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             ANZAC DAY 2015

              V27 as at 9 March 2015


1. What is ANZAC Day?

In 2015, it will be one hundred years since the dawn landing at Gallipoli during the First World War.
It is now a tradition embedded into our culture to honour and remember those who sacrificed so
much, so that Australia could be what it is today.

Every year on 25 April, cities and towns around Australia hold commemorative events to pay
respect to men and women who have served and continue to serve our great nation. On ANZAC
Day, The Returned & Services League of Australia, Western Australia Branch Incorporated
(RSLWA) will be hosting major commemorative events within the city centre that are expected to
attract more than 100,000 people.

2. When and where will the commemorations be held?

Sunset Services
   • Kings Park and Botanic Garden - each evening on Sunday April 19, Monday April
       20,Tuesday April 21, Wednesday April 22, Thursday April 23 and Friday April 24.
Sunset Services conducted around the Flame of Remembrance start at 5.00pm and finish at
approximately 5.30pm. The Services will be held over six evenings and will focus on a different
theme each evening with the program including a wreath laying ceremony.

Dawn Service
    • Kings Park & Botanic Garden from 5.50am – 7.00am
The Dawn Service will be conducted at the State War Memorial on Fraser Avenue commencing at
6.00am. A bigger than normal Dawn Service is being planned with additional screens, food and
coffee stations and Spectator Services including Information, Lost Persons and First Aid. Parking
and road closure arrangements will be different to previous years.

Gunfire Breakfast
    • Stirling Gardens from 7.00am – 9.00am
The community is invited to attend a Gunfire Breakfast for a gold coin donation, to share the spirit
of ANZAC Day. The breakfast will be held in Stirling Gardens on St Georges Terrace (adjacent to
Council House).

    • Perth City Streets from 9.30am
The Australian Defence Force will step off from the corner of William Street and St Georges
Terrace at 9.30am, followed by veteran-carrying vehicles and military jeeps, and the Ex-Services
Unit, Corps, Regimental Associations. The Parade will march east along St Georges Terrace, turn
right onto Barrack Street, left onto Riverside Drive, and left onto the Supreme Court Gardens.

Commemorative Service
   • Supreme Court Gardens from 11.00am
The Parade will enter Supreme Court Gardens off Riverside Drive and form up facing west. The
service will start at 11.00am. The Commemorative Service program will feature the Salvation Army
Fortress Band and a 100-strong choir brought together from Schola Cantori, Chorus Angelicus,
Phoenix, The Alumni Singers and Aaralyn Children's Choir. Award winning singer/songwriter Kelly
Newton-Wordsworth will perform her original song ‘Lest We Forget’ supported by the
Commemorative Service Choir.

3. What time should I arrive?

Sunset Services
In order to find parking and secure a viewing position at the Sunset Services, we recommend
arriving 30 minutes before the Service commences.

Dawn Service
Given the big crowds expected, we recommend arriving from 4:00am onwards at the Dawn
Service. Some travel delays may be experienced, so please plan your journey and allow extra
time to get to the event. Additional screens will be installed around the venue so you will be able
to view the Service across four areas. Please note at 5.50am lights will go out and at 6.00am all
will be quiet as the Service commences.

To secure a good viewing area at the Parade, we suggest you arrive around 8:45am. The Parade
route extends along St Georges Terrace from William Street to Barrack Street and spectators can
access both sides of the road via designated crossing points.

Commemorative Service
Seating will be provided for 2,000 people at the Commemorative Service. We recommend you
come to the Supreme Court Gardens straight after the Parade or arrive by 9.30am.

4. Where is the best place to view the events?

Sunset Services
Some seating will be provided at the Sunset Services in front of the Flame of Remembrance. You
can also find a good viewing position at the Whispering Wall and there will be standing room
around the Flame of Remembrance.

Dawn Service
In 2015 we have four designated areas – Area A, B, C and D – where you can view the service on
large screens. Areas C and D are closest to the State War Memorial and an area immediately
surrounding the Memorial will be low-fenced and controlled by security. Once at capacity, the
fenced area will be closed off. The large screens will be located all around the event site, so you
will be able to see the Service within all four areas.

You will be able to secure a good viewing place along the route of the Parade on St Georges
Terrace, from William Street to Barrack Street. The earlier you arrive, the closer to the front you
will be. Designated crossing points will be in place along St Georges Terrace to access the
southern side of the road.

Commemorative Service
The Commemorative Service will have a large stage with Screens. Seating will be provided for
2,000 people, with some areas shaded for the aged and infirm.
5. Where is the Parade Form-Up Area

The Form-Up Area will be the same as in previous years. Details of the Order of the March and
Form-Up Area will appear in the April edition of the Listening Post, on the RSLWA website and in
The West on Saturday 25 April 2015.

If you wish to participate in the Parade, please be aware of the ANZAC Day Parade Protocols,
which are located in the ANZAC Day section of the RSLWA website. If you are marching as a
Next of Kin and are unsure whom you should be marching with, please call RSLWA with the
details of the person you will be marching on behalf of (i.e. the Unit, Crops, Regiment, Ship they
served with).

For further information you must contact RSLWA directly at or phone 9287
3799 and speak with Caitlin Harnwell.

6. Can I lay a wreath during the Sunset Services before ANZAC Day and at the Dawn

If you would like to lay a wreath during one of the Sunset Services, held at the Flame of
Remembrance near the State War Memorial Cenotaph, please contact the RSL on 08 9287 3799
or Please note there are limited opportunities to lay a wreath during the
Services, however the general public is welcome to lay a wreath after each Sunset Service.

Wreath laying during the Dawn Service is by invitation only, however general public are welcome
to lay a wreath after the Dawn Service.

7. How can I find out about other events being held by RSL Sub Branches?

Many RSL Sub Branches around the State hold ANZAC Day events. To find out about ANZAC
Day activities at your local Sub Branch, please visit for

8. What other events are taking place over the ANZAC Day Long Weekend?

ANZAC Club at ANZAC House will also be open from 6:00am to 12:00pm on Saturday 25 April. In
the interest of ensuring the RSL membership receives the benefit of unfettered use and benefit of
the RSL Club on ANZAC Day, access is limited to the following:
    • Members (via BADGE or MEMBERS CARD)
    • A Visitor – Members may sign into the Visitors register one (1) guest accompanying them
    • ADF members – in Uniform or via producing and ADF identity card
    • Gallipoli Room Lunch Invited Guests with Passes (skip any queue)

Jewish War Memorial Service
Jewish War Memorial, Kings Park on Friday 24 April from 10:30am to 11:30am

Scouts Rovers Overnight Vigil
State War Memorial, Kings Park from Friday 24 April 6:00pm to Saturday 25 April 5:00am
2/28th Battalion and 24th Anti-Tank Company Assn Service
2/28th Battalion and 24th Anti-Tank Company Symbolic Flame, Lovekin Drive, Kings Park on
Saturday 25 April from 7:15am to 8:00am

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Service
Vietnam Memorial, May Drive, Kings Park on Saturday 25 April from 7:30am

100 Years of ANZAC
Perth Cultural Centre on Saturday 25 April from 12.00pm to 4.00pm, Sunday 26 April and Monday
27 April from 10.00am to 4.00pm
The three day, day-time community event that is focused on free family activities and
entertainment that includes a range of live music, interactive children’s activities, exhibitions,
displays, dance, storytelling, circus, poetry, installations, stalls, screen activation and food that are
based on the overarching WW1 theme with a focus on reflection, gratitude and education.


9. Will there be road closures?

Several additional roads will be closed in 2015 to ensure public safety. Two are within Kings Park
(Saw Avenue and May Drive) and three external of Kings Park (Kings Park Road, Malcolm St and
Havelock St).

Bus-only lanes will operate in parts of Hay and Havelock Streets to ensure a smooth operation of
the free shuttle bus from the Esplanade Bus port to the ANZAC Dawn Service in Kings Park.

Please be advised that road closures and traffic detours will be in effect on Saturday 25 April 2015
around the Perth CBD for the safety of patrons, emergency access and event organisers.

Road closures for the Dawn Service will be in place from midnight – 9.00am along the following

•      Kings Park Road (full road closure)
•      Malcolm Street (full road closure)
•      St Georges Terrace (Elder Street to Malcolm Street)
•      Walker Avenue (from Rheola Street to Kings Park Road)
•      Ventnor Avenue (from Ord Street to Kings Park Road)
•      Outram Street (from Ord Street to Kings Park Road)
•      Altona Street (from Ord Street to Kings Park Road)
•      Colin Street (from Ord Street to Kings Park Road)
•      Colin Grove
•      Ord Street (from Colin Street to Havelock Street)
•      Emerald Terrace
•      Havelock Street (from Hay Street to Kings Park Road)
•      Harvest Terrace from Hay Street to Malcolm Street.
•      Parliament Place
•      Cliff Street
•      Mount Street
•      Bellevue Terrace
•      Fraser Avenue
•      May Drive (from Saw Ave)
•      Saw Avenue
•      Wadjuk Way

Road closures will be in place for the Parade and Commemorative Service from 7.00am-12:30pm
along the following routes:

•      St Georges Terrace (from Milligan Street to Victoria Avenue)
•      Barrack Street (from The Esplanade to Hay Street)
•      Governors Avenue
•      King Street (from St Georges Terrace to Hay Street)
•      William Street (from Mounts Bay Road to Hay St)

Road closures will be in place for the Parade and Commemorative Service from 8.00am-12:30pm
along the following routes:

•      Mounts Bay Road (from Spring Street to William Street)
•      The Esplanade
•      Barrack Street (from Barrack Square to The Esplanade)
•      Barrack Square
•      Riverside Drive (from Barrack Street to Victoria Avenue)
•      Mill Street
•      Howard Street
•      Sherwood Court
•      Mercantile Lane
•      William Street (from Mounts Bay Road to Freeway Off Ramp)

Road closures will also be implemented on Irwin Street (from St Georges Terrace to Hay Street)
between the hours of 3.00am and 5.00pm.

10. What is the best way of getting to the events?

It is recommended that you take public transport to ANZAC Day events.              Transperth will be
running additional trains with extra capacity, with trains arriving in the city from 4.00am. In
addition, there will be a free shuttle bus to the ANZAC Dawn Service in Kings Park, operating
between Esplanade Busport and Kings Park Road (near Havelock Street) from 4.00am. Please
note that all other bus and ferry services will operate on a public holiday timetable and there will be
no additional services.

There will also be a Kings Park internal shuttle service operating between the Vietnam War
Memorial and the coach terminus near Wadjuk Way. This service will operate between 4.00am
until approximately 9.30am.

Transperth recommends taking the train to ANZAC Day events. There is plenty of parking at train
stations and parking on ANZAC Day is free. Large crowds are expected for this event and so
some delays may be experienced. Please plan your journey and allow extra time to get to your
event, especially the Dawn Service.

In recognition of the great sacrifice made by the men and women of our armed forces, all veterans,
serving and returned service personnel wearing service uniforms, campaign ribbons or medals can
travel free on ANZAC Day.

For further information on routes and public transport schedules, please visit or call 13 62 13. Hearing or speech impaired? Call via NRS 133 677
and ask for 13 62 13.

11. Is there parking available?

To avoid delays and congestion, we suggest using the special ANZAC Day public transport options
that will be available on the day. Parking at all train stations will be free.

Sunset Services
Parking will be available at the Wadjuk Carpark in Kings Park for the Sunset Services.

Dawn Service
Parking has always been very limited within Kings Park and this year there have been some
additional restrictions to improve public safety. As in previous year most parking is found outside
Kings Park.

We strongly recommend you Park and Ride and use public transport services.

For those that must use cars and cannot use Public Transport parking is available in nearby
suburbs and car parks.

Parade and Commemorative Service
All City of Perth open-air car parks will be open on ANZAC Day. With the large number of visitors
and road closures surrounding the event sites, the amount of parking available will be very limited.

12. Where are the closest ticketed car parks?

Dawn Service
  • Mayfair Street Car Park (27 Mayfair St, West Perth) - 441 bays and 4 ACROD
  • Coolgardie Street Car Park (9 Coolgardie St, West Perth) - 41 bays and 2 ACROD
  • Wellington Street Car Park (972-980 Wellington Street, West) – 68 Bays and 1 ACROD
  • Elder St Car Park (entry via 490 Murray St and Elder St) – 1053 and 11 ACROD
  • Mounts Bay Rd Car Park (129 Mounts Bay Rd) - 10 bays and 1 ACROD
  • John Oldham Park (entry via Mounts Bay Rd, West Perth) - 23 bays and 2 ACROD
  • Perth Convention Centre (21 Mounts Bay Rd and Mitchell Freeway) – 1426 Bays and 23

Gun Fire Breakfast and Parade
  • His Majesty’s Car Park (Entry via 377 Murray St) – 613 bays and 6 ACROD
  • Pier St Cark Park (87-89 Pier St) – 681 bays and 8 ACROD
  • Goderich St Car Park (Entry via 133 Goderich St and 262 Hay St) – 175 bays and 2

Commemorative Service
  • Concert Hall Car Park (entry via Terrace Rd) – 399 bays and 5 ACROD

In addition to the above the City of Perth is offering free parking at ANZAC Day at the following
stations from 6.00am to 1.00pm. We recommend getting in early if you want to access these car

       •          Terrace Rd Car Park – 776 bays and 8 ACROD
       •          Plain St Car Park (next to Bowling Club) – 155 bays and 1 ACROD
       •          Point Fraser (off Causeway next to Wetlands area) – 270 bays and 5 ACROD

13. Is there any accessible parking available?

Yes – the accessible parking bays in the city are listed above.

For the Sunset Service there are six (6) accessible parking bays available in the Wadjuk Car Park
which is in close proximity to the Sunset Services venue. A valid ACROD parking permit will need
to be displayed on your vehicle. A set-down area is also available in the Wadjuk Car Park.

The accessible parking available in Kings Park for the Dawn Service is shown on the Dawn
Service Access and Bus Route Map.

14. Can I get a special pass to the Dawn Service for parking if I am aged and infirm?

If you are aged or infirm, limited parking will be available in Kings Park. To access the car parks
you will need to contact RSLWA and obtain a Special Guest Parking Pass. This is available only

       •          ACROD pass holders or
       •          People who are aged or infirm

In order to access the pass you must contact RSLWA directly at or phone
9287 3799 and speak with Caitlin Harnwell.

The Special Guest Parking Pass must be displayed in your car in order to bypass manned road
closures and access the parking areas which are in Wadjuk Carpark and Kulbardi Carpark.


15. How will local residents and businesses be informed about event details?

A letter and map containing information on the events, access, road closures and parking details
will be distributed to the City of Perth and Kings Park residents and businesses in April.

Businesses directly impacted by road closures will be notified by phone in early March and event
staff will visit each business building two weeks prior to the events.

Should any residents or businesses have any concerns or questions, please contact RSLWA
directly at or phone 9287 3799.


16. Can I ride my bike to the events?

Cyclists are welcome to ride their bikes to the events. Unfortunately, due to safety factors, bike
racks will not be provided. We kindly ask that all cyclists to remain standing at the back for the
duration of the proceedings / services at all events.

For more information visit

17. Can I bring food or drinks to the events?

Guests are welcome to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages to the commemorations.
The events will be conducted in public spaces and no alcoholic beverages may be consumed.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is protected as an A-Class Reserve. Please help us conserve our
parkland and bushland areas by taking your rubbish home with you or using the bins provided.

18. Can I purchase food or drinks at the events?

Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the Dawn Service at Area A, B, C, D and
Frasers Kiosk before and after the Service.

Frasers will serve breakfast from 07.00am to 09.00am at Frasers Restaurant. Bookings can be
made by calling 9481 7100 or email

The ANZAC Day Gunfire Breakfast will be held in the Stirling Gardens on St Georges Terrace from
7:00am. There is no charge for the breakfast, but the public is invited to make a gold coin

A sausage sizzle will be available at the Commemorative Service. The Sausage Sizzle is provided
by Salvation Army and CS Canning Navy Cadets.

19. Are there any prohibited items?

•      Dangerous or hazardous items
•      Sun shelters and tents
•      Alcohol
•      Glassware
•      Portable BBQ’s

20. What should I bring to the events?

•      Torches for the Dawn Service as it will be dark when you arrive
•      Hats and sunscreen for sun protection
•      Food and drinks if you wish (these will also be available for purchase)
•      Cardigan or light jacket in case of cooler weather
•      A raincoat or poncho if rain is forecast
•      If you wish to wear family medals then they should be worn on the right hand side of the chest

21. Will there be viewing screens?

Yes, this year large nine LED and Projector screens will be installed around Kings Park site to
show historic footage and the live Dawn Service.

There will also be LED screens at the Supreme Court Gardens for the Commemorative Service.

22. Can I take photos during the events?

Yes, but we ask for respect during the Services and no flashes are to be used at the Dawn

23. What should I do if I have lost a child, friend or family member?

With the assistance of Constable Care, there will be a number of Lost Person Points set up at key
locations around the Dawn Service, Parade and Commemorative Service. All stations will be
situated next to the First Aid Points at each event with Information as part of the Spectator

24. What happens if there is bad weather? Will the events still go ahead?

The events will go ahead in the event of rain and inclement weather. If the weather is considered
dangerous to participants and spectators and as a result any of the events need to be cancelled
this will be broadcast on the morning of ANZAC Day through all media and social media outlets.

25. Is there wheelchair and accessible facilities?

Yes. Accessible parking, seating and toilets will be available at the Sunset Service, Parade, Dawn
Service and Commemorative Service.

Accreditation for Seating for aged and disabled veterans for the Dawn Service, Parade and
Commemorative Service can be obtained by doing the following:

Contact the RSLWA to access a Special Guest Accreditation Pass to access the Guest Seating
Area. This is available only to:

       •          ACROD pass holders or
       •          People who can are aged or infirm

In order to access the Special Guest Accreditation Passes you must contact RSLWA directly at or phone 9287 3799 and speak with Caitlin Harnwell.

There is no accreditation for the Sunset Service – on arrival you will be assisted.

26. What Spectator Services are available?

Spectator Services will be provided at the Dawn Service (four points), Parade (one point) and
Commemorative Service (two points). Each Spectator Services point will house First Aid, Lost
Persons and Information. Public catering and toilets will be set up at both the Dawn Service and
Commemorative Service.

27. Can I watch the ANZAC Day events on TV if I cannot make it to the venues?

Yes, the Dawn Service will be broadcast live on Channel 9 from approximately 5:30am to 7:00am
and the Parade and Commemorative Service will be broadcast live on ABC. Actual programming
times for all three broadcasts will be confirmed in early April.


28. Our RSL Sub Branch is organising an ANZAC Service or Event. Do I have access to any
    signage or branding?

Yes, please see the branding opportunities below:

RSLWA Centenary Signage
RSLWA will have a range of signage artwork with the new branding available in late March,
including flags, lectern signs and bow banners. We will be able to supply you artwork free of
charge, however production would need to be arranged and paid for by the Sub Branch.

Lotterywest Signage
Lotterywest is a proud supporter of RSLWA Anzac Day commemorations. To acknowledge this,
Lotterywest supported signage is available for sub-branches to order free of charge from the
Lotterywest website:

As limited signage is available, it is recommended smaller sub-branches acknowledge
Lotterywest’s support via speeches only, if possible. Lotterywest would like to encourage any
signage ordered by larger sub-branches to be erected in a manner respectful to the occasion (ie:
not dominating formalities or photographs.)

All signage is sent out through Lotterywest's sign management company and must be returned to
the sign management company (not Lotterywest’s head office) as per the instructions provided
when signage is received. There is no cost to your sub-branch for the couriering of signage to and
from your event.

       •          For country/regional areas signage orders need to be placed by: Wednesday 8 April
       •          Metro signage orders need to be placed by: Thursday 16 April

Television Commercial
Lotterywest has produced a special Anzac television commercial in partnership with the RSLWA
entitled ‘The Bond’ (this can be viewed at The commercial will be made
available via RSL WA to all sub-branches to play in 16:9 and 4:3 format to cover all screen
specifications. If your branch has the capacity to play this, please place an order for a copy of the
TVC with Leah McLeod at Lotterywest no later than Tuesday 31 March.

Please contact Leah McLeod, Corporate Communications, Lotterywest.                   Ph: (08) 9340 5283.

Social Media
We encourage RSL Sub Branches to engage in social media and follow the RSLWA Social Media
• Facebook:
• Instagram:
• Twitter:

Please use #RSLWA and #ANZACDayWA and also #Lotterywest in your posts.


29. How do I find further information and details about the events?

Keep an eye on the RSLWA website at for updates on the event or if you
have any specific concerns or queries please email or call 08 9287 3799.

30. How do I register to become a volunteer for future ANZAC Day events?

Volunteers are invaluable to the success of ANZAC Day. If you are interested in volunteering at
one of the events on the day, please contact Matthew Kohler, Volunteering WA on 9482 4333 or
email for more information about available volunteer roles.

31. Can I gain additional information on the events via social media sites?

Keep up-to-date with the most recent information on the ANZAC Day events by following us on
Facebook, Twitter ( and Instagram or search #RSLWA #ANZACDayWA.

32. Where else can I find information on the ANZAC Centenary?

Be sure to secure a copy of The West Australian on Friday 17 April, to receive our special ANZAC
Centenary Guide.


33. Dawn Service Event Map

34. Dawn Service Access and Bus Route Map

35. Parade Map

36. Commemorative Service Map

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