GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University

GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University
2020 • 2021
GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University
GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University
               TO CONCORDIA     2
                  UNIVERSITY    4
                  PROGRAMS      8
                  FUNDING &
               SCHOLARSHIPS    18
                    APPLY TO
                  CONCORDIA    19
              TUITION FEES &
              COST OF LIVING   20
             SUCCEEDING AT
GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University

    CONCORDIA                                                      We offer a wide range of programs and resources that meet the
                                                                   needs of an incredibly diverse university community. Graduate
                                                                   students work alongside internationally recognized faculty
    At Concordia University, we provide a fertile research and     members in state-of-the-art labs, experimental exhibition spaces,
    creation ecosystem in which you are encouraged to apply your   smart classrooms and libraries to bring their research –and their
    skills both creatively and practically.                        results - into the larger world.

GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University
BEST STUDENT CITY IN NORTH AMERICA                                    diverse mix of cultures. It is one of North America’s leading
Source: Quecquarelli Symonds (QS) Best Student Cities, 2019           research centers in aerospace engineering, clean technology, life
                                                                      sciences, video games and the arts.
Concordia is situated in the heart of beautiful, historic Montréal.
Ranked among the top ten best cities worldwide for students by        A UNESCO city of design alongside the likes of Berlin, Istanbul
the QS University Rankings, Montréal is a vibrant, international      and Mexico City, Montréal is known for its beauty, affordability
hub with two official languages, four major universities and a        and safety.

where the university community engages with the public to spark conversation and foster
innovation. Explore

GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University
    Concordia is a forward-thinking university that seeks new ways to     FOSTERED ENTREPRENEURSHIP
    engage with the world. It is a community comprised of more than       Concordia’s District 3 Innovation Center provides enterprising
    9,500 graduate students who challenge norms and push their work       students with a constructive environment to develop their startups
    beyond disciplinary boundaries into new avenues of understanding.     and achieve success in their business goals. Learn more at

    6 REASONS TO                                                          EXPERIENTIAL, HANDS-ON LEARNING
                                                                          Students can broaden their education through co-ops, internships,

                                                                          individualized programs, exchange programs and/or cotutelles. Find
                                                                          out more at

    CUTTING EDGE RESEARCH                                                 FRENCH LANGUAGE SUPPORT
    Our technological, economic and social innovations make a lasting     International students have access to resources to help them improve
    impression - both at home and abroad. Find out more at                their French language skills through the Réussir en Francais program.                                                 French language and advanced English workshops are also available
                                                                          through GradProSkills. Visit
    Concordia’s GradProSkills program offers practical, relevant          COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT
    workshops – many of them free – designed to provide the academic      Concordia is home to wide variety of student groups that bring
    and professional skill sets needed to succeed in today’s workplace.   together individuals with shared passions, from space exploration to
    Read more at                               sports to social change. Check out

GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University
With two campuses in two different parts of the city, our students enjoy the bustle of the Sir George Williams campus in the heart of
downtown and the quiet tranquility of the historic Loyola campus, 7km west. Free shuttles connecting the two depart every 20 minutes
throughout the day. Visit


2000+                                                     PROFESSORS

                                     42                                                     21
                                  LIBRARIANS                                               UNITS

     At Concordia, the collaboration of leading researchers from
     different departments provides a very unique learning experience.
     The university has outstanding professors who truly support their
     students towards their academic goals.

     I'm currently being supervised by Dr. Dang-Vu from the Sleep,
     Cognition, & Neuroimaging Lab in the Department of Health,
     Kinesiology, & Applied Physiology, along with Dr. Grova from
     the Multimodal Functional Imaging Lab in the Department of
     Physics. Together, we are investigating the effects of sleep
     deprivation and recovery nap on brain connectivity and
     performance during cognitive tasks using fMRI.

     Their labs operate in synergetic environment allowing me to
     benefit from the mentorship of post-doctoral and PhD students.

GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University
                                                                                                     $53.1                            MILLION
    Concordia hosts 21 research units, from Nano Science to Oral
    History, many of which offer research assistantships and fellowships.
    Visit to explore the full range of
    research areas.

    Students interested in working with a specific faculty member
    within a research unit are encouraged to contact them directly.
    Visit to search by name or keyword.                                 133                         RESEARCH

                                                                            NURA JABAGI
                                                                            PhD, BUSINESS
                                                                            TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT
                                                                            I first chose Concordia for my MBA because of its well-known
                                                                            ties with the business community and its philanthropic spirit. I also
                                                                            developed a deep appreciation for its real-world teaching approach
                                                                            making it a no-brainer for me when it came time to decide on
                                                                            where to do my PhD.

                                                                            My research focuses on the Digital Economy and on understanding
                                                                            how technological advances are disrupting industries, businesses,
                                                                            and jobs. Concordia’s philosophies and connections with real-world
                                                                            practice allow me to pursue my studies free from academia’s ivory
                                                                            towers. My supervisor always encourages me to explore topics I’m
                                                                            passionate about which is important since the PhD is a marathon,
                                                                            and the best fuel is the interest you have in your research.

GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University
INTERDISCIPLINARY                                                            THE PERFORM CENTRE
                                                                             The PERFORM Centre provides an integrated and comprehensive
CENTRES AND INSTITUTES                                                       environment to promote healthier lives through changes in
Concordia is home to cutting-edge research facilities to help propel         behaviour and lifestyle by offering research opportunities, education,
our research to new heights. Our facilities are built to support our         and prevention-based programs. This unique facility houses eight
students’ bold ideas and new approaches, to foster pure research             large inter-related equipment platforms. Check it out at
and practical, useable results. Explore our research units and facilities
at Facilities include:
                                                                             THE LEONARD & BINA ELLEN ART
THE GENOME FOUNDRY                                                           GALLERY
The first Canadian laboratory of its kind, this pioneering facility brings   The Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery is dedicated to the research,
automation to the rapidly evolving field of synthetic biology. The           dissemination and critical examination of Canadian and international
Foundry’s robotics allow for speed and absolute precision, greatly           contemporary art. It presents exhibitions, provides educational
increasing the variety and number of experiments that can be                 programs and produces publications. Visit
completed, and the accuracy with which they can be reproduced.
Find out more at

At the crossroads of Design, Art and Technology, Milieux is
an ambitious institute for research-creation. It is a platform for
progressive imagining, critical thinking, creative experimentation and
                                                                                     # OF RESEARCH
                                                                                          SPONSORS                        154
interdisciplinary training. Research clusters include: Indigenous Futures
· Performing Arts (LePARC) · Participatory Media · Media History ·
Post Image· Technoculture, Art & Games · Speculative Life · Textiles                                           DECLARATIONS
& Materiality. Explore the possibilities at                                              OF INVENTION

GRADUATE VIEWBOOK 2020 2021 - Concordia University
Concordia’s faculties offer research and professional programs that help students develop valuable skills for the workplace.
    Thesis and non-thesis offerings are available, giving students the flexibility to complete a program that best matches their goals for the future.


                                                                              Degree/       Approx.                                              Application Deadline
     Department                             Program                                                    Options       Primary Campus
                                                                              Certificate   Duration                                     Sept.            Jan.          May
                                            Human Systems Intervention        MA            2 yrs      RP            LOY              Feb. 1          -            -
     Applied Human Sciences
                                            Youth Work                        Diploma       1 yr       CB FW & I     LOY              March 1         -            -
                                                                              MSc**         2 yrs      TH            LOY              Feb. 1          Sept. 1      -
     Biology                                                                  PhD**         4 yrs      TH            LOY              Feb. 1          Sept. 1      -
                                            Biotechnology and Genomics        Diploma       1 yr       CB RP         LOY              Feb. 1          -            -
     Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies
                                            Humanities                        PhD**         4 yrs      TH            SGW              Jan. 15         -            -
     in Society and Culture
                                                                              MSc           2 yrs      TH            LOY              Jun. 1          Sept. 1      Feb. 1
     Chemistry and Biochemistry             Chemistry
                                                                              PhD           4 yrs      TH            LOY              Jun. 1          Sept. 1      Feb. 1
                                                                              Diploma       1 yr       CB            LOY              Feb. 15         -            -
                                            Communication Studies
                                                                              PhD           4 yrs      TH            LOY              Feb. 1          -            -
     Communication Studies
                                                                                                       TH or CB or
                                            Media Studies                     MA            2 yrs                    LOY              Jan. 15         -            -
                                                                                                       RC or RP
                                                                              Diploma       1 yr       CB            SGW              Feb. 1          June 1       -
     Economics                              Economics                         MA            2 yrs      RP CO         SGW              Feb. 1          June 1       -
                                                                              PhD           4 yrs      TH            SGW              Feb. 1          -            -
                                            Adult Education                   Diploma       1 yr       CB I          SGW              Feb. 1*         Aug. 1*      -
                                            Applied Linguistics               MA            2 yrs      TH or E       SGW              Dec. 1*         Aug. 1*      -
                                            Child Studies                     MA            2 yrs      TH or I       SGW              Dec. 1*         Aug. 1*      -
     Education                              Education                         PhD           4 yrs      TH            SGW              Dec. 1*         Aug. 1*      -
                                            Educational Studies               MA            2 yrs      TH or E       SGW              Dec. 1*         Aug. 1*
                                            Educational Technology            MA            2 yrs      TH or I       SGW              Dec. 1*         Aug. 1*
                                            Instructional Technology          Diploma       1 yr       CB            SGW              Dec. 1*         Aug. 1*      -
                                            Creative Writing                  MA            2 yrs      TH            SGW              Jan. 15         -            -
     English                                English Literature                MA            2 yrs      RP            SGW              Jan. 15         -            -
                                            English Literature                PhD           4 yrs      TH            SGW              Jan. 15
                                            Technologies de la traduction     Certificate   1 yr       CB            SGW              March 1         Nov. 1       -
                                            Traduction                        Diploma       1 yr       CB & I        SGW              March 1         Nov. 1       -
                                                                              MA            2 yrs      CB            SGW              March 1         Nov. 1       -
     Études françaises                      Traductologie (théorique)         MA            2 yrs      TH            SGW              July 15         Nov. 15      -
                                            Microprogramme en
                                            didactique et linguistique pour
                                                                              Certificate   1 yr       CB & I        SGW              June 1          -            -
                                            l'enseignement du français
                                            langue seconde

     Health, Kinesiology and                                                  MSc           2 yrs      TH            LOY              Feb. 1          -            -
                                            Health and Exercise Science
     Applied Physiology                                                       PhD           4 yrs      TH            LOY              Feb. 1          Sept. 1      Feb 1

Concordia’s Department of Building, Civil, and Environmental
Engineering (BCEE) is a pioneer when it comes to advances in the
construction industry. It has provided me with a bridge between
my educational objectives and professional skills.

My research focuses on dynamic support systems for Canadian
hospitals and my supervisors are leaders in their domain. They
have fully supported my research and helped me develop my
capabilities to their full potential.

                                                                 GRADUATE STUDENTS
                                                                 AND POSTDOCTORAL
                                                                 FELLOWS FROM

     Concordia's library, which includes the Webster, Vanier and        Our beautiful Grey Nuns Reading Room (study area) is an award-
     Grey Nuns branches, offers 24/7 access – unique among              winning repurposed space that is now classified as a National
     Canadian universities – including three dedicated silent           Historic site. Explore at
     dissertation writer’s rooms.
                                                                        Our next-gen library features 3D printers, VR goggles,
                                                                        a lithography press and dedicated graduate librarians.

                                                                   MATTHEW BROOKS
                                                                   MFA, PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                                   I became immersed in the photography community during my BFA
                                                                   at Concordia and decided to stay for my MFA. We have extensive
                                                                   analog and digital photography facilities, wonderful faculty and
                                                                   many opportunities for funding.

                                                                   I produce large-scale photographs and working as a research
                                                                   assistant to my supervisor led me to establish my own studio. As
                                                                   I head into to my thesis exhibition, I can say that Concordia has
                                                                   really checked off all the boxes for me.


                                                                   Degree/        Approx.                                                     Application Deadline
 Department                         Program                                                    Options        Primary Campus
                                                                   Certificate    Duration                                            Sept.            Jan.          May
                                                                   Diploma        1 yr         CB             SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
                                    Environmental Assessment
 Geography, Planning and                                           MEnv           2 yrs        CB I           SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
 Environment                        Geography, Urban and           MSc**          2 yrs        TH             SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
                                    Environmental Studies          PhD**          4 yrs        TH             SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
                                                                   MA**           2 yrs        TH             SGW                 Feb. 1           Oct. 1       -
 History                            History
                                                                   PhD**          4 yrs        TH             SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
                                    Digital Innovation in                                      TH or RC
                                                                   MA**           2 yrs                       LOY                 Feb. 1           Oct. 15      Feb. 1
                                    Journalism Studies                                         or E
                                    Journalism                     Diploma        1 yr         CB             LOY                 -                -            Jan. 15
                                    Visual Journalism              Diploma        2 yrs        CB             LOY                 -                -            Jan. 15
                                                                   MA**           2 yrs        TH or CB       SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
 Mathematics and Statistics         Mathematics                    MSc**          2 yrs        TH or CB       SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
                                                                   PhD**          4 yrs        TH             SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
 Philosophy                         Philosophy                     MA             2 yrs        TH or RP       SGW                 Feb. 1           Dec. 1
                                                                   MSc**          2 yrs        TH             LOY                 Apr. 15          Aug 15       -
 Physics                            Physics
                                                                   PhD**          4 yrs        TH             LOY                 Apr. 15          Aug 15       -
                                                                   MA**           2 yrs        TH             SGW                 Feb. 1           Oct. 1
                                    Political Science
                                                                   PhD**          4 yrs        TH             SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
 Political Science
                                    Public Policy and Public
                                                                   MA             2 yrs        CB or I        SGW                 Feb. 1           Oct . 1      -
                                                                   MA**           2 yrs        TH             LOY                 Dec. 1           -            -
                                    Psychology - Research
                                                                   PhD**          4 yrs        TH             LOY                 Dec. 1           -            -
                                    Psychology - Research and      MA**           2 yrs        TH             LOY                 Dec. 1           -            -
                                    Clinical Training              PhD**          4 yrs        TH             LOY                 Dec. 1           -            -
                                    Judaic Studies                 MA             2 yrs        TH or CB       SGW                 Feb. 1           Oct. 1       -
 Religions and Cultures                                            MA             2 yrs        TH or CB       SGW                 Feb. 1           Oct. 1       -
                                    Religions and Cultures
                                                                   PhD            4 yrs        TH             SGW                 Feb. 1           Oct. 1       -
                                    Community Economic
 School of Community and Public     Development /
                                                                   Diploma        1 yr         CB E/F         SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
 Affairs                            Développement économique
                                    Social and Cultural Analysis   PhD            4 yrs        TH             SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -

                                    Social and Cultural            MA**           2 yrs        TH             SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
 Sociology and Anthropology
                                    Anthropology                   MA**           1 yr         RP             SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
                                    Sociology                      MA**           2 yrs        TH or RP       SGW                 Feb. 1           -            -
 Theology                           Theological Studies            MA**           2 yrs        TH or RP       SGW                 June 1           Oct. 1       Feb. 15

TH: Thesis Based CB: Course Based RP: Research Project/Paper I: Internship FW: Field Work E: Essay E/F: English and French instruction CO: Co-op RC: Research Creation
* Late applications for Fall accepted until Jan. 1. Late applications for Winter accepted until Sept. 15
** Designates programs that require supervisors to be identified in application
Note: Late applications may be considered, but may not be eligible for funding. Contact the program directors for more information.



                                                                  GM                                EV


     In the heart of downtown Montreal, the SGW campus
     high rises and town houses stand side by side with
     busy cafes, bookstores and fashion-forward boutiques.
     Explore the campus with

     EV ENGINEERING, COMPUTER                                 GN GREY NUNS BUILDING                                LB JW MCCONNELL BUILDING
         SCIENCE AND VISUAL ARTS                                  One of Montréal’s most treasured historical         The JW McConnell Building houses the state-of-the-art
         INTEGRATED COMPLEX                                       buildings, the Grey Nuns complex is a student       Webster Library, open 24/7 during the fall and winter
         A beautiful modern complex that houses the               residence and features an acclaimed Reading         terms. There are study, writing and kitchen spaces
         Faculty of Fine Arts and the Gina Cody School            Room for quiet study.                               exclusively for graduate students. The McConnell
         of Engineering and Computer Sciences, as well                                                                building also features The Book Stop and The Student
         as Le Gym, a fully-equipped fitness center.          H   HENRY F. HALL BUILDING                              Welcome Centre.
                                                                  Conveniently located across from the Webster
     GM GUY-DE MAISONNEUVE BUILDING                               Library, the Hall Building hosts the Student     MB JOHN MOLSON SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
         The center of the university’s administration, the       Success Centre, as well as the free shuttle to      A jewel in the heart of the SGW campus, JMSB boasts
         GM building is home to the Campus Wellness               Loyola Campus.                                      bright atriums, modern classrooms, auditoriums and LEED
         and Support Centre and other services.                                                                       Silver level certification.


                                                                                 Degree/                             Application Deadline
Department                             Program                                                 Options
                                                                                 Certificate                Sept.         Jan.          May
                                                                                 Certificate   CB           Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
                                                                                 MEng          CB and OIE   Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
                                       Building Engineering
                                                                                 MASc          TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 PhD           TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1

Building, Civil and Environmental                                                MEng          CB and OIE   Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
Engineering                            Civil Engineering                         MASc          TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 PhD           TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                       Construction Engineering and Management   MEng          CB*          Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
                                                                                 MEng          CB*          Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
                                       Environmental Engineering
                                                                                 Certificate   CB           Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
Centre for Engineering in Society      Innovation, Technology and Society        Certificate   CB           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 Certificate   CB*          Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 Diploma       CB*          Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
Chemical & Materials Engineering       Chemical Engineering
                                                                                 MASc          TH*          Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 PhD           TH*          Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 Diploma       CB           Jun. 1        -             -
                                                                                 MApCompSc     CB and OIE   Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
                                       Computer Science
                                                                                 MCompSc       TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
Computer Science and Software
                                                                                 PhD           TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 MEng          CB; OIE      Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
                                       Software Engineering                      MASc          TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 PhD           TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 MEng          CB and OIE   Feb. 1        Jul. 1        Nov. 1
                                       Information Systems Security
                                                                                 MASc          CB and OC    Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
Concordia Insitute for Information
                                       Information and Systems Engineering       PhD           TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
Systems Engineering
                                                                                 MEng          CB and OIE   Feb. 1        Jul. 1        Nov. 1
                                       Quality Systems Engineering
                                                                                 MASc          TH and OC    Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 MEng          CB and OIE   Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
Electrical and Computer Engineering    Electrical and Computer Engineering       MASc          TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 PhD           TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                       Aerospace Engineering                     MEng          CB and IS    Feb. 1        Jul. 1        Nov. 1
                                                                                 MEng          CB and OIE   Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
                                       Industrial Engineering                    MASc          TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1

Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace                                             PhD           TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
Engineering                                                                      Certificate   CB           Feb. 1        Jul. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 MEng          CB and OIE   Feb. 1        Jul. 1        -
                                       Mechanical Engineering
                                                                                 MASc          TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1
                                                                                 PhD           TH           Jun. 1        Oct. 1        Feb. 1

All programs take place at SGW campus.
* Programs pending approval, applications may not be accepted at time of printing
TH: Thesis CB: Course Based IS: Industrial Staige OIE: Optional industrial experience OC: optional co-op


                                                                                                                           Application Deadline
                                                            Degree/                                 Sept.                          Jan.                              May
      Department            Program                                          Option
                                                            Certificate                  Canadian         Int'l        Canadian             Int'l        Canadian            Int'l
                                                                                         Residents      Students       Residents          Students       Residents         Students
                                                            Certificate*     CB         Jun. 1                     Oct. 1             -              -                 -
                                                            Diploma          CB         Jun. 1          Mar. 1     Oct. 1             Jun. 1         -                 -
                                                                             CB and
                            Business Administration         MBA                         Jun. 1          Mar. 1     Oct. 1             Jun. 1         -                 -
                                                            Executive MBA    CB+        Jun. 1**        Mar. 1     -                  -              -                 -
                                                            PhD              TH         Feb. 1          Feb. 1     Sept. 15           Aug. 1
                            Chartered Professional
                                                            Diploma          CB         Jun. 1          Jun. 1     Oct. 1             -              Feb. 1            -
                            Accountancy (CPA)
                            Entrepreneurship                Certificate*     CB         Jun. 1                     -                  -              -                 -
                            Finance                         MSc              TH         Mar. 1**        Mar 1      -                  -              -                 -
                                                                             CB and
                            Investment Management           MBA                         Jul. 15**       Mar 1      -                  -              -                 -
                            Management                      MSc              TH         Mar. 1**        Mar 1      -                  -              -                 -
                            Marketing                       MSc              TH         Mar. 1**        Mar 1      -                  -              -                 -
                            Quantitative Business Studies   Certificate*     CB         Jun. 1                     Oct. 1             -                                -
                                                                             CB and
                            Supply Chain Management         MSCM                        Mar. 1**        Mar 1      -                  -              -                 -

     CB: Course Based TH: Thesis EL: Experiential Learning SW: Supplemental Workshops RP: Research project
     * Canadian residents only
      **Late applications may be accepted. Contact the program assistant for details.
     The Business Administration PhD offers the following specializations: Accountancy, Finance, Management, Marketing and Supply Chain & Business Tech. Management.


                                                                                                      Degree/                                Application Deadline
 Department                                        Program                                                          Option
                                                                                                      Certificate                        Sept.       Jan.      May
                                                                                                      MA            TH or CB             Jan. 15
 Art Education                                     Art Education                                                                                     -         -
                                                                                                      PhD           TH                   Jan. 15
                                                                                                      MA            TH                   Jan. 15
 Art History                                       Art History                                                                                       -         -
                                                                                                      PhD**         TH                   Jan. 15
                                                   Art Therapy                                        MA            RP and PP            Jan. 15     -         -
                                                   Drama Therapy                                      MA            RP and PP            Jan. 15     -         -
 Creative Arts Therapies                                                                                            RP and T and PP or
                                                                                                      MA                                 Jan. 15     -         -
                                                   Music Therapy                                                    APO and PP
                                                                                                      Diploma       CB and PP            Jan. 15
 Design and Computation Arts                       Design                                             MDes          TH                   Jan. 15     -         -
                                                   Film and Moving Image Studies                      PhD           TH                   Feb. 1      -         -
 Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
                                                   Film Studies                                       MA            TH or CB             Feb. 1      -         -
 Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society
                                                   Humanities                                         PhD           TH                   Jan. 15     -         -
 and Culture (CISSC)
                                                   Fibres and Material Practices                      MFA           SP                   Jan. 20     -         -
                                                   Film Production                                    MFA           SP                   Jan. 20     -         -
                                                   Intermedia/Video Performance and Electronic Arts   MFA           SP                   Jan. 20     -         -
 Studio Arts                                       Painting and Drawing                               MFA           SP                   Jan. 20     -         -
                                                   Photography                                        MFA           SP                   Jan. 20     -         -
                                                   Print Media                                        MFA           SP                   Jan. 20     -         -
                                                   Sculpture and Ceramics                             MFA           SP                   Jan. 20     -         -

TH: Thesis CB: Course based RP: Research Project PP:Practicum Placement SP: Studio Project P: Advanced Practice Option
** Designates programs that require supervisors to be secured prior to application. See page 19






     The Loyola Campus’ historic buildings stand side-by-side with
     cutting-edge facilities where Concordians learn and create.

     AD ADMINISTRATION BUILDING                               HU APPLIED SCIENCE HUB                                      SP RICHARD J. RENAUD SCIENCE
         The AD Building is where students access Campus           A new facility for our scientific community designed      COMPLEX
         Wellness and Support Services, the Student Success        to let chemists, engineers, health scientists and         Home to many science programs, with research
         Centre, and catch the free shuttle to the downtown        biologists work together – with applications in           facilities for nanoscience, chemical and materials
         SGW campus.                                               biomedicine, sustainable manufacturing and beyond.        engineering, aquatic biology and cellular imaging.
                                                                                                                             Also a site of start-up incubator D3.
     CJ COMMUNICATION STUDIES                                 JR   JESUIT RESIDENCE
         AND JOURNALISM BUILDING                                   A historical student residence on the tranquil         VL VANIER LIBRARY BUILDING
         Students drop by the Book Stop to buy and                 campus.                                                   Students have access to rare books and other
         sell new or used textbooks.                                                                                         resources that require special handling. The library is
                                                               PC PERFORM CENTRE GYM                                         open 24/7 during the Fall and Winter terms.
     FC LOYOLA CHAPEL                                              Loyola’s fully-equipped campus fitness center.
         Students of all faiths are welcome

     Concordia is leading the way in Indigenous engagement initiatives
     and it's exciting to see where that momentum will lead the
     university. It's important for Indigenous students to have guidance
     and mentorship from the best Indigenous scholars, and it's
     important that our people and stories are treated with respect.

     My research is on the Indian Day Schools that operated in my
     home community of Kahnawà:ke over several generations. For me,
     Concordia is a place where I can pursue these unique research
     interests while honouring my commitments to my family and
     community. My time at the university has helped me to reconnect
     with Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal as part of our traditional territory.

                                                                           The INDI is a thesis-based program and offers MA, MSc and
The Individualized (INDI) program supports graduate research
                                                                           PhD degrees. A supervisory committee is required as part of
initiatives that fall outside of traditional disciplinary boundaries.
                                                                           the application process. Application deadlines are Jan. 15 for the
INDI students develop and engage in unique, meaningful, and
                                                                           fall term and Sept. 1 for the winter term.
self-directed research that would not otherwise be available
through existing graduate programs.                                        Is INDI right for you? Visit to find out more.

     Concordia University proudly supports its graduate students through        PROVINCIAL AND FEDERAL TOP-UPS
     financial awards and other sources of funding. Visit         Newly admitted students who have been awarded provincial and/or
     gradfunding for ways to fund your studies.                                 federal tri-agency funding (CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC) are offered a
                                                                                Special Entrance Award, valued at $6,000 for master’s and $10,000
                                                                                for doctoral students.
     At Concordia University, competitive funding packages are offered to
     most students to allow them to focus on their research and studies.        DISSEMINATE YOUR RESEARCH
     Doctoral students are typically offered a 4-year funding package that is   NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY
     often topped up by teaching and research assistantships. On average,       Share your research findings and discoveries at a local, national, or
     PhD students at Concordia receive $25K per year in funding.                international conference. Doctoral students can travel anywhere in
                                                                                the world to present their work and receive up to $1,000 (per term
     The overall funding package is financially sufficient to allow students
                                                                                of study in their first five years) while registered in their program.
     to finish their degree in a timely manner.
                                                                                Master’s students can benefit from conference funding too.

     Students are automatically considered for all entrance graduate            AWARDS AVAILABLE TO INTERNATIONAL
     awards when they apply to Concordia University, provided they meet         STUDENTS
     eligibility criteria. No separate application required.                    Quebec has an agreement with several international partners that
                                                                                allow international students to pay Quebec tuition rates. Learn more
     ASSISTANTSHIPS                                                             about international fee exemptions at

     Assistantships provide you with practical experience and supplement        INDIGENOUS TOP-UPS
     your income while you study. TAs and RAs acquire pedagogical               Concordia also provides top-ups to indigenous graduate students
     training, develop professional skills and broaden their academic           who’ve been awarded scholarships. A total of $300,000 is available
     networks.                                                                  per year to supplement 30 master’s and PhD students who meet the
                                                                                program requirements.
                                                                                $10k for 1 year - 20 indigenous master’s students;
                                                                                $10k year for 4 yrs - 10 indigenous PhD students.

CONCORDIA                                                               For detailed application instructions, visit

1: CHOOSE A PROGRAM                                                     4: APPLY
Concordia offers 120+ programs across four faculties and                Prepare your application and submit it online at
the School of Graduate Studies. Explore them all at            All required documentation                               must be received by Concordia by the application deadline. Note that
                                                                        it can take up to two weeks for documentation to be processed.
Programs require:                                                       5: AFTER YOU’VE APPLIED
 · letters of reference                                                 Stay informed on your application status by visiting
 · official transcripts
                                                                        DID YOU KNOW?
 · statements of purpose
                                                                        International students can work on campus or off campus for up
 · curriculum vitae
                                                                        to 20 hours per week during the course of their studies without
 · proof of English language proficiency. International students must
                                                                        applying for a work permit. Students can even work full-time during
 obtain their Quebec Acceptance Certificate and Study Permit once
                                                                        their vacations and on scheduled holidays. Note: Students must have
 they receive their offer of admission.
                                                                        a valid study permit and be registered as a full-time student.
1. Verify your requirements in the program tables to determine if
   you need to secure a supervisor as part of your application.
2. Identify a researcher in an area of expertise you want to pursue
   during your graduate studies by visiting and
   searching by name or keyword.
3. Contact your desired supervisor to find out if it’s a good fit.
4. If your program assigns a supervisor on admission, schedule a
   thorough discussion with your supervisor at the beginning of
  your studies.

     The following chart is for full-time students only, and based on the total cost of the program for 2020-21. Amounts include tuition,
     compulsory fees, health and dental plans, as well as international health insurance. Costs are approximate and in Canadian dollars.

                                                     QUEBEC , FR ANCE & BELGIUM                 CANADA                                   I N T E R N AT I O N A L
      Certificate (15 or 16 credits)                 $2,063 -$2,280                             $4,884 -$5,289                           $12,802 -$15,257
      Diploma (30 credits)                           $4,158 -$4,324                             $9,800 -$9,966                           $24,392 -$29,209
      Master’s Program (45 credits)                  $6,284 -$6,489                             $14,747 -$14,952                         $31,141 -$43,423
      Master’s Program (60 credits)                  $8,488 -$8,773                             $19,772 -$20,057                         $41,920 -$58,309
      PhD Program (90 credits)                       $12,532 -$12,941                           $12,532 -$12,941                         $56,702 -$57,111

     To estimate the cost of your education at Concordia and learn how tuition fees are calculated, visit
     The university reserves the right to change the published scale of fees without notice and any time before the beginning of an academic term.

     ESTIMATED ANNUAL                                                                                                      ON CAMPUS RESIDENCY               OFF CAMPUS RESIDENCY
     COST OF LIVING IN MONTREAL                                                                     Rent                   $3,870 - $7,320                   $6,800+
     Approximate costs for one academic year (September-April) in                                   Food                   $4,430 (Meal Plan)                $4,800
     Canadian dollars.                                                                              Public Transit         $416                              $416
                                                                                                    (student discount)
     Some residences are available to graduate students. For more                                   Utilities                                                $800
     information, contact:                                               Books and Supplies     $2,250                            $2,250
                                                                                                    TOTAL                  $10,908 - $14, 358                $15,066

Concordia provides numerous ways to maximize your success as you       CAMPUS SERVICES
pursue your graduate studies. From professional development to         Concordia offers numerous services to help our students stay healthy
maintaining good physical and mental health, students have resources   in body and mind, including counselling services, vaccinations, urgent
to assist them.                                                        care clinics, prayer spaces and fitness centers. Find out more at
Concordia’s graduate student and postdoctoral fellows have access to   BEYOND THE CLASSROOM
a wide variety of workshops and resources designed for them – free     With hundreds of clubs and groups to appeal to every interest,
of charge. Learn more at                   students take part in athletics, recreation, volunteering and more.
                                                                       Learn how you can get involved at
Students can enhance their academic success through study groups,
workshops, language support and more. Visit
success to learn more.

                                                                                                 ALUMNI FORM A
                                                                                               STRONG NETWORK
                                                                                                    PHOTO: ERIC TSCHAEPPELER

1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W., GM 930
Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3G 1M8
514-848-2424, ext. 7325

 @ConcordiaGraduateStudies
 @ConcordiaGrad

 ConcordiaUni

Concordia University is located on unceded Indigenous lands. The
Kanien’kehá:ka Nation is recognized as the custodians of the lands and
waters on which we gather today. Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal is historically known
as a gathering place for many First Nations. Today, it is home to a diverse
population of Indigenous and other peoples. We respect the continued
connections with the past, present and future in our ongoing relationships
with Indigenous and other peoples within the Montreal community.

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