W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...

W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...
The spirit of achievement
   Makes our students



         SWS E - P R O S P E C T U S
W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...
                        A mission to Transformation

“Education is not the Learning of facts, but the training
                 of the mind to think.”
                                    - Albert Einstein

 The function of Education is to develop an individual into a versatile independent
thinker. An educated individual uses skills and abilities to define the course of life.

  At small Wonders it is our endeavour to nurture students with love and care,
     to be academically competent and skillfully equipped to face the world
                           with their head held high!

W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...
Affiliated to CBSE

                  SMART WONDERS SCHOOL
                           Confident, Competent & Caring

Our Journey

The foundation of Smart Wonders School goes back to the year 2005 with the setting up of its
primary wing, small Wonders School in Phase 7, Mohali, housing the kindergarten and aiming
at excelling with purposeful learning. The motto of this institution “Confident, Competent and
Caring” is enshrined in each act of the school and is followed in its true spirit to make the
students globally competitive. The institution aims to achieve the extraordinary by offering a
platform where each child feels inspired and empowered to brave the challenges of the rapidly
growing and changing world. Ever since its inception, the entire faculty of Smart Wonders
School is relentlessly engaged in creating citizens who stand for justice, soar with pride and
exhibit the values of compassion, respect and responsibility in all walks of life.

Placed under the aegis of CBSE since 2015, the school strictly adheres to the Central Board
of Secondary Education curriculum to prepare the students for tomorrow.
Our endeavour is to nurture students to be academically competent and skillfully equipped
to face the world.


W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...
                  IS A GIFT,
                 IS A SKILL
                IS A CHOICE.
                   -Brain Herbert

Educational                                    Desired Learning
Philosophy at SWS                              Outcomes at SWS
The Future of the world is in the              You learn something every day
classroom of today.                            if you pay attention.

SWS philosophy is to stay in-sync with the     Thoughtfully laid out learning outcomes
National Education Policy 2020 to achieve      are a must for an effective and
an effective curricular and pedagogical        progressive learning environment.
structure of education for the students.       The SWS curriculum is designed keeping
                                               the following learning outcomes in mind:
Pedagogically the curriculum is woven with
threads of experiential learning,              • To achieve desired results by providing
exploration of relationships among a wide      EXPERIENTIAL and HANDS ON LEARNING
variety of concepts and subjects.              OPPORTUNITIES in the classroom.

SWS aims to target flexible, multilevel         • To create a community of HAPPY
concept based learning in the Early years      LEADERS and SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS
of school to lay a solid ground across all     so that they can thrive and survive in any
subjects –Language, Arts, Sciences,            challenging situation.
Mathematics and Physical Education.
Building on the concept clarity, the Middle
years of the school focus on building the      • To make RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS
critical thinking to provide a
                                               who are sensitive to the needs of the
multidisciplinary learning approach.
                                               environment and the community.
The Senior years lay emphasize on
introduction of professional and skill based
specialised subjects.

W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...
                              AT SWS
The curriculum at Smart Wonders School has been
dynamically aligned to the National Education Policy 2020.
The aim of the curriculum is to encourage the children to
be academically inquisitive, take responsibility for their
own learning and develop core skills for a step into the
21st century.
The school curriculum is divided into 4 broad groups:
Foundation Years with Classes UKG to 2: Focus at this age in
the teaching learning process is an activity based curriculum.
Building verbal expression with number sense and an
explorative understanding of the surrounding are the
stepping stones for these years.
Primary Years with Classes 3 to 5 named the Preparatory
stage in the National Curriculum Policy gradually build the
students’ understanding of multiple languages, expression of
thoughts in writing, arts, sciences, mathematics along with
physical education.
Middle Years with Classes 6 to 8 target to imbibe in the
students the ability to apply the knowledge learnt through
practical tasks, problem solving, investigation skills, creative
and critical thinking skills.
Senior Years with Class 9 & 10 are an integral set of classes
where the focus is on the board exams and preparation of the
students for life after Class 10. Skill based classes, career
awareness, critical thinking are the concepts at this stage.
Comprehensive workshops and seminars are weaved into the
calendar for the students to give attention to the development
of personal and social skills, such as the ability to work with
others, take on a leadership role within a group, collaborate
and cooperate with peer.
The school follows CBSE curriculum and provides spacious
and interactive classrooms, an active and informative library,
fully equipped IT and Composite laboratories, comprehensive
workshops and seminars, explorative environment to
enhance the constructive learning as students get numerous
opportunities to analyse, evaluate, and create. The
curriculum encourages integration of subjects and
experiential learning, thus providing enough space to the
children to learn concepts at their own pace.

W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...
                      AT SWS IS DIVIDED INTO
                    THE JUNIOR & SENIOR WING

The Junior Wing                                        The Senior Wing
Classes UKG - 5                                        Classes 6-10

The Junior Wing at SWS vibrates with the sound         As students grow up to become young
of joy and laughter. It is a place where our           adults and enter the Senior Wing,
students thrive in an environment of experiential      emphasis is laid on honing their skills and
learning. It is heartening to see each child bloom,    make them independent learners. They are
with a different hue, a different fragrance, a         encouraged to be confident and competent
different persona and so unique in his or her          individuals who can solve problems and
special way.                                           take decisions in life. We teach our
                                                       students to be responsible by taking
The Junior Wing provides state of art education        accountability for their decisions.
that commences with UKG and moves through to
Grade 5.                                               The Scholastic areas of studies in the
                                                       Senior Wing include Mathematics, Science
Students in the Junior Wing are groomed to be          and Social Studies, along with Languages
confident, competent and are encouraged to develop      which include English (compulsory first
a love for learning. With a curriculum based on        language) Hindi, Punjabi and French
learning by doing, they are guided to use their        (Second and optional Third Language).
knowledge and skills to cope with real life            The school offers courses such as Physical
situations and challenges that are integrated with     Education, Art, Music, Dance, IT and Life
digital pedagogies. Class-room spaces are              Skills.
carefully organised to support the learning. The
trained and experienced educators of Junior Wing       The experienced faculty members of the
make the school a special place for the students.      Senior Wing support and guide our
They work in collaboration to develop a school         students to be thinkers and enquirers,
culture that values respect and integrity. We aspire   who wonder and pose questions.
to nurture students who will thrive in the new         We believe that students need to have
millennium.                                            critical thinking and problem solving abilities and
                                                       always be self-motivated.

W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...

         “It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
                              It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
                                               - Charles Darwin

The school and the teachers rising up to the           students and giving each one of them the
challenge of taking the learning of the                space and motivation to express their own
students onto the screen mode undertook a              thoughts and learning. The assessment of
planned course correction, adjusting the               learning using Google Forms has become an
curriculum and learning goals to the e-                integral part of each class from Class 1 to
platform.                                              Class 10. The school has successfully
                                                       implemented the Half Yearly examination thus
Google Meet is the meeting software used by            ensuring no break in the school calendar for
the school for classroom teaching and other            the students.
learning activities. 11 months down the
calendar of 2020, assemblies, competitions,            Hybrid classrooms are the key for the future.
parent teacher meetings are being                      The school has invested time, money and
conducted seamlessly using the Google Meet             human resources to ensure that all
platform.                                              possibilities are available for the teachers and
                                                       the students for the seamless implementation
The alternative calendar shared by CBSE has            of the new form of classroom –the hybrid
been woven into the session with thoughtful            classroom.
emphasis on connecting the teachers with the

W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...
SWS Enrichment Programme provides
a plethora of activities for the students
with the aim of motivating them to discover
their innate talents. The SWS Enrichment
Programme includes Enrichment Clubs,
Inter-House Competitions, Inter school
Competitions, Morning Sports Activity and
Evening Sports Academy.

W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...
Enrichment Clubs
The Enrichment Clubs at Smart Wonders School are an integral part of the curriculum from
class 3 onwards. Under this programme the students get a choice to select 2 activities from a
wide range of 20/25 activities. Conducted as a part of the time table for an hour each on 2 days
these clubs aim at building skills of the students in activities of their choice.

Activities Available in the SWS Enrichment Programme:
Aerobics, Bhangra, Chess, Clay Modeling, Computer Designing, Film Making, Karate, Kathak, Robotics,
Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Theatre, Yoga, Calligraphy, Cook & Serve, Creative Writing & Public Speaking,
Fashion Designing, Guitar, Music Vocal, Painting, Paper Craft, Piano, French, Spanish & German

Basketball                        Clay Modeling                      Music

Photography                       Taekwondo                          Calligraphy

Painting                          Music Vocal                        Paper Craft

W NDERITES! The spirit of achievement Makes our students - AT SWS WE HELP EACH STUDENT DISCOVER - Smart ...

Smart Wonders School takes pride in hosting Inter School Competitions under the
name, “Confluence”
The different Inter School Competitions hosted by SWS cover all the curricular and
co-curricular areas of learning. Confluence witnesses quizes, debates, singing and
sports matches, etc. Students from the Tricity participate in these competitions.


“Champions aren’t made in the gym. Champions are made from something
they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision.” - Muhammad Ali
In perfect tune with the motto of the school, to build competent young adults of the
future,” Smart Wonders School has a dedicated skill building and practice time for
the students selected for the school teams in a variety of sports like Basketball,
Football, Cricket etc.


Education, if not incorporated with co-curricular activities cannot be considered workable
and complete.

At Smart Wonders School, every student from classes III – X is placed in one of the four houses
of the school. The four houses are Aspen, Maple, Cedar and Oak and have their own inspiring
motto. The prime objective of these houses is to inculcate among the pupils a sense of collective
responsibility and solidarity, a sense of team spirit and to encourage healthy competition. Each
House is under the charge of a House Mistress along with House Captains and Prefects who
shoulder the responsibility to ensure a smooth and efficient functioning of the House.


Smart Wonders Evening Sports Academy was launched in the year 2019. The Academy
provides coaching for the students of the school and of the neighbouring areas in a wide range
of sports- skating, swimming, cricket, basketball, etc


Class Room                                      Computer Lab
The air conditioned spacious classrooms         Steve Job once said, “Everybody in this
are equipped with smart boards enabling         country should learn to program a computer
 the teacher and the students to benefit         because it teaches you how to think!”.
from the technology in the teaching and         Information Technology is an integral part of
learning process. The tools of technology       the learning system at Smart Wonders. It
provide opportunities for research and          ensures that each child is not only well
sharing of information beyond the books         conversant with the hardware and software
thus opening more avenues of assimilation       aspects but is also able to independently
and critical thinking for the students.         utilize the vast resources of technology as an
                                                educational tool.
With child friendly furniture and organised
cubby holes, the well maintained classrooms     Information Technology is a crucial part
provide a condusive environment for learning,   of the teaching learning process at
that is a delight for the students and the      Smart Wonders. With emphasis on practical
teachers.                                       use of softwares taught and their integration
                                                with subjects like Math, Science and Social
                                                Studies, the students of SWS independently
                                                utilise technology as a learning tool.

AV Hall                                          Composite Lab
The Audio Visual Hall is the hub of Activities   “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do
at SWS. A spacious air- conditioned hall         and I understand.” - Confucius
with state of the art sound and light system.    The Composite Lab at SWS is a space for
The AV Hall is used for assemblies,              experimenting for the students. Equipped
competitions, theatrical performances,           with manipulatives for Math and Science the
workshops, etc.                                  Composite Lab has been designed for
                                                 collaborative and independent learning by
                                                 the students.

Dance Room                                       Infirmary
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of     SWS building is equipped with an infirmary to
the body.”- Martha Graham                        cater to the First-Aid needs of the students.
The well designed dance room at SWS is a         With health check-ups conducted every year
space for learning the nuances of dance by       the school is committed to the good health of
the students under the mentorship of their       its students. The school has tied up with the
teachers.                                        Fortis Hospital, Mohali and the Ivy Hospital,
                                                 which is 1km from the school, to manage
                                                 any emergency situation.
Library                                          Fine Arts Studio
As rightly said “The more you read the           Einstein said, “Logic will take you from A to B.
more things you will know. The more you          Imagination will take you everywhere”.
learn the more places you’ll go.”                The Fine Arts studio in SWS is a place where the
The fully air - conditioned digital library is   imagination and creativity of the child is
an infrastructural marvel in itself. As many     nurtured. Each child is an artist who paints and
as 80 readers can avail the browsing and         colours in an environment that is motivating,
research facilities at a time. The Library is    supportive, non-judgmental and full of creativity
equipped with approximately 8500 books
for all age groups covering various subjects
including newspapers, journals and

                                                 Yoga Room
Music Room                                       Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas
                                                 of the mind, body and soul. Spacious and
                                                 comfortable the yoga room at SWS is always
The Music Room at SWS is a space dedicated
                                                 vibrating with calm and soothing music as the
to the learning of music and playing of the
                                                 trained yoga teacher teaches the students different
musical instruments. This room exudes the
                                                 yoga asanas. Mirrored walls in the room have been
dynamic energy of musical notes, creativity
                                                 designed especially to support the students in
and passion as students create music.
                                                 replicating the yoga asanas.

Prior appointment is     All correspondence must be addressed to the Principal.
required for meeting
                         • Circulars carrying school programmes, schedules,
the Principal, however
                           school news and other important information will be
in case of an urgent
                           frequently sent to parents and guardians.
issue one can take
the help of the Front    • It is imperative that these circulars are read carefully and
Desk for immediate         the acknowledgement slip signed and sent to the class
action.                    teacher if required.

                          FAC I L I T Y

INFRASTRUCTURE                              TRANSPORT
• Centrally Air conditioned Building        • Mobile equipped buses available
with State of the Art Infrastructure        for Kharar, Sunny Enclave, Mohali
• Health Care Facilities with an            & Chandigarh.
efficient full time Doctor in the Infirmary   • Presence of a Female Attendant
• RO Water Plant & Constant Power           and a Conductor in every bus
Supply                                      • All the buses have CCTV surveillance
• Professional Child Counselor and          • All the buses have GPRS facility
special educator
• 24 Hour Power back up

• Homework uploaded on Parent               THE CAMPUS
LOGIN ID regularly                          All the classrooms corridors and the
• Daily attendance updation on              playgrounds of the school are under
the Parent LOGIN ID                         CCTV surveillance for the safety and
• Parent can send feed back through         security of the students
the parent LOGIN ID
• Parents are sent replies to their
PTM feedback on the Parent LOGIN ID

The School has Group Insurance for          The school campus has a Green cafe
all the students & employees                that provides healthy and nutritious
                                            food at reasonable rates to the students
                                            and staff members.

                           S U M M E R

Boys                                      Girls
Denim Shorts (UKG- V)                     Denim Skirt (UKG- V)

Denim Jeans (VI - X)                      Denim Jeans (VI - X)
Light Blue T-Shirt
                                          Light Blue T-Shirt
with school logo
                                          with school logo
Navy Blue Patka (Sikh Boys)
                                          Navy Blue Ribbons
Navy Blue Turban (VIII- X)

White Sports Socks                        White Sports Socks with
with Denim Blue stripes                   Denim Blue stripes

School Belt                               School Belt

Black Shoes                               Black Shoes

House Uniform
White canvas shoes and House T-shirt (half sleeves) with school track pants
to be worn on Fridays.

                               W I N T E R

Boys                                       Girls
White Shirt with school logo               White Shirt with school logo

Woollen grey trousers                      Woollen grey trousers

Milanch grey pullover                      Milanch grey pullover
with school logo (Half                     with school logo (Half
sleeves and full sleeves)                  sleeves and full sleeves)

Cravat                                     Cravat

School Belt                                School Belt

Navy Blue Patka (Sikh Boys)                Navy Blue Ribbon (Girls)
Navy Blue Turban VIII- X                   Lycra cotton socks
Navy Blue Blazer                           (Navy Blue & White)

Lycra cotton socks                         Navy Blue Blazer
(Navy Blue & White)
                                           Grey cap with Blue Stripes
Grey cap with Blue Stripes
                                           Black Shoes
Black Shoes

House Uniform
White canvas shoes and House T-shirt (full sleeves) with school track pants
& Blue school jacket to be worn on Fridays.

                        ADMISSION PROCESS

              AT THE FRONT DESK BETWEEN 8.00 A.M. - 3.30 P.M.

The school reserves the right to admit only the
children found eligible for admission. In all the
                                                    SCHOOL TIMINGS
matters related to admission, the decision of       Online Classes
the Principal will be final.
                                                     Class UKG
The following documents have to be submitted         09.30 am – 12.05 pm
along with the admission form:                       Class I - II
• Original or Copy of Birth Certificate of the        09.30 am – 1.05 pm
child, attested by Notary/ Gazetted Officer.          Class III - X
• An attested photocopy of the report card of
                                                     08.30 am – 01.10 pm
the class last attended.
                                                    Regular School
• The original SLC (School Leaving Certificate)
                                                     Class UKG
from the previous school.
                                                     09.30 am –1.30 pm
                                                     Class I - II
                                                     8.00 am – 1.30 pm
                                                     Class III - X
• Three latest passport size coloured                8.00 am – 2.50 pm
photographs of the student
                                                    All Saturdays are off for
• One photograph of each parent
                                                    the students except for the
• One photograph of the guardian (if any)           students of Classes 9 -10.
• One family photograph                             (only third Saturdays are off)

                                                    OFFICE TIMINGS
                                                    The Front Office will remain open
                                                    from Monday to Friday 8.00 am
                                                    to 3.30 pm, Saturday 8.00 am to
                                                    2.30 pm. Third Saturday is off.

Students must come neatly dressed in their              Please send a diary note seeking appointment
complete school uniform daily.                          in case you would like to meet the educator on
                                                        a working day.
They must carry their diary & ID-card to school
every day.                                              Birthday Celebration (Class 1 onwards)
                                                        We prefer to keep the birthday celebration simple
                                                        to avoid any disparity or over indulgence.
Students are expected to reach the school at least      Parents are requested to send only sweets /
5 minutes before the starting time every day. Late      chocolates within the range of Rs.20/- per child.
Comers will be sent home.
                                                        General Rules
Early leave is discouraged and granted only in          Students are not permitted to bring objectionable
case of an emergency by the Principal.                  material to school such as magazines, video games,
                                                        mobile phones & electronic gadgets, etc.
Leave will be sanctioned only when applied on
the Leave Application Form provided in the School       Students are not permitted to wear ornaments,
Almanac.                                                expensive wrist watches, apply heena, nail paint,
                                                        wear fancy clips & bands.
Medical leave will only be granted by the Principal
on the provision of a medical certificate by a           The girls who have got their ears pierced,
medical practitioner.                                   will wear only small studs.

A student suffering from any infectious disease must    Students should carry their tiffin and other
observe the prescribed period of quarantine.            articles required in school. The school staff shall
The student can rejoin the school after submitting a    not accept any item sent later during working hours
medical fitness certificate from a medical practitioner   due to security reasons.

                                                        Students of Classes UKG- 5 are not allowed to carry
The affected child will not be allowed to come          money to buy food from the Green Cafe. They have
to school even if there is an examination.              to get coupons that are to be bought by parents
Chicken Pox – Till complete falling of scabs.           from the canteen.
Cholera – Till the child is completely well.
Measles – Two weeks after the rash disappears.          Ours is an environment-friendly school, therefore,
                                                        Polythene Bags are not allowed on the campus.
Mumps – Until the swelling has gone.                    Please provide a cloth/jute bag to your child to
Whooping cough – Six weeks.                             carry his/her belongings.

In case of illness, the child should not be sent to     SMS Facility
school at all, even on assessment days.                 As a step towards improving communication between
                                                        the parents and the school, we provide Short Message
                                                        Service (SMS). This facility ensures that all important
No review or examination date will be changed even      and urgent messages reach the parents instantly on
if a child is absent on medical grounds.                their mobile phones.

                                                        Parents are requested to keep the school
In all the official correspondence with the school,      updated about their mobile numbers on which they
full name of the child, as well as the class and        would like to receive the alerts. Any changes in the
admission number should be mentioned.                   number should be intimated immediately to the .
                                                        school through an email.
On all Saturdays (Except the Third Saturday) parents
can come and meet the concerned educator, between
10:30 am - 11:30 am, after taking an appointment.


                        SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTS

Installment No.            Month of Installments                     Period of Installment

First Quarter              March 2021                                1st to 11th of March, 2021
Second Quarter             July 2021                                 1st to 11th of July, 2021
Third Quarter              October 2021                              1st to 12th of October, 2021
Fourth Quarter             January 2022                              1st to 16th of January, 2022

            For fee details, please contact and enquire from the front desk at school.

                                     Phone no: 9914815444

Sector 71, Mohali
T: 0172- 2270063- 65, 91-99148-15444 | E: smartwonders_school@hotmail.com

                          Office Timings:
              8:00 am to 3:30 pm (Monday to Friday)
            8:00 am to 2:30 pm (Except third Saturday)
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