        3.45pm - 4.15pm   Taking a byte out of data –
                                                                                                turning big data into smart data;
                                                                                                  Technology
     The Hub is where you can:
     •   Pick up publications and news at the Airmic Knowledge Centre
     •   Discover the latest and planned Airmic activities
     •   Get information about Airmic member benefits
                                                                             4.15pm - 4.45pm   Hacked by your fridge – when
     •   Stop by for a coffee and a chat with the Airmic team and Board                         the Internet of Things bites
     •   Visit the Airmic Thought Leadership Theatre                                              Technology
     The Airmic Thought Leadership Theatre is:

     •   A fun learning opportunity with an emphasis on innovation
     •   The place to go for high-speed presentations not offered            4.45pm - 5.15pm   Blockchain – what you need
         elsewhere at the Conference
                                                                                                to know
     Hub sessions:
                                                                                                  Technology
     •   15/20-minute 'Ted Talk' style sessions
     •   Run every half hour during the Airmic Hub opening times
     •   Technology new to the Conference to keep things focused
     •   Limited space – 30 seats max                                        5.15pm - 5.45pm   Cyber insurance – busting the
     •   Call by and attend – no pre-booking: when it’s full, it’s full
                                                                                                myths for better take-up
     •   Open to all (including exhibitors)
                                                                                                  Hot Topic

  TUESDAY 12 JUNE              11.30am - 12.00pm

                            Business travel safety
    9.30   am
                 - 10.00
                            Hot Topic

Diversity and inclusion
                                12.15pm - 12.45pm

                            Don’t let a crisis
                            become a disaster
                            Hot Topic
    10.00am - 10.30am

Nightmare claims come            1.30pm - 2.00pm

                            Teamworking through
Hot Topic

    10.30am - 11.00am
                                 2.00pm - 2.30pm

KPIs for risk and
                            The Market of
                            the Future
Hot Topic
                            Hot Topic

                                 2.30pm - 3.00pm
    11.00am - 11.30am

                            The dynamics of
                            an effective crisis
Hot Topic
                            management team
                            Hot Topic



        11.00am - 11.30am   Career planning
                             – Turn your aspirations into
                             a reality

        11.30am - 12.00pm   Artificial intelligence and six
                             ways it will transform your life in
                             the future

                                                                   >   IS



               EX HIB IT O R S

     EXHIBITOR                                       STAND   WEBSITE
     ABS Group                                       135
     AuSuM Systems                                   138
     Barnett Waddingham                              20
     Global Risk Consultants                         50
     International SOS                               109
     Majesco UK Ltd                                  115
     NTT DATA Figtree Systems                        15
     Origami Risk                                    33
     Riskonnect                                      32
     The Fire Protection Association/RISCAuthority   29
     Ventiv Technology                               126

                                                                                           11 th

                                                                                                   ivve 18
                                                                                               C L 20
                                                                                   11 th

                                                                                             AC MIC

 INSURER/REINSURER                                                       LEGAL SERVICES
EXHIBITOR                   STAND   WEBSITE                              EXHIBITOR          STAND   WEBSITE

AIG Europe Limited          53                        BLM                117
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                                                                         Keoghs             25
Allied World                35
                                                                         K&L Gates          27
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AXA Corporate Solutions     80       Weightmans LLP     127
Beazley                     132
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Chubb                       81                 MEDIA
Coface                      116
                                                                         EXHIBITOR          STAND   WEBSITE
ERGO                        16
FM Global                   85                   CIR Magazine       30
Generali                    36
HDI Global SE-UK            51
Lloyd’s                     60
Mapfre Global Risks         130
MS Amlin                    13
Munich Re, Corporate        57
Insurance Partner
Pool Reinsurance Company    110
QBE                         40
Randall & Quilter           141
RSA                         63
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions 97
Tokio Marine Kiln           121
Travelers                   41
XL Catlin                   65
Zurich                      61

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