Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE

Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE
Bachelor in
Management (BSc)
Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE
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ESCP Business School
Quick Facts                           4
6 Urban Campuses                      5
Ranking & Accreditations              6
Message from the Deans                7
A Diverse International Faculty       8
Research Centres & Institutes         9
Chairs & Professorships               9

Bachelor in Management (BSc)
Highlights                            11
Student Diversity                     12
Study-Track Options                   13
Berlin                                14
London                                16
Madrid                                18
Paris                                 20
Turin                                 22
Beijing                               24
Your Bachelor Programme               26
10 Reasons to Choose Our BSc          27
Curriculum                            28
Real-World Experience                 30
Careers Service                       34
Promoting an Entrepreneurial Spirit   37
ESCP Alumni & ESCP Foundation         38
Student Life                          39
Application Process                   40
Fees, Scholarships & Financing        41
ESCP Contacts & Meet Us               43

                                      ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   3
Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE
  Quick Facts
                                                                    6 Urban
6     ESCP campuses                 The World’s

in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris,                                   BERLIN
Turin, and Warsaw                                                   The Berlin campus is situated in the western
                                                                    part of the city centre, near the Charlottenburg
                                                                    Palace and its splendid gardens. Berlin is
                                    Business School                 a fast-growing city characterised by a rich

                                    (est. 1819)                     multifaceted economic structure and culture.


                                                                    Located in West Hampstead in North-West
                                                                    London, this campus offers students state-of-the-
                                                                    art facilities in a traditional Victorian building.
EFMD EMBA, 5 European               research-active professors      MADRID
Higher Ed standards                 representing 33 nationalities   The Madrid campus is located in the exclusive
                                    across our 6 campuses           neighborhood of Puerta de Hierro, 10
                                                                    minutes away from the city centre. Madrid
                                                                    is one of the most visited cities in Europe,

                                                                    with an exceptional lifestyle, an incredible
A comprehensive

                                                                    gastronomy and thousands of places to visit.
                                                                    Most importantly, Madrid is one of the leading
                                    Over                            business and innovation hubs in Europe.

                                    academic alliances
of 46 programmes: Bachelor,         in Europe and the World         République & Montparnasse
MiM, 27 Specialised Masters,        in 47 countries                 The Paris campuses are conveniently located in
MBA, 2 PhDs, 12 Executive                                           the centre of the city. They enjoy easy access to
                                                                    all of the capital’s major business districts.

Masters, EMBA, Global Exec
PhD, as well as a custom                                            TURIN
and open programme offer                                            The Turin campus is located in a beautiful
                                                                    building with modern facilities. Turin is one of the
                                    high-level participants         main business centres of the Italian economy and

                                    in customised training          home to many architectural masterpieces.

                                    and executive education         WARSAW
                                                                    Our campus is based at Kozminski University,

students in degree                                                  located in Warsaw’s northeast district of Praga
                                                                    Północ. It is one of the city’s most historic
programmes representing                                             neighbourhoods.

                                    active alumni in
                                    over 150 countries
                                    in the world

                                                                                                    ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   5
Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE
ESCP                                                                            ESCP
   2021 Rankings &                                                                 It all starts here
   Accreditations                                                                                                                                 Prof. Vanessa Strauss-Khan
                                                                                   In a world shaped by the economy, reorienting how              Associate Dean
                                                                                   this world evolves has become a duty of the sphere of          Bachelor in Management (BSc)

                                                                                   It’s by giving meaning to business that we will be able to
    Worldwide Financial Times                                                      nurture society in a positive and sustainable way.             Marion Leparmentier
                                                                                   As a business school training leaders and entrepreneurs        Director of Studies, Europe
                                                                                   for more than 200 years, our role is central in teaching       Bachelor in Management (BSc)

                                                                                   how to better anticipate change, and make decisions.

                                                                                   Because, in life as in business, everything starts with
    Master                                                                         It is by making such choices that ESCP Business School
    in Finance                                                                     upholds its values, its unique management style and its
                                                                                   unique point of view on the world.
                                                                                                                                                  The Bachelor in Management (BSc)
                                                                                   The era of responsible, augmented and collaborative            allows students to become experts in

                                                                                   leadership has arrived: a leadership aware of global issues,   management science and learn how
                                                                                   sustained by our values rooted in European humanism,           to make complex decisions. While
                                                                                   our unrivalled worldwide diversity and multiculturalism.       exploring humanities, they practice
                                                                                                                                                  how to deal with people and lead
    Master in                                                                      Joining the international ESCP community is beyond
                                                                                   embracing academic excellence; it is about learning how
    Management                                                                     to make enlightened choices to be ready to meet the
                                                                                   great challenges of our times with optimism.                   During the three years of study, they
                                                                                                                                                  have the opportunity to live in three
                                                                                   Yes, with optimism because, like ESCP’s founding fathers       different countries and communicate

                                                                                   in 1819, we believe in progress.                               in multiple languages, always within
                                                                                                                                                  the same institution. Our interactive
                                                                                   We constantly explore new knowledge territories from
                                                                                                                                                  digital and in-classroom learning
                                                                                   sciences to humanities, allowing our graduates to reach a
                                                                                                                                                  environment encourages students
       Executive MBA                                                               new level of insight and to engage with intelligence and
                                                                                                                                                  to have a constant exchange with
                                                                                                                                                  our passionate professors across all
                                                                                   For a successful career with a positive footprint, choose      countries throughout their studies.

                                                                                   ESCP Business School.
                                                                                                                                                  The active learning pedagogy and
                                                                                   It all starts here.                                            multinational teamwork, together
                                                                                                                                                  with the soft-skills workshops, prepare
       Career Progression                                                                                                                         students for their future international
       Executive MBA                                                                                                                              careers. The learning-by-doing and
                                                                                                                                                  real-world experience gained during
                                                                                                                                                  internships help to further increase
                                                                                                 Prof. Frank Bournois                             their employability.
                                                                                                 Executive President
                                                                                                 Dean of ESCP
ESCP benefits from the best international accreditations.
Our European campuses enjoy national recognition.

                                                            5 European Higher Ed

                                                                                                                                                         ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   7
Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE
A Diverse International Faculty                                                                             ERIM

The ESCP Faculty endeavours to inspire students and help                                                    ESCP Research Institute of Management is a state-recognized research laboratory that allows ESCP
                                                                                                            not only to deliver a Doctorate degree independently but also to apply for national research funding
them take their first step towards an ambitious and exciting                                                such as the ANR funding.
international career in today’s diverse, multicultural business
world.                                                                                                      ERIM also plays an important role in promoting research activities of ESCP Business School.

                                                                                                               Research Centres                                         Chairs
        Prof. Dr. Marion Festing                          Prof. Philippe Zarlovski
                                                          Management Control
                                                                                                               & Institutes                                             & Professorships
        HRM and Intercultural Leadership
        BERLIN CAMPUS                                     PARIS CAMPUS
        “The study of management in mixed groups          “Students are ESCP's wealth. The diversity of     BIG DATA RESEARCH CENTRE                                The ESCP Corporate Chairs and
        at different campuses allows students to          their backgrounds and their commitment to
                                                                                                                                                                    Professorships foster cooperation between
        experience and practice cultural diversity,       their studies make each course an original        CERALE
        sharpen their international profile and prepare   learning experience, preparing them to                                                                    companies and faculty on specific issues.
                                                                                                            Centre for European / Latin American Research
        for the demands of a globalised economy.”         take on responsibilities in a fast-changing and
                                                                                                                                                                    Corporate chairs and Professorships are
                                                          complex world.”                                   CERS
                                                                                                                                                                    an important component of the ESCP
                                                                                                            Centre for Research in Sociology
                                                                                                                                                                    Business School research policy.
                                                                                                                                                                    They are the ideal hub for reflection and
                                                                                                            Excellence Centre for Intercultural
        Prof. Terence Tse                                 Prof. Chiara Succi                                                                                        sharing, allowing a company to pass on its
        Finance                                           Organisational Behaviour                                                                                  expertise, support research and teaching
                                                                                                            CMC                                                     activities and develop its employer brand.
        LONDON CAMPUS                                     TURIN CAMPUS                                      Creativity Marketing Centre
        “Combining students’ abilities to grasp and       “I learn something new every time I teach                                                                 Chairs
        apply the concepts, with their maturity as        ESCP students. Their varied backgrounds,          ECDC
        well as their diverse cultural and business       cultures and experiences allow discussions to     European Center for Digital
                                                                                                                                                                               • Cartier Chair Turning Points
        backgrounds, the grand result is a recipe that    cover many different points of view and deeply    Competitiveness
        guarantees wonderful class discussions and        explore the content.”                                                                                                • “Factory for the Future” Chair with Safran,
        a superb preparation for their future careers.”                                                     EMC                                                                  Safran Aircraft
                                                                                                            Energy Management Centre                                           • “IoT” (Internet of Things) Chair in
                                                                                                                                                                                 partnership with Schneider Electric
                                                                                                            Happiness & Management Research                                    • ESCP – BearingPoint “Retailing 4.0” Chair
        Prof. Lorena Blasco-Arcas                         Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek                            Centre
                                                                                                                                                                               • BNP Paribas “Reinventing Work” Chair
        Marketing                                         Marketing                                         IREFIM
        MADRID CAMPUS                                     WARSAW CAMPUS                                     Institute of Real Estate Finance and                               • Institut Jean-Baptiste Say, in partnership
        “Multiculturalism, humanistic values and          “ESCP, with its history and pan-European          Management                                                            with Manutan
        learning-by-doing define the ESCP experience;     perspective, is associated not only with a
        the perfect combination for preparing our         high quality of teaching, superb knowledge
                                                                                                            Business & Society - Towards a
        students for the societal and businesses          and unique skills, but also an amazing mixture
        demands of the future.”                           of intercultural values which can be simply       Sustainable World
                                                                                                                                                                               • Professorship KPMG “New Generation
                                                          defined as the 'ESCP Experience'. Students are
                                                          aware of that, appreciate it, and take the most
                                                                                                            TIB                                                                  Management”
                                                          from it.”                                         Teams in International Business                                    • L’Oréal Professorship in Creativity
                                                                                                            TMI                                                                • Real Estate Tech Innovation programme
                                                                                                            Talent Management Institute                                          with Monaco

                                                                                                                                                                                  ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)    9
Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE
Bachelor in
                                   Management (BSc)

                                   Three-year, full-time programme (180 ECTS)
                                   Multicultural study track in one institution                   3
                               •   Curriculum in Management combined with                        years
                                   liberal arts and humanities

                               •   Taught in English with some classes in
                                   French, Spanish or German
                               •   Language courses of Spanish, Italian,
                                   French, German and Chinese                         possible urban
                               •   Compulsory internships and social impact          campus locations

                               •   Bachelor of Science in Management
                                   degree fully compliant with international
                               Grade de Licence   Accreditation   Ranking 2021            nationalities

                                                                      1st                98%
                                                                                      placement upon

Leading in a changing world.

                                                                                  ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   11
Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE
Student Diversity                                                                                        Study-Track
   Class of 2023                                                                                            Options
                                                                                                          Live and learn in three different countries over three years. Each academic year,

500+                            50+
                                                                                                          you will have the opportunity to study at one of our urban European campuses
                                                                                                          in Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid or Turin, or to study one year at our partner
                                                                                                          institution, Tsinghua University in Beijing. This gives you the unparalleled student
students                        nationalities            Estevan Vilar                                    experience of living and studying in different countries
                                                         Class of 2018, Switzerland                       and cultures without having to compromise on academic excellence.
                                                         “I can say that I really enjoyed studying

6%      Americas                                         at ESCP. Students and teachers
                                                         come from all over the world, which is
                                                                                                          Students must study at a different campus each year of the programme.
                                                         amazing for developing our intercultural
Argentina • Brazil • Canada • Colombia • Costa           skills. I loved changing countries/campuses
Rica • Mexico • Panama • United States of America        each year, and my first year living in
                                                         London was an unforgettable experience.”

11%        Africa & Middle East
                                                                                                         London Berlin
Algeria • Angola • Cameroon • Congo • Egypt •
Gabon • Ivory Coast • Lebanon • Madagascar •
Mauritius • Morocco • Réunion • Senegal • Syria                                                           Paris                                                   Beijing
                                                         Shaan Legros
Tunisia • United Arab Emirates
                                                         Class of 2019, USA                            Madrid         Turin
                                                         “The best thing about the programme

13%        Russia, Asia & Oceania                        is my classmates, they’re from a
                                                         range of backgrounds and everyone is
                                                         ambitious and hardworking with the drive
Australia • China • Hong Kong • India • Iran • Japan •   to succeed. I like to know when I graduate,
Kazakhstan • New Caledonia • Russia • Singapore •        I’ll stand out from the crowd.”
Thailand • Turkey • Vietnam

70%        Europe

Austria • Belgium • Croatia • Denmark • France •
Georgia • Germany • Iceland • Italy • Luxembourg •
Monaco • Netherlands • Norway • Portugal • Spain •
                                                         Chiara Bimbatti                                  YEAR 1                      YEAR 2                       YEAR 3
                                                         Class of 2020, Italy
Sweden • Switzerland • United Kingdom
                                                                                                          LONDON                      MADRID                       BERLIN
                                                                                                          PARIS                       PARIS                        LONDON
                                                         “I chose to study the BSc at ESCP
                                                         because it is the only programme that
                                                         merges the study of economics with
                                                         social studies and foreign languages. It
                                                                                                          TURIN                       TURIN                        PARIS
                                                         also gives the opportunity of traveling and      Language requirements:      Language requirements:       Language requirements:
                                                         grasping the cultural differences of many
                                                                                                          London, Paris and Turin     Madrid (English and          Berlin (English with
                                                         European cities.”
                                                                                                          (English).                  Spanish); Paris (English     optional classes in
                                                                                                                                      and French); Turin           German); London (English);
                                                                                                                                      (English).                   Paris (French).

                                                                                                                                                                     ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   13
Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE
                                               in Berlin:
                                               Discover one of
                                               the most offbeat
                                               and creative
BERLIN                                         European cities.
                                                             Prof. Dr. Houdou
                                                             Basse Mama
                                                             BSc Academic Director

                                                             BERLIN CAMPUS

                                            City of Berlin

                                            With its unique history and culture, the
                                            German capital has become a symbol for both
                                            European life and international outlook – and is
                                            of course famous for its diverse economy. With
                                            its 3.5 million inhabitants and around 40,000
                                            more coming every year, Berlin is a fast-growing
                                            city which offers a high quality of life at a
                                            relatively low cost of living.

                                            Cultural Variety

                                            Berlin is a multicultural city with more than
                                            180 different nationalities represented. They
                                            shape the character of the city, imbuing it with
                                            cultural flair and variety. People value Berlin for
                                            its pulsating scene and night life as well as for
                                            its spacious parks and bohemian quarters.

          Your                              Career Opportunities
          contact                                                                                 The Campus
          berlin campus
                                            Berlin is characterised by a rich multifaceted
          recruitment & admissions office   economic structure, from industrial companies
          Denise Tarbuch                    with a long tradition and strong medium-sized         ESCP Berlin campus is located near one of
                                            companies to a very dynamic services sector, as       the historical centrepieces of the city, the
          +49 30 32007 231
                                            well as innovative IT and high-tech companies.        Charlottenburg Palace. Throughout the year
                                            Today, Berlin is especially known for its vibrant     there are events and conferences on the latest
                                            start-up culture, and for its creative industry; it   business issues. ESCP is a state-recognised
                                            has become an important media centre.                 university in Germany.

                                                                                                                  ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   15
Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE
                                               A truly
                                               in the heart
BERLIN                                         of a vibrant city.
                                                            Prof. Wioletta Nawrot
                                                            BSc Academic Director
                                                            LONDON CAMPUS

                                            City of London

                                            London is more than just a city: it’s a
                                            global centre for business and culture, and
                                            a multicultural giant that offers you an
                                            unforgettable life experience. With just shy of
                                            11 million inhabitants speaking more than 300
                                            languages, it’s impossible to spend time there
                                            without expanding your personal horizons and
                                            professional network.

                                            Cultural Variety

                                            ESCP is a unique school that attracts students
                                            and academics representing more than 100
                                            nationalities to our London campus. Students
                                            live and study in an exciting and vibrant city in
                                            the centre of a truly multicultural environment.

                                            Career Opportunities                                The Campus
          contact                           Whether you’re heading for a career in the          Located in West Hampstead in north-west
          london campus                     finance sector or dreaming of working for           London, ESCP’s UK campus offers students
          recruitment & admissions office   a leading luxury brand or tech company,             state-of-the-art facilities in a traditional Victorian
                                            London has it all waiting for you. There are        building. The bright city lights and the business
          Sarah Sen                         job opportunities at the biggest brands in          community are only a tube ride away, while the
          Tel +44 20 7443 8872              the world, as well as an incredible number          fashionable area of West Hampstead offers a
          Whatsapp +44 7843 844048          of innovative start-ups. From internships to        broad cultural experience away from the hustle
                                            graduate schemes and beyond, London is your         and bustle of inner-city life.
            launch pad!

                                                                                                                  ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   17
Bachelor in Management (BSc) - ESCP Business School 2022 - IT ALL STARTS HERE
                                               bustling, energetic,
                                               vibrant: Madrid
                                               is full of energy
BERLIN                                         as only a capital
                                               city can be.
MADRID                                                     Prof. Niko Muñoz

                                                           BSc Academic Director
                                                           MADRID CAMPUS

                                            City of Madrid

                                            Madrid is one of the most visited cities in
                                            Europe, with an exceptional lifestyle, an
                                            incredible gastronomy and thousands of places
                                            to visit, including some of the best museums
                                            in the world. Every corner you turn reveals
                                            something to surprise and delight you.

                                            Cultural Variety

                                            Madrid is home to some of the best business
                                            schools in the world. The capital city offers
                                            a diverse and international community that
                                            provides a chance to study alongside students
                                            from around the globe. It is also one of the
                                            most affordable cities for students in Europe.
                                                                                              The Campus
          Your                              Career Opportunities
          contact                                                                             Located in the exclusive neighbourhood of
                                                                                              Puerta de Hierro, 10 minutes away from the city
          madrid campus                                                                       centre. It is an ideal place for students to focus
                                            Known as a hub of industry and innovation, the
          recruitment & admissions office                                                     on their studies and professional development.
                                            Spanish capital is one of the leading financial
                                            centres in Europe, offering great opportunities   A short bus ride will take you to the city centre
          Roxana Olaru
                                            for students to establish professional contacts   to enjoy everything a capital like Madrid has to
          +34 650 803 947                   and gain relevant experience.                     offer.
                                                                                                               ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   19
Paris: Where
                                               history meets
                                               innovation for
                                               an unforgettable
LONDON                                                      Prof. Isabelle de Boysson

                                                            BSc Academic Director
                                                            PARIS CAMPUS

                                            City of Paris

                                            Legendary capital of fashion, business
                                            incubator, and number one tourist destination
                                            in Europe, Paris is defined both by innovation
                                            and tradition. The city is a constant invitation
                                            to discover its monuments. With architecture,
                                            museums, gastronomy, theatres, fashion shows
                                            and trendy shops, Paris offers a huge array of

                                            Cultural Variety

                                                                                               The Campus
                                            Many fairs, trade shows, international
                                            congresses and events are held in Paris. Our
                                            campuses are literally at the crossroads of new

                                                                                               The Paris campus has two conveniently located
                                            economic and societal trends shaping the
                                            future of the French capital.
                                                                                               The République site is situated downtown in
                                                                                               the 11th arrondissement. It is the largest of the
                                                                                               our campuses and hosts the greatest number
          paris campus                      Career Opportunities                               of faculty and students. The building is classified
          recruitment & admissions office                                                      as a historical monument. With extensive
                                                                                               campus facilities and over 50 active student
          Anne Laure Galliano
                                            Paris offers a global economic environment         clubs and associations, a strong sense of school
          +33 1 49 23 26 05                 to international companies as well as smaller      spirit and community prevails.
                                            ones. Entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged         The new Montparnasse site is located in the
          Pauline Terradot
                                            by the facilities and extensive network of         15th arrondissement to reinforce the strategic
          +33 1 49 23 22 97                 connections offered. La Défense is the first       presence of ESCP in the heart of Paris. It has
                                            European business district and home to more        modern infrastructures and is fully equipped
                                            than 2,500 companies. It provides extensive        to offer students and executive education
                                            career opportunities for ESCP graduates.           participants a memorable experience.

                                                                                                                ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   21
                                               the capital of
                                               open innovation
                                               culture: Turin
                                               looks to the
BERLIN                                         future.
                                                             Prof. Fabrizio Grana
                                                             BSc Academic Director
                                                             TURIN CAMPUS

TURIN                                       City of Turin
BEIJING                                     Turin was the first capital of Italy and now is the
                                            dynamic and attractive capital of Piedmont.
                                            It’s a lively city that knows how to renew itself
                                            and looks to the future. It has developed an
                                            unparalleled expertise in the automotive industry
                                            and become a fresh, smart, modern and open-
                                            minded hub of all that is European. Turin is an
                                            icon of the truly Italian style.

                                            Cultural Variety

                                            Turin has plenty of exciting places to visit and
                                            hosts lots of events and international cinema, art
                                            and music festivals. The city has a rich culture and
                                            history, and is renowned for its palaces, art galleries,
                                            restaurants, churches, theatres, libraries, squares,

                                            gardens, museums and other venues. Turin attracts
                                            many international students by offering a wide

                                            range of higher education opportunities, schools
                                            and universities among                                     The Campus
                                            the most prestigious in the world.
          turin campus
          recruitment & admissions office   Career Opportunities                                       Founded in 2004, our Italian home is a young
                                                                                                       campus that has experienced rapid growth. It
          Cécile Marquet                                                                               serves both students through Undergraduate
          +39 331 965 2037                  The territory is the cradle of many important              and Master programmes, and the business
                                            Italian companies in different industries such as          community with a complete portfolio of
          Alessia Godino
                                            automotive, aviation, consulting, finance, fashion,        executive education, applied research and
          +39 335 751 1995                  food and beverage, and sports. The Turin campus            entrepreneurship services.
          Gianluca De Leo                   has a strong relationship with companies in all            The Turin Campus has a solid connection with a
                                            these sectors, with strong recruitment of ESCP             number of national and international companies
          +39 345 611 7295
                                            students.                                                  which contribute to its governance.
                                                                                                                       ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   23
                                               An ancient
                                               cultural capital
                                               technology with
BERLIN                                         internationalisation.
LONDON                                                      Prof. Kejin Zhao

MADRID                                                      BSc Academic Director
                                                            PARTNER BEJING CAMPUS

                                                            Associate Dean, School of
                                                            Social Sciences - Tsinghua


BEIJING                                                                                          Academic Tradition

                                            City of Beijing                                      Tsinghua is a dynamic global university
                                                                                                 renowned for its high-quality teaching
                                                                                                 and research, and its spirit of social
                                            Beijing is one of the first cities recognised as a   commitment. The bright and aspiring students
                                            National Historically and Culturally Notable City    are taught by top experts in their fields in
                                            in China, with the largest number of UNESCO          world-class teaching and research facilities.
                                            World Heritage Sites. The city’s history of more
                                            than three thousand years has nurtured many          Tsinghua is consistently ranked among the
                                            famous places of interest such as the Forbidden      very best universities in the world by QS World
                                            City, the Temple of Heaven, the Badaling             University Ranking, Times higher Education
                                            section of the Great Wall, and the Summer            World University Rankings and US News Global
                                            Palace.                                              University Rankings, among others.

                                            Cultural Variety                                     The Campus

          Your                              Tsinghua is home to a remarkably diverse             The campus of Tsinghua University is situated

                                            community. In 2019, more than 4,000                  in northwest Beijing on the site of the former
                                            international students from over 130 countries       imperial gardens of the Qing Dynasty, and
                                            were enrolled. Worldwide, more than 30,000           surrounded by a number of historical sites.
          turin campus                      Tsinghua international alumni make significant       The campus has nine libraries with over five
          recruitment & admissions office   contributions to social, scientific, economic, and   million volumes that integrate both Chinese
                                            sustainable development.                             and Western styles, and an Art Museum with
          Cécile Marquet                                                                         over 13,000 art pieces.
          +39 331 965 2037                  The University prides itself on its vibrant and
                                            enriching campus community, with more than           Life at Tsinghua is a vibrant bustle that’s more
          Alessia Godino
                                            200 student associations and organisations.          than academics. The Tsinghua community
          +39 335 751 1995                  Countless experts, innovators and international      engage in extracurricular activities in arts and
          Gianluca De Leo                   business leaders come to Tsinghua each year to       athletics. Visitors experience the splendour
                                            give open lectures and talks, and participate in     of the former imperial garden, attend open
          +39 345 611 7295
                                            international conferences.                           lectures and enjoy theatre performances.
                                                                                                                  ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   25
Your Bachelor                                                                               10 Reasons
    Programme                                                                                   to Choose Our BSc

The Bachelor in Management                     Programme objectives

(BSc) is a three-year general

management programme that
embraces an interdisciplinary                  • Challenge yourself intellectually and                 Diverse & multicultural                   Real-life case studies &
                                               acquire skills for a top international career.                                                    business simulations
approach. This will give you the
                                                                                                 Our students come from all
unique opportunity to study                    • Get to know and understand diverse
                                                                                                 over the world, bringing a range          Apply theory to practice.
management alongside training                  cultures by living and studying in three          of backgrounds, cultures and
                                               different countries, without having to            perspectives.
in languages, liberal arts and                 compromise on academic excellence.

                                                                                                 2                                         7
personal development.
                                               • Learn management through an
                                                                                                                                                 Thought-provoking Collective
                                               interdisciplinary approach, and broaden
                                                                                                       Focus on active learning                  Projects
                                               your horizons through liberal arts and
You will spend your time at a different        language modules.                                                                           Trigger exciting initiatives, and develop
                                                                                                 Small class size and high contact hours
ESCP or partner campus each year, living       • Obtain strong methodological training and       allowing for in-class interactivity and   creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.
and studying in different countries and        develop your personal competencies.               regular face-to-face time with high-

cultures without having to compromise on                                                         profile, international faculty.

academic excellence. The cultural diversity
                                                                                                                                                 Internships and
is integral to the Bachelor in Management
                                                                                                                                                 Social Impact Projects
(BSc) experience, and students also gain the
advantage of increasing their proficiency      Focus on learning languages                             International teamwork              Facilitated by our strong links with
in an additional two languages by the                                                                                                      the corporate world, providing your
                                                                                                 Whether physically on the same
conclusion of the programme.                                                                                                               first truly professional experiences.
                                                                                                 campus or not, you will work together
We believe theory is nothing without           Languages form an important part of the           in cross-campus teams providing

practice, so students will benefit from        ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc),                valuable remote working experience.
our extensive network of companies and         with the aim being that all students have

organisations by working on real-life case     gained proficiency in the languages of the                                                        Improvement of soft skills
studies, company projects, group work and      campuses they will be attending.
compulsory internships.
                                                                                                       Development of                      Workshops and seminars improve
                                               To make this possible, we provide in-class              intercultural skills                your written competencies,
                                               and digital language courses that are                                                       communication and rhetoric skills,
                                               adapted to each student’s level during the        Work together with students               and presentation techniques.
                                                                                                 of other cultures and study

                                               three years of the programme.
                                                                                                 in different countries.
Pauline Boullanger

Class of 2022, France                                                                                                                                 Growth and independence
"I chose the ESCP Bachelor in
                                                                                                       Languages                           Studying each year in a different
Management (BSc) programme as
it teaches a wide range of different
                                                                                                                                           country will allow you to become more
subjects at a high level, enabling me                                                            Develop additional language skills        independent, self-reliant and resilient.
to apply for a number of excellent masters                                                       that will set you apart as a graduate     All important skills for future business
in the future. It is a perfect mix between                                                       on the global market.                     leaders to have!
theory and practice."

                                                                                                                                                    ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   27
YEAR   1                       YEAR   2                       YEAR       3
                                                  LONDON - PARIS - TURIN        MADRID - PARIS - TURIN      BERLIN - LONDON - PARIS

                                                 Management, Economics         Management, Economics       Management, Economics
                                                 & Law Modules                 & Law Modules               & Law Modules

Curriculum                                       • Introduction to
                                                   European Business
                                                                               • Finance
                                                                               • Financial & Managerial
                                                                                                           • Strategy & International
                                                   Administration                Accounting 2              • Operations
                                                   & Organisations             • Marketing                   Management
                                                 • Financial & Managerial      • Macro-Economics             & Business Information
                                                   Accounting 1                • Contract & Business         Systems
Our curriculum is designed for students          • Micro-Economics               Law in Europe             • CSR & Business Ethics
who aspire to top international careers.         • European Institutions       • International &           • Management Elective
During the course of the Bachelor in               & Comparative Political       European Business Law       Courses
Management (BSc) programme, you will               Systems                       & Taxation                • International
truly get to know and understand diverse         • Fundamentals of             • Fundamentals of             Economics
cultures and approaches to management              Mathematics 1                 Mathematics 2
– both through your multi-campus travel          • Statistics & Probability    • Advanced Statistical
and the experience of working with your                                          Methods
international peers.
By the conclusion of the BSc, you will have      Liberal Arts &                Liberal Arts &              Liberal Arts &
acquired the necessary background and            Humanities Modules            Humanities Modules          Humanities Modules
knowledge in management, economics               • Introduction to             • Key Scientific            • Liberal Arts Electives:
and law, complemented by the                       Psychology & Sociology        & Technological Issues       - History
fundamentals of maths, accounting and            • International Relations       in Business                  - Politics
statistics. All modules have been chosen to        and European & World                                       - Wealth of Nations
provide you with a solid foundation for a          History                                                    - Negotiation
career in business across a range of different                                                                - Human Behaviour
industry sectors and management domains.                                                                      - Self-Awareness

The inclusion of liberal arts and humanities     Languages & Personal          Languages & Personal        Languages & Personal
modules (e.g. Psychology and Sociology)          Skills Modules                Skills Modules              Skills Modules
gives you a crucial understanding of business    • Presentation, Discussion    • Intercultural Skills      • Academic Writing Skills
in a wider context: to think outside the box       & Rhetoric Skills           • Languages                 • Languages
and develop different ways of thinking.          • Computer Skills
Combined with practical skills and               • Languages
projects, extensive group work, professional
                                                 Collective Projects,          Collective Projects,        Collective Projects,
internships and a concluding thesis, the
                                                 Internships                   Internships                 Internships & Thesis
Bachelor in Management (BSc) will prepare
you for the next steps in your career, be it     • Collective Project 1        • Collective Project 2      • Business Game
in postgraduate study or graduate work           • Internship – 8 wks (opt.)   • Internship or Social      • Internship – 12 wks
                                                                                 Impact Project – 12 wks   • Bachelor Thesis
                                                        60 ECTS                       60 ECTS                         60 ECTS

                                                                                      180 ECTS

                                                                                                            ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   29

We believe that theory is nothing
without practice. As an ESCP
student, you will gain valuable
hands-on business management                      Business Games                                   Work and Study Track
experience with a focus on
working as a team, cross-cultural                                                                                                                                 Patricia Madej
communication and applying                        Business Games are online simulations            Students studying in Paris in their final year will
                                                                                                                                                                  Class of 2020, Germany/Ukraine
                                                  played by teams of students in order to          be on a work and study track. Half of their time
your newly acquired knowledge                     compete in a virtual business environment.       will be spent attending academic classes at                    “My studies at ESCP helped me find
to real-world situations.                         An exciting and relevant exercise, the aim       ESCP Paris Campus and the other half working                   in which direction I wanted to go for
                                                  is to introduce you to the complexity of         within a company based in Paris. This allows                   my professional career, something I
                                                                                                                                                                  did not know back when I finished
                                                  business decision-making. Each team must         students to deepen their experience in the                     High School. Through internships, my
                                                  make decisions relating to areas such as         corporate world while completing their studies.                interest in Finance became apparent,
                                                  finance, marketing and operations. The                                                                          so I decided to do an Apprenticeship
                                                                                                   Students on the work and study track that are                  at a Fund Management Company in
                                                  best-performing team wins the game and
                                                                                                   not French native speakers must demonstrate a                  Paris."
Internships and Social                            each team has the possibility to further their
                                                                                                   minimum of a C1 level in French.
                                                  experience by participating in international
Impact Projects                                   competitions (e.g. Solvay Business Game
                                                  and L’Oreal Brandstorm).

Internships and Social Impact Projects
are the ultimate opportunity for you                                                               Companies who recruit                                 Companies offering internships
to put learned concepts and skills into
practice in real business situations. These
                                                                                                   ESCP graduates                                        to ESCP students
experiences are a crucial component
of the BSc programme and are highly
valued by potential employers. Instead of         Collective Projects
the second-year Internship, students can
opt to complete a Social Impact Project,
volunteering for a local charity or taking part
                                                  Collective Projects offer students an
in a humanitarian mission abroad. Social
                                                  opportunity to contribute to the life of their
Impact Projects are particularly relevant for
                                                  programme and campus whilst acquiring
students interested in future work with not-
                                                  practical managerial and leadership skills.
for-profit organisations.
                                                  At the beginning of each of your first two
Thanks to ESCP’s strong links with the            academic years, you will work in small teams
corporate world, students are offered             to identify and plan the development of a
internships across a range of sectors,            project for the rest of the academic year.
including Marketing & Communications,             Projects can be varied in terms of their
Banking & Finance, Consulting, Food &             focus, and may be linked with careers, social
Beverage, Luxury Brands, E-commerce & IT,         life, humanitarian aid or be more business/
Automotive, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare,         digital oriented. Students are encouraged to
Energy & Chemicals, and NGOs.                     be creative.

                                                                                                                                                                    ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   31
During my first year as a Bachelor in
                                          Management student I managed to
                                          land an internship with Airbus! I felt well-
                                          prepared for my interviews thanks to
                                          the Careers Service, and ultimately I was
                                          selected to do a three-month internship
                                          at Airbus Defence and Space in Lean
                                          Management and Process Optimisation.
                                          My internship was even better than I
                                          imagined it; I not only gained some new
                                          skills, but I also learned a lot about the
                                          industry. I got to meet people from a
                                          range of backgrounds, and I think that
                                          my own background, along with the
                                          education I’m receiving from ESCP, really
                                          helped me to connect with them and to
                                          be involved in more interesting tasks and

                                          Laurent Hoegl-Roy
                                          Class of 2020, Switzerland/France/Germany

The three months of my internship
at the US fashion company Juicy
Couture have been an amazing
experience! Not only did I have an
insight into wholesale management,
marketing and sales, but I also got
to spend two intense and exciting
weeks in market, during which we
sold collections and even launched a
new line. I can definitely recommend
the ESCP Careers Service to students
for advice and support. Thanks to
the Careers Service I got to know
useful websites to look for internship
opportunities, as well as receive great
help to prepare myself for interviews
and making the best out of my CV!

Ellen Neschev
Class of 2018, Germany

                                                                      ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   33
Events                           Career Coaching                      Alumni

                                                                              The Careers Service hosts a      Our Careers Service offers           Building relationships and
                                                                              range of events for students     our students individual              networks is essential. The ESCP
                                                                              each year to help them define    coaching to assist their career      Alumni Association, through
                                                                              and refine their career plans,   development, helping them            its 60,000 active alumni in
                                                                              obtain valuable information,     identify their objectives, apply     150 countries, will help you
                                                                              and learn about different job    for jobs, write CVs, practice        build strong connections and
                                                                              opportunities internationally.   with mock interviews, and            gain valuable insight into
                                                                                                               other relevant career training.      companies and recruiters
                                                                              These events include:
                                                                                                                                                    around the world.
                                                                                                               The Service uses a variety of
                                                                              • Career workshops
                                                                                                               tools to accompany students          Our Alumni are involved
                                                                              • Company presentations,         in discovering career goals and      with the Careers Service
                                                                              seminars, conferences,           aspirations, such as personality     by attending career and
                                                                              roundtables and interviews       and logic tests in order to:         networking events, and
                                                                              with recruiters                                                       offering mentorships, company
                                                                                                               • Identify their strengthsand
                                                                                                                                                    presentations and industry
                                                                              • On-campus general and          weaknesses
                                                                              industry-specific job fairs
                                                                                                               • Help them reflect on a career
                                                                              attracting over 130 companies
                                                                              throughout the year
                                                                                                               • Train with practical guides
                                                                              • Bootcamps on Consulting,
                                                                                                               and tutorials
                                       Securing an internship during          Banking, Tech and Marketing
                                                                              led by ESCP Alumni on how        • Prepare for interviews
                                       (or a job after) university
                                                                              to be recruited by the leading
                                       is becoming increasingly
                                                                              companies in these sectors
                                       competitive. Recruitment
                                       processes are constantly evolving,
                                       focusing less on technical
                                       knowledge and more on
  Careers                              assessing the applicant’s ability

  Service                              to work in a team, their analytical
                                       thinking, organisational skills and
                                       leadership potential.

                                       The BSc curriculum offers a
                                       number of personal or “soft”
The ESCP Careers Service helps         skills workshops to address
students identify their professional   areas such as presentation
objectives to ensure their career      techniques and communication                                                                         Graduate
Located on each of the six
                                       competencies. It is also essential
                                       that you have the opportunity to                                                                     Students 2020
campuses, the Careers Service          practice recruitment processes in

provides students with the advice,     anticipation of the real thing.
data and tools to connect them to
companies. ESCP students have          Throughout your time at ESCP,
access to over 30,000 internship       you will receive the support and                                                                     chose to continue with a Master
opportunities each year.               know-how of our specialised                                                                          degree in a renowned institution

                                       Careers Services, which offer a full
                                       range of careers-focused services                                                                                          98%
                                       and events.
                                                                                                                                            chose to start an international
                                                                                                                                            professional career

                                                                                                                                            *3% gap year
Grow your Network

• Join a 60,000–strong international Alumni
   Network across 150 countries
• Access the online Alumni Directory
• Join one of our professional, regional, corporate, or
   leisure groups and participate in any of the 250
   events organised each year around the world
• Join our monthly Alumnights, after-work events
   to meet new contacts and develop your network.
• Join the community of 22,500 ESCP Alumni on
   LinkedIn and Facebook
                                                                                                  Learning to be
                                                                                                  an Entrepreneur
Boost your Job Search                                                                             Entrepreneurship is taught through

                                                             Promoting                            specialisations that take students

                                                             an Entrepreneurial
                                                                                                  through the stages of self-reflection and
                                                                                                  leadership style through the essential
As an ESCP Alumni, you will have access to a range
of programmes and events designed to help you
                                                             Spirit                               business functions (finance, marketing,
                                                                                                  organisational development, etc.).
develop your career to reach your professional goals.
• Choose an experienced Alumni as your
   personal mentor to help define or redefine your                                                Incubators
   professional path                                                                              and accelerators:
• Participate in one of our four Bootcamps                ESCP places an increasing value        The School has three ‘Blue Factory’
   (Consulting, Investment Banking, Technology,            on cultivating and nurturing an        incubators in Berlin, Madrid and Paris,
   Luxury) to learn everything you need to know
   about a sector and practice mock interviews
                                                           entrepreneurial spirit: as relevant    as well as an accelerator in Paris. The

• Get in touch with one of our Alumni Career              for established businesses             creation of more than 600 companies
   Coaches to learn more about you, your strengths,        as for start-ups. Our Chair for        has been supported since 2007.
   and improve your pitch and visibility in one-to-one     Entrepreneurship, created in
   coaching sessions                                                                              Events include real and simulated
• Find your next job opportunity through our Job
                                                           2007, was a token of our strong        opportunities for students to pitch their
   Board of more than 50,000 openings                      belief that an entrepreneurial         business ideas to panels of investors
                                                           spirit is important for all students   and experienced entrepreneurs.
                                                           in all disciplines. In 2018 the        Highlights are the annual ‘Innovation
                                                           Jean-Baptiste Say Institute was        & Entrepreneurship Award’ and the
                                                                                                  ‘Made in ESCP’ pitching event in Paris.
                                                           launched to offer a European
                                                                                                  In addition, during the annual Global
                                                           academic reference dedicated to        Entrepreneurs Week, Entrepreneurship
                                                           entrepreneurial leadership and         Festivals are organised at each of our
                                                           innovation.                            campuses.

                                                                                                    ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   37
Student life and associations
                                                                                       Life                                              AGORA
                                                                                                                                         AGORA, the student council elected by

  ESCP                                        ESCP                                                                                       students, plays an important role within the
                                                                                                                                         School. AGORA bridges the gap between the
  Alumni                                      Foundation                            A strong sense of school spirit                      student body and the school administration,
                                                                                    and community is a defining                          providing a forum to propose and discuss ideas
                                                                                    characteristic of ESCP. Involvement                  concerning your life as a student at ESCP.

                                                                                    in extra-curricular activities and
ESCP Alumni is an international and rich   Launched by the alumni in 2005, the
network of 68,000 members worldwide.       ESCP Foundation became a public
                                                                                    student associations is strongly                     STUDENT SOCIETIES BOARD (SSB)
ESCP Alumni supports its members           utility foundation by a decree.          encouraged: we consider it an
                                                                                                                                         Elected by the students, the SSB organises
by boosting their career, developing                                                essential part of personal well-being                social events which encourage networking
their network and promoting the ESCP
                                           The Foundation’s aim is to support the   and professional development.                        amongst different intakes and nationalities.
                                           ambitions and academic excellence of     Student life on                                      The Board drives and coordinates the student
                                           ESCP through four initiatives:           each of the campuses is shaped                       societies present on all six campuses.
We offer you professional services in
several languages, as well as physical     • Diversity and international appeal    by the initiatives and activities
and digital links to stay connected and                                             offered by some 50 clubs and
                                                                                                                                         SPORTS CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES
share your experience and expertise.       • High-level research                    associations, which organise
ESCP Alumni have access to 50,000 job      • Teaching innovation
                                                                                    networking, artistic and cultural                    Sports activities have a long tradition at ESCP,
                                                                                                                                         and the Paris campus alone offers around 30
opportunities per year.                                                             events, political discussions,
                                                                                                                                         different disciplines. London Campus students
                                           • Influence of ESCP worldwide           sports tournaments, social events,                   have access to the various sporting facilities at
Each month we host a variety of
                                                                                    humanitarian activities, and more.                   City University, and the Turin Campus organises
networking and career events all around
                                                                                                                                         the annual regatta, bringing together both
the world, aimed at bringing together
                                                                                                                                         students and alumni.
our community.

                                                                                                                                         CALL ON’U
    For further information:                   For further information:             The ESCP Regatta: Students                           A cross-campus organisation which prepares                        Antonella Guerra
    +33 (0)1 43 57 24 03             
                                                                                    and Alumni sail together                             students for participation at the NMUN in
                                                                                                                                         New York City. Around 4,000 students from                             +33 (0)1 43 23 20 72
                                                                                                                                         top universities worldwide embody diplomats
                                                                                    The ESCP Regatta symbolises what ESCP is             and represent their country in various UN
                                                                                    all about. Once a year, students from all five       committees such as the Security Council or
                                                                                    campuses, as well as members of staff, faculty       UNICEF. Members gain a unique experience
                                                                                    and alumni, gather in Italy for a weekend at sea.    in the spirit of European and international
                                                                                    The event is a unique opportunity to fully exploit   diplomatic relations.
                                                                                    the potential of a multicampus school and to
                                                                                    strengthen and broaden the group spirit key to
                                                                                    the ESCP community.                                  ESCP CONSULTANCY, ALIAS JUNIOR
                                                                                    The ESCP Regatta has become a landmark in
                                                                                    the School’s sporting, networking and social         A student-run business association which works
                                                                                    calendar. More than 400 participants sailed          with corporate clients across Europe on a wide
                                                                                    together in 2019, manning over 35 yachts             range of business ventures. The association
                                                                                    around Porto Rotondo in Sardinia, Italy. Working     attracts business-minded individuals keen to
                                                                                    in teams to take first place, the event allows for   pursue their personal development on genuine
                                                                                    excellent group bonding and the continued            business projects.
                                                                                    development of team-building skills.

                                                                                                                                                          ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   39
          Application                                               Personal interview
                                                                    If your initial application is successful, you will
                                                                    be invited to attend an oral interview with at
                                                                    least two people, including faculty members.                    Fees, scholarships
      STEP 1                                                                                                                        & financing
      Online application                                            The interview is designed to assess your
                                                                    motivation, the match between your profile
                                                                    and your curriculum, and your personality
      Option 1                                                      (adaptability, maturity, openness to an
                                                                    international experience, etc.).
      Apply directly at our website:                                                                                                Scholarships                                                                                                              At ESCP we believe in equal opportunities. That is why we have
                                                                    Whilst we prefer to meet students in person,
                                                                                                                                    created a scholarship programme that encourages social diversity
      You will need to include:                                     distance interviews are a perfectly viable option.              and values individual commitment.
      • Academic transcripts from the last 3 years
      • Secondary School examination certificates (if                                                                               Scholarships can cover 10% to 50% of tuition fees (excluding first-
        already held, or upon receipt)
                                                                    STEP 3                                                          year registration fee) and are assigned based on different criteria
                                                                                                                                    such as merit, diversity and financial needs. They are renewable
      • Personal Statement in English
      • Name and contact details of one academic                    Admission results                                               each year on condition of academic achievement, behaviour and
                                                                                                                                    involvement in the ESCP community.
      • English language test scores (if required): IELTS
                                                                    The School will send you the admission results                  CROUS scholarship holders:
        6.5 / TOEFL iBT 90 / CAE 180
                                                                    and, if you are admitted, you will be offered:                  Students who are eligible for CROUS scholarships allocated by the
      • CV/Resume                                                                                                                   French Ministry of Higher Education are eligible for an ESCP need
      • Supporting documents for additional                                                                                         based scholarship. The exemption percentage ranges from 10% to
        languages spoken                                            • A place (unconditional or conditional) on                     50% depending on CROUS level.
      • Copy of ID/Passport                                           the programme with a deadline by which to
                                                                    • Your study track (e.g. 1st year: London / 2nd year:           Bank Loan
      Option 2
                                                                      Turin / 3rd year: Berlin)                                     Many banks offer student loans at attractive rates, with deferred
      Apply via Parcoursup*
                                                                                                                                    payback. Recent ESCP students have received interest rates as low
      Go to and select ESCP                           In order to confirm your enrolment, you will need               as 1%. Consult your bank for information on a personal loan.
      if you are taking a French baccalauréat and want              to pay a deposit of €2,500.
      to start the first year of the BSc in Paris.                                                                                  Furthermore, thanks to a partnership with BNP Paribas, the ESCP
                                                                                                                                    Foundation Endowment Fund supports students who encounter
                                                                                                                                    difficulties to obtain student credit in the absence of a solid
                                                                                                                                    guarantor (please note that this is currently only available for
      Option 3                                                                                                                      French students).
      Apply via UCAS*
                                                                         Visa                                                       For more information, contact your campus’ Student Affairs office.
      Go to
      • Institution Code: E79                                            A VISA is what allows you to enter the country where
                                                                         you will be studying. It is recommended that you
      • Course Code: N200                                                                                                           September 2022 intake fees
                                                                         begin the visa process as soon as you receive your
      • Campus Code: M                                                   high school diploma.                                       Tuition fees per academic year
                                                                                                                                    €15,300 (European)
      Option 4                                                           On each ESCP campus, you will find a team able             €21,400 (Non-European)
                                                                         to help and guide you with your visa and residence         + application fee €60
      Apply via Common App*
                                                                         permit process from start to finish. Make sure to
                                                                                                                                    + registration fee €360 (first year only)
      Go to                                                contact our visa experts of your campus destination:
      • Search for “ESCP Business School”                                                                                           To be eligible for European fees, you must be a European citizen
                                                                         Berlin: Sybille Meyer-Ouart (
                                                                         London: Vishav Kaur (            holding a valid European passport.
                                                                         Madrid: Edurne Garde (                    Application, tuition and registration fees may be subject to
                                                                         Paris: Elena Potié (                change. Visit for up-to-date information.
                                                                         Turin: Agnese Maccerini (
                                                                         Beijing: Zhengzheng Cao
* Students who do not apply through our website will supply the
documents as requested by Parcoursup, UCAS or Common App. The            Note: do always refer to the country of destination
School will assess these documents and may require the additional
                                                                         government website for official and updated
information as per our direct application.

                                                                                                                                                                                    ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   41

                                                Denise S. Tarbuch
                                                Berlin Recruitment Coordinator
                                                Tel: +49 30 32007 231
                                                                                          Anne-Laure Galliano
                                                                                 Paris Recruitment Coordinator
                                                                                            Tel: +33 7 64 21 23 12
                                                Sarah Sen
                                                London Recruitment Coordinator
                                                Tel: + 44 20 7443 8872
                                                WhatsApp: +44 7843 844048                                  TURIN
                                                                Cécile Marquet
                                                                                 Turin Recruitment Coordinator
                                                                                           Tel +39 331 965 2037
                                                Roxana Olaru
                                                Madrid Recruitment Coordinator
                                                Tel: +34 650 803 947
The best thing is that now I know
everything that forms a company,
and this a great part of the ESCP
Bachelor in Management (BSc).
I also feel much more international
compared to other students.

Guillaume Danloy

                                      Join us                                    Meet us
Class of 2019, Belgium

                                      Follow us on WeChat                             ONLINE
                                                                                      AT FAIRS
                                                                                      Check our website

                                                                                             ESCP - Bachelor in Management (BSc)   43
Bachelor in
 Management (BSc)

     ESCP benefits from the best international accreditations.
     Our European campuses enjoy national recognition.

                                                                          5 European Higher Ed

                                                                                                      This document is not contractual. Please check our website for updated information.
                                                                                                      Photo credits: ©ESCP / Dan Tsantilis / ©TBWA\Corporate - ©Gettyimages
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                                                                      57/59 Jagiellońska St.
                                                                      03-301 Warsaw, Poland
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