BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136

BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136
 Nebraska’s Heritage Highway


BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136
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                                                             Nebraska’s Heritage Highway

Welcome ............................... 3
                                                                       NEMAHA • JOHNSON • GAGE • JEFFERSON • THAYER
                                                                      NUCKOLLS • WEBSTER • FRANKLIN • HARLAN • FURNAS

Native Americans................. 4
                                                            CORRIDOR COUNTIES - PAWNEE • RED WILLOW • RICHARDSON • SALINE • OTOE


Barn Quilts of Nebraska .... 5                    Church at Gilead, Nebraska - Thayer County
                                                          Central point of Byway 136
                                                    Photo courtesy of Michael Forsberg –
Nemaha County................. 6-8                             Nebraska Tourism

Johnson County ............. 9-10

Gage County ................... 11-13

Jefferson County ...........14-15

Thayer County ................16-17

Nuckolls County ........... 18-19

Map ..................................20-21
                                                            Huge Flea Market/Garage Sale Event
Webster County ............. 22-23                             the First Weekend in October

                                              First Rural Mail Delivery Sign at Tecumseh, Nebraska
Franklin County.................24
                                                Trail of Treasures is our Flea Market/Garage Sale
                                                     Event held the first weekend of October
Harlan County .............. 25-27

Furnas County...............28-29

Corridor Counties ....... 30-39
                                               This 2017 Nebraska’s Scenic Byway 136 Guide was funded in part by a
                                               Grant from Nebraska State Tourism and was published for the Heritage
2   WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM                 Highway Committee by Courtside Marketing, 402-590-8093, Blair, Neb.
BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136

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    U.S. Highway 136 received recognition in 1999 when then              Highway 136 has a rich history as it was one of the trails used
Governor Mike Johanns named it Byway 136. In the early part of        by the Native Americans, pioneers and settlers who migrated
the 20th century it was State Highway #3 and was known as the         through Nebraska in the 1800s. Within this 238 mile journey are
“Goldenrod Highway.”                                                  several historic sites, state recreation areas, orchards, wineries,
    The “Heritage Highway” name was selected by a group               several natural prairie areas and many water-related hot sports.
of tourism promoters in 1994 to represent the route from                 The Homestead National Monument at Beatrice and the
Brownville to Red Cloud and then north to Hastings. This group        Willa Cather State Historic Site at Red Cloud are nationally
produced the first “Heritage Highway” brochure featuring many         known. Two sections of the Byway are named for famous
of the historic attractions in the counties along the route.          and not-so-famous gentlemen. The Colonel Barney Oldfield
    When the new Nebraska Byway program was announced                 Memorial Highway extends from the east Nemaha/Johnson
in 1998, the Highway 136 nominating committee decided to              County line west to the junction of Highway 136 and 50 at the
keep the name: Heritage Highway. The route was limited to             eastern edge of Tecumseh. The Robert Taylor Memorial Highway
Highway 136 and now extends from Brownville in Nemaha                 extends from Filley to Beatrice on Highway 136. The Oregon
County westward 238 miles to Edison in Furnas County. This            Trail is rich in history and the Republican River offers majestic
route (going from east to west as the earliest trails did) includes   views and water related activities. Brownville is a great tourism
the 10 counties of Nemaha, Johnson, Gage, Jefferson, Thayer,          destination.
Nuckolls, Webster, Franklin, Harlan and Furnas. This magazine            Prominent features of our corridor counties: Otoe: Nebraska
will follow that same pattern. Since 1999, five corridor counties     City is the home of J. Sterling Morton, the founder of Arbor
have expressed interest in being part of Byway 136. They are          Day; Pawnee: Pawnee City has a large Amish settlement; Red
Otoe, Pawnee, Red Willow, Richardson and Saline.                      Willow: the home of Senator George Norris, the founder of the
    In 2012, the first Trail of Treasures Flea Market/Garage Sale     Rural Electrification Association (REA); Richardson: Falls City is
event was held. This event has grown each year and is becoming        the home of John Falter, nationally recognized artist and Saline:
a tourism destination for many travelers, both in Nebraska and        Wilber is home of the nationally recognized Czech Festival.
out of state.                                                            Byway 136 has a great deal to offer. Plan a trip to see the
    The Byway 136 members are working on Trail of Authors, Arts       many historic sites, the beauty of the countryside and attend
and Architecture, Trail of Photos, Trail of Cemeteries/Churches       festivals and/or flea markets as part of your destination.
and Trail of Historic Markers, in branding our Byway as “Re-blaze                                See you on the Trail!
the Trail.”Our membership categories have various Trailblazer
titles depending on the membership payment.                           Judy Coe
                                                                      Judy Coe, President

RE-BLAZE THE TRAIL • NEBRASKA BYWAY 136                                                                   1-888-404-1315               3
BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136
    Many places in Nebraska are named after Native Americans, including our state. Nebraska gets its name from the Oto-
Missourias. It is from two Oto-Missouria words “Ni-Brathge” (nee BRAHTH-gay) which means “water flat.” This name came from
the Platte River which flows through the state and at some places moves so slowly and calmly that it is flat. The Omaha also claim
origins for “Nebraska” as they share a common Siouan language base.
    To learn more about the history of Native Americans in Nebraska and their challenges with the white man, read “I Am a Man” by
Joe Starita and “An Unspeakable Sadness” by David J. Wishart.
    To learn more about Nebraska Tribal history, check out the Nebraska Commission for Indian Affairs' website
    Two towns along Heritage Highway 136 have Native American names – Tecumseh and Red Cloud. Attractions also carry Native
American names as in the name Indian Cave in Richardson County.
    Heritage Highway 136 is very active in promoting our Native Americans. Our monthly meeting agenda includes a Native
American report.

    Chief Standing Bear was born on the banks of the Niobrara                   The summer buffalo hunt was the high point in the year for the
River in Nebraska where the Ponca people peaceably lived.                   Pawnee. The 1873 hunt was a massive affair, and was to prove to
In 1877, by federal treaty, Chief Standing Bear and the Ponca               be the last of the great buffalo hunts. Sky Chief, Sun Chief and
tribe were forcibly removed from their homeland in Nebraska to              Fighting Bear were the leaders of a great Pawnee expedition,
Indian Territory in what is now Oklahoma.                                   perhaps numbering some 250 warriors plus 100 women and 50
    Chief Standing Bear and the Ponca people walked over 500                children. Their objective was to hunt buffalo along the banks of
miles from Nebraska to Oklahoma, enduring the hardships of                  the Republican River.
travel, illness and the conditions of Indian Territory.                         Early in the morning of August 4, 1873, the Pawnee hunters
      Sadly, many members of the tribe perished during the first            began their hunt, moving north, up the divide, between the
year, including Chief Standing Bear’s son, Bear Shield. His dying           Republican and Frenchman Rivers, followed closely by the women
wish to his father was to be buried in his homelands along the              and children who processed the buffalo kills. Sky Chief had just
Niobrara River.                                                             killed a buffalo and was in the process of skinning the animal
    Determined to grant his son his dying wish, Chief Standing              when an advance guard of a Sioux war party came upon the
Bear led thirty members, including women and children, on the               scene and killed him, thus beginning the battle that we know
long 500 mile walk back to their home in Nebraska, only to be               today as the Battle at Massacre Canyon.
arrested just short of their homeland and imprisoned at Fort                    It was not much of a battle. Massacre is an apt name. Sioux
Omaha for leaving the reservation.                                          warriors, with a 4-to-1 advantage over the Pawnee, quickly
    In May of 1879, with the help of local attorneys, Chief                 joined the advance party. While Pawnee warriors, women and
Standing Bear sued the federal government seeking his freedom               children dropped everything and fled down the canyon toward
and right to return to his homeland. In his courtroom speech to             the Republican, Sioux warriors from the Brule and Ogalala Sioux
the judge, Chief Standing Bear pleaded: “That hand is not the               tribes rode along the ridges, on either side of the canyon, firing
color of yours, but if I pierce it, I shall feel pain. If you pierce your   down on fleeing warriors, women and children. When the carnage
hand, you also feel pain. The blood that will flow from mine will           ended, Sky Chief and 69 Pawnee warriors, women and children
be of the same color as yours. I am a man. The same God made                were dead (some reports say as many as 150), as the result of the
us both.”                                                                   Sioux attack. It is generally conceded that only six Sioux warriors
    Chief Standing Bear was victorious in court that day, where             died in the battle.
for the first time the court found that Indians are persons within              The Battle at Massacre Canyon was an important event in the
the meaning of the law.                                                     history of the west. It was the last inter-tribal battle in Nebraska. It
      Work is being done on the Chief Standing Bear trail which             signaled the last great buffalo hunt. It caused the Pawnee to give
goes through Saline and Gage Counties. Plans are to eventually              up their Nebraska reservation, in exchange for land in the Indian
have Federal Designation as the Chief Standing Bear National                Territory. It caused the Pawnee to leave Nebraska, their traditional
Historic Trail.                                                             home, and move to the Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma.

BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136
              Barn quilts are becoming more popular as communities are seeing their value as a tourism tool.
                             Several counties along Byway 136 have them in their communities.

              Shown below are a few along the first five counties as you travel from Brownville west to Edison.
                       The Corridor Counties of Pawnee, Richardson and Saline also are included.

              We hope to have barn quilts in the five counties of Nuckolls, Webster, Franklin, Furnas and Harlan
                             as well as the Corridor County of Red Willow in the near future.

            NEMAHA COUNTY                       JOHNSON COUNTY                             GAGE COUNTY
              TILTED TULIP                   DOUBLE WEDDING RING                      CRAYON BOX PATTERN
     CENTER – HIGHWAY 75 & 11TH ST.,          175 S. 3RD, TECUMSEH                 1115 W. SCOTT RD., BEATRICE

                             JEFFERSON COUNTY                        THAYER COUNTY
                         VARIATION OF STAR PATTERN                  CROSSED CANOES
                          JANE & ROBERT BAKEWELL                   RHONDA BURKHART
                           47119 707TH, FAIRBURY                7012 ROAD 5, ALEXANDRIA

           RICHARDSON COUNTY                         PAWNEE COUNTY                          SALINE COUNTY
              SILLY CHICKEN                          FAMILY SAMPLER                         UNKNOWN NAME
             NANCY CHAPMAN                     VANCE AND JEANNETTE ULMER                    NANCY LINHART
        65246 710 ROAD, FALLS CITY            61782 HIGHWAY 8, PAWNEE CITY          2405 STATE HIGHWAY #41, WILBER

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BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136
2                                                        2
                                       NEMAHA COUNTY                                       4

                   Auburn • Brock • Brownville • Johnson • Julian • Nemaha • Peru

                                                    Fun Facts about              Dr. Spurgin’s Dental Office
               Julian                               Nemaha County                222 Main St.
                              · Nebraska State Fair was held in
                                                                                 Flatwater FolkArt Museum
      Brock             Peru    Brownville in 1870-1871.
                              · Half Breed Tract is located just east of         7th & Main St.
    Johnson        Brownville
                                Auburn. It was a reservation set aside           402-825-4371
                                for offspring of Native Americas and fur
                                traders. The original towns of Calvert           Governor Furnas Museum
                   Nemaha       and Sheridan became Auburn.                      230 S. 6th St. & Water St.
                              · Nemaha County is represented by a 44
                                on Nebraska license plates.                      Sage Memorial Museum
                              · January 1, 1863, Daniel Freeman filed            213 Main St.
                                the first claim under the Homestead Act
Auburn Chamber of Commerce
                                for land in Nebraska at the Brownville           Schoolhouse Art Gallery & Nature
           1101 J Street
                                land office.                                     Center                                                          427 Main St.
                                                   ATTRACTIONS                   402-274-4146
    History of Nemaha County
    In the mid-1800s westward expansion     AUBURN                               The Furnas Arboretum
started to bring many people to the                                              5th & Main St.
                                            Nemaha County Courthouse
Nebraska territory to settle. Nemaha                                             402-825-6637
                                            1824 N St.
County was found to be a convenient
location due to its proximity to the                                             The Land Office
Missouri River.
                                            Nemaha County Veterans Memorial
                                                                                 2nd & Main St.
    There were many early settlements       Hwy. 75 & 10th St.
including Brownville, Glen Rock, London,                                         The Meriwether Lewis Dredge
Nemaha City, Saint George, Peru,            Nemaha Valley Museum                 Museum
Middleport, Center, Saint Frederick,        1423 19th St.                        402-825-3982
Sheridan and Calvert.                       402-274-2608
    During the first regular session of                                          The Wheel Museum
the Territorial Legislature on March 7,     BROWNVILLE                           219 Main St.
1855, Nemaha County was named and           1854 Didier Log Cabin                402-825-6001
its boundaries were set (except for the     2nd & Main St.
western one). It was named Nemaha
                                            402-825-6001                         PERU
because of the Nemaha River that runs                                            Peru Museum
from the northwest to the southeast                                              5th & California St.
                                            Brownville Village Theater
corners of the county. Nemaha County is
about 399 square miles.                                                          Peru State College and the Campus
    Brownville was declared the first                                            of a Thousand Oaks Arboretum
county seat in 1855. The county seat was    Brownville Concert Series
                                                                                 600 Hoyt St.
an issue of much debate and saw many        N. 2nd & Atlantic St.
appearances on the ballot for relocation    402-825-3331
of the county seat. The idea was defeated
many times, however, in 1883, the voters    Brownville Depot & Railroad Museum     PLACES TO STAY
elected to move the county seat to the      Hwy. 136 & Main St.
newly formed Auburn.                        402-825-6001                         AUBURN
    The community of Auburn decided to                                           Arbor Manor Steakhouse & Motel
build a limestone courthouse on             Captain Bailey House Museum          1617 Central Ave.
    “Court House Square” and used native    4th & Main St.                       402-274-3663
rock quarried from Rohrs. The               402-825-6001               
    Cornerstone was laid on May 25, 1900
and was completed in December 1900.         Carson House                         Auburn Inn (Motel & RV Park)
                                            3rd & Main St.                       517 J St.
                                            402-825-6001                         402-274-3143

BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136
City of Auburn RV Park
(Open April 1— October 31)*
*Stays limited to no more than 4
consecutive nights*
6th St. & Q St.

Grand Central Hotel
1114 J St.

Palmer House Motel
1918 J St.

Pierce Cottage

River Inn Resort (River Boat & RV Park)
72895 648A Ave.
                                                                Chapel at Coryell Park near Brock

The Cottage
                                          Legion Memorial Park                  PERU
                                          Hwy 75 & 10th St.                     Neal Park
                                                                                Park Ave. and Neal St.
                                          Rotary Island & Optimist Lake
PERU                                      Hwy 75 & 7th St.                      Sid Brown Memorial Park
Cabin at Honey Creek                                                            & Splash Pad
402-872-7275                              BROCK                                 4th & California St.
                                          Coryell Park
                                          73206 633 Ave. (Johnson)              Steamboat Trace Trailhead
         RECREATION                                                             North Entrance Park Ave. & 5th St.
AUBURN                                    BROWNVILLE
Auburn Country Club Golf Course           Boettner Park                               PLACES TO EAT
72722 Hwy. 75                             2nd & Main St.
402-274-4500                              402-825-6001                          AUBURN
Auburn Recreational Complex               Brownville State Recreation Area      1002 J St.
6th & Q St.                               65296 720 Rd.                         402-274-2442
402-274-3420                              402-833-2575
                                                                                Arbor Manor Steakhouse
Auburn Dog Park                           Steamboat Trace Trailhead             1617 Central St.
6th & Q St.                               South Entrance                        402-274-3663
                                          65296 720 Rd.
Bowldog Alley                                                                   Bowldog Alley
1818 Central Ave.                         JOHNSON                               1818 Central St.
402-274-1310                              Sportsman Park
                                          West End of 2nd St.
Crestview Mini Park                                                             Casey’s Carryout Pizza
26th & Kuhlmann Ave.                      NEMAHA                                2208 J St.
                                          Indian Cave State Park
Irvin Park & Ariens Disc Golf Course      65296 720 Rd. (Shubert)
14th & Q St.                              402-883-2575

RE-BLAZE THE TRAIL • NEBRASKA BYWAY 136                                                     1-888-404-1315           7
BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136
                                                                  Nemaha Country Market
                                                                   501 1st St.

                                                                  Ruthie’s Route 67
                                                                  502 1st St.

                                                                  Casey’s Pizza
                                                                  73416 644A Ave.

                                                                  Zach’s Bar & Grill
                                                                  605 5th St.

                                                                     STATE HISTORICAL
                                                                  Auburn Post Office Mural
                                                                  Located in Auburn inside Post Office
                                                                  Marker #495

                                                                  Half-Breed Tract
                                                                  Established 1830
          Downtown Peru. Photo courtesy of Peru State College.
                                                                  Located on Hwy 136,1/2 mile east of
                                                                  Auburn Marker #58
Dairy Sweet                          Subway
620 J St.                            2322 Dahlke Ave.              Nemaha County Courthouse
402-274-3359                         402-274-3030                 Cornerstone May 25, 1900
                                                                  Located in Auburn on Courthouse
Dutch Pantry
2402 J St.                           BROWNVILLE                   grounds Marker #477

402-274-1102                         Rivertowne Ice Creame Shop   Lewis & Clark Campsite
                                     121 Main St.                  July 15, 1804
El Portal Mexican Restaurant         402-274-1723                 Located in Brownville State Recreation
1905 J St.                                                        Area Marker #338
402-274-1414                         Spirit of Brownville
                                     72895 648A Ave.              Muir House
Great China Buffet                   402-825-6441                 Erected 1868-1870
1300 Courthouse Ave.                                              Located in Brownville Marker #52
402-274-3672                         TJ’s Tavern
                                     105 N 1st St.                Nebraska State Teachers’ Association
Hickory Road BBQ & Catering          402-825-9902                 October 16, 1867
914 Central Ave.                                                  Located at Brownville Public School
402-274-9988                         JOHNSON                      Marker #417
                                     Johnson Quik Stop
                                     108 Main St.                 Village of Brownville
Pizza Hut
                                     402-868-4305                  Established 1854
909 Alden Dr.
                                                                  Located in City Park in Brownville
                                     Huckleberry’s Bar & Grill    Marker #159
Sonic Drive-Inn                      218 Main St.
                                     402-868-4675                 Peru State College
1010 J St.                                                        June 20, 1867
402-274-3321                                                      Located in Peru on campus Marker #80

BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136
1                                                                     2
                                                 JOHNSON COUNTY                                               1


                                       Johnson County Courthouse. Photo courtesy Judy Coe.

                                                      Tecumseh was founded in 1856                 located one block north of downtown on
                                                  and was located at the intersection              4th Street is that it is said to have cannon
                                                  of the Nebraska City- Marysville and             balls in the walls.
                                                  Brownville- Fort Kearny Trails. Today it is           Cook was known as the “Artesian City”
        Sterling         St. Mary
                                                  the intersection of U.S. Highways 136 and        because of the numerous artesian wells
                                                  State Highway 50.                                in the area. It was a combination of Bob
                                                      Because Tecumseh was a crossroads,           Town, Spring Creek and Helena. Cook was
                                                  in the early days there were seven trails        founded in 1888 when the Missouri Pacific
                                                  that traversed through Johnson County.           Railroad was extended to that point. It
          Crab Orchard
                                     Elk Creek    In addition to the two listed above, there       was named for Andrew Cook, the original
                                                  were Nebraska City –Beatrice, Tecumseh-          owner of the town site.
                                                  St. Joseph, Pawnee City-Lincoln, Salt                 Winning national recognition as “Best
    For more information                          Creek and Settlement Trails.                     Small Town in America” in 1992 brought
  call 402-335-0745 or email                          Tecumseh was also home to a                  some well-deserved attention to the town.                          Carnegie library and an opera house.                  Crab Orchard was platted in 1883
                                                      In 1958, Tecumseh became the first           when the Chicago, Burlington and
   Johnson County is comprised of the             historic district in Nebraska to be listed       Quincy Railroad was extended to that
towns of Cook, Crab Orchard, Sterling, St.        on the National Register of Historic             point and was named from a grove of
Mary and Tecumseh with Tecumseh being             Places. The best known landmark is the           wild crabapple trees near the town site.
the county seat. In Nebraska Territory            Johnson County Courthouse built in               It is said to have had the first school in
Johnson and Nemaha Counties were                  1888. Tecumseh was also the site of the          Johnson County – a little log schoolhouse
part of Forney County – in 1856 the two           first rural free mail delivery in the State of   one mile west of town, built in 1867.
counties were divided into Johnson and            Nebraska on November 6, 1896.                         Elk Creek had its start in about 1873 by
Nemaha.                                               The legend about the old stone jail          the building of the Atchison and Nebraska

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BYWAY 136 Nebraska's Heritage Highway - WWW.HERITAGEHIGHWAY136.COM - Heritage Highway 136
                                                                                  Super 7 Inn
                                                                                  402 N. 12 St.

                                                                                  Town & Country Inn
                                                                                  188 Hwy. 136

                                                                                  Sidelines Steak & Sports Bar
                                                                                  117 W. Main St.

                                                                                  Scott’s Place The Legacy
                                                                                  175 Broadway St.
           Steam Engine - Case HP50 - Deer Creek Sodbusters Photo                 402-866-4081
Railroad through the territory. It took its   Keim Stone Bridge
name from Elk Creek nearby, which was                                             Jet Stop
                                              3 miles east & 1 mile north
named for the elk once seen there. The                                            Hwy. 41 & Maple Streets
town was established as a compromise                                              402-866-2255
between an early settlement called
                                              Civil War Soldier Memorial Statue
“Butler” and a millpond site on the James
                                              Courthouse Square                   TECUMSEH
Robinson’s farm.                                                                  Frazier’s Café
     Sterling was named when William                                              472 N. 12 St.
Mann, John Bentz and William Kneeland
                                              World War I Cannon                  402-335-3221
decided to flip a $20 gold piece for the
                                              Courthouse Square
honor of naming their settlement. Mr.
                                              402-335-0745                        Harvest Bowl
Mann, being the lucky one, named it
                                                                                  Hwy. 50 & 136
Sterling, after his hometown of Sterling,
Illinois. Sterling was platted in 1870 when   Bandshell                           402-335-2095
the Atchison and Nebraska Railroad was        Courthouse Square
                                              402-335-0745                        TNT BBQ
extended to that point. The Deer Creek
                                                                                  366 Broadway St.
Sodbusters Antique Machinery Show is
held 4 ½ miles south of Sterling on the       Brandon Parkway Fountain            402-335-7685
second weekend of August each year.           365 Clay St.
     St. Mary (formerly Smartville named      402-335-0745                        Tecumseh Central Market Deli
                                                                                  381 Clay St.
after Robert Smart) has the very beautiful
St. Mary’s Catholic Church whose              Johnson County Museum               402-335-3660
members serve delicious fish dinners          289 Clay St.
during the Lenten season.                     402-853-3614                        Ramsey’s Family Fountain
                                                                                  155 S. 3rd St.
                                              Oldfield Exhibit                    402-335-1235
     ATTRACTIONS                              175 S. 3rd St.
                                              402-335-0745                        Pizza Hut
TECUMSEH                                                                          1425 Hwy. 136
Johnson County Courthouse                     Old Stone Jail                      402-335-4144
454 Broadway St.                              161 N. 4th St.
402-335-6300                                  402-335-0745                        Subway
                                                                                  440 N. 12 St.
First Rural Free Mail Delivery                Montz Motorcycle Museum             402-335-2322
484 Broadway St.                              342 Clay Street
402-335-2007                                  402-335-0328

1                                                       1
                                                6   GAGE COUNTY                                         9
                                                6                                                       3

                       Adams • Barneston • Beatrice • Blue Springs • Clatonia • Cortland
                             Filley • Liberty • Odell • Pickrell • Virginia • Wymore

                                                    Grandma’s Fruit and Nut holiday cake and           Homestead Act Fast Facts
    Clatonia                Cortland
                                                    other baked desserts. The company has             • Signed into law by President Abraham
                                                    been located at 201 South 5th St. since             Lincoln on May 20, 1862
                                     Adams          1924.                                             • Offered 160 acres of free land to any
                          Pickrell                     The surrounding villages and towns               qualified individual willing to live on farm
                                                    have unique historical attractions. Odell           and improve it for five years
                                                    has the Old West Trails Center, Wymore is         • Single women and widows, most
                                                    home to the Great Plains Welsh Heritage             immigrants and African-Americans all
                                      Filley                                                            qualified to be homesteaders
                                                    Centre, Filley has the Filley Stone Barn
                                                                                                      • Effective for 123 years (ending in 1986),
                                                    and Barneston has the Oto Indian Mission
                                                                                                        with over two million claims covering 270
                       Beatrice                                                                         million acres of land
                                     Virginia          Family fun and historical treasures
                                                                                                      • One-room Freeman School, constructed
                                                    abound when you take the opportunity to             in 1872, remains at its original location
                          Blue Springs              discover Gage County!                             • Gave men, women, African-Americans
                 Wymore                                                                                 and immigrants a chance at the American
                                                            ATTRACTIONS                               • Helped turn natural environments and
                                                                                                        American Indian Homelands into a
                                  Barneston                                                             developed, productive United States
                                                    GAGE COUNTY MUSEUM AND                            • Gave away 10% of nation’s land to over 2
                                                    HISTORICAL SOCIETY                                  million individuals across 30 states
         VISITBEATRICE.COM                          101 N. 2nd St.
            402-205-3292                                                                Hours:
                                                                  Open daily, all year round, except
     Gage County is home to 14 towns and            402-228-1679                                      Thanksgiving Day, December 25 and
villages. Each town or village has their own                                                          January 1. The trail system and parking lot
unique history to tell. Beatrice is the largest     BEATRICE BAKERY                                   are open from dawn to dusk every day the
city and is the county seat of Gage County.         201 South 5th St.                                 park is open.
Attractions to see within the community                                      Summer season (Memorial Day to Labor
include the Gage County Historical                  402-223-2358 or 800-228-4030 x108                 Day) The Heritage Center, Education Center
Museum, Beatrice Public Library and the                                                               and other buildings are open daily from
Gage County Courthouse.                             HOMESTEAD NATIONAL                                8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
     Heritage Highway 136, (U.S. Highway            MONUMENT OF AMERICA                                  Fall, winter and spring seasons (Labor
136), one of Nebraska’s Scenic Byways,              8523 W. State Highway 4                           Day to Memorial Day) The Heritage Center,
passes through Beatrice and Gage County.                                        Education Center and other buildings are
Following the Byway westward you will find          402-223-3514                                      open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
the Gage County Historical Museum. The              “FREE LAND!” was the cry!                         and weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
museum is located at the corner of Second           Explore Southeast Nebraska’s only National        402-205-3292
and Court Streets and houses historical             Park Service Site
displays of Gage County from the turn of            • Interactive exhibits                            CEDAR CREEK POTTERY
the century to present day. The museum is           • 100 acres of restored tall grass prairie with   37639 South 80th Rd.
nestled near the junction of Indian Creek             2.5 miles of walking trails through prairie     402-228-0138
and the Big Blue River. The river runs                and woodland
through Beatrice and Gage County and was            • Pioneer school                                  COMMUNITY PLAYERS
instrumental to the settlement of the area.         • Homesteader cabin                               412 Ella St.
     Continuing west on the Byway, and north        • Special events tell stories of industry,
onto State Highway 4, the trail leads to                                                              402-228-1801
                                                      agriculture, immigration, migration and
Homestead National Monument of America                American Indian cultures
and the Homestead Heritage Center.                                                                    CARNEGIE BUILDING
                                                    • “Land of Dreams: Homesteading
Homestead tells the story of the Homestead                                                            218 N 5th St.
                                                      America,” an award-winning film
Act of 1862.                                                                                
                                                    • Digitized homestead records                     402-223-2338
     Near downtown Beatrice is Ratigan-             • Farm implements and ever-changing
Schottler, located one block south of                 special exhibits
Heritage Highway 136 on Second St. It                                                                 GAGE COUNTY COURTHOUSE
                                                    • Bookstore operated by Eastern National          612 Grant St.
is the leading supplier of solid oak pews,          • Entrance is FREE to the monument,     
chairs and chancel furniture. Also nearby             museum, exhibits, programs and all              402-223-1300
is Beatrice Bakery Company, Home of                   events!

RE-BLAZE THE TRAIL • NEBRASKA BYWAY 136                                                                            1-888-404-1315                11
                                                                                              3210 N. 6th St.
                                                                                              402-223-3536 or 1-800-4CHOICE

                                                                                              Holiday Inn Express & Suites
                                                                                              4005 N. 6th St.

                                                                                              Travelers Lodge
                                                                                              3500 N. 6th St.

                                                                                              Victorian Inn
   Homestead National Monument. Photos courtesy Gage County Tourism.
                                                                                              1903 N. 6th St.
TRAUBEL’S POPCORN STAND                       Rice Lodge & Conference Center        
5th and Court Streets                         302 Main St.                                    402-228-5955      402-806-2174
popcorn-stand.html                                       WYMORE
Monday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.                                                           Wymore Inn
                                              WYMORE                                          601 S. 14th St.
YESTERDAY’S LADY                              Great Plains Welsh Heritage Centre              402-645-3801
113 N. 5th St.                                307 S. 7th St.                                        BED & BREAKFASTS
402-223-5121                                  402-645-3186 or 402-645-3231

RATIGAN-SCHOTTLER                                                                             BEATRICE
                                              POINTS OF INTEREST                              The Cottage Bed & Breakfast
                                                                                              23400 SW 75th Rd.
201 South 2nd St.                             Chief Standing Bear Trail                                                                          402-239-9087
402-223-3200 or Toll Free: 800-383-1000
                                              Krider Hill
                                                                                              Rice Lodge & Conference Center
                                              Journey south of Beatrice on Highway
BLUE SPRINGS                                  77, continue south about nine miles on
                                                                                              302 Main St.
GUY “THE CHAMP” CHAMBERLIN                    Highway 112 to the highest point in Gage
MONUMENT                                      County. Legend has it that Krider Hill is the
312 W. 2nd St.
                                              burial site for an Oto Indian chief.                                                                          CAMPING
                                              Oregon Trail Marker
BLUE SPRINGS CEMETERY                                                                         WYMORE
1 mile north of Blue Springs on North A St.   1 ¾ miles west of Lanham, Neb. at the
                                              intersection of west Stateline and southwest    Arbor State Park
                                              142nd Roads                           
Blue Springs City Park                                                                        402-645-3377
Visit for opening dates.    Oteo-MIssouria Indian Mission School
                                              East of City Park, Barneston, NE 68309          ODELL
FILLEY                                                                                        Big Indian Recreation Area
FILLEY STONE BARN                             Wymore Train Station Museum                     6 miles east of Odell on Hwy. 8
13282 East Scott Rd.                          Main St.,Wymore                                 402-228-3402                     402-645-3744                          
402-228-1679                                  By appointment only.
                                                                                              Odell Park
ODELL                                                       LODGING                           Main St.
Old West Trails Center                                                                        402-766-3720
301 Main St.                                                                                             Capri Inn & Suites                              Riverside Park
For tours call: Judy Baumann 402-766-4237,    3721 N. 6th St.                                 Sumner & Pleasant Sts.
Marilyn Lytle 402-766-4275 or Barbara                                402-228-5248
Zarybnicky 402-766-3780                       402-228-8808                                    Call for current pricing

BEATRICE                                        Classic’s Bar & Grill          Runza
Chautauqua Park                                 1301 Oak St.                   1119 N. 6th St.
9th and Grable Sts.                             402-223-1456                   402-223-3656
Call for current pricing                        Dairy Queen                    Shanghai Inn
                                                901 E. Court St.               810 E. Court St.
                                                402-228-3810                   402-223-2996
Gage Co. Fairgrounds
321 Logan St.                                   Dairy Queen                    Subway
402-223-3247                                    120 N. 6th St.                 1219 N. 6th St.
                                                402-223-5328                   402-223-5909
Oak Aven Acres RV Park
23490 SW 75th Road                              Carsten’s Café & Snack Shack   Subway
402-239-9087                                    3000 Lincoln Blvd.             3620 N. 6th St.                                402-223-6000                   402-228-7220

Rockford Lake State Recreation Area             Casey’s Pizza                  Super China Buffet
7 miles east of Beatrice on Hwy. 136, 2 miles   806 West Court St.             2205 N. 6th St.
south                                           402-228-3209                   402-228-3838
contact.asp                                     Casey’s Pizza                  Taco John’s
402-729-5777                                    1116 N. 6th St.                1215 N. 6th St.
                                                402-223-2522                   402-228-1334
                  GOLF                          Casey’s Pizza                  Valentino’s Restaurant
                                                1500 East Court St.            701 Court St.
BEATRICE                                        402-223-4868                   402-223-3573
Beatrice Country Club
1301 Oak St.                                    Country Cookin’ Café           Woodee’s Diner                                  512 S 5th St.                  2205 N. 6th St. (Indian Creek Mall)
402-223-3639                                    402-228-9819                   402-228-1848

Hidden Acres                                    El Canelo                      CLATONIA
Highway 136 west of Beatrice to Lilac Road,     590 Sargent St.                Legends
turn and go west ½ mile                         402-223-0090                   210 Washington St.                                                        402-989-4109
402-228-2146                                    4one8
                                                418 Court St.                  FILLEY
WYMORE                                          402-230-3400                   Filley Tavern
Wymore Country Club                                                            200 Livingston
1700 West D St.                                 Florio’s                       402-662-3755
                                                2205 N. 6th St.
                                                402-806-4165                   ODELL
         RESTAURANTS                                                           Kross Eyed Kricket
                                                Godfather’s Pizza
BARNESTON                                       556 Sargent St.
                                                                               216 Main St.
Grand Avenue Bar & Grill                        402-806-4406
101 W. Grand Ave.
                                                                               The New Corner Bar
402-674-9902                                    Kentucky Fried Chicken         123 Main St.
BEATRICE                                        1316 N. 6th St.
Arby’s                                                                         VIRGINIA
2103 N. 6th St.                                 McDonald’s                     Terry’s Steak House
402-228-1333                                    1220 N. 6th St.                200 4th St.
                                                402-228-4106                   402-688-4286
Back Alley Barbecue & Grill
124 S. 23rd St.                                 Pizza Hut                      WYMORE
402-223-5011                                    2400 N. 6th St.                Casey’s Pizza
                                                402-228-3317                   119 N. 14th St.
The Black Crow Restaurant, Bar and                                             402-645-3484
Catering                                        Playa Azul
405 Court St.                                   2102 N. 6th St.                Subway
402-228-7200                                    402-228-7191                   402 S. 14th St.
Burger King                                     Risky’s Sports Bar
501 N. 6th St.                                  2317 N. 6th St.
402-223-4500                                    402-228-9500

RE-BLAZE THE TRAIL • NEBRASKA BYWAY 136                                                    1-888-404-1315            13
1                                                                1
                                      4           JEFFERSON COUNTY                                     6
                                      2                                                                5

 Daykin • Diller • Endicott • Fairbury • Harbine • Jansen • Plymouth • Reynolds • Steele City

                                                                                               McDowell’s Rose Creek Mausoleum
                                                           ATTRACTIONS                         South of Rose Creek
                                                    Anna C. Diller Opera House                 Rock Island Depot Railroad Museum
                                                    C&C Food Mart & Processing                 402-729-5131
                                      Harbine       402-793-5820
                                                                                               W. C. Smith House & Lime Kiln
                                          Diller                                               North of Fairbury/River Road
                                                    Endicott Clay Products-BeehiveBrick        402-729-5131
                                    Steele City
       Reynolds                                     South of Endicott & 2 miles west
                                                    402-729-3315                                     WILDLIFE
                                                    STEELE CITY
      For more detailed
    information contact:
                                                                                                 MANAGEMENT AREAS
                                                    Steele City Canyons
      Fairbury Chamber
       & Visitor Center                             Located west of Steele City
 518 E St., Fairbury, NE 68352                                                                 402-749-7650
         402-729-3000                               Steele City Historical District                           Downtown                                   Alexandria                            402-729-5131                               Located northwest of Fairbury near
                                                                                               Alexandria State Recreation Area
    Located in the “Little Blue Valley,”            Tri-County Oregon Trail Monument
friendly Jefferson County is rich in historic       5 miles east & 2 miles south               Flathead
lore, the route of the Oregon Trail having                                                     Located in Fairbury
passed across the county, and in some               FAIRBURY
places the ruts left by the wagons of the           Campbell Bros. Circus Mural                Rock Glen
“49ers” can still be seen. A cluster of             Located in Fairbury                        Located east of Fairbury near Rock Creek
nine small, rural communities provide               402-729-2620
                                                                                               Station State Historical Site
the nucleus for the best in small-town
living. The communities of Daykin, Diller,          District 10 School Museum
                                                    ½ mile west & 1 mile southwest of          Rose Creek
Endicott, Fairbury, Gladstone, Harbine,                                                        Located in Fairbury
Jansen, Plymouth, Reynolds and Steele               Alexandria State Lakes
City hold many treasures.                           402-729-5131
     Historic spots along the Oregon Trail                                                                  LODGING
include the famous Rock Creek Station               Fairbury City Museum
where “Wild Bill” Hickok killed David               1128 Elm St.
                                                    402-671-6879 or 402-300-1318               FAIRBURY
McCanles; the grave of George Winslow,                                                         Capri Motel
the only grave along the entire trail                                                          1100 14th St.
marked with a stone; the burial place of            Four-Corner Survey Marker
                                                                                               402-729-3317 or 800-932-0589
many Mormons who died while camped                  1 mile west and 1 mile north of Mahaska,
along the trail (the Big Sandy crossing on                                                     Cobblestone Hotel & Suites
the trail was the scene of many deaths).                                                       1503 K St.
                                                    Frontier Fun Park
Jefferson County was the scene of possibly                                                     402-587-5082 or 888-693-8262
                                                    Located in Fairbury
the largest battle ever fought between
Indians. Ten thousand Sioux and Cheyenne                                                       Fairbury Executive Suites
battling 10,000 eastern Indians in 1832,                                                       506 E St.
                                                    George Winslow’s Grave                     402-613-2063
was near where the Big Sandy Creek joins
                                                    Northwest of Fairbury            
the Little Blue River. One of the last large
battles between the Pawnee and Sioux
                                                    Jefferson County Courthouse                Grayhouse Inn Bed & Breakfast
was fought in this county in 1862. A cluster
                                                    Downtown                                   615 6th St.
of nine small, rural communities provide
                                                    402-729-6818                               Call for pricing 402-613-2063
the nucleus for the best in small-town
living. The communities of Daykin, Diller,
                                                    Little Blue River Trail                    Sandy Creek Cabin
Endicott, Fairbury, Gladstone, Harbine,
                                                    Located in Fairbury                        71749 565 Ave.
Jansen, Plymouth, Reynolds and Steele
                                                    402-729-2148                               402-587-1211
City hold many treasures.

Nebraska Prairie Rose Bed &
102 W. Hwy. 4

                                                            Mural. Photo courtesy the Fairbury Journal-News.
DILLER                                                                              Rowdy’s Steakhouse
Village of Diller Campground Park                   RESTAURANTS                     321 F St.
15 miles southeast of Fairbury-Hwy. 103
402-793-5956                                 FAIRBURY                9 and Dine                             Runza
                                             at Fairbury Country Club               26630 Industrial Dr.
ENDICOTT                                     56881 709th Rd.                        402-729-5248
Endicott RV Park New!                        402-729-5314                                                             Subway
402-729-5621 or 402-587-1900                 Casey’s General Store                  1413 K St.
                                             622 E St.                              402-729-3995
FAIRBURY                                     402-729-6664
Alexandria State Lakes                                                              The Fork & Knife
                                             Classic Cones                          1011 K Street
Hwy. 136 west 7 miles, north 6 miles, west
                                             611 6th St.
2 miles
                                             402-587-0166 or 210-380-0293           Wal-Mart Deli
Nebraska Park Permit Required                                                       2831 Hwy. 15
                                             Griffey’s Steakhouse                   402-729-3394
                                             400 4th St.
Crystal Springs Park
1½ miles southwest                                                                  DILLER
                                             Harvest Chinese                        The Field
                                             616 E St.                              415 Commercial St.
Cub Creek Recreation Area                                                           402-793-8557
8 miles east, 3 ½ north
                                             Jalisco Mexican                        ENDICOTT
                                             417 D St.                              Criner’s Corner
                                             402-729-2197                           402-729-3571
Rock Creek Station Historical Park
6 miles southeast of Fairbury
                                             Main St. Coffee House                  HARBINE
                                             510 E St.                              SideTrek Bar & Grill
                                             402-587-2521                           419 Hansen St.
PLYMOUTH                                     McDonalds
Leisure Lake                                 1429 K St.
Located southeast of Plymouth                402-729-3123                           PLYMOUTH
                                                                                    Plymouth Brew House Grill
REYNOLDS                                     Pizza Hut                              303 Main St.
Buckley Creek Recreational Area              505 14th St.
1 mile east, ½ mile north                    402-729-6106                                                               STEELE CITY
402-364-2145                                 Pla Mor Café                           Salty Dog Saloon
                                             517 D St.                              200 W. Main St.
STEELE CITY                                  402-729-2115                           402-442-2233
Historic Steele City Campground
209 S. Iowa St.
                                             Ray’s Apple Market
                                             1415 K St.

RE-BLAZE THE TRAIL • NEBRASKA BYWAY 136                                                         1-888-404-1315   15
1                                             1
                                                 1   THAYER COUNTY                             4
                                                 7                                             0

                             Alexandria • Belvidere • Bruning • Byron • Carleton • Chester
                                    Davenport Deshler • Gilead • Hebron • Hubbell

                                  Bruning                                                      Treasures Unlimited
       Davenport                                             ATTRACTIONS                       Post Office Box 43, 107 Maple St.
                                                      District 10 School House Museum
                                                      402-749-3255                             DESHLER
                                                      One mile west and one mile south         Centennial Park Arboretum
                      Hebron                Gilead
                                                      of the Alexandria State Lakes. Open      East Entrance to Deshler on the
                                                      summers on Sunday afternoons or by       south side of U.S. Hwy. 136
                                                      appointment.                             402-365-4260
                                                      Alexandria State Recreation Area
                   Chester       Hubbell
                                                      7176 River Road (4 miles east and 1      The Friendship Garden
                                                      south of Alexandria)                     912 Fourth St.
                                                      402- 749-7650                            402-365-4260
 For more information call
                                                      Fishing, picnic shelters and campsites
          Oregon Trail                                with hookups and dump station.           Reinke Manufacturing
                                                                                               Company, Inc.
       Capital of Nebraska!
     The beginnings of the Oregon Trail                                                        1040 Road 5300 (Reinke Rd.)
in Nebraska were made in 1813 by the                  Belvidere Train Watching Station         402-365-7251
little band of traders from Astoria in the            Corner of C St. and 6th St.    
Oregon Territory. The party, headed by                402- 768-6909                            Call ahead for tours.
Robert Stuart, was returning to St. Louis.  
They made their way down the Platte                                                            Sky Hawk Field
Valley. They left no tracks deep enough               Thayer County Museum                     West of Deshler ¼ mile on U. S.
to be followed, but they did make known               110 9th St.                              Hwy. 136
the way.                                              402-768-2147                             402-365-4260
     In 1830, Milton Sublette with 10                
wagons left St. Louis and arrived at the                                                       A field where remote control
Wind River Mountains. His wagon wheels                BRUNING                                  airplanes can fly.
were the first to cross Nebraska on a                 Bruning Opera House
branch of the Oregon Trail. Travelers                 1st St. & Main St.                       GILEAD
from the southern regions of the country              402-353-2555                             District 17 Rock School
entered Nebraska near present-day                                 Rural Gilead. From U.S. Highway
Alexandria and followed the Big Sandy                                                          136 go north on Nebraska
Valley where water, wood and grass were               CHESTER                                  Highway 53 two miles, then take
available. After crossing the Big Sandy               Barn Quilt Village of Thayer County      county road N ½ mile west.
near Belvidere, the trail proceeded in a              Around the village of Chester            402- 68-2468
southwesterly direction to the banks of the           402- 324- 5755
Little Blue River. After the establishment of
Thompson’s Station, a few miles south of
                                                      Don Wassom of Chester had created        Arrowhead Gardens
Belvidere, the trail followed the Eighteen-           over 60 barn quilts located throughout
Mile Ridge across Thayer County.                                                               Arboretum
                                                      the village of Chester.
     The pioneers traveled in groups called                                                    Jefferson Ave. between 7th and
                                                                                               8th Streets.
trains, but often individual families would           Christmas in Chester Light & Sound       402-768-6322, for tours 402-
go out on their own. They could average               Show                                     768-7156
about 16 miles per day. It took nearly one            210 Hebron St.
month for a wagon train to cross Nebraska                                            
and four months to make the 2,000 mile
                                                                                               Fort Butler Marker
trip to either California or Oregon. Nearly           Little Boy Blue Monument
400,000 people traveled this network of                                                        The northeast corner of First St.
                                                      Junction of old U.S. Hwy. 81 (Meridian
rutted trails from the Missouri River to the                                                   and Willard Ave.
                                                      Road) and Nebraska Hwy. 8
Willamette River. The Oregon Trail was                                                         402- 768-632
                                                      402-324-5755 or 402-324-5674
never a clearly defined trail.                                                       

Hebron Post Office Mural                         Blue Valley Bowl
145 North 5th St.                                518 Lincoln Ave.
402- 768-6127                                    402-768-6689
Little Blue River in Thayer County
Southern boundary of Hebron                      Brand X Sports Bar and Restaurant
402-768-6322                                     5th St. and Lincoln Ave.                            402-768- 6432                             One of the World’s Largest
Fishing, canoeing, hiking and hunting.                       Covered Porch Swings
The Little Blue Wildlife Management Area --
two miles east of Hebron on River Road.          Casey’s Carry Out Pizza & Food            BYRON
Rock Island Walking and Biking Trail also        105 South 13th St.                        Tillie’s Bar & Grill
follows the river in the south part of Hebron.   402-768-7378                              111 Kansas Ave.
                                                 Casey’                               402- 236- 8716
Thayer County Courthouse
225 North 4th St.
                                                 D’s Daylight Donuts
                                                 224 Lincoln Ave.
                                                                                           CARLETON                                                                    Shananigan’s Bar and Grill
                                                                                           365 D St.
One of the World’s Largest Covered     
Porch Swings                                                                     
5th St. and Jefferson Ave. at Roosevelt Park     Good 2 Go Hebron Valentino’s Pizza
402-768-6322 or 402-768-7156                     243 South 13th St.                            402-768-6140                              CHESTER
                                                 Special Freal Blending Bar Milk Shake     Foote’s Cafe
HUBBELL                                          Machine. Also ice and frozen foods plus   524 Meridian Rd.
Sixth Principal Meridian Marker                  other snacks.                             402-324-5674
Nine miles east of Hubbell on Highway
8 and three miles south on Road 7300.            Hannah B’s Luncheonette                   DAVENPORT
402-768-7407                                     411 Lincoln Ave.                          R W’s Dining and Drink                             402-768-8743                              102 Maple Ave.
or                                                               402-364-2319
This location marks the point where all          Subway Sandwiches, Pizza, Ice   
land in Nebraska, Kansas, and most land          Cream                                     R W’s dining and drink on Facebook
in Colorado and Wyoming, and parts               1325 Dove Rd.
of South Dakota were surveyed and                402-768-2303
subdivided.                                                            DESHLER
                                                                                           C and M Supply (C-Stop)
                                                                                           101 First St.
            LODGING                                                                        402-365-7200
                                                 Alexandria Lakes Snack Shack
HEBRON                                           56022-56032 718th Rd.
Budget Host Inn – Rosewood Villa Motel                                                     Fourth St. Tavern
140 South 13th St.                                                                         507 4th. St.
402-768-6524                                                                               402-365-7227, 402-613-7281
Riverside Motel                                  Toad’s LLC
301 South 13th St.                               305 C St.                                 The Wheelhouse Restaurant
402-768-7366                                     402- 768- 9987                            5411 U.S. Hwy. 136
Wayfarer Motel                                   BRUNING
104 North 13th St.
                                                 Betty’s Place                             GILEAD
                                                 109 Main St.                              Pioneers Inn
                                                 402-353-2725                              305 Main St.
       RESTAURANTS                                      P. O. Box 45
HEBRON                                           Good To Go Bruning⁄
81 Express Coffee Shop                           Valentino’s Pizza Express
1375 Dove Rd.                                    6208 Spur 85 C                            HUBBELL
402-768-2223                                     402-353-2040                              The Acreage Steakhouse                                           710 Johnson Ave.
Ice Cream- Grill- Champs Chicken                                                           402- 324-5088

RE-BLAZE THE TRAIL • NEBRASKA BYWAY 136                                                           1-888-404-1315            17
0                                                                1
                                      9    NUCKOLLS COUNTY                                             6

                  Angus • Hardy • Lawrence • Nelson • Nora • Oak • Ruskin • Superior

                                                                                          plentiful and the county is located in the
                                                                                          central flyway, which offers an abundance
                                                                                          of birds during their annual migration. For
                                                                                          those who want to cool off in the water,
                                                                                          the area offers lots of opportunity. Canoe
                                                                                          the Little Blue and Republican Rivers.
                                                                                             The Russ Synder Museum in Oak
                                                                                          celebrates professional baseball,
                                                                                          particularly the professional career of Russ
                                                                                          Synder who played for five teams from
                                                                                          1959 to 1970.

                                                                                          City Park

                                                                                          Lawrence Country Club
                                                                                          2233 Hwy. 4
 Explore nature at a leisurely pace while canoeing down the Republican
       River. Photo courtesy Nuckolls County Visitors Committee.                          402-756-7591

                                                Over the years our citizens have shown    Liberty Cove
                                            resiliency not with “knuckles” but with       2 miles west & 2 miles south
                                            “Nuckolls” as the county was named in         402-364-2145
                                            1859. Though we have royalty under our
                                            soil, agriculture reigns above ground with    City Park
                                Oak         a near equal mix of corn, grain sorghum,      Downtown
                                            soybeans and a good measure of cattle,        402-756-7472
                                            hogs, sheep and horses.
                                                While visiting Nuckolls County, you       Veterans Park
                                  Ruskin    may get dust on your hiking boots while       Hwy. 4
                                            walking the Oregon Trail. From the late       402-756-7472
                                            1840s until about 1879 the trail was the
                                            equivalent of today’s interstate highway.
            Superior                        The Pony Express route followed the trail
                                            across northeastern Nuckolls County. To       Nuckolls County Courthouse
                                            learn more about the trail, visit the town    150 Main St.
     Superior Chamber                       of Oak where the trail passed down Main       402-225-2371
        of Commerce
                                            Street. Local tradition holds that Parson
     336 N. Central Ave.
                                            Bob raised Calamity Jane in a log cabin       Cemetery Walkway
                                            along the Little Blue River just northwest    1,200 ft. walk between the town of Nelson                                                                 and the cemetery
                                            of Oak. There, she met Wild Bill Hickok
                                            after his shootout with the McCanles          402-225-4401
     Other helpful links:
                                            Gang at Rock Creek Station only a few
                                                                                          Historic Carved Sandstone Faces on
         402-225-4401                       miles to the east in Jefferson County.
                                            From Nuckolls County the two Old West         Stansbury Building                     characters fled to the Black Hills and into   West side of 4th St.                       the pages of history.                         402-225-4401
                                                If you want mud on your boots,                         explore one of our minimum maintenance        Elk Creek Country Club                     roads and keep an eye out for the many        877 S. Main St., City Park                    kinds of wild animals and fowl that inhabit   Corner of west 3rd & Wheeler St.                     the area. Deer and wild turkeys are           402-225-4401

Harbine Park
900 S. Wheeler St.

Russ Snyder Baseball Museum
402-225-9904 or 402-225-3237

City Park
Maple & Clay Streets

Nuckolls County Museum
612 6th St.

Simic Skating Rink
518 E. 4th St.

Superior Bowl
126 E. 2nd St.
                               Enjoying a rickshaw ride at the Vesty Festival in Superior. Photo courtesy
                                                 Nuckolls County Visitors Committee.
Crest Theater
106 E. 5th St.
                               D&D’s Lyon’s Den                     SUPERIOR
                               472 S. Main St.                      The Velvet Rose
                               402-225-3581                         1800 Idaho St.
            LODGING                                                 402-879-3305
NELSON                         575 S. Main St.                      Subway
OxBow Motel                    402-225-2188                         510 N. Bloom St.
422 N. Main St.                                                     402-879-4010
402-225-2651                   American Legion
                               390 S. Main St.                      Dairy Queen
SUPERIOR                       402-225-7541                         410 N. Bloom St.
Victorian Inn                                                       402-879-4321
1540 Idaho St.                 LAWRENCE
402-879-3245                   Dick’s Place                         Dave’s Place
                               161 N. Calvert St.                   243 Central St.
Crazy Woman Lodge, LLC         402-756-7412                         402-879-9905
339 Rd. 3550
                                                                    Las Canteras Mexican Grill
402-879-3340 or 402-879-5757
                               RUSKIN                               156 E. 4th St.
                               Broken Spoke                         402-879-3044
       RESTAURANTS             951 Main St.
Do Drop In                     Betty’s Bed & Breakfast
301 Main St.                   650 Main St.
402-279-3855                   402-871-5057

CAPS Café & Grocery
440 S. Main St.

RE-BLAZE THE TRAIL • NEBRASKA BYWAY 136                                        1-888-404-1315          19
Trail of Treasures route includes Heritage Highway
                                    In addition to Highways 8, 14, 34 and 6
          Indianola 34                Arapahoe Edison Oxford     183                                                        NUCK
                                                               HARLAN                                       281
                                                      136                                                                 Nelson
 McCook                             FURNAS                       Republican     FRANKLIN               WEBSTER
                                                     Orleans            City
      RED WILLOW                         283                                         Franklin         Red Cloud
                                                                           Bloomington   Riverton Inavale         Guide            S

                         Heritage Highway 136

                                                                                                                 Nebraska City
                                                     Wilber                                                          Brock          Peru

                                                15                                                                      Johnson            Brownville
                                                                                GAGE                  JOHNSON                  Auburn

                                                                                                          Tecumseh           NEMAHA
KOLLS                  81                                                                 Filley   Crab
                             Alexandria   JEFFERSON                                                Orchard                     75
        Oak    Belvidere
                                                                 136             Holmesville                                        RICHARDSON
    Nora        Hebron               Gladstone Jansen                  Ellis                                 50
                                                        Harbine                   Blue Springs     PAWNEE
     Ruskin Deshler         Gilead    Fairbury                          Wymore                                                               Falls City
                                                                                                        Pawnee City
Superior            THAYER                      15                                77
              Chester                                   Diller
                                     Reynolds                          Odell

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                                               6   WEBSTER COUNTY                                        8
                                               5                                                         8

                 Bladen • Blue Hill • Cowles • Guide Rock • Red Cloud • Rosemont • Inavale

                                                             Cather Second Home
                    Blue Hill                                                                     National Willa Cather Center
        Bladen                                      and a second group arrived from Beatrice      413 N. Webster St.
                                                    later that same year. The organization of
                                                    the county was approved by the voters         866-731-7304
                                                    and the county seat was located at Red
                                                    Cloud. This community, the first in the       Webster County Hist. Museum
                                Cowles              county, was settled by Silas Garber and       721 W. 4th Ave.
                                                    was conveniently located in relation to the   402-746-2444
                                                    more densely populated portion of the
               Red Cloud                            county. Webster County was named in           Farmers & Merchants Bank
                                                    honor of Daniel Webster (1782-1852), the      338 N. Webster St.
                                                    American Statesman. Author Willa Cather       402-746-2653
                                  Guide Rock        spent her formative years in Red Cloud
                                                    and rural Webster County. Today, over 40      Grace Episcopal Church
 For more information call                          sites associated with her are available to    546 N. Cedar St.
        402-746-2653                                visit, including several via guided tours     402-746-2653
                                                    from the Willa Cather Foundation.
Webster County History                                                                            Pavelka Farmstead
   Webster County, located in the                          ATTRACTIONS                            Road 1100
southern tier of counties approximately                                                           402-746-2653
150 miles west of the Missouri River,               RED CLOUD
was first settled by whites in the spring           Red Cloud Opera House                         Willa Cather Memorial Prairie
of 1870. The first group consisted of 19            411 N. Webster St.                            5 miles southwest side of Hwy. 281
members of the Rankin Colony of Omaha               402-746-2653                                  402-746-2653

                                                                          Thramer's Food Center
                                                                          554 W. Gage St.

                                                                          GUIDE ROCK
                                                                          The Rock Bar & Grill
                                                                          145 S. Nebraska St.

                                                                          RED CLOUD
                                                                          Casey’s General Store & Pizza
                                                                          612 N. Webster St.

                                                                          Fat Fox’s
                                                                          326 N. Webster St.

                                                                          Knock’em Over Alley
                      Red Cloud Opera House.

                                                                          129 E. 4th Ave.
Burlington Depot                         RED CLOUD                        402-460-9160
437 W. Welsh St.                         The Red Cloud B&B at the Kaley
402-746-2653                             House                            On the Brix
                                         909 N. Seward St.                437 N. Webster St.
Willa Cather Childhood Home              402-746-3989                     402-746-3120
241 N. Cedar St.
402-746-2653                             The Cather Second Home Guest     Red Brick Café
                                         House                            129 E. 4th Ave.
Harling House                            541 N. Seward St.                308-455-7313
241 N. Seward St.                        402-746-2653
402-746-2653                                                              Subway
                                         A.G. House                       407 N. Webster St.
St. Juliana Falconieri Catholic Church   605 N. Locust St.                402-746-3873
425 W. 3rd St.                           402-746-2856
402-746-2653                                                              The Palace Lounge
                                         Bell’s Sleepy Valley RV Park     124 W. 4th Ave.
Yost Farm School                         779 Hwy. 281                     402-746-9951
1144 Rd. GH                              402-746-2919
866-731-7304                                                              The South 40 Bar and Grill
                                         Yost Farm Cottage                330 N. Webster St.
Starke Round Barn                        1144 Rd. GH                      402-746-2462
1639 U.S. Hwy. 136                       402-746-2856
                                         Green Acres Motel and RV Park
Auld Public Library
                                         791 N. Hwy. 281                  BLUE HILL
                                         402-746-2201                     Corner Nook
537 N. Webster St.
702-746-3352                                                              560 W. Gage St.
                                                RESTAURANTS               402-224-0437

   Call 402-746-2653 for
 more information on the                                                  RED CLOUD
Wildlife Management Areas.               K.O. Bar                         Lizzy's
                                         219 N. Main St.                  326 N. Webster St.
                                         402-756-1130                     (402) 746-2333
BLUE HILL                                BLUE HILL                        Shades West
Blue Hill Motel                          Blue Hill Tavern                 333 N. Webster St.
515 N. Wilson St.                        521 W. Gage St.                  402-746-2400
402-756-3901                             402-756-2600

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                                         FRANKLIN COUNTY                                  6

     Bloomington • Campbell • Franklin • Hildreth • Macon • Naponee • Riverton • Upland




              Franklin           Riverton

                                                   Rose Bowl Theatre. Photo courtesy Franklin Chamber of Commerce.
   Naponee                                       HISTORIC MARKERS                  No Where Bar
                                               BLOOMINGTON                         602 Fennimore St.
             HISTORY                           German WW II Cannon
                                               Bloomington City Park
    Archeological evidence indicates that                                          RIVERTON
the area around and including Franklin         Old Rock Jail                       Pete's Place
County and the Republican River was            Erected in 1899                     Hwy. 136
frequented by a nomadic people that
were probably the forefathers of the indig-
enous Pawnee Indians. The Pawnee were          MACON                                            LODGING
                                               Old Store Front
a dominant power on the Central Plains
until the 1870s and the Republican River       Macon, NE                           FRANKLIN
                                                                                   Franklin South RV Camp Grounds
was actually named after one of the four
                                                                                   SW corner of state highway 10 and J
bands of the Pawnee tribe. The Pawnee
culture revolved around regular buffalo        Franklin Academy                    308-425-6295 - City Hall
hunts in the tallgrass prairie, and frequent   10th and P Streets
raids and skirmishes with neighboring
Indian tribes and pioneers. Known for                                              Drop Tyne Lodge
their exceptional cunning and courage,                RESTAURANTS                  104 16th Ave
the Pawnee’s favorite pastime was stealing
horses. In 1806, American explorer Zebu-
lon Pike met with the Pawnee and in his        Black Powder Bar and Grill
                                               1007 W. U.S. Hwy. 136                            TOURISM
reports described the land as a “hunter’s
paradise,” thick with game. Indeed, herds                                          FRANKLIN
of buffalo frequented the area numbering                                           Franklin Co. Museum
in the hundreds of thousands. Because of       Franklin Locker
                                               1106 16th Ave.                      1309 H Rd.
the plentiful game, fertile soil and abun-
dant water resources, settlement started       308-425-9974 (serve lunch)
                                                                                   Franklin Veterans Memorial
in the Franklin County area starting in the                                        City Park
mid-1860s. As more westward migration          Frosty Mug
                                               607 16th Ave.                       Hwy. 10 and P St.
began to take place, stores were opened,
mail and delivery routes were established      308-425-3613
                                                                                   Franklin Golf Course
and pioneers began to settle land along
                                                                                   Spur 31D & P Streets
the trails and creeks spurred on by gener-     HILDRETH
ous homesteading incentives offered            Clint's Tavern                      Rose Bowl Theatre
by the federal government. By the early        141 Commercial Ave.                 611 15th Ave.
1870s, the population of Franklin County       308-938-5155
had blossomed from a mere handful to
over 2,000 souls with the cities of River-     Koopers Korner
ton, Franklin and Bloomington bustling         505 Hubbard St.
with commerce and activity.                    308-938-2058
0                                                            0
                                            HARLAN COUNTY                                            4

               Alma • Huntley • Orleans • Oxford • Ragan • Republican City • Stamford





For up-to-date information,
   call, email or visit our
  Harlan County Tourism

    Located in the Republican River Valley                                        Harlan County Dam

on the border of Kansas, Harlan County,
                                                 downriver. The Harlan County Dam was              Guided tours of the dam
Nebraska, is many things to many people:
                                                 then built to control flooding and manage      The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offers
a peaceful refuge away from the hectic
                                                 irrigation, but as Nebraska’s second           free tours of the Harlan County Dam.
pace of city life, a prime hunting and
                                                 largest body of water, the Harlan County       More information is available from the
fishing region, a wide-open location in
                                                 Reservoir has since become one of the          Corps at 308-799-2105.
which to view and interact with nature, a
                                                 best-loved recreation destinations and
family vacation destination with a diversity
                                                 wildlife havens in south-central Nebraska,
of both water-based and land-based                                                                       RECREATION
                                                 with two popular marinas, Patterson
activities to suit a variety of interests, and
                                                 Harbor and North Shore Marina; multiple
a cluster of small towns with an interesting                                                             Hunting, fishing
                                                 well-maintained campgrounds; seven boat
variety of locally-owned businesses                                                                      and water sports
                                                 ramps; and two free fish-cleaning stations         Over 17,000 acres of public hunting
including restaurants and antique shops.
                                                 at Hunter Cove Park and Methodist Cove         ground is available on U.S. Corps of
Rich in both Native American and pioneer
                                                 Park. As a federally-owned property, no        Engineers property around Harlan County
history, Harlan County and the Republican
                                                 state park permits are required, and at        Lake. The area is rich with white-tail deer,
River Valley were once home to the
                                                 the time of this writing, alcohol is allowed   waterfowl, turkey, pheasant and quail.
largest concentration of buffalo on the
                                                 to be consumed responsibly at the lake.        Other hunted species include rabbit,
Great Plains and were a favored hunting
                                                 A detailed downloadable lake map is            squirrel, bobcat and coyote. Many local
ground for the Pawnee, Sioux, Cheyenne
                                                 available on the Harlan County Tourism         lodging facilities have kennels available.
and Arapaho Tribes.
                                                 website,                        The lake is known to fishing enthusiasts
                                                     Harlan County Reservoir lies in the        far and wide for its walleye, wipers,
   Harlan County Reservoir
                                                 center of the North American Central           northern pike, largemouth bass, white
   Warned by the native populations
                                                 Flyway and is a primary stopover for           bass, crappie and catfish.
about the common occurrence of major
                                                 millions of migrating birds, including
flooding along the Republican River,                                                                Boating, water-skiing, tubing and jet-
                                                 bald and golden eagles, American               skiing are some of the most popular water
early Europeans nonetheless settled in
                                                 white pelicans, osprey, ducks and              sports at the lake. Check with the marinas
the area, and in 1935 over 100 people
                                                 geese including Ross’ and snow geese,          regarding the availability of rentals.
drowned and most bridges and farm
                                                 seven species of gulls, and many more,
buildings were destroyed by an eight
                                                 including an occasional sighting of a great
foot high wall of flood water moving
                                                 whooping crane.

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