Adele Gott - American School of Brasilia

Adele Gott
                                                       MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL

Thank you for the amazing opportunity being
                                                                 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
appointed the Middle School Principal at EAB.
With twenty plus years in education and sixteen
of these as a principal, I have reached a point
                                                                 • Principal of Alexandra Primary School
in my career where I have gained a breadth of
                                                                 • Lead Principal of Dunstan Community of
experience and I am now ready to broaden my                        Learning
focus. I am ready to share my experience, energy                 • Principal of Longbeach Primary School
and passion to the leadership of EAB.                            • Principal of Dacre Primary School

I am fortunate to be at a place in my life where
my husband and I can leave our home and family
in New Zealand to take part in this wonderful
opportunity as the Middle School Principal at EAB.
                                                                     ACADEMIC BACKGROUND

My extensive experience and work as a passionate
educator has always been underpinned by an                       • Full Time Study Leave - Postgraduate
                                                                   Certificate in Teaching and Learning
ongoing commitment to leading innovation. As
                                                                 • Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and
a Principal, my role involves the development                      Collaborative Learning
and implementation of strategies to improve                      • Bachelor of Education
leadership, management, governance, teaching,                    • Diploma of Teaching
curriculum delivery, monitoring and assessment,
networking, student engagement and community

I lead knowing the importance of developing
relationships when leading change. I believe the
key lies in positivity and enthusiasm, having a real
genuine interest in others’ opinions, passions and
talents then coupling with that the willingness to
share my ideas and vision.

                                                     de Rubira
                                                     4TH GRADE TEACHER

I was born and raised in sunny Orange County,
                                                               PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
California. While it was a great place to grow
up, I always knew that I wanted to get out and
see the world. In 2007 that dream became a
                                                               • 3rd and 5th Grade Teacher at the Interna-
reality when I went to Peru as a Peace Corps                     tional Community School of Abidjan, Côte
Volunteer, and I’ve been teaching abroad ever                    d’Ivoire (2017-2019)
since.                                                         • 3rd Grade Teacher at Ayeyarwaddy Inter-
                                                                 national School in Mandalay, Myanmar
I love teaching and having the opportunity to
                                                               • English Teacher in Korea (2011-2012)
interact with people from different cultures
                                                               • Youth Development Volunteer, United
(using my Anthropology degree). One of my                        States Peace Corps, Peru (2007-2009)
passions is exploring the world, and I’ve had the
privilege to visit all seven continents and around
70 countries. I actively seek out adventure and
new challenges. In addition to experiencing
                                                                   ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
new cultures, my travels often revolve around
my hobbies such as scuba diving, trekking,
wildlife, and photography. When not traveling,
                                                               • Master of Science in Education with a Con-
I enjoy outdoor activities and staying active,                   centration in Reading, California State Uni-
knitting, games, and spending quality time with                  versity, Fullerton
my cat!                                                        • Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Bowdoin
                                                                 College, Brunswick, Maine
I’m excited to return to South America and learn
a new language. While I’ve traveled extensively
around many countries in South America, I
have not yet had the opportunity to explore
the beautiful country that is Brazil. I am also
looking forward to joining the EAB community,
and I cannot wait to meet everyone!

Angela Collins
                                                  GRADE 2 TEACHER

Olá! I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a
                                                                 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
little girl, but I didn’t decide I wanted to see the
world until I was older. I am so happy to have
found the perfect profession for me! I have 12                   • 2016-2020 Elementary Coordinator & Pre-K
years of teaching experience and Brazil will                       Teacher, Pekanbaru, Indonesia

be the third country I have had the pleasure of                  • 2014-2016 KG Teacher & Elementary HOD,
                                                                   Abu Dhabi, UAE
teaching in since I started this journey, along
                                                                 • 2008-2014 Grade 1 Teacher, South Carolina,
with the UAE and Indonesia.                                        USA

I am a small town girl from South Carolina. I
grew up surrounded by family, and I went to
college at the University of South Carolina.
                                                                     ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
My first trip abroad was when I accepted a
teaching position in Abu Dhabi and ever since,
I’ve been exploring the world and interacting                    • ED.S in Administration: Curriculum & In-
with cultures.                                                     struction, American College of Education
                                                                   (in progress)

My favorite thing about being a teacher is                       • M.ED in Classroom Leadership, Southern-
                                                                   Wesleyan University
knowing that I am helping to mold lifelong
                                                                 • B.A. in Early Childhood Education, University
learners. I am excited to begin my new                             of South Carolina
journey at EAB and I look forward to adding
new things to my list of hobbies, like learning
Portuguese and travelling around the beautiful
country of Brazil.

Bernie Lenoue
                                                         HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELOR

Bernie Lenoue is a school guidance counselor with
experience in a wide range of international university
                                                                         PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
admissions systems. He is the Founder of College
Support International with the aim of supporting and
encouraging international education. Supporting                          • University Counselor at Jumeira Baccalau-
student goals is really at the heart of his motivation.                    reate School in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
                                                                         • School Counselor at International School of
Bernie has worked as a school counselor for over 33                        Tanganyika in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
years in five countries, USA, Japan, Nepal, Tanzania,
                                                                         • School Counselor at Lincoln School in
and the UAE, 13 of those years outside the USA. He                         Kathmandu, Nepal
brings a wealth of experience and insight into his
work with students, parents, schools, and fellow school

A Washington State certified school counselor and
                                                                             ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
music teacher, Bernie earned his Masters of Education
School Counseling and Bachelor of Music Education
degrees from Western Washington University.
                                                                         • Master of School Counseling Graduate De-
Most recently, while working as a university counselor                     gree, Western Washington University
at Jumeira Baccalaureate School, he was the chair of                     • Music Education Undergraduate Degree,
the university counselor job-alike program with the                        Western Washington University
Taaleem Schools, supporting educators in a diverse
group of schools in the UAE. Bernie is driven by a desire to
increase the confidence and capability of international
university counselors and those educators supporting
students in the university application process.

Supporting individual students, parents, educators,
and school counselors has been at the core of his
professional work over the years. As a result of his
diverse experiences, Bernie has developed a deep
appreciation for the fundamental importance of
effective school counseling programs in international

Dan Megarity
                                                MS SCIENCE TEACHER

I was born and raised in Texas. I love the
                                                               PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
outdoors, fishing, camping, hiking… (and yes,
a little hunting). I really like American Football
and I play Fantasy football but, unfortunately, I              • 2009-2019: American International School
am a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan.                                of Guangzhou, CHINA. IB Physics, IB Envi-
                                                                 ronmental Science, Integrated Science 9-10,
                                                                 Middle School Robotics
My wife, Zelia, is Brazilian and was born in
                                                               • 2001-2009: American School of Brasilia,
Bahia and, of course she loves to dance. In                      BRAZIL. AP Physics, AP Biology, Physical
my opinion, Brasil is still the Pentacampeao                     Science, Environmental Science, Physics and
                                                                 Biology, Middle School Science grades 7-8
and will always be the best country in futebol
                                                               • 1999-2001: McNeil High School (Blue Ribbon
(soccer).                                                        Awarded) Austin, Texas, USA. Physics, Biol-
                                                                 ogy, Physical Science, SAT Math grades 9-12.
One of my favorite books is the Lord of the                      Science Summer Camp grades 2-5

Rings. Education, both physical and intellectual,              • 1997-1999: American School of Belo Hor-
                                                                 izonte, BRAZIL. Middle School Math Sci-
are what makes human being so unique.                            ence, grades 5-8. AP Biology, Chemistry and
                                                                 Physical Science, grades 9-12.
An Old Chinese Proverb:

If you are thinking a year ahead, sow seed.
If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.
                                                                   ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
If you are thinking a hundred years ahead,
educate the people.
                                                               • Bachelor’s in Biology (minors in Physics,
I love teaching students of all ages and I am                    Chemistry and Spanish), University of Texas
really excited to get back to EAB!                               at Austin, 1983
                                                               • Master’s in Education, Lesley College, Lesley
                                                                 College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1988

                                                   US DRAMA TEACHER

I grew up in Bournemouth in the south of the
                                                            PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
UK and after graduating at University, I moved
to London to pursue a career as an actress. My
love of Drama, teaching and travelling became               • Teacher of Drama at Dulwich College Bei-
entwined when I volunteered as a teacher in                   jing, China, 2017-2020

South Africa and Eswatini. This was the turning             • Teacher of Drama and English at Bitterne
                                                              Park School, UK, 2015-2017
point and I knew that I wanted to become and
                                                            • Teacher of Drama at Matravers School, UK,
international teacher, celebrating different                  2014-2015
cultures and making an impact on students
from all around the world.

I have been teaching Drama for the past 6
                                                                ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
years; 3 years at state schools in the UK and
3 years in Beijing, China. Teaching in China
has opened my eyes to a completely different                • BA(Hons) in Musical Theatre, University of
way of life, and I have learnt so much from                   Chichester, UK.

my students about resilience and the need
for balance. I am passionate about directing
and choreographing musicals and plays and I
have worked on productions such as Singing
in the Rain, Anything Goes and Shrek; I am
very excited to continue working with young
people at EAB and inspiring them in their
love of theatre.

John Powell
                                                             ATHLETICS DIRECTOR

I am originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, but have been
living in Mexico City, Mexico for my entire adult life for             PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
the last 10 years. I will be coming with my wife, Tania,
and our two well educated dogs Valiente (black lab/
mix) and Bowser (chihuahua). Tania is Mexican and                      • Athletics Coordinator at the American
involved in the fashion industry. She is very excited                    School Foundation (ASF) in Mexico City
for the move and will be living internationally for the                  (2017-20)
first time! As a family we enjoy simple weekends in                    • Extended Learning Coordinator at ASF
parks, going to the movies, and roller blading - more                    (2014-17)
Tania than me. When I have free time, I try to relax by                • Upper School PE and Strength & Condition-
playing golf!                                                            ing Teacher at ASF (2013-14)
                                                                       • Middle School PE Teacher at ASF (2010-13)
Educationally speaking I have been involved with
Health & Physical Education and Athletics my entire
life. My father is an Elementary PE teacher and
basketball coach. My professional career has been at
ASF in Mexico City where I taught PE in the secondary                      ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
level and coached basketball. I have been the Head
of Sport for Basketball, Volleyball, and most recently
Soccer. After moving to the Leadership Team in 2014, I
began to understand better the need and importance                     • Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) from
                                                                         National Interscholastic Athletic Administra-
of after school activity offerings to the community.
                                                                         tors Association (NIAAA)
Athletic teams and clubs are a key part to a student’s
                                                                       • Principal Training Center (PTC) Graduate
development socially, emotionally, and physically.
I have experience in organizing, supervising, and
                                                                       • Master of Science in Parks And Recreation
developing multiple sport programs and after school
                                                                         from    Slippery   Rock    University   in
activities! I believe in having a growth mindset and that                Pennsylvania, USA
learning never stops!
                                                                       • Bachelor of Education in Science in Health &
I am eagerly looking forward to starting at EAB as                       Physical Education from Slippery Rock Uni-
the Athletics Director! The vision of EAB to offer an                    versity in Pennsylvania, USA
education-based sports program that builds the whole
child is important to me. There is a strong foundation
of values and agreements already at EAB that I cannot
wait to contribute to positively for the coming years!
Go Bulls!

John Teters
                                                           HS MATH TEACHER

When in the classroom, I often tell students that high
                                                                     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
school is an important time in their lives since they
are deciding who they will be and the direction they
will take. Part of the reason I say this is because
this was my personal experience. It was then that                    • Walworth Barbour American International
                                                                       School of Israel, Even Yehuda, Israel: taught
I first started running in participating in track, cross               high school mathematics in an AP program
country and entering my first 4 marathons. I also
                                                                     • American Cooperative School of Tunisia, Tu-
discovered my interest and ability in math. Both of                    nis, Tunisia: taught both Math SL and Math
these interests, that first popped up in high school,                  Studies while serving as department coor-
have been a significant part of my life ever since.                    dinator
                                                                     • Rex Putnam High School, Milwaukie, Ore-
It was not until after meeting Karen that I seriously                  gon: taught high school math. Served on the
focused on getting my degree. In the interim time                      application team that wrote the application
                                                                       to become an IB school
between high school and university, I had an
                                                                     • Tigard High School, Tigard, Oregon: taught
informal apprenticeship with a master-craftsman
                                                                       in both in the math department and in an
where I learned a good deal about wood working                         alternative high school, CE2 which worked
and carpentry. When I determined to get my                             with at risk students.
degree, I enrolled at Portland State University and
earned a degree in mathematics while completing
the education program. Upon graduation, I started
working at the school where I completed my student
                                                                         ACADEMIC BACKGROUND

In the time since getting into education, we have
raised 3 children, two of whom are now married.                      • Master of Science, Instructional Technology
When the youngest of our children moved out of                         - Fort Hays State University, Fort Hays,
our home to go to college, we decided it was time
to try something new and we sought out jobs in                       • Oregon Mathematics Leadership Institue -
                                                                       Corvallis, Oregon
the international teaching world. Our first stop was
                                                                     • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics - Portland
Tunisia, where we spent 3 years. Our second stop,                      State University, Portland, Oregon
where we have been for the last 4 years, was Israel.
As we transition from the Middle East, we are looking
forward to our first trip south of the equator and the
opportunities to experience a new culture.

Karen Teters
                                                           WELLBEING COORDINATOR

Much of my growing up years are filled with memories
of our family running a dairy farm outside of Portland,
                                                                      PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
Oregon. In addition to life on the farm, my siblings and
I were all active swimmers. From high school, I went
directly into a nursing program, completing my pre-                   • Walworth    Barbour    American   Inter-
                                                                        national School of    Israel Elementary
nursing requirements at Portland State University                       Classroom Assistant
before completing my studies at Oregon Health
                                                                      • American Cooperative School of Tunis
Science University. While working through the nursing                   School Nurse
program, one area that I found most enriching was                     • Providence   Health   Care     System     -
working with premature babies. From nursing school,                     NiCU Nurse
I found a position working in a Level 3 Neonatal                      • Oregon Health    Science     University   -
Intensive Care Unit and was able to work with families                  NiCU Nurse
while caring for their newborns.

John and I were married shortly after I graduated
from nursing school and we settled into life in the
Portland area. Once our children started school, we                      ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
had a preference that our children would all attend
the same schools through high school. This allowed
me to volunteer in classrooms at the same elementary                  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Oregon
school for nearly 12 years as our 3 children progressed                 Health Science University
through the system. While volunteering, I had the
opportunity to work with children learning reading,
writing and math in addition to organizing activities in
the classroom such as the art literacy program.

One of the things that I have appreciated while working
in the international school community has been the
opportunity to use my past experiences to do new
things. I have enjoyed using both my nursing skills and
my previous experiences volunteering in schools in
new ways. Both John and I are looking forward to our
move to Brazil and the new adventures it will bring.

Kristin Agostini
                                             IB CHEMISTRY TEACHER

Hi EAB Team!
                                                             PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
I am originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania –
about two hours from New York City. For those
                                                             • Science Teacher, Meadowcreek High School,
of you who are fans of the TV show The Office,                 2011-2015
yes… it’s THAT Scranton. I spent my first six                • Lead Chemistry Teacher, South Gwinnett
years teaching in Atlanta, Georgia and do find                 High School, 2015-2017

myself missing that Southern Charm at times.                 • IB Chemistry Teacher, Head of Science,
                                                               GEMS American Academy, 2017-2020

Much like most of you, I enjoy travelling and am
looking forward to exploring South America. I
also enjoy running and cooking and am always
up to try something new.
                                                                ACADEMIC BACKGROUND

I’ve spent the past three years living in Abu
                                                             • Bachelor’s of Science – Biology, Bache-
Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates working
                                                               lor’s of Science – Secondary Education,
at a private American school. The school and                   Cedar Crest College
area are incredibly diverse, and I have enjoyed
having easy access to so many different
cultures (read ”delicious food”).

I am looking forward to moving to Brasilia and
becoming more immersed in local culture, and
also getting a dog! I also plan on tackling my
master’s degree; hoping to get some studying
done at those beautiful waterfalls!

I can’t wait to meet all of you in a few short

                                                    LS ART TEACHER

I have been teaching art in New Delhi, India for the
past 15 years to grades Pre-K through 5 and recently
                                                                      PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
began implementing the TAB (Teaching for Artistic
Behavior) approach in my art studio. I want each of my
students to enjoy creating and to feel confident in their             • ES Art Teacher at the American Embassy
                                                                        School, Delhi, 2005 to present
ability to express themselves as artists. I have found
                                                                      • ES Art Teacher at American Community
that offering a choice-based program has increased
                                                                        School, Abu Dhabi, 2002 - 2005
student engagement and enthusiasm for making art
                                                                      • 1st Grade Teacher at American International
and look forward to growing more in this practice. My                   School, Dhaka, 1999 - 2002
personal art-making favorites are pottery, sculpture
                                                                      • 1st, 2nd, 6th grade teacher and Mid-
and printmaking.                                                        dle School Generalist in California public
                                                                        schools, 1986-1999
I have a passion for supporting teachers and parents
with the social, emotional and behavioral learning of
students. I enjoy providing training in the Restitution
Self-Discipline model and have recently been using
the ideas of Positive Discipline for working with parents
                                                                          ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
and Early Childhood students. I find mindfulness to
be a great support for any challenge and have been
practicing for many years. I enjoy sharing mindfulness                • Integrated Arts M. Ed., Plymouth State
                                                                        College, NH, 2001
practices with my students and their parents as well.
                                                                      • Teaching Certification,   California   State
We have a faculty and parent meditation Sangha on
                                                                        University, Chico, 1986
campus that has brought me a lot of peace over the
                                                                      • Liberal Studies B.A.,     California   State
years. I hope to join a group in Brasilia!                              University, Chico, 1985

My husband Chris and I came to India with our two
daughters who graduated from AES, attended college
and now have careers of their own. Chris will be
retiring from teaching at the end of this year and will
accompany me to Brasilia as a trailing spouse. We
are both looking forward to exploring Brazil and we
have heard so many great things about EAB. I feel very
excited to be joining the community!

                                                         MS MATH & SCIENCE TEACHER

I’m a Colorado girl at heart loving the outdoors,
                                                                   PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
living ‘one’ with nature and all the pleasures
that come with being ‘outside’ from hiking
and kayaking to cycle touring. The spirit of the
                                                                   • Grade 5 Teacher, American Cooperative
mountains has fostered my desire to take care                        School of Tunis, Tunisia (2012-2020)
of Mother Earth. I follow my hero, Jane Goodall’s                  • Grades     2-5    Spanish/EAL      teacher,
teachings - “Every individual matters. Every                         International School Tanganika (2012-2020)
individual can make a difference. Every individual                 • Grades 7-10 Spanish/History Teacher,
                                                                     International School of Yangon (2005-2008)
has a role to play.” To be as green as I can and
                                                                   • Grades 7&8 Health/Spanish Teacher (2004)
share this enthusiasm and passion with my
                                                                   • Grades K-5 Spanish/EAL Teacher, Summit
students, has become a life goal.
                                                                     County School District (1995-2003)
                                                                   • Grades 6-8 Spanish/Business Planning
I began my teaching career in Summit County,
                                                                     Teacher, Colorado Mountain College
Colorado where I taught elementary to community                      (1995-2002)
college level students, as a Spanish/EAL teacher.                  • Grades 6-8 Social Studies & Spanish Teacher,
I participated in volunteer opportunities in                         Casey Middle School (1994)
Guatemala and Mexico and imported some
crafts to support women’s groups in Bolivia. I also
traveled to Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia, and
eventually to South East Asia. It was there that I                     ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
was introduced to international teaching. Since
then I have taught Spanish, Social Studies, and
Elementary Subjects in Myanmar, Tanzania, and                      • MA Education & ESL, College of New Jersery
presently in Tunisia where I’ve been the past 7 1/2                • BA, University of Colorado         Boulder,
years.                                                               Education, Spanish & History
                                                                   • Math Specialist Endorsement, Suny Buffalo
I look forward to returning to South America,                        University

learning about Brazil, and getting to know the
EAB students, faculty, and families. It is a privilege
to be welcomed aboard!

                                                           GRADE 3 TEACHER

Greetings from Colorful Colorado! My name is
                                                               PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
Tammie and I will be teaching Grade 3 at EAB.
My husband Ted and I are very excited to be
returning to the international teaching scene
                                                               • Grade 3 Teacher, Thomson Elementary,
having returned to Colorado in June 2019 to help                 Arvada, CO, USA (Currently)
care for my elderly parents. Ted works outside                 • Learning Support Teacher, Elementary,
of education and is excited to be returning to a                 International School Bangkok (5 Years)
warmer climate.                                                • Classroom Teacher, Awsaj Academy, Doha,
                                                                 Qatar (3 Years)
Previously, I was an elementary Learning Support               • Classroom and Special Education Teacher,
                                                                 Patterson Elementary School, CO, USA
Specialist at the International School of Bangkok.
                                                                 (16 Years)
I loved my time in Bangkok, and both of my sons
graduated from high school there. Our family’s
first overseas experience was in Doha, Qatar
where we lived for three years. Such an amazing
                                                                   ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
experience culturally,. Before that, I taught in
the US, 16 years at Patterson Elementary. I feel
fortunate to have been able to reconnect with
                                                               • Master’s Degree, University of Northern
teacher friends from those days since being back..               Colorado, A Long Time Ago
                                                               • Teaching Degree, Colorado State Universy,
Our older son Dillon is in his final year of                     Even Longer Ago
university at Otago University in Dunedin, New                 • Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration,
Zealand. I’m very happy that he continues to                     Colorado State University, Ages Ago
live the international life. Our younger son Adam
is currently attending Marine Boot Camp in San
Diego, CA. We are extremely proud that he has
chosen to serve his country and look forward to
learning about his next stage of training.

Looking forward to meeting everyone at EAB
and experiencing the culture and sites of Brazil.

Tifin Calcagni
                                                     MS MATH & SCIENCE TEACHER

Tifin is a middle school math and science teacher
                                                                    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES
who is dedicated to keeping mathematics from
being the gatekeeper that prevents children from
pursuing their dreams.
                                                                    • Teacher and Deckhand on the Sailing Yacht,
She has taught in Vermont in the States, and at
                                                                    • Program Director for Global Math Circle
international schools in Kazakhstan, Tunisia, and
                                                                    • Teacher     at   Inter-Community      School
Zurich. She developed curriculum for LearnZillion,                    of Zürich
where she created engaging lessons that allow                       • Mathematics consultant at various interna-
students to develop their own understanding of the                    tional schools
concepts through creative thinking and problem                      • Teacher at American Cooperative School of
solving.                                                              Tunis
                                                                    • Curriculum designer at LearnZillion
Tifin is focusing on collecting data about teaching
practices associated with student motivation and
performance. She is working toward a masters
degree in Mathematics Teaching from the University                      ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, and consults with the
mathematics department in schools in Bangladesh,
Switzerland, Italy, and Senegal, where she works                    • MS in Environmental Science, Antioch Uni-
with teachers to help them teach mathematics in                       versity New England
a way that challenges and inspires students to see                  • BA in Psychology/Environmental Studies,
                                                                      Carleton College
mathematics as inspiring instead of intimidating.
                                                                    • Math Specialist in International Schools Cer-
She is the program director for the Global Math Circle,
                                                                    • MS Mathematics Candidate, University of
an online math program that gives students ages                       Waterloo
the opportunity to explore mathematics alongside
mathematicians and their peers from around the
world. Currently, she is taking a year-long leave of
absence from teaching in order to sail around the
world in a 34-meter long ketch sailboat.

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