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Discover the latest in luxury home automation technology and innovation,
             expertly tailored to capture your vision and exceed your expectations.

                            Lighting                Home Theater             Climate Control and            Whole Home
                            Control                                           Energy Efficiency            Audio and Video

                          Smart Home                   Remote                 Motorized Blinds            Home Surveillance
                          Automation                   Access                   and Shades                  and Security

                   Meticulous Design I Unparalleled Quality I Extraordinary Customer Service I Limitless Possibilities

                                                                                                                              CA 776791

                                   (800) 618-0874 I P.O. Box 6824 I Incline Village, NV 89450 I

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Experienced, Local Artisans

                                        The Live Collection

            BE SURE TO VISIT OUR NEW LOCATION: 10736 Pioneer Trail, Ste. 11, Truckee, CA

                                   530-407-2008 » »
                                                          CA Lic #996131 » NV Lic #82689

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Since 1974

                    B U I L D I N G YO U R D R E A M S
                        C A L I F O R N I A         &    N E VA D A
                        RUBICON BAY - TAHOE CITY - INCLINE VILLAGE

                                LARGE RENOVATIONS, ADDITIONS AND NEW HOMES
                           Reinventing and Rejuvenating your Old Tahoe to Mountain Modern Home

                       530.581.4000 CA • 775.831.2300 NV •   CSL#799507-NSL#54288A   •

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CA Lic #775721 NV Lic #075038

                                SAUNA. FOR THE HEALTH OF IT.
                                Let our team help you design a custom
                                indoor sauna for your mountain home.
                                Stop by our showroom to view our display model.

                                       Main Showroom 11403 Brockway Road, Truckee, CA | 530.587.6681 |

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              Local Family                                              • WHEELCHAIR LIFTS
              Owned Since 2002                                          • STAIR CHAIRS
              O: 775.323-8822                                           • TRAMS
                                                                        • DUMBWAITERS
                                   C: 775.247-8820                                  924 Incline Way, Suite C, Incline Village, NV
                                                     561 Sunshine Lane, Reno, NV
                                                      CA LIC 927006 NV LIC 054884

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     10      CATT Membership Categories
     12      Welcome                                                               Welcome New Members 2021
     14      Officers, Directors, Staff & History
                                                                                   Ahern Rentals                    Pacific Crest Wealth Planning
     16      Hire a Licensed Contractor                                            A Level Above                    PARADIGM8 Construction CA, Inc.
     18      Stateline Building Trends                                             Alpine Builders Co.              Reno Type
     20      Sport Court Trends                                                    BlueStone Builders, LLC          Scale LLP
     22      High-Tech, Small Living                                               Boise Cascade                    Sport Court / Bocce Builders of
     24      Real Estate Gone Viral                                                Bragg Crane and Rigging
                                                                                   Company                          S.R. Freeman, Inc.
     26      Home Office Trends
                                                                                   Crown Painting, Inc.             Steph Nash Décor + Interior
     28      Cabinet Trends                                                                                         Design
                                                                                    efiniti e Technical
     30      Sauna Rooms                                                           Ecology Development              Steve Schmier’s Jewelry
     32      Form Meets Function                                                                                    Sustainable Energy Group, Inc.
                                                                                    s ino a Roofing
     34      Interior Concrete Trends                                                                               Tahoe Truckee Notary
                                                                                   Exline & Company, Inc.
     36      A Smarter Home or Business                                                                             Tapco Construction, Inc.
                                                                                   G-Pro Construction, Inc.
                                                                                                                    TD Construction, LLC
     38      What To Know About Wildfire Insurance                                 Green Bear Construction, Inc.
                                                                                                                    Timberwolfe Tree Service
     42      CATT Membership Directory                                             Greenfront Mortgage
     82      CATT Community Project                                                Huguenin Kahn, LLP
                                                                                                                    United Tile & Stone
                                                                                   Humble Beginnings Custom
     84      CATT Annual Awards                                                    Works, LLC                       Weiss Landscaping, Inc.
     92      CATT Membership Index                                                 Kore Design, LLC                 Woodgrain Woodworks
                                                                                   Meagher Builders                 ZTEC General Engineering, Inc.
                                                                                   MEC Builds, Inc.

                                        BUILDING&                                  Sacramento Media publishes the CATT Building & Remodeling
                                        GUIDE             Featuring the
                                                          2021 – 2022
                                                          CATT Member
                                                                                   Guide in collaboration with the members, Board of Directors
                                                                                   and staff of the Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe.


                                                                                                 P: 530.550.9999 | F: 530.550.9998
                                                                                           12313 Soaring Way, Suite 1A, Truckee, CA 96161

      ON THE COVER:

     Award Winner: Glembocki Residence
     Builder: MWA, Inc. Architecture – Engineering and
                    Heller Construction, Inc.
     Photo Credit: Vance Fox
                                                                                            231 Lathrop Way, Ste. A, Sacramento, CA 95815

     8         CATT GUIDE / 2021–2022

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        TRUCKEE - TAHOE OFFICE                                         RENO                                  GRASS VALLEY OFFICE
              PO Box 4150                                           775-357-3005                                1381 E. Main St.
           Truckee, CA 96160                                                 Grass Valley, CA 95945
          Office: 530-563-5005                                                                                Office: 530-913-4645

        Photo by Matthew Millman

        Bobby Jones Concrete Construction SCL #446318 NSCB #0081527 Limit $1,000,000 - Truckee - Tahoe - Nevada City - Sierra Foothills - Reno Nevada

Bobby Jones.indd 9                                                                                                                               5/21/21 3:01 PM

     3D Home Remodeling/                  Decorative Rock/Stone . . . 50        Investment Consulting . . . 64        Recycle/Salvage Materials . 72
       Rendering Plans . . . . . 42       Demolition . . . . . . . . . . 50     Irrigation . . . . . . . . . . . 64    enewable nergy . . . . . 72
     Accounting. . . . . . . . . . 42       oor ardware . . . . . . . 50        Jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . 66    Rock/Retaining Walls . . . . 72
     Adhesives/Sealants . . . . . 42      Doors. . . . . . . . . . . . . 50     Kitchen Design . . . . . . . 66       Roof Ice Melt Systems . . . 72
     Advertising . . . . . . . . . . 42   Drafting . . . . . . . . . . . 50     Land Use & Permitting . . . 66         oofing oofers . . . . . . . 72
     Aggregate/Landscape                    rywall . . . . . . . . . . . . 50   Landscape Architects. . . . 66        Safety/Risk
       Products. . . . . . . . . . 42     Electrical/Electricians . . . . 50    Landscaping Design . . . . 66            Management . . . . . 72, 74
     Air Conditioning . . . . . . . 42    Elevators/Lifts . . . . . . . . 50    Landscaping/Landscapers . 66          SB800 & Litigation
     Alarm Systems . . . . . . . 42        mployee enefits . . . . . 52         Lighting/Lighting Design . . 66          Consultation . . . . . . . 74
     Ancient Metals . . . . . . . 42      Engineered Wood                       Lot/Construction Loans . . 66         Sealing/Striping . . . . . . . 74
     Appliances . . . . . . . . . . 42       Products. . . . . . . . . . 52     Lumber. . . . . . . . . . . . 66      Septic Services . . . . . . . 74
     Arborists . . . . . . . . . . . 42   Equipment Rental/Sales . . 52         Marketing . . . . . . . . . . 66       ewer Testing Inspections . 74
     Architects . . . . . . . . . . 42    Equipment Repair. . . . . . 52        Masonry/Masonry Supplies 68            hower oors Mirrors . . . 74
     Asphalt Paving/                      Excavation . . . . . . . . . . 52     Mechanical Engineering . . 68         Siding. . . . . . . . . . . . . 74
       Maintenance . . . . . . . 42       Financial Services . . . . . . 52     Mediators . . . . . . . . . . 68      Site Services . . . . . . . . . 74
     Attorneys. . . . . . . . . . . 44    Finish Carpentry. . . . . . . 52      Metal Fabrication . . . . . . 68      Smart Homes . . . . . . . . 74
      ac ow revention                     Fire Alarms/Protection . . . 52       Metal oofing . . . . . . . . 68        now emoval. . . . . . . . 74
       Testing. . . . . . . . . . . 44    Fire Sprinklers . . . . . . . . 52    Mold Remediation/Radon                Solar Installation . . . . . . 74
     Battery Backup Systems . . 44        Fire/Water Clean-Up/                     Mitigation . . . . . . . . . 68    Solar Installation Supplies . 74
     BMPs/Erosion Control . . . 44           Restoration . . . . . . . . 52     Mortgages . . . . . . . . . . 68      Special Inspections . . . . . 76
     Bocce Court Construction . 44        Fireplaces/Wood Stoves . . 54         Notary . . . . . . . . . . . . 68     Sport Court Construction . 76
     Bonding . . . . . . . . . . . 44     Flooring . . . . . . . . . . . 54     Nurseries . . . . . . . . . . 68      Steel Construction . . . . . 76
     Building Design/                     Forklift/Aerial Work                  Organizations . . . . . . . . 68      Stone Fabrication . . . . . . 76
       Consulting. . . . . . . . . 44        Platform . . . . . . . . . . 54    Ornamental Iron . . . . . . 68        Structural Engineers . . . . 76
     Building Design/Planning             Framing . . . . . . . . . . . 54      Painting/Decorating. . . 68, 70       Structural Steel . . . . . . . 76
       & Drafting . . . . . . . . . 44    Furniture . . . . . . . . . . . 54    Pavers/Rock/Stone/Brick . . 70        Surveyors . . . . . . . . . . 76
     Building Materials . . . . 44, 46    Garage Doors . . . . . . . . 54       Pest Control . . . . . . . . . 70     Tax, Accounting and
     Business Consulting . . . . 46       General Contractors . . 54, 56,       Photography. . . . . . . . . 70          Business Consulting . . . 76
     Cabinets Millwor . . . . . . 46         58, 60, 62                         Plumbers/Plumbing                     Tile & Stone . . . . . . . . . 76
     Chimney Shrouds/Firepits . 46        Generators . . . . . . . . . 62          Supplies . . . . . . . . . . 70    Title 24 Project
     Civil Engineers . . . . . . . . 46   Geotechnical Engineers . . 62         Pools . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70       Management . . . . . . . 78
     Cleaning Services . . . . 46, 48     Gutters . . . . . . . . . . . . 62    Portable Restrooms . . . . 70         Title Companies . . . . . . . 78
     Color Consulting/Design . . 48         ardwood looring . . . . . 62        Printing/Large and                    Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78
     Community/Real Estate                Heated Gutter Covers . . . 62            Small Format . . . . . . . 70      Tree Services . . . . . . . . 78
       Development . . . . . . . 48       Heating/Ventilation . . . . . 62      Project Planning/                     Tree Spraying . . . . . . . . 78
     Concrete . . . . . . . . . . . 48    HERS Rater. . . . . . . . . . 62         Processing . . . . . . 70, 72      Truss Manufacturers . . . . 78
     Concrete Pumping . . . . . 48        Home Furnishings . . . . . 62         Promotional Products . . . 72         Utility Provider. . . . . . . . 78
     Construction ardware . . 48          Home Theater Architecture,            Property Management . . . 72          Vehicle Repair . . . . . . . . 78
     Construction Management 48              Design, & Testing . . . 62, 64     Public Relations . . . . . . . 72     Vehicle Sales/Leasing . . . . 78
     Countertops . . . . . . . . . 48     Hotels/Lodging . . . . . . . 64       Publications . . . . . . . . . 72     Waste Disposal . . . . . . . 78
     Crane/Rigging . . . . . . . . 48     Human Resources . . . . . 64          Railing/Trim . . . . . . . . . 72     Water Heater Installation . 78
     Custom Cabinets . . . . . . 48       Hydronic/Radiant Flooring . 64        Real Estate Agents/                   Weatherization . . . . . . . 78
     Custom Furniture . . . . . . 50      Insulation . . . . . . . . . . 64        Brokers . . . . . . . . . . 72     Windows . . . . . . . . . . . 78
     Custom Wood Flooring. . . 50         Insurance . . . . . . . . . . 64      Real Estate Development . 72          Window Coverings . . . . . 78
     Decking. . . . . . . . . . . . 50    Interior Designers. . . . . . 64      Reclaimed Materials . . . . 72

                                                                                  WE GOT THIS.

                                                                                                                      Exterior/Interior Paint & Stain
                                                                                                                         Residential & Commercial
                                                                                                                                              CA 480916

     10       CATT GUIDE / 2021–2022

Membership Categories 2021.indd 10                                                                                                                6/4/21 9:24 AM
Custom home building with a history of success
                     and exceptional service from design to finish.

                             530 581-5533 »
                  P.O. Box 5535, Tahoe City, CA 96145 »

                  C O N S T R U C T I O N » A R C H I T E C T U R E » D E V E LO P M E N T
                                                                        CA 757430 • NV 0049877

Loverde.indd 11                                                                    5/21/21 3:37 PM

                                                Welcome to the 2021-2022           and private property owners through our Jobs to Bid program. The
                                                Contractors Association            CATT member directory is absolutely the place to start when seeking a
                                                of Truckee Tahoe (CATT)            reputable builder, specialty contractor, supplier or professional.
                                                Building & Remodeling                 In this Guide, you will find a di erse mem ershi working within
                                                Guide. This publication is         a non rofit association that has a ro en track record o ro iding
                                                widely distributed around            uality ser ices and enefits to our mem ers and to the community
                                                the Truckee Tahoe region           since 1998. CATT remains dedicated to our founding mission “To
                                                and represents a valued            promote a positive business environment for the building and
                                                service for those looking for      housing industry and enhance opportunities for its members and
                                                a trusted general contractor,      the community.” CATT members are able to grow their companies
                                                sub-contractor, supplier or        through homeowner re errals, critical ad ocacy efforts on key
                                                professional. Whether you          issues, training resources and event and volunteer committee
                                                are a homeowner, local             networking opportunities.
                                                professional, renter or visitor,      Looking ahead, 2021-2022 will be focused on meeting the demands
                                                this publication will help         of 2021 growth in the region, and keeping our members fully informed
                                                connect you with the right         on industry innovation through existing and new communication
     people who are in the business of getting the job done.                       channels. We will continue to help connect our new residents and
        In 2020, our business climate dramatically changed, and the Truckee        locals with services needed to build or maintain their mountain home
     Tahoe region experienced an unprecedented demand for existing                 li estyle. In addition, staff is a aila le to direct homeowners with s ecial
     home and vacant parcel properties. Despite COVID shutdowns,                   requests pertaining to defensible space needs, ADU construction and
     the construction and housing industry was deemed essential and                home energy audits.
     res onded to the large influ o eo le moti ated to lea e the ig city              Please visit our website for all CATT related
     and work remotely from a more rural setting in the mountains. The             services as well as information on our sponsored organizations: CATT
     Tahoe Sierra Board of Realtors reported a 50% increase in volume of           Community Project (CATT CP) and CATT Political Action Committee
     sales of single-family homes in 2020 over 2019.                               (CATTPAC).
        CATT is here to serve our new residents and long-time locals through
     a Jobs to Bid service connecting homeowners to a reliable professional        Kellie Cutler, Executive Director
     for a new construction or remodeling project. All CATT members are  
     approved by our CATT Board of Directors and expected to uphold the
     CATT Code o thics. In        , CATT staff re erred       o s or u lic

        CATT Code of Ethics
        The following Code of Ethics shall be honored by every member of this Association:
      • Be mindful of your responsibility to CATT and fellow members, and through conduct of your business, demonstrate that
        membership in this organization is an assurance of integrity and quality.

      • Ensure that agreements and contracts are clear and understandable and state the essentials of every transaction with
        adequate protection and representation to all concerned.

      • Provide fair and just compensation for services rendered in each transaction.

      • Keep your insurance and license current.

      • Provide opportunities for employment in a safe environment.

      • Cooperate with all public officials and comply with all laws and regulations governing the industry and our community.

      • Say or print nothing that may reflect unfavorably on others except in an articulate, intelligent manner and only when protection
        of the public good and/or our industry dictates.

      • Dedicate yourself to bringing together members of the construction industry and community at large in the bonds of fellowship,
        mutual understanding, and positive solutions.

                                                             MISSION STATEMENT
                   To promote a positive business environment for the building and housing industry
                          and enhance opportunities for its members and the community.

     12      CATT GUIDE / 2021–2022

Welcome 2021.indd 12                                                                                                                                     6/4/21 9:26 AM
     No longer do you have to choose between performance or modern design. Marvin Signature® Modern windows
     and doors feature a proprietary frame made from high-density fiberglass that's strong, durable, and thermally
     efficient without requiring any additional material.

     See Modern design differently at California Craftsman.

                                                                                                 Auburn & Truckee, CA
         2021 Marvin Lumber and Cedar Co., LLC.                                  

CA Craftsman.indd 13                                                                                                 5/21/21 3:38 PM

                PRESIDENT                           VICE PRESIDENT                       SECRETARY                        TREASURER                        PAST PRESIDENT
            BRIAN MCENEANEY                       ANTON STANDTEINER                     GRADY JONES                     ANDREW CROSS                       CHRIS TENNANT
                McEneaney                          Mountain Forge, Inc.              Bobby Jones Concrete                Truckee Tahoe                       Mt. Lincoln
             Construction, Inc.                                                                                        Lumber Company &                    Construction, Inc.
                                                                                                                         Design Center

                                   MEGHAN BEHM                        MITCH CLARIN                       KEN FOSTER                          DAVE GOVE
                                    Sierra Crest                      Mitchell T. Clarin                  K.B. Foster                         Compass
                                      Cabinets                                                         Civil Engineering                     Real Estate

          PETER GREENBERGER                          RICH LOVERDE                     MIKE NETHERSOLE                     RYAN SMITH                        ZACH TANNER
        PacWest Construction and                  Loverde Builders, Inc.              M.D. Construction &             Sierra Mountain Pipe                   Tancon, Inc.
            Development, Inc.                                                           Consulting, Inc.                    & Supply

      STAFF                                                                       HISTORY OF CATT
      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR:                                                         CATT, the Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe, was formed in 1998
      KELLIE CUTLER                                                               by several contractors and suppliers who had two priorities: address the
                                                                                  impacts of local agencies on the building trade and improve the overall
      TRUCKEE NORTH TAHOE GOVERNMENT                                              professionalism within the industry. This small group realized that many others
      AFFAIRS MANAGER:                                                            in the industry were feeling the same frustrations. CATT’s Articles of Incorporation
      PETER FENOLIO                                                               were signed on June 24, 1998 by Mitch Clarin, Embree Cross, Patrick Flora, Robert
                                                                                  Gelso, Richard Loverde, Brian Marsh, Ted Owens, Eric Reamer, Dennis Schlumpf
                                                                                  and Matt Williams. The corporation was chartered as a regional, non-profit trade
      AFFAIRS MANAGER:                                                            association and received recognition as a tax-exempt organization. Governing
      NATALIE YANISH                                                              bylaws established a 15-member Board of Directors who quickly began soliciting
      MEMBERSHIP & EVENTS MANAGER:                                                membership support. In July of 1998, the first staff person was hired and in October
      PEG FRIESEN                                                                 1998, the first golf tournament fundraiser was held. Additionally, in 1998 CATT
                                                                                  absorbed the Tahoe Independent Contractors Association of North Tahoe.
                                                                                  In 2001, CATT announced an affiliation with the Nevada County Contractors
                                                                                  Association, and other affiliations have followed, including reciprocal memberships
                                                                                  with the: North State Building Industry Association, Placer County Contractors
                                                                                  Association, Tahoe Sierra Board of Realtors, Builders Association of Northern
                                                                                  Nevada and Nevada Builders Alliance.
                                                                                  Over the years, CATT has become a multi-faceted organization with a variety
                                                                                  of networking events and activities, exclusive job referrals for members and
                                                                                  continued advocacy for the building industry. CATT created a charitable entity,
                                                                                  CATT Community Project, to give back to the community by building and restoring
                                                                                  community structures. CATT also sponsors CATTPAC, a registered Political Action
      14       CATT GUIDE / 2021–2022                                             Committee, to further the interests of the industry in the political arena.

2021 Officers, Directors, Board + Staff.indd 14                                                                                                                             5/24/21 3:26 PM

                 9738 S. Virginia St., Suite AB   774 Mays Blvd. #11          10960 West River St.
                 Reno, NV 89511                   Incline Village, NV 89450   Truckee, CA 96161
                 Phone (775) 322-3451             Phone (775) 831-1300        Phone (530) 582-4400

Czyz's Appliance.indd 15                                                                             5/25/21 6:35 PM
     All contractor advertisements—whether it be an ad online,                                  are you will be too. Local customers, material suppliers,
     on the radio, T , in the newspaper, or phone book, a flyer                                 su contractors and financial institutions are good re erence
     that shows up at your front door, or the company s name on                                 sources to check whether the contractor is financially
     the side of a truck must ha e the California contractor s                                  responsible. If you are still unsure, you also may wish to check
     state license number issued by the Contractors State License                               the contractor out with your local building department, trade
     Board. You can check the license status online at www.cslb.                                association or union, consumer protection agency, consumer or call (800) 321-CSLB (2752). You can also build a                                 fraud unit, and the Better Business Bureau. Check your
     personalized list of licensed contractors in your area with the                            references using CSLB’s Instant License Check to make sure the
     “Find My Licensed Contractor” on the CSLB’s website. Most                                  contractor has an active license on
     licensed contractors are competent, honest, hardworking and                                  erify Contact Information
     financially res onsi le. owe er, many o the ro lems CSLB
                                                                                                Make sure your contractor has a current business address and
     sees could be prevented if homeowners knew their home
                                                                                                telephone number. A contractor who operates a business from
     improvement rights. A responsible and informed consumer
                                                                                                the ack o a icku truck with a cell hone may e di cult to
     can work more effecti ely with re uta le licensed contractors
                                                                                                find i a o needs to e fi ed a ter the last ill is aid. ou can
     and avoid being victimized by unscrupulous or unlicensed
                                                                                                find a licensed contractor’s address o record when you look
                                                                                                up his/her license status.
     Shop Around Before Hiring a Contractor
                                                                                                  erify Insurance Co erage
     Get at least three written bids on your project, and make sure
                                                                                                Ask to see a co y o the Certificate o Insurance or ask or the
     you’re com aring ids ased on identical lans, s ecifications
                                                                                                name of the contractor’s insurance carrier and agency to verify
     and scope of work. Do not automatically accept the lowest
                                                                                                that the contractor has insurance.
     bid. In fact, you should beware of any bid that is substantially
     lower than the others. It probably indicates that the contractor                              In California, if a contractor has employees, he/she is
     made a mistake or is not including all the work quoted by his                              required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The
     or her competitors. You may be headed for a dispute with                                   importance of this cannot be overstated. If a worker is injured
     your contractor if you accept an abnormally low bid. It also is                            working on your property and the contractor doesn’t have
     possible that a low-bidding contractor may cut corners or do                               insurance you could e financially lia le to ay or in uries and
     su standard work to make a rofit. Consumers can always find                                rehabilitation. Your homeowner’s insurance may or may not
     a list of CSLB-licensed contractors in their area by using the                             cover those costs.
     “Find My Licensed Contractor” feature on                                     When you look up a contractor’s license status on CSLB’s
        When the contractor comes to your house to give you a bid,                              website you will see the insurance information, or a statement
     ask to see his/her pocket license, along with a picture I.D. Make                          that the contractor is e em t rom carrying insurance ecause
     sure the person you’re dealing with is the same person on the                              they ha e no em loyees. It’s a red flag i the contractor says he/
     license.                                                                                   she has workers but has a workers’ compensation insurance
                                                                                                e em tion on file with CSLB. Also, you should check with your
        Contractors also can hire salespeople to work for them.
                                                                                                insurance carrier to make sure the workers’ compensation
     Those eo le must e registered with CSLB as a ome
                                                                                                insurance coverage being provided by the contractor will cover
     Improvement Salesperson. Ask to see the registration card,
                                                                                                all the workers on your job.
     along with a picture I.D.
                                                                                                   Commercial general liability insurance is not required;
        Contractors are required to have their state license number
                                                                                                however, it covers damage to your property. If the contractor
     on their business card and on all bids and contracts. Seeing a
                                                                                                does not carry general liability insurance, he/she should be
     license number doesn’t necessarily mean the license is valid.
                                                                                                a le to e lain how damage or losses will e otherwise you or
     Check the license status. Although an unlicensed operator
                                                                                                your insurance company could end up paying for damages.
     may gi e you a low id, the risks o ossi le financial and legal
     conse uences outweigh any enefits a lower id may seem                                         A licensed contractor must provide you with information
     to offer.                                                                                  regarding both types of insurance in your written contract.
     Out of State Contractors                                                                      All C    roofing contractors whether or not they ha e
                                                                                                employees) must carry workers’ compensation insurance or
     Contractors who work in California must be licensed by CSLB.
                                                                                                ha e a alid Certification o Sel Insurance on file with CSLB.
     A contractor licensed in Nevada cannot take a job in California
                                                                                                This information is indicated when you review the status of a
     unless they are licensed by CSLB.
                                                                                                contractor’s license.
     Ask for ersonal Recommendations
                                                                                                Learn About Contractor Bonds
     Friends and family recently may have had similar projects
                                                                                                California licensed contractors are required to have a $15,000
     com leted. I they are satisfied with the results, chances
                                                                                                license bond. Other bonds are not required, but might be
                                                                                                good for the contractor to get for your job. Some bonds are
                                                                                                designed to protect you against substandard work that does
                 Over 60 Years in Business                                                      not meet with local building codes. Bonds do not assure
                                                                                                the financial or ro essional integrity or com etency o a
          Serving Northern California Contractors                                               contractor. Institutional lenders such as savings and loans,
                                                                                                insurance companies or commercial banks generally require
                    Let Us Help You with Your Construction Insurance
                                                                                                licensed contractors to secure bonds for large jobs. Learn
                                                                                                more about bonds by reading CSLB’s Guide to License Bonds
                                                                                                  iling a Complaint
                                                                                                If you do have a problem with your contractor and can’t get it
                                                                                                resol ed, you can file a com laint with CSLB. Learn more a out
              General Liability • Workmans’ Comp • Commercial Auto                              the complaint process at
                7520 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights, CA 95610 • (916) 676-0844 • Lic.#0K07568   This article is reprinted with permission from the California Contractors
                                                                                                State License Board. For more information, visit

     16       CATT GUIDE / 2021–2022

2021 Find A Licensed Contractor.indd 16                                                                                                                               5/25/21 6:36 PM
                                           CAL-NEVADA   INSURANCE
                                           PRIVATE-CLIENT  SERVICESAGENCY
                                            PRIVATE-CLIENT SERVICES
                                                    Greater Wealth Means Greater Producon
         For more than 48                            Greater Wealth Means Greater Protection
       years, Cal-Nevada Ins                        • Secondary Residences
For more than 48 years, Cal-Nevada Ins               • • Secondary
                                                                      Personal Umbrella
       Agency has been providing                        • High-Value   Personal Umbrella
                                                          • Fine Art/Jewelry Coverage/Collecons
Agency has been providing clients throughout                  Fine Art/Jewelry Coverage/Collections
       clients throughout Nevada, Califor-                   • Automobile & Classic Car Coverage
                                                                • Automobile &&Classic Car Coverage
                                                                                 Recreaonal   Vehicles
Nevada,niaCalifornia and Arizona  with custom
              and Arizona with custom programsprograms               Watercraft & Recreational Vehicles
                                                                   • Earthquake & Flood
                                                                    • Earthquake & Flood
that reflect   reflect their
                   unique setunique   setFrom
                              of needs.   of needs. Fromto
                                              Lake Tahoe
        Lake Tahoe to the Bay Area, Truckee, Tahoe City,
the Bay Area, Truckee, Tahoe City, Olympic Valley, Tahoe Donner
                                                                                    We partner with top-er insurers to meet the
        Olympic Valley, Tahoe Donner and Incline Village,                           We  partner withhigh-net-worth
                                                                                                     top-tier insurers  to meetincluding:
                                                                                     needs   of our                  clientele
and Incline Village, South Lake Tahoe, Scottsdale, Las Vegas, NYC and                 needs of our high-net-worth clientele including:
        South Lake Tahoe, Sco˜sdale, Las Vegas, NYC and Flori-                           • Chubb/ACE
                                                                                          • Chubb/ACE
Florida, we've got you
         da, we’ve  gotcovered. Give usGive
                        you covered.    a callustoareview
                                                    call toyour insurance
                                                            review  your
                                                                                             •• AIG
                                                                                                •• Travelers
programinsurance program
        to make sure it is in to make
                              step with sure
                                        your itlifestyle.
                                                  is in step with your lifestyle.                  •• Encompass     (Allstate)
                                                                                                       Encompass (Allstate)
                                                                                                      •• Hagerty
                                                                                                         •• CA   Fair Plan
                                                                                                              CA Fair Plan with
                                                                                                                            with DIC
                                                         Mason for
                                                               for aa personalized
                                                                                   quote:                    •• Lloyd's
                                                                                                                 Lloyd's of
                                                                                                                         of London

                                              775.831.1422 or
                                                           or 800.373.0871

                    INSURANCE AGENCY
                                                                                             Village Blvd,
                                                                                                     Blvd, Suite 2
                                                                                           Incline Village,
                                                                                                   Village, NV 89451

                    CA Lic #0355153 :: CA Corp Lic #0B91407                          

     Cal Nevada Revised FIXED .indd 17                                                                                                 5/21/21 3:00 PM

      Lake Tahoe has been a well-known              As tourism continued to increase          Cele rity Gol Tournament is held each
      tourist destination for decades. Each      o er the years, so did the construction      year. The alanta Resort located across
      region of the lake has something           at Stateline. arious hotels and motels       from the Heavenly Village, known for
      different and uni ue to offer. A large     were remodeled, tenant improvement           its lu ury condominiums, was another
        ortion o the tourism center is located     ro ects occurred, and a con ention           ro ect com leted around this time.
      on the Southeast shore o Lake Tahoe        center was conce tuali ed and roke              The momentum o new construction
      at Stateline, Ne ada. Stateline offers a   ground in        . owe er, in        , the   and significant reno ations since
       ariety o attractions including casinos,   construction o the Chateau Con ention        has continued in the recent years.
      hotels, sho ing, restaurants and           Center egan and as the economy               The Tahoe Beach Clu Clu house was
      access to the iconic ea enly Ski Resort.   came to a halt, so did tourism, and this     com leted in uly         and the first
      O er the ast       years, significant        ro ect and most construction in the          hase o the residential uildings were
      redevelopment has taken place in           Stateline area.                              com leted in Fe ruary         . The Tahoe
      this area.                                    In the years ollowing       , tourism     Beach Clu is a rare lake ront residential
         The rede elo ment in this area            egan to ick u , as did construction        community offering se eral amenities
      came to li e with the construction o       in this region. The Chateau Con ention       such as a clu house uilding with a year
      the ea enly Gondola in            . This   Center com leted many store ronts            round ool, ri ate ier, and each.
      connected the in amous ea enly Ski         and the ori on Casino trans ormed               Se eral other e citing construction
      Resort with the town o South Lake          into the Hard Rock, a location where           ro ects are on track to reak ground in
                                                   eo le can see an e tensi e collection o    S ring o        . These ro ects include
      Tahoe. Soon a ter the ea enly Gondola
                                                 musical memora ilia. uring that same         the second hase o the Tahoe Beach
      was completed, the Heavenly Village and
                                                 time rame, the dgewood Lodge was             Clu residential uildings as well as the
         arriott Tim er Lodge ollowed suit.
                                                 constructed. This is a lu ury lake ront      Tahoe South ents Center. The Tahoe
      This area ecame a edestrian riendly
                                                 hotel located adjacent to the Edgewood       South ents Center will e a multi use
       illage where eo le could e erience
                                                 Gol Course and is where the well known       s ace designed to host e ents such
       arious restaurants, sho ing, as well as
                                                                                              as concerts, conventions, and hockey
      accommodations conveniently located
                                                                                              games. The ents Center will ro ide
       ust ste s away rom the gondola. As
                                                                                              year round acti ities to this area.
      a result, ea enly, a world renowned
                                                                                              Thanks to Elissa Stewart at SierraCon, Inc. for
      ski resort with reathtaking iews, now                                                   writing this article. You can contact Elissa at
        ecame instantly connected to the town                                                 530.544.1030, or
      o South Lake Tahoe.                                                           

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Stateline Building Trend.indd 18                                                                                                         5/25/21 6:37 PM
    is family owned and operated and has served   530 582.7428 •
    the Truckee-Lake Tahoe area since 1979.       10800 Pioneer Trail, Unit 3, Truckee
    We carry high-quality hardwood flooring
    and carpet ideal for your mountain home.
    Visit us and explore our amazing selection
    at the Pioneer Commerce Center in Truckee.
     CA LIC# 345494

Bassett Flooring.indd 19                                                                 5/21/21 3:41 PM

     Outdoor Entertainment Trends                                       or concrete oundations is the ree e thaw soil and how that
     Here we are in the year 2021 and as a homeowner, you have          effects cracking. Once water enetrates a crack and ree es,
     more than likely had more time than usual to think about           thus expanding, it will increase the size of this crack. This is
     improvements to your property. If you have kids, you have also     especially worse with asphalt, whereas concrete typically has
     thought a out different ways to kee them entertained while         re ar laced within to control the growth o a crack. Cracks in
     spending more time at your primary residence or even your          asphalt will continue to grow in width and in length with no
     weekend getaway property. There is no better time than now         end in sight.
     to get the kids outside, in the safety of your own home, and           ow do you fi this cracking issue Since there is no way
     get the lood flowing Since CO I         , data shows a drastic     to control the weather or the behavior of the elements
     increase in screen time for kids beyond what already seemed        on your property, a steel reinforced concrete pad will be
     to be an unhealthy balance. Getting your family outside to         the best option for the foundation, and the utilization of
     enjoy activities together is something that should never be lost   newer technologies in sur acing resulting in a significant
     and there are several ways to create the right space in your       improvement. Modular synthetic overlays that suspend the
       ackyard. ulti ur ose game courts, ickle all courts, utting       concrete don’t allow cracks to telegraph through making
     greens, bocce ball courts, tennis courts and other types of        your court always look perfect. This surface is orthopedic
     recreation are timeless when it comes to creating un, long         and possesses the best fall height ratings when compared
     lasting and priceless memories for you and your loved ones.        to concrete or as halt. ue to their to grid design, water or
        With the right professional contractor, design and space        snow will drain right through the sur ace and sheet off the
     in your yard, there are limitless options. Not only does this      concrete elow it, which means no sur ace water
     improve the quality of life for your family, this also increases       esign these courts with your own ersonal fla or, logos,
     the value of your home for future buyers with a family looking     lighting, encing and other finishing touches to create the
     to have something just like this.                                    er ect s ace or your amily It’s time to ut the screens down
        There are many ways these courts can be built. You may          and get outside. Play Together, Stay Together.
     be wondering what the latest technologies in surfacing are
      or these ackyard game courts. Some come with su staintial         Thanks to Barrett Park at Sport Court/Bocce Builders of America for writing
     maintenance, and others comes with virtually no maintenance        this article. You can contact Barrett at 925.932.4108, info@allsportamerica.
     at all. In the Sierra, one o the constant issues with as halt      com or

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Sport Court of America.indd 20                                                                                                               5/25/21 6:42 PM
Artisan®                                               Artisan®                                                          Artisan®                                                         Artisan®
          Bevel Channel                                         Square Channel                                                       V-Groove                                                         Shiplap

                                                                                     Bring your dream home to life with
                                                                                 James Hardie® fiber cement exterior solutions.
                                                                           DESIGN                                                     DURABILITY                                       PEACE OF MIND
                                                                           Elevates the aesthetic                                     Outlasts wood and                                30-year non-prorated
                                                                           of traditional wood siding                                 wood-based siding                                substrate warranty
                                                                           with lower maintenance                                     - Termite Resistant
                                                                                                                                      - Fire Resistant
                                                                                                                                      - Water Resistant

                          © 2021 James Hardie Building Products Inc. All Rights Reserved. TM, SM, and ® denote trademarks or registered trademarks of James Hardie Technology Limited. AD2105 04/21

James Hardie .indd 21                                                                                                                                                                                            5/21/21 3:00 PM
                                                                                                 Lighting—Because of the close living
                                                                                                 quarters, using lighting to highlight
                                                                                                 certain areas helps to make the house
                                                                                                 appear larger, separates the space and
                                                                                                 offers less disru tion. our smart home
                                                                                                 can be programmed to set lighting levels
                                                                                                 at 80% max to use less energy and save
                                                                                                 some money.

     With many companies from the tech-
     heavy cities accepting remote work,
                                                                                                 Keypads—Lighting keypads can be more
     Tahoe has become a refuge for San
                                                                                                 than just for lights, they can set scenes
     Francisco, and Silicon Valley’s elite.
                                                                                                 that include lights, audio video, shades,
     In a blink, the sudden migration of these
     people is transforming the Tahoe-                                                           heat, and security. One press of a button
     Truckee region. Due to this change in                                                       on a keypad can activate “Cooking” mode,
     our area, we have seen an emergence                                                         can ramp lighting up from the normal
     in smaller living with higher end smart                                                     80% to 100% and turn down your heat.
     home automation installs. At the end                                                        Another press can queue the music and
     of this year alone, it is estimated that                                                    dim the lights when time for dinner.
     nearly half of homeowners will have (or                                                     Security and Remote Access—Today
     invest in) smart home technology.           Entertainment—Instead of four remotes
                                                 that clutter up your limited living space,      there are multitudes of solutions to
                                                 replace them all with one remote that not       choose from to monitor your home from
                                                 only manages the TV and music, but can          afar. Most video cameras on the market
                                                 also control the whole house systems like       will not work if the internet is down and
                                                 shades and lights. All your equipment can       every thief out there knows it too. They
                                                 be out of sight in a discreet area that turns   know to cut the internet and they are
                                                 into an incredible entertainment area at        invisible. Our savvier market demands
                                                 the touch of a button.                          privacy, that requires a custom install
                                                                                                 brand that does not collect information on
                                                                                                 them and will not be easily disconnected.
                                                                                                 Aesthetics—Whether your home is built
                                                                                                 and designed with a contemporary look or
                                                                                                 with mountain charm, many companies
                                                                                                 offer inter aces to com lement that
     Small Living Spaces Need Smarts
                                                                                                 vision. Design options can include the TV
     Too—There are many ways a smart
                                                                                                 becoming an art frame, touchscreens that
     home can assist with the minimalism of
                                                                                                 blend to your décor, and “theater quality”
     smaller high-end living. Homeowners
                                                                                                 sound from invisible speakers.
     are turning their small environments
     into sanctuaries for their family. We are                                                   This just scratches the surface of smart
     finding it’s more im ortant than e er                                                       living in a small home. The options to
     to provide custom-tailored automation       Climate Control— ore confined s aces            mesh tiny and tech are endless.
     and security with high-end audio video      can get cold and hot quickly. Thermostats
     systems that do not interfere with the                                                      Thanks to Jeremy Brown at Nexus Electric
                                                 can work in unison with motorized shades
                                                                                                 and Smart Home for writing this article. You
     interior design and vision. Here are just   and overhead fans to keep your comfort          can contact Jeremy at 800.618.0874, info@
     a few examples:                             in check.                              or

     22      CATT GUIDE / 2021–2022

Small Smart Home.indd 22                                                                                                                   6/2/21 7:47 PM
North Lake Tahoe, CA (530) 546-5567
                                Incline Village, NV (775) 831-5567
                                     Fax Line (530) 546-8950


                              P.O. Box 243 Carnelian Bay, CA 96140

                                      CA 876583, NV 19856

Orlando Enterprises.indd 23                                          5/26/21 4:20 PM

     We are at a crossroads that we will look back on and               For the eo le who ha e een scrim ing and sa ing to
     remember forever. COVID-19 has changed many things for             ho e ully reali e their dream o owning their own iece o
     many people and, for us here in the Truckee Tahoe area, one        Truckee, I fear they have sadly been priced out of the market as
     of the most notable has been the real estate landscape. With       we see a seemingly ne er ending su ly o cash hea y uyers
     a significant chunk o the Bay Area and Sacramento work orce        fleeing ur an centers. Those would e first time home buyers
     gi en the o ortunity to work rom home, many ha e decided           are likely locked out of the market and that is going to change
     that home may as well e in the Truckee Tahoe region. The           the a ric o our community. any amilies will ine ita ly lea e
     past 12 months have been nothing short of staggering in            to mo e to more afforda le markets, urther e acer ating our
     the real estate market. The a erage home rice went rom             work orce challenges.
     $830,000 in March of 2020 to $1.3M a single year later. The           One o the enefits to our community is that this influ o
     median home price saw a similar um . According to the .S.          digital nomad workers ro ides an o ortunity to di ersi y
     Postal Ser ice, Change o Address records indicate that dou le      our economy and reduce our seasonal work de endence. It
     the amount of people moved to Truckee in 2020 than in the          concurrently places additional burden on our infrastructure,
     past decade.                                                       our treasured natural resource. Additionally, for nearly 3
        The question many folks are talking about on the ski lift and   decades, the ma or economic engine o our region has een
     in grocery store lines is how will this im act our community       tourism. O er tourism has taken a stronghold and we ha e
     Only time will tell. Peo le that ought their homes e en a          seen our treasured natural resources diminish. We need to
     couple years ago are sitting on a mountain of equity. This           reser e the natural eauty o our en ironment that we know
     e uity cou led with record low interest rates make the er ect      and love. Hopefully more and more short-term rentals are sold
     reci e or mo ing orward on the garage addition or kitchen          to what turn out to e ull time residents who will ecome as
     remodel they ha e always een thinking a out. Or erha s               assionate a out our natural resources as well.
     em ty nesters may take this o ortunity to downsi e.                   It is no secret that CO I      has created winners and losers.
                                                                           o ing orward it’s going to e aramount that our community
                                                                        leaders find ways to create more afforda le housing, em race
                                                                                                     programs of environmental
                                                                                                     stewardshi , and im ro e our
                                                                                                     in rastructure. As citi ens, it’s our
                                                                                                     duty to em race the newcomers
                                                                                                     and lead y e am le, while also
                                                  Survey &
                                                                                                     reaching out a hand to those in
                                              Geospatial Services
                                                                                                     need who ha e called Truckee home
                                                Civil Engineering                                    for decades–because that is the
                                                                                                     Truckee Way.
         Providing Services in                    Construction
         the Sierra since 1946                    Management                                       Thanks to Dave Gove at Compass
                                                                                                   Real Estate for writing this article.
                                                                                                   You can contact Dave at 530.575.8737,

     24        CATT GUIDE / 2021–2022

Real Estate Gone Viral.indd 24                                                                                                        6/2/21 7:51 PM
Zirbel.indd 25   5/25/21 6:47 PM

                                                     Some roducts in home o ces that           is a commonly used color in o ces
                                                  ha e een trending are standing desks,          ecause it eases an iety and hel s you
                                                  core chairs, house lants, and less use       stay ocused, es ecially when doing
                                                  of patterns to improve focus.                re etiti e tasks. Green is a good color
                                                     Standing desks ha e een trending           or eo le who work long hours ecause
                                                  for multiple reasons such as increasing      it does not cause eye atigue. Peo le
                                                  your energy le el, im ro ing your mood,      who choose yellow in their o ce tend
                                                  harnessing oint and muscle mo ement,           e to more o timistic and it can hel
                                                    oosting roducti ity, romoting weight       stimulate creativity.
                                                  loss, im ro ing mental ocus and                 I you’re looking to sa e time, money
                                                  lowering your risk o disease.                and energy in your daily work li e, home
                                                     Core chairs are an u and coming           o ces are ooming and are essential
                                                  trend. They i ot on a oint directly           or a remote li estyle. We elie e that
                                                    eneath the user’s center o alance,         this growing trend will ro ide a s ace
     This past year the design world has          allowing mo ement in all directions.
                                                                                               where eo le can ocus, de rie and
     been anything but boring. Just in the        Core chairs stimulate the muscles,
                                                                                               isolate rom the usy home li e. Though
     Truckee Tahoe area, home sales have          im ro e oint mo ility and enhance
                                                                                               work can o ten e associated with stress
     gone up 126% since last year.                circulation to oost rain ower,
                                                                                               and atigue, in your new home o ce,
        With the influ in the area, and a large     urn calories and diminish stiffness
                                                                                                 oth issues can disa ear.
     percentage of people working remotely,       and atigue.
                                                     With the andemic, eo le ha e                 On the condition that you ha e the
     how has this affected the o ular trends
                                                   ound it di cult to get their daily dose o   s ace, think a out con erting it into
     in the industry o design Two words
                                                  nature, leading to ringing the outdoors      an o ce. Not only can it re am your
     home o ces.
                                                  indoors. ouse lants in a home o ce           o erall health and wellness, ut it
        With finding a new normal and
     s ending more time at home, eo le            hel increase roducti ity, re lenish          will im ro e your home’s uality too.
     want to separate their work lives from        ocus and uri y the air. It has een          Working rom home doesn’t ha e to e
     their home life.                               ro en that eo le who s end more            so ad i you ha e the resources to do
          ome o ces are a growing trend           time in a workspace with plants have         it right.
     that we don’t see going out o style          im ro ed ha iness.
     any time soon. Not only are they saving         When it comes to decorating a home        Thanks to Hanna Danforth at Interior Design by
     people from hours of commuting               o ce, it is im ortant to remem er the        Julie Johnson-Holland for writing this article.
     and tra c, ut working rom home               s ace is used or working and ocusing.        You can contact Hanna at 530.587.3015,
     usually leads to ewer interru tions,         It is est to use ewer distracting ieces or
     increased roducti ity and more               o art and try a color scheme that in ites
     e cient meetings.                            a sta le, calming en ironment. Blue

     26       CATT GUIDE / 2021–2022

Home Office Trends.indd 26                                                                                                               6/2/21 3:04 PM
© 2019 Trex Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Trex® is a federally registered trademark of Trex Company, Inc., Winchester, Virginia

r_Cal_Mnp.indd 1

                                                     Designed to inspire. Engineered to last.
                                                           Designed to inspire. Engineered to last.
                                    it comes     to life
                                          it comes       outdoors,
                                                      to life outdoors, nothing
                                                                                    outperforms thethe  world’s
                                                                                                     world’s     #1 outdoor
                                                                                                              #1 outdoor    livingliving
                                Only Trex   ®
                                              is  engineered      to eliminate     time-consuming      maintenance
                                       Only Trex is engineered to eliminate time-consuming maintenance while providing
                                                  ®                                                                      while    providing
                             superior  scratch,
                                   superior        fadefade
                                             scratch,    andand stain  resistance.
                                                                   stain resistance. From    decking,
                                                                                      From decking,     railing
                                                                                                     railing andand   lighting,
                                                                                                                  lighting,         to pergolas,
                                                                                                                              to pergolas,
                              furniture and outdoor kitchens, Trex offers an array of eco-friendly products to you
                                    furniture  and  outdoor    kitchens,  Trex  offers an array of eco-friendly products     to help  help you
                                               and and
                                                              an an outdoorliving
                                                                  outdoor     living space
                                                                                     space totomake
                                                                                                make allall
                                                                                                         your dreams
                                                                                                            your dreams a reality.
                                                                                                                              a reality.
                                                            Learn more about the #1 brand in outdoor living, or find
                                                    Learn more about the #1 brand in outdoor living, or find
                                                     where to buy Trex near you at
                                                  where to buy Trex near you at

              Locations in Truckee 530.587.9211, Tahoe City 530.583.3731 and Reno/Sparks 775.359.2103
                                © 2019 Trex Company, Inc. All Rights      our
                                                                     Reserved. Trex website              at trademark
                                                                                    is a federally registered
                                                                                                                      of Trex Company, Inc., Winchester, Virginia

                                   © 2019 Trex Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Trex® is a federally registered trademark of Trex Company, Inc., Winchester, Virginia
      TREX.indd 27                                                                                                                                                        5/21/21 3:00 PM

                                                                                                   Photo courtesy of O’Leary Custom Building, Inc.

     This last year has driven home for a lot of people the desire         Once you’ e gotten e erything off your counterto , you can
     to have a functional and visually pleasing space in which          create a clean, sleek look with your cabinetry. The trend for
     to spend their time. The cabinet industry has responded by         clean lines in cabinetry will continue for the foreseeable future.
     providing ways to streamline and simplify functionality and        Think sla or Shaker style doors with solid, flat moldings. We
     aesthetics in kitchens and bathrooms while continuing to focus     are seeing a move to using fewer doors and drawer fronts to
     on quality craftsmanship.                                          maintain sleek lines. This can be accomplished with full height
        Many people are making less frequent trips to the grocery       doors below and drawer bases with just two drawer fronts
     store and spending more time in their homes. This is driving       stacked ut more drawers ehind those drawer ronts to offer
     a trend to find creati e ways to create more storage or ood        the functionality of three or four drawers. U-shaped drawers
     and other things that add to a cluttered-looking home. While       can be used to work around plumbing in vanity cabinets to
     removing or moving walls are great ways to make more space         allow for drawer space without having to break up the look of
     available in a kitchen or bath, these aren’t feasible options in   the vanity front into multiple doors and drawer fronts.
     every home. Floor to ceiling cabinetry creates more storage           Simple lines in cabinetry can allow homeowners more
     for food or linens and the opportunity to hide small appliances    options to put their personal touches on their space. Many are
     from view. Roll-out shelves and pull-out inserts make this         choosing neutral tones for the bulk of their cabinetry combined
     space readily accessible. Appliance garages are available with     with an island or some wall cabinets in a unique color or
     doors for a more uniform look than the roll-up look of the past.   texture. Some are installing unique slabs on an island to make
     Increasingly, homeowners are installing microwave drawers          it really pop.
     that are undercounter and out o iew. rawers can e fitted              The new rule of thumb is to remember that your kitchen
     with a charging station for your cell phones and tablets to        and bathrooms are central to your everyday life in a way
     maximize available counter space. There are pull-out storage       they probably haven’t been before. Make your home a place
     options for everything from utensils and spices to your favorite   that gives you comfort and a sense of well-being amid the
     knife set in the kitchen. In the bathroom, you can have a pull-    unpredictability we are experiencing in the public world.
     out dedicated to your hair dryer and other styling tools. Now,
     drawer boxes, waste and recycling centers and many of the          Thanks to Meghan Behm at Sierra Crest Cabinets for writing this article.
     organizational cabinet solutions you have seen in the past are     You can contact Meghan at 530.546.8552, or
     a aila le and made o walnut wood or a rich finished look.

     28       CATT GUIDE / 2021–2022

Cabinet Trends.indd 28                                                                                                                        6/2/21 3:06 PM
Photo courtesy of O’Leary Custom Building, Inc

                   Custom to Modular Cabinet
                  Solutions For The Entire Home
                  Local and Family Owned In Carnelian Bay Since 2001                                                                                                       Lic. #CA 465440
                     Personalized Service With Attention To Detail                                               Lic. NV 83260, 83261, 83262

                           Liaison Between Builder and Homeowner                                                LOCAL RELATIONSHIPS. NATIONAL RESOURCES.
                            To Ensure The Desired Finished Product
                                       Design Services
                                                                                                                 Serving the Tahoe, Truckee, Northern California
                                                                                                                   and Nevada areas by providing installation
                                                                                                                           services for these products:
                                                                                                               BUILDING INSULATION • FIREPROOFING • SPRAY FOAM
                                                                                                                     GUTTERS • COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL
                           VISIT OUR SHOWROOM IN CARNELIAN BAY
                            530-546-8552 •                                           Daniel Root | 775.560.4378                 Rick Lang | 775.399.1659
                   Showroom: 5193 North Lake Blvd., Ste. H Carnelian Bay, CA 96140                    
                                                                                                                                           office: 775.331.5600

                                                                                                                 Your Lake Tahoe Skylight Specialist
                                                                                                                                     Specializing In:
                                                                                                                                New Skylight Installations
                                                                                                                                 Skylight Replacements
                                                                                                                          SunTunnel Tubular Skylight Installations

                           QUALITY RESIDENTIAL

                                      (530) 798-6684
                                                                                CSLB. #1036693                                                 (530) 581-4031              CA 974246 - NV 86260

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     Sauna rooms are HOT! The percentage       Well documented enefits o regular            The most o ular heater is the imalaya
     of residential home plans that include    sauna athing include deto ification,         heater, a caged tower o la a stones.
     sauna rooms has grown exponentially.      lower lood ressure, increased                Sauna heaters controls and lights
     The health enefits, arious sauna room     circulation, relie o muscle, oint aches      can now e o erated ia a wi fi a .
     technologies, room design o tions and     and ains and im ro ed rela ation.              a e your sauna ready or you at
     wood choices are common discussion           Infrared sauna rooms New, in rared        your s ecified time.
     points.                                   technology sauna rooms offer a lower            Wood choices In the .S., Western
        Health bene ts So why is this such a   cost, and smaller oot rint sauna room        Red Cedar has been the typical wood
     hot trend, literally Sim le. omeowners    option. Infrared saunas work like the        used in sauna construction. Cedar is
     are seeking to create health and          sun, heating u o ects with in rared          sta le, ut so t and resists war ing
     wellness retreats in their own homes.     energy. The body absorbs this energy         under heat and humidity conditions
     Saunas are easy to maintain, easy         and raises the body’s temperature.             re alent in a sauna. Cedar also has a
     to enjoy and the easy choice.                Traditional sauna Traditional saunas      low density making it a good insulator,
                                               heat both the room and the air.              quick to heat and quick to cool down.
                                                  Room design When designing a              Canadian emlock is another commonly
                                               sauna room, actors including room            used so twood. ura le and knot ree,
                                               dimension, ceiling height, control           this coniferous North American tree of
                                               location, ench configuration, heater         the pine family is ideal for use inside
                                               capacity and lighting are all elements       saunas ecause it doesn’t war , and it
                                               to consider.                                 radiates heat e enly. Canadian emlock
                                                  Start with the ceiling height.            also roduces a delicate, rela ing aroma.
                                               Ceiling height should be close to the        Norway S ruce, another coni erous
                                               recommended 84” height and no more           tree of the pine family also known as
                                               than      . There is a large difference in     uro ean S ruce, is almost white, with a
                                               bench temperatures when the room             light yellowish undertone.
                                               height is increased 84”–96”.                    Whether you use your sauna to
                                                  Upper and lower bench layouts             wind down a ter a stress ul day, a ter a
                                                 ro ide di ersity or users. Plan            workout to reduce pain in muscles and
                                               upper benches to utilize when seeking         oints, to deto i y or a healthier ody,
                                               hotter temps and lower benches for           or e ore ed to romote a dee er,
                                               stepping up and for lower temperature        more rest ul slee , the enefits o sauna
                                               sauna bathing.                               therapy are almost immeasurable.
                                                    on’t o erlook the layout o walkways,    Indulge and in est in your good health.
                                               door location and heater positioning
                                                                                            Thanks to Tom Just at Mountain Home Center
                                               when designing.                              for writing this article. You can contact Tom at
                                                    eaters are no longer ust a owder        530.587.6681,
                                               coated metal o o la a rocks.                 or

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Sauna Trends.indd 30                                                                                                                   6/2/21 3:07 PM
CA 853502

InMotion.indd 31               5/26/21 4:30 PM

                                                                            unctional, uality uilt ieces that ring warmth, ha iness,
     Forecasting trends in any industry can be a complex
                                                                           and care ack into our homes.
     undertaking. Will we see a slight change from last year, or will
                                                                              This year will e alanced y unctional ieces with natural
     the landscape be transformed completely?
                                                                           wood tones, comfortable chairs and couches (often in bright
        When 2020 began, it looked like it would pick up where
                                                                           colors , and restored intage urniture that trans orts us to a
            le t off. Furniture with clean, modern lines, su tle colors,
                                                                             ygone era. odern urniture will still ha e its lace in       ,
     and simple forms would dominate and function would be
                                                                             ut it will need to ha e a hea y dose o unctionality and not
     le t ehind. id century urniture has een taking o er the
                                                                           merely e a con ersation iece. As we s end more and more
     industry as we all e ected. owe er, in ust a ew short
                                                                           time at home, uilt in storage and organi ation will ecome
     months, the andemic changed how and where we worked.
                                                                           more o ular to a oid clutter and stress.
     Dining rooms became board rooms and bedrooms became
                                                                              One o the many enefits o custom urniture is si e, sha e,
     classrooms. This trans ormation caused e eryone to rethink
                                                                           and color customi ation. Incredi le custom homes in the
     their li ing s ace. Furniture that once was decoration we
                                                                           Truckee Tahoe region, and other eauti ul wide o en s aces
      ound oursel es using more than e er. Our couches and chairs
                                                                           can e challenging to urnish with off the shel ieces that
     needed to e more com orta le. Our shel ing and ta les
                                                                           come in standard si es and colors. en when these mass
     needed to e more unctional. Whether it was long days o
                                                                           produced pieces come from high end furniture companies,
       oom calls or inge watching Netfli , we ha e ne er li ed in
                                                                           they can eel out o lace. Si e conscious ca ins can also run
     our homes more. We needed e erything to ha e a ur ose. We
                                                                           into this problem when store bought furniture is too large,
     required our furniture to be more comfortable and functional
                                                                           wastes space, or does not appropriately match the look and
       ut also ring oy into our li es. cellent orm causes oy,
                                                                            eel. Whether large or small, restored or new, uality custom
     and the seamless merging of both form and function brings a
                                                                           made urniture has a lace in e eryone’s home. This year and
     sense o satis action when we des erately needed it. intage
                                                                           the years to come will bring us all back together, and we’ll want
      urniture and amily heirlooms once again ecame cherished.
                                                                           the urniture that hel s make that ossi le.
     As 2020 came to a close, our furniture’s function and comfort
     brought us either a sense of comfort or the desire to reimagine
                                                                           Thanks to Paul Schnobrich at Schnobrich Woodworks for writing this
     our s aces. Chea and dis osa le mass roduced urniture                 article. You can contact Paul at 530.559.5509, schnobrichwoodworks@
     that rought little or no oy into our li es made way or       or

     32       CATT GUIDE / 2021–2022

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              Custom Homes • Remodels • Modular • Interior Design

                         530-53 6-5018 | d fc t a ho e.c om   CA LIC #974866 & NV LIC #0085981

DFC.indd 33                                                                               5/27/21 9:48 AM

      From the beginning of the building              Architects are always thinking out
      industry, concrete has always played         o the o with their designs and not
      a role as the stable base material.          only want to challenge the builders but
      Recently it has developed into a popular     ha e their designs stand out rom the
      material to finish the interior o not only   others. The integration o ig eams,
      commercial buildings, but now into the       either wood or metal, and especially
      residential space.                           concrete on the inside o homes rings
         From flooring, counter to s, fire laces   out the wow actor they are looking or.
      and even accent walls, concrete has          Concrete counter to s and floors are
      become a popular choice due to its           the most cost effecti e and easiest way
      boldness and durability. Although with       to add concrete into a home design.
      some applications it can be pricey, once     When heated and polished, concrete
      done it is asically maintenance ree.         floors not only offer some o the most
      As the modern and industrial homes           com orta le seamless tem erature
      become more popular, the sharp tight         control and durability, but also stands
      lines o concrete lay right into              u to the test o daily li e, kids and ets.
      the design.                                  Concrete countertops are a bold and
         Concrete is a heavy material and          stylish choice to make your kitchen
      o ten di cult to work with, ut when          or bathroom anything but normal.
      done right the end result will be a          The o ularity o interior concrete is
       ocal oint o a home. As the use o            rapidly growing and the bar continues
      concrete evolves, the ability to color the   to rise. Large oard orm concrete
      concrete as well as change the texture       fire laces and accent walls that were
      and a earance make concrete an               rarely seen are finding their way into
      attracti e finish o tion. Concrete has       many homes throughout the region.
      always een thought o as a cold rough         Although concrete is not or e eryone, it
      material but when heated and polished        is definitely a roduct that is noticed and
      it has ecome increasingly o ular or          will always make a statement.
      residential applications. In our area,
                                                   Thanks to Grady Jones at Bobby Jones Concrete
        oard orm concrete seems to e one o         for writing this article. You can contact Grady at
      the go to choices or interior walls          530.563.5005,
      and fire laces.                              or

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Interior Concrete.indd 34                                                                      6/2/21 8:02 PM
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