Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp

Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp
Brand and Style Guide
Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp
Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp
Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp
                            Mount Vernon engages every learner with a challenging, dynamic teaching model that stimulates critical
                            inquiry and imagination to produce innovative outcomes.

                              Our teachers are constantly learning and craving new information.

                              Our students are challenged to be adaptable, progressive thinkers and compassionate leaders.

                              Our learning spaces are open and flexible, to allow our students and teachers to collaborate,
                              create, and design.

                            Above all else, by being intentional about blurring the lines between school and the real world, we are leading
                            the way in transforming education and creating a destination for anyone seeking to design a better world.

                              This is who we are. This is what we do. We are Mount Vernon.

                            According to author Donald Miller, all memorable stories and movies more or less follow the same plot line:
                            “A hero has a problem. They meet a guide. The guide helps the hero solve the problem”. Miller says that if we
                            really want to engage our audience and get people excited about our brand, we should be creating a story
                            that positions our users (customer) as the hero in our brand’s story: a “BrandScript”. Below is the basics to
                            our BrandScript which frames our messaging, advertising, and marketing. It should also be the lens by which
                            we communicate to both current and prospective families.

                            Donald Miller is the author of Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen.

                            OUR HERO
                            A parent who wants independent, confident, well-adjusted, children who are unafraid to seek and explore.
                            They want to be connected to a community where they feel like they belong.

                            WHY DO THEY WANT TO COME TO MOUNT VERNON?
                            “At our current school, my child is uninspired because the methods and content of learning are
                            predetermined. Our current school operates without knowing the needs of my child. Schools should be
                            focused on understanding each student as an individual.“

                            OUR EMPATHETIC STATEMENT
                            Children have big ideas and when teachers really know their students’ curiosities and passions, incredible
                            things happen.

                            OUR BRAND AGREEMENTS
                            Children at Mount Vernon will...

                            Build Relationships                                            Listen with Empathy
                            Experience Expeditionary Learning                              Become Confident
                            Be Encouraged to Explore Curiosities                           Benefit From a Strong Parent Community
                            Be College Ready                                               Fail up
                            Engage in Real-world Work

Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp

These primary logos should be used in the following circumstances:

       -   Stationary and signage                              -   Maps

       -   Admissions collateral                               -   Strategic Partners (EdLeader21, Ashoka,
                                                                   MODA, etc.)
       -   Social Media
                                                               -   Athletic Identity
       -   Website

While we culturally refer to the School as Mount Vernon, we recognize that there are moments when we
need to be more explicit about being a school. As such, in the following circumstances we should refer to
the School as The Mount Vernon School.

       -   Formal Moments, Speeches

       -   College Profile and College Admissions

       -   Foundations

       -   Associations

       -   GISA

What about Mount Vernon School?
With exception, in school listings we will be known as “Mount Vernon School”
Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp

                                                                                                                  Inquiry           College Ready
                                                                                                                  Innovation        Globally Competitive
                                                                                                                  Impact            Engaged Citizen Leaders

                                                                                                                         Grounded in Christian Values



                                                         OUR TRUE NORTH
                                                         In a community where students are empowered to
                                                         discover their curiosities and passions and where
                                                         learning is amplified through real-world problem-
                                                         solving, The Mount Vernon Continuum serves as
                                                         the School’s strategic blueprint. The Continuum                          Norms
                                                         highlights the keys to Mount Vernon’s success:
                                                                                                                                  Start With Questions
                                                               -   a clear and compelling mission                                 Fail Up
                                                                                                                                  Share the Well
                                                               -   cultural norms inviting people to step out-                    Assume the Best
                                                                   side of their comfort zone                                     Have Fun

                                                               -   design principles and practices guiding
                                                                   teaching and learning

                                                               -   and six significant mindsets resulting in an
                                                                   impactful experience

                                                         Throughout the school year, the Mount Vernon
                                                         Continuum serves as our North Star.
Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp
Principles & Practice
            Relationships are Foundational for Learning
            Curiosity and Passion Drive Learning
            Learning Demands Interactive and Flexible Spaces
            Empathy Influences Learning
            Learners Apply Knowledge to Make an Impact



MV Mind

Creative Thinker     Solution Seeker        Communicator

   Innovator           Collaborator      Ethical Decision-Maker
Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp
                                                         At Mount Vernon, our purpose is driven by our mission.

                                                           We are a School of inquiry, innovation, and impact. Grounded in Christian values, we prepare all
                                                           students to be college ready, globally competitive, and engaged citizen leaders.

                                                         At Mount Vernon, our brand is inherently connected to what we call our MV Norms, which are a set of five
                                                         cultural behaviors woven through our learning, our relationships, and our work:

                                                           Start With Questions
                                                           Fail Up
                                                           Share the Well
                                                           Assume the Best
                                                           Have Fun

                                                         PRINCIPLES & PRACTICE
                                                         Mount Vernon’s people-centered design principles and practice guide teaching and learning.

                                                         We believe:

                                                             Relationships are Foundational for Learning
                                                             Curiosity & Passion Drive Learning
                                                             Learning Demands Interactive and Flexible Spaces
                                                             Empathy Influences Learning
                                                             Learners Apply Knowledge to make an Impact

                                                         By designing our school around these principles, we have set the conditions for our learners to excel in
                                                         college, career, and citizenship.

                                                         IDEA STATEMENT
                                                         Anchored in Christian values — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and
                                                         self-control — relationships at Mount Vernon are foundational to learning. Preparing students to be college
                                                         ready, globally competitive, and engaged citizen leaders call us to lean in to inclusion, diversity, equity, and

                                                         Creating and cultivating connections between all people, ideas, and sectors, the School welcomes all learners
                                                         to wrestle with voices and perspectives that challenge our assumptions, biases, stereotypes, and privileges.
                                                         Not allowing our differences to divide us requires each of us to engage in honest, vulnerable, and courageous
                                                         conversations through empathy, reflection, examination, and action. Being real agents of change is a
                                                         continuous journey.

                                                         Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, our trust in each other strengthens our sense of identity,
                                                         autonomy, and interdependence. As a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact, we are committed to creating
                                                         and sustaining a school culture where all members feel valued and safe, sharing their authentic selves to
                                                         design a better world…together.

Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp
One of the most concrete ways the Mount Vernon community lives out
its mission is through the development and implementation of the Mount
Vernon Mind. These relevant and research-based mindsets position
students for college, career and citizenship –in other words– for life.

At Mount Vernon, we infuse the mindsets of Solution Seeker, Ethical-
Decision Maker, Communicator, Creative Thinker, Innovator, and
Collaborator throughout all of our teaching and learning.
Brand and Style Guide 2020-2021 - Mount Vernon LookUp

                                     MV DOT
                                     Our MV Dot evolved from our traditional seal. Its is Mount Vernon’s primary identity.

                                     Please consult the brand team before tilting, recoloring outside of brand colors, or putting any other
                                     iconography or typography inside the dot.

                                     EXAMPLES OF IMPROPER USAGE


Our Mount Vernon brand includes many different logos and identities, such as those below. While each
of these elements are emblematic of our brand, they do not always have to stand alone. However, when
combining these elements, please adhere to the following standards:

       -   Any element used with the School name should be centered with a slightly larger MV dot.

       -   No more than two elements should be combined at a time.

Resolution is referred to, using two terms: DPI and PPI. It’s the density of the dots of ink printed on an inch of printing
surface. High quality print work requires a 300DPI/PPI graphic file to print; whereas, digital photography should be a
minimum height of 1000px to display without distortion. Refer to the following file types for their usage.

Files for Print usage:
TIFF: high image quality and large file size (compressing image does not reduce quality)
EPS: most common for saving vector graphics to preserve their scalability
PDF: preserves the original content and appearance of a file regardless of where or how it is viewed

Files for Digital usage:
JPG (or JPEG): standard setting on a camera
PNG: high image quality; supports transparency/opacity

As a faculty/staff member, you have access to a shared Brand Asset Folder containing all of the brand
elements you might need to create brand-aligned documents, presentations, signs, or any other collateral
to represent the School. Please do not share these outside of the organization. If a parent requests brand
elements, please let the Brand Team know and we will be happy to assist them.

                The Mount Vernon color palette consists of three
                primary colors (Navy, Grey, and White) and five
                secondary colors (Willow, Graphite, Opal, Tango, and

                When possible and appropriate, the MV Dot and
                letterhead should be presented in Navy as this color
                represents the strength, determination and boldness
                of our community. If Navy will not work, use Black,
                White, or Graphite.

                Our secondary colors are used for highlighting and
                accenting. When used appropriately, secondary colors
                help to promote the energy, vibrancy, and excitement
                of our community.

                Special Note For High-Profile Print Projects
                If you are a classroom teacher or are printing
                something for on campus use only, you should not
                require any special codes than what is outlined here.

                                                                        NEW NAVY              GREY                 W
                                                                        PANTONE       534C    PANTONE 420C         P
                                                                        CMYK    91|71|36|56   CMYK   13|08|11|26   C
                                                                        RGB        31|53|94   RGB   202|200|200    R
                                                                        #           1B365D    #         C7C9C7     #






WILLOW                 GRAPHITE               OPAL                 TANGO                DANDELION
PANTONE        366C    PANTONE        446C    PANTONE      564C    PANTONE     7625C    PANTONE       123C
CMYK     51|00|71|00   CMYK     54|27|36|62   CMYK   54|00|29|02   CMYK   00|93|95|02   CMYK    00|11|80|00
RGB     183|220|120    RGB         62|69|67   RGB    131|200|188   RGB     232|80|61    RGB     255|198|39
#           BDE18A     #            3D4242    #          9DD5D3    #          E1523D    #           FFC72C

USE   USE                        USE

      Please use this visual as a guide for coupling or grouping MV brand colors.

                             At Mount Vernon, we love to tell our story through photos.

                             With so many opportunities to document the learning that occurs every day throughout the School, in
                             each division, and in the classroom and beyond, we seek to capture the heart of our community.
                             Our photos are shared with local media, in our digital magazine, on our news story blog which feeds our
                             weekly newsletter, and in marketing collateral.

                             Teachers, please be mindful of students who have opted out of published photography. As a reminder,
                             the School’s Media Release can be found on page 13 of the Student Handbook:

                             “I hereby give the School permission to use my child’s name, photo or film footage of my child (or ward)
                             or any of his/her work, or any approved third party vendor, permission to use my child’s name, photo or
                             film footage of my child (or ward) or any of his/her work for any news release, for publicity purposes, on
                             the School’s web site, in the yearbook and directory, or by any approved third party vendor in any media
                             for any purpose which may include, among others, advertising, promotion, marketing, and packaging for
                             any product or service.”

We have two standard brand fonts. Both are free Google fonts and are available for download in most design
software (including WordPress, and Google Drive). We will continue to use La Gioconda for our official Mount
Vernon logo, as it is the established center of our iconography. Roboto is used in “The Mount Vernon School”
logo when it is used. Specialty fonts are used on a by-project basis (Northwell for example), but due to
licensing restrictions are not available to everyone.

Roboto Regular
Roboto Light
Roboto Bold
Roboto Black

Playfair Display
Playfair Display Regular

Playfair Display Bold
                                        We are here to support your message and ideas.

                                        If there is one thing to remember... fill out this form:

                                        COMMUNICATION REQUESTS
                                          What is happening in your classroom?

                                          Do you know of anything coming up that might be photo-worthy?

                                          Was one of your students recognized for something innovative?

                                          Can we recognize you for an outstanding achievement?

                                        We want to know about all of these things! If you would like for the Community Development team to feature

                                        something that is going on in your classroom (on Bloomz, LookUp, weekly newsletter, or social media),
                                        please let us know by filling out the form or contact Katie Trenney.

                                        DESIGN REQUESTS
                                          Signage, brochures

                                          Student project design

                                          Conference or event collateral

                                          Design feedback

                                        Design and Printing Requests
                                        Lead times for most projects is three weeks, but could be longer due to complexity. To process from a
                                        finished design to print takes about 72 hours (depending on quantity and scope). Printing on banners and
                                        large format can be 7-10 business days from finalized artwork.

                                        PHOTOGRAPHY REQUESTS
                                        Our goal is to capture as many learning demonstrations, performances, competitions and events as possible.
                                        While planning ahead is encouraged, last minute requests are accepted, and we will do our best to provide

                                        Occasionally, we might be unable to honor a photography request because of a high volume of activity on
                                        campus. In such a situation, we ask faculty or staff members to take photos (high resolution, if possible) and
                                        share them with the Brand Development Team. Photos should come directly from a phone or camera (not
                                        taken from social media) to preserve the highest possible resolution.

The Community Development team oversees all communication efforts of Mount Vernon by working
alongside faculty and staff to ensure communication from the School is consistently clear, concise, and
aligned with its mission.
       -   Head of School Weekly Update                        -   School Publications (marketing items or,
       -   Division Weekly Updates
                                                               -   School & Athletic Apparel (Spirit Wear)
       -   Weekly Newsletter
                                                               -   Signage (Permanent and Temporary)
       -   MV Website
                                                               -   School Announcements
       -   Bloomz

       -   LookUp

       -   Student ann Family Handbook

If you have news, information, or announcements to share with either the entire school community or a specific
segment (grade level, class, or team) please work with and through the Community Development Team.

Please contact Chief Community Development Officer, Anne Katz, if someone from the local media
contacts you to ask questions about the School or if you see something unflattering about MV on social
media or elsewhere.

Our high level brand assets have strict printing requirements and usage guidelines. Please contact the Brand
Development Team if you would like to print any of the following:
       -   the Continuum                                       -   MVx

       -   the MVMind                                          -   promotional materials and products

For IT Requests, please use the following URL or email
            One of the most successful ways we share our story is through the use of social media. On average, we
            receive 1,000 views per post on Mount Vernon’s Facebook page and the number of our Instagram and Twitter
            followers grows daily.

            While the School embraces these platforms as valuable outlets for sharing our stories, celebrations,
            announcements, and upcoming events, please keep these points in mind:

                   -    When posting about the School, please contribute valuable information to the community. Personal
                        and political posts should not be associated with the School.

                   -    Positive posts that solve a problem, answer a question, entertain, or inspire, are most likely to be
                        shared, favorited, or liked.

                   -    It is helpful to include links, photos, or videos–these posts are often viewed and shared more.

                       Twitter - @MVPSchool
                       Instagram - MVmustangs
                       Facebook -
                       YouTube -
                       LinkedIn -

            The pound sign (or hashtag) turns any word or group of words that directly follow it into a searchable link.
            This allows you to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keywords. Use these on any
            social stream to loop in others. All tweets should use #mvpschool first and foremost.

            #mvpschool - Official School Hashtag
            #imamustang - Celebrating Mustang Spirit
            #mvhhd - Helping Hands Day
            #mvinterim - Interim Term Updates
            #MVIFI - Mount Vernon Institute For Innovation
            #learnservegive - Community Development

Use the following list-serves in Gmail to communicate with a specific MV group. The following groups are
the “official” permanent groups of faculty and staff, which are kept up-to-date by IT as personnel changes are
made. These should be used whenever possible in order to maintain consistency and accuracy. All of these
groups are configured to allow anyone in faculty and staff to post an email message to the respective group.

Group Name | Description

facultystaff | All faculty and staff
administration | All Administrators
informationupdate | Everyone notified when a parent updates their contact information
extendedplay | All K-8 Extended Play faculty and staff
preschool | Preschool, Preschool, and Preschool Extended Play faculty
lowerschool | All Lower School faculty and staff
middleschool | All Middle School faculty and staff
upperschool | All Upper School faculty and staff
lowercampus | All Lower Campus faculty and staff
uppercampus | All Upper Campus faculty and staff

What is LookUp?
Mount Vernon’s LookUp site is a searchable resource for parents, faculty, and students to find forms,
schedules, documents, and other Mount Vernon resources easily. It was created to help our community find
information quickly by entering keywords into a Google-inspired search bar.

Visit LookUp:

How do I request an article update?
If an article on LookUp is either outdated or non-existent, please complete the request form
( to include the revised information along with photos/videos/links, if applicable.
            What is Bloomz?
            Bloomz is our NEW parent-focused mobile and browser app that delivers non-curricular school
            communications from division heads and other administrative staff to inform our community about life at
            Mount Vernon.

            Who is the target audience?
            Mount Vernon families, faculty, and staff.

            What information will I find on Bloomz?
            Bloomz is primarily used to communicate mobile-friendly short-form messages in a newsfeed format, much
            like Facebook, to the families of Mount Vernon students. These messages are non-curricular, focusing on
            announcements, upcoming events, calls to action, student/faculty/family accomplishments, news story links,
            weather alerts, and other day-to-day happenings around the School. The messages are brief and will often
            link to LookUp, web-based forms, or other external sources.

            Additionally, Bloomz will allow you to source the following:

                   -   Master Calendar

                   -   Sign ups for specific events

                   -   Photos, videos, and forms

                   -   Personal parent/faculty/staff individual and group text feature

            What will Bloomz replace?
            Bloomz will replace School Rush, along with most email communications to the Mount Vernon community
            from the School. This platform will be the primary communication tool for events, announcements, and calls
            to action school-wide, per division, for each grade level, and sometimes on a class by class basis.

                   -   Each Division will continue to use their respective learning management system (PowerSchool,
                       PowerSchool Learning, FreshGrade, Kaymbu, etc.) to relay course requirements, grades, and prog-
                       ress monitoring.

                   -   Athletic scores, schedules, and game information can be found by downloading the Mascot Media
                       app at, while announcements regarding state playoffs, fan-night
                       details, and other community news will be shared via Bloomz.

            Who will post to Bloomz?
            Bloomz messaging will be executed as a role of the Community Development team, under the purview
            of Anne Katz, Chief Community Development Officer. There will, however, be several individuals in other
            departments who will have the ability to post Bloomz messages - for example, College Counseling, Athletics,
            and Arts.

            If you have questions or post requests please contact Director of Community Events Molly Crane (mcrane@

Slack is a communication tool that allows teams to sort, search, and navigate inter-team communication.
Below are some suggested communication norms as they relate to the tools inside of Slack. Before diving
into these, it is important to understand that a tool is only as useful as it is used. For a tool to be effective,
setting expectations is key. All team members have to understand that Slack is the primary communication
tool we will use and it is our responsibility to point our team members to use it over all other forms of

Slack is…

       -    A place for the leaders of Mount Vernon to have asynchronous communication.

       -    A tool that allows team members to have choice over what information they want to be in the know
            about and what not to be in the know about.

       -    A tool that allows a team member to set their own notifications and have autonomy over when they
            receive messages.

       -    A place to have fun! Jokes, .gifs, pictures are welcome in most channels as long as it is done in

       -    A replacement for email for leadership teams. You may cascade Slack into your team if you find it
            helpful. Be sure to create a channel for your team and send these communication norms to team

       -    A place for others to feel free to collaborate in providing information. If someone asks a question
            and you know the answer… help a teammate out!

Slack is not…

       -    A project management tool, but it could be a project clarity tool.

       -    A place to get into heated discussions. If it gets heated, unplug and sync up in person or over the

Before inviting new teams please contact @russelltodd or @treyboden and we will help assist in the roll out.
We have both rolled out Slack teams that have gone well and others that could have gone better. Let us help
             Any representation of the School (digital, print, or social) must adhere to our Brand Standards.

                    -   Mount is always spelled out (never Mt.).

                    -   Where applicable, “the School” (with a capital ‘S’) is an appropriate replacement for Mount Vernon.

                    -   You may abbreviate the School as MV in all caps with no gaps.

             Preschool Terms
             Prekindergarten 3 (3-Day)
             Prekindergarten 3 (5-Day)
             Prekindergarten 4
             Prekindergarten 5

             Lower School Terms
             Kindergarten (K, plural Kindergartners)
             grade 1 or first grade
             grade 2 or second grade
             grade 3 or third grade
             grade 4 or fourth grade
             grade 5 or fifth grade

             Middle School Terms
             grade 6 or sixth grade
             grade 7 or seventh grade
             grade 8 or eighth grade

             Upper School Terms
             grade 9, ninth grade or freshman
             grade 10, tenth grade or sophomore
             grade 11, eleventh grade or junior
             grade 12, twelfth grade or senior

             The Early Preschool (EPS) serves children in the Mount Vernon community from six weeks old to age two.
             Spaces in the EPS are open to MV faculty first, and any remaining spaces are filled with MV siblings and
             outside community families. The EPS is overseen by the Preschool administrative staff. Classes in the Early
             Preschool include: Infants, Toddlers, and Twos.

All words in organizational titles should be capitalized, unless that word is a preposition, article, or
conjunction. For example:

  Head of School
  Middle School Dean of Students
  Chief Admissions Officer

When referring to a student, use their first name, last name, and graduation year.

  EXAMPLE: Audrey O’Toole, Class of 2021

When referring to a student on external publications, use their first name, last initial, and graduation year.

  EXAMPLE: Reese A, Class of 2028

When referring to dates, never use a ‘th’, ‘nd’, or ‘st’ suffix.

  EXAMPLE: August 11, 2020 (not 13th)

Fellowship Hall                                                    Upper Campus Gym
Gailey Hall                                                        Upper School Black Box
Headquarters (HQ)
Hive                                                               New Upper School Terms
K Commons/K Collab                                                 College Counseling Suite
Lightbox                                                           First District
Lower Campus (LC)                                                  Learning Stairs (Interior and Exterior)
Lower Campus Courtyard                                             Made in MV School Store
Lower Campus Field                                                 Meet Up Room
Lower Campus Gym                                                   Neighborhoods
Lower Campus Patio                                                 Second District
Middle School Art Gallery                                          The Café
Middle School Black Box                                            The View
Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church (MVPC)                            Third District
Mustang Athletic Center (MAC)                                      Three North
Overlook                                                           Three South
Skybox                                                             Two North
Studio(i)                                                          Two South
The Frontier                                                       Upper School Arts District
The Hive
Upper Campus (UC)
Upper Campus Athletic Field
Upper Campus Baseball Diamond

MVX, our bold strategic plan, captures how we intend to continue to evolve as a school. The “x” should always
be written as a superscript unless it is unavailable. In these instances use “MVx” as an appropriate use. MVX
is a document that was intended to be shared in three parts: Design driver, Strategic Focus, and the MVX
Framework. You can find printable versions of MVX at
                  Email signatures must include all of the following:

                  Name (in bold)
                  School website

                  If you do not have an extension, please use the campus phone number where you are most often located.
                  Your signature is your digital business card. Feel free to add on any other social accounts where you would
                  like our community to connect with you. Separate your social information with a line break under the School


                  Dr. Brett Jacobsen
                  Head of School
                  The Mount Vernon School
                  510 Mount Vernon Highway, NE
                  Atlanta, GA 30328
                  (404) 252-3448 x2900

                  To edit your signature, navigate to your Gmail inbox, select the cog in the top right corner and select ‘settings’.
                  On the following page, scroll down until you see the ‘edit signature’ section. Remember to select save changes.

We are a School of inquiry, innovation, and impact. Grounded
in Christian values, we prepare all students to be college ready,
       globally competitive, and engaged citizen leaders.
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