Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District

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Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District

Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE
           Through Lifelong Learning

                 *Registration opens December 10
Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District

                                                                                  MISSION STATEMENT
                                                                                 Building Strong Communities through
                                                                         Lifelong Learning Opportunities for People of All Ages

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                              COMMUNITY EDUCATION STAFF
Registration Information..................................4                    W-M Community Education Director
Early Childhood Family Education...................5                           Amy Dimmler .........................................952-955-0282
W-M Young Royals Preschool.........................12
Kids’ Company & Caring Hands Child Care..14                                    Kids’ Company Programs Coordinator
Youth Enrichment............................................16                 Michelle Hess..........................................952-955-0283
Youth Recreation............................................ 22
Summer Youth Theatre.................................. 23                      Early Childhood Programs Coordinator
                                                                               Susie Retterath.......................................952-955-0290
Aquatics........................................................... 25
Adult Recreation – Fitness............................. 29
Adult Recreation..............................................32               Community Education Secretary
                                                                               Janine Knutson.......................................952-955-0280
Adult Recreation – Dance............................... 33                     jknutson@wm.k12.mn.us
Adult Enrichment............................................ 34
Adult Enrichment – Arts & Crafts..................35
Adult Enrichment – Culinary...........................37
Adult Enrichment – Health & Safety............. 39                                           Watertown-Mayer
Adult Getaways............................................... 40                           Community Education
Adult Basic Education/GED.............................41
Performing Arts Center................................. 43                        W-M Community Learning Center
Adult & Community Wing.............................. 44                                         313 Angel Ave. NW
                                                                                               Watertown, MN 55388
Community Events......................................... 44
Registration Form............................................47                   Door #4: W-M Community Education Office,
                                                                                  Young Royals Preschool, ECFE, Kids’ Company and
                                                                                  Youth Classes
           SCHOOL DISTRICT 111
           BOARD OF EDUCATION                                                     Door #3: Evening ECFE Classes, Multipurpose Gym

          Hunter Feldt              Heidi Guetzkow                                Door #1: Adult Community Wing
          Tim Thompson              Katy Jo Danielson                             All Community Opportunities, Adult Enrichment
                                                                                  and Fitness Classes, Community Lounge and
          Jim Burns                 Josh Guetzkow                                 Various Youth Fitness Classes
          Erika Schulz

Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District

                                                             COMMUNITY LOCATIONS
COMMUNITY EDUCATION                                          WATERTOWN-MAYER COMMUNITY
ADVISORY COUNCIL                                             LEARNING CENTER (Community Education)
The Community Education Advisory Council is                  313 Angel Ave NW, Watertown, MN 55388
composed of citizens who live and/or work with in            952-955-0280 • Enter Door #4
the boundaries of the Watertown-Mayer School
District. The council functions in cooperation with
the community education staff to advise and help
promote the goals and objectives of community
education. The council meets five times per year.
If you are interested in joining the council, please
contact Amy Dimmler at 952-955-0282 or amy.
dimmler@wm.k12.mn.us.                                        WATERTOWN-MAYER
                                                             ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
2020-2021 Advisory Council Members:                          500 Paul Ave, Watertown, MN 55388
 Darren Schuler         Hunter Feldt                         952-955-0300 • Enter Door #2
 Amy Dimmler            Kyle Jarvis
 Michelle Hess          Larry Millender
 Susan Larkin           Deedra Lonquist
 Lindsay Guetzkow
ECFE Advisory Council Representatives

                                                             WATERTOWN-MAYER MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                                             1001 Hwy 25 NW, Watertown, MN 55388
                                                             952-955-0400 • Enter Door #23
The School Board of District 111 recognizes
that all school district facilities, both indoor
and outdoor, belong to the school district
residents and further encourage the responsible
use of school district facilities by individuals             WATERTOWN-MAYER HIGH SCHOOL
or programs. Community organizations,                        1001 Hwy 25 NW, Watertown, MN 55388
associations and groups are welcome to use                   952-955-0600 • Enter Door #1
district facilities for appropriate activities that do
not interfere with operations and interests of the
school district.

The school board authorizes the Community
Education Department to schedule and
supervise the community’s use of school district
buildings, grounds and equipment as outlined in              MAYER COMMUNITY CENTER
School District 111 Facility Use Policy #902.                413 Bluejay Ave, Mayer MN 55360
                                                             952-567-1502 •
To request the use of a District 111 facility, call
952-955-0282. To review the School District 111
Facility Use Policy #902 visit www.wm.k12.mn.us
under District / Facilities / Policies.

Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District

    REGISTER EARLY Please register at least a week in advance so we can make class enrollment
    decisions. We accept registrations as long as there is room in the class. Your registration is not
    complete until payment is received.

4 WAYS TO REGISTER                      ARE YOU IN?                             THE AMERICANS WITH
                                        Yes—unless you hear from us.            DISABILITIES ACT (ADA)
             ONLINE                     Simply show up for class and            The ADA guarantees equal access
             Log on to                  enjoy! If you want a confirmation,      and nondiscrimination in employ-
             wm.ce.eleyo.com            please provide your e-mail              ment, public services, public
             for convenient             address at time of registration.        accommodations, transportation,
             registration                                                       and telecommunications. ISD #111
available 24/7! We accept AMEX/                                                 supports the intent and provisions
                                        SEVERE WEATHER                          of the ADA. Let us know how we
VISA/MasterCard and Discover            If Watertown-Mayer Schools are
payments.                                                                       can better serve you.
                                        closed for the day, or close early,
                                        Community Education programs
             BY MAIL                    are also cancelled and may be
                                                                                ATTENTION UCARE
             Mail your registration     rescheduled. Tune in to local
             form with VISA/            media outlets or call 952-955-          MINNESOTA MEMBERS
                                        0280.                                   All UCare Minnesota members
                                                                                may take up to a $15 discount per
             Discover number and
                                                                                class on most classes. If a class is
expiration date, security code or
check or money order payable to:
                                        REFUND POLICY                           less than $15, the member may
                                        Refunds or “credits” will not be        take the class free of charge.
Community Education, 313 Angel
                                        given for missed classes or for         Members must be on UCare at the
Ave. NW, Watertown, MN 55388.
                                        cancellations after the stated          time of registration, and through
                                        registration deadline, or less than     the duration of the class(es).
             BY PHONE                   five (5) working days before the        Members need to include
             When you charge            class starts (if no deadline is given   their UCare ID number when
             your classes to            for the class).                         registering.
             AMEX/Discover, we’ll       A $5.00 per participant, per class
take your registration over the         processing fee will be withheld
phone at 952-955-0280.                  from all refunds. You must call the         ATTENTION
                                        office to request cancellation (not         CUSTOMERS
                                        available online). Classes will not
             IN PERSON                  be pro-rated.                               The school district will
              Visit the Community                                                   charge per check (amount
              Education Office                                                      of charge subject to
              located in the W-M        SWIMMING LESSON                             change without notice)
              Community Learning        REFUNDS                                     for checks returned to the
Center (313 Angel Ave. NW,              A $5.00 per participant, per class          district from the bank.
Watertown MN 55388 — Use door           processing fee will be withheld             This fee cannot be paid
#4 between 7:30 am - 4:00 pm).          from all refunds given before the           using a credit card due to
The office is open during regular       refund deadline.                            transaction costs.
business hours Monday - Friday.

                                      COMMUNITY EDUCATION OFFICE
                                313 Angel Avenue NW, Watertown, MN 55388
                                     952-955-0280 | wm.ce.eleyo.com

Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District

                                                                                 BABY AND ME
WHAT IS EARLY CHILDHOOD                                                          Play together while
FAMILY EDUCATION – ECFE?                                                         learning more about
                                                                                 your baby. Each class
ECFE is a unique parent-child education                                          includes focused parent-
program for ALL families with children ages                                      child activities, a group
birth to kindergarten. Weekly classes have                                       time for interactive songs
three parts:                                                                     with your baby, and
                                                                                 parent discussion led by
Learning Together                                                                a parent educator. Babies
In the children’s classroom, parents and                                         and their parents stay
children have time to play and learn                                             together the entire class
together. You can choose from many                                               time.
planned activities designed just for you and
your child. Learn new ideas for activities to        1000 – W1: Newborn – 12 months
do at home. (This together time is planned           10 Wednesdays			               10:00 - 11:00 am
by a licensed early childhood teacher.)              January 12 – March 16

Purposeful Play for Children                         1000 – WE: Newborn – 12 months
Children enjoy learning activities planned by        4 Wednesdays			                         6:00 - 7:00 pm
a licensed early childhood teacher. Activities       February 2 – 23
are designed for children to learn through
play with their peers. The goal is to help           1000 – SP1: Newborn – 12 months
children develop a healthy self-concept and          6 Wednesdays			                 10:00 - 11:00 am
a love for learning.                                 April 6 – May 11

Connecting With Others                               1000 – SPE: Newborn – 12 months
While children are learning with their               4 Wednesdays			                         6:00 - 7:00 pm
teachers, parents join together in an                April 6 – 27
informal group setting for a discussion
time led by a parent educator. The group             W-M Community Learning Center Room 204
discusses current family topics; they                Enter Door # 4
share ideas, learn more about their child’s
development and benefit from feeling                 Class Fee: FREE
connected to parents.                                Sibling care fee: See registration on page 47

• Fun, affordable classes for families with              Kids' Stuff Sale
  children birth to five years old
• Daytime and evening classes                               Saturday, April 23, 2022
• Quality time with your child                                 8:00 - 11:30 am
• A great place to meet other families with            W-M Community Learning Center
  children the same age
                                                        Time for the Spring Sale. New location at the
• Parent support and information                        CLC! Better layout for all clothing, toys, books,
• Fun learning activities for your child                games and equipment! Mark your calendars!
• Lasting friendships                                   Seller packets are available in the Community
• Sliding fee classes                                   Learning Center office, if you are interested in

Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District

                             BUSY 1’S AND 2’S
                             (1 & 2 YEAR OLDS)
                              Let your toddler take
                              the lead during this
                              peer group experience.
                              Parents and children
                              will have fun enjoying
                              music, movement
                              and many learning
                              activities together!
                              Parent connection time
                              will include discussions
                              about child development,
                              parenting techniques              DISCOVERY TIME (1–5 YEAR OLDS)
and current issues concerning families today. (Bring
along any “security” item to make your child feel               Parents and children will have fun with a variety
more comfortable during separation time.) Parent                of activities-art,learning games, reading, science,
discussion time will take place first, you will take your       pretend play and more. Parent connection time
child to the ECFE classroom and get them settled in and         will include discussions about child development,
then parents will proceed to the parent discussion room.        parenting techniques and issues concerning families
Parent/child interaction time will take place during the        today. (Bring along any “security” item to make your
second half of class                                            child feel more comfortable during separation time.)
                                                                Parent discussion time will take place first, you will take
1001 – W1        8 Mondays          9:00 - 10:30 am             your child to the ECFE classroom and get them settled in
January 10 – March 14 (no class 1/17 and 2/21)                  and then parents will proceed to the parent discussion
                                                                room. Parent/child interaction time will take place during
Class Fee: Category A: $56 / child                              the second half of class.
           Category B: $72 / child
           Category C: $88 / child                              1003 – W1        10 Tuesdays               6:00 - 7:15 pm
                                                                January 11 – March 15
Sibling care fee: See registration on page 47
                                                                Class Fee: Category A: $70 / child
W-M Community Learning Center Room 204                                     Category B: $90 / child
Enter Door # 4                                                             Category C: $110 / child

1001 – SP1         6 Mondays            9:00 - 10:30 am         Sibling care fee: See registration on page 47
April 4 – May 9
                                                                W-M Community Learning Center Room 204
Class Fee: Category A: $42 / child                              Enter Door # 4
           Category B: $54 / child
           Category C: $66 / child                              1003 – SP1          6 Tuesdays             6:00 - 7:15 pm
                                                                April 5 – May 10
Sibling care fee: See registration on page 47
                                                                Class Fee: Category A: $42 / child
W-M Community Learning Center Room 204                                     Category B: $54 / child
Enter Door # 4                                                             Category C: $66 / child

                                                                Sibling care fee: See registration on page 47

                                                                W-M Community Learning Center Room 204
                                                                Enter Door # 4

Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District
                                                                Tuesday: Parent/Child Day Only            8:45-10:45 am
                                                                This day is for your child to interact with peers,
                                                                led by a licensed early childhood teacher and an
                                                                assistant. The focus of the child only day is to foster
                                                                positive attitudes towards learning and to develop

                                                                Option 1: Parent/Child Day + Child Only Day
                                                                1004 – W1SPCC            16 Tuesdays & 15 Thursdays
                                                                January 11 − May 12                    8:45-10:45 am
                                                                (no class March 22, 24, 29, 31 and April 7)

                                                                Class Fee: Category A $160/child
                                                                           Category B $180/child
                                                                           Category C $200/child
MINI-ROYALS (2 ½ -5 YEAR OLDS                                   Sibling care fee: See registration on page 47
                                                                W-M Community Learning Center Room 204
A unique blend of parent-child time and peer group              Enter Door # 4
interaction offering an introductory preschool
experience. You have two options for registering                Option 2: Parent/Child Day Only
for Mini-Royals: 1. Register for the Parent/child               1004 – W1SPC       16 Tuesdays         8:45-10:45 am
day, plus the child only day. 2. Register for only              January 11 – May 10
the parent/child day.                                           (no class March 22 & 29)
Tuesday & Thursday:                      8:45-10:45 am          Class Fee: Category A: $100/child
Parent/Child Day + Child Only Day                                          Category B: $120/child
The first hour of class is the parent connection                           Category C: $140/child
time. Our parent educator will provide resources
and guide discussions on child development,                     Sibling care fee: See registration on page 47
parenting techniques and topics concerning families
today. During this time, children will enjoy learning           W-M Community Learning Center Room 204
experiences, including opportunities to share and               Enter Door # 4
relate to friends their own age while playing in the
classroom. The last hour of class, parents and
children will have fun with a variety of activities; art,
learning games, reading, science, pretend play and

                                                        It’s a Sledding Party
                                                            Saturday, January 22 | 10:00 -11:00 am
                                                                W-M Community Learning Center
                                                Join us on “the hill” at the Community Learning Center
                                                for a morning of sledding! Bring your own sled, we will
                                              provide the hot chocolate and a cookie! It's a great time to
                                              connect with your friends. This event is sponsored by the
                                                        W-M Early Childhood Advisory Council.

Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District

                             EVENING                            ECFE SUBSCRIPTION BOX
                             DROP-IN-AND-                       BRING THE ECFE CLASSROOM TO YOUR HOME!
                                                                (Childcare providers see notes below for additional
                             PLAY                               options)
                             (BIRTH – 5 YEAR OLDS
                             NOT IN KINDERGARTEN)
                                                                ECFE is offering a monthly subscription box on a
                                                                sliding fee. The box will include large motor activities,
                              Are you looking for
                                                                fine motor activities, social and emotional lessons,
                              something to do after
                                                                art projects, and other learning activities for children
                              dinner and right before
                                                                15 months to 3 years old. Also included is access to
                              bedtime? Come play at
                                                                a digital circle time with songs, a story and quick tips
                              ECFE! We will have the
                                                                and tricks with our parent educator.
                              ECFE classroom set up
                              with art projects, learning
                                                                When you subscribe, you will find your pick up date
                              games and creative play.
                                                                for each month below.
                              The Imagination Station
will be open too! Parents and children stay together
                                                                Please note: The date of class on the registration
the entire time. This is a great opportunity for you to
                                                                is the date you may start to pick up your monthly
meet new friends. No registration required, pay at the
                                                                subscription. You will pick up your box at the W-M
door OR pay by credit card online.
                                                                Community Learning Center at 313 Angel Ave NW
                                                                in Watertown. Enter Door #4 on the East Side of the
1009 – W1       10 Thursdays             6:00 - 7:00 pm
                                                                parking lot.
January 13 – March 17
                                                                100JAN22 – January
Class Fee: $5 / Family / per class session                      Snow, Snow, Snow
                                                                Registration Deadline: December 23
1009 – SP1        6 Thursdays            6:00 - 7:00 pm         Box pick up starts on January 12
April 14 – May 19
                                                                100FEB22 – February
Class Fee: $5 / Family / per class session                      Valentines and Love
                                                                Registration Deadline: January 21
W-M Community Learning Center Room 204                          Box pick up starts on February 9
Enter Door # 4
                                                                100MAR22 – March
                                                                Fun with Dr. Seuss
                                                                Registration Deadline: February 18
                                                                Box pick up starts on March 9

                                                                100APR22 – April
                                                                April Showers
                                                                Registration Deadline: March 18
                                                                Box pick up starts on April 6

                                                                100MAY22 – May
    Program Gift Certificates available for                     Spring Flowers
                                                                Registration Deadline: April 22
      Community Education classes for
                                                                Box pick up starts on May 11
             the program year.
 *Gift Certificates exclude Young Royals Preschool and          Fee: $15 / per box
       Kids’ Company & Caring Hands Child Care.
                                                                Childcare Providers: $25 for 6 art projects & circle
                                                                time props (select the $25 rate from drop down menu
                                                                when registering)

Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District

   Each digital class will provide a self-paced
   15 minute PowerPoint course followed
   by an online 30-45 minute discussion in a
   private and secure online forum. Lindsey
   Weber, ECFE parent educator will facilitate
   the private discussion allowing parents to
   ask questions and/or offer feedback on the
   class topic. Once registered, within a week,
   you will receive a link to the PowerPoint.
   The Parent Educator will also set up a time
   and the portal to connect with your family
   for the discussion.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHILD’S                                    THE POWER OF SHOWING UP
GROWING AND DEVELOPING BRAIN                                  6-WEEK BOOK STUDY
Have you ever wondered why giving your child the              Calling all imperfect caregivers who care deeply about
blue cup instead of the red cup could throw them              your child and want to continue learning how to show
into a complete and utter meltdown? Why is your               up for them the best possible way as you navigate not
3-year-old constantly asking you why, why why? How            only their challenges and hardships but also yours.
about when your 5-year-old screams at you for the
first time “I hate you”?                                      The reality is that as caregivers we are pulled in 1,000
                                                              different directions and it can sometimes be difficult
These behaviors have meaning behind them. By                  to show up and feel like we are doing enough. But
bringing awareness to your child’s growing and                there is message of peace and hopefulness in "The
developing brain you can have a better understanding          Power of Showing Up." In this 6 week book study you
of what is taking place inside that brain of your child       will learn how to be more physically present and how
and how to respond in the most effective way.                 to increase the quality of that presence with your
                                                              child to continue strengthening your connection with
Join us as we discuss how the brain develops, what            them.
is taking place inside the brain when a child is
dysregulated, and how you can effectively respond to          Topics of Discussion will include:
your child in these and many other situations.                  1. What it means to show up.
                                                                2. Attachment science and how our own childhood's
580DIG – W1                                                   		 impact our parenting relationships.
Monday, January 28                      7:30 - 8:30 pm
                                                                3. The 4 S's: Safe, Seen, Soothed, and Secure
Class Fee: $10 (digital recording available)
                                                              Although reading the book is highly encouraged
Registration Deadline: January 21
                                                              during the 6 weeks it is NOT a requirement. Class
                                                              time will include review of each topic/chapter, along
                LOOKING FOR                                   with additional education on the topic of discussion,
                TEACHERS                                      and open discussion time regarding the application to
                                                              your lived experience. Book not provided.
                Are you interested in teaching a
                Community Education Adult or
                                                              580DIG – W2       6 Wednesdays           7:00 - 8:30 pm
                Youth Class? All you need is a desire
                                                              March 2 – April 6
                to share your knowledge with
   others. No teaching certificate required. Contact
                                                              Class Fee: $25
   Amy Dimmler at 952-955-0282 or amy.dimmler@
                                                              Registration Deadline: February 23
   wm.k12.mn.us with questions.

Celebrating ROYAL PRIDE - Through Lifelong Learning - Watertown Mayer School District

An introduction to age-appropriate conversations
to have with your 0-5 year old children to help get
started with sexual abuse prevention education and
how you can keep our children safe.
This class will break down exactly what you can be
doing and what you can be talking about at ages 0-2,
3-4 and 5-6. This digital class is a must for families
looking to actively protect their children from
                                                                         Saturday, April 30, 2022
potential situations that could be harmful to them.                        10:00 am – 2:00 pm
We will be discussing ways for you to empower your                      W-M CLC Multipurpose Gym
child and feel empowered as their caregiver through
educating yourself and your child.                                           $10.00 / family
                                                                       Registration deadline: Friday, April 22
580DIG – W3       Monday, April 25       8:00 - 9:00 pm
                                                                 We are having a Mini-Prom at the W-M
Class Fee: Free                                                  Community Learning Center! Come dressed in
Registration Deadline: April 18                                  your semi-formal wear and enjoy a morning of
                                                                 dancing with your family. There will be music,
                                                                 pizza for purchase, a professional photographer,
                                                                 a picture frame craft and of course a Grand
                                                                 March, too! Please plan to bring cash if you wish
                                                                 to purchase refreshments.

     Kids' Stuff Sale
      Saturday, April 23, 2022
                                                                   Saturday,February 26, 2022
         8:00 - 11:30 am
                                                                         9:30 - 11:00 am
  W-M Community Learning Center
                                                                 W-M Community Learning Center
   Time for the Spring Sale. New location at the
   CLC! Better layout for all clothing, toys, books,
   games and equipment! Mark your calendars!                   Join us at the CLC for a beach party! The ECFE and
   Seller packets are available in the Community               Young Royals classrooms will be transformed into a
   Learning Center office, if you are interested in            beach front. Wear your summer clothes, bring your
   selling.                                                    beach towel and catch a wave of fun with your family
                                                               and friends. This event is sponsored by the W-M Early
                                                               Childhood Advisory Council.


                                                                           Early Reader 411
                                                                             February 1, 2022
                                                                             6:15 - 7:30 pm

                                                                           Celebrate I Love to Read month by joining us to
                                                                           get on board with the latest in early childhood
                                                                           literacy education! Holly Pieffer, founder of Real
                                                                           Literacy Consulting, who will present the ins and
                                                                           outs of phonological awareness, what it is and
                                                                           why it is so important for young children. We will
                                                                           begin promptly at 6:15 pm and the class ends at
                                                                           7:30 pm. Child care is available for an added fee.
EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES                                                Registration deadline: October 29
Help Me Grow connects Minnesota children with developmental
delays and disabilities and their families to early intervention           ER411 – W-M Community Learning Center
services. If you are concerned about a child’s development, you            Room 203, Enter Door # 4
can refer the child through Help Me Grow for a free screening
or evaluation. Services are free to eligible children ages birth-          Fee: $10 / person
5, regardless of income or immigrant status. To refer a child,             Childcare Fee: $5 / person
visit helpmegrowmn.org or call (866) 693-GROW (4769).                      Please register each child individually
Interpretation services are available for referrals by phone.

                                                                                  Kickoff to

    Wednesdays | 3:30 - 4:15 pm
    January 26 – March 2, & April 6 - 27
    Watertown Library
    FREE – Pre-registration is required                                  Wednesday, May 25, 2022
                                                                         6:15 - 7:30 pm
    Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) staff                        W-M Community Learning Center
    provide a free ECFE experience for families,
    caregivers and children ages birth to five at                        Join us for the annual end of school year celebration
    the Watertown library. There will be circle                          and kick off to the summer party. There will be games,
    time, songs, an art activity and a literacy take                     laughter, music and ice cream treats! Fun for the
    home project. Parents/guardians need to stay                         whole family. This event is sponsored by the W-M
    with their child/ren.                                                Early Childhood Advisory Council.


ADVISORY COUNCIL                                               ECFE & YOUNG ROYALS STAFF
Help us plan and organize events and make decisions
                                                               Early Childhood Coordinator:
for improvement of both the ECFE and Young Royals
                                                               Susie Retterath
Preschool programs. Meetings are held the second
Monday of the month, 6:30 - 8:00 pm. FREE childcare
                                                               Community Education Director:
is available. You can have a direct impact on your
                                                               Amy Dimmler
child’s early childhood experience. The current
council members represent the working parents,
                                                               Secretarial Staff:
stay at home parents, school board and the business
                                                               Janine Knutson
community. For more information call 952-955-0280.
                                                               Early Childhood Educators: Susie
ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBERS                                       Retterath, Jayne Unglaub, Kristy Phipps,
                                                               Jennifer Poppler, Amy Alipour, Lindsey
Carrie Herman           Nicole Gohman
Kirsten Hedtke          Amy Newman
Sara Hallermann         Chelsie Sabart                         Early Childhood Support Staff: Nicole
                                                               Gersema, Susan WIllard, Mandy May, Patty
Megan Pennington        Lindsay Guetzkow
                                                               Reinert, Kelly Skogen, Randi Weinzierl
Brittany Kellermann     Jenna Johnson
Meaghan Erickson        Stephanie Schmidt
Melissa Gomes           Melissa Wohlfeil

    SCREENING – FREE                                                         Young
    All children are required to be screened                                 Royals
    once before entering kindergarten in public
    school. Invitations will be sent to children
    at approximately four years of age. If your
    child is 3 years 6 months or older and
                                                                          Open House
    has not been previously screened, he/she
    should be screened this year. Screening is
    provided at no cost to the family.

    Screening Coordinator:                                       Thursday, January 27, 2022
    Dawn Hilgers                                                       5:30-7:00 pm
    Available Dates:
                                                                W-M Community Learning Center
    • January 28						• April 22                           You are invited to attend the Young Royals Preschool
    • February 11 & 25			 • May 13                         Open House. You will have the opportunity to tour
    • March 11						                                       the classrooms, meet the staff, and ask questions
                                                           about the curriculum.The curriculum supports the
    Appointments are required and can be                   district’s Profile of a Graduate framework.
    made online at wm.ce.eleyo.com.
                                                           Register for classes online at wm.ce.eleyo.com starting
                                                           January 27 at 8:00 pm.


   Our preschool program is designed to meet the needs of all children. Our curriculum encourages choices,
   problem solving, social skills and discoveries through independent, and cooperative learning. The Young
   Royals curriculum supports the district’s mission: Growth Through Connections and Opportunities.


• T
   hree Cheers: includes literacy and math skills
• Learning
         Without Tears: handwriting
• S
   econd Step: a social-emotional curriculum that
  teaches self regulation skills
• Z
   ooPhonics: A phonemic awareness curriculum
  that teaches letter sounds
• S
   .M.A.R.T classroom: a multi-sensory approach to

All curriculum aligns with the MN early learning

2022-2023 class information and registration
is located on wm.ce.eleyo.com. If you have any
questions, please contact Watertown-Mayer
Community Education at 952-955-0280. Classes are
located at the W-M Community Learning Center at
313 Angel Ave NW, Watertown, MN.

Registration for the 2022-2023 School Year Opens
January 27, 2022

Enriching oral vocabulary, pre-reading skills and
concept of numbers are the focus of this curriculum,
while fostering positive attitudes toward learning,
problem solving, social skills and developing
independence for self-directed learning.

An academic curriculum; letter recognition, letter
sounds, early writing, story comprehension, and early
                                                                               DID YOU KNOW?
                                                                               Young Royals Preschool has
math skills are all a focus of instruction. Each day
                                                                               earned 4 stars in the state’s Parent
of preschool offers activities that build social skills
                                                                               Aware Quality Rating System. This
through independent and cooperative learning to                QUALITY RATED   is the highest possible rating given
prepare children for kindergarten.
                                                                               for high quality school readiness
                                                                               preschool programs.


                                            6 WEEKS TO 12 YEARS

  Providing a safe, caring, enriching, and
        recreational environment.

INFANT/TODDLER CHILD CARE                                      CONTACT INFORMATION
INFANT: Ages 6 weeks to 18 months                              Michelle Hess — Program Coordinator
TODDLER: Ages 18 months to 32 months                           Phone: (952) 952-0283
                                                               Email: michelle.hess@wm.k12.mn.us
INFANT/TODDLER PROGRAMMING                                     Attendance Line: (952) 955-0291
Kids’ Company creates a rich environment that                  Kids’ Company OST Cell: (952) 955-0293
encourages children to explore and discover the                Caring Hands Cell: (952) 955-0294
world around them and helps them to engage in
experiences designed to support their optimal                  DAYS & HOURS OF OPERATION
development in all domains. We value and respect               Monday – Friday
parents as their children’s first teachers.                    6:45 am – 5:30 pm

PRESCHOOL AGE CHILD CARE                                       Caring Hands Child Care Season
3 YEAR OLD GROUP: 33 months to 48 months                       Yearly: September – August
Licensed: Caring Hands Child Care
                                                               Out-of-School Time Care Seasons
4-5 YEAR OLD GROUP: 4 years – First day of                     School Year: September – May/June
Kindergarten & potty trained                                   Summer: June – August
Certified: Out-of-School Time Child Care
PRESCHOOL AGE PROGRAMMING                                      Caring Hands: 2022-2023 season opens June 1, 2022
Kids’ Company preschool age child care provides a              Out-of-School Time: Summer 2022 and School Year
high-quality early childhood program that equally              2022-23 seasons open on March 4, 2022
promotes physical, social, emotional, and cognitive
development in a safe and caring environment.                     See website for more information on child care
                                                                          contacts at wm.ce.eleyo.com
SCHOOL AGE CHILD CARE GRADES K – 6                             Kids’ Company Child Care is accredited through the National
OUT-OF-SCHOOL TIME PROGRAMMING                                 Association for the Education of Young Children, the leading
Kids’ Company provides engaging opportunities that                                               organization for early childhood
include a variety of physical, intellectual and social/                                          (NAEYC). Accreditation is a
emotional developmental activities. These activities                                             third party endorsement of
                                                                                                 a program’s ability to meet
are designed to complement without duplicating the
                                                                                                 research and evidence-based
traditional school day experience. The program is              best practices. Kids’ Company has also earned 4 stars in the
designed to optimize learning and provide individual           States’ Parent Aware Quality Rating System. This is the highest
learning opportunities.                                        possible rating given for high quality school readiness preschool


          Parent Preview
       Thursday, January 13, 2022                             Kids' Company & Caring
             6:00-7:00 pm
                                                                Hands Open House
We’re excited for you to come learn about Kinder-
garten at the Elementary School! Kindergarten                     Thursday, January 27, 2022
Parent Preview is an informational meeting for                          5:30-7:00 pm
parents/guardians. Children will be invited to
a special kindergarten event in May. Attend a                     W-M Community Learning Center
presentation by your child’s soon-to-be principal
and teachers. Get a tour of the elementary school
and turn in registration information. Parents are
encouraged to complete all forms prior to attending
Kindergarten Parent Preview. If you are unable to
attend on this date/time, please contact our office at
952-955-0300. We look forward to meeting you!

             FREE                                             30 minute 1-1 parent coaching calls to
                                                              support you and your child with specific
                                                              and individualized challenges you me be
                                                              facing. Whether at home or at school,
                                                              1-1 coaching calls will leave you with
                                                              researched based strategies that will help
                                                              support your child. Calls include a 2 week
                                                              follow up call to monitor and support
                                                              behavior changes.

        1-1                                                   Possible Topics: Behavior struggles,

                                                              tantrums, picky eaters, potty training,
                                                              sibling conflict, fears, anxiety.

                                                              Day & Evening calls available.
                                                              Email lindsey.weber@wm.k12.mn.us
                                                              to sign up for your FREE call TODAY!


                                                                  BABYSITTING SAFETY INSTRUCTION
                                                                  (AGE 11+)
                                                                  Boys and girls age 11+ learn skill training and
                                                                  information necessary in caring for infants and
                                                                  children in this American Health and Safety
                                                                  Institute accredited program. This program will
                                                                  teach the importance of responsibility, recognizing
                                                                  an emergency, emergency action steps, personal
                                                                  safety, fire and water safety, infant/child basic care,
                                                                  responding to an unconscious victim, CPR, choking
                                                                  management, and basic first aid. Upon successful
                                                                  completion, participants will earn a babysitting safety
                                                                  certification card. Please bring a pen, paper, snack
CLASSROOM DRIVER EDUCATION                                        and beverage.

TRAFFIC SAFETY EDUCATION                                          Instructor: Shelly Nahan

This course will offer instruction in all areas of content        585BABY – W1 Weds., February 23 3:15 - 6:15 pm
needed for the driving task and driving related issues.
This program meets the MN State required 30 hours                 585BABY – SP1      Tuesday, May 17       3:15 - 6:15 pm
of classroom instruction. A certificate of completion of
                                                                  W-M Community Learning Center, Room 220
Classroom Driver Education will be distributed at the
                                                                  Enter Door #1
end of the class. The Certificate of Completion must
be submitted as proof of completion of class when                 1 session / $45
you register for a Behind the Wheel program. Please
note each class is 3.25 hours (includes a 15 minute
break). A make up day is available by attending a class           SAFE KIDS 101
in a nearby community.
                                                                  Does your child ages 8-12 want to stay home alone
                                                                  after school? Get your children trained with Safe
                                                                  Kids 101 and both of you will feel more confident
After the completion of the classroom instruction,
                                                                  about their safety at home and in the community.
students may register with any Behind the Wheel
                                                                  This program is a fun way of learning important
Driver's Education Program of their choice. There is
                                                                  safety principles for emergencies your children could
an additional cost for Behind the Wheel. Students
                                                                  come across while home alone. Please indicate
will receive a blue card from the Behind the Wheel
                                                                  any food allergies while registering. Topics include:
instructor, which will enable them to take the written
                                                                  answering the door or the telephone, basic first aid,
permit test at the state exam station. Registration
                                                                  burns, wounds and bandaging, poisonings, choking
for Behind the Wheel instruction is required before
                                                                  emergencies, storm and fire emergency training, dog
taking the written permit exam.
                                                                  emergencies, stranger danger, as well as fun, safe
                                                                  activities to do while home alone. Create fun, healthy
*Behind the Wheel Instruction is not offered through
                                                                  and safe snacks!
W-M Community Education.
                                                                  Instructor: Shelly Nahan
Instructor: Rob Illies, Westonka Driving School
                                                                  585SAFE – W1      Weds., January 19      3:15 - 5:15 pm
5073–W22      Monday – Friday           3:15 - 6:15 pm
February 28 – March 11                                            585SAFE – SP1     Thursday, May 19       3:15 - 5:15 pm

W-M Community Learning Center, Room 220                           W-M Community Learning Center, Room 221
Enter Door #1                                                     Enter Door #1

10 sessions / $125                                                1 session / $35


                            CHILDREN’S                         YOGA AND MINDFULNESS FOR KIDS
                            CHOIR                              (GRADES K – 4)
                                                               Participants will explore mindfulness, breathing
                            (GRADES 2 – 4)                     techniques, and physical activity in a playful way
                                                               during this course. Kids will practice poses, play
                            Does your child love to            games, and listen to stories that are all geared
                            sing? This six-week choir          towards improving self-regulation, focus, social/
                            experience is a chance             emotional skills, and relaxation. Participants should
                            for young singers to sing          bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.
                            new songs, make new
                            friends, learn the basics          Instructor: Hannah Rosholt
                            of how to use their voice,
and, of course, HAVE FUN! Students will learn vocal            585YY – W1           4 Wednesdays           2:50 - 3:30 pm
warm-ups, play singing games, and work on a set of             March 2 – 23
songs. The focus of the course is building vocal skills
together as opposed to preparing for a full concert.           W-M Elementary School, Music Room
However, parents will be invited on the final day
(February 16th) the last 15 minutes to hear children           4 sessions / $45
show off their new refined vocal skills!

Instructor: Hannah Rosholt

585YC – W1       6 Wednesdays            2:50 - 3:30 pm
January 12 – February 16

W-M Elementary School, Music Room

6 sessions / $65

                           FAMILY MAPLE
                           SYRUP TOUR
                           (AGE 5+)                            VALENTINES DAY COOKIE
                                                               DECORATING (GRADES K – 4)
                           Experience a true northern
                           tradition through tour and          Come celebrate valentine's day and decorate some
                           taste! Our informational            cookies to share with your family. At the class, youth
                                                               will be able to decorate pre-baked cookies with
                           walking tour through Baylor         frosting and decorations.
                           Regional Park’s maple
forest provides an in-depth history of this seasonal           Instructor: Louise Babatz, Kids’ Company Staff
tradition. Experience the entire maple syruping
process, from tapping the tree to boiling down the             5857 – W1      Monday, February 14          3:15 - 4:00 pm
syrup. Participants even get to take home a little
extra!                                                         W-M Community Learning Center, Room 221
                                                               Enter Door #1
Instructor: Carver County Parks
                                                               *Elementary Students can contact the bus company about
585CC – SP1     Saturday, March 12        1:00-3:00 pm         transportation to the W-M Community Learning Center.
                                                               Students will also need a note for both their teacher and the
Baylor Regional Park                                           bus driver. Bus Company 952-955-1866
                                                               $20 / child
1 session / $8 per person


                                                                                         AMONG US
                                                                                         (AGES 5-12)
                                                                                          Among Us fans, we’re
                                                                                          getting all our crewmates
                                                                                          together to create some
   Kidcreate Studio’s award-winning art                                                   out-of-this-world art. We’ll
                                                                                          sculpt, paint, draw, and
   classes allow kids to explore art in an
                                                                                          more as we create projects
   environment full of giggles and grins. Kids
                                                             that are all inspired by this popular game. Please pack
   create fridge worthy masterpieces while                   a nut free snack and drink for your child.
   learning art concepts and experimenting with
   different art materials. Classes provide a fun,           Instructor: Kidcreate Staff
   self-esteem building atmosphere full of “I did
   it” moments. Making a mess is the best with               585KC – W2    Friday, January 21         1:00 - 4:00 pm
   Kidcreate Studio! For more information, visit             (Non-School Day)
                                                             W-M Community Learning Center, Room 216
                                                             Enter Door #4

                                                             1 session / $36 per child
                            L-E-G-O SPACE
                            FUN (AGES 4-9)                                               FAIRY GARDEN
                           Come to class and find                                        (AGES 4-9)
                           out why L-E-G-O spells
                           fun! Space fun that is! We                                  I do believe in fairies, I do!
                           will use our LEGO® brick                                    We’ll use clay, paint, glitter,
                           building skills to create                                   and more as we sculpt our
                           awesome space-themed                                        very own enchanted fairy
art. Please pack a nut free snack and drink for your                                   gardens. These adorable
child each day.                                                                        little fairy retreats will have
                                                             sparkling streams, colorful flowers, a fairy swing,
Instructor: Kidcreate Staff                                  and more! You don’t want to miss this magical class.
                                                             Please pack a nut free snack and drink for your child.
585KC – W1    Friday, January 21        9:00 - noon
(Non-School Day)                                             Instructor: Kidcreate Staff

W-M Community Learning Center, Room 216                      585KC – SP1       Tuesday, March 29          9:00 - noon
Enter Door #4                                                (Spring Break)

                                                             W-M Community Learning Center, Room 216
1 session / $36 per child
                                                             Enter Door #4

                                                             1 session / $36 per child

                                Watertown-Mayer Community Education


                            GLITTER AND                                                           CROCHET CLUB
                            SLIME (AGES 4-9)                                                      – COWL & POM
                                                                                                  POM BUNNY
                            Glitter and slime are oh
                            so fine! Come explore the                                             (GR 3-8)
                            messier side of art in this
                            fun filled class. We will roll                                         Want to learn to
                            up our sleeves and make a                                              crochet? Crochet Club
                            mess as we mix up a batch                                              is for students grades
of glitter slime and create an oh-so-silly jar to store                                            3 – 8. We will learn the
it in. Making a mess is the best, especially when you                                              basics of crochet and
leave the mess with us! Please pack a nut free snack                                               make a cowl and pom
and drink for your child.                                                                          bunny. (Those with
                                                                  previous crochet experience can learn a new stitch
Instructor: Kidcreate Staff                                       while making the cowl.) We will also make a small
                                                                  hand-sewn project of your choice (animal, pillow,
585KC – SP2    Weds., March 30            9:00 am - noon          coaster, etc.). Sewing is an essential skill not only in
(Spring Break)                                                    crochet, but in life! No experience necessary. Supplies
                                                                  included! Please pack a nut free snack for your child.
W-M Community Learning Center, Room 216
Enter Door #4                                                     Instructor: Abbey Swanson, The Firefly Hook

1 session / $36 per child                                         585CR – W1 Saturday, January 22          1:00 - 4:00 pm
                                                                  December 27-28

                            SLIME-TASTIC ART                      W-M Community Learning Center, Room 216
                            (AGES 5-12)                           Enter Door #4

                            It’s a slime takeover! In             1 session / $40 per child
                            this class, slime is the
                            main event. We’ll explore             CROCHET FRENZY – STUFFED
                            different slime recipes as
                            we create tons of gooey,              ANIMAL AND SCARF (GR K-5)
                            sparkly, stretchy, messy
goo. From an out-of-this-world glitter solar system               Want to learn to crochet? In this class you will learn
slime, confetti cake slime and bubblegum scented                  how to make chains and a single crochet stitch. You’ll
slime, we’ll make a different slime during each day of            go home with a stuffed animal (kitty, owl or turtle)
class. We’ll even throw in a little painting and sculpting        and a scarf you made all by yourself! (Scarf will be
on the side, too! Roll up your sleeves, and get ready             made according to age and ability. Younger kids with
for the Slime-Tastic time you’ve been waiting for!                no crochet experience will make a scarf with crochet
Please pack a nut free snack and drink for your child.            chains, others will learn the single crochet, and those
                                                                  with previous crochet experience can learn a new
Instructor: Kidcreate Staff                                       stitch while making the scarf.) We will also make
                                                                  a small hand-sewn project of your choice (animal,
585KC – SP3      Tues. & Weds.             1:00 - 4:00 pm         pillow, coaster, etc.). Sewing is an essential skill not
March 29-30 (Spring Break)                                        only in crochet, but in life! No experience necessary.
                                                                  All supplies included. Please pack a nut free snack for
W-M Community Learning Center, Room 216                           your child.
Enter Door #4
                                                                  Instructor: Abbey Swanson, The Firefly Hook
2 sessions / $72 per child
                                                                  585CR – W2     Saturday, March 26        1:00 - 4:00 pm

                                                                  1 session / $40 per student


Sign up for this 3 session course and take your
drawing skills to the next level! A teaching artist from
artistry will work with us on how to use different
mediums and build our technical knowledge so we
can make awesome artwork. In our first class we
will learn how to draw people! We will cover some
basic anatomy concepts which will help us better
draw faces, hands, and human figures. In our second             CODE CHAMPIONSHIP
class we will build on what we’ve learned to draw our           TOURNAMENT- VIRTUAL COMPUTER
favorite animals such as cats, dogs, birds, and more.
In class 3 we will cover how to draw environments:
                                                                CODING COMPETITION (GR 3-9)
we will render interesting natural landscapes and
                                                                Build a computer bot to play head-to-head against
then we will explore how to add in buildings, trees,
                                                                other coders! Players will be broken into pools based
and other interesting features to bring our scenes
                                                                on age for competitive and fair play. Whether this is
to life. Over the course of this class we will use a mix
                                                                your first Code Championship event, or if you've been
of mediums including drawing pencils, charcoal, and
                                                                competing for years, this is the perfect way to explore
colored pencil. Feel free to bring reference images of
                                                                the competitive coding world of Code Championship.
people, faces, pets, animals, and landscapes to class.
                                                                No previous coding experience necessary. This event
                                                                will be hosted online using Google Meet and the Code
Instructor: Artistry
                                                                Championship website. If you have a modern browser
                                                                like Chrome or Firefox, no additional download is
5859-21821           3 Tuesdays          3:15 - 5:15 pm
                                                                required. Please come to know how to navigate the
March 1, 8, 15
                                                                internet (basic typing and mouse control).
W-M Community Learning Center, Room 221
                                                                The link to the Google Meet event will be emailed
Enter Door #4
                                                                two days before the tournament.

3 sessions / $75 per student                                    Instructor: Abamath (Virtual Class)

                                                                585CODE – SP1        6 Saturdays        9:00-11:00 am
YOUTH VOLLEYBALL CAMP (GR 3-6)                                  April 2 – May 7
All aspects of the game are taught through drills
                                                                6 sessions / $100 per student
and exercises that focus on passing, setting, hitting
and serving. This co-ed camp is designed for the
beginner player and will incorporate teamwork and
sportsmanship. Our volleyball staff will assist athletes
in developing the fundamental skills of the game
through game-based drills aimed at developing the
whole player. Registration deadline is Jan 17th in
order to receive t-shirt

Andrea Raser, Emily Tschida – Varsity Players                       Program Gift Certificates available for
58532 – W1        Monday – Friday        3:10 - 4:30 pm
                                                                      Community Education classes for
February 7-11                                                                the program year.
                                                                 *Gift Certificates exclude Young Royals Preschool and
Elementary School Gym                                                  Kids’ Company & Caring Hands Child Care.

5 sessions / $60 per student, includes t-shirt

                                                               tuition fee. In addition, the Minnesota Tax Credit for
                                                               Learning Programs may offer a state tax deduction to
                                                               parents with children who participate in this program.
                                                               For more information, you should speak with your
                                                               tax advisor. Students need to bring notebook paper,
                                                               pencils, and a calculator to each class.

                                                               For more information visit www.AdvantagePrep.
                                                               net. For test site information for the ACT exam, visit
                                                               the ACT website at www.ACTstudent.org. For more
PARTY CRASHERS – RC RACING                                     information on Advantage Educational Programs call
(GR 2-8)                                                       1-800-521-3177 or visit www.AdvantagePrep.net

Interested in RC Cars? Want to try racing them on a            In-School ACT Prep Course: Traditional classroom format with
                                                               in-person instructors who present strategies and critical review of
track? Then come join us for some fun as we explore            all the testing areas of the ACT. Classes meet one day each week for
what makes them work and then get to try them out.             four weeks. Tuition is $150.
Participants will leave with a better understanding of
the hobby, and get some time testing out their driving         Virtual ACT Prep Course: Virtual classroom meets one day each
                                                               week for four weeks and is taught live, via zoom by an Advantage
skills on a few different types of RC Cars and Trucks.         instructor who provides instruction and interaction with the
Participants can bring their own RC Cars on approval.          students. Internet connection and access to a computer or laptop
                                                               is required. Class recordings are available for students who need to
Instructor: Party Crashers, RC Racing                          make up a class. Tuition is $150.

                                                               Self-Paced Online ACT Prep Course: Students prep at their own
585CARS – W1 Thurs., February 10 6:00 - 7:10 pm                pace and schedule. Instruction is pre-recorded and provided online
GR 2-4                                                         via videos and slides. After registering, students may access and
                                                               re-access this course at any time for one full year. Upon request,
                                                               students who are registered for the In-School or Virtual courses
585CARS – W2 Thurs., February 10 7:20 - 8:30 pm                may ALSO have access to the online course at no additional charge.
GR 5-8                                                         Tuition is $60.

W-M Community Learning Center,                                 Instructor: Advantage Education Prep – ACT
Multipurpose Gym
                                                               585ACT – #425       4 Tuesdays       5:45 - 8:45 pm
Enter Door #4                                                  In-person: February 7 – March 7 (no class 2/21)
                                                               4 sessions / $150 per student
1 session / $25 per student
                                                               585ACT – #908        4 Saturdays                9:00 am - noon
                                                               Virtual: January 8 – 29
ADVANTAGE PREPARATORY COURSE                                   4 sessions / $150 per student
                                                               585ACT – #909       4 Saturdays                 9:00 am - noon
The Advantage ACT Preparatory Course is designed               Virtual: February 5 – 26
for students who wish to improve their test–taking             4 sessions / $150 per student
skills and their overall scores on the college entrance
exams. The Advantage provides an introduction to               585ACT – #910       4 Saturdays                 9:00 am - noon
the ACT, a source of scholarships and grants that is           Virtual: March 12 – April 2
given only once—in October of the junior year. Each            4 sessions / $150 per student
class meets for 3 hours, once each week for four
weeks, with make-up classes also available. Focal              585ACT – #911       4 Sundays                    1:00 - 4:00 pm
points of the program include diagnostic testing,              Virtual: March 12 – April 2
vocabulary development, intensive mathematical                 4 sessions / $150 per student
review, reading comprehension improvement, science
reasoning, concentration improvement, overcoming               585ACT – #888              January – May              Self-Paced
test anxiety, essay writing, and time management.
Students may repeat the courses in future offerings—           Virtual / $60 per student
free of charge. All class materials are included in the

KIPS is for students in grade K – 6. Classes are divided
according to age and skill level.

Rollers – Beginners
Advanced Rollers – Advanced Beginners
Springers – Intermediate
Advanced Springers – Advanced Intermediate
Aerials – Advanced

Watertown-Mayer High School Gymnastics
Gymnasium (located in the WMHS Auxiliary Gym)

For more information or for placement questions,                ADVANCED ROLLERS*, SPRINGERS*,
call Steve or Deb Hangartner at 952-465-1687.                   ADVANCED SPRINGERS*, AERIALS*

CLASSES AVAILABLE (GIRLS):                                      5063 – ROLLW4       Wednesdays          3:20 - 5:20 pm
                                                                March 9, 16, 23, April 6, 13 (No class 3/30)

                                                                5063 – ROLLW5           Fridays           3:20 - 5:20 pm
                                                                March 11, 18, April 8, 22, 29
                                                                (no class 3/25, 4/1, 4/15)

                                                                *Must pass the Rollers level to take these classes

                                                                FEES FOR 5 WEEK SESSIONS:
                                                                1 hour a week (for 5 weeks) / $60
                                                                2 hours a week (for 5 weeks) / $120
                                                                4 hours a week (for 5 weeks) / $240

                                                                    HOW TO REGISTER
                                                                    1) ONLINE: Log on to wm.ce.eleyo.com
ROLLERS AND ADVANCED ROLLERS*                                       Available 24/7!! Visa, Mastercard, AMEX
                                                                    and Discover payments are accepted at
5063 – ROLLW1          Mondays           3:20 - 4:20 pm             the website. An initial profile needs to be
March 7, 14, 21, April 4, 11 (no class 3/28)                        created before using the website. For more
                                                                    information on “eleyo”, contact the community
                                                                    education office at 952-955-0280.
5063 – ROLLW2         Mondays            4:20 - 5:20 pm
March 7, 14, 21, April 4, 11 (no class 3/28)                        2) BY PHONE: Call the community education
                                                                    office at 952-955-0280. Phone registrations
5063 – ROLLW3        Thursdays           3:20 - 4:20 pm             will only be accepted with Visa, MasterCard,
March 10, 17, 24, April 7, 14 (no class 3/31)                       AMEX or Discover payment. For placement
                                                                    questions, call Steve Hangartner at 952-465-

       Script/Artistic Direction: Hannah & Jake Rosholt | Musical Composer & Director: Lauren Keyes

ABOUT THE PLAY                                                   Attendance is required at BOTH audition days.
This year’s cast and audience will experience a                  Auditions are simply to cast a role. No students are
journey through an enchanted forest. Our characters              “cut” in our process.
will meet various mythical groups from the forest who
                                                                 REHEARSAL SCHEDULE
are all trying to recapture their magic. Even amidst all
                                                                 Mon – Thur        June 13-June 30        9:30-11:30 am
the creatures of the forest, our characters begin to
                                                                 Mon – Fri         July 11-29		           9:00-12:00 pm
feel alone and discouraged. Will they ever regain their
                                                                 Please note: There is no rehearsal the week of July 4-8.
magic? Or will the enchanted forest be lost forever?
Join that 2022 SYT cast to find out!                             ATTENDANCE POLICY
                                                                 Participants cannot miss more than four rehearsals
                                                                 total, and no more than one rehearsal after the 4th
This program is an opportunity for young people
                                                                 of July. Attendance is mandatory the final week of
grades 3 – 9 (2021-2022 school year) to experience
                                                                 rehearsals and all performances. Parents are required
the many facets of theater. Participants will learn
                                                                 to donate a minimum of two hours volunteer work to
about aspects and techniques of producing a major
                                                                 help with the production.
production, experience performing before an
audience, gain an understanding of discipline and                PERFORMANCES
responsibility, experience how individual cooperation            Thursday, July 28 | 7:00 pm
affects the success of the whole group, and enjoy the            Friday, July 29 | 7:00 pm
rewards of group and personal achievement. Parts                 Saturday, July 30 | 7:00 pm
will be assigned after the first two rehearsals, so there        Sunday, July 31 | 2:00 pm
is not a traditional audition process. A commitment
to the rehearsal schedule and parental involvement
                                                                 Watertown-Mayer Performing Arts Center
is expected. Participants cannot miss more than four
rehearsals total, and no more than one rehearsal                 FEE
after the 4th of July. Attendance is mandatory for               $100 paid at registration time. Please note this year’s
the final week of rehearsals and all performances.               registration includes a t-shirt and DVD. Schedule
Parents are required to donate a minimum of two                  survey must be submitted with registration.
hours volunteer work to help with the production.
                                                                 REGISTRATION NOTE
Please reach out to Hannah Rosholt with any questions
                                                                 All potential participants must complete a Google
or concerns. E-mail: hannah.rosholt@wm.k12.mn.us
                                                                 Form with more information and schedule conflicts
REHEARSALS                                                       prior to being accepted into the program. Program
All rehearsals are at the Performing Arts Center at              participants will be confirmed based on their ability
W-M High School, unless otherwise announced at                   to commit to the rehearsal schedule. If the number
rehearsal. This is a tentative schedule and is subject           of potential participants is greater than 40 after we
to change.                                                       consider schedules, the 40 positions will be given on
                                                                 a first-come, first-serve basis as well as per schedule
FAMILY MEETING (VIRTUAL)                                         availability. If two students register on the same day
Sunday, June 5th at 7:30 pm (via Google Meeting)                 approaching capacity, they will be drawn out of a hat.
All families will be required to attend a virtual                When registering you will be placed on a waitlist. You
meeting.                                                         will be moved from the waitlist once you are accepted
PART AUDITIONS (Attendance required at both days)                to the program.
DAY                DATE               TIME
                                                                                    This activity is funded, in part, by the
Wednesday          June 8             9:30-11:30 am                                 Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage
Thursday           June 9             9:30-11:30 am                                 Fund as appropriated by the Minnesota
                                                                                    State Legislature with money from the
                                                                                    vote of the people of Minnesota on
Auditions held at the High School Performing Arts                                   November 4, 2008
Center (PAC) or Cafeteria. Please watch for signs.

Party Options
                 with Community Ed

Looking for a space to host a party or gathering? W-M
Community Education has party packages available.
Come and use the gym or pool for a terrific party

You bring the cake and ice-cream, and other food/
drink. To sign up for a party package please contact
W-M Community Ed office at 952-955-0280 or
wmcommuityed@wm.k12.mn.us at least two-weeks
in advance. Dates are available based on space and
staff availability.

Party packages are for two hours. Payment is due
upon approval of the confirmed date and can be
made by check, cash or credit card. Package pricing
is for up to 15 children or 20 adults. Your reservation
will allow for up to 15 minutes prior to your
scheduled time for set-up and 15 minutes afterward
for takedown and clean up. Supervision of the party
participants is the responsibility of the individual
booking the package.

Pool Package $95 | 2 hrs
Includes up to 15 participants, 2 hours of total
pool time (lifeguard on duty). The upper pool area
available for party gatherings to bring in food and
nonalcoholic drinks. No inflatable items may be
brought into the pool. Any items brought in must
receive prior approval through Community Education.
Additional time is available at the rate of $25 per hour

Gym Package $80 | 2 hrs
Includes up to 15 participants with 2 hours of
total gym time. Oversized games and activities are
provided. Space is also available for party gatherings
to bring in food and nonalcoholic drinks. Additional
time is available at the rate of $25 per hour

Community Lounge Package
$100|6 hrs or $50 | 3 hrs
Includes up to 20 participants for either a 3 or 6 hour
package of use in our Community Lounge. Space
includes a large smart screen tv.

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