Beautiful Study for Lifelong LearningTM
Rodney Tamblyn                          Gloria Gomez (PhD)
Co-founder                              Co-founder

•   Roles: GM, client management,       •   Roles: strategy, research, design,
    sales, technology. OB3 product          marketing
                                        •   Creator of OB3 product design
•   25 years experience                     vision
    designing, developing and
                                        •   Assistant professor at the University
    supporting educational
                                            of Southern Denmark (2012-17)
    technologies for Higher Education
                                        •   Prior multidisciplinary software
•   Educational software developer
                                            projects include working on
    University of Otago (1990s)
                                            Proyecto Ludomatica (1998 - 2001,
•   Alumni Emerge Education - London        Colombia) and the CmapTools
    (’15)                                   project (2001-2003, USA)
                                        •   Honorary senior lecturer, Save Sight
                                            Institute, University of Sydney
OceanBrowser Ltd.

About us

• New Zealand-based online learning
• Virtual office working with like-minded
  people – local & remote
• Build rewarding long-term strategic
  partnerships with clients
• Designing and building an exciting and
  innovative product
• Genuinely caring that teachers and
  students succeed at achieving their
  goals using our technology
OB3 Product Vision 2021

2010                    2015                  2018                     2021

•   We set out!         •    OB3 version 2     •   Validated with       •   Coaching
•   Rapid prototyping   •    LMS Integration       customers                for academic
    with BDP approach        via LTI               (research                performance
                                                   publications, year   •   Lifelong
•   Buy-in to vision    •    Collaborative         on year use)
    from existing            learning &                                     learning
    clients                  codesign          •   New adoptions,       •   Share your
                             activities            diversifying uses        knowledge:
•   R&D investment
    Callaghan           •    Emerge            •   Ongoing product          web publishing
    Innovation               Education             development and      •   Communities
                             Accelerator           refinement
•   Research-informed                                                       of practice
    long-term product        (London)          •   EduGrowth
    plan                                           activities

•   2012 OB3 released

 Build the best               OB3: media-                     OB3: Beautiful
  platform for              rich documents                  Study for Lifelong
online academic             with embedded                      LearningTM
     study                    discussionsTM

“What we find really
powerful is that all aspects
of the delivery and student
engagement are seamlessly
deployed within the same
space which creates a very
easy and enjoyable on-line

            David Irwin PhD
          Sustainable Practice,
        ARA Institute of Canterbury

    Source: Gomez, G., Daellenbach,
    R., Davies, L., Kensington, M., &
    Petsoglou, C. (2018). OB3 media-
    rich documents with embedded
    discussions: lifting learning
    performance and engagement.
    Access in ResearchGate

INNOVATION #1                          INNOVATION #2
                                                                                OB3 media-
    A unique interface for               Embedding discussions                rich documents
    students and teachers
     to author and share
                                +           inside curriculum
                                         content or assignments
                                                                     =        with embedded
    media-rich documents

OB3’s innovations in
interaction design
OB3 enables academic staff to prepare             The R&D of OB3 focused in supporting
curriculum content and enhance student            activities in online academic study that relate
engagement using asynchronous discussions.        to reviewing curriculum materials in varied
It incorporates two innovations in interaction    formats or written assignments. This project
design. Students and academic staff can           was underpinned by a social interaction
author media-rich documents, while only           design methodology and the Bridging
requiring basic technological skills. Secondly,   Design Prototype approach.
it enables embedding discussions inside
curriculum content.                               In 2009 qualitative research was undertaken
                                                  with our then users (time-starved academics,
                                                  distance students) about their issues
OB3’s innovations lift learning                   studying online. Outcomes informed
performance in 3 ways:                            the development of guidelines and
                                                  requirements that in turn informed feature
•     Removes the need for a                      conceptualization and design.
      technologist (e.g. course builder,
      multimedia consultant) when                 Data analysis drew theoretical concepts from
                                                  sources including:
      preparing media-rich documents
                                                  1. educational design that supports the
•     Students engage in asynchronous                efficient use of study skills that contribute
      discussions with teachers inside a             to academic success;
                                                  2. good visual design that facilitates
•     Students engage in authoring                   learning, is cognitively effective, and
      curriculum topics or reflective                helps us manage our work and thought;
      practice as part of assignments                and
                                                  3. networked learning in which information
These innovations have enabled                       and communication technology (ICT) is
the development of online                            used to promote connections between
active learning communities and                      people
transformed students into co-
designers of learning.

“Collaborative documents can
             be easily constructed in OB3
             with each sentence identified
             as to the student and time
             this was posted. Edits within
             pages are seemlessly added.
             OB3 has enabled exceptional
             group projects from students
             and enhanced the quality of
             the academic outputs from
             each cohort.”

                    Dr Constantinos Petsoglou
                        MBBS, MMED, FRANCO
                   Senior Lecturer, Discipline of Clinical
                   Ophthalmology, University of Sydney
             Visiting Senior Lecturer, Otago Medical School
                      and UNSW Optometry School

    Capturing ideas on the go
    and emailing to an OB3
    document in progress

Co-creating entries for an
                           encyclopedic resource on

                           The wiki pages on Optics are
                           collaborative documents of student-
                           created content. The lecturers provide
                           the topic, the students do the rest.
                           Students take ownership for the
                           content of their assigned page. For
                           the first 6-week period the student is
                           responsible for developing content
                           for their assigned wiki page. In the
                           second 6-week period, we encourage
                           collaboration where students contribute
                           to each other’s pages via discussions
                           and co-writing. We initially found that
                           online collaboration took a little bit
                           of encouragement. We assess both
                           the student’s page content and their
                           collaborative contributions. Completed
                           pages can be accessed by future
                           students and course alumni.

                           The goal is to have these wiki pages as a
                           resource of the unit of study so students
                           and alumni in the future can access them
                           as an encyclopaedic resource, a kind of
                           “Wikipedia”, for the Optics topic. There
                           is a lot of bad online content that is not
                           specific to what students need for their
                           career, or for their learning as a high-
                           level subject course. This student-led
                           project has addressed this issue.

Time-starved, fitting      Source: Gomez, G., Daellenbach, R., Kensington, M.,
                           Davies, L., & Petsoglou, C. (2017). Benefits of enabling
activities around life &   lecturers and students to author, share and discuss
work                       media-rich documents for online study. Digital poster.
                           ASCILITE 2017

•   Document comprises
         topics, related cases
         for discussions, and
     •   Each cases include
         questions to discuss
     •   Students use discussions
         to provide comments,
         share videos, links to
         documents, and upload
         documents (added via
         web or email)
     •   The conversation is
         moderated by the
10       lecturers
“Students and lecturers have
                                              commented on how much they
                                              enjoy the commentary and the
                                              discussion in OB3. They work
                                              interactively and contribute
                                              ideas and materials that they
                                              have encountered by sharing
                                              urls and uploading materials

                                              They speak of the value of
                                              having colleagues clarify things
                                              for them in a way that lecturers
                                              are not always able to do, at a
                                              peer level... the asynchronous
                                              discussion allows them time for
                                              reflection which encourages
                                              more engagement by students
                                              who feel put on the spot during
                                              synchronous sessions...”

                                              Source: Daellenbach, D. R., Davies,
                                              L., Kensington, M., & Tamblyn, R.
                                              (2014). Fostering online student interaction
                                              using the OB3 web application for online
                                              study. ASCILITE 2014

Curriculum Content                  and the implications for the                    guidelines and research
                                    provision of midwifery care.                    articles and other resources.
with Questions and                  The case study sets up a                        For example, this module
Answers (Q&A)                       scenario and then there will                    links back to Moodle to use a
                                    be some questions asked.                        physiology quiz hosted there.
The module “Respiratory             Often there is a story that                     In other modules we create
Challenges in Pregnancy” (figure    might begin with a question                     Q&A where the students
7) provides an example of how       related to antenatal care, and                  have to identify aspects
curriculum content is structured    then go on to labour, birth                     from an article. In the one
in practice-based papers. It        and postnatal. Students can                     illustrated in figure 7, the
begins with a theoretical part      selectively respond and learn                   Q&A are around the case
in which there is description of    from each other. The lecturers                  study.
the physiology of the respiratory   (MK in figure 7) add further
system and pathophysiology          prompts and clarification. This
and applies this to particular      is a similar structure to one that
conditions that are common          was utilised in the face-to-face                Source: Gomez, G., Daellenbach,
                                                                                    R., Kensington, M., Davies, L., &
in pregnant women, such as          lectures that preceded the                      Petsoglou, C. (2017). Benefits of
asthma. This is then followed       introduction of the blended                     enabling lecturers and students to
                                    programme.In OB3 documents,                     author, share and discuss media-
by a case study with Q&A to                                                         rich documents for online study.
prompt students to connect          the content utilises a range of                 Digital poster. ASCILITE 2017
theory and practice.A case study    media, such a video teaching
approach focuses attention on       materials that already exist,
the lived experience for women      links to the latest professional
Save Sight Institute at the University of
                Sydney: a 15-year strategic partnership
                We have a 15 year customer relationship           Blackboard) using LTI. We have
                with the SSI. OB3 is currently used               developed some enhancements to
                across all the SSI’s postgraduate courses.        support Canvas integration, including
                Their Master’s in Basic Ophthalmic                analytics and course development
                Sciences was evaluated as one of                  reports, and the ability to embed video
                Sydney Faculty of Medicine’s highest              content from OB3 directly within LMS
                performing courses, with OB3 identified           pages.
                as component of this success. OB3 is
                also used in international courses, short-        At the undergraduate level, we
                courses, and to build communities of              developed a stand-alone web
                practice (e.g. for doctors working in             application (the Virtual Ophthalmic
                hospitals).                                       Studio) that all medical students at
                                                                  Sydney complete as a self-paced study
                All University courses using OB3 are              activity. This functions on top of OB3
                delivered integrated with Sydney                  and is delivered integrated with the
                University Canvas LMS (and previously             LMS.


2005                                  2006                                    2010
Save Sight Institute and University   Initial course delivery (3 papers)on    •   Half day seminar at University of
of Otago Ophthalmology                encrypted DVDs with OceanBrowser            Sydney - OB+  SSI
agree collaboratively distance        1.0 software (Mac/Windows), web         •   OB3 Design vision shared &
deliver postgraduate basic            forums and VoIP conferencing                discussed
ophthalmic science courses                                                    •   Increase license to support OB3 v1
                                      Oceanbrowser 2.0 software app           2011
                                      (Mac/Windows) released. More            •   Migration of SSI course content to
                                      papers added                                OB3 v1 (beta)
                                                                              •   Testing and refinements
                                                                              •   OB DVD courseware phased out
“OB3 definitely outshines
                                                                               in the following areas:

                                                                               •   Protection of the Intellectual
                                                                                   Property... allowing us to
                                                                                   encourage accessibility but
                                                                                   reiterate the content is the
                                                                                   lecturer’s intellectual property
                                                                               •   Provide life long access
                                                                                   beyond the narrow confines
                                                                                   of a degree course...allow
                                                                                   students continued access to
                                                                                   assist in their future careers
                                                                                   and exam preparation
                                                                               •   Is a flexible platform that
                                                                                   encourages students to share
Strategic vision                      Platform features                            their work with colleagues.
•   SSI vision: “education            •       Analytics for course                 Secure sharing adds to the
    provider from cradle to                   review, providing                    academic integrity of the
    grave”                                    evidence of efficacy                 services, and support for a
•   Build Community of Practice       •       Reports to simplify                  wide variety of file formats
                                              administrative and                   encourages students to
•   OB3 enabled collaborative                                                      develop and share content
    delivery & teaching with                  Canvas OB3 course
    University of Otago by                    authoring tasks                  •   Works within existing LMS
    coordinating activities on                                                     This hybrid system has been
    independent platform                                                           running exceptionally well

                                      OB3 uses
                                                                               Oceanbrowser has provided
What they value                       •       Enable co-creation               us with innovative solutions to
•   Simplicity - straightforward              & reuse of graduate              online learning problems. We are
    intuitive design                          student-generated                looking forward to continuing
•   Integration with Canvas LMS               content.
                                                                               our collaboration for many years
•   Enable hospital,                  •       Encyclopedic resources
                                                                               to come.”
    international, non-profit &       •       Journal clubs
    short course offerings            •       Video-based
                                                                                      Dr Constantinos Petsoglou
•   Alumni access                             assignments                                 MBBS, MMED, FRANCO
                                      •       Software development                   Senior Lecturer, Discipline of Clinical
                                              & support custom                       Ophthalmology, University of Sydney
                                              elearning projects               Visiting Senior Lecturer, Otago Medical School
                                                                                        and UNSW Optometry School

2012                                      2016                                          2018
Courses go live in OB3 version 1          •     Completion of Virtual Ophthalmic        •   Go live: OB3 “hybrid” delivery
                                                Clinic app on OB3 goes live with            with Canvas
                                                Sydney 2nd year medical students        •   Enhanced support level
2015                                                                                        (maternity leave)
•   OB3 v2 go live, SSI migrates to       2017
    new version                           •     Implement and support ocular            2019
•   Integration with Blackboard LMS             pathology image server                  Enhanced support level (new staff)
                                          •     OB3 enhancements & services:
                                                Canvas migration
“The School of Midwifery has
                                                                   been using OB3 since 2013.
                                                                   The draw card of OB3 was the
                                                                   ability to have asynchronous
                                                                   contextual discussions within
                                                                   the online created content.
                                                                   OB3 provides the opportunity
                                                                   for students & lecturers
                                                                   to ‘co-create’ emergent
                                                                   understandings, discuss
                                                                   perspectives which are visually
                                                                   linked to the content that the
                                                                   discussion originates from
                                                                   and asynchronously follow
                                                                   discussion threads. It is easy
                                                                   to use and gives us a sense of
                                                                   how students are responding to
                                                                   the teaching materials.”

                                                                                Mary Kensington
                                                                                 Head of Midwifery
                                                                       Dept.Nursing, Midwifery & Allied Health
                                                                            ARA Institute of Canterbury


2012                                  2013                                      2015
•   Initially met at DEANZ            •   Initial pilot                         •   Migrated all courses to OB3 version
    conference where we presented     •   Successful migration of all               2.  Integration with ARA (Moodle)
    a poster on OB3 v1 R&D                content by ARA staff using OB3            LMS
•   ARA Midwifery had immediate           media-rich authoring features         •   ARA Enterprise pilot in 4
    need for solution as their                                                      Departments. Outcome: OB3
    existing platform was no longer   2014                                          recommended for use in courses
    supported                         ARA presented concise at ASCILITE             using co-construction of learning
                                      2014 describing benefits experienced
                                      in switching to OB3
Ara Institute of
                                  Canterbury: 6-year

Bachelor of Midwifery                                      Master of Sustainable Practice
•   Chosen to deliver the theoretical                      • New qualification for future change
    component of the programme in                            makers and leaders
    response to student evaluations of
                                                           • Brings together teaching staff from across
    the previous technology platform,
                                                             the institute to work collaboratively
    in which students consistently
    identified feeling isolated and unsure                 • Using OB3 for in-class and online
    of how they were progressing with                        collaborative activities and discussions
    their learning
•   Evaluations have shown students
    find OB3 discussions valuable for                           “Staff can upload content and
    their learning, and also feel more                          directions for engaging with
    connected to other students in their                        learning. Students can make
    courses                                                     comments and interact with
•   The interface was crisp, clear and                          each other, challenge each
    unfettered and it felt intuitive and                        other and support each other.
    user friendly                                               They can upload their own
•   OB3 used in all degree papers +                             work which can then be shared
    portfolio (from 2019)                                       with other students in both
•   Integrated with the institution’s
                                                                synchronous and asynchronous
    Learning Management System. It is                           spaces, and knowledge can
    easy to control level of access rights                      be generated together. OB3
    students and lecturers have in terms                        is a wonderful platform for
    of viewing, discussing, editing and                         postgraduate students and
    authoring of documents                                      appears to be constructed
                                                                with collaborative learning
                                                                pedagogies in mind”
Source: Daellenbach, D. R., Davies,
L., Kensington, M., & Tamblyn, R.                                              David Irwin PhD
(2014). Fostering online student interaction                                 Sustainable Practice,
using the OB3 web application for online                                   ARA Institute of Canterbury
study. ASCILITE 2014

2016                                           2019                                          2020
ARA delivering all theoretical papers for      •   Midwifery portfolios shift from           •   Allied Health adopting OB3 for
3 year degree using OB3 (integrated                paper to OB3                                  all postgraduate papers
with LMS)                                      •   OB3 delivers new features to              •   Expanded use in Midwifery and
                                                   support portfolio use                         Sustainability due to growing
2018                                           •   ARA shift from Departmental                   enrolments and additional papers
Master of Sustainable Practice                     licensing to Enterprise reflecting
adopts OB3 for new degree                          that OB3 is becoming “widely
                                                   adopted system” at ARA
Massey University’s
     enterprise piloting
     Customer since 2017

     Helping Massey to fulfil it’s strategic
     Teaching and Learning vision to provide
     environments that are media-rich,
     interactive, forward-looking and supports
     active learning communities.

     Executive MBA
     Using OB3 for Reflective Practice
     Portfolios allowing students to capture
     thoughts in writing, make audio
     recordings, upload video, photos,
     documents, and keep it all in easy to
     manage, confidential web documents.

     Clinical Pharmacology
     Group-based activities comprising weekly
     discussion documents, with questions from
     textbook chapters. Students accessing OB3
     from Stream (Moodle) LMS.

University of Otago
Customer since 2004

The University of Otago Ophthalmology
Department was OceanBrowser’s
first customer in 2004 and have been
with us ever since. Otago University
Ophthalmology students use OB3 as part
of their collaborative course delivery with
the Save Sight Institute. We are currently
planning a special project with Otago
Ophthalmology, the Visual Pathways web
app, which will be delivered on a similar
model to the Virtual Ophthalmic Studio
app. Initial phases are already completed
(3D visualisation movies and content)
and we hope the final project can be
completed in 2020.

Tasmanian Eye Institute
Customer since 2018

The Institute has a mandate to develop
educational resources for eye health for
the public, medical students, doctors,
and trainees entering Ophthalmology

OB3 will be used for:
•   Independent publishing of
    Ophthalmology textbook
•   Ability to make editions for different
    audiences (nurses, students, doctors)
•   Incorporation of study features to assist
•   Ability to use within online education
    programmes (e.g. licensed to
    Universities) and within business (e.g
    Ophthalmology practices)
•   Build an online community of practice
•   Incorporate rich media and discussions

Evaluating OB3 with the                           Evaluating OB3 with the
 Creative Classroom (CCR)                          NMC Horizon Reports
 Framework                                         The innovative study practices undertaken
                                                   using OB3 media-rich documents with
 Using OB3 to author, share and discuss
                                                   embedded discussions have facilitated our
 media-rich documents with embedded
                                                   customers’ programmes to follow educational
 discussions (table 1), has facilitated our
                                                   technology trends and address challenges
 Otago-Sydney and ARA customers to
                                                   charted in the NMC Horizon Report series.
 adopt innovative practices across 6 CCR
                                                   See column 4 in the table (right) for details.
 dimensions and 12 building blocks. The
 table on the right, column 1 lists the relevant
                                                   The NMC Horizon Report series charts the
 practices and relates them to the customers’
                                                   five-year impact of innovative practices and
 programmes in columns 2 and 3.
                                                   technologies for higher education across the
                                                   globe. With more than 15 years of research
 Creative Classrooms are conceptualised as
                                                   and publications, the NMC Horizon Project
 innovative learning environments that fully
                                                   can be regarded as education’s longest-
 embed the potential of ICT to innovate
                                                   running exploration of emerging technology
 learning and teaching practices in formal,
                                                   trends and uptake. Six key trends, six
 non-formal and informal settings. The CCR
                                                   significant challenges, and six developments
 framework consists of 8 encompassing and
                                                   in educational technology profiled in the
 interconnected key dimensions and a set of
                                                   2017 report are poised to impact teaching,
 28 reference parameters or building blocks.
                                                   learning, and creative inquiry in higher
                                                   education (Adams Becker et al., 2017).
 Innovative pedagogical practices are found
 at the heart of the framework, which emerge
 when teachers use ICT in their efforts to
 organise newer and improved forms of
                                                   Source: Gomez, G., Daellenbach, R., Kensington, M.,
 open-ended, collaborative, and meaningful         Davies, L., & Petsoglou, C. (2017). Benefits of enabling
 learning activities, rather than to enhance       lecturers and students to author, share and discuss media-
                                                   rich documents for online study. Digital poster presented
 traditional pedagogies (Bocconi et al, 2012;      at ASCILITE 2017
 Johnson et al., 2014).

STUDY                                                                                        TRENDS AND HELPED
DIMENSION AND                CASE 1: OTAGO-SYDNEY              CASE 2: ARA                   CHALLENGES
BLOCKS IN THE CCR            PROGRAMME IN                      PROGRAMME IN
FRAMEWORK                    OPHTHALMIC BASIC                  MIDWIFERY

DIMENSION CONTENT            Lecture documents with            Lecturers readily create      CHALLENGE:
AND CURRICULA:               embedded discussions              content with minimal          • Rethinking the roles
• Meaningful                 created by students               support                         of educators
  activities                 Wiki-style co-written
                             documents created by
                             students                                                        • Deeper learning

DIMENSION                    Student-led online lecture        Student-created content       TREND:
ASSESSMENT:                  development with multimedia                                     • Rise of data-driven
                                                               Using multimedia and
• Engaging assessment        content                           existing online resources       learning an
  formats                                                                                      assessment
                             Clinically relevant assignments   both for teaching each
• Formative assessment                                         other and for assessments
                             providing deeper learning

DIMENSION LEARNING           Projects such as wiki-pages,      Students and lecturers “co-   CHALLENGES:
PRACTICES:                   journal clubs, exemplar tasks,    create” emergent              • Students as co-
• Self-regulated learning    plagiarism interactive units      understandings, discuss         designers of
• Personalised learning      being provided to encourage       perspectives and                learning
• Peer to peer               peer to peer collaborations       asynchronously follow         • Personalised
  collaboration              within the semester               discussion threads              learning
                                                               Every student must create
                                                               study materials, contribute   TREND:
                                                               to discussions in lectures,   • Collaborative
                                                               and lead group projects         learning

DIMENSION TEACHING           Graded content and                Asynchronous discussion       CHALLENGES:
PRACTICES:                   assessment tasks allow for        allows students time for      • Improving digital
• Soft skills                gradual upskilling of students    reflection, encouraging         literacy
• Multiple learning styles   over a 2-year course              more engagement by            • Complex thinking
• Multiples modes of         Asynchronous discussion           students who feel put on        and communication
  thinking                                                     the spot during
                             within lectures encouraging
                             online interactions               synchronous or in face to-
                                                               face sessions

DIMENSION                    Communication with students       Connectedness is              TRENDS:
CONNECTEDNESS:               as to timetable                   promoted through the          • Rise of data-driven
• Networking with                                              authoring, sharing and          learning an
                             Provision of live lectures
  real world                                                   discussing of multi- media      assessment
                             within programme
• Learning events                                              rich documents. It also       • Growing focus on
                             Ability to monitor discussions    addresses students’             measuring learning
                             and interactions easily with      experience of social
                             inbuilt notifications             isolation

DIMENSION                    Incorporation of                  Theoretical component of      TREND:
INFRASTRUCTURE:              demonstration videos,             the course taught online      • Blended learning
• ICT infrastructure         documents and learning apps                                       designs
                             within the platform across
                             both distance and face-to-face
                             units of study
Piloting OB3 is an
     ideal way to explore
     the benefits that OB3
     can bring to your

     We’ll help you to plan your pilot                Enhanced pilot engagement support
     OB3, drawing on our knowledge                    service.
     and experience working with other                This support level enables us to work
     organisations, and ensuring you are              1:1 with educational developers, course
     fully supported throughout the initial           builders, teachers and tutors in a pilot
     exploration, planning, pilot delivery,           course. Our highly experienced and
     and post-pilot assessment stages. Our            qualified staff function as a virtual team,
     promise to you is that we will provide           to plan and support OB3 activities
     you with outstanding engagement and              around the specific needs of your pilot.
     support. We will do everything in our
     power to ensure you achieve a successful         Review and reporting service
     outcome from your piloting process.              This provides monitoring, analysis of
                                                      your use of OB3, both during and at
     Pilot services we offer include:                 the conclusion of your pilot. Reporting
                                                      will include summaries of analytics
     Onsite visits                                    data, analysis of your use of OB3, and
     Visiting provides an unparalleled                recommendations for future course
     opportunity for us to build a deep               delivery.
     understanding your needs, focus
     intensively on your pilot, and establish         Research services
     professional connections with your staff         Examples include collaborating with
     that will continue online. Activities might      academic staff at your organisation
     include: meetings, training, presentations       on the preparation of journal
     to diverse audiences (management,                articles or conference papers. More
     teachers, students), seminars, workshops,        strategically focused longer term
     or participation in campus conferences.          research collaborations may involve
     We are experienced working with                  grant writing, and seeking co-funding
     audiences at all levels within Higher            from external investment sources, with
     Education.                                       outputs feeding back into technology
     Pilot planning and kick-off activities
     This will involve building an understanding      Development services
     of your priorities and challenges, agreeing      Perhaps your pilot would benefit from
     on overall objectives for the pilot and how      prioritized development of a new
     it will be managed, and finding the right        feature, or there may be a technical or
     courses for initial piloting. We’ll assist you   organizational requirement at your end
     with online webinars and presentations,          that requires development services.
     project management activities, 1:1               We’ll identify these needs in the pilot
     support and training (via chat, email, and       planning stage, and whatever the
     online calls), meetings, and the creation/       challenge we’re here to help.
     sharing of demonstration content in OB3.

Pilot (year 1)
•   Initial engagement
•   Pilot planning and kickoff
    activities – what does good
    look like? Identify risks. Identify
    internal project owner
•   Project management – track and
    report progress
•   Enhanced Pilot engagement
•   Review and Reporting services
•   Onsite visits (1-2)

Post-pilot engagement
(year 2)
•   Apply outcomes from pilot
•   Ongoing use in pilot courses,
    onboard additional new courses
•   Capacity building and
    dissemination activities with
    T&L staff
•   Research, initial discussions and
•   Onsite visit (1-2)

Adoption and enterprise
(year 3+)
•   Clarity on both sides around
    goals and expectations
•   Innovation and strategy. Identify
    projects, advance tactics
•   Research. Support your
    researchers around OB3 outputs
•   Client-relationship-management:
    opportunity planning,
    technology roadmap and
    alignment to your needs
•   Onsite visit (1-2)
OB3 can help
        your institution
       to differentiate,
     grow and improve
            your course
      offerings to local
      and international

Active learning                    The OB3 Difference
benefits according to              •   An elegant and powerful editor for creating
our customers                          media-rich study documents, which only
                                       requires users to have basic digital skills
Approaches                         •   Discussions created in context within content
• Flipped classroom                •   Learners and teachers co-create meaningful
• Blended learning models              independent and collaborative study
• Deep learning                        activities
• Co-creation of understandings
• Co-construction of learning      •   Alumni access
• Work integrated learning /       •   Novel technical design for content: pages
   knowledge in action                 are constructed from many individual
• Online learning communities          elements of content – allows development
                                       of innovative features in areas such as study
Types                                  summarisation, content management, and
• Peer to peer collaboration (+)       reporting workflows
• Personalised learning
                                   •   Personalised support for learner based
Applications                           on their activity through in-app and email
• Reflective practice                  notifications
• Documenting and discussing       •   Integrate with enterprise systems with
   practice experience                 objective to avoid duplicating existing
• Portfolio development for            systems and “do best what the LMS does
   professional certification          worst”
• Conventional lecture documents
                                   •   Strategic partnerships – building on the
• Curriculum content with Q&A
                                       strong relationships we have established and
• Wiki pages
                                       sustained over many years with our Higher
• Journal club discussions
                                       Education clients.
• Interdisciplinary projects
• Organise work in groups          •   Adoption pathway – reference-ability
                                       includes case studies of long term adoption
                                       in contrasting programmes, conference
                                       presentations, and publications
                                   •   Highly experienced and capable founding
                                       team with decades of experience in Higher
                                       Education spanning technology, teaching,
                                       research, design, product development and
OceanBrowser Ltd.

Rodney Tamblyn                           Dr Gloria Gomez  
Co-founder & CEO                         Co-founder                 @ob3app            +643 474 21 02

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