Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories

Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories

Bruce Trail
       VOL. 57, NO.2, SPRING 2020

                                    MAG A Z I NE

Bruce Trail
Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories
A Message to our Members regarding COVID-19
As this issue of Bruce Trail Magazine goes to press, the world    Finding strength in our community and in nature
has been shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. We send
positive wishes to each of you and want to let you know           The ongoing support from our members, volunteers and
what steps the Bruce Trail Conservancy is taking in response      donors amidst the COVID-19 pandemic speaks volumes of
to COVID-19.                                                      your kindness - towards others and towards the Bruce Trail
                                                                  Conservancy. Your kindness is the bedrock of what is good,
Bruce Trail Conservancy and its Clubs are following the           and will be what helps us all get through this current crisis
instructions of world public health officials and are embracing   together.
‘social distancing’ to do our part to support the health care
system, and to keep our volunteers and members safe.              The reality is, these uncertain times can put a strain on
                                                                  physical and mental well-being. As a committed community
At the time of printing, the Bruce Trail Conservancy office is    of nature enthusiasts, we know that spending time outdoors,
closed and staff are working remotely until at least April 6,     hiking the Trail and enjoying nature is a proven way to
2020; all BTC and Club events through April 30, 2020 have         relieve feelings of stress, and improve overall health.
been cancelled or postponed; and all organized hikes, trail
angel services, and trail maintenance group activities            In such times we at the Bruce Trail Conservancy are
through April 30, 2020 have been cancelled.                       reminded of how grateful we are to have supporters whose
                                                                  devotion to the conservation and exploration of nature is
The Bruce Trail itself remains open, yet some access points,      unparalleled. Together, we will continue to ensure there are
washrooms or visitor centers operated by our partnering           protected natural spaces close to home where we can find
conservation organizations (like parks and conservation           solace and rejuvenation in times of crisis and beyond.
areas) may be closed.

Since the situation is in flux, please visit for the latest information.
For any questions or concerns, please contact us by email at or by phone at 1-800-665-4453.

 Our Mission
 Preserving a ribbon
 of wilderness, for
 everyone, forever.
                                                                                                                                  Photo: Sandra J. Howe
Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories
                          SPRING 2020

                                                                       F E AT U R E S
                                                                       9   Annual Meeting 2020 –
                                                                           Save the Date

                                                                       10 New Landowner Stewardship

                                                                       16 The Calypso Orchid
                                                                           Environmental Award

                                                                       18 Corporate Volunteering
                                                                       19 Share Your Bruce Trail Story –
                                                                           A new column featuring stories
                                                                           from our community.

                                                                       21 Donor Recognition Evening 2019

                                                                       22 Bruce Trail - End-to-End List
 Photo: Stew Hilts


                              D E PA R T M E N T S
                              5 CEO’s Message
                              6 Blazes
                              12 Land Acquisition Successes
                              16 Volunteer Corner
                              17 Friendship Trails –
                                   Costa Rica
                              20   Realizing the Dream
                              24   Trail Changes
                              26   Our Donors
                              30   General Store

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W W W. B R U C E T R A I L . O R G                                                      BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE   3
Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories
Bruce Trail                                          M AG AZIN E

      55 Head St., Unit 101, Dundas, ON L9H 3H8
      Toll-Free: 1-800-665-4453 Tel: 905-529-6821
    Email: Website:

                         Honorary President
                         Dr. Philip R. Gosling

                  Bruce Trail Founders
          Raymond Lowes, Dr. Philip R. Gosling,
         Dr. Norman Pearson, Dr. Robert McLaren

                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                        Leah Myers (Chair)
                           Cynthia Archer
                             Warren Bell
                           Stephanie Bird
                           Marlis Butcher
                           John Dickason
                             David Hass
                           Brian Johnston
                          Corrie Kellestine
                             Bruce King
                            David Lamb
                           Jaclyn Moody
                            Anjlee Patel
                       Frank Schoenhoeffer
                        Wendy Thompson
                         Bonni Titgemeyer
                         Michael Treuman
                          Danielle Waters
                          John Whitworth

                  Executive Office
       Michael McDonald (Chief Executive Officer)
                   Allison Wright
                     Fund Development
                 Marsha Russell (Vice President)
                      Heather Anderson
                         Luisa Da Silva
                        Gloria Vidovich
                  Claire Davidson (on leave)

              Communications & Engagement
               Elizabeth Harrington (Director)
                        Laura Tuohy
              Land Acquisition & Management
               Antoin Diamond (Vice President)
                       Adam Brylowski
                        Scott Langley
                        Brian Popelier
                       Joel Swagerman
                        Kevin Durfy (Director)
                            Donna Miljic
                    Organizational Resources
                     Jackie Randle (Director)
                          Meghan Croll
                          Brooke Henry
                         Ryan Mickeloff
                       Lyndsey Wilkerson
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4            BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                    SPRING 2020
Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories
Chief Executive Officer’s Message

                Stories are powerful. They                where climate change and the loss of            Bruce Trail. On that day we spent hours
                have the ability to stir                  biodiversity can seem like insurmountable       scouring the rocks for salamanders. I had
                emotions, encourage                       obstacles, we are protecting and restoring      never seen one. I remember, when we
                thought, and inspire                      more natural spaces on the Niagara              finally found one, the joy and
                action.                                   Escarpment every year.                          wonderment of seeing a new creature for
                  The Bruce Trail story is                    The Bruce Trail has stories of collective   the first time. The earthly smell that
one that has inspired me. I am propelled                  effort. Volunteers work together every          came from picking up the rocks, and the
by the idea that a footpath, created by                   day to plan, build, steward, and promote        anticipation and delight in looking for
communities of concerned citizens, is                     the Trail and our protected natural areas.      these wonderful ecological treasures are
not only connecting people to the                         Members, donors, volunteers, and staff          things I often think of. I wanted to share
natural world, but is also building                       all contribute by giving of their time,         this sense of joy and wonder with my
concerted action to preserve a ribbon of                  money, skills and passion to support the        own family, and so a generation later we
wilderness, for everyone, forever.                        Trail and the preservation of the Niagara       took to the Trail in search of
   But the Bruce Trail story is not a                     Escarpment.                                     salamanders. The story continues.
single narrative. There are many stories                      In this issue of Bruce Trail Magazine,         Stories create more stories. Action
that make up the Bruce Trail. And it is                   we invite you to consider your own              creates further action. This is how our
their collective power that will make a                   Bruce Trail story. We’ll be starting a new      collective Bruce Trail story becomes a
lasting impact.                                           column that feature these stories, big          movement that will continue to make a
   The Bruce Trail has stories of                         and small, so that we can share all of          positive impact on the future of our
discovery and adventure. Thousands of                     what makes the Bruce Trail important.           environment.
people make their way along the Trail                     See page 19 for details.                           I encourage you to find and share
each year, discovering more about the                         Often our personal connections and          your Bruce Trail story. •
Niagara Escarpment, and possibly even                     memories make the most potent of
themselves by spending time in nature.                    stories. One of my earliest memories is of      Michael McDonald,
   The Bruce Trail has stories of hope and                my father taking me and my brothers on          CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
progress in the face of adversity. In a world             an adventure – an adventure hiking the

    Michael’s family searching for salamanders and making new stories on the Bruce Trail.

                                                                                                                                                  Photo: Michael McDonald

W W W. B R U C E T R A I L . O R G                                                                                    BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                            5
Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories
BL AZES                                  News and Events from the Bruce Trail Clubs

                                                 Content deadline for Blazes for the summer 2020 issue is March 30, 2020.
Due to the changing situation                     Send content to: Laura Tuohy, BTC Communications Coordinator, at
surrounding COVID-19, these events
may be postponed or cancelled.
Check Club websites for details.             Laura Secord Hike – June 13                      ticipants will be able to finish by 4:00 pm.
                                             Enjoy a part of our Canadian heritage by            Registration information will be avail-
                                             hiking along the Bruce Trail from Laura          able on, or shortly after April 15 at toron-
NIAGARA                                      Secord’s Homestead in Queenston to      Registration is $40                    DeCew House in Thorold. We are sure              (plus Eventbrite fee). No cheques or cash
                                             this 30 km hike was a challenge for Laura        accepted on either day of the event.
Niagara End-to-End – May 16-18               in a long dress and no Nikes but we              Tickets must be purchased in the name of
Cover this historic 82 km section of the                                                      the participant. Registration deadline is
                                             never heard any complaints. Follow her
Bruce Trail over three days enjoying                                                          May 17. For more information, contact
                                             lead and rise to the challenge.
panoramic views of vineyards, orchards                                                        Jacquie Van Dyke (End-to-End co-ordina-
                                               Check in by 5:45 am at Niagara Region
and Lake Ontario. Rocky sections, heavily                                                     tor) at on or after
                                             Offices parking lot, 1815 Sir Isaac Brock
wooded areas and remnants of historic                                                         March 1. Space on the hikes will be limit-
                                             Way, St Catharines. The bus will take you
settlements - the Niagara section has it                                                      ed so please check torontobrucetrailclub.
                                             to Queenston to start your trek. The hike
all. Registration is $50 for the entire                                                       org regularly.
                                             takes between 5 and 7 hours to complete
weekend ($40 for 2, $30 for 1 day). Fee
                                             depending on your pace. Registration is
includes bus, checkpoints, light lunch on
                                             $30. Fee includes bus, checkpoints, light        DUFFERIN HI-LAND
final day and badge.
                                             lunch and badge.Event Co-ordinator:    
Registration now open:
                                             Janet Davey,
Event Co-ordinator: Debbie Earle,
                                                                                              Dufferin Hi-Land Two-Day
                                                                                              End-to-End –
                                             TORONTO                                          May 9-10, 2020
                                                           Join us for two days of
                                                                                              hiking the hills of
                                             Toronto Section End-to-                          Dufferin County, enjoy-
                                             End – May 30-31                                  ing the spring flowers
                                             Please join us for our                           and earning your Red
                                             annual self-led End-to-                          Trillium Badge. The hike distance is
                                             End hike. Enjoy the histo-                       approximately 28 km per day, with
                                             ry and scenery of the                            checkpoints providing refreshments and
                                             Toronto Club section by                          assistance along the way. For registration
                                             completing the 50 km                             details visit
                                             distance over two days
                                             (approximately 28 km on                          25 km Boyne Valley
                                             Saturday and 22 km on                            Challenge –
                                             Sunday).                                         June 20, 2020
                                               Buses depart on both days at 7:45 am           Can you conquer all the
                                             sharp from Limehouse to bring all partici-       Boyne Valley Hills in one
                                             pants to the start of the hike. There will       loop hike? This hike is
                                             be no leader, but there will be check-           being offered for the first
                                             points every 10-11 km, with volunteers           time in 2020 with a new
                                             providing snacks, water and assistance.          badge to earn for your
                                             Official End-to-End badges are awarded           sore feet and quads! Come and experi-
                                             on completion.                                   ence the beauty of the Dufferin Hi-Land
                                               This is an event for experienced hikers as     section, earn this brand new beautiful
                                             the terrain is varied and quite challenging      badge, and experience the best of
                                             and hikes will go rain or shine. The hike        Dufferin County hospitality at our
                                             will be completed independently and at           checkpoints. For registration details visit
                                             your own pace, but it is expected that par-

                                                The End-to-End and Challenge Hikes listed here are not recommended
                                                 for beginner hikers. Visit our Hike Schedule at for a full
                                                                selection of hikes at a variety of levels.

6     BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                                                                     SPRING 2020
Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories

BLUE MOUNTAINS                                      ($45 for non-BTC members) plus              of covers the cost of refreshments and                                           Eventbrite fee. This includes transporta-   the badge. To register please visit beaver-
                                                    tion, refreshments and badge. The BBQ
Blue Mountains End-                                 is $15 (burgers, salads, beverages and
to-End – May 23 - 24                                dessert) plus Eventbrite fee. For more      Beaver Valley End-to-
Please join us for our                              information visit or     End – August 29 & 30,
annual two-day End-                                 contact Mary-Lynne Chenard at               September 5 & 6
to-End hike. On both                                          Due to popular
days we meet at 6:45                                                                            demand we are now
am at the Highlands Nordic Centre near                                                          holding our End-to-
Duntroon where bus transportation takes             BEAVER VALLEY                               End yearly!
us to the start of hiking for that day. On                  Registration will
Saturday we hike from Swiss Meadows                                                             begin by email on May 1 to Glenda
and on Sunday from Lavender. The                    Falling Water Hike -                        Collings No reg-
Saturday hike is followed by an optional            May 23                                      istration emails will be accepted before
social gathering and BBQ. Set your own              Come and test your                          May 1 to be fair to all. You will be sent
pace for approximately 33 km each day.              mettle! This is a 31.1                      payment details when your email is
Hikers may drop out at checkpoints locat-           km loop hike that                           received. Then, once your payment is
ed approximately every 10 km. Badges                traverses the beautiful,                    received, you will be sent confirmation
awarded to those completing both days.              rugged upper Beaver                         that you are registered along with details
  Registration now open through                     Valley. It’s a challenging hike during      of the event. The registration fee of $60 Search for “Blue                     which you’ll experience all that spring     includes transportation, refreshments
Mountains Bruce Trail Club – 2020 End-              has to offer, including cascading creeks    and the End-to-End badge. •
to-End. Cost of the End-to-End is $40               and waterfalls. The $20 registration fee

         Leave Them a National Treasure
         The Bruce Trail has introduced millions of people to
         the beauty and fragility of the Niagara Escarpment.

         This is where precious habitat is saved and memories
         are made. You can give future generations the joy of
         discovery on the Bruce Trail.

         Please consider creating a natural legacy by including
         a gift in your will to the Bruce Trail Conservancy.

         For more information, please contact:
         Gloria Vidovich
         Planned Giving & Donor Relations Officer
         905-529-6821 ext. 248 or

         All inquiries will be kept confidential.
                                                                                                                                         Photo: Glen Harris

         Charitable No: 11921 7578 RR0001

W W W. B R U C E T R A I L . O R G                                                                          BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                         7
Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories

2020 Annual Meeting – Save the Date

Mark your calendars for the                                          Hogg’s Falls

Bruce Trail Conservancy
2020 Annual Meeting.
October 16-18, 2020
Hosted by the Beaver Valley
Bruce Trail Club
Beaver Valley Ski Club
100 Pioneer Dr, Markdale, ON N0C 1H0
Friday evening:
Cocktail event

Business meeting, hikes & workshops,


                                                                                        Photo: Stew Hilts
Registration begins in September.
Details to come at and in
the next issue of Bruce Trail Magazine. •

                         Metcalfe Rock

                                                                                    Photo: M. Yaraskavitch
                                                                                    Photo: Glenda Collings-
Photo: M. Yaraskavitch

                                                    Rocklyn Creek

8                            BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                   SPRING 2020
Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories
Due to the evolving situation
surrounding COVID-19, plans for
the Annual Meeting may need to
  change. We will keep members
     notified by email, mail, and

                                                                  Photo: Pamela Katch

  Metcalfe Rock Cedar Root

Bruce Trail - Sharing Stories
New Landowner Stewardship Program
The Bruce Trail Conservancy’s newest program
encourages and assists private landowners along
the Bruce Trail corridor to enhance wildlife habitat
on their properties and contribute to the ecologi-
cal health of the Niagara Escarpment.
  Along the Niagara Escarpment, the Bruce Trail winds
through protected areas like parks, conservation areas, and
over 11,800 acres managed by the Bruce Trail Conservancy.
Beside and between these protected areas are properties owned
by private landowners.
  Many of these landowners are partners in creating a superb
hiking experience, fostering exploration of the Niagara
Escarpment by allowing passage of the Bruce Trail on their
land. Now, our landowners can also become partners in
  Landowners play a key role as caretakers of forests, water-
ways and fields between ‘islands of conservation’. The Niagara
Escarpment is home to over 1,500 species of plants and ani-
mals, including over 130 species of conservation concern.
Conservation organizations like the BTC work diligently to
protect and steward land on the Escarpment, but we cannot

                                                                                                                                            Photo: Patrick Hodge
work in isolation. If we are to preserve the ecological health of
this unique landform, especially in the face of climate change
and habitat destruction, we need to work with our neighbours.                 Learning to identify the invasive Common buckthorn
                                                                              (Rhamnus cathartica) is key to its control.

                                                                              Through our new Landowner Stewardship Program, BTC
                                                                            staff and volunteers will offer information, advice and
                                                                            resources to interested landowners to help them steward the
                                                                            land they love in a way that contributes to healthier, more
                                                                            biodiverse, more resilient Niagara Escarpment ecosystems.
                                                                              Through free site-visits BTC staff and volunteers can offer
                                                                            guidance to landowners about:
                                                                              ● environmentally-friendly land management practices and
                                                                              ● identifying and controlling invasive species;
                                                                              ● sourcing and planting native flowers, shrubs, and trees;
                                                                              ● maintaining wildlife-friendly habitats (especially for rare
                                                                                 and at-risk species);
                                                                              ● opportunities to involve volunteers in larger projects;
                                                                              ● opportunities to permanently preserve land.
                                                                              Although still in its infancy, our new Landowner
                                                                            Stewardship Program draws on the experience and expertise of
                                                                            our Land Stewardship Program, which cares for BTC-managed
                                                                            land, and our Landowner Relations Program, which fosters
                                                                            and strengthens relationships with our landowners. We are
                                                                            excited to build on both of these programs to develop a
                                                                            community of environmental stewards that will ensure further
 Photo: Lyndsey Wilkerson

                                                                            preservation of our ribbon of wilderness.

                                                        Native shrubs and   For more information on the program, or to arrange a site visit,
                                                      flowers ready to be
                                                   planted in a backyard.   contact Lyndsey Wilkerson, BTC Landowner Stewardship Coordinator
                                                                            at 1-800-665-4453 ext. 232 or •

10                          BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                                                   SPRING 2020
One step at a time

                                                                           ECHO WOMEN’S HOODED
                                                                           The Echo Hoody is built with UPF sun protection
                                                                           and Polygiene® od
                                                                                           dor control, which makes it the
                                                                           latest way to worrk out in one ultra-lightweight,
                                                                           superbly breathab
                                                                                           ble training top.

                                                                           MEN’S WIILD SKY WATER-
                                                                           PROOF HIKING BOOTS
                                                                           Day hike, thru-hike, light hike, or your most epic
                                                                           hike, this boot keeps every trail possibility open
                                                                           with a just-right m
                                                                                             mix of technical performance and
                                                                               around trail com
Land Acquisition Successes
MapleCross Nature Reserve at River &         the property. Its healthy, coldwater
Ruin – Iroquoia section                      creek and associated riparian areas pro-
Lowville, Map 10                             vide habitat for the endangered Spiny
69 acres preserved                           Softshell Turtle and American Eel, and
1.5 km of trail secured                      many other species including Great Blue
The MapleCross Nature Reserve at River       Heron, Rainbow Trout, and Wood Duck.
& Ruin is a 69-acre oasis of natural land    The regenerating meadow and mixed,
in the community of Lowville, north of       mature forest which make up the rest of
Burlington. As its name suggests, this       the property provide varied habitats and
property features a lively watercourse       are home to an impressive array of
and, tucked in the forest, the remains of    established bird populations including
a limestone house from the early 1800s.      Yellow Warbler, Great Crested
  The River & Ruin Side Trail has passed     Flycatcher, and American Redstart.
through this land for many years, by           This critical acquisition ensures that
permission of the private landowner.         over 1.5 km of the Bruce Trail will be
When the landowner was ready to sell         permanently secured on the property
the land the fall of 2019, the Bruce Trail   and significant natural habitat will be
Conservancy was able to purchase and         preserved in the rapidly-growing
protect it thanks to generous financial      Burlington area.
support from The MapleCross Fund and           This nature reserve was made possible
from Environment and Climate Change          with the financial contribution of:
  This scenic nature reserve sits within a
designated Environmentally Sensitive
Area (ESA) and the Bruce Trail has been
routed to lay lightly on the land. A 600                                                 MapleCross Nature Reserve at River & Ruin
m stretch of Bronte Creek runs through

                                                                                        Mactaggart – Peninsula section
                                                                                        Lion’s Head, Map 38
                                                                                        0.93 acres preserved
                                                                                        63 m Bruce Trail Optimum Route secured
                                                                                        The Mactaggarts generously donated to
                                                                                        the Bruce Trail Conservancy a beautiful
                                                                                        sliver of land high atop the Escarpment
                                                                                        overlooking Barrow Bay on the Lion’s
                                                                                        Head peninsula. Surrounded by Lion’s
                                                                                        Head Provincial Nature Reserve, this
                                                                                        small but crucial piece of the puzzle pro-
                                                                                        vides greater connectivity of protected
                                                                                        land in the area and secures 63 m of the
                                                                                        Bruce Trail’s Optimum Route. •


12      BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                                                               SPRING 2020
Two New Conservation                                                       Lookout near Skinner’s

In communities all along the Niagara Escarpment,
the Bruce Trail Conservancy’s nature reserves and

                                                                                                                          Photo: Janette Baillie
protected natural areas are keeping unique
Escarpment ecosystems intact, protecting rare and
at-risk species, and offering more opportunities for
us to connect with the natural world.
                                                                       Skinner’s Woo
These special spaces, together with parks, conservation areas
and other protected lands form a patchwork of preserved
natural area. Throughout the year, we work to fill the spaces in
that patchwork, with your help.

With each new acquisition of land, you are helping us weave a
ribbon of wilderness, preserving more expansive, continuous
tracts along our conservation corridor. And step by step, side
by side, your support is helping permanently secure more and
more of the Bruce Trail.

We know that by protecting a footpath, we gain something
far greater - a vibrant legacy for future generations.

Today, we have the opportunity to create two new nature
reserves, if we act now.

Skinner’s Woods – Sydenham section
100 acres, 455 m of Bruce Trail Optimum Route

High on the Escarpment cliffs, near the lookout at Skinner’s Bluff,
Skinner’s Woods offers expansive views of Georgian Bay and large
tracts of undisturbed mature forest. Surrounded by protected
land to the west and east, this important acquisition will com-
plete a missing link and create an uninterrupted conservation cor-
ridor along the Niagara Escarpment.

The Bruce Trail runs along the northern edge of Skinner’s Woods,
and with the protection of this property, the Trail will continue to
provide access to a fabulous lookout to hikers for years to come.
                                                                                                                                           Photo: Terry Sohl

The rest of the property will remain undisturbed and stewarded
to protect its ecological health. The rich forest will continue to
provide important habitat for sensitive species requiring large
tracts of woodland for their long-term survival, such as the Black            Ovenbird
Bear, Least Flycatcher and Ovenbird.

                                                         continued >

W W W. B R U C E T R A I L . O R G                                                                BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE   13
Lime Kiln Bluffs – Blue Mountains section
    36 acres, 710 m of Bruce Trail Optimum Route

    Nestled in the Clearview Township of Simcoe County, Lime Kiln
    Bluffs is a microcosm of iconic geologic, ecological and cultural
    features of the Niagara Escarpment.

    Tucked at the southern end of the property is the Franks Lime
    Kiln. Recently restored with help from our Blue Mountains
    Bruce Trail Club this historic artifact from the mid-1800s is one
    of the few remaining of its kind in Ontario and will remain safe-
    ly accessible for hikers to visit.
    Further north a ridge of dolostone rises above the lime kiln

                                                                                                                                                                                              Photo: Kevin Durfy
    area, with classic examples of Escarpment crevices and out-
    crops. This ridge, and the mixed forest it supports, creates a sig-
    nificant wildlife corridor inhabited by rare and threatened                                                                          Bluffs
                                                                                                                  Crevice near Lime Kiln
    species like the Ocellated Darner dragonfly, Northern Long-
    Eared Bat, and the Massasauga Rattlesnake. Together with the
    surrounding protected lands, the property forms a large local
    swath of conservation land for native species like Hart’s Tongue
    Fern, Butternut and Stiff Yellow Flax.

    To create these two nature reserves and steward them into the
    future, we need to raise $482,000.

    Your generous gift today can help extend our
    conservation corridor by 136 acres and over 1 km of
    Bruce Trail Optimum Route, and ensure these two
    natural areas are preserved forever.
    Join us in creating a permanently protected, rich tapestry of

                                                                                                                                                                      Photo: Brian Pop
    Niagara Escarpment natural landscape that will be enjoyed by
    generations to come.
                                                                                                                                                   Lime Kiln Bluf

    Donate today at
    Or by phone at 1-800-665-4453 or by mailing the form below to Bruce Trail Conservancy, PO Box 857, Hamilton, ON L8N 3N9

    Yes, I want to preserve Skinner’s Woods and Lime Kiln Bluffs.
    Enclosed is my: ❍ Monthly Gift:                        $ _______________ / month

                             ❍ Single Gift:                ❍ $250                 ❍ $100                 ❍ $50            ❍ $ _______________ other

    Payment by:              ❍ Cheque (payable to The Bruce Trail Conservancy or marked “Void” if pledging)      ❍ Mastercard            ❍ Visa

    Card #: _____________________________________________ Expiry Date: _____________ Signature: _____________________________________________________

    Name:_______________________________________________ Member# _________________________ Email: ________________________________________________
                                                                                                                  Your email is confidential and will not be shared with 3rd parties.

    ❍ I am interested in learning more about making a gift to Bruce Trail Conservancy in my will.
    ❍ I have included the Bruce Trail Conservancy in my will.
    If donations to the profiled properties exceed the required funds, or the BTC is not able to secure the profiled properties, your donation will be used to secure and
    steward other lands within the Bruce Trail’s conservation corridor.

    14      BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                                                                                                           SPRING 2020
Photo: Alan J. Castonguay
Volunteer Corner
                                                      short time. Any form of volunteering for                   Operational Resources, at
Seeking Nominations                                   the Bruce Trail Conservancy may be               
for Volunteer Awards                                  considered for this award.                              2) Submit completed nomination to
                                                                                                        by June 1
Do you know an outstanding volunteer?                 Honorary Membership
                                                                                                              See all past recipients of these awards at
Someone who has gone above and                        The Bruce Trail Conservancy Honorary
                                                                                                     > Resources > Volunteer
beyond in support of the Bruce Trail and              Membership is a prestigious award given
                                                                                                              Resources > Volunteer Awards. •
the work of the Bruce Trail Conservancy?              to a member who has made a lasting,
Help us recognize their remarkable                    significant volunteer
contribution by nominating them for                   contribution to the
one of our annual volunteer awards.                   organization at both the Club
  These awards have been established to               and Conservancy levels. The
honour those who have made an                         nominee must have
exceptional contribution to the Bruce                 demonstrated leadership,
Trail Conservancy and to formally                     innovation, and commitment
recognize the time, skills, enthusiasm                and have accomplished
and passion they have shared in support               significant achievements in
of our mission.                                       furthering the Bruce Trail
                                                      Conservancy mission. The
Volunteer of the Year Award                           recipient is awarded a
                                                      certificate and a
The Volunteer of the Year Award
                                                      complimentary lifetime
recognizes a volunteer who has shown
extraordinary contributions to the Bruce
Trail Conservancy within a single year
(from April of the previous year to April             How to Nominate a

                                                                                                                                                           Photo: Mike DiPaola
of the current year). The award is not
intended to recognize a lifetime of                   1) Request a nomination form
contributions as that would preclude                     for either award from Jackie
volunteers who have been with us for a                   Randle, BTC Director of

The Calypso Orchid Environmental Award

Call for Nominations for the 2020 Calypso Orchid Award
Help us recognize the heros of the Niagara Escarpment. We want to honour
those individuals or groups who have made a difference for the future of the
Niagara Escarpment though restoration initiatives, preservation work,
and/or education.
  The Calypso Orchid Environmental                    Reserve, or significantly enhanced the                  How to Nominate an Individual or Group:
Award is awarded to an individual,                    education of users or potential users of                1) Request a nomination form from
volunteer group, institution or company               the Trail and/or the Niagara Escarpment                    Jackie Randle, BTC Director of
that has demonstrated significant                     Biosphere Reserve. The recipient needs                     Operational Resources, at
contribution to the restoration and                   not be a member of the Bruce Trail               
preservation of the Bruce Trail and/or                Conservancy.                                            2) Submit completed nomination to
the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere                                                                        by June 1

16     BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                                                                                  SPRING 2020
Friendship Trails - Costa Rica

Volunteer Vacation Webinar in April                                                     and Beaver Valley Club Past President,
                                                                                        will share insights from her experience
                                                                                        coordinating and participating in 6 of
Since 2016, six groups of Bruce Trail      way for volunteers and hiking enthusi-
                                                                                        these volunteer vacations to Sendero
Conservancy volunteers have assisted       asts to contribute to trails and learn new
                                                                                        Pacifico. There will be opportunities for
the community of San Luis, Costa           skills while exploring Costa Rican culture
                                                                                        questions and discussion.
Rica in building and improving the         and supporting local economy.
                                                                                          To register for the webinar, contact
Sendero Pacifico – one of the BTC’s          Interested in learning more? Join the
                                                                                        Jackie Randle at
nine international Friendship Trails.      BTC and World Trails Network – Hub for
                                                                                        The exact date in April will be deter-
Two more groups are heading out            the Americas (WTN-Americas) for a webi-
                                                                                        mined based on the presenters’ sched-
this year.                                 nar this April. Nat Scrimshaw, Chair of
                                                                                        ules. For those unable to join, the webi-
  The next opportunities for these         the WTN-Americas, will outline the
                                                                                        nar will be recorded and shared on the
volunteer vacations will be January to     opportunities and share what to expect
                                                                                        Bruce Trail Conservancy website. •
April 2021, and customized tours can       from booking your vacation to arriving
be set up at any time of the year.         in Costa Rica to the volunteer work
These small group trips are a fulfilling   involved. Ros Rossetti, BTC volunteer

  Sendero Pacifico, Costa Rica

                                                                                                                                Photo: Kojoty

W W W. B R U C E T R A I L . O R G                                                                     BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                     17
Photo: Debbie Demizio
C O R P O R AT E Volunteering
                                                                                         together. This program serves as a great
As the classic saying goes, ‘many hands make                                             teambuilding exercise and provides us
                                                                                         with support in our continued work to
light work’. Few sayings could be applied in so                                          preserve and maintain Niagara
many contexts to the Bruce Trail Conservancy                                             Escarpment land. In addition to their
                                                                                         wonderful contribution of labour, these
as this one, and it most certainly applies to the                                        groups also make a financial donation
                                                                                         to the Bruce Trail Conservancy to offset
BTC’s Corporate Volunteering program.                                                    any costs associated with their event
                                                                                         and to support our mission.
  Corporate volunteering has become an       Conservancy, it provides us with a way        In 2019, 14 corporate volunteer
increasingly popular method for a range      to gather a large group of eager hands to   groups joined us for important
of companies and organizations to            work on a single project that needs doing   rehabilitation work on Bruce Trail
engage their employees in new ways and       on one of our Bruce Trail Conservancy       Conservancy properties. Activities
give back to their local communities.        properties.                                 included planting of wildflowers,
Groups select an organization and              A typical day for a corporate volunteer   removal of invasive species such as
provide an opportunity for their             group on the Bruce Trail includes both      buckthorn and garlic mustard, and trail
employees to step away from their desks      an interpretive hike and an important       clean-up. Collectively these corporate
for a day in order to volunteer together     trail or land stewardship activity for      volunteer groups donated over $15,000
for that organization. For the Bruce Trail   which we need multiple people working       in 2019 in support of our mission.
                                                                                           Our corporate volunteering events are
                                                                                         remarkably fulfilling. After a full day out
                                                                                         on the Trail, participants not only see
                                                                                         the tangible positive impact they have
                                                                                         had on the land and the Trail, they also
                                                                                         feel the positive effects of spending time
                                                                                         in nature and giving back to an
                                                                                         important cause.
                                                                                           Do you know an organization or
                                                                                         business that is looking for a corporate
                                                                                         volunteering opportunity?

                                                                                         Learn more at >
                                                                                         Get Involved > Volunteering >
                                                                                         Corporate Volunteering

18    BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                                                             SPRING 2020
Photo: The Wenders Hiking Group
     Share Your Bruce Trail Story
     A new column featuring stories from our community.

For over 50 years, people have been exploring, building, and                          • Submissions may also be selected to be
                                                                                        featured in one of other
sharing the Bruce Trail. During this time, our wonderful                                communication channels including
footpath has been the setting, and occasionally the main                                emails, newsletters, fundraising
                                                                                        materials and social media. If so, you
character, in stories of adventure, love, inspiration, hardship,                        may be contacted by one of our staff
comradery, surprise, reflection, joy, and more. Our Bruce                               for more details.
                                                                                      • Stories received may be edited for
Trail community abounds with stories.                                                   length and clarity. You will have the
                                                                                        opportunity to see any edits before it
  In the next issue of Bruce Trail        • Any submitted stories must be the           goes to print.
Magazine, we will launch a new              original work of the author. Stories      • Submissions will be accepted
Share Your Bruce Trail Story column to      may be published anonymously if the         throughout the year and do not need
feature your stories and bring to light     author desires. Previously published        to be resubmitted for consideration in
the many ways the Bruce Trail has           work is acceptable and should be            future issues.
affected our lives.                         indicated as such.                        • Submit new stories as often as you
  We want to hear your Bruce Trail        • Any submission that promotes actions        would like. Stories from the same
story. What role has the Bruce Trail        conflicting with the Bruce Trail Users’     author will not be published within
played in your life? What experiences,      Code, or illegal or inappropriate           4 issues (1 year) of each other. •
memories, or traditions have been born      activities, will be disqualified.
on the Trail? As a member, volunteer,
donor, landowner, or hiker why have
you chosen to be part of our
community? From life-changing end-to-
ends, to friendships made, to seemingly
ordinary moments. Every story is
  Submit your story to us at any time
online or by email and you may see it
featured in an upcoming issue of
Bruce Trail Magazine.

• Submissions may be made via online
  form at > News &
  Events > Bruce Trail Magazine or by
  email to
• Submissions can take the form of
  essay, poem, lyrics, journal or blog
  and should be no longer than 600
• While submissions do not have to be
  about hiking, all stories must relate
  directly to an experience on or with
  the Bruce Trail.
• Entrants are encouraged to include an
                                                                                                                        Photo: Kevin Dribnenki

  accompanying photo.

W W W. B R U C E T R A I L . O R G                                                               BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                            19
Realizing the Dream

Leaving a Legacy – a love story                                        By Janice McClelland & Don Blok

Janice and Don are among the generous individuals who have chosen to include
the Bruce Trail Conservancy in their wills. Here they reveal what inspired their
decision... and give us a glimpse into their Bruce Trail love story.
   We met on a Bruce Trail hike in          of the Bruce Trail Conservancy.                       lawyer advised us regarding different
March 1986. Love shone upon us and             During our wonderful times on the                  ways of providing for others and we
soon we shared more hikes on the Bruce      Trail, and through our deepening                      confirmed the best way for us.
Trail, in the White Mountains, and in       involvement, we saw first-hand the                        Sharing nature along the Trail with
Cape Breton.                                enormous contributions that volunteers                children, grandchildren and great grand-
                                            make towards fulfilling the BTC’s conser-             children was, and is, an important and
                                            vation and land maintenance efforts.                  happy part of our family life. And the
                                            Like many, our experiences with the                   friends we have made through the Bruce
                                            Trail have impressed on us the impor-                 Trail are invaluable. We could not ask for
                                            tance of the organization’s mission to                more as we age and our perspectives on
                                            preserve a ribbon of wilderness for future            what’s important in life evolve.
                                            generations. We’ve been passionate                        Including the Bruce Trail
                                            donors for many years, and we are so                  Conservancy in our wills is not only a
                                            proud of the eight beautiful green pins               way for us to say that nature matters to
                                            we’ve received that respectively say, “I              us in this part of Ontario, it’s also a way
                                            helped save... Duntroon Crevice Heights,              to say thank you to the Bruce Trail
                                            Lawrence Homestead, Fairmount-                        Conservancy for making our lives more
                                            Webwood Passage, Walter’s Creek,                      worthwhile and endowing us with a
                                            Vanishing Stream, Kemble Wetland,                     broad circle of friends who have greatly
                                            Maple Ridge and Driftwood Cove.”                      enriched life’s experiences. •
                                               In 2011 we made the decision to draw
                                            up our wills and included the Bruce Trail
   The Bruce Trail continued to be an       Conservancy as one of our beneficiaries.                   If you would like more information
important part of our lives following our   We’ve since reviewed our wills and made                     on how to make a gift in your will,
wedding in 1988, and through two            a change to ensure that, balancing all                       please contact Gloria Vidovich at
moves which eventually found us in          interests, the Bruce Trail Conservancy                or
Erin Township in the Caledon Hills sec-     had a more substantial portion of what-                           905-529-6821, ext 248.
tion of the Bruce Trail. As soon as we      ever our humble estate will be. Our
could raise our noses above the high
waters of renovating our old farmhouse
in Erin, we began volunteering with the
Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club.
   Many more happy Bruce Trail memo-
ries were made throughout the 2000s.
Don celebrated his 80th birthday in
2005 with friends and family at the
Niagara Gorge on a hike led by Beth
Gilhespy, then Executive Director. Janice
completed the entire Bruce Trail from
2004–2007, in a series of hikes led by
volunteers Peter Ellison, and Peter and
Judy Leeney, with Don joining in some
                                                                                                                                              Photo: Cranbrook Science

of the more northerly sections.
   In 2011, Janice retired and extended
her volunteer activities to include the
BTC Board of Directors and from 2013–          Heart-shaped leaves of Wild Ginger (Asarum canadense)
2015, served as the volunteer President
20    BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                                                                       SPRING 2020
Donor Recognition Evening 2019
Each year we are humbled by the generosity of our donors    Thank you to all our Donors
and their commitment to furthering the mission of the Bruce and Supporters
                                                            The Bruce Trail Conservancy greatly
Trail Conservancy. In celebration of all that donors make   appreciates each and every gift we receive.
possible, the Bruce Trail Conservancy hosted our annual     This past quarter 3,064 donors chose to
                                                            make a gift. We sincerely value this
Donor Recognition Evening on November 7, 2019. Nearly       patronage and would like to acknowledge
200 donors gathered at the Burlington Arts Centre to be     the following recent donations:

honoured and to applaud the conservation successes of the
                                                             The MapleCross Fund            $ 1,000,000
past year. The record turnout was wonderful and reflected    Anonymous                          500,000
our growing donor community.                                 Estate of Alan S. Shaw             471,197
                                                                                     David Kendall & Grecia Mayers          352,069
  During the evening, we heard a         donors alike were recognized, enjoyed
moving address from Dr. Philip R.        lovely live music and food, and shared      Patrick J. McNally
Gosling, Bruce Trail founder and         stories of their connection to and          Charitable Foundation                  300,000
Honorary BTC President, and a personal   passion for the Bruce Trail.                Nature Conservancy of Canada’s
greeting from Burlington Mayor,            The Bruce Trail Conservancy is
                                                                                     Natural Areas Conservation Program     144,500
Marianne Meed-Ward. Awards were          honoured by the support and trust
presented to those donors reaching new   placed in our organization. We are          Estate of Martin Gibson                101,061
levels of cumulative donations to the    grateful for all donors’ contributions as   Anonymous                               80,000
Bruce Trail Conservancy during the       each is ensuring a natural legacy that
                                                                                     Estate of Marie Blazic                  55,000
2018-19 fiscal year. New and long-term   will be preserved forever. •
                                                                                     TAKLA Foundation                        50,000
                                                                                     Dr. William Pearson                     30,000
                                                                                     The Gosling Foundation                  25,000
                                                                                     Anonymous                               24,564
                                                                                     The Centre for Skills Development
                                                                                     & Training                              21,000
                                                                                     KEEN Canada Outdoors Inc                20,000
                                                                                     John & June Rossall                     15,990
                                                  Honorary BTC President
  BTC CEO Michael McDonald                        Dr. Philip R. Gosling
                                                                                     Duncan Marks & Nadia Dubyk              10,449
                                                                                     Scott Lorriman & Marleen Grolman        10,156
                                                                                     Airlie Foundation                       10,000
                                                                                     St. Catharines Roadrunners & Walkers    10,000
                                                                                     Caledon Hills BTC                       10,000
                                                                                     Douglas Scott Collins                   10,000
                                                                                     Brian & Colleen Johnston                10,000
                                                                                     Brenda Polzler                          10,000
                                                                                     Barbara Reuber & Family                 10,000
                                                                                     David A. Spall                          10,000

W W W. B R U C E T R A I L . O R G                                                                 BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE           21

     Congratulations to our members who have completed an End-to-End of the entire Bruce Trail –
     an extraordinary physical and personal journey. The following are members who received their
     End-to-End recognition in 2019.
     E2E# Name                       #of Times   E2E# Name                           #of Times   E2E# Name                     #of Times
     3553 Smith, Arthur              3rd Time    3605 Duggan, Christopher                        3657 Scobie, Brent
     3554 Wilson, Christopher                    3606 Drummond, Marlene                          3658 Fodor, Lilla
     3555 Schott, Natalie                        3607 Drummond, Christopher                      3659 Moffatt, Donna
     3556 Smith-Brodie, Jill                     3608 Elliott, Paul                              3660 Gillham, Maureen
     3557 Blouw, Lynn                            3609 Fildey, Camille                            3661 Nelson, Carol
     3558 Corey, JoAnn                           3610 McFadgen, D Neil               6th Time    3662 Metson, Heather
     3559 Sands, Donna                           3611 Mitchell, Cheryl               4th Time    3663 Winter, Bruce
     3560 Zhao, Jing                             3612 Collings, Glenda                           3664 Whelan, Jerry
     3561 Wu, Jeffrey                            3613 Gooch, Pat                                 3665 Smith, Steve
     3562 Wang, Lan Tao                          3614 Huizinga, Ron                              3666 Purkis, Chris
     3563 Peng, Huichun                          3615 Huizinga, Debbie                           3667 Wilson, Tamara
     3564 Liu, Xiaodong                          3616 Chamberlain, Dennis                        3668 Couture, Ronda
     3565 Sun, Li Helen                          3617 Zehr, Rosemary                             3669 Gangong, Elizabeth
     3566 Fu, Dongmei                            3618 De Brabandere-Garrett, Fran   2nd Time     3670 Coons, Richard M
     3567 Miranda, Vanessa                       3619 Hotz, Anita                                3671 Cooper, Barb
     3568 Schilger, Troy                         3620 Jackson, Viola                             3672 Manning, Gail
     3569 Giles, Ann                 2nd Time    3621 Langlois, Brenda                           3673 Welsh, Dan              13th Time
     3570 Harper, Doris              2nd Time    3622 Mooney, Nancy                              3674 Wilson, Ann
     3571 Grieve, Danny                          3623 Radbourne, Marilyn                         3675 Attridge, Carolyn
     3572 Grieve, Ken                            3624 Walter, Judy                               3676 Grandioux, Veronique
     3573 Zhang, Sarah                           3625 Miller, Jamie                              3677 Hook, Michael
     3574 Sheehan, Tony                          3626 Miller, Robert                             3678 Gibbings, Amy
     3575 Sheehan, Nancy                         3627 Ng, Amanda                                 3679 Bristow, Cheryl
     3576 Balle, Brigitte                        3628 Kim, Kyoung Hwan                           3680 O’Dell, Margaret        2nd Time
     3577 Yungblut, Doug                         3629 Challen, Dave                              3681 Price, Trevor
     3578 Couch, Denice                          3630 Challen, Mary                              3682 Ewert, Margaret          4th Time
     3579 Borley, John                           3631 Craig, Thomas                              3683 Ewert, Gary              4th Time
     3580 Stokes, Andrew                         3632 Stark, Jim                                 3684 Ewert, Margaret          5th Time
     3581 Petley, Jeff               6th Time    3633 Stark, Liz                                 3685 Ewert, Gary              5th Time
     3582 Emslie, Linda                          3634 Gaudry, Patricia                           3686 Zhao, Andrew
     3583 Boyle, Isobel                          3635 Dalglish, Brenda               3rd Time    3687 Parker, Arlene
     3584 Karac, Svem                            3636 Kelly, David                               3688 Azubalis, Emily
     3585 Bowden, Elizabeth                      3637 Kelly, Elaine                              3689 Lang, Christopher
     3586 Gilbert, William                       3638 Kerling, Judy                              3690 Welsh, Dan              14th Time
     3587 Swan, Gord                 2nd Time    3639 Kerling,Jim                                3691 Sobrian, Skeeta
     3588 Swan, Marcia               2nd Time    3640 Klimaszewski, Karen                        3692 Van Dyke, Jacquie        5th Time
     3589 Swan, Megan                            3641 Cox, Derek                                 3693 Quizi, Tony
     3590 Crawford-Holland, Maxime               3642 Guevara, Charlene                          3694 MacDougall, Marg
     3591 Schofield, Jennifer                    3643 Guevara, Alan                              3695 Nisbet, Fiona            7th Time
     3592 Raymond, Andre                         3644 Cairns, Cindy                              3696 Nisbet, Fiona            8th Time
     3593 Nielsen, Janice                        3645 Davidson, Neil                             3697 Moffatt, Ruth
     3594 Tworzyanski, Teri                      3646 Walton, Rob                                3698 Kishimoto, Barb
     3595 Szilassy, Elizabeth                    3647 Walton, Karen                              3699 Henry, Judi
     3596 Cropp, Diane               5th Time    3648 Koren, Han                                 3700 Rzymkowski, Liz
     3597 Tewinkel, Tammy                        3649 Koren, Danielle                            3701 Snarr, Kymberley
     3598 Davidson, Carolyn                      3650 Kerr, Sharon                   9th Time    3702 Shaw, Heather
     3599 Lambert, Lynn                          3651 Kerr, Sharon                  10th Time    3703 Ratych, Anne Marie
     3600 Pierce, Merrill                        3652 Kim, Susan                                 3704 Warford, Roxanne
     3601 Pierce, Stephen                        3653 Son, Jeanie                                3705 Chan, Sarah
     3602 Corner, Margaret           6th Time    3654 Chung, Tommy                               3706 Chan, Mia
     3603 Junkin, Smadar             8th Time    3655 Greenfield, Kinsey                         3707 Green, Sandra           2nd Time
     3604 Duggan, Zoey                           3656 Scobie, Peggy                              3708 Green, Sandra            3rd Time

22       BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                                                                SPRING 2020
   E2E# Name                         #of Times   E2E# Name                         #of Times   E2E# Name                            #of Times
    3709 Kim, Chang Rak                          3731 McNally, Diane                            3754 Manion, Bruce                  2nd Time
    3710 Duke, Anthony                           3732 Lin, Alina                  2nd Time      3755 Weber, Don
    3711 Murch, Heather              2nd Time    3733 Pemberton, Norm                           3756 Weber, Sandra
    3712 Ogier, Diane                            3734 Donoghue, John                            3757 Weber, Don                     2nd Time
    3713 Belore, Elaine                          3735 Young, Don                   9th Time     3758 Weber, Sandra                  2nd Time
    3714 Martin, Laurel                          3736 Young, Don                  10th Time     3759 Blanco Lugo, Carlos Santiago
    3715 Weare, Dean                             3737 Martin-Mendonca, Brigitte                 3760 Kempling, Jennifer
    3716 Jackson, Ronald                         3738 Mendonca, Davide                          3761 Lyons, Dan
    3717 Deacon, Marty                           3739 Guthro, Gary                              3762 Kwasnicki, Katie
    3718 Gibson, John                            3740 Madter, Rebecca                           3763 Melanson, Brent                2nd Time
    3719 McKerlie, Katie                         3741 Madter, James                             3764 White, Steven
    3720 Klassen, Peter                          3742 Wilson, Anne-Marie                        3765 Giliauskas, Susan
    3721 Junkin, Smadar              9th Time    3743 Wilson, John                              3766 Giliauskas, Elmars
    3722 Amatuzio, Lynn                          3744 Limion, Kristine                          3767 Brocklebank, Gord              2nd Time
    3723 Amatuzio, Mia                           3745 Herschmiller, Sean                        3768 Robertson, Bryon
    3724 McFadgen, D Neil            7th Time    3747 Zinn, Bonnie                18th Time     3769 Chamberlain, Dennis            2nd Time
    3725 Mullin, Katherine                       3748 Morris, Neal                              3770 Rycroft, John
    3726 Chan, Molly                             3749 Carruthers, Mike                          3771 Corner, Margaret               7th Time
    3727 Ford, Harold                            3750 McNally, Brian
    3728 Swanson, Carol                          3751 Smith, Art                   4th Time
    3729 Kraemer, Jim                            3752 Ng, Siu Kuen (Rebecca)       3rd Time
    3730 Lasiuk, Teresa                          3753 Zehr, Rosemary              2nd Time

Record Number of End-to-End Recognitions in 2019
   A remarkable 218 members received                What was it about 2019 that made           spring, temperate summer, long fall)?
   their End-to-End recognition in 2019          it such a remarkable year for End-to-         Increased interest in our Club End-to-
                                                 End recognition? The peak of                  End events? Increased awareness of
   – more than in any of the past 10
                                                 End-to-Ends in 2017 could be                  the Bruce Trail? It is hard to say for
   years. Some completed the whole               attributed to our 50th Anniversary            sure, but we are thrilled to recognize
   trail within the year. Others finished        and the motivation that created. But          the efforts of these accomplished
   off that final section after years of         what about 2019? Was it the                   hikers. •
   hiking. And still others finally              particularly good hiking weather (dry
   compiled their hike logs from
   previous years and submitted them.

W W W. B R U C E T R A I L . O R G                                                                                BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE          23
Trail Changes & Notices                                                          N O V E M B E R 2019  J A N UA RY 2020, P O S T E D I T I O N 29

Map 2 – Reroute
With the completion of the new bridge
over the railway between Concession 6
and Mewburn Road, the Bruce Trail has
been routed back to its previous location.
New main Trail = 3.4 km

                                             Map 18 – Seasonal reroute                           Map 24 - Annual Closures
                                             This trail change is in effect seasonally,          By request of the landowners two season-
                                             December 1 – April 1. A portion of the              al closures are in place annually:
                                             main Trail is closed to hikers and snow-            1) A segment of the Bruce Trail as shown
                                             shoers, but remains open for the exclu-             on the map is closed November 1 - May 1.
                                             sive use of cross-country skiers. This              2) The northern portion of the Mission
                                             route is denoted as a purple dashed line            Road Side Trail is closed December 1-
                                             on the map here.                                    May 1 and rerouted to avoid an outdoor
IROQUOIA                                       A 500 m alternate route has been                  ice skating trail. As a result, Scenic Caves
Map 11 – Annual Closure                      opened to accommodate hiking and                    Road will act as the winter thoroughfare.
The trail system within Kelso Conservation   snowshoeing only; skiing is not allowed             Annually Closed Trail = 640 m
Area will be closed throughout the winter    on this section.                                    Winter Thoroughfare = 400 m
till April 15 in order to accommodate the      In addition, a loop trail named Peter’s
ski season. The temporary route follows      Path has been created exclusively for
Appleby Line.                                snowshoeing, passing through pine and
Temporary Route = 1 km                       spruce plantations, open grasslands and
                                             regenerating fields.
                                             Length of Winter Hiking Route – 0.5 km
                                             Length of Peter’s Path – 1.5 km

                                                                                                 BEAVER VALLEY
                                                                                                 Map 26 – Beaver Valley Ski Club Annual
                                                                                                 The Bruce Trail will be annually closed
CALEDON HILLS                                                                                    on the Beaver Valley Ski Club property
Map 17 – Highway 9 crossing                                                                      from November 1 to May 1 along the
The Bruce Trail now follows Highway 9                                                            section from Grey Road 30 northbound
enabling hikers to cross the highway at      BLUE MOUNTAINS                                      to the end of Windy Lane Dr. The west-
the lights on Airport Rd.                    Map 23 - Petun Side Trail - Annual Closure          ern portion of the Valley Crossover Side
Decommissioned trail = 110 m                 Part of the Petun Side Trail as denoted             Trail leading into the Beaver Valley Ski
New main Trail = 1.2 km                      on the map will be closed annually from             Club from Beaver Trail Rd is also part of
                                             December 1st through to March 31st.                 this closure. Hiking will not be permit-
                                                                                                 ted anywhere within the ski club proper-
                                                                                                 ty between these dates. In order to help
                                                                                                 us continue to maintain this long stand-

24     BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                                                                           SPRING 2020
ing positive relationship, please respect    looking a marsh and shallow open water.
the wishes of the Beaver Valley Ski Club.      A short Birch Camp Side Trail heads
                                             north into a scenic birch forest and leads
                                             to a small overnight rest area (ORA) for
                                             Bruce Trail through-hikers. This ORA pro-
                                             vides space for three tents. Back-country
                                             latrine is provided. No water available.
                                             Please practice no-trace camping.
                                             Cedar Point Side Trail = 850 m return trip
                                             Birch Camp Side Trail = 8 m

                                             Map 36 – Temporary Closure
                                             This section of trail in Cape Croker Park
                                             is closed temporarily due to flooding.
                                             The duration of this closure is currently
                                             unknown. The temporary reroute is
                                             along Park Rd.                               Map 39 – Walter Brewer Side Trail (newly
                                             Temporary Reroute = 1.8 km                   named)
                                                                                          The Forty Hills Side Trail has been
SYDENHAM                                                                                  renamed to honour Walter, a dedicated
Map 34 – Birch Camp Side Trail and                                                        volunteer and past Peninsula Bruce Trail
Overnight Rest Area (new)                                                                 Club President, for his outstanding com-
A new Cedar Point Side Trail has been                                                     mitment to the Bruce Trail and the
established leading to a scenic view over-                                                preservation of the Niagara Escarpment.•

                                             Map 37 - Trail Closure - Ivan Lemcke Side
                                             The Ivan Lemcke Side Trail is perma-
                                             nently closed due to high water levels.


W W W. B R U C E T R A I L . O R G                                                                   BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE       25
The following donors have made gifts of $100 or more to the Bruce Trail Conservancy between October 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019

Jim & Bette Abbey     Bernd Baldus          Brian Bimm &           Mark Brett & Kathy   Sue & John              David & Claudia         Susan Curry           Anne Douglas
Margaret Abra         Annette Balgord         Margaret Lynch         Denomy               Campbell                Clipsham              Estate of Winnifred   James Douglas &
Arlette Adam          Case Balk             Stephanie Bird &       Shirley-Anne Brett   Jack Candido            Spencer Closs             Curry                 Family
Christine Adams &     Daniel Balzerson &      Family               Walter Brewer        Barb Cannon             Jim Coburn &            Susan M Dahlgren      Janet Douglas
  Family                Family              Heidi Bischof          Heather Briggs       Karen Capindale-          Family                Charles Daigle &      Jill Douglas
Lee Adamson           Michael Barnard &     Elizabeth Bishenden    Ken & Heidi Brisco     Smith                 Elizabeth Cockburn        Family              Jeffrey Doyle
Agawa Canyon Inc        Family                & Family             Sheila Britton       Mick Carberry &         Robbin Coedy            Robert Daisley        Anne Dragicevic
Airlie Foundation     Caroline Barnes       Melanie Bissett        Matthew Broadbent      Family                Teresa Coelho           Colin Dalglish        Michael Drainie
Nadia Akbarali        Judy Barr             Jonathan Black           & Family           James D. Carfrae        Coffee Tree Roastery    Brien Dane            Michael Druker
Charles Alexander     Alexander Barratt     Peter Blackmere &      Anne Broadhead &     Jim Carfrae             Brian Cohen             Elizabeth Darling     Germaine Drury &
                      Greg Barratt            Family                 Joe Genovese       Wendy Carlan            Bonnie C. Cohoe         Colleen Darrell &       Family
Nancy Allan
                      Margaret Barron       Peter & Janice         Alison Brock         Annie B. Carlisle       Kathryn Colantonio        Gregory Huffman     Margaret Duff
Robert Allen                                  Blathwayt
Susan Allen           Bernard Barry                                Gordon Brocklebank   Brad Carr & Susan       Jeffrey Cole            Pete & Esme Davies    Robert & Mary Lou
                                            Lynn Blaxley           Seanna-Lin Brodie-     Wagler                                        Andrew Davis            Duits
Hugh & Diana Alley    Barbara Bartle &                                                                          Michael Cole
                        Family              Estate of Marie          Keys               Irene & John Carroll                            Brenda Davis &        Karen Dunk-Green
Peter & Heather                               Blazic                                                            Marilyn Coleman &
  Allsop & Family     Tony & Joan Barton                           Andrea Brown         Jim & Velma Carroll       Family                  Family              William Dunlop
                                            Bloom Depot Inc        Dana & Jane Brown    Paula Carson                                    Ines Davis
Eleni Alpous          Cyrus Barucha                                                                             William Coleman                               Ian Dunmore &
                                            Blue Bay Motel Ltd     Gail Brown           The Carter Family                               Jim & Elisabeth         Family
Mike Ambler           Andrew Bass                                                                               Douglas Scott Collins
                                            Karen Blunt            Gary Brown &           Foundation                                      Davis & Family      Chris Dunn
John Ambrose          David & Pat                                                                               Karen Collins
                        Batchelor           Paul Blythe &            Family             Giselle & Jeff Carter                           Rolph Davis           Greig S. Dunn
Jim Anderson &                                Family                                                            Malcolm &
                      Jonathan Batty &                             James Brown &          & family                Elizabeth Collins     Alexander Dawes &     Ron & Denise
  Family                                    Lee Boal
                        Family                                       Family             Geoffrey & Jennifer     Phyllis Colton &          Family                Duprey
Keith & Karen                               Doug Boasie                                   Carter
  Anderson &          Salome Bauman                                Karl Brown                                     Andrew Petriw         Brian Dawson &        Thomas Duyck &
  Family              Dave Baxter           Laurel Boatman         Thomas & Deborah     Jane & Trevor Carter    Katherine                 John Therrien         Family
Ann & Lydell          Michael Baxter        John Bobrel &            Brown              Andrew Cartmell           Compagnoni            The Dawson Family     Suzanne Dyke
  Andree Wiebe &                              Family               Collin Bryant        John Casey              Norman & Alison           Sharing             Laura Dymock
                      Gail Baylis                                                                                                         Foundation
  Family                                    Alan & Barbara         Pat Bryant           David Caspari &           Conquer                                     Deborah Easson &
                      Ron & Elenore           Bocking                                                                                   Dr. Michael J.
Ron Andrews             Baylis                                     Ruth Buchweitz         Jane Somerville       Linda Cooke &                                   Family
                                            Marina Bokovay                              Leah Casselman            Family                  Dawson
John & Judy           Jane Baynes                                  Jeffrey & Sheila                                                                           Mary Eastwood
  Appleton                                  John & Pauline Boll      Buckingham         Consuelo Castillo &     John Cookman            Ted & Jayne Dawson
                      Maggie Baynham                                                                                                                          Kathy Edgar
Susan M. Arbuckle                           Christine Bolus-       Carol Budge            Family                Stephen Cool            Candida Dcosta
                      Susan Beach &                                                                                                                           Richard Edwards
Barry Arbus                                   Reichert & Family    Leslie & John        Wayne & Elizabeth       Frank & Susan           Richard De Gaetano
                        Family                                                                                                                                Valerie Edwards
Cynthia Archer                              John Borley              Buehner              Caston                  Cooney                Anne Mette De
                      Rhys Beak & Family                                                                                                  Place Filippini     George Eenling &
Susan Archibald                             Edward Borowski        Mary Lynne Buffett   Anne Cathrae            Barbara A. Cooper                               Family
                      John Beamish                                                                                                      Kirsten de Waard
Archon Systems                              Heather Bosman         Gerald Bukovinsky    Anne Caza               Margaret Corner &                             Elizabeth Egbert &
                      David Beaton &                                                                                                    Robert & Brenda
Michael Arkless &       Family              Ted & Karen            Shelley B. Bull &    Inge Cebek                Family                                        Family
                                              Bossence               Wayne Carrick      Miriam Cekuta &         Brian Cornfield           Deacoff
  Family              Gary & Patricia                                                                                                                         Tamara Ehrlich
                                            Dennis & Gloria        Jeanne Bullock         Julio Sousa           Corporate Employee      Mary Lynn Deboer
Anne & Phillip          Beaudoin                                                                                                                              David Eikelboom
  Armstrong                                   Boulton              David Burch &        The Centre for Skills     Engagement            Brian Deegan
                      Gail Bebee & Ken                                                                                                                        Janice Ekeland
Dianne & John           Kurkowski           Frank Bouma              Family               Development &         Grace Correia           Rhoda DeJonge &
                                                                                          Training                                        Johan De Zoete      Floyd Elder
  Armstrong           Robert P. Beckerson   Joanne Bourinot        Caroline Burgess &                           Kenneth Corts &
                                                                                        Bill & Sharon                                   John & Grace          Richard Ellen &
John Armstrong &        & Theresa Lavigne   Robert Bourns            Family                                       Anna-Marie                                    Family
  Family                                    Margaret Boverhof      Burgundy Asset         Chapman                 Castrodale              Dekker
                      John Bedford                                                                                                                            Thelma Eller
Judy Armstrong &                              & Family               Management Ltd     Albert Cheng            Andrew Costley          Janis Demmans &
                      Lesley Beech                                                                                                        Family              Barbara Elliott
  Family                                    Wayne Bowdish          Nicholas Burke &     Tony Cheung             James W. Couch
                      Douglas Beecroft                                                                                                  Mary Anne Denney      Cate Elliott
Richard Armstrong                           Barry Bowen &            Family             Dr. Alexander           James Couse
                      Anthony Belcher                                                     Chorley                                       Chris & Erin          Jeff Elsie & Family
Shellie Armstrong                             Family               Dwight Burkhardt                             Brian Coutts
                      Dawn Bell                                                         Mary Chorniuk                                     Descamps            Eminence Canada
Peter Ashenhurst                            George Bowman          Anna Burko                                   Robert A. Coutts
                      Floyd Bell                                                        Molly Chow &                                    George & Heather        Tourism
Richard Austin                              Jack Bowyer            David & Lin                                  Donna Cowan                                     Consulting Inc
                      Jackie Bellaire                                Burman               Family                                          Dickson
Robert & Mary Ann                           Jan Boxall                                                          Mark Cowan &                                  Michele Ennis
                      Paul Beneteau                                Kathryn Burns        Jorn Christensen                                Marilyn Dickson
  Austin                                    Doug Boy                                                              Family                                      Victor Enns &
                      Ann Beniusis                                 Marlis Butcher       Roger Christensen                               Bob & Angie
Allan Avis & Family                         Douglas Boyce                                                       Ann Cox                   DiFruscia             Family
                      Brad Bennett &                               John Buttars         Laurence & Irene
Emily Azubalis          Family              Walter & Christine                                                  Christine Craig         Stephen &             Equitable Life of
                                              Boyd & Family        Martha Butterfield     Christie
Kate Azure            Valerie Bennett &                                                                         Robert Craske             Rosemary Digby        Canada
                                            Mike Bozynski          Nina Cacciatore      Tara Christie
Les Babbage             Family                                                                                  Wayne Crockett          Doug & Jennifer       Maria Ertis
                                            Hans Brandl            Terry & Sandy        Sophie Chuchra
Mark Baccardax        L Benson                                                                                  Mary Cromie               Dipper              Corinne Ethier
                                            Jennifer Brasch          Calder             Kathy Chung
John Bachmann         Peter & Doris                                                                             Chris & Paul            David Dirks           Barbara Euler
                                            Heather & Wayne        Caledon Hills BTC    Carolyn Ciccone           Cropper
Susan M. Baerg &        Benson & Family                                                                                                 Daniel Doan           David & Sandra
  Family                                      Brassem              Josie Caliendo       Marcello Cimini         Anne Croy                                       Evans
                      Samuel Benson                                                                                                     Carol L. Dobson &
Chris Bailey                                David Braun            Scott & Margaret     Samuel Cioran           Joy Crysdale              Family              Eleanor Evans
                      Kathleen Berg
Nastinia & Matthew                          Gary & Karen             Cameron            Andrew Clark            Danica Culjat           Kathleen Doherty      John P. Evans
                      Karen Bergmann
  Bailey-Dick                                 Brawley              Barb Campbell &      Jean Clark              David Cullen            Sally Donovan         Lee-Anne Facey-
                      Leslie Bethune                                 Family
Lorraine Baillie                            Mary Breckenridge                           Allen B. Clarke         Lawrence Cumming        Kimberley Dooner        Crowther & Family
                      Joanna Beyersbergen                          Catherine Campbell
Dennis & Patricia                           Martha J. Breithaupt                        Mary Ann Clarke           & Family              Nedra Doornekamp      Roy & Jo-Ann Fagel
                      Ed Bezeau & Family                           Jana & Robbie
  Baker                                     Karen Bremner                               Michele Clarke          CUPE Local 4207         Ruth Elizabeth        Terrance Fair &
                      Gayatri Bharadwaj                              Campbell
Mary Baker              & Family            Janette Brenner &                           Ulrike Cleland            MCC 402                 Dorey                 Family
Jerry & Diane                                 Family               Jason Campbell       Arnold Clifton          Shane & Margot                                Joanne Fallowfield
                      Paul & Peggy Biggin                                                                                               George & Joan
  Bakker                                    Jessica Brenton        Scott Campbell                                 Curry                   Doubt                 & Family
                      Helen Billing

26      BRUCE TRAIL MAGAZINE                                                                                                                                    SPRING 2020
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