Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion

Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion
Spring 2023

            Bryce Lowery R’23
         IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion
Forming Disciples of Jesus Christ through the intercession of St. John XXIII.
Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion


              SAINT JOHN XXIII            VALEDICTORIAN &
       07     GALLERY OPENING        09   SALUTATORIANS           18 SHOW CHOIR
       04 Point of View              11   Loyal Royal Day
                                          of Giving               14   Senior Assist Day

       06 Revelations                11   25 Years of Service     16   Quest for Excellence

       08 Advancement Angle          12   Mock Trial & Speech
                                          Teams to State          16   Scholastic Art and
                                                                       Writing Competition

       10     Brown Receives IHSAA
              Media Award            12   Archery to Nationals    17 Eagle Scouts
                                     13   Catholic Schools Week
                                                                  20 Hernandez Receives
                                                                     Kiwanis Award

                                                                  20 Lugar Symposium
Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion
Update Magazine is published by the Office of Institutional Advancement under the direction of Terese Carson, Hon’18, Vice
     President for Institutional Advancement. Its intent is to be a vehicle to inform alumni, family and friends of recent and upcoming
     happenings and achievements at the school, as well as showcase the talents and gifts of its students, faculty and alumni.
     Editor-in-Chief: Terese Carson, Hon’18 | Deputy Editors: Jeen Endris, Tina Hayes and Aaron Hommell R’07 | Design Director: Jeen
     Endris | Photographers: John Smith, Phil Anderson, Hon’20, Allie Ross R’04, Jeen Endris | Inquiries/Correspondence: Fran Davey,
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                                                                                                VISION STATEMENT
                                                                                                Forming Disciples of Jesus Christ through
                                                                                                   the intercession of St. John XXIII

                                                                                                Charles Weisenbach R’79
                                                                                                Kevin Banich R’09
                                                                                                VICE PRESIDENT FOR
                                                                                                INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT:
                                                                                                Terese R. Carson, Hon’18
                                                                                                VICE PRESIDENT OF FINANCE:
                                                                                                Wendy Lawrie
                                                                                                VICE PRESIDENT OF FACILITIES:
                                                                                                Dave Gervasio R’85                          3
                                                                                                ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL FOR
                                                                                                Beth Reel
                                                                                                ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL FOR
                                                           LOWERY STATE
19 SPRING PLAY                                     28      CHAMPION WRESTLER
                                                                                                STUDENT LIFE:
                                                                                                Michael Wantz
                                                                                                DEAN OF STUDENTS:
                                                                                                Tim Crissman

21 Toy Drive                                      40        Royal Reasons                       GUIDANCE DIRECTOR:
                                                                                                Lisa Beckwith R’01
                                                                                                DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL SERVICES:
                                                                                                Michelle Roberts

23 Gomez-Alejo   Awarded
   Lilly Scholarship                              42        Class Notes                         CAMPUS MINISTRY DIRECTOR:
                                                                                                Katie Hibner R’10
                                                                                                ATHLETIC DIRECTOR:
                                                                                                David Lauck R’94

24 Dodgeball Invitational                         48        Campus Ministry                     CHAPLAIN COORDINATOR:
                                                                                                Rev. Robert Robeson, VF, Ph.D., M.Ed.

26 Summer Camps                                   49        Community Service

29    Metz - Indiana
      Basketball Hall of Fame                     50        The Last Word

30 Winter Sports Review
                                                            RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL
Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion
                           Book Notes
                           Chuck Weisenbach R’79, President

                            Since my days as a young child, I have loved to read! I have fond memories of my mother
                            taking myself and my younger brothers to the Garfield Park library. My preference has
                            always been non-fiction. My article this month features some of my favorite reads from
                            the past year, along with a couple of short excerpts from each book. Each book has my
                            strongest recommendation for you to read. In return, I ask that you please email me your
                            recommendations for books to read (non-fiction only) to
                            From From Christendom to Apostolic Mission, by Monsignor James Shea
                            We are dealing with the first culture in history that was once deeply Christian but that by
                            a slow and thorough process has been consciously ridding itself of its Christian basis... The
                            situation is made yet more complex in that many who have abandoned Christianity and have
                            embraced an entirely different understanding of the world still call themselves Christians.
4                           Bishops and priests can cease to operate as pastors and evangelists engaged in a high-stakes
                            spiritual struggle who are using their institutions to lead their people to discipleship, and
                            instead they can come to see themselves and function as system managers who keep the
                            machine well-oiled. In a Christendom culture, the type of person who is brought forward
                            to lead the Church is often the conflict-avoiding administrator rather than the apostle. The
                            Church goes from being a movement of spirit incarnated in institutions to a set of sclerotic
                            institutions that have lost their inner spirit.
                            Parents will need to raise their children differently from how they themselves were raised, not
                            necessarily because their parents did a bad job, but because the surrounding environment has
                            so radically changed.
                            Raising a Christian family has always been a serious task; in an apostolic age, it is a missionary
                            From Free to Believe - The Battle over Religious Liberty in America, by Luke Goodrich
                            I have a simple definition: religious freedom means the government, within reasonable limits,
                            leaves religion alone as much as possible.
                            Given all these permissible referrals, the fact that the university punished Ward (a college
                            professor who lost her job) for her religiously motivated referral suggested that the university
                            was discriminating against her because of her religious beliefs. “Tolerance,” the court said, “is a
                            two-way street.”
                            From Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus, by Sherry
                            What is not believed or lived cannot be transmitted... The Gospel can only be transmitted on
                            the basis of “being” with Jesus and living with Jesus the experience of the Father, in the Spirit;
                            and, in a corresponding way, of “feeling” compelled to proclaim and share what is lived as a
                            good and something positive and beautiful.”
Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion
Where do we start when seeking to make disciples of unevangelized Catholics? Let us get a
common assumption out of the way first. With most twenty-first-century people (there are
always exceptions), we can’t start with catechesis. They aren’t ready. It will just roll off like
water off a duck’s back. In any case, catechesis is designed to foster the maturation of disciples,
not the initial conversion of those who aren’t yet disciples.
From The LENS - Raising a Champion Athlete & Man in Today’s Myopic World, by Travis
Edison, however, saw things differently. He famously said, “I have not failed 10,000 times-
I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” Impressive perspective, especially
when you consider each of those 10,000 attempts individually.
It’s easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken adults.
Process- oriented people are more competitive than result-oriented people because they are
willing to do the hard work every day that result-oriented people aren’t. Result-oriented
people are usually great at talking about wanting to win. Process-oriented people actually do
what it takes.
Hard work is not a punishment. Hard work is the price of admission for the opportunity to
reach a standard of sustained excellence. No person has ever achieved sustained excellence
without hard work.
From Mission Drift: The Unspoken Crisis Facing Leaders, Charities, and Churches, by
Chris Horst, Peter Greer, George W. Sarris                                                                               5
Most organizations have not willingly, consciously, changed direction. Most have not
volitionally chosen to soften their Christian distinctiveness. Neither Harvard nor Yale held a
“mission change day” where they mapped out their new identity. Instead, they drifted quietly,
gradually, and slowly. And one day, they hardly resembled the institutions their founders
Getting eaten by a whale or nibbled to death by minnows results in the same thing, although
one demise is typically more difficult to diagnose.
From Life Is Messy, by Matthew Kelly
When we pretend that there is no such thing as right and wrong, good and bad, this will
inevitably lead to the proliferation of evil. And it has. When immorality becomes your
morality, you are profoundly lost. And immorality has become the morality of an alarming
number of the most influential people in our society.
Social media has shifted the burden of proof from the accuser to the accused. Guilt by
accusation is very dangerous indeed. There are significant reasons the legal systems in all
civilized nations place the burden of proof on the accuser. Primary among them is the fact that
it is impossible in most situations to prove innocence. This is why our legal system considers a
defendant innocent until proven guilty. It is also why a defendant is declared not guilty rather
than innocent. By shifting the burden of proof, social media has become uniquely uncivilized.

I hope these passages inspire you to read one or more of these books. Remember, please email me
your reading recommendations at
Thank you to all who support Roncalli through your gifts of time, talent, treasure and prayer.
Our ministry would not be possible without you.
God bless you, go Royals and St. John XXIII, pray for us.

                                                        RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL
Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion
                                  The Habit of Gratitude
                                  Rev. Robert Robeson, VF, Ph.D., M.Ed., Roncalli Chaplain Coordinator
                                        “And over all these put on love, that is, the bond of perfection.
                                               And let the peace of Christ control your hearts,
                                           the peace into which you were also called in one body.
                                                              And be thankful.”
                                                                                  Colossians 3:14-15

                                  When I served as rector of Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary, I often
                                  quoted a wise priest who once told me that the three C’s were the most
                                  toxic influences that could poison the life of any community – and any
                                  person. These three C’s are:
                                  Complaining: It is easy to complain. Of course, there are those who can
                                  always find something to complain about. But complaining rarely does any
                                  good – and it can often prevent us from moving past the complaint in a
                                  way that allows us to adapt and thrive within the situation we are presented.
                                  Criticizing: The Pharisees were quick to criticize Jesus, but their criticism
                                  was often just a smokescreen to avoid looking at their own faults. How easy
6                                 it is to point out the weaknesses and shortcomings of others, rather than
                                  seeking the image of Christ in them; rather than acknowledging our own
                                  Comparing: Each one of us is unique, and the gifts we have been given
                                  by God are immense. It is up to each one of us to make the most out of
                                  what God has given us but also to appreciate the gifts that God has given
                                  to others. The habit of comparing ourselves or comparing what we have
                                  to what others have can so often lead to envy, resentment or a self-inflated
                                  sense of pride.
                                  The three C’s are habits that allow resentment and negativity to fester. If we
                                  allow our minds to entertain these thoughts, they tend to bring us and all
                                  those around us further away from Christ. On the other hand, cultivating
                                  a heart of gratitude is really the antidote to these three C’s that can poison
                                  the life of any community. As St. Paul urges us – we must put on love and
                                  let the peace of Christ control our hearts. We must cultivate our minds to
                                  see the image of Christ in those around us, and we must be thankful. As
                                  disciples of Jesus Christ and as members of the Roncalli community, we
                                  have much to be thankful for.

Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion
A gallery for a saint is now at the entrance of
Roncalli High School. On Tuesday, December 6,
2022, Roncalli High School dedicated the Saint
John XXIII Gallery. The evening opened with a
blessing by Fr. Bob Robeson, Roncalli’s chaplain
coordinator. There were nearly 100 people in
attendance including special guests, Don Giovanni
Gusmini and Don Ezio Bolis. These priests from the
                                                         Yet another faction of the display shows
Papa Giovanni XXIII Foundation in Bergamo, Italy,
                                                         chronological images of Saint John XXIII
joined via internet feed to welcome the attendees.
                                                         throughout his life from a young school boy
Roncalli President Chuck Weisenbach shared, “We          into adulthood.
are grateful beyond measure to all who contributed
                                                         There is also a section that exhibits the
items that made possible our St. John XXIII
                                                         many groups from Roncalli High School
Gallery. Many of the items were gifted to us by the
                                                         that have gone on the Saint John XXIII pilgrimages
late Loris Cardinal Capovilla (Pope John XXIII's
                                                         to Italy over the years and walked in his footsteps.
personal secretary), Don Giovanni Gusmini and the
Papa Giovanni Foundation, along with some items          A space is dedicated to periodicals, publications and
donated by Roncalli alumni. We believe we are home       media articles focuses on Saint John XXIII. The
to more relics and memorabilia from the life of St.      majority are authentic copies, which are decades
John XXIII than any place in North America. We           old.
are thrilled to be able to share with our Roncalli
community and the world so many items personally         One focal area of the display features a rare
linked to this humble servant of the Lord. We hope       watermark portrait image created by an Italian
                                                         artist. The technique in creating this is very unique                          7
people will make a special effort to come visit this
beautiful new addition to our campus.”                   and requires great skill. In this section, there are
                                                         artifacts worn by Saint John XXII as well as other
The Saint John XXIII Gallery, designed by                memorabilia that was blessed by the pope during his
Mark Stratton, Hon ’22, Roncalli art instructor          lifetime.
and honorary alumnus, is divided into roughly
eleven categorized displays. The initial display         One of the largest areas is the translucent window
upon entering is an informative graphic with             murals, which depict structures that were a part of
chronological milestones of the life of Angelo           Saint John XXIII’s life growing up, dignitaries that
Roncalli (Saint John XXIII). This also includes many     had an audience with him and moments in his life
inspirational quotes from Saint John XXIII.              as he would travel and do visitations.

The three large glass-enclosed cases hold many           The final section is dedicated to recognizing the
commemorative items based on events held in honor        charisms of Saint John XXIII: welcoming, simple,
of Saint John XXIII. Included is a limited edition       kind, peaceful, humble, humorous, servant, holy
book as well as an autograph by Saint John XXIII.        and inspired change. At Roncalli, these charisms
                                                         are emulated on a daily basis by students, faculty
A mural area in the gallery represents many of the       and staff.
actions, deeds and accomplishments of Saint John                                                                   The gallery is
XXIII as well as an exquisite portrait from renowned     “It was a pleasure being allowed to design the gallery available to visitors
living religious artist Kurt Wenner.                     from its inception and then being able to construct during normal
                                                         it to completion,” said Mark Stratton, Hon ’22.           operating hours.
Another area pays homage to the history of the           “I feel the vast amount of objects in Roncalli High
schools, Kennedy, Chartrand and Sacred Heart that        School’s possession is truly unique and certainly
eventually became Roncalli High School.                  gives our students, faculty, staff, as well as the entire
                                                         Roncalli community, a better and more thorough
There is a section of prints and photographs given to
                                                         understanding and appreciation of whom Angelo
Roncalli High School over the years depicting official
                                                         Giuseppe Roncalli really was and the incredible Pope
portraits and events. This includes two pristine
                                                         he became.”
                                                         RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL
Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion
                                   Seeing the Face of Christ in Others
                                   Terese R. Carson, Hon’18, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

                         “Open the eyes              I always find it interesting when I attend an event, webinar or
                       of my heart, Lord.            retreat, where something is said publicly just sticks in my mind for
                          Open the eyes              a very long time. During one of my first few years as an employee
                          of my heart.               at Roncalli, I was blessed to participate in my first senior Christian
                                                     Awakening Retreat (aka Senior Retreat). Although I had heard this
                       I want to see you.”           many times before in my life, the impact of the words never really
                        ~ Song lyric by Paul Baloche struck me as much as they did during that retreat…how do you see
                                      the face of Christ in others? At the time, my grandmother was in the final days
                                      of her life, so the grace of her passing made it quite easy to see the face of Christ
                                      in others through her. I think the combination of her passing and those words
                                      spoken by our students during the retreat have had such a profound impact on me
                                      to always be looking for the face of Christ in others.

                                   Of course, it is super easy to recognize Christ in others while we are at mass, as the
                                   priest exudes that for us. In my parish, most everyone is smiling and joyful during
                                   mass, conveying that Christ loves to see us smile. My two young granddaughters
                                   generally go to mass with me, and they are truly the face of Christ as they are
                                   beginning to learn about our Lord and Savior and the teachings of our church.
8                                  We have many volunteers and benefactors that are in our building every week.
                                   Their faces truly reflect Christ and his servant-like personality as they are doing
                                   God’s work by donating their time, talent and treasure. I am motivated by them
                                   daily, and we are so appreciative.

                                   Every single day, I can see the face of Christ in our students, faculty and staff. Our
                                   teachers work tirelessly to educate our students in a faith-based environment. Their
                                   Christ-like faces and attitudes are shared with students who are eager to learn
                                   in academics and grow in their faith. Our staff interacts with faculty, students,
                                   visitors, benefactors, alumni and prospective students/families all day, every day,
                                   and they are friendly and helpful, showing yet another side of Christ. But it is
                                   our students that motivate me the most and bring Christ’s light to me. They
                                   are all things Christ - joyful, faithful, committed, forgiving, humorous, giving,
                                   humble, compassionate, adventurous, intellectual and loving! Some of my favorite
                                   parts of the day are seeing our students in the hallways. The faces of these young
                                   adults truly portray the face of Christ to each other and to so many others in our
                                   Roncalli family!

                                   Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. Open the eyes of my heart. I want to see you.

                                   Christ is among us.

                                   Prayers that you see the face of Christ today in someone in your life,

                                   Terese R. Carson, Hon ’18
                                   Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion
 Senior Anna Dressman was named the
 valedictorian, and seniors Andrew Dial and Max
 Neitzke were named co-salutatorians for the
 Roncalli High School class of 2023.

 Dressman excelled both inside and outside of the
 classroom. Earning the Academic Honors Diploma
 with Distinction, she will graduate with a 4.5 GPA
 and the following honors: Presidential Scholarship
 for her high school placement test, Honors Biology   (left to right) Valedictorian Anna Dressman,
 Student of the Year, AP US History Student         Co-Salutatorians    Andrew Dial and Max Neitzke
 of the Year, first honor roll for each semester,
 perfect ACT in reading, Academic Honors with       a caring and respectful young man who is always
 Distinction, varsity basketball player and state   willing to assist a classmate. I truly believe that he
 champion softball player.                          will achieve great things in his lifetime.”

 Her guidance counselor, Angela Maly, states,             In addition to top grades in rigorous AP and
 “While these accomplishments should be                   Honors courses, Neitzke has truly embraced the
 celebrated, what makes Dressman exceptional goes         high school experience. He has been awarded
                                                          Student of the Year in several courses including
 far beyond the classroom. Her faith is a priority as
                                                          ceramics, AP chemistry, honors physics and
 witnessed during her Christian Awakening retreat.
 The adults and peer leaders on retreat were able to      engineering. A National Merit Commended
 see her natural love for her classmates and friends      Student from College Board, Neitzke has taken
 and her genuine, authentic love for her faith.”          advantage of summer courses through Rice
 Dressman graduated from St. Barnabas Catholic            University, Eli Lilly and Georgia Institute of
 School and is the daughter of Lori and Bruce             Technology. He is also an Indiana Academic
 Dressman.                                                All-Star nominee. With well over the required
                                                          amount of service hours, Neitzke has shown the
 Dial has shown incredible dedication throughout          value of serving the community by spending
 high school. He is an Indiana Rising Star, a             countless hours volunteering at St. Vincent DePaul,
 volleyball team captain and state champion and           its surrounding parishes and the Servant's
 is earning an Academic Honors Diploma with               Heart of Indy.
 distinction taking one of the hardest course loads
 a student at Roncalli can take. Dial attended St.        He has participated in taekwondo, been a member
 Barnabas Catholic School and plans to attend             of the ultimate frisbee team, as well as the Robotics
 Butler University to study pharmacy. He is the son       team. His science teacher, Ben Grimes, describes
 of Kristen and Greg Dial.                                Neitzke as “one of the most brilliant students
                                                          I have ever had the privilege of teaching. He is
 With Roncalli High School putting a large                committed to excellence both in academics and
 emphasis on the traits of its namesake, Saint            in the robotics program. He has been a passionate
 John XXIII, Dial’s science teacher, Sarah Rose,          leader for the robotics program for the past four
 wrote, “I believe that he lives out these traits every   years. In fact, the robotics program exists at
 day. He is kind and humble. He always accepts            Roncalli in large part to his involvement.” Neitzke
 compliments graciously, but he does not want the         graduated from Calvary Lutheran School and plans
 extra attention. He is happy to give someone else        to study chemical engineering. He is the son of
 the credit or pretend that it is not a big deal. He is   Anne and Robert Neitzke.

                                                  RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL
Bryce Lowery R'23 IHSAA Indiana State Wrestling Champion
                               (from left) Paul Neidig, Rob Brown, Kerrie Rosati and Jason Wille

                        Former Roncalli Sports Information Director and Roncalli Media
                        Network Broadcaster Rob Brown, Hon'16 was presented with the IHSAA
                        Distinguished Media Service Award on January 20 during halftime of the boys
                        basketball game against New Palestine. He was recognized as the award winner
                        for District 2 for his "profound and positive contribution" to the school
                        community. IHSAA Commissioner Paul Neidig, Assistant Commissioner
                        Kerrie (Schludecker) Rosati R'03 and Sports Information Director Jason
                        Wille were in attendance to make the presentation.

                        During his fifteen years of service to Roncalli, Brown turned a position that
                        did not exist in many high schools (sports information director) into the
                        model for others to follow. He annually produced media guides for football,
                        boys basketball and girls basketball, in addition to game notes and previews
                        that were both distributed to media members and fans alike. On the broadcast
                        side, he not only provided the soundtrack for many of Roncalli athletics
                        greatest moments but mentored and nurtured the skills of many aspiring
                        students at the school.

                        Current Voice of the Royals and a former student of Brown, Jimmy Cook
                        R'13 said, "Rob Brown is a professional at every level and made a positive
                        impact on every student broadcaster that walked the halls of Roncalli.
                        Without his guidance, I would not be where I am as a broadcaster or as
                        a person. On top of that, his work as one of the few high school sports
                        information directors is second to none. There is nobody more deserving of
                        this recognition, and I am thrilled for my mentor and friend."

                        When asked about Brown's contributions, Roncalli President Chuck
                        Weisenbach R'79 remarked, "I cannot put into words the high quality that
                        was attached to everything that had Rob's name on it. From play-by-play to
                        game notes to press releases everything Rob did for Roncalli was exemplary.
                        We will be forever indebted to him for the work he did for our school and
                        athletic program."

                        Of Brown's nearly 900 broadcasts, Principal Kevin Banich R'09 noted, "Rob
                        has served the Roncalli community in exemplary fashion as the voice of the
                        Royals. He has truly poured his heart and soul into our school."

                                                         a   LOYAL
RONCALLI DAY OF GIVING                                       O


The Loyal Royal Day of Giving was wildly


successful because of our loyal Roncalli

                                                        ID                          .0
                                                             AY O              02
family! We raised $37,500 for our students,                         F GIVING
faculty/staff and campus!

On behalf of the students and families, faculty and
staff, and our entire Roncalli Royal community,
thank you! The support from our parents, alumni,
faculty/staff and friends, along with the efforts of
everyone across our campus, has generated the
momentum we are seeing here at Roncalli. There has
truly never been a better time to be a Roncalli Royal!

As a fun incentive, donors who gave $50 or more                      If you would like to discuss a gift to
received their very own Roncalli physical education                  Roncalli's Circle of Faith Fund, please
uniform shirt.                                                       contact Terese Carson at (317) 788-4098 or

25 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE SOUTH DEANERY                                                                          11
Faculty and staff who have
dedicated 25 years or more
of their professional careers
to working within the South
Deanery were honored on
Saturday, February 4th, at
a luncheon and recognition
ceremony during halftime of
the boys basketball game by
Roncalli High School. Roncalli
expresses much gratitude and
appreciation to everyone who
could attend and to those not
present for dedicating their lives Row 1: Linda Gaither, Paula Howard, Sr. Anne Frederick, Patty
to Catholic education.             Wulf, Karen Koesters, Tina Valdois-Bruner, Gerard Striby; Row 2: Sr.
                               Nicolette Etienne, OSB, Fred Fields, Mary Fields, Margee McHugh,
“We are blessed beyond measure Sally Meyer, Julie Ross, Jill Schultz, Mark Stratton; Row 3: Kevin
in the South Deanery with so   Banich, Dave Gervasio, Royce Antolin, Pat Crosley, Angie Toner, Chuck
many dedicated and talented    Weisenbach
educators and staff members.                   There were over 500 years of service amongst the group
It was such a pleasure to recognize these      honored. That is impressive,” said Chuck Weisenbach
outstanding men and women publicly.            R’79, Roncalli High School president.

                                            RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL
                                                                The Roncalli
                                                                speech team
                                                                competed at
                                                                the sectional
                                                                meet on
          Caroline Crews, Isabella Traylor, Audrey May,
          Theresa May, Rachel McGaha, Cylie Henson,                            Madeline Daming, Mary Motyka
          Gwen Bidwell and Anna Bohnert
                                                                placed third and Grace Daming
          The mock trial team finished a great season at        in impromptu speaking and then competed at
          the state competition in March. Team "Locked          the state speech meet on March 11.
          and Loaded" worked very hard this year and
          showed tremendous improvement. Regional               Also competing at the sectional meet were
          awards went to Rachel McGaha and Isabella             sophomores Madeline Daming in declaration
          Traylor for Outstanding Attorney.                     and broadcasting and Grace Daming in
                                                                broadcasting. Madeline is also the first alternate
          Special congratulations for awards at the state       for the state speech meet in the category of
          competition to Cylie Henson for winning Best          broadcasting.
          Witness and to Isabella Traylor for winning
          Outstanding Attorney!                                 The speech team has been small but mighty this
12                                                              year. Congratulations to our speech team and
          Also, congratulations to coaches Elizabeth Traylor,   coaches, Ben and Rayna Wilson!
          Tiffany Costley and Andrew Noone R'05.

          ARCHERY TO NATIONALS                                  Leading the bullseye team for the boys
                                                                were Blake Vennall (282) and Easton Clowers
                                                                (282). Leading the bullseye team for the girls
                                                                were Dana Haggenjos (266) and Madelyn
                                                                Busuttil (261). Leading the 3D team for
                                                                the boys were Blake Vennall (276) and
                                                                Danny Kappes (270), and for the girls Dana
                                                                Haggenjos (263) and Ava Southers (253).

                                                                Roncalli Royal archers who are going on to
                                                                the national competition: Madelyn Busuttil,
                                                                Dorothy Butts, Zen Cing, Easton Clowers,
          Congratulations to our Archery Team who               Megan Comer, Kristen Dees, Ethan Dexter,
          competed at state in early March! Roncalli            Michael Dexter, Dana Haggenjos, Danny
          archers competed in both the bullseye and the         Kappes, Noah Kurz, Ryan Marack, Addison
          3D competitions. They are now going on to the         Marsh, Ella Mayer, Logan Neyenhaus, Grace
          national competition in Louisville, Kentucky in       Odum, Gavin Poteet, Max Rail, Glenn
          May.                                                  Rooney, Ava Southers, Za Thang, Ryan
                                                                Thomas, Blake Vennall and Luke Vennall.


Grade School Day - Freshmen
Engenia Hernandez, Yasmin
Salazar, Erick Sanchez and
Kevin Navarette

                                         In late January, Roncalli students and staff members celebrated Catholic Schools Week
                                         (CSW) with a number of activities. Everyone showed school spirit by participating
                                         in the themed dress-up days. Starting the “Rivalry Week” on Monday with dressing
                                         up in grade school versus grade school. Tuesday was soccer mom versus BBQ dad.
                                         Wednesday was country western versus country club. Thursday was scholar versus baller
 BBQ Dads - Freshmen Jake Irwin,
                                         and Friday was red, white and blue day with a pep assembly. Also, members of the
 Casey Horton, Carrington Pitts and
 Mung Khai                               Campus Ministry Leadership Team represented Roncalli at a mass at SS. Peter and Paul
                                         Cathedral with Archbishop Thompson.
                                         Roncalli spread some Catholic Schools Week cheer at the south deanery grade schools as      13
                                         well. Roncalli staff visited each grade school with buckets of snacks for the faculty and
                                         staff and a Roncalli Rowdie mascot sticker for the 5th through 8th grade students.

Country Club - brothers,
junior Braden and
freshman Blake Getz

                           Country - Sophomores Paola Manscal-
                           Silva and Janette Martinez
                                                                          Seniors Red, White & Blue Day - Abbey Hofmann,
                                                                          Andrew Dial, Evan Baker, Mrs. Kim Striby and
                                                                          Georgia Reed

                                                                         Freshmen in White - Claire May, Gracie
                                                                         Rossman, Brennah Cerny, Maggie Hayes,
                                                                         Colin Russell, John Haworth, Brady Beaupre
                                                                         and Brendan Marack
                Mrs. Laura Gottman, Music Department and Ansley Bishop
                Ms. Regan Happe, Theology Department and Ava Schoettle
                Ms. Lacey Hersman, Math Department and Micah Waugh
                Mrs. Angie Toner, Math Department and Mallory Dwyer                               Coach Eric Quintana, PE Department
                Mr. Tim Crissman, Dean of Students and Hannah Morgan                              and Luke Swartz

           In January, the tradition of Senior Assist Day continued.
           Faculty and staff submitted descriptions of their jobs to be
           assisted by seniors who applied for these jobs.
           The seniors spent the day performing the duties, lessons
           and daily tasks of their selected faculty or staff member.
           This is a great opportunity for students to experience what
14         a day in the life of a teacher, principal, administrative
           assistant or dean is like.
                                                                             Mr. Michael Wantz, Assistant Principal for Student Life
                                                                             and Emma Nielsen

                                                                                  Mrs. Julie Albertson, Communications Department
                                                                                  and Kaylee Heidelberger

     Mr. Mark Stratton, Hon’22, Art    Mr. Gerard Striby, Theology
     Department and Kira McElwain      Department and Rory Beikes

     Mrs, Morgan Gomez, Guidance               Mrs. Katie Hibner, Theology
     Department and David Warner               Department and Ally Taylor

                                                                                                      Mrs. Kim Striby, English Department
        UPDATE MAGAZINE SPRING 2023                                                                   and Hannah Spotts

              Over 200 South Deanery middle school
              students converged on Roncalli for
              the 37th annual Quest for Excellence
              competition on February 25. They
              competed in a number of categories
              including: art, music, math, history,
              current events, religion, physical fitness,
              geography, drama, essay writing and the
              super quiz team competition. St. Barnabas
              was the winner of this year’s super quiz,
              followed by St. Roch (second) and
              St. Mark (third).                               Super Quiz Teams: 1st - St. Barnabas, 2nd - St. Roch,
                                                              3rd - Central Catholic

             Congratulations to junior Lily Lewen
             whose work received awards in the
             Scholastic Art and Writing Competition!
             Lewen received a gold key for her
             short fantasy essay, "Would You Like a
             Flamingo" and an honorable mention for
             her photograph, "Perfect Vanitas." "Would
             You Like a Flamingo" has advanced to the
             national judging. Winners at the national
             level will be announced in late March.
             “Lily does exceptional work that always        Lily Lewen and
             includes great detail, creativity and skill.   her award winning
             She is always eager to try new mediums         photograph "Perfect
             and techniques. Lily is a hard working         Vanitas"
             student and a pleasure to have in class,”
             said fine arts teacher Mark Stratton,          author. She has made us all proud. As her English
             Hon'22.                                        teacher, I am used to seeing her creativity and
             Teacher Anthony Walters shared,                unique viewpoints. I am not a bit surprised to see
             “Congratulations to Lily Lewen on her          her achieve this honor, and I look forward to reading
             efforts to become an award winning             her published work for years to come.”
                                                            Lily, we are proud of you!

Congratulations to senior Jackson Steuer, who achieved his Eagle
Scout ranking on December 15, 2022. Steuer's project was assisting
the St. Barnabas ministry responsible for the vegetable garden
next to Frieden's church. St. Barnabas parishioners plant, grow
and harvest fresh vegetables every year and supply them to the St.
Anthony Food Pantry for food-challenged families. His project was
to build a shed to store wheelbarrows, equipment and tools needed
to help with this ministry. Steuer collected donations for the cost
of the shed and countless people assisted him in building. He had
a ribbon-cutting ceremony and blessing by Deacon Jerry Matthews
when the project was complete.
                                                                         After receiving his Eagle Scout ranking, Jackson
Steuer had this to share,"This is an amazing achievement to receive, Steuer with scoutmaster Mr. Tony Lang of Troop 564
and I am really glad that it all came together. I don't think my
project would have come together without my father. He put in so
much work to help me get this project done and helped me greatly
with fundraising and transportation. I am very gracious to him and
anybody else that supported my project whether that be through
money, labor or prayers."

                                                                         Jackson Steuer with volunteer Mrs. Connie
                                                                         Merkel and Deacon Jerry Matthews

                                                 Congratulations also to sophomore Dana Haggenjos, who
                                                 achieved her Eagle Scout ranking on February 16, 2023.
                                                 She is part of Troop 2720. Her Eagle Scout project was for
                                                 the local Rosie’s Southside Animal Shelter, Inc. (SSASI) in
                                                 the summer of 2022. She led a group to build additional
After receiving her Eagle Scout ranking, Dana    small shelters for animals in need, added new wood and
Haggenjos with parents Nick and Beth Haggenjos   paint details to existing shelters, repaired damaged fencing,
                                                 repaired flooring in a storage shed and power washed
                                                 kennels. During her scouting journey, she hiked over 150
                                                 miles, had 73 hours of service to the community, earned
                                                 a total of 27 merit badges, attended the National Youth
                                                 Leadership Training and held four different leadership roles
                                                 in the troop.
                                                 Haggenjos said this about becoming an Eagle Scout,
                                                 "Sometimes things may not go the way you want them to,
                                                 from the weather to how your teammates act. But everyday,
                                                 I chose kindness and understanding, and those two things
                                                 are what helped me get through my scouting journey."
Dana Haggenjos painting paw prints onto the
feral cat houses.
                                                  RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL
    Royal Rhapsody had one of the best
    show choir seasons in school history!
    After winning grand champion five times
    and twice defeating schools in the large
    division for grand champion, they earned
    first runner-up in the Indiana State Small
    School Finals. Royal Rhapsody performed
    a show centered around the struggles of
    trying to live in an imperfect world and
    featured senior soloists Ava Nelson, Ellie
    Buening, Adia Dant, Bryson Sandefur
    and Fletcher Hooten.
   First year Roncalli Choral Director
   Shannan Masten said, “This show choir
   season has been the biggest blessing to
   all involved! From our tech crew to our
   performers, I’ve never witnessed such
   talent, dedication and love for one another.
   I’m not only proud of our success but also
   our commitment to creating a ‘practically
   perfect’ show. We are beyond thankful for
18 the support of our Roncalli community.”

The Roncalli Performing Arts presented
this year's spring play, You Can't Take It
With You, on March 15, 16, 17 and 18.
The cast and crew put forth an enthusiastic
production of this classic play, which
highlights the contrast between the quirky
and vibrant Vanderhof family and the
stoic and status-driven Kirby family. After
a series of hilarious missteps, common
ground is discovered, leaving the audience
with a message about what really matters
in life - finding joy in family and what
makes you truly happy!
A special thanks to the production team:
Phil Anderson, Hon’19, Erin Bohn                                              19
R’94, David Buergler R'13, Miki
Lewinski and Jenny Randol R'86 who
helped make the production a success.

           Senior Irvin Hernandez was honored Friday,
           February 24, at the 48th annual Abe Lincoln
           Awards by the Kiwanis Club of Indianapolis.
           He was awarded a scholarship and named
           to the Kiwanis Circle of Valor. The program
           celebrates students who have overcome
           adversity while achieving success. Hernandez
           was one of only 23 area high school seniors
           who received the Kiwanis Club Abe Lincoln
           Irvin and his family have overcome
           unimaginable hardships as Mexican
           immigrants. He has been a very humble
           example of kindness, gratitude and respect.                     Senior Irvin Hernandez
                                                                 with parents Jose and Guadalupe Hernandez
           When an opportunity to help others arises,
           Irvin steps up. Irvin hopes to one day be      time at Roncalli. We are blessed to have him as a
           a resource for other immigrant children        student, and we could not be more proud of what
           needing guidance and inspiration.              he has accomplished in the face of adversity!” said
           “Thank you to the Indianapolis Kiwanis         principal Kevin Banich R'09.
           Club for their annual Abe Lincoln              Kelly Kuntz, college and career counselor at
           Scholarship Program. It continues to be one    Roncalli, commented, “Roncalli is proud to
20         of the most impressive and inspirational       recognize Irvin Hernandez as a member of the 2023
           events to highlight the success of our high    Kiwanis Circle of Valor. Irvin plans to pursue a
           school students in Indianapolis. We are        certification in diesel mechanics. Congratulations,
           incredibly proud of Irvin Hernandez and        Irvin! Your unconquerable kind spirit is an
           the growth he has showcased during his         inspiration to us all.”

                                                          Indianapolis, if they so choose. Emily plans to study
                                                          statistics, while Amelia's plan is to study biomedical
                                                          science or neuroscience.
                                                          “Each year we are invited to nominate
                                                          outstanding student leaders to represent Roncalli
                                                          at this symposium. The dedication to service,
                                                          involvement in their communities and academic
                                                          accomplishments of the junior class constantly
               Juniors Emily Sering and Amelia Shirley    amazes me! Our committee selects nominees based
                   with presenter Steve Inskeep, NPR      on service hours completed above and beyond
          Juniors Emily Sering and Amelia Shirley         the requirement for graduation, a service/activity
          attended the 2023 Richard G. Lugar              resumé detailing their involvement and GPA. Emily
          Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders at the         and Amelia have excelled in every aspect of service,
          University of Indianapolis in December.         academia and involvement. They are excellent
          Not only were Emily and Amelia nominated        examples of truly humble Roncalli Royals!” said
          to attend this event, but they also received    Kelly Kuntz, Roncalli High School college and
          scholarships to study at the University of      career counselor.
 On January 23, Roncalli was represented
 extremely well at this year’s March for Life in
  Indianapolis. Royals attended the Mass for Life
   at St. John the Evangelist and then marched
    through downtown.

                                                     Large group of Roncalli students and faculty that attended the March for Life.


         TOY DRIVE
       Because a toy is never happy until it is loved by a child, Roncalli High
       School students and staff collected enough toys to fill a box truck for
       children in need. In early November, Roncalli partnered with Anna’s
       House for the annual Toy Drive. Roncalli was beaming with holiday
       cheer as vehicles drove through the circle to drop off toys. Roncalli's
       athletic teams and coaches collected toys, loaded the truck and enjoyed
       some hot cocoa and snacks courtesy of Roncalli’s campus ministry team.

       "What a privilege it was for us to support the efforts of The Lord's
       Pantry at Anna's House through our annual toy drive," said Julie
       Albertson, Roncalli’s athletic ministry coordinator. "Our athletic teams
       came dressed and ready to spread Christmas cheer to all who came to
       donate. The circle was beautifully lit for the occasion and our students,
       staff and faculty donated hundreds of toys and books in the generous
       spirit of our namesake, St. John XXIII, Angelo Roncalli."

                                                  RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL

                                         Right to left: Lachlan Borders, Emily Sering, Erin McNulty and Nathan Fikes

                      Four Roncalli High School juniors have been               made known to potential future college choices
                      named Rising Stars of Indiana for the class               in Indiana.
                      of 2024 by the Indiana Association of School
                      Principals (IASP). Lachlan Borders, Nathan                “We are extremely proud of these students and
                      Fikes, Erin McNulty and Emily Sering were                 their hard work! Being recognized as Rising Stars
                      selected for this honor based on their academic           is evidence that they are one of the top juniors
                      success in the classroom, selfless dedication             in Indiana. This recognition is due to years of
                      to volunteer work and outstanding leadership              dedicated work from themselves, their families
                      qualities demonstrated through teams, clubs               and their teachers. Congratulations to these
                      and organizations. In addition to receiving a             students on this outstanding achievement!” said
                      certificate from the IASP, these students will be         Principal Kevin Banich R’09.

                      BLOOD DRIVE                                         On March 9, Roncalli's Student Council held its
                       Junior Garrett Phillips and dad Matthew Phillips   annual blood drive event.
                                                                          This year’s drive welcomed 48 donors. A total of 41
                                                                          blood units and 4 double red cell units were donated.
                                                                          Every unit of blood donated has the potential to save
                                                                          three lives. Through the generosity of the Roncalli
                                                                          community, 135 lives will be saved!

                                                                                                  Seniors Shay Shaunessy and Ian Peats
Roncalli High School is proud to announce
Alejandro Gomez-Alejo was selected as a
recipient of the Marion County Lilly Endowment
Community Scholarship. Only 11 students in
Marion County receive this honor! Lilly Scholars
are known for their academic achievement,
community involvement, character and
leadership. Each Lilly Endowment Community
Scholarship provides full-tuition, required fees
and a special allocation for required books and
equipment for four years of undergraduate study
on a full-time basis leading to a baccalaureate          Left to right: Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF)
degree at any eligible college or university in          representative Morgan Meyer, Alejandro Gomez-Alejo and CICF
Indiana. Alejandro has not yet decided which             representative Janeen Butler
college he will attend next year but is sure of his      devoted to his community and his own high expectations.
plan to study accounting.                                We are so proud of him and his accomplishments. I am
His guidance counselor, Jessica Engel R’99               so excited to see what God has in store for him!”
shared, “Alejandro is very deserving of this             “We are extremely proud of Alejandro’s exceptional work
scholarship! He has been a joy to work with and          to receive this honor. This is a testament to his hard work
is one of the most honest and open students              and commitment in and out of the classroom! He is an                   23
that I know. Alejandro works so hard and is very         outstanding young man with a bright future ahead,” said
ambitious and dedicated to academics. He is              principal Kevin Banich R'09.

On February 4, Roncalli High School had an
amazing showing at the Indiana State School
Music Association (ISSMA) State Solo and
Ensemble competition for wind, percussion and
string. Six Roncalli students, who qualified for the
competition, earned a gold rating, and one received
a silver rating! A gold rating is the highest honor a
soloist can earn in this statewide competition.
                                                        Front row left to right: Ronnie Malan, Luis Sandoval, Meg Comer,
Junior Ronnie Malan earned a silver rating for          Scarlett Shell; back row left to right: Garrett Phillips, Henry Howe,
his beautiful clarinet solo. Senior Ansley Bishop,      Ansley Bishop
junior Meg Comer, senior Henry Howe, junior
Garrett Phillips, sophomore Scarlett Shell              distinction, meaning he had one of the best scores at the state
and junior Luis Sandoval each earned a gold             competition.
rating! This gold rating qualified them to compete
in the state ISSMA competition on February 25           “These students are playing college-level music that they
where Shell, Sandoval and Phillips each received a      learn independently. Earning a Gold, let alone competing in
silver rating.                                          ISSMA Solo and Ensemble, is a huge accomplishment. I am
                                                        so proud of each and every one of them for their hard work
Comer, Bishop and Howe earned gold ratings,             and above and beyond dedication,” said Laura Gottman
and Howe also earned a gold rating with                 R'10, Roncalli’s fine arts band director.
                                                   RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL
            In early February, six dodgeball teams
            battled it out for the coveted dodgeball
            trophy and bragging rights for 2023.
            Each class selected representatives for
            their grade's team. The two faculty and
            staff teams were the "Purple Cobras" and
            the "Rules for Thee Not For We."
            The classes had matches against one
            another to determine the team to go to
            the winner's bracket. The two faculty
            teams went up against each other to
24          select which would play the winning               Rules for Thee Not For We: (back row left to right) AJ Ablog, Ellie
            student team. The "Rules for Thee Not
                                                              Haydock, Augie Hibner R'10, Michael Wantz, Kevin Banich R'09,
            For We" ended up battling the class of
                                                              Maggie Casper, (front row left to right) Matt Taylor, Jace Taylor, Lucas
            2025 to win the trophy during the final
                                                              Normington R'17
            championship game.

                                                     The Indianapolis               Firefighter Memorial Scholarship award
                                                     Firefighters Emerald           and check to Hofmann.
                                                     Society presented Roncalli     Beckwith said, “Abbey is perhaps the most
                                                     senior Abbey Hofmann           golden-hearted young woman I know.
                                                     with a $1,000 scholarship      She’s constantly smiling, works hard in
                                                     for college on March 2.        her classes and is always humbled when
                                                     She was nominated by           others recognize her strengths. She is most
                                                     her guidance counselor,        deserving of this scholarship.”
                                                     Lisa Beckwith R'01, and
                                                     softball coach, David          Lauck went on to say, “Abbey has been a
                                                     Lauck R'94. President          standout leader for four years at Roncalli.
                                                     Steven Kemp and                She is committed to backing up her
                                                     Scholarship Coordinator        strong faith life through service to our
                                                     Joshua Lennon presented        community and compassion for those in
     Scholarship Coordinator Joshua Lennon, senior
                                                     the Emerald Society            need.”
     Abbey Hofmann and President Steven Kemp

 On March 4th, Roncalli held its annual “let the birdies fly” badminton tournament. Congratulations to this year's winners.

Grand Champions - sophomores Maddux               Toilet Bowl Champs (loser bracket) - junior
Haworth and Drew Nelson                           Jon Parret and senior Nathaniel Harbers


2nd Place - senior Tanner Hudspeth and            Best Dressed - seniors Olivia Jackson and
freshman Dominic Nelson                           Mia Samuelson

Senior Andrew Baugh was honored at the           “Andrew has displayed for all of us what hard
Kiwanis Club banquet in December being           work in all aspects of life looks like. He is
named to the Indianapolis Colts/IFCA             an elite performer
(Indiana Football Coaches Association)           in the classroom,
Academic All-Star team. Included in the team     weight room and
are 24 high school seniors, and all are rated    on the playing
in the top-five percent of their class. Andrew   field. We are
is the son of Monica and Eric Baugh and is a     extremely proud
member of St. Jude Catholic Church.              of Andrew on
Andrew shared, “Academics are so important. his selection to
Not all of us go on to play football at the next the Colts/IFCA
level, but we can do great things through our Academic All-Star
hard work in the classroom. It is essential to team,” said varsity
not only apply yourself on the field but also football coach Eric
in the classroom.”                               Quintana.                     Senior Andrew Baugh

                                                     RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL
            Arts & Crafts Camp                                          Coding Camp 2023
            Campers will learn how to make beautiful paper              Are you interested in learning how to code? Join
            flowers from book pages, music or patterned paper.          us for Coding Camp this summer! We'll work on
            They will then learn how to use the flowers to create       coding projects in Scratch (
            a wreath, candle holder or bouquet. Just cut, glue,         While it's not required for your child to have an
            create and voila - a beautiful creation!                    account through Scratch, they will not be able to
            Instructor: Mrs. Jane Weisenbach                            save any of their projects unless they have one. If you
            Dates: June 6-9                                             would like to sign them up prior to the camp, please
            Time: 10:00 AM- Noon                                        either send the login information with them or make
            Grades*: 4th-8th (Attendance Max: 20 students)              it something easy for them to remember so they can
            Cost: $50/camper                                            sign in on their own.
                                                                        Instructor: Ben North (Roncalli Science teacher)
            Beginning Ukulele Camp                                      Dates: June 19-23
                                                                        Time: Noon- 1:30 PM
            Have you always wanted to learn how to play the             Grades*: 4th-8th (Attendance Max: 25 students)
            ukulele? Now is your chance! Join us for this brand         Cost: $50/camper
            new Roncalli summer camp!
                                                                        To register for academic camps, please contact
            Instructor: Ms. Lindsey Meyer (Assistant Roncalli           Allie Ross R'04, director of admissions and
            Band Director and South Deanery Band Director)              marketing, at
            Dates: June 12-15
            Time: 9:00-11:00 AM
            Grades*: 5th-8th (Attendance Max: 20 students)
            Cost: $50/camper
                            *Grades indicate the grade that the student will be in for the 2023-2024 school year.

          17th Annual Junior Royal Theatre Summer Camp               June 5 - June 29, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, Monday -
          This camp is designed for your child to have a             Thursday.
          hands-on, multi-faceted theatre experience. Campers        July camp is full.
          will enjoy making new friends as they build
                                                                     Open to all students who have just completed 2nd -
          performance skills and learn self-confidence, teamwork
                                                                     8th grades.
          and theatre abilities. Campers will be exposed to many
          different aspects of theatre such as drama, voice, dance   The cost of the camp is $250. There is a $50 discount
          and more.                                                  for siblings attending the same camp.

SUMMER ATHLETIC CAMPS                                               HONOR YOUR SENIOR WITH
                                                                    A BRICK FOR GRADUATION

                                                                    Have your graduate
                                                                                                 THE SMITH
                                                                    permanently etched
                                                                    into Roncalli's            TOM AND
                                                                    Circle of Faith!                    BLAKE
                                                                    Order your $125                     JONES
                                                                    custom brick by                      R’19
                                                                    April 28 to ensure its
Roncalli High School will again offer many athletic                 completion by graduation on May 20.
camps this summer for students currently in grades                  Order two bricks for $200. All proceeds
kindergarten through eighth. These camps are                        from brick sales benefit Roncalli's Circle
conducted by members of the Royal coaching staff and                of Faith fund to provide needs-based
serve to provide fundamental instruction in each sport
as well as a wonderful opportunity to have fun in a                 tuition assistance.
friendly, nurturing and safe environment.
CAMPS for BOYS                     CAMPS for GIRLS                  What can I put on the brick?
Basketball                         Basketball                       Your brick can display up to three lines
Cross Country                      Cross Country                    of text, with 16 characters (including
Volleyball                         Volleyball                                                                          27
                                                                    spaces and punctuation marks) per line.
Lacrosse                           Lacrosse
Soccer                             Soccer
Baseball                           Softball                         How can I be sure the text on my
Football                           Gymnastics                       brick will be correct?
                                                                    When you order your brick, you will
CO-ED CAMPS                                                         receive an acknowledgment letter
Golf                                                                that includes a verification of the
Swimming                                                            engraved text. If something is spelled
Diving                                                              or listed incorrectly, please contact the
Speed Development                                                   Advancement Office at 317-787-8277
Cheerleading                                                        ext. 238 and make corrections within
                                                                    two weeks of receipt.
Registration began March 1. We encourage you
to please register on-line. We communicate camp
updates via text and email. Your contact information is
                                                                    How do I order a brick?
obtained via our on-line registration form. The cost for            Please download an order form from our
each camp is $50 per camper/per session. Information                website, or call
and online registration is available on the Roncalli                the Advancement Office at (317) 787-
High School website:                8277, ext 238.
summer-sports-camps/ or scan the QR code above.
Please note: Walk up registration fee - $55 per camp
For more information, please call the athletic office at
(317) 788-4094 or (317) 787-8277 ext. 263.

                                                      RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL

                                                                                           PHOTO BY ASSISTANT COACH SHAWN SLAYMON
                                    Senior Bryce Lowery, 152-pound Indiana State Wrestling Champion

            In late February, Roncalli High School sent two          In addition, senior Luke Hansen made it onto
            members of its wrestling program to the state            the podium for the 195-pound weight class. Luke
            finals and left Gainbridge Fieldhouse with its           won on Friday, Feburary 17, by a major decision
            seventh individual state champion.                       with a score of 10-1. He wrestled eventual state
                                                                     champ, John Purdy of Castle in the quarterfinals
            Senior Bryce Lowery kicked things off on Friday,         Saturday morning, Feburary 18, and lost a
            February 17, with a 21-second fall. On Saturday,         heartbreaking 3-1 decision, but bounced back
            February 18, he started the day winning by               with a decisive pinfall victory in the consolation
            decision 9-2, then won by major decision over            match to cap off his 43-1 senior season. Luke
            Mishawaka’s Beau Brabender in the Semi-Finals.           placed 7th in 2022 and 5th this year.
            Bryce culminated his run to the 152-pound title
            by defeating Mater Dei’s Hunter May in the               Richardson had this to say about Luke, “Luke
            finals 3-1. Over Bryce’s career, he placed 4th, 7th,     Hansen's success in wrestling has been a great
            5th and 1st in the state. During his four years          example for the young guys in the program. He
            at Roncalli, he has won 160 matches and only             was JV as a freshman with a .500 record as a
            lost seven matches. He has placed at state four          sophomore. Luke then
            times and capped it off with an undefeated state         placed 7th and 5th at
            championship.                                            the state tournament
                                                                     winning 80 matches
            When asked about Bryce, head coach Shaun                 with only 4 losses
            Richardson said, “Bryce has had an amazing high          in two seasons. His
            school career. His hard work and dedication are          ability to improve
            incredible. When most kids are getting ready for         not just year to year
            school, Bryce has been at the gym for an hour.           but match to match
            Most don't want to know what it takes to be good         is what makes him so
            at wrestling because it is simple: Go to practice,       special.”
            compete a lot, and out work everyone like Bryce
            Lowery."                                                    Senior Luke Hansen
                                                                       5th 195-pound Indiana
     UPDATE MAGAZINE SPRING 2023                                            State Wrestler
On Tuesday, December 13, it was announced
that Diane (Hoereth) Metz R'86 will be a
member of the 2023 induction class of the
Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. It will be the
21st class and will take place at the Women's
Awards Banquet on Saturday, April 29, 2023.
Metz is the second Roncalli girls basketball
alum to be inducted into the hall of fame.
This honor is a culmination of a high school
career that spanned her sophomore, junior and
senior seasons and included many school and
state distinctions. School records include most
rebounds in a season (318) and career (870).
She currently ranks 7th in school history for
scoring with 1,166 points. Beyond Roncalli,
Metz was recognized as All-City (three times),
All Metro (three times), All-State and an
Indiana All-Star.
Roncalli athletic director David Lauck
R'94 said, "On behalf of the Roncalli High
School community, congratulations to Diane
(Hoereth) Metz, on her induction into the
Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame! With Diane's
athletic ability and leadership, Roncalli girls
athletics became a powerhouse in Indiana
high school sports. It is wonderful to know her
athletic legacy continues!"
                                                  1986 yearbook photo of Diane (Hoereth) Metz

                                                              Diane (Hoereth) Metz
                                                    Roncalli Wall of Fame Dedication in 2022

                                          RONCALLI • SACRED HEART CENTRAL • CHARTRAND • KENNEDY MEMORIAL
You can also read