Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects

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Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects
Capability Statement
Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects
Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects
The world increasingly demands that your
operation be fast, lean and agile – but
construction projects typically slow your pace,
blow-out your budget and weigh you down.
We founded SMLXL to turn that on its head.
We’re here to empower you by delivering
spaces that make a big impact – with
affordable, ultra-fast and (every single tiny
little) detail-orientated construction that
is precisely tailored to your needs…
be they Small, Medium, Large or Xtra-Large.
Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects
Who is
Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects
Hi! We are SMLXL Projects, specialising in:

             fit-out &
Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects

    SMLXL is a national leading fit-out, refurbishment
    and construction business. We are a collective of
    talented and experienced designers and project/
    construction managers, who love what we do.

    Our projects are designed to enhance the appearance and functionality of the space,
    however we never lose sight of the commercial need for budget discipline and
    maximising the value of the site. Our can-do approach and passion means we always
    deliver quality spaces on time and in budget

    We partner with some of the best suppliers and subcontractors in the industry,
    ensuring a tailored and versatile solution that fits the needs of our clients.

    We are professional yet approachable, keeping our clients project, no matter
    the scope, as straightforward as possible. And because we believe in clear
    communication, every SMLXL client has a dedicated delivery team appointed to their
    project, ensuring you are updated in real time with one point of contact from start to
Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects
Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects
SMLXL operates a full service
design, project management and
construction company specialising
in the commercial and residential
market. Our core focus is to work
collaboratively and strategically
with clients to ensure every project
we undertake achieves the optimal
Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects
Risk Management

     We offer a unique blend of fit-out,
     refurbishment & construction work.
     Our in-house services and end-to-end
     project management allows us to:
     – Maximise allocation of staff resources.
     – Smooth revenue peaks and troughs.
     – Maintain strong positive cash flow.

          Project Type:      Project Size:     By Sector:

            25% Fit-Out                          Workplace
         25% Refurbishment    $20K to $20M
                                             Specialised projects
          50% Construction
Capability Statement - SMLXL Projects
Financial and Legal Capacity


                               Raymund Manio is a CPA qualified financial expert with 20 years of financial experience across
                               Australia’s largest organisations in property. Raymund is responsible for SMLXL’s financial strategy
                               (short-term and long-term goals), performance management, financial analytics and ensuring SMLXL’s
                               accounting functions remain streamlined and efficient.

                               As a company, we produce weekly, fortnightly and monthly financial management reports to ensure we
                               remain abreast of our financial performance and position at all times. We also have an external financial
                               advisor and account to provide supplementary support from time to time in addition to obtaining an
                               independent financial audit of our business, every 12 months.

                               At SMLXL we strive to have the latest technology available. Procore Financial is the financial
                               management module with Procore (our construction management software). It enables us to keep an
                               eye on budgets, manage detailed variations, create head and subcontracts as well as conduct financial
                               ‘health checks’ on all projects at any given time.


                               Lisa Mort was appointed Chief Operating Officer at SMLXL Projects in January 2020. Lisa joined SMLXL
                               Projects as General Counsel after over a decade of practicing as a construction lawyer in major leading
                               law firms in Sydney. Lisa holds a bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Media from Macquarie University and
                               is admitted as a solicitor in New South Wales.

                               Lisa remains the primary legal advisor for SMLXL Projects in the field of property and construction.
                               Lisa has significant experience in advising institutional, developer and contractor clients in respect of
                               procurement strategy, project documentation, delivery and administration. Lisa’s legal expertise includes
                               contract drafting and preparation, negotiation of various forms of agreements and request for tender
                               documentation and advising on risk, contract management and administration.

                               Lisa communicates closely with Dean Ossip, SMLXL Construction Director, in respect of on-going legal
                               issues (project and otherwise) to effectively manage risk and governance. Notwithstanding SMLXL is
                               well-equipped to handle legal work in-house, Lisa has a network of trusted legal advisors to assist and
                               advise SMLXL as a when needed
25% Commercial New Build
15% Commercial Refurbishment
15% Commercial Office Fit Outs
15% Industrial
                      - Warehouses
                      - Amenities
                      - Office upgrades

10% Commercial Office
                                             - Base building upgrades
                                             - End of trip facilities
                                             - Lobby upgrades
                                             - Facade upgrades

10% Retail
          - Shop fit outs
          - Food courts
          - Alfresco areas

10% Hospitality              - Hotels
                             - Bars
                             - Restaurants
SMLXL have an extensive project
management portfolio extending
across all industry sectors. No
matter the size or scope, no project
is beyond our reach - which is
why we offer specialised services,
including Early Contractor
Involvement, our XS Division and
Multi-site Management.
Early Contractor Involvement

                               65%                              25%   10%

                  PHASE 1
                  Consideration of
                  Options & Project
                  Definition                                                De-risking to
                                      PHASE 2
                                                                            ensure the Project
                                                                            is delivered in the
                                                      PHASE 3
                                                                            most cost effective
                                                                            and efficient way.
                                                                            Early involvement
                                                                            leads to successful
       5%   10%                                 85%
                                                                            project outcomes.
XS Division

  XS Division
              Have XS (extra small)
              time to transform your
              space but don’t have XS
              (excess) budget?
              XS division is in Friday out Monday.
              Affordable office fit-outs.

              If you are in need of any additional
              works or modifications to your fit-out
              SMLXL XS division will ensure the
              works are completed in an efficient
              and timely manner to ensure there is
              minimal disruption.
Multi Site Management                                                                                Coco Republic
                                                                                                     Multiple Retail Sites
                                                                                                     SMLXL Projects
SMLXL Projects take pride in building stronger
more lasting relationships with our partners - we
build trust because we build well.
We apply the following critical factors to each of our projects, resulting
in continued success within the multi-site and roll-out sector:

Allocation of appropriate resources:

We have an array of talented and experienced projects and onsite
managers allowing us to choose the best available resources to manage        Joe and The Juice
works across multiple sites.                                                 Multiple Site Project
                                                                             SMLXL Projects

Structured staging programming:

We offer staged programmes to ensure that works can be delivered
concurrently across sites and completed within the project deadline.

Consistent yet tailored approach:

We understand that each site is different, requiring a unique approach
whilst also maintaining the company brand and ethos.

Proven Multi-site Experience:
                                                                                                     Ramsay Health Care
                                                                                                     Multiple Site Upgrades
We have proven experience in managing multisite projects for some of                                 SMLXL Projects
Australia’s well known brands

Value for Money:

Nominating a head contractor to manage multiple sites reduces the risk
of hidden costs and inflated pricing as all budgets are agreed upon prior
to works commencing.
The SMLXL Leadership Team

SMLXL are led by our dynamic and highly skilled management team who believe that success in construction is anchored by one thing: People. It is
this focus on people and culture that enables the SMLXL team to exceed expectations on each and every project.

A privately-owned company with a flat management structure, SMLXL business owners and directors are readily accessible and take a ‘hands-on’
approach with our projects, ensuring our clients’ needs are continually met.

Lisa Mort                                         Dean Ossip                                       Raymund Manio
Chief Operating Officer                           Construction Director                            Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Mort joined SMLXL Projects as General        Since SMLXL’S inception, Dean has led the        Raymund is a CPA qualified, financial
Counsel and was appointed Chief Operating         company as Construction Director, helping        expert with 20 years of financial experience
Officer at SMLXL Projects in January 2020.        to establish it as one of Australia’s foremost   across Australia’s largest organisations in
In her role as COO, Lisa oversees SMLXL’s         design and construction companies. Dean          property. During his career, Raymund has
business operations and ensures that the          has over 15 years experience within the          gained a wide array of proficiency across
company has effective operational and             construction industry across multiple sectors    various disciplines and has vast experience
financial procedures in place and that those      and has successfully delivered several           across all phases of property development
operations are efficient and effective. Lisa is   highly complex and large scale design and        from analysis to acquisition through to
proactive in developing company strategy,         construction and PPP Projects. Dean has          construction, delivery, and disposal.
advising on risk (legal and otherwise), driving   a very strong relationship with property and     Raymund is responsible for SMLXL’s
the company’s operating capabilities to           construction industry bodies and takes a         financial strategy (short-term and long-term
surpass client satisfaction and assessing and     hands on approach to the management of           goals), performance management, financial
implementing improved processes and new           Health, Safety and Environment at a project      analytics and ensuring SMLXL’s accounting
technologies.                                     level.                                           functions remain streamlined and efficient.
The SMLXL Leadership Team

Russell Davidson                              Gemma Wawn
Estimating Manager                            General Manager

Russell Davidson was appointed                Gemma Wawn has over 15 years
Estimator Manager at SMLXL Projects           experience as a development manager
in 2015. Russell is responsible for           in Retail and Mixed use and Office
overseeing the day-to-day management          and Industrial property development.
of tenders and quotes for SMLXL Projects      Gemma has extensive experience in
and advising on risk,and strategy. Russell    airport development, capital transactions,
joined SMLXL Projects after over 33           acquisitions, retail planning, leasing and
years’ experience, including successful       asset management. Gemma heads up
overseas experience in managing               SMLXL’s ACT office and is responsible for
contracts worth $90 Million p.a. Russell      managing the SMLXL ACT business and
has strong technical and analytical skills    coordinating project activities to ensure
and unwavering attention to project detail.   that the goals and objectives of our ACT
Russell is integral to the leadership team    projects are accomplished. Gemma
and plays a critical role in ensuring the     works closely with the leadership team
growth and success of the company.            to implement internal systems, policies
                                              and procedures within the ACT business
                                              in line with the SMLXL group company

                                                                                           Imperial Hotel - SMLXL Projects
Through our proven performance delivering
high quality outcomes, we have developed
strong relationships with brands such as
Dexus, CBRE, Abacus Property Group,
Marprop, The Sydney Collective, Centennial
Property Group and Knight Frank.
SMLXL consistently exceed the high            Your company and your stakeholders can be
expectations of these companies,              assured this approach isn’t an ‘extra stretch’
bringing our commitment to flawless           for our project teams; it’s embedded in the
quality, flexibility in managing change       very fabric of our company culture. Within
and innovative approaches to difficult        our business we know it as ‘The SMLXL
challenges to each project we are engaged     Way.’ The project profiles in the following
to deliver. Further, our operations are       pages outline our performance and explore
conducted in a manner that is transparent     and highlight specific challenges of projects
and collaborative, ensuring our clients are   that were effectively managed by the
involved in the entire process.               SMLXL team.
157 Walker Street,
North Sydney
          Scale                                      Completion date
          N/Am2                                      2018

          Value                                      Market Sector
          $570k                                      Commercial End of Trip

Project Brief
Client: Marprop
Contract: Construct
Design: Jon Cullen

SMLXL Projects were engaged to execute the construction of the new
End of Trip facilities within the existing commercial office building at
157 Walker Street, North Sydney.

The large-scale project included the upgrade of amenities across three
floors, and the construction of shower facilities with modern finishes,
lockers, end of trip facility with state-of-the-art cycling facilities and
wayfinding path.

EOT facilities are unique in their combination of requirements and the
need to balance cost management and infrastructure with ensuring user
functionality, accessibility, and comfort. The SMLXL delivery team
ensured creative and innovative approaches were applied to each area
and managing the overall delivery with a minimum of fuss.
108 Wickham St.
             Scale                               Completion Date
             150m2                               2018

             Value                               Market Sector
             $350k                               Commercial End of Trip

Project Brief
Client: 		    Centennial Property
Contract:     Design & Construct
Design:       SMLXL Projects

The 6-story building at 108 Wickham St is a modern A grade building
within the vibrant Fortitude Valley, a natural extension of Brisbanes CBD.
Due to the close proximity to the inner city, 108 Wickham street engaged
SMLXL Projects to construct a new End of Trip Facility, which included
showers, bathrooms, bike storage and way-finding graphics.

Implementing strategic planning and strict adherence to all building
requirements enabled SMLXL projects to provide a quick turnaround on
the project, completing all works within only four weeks. Further to this,
all works were completed within a live environment. The SMLXL delivery
team ensured transparent and continued communication with the
building managers and project leads, which enabled us to coordinate
works whilst maintaining the buildings day-to-day operations.
14 Martin Place,
Lobby Upgrade
             Scale                                  Completion Date
             250m2                                  2018

             Value                                  Market Sector
             $1.7m                                  Commercial Lobby

Project Brief
Client: 		      Abacus Property Group
Contract:       Construct
Design:         Code Design

SMLXL were engaged to complete the Ground floor lobby refurbishment
of this iconic heritage building in the heart of Martin Place, Sydney.
Key client values were to maintain the integrity of the building as well as
minimize impact to building tenants.

Works involved the demolition and refurbishment to the lift lobby area as
well as upgrades to the current car lift. It was imperative that the project
program was executed in such a way so as to not interfere with access to
and from the building

SMLXL Projects launched a staged program, ensuring that the works
to the lift and to the lobby area were staged strategically to maintain
business continuity whilst minimizing noise, dust and other work impacts.

Meticulous planning, clear communication and a highly experienced
delivery team ensured this project was seamlessly delivered, to the
highest standard of quality.
126 Church St,
             Scale                                Completion Date
             N/Am2                                2018

             Value                                Market Sector
                                                  Commercial End of Trip

Project Brief
Client: 		       Marprop
Contract:        Design & Construct
Design:          SMLXL Projects

The project at 126 Church street involved large scale upgrade of
amenities across 11 floors, construction of a new end of trip facility
including bike storage and a complete façade refresh.

This already multifaceted project was made more complex as the
building would be occupied by both government and private sectors,
meaning demolition of existing amenities and install of new would
be executed in a live environment. With all offices fully operational,
health and safety as well as noise and dust reduction were major
priorities for this project.

To ensure that the project was delivered to the highest level of
professionalism, quality and safety, a fast-tracked program was
incorporated and strict policies regarding materials and fixings,
project staff attire and onsite behaviour were issued and adhered to
by all SMLXL onsite representatives.
182 Blues Point Road,
McMahons Point
             Scale                         Completion Date
             N/Am2                         2018

             Value                         Market Sector
             $460K                         Commercial Lobby

Project Brief
Client: 		      Fivex
Contract:       Design Only
Design:         Undisclosed

SMLXL Projects were engaged to complete the upgrade works
on the lobby of 182 Blues Point Road, along with the Lift Car
New Build
78 Campbell St,
Surry Hills
             Scale                              Completion Date
             780m2                              2019

             Value                              Market Sector
             $3.4m                              Commercial

Project Brief
Client: 		      Arc Factory
Contract:       Construct Only
Design:         David Mitchell Architects

David Mitchell Architects engaged SMLXL as the construction partner
on the commercial works required at 78 Campbell Street Surry Hills.
This involved a six-level new build with a ground floor restaurant and

SMLXL allocated an experienced team of project managers and
contract administrators to oversee the delivery of this large-scale
project. Due to their extensive and varied experience, all onsite
environmental and workplace health and safety risks were effectively
managed and quality workmanship upheld.
SMLXL worked collaboratively with Pembroke to
deliver Pembroke’s new workplace at 20 Martin
Place in 2016. SMLXL provided construction
management, documentation and design advice
to ensure Pembroke’s project and workplace
objectives were achieved. We get loads of
comments from visitors about how great
the space is, and the staff find it a fantastic,
functional space to work, with a range of
workplace settings in a relatively small space.
- Matthew Knight, Vice President, Pembroke
 Real Estate.
Pembroke Real Estate,
         Scale                                  Completion Date
         160m2                                  2016

         Value                                  Market Sector
         $300k                                  Commercial Office

Project Brief
Location: Sydney, CBD
Contract: Deisgn and Construct
Client: Pembroke

The Pembroke Real estate based at Martin Place, Sydney was in need
a fresh new look that reflected their own vision of creating spaces that
foster a sense of community.

SMLX projects were engaged to manage the design and construct of
this full office refurbishment. Working around tight deadlines and within
a tenanted building, the SMLXL team flawlessly delivered the works,
with an open plan design, timber feature wall paneling and new furniture
Slattery, Sydney
             Scale                             Completion Date
             410m2                             2018

             Value                              Market Sector
             $604k                              Commercial Office

Project Brief
Client: 		     Slattery
Contract:      Construct Only
Design:        Elenberg Fraser

With the use of recycled timber for the hard wood flooring, high
end joinery and patina steel finishes, SMLXL delivered a polished
and sophisticated fit out for Slattery at 14 Martin Place Sydney. The
provision of a slick materials palette and geometrical feature wall
paneling completed the design, resulting in a high-end and professional
environment for the construction advisory firm.

Engaging with the building manager was key to a successful project
delivery. Providing regular and clear communication, along with staging
programs allowed SMLXL to navigate the strict building access rules
and ensured works were completed on time and with the least amount
of impact to the building tenants.
Prospa Office
             Scale                                Completion Date
             2000m2                               2016

             Value                                Market Sector
             $1.5m                                Commercial Office

Project Brief
Client: 		       Prospa
Contract:        Construct Only
Design:		        The Bold Collective

The Prospa team had outgrown their CBD office and were looking to
move into a larger creative space. Seeing this move as an opportunity,
Propsa engaged SMLXL Projects to manage the delivery of the fitout and
create a space reflective of both brand and culture.

The 1150m2 space that Prospa were moving into contained an existing
fitout that the client hoped to utilise as part of the overall refurbishment.
The challenge inherent in this project was adhering to the brief to re-use
the built environment to create a completely new aesthetic, whilst still
maintaining a sense of continuity from the current office. In addition, the
works called for complex structural modifications and interconnecting

To meet the requirements of the Prospa and provide an engaging,
flexible and functional space, SMLXL prepared comprehensive design
and construction plans to guide the project and ensure each staqge of
the works was delivered as promised. This intensive and step by step
planning enabled SMLXL to delivery the works on time and in budget, all
whilst exceeding client expectations.
BMG Office
         Scale                                  Completion Date
         300m2                                  2017

         Value                                  Market Sector
         $300k                                  Commercial Office

Project Brief
Location: Sury Hills, Sydney
Contract: Deisgn and Construct
Client: BMG

BMG are a global creative and music company, supporting artists
within the music and publishing industry. They are a new kind of
music company, aiding artists and song writers to make their most of
their recordings in the digital age. As such, BMG Australia required
an office environment that truly reflected their company mission and
values. SMLXL projects stepped in to deliver a luxe New York style
refurbishment, which was inclusive of recording studios, custom joinery
and an open plan working environment.

During the inspection period, prior to construction, it was identified
that there were some acoustic issues due to the age and load bearing
capacity of the building. Through the use of key trade specialists,
SMLXL were able to remedy the issues and ensure works were
completed according to the client design as well as within budget.
Pilcher Real Estate,
          Scale                               Completion Date
          250m2                               2019

          Value                               Market Sector
          $250k                               Commercial Office

Project Brief
Location: Annadale, Sydney
Contract: Deisgn and Construct
Client: Pilcher

SMLXL Projects worked with Pilcher Real Estate to bring their vibrancy
and personalization to life within their inner west office space. With
large murals showcasing local graffiti art, a biophilic design and open
work pans, SMLXL delivered a fresh an invigorating space that exceeded
all client expectations.
The team at SMLXL did an unbelievable job
making our dream office space a reality. From
our very first meeting we knew that SMLXL
“got us” and were aligned to what we wanted to
achieve. No request – of which we made plenty
along the way – was too big or too small, and
the entire team were an absolute pleasure to
work with. We hold a deep trust in the team’s
commitment to the outcome, and desire to
make the journey as smooth as possible. I’d not
hesitate for a moment in recommending SMLXL.
- Daniel Cummins, Director, Marketsoft.
George P. Johnson,
         Scale                                  Completion Date
         950m2                                  2018

         Value                                  Market Sector
         $390k                                  Commercial Office

Project Brief
Client: George P. Johnson
Contract: Deisgn and Construct
Design: SMLXL Projects

Starting as an industrial style warehouse, SMLXL Projects transformed
the space into a lux office for this leading Event and Marketing Agency.

Implementing a fresh palette and high end finishes, SMLXL brought the
brand image to life within the working environment, ensuring that it is
reflective of the passion, creativity and inventiveness of the people who
work there.
Office Fitout
             Scale                               Completion Date
             215m2                               2018

             Value                               Market Sector
                                                 Commercial Office

Project Brief
Client: 		       Marketsoft
Contract:        Design & Construct
Design:          SMLXL Projects

Marketsoft approached SMLXL projects to deliver a fresh new
environment that truly reflects their core values of openness and
honesty. We provided a versatile design that included an expansive
open collaboration area, with the addition of enclosed quiet rooms.

The combination of natural timber, exposed concrete and vibrant
greenery allowed for a unique fitout that catered to the clients
collaborative team environment.

SMLXL faced some key environmental challenges during the
construction phase of the project, including the minimisation of noise,
waste and air quality to the area and its surrounds. To effectively
manage these challenges the SMLXL team worked according to
a strict schedule and tailored environmental plan. Planning within
the Early Contractor Involvement phase meant that site access and
requirements were established prior to the commencement of works,
enabling a seamless project kick-off.
74 Castlereagh
St. Sydney office
             Scale                                Completion Date
             3,000m2                              2018

             Value                                Market Sector
             $3.5m                                Commercial Office

Project Brief
Client: 		     Country
Contract:      Construct
Design:        Chada Design

SMLXL were engaged to deliver this high-end commercial fitout
staged over 5 levels of an existing commercial office building within
the heart of Sydney CBD. The refurbishment works involved
updating amenities, serviced offices, common areas and lift lobby
From the time we met SMLXL they exceeded
expectations. The design layout of our office and
the quote was delivered as promised, keeping our
budget totally in mind. What really impressed us about
SMLXL, was the way they went about co-ordinating
the office fitout once we had engaged in their services,
which enabled our office to go from a shell to a fully
operational office within two weeks and with the quality
to match the efficiency. We would have no hesitation in
recommending SMLXL projects and look forward to a
long term partner of both Laing+Simmons and the Dexar
Group. - Chris Skarlatos, Principal, Lang & Simmons, Rosebery
- Stan Platis, Head of Growth, Executive Director Dexar Group
Laing & Simmons,
          Scale                                  Completion Date
          150m2                                  2018

          Value                                  Market Sector
          $100k                                  Commercial Office

Project Brief
Client: Laing & Simmons
Contract: Deisgn and Construct
Design: SMLXL Projects

Laing + Simmons, a renowned real estate firm had opened their
Rosebery Branch located within The Cannery, a historical 11,000sqm
warehouse, revived to connect the best of the old and new worlds. As
a brand synonymous with innovation and customer experience, it was
essential that the office space was reflective of the firms’ brand ethos as
well as the edgy blend of history and culture emulated by The Cannery

SMLXL Projects managed the design and construction of this unique
fit out, delivering an industrial style office environment that embraced
the warehouse ambiance of The Cannery, without compromising on the
firms brand or company values
Kafnu @ The Mill,
         Scale                                Completion Date
         400m2                                2018

         Value                                Market Sector
         $7m                                  Co-Working Commercial

Project Brief
Client: Kafnu
Design: Meta + Space
Contract: Design and Construct

SMLXL managed the Fitout of existing premises into a 16 room
micro hotel with 3000m2 of open plan co-working space, serviced
offices, meeting rooms, virtual gym, bar and concierge services,
located within the grounds of Alexandria precinct. Kafnu at the Mill
was envisioned by the client as becoming the heart of the creative,
progressive and friendly neighbourhood of Alexandria, designed as
a contemporary version of a community centre, a physical space for
all people to work, play and stay together.

SMLXL were inspired to bring the industrial and modern edge of
Alexandria into the space, keeping the design intentionally minimal
and schematically specific to the neighbourhood, whilst at the same
time ensuring the space maintained a relaxed and welcoming vibe.
Utilising the central interlinked staircase as the focal point, SMLX
further created zoned spaces specifically target toward social
interaction and connectivity.
Ramsay Healthcare
Mulitple Sites
             Scale                            Completion date
             Average 500m2                    Ongoing Contract

             Value                            Market Sector
             Average $850k                    Healthcare

Project Brief
Client: 		       Ramsay Healthcare
Contract:        Design & Construct
Design:          SMLXL Projects

SMLXL Projects have an ongoing contract with Ramsay Healthcare
to deliver upgrades to the Ramsay Health Facilities. This
refurbishment projects spans across numerous sites and involves
the coordination of corridor upgrades, new flooring, new furniture,
custom joinery, custom wall finishes and bathroom upgrades.
Vita Life Sciences,
          Scale                                   Completion Date
          250m2                                   2018

          Value                                   Market Sector
          $202k                                   Commercial Office

Project Brief
Location: South Sydney
Contract: Deisgn and Construct
Client: Vita Life

Vita life sciences are a successful Australian owned pharmaceutical and
healthcare company, focusing on producing supplements, vitamins,
minerals and superfoods that are clean, effective and functional –
SMLXL Projects were eager to deliver a working environment that
reflected that vision.

What resulted from this partnership was a simple yet sophisticated
office refurbishment with an emphasis on company branding colours,
recycled natural materials and product displays

Clean, bright and natural were key elements that were accentuated
within the Vitalife office. The installation of a pallet wall of plants within
the boardroom offered a fresh and invigorating feel to the room, a theme
which was carried throughout the office, with hanging planters and
floating shelving.
Ramsay Healthcare
Mulitple Sites
             Scale                            Completion date
             Average 500m2                    Ongoing Contract

             Value                            Market Sector
             Average $850k                    Healthcare

Project Brief
Client: 		       Ramsay Healthcare
Contract:        Design & Construct
Design:          SMLXL Projects

SMLXL Projects have an ongoing contract with Ramsay Healthcare
to deliver upgrades to the Ramsay Health Facilities. This
refurbishment projects spans across numerous sites and involves
the coordination of corridor upgrades, new flooring, new furniture,
custom joinery, custom wall finishes and bathroom upgrades.
Glorietta, Sydney

             Scale                                   Completion Date
             500m2                                   2020

             Value                                   Market Sector
             $1.2m                                   Hospitality

Project Brief
Client: 		       Glorietta
Contract:        Construct Only
Design:          Alexander & Co

SMLXL Projects partnered with Alexander and Co to complete the fitout
of Glorietta in North Sydney. SMLXL brought the bright and airy design to
life, delivering the construction of the colourful Mediterranean style Italian
restaurant with striking textured finishes.
The Imperial Hotel,
             Scale                                 Completion Date
             300m2                                 2018

             Value                                 Market Sector
             $2m                                   Hospitality

Project Brief
Client: 		       The Sydney Collective
Contract:        Construct Only
Design:          Alexander & Co

The Imperial Hotel located in Erskineville is a well-known and much-loved
institution of the LGBTQ+ community. In 2018, SMLXL were engaged to
deliver a “nip and tuck” of this iconic venue. It was crucial to the project
that the diverse and unique brand of self-expression and individualism was
upheld throughout the new design while also creating a fresh and modern

SMLXL Projects managed the total refurbishment of two bars, a pizza
kitchen, dining rooms and lounge areas, as well as the construction of the
new “Imperial UP!”- A contemporary rooftop bar that doubles as a free art
gallery space.

SMLXL worked tirelessly to bring the entire concept together, all within
a tight deadline. Our Project delivery team completed works within
8 weeks, enabling the Imperial to open her doors again as quickly as
possible and with a minimum of fuss. It was important to our client that
works did not disrupt the adjoining and neighboring properties, therefore,
SMLXL implemented staged planning and maintained open lines of
communication with the wider community, ensuring the least amount of
disruption possible.
DOC Gastronomia

             Scale                                  Completion Date
             150m2                                  2020

             Value                                  Market Sector
             $400K                                  Hospitality

Project Brief
Client: 		      D.O.C
Design:         Studio Room
Contract:       Construct

SMLXL Projects delivered this Italian restaurant fit-out with a focus on
rustic joinery and high end finishes. The concept design for the restaurant/
wine bar provided a separate entrance to Mount St to enable the
restaurant to operate independent of the commercial office.

The construction works involved the outdoor terrace areas to the south,
north and east with the inclusion of a display kitchen at ground floor level
and preparation kitchen at lower ground level.
L’Americano, New Zealand

             Scale                                  Completion Date
             150m2                                  2019

             Value                                  Market Sector
             Undisclosed                            Hospitality

Project Brief
Client: 		       Coco Republic
Contract:        Construct Only
Design:          Alexander & Co

SMLXL Projects partnered with Alexander and Co to design and construct
the new L’Americano café in Newmarket Westfield, New Zealand.
Together, we created an environment that reflected the clients investment
– focusing on a sleek, tailored and thoughtful design which connected
heavily with the clients brand and aesthetic.

Mitigating the impact of the challenges and risks inherent in all
construction projects is essential when managing project delivery. This
was even more important for the LAmericano works due to the project
location, a tight deadline and a strict budget. The SMLXL team began
planning well in advance to the commencement date, ensuring that
all possible risks were identified and controls put in place to enable as
seamless a delivery as possible.
Joe & the Juice
             Scale                                   Completion date
             Average 70m2                            Average 2 weeks

             Value                                   Market Sector
             Average $350k                           Hospitality

Project Brief
Client: 		       Joe & The Juice
Contract:        Design & Construct
Design:          SMLXL Projects

SMLXL were engaged to undertake the construction of three on trend
retail/hospitality outlets at Barrangaroo, Pitt Street and T2 Terminal at
Sydney Airport. The project involved the construction of new tenancy
services, walls, ceilings, floor finishes, food preparation and front of house
service areas.

A stringent program of works was key to delivering all three projects, with
SMLXL ensuring works were scheduled so as to ensure minimal disruption
to neighboring tenancies. Further, a dedicated Site Manager was allocated
to each site to oversee the onsite team and ensure works proceeded

A meticulous attention to detail meant that all three sites were completed
consistent with the Joe and Juice Brand and within the strict timelines
Long Chim, Sydney

             Scale                                  Completion Date
             300m2                                  2019

             Value                                  Market Sector
             Undisclosed                            Hospitality

Project Brief
Client: 		       Long Chim
Contract:        Design & Construct
Design:          SMLXL Projects

This project saw SMLXL managing the delivery of a complete fit out of an
oriental style bar in the CBD. The Project Team worked closely with design
to source locally produced furniture item to reduce lead times. At the
same time, keeping the furniture and design concepts as closely aligned to
the Thai theme carried throughout the space.

SMLXL worked not only with the Long Chim representatives to ensure
consistent branding throughout the restaurant, but also with external
partners who were in the process of setting up a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ style
café. It was crucial that the SMLXL integrated the ideas of the external
partners with the look and feel of the restaurant as a whole.
Kitchen by Mike
No. 1 Bent St, Sydney
             Scale                                   Completion Date
             200m2                                   2019

             Value                                   Market Sector
             Undisclosed                             Hospitality

Project Brief
Client: 		       Mike McEnearney
Contract:        Construct Only
Design:		        Alexander & Co

SMLXL Projects completed the Internal cosmetic upgrade of Kitchen by
Mike, located next to the well-known Wintergarden Building in Sydney.

The 100-seat venue, situated in a heritage site at 1 Bent Street, is an
evolution of the successful Kitchen by Mike Canteen in Alexandria.
The brief therefore was to maintain a sense of continuity of the initial
restaurant, but also creating a fresh vibe.

The project carried some key challenges, including noise and dust
management and ensuring minimal disruption to the surrounds, in
particular to The Wintergarden Building. To ensure minimal fuss, the
SMLXL Project team strictly adhered to the building management
conditions as well as implementing site specific rules for the on-site team.
Mosman Rowers

         Scale                                    Completion Date
         750m2                                    2019

          Value                                   Market Sector
          $515k                                   Hospitality

Project Brief
Client: Bird & Bear Hospitality Group
Contract: Design and Construct
Design: SMLXL Projects

SMLXL Projects were delighted to work on the refurbishment of Mosman
Rowers Club, one of the oldest and most distinguished waterfront clubs
in Sydney. The three-level sports club is situated right over the water
in Mossman Bay, a location that offers an impressive view of the bay.
However, this heritage building was in need of a facelift, with extensive
water damage throughout. The level of refurbishment and repair required
within such an iconic building was a huge undertaking – made even more
challenging by tight deadlines.

The SMLXL team set about preparing a detailed programme of works to
manage the total refurbishment of the club and repair the damaged area
all within a tight deadline of 12 weeks.

It was essential to the client that the waterfront club be running at full
capacity within the provided timeline. Through meticulous planning and
site management, SMLXL were able to deliver works and exceed all client
The Republic Hotel

          Scale                                     Completion Date
          Undisclosed                               2020

          Value                                     Market Sector
          $660k                                     Hospitality

Project Brief
Client: The Republic Hotel
Contract: Construct Only
Design: Alexander & Co

SMLXL Projects delivered the gaming room fitout and construction of a
new staircase to the first floor dining room for The Republic Hotel in the
Sydney CBD.

As noise and vibration posed a real issue in the delivery of these works,
SMLXL worked according to a stringent staging plans, ensuring the
operational impact to this multi-story venue was kept at a minimum.
Not only did SMLXL Projects deliver an on-time,
high quality and on budget fit-out, they were
understanding and flexible with all aspects of the
project.Despite the tight turnaround with many
variations, the SMLXL team were very prompt
and recpetive to providing options and resolving
all issues - they are efficient, professional and an
absolute pleasure to work with.

- Rachel Gilbert - Rachel Gilbert Retail Store.
Max Sparrow,
Castle Hill
            Scale                                    Completion Date
            760m2                                    2018

            Value                                    Market Sector
            $160K                                    Retail

Project Brief
Client:		      Maz Sparrow
Design:        Alexander & Co
Contract:      Construct

Max Sparrow, specialising in luxurious and modern home furniture,
engaged SMLXL in collaboration with Alexander and Co to complete the
full retail refurbishment of their Castle Hill store. The project included
new timber flooring, display joinery units, lighting, and bespoke finishes

As a customer-centric business, the finished space not only had to
incorporate the values of the Max Sparrow Brand, but also engage and
encourage customers. The challenge for SMLXL and Alexander and Co
was to retain a level of service and point of sale within the store whilst also
creating a dynamic experience for customers.
Coco Republic,
Mulitple Sites
             Scale                             Completion date
             Various                           Ongoing Contract

             Value                             Market Sector
             Various                           Retail

Project Brief
Client: 		       Coco Republic
Contract:        Construct Only
Design:          Alexander & Co

SMLXL provide refurbishment services for Coco Republic,
upgrading their domestic and international stores in locations
including Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Auckland New

Rolling out services across multiple sites can be a challenging
exercise, however our talented and experienced team are driven
by producing creative and innovative solutions. To ensure that the
Coco vision is realised consistently across all sites, SMLXL apply
a rigorous planning approach, compile dedicated project teams,
navigate budgets and schedules and meticulously manage the many
details of each location.

In addition, the combination of planned site visits and a de-briefing
session after each separate refurbishment is complete has allowed
SMLXL to identify any gaps and apply these to future site projects,
making for an even better end product.
Hush Puppies,
Warringah Mall
            Scale                                 Completion Date
            260m2                                 2017

            Value                                 Market Sector
            $350K                                 Retail

Project Brief
Client:		      Hush Puppies
Design:        Meta + Space
Contract:      Construct

SMLXL Projects were engaged to manage the construction fitout of Hush
Puppies retail store located within Westfield Warringah Mall.

The retail fit out was a beautifully designed project which included the
installation of new timber floors, display joinery that complemented Hush
Puppies products and decorative lighting, all of which combined to create
an ambience reflective of the brands values.

The SMLXL delivery team worked tirelessly to complete the fitout within
four weeks, seamlessly managing key stakeholder relationships, the onsite
project team and product lead times. The experience and skillset of the
SMLXL team ensured that deadlines were met with ease and that client
expectations were exceeded.
Sass & Bide,
Sydney, Warringah Mall
             Scale                               Completion Date
             300m2                               2017

             Value                               Market Sector
             $350K                               Retail

Project Brief
Client: 		      Sass and Bide
Contract:       Construct Only
Design:         Akin Creative

SMLXL Projects completed the construction fit out of the high end retail
store Sass and Bide. Following a staged plan, SMLXL completed the works
within a tight deadline of 4 weeks.
Vicinity Centres,
Carlingford Court
             Scale                                  Completion Date
             2500m2                                 2019

             Value                                  Market Sector
             $2.5m                                  Retail

Project Brief
Client: 		      Vicinity Centres
Contract:       Construct Only
Design:         BN Group

Vicinity Centres are one of Australia’s leading retail property groups,
managing many retail centres across all states nationally. In 2019, Vicinity
Centres appointed SMLXL Projects to manage the construction works
required at Carlingford Court Shopping Centre. This included an upgrade
of the existing food court, Amenities and the outdoor dining area which
also incorporated works to the main entry of the centre.

The works required were specific to ‘Shopping Centre Refurbishment and
Construction within a trading environment’, so it was therefore expected
that SMLXL Projects had a robust understanding of staging requirements
in a live environment and support mechanisms required to facilitate the
works with minimal fuss.

SMLXL designed a tailored and specific programme of works that was
carried out in a manner that ensured minimal disruption to the existing
foodcourt tenancies and all adjoining tenancies. It allowed for staging of
works so that the foodcourt could remain trading, with particular attention
being paid to the seating areas. These were zoned according to specific
stages, meaning that only a small amount of the existing foodcourt seating
area was closed whilst the work was being carried out. SMLXL Projects
strict adherence to schedules and staged programmes of work allowed for
the centre tenants to continue trading without loss of business.
Pricing Schedule

Information        Page | 65
SMLXL stands behind our commitment to making you,
                 our clients feel supported, informed and confident in our
  Our Approach

At SMLXL, the safety, health and wellbeing of our staff, contractors and those directly involved in, or interacting with, our business undertakings
is our highest priority. We take pride in our safety performance, placing health and safety as a key performance measure of our overall business
success. Safety leadership comes from the top and we strongly promote an equal focus on both safety systems and safety culture.

Our site teams are encouraged to have an open approach to a safer way of doing things and challenged to understand the ‘below the line safety’
items on their projects including safety conversations and observations. The SMLXL health, safety and environment management (HSE) system
is viewed as ‘above the line safety’ and it meets the requirements of the Australian Government’s Building and Construction OHS Accreditation
Scheme. SMLXL have established and proven quality, environmental and safety management systems and is accredited in all aspects to ISO
and AS/NZ standards.

Further, SMLXL is a member of the green building council of Australia and supports the fundamental principles of environmental sustainability in
urban development. Our in-house green star accredited professionals will ensure the five star design rating is achieved and will work tirelessly to
optimise green outcomes within financial constraints.

     “Above the line”
- Systems & procedures			                 - Full due diligence reporting		                 - Federal Safety Commissioner Accreditation
- AS4801 Accreditation			                 - SMLXL mandatory safety standards

     “Below the line”
- Safety culture				                      - Visual Leadership					                         - Trade contractor selection processes
- Visual Leadership				                   - Safety conversations and observation		         - Critical for Building refurbishment
Our Management Systems

   Occupational Health and Safety
      AS/NZS 4801:2001     Occupation Health and Safety Management Sys-

      Certificate Number                     2018-7376

         Expiry Date                         18/07/2021

   Environmental Management
       ISO 14001:2015            Environmental Management System

      Certificate Number                     2018-7375

         Expiry Date                         18/07/2021

   Quality Management
        ISO 9001:2015               Quality Management System

      Certificate Number                     2018-7374

         Expiry Date                         18/07/2021

   Contractor Prequalification
            Cm3                     Certificate of Prequalification

      Certificate Number                       025425

         Expiry Date                         10/02/2021
Insurances and Licensing

   Public Liability and Contract Works
        Name of Insurer             Chase Underwriting

     Policy # Public Liability            498173

    Policy # Contract Works              01K704847

        Extent of Cover                    $50m

           Expiry Date                   30/07/2021

   Professional Indemnity
        Name of Insurer          Chubb Insurance Australia

         Policy Number                   01PI545062

        Extent of Cover                     $5m

           Expiry Date                   30/07/2021

   Workers Compensation
        Name of Insurer                     Icare

         Policy Number                   115362001

         Extent of Cover                   $4.2m

           Expiry Date                   30/07/2021

   NSW Building Licence

        License Number                    338589C

          Expiry Date                    11/06/2022
Company Information

     Company Details

         Registered Name of Contractor                SMLXL Projects PTY LTD

        Trading Name (if applicable)                      SMLXL Projects

     Australian Business Number (ABN)                      17 611 107 512

            Type of Legal Entity                               Private

             Business Address            Suite 2B, 29-41 Hutchinson St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

            Telephone Number                              +61 2 9698 3377


Our Technology Systems

           At SMLXL we are able to streamline our
            delivery model through the use of our
                advanced technology systems.

  At SMLXL we strive to have the latest technology available and use the following systems for our day-to-day operations:

  Virtual Reality                             Procore - PM                                 Procore - Financial
  Virtual Reality in conjunction with VR      Procore is a construction management         Procore Financial is the financial
  headsets allows us to bring unbuilt         software which helps drastically             project management module within
  spaces to life by walking clients through   increase project efficiency and              Procore (our construction management
  their projects . By experiencing the        accountability by streamlining and           software). It enables us to keep an eye
  designed space through VR headsets          mobilising project communications and        on budgets, manage detailed variations,
  the client is able to immerse themselves    documentation. This real time data and       create head and subcontacts as well as
  in their designed space to ensure           accessibility minimises costly risks and     conduct financial “health checks” on all
  everything is excellent.                    delays. From tendering to closeout,          projects at any time.
                                              collaborate in real time with in our team,
                                              applications, and devices are all in one
                                              centralised hub.
& Social
SMLXL is a member of the green building council of Australia and supports the fundamental principles of environmental sustainability in
urban development. Our in-house green star accredited professionals      29will ensure the five star design and rating is achieved and will work
tirelessly with the team to exhaust all options to target a point’s matrix that optimise’s green outcomes within financial constraints.

Plant a Tree Project
SMLXL are dedicated to the sustainability of the planet and caring for the environment, which is why we have joined forces with Carbon

Carbon Neutral carry out large scale revegetation of degraded farmlands, these woodlands and forests play a crucial role in cleaning and
cooling the air. This program allows SMLXL to actively support their vital work.

The trees that we plant on your behalf help to:
•      Sequester carbon
•      Reduce soil salinity
•      Combat wind and water erosion                                                                                   To date, Carbon Neutral
•      Enhance biodiversity                                                                                             has planted over 29.5
•      Restore habitat for native animals                                                                                million mixed native
                                                                          Where is the Yarra Yarra
                                                                                                                      species, trees and shrubs,
                                                                          Biodiversity Corridor?                       across 12,000 ha in the
                                                                                                                              Yarra Yarra
                                                                          The plantings are in the northern
                                                                          wheatbelt region of Southwest                 Biodiversity Corridor
                                                                          Australia, significantly one of only
                                                                          35 global biodiversity hotspots.
                                                                          These are regions that have an
                                                                          exceptionally high number of
                                                                          plant and animal species
                                                                          found nowhere else in the world.
                                                                          The biodiversity hotspot label
                                                                          recognises that these plants,
                                                                          animals and ecosystems are at
                                                                          extreme risk of destruction.
Corporate & Social Responsibility
                                                         “WE REALLY APPRECIATE THE GREAT
 SMLXL are passionate about giving back. We
                                                          WORK THAT SMLXL PROJECTS PTY
 believe that our success comes with a level of duty
                                                         LTD DID DURING ITS CORPORATE DAY
 to others and we never shy from responsibility.
 That’s why from the start we’ve been driving            TO PRESERVE THIS ICONIC NATIONAL
 initiatives that make a difference.                          PARK AT MIDDLE HEAD”

                                                                     Ian Darbyshire
                                                          CEO, Foundation for National Parks &
 Our quarterly Corporate Social Responsibility                         Wildlife
 Program sees each one of our employees investing
 their time and energy volunteering at various charity

 In our experience, charity efforts promote and foster
 a feeling of ‘One-Team’ amongst everyone involved
 with the obvious flow-on benefit of greater
 co-operation and team spirit within the company.

 To date, we have volunteered with numerous
 charities including:

        Ronald McDonald House
        Tour De Cure
        Animal Welfare League
        Foundation for National Parks and
        Tribal Warrior
Suite 2b, 29-41 Hutchinson
Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
+61 2 9698 3377
ABN: 17 611 107 512

Suite G02, 17 Moore Street,
Canberra ACT 2601
ABN: 11 636 998 082
                            SMLXL Projects
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